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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Publication Date: 1975-1976
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POL SCI 62690 II, 1975-76
Chaney Syllabus
This course examines the relationship between politics and socio-economic
change in Latin America. In the mid-1970's, we in the "developed" world
are far less sure about how the development process works than in the eu-
phoric early 1960's which saw the launching of the Alliance for Progress
and the UN Development Decade. At the same time, not necessarily under-
standing the process any better, Third World nations are determined to
take an ever-more active role in deciding how their own development shall
proceed. Still, if we are short on answers, the questions persist. They
are questions to which all Latin American governments, political parties,
movements and groups MUST address themselves if they wish to survive --
no matter where the particular leaders stand on the political spectrum
nor how authoritarian the regime.
What constitutes development? Can there be growth without development
Why have attempts to build strong industrial sectors failed.in most Latin
American countries? How has the neect of agriculture in most early de-
velopment plans affected overall development? Is underdevelopment caused
as most analysts until now have asserted by deficiencies within tradi-
tional societies suddenly faced with the need for rapid modernization, or
is the cause of underdevelopment primarily external -- the result of the
neo-colonial status of the Third World? How have population pressures
and food shortages complicated the already difficult development picture?
What are the prospects for development to the year 2000? -
BO0KSs All available at Fordham Book Exchange, 2537 Decatur Ave. None
is available at the University Bookstore. All are paper.
Barraclough -Domike and Thiesenhusen selections are free and
will be distributed in classic World Population Data sheet will
be available from professor probably at $1.
Barraolough, Solon & Arthur L. Domike, Agrarian Structures in Seven
LainAmericanCountres. Land Tenure Center, University of Wise.
Cookcroft, James D., Andr Gunder Frank and Dale L. Johnson, Dependence
and Underdevelopment Latin Amerca's Political Economy. Garden
Ci-ty, N.Y.. Doubleday-Anchor. 1972.
Lowenthal, Abraham, ed., The Peruvian Exerimentl Continuity and Change
Under Military Rule. Princeton, N.J.s Princeton University Press,
New York Times, Economic Surve of L n America (watch for it in Feb.)
Population Reference Bureau, Populat on Dat Sheet. 1975
Shaw, Robert d'A. Rethrin Econmic Developmnt. New Yorks Foreign
Policy Association. 1971
Stein, Stanley J., and Barbara Stein. The Colonial Heritage of Latin
Ameria. New Yorks Oxford University Fresas 197.
Stepan Ared J. d 41 Stue.
New Haven, Conn.,s Yale-Unnie V r---5, 1973. NOTE, This book
will be out in paperback in March do not buy now as we will not
need until April.
Thiesenhusen, William. "Latin America's Employment Problem." iadisons
University of Wisconsin Reprint No. 70, 1971.
Wiarda, Howard J. Politics and Social Chane in Latin Americas The
Distinot Tadition. Amhers Mas. University of Massachusetts

POL SCI 62690 Page 2

Jan.. 26.

FebE 2

Feb. 9 &

Introductions Dimensions of Development in Latin America.
What is the general situation in Intin America today as we
reach the half-way mark in the second United Nations Develop-
ment Decade? A general discussion of the social, economic
and political situation in the Caribbean and South America.
R inkng the Ga of .Develogment, What kind of future can
we envision for Latin America (and, indeed, for most Third
and Fourth world countries) on a planet of rapidly-diminish-
ing resources and burgeoning populations? It it takes 84
years for per capital income of $200 to double a at 5 per-
cent rate ofgrowth, has the "revolution of rising expectations"
been only a cruel hoax?
INotsT ME TWT T$a MIR %EiUTEW1iD IG 19T VxifTE1S"!7

