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Title: Dental direct. October-November 2008.
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Title: Dental direct. October-November 2008.
Uniform Title: Dental direct.
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Creator: College of Dentistry, University of Florida
Publisher: College of Dentistry, University of Florida
Publication Date: October-November 2008
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S i rect

Dental Desperados raise $2,000

T he two-day Dental Desperados
Community Campaign began on
Sept. 24, with a silent auction for
items donated by college staff and fac-
ulty. The auction alone raised $1,333.
There was also a voting race for
who would get the Pie in the Face at
Pie Noon the next day. People had
to pay $1 to vote, and the pie voting
raised $553.67, with close competition
between Dr. Stillwell, Dr. Lamont and
Jean Sweitzer.
The second day of the campaign
started with the dunking booth in the
Dental Courtyard, which was donated by
Dr. Demetrick LeCorn and Dr. Haider
Alzubaidi. Dr. Henrietta Logan, Dr.
Boyd Robinson, Dr. David Stillwell, Jim
Webb, Dr. Ken Anusavice, Dr. Larry
Brock, Lee "Tooth Fairy" Mintz, Dr.
Richard Lamont and finally Dean Terri
Dolan took their turns in the dunking
booth. It was $1 a ball, and the booth
raised $206 thanks to the throws of
students, staff and faculty.
Despite Dr. Lamont's lab members'
generous efforts and to Jean Sweitzer's
relief, Dr. Stillwell won the voting race
for the Pie in the Face, and he received
the tangerine key lime pie from Dean
Dolan at Pie Noon.
The campaign was a lot of fun for a
great cause and the College of Dentistry
was able to raise $2,092.67 for the UF
Community Campaign. Thanks to Mary
Bennett, Jacob Burks, and the Special
Event Committee for making raising
money so much fun!



Office Manager, Jacksonville Dental Clinic
Anita was born in Jacksonville, on Jan. 27,
1969 as the oldest of four girls. She graduated
from Andrew Jackson High School in 1987
and went to FCCJ for two years. In 1995, she
graduated from the Concorde Career Institute as
a dental assistant.
Anita started working at the Jacksonville
Clinic as a dental assistant in 1995. She
became a senior clerk in 1997, and office
manager in 2001. Anita won the Superior
Accomplishment Award in 2004; she is the first
person to win from the Jacksonville clinic. Anita
has been married to her husband, Russell, for
18 years and they have four kids. Their oldest,
Darrell, is a senior in high school, Kristin is
in 10th, Isiah is in 6th, and Jordan is in 2nd
grade. Their dog, Oddie, a spoiled peek pom,
gets his way all th time. Anita is active in her
church, Shiloh Tabernacle of Praise, working in
the youth department, in addition to being the
adult choir director, director for vacation Bible
school, and treasurer for the women's group.

Q. What's the oddest job you ever had?
A. Working at Lyric Choir Gown making choir
and graduation robes
Q. What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
A. Eating butter pecan ice cream
Q. What is your ideal day away from work?
A. Spending time with my husband & shopping
Favorite Book: A Purpose Driven Life
Favorite TV Show: CSI Miami
Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman
Unknown Fact: I love to watch wrestling and
help my husband work on cars.

Oct. 27
Campus Security Presentation
Captain Jeff Holcombe, UFPD
12:30-1:30p.m., D3-3


Nov. 4
Election Day

Nov. 8
Mighty Molar (Hosted by ASDA)
Lake Wauburg

Nov. 11
Veterans Day/Holiday!

