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* Opening
dedication of
Wall From the Direclors Desk

Academic Year
2007-08 Gender On September celebration of achievements surrounded by the engraved
Conversation 6, 2007, at our of women, and the generosity names that appeal there, it
series begins 2007-08 of benefactors to the center reads "In search of my
Academic Year Opening mother's garden, I found my
SReddick Lecture Reception Celebration, the own Similarly, the south
fills Ustler Hall Yardley Garden Wall was wall reads "She is involved in
Atriumunveiled' After our work her soul must have

Spring in Paris: customary announcements Dr. Shela Dickison. who
Studyabroad and awards presentations. recently accepted the
programs feature those in attendance position of Associate Dean
feministthemes proceeded outside for the for Academic Affairs in the
unveiling of the garden wall College of Arts and Sciences.
December 9th As the pictures inside this Madelyn Lockhart stands with was present and was invited
Book Sale newsletter show. the rains Lockhart award recipient to peel back the tape that
Planned stLyed away giving us a Lck a ar unveiled her name engraved

Ruth Behar beautiful day to celebrate the Lin Cassidy on the wall Over the years
lecture Jan. 29th long anticipated completion (right) announces the Dr Dickison has supported
of the wall surrounding the committee's decision. many of the center's efforts
Yardley Garden in front of and we were thrilled to have

INSIDE THIS Ustler Hall. our new home Two inspirational quotes her participate in the
The reception focused on the from Alice Walker. African unveiling of her own name in
ISSUE: unveiling of the first names to American novelist and celebration of her long-time
Reddick, 2 grace the granite wall in feminist writer, appear on support
Aguiar lectures each wall On the north wall.

Sd Ar 3 Opening Heteplion Fealures
Conversations Dedication oi the ardIlev Garden Will

Faculty News 4
E'r Locltht (o help me peel ~-Locoe -e.an from 198.1 o
Affiliate News 5 ..e -urpr-ed Er I Idel,n b-cl' the n-me O1 th," next I'.5 -and -" ,tant en ,from
Lockh rt ..h ..3 lo present per-on ..honi -he lne.. ..ell nd I.9.E [ l ,nd I [ lo I9 1
Behar Talk, 6 CE' Lockhart did no leno.-. her .a3. mc, appropri-e forI,, her o he h- .ded :Euden(" and
BookSale nnme ..," included ,n n (he un.el ,Ou C n,3,ne f.CulI, ,n mf n, ..3, ,ncludn2

Water, n7 n gr-a .,n Her children -,long .he .,3 .e. E urpr.end nd rul, (he niplemenuion of 3
Gender, Equity ',,h -nome of her fri,,end .,ho honored to h-a .e her n-nme fello..'hp pro2rm tO 3

..ere -..-rie of her deep
cornrnitment [E [he cene"r ind
to the uni.er':i, contributed to
h-. .in2 her ni-me included -fter
lome *eCrEt planning [o -eE the
scene for the surprise, I invited

fore.er eEched for po:Eert(, in
"uCh -3 1 .el, "ettin.2 Cr I ldel ,n
Loclkh-rt no.. reed er.ed 3:
DeaEn of the -.3jdu3Ee School c nd
C'en of InternLon-l Ctudie: nd
Programs from 1985 to 1993,

r(udEnur ..oki'n-2 on (he,,

-1 IncE Ehe of f-~ ,Ic ul E,

Continued on Page 2


- ------------------------ -

PAGE 2 /

Opening Reception (continued)

The unveiling ceremony was
truly a wonderful event along
with the reception that
followed. I look forward to
next year's opening reception
where we will unveil
photographs of a number of
women athletes who played on
UF sports teams. Rather
appropriately, these
photographs will grace one
end of what was once a
basketball court inside the
Women's Gymnasium that is
now Ustler Hall.

The center is grateful to
Joanna Neville, one of
our former graduates,
and Lynda Tealer,
Executive Associate
Athletic Director of
Women's Sports at UF,
for making the
photograph display
possible. With the help
and support of the larger
UF community, we
continue in our efforts to
enhance our presence
and our programs.

A large crowd gathers in front of
Ustler Hall to witness the
unveiling of the
Yardley Garden Wall.

