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Iwm. Cal Itr DCMU C !Era: acid the eccreTjioaia
,. The example will be ap7rACl by vtonon woar e > I Collar Buttons
The. religaoo arc!* accepted Gal's with oa every woter.t KQa Cruces sue. :1.0::<:'1' iifvwt.-c, toe coartczxji -

Y G a great incentive for other counties Bpct bows hers! saariay aDd S
to bond for this purpose.In day.. Kev. E. .A. Hiieijarsa aId Pay.era. nenatKC*. wept O..Lnd a iaisasun in pretsreue I ANDUptoDate
.'..". "' -..-..-..-. ............. -...... -r.-...-r".0"- -- .-.. I I loan cf ere of tae bnisrzfil u: coast Tie Clasps etc.
The *Lo* cf V L
: rat SHtfJ ni IW A.
DI L. had ,
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IJftftd aograt prrtcaarye gored rar- a- : T'.m:
1 bar b !tif; tie l-ci tnt bat!
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his candidacy for the 8I1OGoLW. I btt;" the ccdTtaia: ,a: m.twyiiyemaecm
ba putcpuoni. to toe tlnl oe "i"omas foorf
.. .. : and our 1a4e- : it ready. Lirej
i A. B pl r 1. c reiLaaS and apitatwt I
United States senate. the Hon. of the anti. of tiu car ftreoet cf toee&arcori f chest cite j -
a.ve sa.xred oar Wane
of h'tiTtTt City Ho WM tt Co reran cal *. At list I p.es..r.
W. A. Blount will be a strong &lat week in eca excae with CoL B B. =slier; the ata.5.U! euiccoo. of cGoere ; '"i:1;: taus pieMre acid pride in
Miei.ebew. They went to D -Laa>i SMBni L"s .'!Q' ;r.a.- they rarie: to -
factor in the fight. He is out :n be tat oa. loaxtil' cf rcSoz the, .
un tavern;as a Gss.eevt a and
TTlutT natural bcra tyeryrsmase
are top of tae eO.". i ra ri ulr4 '
name.!: hew en : ;
with a declaration of principles roanlse. >rt of Sure Feiieraan ot W oaan'i'I; wbor.PrerDIent! .i BZIeT! ad G. A. DREKA & CO.
acan: have! ou to tae conrecto
oa DeLand Fla.
; which hare the right ring, Mrs. Jeanie C Smith accr..mpazWd Oab. ,rasa.ou ooa.u.J cue.
j/ A by her AImS Mesa Story J lsell: o< Crew Mr. C&arb L. Bocera and!taI fAwr-! ,
that will to the
principles appeal It bt u..ws.-zlg !l.C.I-ym to all ourfipui
amt Oty. wu ia Ui. heal town San
a-Law Mr. Tiies-na were !beta tie
democracy of the state. day TUIUI relxarea. They are !k*>ddy: C rrt of the we i( m>H>G3i; XsbrothevI R.xOr.o.I, : her ta DeLoad teas mid spieniii I PHONE 224 \
aiDT awn.: at beat: eirrwd f.jrwirlwT3aoo
down wits tae harnarfcHt of ardor bn&yttcm < H. E-it-ra ef i anPort. !
of : the a.tri: ofpjeinoa: anal
On bio return from the West aMTiMiin CIIaL ta rc. a* wad a* Jut !bnchrr.:
,wtia tar d: : jar- ct arson oc the
The Ficima KhixJ M pro naaamcely ILa.t eDeca.. oraae r>p Ftirrse arIke ...
4.w President Taft WM given a very with Ha S-JK PATC. u a popolar pam. He. aoi: }(z. Thnmpr!! 'a anea car of aH cu eicxtot.A

hearty reception through Georgia ewes;.-( and Siva J ane Baker a- ilaIac. ot New Jeeey '::Sy asr oanaag cf the z cera. eccisiitte I
LKaat. Tby nod nu.ar.1 bow to teas hose from watt ..: .....a. wier Mrrnijcnttx : wee head :art Fruiar. evening ia Jo>i eiCrrr Contention of Churches of Christ ia x
last week and every Georgian the ehiMreo:;. to OTT* to teach a bitter > tu j-htinf a Urr tLtataaoo. : x. : 's offii-* It wee wee attetue and be meet aDd tm tahii: .tut of oar people ia the: Florida. I
residing in Florida feel proud of power to boy aW rr'AID Trey ruxned :0 toe: KoruTaeaiay 3:
liDe. Baal wrt of propamg for sale eooa The eighteenth; annual convention of I. A. bfcJua:
his native state for the hospitality i- vea7.a 4'sws ;.4Ker at. ea. *Ocarirearecu the dbczpli of the various Churches of R. C. 8usbnII
Dr. J. R. Felt aa eminently !air man )(r. aoi Jtr Caz-.ltalr.. was !savebeer Bl
1 1i it extended to the chief aDd )***'*.f payactan ot kmponiiia. ....y aide: ..r.v ta-ymtr. are. !OC anew c:A3 '* 00/01. Cint in the star of Florida convened / A. ERICKSON .
& CO.
fir !
f3S ue eccTsarkiti iomo ezt ufeatxreof.nerssomrnl ia thi The day. Nov. 8 That day. el
+ executive of our Pa.. aged u> til Ecapona boos Let atttuag ta the ;antes: held:. Xw Firtotaoath city
'r great wee__ Opt P. P. Felt their bar of b>'11'21f.:1 C. ha* had a sass ... ....... ; better rulrcad t duiu being set a.Me for the presentation
countl1'.1 new loaaager G. T. UnH met him oa plot rest tr-.ru. .*J. I-ICB: (israg hervaeaaoo o.aa'II"1. wide f aciicity. etc. of tae wore of the aonliane of the rw..w.. ... __ .
If the trucking stud gaga plank and took Aim ri,thtobircm bat hp.e iCGIi to resume her Tae eaasiKee:: oa pcaixeiiy and cor-' Corauaa: Woman Boast of :Munon. r..a..t..nWe

to haw otf to ail :JOG mnatpafades.is. work *d toe rn-ac corrw ondtfas! of crcdence. Prof :Saarve.:;I : eha.rasa. the meeting wa called to order by the mmA
i wr ; state continues to Increase. it the It'torl from tarn 3lm aait her nara wi li meet: ai J-W next Friday aftercoonat Kate president. Mrs F.1. Loogdon.Jr Wish to Call

has the past few years it will, in Cape<< D. B. Blunt a *at for toe to the wore: w..:l be wuismwd b? toe cffici! of Jiiif9 i L. UcCrory, ia of DeLaz>>. :Mrs.: E. '. tartan (PoLand A
Southern C. ieeord reelerr &oit ma :a.n-I.IJ: froaiac toe court: : 1Ia:cites The caaimua: has in )led an eaneet! devotional exercise
Exprc Compaar. aDd A.BOOOMOO. 1
t its immensity and remuneration trarelSag: aodilor for tae A, : ***rises dsn ir theonly *n>nmf .w e rid a Lirjs ao aoer of very re nwaLa'oxferal aaa btoagat! grwanr from the First :M. Your Attention to Our Line ot'

to the trucker, exceed that of C. LBaUro1.. were here iart work oceaiaoaAay test roe rep m CiJICh! nCa.IW fo> wiui him ia E. church: the W. C. T. C through
Y1a W. T. alien cheek with home tnacar JI& arscwr. feacor of Dot- }{n.. xccrxjX:1mc In to* welcome.
cnenuu out aDd
1a, the fruit or any other industry ing ia W. W. Tedder, ant tae wire Local wviely known: ia every viCaje Mri. Loo ioa's adireon wu followed by Star and Richmond Pianos ,
e er
in Florida. It U a quick money bare been pSicai back ia coacsderaaoa af.atSergi. amt heart tY-.agcat: Floral and tam f.-ra from Mrs T. E Arnold (De- amimmm
of I hU efieieneT +ittvf the la.'n&ncm:: of the etry to Lied>ant. Mrs. F. L- RealmTampan(
ere a telegnp& .
amp Bad all portions of the state aDd bier ooiid aDd operator wl !cf tii* ceatioers Gad. iiou.yn. aDd ccrrei .iodingsecretary aad litaiuittMn. Now in
aiaaaen coarteow
g > on display
are engaging; in the bnsines. sen.al tnar_ ami auaimera aad toev W. H. Coietaac (Ocala) tnpenntead -
treatment ta*pumas H the eaata ot Mrs. C C Alram. ef;a amn.L r. !h '
+rv 0II1JH' the. of atof the
people tuooghoat yocaig peopi* dpartcaeat. Our
rem nu old back. WareroomsThey
cetnni poamoa viattinx bar sent Mr.. J. x. Som.
she store wren an reed cf the work and
T. Waller fca been ptocooted to amsng to advaae a r jort re- WBJ
Take the newspapers as a : with las Southern Ezprca Ox.a ponto. We are terry to note the SHaim tt XT u* scat*'s .io. cnaal isterxKi. This yjf tr Ian tee eaarefae. in a persist J

whole in Florida and they ont- W ). Streets wbo H q-Eti ca.ia5r we. III rxag to be a rat oeecag. and the dasher auuc *i by the board, Miami represent true value for your money.

Brothcr H- B. Powell identifled with Mr aad Mrs JL W. Pnee. ft Ptenxt.. 01 oiaii:nt m publicity wiU bar toe Mot Clts:a.receive Boo gnibou of the We sell them on EASY
: class, in makeup the news they la* J. E. Byrd & Son well equipped were ta sows Welaeoiiay &f UM ween. f2: lax irasim cf taa* paper and will *:
give and the good they do for saral ctore plant: at Tnrpeat Cttr. ionseles* !have the fit: sycre. ay cfITT ;laoellt.e uc of Tampa. Ocala aadOews -_..-...----.--..------.-.---_____.____.___________ __....
lets Thanday 10.nat BM fame bone )fro say Mrs. W. B. Mo t. f. cf Bryoevffi atunsa of sibs roil
eUy TiiieconnM ; :: : *oa the aaewr The feature of
+w their state. those of any state in m b........... and aacwer roD oil m *. are vwicn tits parau Mr. aoii !taw a fag W'1rir to dui fx De Land the ..:n.i-. was UHa.llnMrA Mn.Idaii. NEW HOME

this country. The newspapermen Aural ladjgf So. 2W: F. A: A. M. ud Mrs Sua Varae as w-i: a* for Gut stoat as UrytTa Barmoa lf-l W.30. Ky.X vieereen'ent SEWING MARINES

lake: ia Uws ainaip and aatomotale Mr. all Mrs. C C H criaz sat cniiren ; ocher! encuus_ar a3 te y web ; d the aal:1ftal Vrd Ado On<

of Florida are hustlers; theyare race ant tee She large Uzoar of folk left Taaiday of this week for tuir inn pa.***cf tae v.:rz of cnf ll.ooIL: ;

doing a great work for the sad th. tweli. elegant banquet to Frew- home: ia Amenctu. G*. Is M Lai>a-acve :tar however. that the: were fi owed by '"'t1Ie Quiet Boar" a .. '
dent Taft any bear .. kifatnoa eere- Mr*. Bins Ashley ant a lady frieal. cacuaiaee oa :jaicciry eta.u at air truly RxnrsU cyift. by dire J. JMw. ---- -----------------------------------------.. nil
state, their incomes are not monies aad nIl, around IM''fTurnm. (torn IVr- jn. wer to.... TueVsy of rrom-dy sad ;..sa eCrriveiy. II Is Sa.t: ,.I&caIcioI-:: '. .'. I. Londoo was Iwo

commensurate with the arduous .weet 'later sad jofcany cake.bat ;jampiiwt skis work ending oa himfnvMr W ceI, hrers tied t. aren sax a.c. n-titc-.M prenleat. Mrs. E. T. Walker EDISON { PHONOGRAPHS } VICTOR coal t

work they do. But while Jeooiopbate. ran! for Precedent Dora Or- sat caildrea. of ins fnlay n i aaj as Jiiift XtCrxy'sOf a I:C-..iar Keyti. vice-president and super- two

tl theyare Taft.; be> i* a. tug malligaa t hard.justeaeily Boca Grande. are nouns her tout. :* nay b*large sod:Gas aZl: Trttt have (iateodeat at bone) deparuaeat; :Mrs T. ----------.----.----. ...
brother Powell. Z. -- ---------------- (
in the business aar : been Arnold
for a living, K Crs, Raymond. Cowart, near town tavs&td may dabs pev-anI so cGet aecrMary. lot!

; they. do the work with_ crest_ To the rood party that mad the () aws.s are boiU' amwai' r- tkiaruouk Woe. beljrzl_KLu faanit.. .aaiicocuune so.aeum.aa.am .. x arg$: st Stock of dsgrgrid e,
u complaint oecaaoe w*failed to des pout si a rapid rate there days,. few ;;xaac. w-. u cat oareue tae The Cacpca pod bastnew ha* n_
1ty cheerfulness take a pride in the aa item o
growth and prosperity of Florida principal. we will aar that we knew :Mi*.* Steal :Marta as stoat goer, next two IIOIUII&! tie tm*. the rxna to Bev. .. Howard & HARNESSIn
nothing at aU of the happening. Bat Co.. eat that sum moved: into it thi rruhate!
t and her citizens. Were it not of th*Senile aehoot. speat Sstsslsy ad the County.
old Daa-ha wee* Ti
.et.atrre* been endeavoring new building adjorniaz willIe
for her newspapers the state to learn by intuition for 50 rears toe Sunday ia Orange City with boeo. fataMrs. -. Vesper Serrke. ready for the:. tam bv .I.... L X Ewe 1

would not be enjoying that taings with the stsioa of G. A.Braddoefc. err G!org* andlagater I .
,. f prosperity a clairvoyant c1a OeraMiae. of Setttc&aa. I>r. A. A. Mirpar**. rsT7rTjirt cf the fih nf Smith the latter part of the 'WrtWM.
.4 that is her good fortune witch-craft( vtderte soldier picket arevmtoag Stare Cmvwar, nt Pasta. to expecteda west returned froia G-orzia with one
her mother. )(n..J. G.
1 po.c..s. .poa. IflM* foot high I observatory : PbppedMc W. C. MeRale. Ysa
+M4Y. today. DLaa4 to deliver ta* nxl vc rSiMrem 1 charred wits. wife de- it .
bat sail we only know things era! Mr. W. P. Irrmof Jaeksoa- at 1 p. na at the. asmnuy.erTb.* stem has had a warrant 8
when people ten them to.. Sow if ville peat Ute latter part of lax week: eiinwsm Sr.da.Not. 14. Dr.E: for /km for several Kwath. finally ,
ere rean. -
sf, There is) an awakening in educational the party bad called* over the phone ia towa. gaeau of Mr. sad Mrs W. H.McBrid Dr. Marpon Dr.Hof ey. Capes Dana; fcua ia AtZaata. H:. prelims hrte
or written a*a ha the local coraplaiaed *. 'a; trill
Y.; matters tin Lynch and Saps Hoiwwar. with ry peadrog before .J1Id.Rle ;;
throughout of woold sarety hare found it* way Into Preaehinjnest Sonday at U a. m.ad others !have DM eogxcki ia aa edi- Crory. (
Florida; all the people are taking la*AlW -fool Bogging of Yankee Do UeBLaxaad .. 7 p ... ia the Metaolut eharca.B ca'aoeul rally ca,11e: ,; one states "A toe hna

fi a deep interest in it. The agitation ma watcher.ma: th* *... J. A Dan deaare aa raemb' il rlwmJ: Caopr. 'a." Test wiU;; be merry ,

; t will mean better schools, s echo sews and fneads to attend. h* nbrect tlIJ1.t text raper. Ia ea** 5- -I kool,

better teachers longer school Major J. P. Mac of Laka Helen th* Mlle Battle Bnddoek ba returned Jr. Marpart M react a to b* preaeat.r : Ubri,
renerat manager of the Yoiaau Cooaty boo after rpeoding the saminar JI1IariGca. >r e I WOULD YOU I1
terms) and better and bweeer tear
a more Lltra Fair sab Exchange was ia Ta, with her brother aad air Eke to hve yotir' laaadry work "
cultured citizenship. As to state thaw diggiag last week ia eoaferenc* ter- .... Mr. aad Mr*. B. Brad-lock. .bra given that PrBKtleat Marcan* don. ia Draw-Knives dudS 1>
educational institution. Stetson wub the aafociation baMlinirJ( mann Maw T. 3. Xwman and A. A. witl be oa band to deliver the.Eeantaly "atblet a carafe manner,

University", located at DeLand zen bit aad ariEopona.; Maya' :Mac F irgaKMi were vaauaoaed to DeLaadthi i. ianie to be pnamt. clean. aantary sarrooadinga. to

is taking B advanced standin tonne these aMooaiioM bad began week to -.... oa the grand ann Cota aad bear what .. being done for deCvcred to youpenpdt I
very optratiOB They bad ahipped two edaeaooo fa tie stat. Yaw will: hear ,1 I'bdo
car while at
time )
the work o( educating; the load* and they ntlmale land>u K 1OU *-- se.tjMuerrshe toms ng bring thiag that: win 11IIrpriM y...... Tsuedaeauoeal want iI and say yon Pockel-Knives[ tadYOLIiSIA
at Jl t
youth of our state. The fact that > b-ne ia the Piemo paekiag-aoai#. phy.Ics.ay.br to tan a*a jaror. raOy ia itrmag the Kat Iran a nanmalilj I

it had a total enrollment of 681 and ta* independent paeUag-boawa ... one end tn the ocher. D-.Land wa pant. T t t t t Azes ere fats: ***-Bits or Chlaela I .
bare been raining maeome. omitted frees doe list of ptaec tobevuitol. 'Thee patrutu th Saws
abipciiag Plaaet-Hammus
last year is) an evidence of the It aU !L } or Screw-drivers-
mostly grape/roil.: Tae exeeUent eeere- Osteen.Mr. win evaieatlr that
fine work it i* doing:: along educational toy Gad trenearer Fred Hagatrom any DtLaad did not read it. DEUND STEAM UUXDRY best rfhTEL tool-eo long as the very _

lines. Its 49 teachers EmU Onnter went to Jack ouril. last may U fbnnd'nmong the fiononsi

are the .best to be had, Bad the week: and had ana* needed eqorpmenta s..r..L.Arthur 0I&eea speat Monday ia Pone '''. Fonatara'a. W ctrl for L PHONE 84

.; in arranged for the exchange pukiagaaduiog preca Tar alt and deliver proaoptly. ......
equipment all department is
Mr. :Robert Walters. of DeLaad.
machinery for the aaiociat_* was f
aU that can be desired by lume. It will then hare aa modem ia 0.ten ttt wee*. Ku/I KUf1&R

tadenU. They 'get the best to 1 improrementa. all of which i it under Mr. E. L. Ditto of Eaterpriee. sport THE MARSH MARKET 0 : .D

be had...,. 1 the aaperriMoa of B. .1.. ITiitirn. H. Ust. Friday *-. 0 -,
?"." I........ and Fred Bagatram. Haw Mia Matti Qrteea DII:
retained -. We handle Its best meat to be had both
fond -
icon sad Gate :-
abopnrchaeedwaleriBgpUnta has DeLaad bee wee*. ana QUALITY TOOLS -

,: He Volosia Circuit.Court. Gaeta for the Hagatrom aad Mm Pan Lardy wa over from Saafordtnr Western. We can supply you with the choicest eaU of MM.KUTT met. N rho atgummb-00 *ioo- ,, II,
grows l q i
taw dad. kant taw -- the best
Ta fall term of Val.... CXreaitTaeaday Jake Oad> trouser overall that buoy --- -m-- --- -- raying:: m oar line. Ooaneoas attention and R you au bay at yprice7soZtt U tJ,

'I (Seas aesvw.d with Jadg heart- Hello therm. CaI>>f.I. ll Mr. Georga Cunaiaaifiii... of T..... delirery Give us next order. prompt whkanyotheeteoLyowa Forha. Rk'Hoe 1 ." atlon together I.'-
Jas pn.Id."tT'hs' grand... petty Pattfllov the Dan Tucker bill: dobbtr..- spent. -.1da,* .ben hMtweakwuh' your O1 Shovel*. t e

rfranam1ahw1 la* weak, ___ ...._earl ok with thanks ernral XL A.C. o.c-. MARSH BROTHERS taw & ''LOy-Pooka. OnsMbean. Any

i... ...i Jar orgaaiaed with B. dar.....carrying it* whoopee harrah )f,.sad Ura. Fbarr. of Ailaata. are DeLand P.bom or Held. t-l

