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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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POLITICAL S 185 I, 1971-72
Chaney Syllabus


This course is designed to provide an introductory survey of the
Latin Aunerican political process, the najor political actors and
the key govermitoent institutions, examined against the social, his-
.torical and cultural continuity of the Iboric tradition. Special
attention is givon to the political implications of demographic,
social, ocono-mic and hunan resource devoloprient problems faced by
nations undorgoing tra7nsafornmation fro:.i traditional to modern society

I. Reading: Jacques Larbort, Latin America: Social Structures 8
Political Institutions -(BoM3 oleoy: university of Oalifor-
nia Press, lT969 olm D. Iartz, 'ihe Dynmaics of
Charno in Latin Amterican Politics, 2nd ed. (EUgls-ood
Ciiffs, I.J.: Prentico-Hall, 1971), and Irving Louis
Iioromits, Latin Amtorican Radicalism: A Documentary
Report on Loft and nationalist Ilovements (new Yorc:
Vintage, 1969b Books available at Fordhan Book Exch.
Ah Read as nuch as you can of all throe books. Specific assign-
nonts will cover all of Lomobert, most of 11artz and large chunks
of Horouitz.
B. Aftor the sixth wook, those who have optod for the r2oleplaying
pi.oj3oct(soo belolT) uill be provided a political novol linked
at least in setting to their particular "character," Those
who choose to do papers will also, of course, do additional
roadinS (and nay request :y asistaneoo for their bibliographies).

f1. Your Class Contribution: is optional. Thoro twill bo about 15 on-
gagod in the roioplyng project For thoce confrontations (pro-
bably the r.ook of Dec. 6), each person wTill prepare an outline of
the options and limitations of his orn character in the situation
Outlines maay be handed in as is after the class prosontations, or
may be retained for whatever revisions appear nocossaryg final
deadline for outlines, as well as for papers, is Dec. 17.

III. Feedback to the Professor: There will be a midtorm sexau during the
week of Got. 25 This exorcise is designed to be a test of your-
self against your own expectations; therefore the grade will count
only if you make a C-plus or above and nood the "credit" to pull
up your final grade. There will also be a final exam. Because
our classes are constructed with a large amount of time allowed
for discussion, you will be in trouble if you do not contribute
regularly to class discuss on.
IV. Outline of the Course follows. It should be regardcod as tentative,
a working routine. If there are other aspects of Latin American
politics which interest you, we can add and substitute* the readings
may also have to bo juggled. Note: Dn stands for lartz book; Rad
for Horowitz book.

---.............~. ...~__ ; e~~i__~ ...~~ -.~-r;. .._~~.~-.. ~-...ii~ _-_.._1- --- --- ---

POL SCI 185 Page 2


1,2 (Sopt. 13-24))


' "Dual Sectors" thesis of Laabert: Advan- ni
ages c; Liin:l-ations 3'
SAlternato View of Latin A-merican Socio- t
economic C Political Systems S
. Latin Anerican Politics in a Systems 4
. Convergence of Social Science Disciplines in
the Study of Ian's Behavior

2. Tgransform;~ation of Tradi-
tional Societieos

A Deimogrcaphic View: To
An E3conoiic Vieox: Laggi
An Athropoloiocal Vieo
of Cu'utu:ro
A Sociological Vioe: El
A Political Vieu: Gover
Authority, Legitiriac

3. Hou Are Things in Aleria
a simulation

amibort, Intro. : Oho
; Admas in D~g ppo
1-46; GoanzUoz- Gasa-
ova in Rad, pp. 118-
9; optional, Intro.
o Dyn pp. 1-24 &
tavenhagen Din g, ppo

3,4 (Sept. 27-0ct.8) Laoibort, Ghs. 2, 3 &
4; Bromning in D l,
pp. 71-85; Prebls-h &
>o Ilany People? Furtado in Rad, pp. 29-
.ng Dovelopmrnt? 52 c 61-74; Tasloy in
r; a Comploxity Dn, ppo 29-40; Ioro-
u tz in Rad, pp. 140-
Litos Mlasses 76; Anderson in &Ms
-nr-ents without pp. 289-304.
sy, Consensus

