Executrioes of the last Will and Testament name of Seville Company. Unless said cer- of Cblongo. Stetson's graduates receive their degrees from both Stetson and .. .. ... .... .
: |jwiind us at or Frances A. W. Shinier deceased. tlttoate shall be redeemed according. to law Chicago. i as. i s| |

Ctetson and DeLand This A UguB 81,1908Kxecotrlces' December tax deed will 1U05\Issue thereon on the 27th day COLLEUE In Florida without OF LAW examination.-Graduates of this College are admitted to practicelaw For Copy of the LOCAL TIME CARD or Other Informat.o0

-. _. Witness my official signature and seal COLLEUE( OF EOHSOLOUY: :! Mechanical CivIl, Electrical Engineering; 'SEE THE TICKET f
.- Notice. this tbe 25th day of November, 1901SAM'L and Mannal, Training courses leading to degrees. Fine new building costly AGENT.
: ------' D.

't \'\, ,FINANCIAL STATEMENT legatees Notice,Is distributees hereby !given, tb..t..U and. all creditors persons, Clerk Circuit Court Volusla County JOKDAN Fla equipment COL LEGS OF BUSINE :!-qanklng In all Its branches. Book-keeping by J. D. RAHNER. Asst. Qenl Pass. Act. ST. AUGUSTINE.: FLA.

. ;, :, Of] the Board.,Fnbllo Instruction for whomsoever* having claims. or demands By Bal! FISH, D 0 bust mathod Kleutive.courses open In other departments. Large faculty and ,
- against the estate of the late Edwin P. O*- commodious bulldtnit
theDon Jf on Ending e 1906.OUIt .
/ Nort Graduates to
Rood are hereby required to present tbe PREPARATORY AOADB.MT: prepared enter Harvard
,- BTb."Wnftn*Clerk Court. ama. to the undersigned within one year Tale Princeton Cornell, MIchigan,Chicago and, all tfrst-olass colleges. '
'i t Irt In ooropllanoe. .lth See.- 8. Chapter from the date bereol HODGKIN'SWagon NORMAL AND PRACTICE BCHOOL. Kindergarten! In its own buildln Southern
2. I'rlniarv and Grammar School In building. .This souool -
:i. Law ofriorlda.-we hereby file with DeLand. Fin., Nov. IT.: 11)05.) r. separate especially Railway.
e ):. | the following ItemIzed financial ..tatepent AD?. P. OSGOOD. prepares Public School: teuohers.MU31U .
SCHOOL tlO 000.00 pipe dozen pianos separate building
of all sobool mnnei received. SARAH M. STILES.
)> made and warrants Issued for appro.atlons the K jeouti loes of the Estate of E. 1'. Usgood Shop, ,ART larire SCHOOL faculty t thorough-New: studio.nines Costly of study.oasts models eto. EFFECTIVE MAT 28, 1908( '
.. ssqjoth ending June B, 1905 Vestibule TralnsEssI No. 84 No 80 North
Stetson has a faculty of 4t professors and Instructors. They hold degrees and West No 13
M1 iij BBOAPITDUITIOlf, COUNTY n711'D' Citation for Administration. DeLAND, FLA. from the Uulversltv Chicago, Harvard, Yale. Dartmouth. Columbia. University LvJRCk.onville.tllf..

i,: K Balance' In treasury .. perM IrJ County Court, Volusla County, Floridaby Everything/ In Wagons Baggies Carts and other of Pennsylvania Universities., Bryn There Mawr.are Bucknnll.over< :*:W>,0 Unlv 10.00..in rslty buildings ot Michigan and equipment Dennison;, Lv Jesup.: Ga, 3a Itf... i 7Mp1040p Lv Jacksonville Jesup, So: B,.So..;.By...:.,::! 10 74 SOp op ,
tbe County Judge of said County. Lvll."vannab.IIRy, I 120p
L last 108IA Ar.Maooa.o lty..t..I
statement 74
t KOOa520a I
elo.i manufactured and in nenrlva quarter million dollar end>wment; an endowed library of over 13,000
r ,, JTBu'pts lor months itemized herein lUG 71 Wbereus W.. W. ShalTner:! has applied totbla Shop: ia the best repaired my volumes; a beautiful ohipel with. costly furnishings, Including stained glass ArColumblaBolty.. .i Stop I ttOOa Ar Atlanta, So: By... ....I
\' -- Court for Letters of Administration very workmanship ArCbarlotterRy. lO.'Sp OfiSaUBlp ArR.me.. So By..I 3i'a
on windows Toll 110 000 00 Gymnasium wltb ;
\ paintings a Dlpeorgania; complete
, K'total ? .> ,. ..... ....10t16! 457otal the Estate of E. 8. Payne deceased late 1 al known.: Only first-class! men employed apparatus, an enclosed Athletic Field. running tra"k tennis courts baseball Ar Danville Bo. it..I Ky. I HJll910a Ar Dalton So By . ....I 82t' }
" ,:\ warrants drawn this month aid Countb of Volusla These are, there- aDd first-class work tamed out. I have diamond and gridiron besides snrlmtnlntr, golf. rowing and other sports; separate Ar Richmond, ,: So ftr.. I 221a a Ma43p' Ar (Chattanoogo, So R..I. 9-16a
.i. as Itemized herein..... .. ..... 1109 68IKfl fore to cite and admonish and singular ntey added to my plant aCOLD buildings for men and women; live large lawratorle for Chemistry, Physics Ar Ho Ky. I 61 a I 6 Ar Q & 0......I oilOp)
, he klnilted. and creditors of said deceased, Bacteriology. Mineralogy and Biology; several large museums and .shops; Ar Lynohburir> vlSUr. I I 6 8. I 42p ArVlnolnlat. Q' & 0.....I 140p .4
j J t88b, on hsml this dito"....,.,.., 970982ITKH1ZCD : to be and appear before this Court on or before rlectrlo lUhts eluotrio bells, steam heat, cement wtlxe, shell roads, broad avenues Ar In Bv V Ousi Big. Four...I 840p 1 t
l"I' KCOK1PTSO the 2ilth day of Deoember, A U1U03,andeobjootlons spacious campus, shrubbery and trees; social', literary and other students' Ar Waablngtn. Rv..I I USOp30il Chicago, Rig Tour..I TlOa
'.1 if any they have. to the ulubs; star lecture courses; Christian and not sectarian teaching. Tbo location Ar Baltimore lllioaIll2'tp Lv Cincinnati la Lines.. 8 Sap I
n Croom.M. ,, ,,..|1 6 71rrnazBo Taming of letters as aforesaid otherwise Is beautiful and healthful and the expenses. are low. Ar New York P, )P iy..I By I I 4 145p I :JSa Ar (bio..I Pa Lines..::J ,1 lIla ,.
t4' BXPBNOITUBCS. be same will be granted. prayed. For catalogs, views. folder and Information address the President, Up Lv .. OH A D..I 84Sp
' ; Warrant Witness my name as County Jndge of the No. 84-"New kork and Florida Express" Ar Chicago, 0 H D ..I TaSa948p ,
, t.s, County aforesaid this lltth day of Novem LINCOLN HULLBY A. M.. Ph. D.. DeLand, Fla. Dally Pullman Drawing Room and Sleep. Lv Cllcll""ll. CHAD. .I
'nllo., :Whom, Am't 1
, her, lars. Inn Car between Port Tampa, Jakeavle Ar 'Toledo OH A D..I 6 2'a'

''laD'S B Brooks .,...., .'. ,..47980 (Beall J. LEE: MoCBOHT; and New York. Ar De.rolt P H..I T35aH8dp
I ;ip J.j'i: B r Hamrlok .' ,.. ,...... 5000 County Judge. No 80-\Vashlngton and Fla Limited." LVlnolnoatl. Pa Lines., I (
. ) Dbarlotte Bradley........11000 Dally Pullman Drawing Room Bleeping (, Pa Lines. .:1 ooaa
p Mary MoLeod .., ......... 40 00 Notice of Application for Tax Deed Un Car Jacksonville to Now York Lv Cincinnati Big Four. ..1 9 SOp

I, .WtI May Cbeabolm .",,'I'_ 411 00 der Section 8 of Chapter 4888 Law .Through "The Land of the Sky.. No '80 Ar Cleveland, Big Four..I 640ataop ,
.M m l.m wart5iKM.! ."..'.....: 40 00 of Florida. '' Lexington So Ry..I, ,
May L D Mllbarn......, 6K 00 Lv Jacksonville, go. tty........... 1 Hop Ar Louisville. So: Ry......I s lop
Annie Fytlllo ,..v ": ._..40 00 Notice hereby given tbat DeLand Naval We Never DisaQPoint Our Patients Lv Savannah, So R'.u 104 Ar Bt Louis So Ry. ... .....I 782 a
4 L'-WLmono&TIde.: ..oIf.........,.,,* 85 00 8tnrq Co.putobsser Tax Certificate No .101. Ar Columbia, So Rr ..... ........ 6 OKI Ar Anniston, Ala So By..I. B40a1140A)
: Am'.K"'n\-n... '. ,; :':".\ 8500 dated !Ind day June, A. D., 19O3, has tHeasaid Ar Aslievllle So .. ... 1 SOp Ar Birmingham Ala So By
certificate In offioe, and has made w. Fulfill! Sysry Promiss arid hysr hold Out FII. Hoall.WE li. Ar Memphis Tenn. .I
.- -Oer&rud.. Turamr m.-a-. : .... 40 00 my Ar Hot Springs, N Bo a SIp Frl.o. a OOP
i;( .;,6', ..... .".,...... s ssDlrkey. pplloation for tax d.ed to Issue In accordance r CURE pata sarleau o..d."nSlon witSoaC she troee kau..oo..d....1.... 11as4.5Ioaa Vu..1..boo.D'ood Feisnaur.4 Ar KnoxvllleT So ..'i1::,:::. 6 OOp ArKansastittyMo. 940aH3Op t
with law. Said certificate '
rc.rrow.......... embracesbe Ar toulevllle Memphis Teun..I
8 So
Ry .
..... te ratara WISbo" 0. .. .. .. ..a. ... Loss o' .Mealy SOc
; m uollry I
f II.. K., .... ...?.,.. MO9rla following described property situated Vigor posltiv"Iy eared' an stimalans bus Ar Louis. 80 R .:::::::::::; 66pli Ho'tnrlnl.. drk..I 92J
II How.rd .,., 35 00 la Volusla county Florida, to wit! :TODr. King ;Mdtrat: l Oo. to mn iBitltutloa OT .ni( :dii:'d.yr:b'. Ar t'locllat. q a 6.............. 15a No 13-"The FK Daily solid
9 me llaAmbrueeF1shr. "" ....... 1/1) 00 8 8Uobs of nwW of neK, section 19, town- law oftbi nat* of (Mocha for ins treatment tad aura of til No vestlbuled train Limited. and Pull-
._. \IV ...', .....1.\...... 211 00 hip ion, range 30e; 17H acres / m.rsoa.eed.bOflIddl.5., ..&. Dr. W. K. Kin*. *b. fonndar 1545144 of and Buffet 80.-Daily Pullman Drawing JantsonSleeping Room cars JlsonviIIe to Cln'natiVilla
'bloID"IUtloo the oblof '"u I tint.p.ot.Uat> bSIUg Sleep'ng Car between
t IDMoLeod ,......, + 1.p MOOS The said land being assessed at the d.teot TIRB SETTER fcy s staff of ...'''D'pbJO'.lunod' ..larcaunti.OuraooMf and ,
J' Clnulnnat.Excellent -
:II .................. a........ 5O 1 the Issuance of such certificate In tbe ,IB Ui. treataieut of cbroala dlMWH Ie SDIVVPS*. No. 18-Pullman drawini Boom SI.plnj
1tl .. ... Can'set jour :Tires without taking Wit w. DM both modloftl sad aleotrtokl' "a aal Oar between Jacksonville,
: .." 06 .am* of A. B. Anthony: Unless said t qulpp.: dwlrb t a I itis :. ::teoadl" 11.- : Dining I Car Serrloe. .
Ou omoe ftr : -
0 .i. ... 1' 800 law -ax deed wll1'.ne. thereon on .theM bolts, rub no paint or barn your felloes \ .*...TWO.known to lbs m.dle l prtfMilon., OurMBlUrlumIsnodara AKUIVAL3 AT
:r : "i'A' ...... )0 el dated Janusry190&witn --- with hot tire. Come and see it work !. -.ry raipeoi, and w* rniipy roes biaS thod < 555 JACKI0.VILLI
......... ......... .. 00 a klsat asS saI05 sn.uasn14.r.5u10lg qaslISstl 5rsdusal
4'i .. 'osh.,.. .4j .......AI. 600 my oMolal signature and seal and you will never bare ;your Tires set lloanatd'bytil.i.uii bela,In 01mar51. .. From New York Wa.blniton. eto._No. 39,. "Washington and Fla JJm",...... 900am .
r.el8 and .
I.leadh.5 to Ce0rS
I it'll. ...'i'-v 3f.;...,..JIO..... 8 eo till* the 2nd of December 1900 hot again/ ,, ...W..'''"ampler__.00.no O. Do'.or ....*5elfl5..d for'".'...... .' ."D' ogSby From New York Washington etc.-No. 83 Washington and Florida Express".8 20pm
I......,.... eo MAM'1.1>. JORDAN for In 554. 1.5451105. 011. Ie..... rar 1.almsns...r.<..iron 16 04)to : From
.. 46 ('C i4rkClouitVonri Via Thanking you your patronage Cincinnati Ashvllla,etc. No. 39.. "Washington and Florida, Limited" .. 9 OOann
Volusla .
County. macsI. tooludsO and *
SIO tasdIol. ) ".11" $5.M f
.I..J. ':F.-... 'rll the past and hoping continuance in I, I an.. = ..r:..,.wKbia a :r>:::cr.: Jilm"i" From Chicago, Cincinnati Atlanta etc..No. "Florida Llmlte ;,\ ..,(I... 0 I
"oil ... s.n
"" .. 1 'IIIo '
.i\ future W* wfnH "' ;
the I remain is.ra CRe '
Botla.. Notice' Application\ for Tax Deed BEST J DITCREHa 13. CHROMIC I"- ..
4 '1'1-1-;:; t..4 .. ( 1.2 .. : IpI4MRfssnhI. a. all .brs.la' dt.w.s
aIM h &t1I11JS..J..4\ ''1 211 Under Section 8 of Chapter 46U8, Yours to snob .. Kidney sad Bladder troabliu, Bbxumilira, J. C. Lush, District l'essaager Agent, 108 V- Bar Street Jacksonville, Fla.