Co Br.b.dt r.J..adjoon.d:yea for the VetoafaCbaatyBecord aDd th* vWtfag the latter pareacs Mr. aDd 'Q I
,h.vkg....... a less' Pleraoa pea efI wabobr. Now bet...- Mr J.A. PatrJDo.Bar. Tong Jstwwa i U

i' tenytpi.w ti..sgro aano. -.. .......... with a 1Iaad-se..... I wID deaenJIe .U. F. Harrla. pastor af the Methharea. Lai t.eakraureaa ,
sired wui atr>YtSb. that Hoax.Malllgan Oaard odIa& "
:, fatigue nn* preached here Sunday .
...1i'i ....... _11I tosres.d Cora that cover a heart a*tog mvima muainf and sveoiag.Mr. BOld Cu/i\ber/ \ Compagy} *>s. s

I'1'' .. th* Waahiactoa mnim a>. aa4 woveralls Millard FatUlla of FortOraage.ram r
no. Chats. a* wean BOX thoa i
( eoaeL wyro are BtU
". ._aewe kpi sgpJo.t ...... eroa eyed, rainbow hail By tog that u.*with over..Wednewlay... faIk. to aoand .oese c WDJ quote yo.Prk-bd.oua4 arrtI..ppJy yews, frees th dr yardsssear tile depot ..1,0 a

( _.I tat .... to, ..*.. pbmd only .., ....tn.I- a' with bat eypres.and y
sootherfl baa i
". w.. era baaa Udomd Mr. T. Lv Oateaa and ?hoeso
.A'.ari.a w"aid.gocb vimr Volaate wire *r rDel..t for a twoday' Lumber ( Sale by .
to ia coanty than flooring Ceiling could
E' .. fellow baa with Mrs Kirby 0.1& .-.. igs WATTS & MILLER CO.
._msef.s-v.... fa r.iH .- ,.... tan wb fathom and wean the ,
1IIIr1alr. ..oily: So. M overalla. wit* aa spas that WcJr.... Safer..prat arv. ft'L!_ 1__ .. .,. _. ,
.. 11.1 aft_ took ...rbn* to th ehia.and that lion Cade rat day her. Irk work vtattiag ilk allll2A:; LmJ EC.LI to
;, -. 4L C. s.,...... .......- only weigh 140 pond bath daatghtar.( Mesa J. If.AOmaa.Mr A In( dares '
R .5.. ,W..t wn Utrs looka a* big to a* old araUigaagaard *. A. T. FattUlo nIID'UoI' Friday IA8ber, BuDdisg Gad litre&1ct4 Cc.e.te ter. pnrytlydelIveiet sI..,a hula before 5105.dna W.8.i.rd.v Tom Hay, orient DeLand's Its delivery -

aa FresWent Taft *ad .. a* froaa Atlaata. Oa. wbar_the ... bore LywYue.fa tic dry I bat b. 'lie g.. ...._ Th. gasoline' I mall earner .la np and sbnnt
AwuA ilr9t ..'.A ...... ... .panaaraaoM Jim C daeU,..a* heart: .wuac her -. Dr. Lortck FaniDa, .. 1:1&: EI80 toot tree 1. 1M is., or tbp from a protracted WDarlalJ buslcknea
**OioTr, Ovrelaad. a*topnto a*.. T-"". -_ ...... ..... .....-.. under IIIade qatt.. If r. Carl Broka.....aa..blUto .

,>" W with BlUe cIaaaw ....... oonttpl baa ban making tha rooad for Mr.Hay .

.. *.

..11>n, ,ri.,
__&___ ---,"- .,------


r 'e'"Rr,''" .. '"'I'.A ''''''_ ''''I''''''';''''' .,;

.. .,


.. C.. _; :-._= :: ; :IF.A.GKHI: 3
-:' : : :. -- _'- "_ 1 d. ". 0'

-- I";'Ytiu ., '" .- r ,,;, ;- -----;----- -- -;-;- --
CetaVp I

Simon/ Pure No. With a Lame Back? RECALL OF RANCont..yo .

,\I 1 .y Botw.en Soorttary Knox
Ii i Sidney Trouble Makes You MlseraW and the New, Minister to China.

{ FOR I Almost everyone knows of Dr.Kilmer'a The recall of Charles 1C Crane just If You WoMlBuy! for Yourself---

I Swamp-Root the great kidney, liver and as be was nbout to take the steamer
11.1[ jr |. bladder remedy be- for China where he
was to
=- *"5* Ik causa,of ita remark i united
,; FaApplication/ I III able health Stulua ambassador and his removal _

Iii 1 11 properties. restoring Swamp Knox have from that office by Sem-tary Take One or Two for the Children
a diplomatic
4 la Root fulfills almost stMisatlon -

OU: WANT TO BE SURE You An'ttiam' I every wish in overcoming In Washington such aa has not
rheumatism, seen since the Sackvlile-West affair
.1 IIVO!: your order for full aplli<,ullnn. T.I Ktfow I 1 pain in the back kidneys In Cleveland's administration. One

you are right, is to order SIMON PURE goods, I, and every, liver part, bladder of the of Mr. Knox'a Crane's principal resignation reasona was for that demanding I I We have just listed over fifty beautiful

Sold by E. O. Painter Fertilizer Co. Jacksonville Fia. -: --. urinary passage., It the latter bud been Indiscreet In obtaining I
------ I hold-water and, scalding corrects pain in inability passing to Information from tho state Building: Lots, ranging: In price from
partment which be surmIsed
t or bad effects following of IIquqr.-wl..e was I

Our VVareliousd at DeLund, in charge of or necessity beer, and of being overcomes compelled that unpleasant to go often Japan's be used domination as a busts of of a Manchuria protest de-I $100 to $2,000 each, l located in .a strictlyWHITE

T. E. ARNOLD. through- the day. and to get no. _many m_. gave -It- tn n- Chicago nonrannnnM__"_"M" 1.. .
times during the night. also said there were many other rea- section within block .
of .
)has a good supply) of fertilizers for you for quir-.k orders. I Swamp-Root is not recommended for sons for Mr. Knox's action. one .

See I everything but it you have kidney.liver Much Incensed by this statement or
him and get a bag. I I or bladder trouble, it will be found suet
the remedy you need. It lies been thor Mr. Knox and refusing to accept the city water, electric lights and paved

tested in private practice,and has
prove so successful that a special arrangeinent .
has been made by which all street. Only four blocks from the Post-

.__ readers of this paper, who have not already .
--- n ., tried it, may have a sample bottle 1f
Office. Your choice while
sent free by mail, alao a book telling they last. .

IDEAL FERTILIZERSare more about Swamp-Root and bow ,to.
findoutifyonhavekid- *>
nevorbladdertrouble.a ""-

j When writ ing mention JIt=:lml::_. Get line at Plant dollars in
nowREPRESENTED reading this generousC'.iI.W.s =.. in once. your one
offer in this paper and

AT send your address to two of these Beautiful Home Sites and
DELANDby Dr. Kilmer & Co., Hm e.....,.*.... or .
Binghamton N.Y. The regular fiftycentand

all druggists.one-dollar Don't size bottles make any are mistake sold by Reap a Handsome Profit in the Near FutureTERMS

MR. J. L. but remember the name, Swamp-Root.
NUCKOLS Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the address. -

.Binghamton,N.Y.,oa every bottle.< .

-- ulv r ,sf : Cash or Time, 1o Please Customer "ASK CHAPMAN1

It la nselHga to |rtvui1 to INTRODUCE: a person ii is often ,,'omaobo |UHIJIUH! : us

so well known H, is MU NUCKOLS. The older with the front( things tbatsbe will prevent
residents of DeLwnd and vicinity know all the good us from accomplishing.-Alexandra
thl..gs we could any about him and the newcomers Dumas. Chapman Real Estate Company

.will HOOD get acqnnlnted. IDEAL FERTILIZER Is .
eqrmllv .a well nitil
HR fnvo--ablv known, so we are
sure the many friend* of both will be glad to know Overjoyed. o r xrCn41tLB8 -
they cau have the uIi-Hmire "How did papa act when asked
or Inlying IDEAL yon -- '
TILIZERfrnmMR NUl'KO1*, ",,,I we lire hopim? him for my band?" action a. CBANB. I it'I"0: : : : : : : : :.b
of the department> In silence
this fact will give ns even more orders than usual. "I, could see that ha was trying to ; .
Mr. crane made a direct appeal to -------------- --
Send for onr booklet*-"IDEAL FERTILIZERS'UlTBUS control himself but he presented all
end WHY FERTILIZE!: TREES IN the symptoms of a man who, baa President Toft. And not to be out + ++ + ++ + + +t + ++t + +tii it+t+ +tt+tt+ + + + tti+ I acveral occasions declined tne nomination
THE FALLY"WILSON done In that direction the sec-vUry\ of +
drawn a straight flush." Houston far mayor and for governor of the
Poat state wired a full statement of the en. : Who'sI Who About the j jI state.

& TOOMER FERTILIZER COMPANYJACKSONVILLE tire case to the president who agreed : Judge Gaynor has risen from u bum-
with Knox that Jrune should resign.
Short Doge Bite Low, :
bio farmer's Uy In Oneida couuty N.
FLORIDA Pasaerby-Here, boy, :your dog baa Mr. Crane although a Democrat voted Y., to the \bench of the appellate division
btttfn me on the ankle. Dog Owner- for President Taft. Ho has travel. I I In Politics I Nominees : I of the supreme court of the Empire .
ed and time In
Well that's as high as he could reach. extensively: spent some + State.

-- Yon wouldn't expect a little pup like China, speaking the language of that # *++ >+ + ++i+t+ + + t+ti ++++ +++++++++ ++ +++ + There Is also an Independent ticketIn

him to bite yer neck would :rer- country fluently. lIe la! fifty-one years c.;', .Ti.uiuji; .vi, uun of Boston for secretary the Held for mayor of Greater New
old and native of Chicago and In one
London Tit-Bits. a
THERE'S I about of state; Elmer A. Stevens of York, headed by William Runriolph
order to the of ambassadorto
.THE. accept post the I Sonoonlllo for treasurer; Henry E.I' Hearst. Mr. Hearst Is forty-six years
Who bangs himself In the chimney China was compelled to resign the political'situation Turner of Malden for auditor; Danu of age and the owuer of a chain of

should not complain of smoke.-German directorship of the Crane company of ii this year I Malonn. of Urt'enUeld for attorney gen- i newspapers Including the New York
that will
FLORIDA WAGON WORKSSCOTT Proverb. Chicago, which employs 0,000 people. some-most appeal people oral !I American and Journal. Ho was born

I : In San Francisco In 1803. Ills father
'" f. wou't have to keep I Tho other stales electing governors
True Enough. thorn front gate and this year are Rhode Island South was the late Senator Georgq Hearst

HODGKIN, Propr.ALL O. B. WEBSTER Irritated Citizen-Aren't you ashamed ,)& tbo cellar board !In I who accumulated a largo fortune as a
gold miner. Ills mother, Mrs. Phuebu
of yourself going about with that the bouts for four
I Is of the lending philanthropic
Street organ and loading such a lazy the small boy will
life life them for his ; women of this country.;! Mr.
? Street Organist-Lazy Why, gut
KINDS Specialty Is Heurst educated In public schools.
; OF ; Sir life with me la one long dally y.lit bon a re. In fact the was
ARTISTIC CONCRETE BUILDINGSAND He bud a natural bent for journalism
11'1Dd.-Ecbo.: ..... bonfire will be conspicuous
and In his student days at Harvard
Blacks itbiDg Horseshoeing Wagon-Making Repairing STONE SIDEWALKS OT'IO T. DANNAH*. \ by Its ab-. was connected with the Harvard Lam
.. He Lived W.II. sence In most soc.tlona
.. ---. He elected to the Fifty-
<< I .. ,,' -- ---- He-Yea, he !lives on the fat of the of the country on election night, poon. was

========= DONE ON SHORT NOTICE I Insure with us. land. She-What is be? He-An antl- as very few stales are electing governors ry eighth congress
Charles Whitman bus been nominated -
fat medicine manufacturer.-Comic and not a great many cities 4
Is the time. by both the Republicans aud Independents
Now Cuts. choosing mayors or other public oltt-
of New York to succeed
chile It Is, Indeed, a decidedly off tg' A%in yln'
Spot cash for losses. lu this respect. One of the states William( Travers Jerome as! district attorney
A Full\ Line of Wagons Buggies VehiclesAlways lint elects u chief executive: every years while the Democrats have
U should be protected. Massachusetts, aud the Republican sq a named George Gordon Battle for, this

nominee Is Khun !S. Draper. while\ the office.
R[ you Insured ? filled In Pennsylvania -
on Hand at Reasonable Prices. Democrats hove named James II. The offices to be
4, this year and the nominees are:
Every reliable. Vabey for Ibis office
Ii, company I Imn Mr. Draper bus been nominated to dt YriJAMm State trensurer-J. A. Stover Republican

When does your policy expire? Nebedr succeed himself being at present governor { ; George W. Klpp Democrat;
Socialist. Attorney
Edward Moore.
snow 0".""'" of lIlnssuchu utts. lie was born
i 18' your pulley In force ? &hIo. To apcelN/re.become/ c sMMmeanatO Wo.rsepe.In In 1858: swapped; the academic gown general-A. E. SIsson, Republican! ;

produrlnw Wo beat nearer of the Institute of Technology for blue James W. Clarke Democrat; William
Telephone number sixteen. and"....tab.doI, la 62 Sean we Parker, Socialist. Judge of the supreme
lave become denim overalls whllo quite a
John B. Stetson o.porto. Bon Forry" young
University Feedsandeerytheor our''''''''. man nod wont to work In the cotton court-Robert von Mosch7.1sker
Per .
1i i HON INSURANCE AGENCY ,0..0.04"o'hO"Draat br.lI'Road."..our....,..ZOOS_ mills of MiiiHjicbuaetts. determined to Republican; Cyrus Larue Musou. Democrat
1S lleu'.e on renueet' Admrau learn the busluutm from the ground up. B. VAHET, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE ; Sidney A. Schwartz S .elallst.::
U will find ua at D.M.FERRY CO..DETROIT, MICH. FOil OOVEKSOB OF MASSACHUSETTS. The most Important office to t<> filled
A SCHOOL FOil ALL DENOMINATIONS. Later bo became a member of the big!
S ..--.......... Stetson and DeLand. >raper firm and has and llitiinted a Carolina and Virginia. In Rhode Island In Philadelphia Is that of district attorney .-
L large fortune lu the business the Republican ticket Is headed by and the following are the nominees

COU.EOE 'OF LIBERAL ARTS-EnKllth Language and Itomluro, Latin, Tho Democratic nominee for governor Aram Pothler of Woonsocket. Others ; Samuel P. Rotan Republican;

Greek,(iermai), Freirob. Spanish,Uuihematlci, Chemistry, lp.uaAi Mechanic of Massachusetts. James II. Vabey, on the ticket are; Lieutenant governor Clarence Glbboncy. Independent Re-

Piqued Ii, History Culture, rbilosophy.eto. In LBU7SMt.on Pedagogy: ,adopted Political l,the Economy tame. requirements, Biology, Geology for admlMloa -, JOHN B. WELCH was the candidate lust year for this Zenas VT Bliss Cranston; secretary of publican. Mr. Gibboney was also indorsed -

anil Kraduailon that were held by the University of Chicago, and tbs office. being defeated by Mr. Draper. state J. Fred Parker, Providence; by the Democrats.
Iwowureafflllnted.COLLKUK lIJr. Vabey has long been prominent In attorney general William B. Green- A political contest that Is attractingno
OF LAW-Alwajs strong this Collide! will be further strength. ORANGE CITY. FLA. political affairs lu the Bay State aud ougb Providence; general treasurer little attention is that between TomL.
flied lu tbe till of 1904! by Increasing the leaching fares end and by offering a The Johnson and Herman V. UeUter for
----------- ----- ---- ----- hIts lived all his life \Vatertown, Walter A. Reed Gloucester.
two .
veau' and .
a tb..eyear. course or study i iCOLLKUK
OF TgcHNOWUY-Clvll: Electrical, Mechanical, and Chein- FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIESTOBACCO where be was born In 1871. A few ticket Is the same as last year with the oUlce of mayor of Cleveland. Mr.
loll Eiijrineerlng oounee. leading to degrees. months after bin twenty-Unit birthday two exceptions. Lieutenant Governor Behrer, the Republican nominee for
COLLEGE: FOR TEACHERAeollegecourse: : for teachers leading to a AND CIGARS be was elected to the school committee Arthur W. Deunls declined renomlna- this office la a man who has been before -
degree a Normal "Hchool' for Florida. school tvacbern modal icboolt in all the
; ; the people of Cleveland for a number
grides of the public .0101, special. ernpbuais, being put on tbe seventh und -DRV GOODS SHOES HATS, ETC., ETC.- of \Vatertown and almost ever tlon because of 111 health, and Bliss,
eighth ---___u________..___.___u_ since baa held som local or state pub. deputy speaker of the house, will be of ;years He has been county recorder -
TUB; AC&DEMY-WasfoalLattnSelenllaoand8ulenudo! courses In prep. lie oHce of Importance Including that named la his stead. Charles P. Bennett three times and In the primaries
,udeole Best and Freshest Canned Goods constantly on )hand and all first
nallonforuoliege. btuUon t. especially received 19,000 votes against
MIchlganandChicago. or state senator. On tho ticket Mr. secretary: of state died late In
ban goDS Harvard, Princeton Cornell: ,. class Groceries for table. and 1.70O
Yale your tor former Mayor McKIsson
beads the nominees the and Parker will be Darned
BUSINESS: CULL In ill Its branches; BookkeeplnK by the Vahey are following summer
boot mstbods; Shorthand EOE-Banking and Typewriting elective courses open In other de.pwtmant Country Produce Bought..._A.!First-class, :. Meat Market In Connection. : Eugene N. Foss of Cobasset for for the vacancy. for F. M. Chandler the outgoing Unlted

*;large faculty and oommodlous building. lieutenant governor; Davis T, Clark of The Democratic ticket for governor States marshal.
IIBcJluvL OF MECHASIO!: .. Altia-Wood working, Iron Working, and Orders receive careful attention and delivery prompt. You will find my prices \Vllllamstown for secretary of state; of Rhode Island carries at Its bead Tom L. Johnson present mayor of
f es low aa the lowest ,Give me a call Cleveland ex-con

Watercolor 8CUOOL.O? FINK: .4RT8-Drawlng lu Charcoal and Ink; Pointing In 011, __ __ _______ __ __ __ ___u_ ___ __ James n. Bryan WestUeld. for treasurer for- the name of Olney Arnold Providence gressman defeated
i and Patel new etudle, costly costs. model., etc. ; Harvey N. Shepard Boston the others being: Lieutenant governor
SCHOOL OF MU8IO: -A IIO.QUO pipe organ; IS pianos; separate building; attorney general; Alexis Boyer. South. Thomas A. Carroll. Providence; secretary candidate for gov.
I largefaoultyi' of bearing oratsrlos. ernor of Ohio and
1 thorough oonraea opportunifloa I bridge for auditor. of state I Frank E. Fitzsimmons,
I STETisOA hold degrees"
has a Faculty of 8 professors and teachers. Tboy often talked of for
tam" the University of Chicago Harvard Yale. Columbia. Toronto Wake *or. KLICKER BROS On the Republican ticket In Massachusetts Lincoln; attorney general James A.
".. Michigan, nennlnon, besides governor, are the followIng Williams Providence; general treasurer the presldertlal or
nominees I-ouls A. Frothing.
; Edmund Walker, South Kingston -
|B buildings and equipment; over iflu,000: endowment; an endowedlibrary Tailors for lieutenant ,"ov"ro. nominee or his party
r lurnlshlngs, In., Merchant ham of Boston The Soclall: t-Lobor nominee for
with costly

over 13,000 volum; a beautiful chapel baa long been
01111110"ltalned- I.as windows, I a, a $iO.< i organ; a gymnull.111I governor I In Richard Holland of Provl- one of the most
with, complete apparatus. ; .an enclosed athletic BelJ, runnfng deuce 44O
""'ria,baseball dandgridlronbeaidesswimminggolf" ( ,towing. for and Chewyistg'i'hy.tc.BeoterloiogI otber South from Fisher's : Greater New York this year will striking figures In.
Doors Corner
'Pone.i.eeparBte\ for men and women i.ten lame' .everal rawjatorjei large museum.alSPs Five elect n mayor to succeed George B. Mc- American politics.lIe
Mineralogy and Jllolol\YI: ; began life a
cument walks shell roads Yult'sPiUsnla Clellan. wbo has served six ars In
; .elootrlo bellle Bteam beat, y
I kasdavenue. spacious abrUbbery and trees .""Ial, IIterory, musicalirdotherltudtnte' to _____'_L. L_ poor boy amassed
1 "! uampu.. ourVe; ,, ChrblUn; and not ..eotarlanI..clliog. Suits for morning, noon and Suits of shades and patterns that office and a district attorney "opyr'B'n.. 1sos. "T a fortune out Of
I cilibe'; star lecture ; succeed William Travers Jerome. The Pacl Bros.
The location, I U beautiful and healthful, and tie expenses rn9'owr > night, new, the street car and
... catalogue, view., folders and Informaton, aUUress tbS Suit that fit you too, just Suits superbly lined all through popular remedy never allj! toelfe&iually Republican nominee for mayor of WILLIAM j. OAT- steel business but
Greater New York Is Otto T. Bannard l'Ion.
I' LINCOLN BULLET Ph.D., Lilt.D., L.L.D., DeLand, Florida. right, and through ; cor a well known financier and philanthropist. not long ago an-

Suits well made at prices rl ht- Suits that are a bargain true- Dyspepsia. Constipation, Sick 'No doubt Mr. Bannard Is one of pounced that be bad lost nearly every
dollar of It. He declared however,
.. Waiting here. When you appear. Headache, BiliousnessAnd the best known trust company men In ,
-- DISEASES arising from a t hat he was not worrying over the mater
ALL the Besides president
country. being
and would begin life anew In a
CONSULTATION FREE. ;Torpid Liver and Bad Digestion of the New York Trust company be Is
cottage! lie was born In Georgetown
\Qc the Westland ,-c"rlhwe3t. I i I TIle natural result Is good npettt* a director In about a dozen other IInan.clal ,?y.. In 183-1: and Is serving bin fourth
DeLand Floirda andsolidee.bDosesm.11elegant.Iyagsrcoatda.dasya the Provident
BROTHERS concerns Including
KLICKER swallow t erm us mayor of Cleveland.
xDixie Flyertrnd South Atlantic Limited. Loan Society of New York of which
ATLANTIC -- Take He Is president and trustee. This la More Than He Bargained FoP.