Dr. Rhoda Reddock visits U.F.

Professor Rhoda Reddock
of the Centre for Gender
and Development Studies at
the University of the West
Indies, came to the
University of Florida
Campus, specifically to
Ustler Hall on September
thirteenth, to present her
research in a presentation
titled, "Diversity, Difference
and the Caribbean Women's

Movement: The Challenge of

The lecture, sponsored by the
African American Studies
Program and the Center for
Women's Studies and Gender
Research, and the Center for
Latin American Studies was
very well attended by students,
faculty, and members of the
general public who came to

hear the award winning author
talk about the intersection of
race, class and gender
primarily in English-speaking
Caribbean nations.

Dr. Reddock is a founding
member of CAFRA (Caribbean
Assn for Feminist Research
and Action).

Dr. Neuma Aguiar comes to CWSGR

Neuma Aguiar, the Director of
the Center for Quantitative
Research in Sociology and the
Quantitative Methodology
Program in the Social Sciences
at the Federal University of
Minas Gerais, Brazil, spoke to
attendees of her October 24th
lecture on the topic of
"Comparative Perspectives on the
Women's Movements of Latin
America, Asia, and Africa at the
End of the 20th Century."

Aguiar, the author of
Desigualdades Sociais, Redes de
Sociabilidade e Participadao
Political (Social Inequalities,
Social Networks and Political
Participation), is an expert on
gender and society with
emphasis on gender and
stratification, time use
research, and women's
movements in developing
countries. The lecture was
sponsored by the CWSGR, the

Center for Latin American
Studies, and the CWSGR Vada
Allen Yeoman's Endowment.

She was recently awarded the
Florestan Fernandes Prize, by
the Brazilian Society of
Sociology, for her life-time
contributions to the field of



Study Abroad: Spring in Paris

Women's International Activism in Paris: Challenges and Empowerment

An Appetite for Paris: Asian/American Diaspora and the Politics of Consumption

Imagine traveling to the site of the
first International Women's Rights
Congress in 1878 to explore
women's international activism or
Asian/American Diaspora.

Now, thanks to the Study Abroad
Program, and the Paris Research
Center, this dream can become a
reality. Women's International

Activism in Paris is a course led by
Professor Agnes Leslie of the
Center for African American
Studies. This one-week activity-rich
course in Paris, France will focus on
women in international
organizations based in Paris,
examine women's struggles and
successes, and investigate how
women overcome these challenges.

An Appetite for Paris is
course led by Dr. Anita
Anantharam, also set in the
City of Lights. It will examine France's
relationship to former colonies in South and
Southeast Asia and the complex ways in which
multiculturalism is expressed in the French social

For more information on this opportunity, please
visit our website at www.wst.ufl.edu.

Gender Conversations Continue

Robert Kawashima, of U.F.'s De-
partment of Religion and the Cen-
ter for Jewish Studies, kicked off
the fall Gender Conversation Se-
ries, on September 19th with an
open research discussion on the
"Legal Status of Women in Biblical

The series, which is open to every-
one, is sponsored by the Center for
Women's Studies and Gender Re-
search. Coordinated by faculty
member Dr. Stephanie Evans, the
discussions are held monthly during
the lunch hour in the third floor
library in Ustler Hall.

Affiliate faulty member Whitney
Sanford of the Department of Relig-
ion, spoke to a group of over
twenty five attendees in October
on the topic of "Gender, Bodies and
Environmental Ethics."

In November, Sara Crawley of
USF's Women's Studies Program
and Shelbi Day, Staff Attorney for
the National Center for Lesbian

Rights, addressed a large audience
that filled the third floor library in
Ustler Hall. Crawley, author of
Gendering Bodies, (written with Lara
Foley and Connie Sheehan), dis-
cussed how society encourages
participation in heterosexual gen-
der conformity. Day discussed
major political issues relating to
gender and sexuality.

On November 30th, at noon, the
conversations continued with a
panel discussion featuring graduate
students Amy Long,
Sanam Dolatshahi, and
Mallory Syzmanski.

