Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
Series Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Publication Date: 1972-1973
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POLITICAL SCIENCE 185 1, 1972-75
Chaney Syllabus


This course is designed to provide an introductory survey of the
Latin American political process s the major political actors and the
key government institutions examined against the social.. historical
and cultural continuity of the Iberic tradition, Special at"ent-:io
is -gvan to the political implications of demographic, soci~. ocon"-
mic and hi. ria;an resource development problems faced by r.tio; s uindr-
going -ransformation from traditional to modern society,
I e ,edinA Jacques Lamibert:;, Latin America: Sooia-1 St-Y;jict ;
Pol~.ticaA atitutAon, -,kBerly: University orf ,Cali. .:r-
nia eas 1909)D, Martxj The Dnamicso
Cha e ,fi ira er~g jga 2d ingieiwoo .
5 i 8., Ti : Prertice-nall, 19715, and ICrving LoiA:
Horoiditz Itn American, RadicalAsm: A Documenta
Reort on Teft and S]ai st Iovementl ITewl York:
Vintage, 9i 1T oks avaie abe atr'ordhamn Book
Exchange o
A. '.iead as much as you can of all three books, Spefific assign-
ments will cover all of Iambert, Most of Martz and large
chunks of Horowitz.
B, This syllabus is intended as a suggestive outline only; we
oll not be able to cover everything in depth, and we will
preserve flexibility by dropping some topics if certain
others prove of greater interest to the class,

II, Qour C ntributo: You may write a paper,, .5-25 page, on
a Biopic of your choice to be approved by professor), You ay
read a political novel (titles will be provided),, tying it into
appropriate political themes touched upon in the class in a .5-
page review-o, Tou may be creative and dream up your own project
(with professor's approval.),,
III eebak to the Professo: There will be a midterm exam during
t1he Tweek of 't 2 This exercise is designed to be a test of
yourself against your onw expectations; therefore; the grade will
count only if you make a C-plus or better an ed need the "credit"
to pull up your final grade There also will be a final examo
vo The working outline of the course follows. Again, it should be
regarded as tentative0 Note: Dg stands for Martz book; kRg
for Horowitzi b6ok.

i __

POL SCI 185 Page 2

1. F-iework of the re
The ^DuSie?

I,2 (Sept. 11-22)

o Overview of current Latin American poli-
tical developments, emphasizing Chile,,
Peru and Brazil
S"Dual Sectors" thesis of Tim1iert; Advan-
tages and Limitations
SAlternate View of Latin American Socio-
Economic and Political Systems as Dependent

Lam bert, int-ro. & Cn1.,
I; Adams in. .M, rpp
41-46; Gondze -SCaEK-o.lcva-
in ay pp. 118-39,
Optional, Intro, to iD.:l
pp 1-24 & Stavepno.ht,.m
in p.yn, pp, 47-.49

394 (Sepyt 25-
o e-o 6)

oA Demographic View: Too ':P:.-y People?
o An Economic View: Lagging Deel cc.in-c?1
0 An Anthropological View: a Complexity
of Cultures
, A Sociological View: Elites & Masses
SA Political View?, Governments without
Authority, Legitimacy, Consensus

3. i 5 Oct0 11-13)

o Development Priorities & Possibilities
o Political Realities and X-imitations

4, Theb1be M Herit -e0: aes 697 (Octn, 16-27)
an Cn trdiotons

The Conquest & Settlement
SGeographic & Resource Factors
o The People Who Came
The Colonial Economy
Co reaction of the in jdioa
o Urbanization withoutndustrialization
o Industrialization with Econotmic Progress

76; "-i in in r..
pp. 289-304

Material to be distr;i-
-a.:ed; also Ande.rson
in ppPP 255-70.

T.Laubertt, Cbs. 5: 5 &
2~, Intro to 2?t- 1
Stepan in !. v o, 211-
20; Romeo jl ::i..- pp,

5. "Cla'.q hma T e *&_Actor8 8 (Oct0 30-3Novo3) Lambert, Intro to P1-n
0an tcs III, Chs- 8 & 91 Sil-.
vert in gD, pp, 109-
o National Integration: Cauld l Old & .New 19).
o National Independence : I erft & Equality
for Whom?
o National Government: Aristocrats as Democrats

2. Ta f toton C ofTa_-
2 e 19.8

I-- -rl---L~------- IUI-l~--u~-c^-----u--l-^)I--LI-Y--~

I-u~uaa~- --------^13 ~ -Y.~UIIIU"~Dor~~~rrr~~f_~ll(~~~ili*

---.-l~.llll-C- I-.~~L-CIII~n)l(LII~I(~III~~QIL ~rXBl~~nr~iWih~uI(MliliLi~lr~M~*n~ -"Y

POL SCI 185 Page 3

6. Risae of the Middle SecOto 9 (Noveo 6-1C)
& TIwlut;ionary Chage.

o Middle Sectors & Middle Classes
o Students and Intellectuals
o Bureaucrats & Empleados

ley in i pp -,
Gillin inD D 6-
99; Johnson in Di, .
133;46; Needler :in
f pp,, 3319-355

7o ew Po tica Acto : e of 10,11 (Nov-, 13- Iambert, Oh. 10; Al
to s 22) & rL.dsbergec in 1 ....
pp, 361-75 576-.,
e Working Classes & Peasant Masses optional: Anc..s on -'
The Mexicaan and Bolivian Revolutions Cockkeoft, in Lwad, ;.
Vargas & Per6n 366-89,
o The Communists

12 (Ncv, 27-
Dec0 1)

* The Movement of the Democratic Left
* The Rise of Christian Democracy

13 (Dec 4-8)

o Cuba and Its Aftermath
SThe Alliance for Progress: Imperialism
in a New Guise?
o Rural & Urban Guerrilleros: Do They
Have a Future?

14 (Dec. 11-15)

10. ti American olitica
-5tems^ & the Futu3e s
gs~Demo5ra~cy' failed?

Lambert, Ch. 11; I
Tella in Dy, pp, .G-
60; Gil in1 Djn, p-,,
199-207; Po ppino ..
SpPP. 164-78,; op-
tional, Miart- in Dyn
PP, 334-65.

Martsz in n, ppp 179-
98; Gerassi in Radx
pp, 471-95; Guev-ar: &
Ojeda in P, pp, 607-
20 and 621-46; optional
Goff & Locker in rBad
pp. 249-91.

L-mbert, Intro~ to Pi.;
IV & Chsa 13-17,

o Constitutions & Caudo o: the Inadequacy of Latin
American Political Institutions
o Castro & Velasco: Two Models for Change?
o Allende: Marxism in a Parliamentary System?

-- ---- ~- -- --u~ u~r~;ra1Elaaaaurnarorrp~u r-ulrauL~~n*a~~o~

8. Risea Qf the Democratic 2]e. :
thie fAtempi at Aeforxm

I -~lyl -I- _-.YYI_____C-YIIY~~L-~-----l -(3YI~~l~n~/VU~D~~ll~DIlll~s

9. Rise of the NeR Left-:f t1e
oe aolu tio.n On

_ .-- u-------~---- I-~Cb ~~LICUNL~-CltRI4I1-~-~)*~DI~)~

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