k ( Lumber.. eaa.4i., ..;r< U 81fltgeIo '**,':Laws of Florid*.: scullIIOIXJIUNS., I i1rtopI 1f<. VJUVlAKflUOKfAn UNTILUHD.TUII) D Hap.ar..."... Tainor, HT4r*K.cad.l.m.UKD.al. Dr.l... Lo.tronblt..,.. ....OatarrSl., inC .11 1'of,|.th.HY .... 8. H. HARDWICK.P.T.M. W.H.T A.Y LOE, O. P. A, BROOKS MORGANA.O.71'. A. I

I.'f.t. 11.10r dyea that _..d wid: I-aor DIMMM of Lii ud Sa..
r .on'. i .'. ..... .. 11 44) 'lItJoelB hereby B. A.62,81.4thetithday Baker.purebasrTax ... ". 1115' % M. D. 1..0..1. VI.I of Wo...*. ouohiM, w'Sir.'nt' ......... I
<< Certificates No61 & ;
; '
.. : s.Vs'4 sad ass of
; we. 80IU
.'Jfj:. j..if..lI' It S. '
,. S '..!.......,;"....,. .... 100 sail eertltteat of la,June.my office A D,, 18U8 aid has baa made tiled ':1 We promptly obtain U. S.nad Foreign Write---r..I...a Toe.'......r.f..la.::. ;: :..'d"' ..rml9m" joo u.blanks Mck or lor$hum.mtuwd.''.''.On'_raqiusl&. in :

..1.y'i. '.. .\.JI'.' III application for "' deed to isau.In accord .JH "V5ATIOK. KXAJblll.ATIOW: AND ADVICE FRBB :HEALTil,4NO VITALITY I

a. : ..,.t.,...(to"...'.....: ;"I.:':. -'........., '8611 1'0 amx the fallowing with JaW'described.'. Bald certlttoate property embr situatedia oes DR. KINO tf: licaoo., St: lM ?;.:\u'gr:: Atlanta.;Ga. Ij I &; xwootKp'asi .

'i-' '.p.-l; .,). ,.. I) 00 'Volnsla riortua PATENTS'GASHOW -_ JE-ZZ.X.SB ;
'..................,.. asI. Lot 1 Block county 49. ,Seville ,if towltif 4j j The T at1r6n and tonlo pill and n. and women,prodioesstrength ,
o ... H..4..N.j JjJ 0 II !
< ,. ..... 16.GO !.o&al; to M lBO,.JBloek 49, Saville'I\ and vitality builds up the.yatm rnew. the normal vigor,
: ::0-
"1.1' r' andhapplness.
: brtnifInffhealth
:::::::: : said land "' Forsalebyalldmirgrlatii,
.I..I..fll\ Ths belo1 assessed the data (i J80TTL8 I They o'ron wII" | or we will mull.seourelywrapped( on receipt of prfon, *1.OO rep bor. .
.. .... ... i t .Issuance ol snob certlfloate la AFTER USHBs 1
.. .h. .. ; !! > numeofBevlll PENNYROYALPILLS 0boxes Dr. Motf. Cnemio COp Oleveland
.. .......... ...... "" Lam.Co A Hevlll Co. Unless said omissions ; to. f.o Ob I
peat* shall be Tedeamc* aocordlnc to .. noreaM vl For Sale at the Luraley A Osteen
Phramacy I IDON"iTI'F
4j :.." tax o ed.will I lssu 5Vr..m ou loeOTthoFDeeunter 1 or and banish ,
A. B. 1006. 41 let menatru.tJon..TJaey are "J.IFB 8AVKI18". t* riS atwonuuihoodV ,
.,. .. official signature aa1 he l :t'' aiding ,development of organs and bod No .
4"' ,%. ..'dar of Movmnew A. U. 1M6.SAIf'L kiiowii remedy1: 'for women equals them. Cannot da harm-lIfe -a.: I
"becomes _.... RO
fl. JOBDAWJJ. .pt 1J1.00PER BOX BY MAIL. Sold JbSbtk. .
,dark CIretttt Coart Votuala Covaty. ,Fla' By. drOCCUt. !?B. MOXT-fij: CHEMICAL >.ea.ft1an"'OhJot :: I 'DO-- i

4 4 .,'eq....'"'ff' : ."'"'.J YQI 1. by J. M. .Lvsu.&r!. I ; : ; -

,'I'i .

c .

: "- ,'l _. ,:,; ,""' ''':'''''::' ::::'.#''t.. ', J; -.' '. ,;'.,,;\\-r L .... .. ,- ., \ ,. .' _
"" '.1 _

The Volusia County record
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 Material Information
Title: The Volusia County record
Uniform Title: Volusia County record (De Land, Fla. 1888)
Alternate Title: Record
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: William A. Cook
Place of Publication: DeLand Volusia Co. Fla
Creation Date: December 2, 1905
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- De Land (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- DeLand
Coordinates: 29.02889 x -81.30055 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1888; ceased in Aug. 1921.
General Note: J. Park Todd, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 5, no. 20 (Jan. 1, 1889).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 33138258
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,"" .' '1 ,-* >r "- ,,"....,._,.,", ',''.'.' '.' '. '' '..' ''' .., ."'.... I '''.-.' .. .. ._ ..j r=,!,",w_., ,,, _,,,,
'" ,4'" '' \ '7'T7" 1; '' rR 'rr". -'':'' tT'1r ; -''''>l'Ji.v<,''I''''''<''""fvvJtlr':: F'1!. """'!"+"" """ "T" ,.,-.rr-" >"'": ':,,,?,!,, .
v .. ..4 --- rA ..-"......'1""'
/ '

: I I : ,., : ):'; f ,

1 I I p .1"'.....>t>y \ :111" ,'"1.
THE. TOLUSIA" 0'0"0'Nry',, I / \ ,I j j"JtH'l.HV. .''l,

R"E(1), I,) Rj '". <,..,".' IJ ',.....,...,.,hIs "N, '

,' ,Y. ,
j : .. '
I. P1it i''l'! '

f _. ___....... "

' :?, RIGHT JUSTICE.: U. E< FBKTATT, Etlftor.N. ,PrpH t ./ .Ur., ;! ,

.. .



4 ;,;' 'f7'
STETSONThere ; 'J St I ::1


: are many special advantages VISIT WHEN '; l, r
lr I enjoyed by Florida boys and girls at ,i. .lI. JI.. .," .. .. ;:

the John B. Stetson University. The ; ,V i'

___ ,"",,"3__ University was started exists aa a for local them interest primarily.It in De-.: '.CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, ; :: ::: : 1.

Land. Its work was broadened to include I _.. __

the State. A further step was '",""L. .1.tIt !"
Notice is hereby given that on taken when it widened its scope to provide dl'li-n'1 i ;' :'11 )

students for the who large attend number it of during Northern the Not the largest !\stocks in the world, but the largest and best) ,,selected,),',n 'orl.n' '

winter term. It hag proved to be a lines shown in DeLand. We have been preparing for' ,several?:''' '>l1'lfto.nths <

distinct and positive blessing to both
the Northern and the Florida students for the : 11VISIt
who mingle together in the University.Both of .,):'!t &of.t. ,
learn to esteem each other : ,
highly. I"" ; 'f' *.ilo 1 sliuoi'1 ,
There never has been the least friction Christmas is only a short ways off, and,it is time you were; giving.soma;, \. ", ,,:J)I

,.. .. between them. The special advantages thought of the have '. .I' I:I fAOH
offered to Florida students are as presents you to buy. :
This will be SANTA'S headquarters FOR THIS CHRISTMAS'';' elv; 11
The'following' : goods And chattels will be sold -There are 82 free tuition scholarships ,
each one (72.60 offered annuallyto ''I rinrI (

graduates of 16 High Schools of. I A IIJ>
M at public outcry to the highest and best bidder Florida, 2 being assigned to each school. I

The High schools on the list are those
at Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Gainesville
for cash at theRESIDENCE Phone
Pensacola, Palatka, Ocala Day 17. o. c. MCELROY. DeLand,. Florida., ,,
tona, Tampa Klssimmee, Orlando, l '

Lakeland Leesbnrg, Plant City and

!Miami. These are scattered well over
the !State and these
: 82 free tuition

OF E. W. POMEROY scholarships to train leaders enable these communities are well able to pay for themselves First Methodist Episcopal Church. FIRST GLEE: CLUB COSCEB1V.

2-Free tuition Those who have put their money into Regular preaching services each Sabbath A Very Interesting Program .alhre
scholarships are givento the University endowments, buildings at 11:00 a. m. and 7:80 p. m Sabbath For December 8.
all children of Florida minister in
s' hool at 10:00: a. m Junior Ep-
and lands have done so with the idea of have
active service in worth L, 11:00 Senior The prospects for the Ole. Club
engaged no other ague : p m. Enwortb
helping those to get an education who never been better than. they are thl.
Glenwood Volusia Florida League 7 00
County : p m. Prayer Meeting
business and to all endorsed candidatesfor I *'W-
of the member
have limited year. Many are
means. The trust will be Wednesday 7:80: p m. You cordially
the Ministry Our Baptists preachers administered in the spirit as well as the! invited to attend. perlenced and the preparatory work',ha*
In Florida are not working for been rapidly aooomplfahed. The next
money. W. E. DEAN
letter of such gifts. If there is boy will )
-.. They don't have big bank accounts any Pastor weeks be spent in hard pjotice -
; In Florida who has '100 and wants an for the concert on December 8j That
they are men of God! They are a bless education, my advice to him would be evening's program in tbe ordinary 0pncert
: ing to the State. This rule of the Unl Methodist Episcopal Church South.!! form of entirely new' select..
tart Go aa far as the $100 will take
verslty is a distinct recognition of their and an adaptation of DeKoven' opera
Regular services Sabbath 11
:: at
Horse, 3 Buggies, one-horse wagon, Platform Scales, Cultivators, worth as a class, you. When it gives out, go back and a m and 7 80 y m; Sunday every school at 10a :"Robin Hood."'., Som of the bur oho-
earn more. In many oases before that JunIor ruses and solos of this popular work
8-Free tuition, free room rent and a m; Epworth League 8 pmSen;
Plows 2 Oil Tanks 500 Oil Stoves Picking Boxes lot of Box Material discount on the regular cost of board Is money gives out something will tarn up for Epworth League/! 6 80 p in; mid-week will will be sung, and doubtless the' public \
50-gallon duly appreciate" thWRrst,,attempt at
v made in the Spring term to all Florida to help the student through. The Uni-I I prayer-meeting cordial invitation Wednesday 1s extended, 7 80 p to m.all A opera in DeLand. ,

4 Bed Room Sets 4 Bed Springs 1 Mattress Set Dishes Tables Chairs and I school teachers who present a certificate versity does not guarantee tbat something these services The club Is planning'several'' short
from the that will turn up but it has again and tours for tbe winter months, which will '
County Superintendent::
again proved true tor others. take them to all the
Rockers, Wound Cook Stove, Oil Cook Stove, Sewing Machine, 2 Extension they have taught the preceding winter.! LINCOLN HULLEY. St. Barnabas' Church.St. towns. .. leading.ne.rby, *

Many teachers avail) themselves of this Barnabas' Episcopal church, Doe' '"
Tables, Writing Desk, Bed Lounge, Common Lounge, 3 Cupboards, Lot concession. There are over 3,000 teachers 8d. First Sunday in Advent. Sunday - --- -
in the State who could do so. This FRIENDS IN FLORIDA. school at 10 a. m; Service with sermonat kiM II OLD : ADAGE .