The Spring Gender Conversation
Series begins on January 28th and
the schedule is printed here. All
information about the Gender
Conversation Series can be found
on our website at www.wst.ufl.edu.
You can also call the center at 352-
392-3365. You are encouraged to
bring a friend and a brown bag

January 28
Faye Harrison, Director of African American Studies
My Central Questions about Paradigm-Shifts at the Crossroads of
Anthropological, Feminist, Minoritized, and Diasporic Knowledges
11:30-12:45 pm

February 18
Carmen Diana Deere, Director of Latin American Studies
My Central Questions about Women and Wealth I 1:30-12:45 pm

March 5
Sandra Russo, Director Development Program,& the Interdis-
ciplinary Water Working Group
Our Central Questions about... Using Research Knowledge for
Gender and Social Equity in Water Projects. I 1:45-1:00 pm

April 7
LaMonda Horton-Stallings, Department of English
My Central Questions about... Black Women Creating Erotica
I 1:45-1:00 pm

Friday, April 25,
First Year Graduate Student Panel
Kathryn Turner, Desirae Krell, Tanya Faublas, Tatiana Falcon,
Michelle Phillips, Lola Bovell
12 noon -1:30 pm

--------------------------------- .s


CWSGR Faculty News

In addition to being awarded a
University of Florida Research
Professorship, Milagros Pefia
published: "Balancing School
with the Call to Community
Service: Hispanic Master's
Students in U.S. Theological
Schools," Milagros Peha, Edwin I.
Hernindez, Caroline Sotelo
Viernes Turner, and Danielle
Dirks. Journal of Hispanic
Higher Education, July (2007)
Vol. 6 No. 3: 284-296.

Dr. Pefia presented the
following research paper:
"Hispanic Churches in Social
Ministries: Challenges in Feeding
the Body in Contested Social
Spaces," presented at the
American Sociological
Association Conference, New
York City, NY, August I I -14,

Florence E Babb was a special
guest editor of a series on
"Engendering Anthropology,"
which appeared in five issues of
Anthropology News this spring
and fall. She authored a final
piece on "The Future of Feminist
Anthropology / The Feminist
Future of Anthropology" in the
November issue. Her term as
President of the Association for
Feminist Anthropology
concludes in December.

In September, Dr Babb
presented a guest lecture on
"Feminismo, Identidad, Diaspora
Un comentario sobre las
practices transnacionales" for
the art exhibition Cara a Cara /
Face to Face: Dialogos y
Confrontaciones Fronterzas,
Narraciones de G6nero, Raza,
Inmigraci6n y Diasporas, at the
Centro Cultural Espahol in
Miami. She is also presenting

papers this fall at the Latin
American Studies Association
conference in Montreal and the
American Anthropological
Association conference in
Washington DC.

Stephanie Evans gave three
presentations including a panel
discussion at the ABWH
conference titled "Intersections,
Interdisciplinarity, and Black
Women in the Ivory Tower" held
in Charlotte, North Carolina on
October 2-6, "Balancing Academic
Substance with Polished
Presentation, or The Finer Points
of Shameless Self-Promotion."
SREB Compact for Faculty
Diversity. Institute on Teaching
and Mentoring held in Arlington,
Virginia on October 27, and
"Historical Sisters of the
Academy: Using History as a
Research and Publishing Tool" at a
panel presentation and mentoring
workshops at the Sisters of the
Academy Boot Camp at Auburn
University, on August 9-1 2.

Dr. Evans' recent journal articles
include "Women of Color in
American Higher Education" in
Thought & Action, and "Mary
McLeod Bethune's Research
Agenda: Thought Translated to
Work, in African American
Research Perspectives

Tace Hedrick organized a
session titled "Blackness and
Comparative Racial Politics in U.S.
Afro-Latina/o, African American,
and Latin American Writing and
Culture" for the Latin American
Studies Association (LASA) in
Montreal, Canada on September
7, 2007.

Dr. Hedrick also delivered the
Keynote Address, "Crossing the

Bridge Between U.S. Latina/o and
Latin American Studies," for the
University of Florida Third Hispanic
Graduate Colloquium "El Arte de
Convivir," on October 13th. She
gave an invited talk titled "Gloria
Anzald6a and Gabriela Mistral,
Queering the Cosmic Race" for
English, Latin American Studies, and
Women's Studies at Emory
University in Atlanta, Georgia on
November I5th.