DIXJa ILYLA SOUTH LIMITED. known as the "philanthropic pawn Mrs. Benbam am getting ftonter
'h-------: .. 'Akted ," ---- --- shop." in the time. Benbam-Yea; when I

: It;::.Po.. .: L..7ackaoergl.,_ .......:......,A.
.. u,,: .. L.L..w.Tlfton., ...............CS.a&F. II.Srp.m1)..Sa m.Af.AUants..I -"' age an organization Republican andIs letting a wife on the installmentan.

:: : At.Macmi. ::'::.C.: :of Ca: ue.. .... J.. treasurer of the Republican county .
"-- : : ::::::::::::: C.ofGa 0 .
%: committee. In. 1878 be obtained his
: .A. & A.Ar.N.ahvut. 91vbcrich "
Ar.Chattanooga..... W. :.e
degree from Yale and two Inter Th.lr'Goad' Tim
UtP. .... ........N.C.&StufJl For Sale at the yearn
t. was graduated In law from Columbia Little Elsie was very disobedient

:-IiN. e.P. m. A M.St.Lou..r.c., ........ .... ...........L.&N. -W la i iii H l call ; fsr3':""; 'r r c but never practiced extensively. President ihd mother was cross and scolding.
: I Taft Is of his close the little
4 4 one looked
Ar.Terre N.ut..E.&T.H. .. t : li ; : : :: 'OFFICE personal Suddenly: one up and
6.0" er. Ar' Cblce1JO: ..............c. .. id'De.K combined.Permit l :. 'I : RECORD friends ,if Id very sweetly ."Oh mamma, dn'0'':

j Ar.It.o..w..w..L.N. 11:: :. ::: much IIHto :.:..;;t .t. { r.. It I iThe i 'Democratic nominee for.mayor we' baring good timer "

t, Ar.Co'bln..L.....i. k N.: ..Jp.m.I at wont or as d. .. .IJ .x13., #' I" I .r i of Greater New York Is Justice William ,"Howr asked the mother eJ'OMlJio.
M. Rlchmoael............ a:N ...i book spaco as oe ) + I (
I t .,.....-...... & : .1 islN Po P. ... Comprises Desk Unit with ?-.e.4 'r t.*' )". ,:;,. "Furnished Rooms" J.' Gayuor, who from his early ""Oh, Just a-atuulDDeUMatoJ, .
.... .. : &N I' I .
AArr.: Clncl=::::.:::: :::.Let: N: .J5 p. m. few or many BookUnltiat J ..... t" '.. ... .' manhood has been a political reformer ----- e uI
desired. convene ...:ai?,. i i .j j and boas smasher. lIe bus figured Ju 'A .
: r ............ .. .1:1.): I r : :: ::: Room ami see : S '. I'' ,"For Rent" the |1 Meh nl""*l Ag*.< '' '
:: 1 the times during
: lent, i many "Wbat
1 t Ar Leui.. .......v........ Pt. 1.16: m.r 'fl' .J t .1 eye { baa become of the old'fas h-, .
p. I 105 :
.. ..... It or writa for catalogue ::: l.t: last sometimes: as 'a
4Lva La..leYlJl. ....p.: R.. ii sS .. ae.a f1mif jr"11\ I "For Sale" thirty yearn kid' mother,who .sat Ufr to see at +
I ..:::-.p.. K. R. -.aN H.. eaAt. ... J. F. ALLEN & CO.;: ;5 f:'r.l :ter'.. .. '. : : r ; i masher ,of political ring rules: son* rhat hour be* boys got InT : r --'It'; >>,,
a 1
__ A. Cab..e ..:: :: :::::::P:R. R. -. AGENTS .r, '.... I )1 (printed on Heavy!, Cardboard)) I time.p.1). ptichamploo! of th..,.p oplegainst fl presume she ha. be. sapea.sded->j>

IOIJT 'ra NT 4U.DlrT; D.-T..b. onset,w.ssee. .!...d..PoI6.aela: wenvlib I'I:10 FLA. .* ". re.r ._.;iA4 I' 'i. '. e corporations) and ..ulu..*. an p* a tUne CIoft.-K&DIIUI'01tT'.Ja1iat"> w. :."*4' .ti] ;r
a ana&l. broiler,bulf.' P.llm.a DELAND, + _
I _
droat go1. enemy of what Is commonly> eor........u lhreu ht Clnetnn.tl. ......Jae1rlOn9lU.1o: ,,,.,, hoist .qr.. .;
1J :T&aD.IIII8. ......, _Oho..1101 ? ...pln. -''. A'Ia.ta toIe : & '"Trespass JNo'tlceV; the "system to the police department 1 .,, ,. "' v- +'-.1 -JMi) as IfA. 1".
hit lie; -"'P c 086.JsaksoaAila\0 et Loins, vii"itorua.Blnla .a1Mel1 'N n&ju W. Many times he has been sought for common danger produces uaaalm1ty t

tfl* '," '"%tIea.and "b.r In"'rmatlnn ply to A.W. !''i't! V.T.. ,f,A.0.. I'}*. .J (Printed on' Cloth.) blah oleos la Uv cltr and state and on -Latto Proverb. L '. ,.., "
-,,.. ?_ f!
It, .T .....aa' ..Q._ ;.:: -


'1. .

-_ ; 1 _



IIIoOell. -moot for the am.v and engage In the : .'. c y,
m Wallet Sues the State. paper and, nalla and other packing &I't101el1- transportation business 'aU such produce '
material sell and dispose of the That the director of this Sub-Ex 01"" eommodIU"
Err Odom and Browder. attorn,va, same: to engage In. and conduct a dray- change shall have the right and powerto mt.r_and or controlled by it. A

of Jacksonville. InsUlntad rait In the age. transfer, forwarding: and shipping charge. and collect from Its members.whether as but may DOt as a common ****'. .And to ; '
business, to purchase hold lease. or associations_ of .
United BteUM oonrt at Pensaooln Individuals of the *am* at wUL To borrow
on dispose
otherwise acquire freight and refrigerator -
Monday for Sidney I Walls *aIDe' the cars, wmcona. drays' trucks boats citrus fruit growers represented, or and loan money by or upon mortgage on J
{ : I served by this Sub-Exchange such oomDensatlon and generally
: otherwis-s
Ute of Florida, nicking defendant of vessels. and other vehicles and, the nrcessary and remuneration. to be paid rTuSn lat._cl.. or carry on. and perform all :: PETITION I |
motive and for
Albert W. power equipment to this Sub-Exchange aa Its directors air*
UllchrUt. A. G.Urooui such other business
me.; governor; the same; and to engage In the transportation may ttx and charge for Its servicestherein optl. .
comptroller; M V Knott. treasurer business of all such products ; In the handling marketing germaln or Incident 0. pu .

; Park Trammel!, attorneY'gII'oeral. and material, and other commodities as shipping and selling by it. through! the above menUone.i.Article 5.That 1
may be owned or controlled by It. or'' Florida: Citrus Exchange, of any and
who Is.
ami IX E. McLln. oomtuiaaioner. of
1Ijtri.oahore I or
by the Associations of citrus fruit any person prn. .of Volusia
city grow all of the produce of Its m..n'.re so Commissioners County \
of the (tat* of Florida .. *rs which. may become members of this handled roorktted. shipped and sold 'by or are bon Ode fruit dde growera. To the County

.tad tranter of the Internal* Improvement Sub-Exchange but not as a common I It as aforesaid and also such compensation .or of I or or are bn represen-with '

ttc fund. defendant. carrier do.I} charge for the same and I as the directors of this "feubbxchangv \ .II.. next .rw.re the
to dispose same at will I : to borrow for its territory Gentlemen"
may nx: and charge services Fla. :
Association mayconYr DeLand -
W Ml<.. claims bat tbe elate of Florid and of this
to loan money by or upon mortgages -I In the purchase of materials for member of this Association. ,
la dna him of on real estate or otherwise. and a I
a large amount monet the members of this SubExchange.I Association will not at
1 for a.nl...... reod..,.d in securing paj- generally: to transact carry on and perform Article It- I I but ... Ita anJ e

meat to the state of 'what I Ie known. all such other business operations It Is hereby mutually agreed) and fully ,f tim.. .any kindred m..mbe..blp. whose and
aa ore germane or Incident to the purposes fruit
the Indian War claim. For the paal above mentioned. understood by and between allot thepVrsona. fruit or produce lands are located nearer We the undersigned vegetable
its well as all of the Assoclatlons to such other kindred Association thanthey ,
three ..ieone of the legislature Wailn Article o. of citrus fruit growers becoming are to this Association without the St
baa sonnht n-lief trim that body WIthout That each, and every Association of nu.nib.-rs of this Sub-Exchange. and consent of the Association next adjacent of the county of Volusia state of
auraJacksonville citrus fruit or other produce growerIn furthermore fully understood and to ... said holding are located. growers ,
Metropolis. the State of Florida which" shalhereofur agreed by all such who may hereafterUcome LiticI. 5. I'
: k -..- become a member of this member of this Sub-Excbang. ||I Nothing In sitaii be Honorable j
_ 8u\\>oEzchan.... and thereby hold a certitlcate that one of the purposes and ;objects construed as to int..de Arl"l. the bon Florida do hereby petiton ,your
HIDDEN DAKGEAS of iiiF.ibershlp In the same shal of this Sub-Cxcnange. Is to bring about nde sale of real transfer of ,
be entitled through Its accredited representative and carry Into effect a system .,f mu-;: property' together with the fruit or othir W
thr: cost Its vote In anv tuNl .co-operation between" the citrus and ; produce growing thsreon. ist the time et Body to cause to be removed the umbrella J
!UUre Give Tlatly Warning That meeting. of members hereof. In the other produce grower of the State !I II"f such sale I that Is to *ay: That I any.
same manner aa an Inilltldual member of Florida. In the picking. .packiny.handling. .. i I r-son who has signed his name a .
Li. Xo UeLtiid Cillita Ca. Afford of itt). bub-Kxchange: shall be.. with al shipping selling and marketIng -', particular year for placing the crops ) tree and all other trees and
T. Icnere.DANOKK the. vowers rights, and privileges of of all citrus fruits, and other produce I.then growing on his or her land In the ft (or Chinaberry
any of the members hereof and such owned grown controlled by the I Imembers hands of the AI.Uo. shall sell or j
iosei. No I eou.e from lh) accredited representative of such Association of this and kindred .associations. dispose of his Id faith, then the which well-
kidney Mention They Went when so holding such certificate, may In the State of Florida and to i and 10 said seller andpurchaser shrubbery in county are ,
you by virtue of said certificate of membership1 that end that this Sub-Exchange' Is created ,I ireleased, it their .
toe kidneys are dak.' "elJ
kldnty..zcretea so held" by the A.I..tlOII..p".nl. In connection with .re of ytu"
and organised. sire. trout obligations
clear smuer fluhl. Sick khlaeys send out ed by him. be elected. to hold the otdce and and under the Florida Citrus Exchange or produce grown upon :ld known to harbor the pest known as the
a &biD. pale and f..my.or a think red. 111snielllUK may fulnll all the duties of a directorIn and will at all times. co-operate with, fri or
urine lu.l of edimen. this Sub-bxchunee.: with. all the m.l bandie
end Irregular pow.Cr and through said Florida Citrus Exchange authority .
of pass ceo and privileges of any other director and will\ through said Florida AcUola 7. white insect detrimental to the
i., herein. And thus Sub-Exehance shall fly an very
USMUKB bioaAL So. a cornea from the Citrus Exchange market handle and That the place principal l ,
- hate the privilege right and power ofbecoming sell all citrus fruits and other producecontrolled.
back Back pain duL anil or business of said is to .beITvLSSacted
and tell neavy. a member of any other similar b>' It. exclusively through 1s -J of Vo- fruits. We make ;41
harp acute you of iitk kldnevs kindred corporation and association. In said Florida Citrus Exchange whoseheadquarters Lake and other citrus
: you of the arproacb of dropsy, the lute of Florida and receive. lusuk Stats of annual orange
:ra..m. : may are now located in the!
Brlebl's illseaaa [loan'. K: .. and l hold from Such other kindred ssso. ._,.._.. or T..mba_ sot 'tat. of Florida. _meeting.L_. ._ _*LU f the__member_.___ __of'A this_.__Aath __-
De, PI.cure atck kidntis and cure them elation a certificate of membership. n n .m. A..rt1da-: .* first...u."..May. of u eacb"'A andevery un this petition under Statute Nos. 898 to 908 A
"permanently! Here is proof In the eioo18.r. therein and holding such certificate 01membership That the name and places. of residenceof y Tet urno place Its
mei.t.' a nearby resident. In such other kindred association the subscribing members. and incorporators Lnrvctor Inducted

J. W. Trice. ., retired Israel. Tenth street power. shall with have the the consent right! privilegeand of such to these Articles of Incorporation into OSt. : inclusive (we believe), relating to the protection -

Banrord. JTIs., (ays: w-Mr kklneys were toe other association and br and throughthe of this Sub-Exchange are a. foiNames. .Aritcia 5.
"ouiceofgre.il <.ouoaucu l' i.e. The Accredited representative of Ihl.aubIach.nBe. lows: That each & ? member of thisAssoetatico .
eretions uootained a s d'aent and were sotu.iiUeiii ; : to cast the vote of thisHubExchange nesMenwa.George place the pcklol ana of orchards from tree pests. I:
; A. rxka:. DeLand Fla. tandU.a.g at sJ citrus ,
;4 ; | la panasge tbst 1 was obliged to ; : upon said certificate of Kills Q Blake Lake Helen. Ftm.Freil euler pculucu stay be y 5e
arise several times at night. Thorewsiisninteus membership in all membership meetings Hagsiroin person. .,.. sot crvwrn or : .J .

lameness scross the small of m, which of this such kindred association. In J. J. Beers Emporia. FU. lm.!, .tH.m, late this ...., Very respectfully,
iA back and b..eil..ebe. .... almost cnnstautHearing of Sub-Exchange: and so holdscertilicato s And each rf said members of this tola Association hall charge '
ul txj n's Kidney 1'111.,1 resolved representative membership of this Sub-Ex accredited proposed bub-i-xchajige. and locorponlors L tiw patfkio antI handling of such

to try hem snd procured a box.: Tbey so. change may by \irtue of the certificate: hereof who has subscribed his frt &pcviluc such reasonable com- .
ed and 'If" and since cf name hereto has paid Into tae Trtoauryof & as the i of Directors of
: promptly i ctivelr. using membership so held by this SubExchange -
them I Imvu b.III., h ckache or lament--* : In said kindred associations ..thl.th bub-Exehance now being cre- this Association e and d..lerile -
cf One Dollar But. this
Mv kldi.eys bavu also becomesiroeger, and and by and with the consent of said membership sum thereof which will f9r..f shall any tare; the right to withdraw hisfruit

r __ 1 d., not liMve 10 arise tu .ua..a tic secretion Association. be elected' a director therein each of them upon the 1 Issuanceof and prwiuc-e for any one year, e Post-Office.
with all the
st nlu-lit. I haer..mm.ndet rights. privileges and Patent to this Sub-Excnag said without
hums Kidney Letters h .UOD penalty. e
of J
powers other director In said j .
any .
fills, u, nij Irtends, and will cont&n.1e tooeIc. Association. to a membership In the same. amid a certificate .. to said Association. Il
do...." Article S. of such meTifrershlp.IV ., nouco within the ten days next before _

I That any person or who is WITNESS WHEREOF each of the .u meeting of this Association and sign the above and mall i tt to
bona tide persons said Incorporators, and member cf this desire. so to withdraw fruit-growers should cut out S. D. J
or are citrus fruit or otherproduce r mNOE.-Intrte
and Association proposed Bub-Excbange has; herfanwsubscribed his fruit or other produce from the same; "5- .
cf citrus growers fruit grower any within the territory his name and a&xol his bat in tint event said member so giving. Joral, DLnd.
these Article of Incorporation aid to be a member
seal to .cease otailS
adjacent to this Sub-Es-

NOTICE....,.IS, I1EREBT GIVEN That change. that I. to say whose fruit pro- and Association.Xame. Kes.!... ... A8IUon and. .all rI.b., and privilege to'- I Je l
four (4J k..from date hereof the un ducing lands are. nearer to this ",ubEx"hanr It a well-known fact that the (Chinaberry (or Texas umbrella) re
derslgm-il will apply to the Honorable George Drefca Seal> PeLand. Iia. aid member shall thereupon cease and e i ;
'Jji Altiert \V. Gllchrlsc. Governor of the Sub-Exchaiuie.< than they are may to br any and othersimilar with I JnoJ. B-...rs SeMI PIe...'... F. d.t..r. Provided, however and It .is the greatest harbors for white flies we have.in: the state of
Euto of Florida. for Letters Paten the consent of a majority of the directors Fred lU..tr m .Wall Enporta.. FV> and fully understood by d
Incorporating them their assvclutes and of this Ellis O Blake tMtl> Lai* Hd..F13.STATE a.l persons joining this Association that in the it be
Sub-Exchange become members In place where the fly has not yet appeared groves can
f: .,...,.. ... Into a body politic and corporate. hereof but this bub-Exchange; will OF FLORIDV.COVXTY any member of the same wlthdrawinfrom j I t many I "
under the name of the Volusl not receive Into Its VOLtTSIA.\ this Association, by disposing o and become colonized
membership Soy found on these trees as soon as they thoroughly they
Lls fruit or produce through other ,
County Citrus any mHJ
Sub-Kxchange under th person Association of citrus fruit Before the uwSersicne-i authority personally
following Charter and Articles of Incorporation growers, whose fruit producing lands appeared tir-fe A. Drvka. E.1U source than through this Association orwithhOlding begin spread and eventually reach the orange t
the original of which will are situated. nearer to another and G. Blake. Fred ilacstrons an be on lie in he office of the honorable kindred Beers who being br roe duty wonu elation ana without giving the notice
il Clay Cranford. Secretary,; of but I this bub-Exchange; Sub-Exchange without. then the they consentof are to did sack for himself depot say and as hereinbefore provided shall forfeit to 4,!4e There is a statute in the Florida laws compelling property owners to re- J ll

of the State of Florida In the City of such other Sub-Exchange. acknowledge. that be sat.cribd uis this Association as and for liquidated
Tallahassee during all time of the publication Article 7. name to the above prvpos -.l charter: of dg.to this. "'Iatlo. for such move any host plants that may harbor insects injurious t gardens or groves .
of this notice. That the place the Volus-a: County Citrus cub-Ex the cents per .
where the
1 .. Dated this Jra day of November. 1JOAJtTXCUU ,. business of this Sub-Exchange principal Is to change and s3U J his seal to the ame. box. for all citrus I : other produce, e within the state of Florida. This statute may become operative through a J

