Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
Series Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Creator: Chaney, Elsa M.
Publisher: Estate of Elsa M. Chaney
Publication Date: 1973-1974
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0 J~'~: ~- 2 C,(.C1 noon "I'zr

on1iomi- eTbanlge in Latin, At te begi-nnitg of -he 1.9701,39
we are far less rSuvr:o about pri; 0 oo wer, Dr4'Cess .r'jrks than.
in, the auphori ex.'i i 9%60; ,2 t o I,aunh'ing of tGhe UN
"De-vrrel.opyneirt.; De-,adn" ntn~d 1631. e'.J.~ f if wej~r-a ~:t3~~k~ r
are shorl on aflis:tpers ar ko Cio1 0 0047,10Mi,1 d otsoriaal nhaNge begin and
*how gro Th La I ai neci r csastai3.ofS They are questions
to hi- h all. 3 Ia;:Lf. iLflCli(4tl flaThJY:YLFJ pooJiij-ioa Partl POCiti-
cal, roups and maoreiaent: s o e.~ 'es .-f* theyo vish to
surtrivbe -- no nriatltor iherc the a-i'::c. c"mlo.o : Or P01C15.e maker
otanfi' on the po.`.Ut:l cal spetr-tx-uil
iesimi:es Th :r.Op@ientf fl:': pt:&-lbems confronting un-der-
cbev"G oped nality.ow :hio'0.ld. bc -c1al&'::(.cV-..c .o kb.' Tj(-,-.1.1-1 n: CL~.Le t.-.here

f in.led -ri most ".i{ 'i rr' has tlie r.'. .etof
aaritnlltuxre :in r.wOf c. x, T. *J ci feoecn overall, develop-
rro'ent- is unc J' mos`; analyst-:kp until now have
bs, I'll-, societies
sudd8enlyj faced. Tjftli-ft the ,<:: fo:- orari0.r.e ,riiz~ tion,. is the cause
of underdevelopy ,ioni 'i L- -x he o?3ESui t of the colonial
status the Thij ri.i W~ so hf !.-'4 .txn r. elation tLo the super-
developed IouSrt c u ; Q ..s r,:- to the accus~ation of
Asians, Africans nud la-xt.un. f',haalc2,W thb'W their underd.evelopment is
not inherent-, Iyoj; .% diro-.x conseq, u.,mZ-nae of ".4iLn-temnal colonia-ism."
and extemal '~ :'iit ;..i t thc pros eQt; or development in
the 1970's?
BOOKS: All .2:Ic v.Elxhab nra cntbaJ.:ooi ~xtge, Note. None is

Armaes,,'ge 'h iT~ r~ o'~. (Baltimore:e Pen-
guin I oois,
Anderson. C-~2 C 1 ErVT. gmi. Qjjj'id Pc oomic Amercao

Cockcroft, ,Wes D z .tei'; (n&r Frank and Dale Jo'1n5aOi, Depei g g
,a f~lds.:d tnteeve.o:' : ;u .L;e r'Za s Poliitical, Ecnomy(rden
City N0Y, : DoubL'ay o
Hay~t.er. Teresa,, (Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1971)
(H:Uberrnan. Xeo and Paul 1H. wCeey z oy iA1iM (New York:
ionthl J.y Review Press! :969
QW- jano ) Anidbal mationaliaK ap L a J- -a m in Peru: A S in
l eoq =.,Pcra:LjJmNew : IPE n-R2Pon RtyeviewPress, 9
.,Russel, hiJ.lip, CubaiTrsition (Aus-tin: Axmadillo Press, 1972)
Shaw, Rober-t deA0, Rethj-Ln ';0jna _qoaomd l evQDnt C(New 'York:
Foreign. Policy Asso+iation HcadCline S1eries No,( 208)
Stei.n. Stanley J. and Barbara Stein. Thete u a- _0
Latin Anmericaq Es or. R ic i e Dendencv 3-, eitije
Oit~oc~ niersi 'ty Press .90
NtACIIA, Neiii Chile (New American fn." i'. }) oRi4Oan (:onrEss O in. Armerac.-
ca, -7MPTY-N 407*5 9 ,ioaixe F 0 -C~s~~.!a :;