Interim Associate Provost for
Academic Affairs and former
CWSGR Director Angel Kwolek-
Folland had two articles recently
published. One, with Margaret
Walsh, co-editors of special issue of
Business History Review on
"Gender and the Service Industries
in Business History: Some
International Comparisons," and
"Gender and the Service Sector in
United States Business History,"
Business History Review vol. 81,
no. 3 (Autumn 2007).

Dr. Kwolek-Folland also
presented a paper (with Prof. Terry
Dworkin, Indiana University) titled,
"Gender Equity in the Stem
Disciplines in the U.S.," at the Fifth
Conference on Gender Equity in
Higher Education Berlin, Germany,
August 2007.

While traveling in Vietnam, Trysh
Travis visited the American
Studies Programs at both the Hanoi
and the Ho Chi Minh City
campuses of Vietnam National
University. In Ho Chi Minh City,
she met with to Professor Thien
Thi Phuong Ngo's Advanced
Seminar in American Studies to
discuss their current research
projects, which included American
attitudes towards a female
president, the distribution of
household labor within two-career
families, and the images of women
in popular American Television.




Affiliate Faculty News

Nora M. Alter recently published her essay, "The Legs of Marlene Dietrich," Dietrich Icon. G. Gemuenden and M. Desjardins. (Durham: Duke University Press, 2007). In
her capacity as Vice-president/ president elect she attended the annual Women in German Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Sylvie Blum (RLL/French) presented "Cooking with Julia (Child) or an American in Paris" at the Women in French session: "Le boire et le manger. L'art de vivre a la
franqaise chez les ecrivain/e/s et cin6astes." Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association annual conference, Western Washington University, Bellingham, November
2007. She presented "Going Home or Geographic Crossing in Contemporary French Cinema," Society for Cinema and Media Studies annual meeting, Chicago, in March.
Diana Boxer, U.F. Professor of Linguistics, presented an invited talk entitled, "Humorous self disclosures as resistance to socially imposed gender roles" at the International
Pragmatics Association Conference this past July in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was part of a panel on Humorous self disclosures: Gender, age, and culture.
At the annual meeting of the Modernist Studies Association in November (Long Beach, CA), Marsha Bryant co-moderated a peer seminar on "Modernisms in the 1950s,"
and was a panelist in an Open Forum on Teaching Innovations. Recent publications include "Egypto-modernism: James Henry Breasted, H.D., and the New Past," co-
authored with Mary Ann Eaverly, Modernism/modernity 14.3 (September 2007): 435-53. "Ariel's Kitchen: Plath, Ladies' Home Journal, and the Domestic Surreal," in The
Unraveling Archive: Essays on Sylvia Plath, ed. Anita Helle, U. of Michigan Press, 2007. 211-35. "Brooks, Ebony, and Postwar Race Relations," American Literature 79.1 (March
2007): 113-141.
Carmen Diana Deere of Latin American Studies/FRE published "Married Women's Property Rights in Mexico: A Comparative Latin American Perspective and Research
Agenda," in Helga Baitenmann, Victoria Chenaut, Ann Varley, eds., Decoding Gender: Law and Practice in Contemporary Mexico (NJ: Rutgers Univ. Press, 2007), pp. 213-230.
Leilani Doty, PhD, Director of the University of Florida Cognitive & Memory Disorder Clinics, Department of Neurology, UF, was appointed as Chair of the (Florida-wide)
Alzheimer's Disease Initiative Education & Training Subcommittee. Also, Dr. Doty was elected to Chair the Communications Committee and serve on the Board of
Directors of the national/international academic health organization, the Society for Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine.
Professor Pamela K. Gilbert recently became Chair of the Department of English. Her most recent book, The Citizen's Body: Desire, Health, and the Social in Victorian
England was published by Ohio State University Press in August, 2007. She gave a paper and chaired a session at a conference on "The Idea of the City'" at the University of
Northampton, England in June. In September, she gave an invited talk at The Georgia Institute of Technology titled "The Spatial Turn: Sex in the City." In October, she
attended the 2007 meeting of the North American Victorian Studies Association in Victoria, Canada, where she delivered a paper titled "Putting the Skin to Work."
Rose Sau Lugano from the department of African and Asian Languages and Literatures recently attended a workshop on "Representations of Childhood in the Literatures