: be transacted Is for the us*. and ? ..-s mentioned in produced by him f.fo" the year of
DeLajid. County of por7-
or XBJCOBFOaATIO Or \oluxa.. tAle of Florida. and the annual said Charrer.. and in order to validate ei withdrawal withdrawn ny petition t the County Commissioners, signed by a majority of the fruit

Pu VOI.VBXA: COTTBTT CITBOB meeting of tbe members of this and acknowledge the _m- It Is hereby understoodand
IIU1I-JlJl: CJB. Sub-Exchange! shall) convene at said Sworn to and subscribed before rne agreed that In case any member of ,.ce and vegetable' growers of the county
place on the third Tuesday la May of this the liti day of Ot"t<'Nr. 1*-:.,. this Association who has withdrawn his
KNOW ALL, YES.BY THESE PRES each and every year at ten o clock. tS. ai) MART STEWART fruit or produce from this Association ...
ENTU: That we, the undersigned cltlsens a. 0>.. at which time and place. Its [oj. Notary Public. above d.crlb afterwards wishes to '
and citrus fruit growers. of the rectors" shall be elected. and Inducted My .commission expires: on 12U1 day of return this A..oIIOn and
Slate of Florida, have this day. volun Into October. 111. "erelo the rights .r that
tartly associated ourselves together. for office.Artici.. g. 1) do so b>>'. with the consent
the purpose of forming horticultural That each and every member of this onl). a majority of the Board of Di-

corporation and for Sub-Exchange whether Individual or .ones.NOTICE .Ion of this Association and upon
a Sub-Exchange, under aIn:1 the Association of citrus fruit grower toying to this Association all penalties V
State of ..Florida providing for the In- shall place the handling marketing.sUippIng IS HEREBY OIVEX That that have been assessed against !
cotK.ratlon of horticultural non-profl and selling of ail citrus fruit four tt I we.&* from date hereof the him ald not previously paid.

associations< and corporation. In accordance and such other, produce as may M undersigned will app.y to the Honorable .&.I't1c.. I. . .. ...+. .* ... ... < .. .M . M4. ....MtO
with this proposed Charter and handled bv this Sub-Exchange and Albert %V. G-lchnst, Governor of the That the term which this Association -
we hereby adopt these Articles of Incorporation owned grown or controlled by him Stat ot Flcrt-ii.; for Letters Patent incorporating shall exist Is fifty years from t
which shall become the her. It. or them. Into this bubExchangetA ti_ra. detr associates and and after the date of its incorporation..
charter of said corporation noon the Issuance be handled marketed.. ahlr>n ti and successor. into a body politic and_cor- Articls 10. t
or Letters fntenL according to1aw sold.. exclusively: through the- Florida pones saaer OS same cc cs* l-ax* BetaStrus That the officers of said Associationwho L I
and we do hereby certify Citrus Exchange::: and this SubExchangeshall Growers Association uoder the shall transact its business shall
Article X. have the power and right to following CBarter and Arucles of Incorporation be a Board of Directors a President and !
That the charge and shall charge each the original of which will a VIce President and said President
of and
name sold
th. Volusia. County Citrus corporation Is member hereof. whether the...... be on tit in the once" of the Honorable Vice President, shall also be the Presi
Sub-Ex be Individual H. Clay Crawford. Secretary of etate of WHY DON'T :
an or an Association dent and Vice President
4I Article 2. of citrus fruit growers for its the .state of Florida. In Ute City ofTa11a.ItOsSe'e. of said Board of respectively and each ot YOU LI.
services In so handling selling ship during all time of the! publication them at Diretor.
That this I Sub-Exchange: Is of this .h filling sold
organized and notice.
: ping marketing such fruit and produce. I office member of this Associalion.
I under the laws of this State as a hor owned grown or controlled by Dated this tbarta day of Novsmlier. 101.Amnc.un and a director in the And- :
ticultural association and entitled to hi m. her.. It or them such reasonable this Association eme... a Secretary
all the rights and privileges conferred compensation as the Board of Directors -orcom-somATiow orM and .h.1 als) of which of.fice. I.
fcy the laws of this State upon similar of tills Sub-Exchange T.urer.
shall fix .
and de-
LAKE CTTmtTB emOWstBTAB may one and the
and the HELE alo
corporations oepenoa
voting power. and rmlne. the same to Include. sucn compensation And number of I.Pt
'! all other rights: and privileges of eachof aa the Florida Citrus Exchange .OCIATIO.g.K Association shall be Dlrtow.
the members. of this Sub-Exchange. shall assess each and every of >'OW .A 1.11EEN BT THESE P RESEN the said Association without amendment. P
holding a certificate of membership In the members hereof for its services In Ta; That _.. tee und.ra.gt.ed. citrus ef its charter any time
Ti the same whether said members shall I so marketing. selling shipping ant fruit of tae ;State; of .Florida. by a -
be Individuals growers two-thirds rote of ri.directors increase Bring or send us $1.00 for subscription to THE RECORD?
or whether they shall be of : -
kindred handling the citrus fruit and other at least turn of whom ar* residents aadciuxtns 11 directory and at any time. aft ,
associations affiliated with this produce owned grown or controlled by of the State <>C Florida. BAT *o the same and by .
Sub-Exchange shall be equal. the members hereof; but any member this day voloAt&rt. aasociAc oors *vcs similar Increasing a Here's
vote Its directors, decrease Its a proposition that will We will send
Article 3. of this Sub-Exchange shall have the together for lam pvrp-MM of for-zuag' a directory as aid Director shall see .
That there" shall be no capital stock right to withdraw his. her. Its or their Horticultural\ corvorauoa sad association a.. But at no time shall the numberof .
cf Ibis 8ub-Exchsnge. but the fruit and produce for any one year under the 14_. "< to. .* auu oC Florida aid Director be Increased to a numb .
shall be organized as a horticultural same association from this Sub-Exchange without penalty providing for the ueorpnraUaa ..f greater than nine; and at no time I THE VOLUSIA COUNTY RECORD
by giving. In this Sub- HortIcultural aad ..
and corporation not for prolItand writing to agn.eui.taru nan-pro h. number of said Director be .
it shall not Issue any shares of Exchange notice within the ten days associations ad corporLUOtk* In accordance dorreased to a lea number than the .
stock whatever and shall Sot next before the annual meeting of the with this proVided com-rer. and whereby original Bomber of directors herein .
time declare or pay nnr dl\ldends.at any or members of this Sub-Exchange that he. adopt tb_ .&.rticls. sf Xaeurporatlon. That the oe and r.ld"n".f. anywhere in the United States from now
_ ether. proats. on .b. It. or they desire so to withdraw which .1:.& 1 become to* Charter grower "' are appointed ,
any holding In this '
Sub-Bxchange. but all said fruit or other produce from the of said corporation. a.x. .>a the: Issuance: ofletters ta. teeorporator of this Associa. .
Into this Sub-Exchange moneys for services coming same, but In that event said member pc"..... acBO*L.a.g t*>> law aoit we tion and who shall act as director to .!

i rendered or olher..hall be used by so giving. said notice. ceases to be am..mber do hereby certiIy. said Altloa for the first year of Its UNTIL JAN. i
;, it for paying the expenses: and Otherwise of this sub-exchange: and all 1- e:. untIl Its other director 1911
maintaining this Sub-Exchan: rights property and privileges in said That the --cam of said cnrjantum' I* elected and qualified are .
: and any surplus thereof remaining In sub-exchange. : belonging to said mem the Lake Bt-rus Gr <.r fr AJoe'.s.-io& Xais.. Residence $1.00
Its hands, shall be used as the Board ber shall thereupon cease and determine article 2. J. r. Lske .f =
: deem to the best Interest of this Sub- agreed and fully understood by all der the laws of thus Stat as Hart C BFuton.. L .F Le a
Exehans-e. and this Hub-exchange shall persons joining this sub-exchange: and cultural ...-IUo and eet-tle. F .
each! association. of citrus a 11 .
issue fruit growers rights and eoaferred b
to each person who. as well aa to pr..le. That the Director of Association
each kindred becoming a member. hereof. that any law of sualiar corporation ahaI have 0ss
association which shall the right and to Just think
power !
charge That
4 become a member thereof. a certificate member. from of this sub-exchange: withdrew.irg *, and the voting power and all OCA- amid collect from 11 members and other ., means a paper FOURTEEN MONTHS
cf. membership In this SubExchangeand It by disposing of the fruitor er rights and privilege of each of tb.members fruit vegetable produce
43 shall receive.. In return therefor the produce owned grown or controlled of this Association holding a represented or served by this growers Associa for ONE
br him. her. It or them through of DOLLAR that is worth ONE DOLLAR AND H ;
sum of On* Dollar. to be converted. Into other than any certlcal membership in the _tion such compensation and remunera i
source through this
the Treasury of sub-ex: tion to b paid
thla Sub-Exchange: a b o.ual.Articls to said Association
ir but no person and no other rdDIIiortl.t agent as aforesaid of a. said Director* may fix and
such kin charge FIFTY CENTS for TWELVE
died ewn.> association or control shall more at than any one time certlfl have the same Citrus from Exchange this or subexcbajm withholding : of That said association there shall b the no same capital. nl its the .t. to him her. or .them: MONTHS! A large majority -.

cute of membership In *. aa such agent and without ,giv aa a Horticultural ing, p. :
this Sub-Ex- or..a IU of the
change nor shall any person not a shall ing the notice hereinbefore provided cr.UOD not for profit all of the gcMf. farmers fruit-growers and business men of the
: forfeit to this :
grower of citrus fruits become or re sub-exchange as hall I. any shares of stockwhatever this
main a member of this Sub-Exchange. and for liquidated dsjnases. herein .al not at aay time declare handle and market. brin .ulowl t

Article 4. (which) to this Is hereby sub-exchange settled for and such determined withdrs.wal its on or any pa:a dyln o corporation other prof Article IX. county are already on our subscription books, but we are

That the purposes for which this or withholding the It la hereby mutually agreed, and
sum of fifty but all
moneys doming Into Ibis
vub-c.xchange Is formed ar... to act as cents per box for all citrus fruit or for service rendered or otherwise folly uadentood. by and between all the after still more. This offer includes renewals too but is
the agent and exclusive: representative other produce produced. owned or eon- shall paying the persons becoming members of this As- -
cf. the Florida Citrus Exchange a cor trolled by him. her. It or them. .. the expense of.bADdu.or maintaining ....tauo. and furthermore. fully uder

poration kindred to thla Association and case may: be. during the year of said thia thereof .t a a by all GOOD FOR s HJ
now existing under the THIRTY DAYS ONLY.and
laws of the withdrawal or withholding and so withdrawn remaining my 0. members of this .
II. of Florida with headquarters la from this that one of the
sub-exchanga.: It Is a* the Board of to. purposes I
the city of Tampa In said State In the further hereby understood and agreed ciation ItJ;:= of this Association Is to
transaction of all of the business .f that In case any former member nf of the .l and carry Into effect a sys I
said Florida Citrus Exchange with cer this sub-exchange: who has withdrawn shall 1 person who hall 1m mutual co-operation bet..o the WILL POSITIVELY BE WITHDRAWN DEC. I 1909 SO
tain other _. sod ,
kindred associations and curperatioas fruit or produce from this sub-exchange: come a certificate b ". other produc grower the j
now being and hereafter to or has withheld the same as aforesaid aaaJl o of Florida. picking pack- I
bs Incorporated In the State of Florida.. and thereby. baa ceased to be a mem memberlp. of Cits reeive testis tm<.. lag handling shipping and marketing..... Get Busy and Bring Send Dollar to
which. mar hereafter. become members ber of thin sub-exchange: afterwards to be converted Into the ?veeswry of *.aidcorporation of all citrus fruit, and u or a
of this wnd..
Sub-Exchange said. Mildred As- wishes to return and rejoin this sub- but a. per..a saail a* say this sod controlled by the member : mm
sociations being known and hereafter. to ": the rights time kindred Associations In mL
: : of a have. *wn or ecatrel mess thaon. a
be krawn. .. t.be.t.e': Btat
Associations of citrus fruit that the same may be certificate of Fr and to that end
sa said
rowers: and also to act .. the exclusive done by and with the consent of this la created and organ
only aol shell a** a ,
agent of said Florida Citrus Altlo. .paraoa tied In connection with and The
Exchsnge: a majority of the Board of Directorsof frstf under the Volusia Record
In making up estimates of the citrus this sub-exchsnge.: and upon pay a member el. As- Florida CIt Exchange and will at all County
fruit and t UMi
other produce owned, grown, ment to this sub-exchange of all penalties .. with sad through said
and controlled by the several associa that have been sssessed against }Florida Citrus Exchange whose headquarter -
tions of citrus fruit growers that may him.: her. It. or them ss the case That the p .wktek t AssociatIon are 8' located In the City .
hereafter. become I* fonred t* f Tampa .... .. .
members of this BubExehange. ""'. br this sub-exchsnge. : and by the of Florida. And .
and furnish the same to said Florida Citrus Exchange, and not pre rent. soil occupy and as*, j t all citrus fruit and other produce .
pose of all r-tal amid mssn l property La bands of this
r..drl"latnaa Exchange, and to become viously: paid. pl U A8la"oo .
: which .
responsible to the Florida Article *. may be aacsssai or .1 be .k..l : .
Citrus Exchange for .11 for the conduct of its bas-lnsss. ele.I..ly. tub
That the
assessments on term for which this Sub- IMS = 7o Ct Eb. .
and rent
citrus fruit and other Florida Exchange shall packlag h-w
grown exist: Is fifty from *
products> which may be owned and after the packing of frBItalao V* That the la
grown the date of Its Incorporation. name of reeldene .1.I alat
or controlled by the Association of cit article 10. material that may, b* imsiy or eoovenlent of the subscribing pl.... .
rus fruit: aiowets affiliating with aol That the officers of this Sub-Es- for tbe purpo** of packing or I Ineorporatora to these Article ,and In i OUR JOBDEPARTMENT
beingmembers of this Sub-Exchange change who shall transact Its business. preparing citrus fruit. or other Florida corporation Association are as follows atpI
that mav be assessed bjr sold Florida shall be a Board of Directors, a Presi grown products for matteL Also to a.
Citrus Kxehaage: aaalnst said fruit and dent and sell as agent citrus fruit and all -Samea.
a Vice-President and said _
kinds and variety of frulla and ReD .
produce> ; and to par all such assess President. and Vice-President shall also 1. P. M_ -
lapels aa may be so sssessed by said be the President and Vice-President which may of be r.or coatl' bymembers L H.S F -
:Florid Citrus E G Bi
Exchange: against any respectively of aald Board of Directors stock t lAke OMmi tZ.posed [

: n.and..._. all.wwm._of the.Associations of citrus and.each. _of.. them!!.. ,shall!, at the time, own ssssCtstiafl- in-.limit soy*other*. *A .incorporation kl.m A1.ta.. C An B_.h _tA _. _.U._ h.
.mllaUnA' with. ann -
being ui mjinv Baia ne in nis
members e.t tltl. own risnt. listing for the Association and Ineorporatora '
8u..E..h.n" and Pro a member of this 'Bub-Exchange or be ad..mai; who
has -
the fruit
tenting subscribed his .
rat. the
same equitably I between such time accredited representative. of aam-s hereto, has
an Association lu the Stat of Florida. paid into
associations) of citrus fruit of Also to purchaseand the Treasury of this corpora
with the fall power to collect growers citrus fruit growers. hold- sell to the members of this Associa- tion, 1. being creatM. the sum of i is
from leg
membership eertlflcate In this' SubBxchsnge ion such fertiliser and One Dollar for fully equipped to handle! fn
Associations fumigating
sue a
ers aa mar, become of members citrus fruit hereof. grow all) In: -the same.. and And must this also Sub-Exchange be a Director praying 1 Implements and mate-riala.- which will entitle each membership of them.thereof ape-. anything you :may wish the ..

such assessments aa may be assessed stisll alao may be tboql1 by th. Board off the is-roan of letter Detent to this hne of
.: have a Secretary and Treasurer tore of from tin,. Association to : commercial work. "and "I
against thenw or either' nf them by said both of which offices may be ailed a membership la the Our adequate .
Clavlda Citrus Exchange.. Also to set by one and. Ime. by their .Iut.to be necessary .a a certificate sf such member facites.are ,
I'' .. tae. agent for all of the Associations not be er-. person need or convenient fertilization of "P' however such person sign
a of this Sub-Exchange.: anda, or the fumigating or log th .. of coupled with the "know how '
f said
elms become fruit members growers of who this snail 8ub-fSs hereafter sad the number of Directors of this of tree and plans which _oa spraying.. cluding the contract "Jatl. In It we, have:.no trouble, in: giving .

t ehaaaw In air the dealing- which said Associations Directors Bub-Exchange of this shall ,,bs- threw,C.uIW' members of this Association.. Also to to said association : k" said entire (

the Florida ereith.r Citrus of tINt exchange:_ may,havewith amid! any out 'amendment time, by a of l.t.rwt:: : vote, may of Its at anything buy Board and oi contract Director that la for useful the I purb of aid-lW&IN I WEF.. of : satisfaction to those who favor us with their work. RJ

f alao to> act MM the aavnt of such Assocla.tlona Ureetors. Increase Its or necessary 0. .* or this
directory and
L.. of citrus fruit growers as may hereafter may at any time after so : for the Insect or pro "Uo tons hereunto sub .
r become members of this Snb-Ex- Increasing the for th* destruction oth' for f' scribed II. D afilxed his seal to When .
and In .
asmsv by a similar vote of 118 Di At of It. member .. and these : Need of
caaagw la the purchase of all rectors. frui Arl and Aa-
neee*- decrease Its directory. aa said growr Ale the own. contract ...... IJt "lghClas :
ssry material and equipment for the Directors shall see lit. But at no time for. "

C, is roper,. and growing_... handling'! picking, pack. shall.. the number of said Director be 1 ad the operate B ail of neeesaary..apopla at 6. Na.< (sasel I
,' .tlnll' of citrus fruits and I Increased to a greater number than the may Dlrt. S. U. Bisks "n H
e4)i.e) '
pa'silnus that number
....-. grown av .t't.i".7.A': ) : :., grower ajnilallng Associations with of and citrus which fruit are fumIgating ertll Isatlon and of grove and fields. g C B. P.&t.a issati Lake US...Pta. :
+ Delation off citrus fruit member of this spraying STATE ttV FLORIDA
growers, or Its -
plants or the extinction of
snemhm. And that hi order to carry ns time shall ..8'number f''rD' of=, COUNTY Of VOLUSIA- .
the lands
', mist th* above and foregoing purpose rectors be decreased to a number less of on the Association belonging and to to Bro.the. undersigned. authority net- you will make no mistake if consult
thIs .Bub-Exchange shall have the power than the orltt1aaJ number of Directors for. and collect such reasonable .P.loc1 you
rIght aad psivlleg-s to b-.:y. leas*, .remit.e herein specified. That the names and I said aervkMSb b .for = .wbs. is.. .
'...en. ocupy. own. ass. and hold and dl.MOSS *- rMrideaeee. of the citrus fralt ........ .. ho Board of Director may tU.b.by we asP as sahe f
''. Se all real and personal property. who are hereby appointed by the ineor.poratora 1m*. for the nee above "' sa the abe. .i a the i
stt will, whish.aMir b* as. esary or eonwentent of this Sub-Exchange, and who aid Association shall BsiseOOnath THE RECORD ,
''" for th* conduet of ft..r tmrnlaam*. shall set .. director of the aafn*.,.for ngaM in m brokerage b.mpow..r ..the--.- sad pp ,:,1. .
55 $ ert on said real estate such the: first year of lie existence' snm' 'ion- mission selling be.I to mis ..-.eeildng .,; -
h.uIbIlIia.t sad MnMtares.. Ill Its other directors purchase -.lbs x I -
Includinga are elected and boxes, paper. :. 'L-LrJA: i', ,
Jisew.. d docks mm this 8abBsthrougn > ....,....... at the ivst annual meeting t-f material; to .01 'eoaduet- OHAll B. PR.TOML < .
&adw Urn Board .f Directors the aa"nb rs of this Sub-Rxchange.; ale deay.pe transfer, LUSCLworn ;- ,0.. DELAND, FLORIDA
s-_' niinssi >.'orxpdleat for N__ _td_. ping biulas; to lease 4' ;1- : j ,
and .
n.v1mig ee of Ita bolBss.: sad this O laagv shall be _pow_ to O. Blake Lake Helen. Pie, truoks. J't.day.0 I
[ & .
1. .. factor and .... PI' boats aesie.air1roet7it. ChG
Imkerag-fc emUla Hsgstrvnl Fla. vshlelsa, aad po'-cAT
.* ;. <.!. ;;; M ,p..rdMS. z;J, Besr J:1= Via. ttt* mnis- ry.moti* power Mr *ommtM
', ...... ,, uj., .- ..P uU t. -. ...* .l.* .. f i f' ,

1 t. ..++. ... .. ... ...

