Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
Series Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Creator: Chaney, Elsa M.
Publisher: Estate of Elsa M. Chaney
Publication Date: 1972-1973
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Chaune Sylla;ts
Office yar;.: 2:30-3:30 Mon.
& 10:30-312:30 Tues.

..l ..OmIf C O. .-.." C-

i cu ::: ; acinr o lt C he complex prob-
le ac.' Lati..: A:ric.n pol:ca:ers i4n nations committed to pro-
gram of r.api .. co.oor.l and .oc.ia chang-oo. he first part of the course
.explores the rl..ion1hio o..e. polii.s ~,d development in the re-
gi-on a 1iiol, .hil 3.e c condo prt -': ,.: ;.. five jIatin American
country i;~ ~., on contracting pat erns of public policy oi;oarxds develop-
..ent, : Chile .," M-exico, P auerto 0:.co an( C(ubao

I, .'',: a.~:: [iatho:? thaui, a formal textbook, we will read major por-
*fion, ,f the following paper back, all available at the Ford-
han a oom k C --..'.-o (Noto: none is auaailable at the University

And.erslon, Cdharlec V., Politi.cs .an;d TEconomgic 0 ein Latin
Ai Tc.... h ('. .-.... -Natio.ns (Princeton,
.JT ) V u N, .,... 8.
Bonachea., R Fola..do E, a.d N-clr.son val6ssuba in Revolution
C(G;.rdei City, I :,, nro: -.:I ;ocks 1972)
Cockcrc:t, am ,, Je .d.ro ... '.'c.'. and Dale L. Johnson,
2- ,.'.-.' .r: ".0. 9.,:,. :. .de:.',vel.onj.ntr: Llnatn IAmerica s Political
Tr,-,,..,, .'.., i T;t'y', An-,chorBoolks, 1972 Yo
or'th Americana Con'a, n Lat America t ewChile (New York:
TACJA, 1972)
Wagenhe2inm. Kal, .. .-. .o; .. Profile- (gNewr York: Praeger,
S ", ...... .... 'i: .. ._i)- a 'Z i _ned. .:-: ,-a time to time;
copies on z'.c.o: c. li3.b:;',:u:y.
II, Your Ct.ss ColntribiC ;. ~.: Eao'. atuiwdet will specialize in one of
the selected cou ntrie s (or' by special? arrangement, another
Latin American coun_,i:y or C 'i._')t n (nation), doing extra read-
ing and devising a "De'voollr:.~.b Plan" for his or her country.
This project will be p.lac:..in: in re-ate detail in class.
Prolqi. .......Z "r+ +". M 1
III, Feedback to the T;rof,'ssure Thore will be a midterm examination
on. Friday, Iarc'L i :..aL eorciso is designed to let you lmow
how you're doing. anp.c as a tcct of yourself against your own
expectations; thLereforo, the -rade ill country only if you make
a 0-plus or better and n..d ;.'he "'credit" to pull up your final
grade, There will be a final exam;i a study-guide .rwi be
provided to help yoLu ocus your study on the important issues,
IV. Outline of the Course
1. Cuba: A 0Cse Histori 1,.2 ((aiin 24- Bonachea & Vald6s, Ptsc
Development Peb, 2) I and IV, week 1; Pts.
II and III, week 2.

POLITICAL S.CIE, 128 ra-;e 2.


Read t-he 'l:,;o: at.a.. .l1-. i::; o .;... ...i- .i< o...

- What ws "he --all .a..y of Cuba
th .. ..60 .? Le h an vLir, ... lol-Ld::.: .; .; .ms ;.: :::, __ ..!
.. ...a ,.. ,..... 1-' 7,
the d lO.l;':. i -,.er e. thr;. I, '" :
,- What do you ;jl-.,irn. TCr (.ui.,a,.l,.i;,; 0i, c. ... ..'i
develomic:ut :ffr :I, in the i 'i. .0 ? :,-; .r-,e te ma or
failed','. ;
- What wi.ould be youw edefini.on. of d .o,.ent?