Kitchen Utensils and Furniture, Lamps, Clocks Pails, Washtubs, Window rule of the University also is a distinct officiate.11 a. m. Rev. Campbell Gray will STAYS: "5m: r., '

tribute to this class of public servants. North Bennington Party Arrives .,..
Shades, Fruit Jars, and other things too numerous to mention. The best Is none to good for our' chil Presents. "A light puree.U a heavy
dren. The Stetson University Normal There Safely. Holiday Sickness makes a .

School the public is school especially teacher.designed to equip (Bennington, Vt, Evening Banner.) are Boxes always of appreciated.oranges! as holiday Remember presents thatT. The LIVER .U the seat of.nine.

4-Conrad Hall offers throughout the Editor the Banner-We are again in E Arnold will get you ready for tenths of all disease. *

year a low rate of board to 16 Florida DeLand "The Athens of Florida.' 'Our' shipment full boxes, half boxes or

at o'clock born boys. They must show to the party of ten sailed from New York fruit quarter, tangerines boxes, of,fancy mixed.oranges, "
Sale will m. or
Begin Promptly 10 a.
President that they need the help and Oct. 20, '05 by Clyde line steamship him at DeLbnd. Phone 03, 2 gl'ape'l) iitt'sPillsgo '
will likely make a good use of it. They Apache. The Apache la one of the

No Goods sold before day of Auction. must also bave a name in life. Thereare largest and most popular steamers now WANTED: by Chicago wholesale and
other regulations connected with plying on the Atlantic coast The heavy mall order house assistant manager to the root of the whole matter

Conrad Hall, but the important one Is passenger> list was made up largely (man or woman) for this county and thoroughly, quickly safely
------ -- ---- ---- --- from New England to adjoining territory. Salary $20 andexpenseses and restore the action of
-- --- --- --- that points going the
--- -- - --- the rate Is limited to Florida born paid weekly; expense money .
boys The Conrad Hall fund amountedto their Florid homes for the winter. advanced. Work pleasant; position LIVER to normal condition. ,
The Record la to do
Cards.JAMES prepared
( your
professional QR. A. S. MUNSON, '
__ job work New type fine fashionable a little over 13.000 one-tbird of All steamers of this line call at permanent. No investment or Give tone to the system and
r stationery you get tbe most artistic which was supplied by the University Charleston, S. C., where we have an experience required. Write at once '"
'W. PERKINS, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN. work, and orders for printing. will be for this purpose. It will be seen that opportunity of spending a half day in addressed for full particulars envelope.and enclose! self. solid flesh to the body. i i

ana" Office Second Door South of Fisher's filled promptly. the fund l is providing accommodation historic old Charleston, visiting St. COOPER &CO., Take No Substitute..v
ATTORNEY COUNSELORATLAW Drug Store. for a large number as compared with Michael's church where George Washington 132 Lake Street, Chicago III.
OFFICE HOURS 10 to 12 a. m.3; to 5 Post Your Properly. the size of the fund. once attended, also Magnolia
Florida and 7 to 8 p. m. The open season will be here November I 8-A loan fund has been started for cemetery and the Battery sailing from "
DeLand -
Brat, for shooting quail and hunting
Will Practice In State and Federal DeLand Florida. and will continue through the winter. the benefit of Florida boys only. This Charleston at sundown, we arrIve at ,
Courts DR. JOHN REEVE, You ebon Id post your property if you fnnd enabled two boys to attend the mouth of St. John's river in tbe early -i: '\ *'- -'
wish to keep parties from trespassing.Also University this year. morning where we take on a pilot and, .
STEWART & BLY, post your groves and truck farms. 6-The Stetson scholarships and the steam inland 25 miles to Jacksonville,

PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, office Yon can printed get on trespass cloth.Cause notices at this McBrIde scholarship are need at presen the gateway to all Florida. I f1 ACTOR IA ,

ATTORNEYS-AT-LA Office in store recently occupied by for Florida boys and girls. Their use After spending 24& hours sight seeing .
Dr. Mellette. Residence 408 West Is not limited but the Florida boys and in this scrupulously clean beautifuland 1"I

Office Branch in office Bank over Postoffice.DAY'l Building DELAND. New York Ave.DeLand, -. Florida.DR. '. The of Many girls 7 get the benefit of it. busy city of 60,000 inhabitants we V/rrO IIll'I i, 1 '
-Thirty positions in the University continued unr journey southward up

Cary D. Landia Bert Flab H. D. BRACEY, Sudden Deaths. are assigned to Florida boys and girls the St John's River on the steamer "'" '

LANDIS & FISH There Is a disease prevailing. In this chiefly boys. These pay tuition or City of Jacksonville, one of the very for Infants and Children.. _
country most dangerous. because. ao deceptive. partial\ board for service to the Unlversity comfortable and homelike steamers now '
ATTORNEYS and COUNSELORS- DENTIST. +- '1'' Many sudden us monitors, janitors, laboratoryand The Kind You Have Always Bought: has borne the signa; "i
AT-LAW plying on this river. On this trip we Fletcher and has been mode under hi .
deaths are caused by ture of Chus. II. *
library assistants, mall
Office second McLaurine Block. carrier
story pass through the heart of tropical
It-heart disease personal supervision for over 30 years. Allow no one
DeLand, Florida. DeLan-1 Florida. book seller, attendant assistants to Florida. Sanford and Io
heart Enterprise
: '
this. (
to deceive in Counterfeits, inlitatons'asd,
Will Practice In State and Federal failure. Professors etc. There are 82 such you 1j'Justa9
or apoplexy posi cated
on the banks of Lake Monroe are .
Courts. VOLUSIA v COUNTY ABSTRACT and SI are often. the. result dons in all two are held by Northern -good" are but Experiments, and endanger the,!i ::1(1(
Special facilities for examining and INVESTMENT CO. I I of kidney. disease.. If boys the rest are all held by Florida the river most boats.southern points reached by health of Children-Experience against Experiment: J
perfecting land titles [ kidney trouble. Is allowed !
Bert Fish, Cary D. Landla. to advance the boys. lu the distribution of these aids. During our absence of five monthswe The Kind You Have Always''' Bought +t.

J L. McCRORY, President .... Sec'y and Treaa. kidneypoisonedblood preference Is given away to the needy find many changes in DeLand. ,,j
+ will attack the v ho approve themselves for their ability Several very fine business houses have Bears the Signature of :. ,
Abstracts furnished and perfect vital the. .
1. .
ATTORNEY-AT-LAW ed. Maps, Plats and Blue Prints Sup. kidneys. themselves break down organs and or waste and worth. The University rarely been built. Material used in these '
plied. away cell. by cell.. promises anything in advance in regard buildings Is the new pressed sand brick.. 1
Opposite Volusia. County. Bank. Bladder troubles most always result froma to paragraph 7. The reason l is, it inns t This brick Is made from the sand all 9' 1
DeLand, Florida. DELAND FLORIDA. !
derangement. of the kidneys and a cure. Is have efficient service and it will never about na and you know we have plenty .,

Sllai B. Wright, S. B. Wright Jr. the obtained quickest If by a proper. treatment of risk a person until he baa been here of that in thia state, also many new .... .
REAL ESTATE OFFICE OF kidneys. you are fooling badly you
WRIGHT & WRIGHT.ATTORNEYSATLA CITY can make. no mistake. by taking Dr. Kilmer's. awhile and earned the confidence of the houses and cottages have gone up and In Use For Over 30 Years. -i i"NO
I r
r o1t t
Swamp-Root, the great kidney liver and are being built. In addition to 400 ft.
a ......;..... .
W.NOTARIES. I I I E. H. HAYWARD bladder remedy.It It Is only right that those should pay artesian well which they had a 240 ft. ,. e..ua en our ,.
> :f
PUBLIO corrects Inability to hold urine. and scald- who can pay. There is no reason why oo..e.-.a- m _.. .. I .- .
eight inch artesian well ha been sunk _
of the Fire Insurance and : I
Agency leading Ing pain In passing It. overcomes that -- <-- -- -- -- ,.
Office.at Telegraph Office. I'I Company of America-The Aetna. unpleasant necessity. of being compelled to other people should contribute to the to supply the Increasing demand for '
DELAND, FLoRIDA.J City property a Specialty. go often during the. day and to gel up many education of the children of those who water. The water Is pure and fine. FERTIUZIISia: t .
I No BOS, Boulevard DeLand. Fla. I times during the night. The. mild and the i While the severe cold of last winter '
HALL BRUMSEY extraordinary effect( of Swamp-Root la soon Use Painter's Simon Pure i '
I Specialjo.
I I I realized. It stands the. highest for its wonderful was thought to have greatly Injured /; ., ..1J J JAll
AND oures of the. most distressing. cases. tbe fruit prospects for this year 'we
ATTORNEY J& LAW COUNSELOR 1 V. H. VOORHIS, Swamp-Root pleasant. to take. and sold find on our return the oranges are Simon Pure Special Is ;Shipped-under fhei ol1o( y:t ;li
? by all druggists In fifty-cent and one-dollar plentiful, larger and of better quality 'l
sized bottles. .You Make Your ,Grocer
Will Practice in, all State and Federal Dentist, have a sample. bottle of .. than last year. The estimated crop for Ing Tag. f!; w
Courts. Gross Block, DeLand, Fla. this wonderful. new dla- IIKiWrtH. the state ia from'1000.000 to 1,800,000 .... .. ....... ... .. "
,DELAND. FLORIDA covery and a book that Give You Guaranteed boxes as compared to 3,000,000 boxes Tivf
Office over Fisher' Drug Store. Hours:: 8.80 to 12 and 1.80 to 4 tells. all about It, both itomtoitwmpnoot.sent last year. SIMON PURE $PICIAI' :;N OA.l 1 w 5
free. by mall.Address. Dr. Kilmer & Co. Everything points now to a busy ,: &

J E. ALEXANDER, I' Blnghamton thia N. Y. When.. writing this mention winter in Florida, aa a, large tourist MANUFACTURED, BY, 1 '->*1W ? ../
'reading generous offer In paper. Cream of! TartarBaking'Powder
is l
season predicted.L
ATTORNEYATLAW.Office W. C. CANNONS'LiYery I: Don't make any mistake but remem M Loomis and family are already E. O. PAINTER FERTILIZER COMPANY it'
bet the name. Swamp-Root. Dr. KM- .' ff
mer'a ''.and the very pleasantly located for the winter JACKSONVILB. FLORIDA.. 'I1ri 1
Feed and Sale Stables Swamp-Root address, .
In Brush Block. .
;r. taken furnished tI.. oJ .t4t':;
DeLand, Florida : Blnphamton. N, on every bottle ": having ,hopsekeepio) \\f'I'o
r Will Practice in .State and Federal Fine Fashionable Turnouts J. rooms next door to me. Messrs. Jesse Dealers in all Kinds of Fertilizing Material* .n ,C".Jcab." .. "i "'

. _Courts., Bua1 meet. all trains at A. G. L. Depot. Dunham and' Clark: Loomis already ci" iF"" t
'""' h '
Bark meet morning and afternoon IT: E. have position here In DeLand. Harry; GUARANTEED. .ANALTSIS.. : .,, ,.fC'6'I.. :( '
::)B. G. A. ,DAVI3.PHYSICIAN U. By. at trains DeLand Hi Orange Junction.City,U.and 8. nightttralna Mall I A. Chase of North Bennlngton who< Dew actual, and potantlnl not lea than .-...... .'-....-.:J"j *, 1'',]tarot t Ell t, t
Alum .
Baking Powders ed from Sulphate ot Ammonia.. & .; .....
AND BURGEON, both route. .HaolAmeat boMtaatBereafonl.Gontla joined our' party ia with na, but will Potash (K 3o), waMr anlobla, not leia than... I.u.. .....18...... ees '/
DELANO FLORIDA. hora and careful driven. interfere with soon return to Jacksonville where he AvailablePho.pB..rlo Aold, not hue than, 4,. '. --'-iv.tV; t*../-W' per!_ .-,.. hw: I
Phone DeLand. Fla. Insoluble Punnnhnrlo" Auld not leaatban... .
J .
Office at residence Indian'avenue baa good offered him. AU At "-., .> .1 Mr &+ t
a position
:, '---1- ,, 'MotetareKfl Fahranbelt, not aio.edU, ,S.i..i,;.Y.W.tf.AfV/ t + ..<. p*:. aBRf1 J y4'
Court House the well and do bnlorlna. tint axoaadlng i ea
randare party are pleased not ..... J3Slatif
Office Hours: tt to 12..a to 4. and 7 to a D*W .....*Indian: PUS ..rr.ery season ror Wf ru wr.s watcq 1a r la.e.,,:Jjt I IY digestion, ; un. regret their change, from Vermont.. to DU lOJYOId'fhi.rertlliaerUmd31rom6alphat.ofAmmonlu,6ulpkagof, TOlp'V..
Boaeol.aak -1'- .." <<1-t
010".01 will aura Blind. the 8 uth." :. 'J ; _IJ'_ ,
MBS.7VIDA ,Z., BAERECKE. M. D, [LEs:. aiD abNlkb.( .and h.lu'::bl.g 1 A.no.a,, a vs e.a. eaga, e.. ..tea healthful. "Bonny .' : Vt
) Ii If this letter la read b, anyone who .
I 'e" tb* Itching at one,soy" W d..Nra a ea w.e', 3ar Prlce1$4o.ob JWrita
. wishes loe a ''tonF.'pABs, ,
Itlo. iI e instant re.Ilet. .w e. u au.cslluwr.O.roly Avoid 'thealunvf to escape the and cold of the ;
PHYSICIAN and StTRQEON. | : meet. Dft U pniNknd, UIldl.nPII.OI.for FIlM and Iwjn-" -. __ North they' are at liberty to write. m. for SpfcUl'CastaX: >lcbunt Jl i'< .tf:", J.. ; "
.. ( Ua pdv.t..rta. Ev.ry Bola Mya. -j. freely and I will answer same.Reapactfnlly .' -
'c Office on East Ifew'Yoek ArenneT.P [ w.rraai.d.1.: say ar aeggta sod .1._b,..WiLL.n on fr.. I ... -: ..../" .' ,- jean.' ,; :E. .;'O:: PAINTERl/FERVIlilZEI\ CiO! .'