!' .. C _. :.b--r .

C .

.., ... .. ..





$3.50 AND $4 HATSof THE: PAST WEEK.; Ol F 0 U N T A I N

1.00"1 and Sool.tr: Item. roe the People-, ,

P.per---arlef Mention of F ot. a.ae.n The Clothier and Furnisher
by our Reporter.
\\i the "World's Celebrated Makes"

Wade, the .
toner Orlando.For
,. ,
." " " " " " -" " " " ,
reliable Fire 'u"u"uu"'u'u,.
Insurance Gould

4 sold the country over at the above reasonable Photos on rates post at cards Reeve's can Studio.be bad at

Judge Stewart and son Tom made
the coast trip in his auto last Sunday.
\ price. Our price-"Dress Better- Thanksgiving is coming. Leave yon WEare anxious for trade
ii order for turkeys at Dreka'a. Phone 77. your
Mayor J. U True was
an Orange City
\ Pay Less"-for the next week visitor to DeLand the first of the week 1. K. N
For d
Bent-Ono or more rooms for {
light house keeping 263 north Bonleard. .

Mr.. Thomas J. Newman, of Seville ,, '. elf'
f 41 '
$2.50 AND $2.75 IBS been a juror before the circuit court ?
his week.

I Mrs. M. A. Thnrsby and Mrs. Wm. ..I and FIT Pocket and Man { ,

.$ City Kolman Tuesday.were In town from Orange ll'''

Quite a number of the county people
ft. I,have been attending the session of the H"
OSCAR DAVIS Circuit Court

Mr. Lott Vinzant has accepted a po
I eltlon In the grocery department at O. '
"Dress Better--Pay Less" A. Dreka & Co's.

4 Collector Attorney Perkins Edward Smith Fltzgeral came over and from Ta ; and best of awe suit YOU

the coast Tuesday.

Mrs. J. A. Haley of Orange City was
H in town Saturday. She is one of the old
. -- residents of that place.

'4 'jt'f". An from ad In the the Record brings you results Copyright 1909" ""'.'''''''.'.'.'. : ::::::'.:'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;
Vulcanized over county, as well ae
For Asphalt RoofingFor covering the entire local field. .111. .. Hamburger Sons

Santa Clave has made his headquarters &1,.__. Md.. 1 .

For Calcfmo Stoves and Sanitary RangesFor Wall Finish and Contractor a will nice make at cottage Brill's Geo.no home change these Ackroyd for past this himself ia 10 year.at season workon and F 0 U N TA I N

Standard Plumbing Goods family on one of his Clara avenue lots

.tJ.tJ For Paints and VarnishesIn Charlie Campbell has re-opened the
bowling alley and the devotees of this I HAT S I I

best grades obtainable game.sport gather there every evening for a The Clothier and Furnisher

Mrs. W. P. Simmons of Jacksonville,
ill R. D. MCDONALD ( ...d ''Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. ---
;!J Arnold at the home on west New York --
avenue. Krtiae'R Bicycle Repair Shop. 110 N. : "Joan of Arc."
Our grocery department is more com Boulevard 1-8 tf The rehearsels for Joan of Aro are
l plete than ever. Winter specialties and Cabinet photos, the latest styles and going splendid. The chorus ia more
new fancy goods arriving every day. finish enthusiastic over this oratorio than any !
at Reeve'a Studio.If .
liHWABD INSURANCE AGENCY phone 77. previous work. The music is highly 300 .
J Mrs. M. N. Voorbis it Is ping-poog pictures you like descriptive and brings out the thoughtof
who has
........--_ V pleasant Bummer at Cincinnati, guest spent of a call around at Reeve'a Studio. the text beautifully. The Ave Mariain
Representing the leading American Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Whallen arrives Born to Dr. and Mrs. V. H. Voorhis, this work J finest bits of choral writing, ancient I
home todar. Tuesday November Oth, a boy.
Fire' Insurance Companies. Mr. Faulkner, representing the For Rent-Six room bonne. Apply to modern the world baa ever heard. The in New York city, an old
J among which is the Tampa Tribune spent the first of the Gee Boynton. south Boulevard, De- work. was first performed in Birmingham. lemon, sat on a rail where the '
week at DeLand, hustling for business Land. England, with stupendous success. i 4
for that This music will prove a rare treat to complained that prices on real I
Our work stands. Try na. Phone 00, DeLaud music lovera An excellent
Mr. S. V. Hough, who spends most of, Fountain, and have your Bait cleaned orchestra will combine with piano and notch and that there was bound I
his time over at Espanola, where he hasa and
pressed. organ in accompanying the singers. the Hume song in DeLand today,
us since 1873.: I large sawmill, was at home several See T. E. Arnold for all kinds of Oar- Joan of Aro is the first event of the Lyceum I
days this week. I II den Fertilizers. Kept in stock at his Course. Remember the date Friday grow

= | DWELLINGS.._....._..__!_._....___and.__e.._CONTENTS_____________.___.__e.a.__SPECIALTY_________._...__..... I'from Mr.the and northern Mrs. J. home W. Smith Friday arrived, and< I warehouse. auditorium.evening, December 10th, university ."" I II
Choice Western and Florida beef
Five Building Lots in northern part of
F4/N1. Compare our comprehensive I,are occupying the home on north Bonle pork, mutton, sausage, etc., at the I I
vard for the winter. The Woman's Club.
Marsh Market.Mr. I
and liberal forms with others
j: Mr. W. E. Sullivan left Tuesday for and Mra. Curtis J. Crenshaw The regular fortnightly meeting of II Five Acres of Land in line of deve '
1 Atlanta, where he attends. the big auto the Woman's Club was held Tuesday in I
have been spending the week at Palatka
HAYWARD QJI S.. BOULEVARDxxxxxxxxxxxx mobile show for the of the club room. It was largely attended
E H Ht buyinga
l : ,, fine passenger car.purpose and San Mateo. and a very interesting program was given I Six-room House and Lot, less than two
1 Mr. Stephen Getty, of Coronado by the science and art department.The .
J Charles Flowers and his brother were Beach, has been upending several days
last half hour of the afternoon was
'. Of DeLeon Springs visitors to DeLanc at the county seat this week. Forty Acrea of Land with good House, :
the social hour and was greatly enjoyed. I
Wednesday, and were pleasant caller I II
Something new every day from now RESOLUTIONS.
at the Record office.
-XXXXX, : : ( : Lost-On west New York Ave. Wednesday until Xmas. Uou't fall to see our stock Whereas our friend, Mrs Jessie Ruff, 4'U
first. Reeve Howard & Co. haa paaaed on into the higher life be it I I 1 '7Im [ : I
Finder will afternoon be rewarded a lady'a by blue returning coat. Mrs. M. 1. Brassell was called 1 to Resolved' That we who knew her here <110 U l
I. F. ALLEN FURNITURE CO. same to Dreka's Deptment Store. Ocala Monday night to be at the bedside record our appreciation of her character I w. l
of her father who la critically ill. and our deep regret that the earth ties I
Mr. and Mr J. N. Sawyer, wbo have have been BO soon broken. We mourn
Phone 62 DeLand, Fla. been In New England since early. sum- Mra. S. H. Happersett and son Cyril her loss but we feel that we are better
mer, returned this week. Mr. Sawyer returned this week from a month's stay for having known her for her life was
Improved considerably by tne long In the North Carolina mountains near one of goodness and benevolence and
change.. Saluda.: such as to enable hor to meet her Makerin .
We extremely prettyline .
carrying an
are --- -- - --
Mr. G D. Jackm has been spending Rev. C. II. Forran, pastor of the peace.
of Furniture for home this sea- several days at DeLand this week, at- Presbyterian church left Wednesdayto Be it resolved further, That these resolutions 1
your tending the meet'ogs at the Christian attend a session of the Synod at be spread upon the minutes of
to show these church. Hia family are residing at the Plant City. the club and that they be sent DeLand Electric Light
son, and we want you Eustis grove n',me. The Stetson football team left yesterday with our sincere sympathy, to the husband ,
See great variety of CAR- Mr. and I'.rs. William Morgan at for Jacksonville where it plays a and immediate relatives, of our lamented
goods. our _T.oTlncpfrtT__._,..__, Tf .r... arrived the latter art retnrn game today----. with.--- the--- Olvmnic--. _, n friend. GRACE S. LOVE, DELAND,
RUGS ART SQUARES. SECTIONAL of the week a id are visiting the parentsMr. i ttb&cj place. MARGARET W. LANDIS,
and Mrs (t. D. Martin at the homeon Our old friend Mr. J. A. Boetrom, Committee.

BOOKCASES, DESKS, etc. west New '.'ork Ave. one of the best citizens in the county, !
The Misses Borkheim of Qamesvilli wan here from Ormond this week attending Death of an Old Veteran.Mr. .
'accompanied the university football Circuit Court, and made the Washington Morse grandfather c i I
5 team from that place iut; Saturday and Record a pleasant call. of Prof. O. A. Morse, died on the Oth I
[Leading Furniture House of Volusla County I while in the city were 'he guests of We are glad to inform our customer inat. at the residence of his eon G. W.
Misses Mabel and Myrtle Di-vis. bat we have been able to secure the Morse: of Beilmore Ave.,eome two miles i
XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXttttttt..t..t. Messrs. Albert Turner tad Riley building next to moving picture theatre north of town. The deceased was born ?
Guess old prominent citizen of the 10 Havens block and are now ready for June 24, 1316, fat Brookfield Vermont .e.
Emporia' section of the oouo'", have business with the finest stock ever and was therefore in the 04th year of 1
ttt.ttt tttt..ttttttttttt() been spending the week at DeLand, brought> into DeLaud. Reeve, Howard his life at the time that death claimed
W jurors before the Circuit Coa'l. & Co. him. Be was one of the pioneer settlers 1 1I 1f
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Hartland arrived of Minnesota, going to that state with !!ll ,
MY FALLiii W WAND the first of the week from New York Contractor. pretty Lauman 6-rom cottage is finishing on west up avery lia family in 1855./ Minnesota was thena //f
territory. He came to Florida a little
Mr. Haviland succeeds Mr. Bateson in Minnesota avenue for Mr. Joe May. It ICI,
iii the curio business at this place, and If has the circular porch with colonial more than a year ago to spend the remainder i i
his with his the
of days sou.
WINTER STOCK preparing stock.for the display of the fall and columns, and the new home is modernIn wife died eight years ago. Twelve child
winter all particulars. It will be occupiedby
ren were born to them, seven of whom
W The long dronth we have been having, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, son In-law are still living. Mr Morse was a deeply I
by which the orange trees, fruit and and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. May. religions man, and for nearly eighty
f CROCKERY ETC. W Wt the vegetable gardens seriously, suffered, Mr. Chas. L. Roberts, accompanied years had been very active in that life,
FURNITURE, was broken this we..k. Several big rains b..7 his father-in-law Mr. L. A. Tnomp- laving clone a great amount of public Our contracts are made with the (
t have fallen, most of it came yesterday, eon, both of New Jersey passel labor. He was a firm believer in the re time and labor saving. as well as
rrW and it was a great blessing. through DeLand Monday en route to igloos faith held by the Seventh-Day
Mrs Bertha Baner and daughters of Orange City, where Mr. Robert has Adventists Funeral services were heldat
II i complete and the best made: and at very small :: Flttsbnrg, Pa are spending the winter One grove property. They had been the son's residence yesterday morn-
!II at DeJLand, the guests of Mrs O. A. over in middle Florida, where, at lug. Rev. U. S. Tabor officiated, and
margin rices. I invite you to call and examine the ;t Dreka. The daughter Miss Stella Is an Greenville Mr. Thompson has par- the
accomplished musician, 'and plays In based a 600 lore plantation over GOO
in De- ::
most complete stock of the kind ever curried y churches Pittsbnrg.
one of the largest ores of which are under cultivation XXXXX XX

,Land. See the new makes for this season. :: Mr. O. A. Bauer: is bringing to De- Mr.[ T. paying $IG per acre several for it. winters Mr.
Roberts and family spent -
l WW
Land those fine Tnrnbnll Bay oysters. .
back Mr.
The wagon will be on the streets this here a fewyeara Tbompon X

We also carry :W: luscious afternoon bivalves and if von leave want your some order of these with the winter was with they them occupied one winter the Cleaveland during o r

home on Rich Ave.
W vessel at either Blane's or Haleey'sgrocery. s
- Sash, Doors, Blinds, Glass, Paint, The current number of the Pensaotian 6
Miss Alice Cook, who has been ill for has. on its front page, a fine
and building material in stock. PJufnbing material :W: several months, dangerously so the past ,photo out of the former Volnslan Hon. ,
otmE Stillman. Besides being col. ,
to the
and fixtures to do your :y: few weeks, was that Mr. Still. ,
on hand, a first-class plumber wnatsrlum, Jacksonville yesterday. ,lector of customs at port
:W:: father and Uapt and Mrs wan is president ot the Tri County Fair 1 1F1
Her \
plumbing, and all work guaranteed. MUelle, and a trained nnrse accompanied 'of west Florida; president Pensacola ,
ber.Jndjre Investment Co.; chairman Board of ui
leW J. W. Perkins who has been ,Governors Osceola Club; president of
i Associated Charities and one of the
Atlantic Coast Line
the attorney for the citizens of the South.
most enterprising
WATTS i number of years, representing said, : His friends in this section of the state flTh
W. county
C. company's the interest position in last Volnsis week, and the I, will watch with keen Interest the fight
his hands for
bll will soon have on re- t
eNo' 6s.N.. Boulevard, DeLand, Fla. iii_ company Landls & Fish engaged as its attorneys the law fort i at appointment; present holds.to the It federal Is known position that the he I I HIGH-GRADE. :

t44FFFFFFFFFFFbFFFiFFFFFFFFF4FFFFFF4FFFFFFaF1)DREEVE, > ) county. state republican organization ia against of father Fragrant Teas and Coffees
i The Cannons stables received the him; It was against him before,' bat hewon "A picture ;
latter part of the week 80 horses and out, and It la believed that,ha will Vegetables in cans or not; health
10 DeLand market. If win this time. His record M an official and mother"I I
in artIcle. Oome in and
aforell horseIt every ,
want broken, gentle Is very fine and with bis great popu-
mole look over this lot for your larity he wUl no doubt overcome the How it would delight your i the prices for same high quality .

R HOWARD( & Co.UVE SJSfcodworkers.! and Call warranted at the Cannon.gentle machine opposition- to him. children; how 11 would lower than asked elsewhere. ; ':'0

.- :::::::: tabl8lo Mr. and Mre. J. P. Taylor arrived accompanied Sales by 'it.d Agency. please your friend i A h I WOODALL -

by Mr.' B. J. Bender, iJ
\ Gould reports the followa J
Irwin, P., and are The agency
REOPENEDin Saturday from winter out 011 the Walta sales this week: K. B. Osteen to Motermlok -
located for the Lumber Co., house and two
place. Mr. Waits lesttJane.1aThe ota on West Wisconsin avenue. Z. T.
.. property of Mr. jlnest ill the county. Jielb, to J. F. Allen, lot 1, blk 4, WalU'
the Havens Block, next to the grove, ODe or the three and tour thnne addition, South Woodland boulevard. '
will han between of fruit this season a large Z.; T. addition L. E. Field, lot boulevardfrontage. 4 blk 4Welts' ri i, THE ,
and Woodland
with aNew
) Movlng Picture Theater, per cent of which .is grapefruit.drted 1 bY J. T. Cairns to 0. A. Miller, ,LKONARDY
of Mrt. Slogletal"1:who Sahlr. bona and lot on Amelia avenue; sooth Ai
Stock l..t
- i and'Complet her buband last year, died to which of New York avenue. Sarah J. Year- REEVE'SSTUDIO Choice Northern and ;
hospital. lot South Woodland ,
day at the Daytona gee to Z. T Bielby on .

A .hlna Jewelry Toys Leather' 1 laceesvtonw taken The from hUlband see cbUdreD under, Lofqu"l boulevard to Louise Walts'A. N hm addition., lot oa P.westside V. Sausage, ,Hams and Bacon. ;::
her and his D. J. Miller to &
bond to snort supposed 10be of Clara avenue. in the market Prompt and :
bill jumped II and" now W. Bioko, 8. A. Wood's subdivision of
Souvenirs and Post-Cards dnow.belnll'1I8dIn treated1 late A and H, blk 19. Rich's addition, patronage solicited '

-- '?tfS' and the the Circuit bondsmen Court are for the fall amolJlll. w.New York avenue. i



. ,




w ,

w; i al CQTDS.I I II Ii I
Ira _.e.t14 tb e elf m. I prafcssio

., COUNCIL GO INTO ECLIPSE ; LSTnC8 rATrvT.NMI. 1r" w-ITXBa_. -aw--m0V a* I"1.aat tall. _s4.1 _m"__ i ( ueen of Sea -no"te

*> air A iDICFiaTTOR. ,
fl IIVr' It Will Occur on file 27/fc of This Y.1.4.61... r.amesd tree .!Oat W wa..tee..srud.ra1.ee a.em. tua :: a* Oet.s*a F. L o.. !e..o.aa.W.SttPomrr P.bamapC. I L: ALBSA. + ::: : : :;::::; :;: : ::; ; ::; ::; c ::;

MooSb.An 1_ a araKattee to M bona Flarrt.Y .. .. '
Decided to Assist la Eoiertainiog .e l1CT-aT-1k W. '
lb. r7aelaa IT./Mlr .l..mMl MERCHANTS & MINERSSTEAMSHIP -
Y 1" : '
nail TRANSpiT'H'.OO -
the F. E.. A. .....*Unff awtioawanaaal event of ..t. at* ri.r t.l a>t a e..1 -..- rpmml.M'm..spwn
la V.latav Caatr. atat drrrat. a 7150..nllnatea BoHdi
mabk'* TW riry eoaaca bid ft* re ..isr.o.ri1F this Baoavtb will b* total edipae of tb* at Baurarua. (or tee pep p>*i .se torta 18 fc.t OiScc ta Bank: LINES I SUE
sad Atnelee K -....- SP Pw Cheam ir
..ri.. Moaklar aikU aJl moos Foil moo ocean at 1 a. m. ontb a..n- State and FederalCoarta
i ...- 7 ww aw big Notice. T1II Practice ta
per :rol'' daring tb total ectipa ot that .M:4
". *
m'ess'- aad foBowb
bttmf yi tmtmt, tb .... __
.. pill apipf t. .. O raraor fCaartr < hdlllilaL Chowta \ __ to
L data Thai time bowem. .... boor u I. ami II Ce .SL -
att badasr wr tr.a.aedd: 14 .SAP tar LMuro Foal pee t"......... .
bad not convenient for tbe majority of folks aa4 ArUtloa or toevrporauoa Casa> 444w. j I U N:! 1R06TdTPOIt. SAVANNAH.
lb*>report die traaaarar aabmlttedtba fee mar.A tIr7.1II BALTIMORE
1' ;eatetr W__,. tl>* aacfcta oar '* = v<
IoU wiac balaac wen abowv: ..boan accnetovned lo retiring early.It '. II, 194r.. Pauline B (i.se a 34tier and E
I' MM EMatA V 'n."r.JtJJa.I.ur } -
I y- Cu.ItarutiiJleaoe '
? pra) s Omeral ,." ..... |S54 fI,; ; bond lat.enM will, boW.... nit tboa who are 1 Ba M OAMBLKI : B.. (15.71./_ ". -AT'-L.W.. BALTIMORE and -

