Title: Publications of the Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of the West Indies
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Title: Publications of the Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of the West Indies
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Publication Date: 1982
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The Institute's broad objective is to help to build a climate of research which can
provide the bases for scholarly excellence. There has been an obvious trend toward con-
centration on development problems in general and Caribbean Studies in particular. In
this respect the Institute's aim is to act as a catalyst not only for understanding the
Caribbean environment but also for providing the concepts, models and theories against
which the performance of Caribbean societies and economies may be assessed.

The Institute's publication division processes approximately 150 articles and 20
monographs and working papers per year. Its policy is determined by an Editorial Commit-
tee of which the Director is the Chairman and the Publication's Editor is responsible for
the day to day administration. The oldest of the Institute's publications is the quar-
terly journal, Social and Economic Studies, which began in 1953.

ISER has three branches at the'Mona Campus, Jamaica; the Cave Hill Campus,
Barbados; and the St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago. Each branch has an indepen-
dent publishing program.

Following is a list of titles published by ISER during the past ten years, arranged
by subject area.


George L. Beckford, Persistent Poverty: Underdevelopment in Plantation Economies of the
Third World. 1972, 303 pp. $12.50.

George L. Beckford, et al., Caribbean Economy. 1975, 181 pp. $9.00.

Compton Bourne, Inflation in the Caribbean. 1977, 166 pp. $8.50.

William G. Demas, Essays on Caribbean Integration and Development. 1976, 159 pp. $8.00.

John Gafar & W. Joefield-Napier, Trends and Patterns of Commonwealth Caribbean Trade
1954-1970. 1978, 179 pp. $15.00.

Norman Girvan and Owen Jefferson, Readings in Caribbean Political Economy. 1971, 287 pp.

Owen Jefferson, The Post-War Economic Development of Jamaica. 1972, 302 pp. $12.50.

Jay R. Mandle, The Plantation Economy Population and Economic Change in Guyana 1838 -
1960. 1973, 170 pp. $8.50.

A. Wendell A. McClean, Money and Banking in the East Caribbean Currency Area. 1975, 84
pp., $4.50.

Maurice Odle, The Evolution of Public Expenditure in a Structurally Dependent Economy.
1976, 271 pp. $12.00.

Maurice Oddle, Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries in the Caribbean. 1972, 212 pp. $10.00.

R. L. Williams, Industrial Development of Dominica. 1971, 100 pp. $5.00.

R. L. Williams, The Coffee Industry of Jamaica. 1975, 82 pp. $4.00.


Lloyd Braithwaite, Social Stratification in Trinidad. 1975, 170 pp. $8.50.

Joycelin Byrne, Levels of Fertility in the Commonwealth Caribbean, 1921-1965. 1972, 84
pp. $4.50.

Sara Graham and Derek Gordon, The Stratification System and Occupational Mobility in
Guyana. 1977, 161 pp. $8.00.

Jack Harewood, Female Fertility and Family Planning in Trinidad & Tobago. 1978, 377 pp.

Dawn I. Marshall, The Haitian Problem-Illegal Migration to the Bahamas. 1979, 239 pp.

G. W. Roberts, Fertility and Mating in Four West Indian Populations. 1975, 341 pp. $13.80.

Joy M. Simpson, Internal Migration in Trinidad and Tobago. 1973, 63 pp. $3.00.

R. D. Thomas, Adjustment of Displaced Workers in a Labour Surplus Economy: A Case Study
of Trinidad and Tobago. 1972, 118 pp. $6.00.


J. E. Greene, Race vs. Politics in Guyana: Racial Cleavages and Political Mobilization
in the 1968 General Elections. 1974, 198 pp. $10.00.

Mirlande Hippolyte-Manigat, Haiti and the Caribbean Community Profile of an Applicant
and the Problematique of Widening the Integration Movement. 1980, 256 PP. $22.00.