.' ,, IAND, FLOBID.4. MIifIuaJ, c0., Props QWyRIU4,11. ..... .- __- --' .. i Mraax. HABMNOTOW. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA "
,, ., .,,, ., ,",-
s .,"" > ...",,:W.."""_, ,)M" !:.,

t i r '
., 4 .".. ..

.,. ,. ....." .. .....,. .._,t,,', '., ,".c "'" ,.
,.;J _..___ ,

-""""""" ""'" J d' -____________ -. JJ -
--c _____
__ _
-. ---- -- -- __- -- 'i. .
I *:; ; .; ., < :: ::::;,, '--: 7:::: ";', : .: ';' ;. ,It., ____ .- 1 I -: -" 7"" ""'-' -.

,, / I ,," .' ., f J'W',, .

: hm1 ttJsIA tJittwr't 1tEditW. ,j

I> .. -".," ," .., ... ", ,
-- -

i', 'YOLUSIA' COUNTY. RECORD. Russia wants to cut fourteen ALL OVER THE.COUNTY Mr Wm Clarke, who roomed at the Thanksgiving at DeLand. '

,. .., .. days out of her calendar'", :to,makeit > : '<; Strong Louse last winter, baa returned I Thanksgiving pniwed off quietly at
,1' TE1tIS'1Or..e.4} INfEB > and is the guest of the Fenwick House- WATTS & MILLER :
DeLnnd all
''n : : oorre pond'with the rest of the ST WAFTED TC, Mr Clarke la a fine cribbage and whist closed for., cne the day bualnsss, and Thanksgiving bouuus being : ,

;:,I found la the Kw'jOfBo: at DeLanJ, flu.. world. Probably the Czar wouldbe THE RECORD OFFICE BY ITS player., dinners were had in moat of the homes.

f n, .. Moond elass mLt.r.4ERIcYATT1- .. willing tot...dispense) with almost CORRESPONDENTS.PMHM Idles Dickinson and Mtes M S Heath. There were Union Thanksgivingservices
held at the Baptist church at HARDWARE FURNITURE
1.. MMMM tha latter of Interlachen, Mans_ arrived
between .
any fortnight now 10 o'clock. Rev. Prentice Parker preaching
*dltor Proprietor. Piersbn.Eugene last week Thursday. Miss Dickinson I Ie the serwon. ,
't, ? and "the 22nd of last n-ua-ii-- .
'/ very busy getting her cottages ready. Quite a number of the hunters were .
out. In the Woods und brought home bags
;1". ...... .., of"t.hel, t vested- interests; There is complaint that United Pterson a .most polite and for occupancy. of quail.Many. UNDERTAKINGA .
agreeable man of this place, paida Mr and Mrs Ballen returned from attended the'jtlme of football
cke 1
had* l do not
.bave a, < States .senators receive
4 canal at Panama" permanentlyT1kar enough pay to sustain the dignityof That familiar figure: Deputy SheriJI on Friday'of last week.' Mr Bullen i la University athletic field in the after I nltnre and Everything; for your home' the Best and Latest in I II
; their Senator Burton noon the last football. game for the I the Market, and our prices are as LOW AS POSSIBLE for the
: positions. Robert Jones of DeLeon.Springs' was shipping the. 0 O Mineral Water. to fill seiwon. Stetson scored 81) to Rollins fino class of Goods we carry." HOur Furniture Department is three I

.... ... OJ ,,_ 'of Kansas; for 'Instance;, here on business Monday. orders nearly every day. nothing. I doors north of our Hardware Store and when In need of anything in

: h2JjO;"""" r c8 i investigationouelthin'g hardly gets enough salary to pay S B Bradshaw, W H Powell Neal We were;sorry to learn that Major; --. I our lines we trill take pleasure in showing; you through either depart-I
A blue flame oil stove exploded in the .'intent. We have the goods need and will satiety 'or 'our'
: credit. It I" you
1ts .
to .
; Powell and' honest Nels Plerson made
: & the lawyers who keep him out of a Brenna has had an ill turn as the result kitchen of the home of Mr. and Airs.' money back.,,
did not bon mote out of8ef.1'1 trip to DoLanillast week. of work and in quite sick. I l
get any over now Grunt Ely East New York Ave.. about
; r 4 .' ; jail.. .. f :Pr J W Fells returned to his Georgia trust thai he will soon recover enfflo two o'clock! list Friday afternoon.Mrs. Careful; Attention given'all Mall Orders.
n' *
't home Monday after a pleasant visit with lently to be out again, as we all miss his Bly was alone at home, and at'
has been In the once phoned to Mr. Bly giving the UNDERTAKING DEPARTMENT. y
There no glut ,
of Plerson's lady visitors of .
It was only to be expected that one young genial face on the street. alarm. The department responded at
orange market yet, and there popular beauty. Mr B S Leavitt's the Unl once but Mrs. Bly had succeeded in I Mr. J. A. Stith a graduate ,
Tom Lawson would Bay "I toldyou'so" house near ________________
of the finest
will likely be none. The apple] The pucker mouth drinkers in this has number of tenants getting the flames under control by the one Embalming .
: with regard to the insurance burg are suffering an epidemic of dry versity, quite a arrival of Mr. Bly and the. fire boys Schools of the country Is in _ _ _
\ rop North Is 'short, and people' now, being occupied by I Mrs McBrideand though her arm was badly burned in charge of this department and

/'. ...... _,..0.inquiry.. will have fruit, the Florida throat; the blink eye wine mongers are' two daughters.. Miss Frances and doing so. The flames were leaping will give prompt and careful _
out strike. ''
on a the two Misses Mann who have removed From the burning stove up the side of attention to every detail of this A
'. The more the late Jennings oranges will be the most tempting Justice Jim Cede of Little Egypt' I from the Crenshaw cottage. the wall of the kitchen, almost burning .,i ,work.

!, administration. is examined the in the Northern. markets this spent a couple. weeks in DeLand as a through before it was stopped. The 'Funeral -
The two partiE'S'who went to visit the damage will not exceed $10.00. coveredby Supplies
.; more, nauseating. ; becomes> to winter., witness1 home before Wednesday.Mrs the circuit. court. re Tampa Fair last week, to wit. Mr and Jns'irar' 'ce.
turning in Stock.KLICKEB
Always .
the people-.the State. Mrs Walden and Major Kingman, Mrs .u -. S I
:, S : The'Irish'potato crop North is Harper the handsome wife and White and the Misses'; Dnnlap, returnedon -1 Gniirdlan'sNotlo".. : ;:

1 short this little daughter Ruth, the better half of To all whom It may concern': ..
If an 1&,0Q0 barrel' whiskey reported: very' year.: / Saturday much pleased with
; .
Notice I hI that I Catherine
Mr James Harper May port, are hereto hereby given -- -
I ; fire followCDeform: 'wave in The Florida trucker should bear month sojourn with relatives their trip. They said that the display H. Price, Ita Biiimlmn of the person and!

: what would be the this in mind and put in a big spend a ; of frnlt was something. wonderful. estate of Georite I'rioe anil. Percy Price,
.5 Pennsylvania : Fred Bag trom and J J Peterson, two ,1 I minors, will apply to the Honorable J. I"
;in : in It will be ;McCrory, County Judge, In and for Volusiu BROS
result of a"i ora.l. uwukeriing acreage February,
: skillful ,and acknowledged adapts ;at THIS HISTORIC PIONEER BUILDING County, Florl-In. on' tug !3rd day of January ,\
S. Kentucky? a. season When .the growing of the Carpenter, ;trade are at home from Many' friends have called my attention AU., 1006 at 10 o'clock, a.m.for an order
authorizing me, as such guardian.
to sell
he Irish potato will pay. handsomely New York:' *to visit, their parents and. to an item, in the Orsnge',Clty Pub lo or private sale In, the discretion of ,Merchant Tiailors
If.the JEfoarst/itive'stigation can in Florida. best girls. new colnmna of a DeLand paper of the, Court,. RS prayed by me In and by thatcerium :

only;find 408 illegal ballots after After a stay of three weeks with her two 'weeks past which states that the luduc's petition< ourr, all now the on right!file In title said and County Inter-

J weeks search it will beginto People who are making pro- daughter, Mrs CH Merrlam and takingin store building recently torn down by imtof said! minors,Uoorga, Price and Percy
WI) from Fisher's it
South Corner
." the Mid\ Winter State Fair. Mrs : 'licenf. In And to thoeuoirtnln lots, traota Three
Mr Walden old land mark built
was an
.lookas though Tammany ,was visions for Christmas gifts and nnil, \\lanlels of land lying being and situate
Peter Plereon'retnroed home Friday thirty veary ago. In the County of Volusta and State of Klorda.
false alarm after all. Christmas supplies should get from duaeiilicd
Tampa.Mr follows
I as : w K nfewI4 of
As I have been to the doors from Fisher'ecorner
requested We are now located on South Boulevard three
xoulloii :2,1 s3 of swj of section 21 Lots
.:; .J 111 : L I. such articles from home mer- Thomas Ntsbot a solid 'Mulligan: date ant some of its history I write 3 and 3 in;section!tt; All section ;itt; ; nekifscK. I. where we invite our customers and the public generally to call

it The State 'art Tampa closedJh4IP8J&yand chants. The home merchants guard a live wire in, business, and a the following: "Hot sp%J and lot 1 In section 311AH ( ; and Inspect our New Line of Samples, for b5th: Ladies and Gentlemen.
in Township 111 south of Range 81 East Just in-the latest Fashionable Styles and Colors. A fit IB always
.I it was a big suci usually' carry such articles for sober patriotic citizen of Astor paid Tho Pioneer Store building, at the A lo wJf ol Section! 30. In Township 10 South guaranteed you by ua. The beet material on the market for the mon-

4 ** SV Blt has"become'permanent, you, and it is your duty to first his subscription for one year's renewal corner of Graves and Oak avenues., was cof Kan He 82: Hast. Also fractional nwW oHW ey. Stylish suits at popular prices-suits that wear well and that give
of section 81 in
10 South! of
4 township
In advance for The Volnsta County built Mr Charlie Smith in the satisfaction. We are prepared to turn out more and better work
be held'during' by Jay
t .**"< patronize the home market. Keep range : East. Aggregating 1-140 uores
;. .. Record through S E Smith, its tfersan; year 1880. and occupied by him that more or less. than heretof\>re. Remember the place and. give us your order.tSySults .
:: of
4; the1last two weeks the money at home is always the agent and correspondent last week. year. Some of the workmen are living Paled this 2nd day of December A.. D, repaired pressed. or cleaned at moderate prices.
90.1nt Jacksonville. Ouval
'.1.Novem.berI"'t, County. Florid
't-, ..... -_ best policy. Peter Rnssel and Annie Brayboy, in the county today. As a general store CATHKHINB H. PRICB. KLICKER BROTHERS DeLand Floirda
of As guardian of the |ierm>ns and estates 01 ,
colored Turpentime City were it was' well known over Volns'a ,
.f ;n.,ii If knowing\ how to cook okra county George,! Prlc-e! aud l'eroy Price.
; The Florida insurance
policyholders married Monday noon in the yard of bringing to its counters trade from the

':t.. *;Js :' ualiaattQnto'bo< ', Governor in the New York companies Mr Charles E Jones at this place by St Johns River to New Smyrna, and Gnardlan's Sale. -- -- -----.---- ---- -- -- -

