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Title: DoHM newsletter. September 2008.
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Title: DoHM newsletter. September 2008.
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Publication Date: September 2008
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1st Annual DoHM Family and Friends Picnic

Special points of

* 1st Annual DoHM
Family & Friends
* DoHM reports
* September Babies
* Hospitalist Humor

On September 13, 2008, the Division of Hospital
Medicine will be hosting its first annual family and
friends picnic. The picnic theme is football. Please
wear your favorite colors or sports paraphernalia of
your favorite college or pro team. Soccer is included
in the football theme.


Sept 13, 2008



RSVP: Tanya Capehart 904.244.7024 or Felixia
Colon 904.244.4963

We look forward to
seeing you there and
meeting your family and

a _W


Bartram Springs Clubhouse

1450 Cherry Lake Drive East

Jacksonville FL 32258

Inside this issue:

Personal Leave

CHF clinical update

This Month's events

Ask Dr House

Journal Club

Getting to know you

DoHM Reports/Report Cards

2 Hospitalist report cards are the newest productivity measurement tool used to track and trend measures specific
to hospital medicine. Performance indicators such as average length of stay (ALOS), average number of admis-
sions/discharges per shift, patient satisfaction scores and case mix index are all common measurements that are
3 used An electronic version of our report cards can be created through idashboards, In
our division folder, under the Reports folder, we currently have average length of stay
3 for the pavilion and clinical center and our admission data report. These reports display
3 the performance indicators at the division level. However, by the end of 2008, each phy-
sician will have their own individual reports folder, located within our division folder
that will contain your own performance indicators. These folders will only be accessible
to the individual physician and Dr. House.


Is M N st

Personal Leave

September babies:

September 2

Dr. Kodali

September 22

Dr. Aung

September 26:

Dr. Asistores

For the July Division Chief's meeting, physicians' personal leave was one of the main topics. Just
for a friendly reminder, each year, all UF faculty receive 22 days vaca-
tion (accrual of 6 769 per pay-period), 14 days sick leave, 4 personal
days also known as TEAMS days (TEAMS days not available until
after December 1) and 1 homecoming day. For any conference you
attend, vacation leave must be used for CME days unless you are pre- .
senting or you're an officer at a function held during the conference.
Our division encourages you to use your 22 days paid vacation leave
within the fiscal year. Currently, our division is suitably staffed for
physicians to utilize their personal leave. Felixia Colon has created a
spreadsheet that will track your personal leave time and the month you utilized those hours. A mini-
mum of a six to eight week notification is needed for all personal leave. Physicians only need to
submit time for the weekdays, therefore, for an entire month of leave, twenty days will need to be
submitted if leave is taken for the entire month.

CHF Clinical Documentation Clarification

As part of the Clinical
Documentation Program,
this is a Clarification Note
introduced in the record by
the Clinical Documenta-
tion Specialists, if the
Heart Failure Descriptor
and Acuity (acute/chronic/
both) are not documented.
The Note serves
for reminding the doctors
to be as specific as possi-
ble, so the documentation reflects the
right "Clinical Picture." This will assist
with correct reporting of Severity of

This Month's Events

stl \

Illness / Risk Adjusted Indicators used nationally in rat-
ing the hospitals' and the doctors' quality of care. Hard cop-
ies of this form is located in our division office.

Every Wednesday

12:00pm/LRC Audito-

Grand Rounds

Itinerary of topics and
events will be posted in our
office. Friendly reminder
page will be sent to the
physicians on site on Wed.

Sept 3 & Sept 19, 2008

Tower II, 10th floor

Mandatory Provider Edu-
cation Training Session

This is a mandatory meet-
ing that all providers must
attend each year. Those
scheduled for September
3rd session:
Drs. Ayvazyan, Htoo,
No one is scheduled for
9/19 session

September 16, 2008

September 27, 2008

12:30/7th fl Conference 1:30/Morgan Conference



Journal Club

Presenter for the month of
September is Dr. Mughal.
Friendly reminder page
will be sent to the physi-
cians on site that day.

Division Meeting

Open Forum discussion of
issues that impact your
work at UF & Shands is
also included on the

SPage 2


Ask Dr. House

Does the responsibility of sign out fall
on the incoming or outgoing physician?
The incoming physician is responsiblefor initi-
ating contactfor sign-out. Ideally, this should
be done early in the afternoon when the outgo-
ing physician has had time to evaluate all of
his/her service and make a disposition on all

What substantiates a good progress note
from an excellent one? A good progress note
should be comprehensive with a clear management
plan. It should contain all of the elements of the tra-
ditional "SOAP" note. The physical ideally should
contain at least a total of12 bullets from 2 or more
systems. The assessment and plan should address all
active medical issues, their stability, and contain an
clear plan of action. A good progress note also ac-
knowledges the discharge plan as well. Lastly they
should not only be dated, but timed as well.

August Journal Club


Saw Po, M.D.

Topic: Diet and Hypertension

Article: "Potassium, Magnesium,
and Calcium: Their Role in Both
the Cause and Treatment of Hy-
pertension." Mark Houston, MD,
MS; Karen J. Harper, MS,
PharmD. Journal of Clinical Hy-
pertension, July 2008.

Summary: Hypertension remains
as an important public health
challenge despite the advances in

treatment and medications. Die-
tary therapies to assist with the
reduction of hypertension include
reduced sodium intake, increased
potassium intake and increase in
unprocessed fruits and vegetables.
The DASH diet, which includes a
diet rich in fruit and vegetables
and low in saturated fats, was
found to be effective as an initial
treatment of isolated systolic hy-
pertension. In conclusion, most
Americans have double the
amount of sodium in their diet and
half the potassium. In theory, if

Americans can increase their potas-
sium intake, the number of adults
with known hypertension may de-
crease along with lifestyle changes
such as exercise and salt restriction.

Getting to know you...Michael

Full Name: Michael Hernandez

Place of Birth: Boynton Beach, FL

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Italian

Something Unique about you: I have six siblings living in Jacksonville

Place you would like to visit: Nicaragua to go fishing

Michael Hernandez, MD

SPage 3

Dr. Jeff House, Division
Chief Hospital Medicine

M ison o Hopita Medcin

Division of Hospital Medicine The Division of Hospital Medicine has an established team of highly
655 West 8th Street qualified, specially trained, experienced providers. Our team works in
Jacksonville FL 32209 partnership with various entities within the hospital including special-
Phone 904-244-7024 ists and case management.
Fax 904-244-4799
E-mail hospital medicine@jax ufl edu

"Hospital Medicine is a service that allows the physicians
to optimize and provide seamless patient coverage"
-Dr. House, Division Chief Hospital Medicine

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Hospitalist Humor

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