Nov. 27 & 28

Dec. 9
New Staff Orientation
9-11a.m., D4-16

Dec. 9
Classes End

The Foundation for The Gator Nation

Oct. 24


from the dean

This issue of Dental Direct
highlights some examples of the
many ways our college gives
back to the community.
In addition to the UF
Community Campaign which
was hosted by our very own
Dental Desperados, we are also
supporting the American Cancer
Society through the Bald for
a Cause Relay team. We also
routinely give back to the com-
munity through our teaching,
research and service missions.
Patient services are an
important component of our
missions. The new clini-
cal model was an important
step toward improving the
educational experience for
our students and enhancing
patient care, and it's been going
well. It seems that everyone
caught the wave and is surf-
ing smoothly. Feedback from
students and patients indicate
they remain enthusiastic about
the new model. We are also
renewing the Marketing to
Patients Workgroup to create
innovative ways to improve
our patient recruitment and
to ensure that Gators know
we're here to meet their oral
health care needs. The Naples
Pediatric Dental Clinic opens in
December the newest addition
to our Statewide Network for
Community Oral Health which
will play an important role for
children in Collier County. On
Oct. 15, we began a new round
of strategic planning to articu-
late our goals for the next five
years. Through this process,
we will work to continue to
strengthen our financial posi-
tion as an organization so that
we can continue achieving
our mission and giving back
to the community through our
research, teaching and patient
Thank you all for your leader-
ship and teamwork as we work
together to achieve our mission.

UFCD Biggest Loser Challenge

Round TWO

The College of Dentistry's first ever Biggest
Loser Challenge ended on Sept. 15 with 56 par-
ticipants in 10 teams who lost a total of 322.7
pounds, 2.8 percent of their overall body weight.
But it is not enough for UF College of Dentistry
members, and they are ready to start round two
and lose some more weight!
The winning team, The Flab Busters, lost 51
pounds, 6.4 percent of their body weight. The four
team members, Ken Anusavice, Amy Corbitt, Lynn
King and Sarah Corbitt, split a $483.75 pot.
The biggest individual loser is Lamar Brooks,
who lost 11.7 percent of his body weight, is
donating his prize money, $161.25, as seed
money for Round Two, which is planned to run
Oct.17 through Dec. 12.
The challenge works. If you don't believe me,
ask Lamar Brooks!
"The challenge helped in the sense that it
put a public face on my weight loss efforts," said
Lamar. "I knew that people would be watching,
which also helped my motivation. I wanted to lose
as much weight as I could, and I didn't want to
disappoint my team members."
In Round Two of the biggest loser challenge,
teams will be made up of at least four people and
there will be a $10 joining fee, a $1 fine for a

You might have heard that some of U FCD
faculty and students will be shaving their heads for
Relay for Life in an effort to help the UFCD relay
team reach its ambitious 550,000 goal.
The effort is being led by two DMD students,
Cassandra Dorsey and Telka Jackson, Class of 2011.
But there are more on the UFCD Relay team. Some
other familiar names who joined the team include
Ccnseri Abare, Frank Catalanotto, and Marc Ottenga.
What's their fundraising strategy? Well, it sounds
pretty simple. They believe that if they could convince
every student to ask two people for $100 or more, the
team will exceed its goal!
What is pushing them to raise money? The
hope that they'll be able to see bald faculty, staff and
students. People agreed to shave their heads if the
teams reaches certain fund raising goals. Once they
raise $5,000, DMD students Cory Canavan, David
Cardman, and Shawn Willis will shave their heads.
Then Dr. Robinson will do the same once the team
reaches $10,000. Tclka Jackson will follow at $15,000
and Cassandra Dorsey at $20,000. It will be Dr.
Watson's turn at $25,000, and Dr. Catalanoto will go
at $30,000.

missed weigh-
in, and $1 fine
for each pound
gained at a
Just like the
first round, 75
percent of the
purse will go to the winning team, based on per-
centage of body weight lost and 25 percent will
go to the biggest losing individual also based on
percentage of weight lost at the end of the chal-
However, there is a change from the first
round. Only the first and last weigh-ins will be
handled by the Student Health Care Clinic.
Interim weigh-ins will be in the "Honor Closet"
in the Dean's office area. The honor closet will
allow participants to be more flexible about their
weigh-in schedules, and we won't have to bother
the Student Health Care Clinic any more.
Teams participating in off-site clinics will send
their weights weekly, just like they did during
Round One.
So don't worry if you missed your chance to
join the challenge before. There is still a chance to
prove to everyone that you are the biggest loser!