:1"r &*. *,Florida;.''there must be 'some which are being investigated our popular Justice of the Peace, James DeLeon and Spring Garden to the sand ''o til whom It may concern

'o'JS ett7 .strong t.lIntier. hunted E Cade. They then returned to their hills below Enterprise. In this building Notice Is hereby given that I, Patrick
'f upfeif'ypn much interestedin and Blacksmith
I are very rice, as Gunrdliu of tlie persona and esme Orange City Wagon Shops.
intoxicated with the first Masonic Ball in the
r 'are to beat the gentleman said investigations. do shebang blindly ;joy was of Patrick! Vasro Price Henry Lester
.. /: They and happiness. and and Llllie Libel: Price
'" connty. I think it, wan in 1880 or I Price minors, will
I!' : ,.,"frpnf>eS iOeoun y.,, not doubt the solvency of the Our close neighbor and friends R H 1881'\ that Mr B 12 Prevatt established apply, to the Honorable J. L. AlcCrorynunljJutlKP .
in and for
J" ? t..".1ft'WJ(' ., been companies, but they would like Ashley and family of this place left last his first newspaper plant here, publishing Flotrld'/ on the 3rd day ofjanxiary, AD. Branch 'Shop at Lake Helen and I am There Every
business has
1 The grafting ), 10 M.,
: got at o'clock A. for an order: ,
to see some of those fellows who week, bag and baggage for DeLeon the Orancte City Times. From this
uihorl/lng me as such guardian to soil at>
:i: .f" [;known; as'going I Tallahassee have been stealing the funds for Springs where Mr Ashley will continuehis paper grew the best paper now printedin public private sale.In the discretion! of Wednesday and Saturday Y
"J **fofyears" ,' and Governor Broward timber business as usnal. We shall the county-namely-The Voluaia be Court, as prayed by mem and by IDS
it i is nothing but theft ertaln petition now on Ule In the salt
: ;should investigate it and. have a punished, greatly miss thin good family and County Record. From one of Mr' County Judge's office, all the right, title -- __, __ -i_. JJL j -._!.n j-nrsi
:,.' 'X' .it''rif'< he wishes his or ousted from their fat positions. particularly Mrs Ashley and her luvely Prevatt's papers of 1888, which is be. and interest i.l said 'roinors, Patrick\ Vnso'1
r"etoRi'put rt to; I'rlo Lester Llllie and Made Ilorse Shoeing
< *- "d-i '" daughter Miss Bessie. fore meI read these words"ThrouKhtbe Henry Price. and Elbe Wagons Buggies or Repaired. a
::. administration not-to be taintedprinting. 'rice, of. In and to thessoertalu tracts lots Specialty. Carriage,!!; buggy,!!; and wagon parting done in the
s4 Th f candidates for gubernatorial ; Master Hermon Pye's handsome, kindness and assistance of Charlie and puicelacf> land. lying.belug and rltua
\ i. witb it- _;,- ._ honors smiling face now adorns the Harper Smith. I wan enabled to start and ted in the County of Volusia sod Itatq! ot' best manner, finest paints used. Everything in Blacksmithing -
are trotting out pretty Florida' described as fallows:'W Wof SW> Done and all Work: Guaranteed to be Firbt-class. Giveme
early in the The Bros store, He has accepted position: publish my first newspaper in Florida.' of becilon/ 2J: SU of HWJ4\ of Sen ion 24;
): r aA4rLthe season. papers as salesman: etc, and he sure proves to Very truly yours LoU 1,3 a"d 3 In becilon 25; All of. Section a Trial. Orders Promptly. Attended to.
should not kill 'the 'political future 20; NfcJ4 ofSKJ4 SUcfsl-.w! and lot 1 itxectlon
} l" turned out for the State is a dis- be a valuable acquisition to that moving MRS. E. M. CARPENTER. SS: All in Townnhlp I 1U South of

4 : '1. race to Flonda.< Still it goes on of such a good and. distinguished picture of 'stir and push. He came "New Forest" lianve 31 East Also \f THEO DEMRO Florida
; 11 Tuwoab'p 1U! Hnutb of Kange" A3 Kant Orange City
14 & .T. citizen Senator Crill here month from Nov 23-1005. ,
1 '' ancl .t.ljid Iavprq4 print! ,shop gets : as a ago Emporium. Also finulloniil NWK ofSWJi ofSeiitlon! 81
with his sister Mrs Jake -- In 19 Hnuib of .
,, by pressing his candidacy just Pennsylvania, --- Towveblp! Range 32 East.AlCge"aUIIIC
t. JiUst aSjinuch.|otbe, rotten work Harper.S 1WO aO"OR. moro or less
decent .neat..work.would cost now. There is plenty of time I Osteen. Dated this, the Vinci d
,i 'l as th&ae, ahead'and when the time comesa E Smith and< W 0 Baker of this I'o5, at Juchsonvlllu, ]IIJVRI l (Count PKU'E.l'iorlda.PATRICK 'u __ _

: better place spent last week in DeLand as Mess K B Osteen and W Z Haymans As gUllrd1an'of the persons and estates '
man in the State could
; '. ;jurors before the Circuit Court. They visited DeLand Tuesday.Mr ot Patrick Vaioo fries Henry Lester PrIce : KOLDION
.s Estimated that Mr.; Bryan not be named than the Putnam and l.lllle Ethel!: Price. WII/LIAM
f' ft1in formed the awkward squad of Deputy W B Lonee went to Tampa last ,
t erive a revenue of $ OOOO, county Senator. Sheriff Pap Edward's court honseMnlli- week to see the State Fair. DKAUCR IN

',.;' : &' letters' he will write for gan guards. and without discord or Mr Robert of Lake City is visiting -

newspapers'hhd magazines dur- The live stock exhibits at the friction and in good order marched his son, !Mr W }Roberts. this week. JOHN I B. WELCH, Hardware Furniture Dry Goods Second Hand Goods Etc
'Injf hi!*' iouf of th ew- r d. lieIfiakVs.j'eve State Fair from ,Marion and every morning from the hash;\table to Mr\ Joe Lefils traveling salesman of H. ,
.1 illil Alachua counties have astonished fort ;justice the court house, Judge Jacksonville spent Tuesday in Osteen.Mr ORANGE CltY, FLA .
,recreation. pay Clark Leonardy went the road I
on ..
Minor Jones and staff's headquarters, ----- I have consolidated and have and bet-
r him fiandsomely.bno : even the natives and old settlers Monday representing a Chicago candy my two stores, now a larger
trI where the mornings and afternoonswere manufacturing Fancy and Staple Groceries'Tobacco ter stock of Furniture, Hardware, Dry Goods and general household
I ,;, mjin (- <> > >i- there from other sections of the her-plunked in under the immediate \ Cigars. foods than I have heretofore carried aud you will find the price right.In .
Morrison .
r Florida\fnanUfactured. products State. Capt and Commissioner my second hand household department can be found some bier bar
They can't believe that of Jones brothersand
eyes Majors; Brooke are doing some excellent road
gains. (I buy and sell secoud hand household goods etc.) I promise
:S .: amounted to< $50,000,000' ? for such stock could be produced i iii Capt Landis & Fish eminent attorneys work in and around Osteen.drDGMonroeandwife. Dry Goods, Shoes, Hats, Etc., Etc. you bargains In either department. Prompt attention given all orders

'I,:' the year 1964. Twelve million Florida. There are hogs therefrom at law and guests of Turner. ? and MeW and quick delivery. Don t fail to give me your orders.
of thiswasfrom. Edwards and Kurtz. At the' close of T Walters are in Tampa this week
1- cigars nine
: : those counties that'weigh taking in tbe Fair and races. Beat and Freshest Canned Goods, WM., KOLMON, ORANCE CITY FLORIDA
the .coil of each befuddled. cudgeleddarkey'
Ii,; \ ipjUionjir lumber! and: over. seven 1,000 pounds each and horses as Rev W F Allen, pastor of the M E constantly on band and all first .
brain was given a rest while ------ --- -- --
stores' Church South cloned his class Groceries for table.
million. i ia,naval The i in- protracted your
fine as ever came from the Blue the Mulligan team sat and trimmed up meeting here Tuesday night.

[ cr* s for:Jh'eyear!! -I 1905 :will 1 1't Grass regions of Kentucky. the endless chain of one-eyed negro H.m Joe Whitner of St Augustine Country; Produce bought ::.:::.:ccC: :: :::':C:::.: C:C:C: C:c:::.:::.:::.:cci: : .
1v; pr bab1yexce' dten' millionsTjligyStateU ) e. 1 evidence; then a short talk, and recess, and A P Rossiter of Enterprise are on a ) .

IH4 on a great boom, a I II then meal call boys' get busy with an deer hunt near hers this week. \,.f"I, .

ic, ,I,.' lJIfPedtrshe..never, had 'c beforeLt4i. HANDEL'S, -ORATORIO, Indefatigable the determination to wend Mrs W from Z Haymans EanOalllea and few children days since'returned Order and delivery receive prompt.careful You attention will lW; J F. ALLEN & COMPANY( ( :;

: :, talier.history., :'AU ,her people; i I I their way'to dining nail commissary where they spent two weeks visiting find my prices ai' low...an the lowest li ,
MESSIAH, at the'lT.'M Bennett hotel) where thotetnklnlly relatives.' Give me. a call. \) ''J
;) aHvlinesvof, business "tn avery >
handsome owner and Mr J E Pattillo came np Saturday
I.t : : -prosperous condition.. proprietor Miss annie Bennett who is fiom his Indian River orange grove to \0 bl
IL4 I t To Be a Great Musical Event at spend Sunday with home folk return- _. \*> >
-- la charge of this house one of the most : All Kinds Furniture for Your Homes.
I1i"r Republican\ i> !itian'Jackannville n fat University Auditorium.. comfortable home like hotels DeLand ing Toeeday ilih> ilUi

,'',: last week to ,selectItIv DeLnnd poaaeses the only permanent where th'.s! little Pap Edwards band ------ % g.1OT '

:J the: officeholders forth more ifldeloal oc'of its kind in Florida, was handsomely entertained to three At' > \T>

; prodinent. Federal//offices In this vz: The DeLand Choral Society. The square meals each day. We were Inside \ Handsome and Fashionable and Pretty

in'; State'. All 'present'. incumbents organization has a membership of served tomahawked in a manner the big that 19 hundred'room would have piasfiC6 ftlQ Jl i<: are Inai what
I )1 I. ', ''were,agreed ''upon, except lIon; sixty University about students equally, and divided the between musical Astor house in New York. ">.The menn Star Wind Mills 'p:) price will suit you. A pleasure to show \.i
J.itljOlieoVy') endorsed for
consisted of everything, appetizing. iq )
of .
I. people the town. and hai been holding Next time oome to town,
1 ;. ,tJ 8. District Attorney instead weekly rehearsals since the first of The lightning of the heavens may flash = A ',rflct Wall Coating! =: around Wln lllllll.to you our place. The Star drop i.> you through our immense stock. : : :

i4: of J. ,fT.-Stripling:, the, present October under the conductor, Prof. O. through her skies and lease no trace to Combines Cleanllnoss 4 .....y.< U'. the made beet In mllJ the In hOD"the ::1It- ill a>
A. Moral tell its path. but these twelve Pap and Durability S world, made by the larll....
i",: incumbent of'this office, but.he'Is ..IDd mUI taotGry In the ill ill
:. : The first concert will be given Deo.15th Edwards Mulligan guards will never Anyone can brush It on ..,.,. ..orld. Coma m and .
p': not going to give up without afight. ,'at' which time Handel's Oratorio forget their eating marches and countermarches No one con rub It off oe ua. Wa woo'texaggerata.. ,, Undertakers, and Embalmjra. Full Line of Fine \b'

.. -. : ,Hoa! ;;John E.: Stillman] "The Messiah. ,'" will be rendered for during their bivouac in De- PJastlco fa a pare, permanent ... S.a) Goods Always on Hand.'J'

hit Volnnia friends. :will .bepleas- the first time south of Atlanta. The Land I last week until the muffled aDd porous wall coating and J I" W

cd to know' will retain his concert will undoubtedly be the most dram's sad roll has beat its,last.tattoo. does not require taking off to \": ................._....._._._...,._._._...,._...,._...,....._._......'.....
pres- renew.doall kalnoniines. It to .ct: eee: : -:e-: eeee: : : -: eca: : :;,'
notable musical
,event that has taken
...,no'Pol1ector.: at the a dry powder ready for use by
: L&.a.t.L'enIaeola; place In the State. aa the oratorio is of Orange City. adding cold water and can be

-'c such: difficulty that It. prod notion I. easily l crushed> on by any one.' M **..*. ..*. ** *.-MM 444444 j '
'.S. .. rarely attempted .outside the large -
) Made In white and fourteen D.Lsnd Pie. cobl
:r, .8taeSuperitenuentofScnoole cities. It will be given{ entirely by home Mr and Mrs Writter'who were In the fashionable tints.AMTIKUSOMINE. ,

