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Title: Dental direct. Fall 2006.
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FALL 2006

UFCD New Web site

Q ur college's new Web site launched
Aug. 24 to great fanfare and apprecia-
tion. The new look and easy naviga-
tion menus are a great improvement
from the old site. But creating the new design
took a lot of thought, planning and hard work
with the goal of improving the site's visual
appeal and providing effective navigation,
usability, and functionality for the college's
different audiences.
The Web redesign project oversight
committee was established in March 2005 to
develop a vision for the Web site and guide the
planning process. The committee consisted of
the dean, several departmental chairs, directors
and outside IT experts. The committee's vision
was implemented by the project work team,
which was made up of stakeholders from infor-
mation systems,
research, com-
and continuing
dental educa-
S ,tion. The work
team provided
expertise from
their respec-
tive areas to
-plan the
logistics and
resource management
of the Web site

It is crucial for UFCD to
have an effective Web site

because it is the college's

connection to the world.

The Web site provides

information for external

as well as internal users.

redesign project.
To better understand how different groups
use the Web site, the project work team sur-
veyed faculty, staff, students and patients. The
resulting information helped guide decisions
regarding what online features and information
to include in the redesigned pages.
Leslie Weinberg, our college's webmaster,
said that the new Web site contains the same
information just organized differently, and thus
it might take a while for people to get used to
it. She also said that the new Web site contains
more text to make searching for content easier
and to increase disabled accessibility.
It is crucial for UFCD to have an effective
Web site because it is the college's connection
to the world. The Web site provides informa-
tion for external as well as internal users.
Hopefully, you'll find the new Web site easy to
navigate and pleasing to use.


Leslie Weinberg, webmaster
Leslie is happy about working as the
webmaster since coming to the college
in August. She enjoys having lots of free-
dom to be creative on the Web site and
glad that everybody is excited about it.
Leslie received her degree in
graphic design from Santa Fe
Community College in 1999. She has
been working as a graphic and Web
designer ever since. She is married to
Scott Weinberg, also a Web designer,
and has a stepson, Cameron, who
started first grade this year.
Q. What's your ideal day off work?
A. It would be driving to springs with a
lot of friends and food. We would just
cook, eat and swim all day.

Q. What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
A. It would be shopping for fabric, either
on eBay or Joann Fabrics. I love to sew.
I sew little purses, bags, pajama pants
and beanbags. I am working on sewing
shirts now.
Favorite Book: All sci-fi books by Piers
Favorite TV show: Right now Project
Favorite Movie: A Christmas Story
Unknown fact: Leslie has an identical
twin! But there is not much chance of
running into her in Gainesville ... Her
twin sister just got her real estate license
and works in Alabama.


September 19 October 18
Benefits open enrollment for
employees. More information go to:
rollment.htm. The Choice Toolkit link
includes a cost estimator to help with
enrollment decisions.
Sep. 25-26
Benefits Fair, Reltz Union Grand

September 28
"Oral Cancer: A Tale of Growth and
Survival" Dr Nisha J. D'Silva,
12 p.m.- 1 p.m., Room: D1-26
October 6-7
October 26
"Dental Emergency Management at a
Children's Hospital: Twenty Years of

Data Analysis" Dr Barbara Sheller,
12 p.m.- 1 p.m., Room: D8-46
October 31
"Gene Expression Signatures in
Periodontitis" Dr. Panos N.
Papapanou, 12 p.m. 1 p.m.,
Room: DG-41
November 10
Veterans Day/Holiday!

The Foundation for The Gator Nation

I _-

from the dean

I am pleased to present the
redesigned Dental Direct staff
newsletter and introduce its edi-
tor, Emel Ozdora. Emel is the
college's communications gradu-
ate assistant, working part time
in the communications office to
produce the Dental Direct on a
bi-monthly basis. The Dental
Direct is Emel's primary respon-
sibility, and she is dedicated to
making it an interesting and use-
ful publication for college staff.
In effort to integrate college
communications, the Dental
Direct is also posted online at as part
of the college's redesigned Web
presence launched this August.
The college's newly redesigned
online home features an updated
look and enhanced interactivity
designed to become an informa-
tion resource to provide directory
info, a calendar of events and
top of the hour college news.
There is a lot of good work
taking place in the College of
Dentistry, as I think you'll agree
as you read this issue of the
Dental Direct. Take a moment to
catch up on what other college
staffers are doing, and let us
know what you think.

