Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
Series Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Language: English
Creator: Chaney, Elsa M.
Publisher: Estate of Elsa M. Chaney
Publication Date: Spring 1971
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CliJ. U~197"'


Th im cou tt9n aMfIo-oioi~ h otowen politoas anad socbo-
eoonomio C in Lati;5.x I Amxocn -fit tlx,3 begl ning c.f tho 1970',
we era au-' -'a abc-c' 410-1to Cu:v-ix.np3ont procats w~sorks than
ikn tho Quphopic cmy 296OvL .:*4>.c.L. Lrmi'.w t -)D lev.Whing 0,T the UN
"Dove' lopmqn(; W C a. d th AII&RC f201 PrgTo 3ai. Ir we
aro &hort 6n QMWOPC aC l to ha'a QZ-onO-Mia w d Cagial oh*bAIEe begin and
what nuatai=- ganowth t jh o 7 are quostic18
to which J. all nAkin limcr-lca; P02itiErxl p~rOt:109, pBjjjol
U&I group =4~ moveorato lrMU4t If : thay wish to
aurw~z~v -- = matta! whtom ttho loafu1a 1ders or polley:maLir
stand on thQ3 poticaLLL p
Whait conatitute1 dav~ol aont? Ulhat prob.luw eonfrontir4-, uzader-
devoloped nations ahouEld Tao tapkJ~ by gby 'ex~A and tire there
ppioritlesT WThy hav aw t t;mpt o '7)xiild zl;ron, Industriftl sectors
fa~l"Id In mogt Latin tamsplon Eno.Q: '%he \1e gle~i of agri.,
oultuwo In MoaJt early *KJ.". ;j&M Irir ft1a1 to oiler-all
devaoloELont? Is cnuceLilp a CfU; ( mciJt aneytrm until
now EImwo a esertedl by dogloloriz-za wi5$lhiB~~(/J~ ~a~"an traditionalorn
socie~ties3 Zu~dely flOei f'jihozmd rapicl E1odQ11druiatbozi or
is tho cause of utl-,ke res~Wa~~ 'ult
of the colon ftlalw-atua thao !J-:7r tj ogkoe~rdi
relation to thec~u~~~r; ~ What v'allit-~y Is there
to the aocuacation of Asianao rir& La~in Aikirienma that thaij,,
undQerdvolopwpn in. no lbut~> n drtiioat, aom~vqwunai. of
"Internal oo,nlalizma '4- mandn~y WLat #AV~ the
pwospeetv foz~ e~~n ~tim

BOOKS: All Ovailable att L.-c2bn Bookf Flxcaha;goe* none &Avai. Iable at
i94 "rgdrc Gunder. 1CM itnalml and Undavdevalowze~t in Labti
Ameria Historioiui OMIT~3az1 \rq.bT0V2 tok

v-f~trtado,, Calso. Obsttclea to Do. vajoni; in Latin Amriga.
Garden Cityr,,X1Y Df ~~o
v~oulet, flonio. The tli of .1h Ui~ 71)rks: IDOC,, 1970
\ZubermaBZ1 Led ~a Pau gko q,-y Spilimi ,%, Nml Yoz'k.,
Monthly Review Fross, 1970.
.-Lewis, Gordon. Fues-to Rico: ; u F~2wa n the Cr Lribbpn
Now Yor'k: H1arper re. 00 a)~
vo isb ato Chnrrloom od%~;n, Latin A-marion: F zl,t~ %b@e6s in EconomQIBlB q De EPAZgPB

ment. Now York : The 00 pleass a (
?~~torStan2ey J~t and Barbara H. T 3'olonial_ ?eritM of Lat';
AM9 i- a*; XGe4 YOrk: O7,ford UniVD 2? V7i

All paparbaolm.




Introduction: The Polite i of Development in
E ; U-n- =16 r i a aL~P

XI 1i, Cu?: A Caso Hi~ l;or 2n ^Development/Dbimaensiona
Arf. olv ::a~n iJ^^ TE- lt i~.tMii) -ll'- *, : m

III 24
( )

Bubrman &
Sweesy book

1',-.; : ..... -*~ --: 0,'. ; ... o : Role of the State Seleetions on
*,. ., l, o ...'r,. .... -.:,. Model fre $evelop-wfesetve Sun-
:.::i klet in Ni9bet

XV~~ 3~ ___ e.?i~ffa sr ~ it': 4~~ ~~;$~~gnP~1$agenAcC

V h%

V ()


Th3e Hisgtha YlSune of the

Lasin Am 2pMR, 0. o B eteenh
enusraesy fEpaniE-s :*;.. m:1e***< lbi GCaentur

VI Ob.pate population /
V11P~ Obstn I


Xl 4.


Selection of
books on re-
serves w Will
divide topics
Steine Cheol
III; FPrtado,
Cho. 6-10S
Chaney article
Steins, Chao
IV-V; Futbado,
Iatro. & Chao
15, except
Cho 2

ia/ r t ;. 5twita iosa iVndustiallsatlow/ logue; Soults,
I"flatio /Pro.l.- ",0 pital Porrsioi/syS Bapraolough
of AID Mikesell, Baer
& Hisackme a n Niabet (optional,
Loff & Johnmo n a Nisbet); Cho
2 of FuvtadoZ IDOC bookletp--uadev
7, The Pelitcal f-o~ or: ibrr n Latn America/ Selection of
7"ole !.. .b.Itt :ity'f-:ol*o of the Ms1i4dle books on re-
~S-~ector~sg1, a-;.C <: Mr Mity church serve; we
will divide

8. Alternative 71Jo?. *F :i *. -Y1n 2oa c and Neo-Gunder Frank
9) ap al-----T-- '.-- ','-.---.. j...' .a & Ex1eGrnal Pt. I, ppl=28;
Dependero/The '' :O.: .'.(:! -.'- of Underdoevlopment PF. II, pp,
145-167; review
Partado, Chsg 1 5; Griffin arti-
oles in isabet

X-.T.T. 9, 10, 1X & I2,
Cuba & )

Ljni -'--. r.I;- ";?,,. Stu.dige of Chile Brazil,

^.r~ado.. p 113"b-995 LEsvifa b seei Review
2 '1' '

POL C8 334 Sllab0us ?s 0

Y nZ ~XX7-

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