_ .f *lIow ( WBMK"ppanfjnously acMttefcrInal1bei stamps talent, and DeLand v the an'occasion" tie) ..musical. ,.indubitably center of ,Smyrna.Ireland cottage have. removed* to New CO. TEE. w. BOND co i j''

as charg. tbe StatJ4 CUUNO RXPIOS.HIGH.
Since Its The infant child of R 0 Grover died I Pump Wind Mill and m .
production in 1743. The
_____r.S".. N8heate, Memrfah" ban held.ttr place M th. most the, first of this week. The funeral ser For MmpU tun. mrtlcutirt cord eatt'W..FlStiER andS WELL WORK ;: ) Manufacturers of : _
1er1'nt ndentud whom popular of all oratorios appealing alike vice was held on Tuesday at 3 o'clock .. '* I":
: Mr. HsJUowa/ defeated for this to all& elaene of people. In many cities pm. .. Promptly Executed. S Oranie"Box'$ Material, Pineapple Crates, Peach

__ ; : I omm *tliupilT rilriealaat year: u!In given England regularly and a few every Northern Christmas cities the it ths Mr Fenwlok and Mrs House Lovell'where have they removed to : I __u 3' :,Crat s,. Orange and Peach_Baskets. StrawS S
holiday time not being considered complete '
_ 'k ;r CJ WMU at Gainesville last to predict that. the Auditorium will be there. S

irdy. Ybe jury out filled to overflowing on Deo. ISth. Filled Promptly and Anyi|
_ was only The Fenwiclr House has a piano and $ Orders shipped

rUolioway was .5 '- 8'8 Miss. Clara Fullerton the daughter of 'I '
t At the Presbyterian'' Charell'8a8da,. S .where. 3
the hon e/Is 9tcbsrer.icke'
q.nlte an ,accomplished
Clark I
V > by;Congressman V,The ladle of the church will give a I musician.' -' ' i 1:. "t" ,' >*
I 8JL Olair-Abraras assisted Reception to Rev. and Mr. B. '8. J' Add 1''''.' :*
,, t 1kttloThh1 the ion- Knapp, at the parish Hones- Thursday r The Trues)have one ..or' more guests, ( '.E.'tlo". :Bookcase: S. v THE E. 'W. BOND CO: ( 5. '
night. Deolta Member of the church and hearlv all. the rooms are engaged, .. ..
S'' flf case nwhieh58heat., and, congregation friends and "stran I Mrs True baa met with :kn accident, and Desk combined. ...

,,, : JSuiloway arrested :the i daj ger vited.within''!* oar: ,gates,-' '-,"' are cordially. and has a lame ankle.,' Permits as much' or a*little :.t... Lake Helen F.... !:.I.
1 l primary allegi ; g ;, I Mr Bert Brewater arrived on Saturday d. ,
01 I Ss 8 aud will E:4u2: ., .. .. 5 .. i. .. .. ... .. .J'
I.h.d: been alandere Ther will be"an .important auction | take"up .his residence .In De- S aa __ __ _
of farm' and and I Land until his mother; recovers suM L desired. Roomy convert-
eonnectioi with it grjBa. iJDplemllots
'' S I iL hold''. goods f*>, ulenwood, 'on ,cientlyto.i9iuriitprsuge, .. City.M .. a' .lent.attractive. Call and see Th iii
W ....,...''next December'16tb., See *::Surber;,:wife' and daughter,. of U .v at or write" catalogue 104J. 'e.IL
S fV year. ago. nttcM this big aale on the front page Freeport Pa, have taken the Dickinson F. ALLENf.ck COL.Aeents. _
of Renord and what I Will priced and yards the Lt'l
to4&i. see is to be quota yen user depot >eL ,4 d
-. _1u. neegrateiiSbaits so14. erytblng must go t the bi hauctioneer ,- cottage...corner of Volna" and 'Lemon S _ii p with be tIM cypress and yellow pfnLu'nbr .. r j
*he ass bl44ar-5Mayor' -11:'of thIj.paoewill Area toy a. residence this winterJllr'anfi ., DIUANP; -, .. .
1M The and there will I be M&Anies.tbe i : people whoDocnpUd te----'. ', ? ., Floorlaa, Culing, ,Mouldings.. TarninrSHJNGLES
.2.b. wGIdS a.o.oflnetW_that day to get thing '.(
) .
the Walker plan lack winter ,
wfv obeawtor Jots-of thmn.ax*to be oJ ,
NU.':Yoa.nit teudvenlMd..artmI.. have returned ,and..arecomfortablyeittft : ; __ ; _- Ji t Ali :wi }',..i .f ".u'Ji., xt;. ''rm-g'11 deHTe"\'anlW'h.r". ; U\e city
,... .... r. "r *lJUhe aame quarter* 'his'.easoa. .0 ," "'4ca. ........rtI1lr ...,

S_ ,


'': ";, ..'.\ Iv :w"I it WII ::" ..::.;;.I '....,V ..,<., ....."u,, //1._'..:! :,'t, ./.' .. oi",<,,;"i,. ''I '1:"..:<<'''\ ''lWtJ.r.."irisdaMJ.F.r 'I "" ':t _I\.VMp.' : .. .,......,'f4'.x ."" ,......."N.t_)yWftf' ..(,fr\( ."a i..in....'.'''' ;'';' I'' .

_" ".tp....... ...."... 1 ,,:j\'';'\\i1'\\ : 'l.U 4 1;"'"
h' I ...
\ ,r."""

1f tUtil P I (j tf iliC 1 tl.

.. .. .,., .
__ ., __ ... <. ., .........- ;:';; :; ... '0
l" "' '" 3. -- .

: ;: ;..c...:. ..t'...::,ecC'.,J:, ,. :. :.f c-C!!:!:,!....:.rl.J....w:::,c.,;. ,eeo..;:."" :,.eC'...:......:.C"CC'.....-/-.If.C: :11: _:'-;:&g: -:-.-::@:&e&:! ,e.,::.6eeee: : : c:::c:::ge:6&&eCHRISTMAS : : : : \ every Fresh Friday.Flab At Marsh Bro's. market 1 I .. "If. ,1'<'

.rj'; '' \ ,. -'". fiL' ., : .,, h' d' S ... ..1 Dept Sheriff Edwards took: in the State rOn
{ I'' Fair the first of the week.Mr. !. "i
!il t! I W. F. MoClary.r.tarned the first Thanksgiving s Dajf ;

1"iliy'/ r r m. .of the week from.a vlatit to the Fair.
111 Mr., Charles 8.., ,Flowers was at the

.J U BARGAINS 1 1to f R county'The 'oranges seat from being the north shipped end Monday.are 'the why not 'hay? one pfi((1 i

marketed from this sec-
j .m tion. ever 'I the mot' fashiona-i p
/ _
i11 ,? !t' Rossle Bnfhnell Ie.filling a ten days' bly correct 'Suits brj\ '

'u{j Clothing Department Beginning December 1st. jjjto R orchestra engagement with the Tampa Bay. Hotel' ., r Over ,coats eVer

lli'- wJj Miss Carrie Watts returned this week: made, :to"t be thankful
jf' from a summer passed in Kentucky, accompanied '
have had this Fall in Wto byherlfrlend: Miss Mary Ditto for? i
.. .m>Jj[ We are more than pleased with the splendid patronage. i Plans are being made for two more k

our CLOTHING. DEPARTMENT.. .Now we must make room for our Spring fli} brick buildings at DeLand., There Is ho We have therein all }'
m, let up in this building boom at DeLand. r '
y \/i purchases which are unusually I large, and we have decided t to dispose ot t all re- jfjj o Rev. Campbell Gray aud wife arrived the ;smartest :styles !

Tuesday and are temporarily located at N of the season and

UI|t jj maining Fall and Winter' Suits, regardless of cost. We submit the, following |J| of The St.Oaks.Barnabas Mr.church.Gray is,the new RectOr' 4 '" each one bears. ,the

W' comparative prices which will convince you of the exceptional= opportunity of !9W 1\ Mr. J. T. Cairns making/ great headway 1,1, .. ""' label that ,denotes

getting GOOD CLOTHING J at unprecedented low prices. We offer the following: JjMen's Jj\!: Clara on Mrs Avenue.Woodward's Mrs Woodward new residenceon ex- t' most perfect.attainment \

\Ii' leiAli ceots to .occupy the same by the 15th of '' (i in'moderna tilt: t

It' January.Mr. ,, : JOur 1
Suits !t and Mrs. Frank ,R., Osborne arrived f -_ oring. -
; : from the North the first of the +-w. 'f
; ': JJto' week and are domiciled. at their pleas -, lirie'of' Winter -' ,
reduced '- $17.56 [ .
r. ; $22.50. values to., -
8:( < ant Florida home for the winter, .north '$' "i ". '
Haberd 'i
t, :8.50 W'I west of town. ,5V; q., ,. sfi cry;
values reduced to
10.00 The two negroes, Morris and Flatter, can't be
_. '"'' convicted at the recent term of the Circuit t :

,''! c I; ;,',. y' Young .Men's Suits.3, :? .";'i,J i. ,'.,..:..: *. 1 1to !t t Court, were of taken rape and to the murder penitentiary respectively :..' ,. ,All the, new :.things:;

,,\ ,. ", I'w' Tuesday to begin their life sentences. in LadiesShoesatla;:: i ;

1 to $15.00 values reduced to ,:?:: $11.75 1Vjj ,> The Putnam will open for the season Copyright 190 by Slippers.V. .. (

', .1 on Tuesday next, and mine boat Mr. Hart Schaffncr fy Marx 1
8.00 values reduced to 5.75 JJ:lT } Ward Gould, now the sole proprietor, i Is

expecting a fine business this winter. I
., ; It' '
most of last
It was full to overflowing

I Boys'. Suitsdi ;'t'; I I season. M. FOUNTAIN,: .
; jg : Sales in G. A. Dreka & Co.'s mail order

.$7.00 values reduced to '' 5.75 (mill 1 department are increasing daily. Agent for Stetson Hats, Stetson and Walkover Shoes;

(m t tto Why? Because we give best goods .I
: '' 1.19 /t\t'to honest prices prompt service and guarantee .
1.50 values reduced to :
satisfaction. Write us for what .
-- ----- ------- ---- ---
.; W you need. Oldsmobile for sale cheap. Write to
For Sale-80 acres adjoining station .
Men's Overcoats "1' ;:g gjj ; Mr. Gnssle Drake returned Thursdayfrom at Stetson, Fla. Large comfortabledwelling box 183 Daytona Fla. L
;m{j a big deer and turkey hunt in the three bed rooms and bath, .p-_ '.
south end of the county with Messrs Ap three rooms on first floor. Water from Marsh's Meat Market..
$12.00 Stetson! water works Electric Light
{ $15.00 values reduceh to JJyW Rossetter end Joe Whitner. Gussie was and Telepholleo.vn.illlble. Newly painted, The very best Western and Florida
/ the only one of the party who killed a refitted and in good repair. Cottage in meats can always be bad at the Marsh
10.00 values reduced to 7.95 fljto l deer, and It was a fine one and his first. yard for help. Barn ana out buildings Market The ohoioent >Roots-Steaks,
1 Large packing house on rail road track. Chops, Beef Mutton and Pork, Sausage,
The Vesper Committee of John B. Special price if sold soon. Satisfactoryreasons eto. The standard. packed meats on
l5to Stetson University invites you all to for selling Apply to C J. K. hand Try Marsh's Market and get the
Boys' Overcoats/ f!!l be present at the vesper service Sunday Jones on premises or to Silos B. Wright beat for your home.