2a The PIoCP It:ir A onior

The political aod 2Econo:
,- The Role of the Stae i.
The Hisparnio legacy
The 'ifluence of the ..-

a: -Per), 5:*- )

,i. Sy- rj,:
;:', JLatin An*
':;o n

5 L3 SIia JStin:. .a';^;; 7 ?K. ;.1 T

,- The Colonial i or .; '
*- The H.ineteoth o .. ." :. .
The 'i ..ant. the. .. : i
ilti-^t Aeioal .rro.la
Theo r. of D)on :r.. -e :?.7 A
4, The a -Oae cf tLhe Sta e -r,
swvase op mon2 ; ..&.anrn o.. s~weamasse was
ti o

lad,:'*:..';. Preface &
-hI, I, pp. 1-27,

27-4- ; Pronk (*iwo
-articles) i.n r0ocko:cr)i,
pp. 3"-4-5 ; Jolambon ji
;Oockrcoft, pp a "/1.l:!.,.

:s tilvye Explana-bion

A2.derson, C.h, 2, pp..
417*-6 7; Conr.keft n-f: in

- The lHelra.ig oY. De'Tv:j.c3T.hi ,okroft., p-
- A n odel o: DI-velancpin 'u the c:.Ir. '
tion of T:rac-di-;:onLd to :dr i.o';-,
- Response to thm Chllen of :-."t: Enono rn ".
and Soc2..-ial Cha:..,-' '1';
- Ev+ solution. or R, evyolu'vioxv',+ ....l j '- : ",-1no ("y +

V~ 12.2c..~ ~-3

V ; ::V rr.. 2')

Midte ,_r, oza.inE.at .ion o:. rida'.--. .,r.

p r'
.1~ ?I.3'.

The "Prudence Iode:'l" and s :.;3.Gr;;i
Political Pover Co:nten.lorv & Re.o,-oc
The Role of the -Mi.it-.ary
The Contributiorn c, the ": .'e c:--
,- Uork'ers & Pcasant- as Po-r jonr :i,',
Violence & :Int~bili:.y i, .'n :K :.' ~ :.:

7. b!1 -, e (Apr, ..-.6

Co .enti:.on-!,l. A.:rTo-R .c7,:: ,

I-;..: (

6. The Polijt-icl. Pro ce : i
Latin Aro _a4 Two Hodo

in. Coc :co::'

.,'i:. r on, G-hs,. 5 ,:
6, pp,. 19-200.


TOPIC l :iTS) ASS: ...'

The Dncmcc:ratic Laft-; Clhif.tian .:Ci cc : cy
evolutionary 2.;r:iic:tO P : l )t;

8. Ohile: Soci.~lit LE.- "
=me j.a DjoQtic Poll.-J
gtica' 3,_Sys

t.i { ~

!Hto C,,Q p.hilC Jr2 c.1-
in kook'krof',, ppj, 165-

Additional 'aterial or. 1ido 1 the o'h3r couttrieo
chosen for detailed analiyziz xr'l b on reserve

9. Peru: :Socipa .st 3l -. -- : 12 (Ar. 16-1Q9)
ra! asa.o.o 7, MrUTr)o u r .:..

10.o lexico: C, pt Lta4i ; -r .,. -.-

t1 'Porto RiO: i' ",.

Democratic SSt.. t E V

12. Cuba: Socialir',. in :_4,a
v mm"ir ,a "i "--,u,,, ,b t- % "-- *- t --.' ".--j *j-tIf.'-'.


'." I,.

iMat;erial(r on reserve

Cookeroft, Ance.ervon &
Cocrczroft. Zad. 2nd
Coakoroft tcle in
Coukcroft,, p;p, 47-70
219-44 rani 245-57.

":2; t..ao:1u2 book0

" Review e el, c i.ons f3or
IJoelck 1 and 2.

.1, .... E

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