Marshall Jones Hearings. Subcommittee hearings


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Marshall Jones Hearings. Subcommittee hearings
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University of Florida. Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure.
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Academic freedom
Jones, Marshall B.
Jones Sub C. Feb 3 '68
University of Florida
College of Medicine
Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure
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Alachua -- Gainesville -- United States -- History -- 20th century


This collection of recordings documents a series of closed hearings on the case of Marshall B. Jones held by a subcommittee of the University of Florida's Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure. Jones was a Professor of Psychiatry in the College of Medicine who was denied tenure by President J. Wayne Reitz. Jones had been active in anti-war and civil rights activities. The hearings were held on five different days and recorded separately. The first hearing occurred on Saturday, February 3, 1968 in Little Hall. The subcommittee heard a petition submitted by Dr. Jones on December 19, 1967 in which he alleged that he was improperly denied tenure and that he wished to have the committee hear his case. Dr. Paul Hanna was the chair of this subcommittee and oversaw the proceedings. There were two speakers for the University and two for Dr. Jones. Dr. Hayford O. Enwall, who spoke for the University and was the first speaker, was the only one identified. Recorded by Dr. Jack Plunkhouser. Total running time - 02:01:31. The second meeting was a pre-hearing conference on February 20 and included counsel for the University and counsel for Dr. Jones. The meeting started with the chair stating that the motions and other matters presented to the subcommittee would be addressed. All of the details which related to the upcoming hearing to take place on February 27 were presented. These included under what rules or acts the hearing would be guided, the depositions from Dr. Reitz, Dr. O'Connell, and Dr. Jones, whether or not the hearing would be open or closed, the location, and procuring a court reporter. At the conclusion of the conference most matters were resolved. Total running time - 02:01:46 The third meeting on February 27 was called to seat a hearing panel in conformity with the University of Florida Constitution and the Senate By-Laws. Once this was accomplished the panel heard arguments for an open hearing and then other business was taken up by mutual agreement of both parties. After a series of questions put to the proposed panel by Dr. Enwall the panel, consisting of Paul Hanna, V.W. Clark, John Greenman, John Baxter, and Arthur Combs, was seated. Recorded by Arthur Daniels of the Teaching Resource Center. Total running time - 01:51.17 The fourth meeting on March 26, 1968 was to hear a motion by University counsel to dismiss the petition of Dr. Jones. Representing the petitioner were Professor Stanley Loflin, Leslie Levinson, Sanford Katz, and Leroy Landborn. Representing the University were Professor Hayford Enwall and Dean Robert J. Farley. The University argued that Dr. Jones' refusal to answer all questions put to him by University counsel was grounds for contempt. The representatives for the petitioner countered that the hearings were not a court of law and that the designation of "contempt" was inappropriate. They also argued that some questions posed by the University (such as Jones's membership in various political organizations) were not relevant. Only part of the meeting was successfully recorded. The second tape of the meeting is inaudible. The recording was supervised by Mr. Arthur Daniels. Total running time - 01:38:06 The last meeting was held on April 9, 1968. As introduced by Hanna the business of this hearing was to hear arguments for the petitioner's motion for summary decision. Professor Loflin presented the arguments for the petitioner and Professor Enwall followed for the University. Many of their statements had been presented in one form or another in the prior hearings. The hearing was adjourned after Dr. Hanna stated that the subcommittee would issue its decision at a later date. Recording was supervised by Howard Huseman of the Teaching Resources Center. Total running time - 01:43:48
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Reel audio recording, Mono Mirror Image Sound Studios (Gainesville, Fl)

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