Vaughan A. Lewis (ed.), Size, Self-Determination and International Relations: The
Caribbean. 1976, 358 pp. $13.50.

Selwyn Ryan, Race and Nationalism in Trinidad and Tobago: A Study of Decolonization in a
Multiracial Society. 1972, 509 pp. $25.50.

Carl Stone, Electoral Behavior and Public Opinion in Jamaica. 1974, 107 pp. $5.00.

Carl Stone, Class, Race and Political Behavior in Urban Jamaica. 1973, 188 pp. $9.50.


Nigel Bolland and Assad Shoman, Land in Belize 1765-1871: The Origins of Land Tenure,
Use and Distribution in a Dependent Economy. 1977, 142 pp. $7.00.

SErna Brodber, Abandonment of Children in Jamaica. 1974, 104 pp. $5.00.

Walter J. Gershenfeld, Compulsory Arbitration in Jamaica 1952-1969. 1974, 187 pp. $9.50.

Chucks Okpaluba, Statutory Regulations of Collective Bargaining. 1975, 183 pp. $9.00.

Keith Patchett & Valerie Jenkins, A Bibliographical Guide to Law in the Commonwealth
Caribbean. 1973, 80 pp. $4.00.


Davison Budhoo, The Integrated Theory of Development Assistance: An Initial Statement.
1973, 79 pp. $4.00.

Norman Girvan, Copper in Chile: A Study of Conflict Between Corporate & National Economy.
1972, 86 pp. $4.50.

Richard Hart, Slaves Who Abolished Slavery Vol. 1 Blacks in Bondage. 1980, 248 pp.


Richard Hart, Slaves Who Abolished Slavery Vol. 2.

Fuat Andic and Simon Jones-Hendrickson, Readings in Caribbean Public Administration.

Ramesh Ramseran, The Monetary and Financial System of the Bahamas.

George Wadinambiaratchi, Caribbean Causes in Small Business (With Teacher's Guide).

W. Josfield-Napier, The Demand for Imports: The Case of Barbados 1954-1970.

Edward Karmau Brathwaite, White Power in Jamaica: Control of a Slave Plantation Society.

Rupert Lewis and Maureen Warner Lewis, Garveyism: International Perspectives.

Dennis M. Benn, The Growth & Development of Political Ideas in the Caribbean 1774-1977.

John LaGuerre, The Colonial Intelligentsia' Casely-Hayford, George Padmore, and C. L. R.


Beverly Watson, Supplementary Notes on Foreign Investment in the Commonwealth Caribbean.
1974, 92 pp. $4.00.

Ridwan Ali, Land Settlement Planning in Trinidad and Tobago: A Case Study of the Dairy
and Pig Project. 1974, 178 pp. $4.00.

J. M. Mayers, The Nutmeg Industry of Grenada. 1974, 50 pp. $4.00.

Susan Craig, Community Development in Trinidad and Tobago: 1943-1973: From Welfare to
Patronage. 1974, 138 pp. $4.00.

F. E. Nunes and Gordon Draper, Notes on Organization and Change in the Caribbean. 1974,
91 pp. $4.00.

Louis Lindsay, The Myth of Independence Middle Class Politics and Non-Mobilization in
Jamaica. 1975, 71 pp. $4.00.

Norman Girvan, Aspects of the Political Economy of Race in the Caribbean and the Americas.
1975, 33 pp. $3.00.

Frank Taylor, Jamaica the Welcoming Society: Myths and Reality. 1975, 48 pp. $4.00.

Erna Brodber, A Study of Yards in the City of Kingston. 1975, 87 pp. $4.00.

Wilfred L. David, Planning for National Development. 1976, 68 pp. $4.00

Carl D. Parris, Capital or Labour? The Decision to Introduce the Industrial Stabiliza-
tion Act in Trinidad and Tobago.March. 1976, 64 pp. $4.00.

David J. Dodd and Michael Parris, Socio-Cultural Aspects of Crime and Delinquency in
Georgetown Guyana. 1976, 57 pp. $4.00.

