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Title: Dental direct. January 2007.
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Title: Dental direct. January 2007.
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Publication Date: January 2007
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UFCD Holiday Party

S ur college's annual
holiday party took
place Dec. 14 at the .
Rion Ball Room at the J.
Wayne Reitz Union. The :
special events planners orga- ..
nized this successful event,
where college faculty and
staff enjoyed the holiday
spirit with colleagues.
We hope that 2007
will be a great year for our
college and will bring all
of us success and luck in
everything we do.
To see more pics, visit

Dean Dolan, Dr. Marc Gale and Dean Dolan's hus-
band, Stan Given, smile for the camera.

Wendy Wolf,
Dental Hygienist and
Clinical Research Coordinator

The UFCD event-planning elves!

Henry A. Gremillion, D.D.S., M.A.G.D., and Karen Cox
seem to be leading the way in the conga line.

Before coming to UF, Wendy prac-
ticed dental hygiene in private practice
for 27 years. She started working for the
Periodontal Disease Research Clinic in
1998 as a part-time dental hygienist. In
2005, she was hired full time to train as
a clinical research coordinator.
Wendy has been married for 25 years
to Rick Wolf and they have two children,
Chris, a junior at UF, and Hillary, a fresh-
man at the University of South Florida.
Q. What's the oddest job you ever had?
A. The oddest job I had was working at
McDonalds at age 15 in order to save
money for my first car, a VW bug. I still
have vivid memories of the massive
lunch rush and the 100 percent polyes-
ter uniforms.
Q. What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
A. It has to be getting a pedicure with
my best friends on my birthday, while
sipping Mimosas and eating chocolate
Favorite Book: The Bean Trees, by
Barbara Kindsoliver
Favorite TV show: CSI Las Vegas,
Bones, and House.
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Unknown fact: I was a "Flying L' cheer-
leader at Fort Lauderdale High School.
I learned to respect regimentation and
acquired the knowledge that practice
makes perfect.


Jan. 24
"Open Forum: Countdown to
Accreditation" 11:45 a.m. 12:45
p.m., Room: D3-3, Topics of Shared
Governance and Diversity


Jan. 25
"UFCD Staff Strategic Planning Shadow
Team" 12 p.m. 1 p.m., Room: D1-26

Jan. 29
"Open Forum: Countdown to
Accreditation" 7:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m.,
Room: D3-3, Topics of Comprehensive
Patient Care and Special Needs

Feb. 2
"Open Forum: Countdown to
Accreditation" 12 p.m. 1 p.m.,
Room: D3-3, Topic of Competencies: Do
we know what we are doing? UNIVERSITY of

The Foundation for The Gator Nation

from the dean

College of Dentistry faculty, staff and
students got together at Gator Dockside Jan.
11 to celebrate the BCS National Football
Championship our team brought home. Dean
Dolan hosted the gathering for students, which
was planned by the Dental College Council.

Hello and Happy New Year!
The college experienced a
banner year in 2006 thanks to
the hard work and dedication of
our faculty, staff and students.
Now, as we make our way into
2007, we continue to build on
two important college initiatives;
strategic planning and accredita-
tion self-study. I strongly encour-
age staff to participate fully in
both of these processes.
Shadow team meetings for
strategic planning and accredita-
tion open forums are opportuni-
ties for staff to provide input on
topics and issues that will define
the college's organizational direc-
tion for years to come. Meeting
dates and times are posted on
the college's online calendar, and
strategic planning and accredita-
tion meeting minutes and other
documentation are posted to the
UFCN Intranet.
Another very exciting proj-
ect the college will undertake
this year is the construction of
a new children's dental clinic
in Naples, Fla. This clinic is
made possible by a gener-
ous gift of $5.5 million by the
Naples Children and Education
Foundation. I hope you'll take
time to read the whole story on
page 3. As you know, fundrais-
ing is increasingly important to
higher education in the State of
Florida and the Naples gift is a
great model for future develop-
ment efforts that support the
college's education and service
Thank you again for your
contributions to the success of
our college, and I look forward
to the New Year!
Teresa A. Dolan
Professor and Dean

While the rest of us Gator fans
were all cheering, Marc E. Ottenga,
clinical associate professor of opera-
tive dentistry, was feeling blue.
Dr. Ottenga, who is an Ohio State
alum, was mourning the result of the
Gators-Buckeyes game. He posed
with the freshmen dental students
while they showed him some love and