* Anderson Charles "The Changing International. Eniron-
ment of Development and latin America in the 1970's."
t A an Ei 2 (Autumn 1970) 65-87.
Ayres, pouen Lo De ontPOly and the Possibility
of a Livable'Future for latin America." Amerian PoHI
tal Scienee Review LXIX, 2 (June 1975)s o57-. ? -
(Also on shelf in Current Periodicals room.)
* IllJ Ivan. "Outwitting the Development Countries." 4e9
Yk -& ef Beofcs. November 6, 1969 20ff.
St gen, Rodor. "Seven Erroneous Theses About latin
America." in Irving L. Horowits, et al. eds., atin
Ame3riataasP i New Yorks Random House, .196 102-17.
Othe If i-en Have Western develop-
n exerts ed o impose n third World models of
development which have little relation to the realities of
countries beset by problems of rapid population growth, prema-
ture urbanization and international dependency? Does social
and political development correlate "automatically" with econo-
mic modernization and industrialization?
A. Soe "wnorao pl "pS." Odf alonist.* "tcrivkle o6 iNN
on development. These are general works, but s ns e the
authors have become the scholarly whipping boys upon whom
you, too, will wish to get in your own critical blows on
comprehensive, they are well worth glancing over in their
original fomn. The selections also help us understand the
viewpoint of a ore hope, more innocent era.
* HoSelits, Bert lA
Glenoee, rree Read
and Enonmic Growth* and "A Soolological Approach to EBono-
mio. Dvelopmenfe 23.-8 ,
Inkeles, Alex and David H. Smith.

*owards a Definition of Modern Man.t 3-35.
* Pte, Lucien Wo Asects ot Political Development. Boston
Little, Brown, 190 (Read Wlle lsome e this semes-
ter. For now, "Concept of Political Development," "The

POL SCI 62690 Page 3

Need for Theory" and "Democracy and Political Develop*
ment"t 31-88.
McClelland, David. ThA chievn Socie. Princeton, N.J.
Van Nostrand, 1961. plai 0i eo Growth* and
"The Achievement Motive"s 1-62.
Rostow, WS. tagA
Pres, 19. Introduction, *The Five Stages of Growth'
and "The Precanditions for Take-off s 1-3$5.
Thn read the critique of Andrd Gunder Frank, "Sociology of
Development and Unrerdevelopment of Soiology," in. Cook-
croft et. al. 321-97. Note that for "seciolo y," one
oauld substitute sociall solencet" and that the article
j is most relevant for political soLentists since we tend
to *se the same development~ literature .
iB Recent sseond (anAd tahird.. touts n the dAveloir.ei 9
SC, pFernando Henrique. "Associated-DepenAdet DevelBp-
aent, Theoretical and Practical Implieations" in Stepa6e
l142-76. This book will be on reserve until our copies
pome in.
*Dorner, Peter. "Needed Redirections in soonomic Analysis.
for Agrieultural Developent Policy" in Uph Norman
and Wa Ten F. Ilohman, eds., oli l
Dvloent. Berkel, Cali f. rfor.
na Frew, 1972 41-46 and 129-34. Do not be put off by
title this article is very relevant for policy in general.
SGoulet Denisa "Developent and Economic Order. nlea,
an1 -2 (June 1974).
Now Y sE AMeneum 19T)
x* J0 n "e Oppressed Classee Cookcroft, et al.
Seers, LDudley. "The Meaning of Developmnt" in Uphoff ~d
Ilcmnan. JZ3v29.
x* Shmw Robert d'A,* Ragog"I9sanai. .Marrpmnt EnHtire
tlJQhn. "Politioal Develolpent and Economic Develop-
ment, A Regional Assessment of Contemporary Theoriesa i

Warren, Bill "Imperialism and Capitalist Industrializa-
tion.. New Left Review 81(September- October 1973) 1 3-45

March 1 en TO I
Ietauien b u of utu tradi ns rowing out
of land settlement patterns, -seial and racial class divisions,
religious and philoo cal world viewaswl h differ from the
Western AngloSaxon outlook?