SAnn Norton, Shanties and Skyscrapers: Growth and Structure of Modern Kingston. 1978,
108 pp. $4.00.

Trevor Munroe, The Marxist Left in Jamaica 1940-1950. 1977, 76 pp. $4.00.

Charles McLure, Jr., The Incidence of Jamaican Taxas 1971-1972. 1977, 103 pp. $4.00.

Ralph Gonsalves, Controls on the Civil Service and Statutory Bodies in the Commonwealth
Caribbean. 1978, 67 pp. $4.00.

Fritz A. Baptiste, The United States and West Indian Unrest. 1978, 60 pp. $4.00.

Dorian Powell, Linda Hewitt and Prudence Wooming, Contraceptive Use in Jamaica. 1978, 98
pp. $4.00.

Stanley Reid, Strategy of Resource Bargaining. 1978, 111 pp. $4.00.

George I. Brizan, The Grenadian Peasantry and Social Revolution 1930-1951. 1979 52 pp.

Sylvan I. Alleyne and Suzette L. Benn, Data Collection and Presentation in Social Surveys
(Special Reference to the Caribbean). 1979, 82 pp. $4.50.

F. E. Nunes, Social and Economic Studies Author Index 1951-1976. 1979, 98 pp. $4.50

M. A. Odle, Multinational Insurance Companies and Dependency Operations (The Trinidad
Experience). 1979, 81 pp. $4.80.

Omawale, Meat Myth and Caribbean Food Planning. 1979, 29 pp. $3.00.

Fred Nunes, Plantation to Co-operative: 'Managerial Issues in the Castle Bruce Transi-
tion. 1981, 110 pp. $4.50.

Gloria Cumper, Planning and Implementing the Family Court Project Jamaica. 1981 75 pp.

Don Robotham,'The Notorius Riot': The Socio-Economic and Political Basis of Paul Bogle's
Revolt. 1981, 95 pp. $4.50.


Selwyn Ryan, Eddie Greene, Jack Harewood, The Confused Electorate. 1979, 190 pp. U.S.

Jack Harewood, Female Fertility and Family Planning in Trinidad and Tobago. 1978, 377 pp.
U.S. $15.00.

Norma Abdulah, Fertility and Family Planning Among Men in Trinidad and Tobago (Report
on the Family Planning Survey Males). 1975, 165 pp. U.S. $10.00.

Jack Harewood and Norma Abdulah, Family Planning in Trinidad and Tobago in 1970 (Prelimi-
nary Report on the Family Planning Survey Females). 1971, 116 pp. U.S. $5.00.

Norma Abdulah, Joyce Cole, Carol Sigurdsson, Jack Harewood, The Social Impact of Tourism
on Tobago (Report to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago)., 1974, 150 pp. U.S. $12.50.

Patrick A. M. Emmanuel, Crown Colony Politics in Grenada 1917-1951, 1978, 198 pp. U.S.

Patrick A. M. Emmanuel (ed), Barbados 1976 General Elections Public Opinion Survey. 1978,
107 pp. U.S. $5.00.

Patrick A. M. Emmanuel, General Elections in the Eastern Caribbean: A Handbook. 1979,
194 pp., U.S. $12.00.

Joycelyn Massiah, Women in the Caribbean: An Annotated Bibliography. 1979, 133 pp. U.S.

Lawrence Nurse, Public Policy and Industrial Relations in the English-Speaking Caribbean:
The Challenge of Regionalism. 62 pp. U.S. $8.00.

C. Barrow & J. E. Greene, Small Business in Barbados: A Case of Survival. 1979, 125 pp.
U.S. $10.00

Neville C. Duncan, St. Vincentian Elections 1974. 1975, 43 pp. U.S. $1.50

ISER-TRINIDAD also publishes two series of Occasional Papers, the Human Resources Series
and the General Series.



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