World P ti-u ..)ja i,; -.. Ppu:atioa Reference Bureau,
,ashington, BD
0 tional Furtado, CeIsot. LatiL Ameri-
.a (with a case study of Bra:il) (-ardexn City, N.Y.: Doubleday
Anchor. 1970)
Note: We will. divide the 7.v.u. r.,-: and ujlanko volumes, some
of us tokincg C iCba and, ome .Peru. not purchase until
after first class,,


TI 1.
S^Ent 13


Introduction: The j-im-a.ensions of
Development in: Lat.in Americ..
Notg: Dur..ig the second half of class,
we will vJ.ew a film on Brazil. which
synthesiz(.s many of the problems
facing Lai Ar"'ica : coun' tri es'

IIZ& 2o

tV ,.
Octo 4

V. t
Oct. 11

T~1. 5.
Oct. 18

V7i. 6.

VIII. 7.
Nov. 1


The MeS e 0..-j:m'. mt: Theories
of development J.and L~.drdevelopment
considered :roam Hageni McClelland,
.?ye, AIzo.a:, &H Vt..l-t?., :Gerner, Hutin.g-
ton, etc..; '3oi: Consult books on.
reserve liJt. "Thiere is a:lso folder
titled 'b.,e M4eaning of Developmen't"
on rese.'-;eo
Political E,"- Bonomio Develo&ment in j
L-ain_ A,,; -'."- : Tie Background to &
politic-;! srnd eco.sonlic systems; the S
Hispanic .e ,;- r a:jd the jjiaf.len3e 0C
of l'ati1 i.. ."'-
Ia-_-tin .:-e:,.yi.ca and ';h e TorVld- Economvt A_

e' th Oentui'y .Expansion and
'ihwen'jie'h 0-r1..iu- Reaction

Ro3 t ,9 i;a-L-a in Th2onomr e qo
vel.'menj: The Transjorma.tTon ojf
traditina:L to modern society,
xnd a critique of the ":'eformist"

in Latin 1Tiea: Development
pol.icmaktng ,within the La-tin
inerican political system

8. atmg -iz: l ill- )evelnmart How
decisions get tr anslate inrto
policy; :Lniplementatior-. of develop-
aen-i policy : role of foreign aid




Material on
reserve; Shaw

:dersoni, Preface
Ch. I, pp. 1-271
reins, Ihtro. &
ihs I-III.

nderson, Ch. I, ppo
7-46; Steins, Chs.
V and V; Frank in
ockcroft, ppo 3-45;
ohnson in Cockoroft,
po 71-111.
iderson, Ch. II, pp.
7-67; Cockcroft in
ockcroft, pp. 115-
49; Steins, epilogue.


Anderson, Chs. III &
IV, pp. 68-114; Ocampo
& Johnson in Cockcroft,
pp. 399-424.

Anderson, Chs, V, VI
& VII; Hayter, pamph-
let; Frank in Cook-
croft, ppo 425-33.


X.- 9.
Nov. 15

Individual Case Studies of five comrtrie: a
^'C; ''.-.:g i" h 3?aXe.

Quijano book
(report given
by one-half
class); other
material on

XIo 10.

XII 11 Q
Doe. 6

XIII 12,

zIV. 15.
DAc 20



Cockoroft in Cookcroft, pp.
47-71; material on reserve

--L e.be-r.-n & Sweezy book
(report given by x-emaining
ha3.f of class); Russel
pmnphlet; material on reserve
Jcthnson in Cockcroft, pp.
165 -217; New Chile, entire
Arraes book



PAPER TOPIC: A 20-25 page 'aper discussing i;he politics of
economic development ;ca'! oui inj.n-ng a development plan for
a Latin American c rA.i;; of yolu. choice (preferably one of
five above), Pa--~-: rv. .: die Jrnu .ar 100, 1974,,

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