1 It- l..& tl.3&S.lO; waterworka 11."..$ p9; fond of plot at Lena from papa'.I i J CALVIX THOMA" BKIXKLET.9R.rr1TH.r arise -: 10)ap+.uI S trig

traatav KJLiS.Tb front porch. Tb boor i Ie early, it at I ALFRED PATTILLO. I bill You oresplabi Mftb1 herdsaauaa 7011 uii. OeI "....I. Florida NORFOLK to 11

oaarahal taracd fat 1-3..11) aa ftaeacoUecled true but nettrtbtltaa It will acts qo I W*. ta. adralca**. S.I'7eenM'Y .aaartal* 011 IMotmibcr.. ....U. rJlJII' AXES W. sArroB.ET PROVIDENCE@
for October. namoer of young ptoc4. l...__ tar ta* pWM 001 met. Sib day _. &oori .. ...--.-...'.-.., J
nut \.......* C tr
dF eor <>rata> aaaxr to
W TIle moon aril enter tb* eartn't iMTUta* aa a a la.1aid &lUo I PHILADELPHIA BOSTON
Per... report of Ik* dry engineer.tb ... ka.a ut ta* atatrtonoa.. ..IM weatwver 4xetrht cbt-X3EIX R-AT-
total amoant of water panned for shadow at 1:11 .. m. on the. 17th. Tb, .Artie L 115e-dpat.M be pablietootl _. a enea and

shadow of tb earth U. miUion mile T1t awd .raerattee .Wn MTbp ttaaesesuY week D.Iart LAW.LaDol. Mot economical and beet way to reach Eastern. and Northern ,
+ -
one aI
-Tcat. 01 edke mi.
7h,, city pirpaaai daria tIN Baoatb of Oeto- A.-.bp Ars4M S.pY .Irhl.-.y hood sad'eef ticket sale. to
on principal>
.\' waa 3,714.2U: ptBU.a long an-1 at tbe point wbrre u.. tacos IU pnM> U vfHaJ ..oar u P.s..prta. .. for 7 4b day If vptesber.. A. I' t,1tJo.: norwa. Through Coouoe noiinrpaawd. For further| poiou. Accommia1ai S Sand
,HJI'I.IJ. JORUAN. Information $(2
seem Lwt7. n..L'
as Tb petitaoai. from etUawca of Tema- pastes tatronxb. it U U tnouaand mile ILn. '1' Clark Clreait" U. VoJaata Cb. n Will Practice In State and Federal] I'. ,

see eking for tb.> gradiaHC sad unprorlac in diaiDeter, an 111the<< moon will .eta a.rYee w b.awr u4tY ;5TE-WAETABLT. Court J. F. WARD. TaariLiaa Pa*. :_* AOCHT. ) :
--.J Y. co megaS tee .- taI.'o. A. 208 W. BAY St. >
mik the a.epr.u.w olta. pw eu I> T. B. WOOLSEY. JACKSONVILLE
travel tbk laooaaad
vt Aitet arena from Saw Turk az pin I _, ter laaprx PPtda La... Yzerta D. Landia Pt Flab ) ,, PL"V
Ito Cary H. C. AVERY. ACMT. '
1ao.- pupa
diataae the earth travels tb Wlu.r
rash to Winntoiate4t .ns.n daring ....... Notice.
t-raaa W areaua rsda ... .UW ,, LA>'DIS & FISH
-- --- --- ---- --
tarred to tba *tree committe for inrea- t1.-0: tb* eeUp which ill Ihreeboan .. r.-a O 5 porw.*d MRaute. a ,:Ia Circuit Curt. 5Teata Judicial CUeuIV\ -
va tigatios mot twrn'y...t fat mi..I_ At the .sees__ .f r. arnrt. .aM a.u u.e..4_ ._o t_S1.prwar. I ta a..J fir "a....a Couatr.FV ATTORNEYS' aDd CO SELORS- 'finest (Coastwise Crips in tbe alorla

.... ..'br.t+aAP. .rida. la Chaaeery. AT-UAW
.. c.a.eu
A petioota from Mere V. W. Goo i moon tav e.e aimott throw th the center oaemrct 'I J'
., fad CaiMCaaautiiaa a.es tad ta.I Eo I.. Haita. _
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water aaaOa) at .... enp ce. in tbeaattm larxer I r.fewr. .at la: iER.tR-U W Wrap. Freak 1: W. E2T. KAI C. H J1 1 Will Practice In State and Federal
another factor la favor of ta. early il br.u.a era .awr w antsTI.w I rL.tara I
M1n Court
of iacar- Trek. sad sitters
edge town. pennoDer :
I K asst arp.Lr+a.. ud 5,5 Ib..apar FLORIDA EAST COAST .
i N that th i tr F. BArrm. sad all V facllltie for examining: andperfecting RAILWA
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water waa rferre4 to tb* fin aDd water the earth. At 2.14.. a ti* naoon via asst.. a..... a ..j. -so ....... s.rt. :. r Fn.al.ua W. k3r.: Kat.D"I: I _

t committee, with power to act in for be entirely' loa la Mother. Xanh'aahftdowaad : 1 fttA err sad. dia0'r.. .c pap.rtr. IAar Hedrc&.i lu4atu. F.1 1 11 B. WtUat.. S. B. Wrwal.. Jr. LOCAL TIME CARD No. 79. Corrected to Sept. |1,1 I
1 1Do'e1)dnu.
.. ..... ---- u -7 S .7x.557Lr Ra.... or ocaTwu.. .
mater.The wi3 ao4 bnpa to emr7 tar t.uUdU t .f .r4 -- Pad BRIGHT & WRIGHT. o)5 Fa lit $o. 78 I Nut 81

i petition from aadproperty aarO3?:. At 43ft the ooon will mUeu .'Isms .24 puzp 1e Papa fMIaZ''T .-.bdn T>>> rrnklia W. Gyp: K.,. C. Hedriek DaiLY I DAILY MAIN UNit I DAILY DAILY
.G tax-payer : -- .PN
Yet 51 a a em.on .
Saal! atfim to the ii)w. stooit -..... &oW -_ Lnsa-eat ..... xree.crap and& =t..IIoein", Aa.Dau.l'. Harris.Std ATTORNETS-AT-LAW ekrrttUle Jr I
buUera a.ie li eowicil to < Ut ,
; .c : oat _, p.11 .a.t. L.e..r K ... .U fara- eUlrauf Utrwt under NOTARIES: : PUBLIC a > ptM.IwOiI:1/ : .:: .. .... :A I. rJ ::1D7 (6 :::
rr>iO *t tbs uffieiaa* of tb* A. C. L, to thy *kM* b* cleat the dip*. wiS be corn .a of the prettiest that ir at. conaibCe toooaer : ; ItS u ....-.:. &SFUdaF. H.m or 0 i,rrwi .. oaf. .iI Jficw at Telegraph Office 01 pmfl 12pia ,..:Iow... Ormoad... 615: IIID 426 atn
sidetrack from Ofclo .
remote the ants arJnrat7naa, xsa.L'kd ,ar:JM eI.,_* ft* Interest la: IM r<>lkl-. 111 l 1 144 pa .......Daylona ....L/C 1 It pm 4 U aID Pullman: Haoperated P silt,
jest art of tb. Bonlrrari eroeajns. sod ** 111'111'r; it ... aarannaa a.e istd.lcrISdioed!: pees' or pe.reel tf aDd Dtl AND., Fl.ORIDA. f 11') pm 11m pm Li .Nw .... ...... I to pse 1 40 am o$ u.lm." B ey t
Aouteor Ytr'a, awn thai: weed !have .. mryu.ttSuo. u .p ss+ ..3ae. ""Ul4..s bets la tia. Copaty of 'p W P" I. p..1ow .Tltaee. 115_ 185: pm[127... I.a Jactwpr1111er..yy.
old croaks aDd other! .
to retno* roobaaB old r -'ic. if Qaa.Pap W &a pm 6110 pm J..o)2" pm I.. am1p
tb* vportaaity ot Xmrr, .e lad Y .......-we. all aOiLwa..lP \_ u4 74le U FJooia.: and more (U.M.. BENNETT 1w..Rockba *... ..1J
from avid. area.*. waa referrad to ocHrrnnf r" '. a.DWr1" 1Dna Yr pram.r..mt MTtaal.rty bows d *enb: .l sad di. :1 a:: : :a::U -R.u Gftlll*. : ht :a: : t: :: Pullman uaflai. dl.a

tb. street cotntuitte witb. tbe irqoeat waich rt* about 5 o'clock. wa to the aPw.-.ou aA4 prlrid_ ..tatsI..arwfm : Lararawl u flaa.. to-wit: LoIn 01 11 m pm I fI1 pm low. .Malboura: ;u ftlllm I Dr aID iwaeo :>I.. You Lis"
_c _=. ant CA be teem aoma too .ter pact'fwLFne -... Mbra.pt.s Ik* tows fit Blake *. pT pit .record la I ATTORSEV-AT-LAW .81... Tm pmIA: ..Ft. 1'1",.. ... ;10 2& am 1" pm ..T oroortn .. we. AII..U'UooL t
,I that tbey' mA tb* city' attorawya lake the. ao.nClx Wert of tb* ClrcBitCOBtt. 1 l Pam S pm U.W. Pal.Beedb am of
i boon to.* nuts rn evu. it to b* fait IlL 6 m 110 lD..U. .Miami ...Lq( ill am jacxmiir "111I
tb. mattrr wiib the railroad offirlaU Atilt' '" uki \<<_ ,....,. F1 I ap n. acv. '". pees it aP'eta: t kcreb rorsxndto 011 am.. ...... .. ...... alrtlmaandn
aa toei.pL JggtSac in too a nnmiaamsoo ;toroth, .125.1. M T.7 TlLaaa.e G c.o.. lac Swr, Set Uaer** ar' T Once on tint floor of Bank Building. b am .. ...... IL. .r'.. .....rw-
>-et ta th .-ir .ouiniaif r.....tn, it "alra-t 111_ ._ mau.ad mptI e|f ear to ta. Bi'lof IXBinaiBti FLORIDAWill 10" am .... ....J.v.; .III..f' _
Mr. Uurd aaked that city water be ea vff. .1 rats .,.plln-s ......)., ...... .14 tu4erv i*** IMAm afuatt Y.J; In U* .OpT. ra- 'I DELAND. IlIO.m .... .. A. : ...... .
araao4 turn at the Tvlgtt placr. be n.N tp p _4 tor wttee 1m sus ie toed .ease on or tefor the thud d7 ofJanArr. Practice! In State and Federal oe 00 t'-Ai, leT V1'es ..... ..jf'rI&m' !
MONEY FOR SPAMKH WAX VETEKAMS. IIMgenr: u m -- .... a a..aa" tP a A. D.I8i0. I Cauru. m.aml..I\r.. B.va..a . ...z300p'"
to ljauJ tb* expeoa* incidental thereto, 'tm.. d&ooo' ty "a.' ..rp.tr.nra w at ear: Ti* fa D.a CocatT Board la btnbji + .
.+eatra it ar.trt.ua; at nata4I la vblefa tan j BLY -4aada7a.Tneadari and Ttanraday. arv1.ab at Ray WMLrruaadaym
:*l fti a aw.papti
which wig ",;tasted, the! muter betA; ,I puled hr a ut 3".w. eu dt.rlpa.l- i r GRANT
toaf.. anrt. ....0.1 3. '1.a.aU a talav.urr filer nuJ M p,1>*!..** once a week fur ,Tbondaf and galnrdar. departures from Ih,Woe
referred, lire and eommtt-
to th* water Gor. GUcktrst Wants: Mmes of Men rapt tad Our2p ;pnrbeer; Ie tarMI .W"'IT.. enwceau week. AttorncTatLaaNotary Public ;tond r,. Wadnaad: .y. and FrkJo,..arrl.ak and departure al Baraoa.
tea .r>i...con..t t2P t.Se Pad .: a.1P Witoeoa nr da.-xl and teal of ofic till I _
chairman the Who Smtd in 'IN From I jmaep4 1--.et : tm tar n.mriaeasto *i 'LIT c(0ctocer.: I). lib. PALATKA BRANCH
Mr. W. A. Allah of 4
... .t
a.d< 3MUOOI"T T .1 :: 'm tarn 4.31 arms AX'LD.JORD'S. I Special attention given Real Estate,
saaaa eommiUo of th*local ez.cudnergaatratbo Florida.5ticn ota ':1&1: ....". ._ =0.1>. 11:1JI1 I I-s. ..:boP :.>. ;xfn-at': J' ar.i-/-ZT a: Law and ConreyaDCing. tde
created for the mtertaiavmeat f.pm roar < =*c ban !befor !hint :: _.. .t1! br ua..rawt tmin.w.mt. \5DI5 A: FISH.y Palalsa PALATKA p.lalko Paatka PALATKA his
of the delegate of the FloridaEdocatiuoal teat: tiwic ,of l at -bnttnrt a: hit iiflrgr i j t' ''. ter...iXMtt.... ,m.... 9nm...icil. tip l if n.3C.t.:b.-ca.atportR > ;0.lelWn C..T CornpIuIPat. .
: 211110. A fto> of cairn for Tax Deed Unlift Office over Voluaia County Bank. 116 am .__.1>10. 100 Dally 9 SA am 5 40 am .... ...: ut lot Dallf
Aaaoctatioo (to meet la Dtlatnd watt :auttt: wtiu oomyraed Fanda'I podia ':a.. ...iiiil..nmiinr if BOOIM r" o am ....._..No. 101 Dall :. lea:
p0ast IP.. IDLY Section of Chapter 4+*>. L*.. DeLand Florida JO amt ._.No, k>4 t>allf.So. ... V so am 12$ am .._:10. t05< P.II II.
tba lest of December). to MaicT. ttwiilier* IB til* 3pam n-A nifra.n"War. r 7tteesn.if: .a mlult-.atnaa Lx otlt of Florida 05 pm toa 1IeJ1,.._ 1225 pm 2 5.5 pm .._.ho. loT Daly, -__ Ilea

with Ueann. Lavodia, Ferkin. Fnaaf)r 1 a. .dam of many ..!wn :?:ia. r rdandy and ..r.r.. UP. a.-t s1. Zrcure .IATtaehees..ten St u ca la hereby riTen that C. S. Booth, STEWAIT) a: BLY, I to pm _.Yo.:> LOS Dell'.... 4 >0 pm 4 M pm ..._.No. lo ball,. tilt
991 p7.n put .hat! tP.z < .. ....
1t I a 1.tUifla eeruacate No. M < IS pm .::1 0. Ito Dall' ft aft pm liMpID .._..:No. 111 D.II sup
and Jordan also of the fioaoce -) .t out pmdta eaa.l 3. loWoot t.. oot.... __ ,
OOBUXC* : baaa aoilected :nin. hit Cuts : ul art; Jateti IJM 3: dar ot Jan. A. D. 19.:. ha. tuSpm lly. 618pm. 1 00 pm .... ....No. 113 li.lliT...... lkp,.

tee. appeared before the council swim} i:'l tm .fDr'.ramtrar.: uiiar 31* ace. of .trash IY. d.d MJd ettt lIt! :ela my obee. sad has ATTORXEYSATLAW.XScenezt' .

for an appropriation of 1300 tow.r'*9Lt 1)untur-M* grovtainif !fir jay mod radon taut Ptrpnra P..44.41 .rant Ott tae term a.1ia apttXOtna: tt sax: deed to tt.ae la SAN MATED BRANCH
tMlJL UP 1tm5. of tormr ivf was lawsi.t eeruiea&e ems '
it vnu7emmarl terxr Bank DELAND
food being raiaed' a proper Beenwat? if mmuidlBrt.. It agncan tans: the da '..ttarrt "t ...... tSar..re" tortmasttJ brfeew tS b4piwiel 4.Men..l. properIy "e.u. to Building. .TeEYD EAST "AUrICA TO Lo.aa SAM ATKO! TO 1AB't 1nP.lalla .

eapenaa lo t.be town for the entenacavment tjOiiiTiarB: now oj !lot dl u '.bawd sty !site ...".... lY th..S. 3imaua PUPS Sit ...! .t yO>( -sLa .001t7. .....nd..l wit: Branch office OTer Poetoffice.DATTONA! !JAM JfATEO Ma4o Mateo "ALArKA hlLlbP
.. >-0' 0r tar pnr.ete S..r'aa ;prn4mlUP W. 1 J5 It.u of a i3 VI Oj ea*. of M. TS,
to eta. of tbi treat body'-afaoajil.WX n uduiivaC ,amnania found la be 'tin-' TOavuixmitt am-. &a.1 ... IrP.fl .11a.1 d. mid ID a .. /OLCS1A COU2TTY ABSTRACT ._. ..
sad the ....\\. .1 rot iceot. t G..ad'7 vital. m u :Nut: 103 Dallf ._-_i $ 80 am 00 .ID ....No. 104 Uall Ica
,> teachen. acbool aperiot o4> Uaad offiuen east !mien at< tsar 7U>rij.ja )npanr raala.t.e;pndua.tap r..U'may' tic P..laa-L1 rw.uu 4r t.Linpt.urtt The oad l..od bats! .-i at ta* data INVESTMENT and TITLE INSURANCE : ::11I pID _.J>lo. 107 I>*llf_-_J, I 40 pm 11:1: pm ........Nut h6 Ddl,,,, 14pu

other edocalon. Ta. coaocil took |i blasrmlpl\ heest .a nlTnif of the m a. Hourt ifXDwcnoftL Ptr4. x..una ..- -.r u. Ldeeaau .f ara eerulcat* in ta* COMPAJJT.Title .
.t Jt. Y.cOudlse : :11,=11. lap1.uit nsn* cf '. 5. Borta. Caaaid o. : 110. O
the matter op aod txioaidered it a matter om3crlUet of the snmac? w. M the M rli: Biftrrt ,t a.....*. X. ftUina ftaiiif tarc.da..aa.l. bot n>ifn* 4t .h..11 ilt..tnenn. ap Ytth.rnPC eDUP d.cil. t to.noa oa tb* Onl J UPI hl
Chat the town wa vitally iotenatolin aavsss Stern chmtt mlitiBCT lie 57' avail IA. AX: Abetractj furnished and title perfect -
.:.hurut .at .ae-t.>ur- M tat Burt Wu day of >l).m-ear. A. D. KJ.-,. ed. Plat and Blue Prints ( law I m MlHOW g 411.. ...__.J_......___.... 7 110 m l m 1 11 P
xraated tbs of tbe committee tt Pirept Yrnn4 if the YrhaD.t D4ID$4 Maps, Sup-
Kqoeat ,I TV&OO& I: a;amart tins the nlinif of ,iWtt1.' ......... Pat '.._110.-_ m Tut/ Wrai_ my ia.dAl *i?',.tar* sad teal 4 BO Wi 10 K HI u.--._.r_ -L.. 10 m 17151 ly
sod appropriated fan from the advertiaui '''tbe eMnfcnOr. at the enmaisj halt Burt It ifo....* .na. o. TOP X this tile 1Kb day of U tblar. A.. D. !.0. plied. 4 *7 s f 41aal 10 el W u.-_ _AU..... _.__._L.. 5 la m II B 1 I6 -
iDl-app., :huna. auL' *AX'L D. JORDAN, Opposite Voluata County Bank. 11055 I OO M 10 4 Ml ..._ ._ .__....,.-. -.-- .__.. d 10 w It 901'1S
food. that. ttt* act af eotLfr-f m-kln! cu 1')'" C;tun-* tr'ntt tt1'JIT. Fla. D'\L.t."fD FLORIDA m

The BnaiKi committee WM ordered era c, of tit* _Ttr I scarves, Memiae&t m.fiYiof.u..k. .- Aru.l. T.A a.w.rwlr r r.aoalr 1. dew. I Ornte Gr In.rki a.A.a/.I-r o.y .art a. H.q tt.p, e. *; .z ku; pn

traaafer 00 from the bood intnat'; Octet J' ""C rep IhaA 1'n sae. ....... ;Notice:' to Creditors. U. A. DAVIS. ... 1
to 41, senu rot the t'u..l: dazPa ;roe max tain d1r..n awl ... ..- u DB. t 10 pm j$ 9 to am cpL.1 1 $5 pm pm m v.. Ilur r
$ had to the general rt-rena food. j i for tiv* ob czd
auL anrpor.GOa. out aanau =-<.II... 14le h43.d boa been atpninted! bj ta* Hon. J. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON I5)r bo m ,.a..... err J.L.,12/S r.a/w.st nsMNaec..a
Tb matter of a fr *> cop sod water amoast ajiceraia i to ie in* to toeaoldlen .seed of n1rpr1r. .m...... ':::ounti.rar 1>_ 3ielr'n.ltid: So o( tile County: Jad c/. pm m 620 m

for tbe citizen* of Ytm_. wee referred of ti* rs.pecata .UUIt. to to tap ..enat T'-107 ... laauarrU. Coors: .t Volcea{ oiantv. Flcnda.. lminla DELAXD, FLOKLDA. rte .t EAST 5.7La P. a O I. C*. tor oar WM .r row,0..
1f' I*. .Ati IDt tam .mood T1a7 u .i1.AllOq Office at residence.: Indiana
;' 1 1rt to the water SlId water committee. A* to tit* aoiiier* who e:1JIRed and \ oum fats. :aa+P.rTh. trtor of the wutecf Ldwin: Barney, .late avenue au-Tw visa TANLas.5..5..617, .... wp M.1p.adIo. .Mtalee da.t.w.1 ..
; Court Hooott.
Dtrwxin .rt.t soul pen Dm feeued,"'f said. enaaty. sal all creiLlor*. .S.d d.e..nr. S to. d-/.rp aMwe .a.r .IWee
Tba clerk wu attracted to notify wr enroOed ia tile Federal aerrie tan jar w oacis m taw BOiUiaaanr ..... w.r.d *oai* a, oI..nllo..Dd. all other persons Office Honr: 9 to U. II to 4. and 7 to& M ..:=:::': lee :=; ;.:, a ..I p4. ../... .::::.. .