Florida Prepaid Plan Open Enrollment

children grow really fast and going to college
becomes more expensive every day. If you are
worried about saving for your children's educa-
tion, you can start saving for college expenses now and
lock in the cost of college today.
The State of Florida now has two affordable plans to
help you save for college. What you pay now is financially
guaranteed by the State of Florida.
Open enrollment for the Florida Prepaid College Plan
is now underway and runs though Jan. 31, 2007. Both the
Florida Prepaid Plan and the Florida Investment Plan (a
529 Plan) offer affordable ways to save for your children's
future college expenses.
When you enroll for the Florida Prepaid College Plan,
you can choose from three different tuition plans. In addi-
tion to the tuition plans, you can also enroll in a

The Florida Prepaid Plan and
the Florida Investment Plan offer
affordable ways to save for your
children's future college expenses.

dormitory plan and a local fee plan covering other required
college fees.
Sign up today at or call 1-
800-552-GRAD (4723) to request an enrollment kit and
Remember that if you want to request payroll deduc-
tion, you must complete a separate payroll deduction form.
Contact University Benefits and Retirement at 392-1225
(SC 622-1225) or to request this form.

Open Forum: Countdown to Accreditation

William McArthur, chair of the college's Accredita-
tion Self-study Steering Committee, will present a
summary of findings from the 2006 faculty, staff and
student retreat related to accreditation during several
open forums.

All UFCD faculty, staff and students are invited to
attend these meetings and share their ideas.

Shared Governance and Diversity
Jan. 24, 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m., Room: D3-3.

Comprehensive Patient Care: Points versus patients
and Special Needs Patients
Jan. 29, 7:30-8:30 a.m., Room: D3-3.

Competencies: Do we know what we are doing?
Feb. 2, 12:00-1:00 p.m., Room: D3-3.

Getting ready for a new UFCD satellite

clinic in Collier County

Collier County's disadvantaged children will soon
benefit from a state-of-the-art UF pediatric dental
facility in their county. The pediatric clinic project
is the result of an innovative collaboration between the
philanthropic Naples Children & Education Foundation,
UF College of Dentistry, Edison College and Collier
Health Services Inc. (CHSI).
The Naples Children & Education Foundation
announced a gift of $5.5 million to build and operate a
pediatric dental facility on the Collier County campus
of Edison College. The dental program will be part of
the University of Florida College of Dentistry's Statewide
Network for Community Oral Health.
Of the foundation's $5.5 million gift to the UF
College of Dentistry, $4 million is eligible for a state match
through the Alec P Courtelis Facilities Enhancement
Challenge Grant Program. The gift when combined with
the state match will fund the construction and equipping
of the planned $8 million UF dental facility on the Collier
County campus of Edison College.

The UF dental program at Edison
College is expected to start in the
fall of 2008 and provide specialized
pediatric dental treatment to Collier
County's Medicaid-eligible and
at-risk children.

Modeled after the UF dental clinic on the Seminole
campus of St. Petersburg College in Pinellas County, the
new building will be a two-story, 20,000-square-foot dental
clinic and education facility. The remaining $1.5 million
gift will cover the dental program's start-up operational
The dental facility at the Edison site will be the
UF College of Dentistry's newest clinic in its Statewide
Network for Community Oral Health. The network
includes UF's Gainesville and community-based clinics
in Hialeah, St. Petersburg and Jacksonville as well as 14
county health department, community health center and
private not-for-profit partner clinics statewide.
The gift was announced on Dec. 13 by trustees of the
Naples Children & Education Foundation, which supports
charitable programs that improve the physical, emotional


The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

and educational lives of underprivileged or at-risk children
in Collier County. The foundation is the founder of the
famous Naples Winter Wine Festival. The exclusive event,
featuring international celebrity chefs and prestigious
vintners, has raised nearly $40 million for local children's
charities since its inception in 2000 and is billed as the
"most successful charity wine event in the world."
Edison College district board of trustees approved a
longterm land lease agreement with UF to give the facility
an academic home. While the first floor of the two-story
building will be dedicated to UF's clinical operations,
Edison College will share use of second floor classrooms
and laboratory space.
CHSI, which has long been a UF partner in extend-
ing dental services to Collier County residents through
its community health centers, will manage the clinic's
billing and collection activities and supply procurement.
Additionally, CHSI community health clinics and its
Ronald McDonald Care Mobile will refer patients to the
dental clinic.
The UF dental program at Edison College is expected
to start in the fall of 2008 and it aims to provide spe-
cialized pediatric dental treatment to Collier County's
Medicaid-eligible and at-risk children during an estimated
15,000 patient visits each year. The clinic also will serve as
a new home for the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, also
funded through the foundation, which provides critical
medical and dental outreach services to Collier County
This strategy of community partnerships focusing on
vulnerable, indigent and special needs populations has led
to the UF College of Dentistry becoming one of the largest
providers of low-cost dental care in Florida. Go Gators!

