Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
Series Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Creator: Chaney, Elsa M.
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Publication Date: 1970-1971
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PO~ITICAL SCIrENCE 10-4 X ; 197001-1-
Vdss Chaney


This course is designed to introduce the stient to the nitVO O.o
International vrelationl2s and to assist in devceoi ngT% a:. :-w::
for his orT her Oa.i analysis of the inovob and "'Therms threnateoninag
world peace and otdbiiity_ The approach it that ott aystcei analy-
sis which takes into ancoun.t all. those intaa:ntons-- whether at
the level Q the individual aotor, gtoupo- na2:ton Mai2 aigioal
allianaCces and. blocs, and t'he :--l-kal c: :rllt which
affect Inter~nation~al politics. in Sao!). a) setting' policy
is viewed as only one aspect (although an importani On'io) raAiS3.i ns
among nationso other politicala, as well ae&7 acuonx:Jic?, c~o 1-
tin'al and psychological 7raxr:i.zboe are taken io v" The
system approach also makes tjhe ioQ' m: :L'2ctflad2.OY!aI OfcJ :2t 112
lese a Fopecialty, and. links it to the mainst;wn:r ofx m the political
soienoe disQipline.
I. Readiagt Two b.ook& fs,,m fn the baois for tho edo;e t o othe radi2n
and coincide roughly ith the KLass :WerhangC: W H tolsti

Prenti~iLce-d-ThJ1 l.. : ': .-w.
oral e5Oflt0.rJo12S (soc pe.uettin (eOo), more will be ra ulredd
urith the professores help and aniastance,

optional. Warso Vill a 'o-c th.Z.s 0-C, ~iio.
which will choose i.ts own 0 topin. D a
1\T0v. 51 Keegan su)'i*Ia ar page! and

Some ofour memb 'ers nhase to M T1,1q; tjpy arn n,Yw Q,-
sub~xidt a i1-paige au ,.." pla ..p.: Tkon; ,' Oct. 22..

fullyV controvrc xsial of t:he: Choi:,-c ,-

ready one ueeok in w Count 2Y prce. fMl
MI. Neef~bck.to2n osTeanltonthMmMtn:-

the following Q'. M.2,Ti VY '-v uaaiv
to test,,- you ag~ain yourv ou C AyM Y
not coutm unless you make as 1a-n&et oi0

brin upa Y.h c.acnlq1n.o
..........'*. .~ .~ ,,.
.01"I'Mul?.i- e W- I- ~il;7i?
T 0 P A
in.. .....

SPOmLITICA.lt SCIIENCE J -4- -iss O.. --..s :l

.. 1c0-71

:.Inteea'iona...'.. l : .:: : o ,.-.(. ..u.,.a '
Level of A-:a2yeis Fro3loms
CThe Unitii, f A:ilyi.s: G.ho aitittl wt.-o:t:. gwcl psr ,
cl..3ses, dcisi .o s.;: F o4i'O uiTmi.'' o,: ,. 0" .;1.),,
The System.i i a ..;udy of "o-x'nA: .unal. Relations
o is IR, a S:leie:''

2 tSsters Anasjrg ,ifhe, Sou: -) ...
2,3 (Fept, 2'-Oiot 2)
o FuLations and Goals of SystemeOr
o Stability of Political Systems
problems of au-thuoxty; legit:'".' v..
o National Actors and the Internia'i.Ma:l
Political Systeimz Mle8onessoe n.d i
Difference e
The Contempoxty In er ioienai ;:a
Breakup of a Bipolar WMi'
P o I.!.'.;I.ca-"." -4,-':, (O:-- : '- 1 .,* ,i e ;,
3 t.;.tU tQ'o2... P. ..... a .. ...... -i : ... Am
4 5 (Cc* :. : .

SBasic Soy'S.,- 1& of ToMei= Poliy AV
isolaMion, non-'.0. en- a ul'anC
"Coe" Foreign Poalicy 0 oal: ;- pr'e er.'vation, o, e ,...: e T'bb.. u, :.
I.idlmerancge Objectives anj To-pkagre no un..
Values and IdeoLougies tl.e W 00o 6;
Individual. Pouliymolj-eC-s
Orientations and Situationl. i>-;.;C,:
Linitations 0. .he S..7. t:..im

AcNal, Ch, 11.
M:.; Mi ade in
" t''"h oso' i L" T O

^.pt :{ .p, p 255.,
,.os a',m, pp -"
: .Ho!3n.axon ppe

o.Iai&, Chs, u.IV V
VT; in.er in
*; CY. L J *

aJ. ? pp(. L.S-

T 0 E ,

,.. ..'', ,,, -.t-,,.. -t-, I -.i.. ,. .,

Esti: ma2.i'al. g C'p pab... ......
-Uses o .

Dt ;.:.o r )rV...T U. ... -'' '
The Classi,- ?:.ole o:: *

6 Th aSbt;a C7:

gf rw '. .

. Vow11;

V. tS

* C i

. : V-;

POLITICAL SCIENCE .181-4--Miss Chaney-Page O

7. The Instruments of 7o..-.:L rHo.lsti, Chso XI &
1)0 (Nov. 16-20 .' Cca er in
o Subversion and1 Military Interveation -o% Enain pp, 22-
Peasants, Guenrileros and 4Revolmtooii 8: K'aehn, pp 228-
Modern Weapons anai Det-errenceo

80 The Instruments of Resntrait "

S11,2 12 (jIo 23 -Dec. 4)

.Holti, Chse XIII &
';'* aj Review Masters

o International law: Does It Sanction?
o World Public Opinion: Does It Ex-zst?
SEthics and Iorality: Are -'". Relevant?

9o The Instruments of Peaea
.......13 U- (Deeo 7-11)

::o.lti., Ch. XVt
Review, Claude

o How Nations Behave inP. Conflict
o Institutionalizing Peacef ul Set-t:..-;,L:,-.:-
o The United tt1i.n's: a Force orx a Portr.?
T he World Court: a Porce or a Farce?

100 Alternative to World O:,rgmanl atiqo: the
esl~i00s 7 u~

14 (Deo,, 14-18)

Holosti, Ch. X"VI
article to be

Illra~p lplu ~ ~ I .L~l~

1, 1970-71

Fft H.4 K

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