and Film of Africa and the African Diaspora" on October 12-13 at Smith College, Massachusetts. She also presented a paper based on a chapter titled "Condemned by
Patriarchy: Trends of Growing Down in Euphrase Kezilahabi's Rosa Mistika" that examined the conditions that determine selfhood in the African girl child in the East African
Professor of French Carol Murphy was named Chevalier in the French Legion of Honor in a decree signed by outgoing French President Jacques Chirac on April 23. She has
been recognized for outstanding contribution to relations between the United States and France. It is France's highest national honor. In December, she will be participating
in a bilingual international conference on French Philosophy and Contemporary Art at Florida Atlantic University.
Daniel I. O'Neill, Assistant Professor of Political Science recently celebrated the publication of his new book by Penn State University Press, "The Burke-Wollstonecraft
Debate: Savagery, Civilization, and Democracy." One of the books principal subjects, Mary Wollstonecraft, is the woman generally acknowledged as the founder of modern
Leah Rosenberg of the Department of English celebrated the release of her book, "Nationalism and the Formation of Caribbean Literature," by Palgrave in October.
Helen I. Safa, Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Latin American Studies at the University of Florida, was presented the Kalman Silvert award of the Latin American
Studies Association (LASA) at its recent Congress, September 5-8, 2007, in Montreal.
Malini Johar Schueller of the Department of English published "Exceptional State: Contemporary U.S. Culture and the New Imperialism," co-edited with Ashley Dawson,
Duke University Press, 2007 and The Perils of Academic Freedom," (Ed. with Ashley Dawson), Social Text, Vol 25, no. I Winter 2007 as well as "Area Studies and
Multicultural Imperialism: The Project of Decolonizing Knowledge" Social Text 25, no 1(2007), 41-62. and "Techno-Dominance and Torturegate: The Making of US
Imperialism" in Exceptional State: Contemporary US Culture and Imperialism. Duke University Press, 2007, pp. 162-190.
Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons delivered a plenary address at the Gandhi-King Nonviolence Conference in Memphis, Tenn at Christian Brother's College on Saturday,
October 27th. Her conference speech was titled, "True Peace Requires Institutional Justice and Individual Spiritual Change." She one of two invited speakers at the Silk Road
Club's 3rd Annual Interreligious Dinner at the Paramount Hotel and Conference Center on October 1, 2007. The conference theme and the topic of her speech was "Love
of Creation: A Bridge to the Divine Love."
Stephanie A Smith, Professor of English published "A Most Ambiguous Citizen: Samuel R. 'Chip' Delany" in American Literary History (Summer, 2007 16 v.1) and
"Harriet Jacobs: A Case History of Authentication" for the Cambridge Companion to the Slave Narrative ed. Audrey Fisch (Cambridge 2007) Her retrospective on "Octavia
Butler, A Retrospective" will be in the publication "Feminist Studies" this fall and she has been invited to present a paper on Sacajewea as an American Icon by the National
Association of Native American Studies in February in Baton Rouge.
Anita Spring, Department of Anthropology, was elected President-elect of Culture and Agriculture, a section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). She
presented two papers on gender: "Conventional and Global African Women Entrepreneurs: Modeling the Similarities and Differences," at the International Academy of
African Business Development, London, May 2007 and "Ester Boserup's WID paradigm based on agriculture: Can we revise it now" at the annual meeting of the AAA in
Washington in December 2007.
Maureen Turim, Department of English and Director of Film and Media Studies, recently published two essays. Her "Sounds, Intervals, and Startling Images in the Films of
Abigail Child" appears in Women's Experimental Cinema: Critical Frameworks, ed. Robin Blaetz, Duke University Press. Her "Art/Music/Video.com" appears in Roger Beebe
and Jason Middleton's "Medium Cool: Music Videos from Soundies to cellphones," addressing the relationship between avant-garde film and video, performance art, and
music videos, was released by Duke University Press.



Holiday Book Sale Planned

Mark your calendar for Sunday,
December 9th and plan to bring
a friend to the I 6th Annual Holi-
day Book Sale sponsored by the
Friends of Women's Studies and
Goering's Bookstore.