Best wishes

Teresa A. Dolan
Professor and Dean

The FICA Alternative Plan

PS employees have a new option in saving for
retirement with the FICA Alternative Plan.
The contribution plan is authorized under
Section 401 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code.
The plan allows temporary employees of a government
entity to deposit money into a private retirement plan
instead of Social Security. The plan has been effective since
the pay period beginning Jan. 13.
According to the plan, employees can contribute 7.5
percent of their wages to an investment account held in
their name. Previously, employees contributed to the Social
Security Administration and the amount contributed by
the employee was matched by the university.
Once a contribution has been made to the plan, the
employee will receive an enrollment and designation of
beneficiary form, and an introduction letter from Bencor,
the plan administrator. The Bencor forms are also
available on the FICA Web site located at
These forms will allow employees to choose between a
guaranteed pooled fund -an interest bearing account
and a variable investment option. If an employee does not
direct the investments of
funds, they will automatically
Sbe placed into the guaran-
teed pool fund with a
fixed rate of 3.75

Who is eligible?
Employees that
are not covered by the
university's retirement
plan and currently pay

According to the FICA Alternative Plan,
employees contribute 7.5 percent
of their wages into an investment
account held in their name.

Social Security taxes will be eligible. Adjunct faculty,
post-doctoral students, house staff and hourly and exempt
OPS employees are eligible to participate in the FICA
Alternative Plan.

Who is not eligible?
Faculty, TEAMS, and USPS employees participating
in a university retirement plan are excluded from the FICA
Alternative Plan. Students, graduate assistants, fellows,
phased retirees and rehired retirees are also excluded.

Advantages of the FICA Alternative Plan
* Participating employees are not subject to Social Security
taxes while covered by this plan, and Social Security taxes
are never due on these funds.
* Any benefits previously earned under another retirement
plan, including Social Security, will not be reduced by
participation in this plan.
* The account balance is portable and there are no admin-
istrative fees.
* Contributions to this plan are pre-tax. Therefore, the
total amount of taxes paid will be reduced. No taxes are
paid on the contributions until they are withdrawn.

For more information, visit

F '



A department or satellite clinic will befeatured in each issue ofthe
Dental Direct. This issue featured department is prosthodontics.

standard for all adult Americans. According to
a recent study, approximately 47 million people in
the United States almost one-fourth of the
adult population -wear some type of removable prosthesis.
Prosthodontics has become an important area of den-
tistry due to increasing demand caused by an aging popula-
tion and popularity of aesthetic procedures. The specialty
repairs and restores teeth lost or damaged due to disease,
injury or wear.

"Patients first need to learn how to

take care of their teeth and change

their bad habits before we can start

repairing or replacing their teeth."

Prosthodontics deals with fixed and removable prosthe-
ses. Fixed prostheses are semi-permanent placements that
include post and cores -placement of a post in the root
canal to support a crown -crowns, bridges and implants.
Removable prostheses, full and partial dentures are
designed to be placed in and removed from the mouth by
the patient wearing them.
The four UFCD prosthodontic clinics include faculty
practice, maxillofacial prosthetic services, graduate prostho-
dontics, and the pre-doctoral student comprehensive care
"Patients first need to learn how to take care of their
teeth and change their bad habits before we can start
repairing or replacing their teeth," said A.E. "Buddy"
Clark, D.M.D, Ph.D., chair and professor of prosthodon-
tics. "If they do not change their habits, the replacements
will not last for long."
Clark emphasized the prosthodontics department does
not work alone, but teams with the Parker E. Mahan Facial
Pain Center and orthodontics for facial pain problems.
Before prosthodontics can start treating a patient, peri-
odontology and operative first treat patients to address
existing disease and to educate patients about healthy oral

The graduate program of prosthodontics, directed by
Edgar O'Neil, D.D.S., M.S, clinical associate professor of
prosthodontics and program director, trains dentists to be
specialists and collaborates with the implant center in the
department of oral and maxillofacial surgery and the grad-
uate periodontology program when treating patients who
need implants.
One largely unknown service the department offers is
prosthetics to replace facial body parts through its maxillo-
facial prosthetics service. Maxillofacial prostheses are life-
like prostheses for whole parts of the head and neck
including eyes, ears and nose. This service, directed by
Glenn Turner, D.M.D, M.S.D., associate professor of
prosthodontics, is critical to the self-image of patients who
have lost facial structures to trauma or major surgery due
to a disease.
Clark defined the main challenge in prosthodontics as
teaching students the philosophy that the most expensive
treatment may not be the best for the patient.
Clark suggested that a dentist should present patients
with different options and fees, and let the patient make
the choice. "Instead of focusing on increasing income, a
good dentist should focus on building his or her reputation
as a good healthcare provider," he said.

