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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
Series Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Publication Date: 1972-1973
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POLITICAL SCIENCE 185 1, 1972-73
Chaney Syllabus

This course is designed to provide an introductory survey of the
Latin American political process, the major political actors and tho
key government institutions, examined against the social, historic'.l
and cultural continuity of the Iberic tradition, Special att en- ion
is given to the political implications of demographic, social, econo-
mic and. human resource development problems faced by nations under-
going transformation n front traditional to modern society,
I Reeading Jacques Lambert.. ~tin America: Soc50. St:uctureS-
Political Ietia;3tnas 3(Berkely: Univ ersity of Calior-
nia Press, 1.969) o D. Martzs, T. .2.r
e Amerlian Politics 2- ed gi.:(.
Clis,, 7: PnticeHa L, 2 and Irving Loir.
Horotritz, Irat itAmerican Radicalesm! A cument"
ReLert ndon a Nationait I MTovementm s l M orf Yix:
Vintage, 19 ava kbea ham Book
Exchange o
A. '.lead as much as you can of all three books. Specific assign-
ments will cover all of Lambert, Most of Martz and large
chunks of Horowitz.
B. This syllabus is intended as a suggestive outline only; we
will not be able to cover everything in depth, and we will
preserve flexibility by dropping some topics if certain
others prove of greater interest to the class,
II.o "'our C ss Co ntri button" You may write a paper, 15-25 pages, on
a topic of your choice (to be approved by professor) You may
read a political novel (titles will be provided), tying it into
appropriate political themes touched upon in the class in a 15-
page review, You may be creative and dream up your own project
(with professor's approval).
III, Feedback to theProfessor: There will be a midterm exam during
the weiek of Oct 23- This exercise is designed to be a test of
yourself against your own expectations; therefore the grade will
count only if you make a C-plus or better and need the "credit"
to pull up your final grade. There also will be a final exam.
~I The working outline of the course follows. Again, it should be
regarded as tentative Note: g stands for Martz. book; Rad
for Horowitz book.

POL SCI 185 Page 2

1,2 (Sept. 11-22)

o Overview of current Latin American poli-
tical developments, emphasizing Chile,
Peru and Brazil
* "Dual Seotors" thesis of Iambert; Advan-
tages and Limitations
o Alternate View of Latin American Socio-
Economic and Political Systems as Dependent

2. TZ rmatAon o2 TTai-

5,4 (Sept. 25-
Oct 6)

. A Demographic View: Too Many People?
, An Economic View: Lagging Development?
o An Anthropological View: a Complexity
of Cultures
. A Sociological View: Elites & Masses
A Political View: Governments without
Authority, Legitimacy, Consensus

3o Low Are 2 a iU n Alegria? 5 (Oct. 11-13)
o Development Priorities & Possibilities
o Political Realities and Limitations

4. Th eri" Heritae las 6,7 (Oct. 16-27)
and Rontradictions
o The Conquest & Settlement
Geographic & Resource Factors
The People Who Came
o The Colonial Economy
o Creation of the Iatifundioa
o Urbanization without Industrialization
Industrialization with Economic Progress

Lambert, Intro. & Cl<,
I; Adaris inD.yn, pp,
41-46; Gonzaste-Csec.r-,.ova
in B, pp*, 1.8-9.
Optional, Intro. to ,',
pp. 1-24 & Stavoenhcl:--'
in D, pp. 47-49.

Lambert, Ch 2, 3:
Browning in Ra, .
71-85; Prebisch & 'ur-
tado in Ra,y pp.- 29-
52 & 61- "4; Waglef i,.
;-= pp. 25-40; .2i9o.
lfitz in -g ppc 14-
76; Anderson in ),
pp. 289-304.

Material to be distri-
buted; also Anderson
in ~g, pp. 255-70.

lambert, Chs. 5, 6 &
7,y Intro. to Pt. II;
Stepan in pp. 211-
20; Romeo .tRad, pp.

5. "Class" Themes & Aotors 8 (Octo 30-Nov.3) lambert, Intro to Ptb,
in atn American Po ica III, Chs. 8 & 9; Sil-
vert in RM, ppP 109-
o National Integration: Caudillo Old & New 19).
National Independence : Lberty-& Equality
for Whom?
o National Government: Aristocrats as Democrats

1.o Amewopk of theCoqurs:
The u" Socety?

~1_ _1 1

---- I --- ---l-rr~-rruroP -lul --~--~--~i~murMur+-suurruuc~-r**Nwrro nr.Ml.

C'- '' --~- ~r------- --~ --------- ~--r~--- --.---YU-I'-~'-IY YIYIIY~UIWI~sll)

-'-- I

POL SoI 185 Page 5

6. Rise of the Middle Sectors 9 (Novr, 5-10)
& oLutionar Chane

o Middle Sectors & Middle Classes
o Students and Intellectuals
SBureaucrats & Empleados

Ia nbert, Ch. 12; .::; .
ley in PDY, pp, 1iC-08,
Gillin iAJn, pp, 6 --
99; Johnson in Dyn, --.
133;46; Needler in
-g, pp, 319-5';.

7. New Poltical Actors: Rise o 10,11 (Nov, i13-

Working Classes & Peasant Masses
The Mexican and Bolivian Revolutions
Vargas & Per6n
o The Communists

8. Rise of the DemocratIc Z021: 12 (Nov. 27-
SAttmpt., At-eLoam Deco 1)
0 The Movement of the Democratic Left
The Rise of Christian Democracy

15 (Dec,, 4-8)

, Cuba and Its Aftermath
The Alliance for Progress: Imperialism
in a New Guise?
o Rural & Urban Guerrilleros: Do They
Have a Future?

Lambert, Ch. 10;: :-
& Landdbserger in ;.n
pp. 361-75 & 576-2:;
optional Ande r. '
Cockciroft in Gad, ..

Lambert, Ch. 11; Di
Tella in .yat pp, 346-
60; Gil in yD n, pp.
199-207; Poppino in
PD., pp, 164-78; op--
tional,, Martz in -),
pp, 334-65,

Marts in D7.,, pp. 179-
98; Geraosi in fSd,
pp. 471-'95; Guevara &
Ojeda in Rgaj, pp, 607-
20 and 621-46; optional
Goff & ILocker in ad,
pp. 249-91.

10 Iiatin American Politictal
SystemsCC the Future:
Haa Doeocracy F aed?

14 (Dec. 11-15)

Lambert, Introo to Pt,
IV & Chs, 13-17,

o Constitutions & Caudillos: the Inadequacy of Latin
American Political Institutions
o Castro & Velasco: Two Models for Change?
. Allende: Marxism in a Parliamentary System?

~-- -~ --- C- -- -- IIII*~~-(ILQ-IYsrWIII~~BUIWDII~UI- rllxwlirr-

I ---- u--w~C-- -a~--~~IIIIPIIPr~~~Yi~~*~04Y~n~I* rrrr)cruar*rlcrl

~-~r~-- ~----c-- --~-L--~-rrrur~nirrr~lsr~rasuosenunu s-*r

9. Rise of the Ney Left: the
Revo1Utionary Op^i,

- --- -~I-U~-.~-------

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