It won't be over yet! Once the team has collected
535,000, Dr. Ottenga will shave his head, and at
$40,000, we'll see Dr. Gale go bald. Censeri Abarc
will shave her blonde curly hair once the team raises
$45,000. Dr. Robert Primosh and Lori Primosh will
shave their hair once the team reaches its goal of
$50,000. Even that won't be enough for our team,
because Gall Mitchell promised to shave her hair if the
team surpasses its goal.
What can you do to help? Dont worry you dont
have to shave your head. You can help by joining the
UFCD team, and walk or run during the relay event,
or just help them raise money. They welcome all facul-
ty staff and students who want to help raise $50,000,
or even more for the American Cancer Society Relay
For Life.
The Bald for a Cause team has raised $2,400
so far, and they have a lot more to raise. So help
now by joining or donating to the American Cancer
Society Relay For Life* at http://main.acscvents.


Jacksonville Dental Clinic

T he UF College of Dentistry Jacksonville
clinic was established in 1987, and it oper-
ates in a 13,000 square foot building in
downtown Jacksonville which houses the educational
program and patient care services. The clinic includes
12 dental operatories, two radiology rooms, a dental
laboratory, a conference room, offices, and spaces for
clinic support.
The Jacksonville clinic serves a dual purpose.
First, the clinic provides patient care to the Duval
County area including downtown Jacksonville. More
than 10,000 patients are treated in the Jacksonville
clinic in a year, which means that they have about
175 patient visits per week.
"Our clinic provides low-cost, crucial emergency
dental care for more than 2,000 patients each year!"
said Cliff Starr, the Jacksonville Clinic Director.
"This is just one of the ways that our clinic contrib-
utes to the oral health of the local community."
In addition to its patient care services, the clinic is
home to the one-year Advanced Education in General
Dentistry residency program, where residents receive
advanced training in clinical dentistry and gain expe-
rience in comprehensive treatment. Residents get a
chance to improve their ability to integrate different
disciplines and specialties and develop a well-planned
and sequenced treatment plan for patients.

"It's a terrific mix of increased access-to-
care for patients and increased educational
opportunities for dental residents."

The mission of the General Dentistry Residency
program at the UF College of Dentistry Jacksonville
Clinic is to provide postgraduate dental education
for six Advanced Education in General Dentistry
residents. Training is also provided for two students
from the Internationally-Educated Dentist Program
(IEDP) assigned from UFCD-Gainesville to the
Jacksonville clinic for one-year assignments.
The residents receive advanced training in all
phases of diagnosis, treatment planning and delivery
of comprehensive dental care. This enables them to
provide a greater scope of care to their patients after
they graduate and begin their private dental practice

The clinic has many courtesy faculty that teach
the residents. They consist of generalists and board
eligible or certified dental specialists including
endodontists, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial
surgeons, orthodontists, and restorative dentists.
Comprehensive dentistry, including the placement
and restoration of dental implants, is the primary
focus of the educational program.
The Jacksonville clinic provides much-needed
dental services for Duval County patients and highly
sought-after educational opportunities for dental
graduates. "It's a terrific mix of increased access-to-
care for patients and increased educational opportuni-
ties for dental residents," said Starr.

Clifford B. STARR, D.M.D.,
clinical professor & director
D.M.D., clinical assistant

Antwan BATES
Izabella CHEVA
Tereon JOHNS
Himilce QUIRCH
Benita ROSS

Thomas MERLO, D.D.S.,
clinical assistant professor
Grady JOHNSON, D.M.D.,
clinical assistant professor

Charles FRANK
Marco RAND

> Benefits Open Enrollment
confirmation statements may be
reviewed Oct. 20-31. Any correc-
tions must be made by Oct. 31.
More information can be found