Dr. A. E. "Buddy" CLARK
(Professor and Chair), Dr. Lucius
BATTLE, Dr. Jonathan BAXTER,
Dr. Luisa ECHETO, Dr. Josephine
Dr. Arthur NIMMO, Dr. Ajay OJHA,
Dr. Edgar O'NEILL, Dr. Steven
RILEY, Dr. Luis RUEDA, Dr. Paivi
Dr. Glenn TURNER, Dr. Boyd

Reesa DIXON, Harriet HAYES,
Michelle HOPKINS, Kunjan
KAKAR, Kelley LEWIS, Robert
MANN, Amanda MILLS, Karron
Nikki NICHOLAS, George
Amanda STEPHENS, Gary
Carrie WOODY.

> Fall Training Courses

Fall training courses are now
open for enrollment.
Information for courses may
be found at
edu/training/. Just go to the
Web site to look at the differ-
ent courses you can take.
You can achieve personal
development through taking
these training courses and
they are free of charge! Learn
how to create Web pages,
take the self defense class
offered just for women or
enroll in the life plan sessions
and make a long-term plan
for yourself. Enroll and make
a difference in your life.

> GatorJobs

There is a training course
on the upcoming transition
to GatorJobs. Employees
who initiate job postings
will want to register for this
training as soon as possible.

SSilent Auction for the University of Florida
Community Campaign. September 27,
12 p.m -1 p.m. in Room D8-46
ANNOUNCEMENTS Donations for this event can be brought
to Genene Templeton (352) 273-6747 in
Oral Surgery D7-6 or Kathy Cannon
(352) 273-5692 in Orthodontics D7-19.

Congradulations to Denise and Jim Webb!
Shane Pack, son of Denise Webb,
received a full scholarship for school
starting this fall. This is a scholarship
the university offers to 50 students each
year whose parents are UF employees.
It is something we can be proud of.



Self-study Program

In preparation for the February
2008 pre-doctoral accreditation
site visit by the Commission on
Dental Accreditation (CODA), the
College of Dentistry has established
an accreditation self-study process
to evaluate the educational process
in relation to its mission and com-
pliance with CODA standards.
"The DMD program is the
heart and soul of our college,"
said William McArthur, Ph.D.,
professor of oral biology and
the chair of the accreditation
self-study program. "Everyone,
staff, students and faculty are
major stakeholders in the program
and, their involvement in the self
study process is crucial to a com-
prehensive and complete report
for the accreditation application."
Dean Teresa A. Dolan encourages
employees to take part in the self-
study ad hoc committees listed
below. Staff members who would
like to get involved should review
the description of the different ad
hoc committees on the college's
new Web site and contact Jean
Sweitzer if you would like to be
involved. Find more information
about the ad hoc committees at

Ad Hoc Committees
Institutional Effectiveness, Admissions,
Instruction, Curriculum Management,
Information Management and Critical
Thinking, Biomedical Sciences,
Behavioral Sciences, Practice
Management, Ethics and
Professionalism, Clinical Sciences,
Faculty and Staff, Facilities and
Resources, Student Services and Student
Financial Aid, Health Services, Patient
Care Services, Research



Richard L. Cannon
Senior Biological Scientist,
Dept. of Oral Biology

Jessica M. Eddy
Dental Assistant, Endodontics
Resident Clinic

Carol Eugene
Sr. Clerk, Periodontics,
Resident Clinic

Richard L. Fansler, Jr.
HR Support Specialist,
Dean's Office


Ann E. Keating
Senior Clerk,
Dept. of Oral Surgery

Thomas Krisek
IT Specialist, IT

John M. Mosley II
Dental Assistant, Jacksonville

Meri Miljanic
Dental Assistant, St Petersgburg

Caitlin E. Miller
Biological Scientist,
Dept. of Oral Biology

Karron W. Morrow
Dental Assistant,
Student Clinic

George O. Ororbitg
Dental Assistant, Prosthodontics
Resident Clinic

Kathrina L. Virtusio
Biological Scientist,
Dept. of Community Dentistry
and Behavioral Sciences

Leslie V. Weinberg
IT Expert, Webmaster, IT

0o mor

The Foundation for The Gator Nation

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