Be on the lookout for your W-2 Forms!
Human resources wil receive W-2s for
distribution during the last week of
January. The W-2s may be picked up in
your department no later than Jan. 30th.
Please stop by D4-15 or call 273-5786
if you have any questions.

1% %

Computer Training

If you are new to comput-
ers, then the basic computer
courses might be just the
right thing for you. You can
start learning about comput-
ers by taking the Introduction
to Computers class, or regis-
ter for the Typing/Keyboarding
class and learn how to type

If you have some com-
puter experience but feel like
you need to brush up your
office skills, then you should
consider registering for the
Microsoft Office courses.
Learning more about Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, or Access
won't hurt anybody!

However, if you already
have some knowledge about
computers and want to add
to your computer skills, then
you might be interested in
the design courses includ-
ing Dreamweaver, Adobe
Pagemaker, or Flash.

For more information about
training opportunities, go to

Go Gators!
Congratulations to the Florida Gator
football team for bringing home their
2nd National Championship (1996 and
2006). Best of luck to coach Urban
Meyer and the team on the upcoming
recruiting season!

Staff Shadow
Team for Strategic

The college is currently
in the process of developing
a new UFCD Strategic Plan.
As part of those efforts,
small groups called Shadow
Teams have been formed
to provide input on compo-
nents of the plan to ensure
that it adequately reflects
the views of all college con-
stituents and to comment
on completed work from
the first Strategic Planning
UFCD staff are invited to
attend a one-hour shadow
team meeting on Thursday,
Jan. 25, at noon in D1-
26. Henry A. Gremillion,
D.D.S., M.A.G.D., director
of strategic planning, will
seek your input on the col-
lege's new vision statement
and core values.
You will also be asked
to identify college strengths,
weaknesses, opportuni-
ties and threats which will
be used by the Strategic
Planning Committee at its
next retreat.
Don't miss this impor-
tant opportunity to contrib-
ute to the long term plan-
ning of the college's future!


Frank F. Acosta
Dental Assistant,
Hialeah Dental Clinic

Lindsey Borgner
Sn. Clerk, Pediatrics,
Resident Clinic

Darla Chaisson
Dental Hygienist
St. Pete Dental Clinic

Guadalupe Solomon
Idanny Guadalupe Tara Stout
Sn. Clerk, Endodontics, Dental Assistant,
Graduate Clinic St. Pete Dental Clinic

Archana Meka
Biological Scientist,

Miante Solomon
Business Office

Cardiac arrest-when the heart suddenly stops
beating-happens without warning and often to peo-
ple who outwardly appear to be healthy. Victims col-
lapse, lose consciousness, stop breathing and have no
pulse. Brain death and permanent death begin within
four to six minutes after cardiac arrest. Every minute
that passes before help arrives dramatically impacts
whether a person will survive cardiac arrest, or not.
Would you know what to do if this happened to
a person in front of you?
First, call the oral surgery medical emergency
pager at 9-413-1143 and enter your three-digit room
number after the beeps. For example, D4-6 would be
entered as 4-0-6 and D1-17 as 1-1-7. If you are not
in the college, call 9-1-1.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, known as CPR,
should begin immediately to keep the victim's blood
circulating and oxygenated. If you are not CPR certi-
fied, call on a faculty-member or clinical staff person
to administer CPR.
Faculty, staff and students assigned to clini-
cal areas receive annual CPR training, which
includes using a heart defibrillation device called an
Automated External Defibrillator, or AED.
Early defibrillation, where an electric shock is
administered to kick-start a stopped heart back into
action, is key to the cardiac arrest victim's survival.
If defibrillation is administered within three minutes

of arrest, odds of sur-
vival are as high as 80
percent. Chances of
survival with no defi-
brillation are a dismal
4 percent.
Be familiar with
AED locations in
the college in case
you may have to
retrieve one to assist
in responding to a car-
diac arrest. AED "heart" signs on the walls indicate
locations in the clinical areas on floors 1, 2 and 3.
On the first floor, AEDs are located in Faculty
Practice, D1-14, the Pediatric Dental Clinic, D1-40,
and in the Graduate Oral Surgery Clinic. On the
second floor, AEDs are located in the Ackley Clinic,
D2-19, the Graduate Periodontics Clinic, and in
D2-17. On the third floor, look for AEDs in the
Undergraduate Prosthodontics Clinic and in D3-17.
CPR certification classes are available in-house
and elsewhere on campus. For information on
becoming CPR certified, contact Lorie Primosch at For more information
on the risk factors, signs and symptoms of cardiac
arrest and heart attack, visit the American Heart
Association Web site at

r- I

The Foundation for The Gator Nation

Cardiac Arrest:
Would you know what to do if it happened in front of you?

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