> Enrollment for the Sick Leave
Pool (SLP) ends on Oct. 31.
Members of the SLP may be able
to use the pool for personal cata-
strophic illness or injury after the
employee has exhausted his/her
personal leave balances. All cases
are submitted by application and
reviewed by the SLP Committee.
Upon enrollment, eight hours of
sick leave will be deducted from
the employee's leave balance. Visit
leavepool/default.asp for additional
information and the application

> TEAMS December Leave
Cash Out allows TEAMS employ-
ees to cash out between one to
16 hours of vacation leave in
the pay period of Nov. 14-27 to
be paid out on the Dec. 5 pay-
check. A minimum balance of
40 vacation hours are required
after the end of the pay period.
The leave should be entered
as "280-December Vacation
Cashout-DL" on Saturday, Nov.
22. Visit
for instructions. Supervisors must
be sure that the appropriate vaca-
tion leave balance is available
prior to approval. If you have any
questions, contact the College's HR

Green Tip of the Issue
SAs you all know, we are trying to
reduce the amount of waste we pro-
ANNOUNCEMENTS duce. One thing we rarely think about
are the plastic cups we use every day.
Try a reusable mug, cup, or bottle
for your favorite drink. Help save the

One Less Car Challenge
As some of you may know, UFCD has
a team competing in the university-
wide One Less Car challenge. Our
team, College of Dentistry, has 42
members, and they have saved about
15,000 Ibs in C02 emissions!

Saying Goodbye to
Dr. Gremillion....

UF College of Dentistry
faculty and staff bid adieu to
Dr. Henry Gremillion, D.D.S.,
M.A.G.D., on Tuesday, Sept.
Dr. Gremillion was recently
appointed Dean of the LSU
School of Dentistry. UFCD
will miss Dr. Gremillion, and
we wish him good luck in the

Three Students Join
the Navy

Three of our Class of
2010 D.M.D. students joined
the Navy on Oct. 3 dur-
ing a swearing-in ceremony
witnessed by family, friends,
fellow classmates, and faculty
and staff from the UF College
of Dentistry.

The Foundation for The Gator Nation


Angelica Buccino
Dental Assistant
St. Petersburg Clinic

Michelle Carney
Senior Clerk

Heather Dawson
Dental Assistant

Corrine Flowers
Senior Clerk

Jennifer Harris
Dental Hygienist

Renita Jenkins
Dental Assistant

Jennifer Rich
Program Assistant
Community Based Programs

Milan Savic
Senior Clerk
Continuing Education

Keti Krekovic
Fiscal Assistant
St. Petersburg Clinic

Mallory McCallister
Program Assistant
Community Dentistry & Behavioral

Elegance of Science Contest

Do you think science is beautiful? Then consider
submitting your "artwork" to the Marston Science
Library's first annual "Elegance of Science" contest.
Students, faculty and staff can submit images pro-
duced for research (a microscopic image) or images that
exhibit tools and concepts from science. Cash prizes
include $150 for first place, $100 for second place and

The UF Superior Accomplishment Awards
are a great way to acknowledge the many exem-
plary faculty and staff members and their efforts.
The awards recognize employees who perform
beyond expectations and contribute to service in
their fields.
The awards are given based on:
Excellence in overall job performance
Outstanding service to students, staff,
academic personnel, visitors, and
university clientele
Willingness to assist beyond normal
Dedication to the job and the university
Consistent cooperation and helpfulness

$50 for third place, and the deadline to submit artwork
is Dec. 19, 2008.
Your artwork might be displayed on the walls of
the Marston Science Library and the Health Science
Center Libraries if it is among the winning or selected
entries. It sure is worth a try! For details and entry
form, go to

Initiative and/or creativity in performing
assigned duties
Deadline for the Superior Accomplishment
Awards nominations is Oct. 31. A link to infor-
mation and instructions can be found on the
College of Dentistry home page http://www.den- or by visiting the UF Office of Human
Resource Services at
asp. ::,

If you have
any questions,

please contact:
Jacob Burks, at

Wit 1''

S_ 'I

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