Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
Series Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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A Foi;7ego2'n-ja n,' .,. o.' i T" '- ,i s

in Latin An.,,c<.
'" ;'. *". ..... .. >j .. i. ,:) .

-Io- -.o -co" .. :: -io':; and t ; .:.i S J ar' ned to Ca e.'
by Constauktin, : Oun Roumcse

Aio vi.Ows to test Old Hiat -' ilit A Rule is a sign of unde- "
development t bho boat of ?. '' .t h. syign .Xals backuaprdness
instabilityy, cor:ruptionv c a. o .ig'n of relatives and
cronyis:1. 07
W"I Aj Tw Ta:r h ot.: S3o Hou, and Weing
Cha.lleroc- diav n: c -ulL an the a-n -er t*o the
problems of stability ao.i C ha in tin Anerc. '.
the Mtilitar :in .-h. or.. .:;. : :' ? a :.sional group -
there is a now. Sp ,.q A ': p. : -. .1.n .c..... concern abroad -
and young g rill-tay (o'lone .. I .'e-- o ocoi h vcc iri.bued ithf.
the chlang of savin; -h 1. mi -- miilit2.ary do not
signal instabi:': ; or the contrary, they
br ing con.iition.;; o' ad ; ess, aJnd they are the
.-)o of A. c o c :" ..q

Tro models to test :i;',, .,,i ve ''t. ill-all1.'
trickle-d.on S0y0' o a l!."- M -: ... : -- B a ; ili.ai n military

..a ,-Y p',rog'ressive model
o.. ... ..... <.... ...... :,,:,.... :?. co .........de on b.ha.l"
S ve. ;hough Vlasao

'.[ _1i ,':'.',': ,'., i f" ::.': r'!-:. ,? ,^ '*;.,_, i. :),-y w. a.O -!c tst ; 7 .;

Finally, a neor i-t: An .; ] 1,;.. .- : ..- Military
allied ih ycE -,; apu-.ii.., and w.ll. .'
to work side-L.; r, r,0 rlv .;. *oo)f o'noi:oiq G develop-,
ment. .ilia -oy s th" -... h neu policy

from t io wassae ii:f. i. n..-eln> n oe C'': arti.c interest
groups, legislA)t aor

Suggested Syllabus

Ueek 1 Ov e it. S.oc economic, Q .imoqraphic, geogr.aphio
and. political .t.. .., _ra ion. t hec setting
for r' i 4'r. "; :' le In po)Tyor vaQu'u0
Week 2 Tho .01,ssi.c F': of :;5 ..i a.y L ; ..,..'ioa i
.; .--' .... Vt-..'-!.'yc -i .i.Y. i.... .A .,- ..T bt l c i

.at i .'1 : ai op 4o0Cl:U. t C.olu bia .r but I
did io' :..-ier oicaus: Stonan ocst so much);
.fi,, i M.in, t.L -ns and Politics in Latin
A re in ,.j 6 ., O t c,6.0n .Ic o.'76- -
Saueo .; "'..- :' i IIoAl..istkster Lyle
."Roocut .;. ,.. .7 .t.s .n7on the Role

j eek 3

Week 6i ? 7 1k n r a (t A b o u t
e. m a :v .e Car ibboan?
J:h~ci~c afte:~ as.3?. we rjIoua!tle T~ujill.o b So~o~oa,

Az l *- "U-

Sr2. IrntXirC If 1 rao r'loduction

Varirros fllerpme; Fu.,,itad~o T'he EconoxiiiCGrotwth

~a~-Vi irust~- cV: toxocs: Ii.1Aikc-,x3 nei! book
on A.pr!_snio T rcLecu Asti;zfr Pres sure._Ero2
and Po-usr i i Politics- and
an of art-ic -I:es, I n put
ODn xeer-,

ai~'a *1~,1':.:i,' L27 L'U il

'3r/ n iD. --a t 1-. a S13 .ThVOrd UIJ
';~:::`"~r:-f John3alllson's
-r~t Mi 11. tA 8ob.-rP

~z ~Tn Rsi .jj~or:~3.x~? cTwo
rt.Ko.c~ r '> IT5e "A [L.ti0n. AMei"CAan
;hfDC03a.0~ r, !2.dit ary Coup,
~jj 1,;jam(.JC0 2Ufblint edss
--jat1 io2ro3?29oo f r :t3.ovolut on ? (Green-
orm ~ 137T~~ ~ Middle
C*.a 'I"~ iOZp tc:32v Cl3.udblo VeliZ, ed.,
Tho o2.C',o~o: o:vinv Latin America

hc;'-l er good"..? Z I c-,,s al so because they
Stha, 11."- era`,ux~c and the. arguments in
v~ ~ it f'I~ or twoo.'3

Ad,'i2 P:r e ~ a o"i~. lotro: allg
cor r
ii r' ,~;1 ':i ~ -'~ ~i.!t. 0r ~ &20.:I~~C ftiLf~il.l 15 ISX

S &o 'Thie IHunr_y Dogs)
Th.Or~z ~~Q

opw~*~ .r~y~e.- i-ves of the
avon, cle TI'; edad (
o o k ovor. he curr- t
I i15 i d -a,, D-i several

0 -.2.1 -1,; o!. Jic>Y'L, 7,9t social
.w.. 1 ': ~ ;: 0 4: 1. C lCV ar) tb.e litcraturea
r Ul, -19." s Z 0io Lpi'tin a feel
V.- --;-; cRt

Jook & ij. &


t C,

IJ k 3 2

SJaoI 21.3

-LLL J ..1
Dcv~ 'C ..~~;l '7rev; I"":sk) o x

F ?~:'d ? CCCi.~-

IS, n-rlr L" Workers.

ce l.

kLe UJ

I^" L"-18^^a_8^9

''' :

L AA-o

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