.">I .afternoon at 4:15 o'clock in the University DeLand.. MARSH BROTHERS
'..1 I "
$4.75 Auditorium. President Lincoln
$6.00 values ,reduced to it''It iI i\\\' Hulley will deliver the address, bis l f % '% %

\lt subject being "A Lesson from Athletic .
reduced to "
,I Games
; '

iii Make your selection early and avoid the rush. JjJG. house l at the Minstrels High School played.to Auditoriumlast a full Fine Groceries

Ill ,:
night. Every Beat was
Monday (

A. DREKA & COMPANY. !I: taken and the show was a good one, Our Fall Stock is complete. We are offering finest,

lli .1..f.V and afforded lots of fun for the audience. line Fancy Groceries ever brought this city.
The receipts were $143, a per cent of Just Received fresh Graham, Rye and

PHONE 77 !Jg f which fund.went to the public school improvement whole wheat Hour, also yellow meal and

Buckwheat.For .
111 !!j j.geseeefcseesfeseseeeesefees&sse The "Gillette" Safety Razor the only a good breakfast try a package FlapJack .
thing of the kind, the best on the Flour or self raising Buckwheat with

.,.,. .., _.,.,._.,.,.,.,. and serviceable .
1'\. .r..r -- "' .J. market makes a suitable
=:. : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :_._:.c_:.:_::._c:.:_::.:_::._c.:.c.:.ce-: : e-: I that pure Sop Maple Syrup.
Christmas present a present For the best 25c; COFFEE in the city

-- will be of use for many years. Fisher try the "Niagara," put up in lib. cans un

"" LOCAL SYNOPSIS. For mnsiual instruments the best to 'keeps these celebrated safeties-onceI derour, oivn name.
l i be hurt, see Erickson. I I used you are always using them They Our stock of Olives, Picklos, etc., is
Mrs S. M. Morse was in town from 'are cheap for the money. the prettiest ever shown here, in fact our /

.Wall Paper. THE: IMPORTANT NEWS ITEMS OF Orange City Tuesday I I Mr. W. S. Wardolw of Atlanta., Ga, whole stock has been selected with the i
New line of shoes Thompson Bros., I spent a few hours in the city Thursday J Jafternoon (greatest: care and we feel we can pleas) you. .
TilE FAST! WEEK. Dull and Patent Finish at Dreka's. I! and Friday morning Mr. I Our Motto, "The best in all lines we han.
11I'-. I Wardlow is district organizer of theInternational dIe. Yours for business, I
So: far we are having ideal Indian i
Loan, and Socl.ty Items for tb. f aoi*].'. Typographical Union and 'I
I In order to make room for our new stock, Fap.r-Brl.f Mention of Fact. Summer weather in Florida this fall. I came here with a view to organizing the I
which is arriving, we will close out all designs Miss York, a recent graduate of Station trade, but find the printers too few in i Phone 79 A. H. WOODALL.
8e.n by our K.port.r.W. is here from St. Augustine! visiting numbers to form.n successful union.

of last season's paper at I friends. I Mr. A. B. frevatt or Seville was at i "-

Roll. 8. Taylor Dentist. Mrs. Sarah Davis of Osteen Is spending -I DeLand Saturday, last placing orders
Five Cents per Single are getting short, arn't they. several weeks with of Irish potatoes
Days her son Mr. Joseph for the fall crop grownon
>>EBBBt:) Bt:)>>EB BB EE'J
Lake Louiseat
25c Dr. Mellette'a Remedies at Allen's. Davie. ) the muck lands around I .
is worth
Some of this regular '
paper Visit McElroy's when Chrlntuuas Shopping Judge Stewart went to Jacksonville that place. He brought( samples with
and 30c, so don t fail to take advantage of Tuesday on legal business tor the law him to show the kind of potato he will I +

firm of Stewart & Bly. deliver. The crop there this fall i Is the I DELAND WOOD YARD
the bargains. A lot of new baskets at Brill's at ,
the the truckers ever grew, and as
_. sell a-lack and all kinds of interior and popular prices.Mr The County Commissioners and the, I
We Jap sold
and as fine as ever
j!; exterior paint and finishes ; also the best water paint. Ed Spencer was here Wednesday School Board will bold their last'1805 fine In Florida.as ever grew I C. C. FANNING! & CO., Proprietor'; ,
session Monday and Tuesday next. | '
made NURESOO. from Camp Caisaduga.Mr. :
Miss Ella Hambrlck very delightfully :
., J. P. Mace was a Lake Helen visitor The College Arms opens today with a entertained at cards at her home East

LUMLEY & OSTEEN PHARMACY. the first of the week. goodly opening.number The hotel of Is arrivals preparing for for the a New York Ave., Tuesday afternoon, fa Oak Wood,

School books and school supplies at eleven tables and a most pleasant eventit
large business this winter.
the Lumley & Osteen Pharmacy. was. The souvenirs of the occasion tl:1: Pine Wood
There's no excuse for not having to Mrs. .'
yea .
awarded respectively
.. Mr. and Mrs H. A. Wright ot Qlen- were
__'__- _n a good suit. Go to Dreka's and take Isabella Coulter, Mrs. Hibbnrd and Mrs :
wood. were in tne city on Tuesday.Mr. advantage of their reduction sale .in G. T. Haynes A fine collation was en ; Kindling:

8. V. Hough paid Jacksonville a clothing. Begins Deo. 1st. joyed by Miss Hainbrick'g company
W. A. ALLEN X CO bnsloesa trip the'latter part of the week after the game.
In selecting your Christmas gifts you Mr. Will Dado traveling soliciting!I f f 1 For Heating and Cooking: Stoves.
Mr. S. W. J onnston was at Tamp should remember the poor. See if you agent for Messrs W. E Jones & Co., | .
Druggists and Jewelers.Drugs taking In the Fair the latter part of the can not make some needy person happy Commission Merchants of Baltimore,
week.' by a kind Christmas remembrance.Mr was in town this week. This house has m i .
been sending to our growers some fine q
'! Mrs. M. Davis la spending the weekat W. C. Jackson was here trom returns for fruit shipped It. It II one
Tampa, seeng the fair and visitingher Green Cove Springs the latter part of of the most responsible houses handling M Careful Attention given all Orders. :
Stationery, deals with the ,
sister. the week. He expects to bring his children Florida oranges. 1
Huyler's Candies grower and shipper fairly and promptly M Prompt Delivery. :
School.Books Mr. S. V. Hough has bought the to DeLand as soon as the new home always getting the top of the marketfor
\Is ready.According
Doten 10-acre tract across the Boulevard your fruit.
Florida Souvenirs from his home.Mr. to .A city ordinance recent. For low prices, and fine quality of Phone No. .... Yards' West"Minnesota Ave. '4

Toilet Requisites Ashbrook'and ly passed by the City Council of De- goods there's a wonderful announcement!
and Mrs. daughter
Watches Dr. Mellette's.' Remedies from New York are guests At the pop : Land pay a,license a dealer of in$50 fire before works be must can sell first a from Dreka the and clothing Co department elsewhere of in G.The A. S>> >>lt::) mm :.& lB: >> B ,*

Clocks, ular winter home. ore.cracker. Record this weeK. When Oeo. Dreka .
in the late summer -- ----,--
, .I Jewelry, The pnbllo schools of the county suspended Brill's new, high-grade, embossed be was bought In New goods for three weeks and .

Silverware, Wednesday over Thanksgiving, writing paper is very popular. Either when they all came he didn't know
Cut Glass until Monday next. ". where to store them. Many of them d
with "DeLand.:Fla., or "John B. Stet 1'
.. are left ,et. and see the prices they are SEASON -'O6. .;
Optical; Goods, School books, school writing material l, ion University" heading 800 per quire going to sell for. tyog ,
tablets eto., for children at the with envelopes.Mr. .
-6 Fountain Pens, Etc. & Osteen your Pharmacy. ) Mr. J. a.:May has sold his. :SIinnesota
.. Lnmley Charles Ludwig student at Ave., home to Mr. Berlin. H Wright ,
: Full line of shoes, heavy and lightweight : Stetson, left Wednesday for his home at the consideration 28W Th,,-home is The College ArmsDELANO. '
NEXT TO POST OFFICE. ail styles of Crossett, Douglas, Daytona. He received the sad new of at present occupied by Dean Farrah and ;r 5
until next cummer.
Snow and Carlisle at Dreka's.Mr. the death! of his mother which occurred family Mr. Wright and will move o..t DeLand from d,,
Victor Danbert contemplates the it the home there that morning. Lake Helen that his children may attend 1

. '. .....................tF......... ........................, erection, in the spring, of a nice home Mr. J S. May Is putting up a nice Stetson family and will we again are be glad residents that, he of ;FLORIDA. .. ,'!\'f! t" F A
to wy on his Wlnneiulsaette property.Mrs. home with electric lights and baths for and his consummated *.
1Iro y THE ST. ELMO S. M. Stefflnaof "Willand Ontario, himself and family on West Minnesota through DeLand.the The Wright sale &was Wright Real Es. Opens for Guests December 1st, 1905.. .t :?

= Canada, arrived In DeLand yesterday Ave.t Mr. William Mowers has the contract state Agency.. let'
M. and has rooms .wlthlre. Moore at the and the new home is well under Tax Assessor Sam B Wilson, Hon. D. '
= '" Monroe Place: B. Paxton and the Fanning brothers '
w I. Under the management of John G. Holland .
way.Hon. hunting In the ,
t All the Popular Bread Hot'R lls Buns, = _The DeLaad Naval Stores Co. is C. A. Bullen, owner of the were a party squirrel Mon. \ "
; swamps of the St.Johns River last (same management'aslaet season) .Managei..of'Vthe < :), '..d ,+' ;
and Lemon Pies making preparation to largely Increase Orange City water works and the
w Peach 'Apple i returned with 84 squirrels
: Cold DrinksII day. They
:: BLUE MoujrTAnr LAKE Horst 'Blue: Mountain.; .,,,
Mal its output of naval stores prod acts for Orange City Mineral Spring Water, was and four big coons nil suspended about \
caroons '
,:W t ,Iii Lady Fingers, '" the coming: year., lit.DeLand Wednesday. He and Mrs. the top of the vehicle they were In. Lake, New York, (Adirondack Mountains.)] 'F'
I:t ,...'". \II Crescents, Cocoa' Cup Cakes ; Connwi! the And it was a unique picture'so unique a.r XKV,,
Mrs. Ray of. Kalamaxoo, la BuUen arrived from Wisconsin Studio took a pictureof For rates, reservations 'and! other: information .,. J.
Kisses = that the Magnolia ;
t :t Ii Jelly Rolls' '" visiting her sister Mrs A. H. Wuodall. home! !last Friday.. I it, and will have it on dlapl y. It was '' ,.on 'and after'November. 6thi'1905;' ;'addressL;:'?,.;;w> "H,;,t : : 1 v"
.'w''' I 'I"Cream. Iii '" Her sister Miss Nell SUckhoona returned Mr. Smock has finished kalsominlng great> squirrel and ooon day for these .o' 'JOHN ,
r 0.
w. ?
< !!! Sherbets aDdII 1 1 '" home with her. I the dlnlnll-r Om,; kitchen,, many"of the banters, and they were eating squirrels ",< i .. : l'w ',
All Out Products .r. Made From, the. : -donY know became
what .
.' several days
for ., .
f:iii' .!o'' ,'. Ids ,. Iii j Purest and FreshtUngrsdlenta '" Capt. D. F.'Morrison, Mrs, Morrisonand rooms and revarnlshlng. the noon of of the coons.." THE COL'LEUE.ARMSi>
:= their son Lawrence Duncan, and The College Arms, rendering them very .f Tmt.' ,
. :t' 1'_" .1Ii Ii" "''.j't .'" Miss Pearl Morrison, the latter of Alley, attractive and .. bright as a new silver FOR SALE 7 .DeLand,1I'Idar-:4: > %:? tx '1'T; t s sR
., a' '
dollar- The beautiful tints and hard .n : ;1''
i. : Oa., were at the county seat from Barrberville hand baggy,aheap ApF 'ntt ffl7/: + a
FUU(3ER Pro deter. ( A good second
B. :
furnished the
: The has had oils used In this work by ">. : "
I. i'Y: "j; Tuesday son ;Jail VII to : ., ) -'Ii .'t, >,, "
[an honorable discharge.tMm. 'be pay. rUhordrag storey which carries rhitauilrJ ". A,'STOREB+ : "

," '....:..' ..t> .......................,..,. ........'" tM.-.1t'; . i ..'I', department of TJuulo *ia's Nav(. ( products. of these (uods. Hotel ra.tulQ..., ."

,I '.. .
r. ) .
" ., I
- L

',:" =, : I L... '" .='. :..... : ,_ : ". ,..';.; ... ... .. ;. _., "" "- .' .. ,

I t


' .J ...,- ... u_._._ -__. __._ ._"_,.,._..--,._ ...____ -.____ .. -_._ __. ..u_-._____.-_, --.---_ __._s__... ___ --- .'-_... -- L 1
-- --- ,--- -0"
t'_ _, _
, .