The sale will take place from

5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at Go-
ering's located at 1717 N.W. I st
Avenue in Gainesville.

Tickets for this special sale are
$3.00 and are available at 201
Ustler Hall, or by calling 352-
392-3365. They will also be

available at the door. Goering's
will donate 20% of all sales that
evening to The Friends of
Women's Studies for the Center
for Women's Studies and Gen-
der Research. Please be sure to
bring your holiday shopping list!

With An Attitude of Gratitude- -

With An Attitude of Gratitude ~

Thanks to everyone whose
generosity keeps the center
viable including some of our
recent donors like Janet Fant,
Jamie Funderburk, David
Hackett, Elouis M. Harman,
Mary Hasell, Clyde Kiker and
Suzanne B. Kiker,
John Scanzoni, Mark Thurner,
Sno E. White, Gregory Allen,
Linda Lamme,
Jeanna Mastrodicasa,
Charles T. Wood, Jr. and the
Gainesville Community

In addition we would like to
offer our gratitude to
Kim Tanzer and
Rodney McGalliard, as well as
Mary and James Lockwood and
Sheila Dickison.

We also want to thank
Rebecca and Paul Nagy,
Mark and Virginia Delegal,
Geoffrey J. Giles,
JoAnn Wilkes, Priscilla Newell,
Mary Wade, Eileen Oliver and
Bernard Oliver,

Kathryn Stephan-Betz and
Matthew Betz,
Angel Kwolek-Folland and
Nathan Folland.

Donations to the Center are
used to fund conferences,
symposia, educational travel
for graduate students,
scholarship funds, speaker
honoraria, and exhibit support.

Author Ruth Behar to lecture

You are invited to attend a
lecture by Dr. Ruth Behar,
Professor of Anthropology at
the University of Michigan. The
lecture titled, Searching
for Jewish Cuba: Perils
and Pleasures of
Diasporic Ethnography, is
co-sponsored by the
-Center for Women's
Studies and Gender
Pe search, the Center for
L-,cin American Studies,
the Center for Jewish
Studies, and the
Department of

It will be held on Tuesday,
January 29th at 4:00p.m. in the
Atrium on the second floor of
Ustler Hall.

Behar, Author of Translated
Woman: Crossing the Border with
Esperanza's Story and The
Vulnerable Observer:
Anthropology that Breaks Your
Heart and editor of Bridges to
Cuba and co-editor of Women
Writing Culture, is also a poet
and emerging filmmaker, with
her film "Adio Kerida." She has
been the recipient of a

MacArthur Foundation award
as well as a John Simon
Guggenheim fellowship. Latina
Magazine named her one of
the 50 Latinas who made
history in the twentieth

Ruth Behar's newest book An
Island Called Home: Returning to
Jewish Cuba (Rutgers University
Press, 2007) is an account of
her journey back to Cuba in
search of the Jewish
community that might have
been hers had her family
stayed after the revolution.



Water, Gender, and Equity in India:

A Symposium and Lecture Series

Dr. Anita Anantharam, Assistant
Professor, Center for Women's
Studies and Gender Research, and
Dr. Vasudha Narayanan,
Distinguished Professor,
Department of Religion and
Director of CHiTra (Center
for the Study of Hindu
Religions), and Dr. Whitney
Sanford, Assistant Professor,
Department of Religion, with
funding from the Water
Institute of the University of
Florida, will present a ..
symposium and lecture series
addressing the critical problem
of Gender, water and equity in

The series will bring eminent
scholars to the University of
Florida to participate in symposia
and discussions on the general
topic of water and society and,
more specifically, how these issues
emerge on the Indian sub-
continent. This series will I)
educate scholars about the role of
gender, religion and social
hierarchy in water disputes, and 2)
lead to innovative interdisciplinary
collaborations and build on existing
partnerships within the
International Working Water

The first in the series titled "River
Goddesses, River Linking: From
Sacred to Transferable Waters"
featured a lecture Auburn
University Anthropologist Dr.
Kelly Alley and was held on
October 9th. In this heavily
attended lecture, Dr. Alley
outlined the Hindu reverence for
key river Goddesses in India and
connected faith, ritual, social
organization and political

movements to illustrate the
centrality of sacred water to
everyday life.