BRea~I ie Role of the atin Amerian Nation States" 1-27
I, .Ce

POL SCI 62690 Page 4

Mar'oh 8

Under Frank, Andre. Capit and Undertevogtin
Latin America. New York Monthly Revw Pres, 1969.
.x More-, R charE R. "The Heritage of latin Amerioa" in
Wiarda 25-69.
x Steins, "Burope and the Structures of Depndenden-* "The
colonial Ifenomy" and "Sociey and Polityrs 4-81.
.L.n .America and .the n t Wrld .. n.tu.y.
Epansfion anA tMWenUa
Anderson, remainder or Me. It W7*
Bodenheimer Susanne JonasM "Dependency and Imperialism
The Roots of latin American Underdevelopnte. "
America et (formerly NACIA Newal t
May-June, 1970t 18-27..
x* Frank in Cockcroft et al., "The Development of Under.
development'D 3 5.s
x* Johnson in GoOckroft, et al., "Dependence and the Inter-
natinal System"* 71.111.
x*. Steins, "The Eighteenth Century" and "The Eoonemic Basisa
of Neo-Colonialiam-s 8U-55-

VI. & Role of e in g DevelOppient Policy
V2,.E WItIdn IM JAMIn America "4 K 97SyteMo
March 22 Anderson, "Toward a Theory f Latin American Politicas in
& 29 Wiarfi a 249-65.
nderrson, "Natiton Building and Development Policy," and
"A Prudence Model of Development Policy Making" in
SAnderson t7 9786.
.4s cooetroeft, Olast Rites for the Reformist Model in Latin
": America" in Cookeroft, et al. ~ 115-49.
SDealy Glen. "The Tradition of Moniatio Democracy in
latin America" in Wiardat 72-103.
/x Morse, "Toward a Theory of Spanish American Govenment
i .in Wiarda, 105-27.
i/ z Steins, *Polities and Society" and "Epilegue'* 155-85.
SOcampo, Josa F. and Johnson, "The Concept of Political
Development* in Cockoroft, at al.. .39944.
IX. o Some current, problems -t the.
ApI :5 dificutie o agrariareform and the problem of food, t*e
S failure of import-substitution development strategies un.
S.employment problems in capitalintensive industrializatimon
I x Barraclough and Domike, pamphlet.
rrown, Lester R. "The Politics and Responsibility of the
North American Breadbasket** Washington, D.C*. World-
watoh Institute paimhlet No. 2 1975.
Uckholm, Erik Po "The Other Energy Crisist Firewood."
Wor datch Institute pamphlet NeL 1 1, 975
HirSahman, Albert. "The Political economy of Import-
Substituting Industrtialization.* < u sr Journal of
Eooi 82 (February 1968),< 1*.3 ,:1 *1 .
Morse, David A- "Unem oymenmt in Developing Countries.
Political Sience Quarterly X~ I (March 1970), 1-16.
x Thieaenhusen, William, pamphlet.
Thiesenhusen, "A Suggested Policy for Industrial Rein.
V igoration in latin America." Joumal o~ latin American
Sudiesr 1, 85-104.
Whartn, Jr., Clifton R. "The Green Revolutions CornuooQ
pia or Pandaora's Box?" Foreign Affairs 47 (April 1969)t
.., .... 464-76 ..

POL SCI 62690 Page 5

April 12

XI &
April 19
& 26
x6II &
B3y &
Wl. 10o

An "Entertainment" -- Simulation of a meeting of the Agrarian
Reform Commission of the South American country of Alegrfa.

Material to be distributed

Zeru/ ThePr geg ive"* Mility as Guides to Social and
Economic Development
x* Lowenthal book, other titles on reserve.
BrT he Reare ve Lilitary and the Brazilian "Economic

x Stepan book, material on reserve

CLASS PROJECT w May be either a development plan for a country of
the Caribbean or South America (not Brazil or Peru) OR
an examinationin-depth of anS institution concerned with
development in its relations with latin America (i.e.,
the World Bank., the IADB, the United Nations Development
Program, the Andean Pact, the OPEC, and the like). "Insti.
tution* may be interpreted widely also o cover a multi.
national Corporation in ts latin American dealings, i.q.
International Petroleum Compan, Anaconda or Kennaeott
Copper, International Telephone & Telegraph.

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