# property itmvi on Wed Sew Tore from Florida it i III ancerjaUed taat eoo- Pad .i-. !bane; etajok or demand. a aJoat Aid I tOt con 0* THa LOCAL TIMI: CARD OR 01 HIM INFORM A1 ION "PSI. 11t& nuaT: A.al'
V ? .t epd mrlnr&.::4P..bn !lot est41k. *r.* hereby required: to r>tMolUle
areaio to place corba on line with and atderaol difienuty anil be load ia i> P Peas 4pn1. raft. 'raa: Pra4pnt. Peeped ; tams' duty aotaentMated. to the under.Ln DR W. S. TAYLORSURGEONDENTIST I. D. HAHNBB Caaral P.naaaar A.aa. ST. AUOUSIINi. FIOHD)

carol both aide of street tatia many of Use IDES at th. c=...e. 74p Pr.Ntr....&;Tra.ww"
tin An ordinaoee wa pray ed for parlay after a lapse of ten yean afnc ti* -4 M p.atmt tom __ ern aamIr ur tan amp. GEO.will be F.forever BABSEY.AdnUUtntor barred..
II U..rimd-.e it u. Earl 41 Laa
or Sew York: arena from Clara to Adele 'Snoniah-Acoezicaa War.Goreroor are as lam aue4 Tl&r .c Jpaoary leoen Office In Flaber' New Brick Block
Pat 4......7. tar, ..:ea Jw shape $0 aootabcro; Jf aaa.Uaud .
r sremne. GilebriaS wooii be glad to UuOftAft Spa 5pp4 .hat Y. P.1... pra.7EP4.. > tali Sept. M. r.0. Second Floor; Eventually
TIle ordioane iotrodoeed at the preTiooa o hare say ofieer or enlisted nan who Tap. > $ w ..... 3? tern parses. Tar lmtr o. aa. .
mention of which waa made in enroUed': In that aerrie write aim, itat tat Trs ......... PM war.. JYaaar1P Notice to Creditors. DeLand Florida

the** column, .... -- Inz bU preacot poetoffic!! add tea* Tb. z.L.7 M. .Wit. 1'..1,....Pa... Jamramp.petva ... Taemu :loch< .la hereby ,ri ven that. Ute ouderijpu DR A. S. MrasoN.HOMEOPATHIC I

F. Brodertck... refunded H10 on governor' would also like In. preeentpcK rrrtl. : ...... Bra..y sad A4rM TI'.tw..t.a < >ft but ..**. apooinud. by tb* Hon. J.
O'&lr.o- Lee Xe.r>rr. Jude ot elM Icunty) Jodjre' 1 YOU WILL USE
m tax certificate :So. 10. b* not rciriog >fBc* addna of the legal repreaect'atircof r.etS..t. .P.1 ...vealea aua pupa t.mau mart )C \01LO( V>aDt,.. forbla. adauaiatr PHYSICIAN.

deed on sail certificate.Tbe any' of the alders who =-7 w [Yard aapJ S. ........." w.a.d dtaan..d tni )(tiuntauof Oorn .4. Lawrence.Ut .

following bill ..re ordeiwd pad: bar died. M .5.11.4.r. alt U4 .Y'ew'. rams: 114. 1.apkt 1'r/Jtr etaywp1u4.W ; .1rrS"rte .. re.. .late of DoA ad C: F1 ridA. .54ttwliTar. | Office Second Door South of Fisher'
hMaW" **. dl.u1ba.ad all
1 : O. A Dreka: Co . .. . .| 1% f fI FTW.ai 1-- 7ubt. araN Drug Store.
cit* w G etpI ..........w. term.u ;.eMlltlS bavias claim or demand &c.....
8eoItlfod.II:1JI.: .... .... ... (too -- Gr.1 ta: nu4 T_ ...--.. C&n1aScr.u.n. tit eataM. ar* beam repaired to preaent OFFICE Hocus 10 to 12 a. m.; 3 to Sand

G. Lv Hord. . . .. . 34 WBlaoe A Meeaimer auto .......er for ..!. atthi 6aP.r w. 7r.uw. 413,14 the MB. *.daly ..aatoeatieaud..* oader- 7 to 8 p. m. ARMOURFERTILIZERS
r. Puaua awl ..d trap a. .ec-. pun tined witaia tb* time preerir 1 law
by DeLaad
11 7K. office. Can be had at about half M Sead oM eah.l Y. .-.. M.......... .r. u.e..mem. be Cn ever barpnlHA Florida. i
O. Campbell Co. . S42OWatta i
*f fB coot KG A RET C.
it" Miller Uo. . .. . 57 I IRn. TI4! Wd eory.- uaA .0454 u aDaM -- AdJ2 l elhlri.. with: U LAWRENCE* .1II."acw.t. 1\\RS. VTDA Z. BAEBECKE M. D.

T. K Arnold . .. . 2375VeederatfK. Hills P......p.LPa, -'. .aa.T a4a4$ 07 tttw of the "estate of Citorga A. Lawrence

.. Gi. . . . 811 /rR./ Almanac for 1901. oa.r.mas .t au sralr..p4 _. ,
rt. tab w AruuP ., Isa.rporun. pad PHYSICIAN and
B J- G. W. n.ber... .. .. ... .. .. 160 Beady Nov 13.: 1MB, a splendid yearbook ... 1... d tee Mau .f F1w .. ... map V.d. ra., *pt- a), 19(0.Waiorr SURGEON

vy 1. Q. Cbl' llophey... ... . 4 25 sad Pmeb or rrpsl.e II By-I... w BIGHT.Attorn .
J. A. Erickcon fc Co ... . .. 8 20 : on aatroQ'xny mftsorobgy.lb. ....... TIL "" *;*. Office on Eat New York Avenue:.

E. D. MeLeod.. . . . 90 only' one containing' the original. Tb tl._ total aawaat ofnr es4.Si14.p DELA.-ro. FLORIDA. I

y H l'f.Pab.Co.' .. . . .... 12 00 "Uick Weather FjrwcaaU.By mail. baMJltr to wkleaa 1&14 et$ ta&tM. as Notice of Final Discharge. 1
A. Howard. .. .... . . ... 14 oo pap uaa abct Mai u FIT Tfc'taaaailbollara '
ponpaid. 35o.:; on newUnd 3Oc:. One 1 t*,_.">. IYI I* aereoy gives that ik* a er-

W. Mcdenan. . . .. .... 400 free with years sob criptlon to ....... Till.Ta. .ifned kdaticlMntor oi the estate of Mat.
'$f Lalliaa Hamlin_..... . ..... 11 W aama aaa r.rd.Ye. ., 1M seb- eat** B. Morriaoa, .s-aed. will oa Ui* Ut DR. JOHN REEVE
*( E. 1... P. & 1. CO...... .. ... 2W 00 Word & Work, the Rer." Irl R. Hick a nb ra Pad. Ineorporaior bred< aa4. ta.. day of Jasua'y. A. D. 19I<., lie hi* lnlaeotrau

< W. U. T. Co... ... .. .. . .. 400 monthly magazine the beet II monthlyIn rosaar. of aaar** w..vlb.d_t* .r aaca ar ,",111M county. Jndz of Cans a

liw M. M.'Traalbaa..... .. .. .... 400 America. Discount on almanac in P. followa. IM: aaan Puma*. Jam 1* ** ". OamM atrjnorvla. C.l. .. eoaaty. 1'1orid.,4 sad a.k that the same benrvrtd Not Now?

: A. A. Taylor.' .. .... . .. .. 2 Iii qnantitiee. Amenta wanted.. Ke aem w.. Trap BalKUar. ,._-u... Cml*. .*. :Intlniauator.Tkia .that be be dlacbarzed a. neb DELAND, FLA.V. Why
.ban*: Taoma _'10. Jacaaoarrul*. Flort.a. ,
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Detawtd Telephoo.(:o..... . 150Bond anywhere' elee-you' get them only in *, ..-- two afcar**; AJr4 T. PatOtMH D. XUBBIS09,

Lumber Co........ ".".". S 00Georgia's his own publication. Word & Work I1IJo. "",,40. r-0 akaraa.aflJW AdminiMrator. ,

a Pub. Co., 2201? Locust St..St. Loot, Mo.Pain .ilEa EMafA X. OAMBCaX U TCCKZB.
Notice of Application for Tax Deed
!i in
L Example Cited. BBIXKLET.ALTBED Coder Section IIPM T. PAYTILLO Law of Florida.

S-! Tb Tamp. Tribune call open the STATE OF 4ZOROIA.coi'XTT Xotic* la hereby given that C )(. Ben.It. Dentist

>tr state of Florida to follow Georgia'* example or CUATUAJC.Bfor .. parekaaer of tax eeruacat. >o. 00. Favorite
#. aa* pwraoaftUy appar14 r. dated IIIe 3d day of July. A. L. L,3. ba P. O. Block
la outlawing the conrict _lease inHeart Taek.r. t* am. ... beep .. *n. *< .a. lied said eertineat In my office, and bam.4.appilcalru DeLand, Fla.

ayftem. pars.Leprpa.suu..0.ra* antd Tk Ik** forcota norida Cmrtaclaa JLrUetmf for tax deed to .lance Ineeordanc Bonn: 8.30 to 12 and 1.30 to 4 Buy

... e with law. Said rerUflcat embrace Fertilizers
From the -7 Aat .Sala. Yb.w114a14
aero** border line the lo-I .
the deecrlbed ..
teat aa* ...e.s14 la* aaaa far tee parpoaatUMTMa f"llowing : eie.
floeoc of the ,Empin Slate bum bean *xprwoLIX erred in Voltuiacounty PXirida. towf: !

earn and felt. WITXVJUt WHEBEOF. I 11&... araatv *- SXbt2.see2.twpItrJ.I! i W. C. CANNONS'LITery I
a*< aay aaad aad oatetal .. thir4av Tb* aid .land Belo ; ain-aicd *t Lbe date
Betide eooaignloK to oblivion a relic l' of Oetok r. A. D. !.*.. of Ut* .....aaa.* of such _rte... in the .
of brutality' which. ought never to bare "For two years I had pain In A. IL afACDOCEL.Motarr: Paail: .. same of J. E. etillmaa.. Co..... said eer.Uneau. Feed and Sale Stables.Fine by

heart back and left side. M7. eeea_. b..1ptrr IMi.aTATB shall. be redeemad according" law.
arrived tt. mid U. ba my
> .
ages( t Georgia or OHIO.COfXTY tax deed will 'IMRM Utereoa oa the Ttb day Fahiooabl Turnout

et tbe wholesome exaiapl of patting Could not draw a deep breathor OF HAMILTOIT.r ot December A. D If".Q.
aa. aoraoaally appaarail Jaw M Wliaea my offleial lrnatur% and seal. meet all train epot. INDEPENDENT FERTILIZER
tbe eon r let. to work: on tbe poolic lie on left side, and any little e.ab.> .* to aa. wall k.._. a* sea of taaL til th* Mb. day i.f Xuvrmber. A. D. 1 Vftt.laAL lacks meet morning andrkro on H ClC:

road*. ........ who xatld tk. forotae Artlcl ; SAM'L D JORDAN 1.:. B,. train at Orange City: and nlrht
exertion would cause palpitation. of law poralloa ot laa Florida Ckrtatla* Clerk; t'Irculiour YohuiaCo.; Fla. train at UeLaad Juactloa. U. B. hail
Better hlxhwiy: of travel and betterarterta .._101.cSu_ ...s Yka.eIUp14. bptnronu I *. Hack meet
of circulation have been the Under advice I took Its. .. ._..... tb. aam for ta* paraoaarIX 8.oti. hones and c.retol boauatBrford.driTeraTDR. Jacksonville, Fla.
remit.' ....... .-. I I
Dr. Miles' Heart Remedy and WITH' KM WHEBEOr. I bars btu. PI1o.. a. i
And by tbe time the lUle .U provided ...* an my. band aad ._101 aval tu DeLa.4. Pls. --
with good road from border to border Nervine. I took about thirteen 1M oar of Octototr. A. D.. l)vWM. ..

there will b* other take net for the bottles am in better health thanI WALKER 'M1TH.Motary r>MI..*. S. R. LOVEOSTEOPATHIC Dealer In all kind of

riolaum tbe.of Florid.law.Ban paper: ever was, and have gained 14 RATS Mr. ommlaatoa Or FLORIDA._cHr... ...... jj. m*. PHYSICIAN Pert ]1fDg IiUrtols, i rlcoltiiril Chemicals and-rnsectlcldes

COtKTT Or VO1-C.IA. ,ra..... AII/CAKst.cLoro.TKoraTIT'
"Tb' .tat*"of Uoria; eeeme to betaking pounds. .
rfvra m* prraoaally a>ppan4 Alfrod. T. Klrtarllle ...
a auccea* of tie change of planIn MRS. LILLIE THOMAS ....11..... bas .N 1 .._.. .. oa* of tee iO Hew T
the otilltatioa of convict la....., Braoa* wee sevt4 the forcolc Artftalatf r .rk .A n. o-aaaiu C.ik..Ar.. '

of laaain-. them to contractor for Upper Sandusky, Ohio. laeorporauoa. ta* Floods Ckrlatlacnan Office Hours: 10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. TAX STATEMENT FOR 1909.D. .
>lr Aaanelfttloa. and who ackaowltkat m.. or by appointment. Tel.
privat. gala, theee. anfortenal 200.
are For Dr. :Miles' <_ b. *xnud tk. aam for tb
many years """ """ *"
cofwtrocUnc public ....-. "
i highwayfooe'e4. general good.; In- Heart Remedy has been. very ."i |0WITXa. WHEkEOr. I 11&.. kT.- '] B P. SMITH Collector.
at* art my band aad oaVrial aal tblfntk
lead of being cronlly maltreated. by successful in the treatment of .day of Oetooor. A. D.. 1>..*. "See Gould"
;; greed. factor. they" are treated bas AL.VIM BBOOKK

; mast 7. with s whoteeom Improv*. heart troubles, because of its Notary Publlo.My DR. D. p. Sarrra CH--
anmmmKoa oxptrw A... 4. Itll.ITATB "Ask
meat lp,: tbeir "health aDd condition. 'ionic effect tile'heart Chapman"but
The state h. beiag gridlroaed with. ex upon COUNTY or Or FLORIDA.KUVAL.> I Nan Ir-Tto UQt ....._ .4 I 'GOemerd

,. cellanl and blab at 1 nerves sand muscles. in .
,permanent way. a Even ) f Its poraoaally appoftrcd Taonar -- --
1 rrr small __. lntd of a few Im- assets. ta m* ..u ...... a* oa* of tk< Revenu Fund.
severe cases of long; standing it p.na. who oaeiit4 tao for....... Artldo '9ba.aoehsdbatyeecaathebaTarec'vudor No 1-Ta law .
fortnne tM.lW 411'I IGeneral
\ mere prlvat piled ap of laouiiniiatloa of tk* norldft Ckrlatla.Aaaiatklr DO
by political bencbmen and favorite, .. has frequently prolonged life for _____ aad aekaowlodcodtbat '
School Pnad.tO.Ml .
ba beee tile a.... and tb benefit are b* *xoatd tk. *ftm* tor tb* aarpoa "**" '
New.1-Tai. .
after .doctors ins .
had _
many years tkarala 4. -
: diffused generally .*..'equitable. to tbe IN WI7ME8H WBCBEOr.: I kft*. hraato *- -- ,

people or the entire start TbU .alp given up all hope, as proven by aot my kftad aad ._101 see) Ibis Road and Bride Fund.

( provabl. feature alone. U anfflclent to thousands or letters hive IMk.aay! of Oatooar A. D.. 1)M. PORCH SHADESWe N_. 1-TM uoe .
we RBNCKE.Notary Stances |
re.ceived r. A- eLand T tMo
Ertl lb.change, and wbB) o, It.to Pw"_ ', Realty Co.
f: llh* brneOci!) effect upon the conrtct from grateful people. Mai of norldaM ate ezciuaiT m enu at DeLani Fin and Forfeiture Fund.

I tanunilT,,tb, tanruBMn* I h Irre- I aommlaatoa .......* Oct. la. H1L for these Porch Sbadea. Just tbe thing 1--Tax not .- "IIIlII"" .
I le sate aJdrHoelata. < .
MB Mammtv
Dr. ** Heart By ''
liars or nx>RiOA. T E. Arnold
'.' latlbaav: It U t* ba hoped the next nor tee era toetl* fall atlam14. COUNTY Or OUTAL. for your.verandas during the hot eua .. Manager ,
'I' Ida ......*,..*.elJl..... th* neoraaarr ,-H. -I. tl/IN .u wore aa* poraoaally appoarod CSalala Polls. '
I : Drbikloy.: ., mar nm. Call at our tore and New. r-Taa 1101 .. -
I rma. deainabl change Nes..yMW t* au woll kaowa. a* spa .h. rise, III 1 '
I MiOIO/tL. co. aUMtart, last aaaaim wk. aaaatod tk* ._....* Ankle examine aaama a Ja aaaaaam aeo lac a aNIM t if4MAgsol.. : ., of Card board of all kind .
I '" I + '" i it laooraoratloai of tk. norbta CIa1I.r -.. .. colon I .
.,,.I'f'it ; Agee A-.Mttmt I sad ............. J* P. ALLEN ek CO' ....u on. a-.a emos. -SAM'L D. JORDAN,


.J' . .
-' -

The Volusia County record
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Title: The Volusia County record
Uniform Title: Volusia County record (De Land, Fla. 1888)
Alternate Title: Record
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: William A. Cook
Place of Publication: DeLand Volusia Co. Fla
Creation Date: November 12, 1909
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- De Land (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- DeLand
Coordinates: 29.02889 x -81.30055 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1888; ceased in Aug. 1921.
General Note: J. Park Todd, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 5, no. 20 (Jan. 1, 1889).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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,r ran p t''' y yO'


._..... ,. .


B. E. PKETATT, Editor Proprietor.
.J- ___ _..

IA. ...-.___ .___ __.___ DE LAND VOLUSIA CO.. FLA. Ii FRIDAY NOVEMBER 12, 1909. NUMBER 7

.. '

iE: If You Want the BEST ORANGE WRAPS Ask forUNTEi GAINESVILLE FELL.- -VALUE OF PRODUCTS ,xiaixti&ec&i ;ysysai! xacor fxaafoxxt- M


Crackerjack Football Team From AGENCY'I
. PP Fortunes Are Made From the Industry, !
the University of Florida Met To market your crop, a grower's natural desire la to
'ItI itoel et + ralrttt In a Very Few Years. i HI zatlon whose Interests are in Florida and which Ie
I 4nYt 3 JIinEl*I.I r w ,F e1} : fllo .Ae la i a N r tt, p Its "Waterloo" at the Handsof (From the Penaacolmn.) I for the welfare of the state and the Improvement of the industry; I i ,

4 ", y re; N IIer YiD Stetson Unlversity-26 to 0. The state of Flor.da bears the reputation -, Which An organization has the longest which and has the most beet successful facilities experience at this end In; market-' ,

r it t of being; able to produce more: H lag Florida products
r a ; 1 c l The football team from Gilnesville : ;
revenue to the acre cultivated than another Which has a reputation not only In Florida, but all over the coun- ,
m 42 representing the University of Florida, state In the Union. The rate of try, for fair' and square dealing/ ; II
Journeyed to DeLand last Friday and Whose business If an established and successful one;
-- ., V'hpny engaged the Stetson University team Ina production as established\ for Florid! I Whose brands and pack are known In all markets and popular'
battle on the gridiron vegetables in the districts that have among!' the jobbers; *
: Saturday after specialized this Item of the state's borti Which has an established trade In every car-lot market In the
l loss e r i noon, the U. of F. boys going down to cultural below United States and Canada, thus Insuring it in most cases first chance
( operations are given as a
a 1.atRr t .. 1i.A! N 3 /1' defeat under the top-beavy score of 26 to at the business of the best houses-which means distribution and top
AY y guide to those who cure to investigate
t 0, though/ it was thought they would prices;
pi O.4 !ri ale A have little trouble In dragging the The figures have been compiled with I Which has a well-organised and competent sales force with bonded -
green great care and in nearly every cane In- sales agent in practically every car-lot market In the United
. UNIOr .a and white colors f>f Stetson in the dirt. States and Canada;
stances can be olted showing that the
- ''U Snedigsr(Stetson) was a caprice in Whose agents are selected for their ability, honesty and experience .
tIa H
e 7ae f production per acre has been even
i p r. r the kicking, and proved himself the in Florida products;
greater than that stated. Whose officers have the ability and experience In Florida neces-
f e of eqnalto Taylor (UT. F.), who had bleu
to enable them to distribute Its and
1irh Cabbage will pro Inca at the rate of sary properly shipments
.. coneldered hie superior in pnntlnir. For 140 crates acre, rained at ""f3.73 I top market prices: .
per per
A.r I place kicks Stevens was there with the Which has In the past been able to return to the growers the is
er ear crate, In many case twice that arnonn
; est
I Icabw goods for Stetson. averages;
il I 1.i iv have been realized, to any nothing of ) Which does not ask you to pin your faith solely on hlgb-I
Taylor F. had
M.eh ( ) only one opportunity other crops that can be grown on the what it will! be able to do for you in the future, without being
rnnl rNearrntrrzbe I for a drop kick and that resulted same ground daring the same year.made show a mIst record which will of itself justlty you In selecting
In no goal, as he was hurried by Stetson your Hales ;
,, __ agency
Best .. .. -. $t raw b 1 eeloo" an d one'b a If times Which ask tie fruit for term ot ,
.a Lot and most economical to Use breaking through the line The feature :: does not you to up your a years
neI.tbabe' of the I a yield. of $3,000 net. but which will handle your fruit for the season knowing! that It can
game was the rnnntng and dodg Bermuda onions made.a yield of $05( show you results which will cause you of your own free will to continue

LOOK FOR THE LABEU-THE UAPANES&OIRL INR>zQ Ing of Clyde Ponnds. per' acre net. I% your arrangements with it during future seasons; I
The first half started by the U. of F, Which does not ask you to tie up your crop without knowing what
( A. DREKA, DeLand, ) kicking off to Stetson's 5-yard line, Celery has produced $1,800 per' acre Its charges will be, but which will agree to market your crop at a
For Sale net. definite price per box which is just as low as the service rendered will
- By < R. s. MALEY, Daytona, } Florida Pounds returning 75 yards. Stetson Cucumbers will make a profit of from permit.The.