5 (Oct.o 11-15)

* Dovolopment Priorities t Pcosibilities
. Political Realities and Liritations

Ilaterial will be dis-
tributod; also Ander-
son in ]y, pp. 255-70o

4. The Iberian H erita e: Lags
& GTontraditions

6 (Oct. 18-22)

iTe Conquest c. Settlement
Geographic C Resource Factors
The People Uho Caio
'he Colonial Econoay
Creation of tho Latifundios
Urbanization witE out ndu-srialization
Industrialization without Econonic Progress

Lambert, chso 5, 6 &
7, Intro. to Pt. II;
Stepan in Dn, pp. 211-
20; Roneo InRad, pp.

5o "Classi'"Themes g Actors
in Lfat-;in Aneia1can 'PoliticCs

7 (Oct. 25-29)

Larbert, Intro, to Pt.
III, Ohs. 8 & 9; Sil-
vort in ay, pp. 109-19o

o National Integration: Caudillos Old ^ HoIw
N national Independence: Lirty & Equality for Ihom?
* National Government: Aristocrats as "Democrats"


1 Framew-ork of the Course:
The Dual Society7

~__ ~_~~__~~ _I~_ ___~_ __ ~

--- -- --- ----- ----------- 'I -I

-I -U---~1-"--- I

- -- ~ -~--"- --` --- --

POL SC'I 3i P,'e 3

6. Rise of the aliddcl Seto~os 8 ( ilov. 1-.5)

Iiddlo SeotorL s; middle Classes
Students and Intellectuals
o Colonels and Generals

ltnbort, Z. 12; Wag-
lIy in D1. pp. 100-08;
Gillin In pDy. pp. 86-
99; Johnoon n Drn,
pp- 133-416; NeeZder in
DM,. pp.. 319-33*

7. Nou Political Actors: Rise of 9 (tove 0-12) Laubern', C01. 10; Alba
& Lanisbcxger in D ,
pp, 361-75 L 376-V92-
E Uorl:iy Classes & Peasant ilassoc optional: Anderson &
.* 'e I1oxicoa ,: Bolivian Revolutions 3Coocloft in Rad8, pp.
o Vargas ; Peern 366-890

Oo RiSo of t.ho DCo.iooratic Left: 10C, 11 (iTovo
ht -Ho1; 13:T1 5-21)

Tlo Communists
5 Tho ibovenont of the Deriocratic Loft
M The Rise of Cl'i.itian Democracy

LaTiborts, lh. 11; Di
Tolla in D5 pp. 346-
60; Gil iJln, pp.
199-207; Po-ppfno in
, pp. 164-78; op-
Tional, 7iarts in DIng
pp- 334-65*

9. Rise of the ITcu Loft: tfhe
levolutiuonary GOrtion

12 (11ov. 29-
Dec. 3)

o Cuba and its Aftor-,o.ath
* The A3lliance for Progress: Imperialism
in a Hou Guise?
o Rural : Urban Guorrilleros: Do They
IIvo Any Puturewo

Iartz in Dgn, pp. 179-
98; Gerasxs in Rad,
ppo 471-95; Guevara &
Ojeda in Rad, pp. 607-
20 0 621-1~5 optional:
Goff C: Locker in Radi
pp. 249-91.

10 o Te MCunicipal Council Meets
.in Valo a ,Draatxaiton

o Project Uill Be Explained

11. Latin Annericaui Political
Szst ers .T; Fe future:
TaTs DemooraeY failed?

13 (Deco 6-10)

14 (Doo. 13-17)

Material to be dis-

Lambert, Introo to
Pto IV & Ohso 13-17.

o Constitutions c; Caudillos: the Inadequacy of Latin
Anerican Politroial Institutions
o Castro c: Volacco: T'iro Iodols for ChanSo
SAllende: Niarxisnr in a Parliamentary Syster?

I -I~----I-~ -~.-~L.M~,~,,,,,,~---~- l-I-- -- -- -- ----I

I -I -- --- L--- I

-~~---C _II-1I--~_~-~__~ _~. II -~-I~--- -_----C---

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