Thousands have lived without love, not

one without water" W.H. Auden

On January 25h, the series will
continue with a Symposium on
Religion, Culture and Water
Conflicts when Dr. Aaron Wolf
of the Department of
Geosciences at Oregon State
University will focus on the
interaction between water
science and water policy,
particularly as related to conflict
and conflict resolution. The
Symposium on Gender, Water
and Development, featuring Dr.
Sara Ahmed, Institute for Social
and Environmental Transition
(ISET-USA) and Dr. Vicki Getz of
Washington State University is
tentatively set for February 4th
and 5th. Dr. Ahmed focuses on
women's participation in water
user committees with research
partners in Maharashtra and
Gujarat as part of a larger
program on decentralization and
gender rights in South Asia, Africa
and Latin America. Dr. Getz
conducts research on gender and
development, sustainable
agriculture and community
development. Her research in

Kerala, India centers on Gender
Capacity Building and the Changing
Role of Women in Governance,
Economics and Community.

Dr. Peter Gleick,, President, Pacific
Institute for Studies in
Development, Environment, and
Security is scheduled to speak on
February 27, 2008, addressing the
critical connections between water
and human health, sustainable
water use, privatization and
globalization, and international
conflicts over water resources.

In March, Dr. Amita Baviskar,
Institute of Economic Growth,
Delhi, India will present a lecture
titled, "Dams, Development and
Equity" Dr. Baviskar focuses on
environmental politics, with a focus
on social inequality and natural
resources conflicts, environmental
and indigenous social movements,
and urban environmental politics in
South Asia.

"Water and Religion in Pakistan and
Central Asia," a lecture by Dr.
Hermann Kreutzmann, Department
of Geography, Free University,
Berlin will be held in April.
Dr. Kreutzmann has written on
relationships between the
distribution of water and religion,
languages, politics, globalization,
and development issues in the high
mountain environments of Pakistan.

For further information about this
symposia and lecture series, please
visit our website at


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UF Center for Women's Studies

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Introducing our New Graduate Assistants

Tatiana Falcon,
Research Assistant
Tatiana graduated from the
University of Puerto Rico-
Rio, Piedras Campus in May with a
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Her
interest in Women's Studies developed
through the influence of her aunt who's a
feminist professor back in Puerto Rico and
after spending her junior year at Louisiana
State University and participating with
activist organizations. As a graduate
student her research interests include
gender construction, language and

Tanya Faublas,
Teaching Assistant
Tanya A. Faublas earned
her Bachelor of Arts
magna cum laude in English
with a minor in Spanish from Spelman
College in Atlanta, Georgia. She
participated as a student member in the
Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society
and Sorority, National Honor Society,

National Society of Collegiate Scholars,
Golden Key International Honor Society,
and Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor
Society and Sorority. Her research
interests include the interconnections and
existence of women, power, and

Desirae Krell, 7
Teaching Assistant
Desi graduated from the
University of South Florida
in December 2002 with a
Bachelor's Degree in English Education
and in May 2006 with a Master's Degree
in Gifted Education. Having spent four
years as a teacher, her interests moved
from the classroom to research,
particularly in the social sciences. With
research interests including body image in
larger sized women, the culture of
hooking up among adolescents and young
adults, and the development of a "love
education," Women's Studies seemed a
perfect fit and a strong segue into future
plans in Sociology.

Kathryn Turner,
Teaching Assistant
Katie graduated in May
2007 from Stetson
University with a
Bachelor's degree in Political Science and
minors in American Studies and Women's
Studies. She has interned for various
nonprofit and governmental organizations
researching women and public policy,
environmental policy, and urban planning.
She completed an undergraduate senior
thesis titled "Women's Movements and the
Feminization of Power in Post-Crisis
Democracies," and her current research
interests include gender and space,
women and public policy, and feminist
urban planning theory.

Tatiana, Tanya, Desirae, and Kathryn join
our existing graduate students. Please
look for more new graduate student
introductions in our spring newsletter and
visit our website for a complete listing of
the graduate students in our program.

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