-1 ( E. E. IRELAND, New Smyrna, ) then carried the ball to U. of F.'s 2-yard $350:; to 3,000 per acre net. I organization which can answer these requirements Is
line, where she lost the ball on downs. ti
Egg plant sold at normal prices has
U of F. no gains and panted 40 yards.
- produced profits) amounting to $740 per t CHASE & COMPANYMain
+44+++++I+++F++N++++M+1.+++++4+++++++++++++++f1 Pounds returned 10 yards; Snedtgar acre net: I
took 13, Waterman 4 Snedigar 4-yard-
; Lettuce produced $410 per acre net. Office: Seaboard Building, JACKSONVILLE, FLA. i
'tIXltm. Wleinert & Company | line buck, Willard 5 yards and touch
dsbsore IMPORTANTTO down. Time, 11 minutes. Stevens String beans produce $315 per acre 5e.I'i.VVV

kicked goal.Stetson net. A. R. BOCUE, ACT., Box 840 DELAND

ttinUp) = Green produced $700 acre
4 pi" S.ra. Cor. jfront nno \Wine Sta., Philadelphia I1. punt, which pounds retnrned 25 yCs. net. peppers -

S'hItlllll Urn Before Consigning Your Crop, Investigate Forward pass netted 15 yards, but U. of
Sugar cane reduced to syrup has pro
F. got the ball on a side kick. Taylor .d* -** 1 .
- ::Best :Eran&s of Both Sides of the 40 duced $150 per acre net. ,
pnnted yards Stetson on tackle over-
Question.The Irish potatoes will produce from $150 : THE :::
FLORIDA GRAPEFRUIT tackle plays and line bucks made 30 yds. T
to $:J JCO per acre net.

dug INES. ORANGES AND VEGETABLES. leas of cltrns any advice grower they of may Florid receive*, regard.from kicked Snedigar goal.over U.touch-down of F.kicked and oft and Stevens half Sweet potatoes can be sold for from T FLORIDA FRUIT & VEGETABLE EXCHANGE W WM

em any quarter, should consider carefully ended. CO cents to $1.00 per bushel and will

pma .. .. . ... .i on its individual merit the proposition produce 75 to 350 bushels to the acre : :W::
++ ++ . . . . . Stetson kicked off. Vidoll returned DISTRIBUTORS OF
presented by the responsible factors in Cauliflower will produce 800"crates .
So,61 the ; 10 yards. U. of F. no gains and Taylor it
marketing of Florida fruit After I
acre and is worth at least $1.75 W
odpto per per
thorough investigation complete arrangements punted to center of field. Stetson on ;

PRINTED ORANGE according/ to your beet judg tackle-over-tackle plays and line bucks crate.
tai WRAPS ment. Watermelons are worth from $00 to :esw J J20U Wp Boy St., Jacksonville,l Irr
another touchdown FLORIDA
t.i iiii It '11I'11be\ well worth your while to Stevens missed goal.U by Snedigar. S175 per acre.Asparagos. : DFFirrm 1 clmrU8t( Block, Orlando, f WT :::

- WRITE TO will produce$140 and over ... .. .
...... *!: of F. kicked off. Sams returned "" "
From 25c to 50c more per box for Oranges, Tan- per acre net. *

gerines and Grapefruit wrapped in printed wrappers. CRUTCHFIELD & WOOLFOLK 15 for yards.holding.Stetson Fake past penalized by Pounds 15 yards got Peas will produce at the rate of 200 :;: Just Look at this List of Stockholders :

pd'i JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA, crates per acre and are worth at least ee B. E. COCHRAN CO., New York HORACE B. HANSEN co. Nor York W
Striking designs, full count and best tissue on the"market 30 yards. U. of F.'s! ball on downs, but WM. WEINERT CO.. Philadelphia :t
; JAMES SAWYERS. PhiladelphiaJ.
for their booklet F. O. B. and per crate.
on Selling
are the reasons why we sold 55,000,000 wrap- Distribution. This firm's executive were forced to pant Shands hurt and T C. LEIB CO.. Baltimore ERNEST M. MERRICK. Washington. D. C. W
Figs-Thla fruit luxuriantly in
- relieved grows fit THOS. H. MoGOWAN. Plttsburit, Pa. N. NIQRO CO.. Dallas.Tex. iM
by Tenny. Taylor fizzled
'-r to Southern Fruit Growers last offices are located at Plttabnrg. Pa., on
pers season. with district offices in all parts of the drop-kick. Stetson made 60 yards on all parts of 'Florida and will ripen all ::: BALDWIN CARGILL. Houston Tax.CINOCCHIOJONES MUSCAT-LOTT PRODUCE CO.,Mobile Ala. :WT ::
wnr through the Bummer months An end- FRUIT CO., THE WEIL-BROCKMAN CO., Cincinnati! O. yw
. D. O. WILEY CO., Detroit, Mich :Wei ::

) leading factors in the marketing of Hendry made 40 yardq; and tonch-down. Is made from them. ..........".... WT
JERSEY CITY, N. J.TAPLIN'S Stevens kicked goal. crop .
- THE JERSEY CITY PRINTING GO, fancy fruits. Stetson kicked off, forcing U. of F. to In the above Instance .where. knownprofit : OUR BROKERAGE CHARGES. will be lOo per box on solid cars, which :

t punt. Stetson made three Brat downs nave been wade, IE naa provenIn .e will principally be sold f. o. b. shipping points and en roots; on local lots, W

and U of F.'. ball. U. of F. punted) to many cases that the average per aore T: which have to be consolidated at Jacksonville, 10 per cent. on gross sale :

ttrasa'satlatttr' tsaet sa4tsrKititFtFi ta ws t rltNaspgrs .. .. -- seconds Sneiligar, who to play returned, Stevens 80 yards made With field was greater than that given. A casein :; We expect to ran a good many mixed cars ont of Jacksonville consisting :WT ::

goal. Very few penalties. point Is that of a gentleman who had : of oranges, grapefruit tangerines and( pineapples, which gives os a chance :T

IMPROVED FRUIT WASHER WANTED U. of F.'s center WAS ordered from the JO acres in lettuce which he began TIto supply the smaller markets and not glut: them on either commodity. ,mPEEtcEEFtFFFEFEFFFFFFFFFFEFFFFFFFEEFEEFFFMEEFEFFFFFE"'
marketing In January of this
game bnt allowed to remain by Stetson
because of no substitute.The from the 80 acres he secured 336 carloads
Oranges Grapefruit TangerinesAnd
line-up wan as follows: which he sold for an average of

MANUFACTURED BY Fruits of All Kinds. STETSON POSITION U. OF F. .::400 per car. He made a fortune off of

McCaakill Center Baker this one crop in one season. The phenomenal .

ALVIN TAPLIN' MANATEEFLA. Also Stevens McKaekill Eight Left Guard Guard McMillan Coe yields are such as to cause a FIRST-CLASS ORANGE BOXESWith
i iman
Waterman Right Tackle Cap. Rhader bit of doubt in the minds. ot those an

Potatoes TomatoesAnd Garwood Left Tackle Wagner acquainted with conditions iu Florida.
Capacity of Hand Power Machine l Ii about 150 boxes per day,depending on the Willard Right End Johnstons
Dot it should be remembered that this of
at the crank. claim the machine compile with every demand of'he fruit Sams Left End Moody LOCK-JOINT PANEL HEADS. CRATES
Brewer,both. to ilmpllclty, cheapness and efficiency. Its operation simple, yet II All Older Florida Yegetables Campbell Quarterback Edgerton tate is busiest, growing its quick

thorough, the fruit being Immersed In a cylindrical receptacle li kept Inclosed In a I Hendry Right Half Taylor money crops when all of that great sec- all kinds. WRAPS, LADDERS, NAILS and W ARNER'S -
soft mat .u.ponded on iplral prlnjrs, which can be adjusted to fruit of any size, Capt. Pounds Left Half Shands tlon to the north, east and west Is
from the emallMt tangerine to the lanreat sued pomelo. Ju.t above la a revolving Prompt returns and quick saleson Snedigar Fullback Vldell
frozen up, covered with sleet and snow
drum, alao covered with a soft mat By turning the drum the movement cause the I all shipments.Refer Colton Coach Pile PICKING CANS. GET OUR PRICES.
fruit to revolve and thus to virtually cleaned aaalnit the two loft mat, alwayi open to the Commercial Agency or Botts. Duncan, ) Babetl- ( Storter and harboring a great insatiable appetite
... The fruit l Ie fed In at one end which only Florida can appease.It .
on one lid*for examination on the Improved .h.r. Loan &: Exchange Dunk. Knmmer, SkinMcCormao: { ,
and In revolving a elmple device keape the fruit working toward theotherend whereIt ner, Spanlding: ) fates < Tenny will pay those who rent lands in
I dlacharoea aa feat aa It to fed, thu.avoiding overloadingorerowding the fruit durIng :I Referee-E. W. Palmer; UmpireCol. he north or In other localities where W. A. MERRYDAY & CO.

Ita revolution. The machine, ..Improved may be run by hand or eteam power, lit I WI FRED GERMANYWholesale Hotcbktea; Field Jadge-S. B. he price of land has become exorbitant
aa there la no etoppln*to feed discharge the fruit. It not only completely removes Wright, Jr. Time of Halves-25 and 20 PALATKA FLORIDA
Commission Merchant and the taxes high, to Investigate the
the white fly amut. but also remove acalei of any other foreign substances that may minntes.
collect on the fruit And I claim thus to be the only machine on the market that does. Columbia, S. C. The good showing made by Stetson possibilities of Florida la the matter of
satisfactorily and without Injury to the fruit The adjustment la so nicely arranged was doe in a large mxasnre to the excel- raising fruits, vegetables and those
that hen eggs can be run therein without breaking the shells. The Improved I lent work of Coach Colton, who has Items appearing In the columns of the
machine. la an Improvement upon the machines which have been In use for severalyear. The Weatherfor labored hard and faithfully with the I ESTABLISHED 18791
;;;;;;;;. In this vicinity',several of whom have I .mall farmer operating his lands on the
by a number of experienced packers the week ending Nov 6: team
anG.redtofurniahuat.etbnonmadtheir great excellence and efficiency. After supper the Stetson boys celebrated Intensive plan.
testimonials wW be sent upon reqoee*to the manufacturer.. vol'I'I TEMPERATURE.SMTWTFS their' victory with a jollification Lands suitable for farm and truck W. W. BENJAMINCOMMISSION
P'R-I I C E Blgh..81 /83 84 82 83 87 85 meeting on the downtown streets and a garden purposes can be purchased at
bonfire the Later in the
Low .. .. .. .515565664245543! evening on a dance campns.was tendered the : from $3 to !$20 per acre, according to I MERCHANT
ENGINE AND WASHER Complete,B.sd, for Wort $21 0 Rainfall for montb of October .17 in. Gainesville team by the DeLand boys, ,location, improvements nearness to

O. B. WEBSTER, at the Putnam Ion, which was greatly I transportation and adaptability of the
POWER 46 Cool 8ratlve Observer. 2B Mercantile 28 Richmond Street.
EXTRA WASHERS FOR I .> enjoyed by all present.The oil. Street BOSTON
, HAND ''POWER 3baF.r.rs. boys from the University Florida -
-- -
- There Is no game law against anyone have are as gentlemanly to DeLund in lot of long players while as, jflorfba ranges a $Jpecfalt\\!
for Plank's Chill Tonlo. It Is come a I The Country Woman's Career.
.MMMWMM. ward to with pleasure. Housework instead of drudgery, Is a
25o bottle. For sale
Fever. Price per
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ORLANDO HIGH SCHOOL S, STETSON into art. She whose mind Is. alertto .....

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We carry Packer's Supplies in Florida. The Stetson Reserves met defeat at house and premises, to preserve the

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Warps, Ladden Coatt'd The game was clean in every respect, > understands that the body, being ''
tF; and neither team had any kicks coming. 10 largely dependent on food may he QERRISH BROTHERS
r Stetaffi&ssffz The first half closed with the score 0-0,
i I' Centrally Located, Nicely Furnished. and it was only daring the last two strong and vigorous, or weak and ailing 52-54 Commercial Street Boston Mass.

orates Mss RobberS ffiFrlS23:\ Y sent Electric Lights, Bath, Wide minutes of play thai Orlando succeeded according to the food and its preparation
Price : paper.I I Attractive Grounds, In scoring on a fumble. The Stetson Is filling A career surpassed only
to all lnquir.r.; In answering this Porches t i boys were Knmmer J. Wideman, Skinner by> the ability to mentally and morally COMMISSION MERCHANTSEACH
and ?. I Shade Trees. Suitable for large F. Wideman, Rodgers Coleman,
-- E. BEAN ,& .SON CO. JACKSONVILLE Prank Carimel' :y..T"'F rtf A I I; party or two families. Address Farrts. Galloway, Tillia. Blount. Milan, train her family aright. '
I Davl.,- aollson,Selden. Today they play It is a beautiful thing to write a book, SHIPMENT SOLD BY US PERSONALLY; Off ITS'MBRITS'

louse DeLand Fla the Florida Military Academy at Green to sing a song or paint a picture, but it Members of
Waverly National
League of Commission Merchants of United States ]
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Cove Springs. They are trying ar i is more beautiful, more helpful and tar-

range the Daval game High with School the crack Jacksonville eleven of i reaching to give to the world a' family I II Reference: Volusl County Record; fourth Htttonat/ Bank*. Bos/on./ Writ us for tSHutll,,

HAMBURGER CO I poe e elng bright;discriminating minds ,.

I UL, In sound, healthy bodies, whose moral

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McCORMICK LUMBER 01 and and whose Christian
MERCHANTS right justice), -
-. COMMISSION training will urge them to helpful SHIP YOU Oranges GrapefruitPineapples
NEW YORK, deed... This is to i .
a64 Washington Street a is now prepared to deliver rough or dressed lumber In woman. a career open. every ,

- Tangerines any quantity. Kiln-Dried Furnishing Stuff, ,Cypress I One beautiful home in a neighborhood and Vegetables' ,

Florida! .Oranges Grapefruit, Shingles, Lath, Moulding, Turned Work-almost any- will awaken emulation resulting

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- Member, of tall Produce Trade Aeaoolatloa Pine cut from timber which has not been turpen school made attractive in a county will .ro ._ MARKS BROTHERS;; ; r' j,
MelObante be an Impetus to all other, and all
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who thus things will strengthen the love of \ :JJ
Yo.usla. County Grower out'and delivered promptly. 37-39 Church Street; HARTFORD.CONN .It*,; '
- QEr'aRRNeee.: Mercantile Ag.ncie.: and i Special !order. run country life and keep more'of ,oar best ''t !* 1" .
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,::::: = I I. McCormick Lumber Co. 'I What more fruitful career than this 'J Heferraeest Bradstreot, has,. First VatUnat Bank of Hartford/Cease 'iffIIJ
be desired .
lean t-Mrs. O. 8. EvertsInI
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Now-Sliibniir' irRlcfli ,leigh (N. 0.) Progressive\ Farmer. MN4MM=.. .... 'rI i .
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GODHH RECORD. cee e.f---r::_ II I a* BiG PREPARATION \
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& .
, 'tn5.e i B. E. rBETATT, Editor Frwartrter.. Pierson. December 2S-31 X
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Mb, Ererybodr ia the titer wiD coaa.-.l. .
--- --- May Harper owe f>< s.ecJoela -
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!. the matter of advertising: tm DeLe.I.k.Valley. efeai-Eua. .beQea ranted New face are nun alt daily BOW: -cmc V+eM ia the ceaacfl rooaw oa NORTH BOULEVARDMEN'S

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Depaty Sheriff Mr.L. H. Bobert te gettiac oS to I of *;; a) wa toted toward defraying the
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C. H. XaniaIzarla1'foe --.. .'.. The mfcursxm wa
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dispatches, the Tamp Tribune A.hut Hajcvroo hand which k*carrying eae him a large mock boil*affenag. oa. --'The OA<)XOor.X sPM)Oboxe* of fret to preparazuoit IDWlben ttg meeting of '
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1 from :North Carolina: and are fttsi&f propnaooa ;< <1<. ) toward toe general
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Uoact Railway has been resumed Ut __.. has omea orgaoueii at thai 1 auenilAace a X ooly of ecacators.MXt : STETSON HATS

to Knight Key, the damage 'That faithful servant of She Lori. place quite a aniaher of tae growers of crooKBeat mea and woom from

a... E. J. Warner delivered God all the w Lcs: sad term every ;art cl the
wrought by the severe hurricane troth to bu congregatiea: ben ia She There b every eroapec that Oraiure scale. That te sereiy W b* a great gaiaenoz. -
baring been repaired. : Latoeraa: church geaday CUr will be crow 1.d with vutlor. from I It was a grass'",Cory toe tail Fall

Fred Ofalaoo returned to thu place tae Sorttt tare wiater. They.. CQOSin tdn won laM Tear ai Gaowsviu*
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The matter of establishing automobile Let[ wear.tia.prndia4 the sanuner athi NOVELTIES
btg cattle ranch in Soath Cakacn TwentvoU chorea win b* tern) Sept EofU earrud with
routes through the state Fred ba.aei.l l teaming Soc eateii at UM Coecn eig aaocuU chorea ton to the Gaa rnL mere aaearscot : Line of
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ha been the of creating a
means << Mrs. Harper the queenly wit. 01lam I
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: great activity for good roads ** Harper of Jacksonville -cam= CoBgregaaoaai: ckorea.Capc ::;usre tamest ..:.IS LLS: a very CIX'al: IN- !

br. among the people especially in her three Sunday children to are visit bright relative and pretty.Her 3 A Oark and wife prcoinent bsnom/: the jr> tA eri aDd b&rolc HaberdasheryIS

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those counties through which T. O. MeBrvI went fa> DeLaad but winter aojjoin ooranrmg taerr pretty : a very liberal pmfoittCoo firoa tae

these routes are proposed. wee: aad pc1ft Med a pair ot haotlwcjewaoo southern tone oa C.* Ave. They !banpawed Ooilr, eras beet, the P=:ram Inn I Pins
male from tae John Craaor icaay: winners at OraiLr a City and ocher MadOLg hoceuf kern I I SCuff

Daval coanty, withber ..f1f..l X),- b.wo.MaUe Too U a baadmae. aJfaite aol toetr fn*.l* !ts: are wed r Oa tit* iocr ef t&e .ixav: ttcr: nt1tr.LI : \ earauur wna mere
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lead all sections of the South in ,orzasLB fir. fa a BBMCT t> eaur&amthe year
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camp winter vasuct Ttjant fXLtl els! tae jlir-J3'ii CT.f7ol D>La.-d. With tae I I
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