Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
Series Title: Chaney course syllabi and related materials
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Creator: Chaney, Elsa M.
Publisher: Estate of Elsa M. Chaney
Publication Date: 1973-1974
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.1 ; 20 nn

d. l.e e .: ., > : ;;o ., on ;on o i h leading

is su(o f.sing C le n itox a d o uni y .o7 he
t.al ~ex ain.. af t o of ext :, ;. r.a. ....;i,' '.-..5 .."'r .... o' te ., t~ air 8-
la thea .i re^ pe,::iod a. .o:n. ..... ''', :o',:ihop on .:ou 'to research and
Mr: ite Fi. er -y.. *

ASS S: ;' I; -

~ el .-. The oox,1se Li- .ii i d legionon of paperbak.I

IJon Is Qailbln at th ..v"t-'otora

YRuling lte t o ut 0' ttheo
l',aaver.r "1:'..i dgo E, So' 10 : t, f... . Y kT; Doe.,l Books, 1968 ,, :
Dahls Robert A.- od ,rE-l.al t.Y g'. 2nad ed- (angle vood
C li f .a I: ,., : 'J : ...- ; ',. ..
Doahoff, William, Iho Ruca .:1";' .k.. u. alol Cliffs ,J,
Prentice-nE allt, 17 *-..
Panon, Fran'z T A,'feAU_ .'e'te. '.a" ;art..h ,u YoArk Grovoe Pr~ss,
1968 ) ,,
Watts, illiam and L. "A ........'.. on .cuf. York
Universe Books, 19'.,', .
1Xo Class Contributiols
s-'FIT -sr.ifli. in tn iase a=ss ha v ing a chance
to gain extra arefit aor .:. presJn'ato' an.d to do an 81.-10
page paper related > t.-he -'p.i., i'o ay O'.-,*. he p, o.pcir back
after a C'-..itCique In o;:.'i7 t.,1 *fo ~.. -'. ... e you;, ,"^.'Cd.o,
I%-o I ouse Outli ivE


P ART Io sI..A. ... jT 7AI 13-.lIEA.

1. Sept;, 1 3 Introduction to; -Ihl Gu'orse
Begin Peadin, Dern for dsia;:ssion next week; ",S..ta...
power, game" and di .:a 1.,,s ior: ,',L Monday'; aiA.le,... ,, of
topless fora" su ..:Li.. ,. ,a i,: it U.k 6) .

2, Sgpto 17-
21 Is hE.re. C-: ': ,.... i .J the U,,S3 he E lite

Doho ,. an & 2 for hurso,

POLI'JICAL 301,.0., 10.LO : -. .

3,, Septz 21.--28 6 -g ato ower a.. Influence (fhe Pluralist

DohoffI h ; & 6 'oni Dhjl.- Chs 3 & "Power,
S.1, ,no an.d A.hiit'' and "' o .if ical Mn" Start
YII~ LI-I-II Lll ~-IIYU~U I:II~I~IY -LlT~_rrml _iL1. LII- IIY~. -rY --,)n lee",I~- T-~-IrWI;~lU-4~ L1Y

4: Octo 1--$

^s3.1p h Fs.r ?: "on. Ue do,7 "Soul on Icoe"
tius `.ia (o b ;..:.;.!..) V "The Aw.k.kceninfg of
the IndiiK,

51 Oct, 9-12

SoJiel g he Younr' Oldt arid. %omen
iUd- & Th ra -, rafatts : XL G. XIII othor readings
1o be assigredo

6, Oof 15-19

OrF.arzisinQ for Po-,Lic .-" Action
M.1ass choice of topina to be ,overedg the urban poor.
people of Appr .acia prisoner., students, the environ-
menft, Chi.anoosn '.nda;, :dns~,e elderly etc..

HTo readin.-: tssail;;nts (s l.-uerk O-ein peoriod)o
P ;ofessor i s.ril use Io:. :ed.: to givr you an over-
viewr of the different approaches t hothe study of
politics, there ao-y .'fic fields, especially hiw.ghliGhting
what is offered at Plordlhme There will be a" six-weehk
exarn on T'h ars ,. O-.-t;. 2-:",

8,, Oct, 29.--.ov. 2 An AlteYnatlve 'io the Riuli.n, Elite Iiodel,,(the
Buftaueatieo Hlodol, the Cla.sa IIodel
Dahl reprint. "A Critique o'f Other
e~pina.ations of how men govern t!hinselves and
how ptwuer is sha3rd-

Each student will research and urito an 5010 page
paper on "'h.e'Governai-ng Classda;: Myth or Reality?"
using at least 10 outside :e'ferencoa, ard approach-
ing the topic from the point of vieu of one group
the poor Black:s, Spanish-speG'!;inr, business oliite,
eteeo The two wteekal will be run as a. workshop, with
sessions in the libreuiy loean.ingr h.o to use ~ ard
oatalogj, standard r efoerene guidLes, and including
instructions oni fosrm,; footno in., bibliography,. oteo
PAPERS A.R:J DUTE Novo 2l You Can raesubit your paper
after it is 'aritiquod. to make a h.ioz gtdec

'I-IOUR-D~.irr~WIWr.s~i-Zn-LIWU-L~WL (~Ulllll(~nlPIIIIW-L1U-UU~L1~~L~ I- -- __


"rp-Nr~Yllr~LXhYri~PIU-OULIIII~~~ ~blly. L.-~-

ull-~r~ l-~I~LILUUn ~-UI~ISU*DVIL-bIY--Q-~YY-Lll~i~~

... o ..t Gr.oup P :i .... and Pow less I Plurali
T s -,,-'; '" An -

7., cct, 2 -*6

9, 10o ::ov. 5

POLITICAL S01 22;'. 10.2 O Pag 3

ART ":Y IT: TIF7 k9 r

11, ,Nov, 26-'Doc. 1 :c ad Sir Aiarities In Political Systoms
Dahlg Chs 4n(. a5

129 Doo, 3. The united SAtc a World Power
Watts /. lirceo, Chn., IX and X, other assigned material

13, Deco 10-lO1l Th.e fih C: Poor n the 'J.or.d rerna
tts i .iee, Ch, XI' Cal.'- Gh 6,

1t, Doe 17-19 Roaction i Revolutio n the Thirnd Worl
Fanon; closing discussions and review

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