::1 ." ...... ..2ow. VPo. .. U.a.1e _w. Notice of jflnal Dlscnarje.' COAST LIN$1
'A man entered a London theater lathe AN AWFUL I Notice Is hereby !Driven hat the undersigned ATLANTIC
r' administrator with the will annexed
:' early morning and found to his ..SCn.OFULA or the estate of Lewis A, Austin, deceased \ ''I.
t horror that four lions, which were INHERITANCEWhile will on the first day of February. ,A U ) '
F bIMJBoo'tlere."bad broken from their tile his flnal s000unt. together with his The Great t Car Ling From FloridaTo
vouchers, with the Hon. J. Lee MoOrory, Through
I {
One blm'tI.. blow with Its Scrofula
cage. gave it ia true that Dia/ tie acquired under certain conditiona/ County Judge of Volusla County Florida, ,
.. : I i paw then took him In Its mouth. The I It fs usually inherited. Parents who are related by the ties of blood or who at his ollioe in DeLand Florida and ask
blow from a lions paw Is said to be I have a consumptive tendency, or family blood taint of any character are sure that the same be allowed and approved and !
that he be such administrator CONNECTIONS
I after the stroke of a whale's tall and I to transmit it to their i children in the form of Scrofula. Swollen glands, with tho discharged will annexed.as :

1-= I the kick of n giraffe the strongest brittle bones poor digestion, weak W.: L. OSBOBNE, East THE ATLANTIC COAST LINE via Charleston R

;, g i thing in nature. so that the victim was J eyes Catarrh, emaciated! bodies and ysar.inh.i1t.d SorofUl suffered*. and intensely about seven froma. Administrator with the will. annexed of the } mond and Washington. 'I
ago the estate of Lewis A. deceased.
.I'r dead when the keeper went to the ros- I general weak constitutions are the it. Triad at I Austin <'
': cuo.! Only one lion had concerned Itself I in which the dis- w..at ." tt&'SWSSSUVS.. I This July 28th. WOTNotice via Montgomery.-
"., I _ principal ways Intact.? l To YMF 1 The LonlsvlHe & Nashville '"
with the man and was now sitting 'I I ease is manifested. The blood has our d, and a. a dyiii..man will wra.p.II I II of Application for Tax Deed Un. II651 t The: Mobile & Ohio B. :Blia Montgomery. :

i '. :it over him aa a dog sits over a''bone..' I been diMMed from birth and being.in brother straw, ,much I was against.,:?<1w1ll1bfo try my I I der Section 8 of, Chanter 4888, Law The } ____________ :_ ;j

", .!: !Two of the lions were playing on the; this condition cannot properly nour- a.a. s. After tak"n#- .ix bottle.,I felt. I of Florida and Ocean Steamship Company for New .1,
L"I Savannah
_ ) stage with a "property" garland and I! ish the body !ana Scrofula ift the rvondorful tinned to tall obanire It for for about the better.six :month I eonI, I I Notice Is hereby given that Thayer A To East t Via York Philadelphia and Boston. : ,

::4 l1iii. the fourth was seated the royal box I suit A hereditary disease like this takino- in all about fifteen, bottle, I II I dated Hauls the purchaser 2nd daytime:ol tax 1008 certificate has flied No said 010. The. } VI.Norlolkand8tea.merforN.IY.. ,, Wash. Baltimore.

i ; placidly surveying the gambols on the I can only be reached, by a constitu- whloh MontrOme1Y entirely VT"W.m.8. BTOOJt'rON' oertllloste In my office and has made appli. ( Via Savannah and Merchants Miners Transportation

i; stage and the terrible banquet In the tlonal remedy and nothing equals cation for tax deed to Issue in accordancewith Via Steamship., Company,for Baltimore and Philadelphia.
I auditorium. The murderer relinquished S. S. S. as a cure for it. It cleanses and strengthens the deteriorated blood I law Said certificate embraces the following -, "

i Its prey Immediately Its master ap. I drives out all scrofulous and tubercular deposits and there is a gradual but I deorlbed property situated In Volu- To KEY WEST ) V1.J, PENINSULA AND
eta Florida towit and \
; peared and all four bolted tor' their sure return to health. S. S. S. supplies to the i SwK county ofswK of section 4, tp 10s, range HAVANA. f OCCIDENTAL'ITEAMSHIP:! CO.

; IJ ____ den like children detected In some misconduct. anaemic lifeless blood the properties necessary. 81e; to acres I _ _

.-St. James' Qacette. S S ,S to build back to strong robust health and does I The said land being assessed at the date nterohangeable mileage tickets good over 18,000 miles of. the principal railway

this gently and so thoroughly that no signs of I l Insi.ance of suoh certificate lathe name of I the. Southern.. States are on sale. by the principal agents. .
ri the disease after life. I W H Donald. Admr. Unless laid certificate '"< (li Pullman Sleeper Port sons to New Yolk via Atlantic. Rust I .- -_.<
WrlttnsT K Lttor. are ever seen in Being shallbe redeemed according to lawtax deed ,.... .jmptatO Information call on E. L. Powe, Ticket agent, or addrewKACT J
; A letter Is written conversation and purf'ly've etableS. S. S. is the best remedy for I I... .. -
iv PURELY VEGETABLE. : will Issue thereon on tbe 2Uth day ot Deo., ''' A. O. BOYLBTON. Dlst Pass. Agent, W. I) STARK Traveling( 8 u130
should be simple cordial and with a Scrofula; its harmless but healing ingredients I A. D., 1005.Witness 1 I W8.tBaytttreet. Astor Bulldln Jacksonville, Florida.

,1,1,, flavor of personality, like a chat witha enter into the circulation and replace wax-like, bloodless faces with vigorous I my official signature and seat I M. JLMERSOM Traffic Manager.;. .W.J. CRAIG'General Passengei .iguu

!: iftbpYe picture of the friend. strength glowing with health., Book with information about Scrofula and Ibis tbe 20th day of SAM'L Nov. )A.JOHDASf I).. 10 >S l. 1 I Wilmington, North Carolina.

n and.) fish j is tlio trndo-: When discouraged, sick or sad do not medical advice free., THE SWIFT SPCCtflO CO.. ATLANTA GA. Clork Circuit Court Volus- county Fla. .
t DlIJ write. A letter carries atmosphere. I
: '. ofScotfuEmulsion, Mover write anything over your Blgna- I' ::
'J I
t.;; ia tho synonynx.Sot tore: of which you might later be asham Notice Debtors and Creditors I DeLand Saw and Mills & Novelty WorksJ. Florida East Coast Railway

:! .11 Btrenpth and purity. .It i ia sold ed. Write kindly of every one;' Lettersare Notice has Is been hereby appointed Klven that Administratrix the undersigned ,_ Planing :

like debts-hnrder to pay when over. .
I; in.nliu'ftatiAlljtttt; civilizedtries coun oftbe estate of C. P.Jolly, and all par.ies
I ..of the jrjQtxj. due. Read over your friend's letter Just holding claims or demands against said T. CAIRNS 1 Propr. and Manager.DRESS'E '
:S if before beginning your reply and then estate will present the same to tbe undersigned ; .
,, ,I/thtf-totJ/ fisK'became extinct answer It. Out of the heart letters are within two years from this date or D
the will be forever barred. Local Tjme Card No. 62. Corrected to Sept. 1 190
.4 1' it. yoald be 0)Vorl -wi o calamity the most welcome. same- CARRIe JOLLY' LUMBER .

because the oI l that, ) comes Use plnln 80UTH.BOUND-READ DOWN. NDItTH.BOUND-READ UP
onco' to fit' the en'elopwhlte, f"
I .
4,' froiAltM! Iieiipassesal1 cream white gray or gray blue of good to Debtors and Creditors. Ceiling Flooring, Siding, Turning, Scroll Sawing, Moulding Window anc C -5Na. .I
,;. fa .am nourjshin J andjife-giving quality. Men of taste, use only white Door Frames Newel Posts! Balusters, Mantels, Turned Porch ,",Columns etc. lilt. No. 50. STATIONS Ne. 'V8. N... ItS.
propertiesThirty; -' ...* Notice Is hereby given tbat the undersigned Shedding for Groves and Pineries. Q'Crate9 and Box Material a specialty Daily Dell7 Daily DaIly \
er. "
years ago pa .
has been the Hon. J. ,
appointed by ,
I taken for the erection of kind of
:'r the of Scott's Emulsion Avoid eccentric shapes/ and colors Lee MoCrorr Jndfte of Volusla Contracts any a building. 5 ) ..... lOOp
p, : <, proprietors FlorIda County : 2 & 4) : : 1.s.1."j'; : :': ..::::= t* e s p : : : "
: I found way.of preparing monograms or heraldic devices of un- County, Administrator of the estate DELAND FLORIDA. a 15 I' 10 t6 a N ___.SL Augustine......__. .. e 00 I' 00 a
:" nsual size and anything conspicuously of I,. W. Odum, lately deceased ol sold! e 09 p 11 8A a" ____..JI..UOjlll......._._. 4 as p 5 49 a :
"'.; \ codJTver oil so that everyone can ... county, and all persons. having claim Of 00 JO I' Ii 50 a" .............M &5.1 PalaU ............,.. 'S 4 'Li' e' ;''I'I0s ,
I'' demands against said estate will present YRp ii3j. 4r..... ......_....Palatks.,.........._. Lv 4iO P -.--ooto
,J takeitiVand get the full value of tbe same duly authenticated, to me within Pipe fitting Tin roofing GUI a .. I' 11" a Lr .........__......paIetks.................. 4r 8 00 I' 5 ass C
?': "' the without the objectionable Guardian's Notice. two years from date or tbe same will be "0 rup 0.. P Ar ..._..........San Matao_......._... L. 21111. =:::::-: -
Emulsion is the Notice Is hereby Riven that the under. forever barred. T. E ECCLES I I tering and spouting. Pump c alop L!_. Lv ..................- l\Ia_............_.. Ar 8254, 505ii ;;>
taste. Scott'
I..' .. sinned Guardian of William Metts. George Dated this September 14th 1O8JO1u wells and tanks made TG P 1 54.v .._._..... N8O" ._._._._.,.__. Lv s ofP 6iiii a r+
beet thfn#jnthe. world for weak MutU .nd James E. Mett" minors will. on B. OUUM, repaired 8eap 12 47 1' .'.' __._..8.00.11. ___ 8Up 888a
i \ ..
10 n 5' ____ ..._.._ I IT B 2) a
D..pool. P "C
I' I'
Administrator of the of L. W.Odum
backward[ the 21st day of December, 1005.! (! apply to tbe estate to order. Repairing of all 0\
delicate 6a
:; thin Honorable County Judge of Volusla cnnn- 0\ : :H : :; t :: ===:g ':. ::::::::= :: : a a 47 a

; pooplepivand ;all conditions of t y, Fla" at hlsoltlue at D-Land for an onlero Tinsmith & Plumber.kinds.. Satisfaction guaranteed. It o. I' 1 51 P N __.POrt Or..o"......_...... 2 50 P .85 a :!.
lost sell the Interest of said minor In tbe So. Notice of Final DischargeNotice I ,1) as p 2 15 i Ar ....._..........Now Smyrna................. .. iO, l' 4 15 a 0
III wanting. strength. 5 23-1' 0 chains of tbe E 5 lOOohslns of C ioira B U pAr ....._.LkeHaIn.' .......... L. I215I' 15im ..,
.,' -, .1e, .. s.K of the swK. and the 80: 5 22-100 ch'ns* Is hereby given that the undersigned Shops next door west of bank. Indiana Avenue. .= 10801e 55 I' .... ..._...Orange. City._.........._., .... un I' 5511'
; *r A*,.fmmpl! *. of tbe W 5 22-100 chains of tne swJ4 of the Administratrix of the Instate of Cy. &:: 10 41. 00 I' ..._...0"0" city J..Datloo.. ........ 12 80 I' 8 05 P (1L

sell of section 80. township 14a. range 81", rUa Waters, decansrd. will, on tbe I0th dayot -.S-H-I' 25 I' Lv.... ._..N... 8ruyrn................. L. -dBij' ii3
CmBMisratrrmmrnr -- -- ..
SCOTT A -- -- -- -- -- -
-- -
3JOWNB containing. $ 6 acres. Also the n"3i of the February. D lOOt!. her final IC 00 I> 81 I' ..._....__Oak HlIl...._.__. I U I' 54) C ..
A ,
present account ... ............. ... .. "
g.-1_ I.UI>> mmnr *omx nw4} suction 5, and the neji of the ne,", as such Administratrix, to the Uon 1080 I'' .180 P Ar Tltu..llle .. ...... I IS P 00 aSmnlord fA
01 section 6. township 15s 82e. oon- orableUountv C UW ; .... ..... Ar ..._.___.... ................,.. Lv 1i11Th o-oo.
t 1 ffe.Madtl.ft.'"AH Ongglftm. mining HO acres. All in ,Volusla range Florida Judge of Volusla I I'ounty, o ..... l000aLe ...................9aotor" _.................. 4r ........... \\I 00 a 0
; courty at his otHoe at DeLand Florida. Not Drink
Florida.. and ask for a final discharge. Why 1 TjjB' p Lv ..___.. TIt..nlll. ..........,...... L. liijs Tii i :2
This Nov. 16 1005. i) 1131' 0) I' ..._.__..._0000........._.__.._. .. losIp 21daii
,...:.I j' ,. .. JANE METTS. This August. Btb, 1905 PURE WATER ? .. n p. IS I' ,. -...... .. Roo"led"..___. 12 '10 I' 2 IS a

'I', ;",j> ": '...... M..-._ LOUISE Administratrix.WATERS. ctj l Si 05 p a : :: & :: ===.EnU Molbouroe Galll,:::::::::=: :: n :- : t 54 Ce aU ain ..,
\ ; be richer 'T'IIE Orange City Mineral SprIng Water la unaarpxsaed In purity being I ti .. 5 iii I' .. ____. 8aba.Ua" M'_.'_' .. II 04 a IJ hi abd
AH boy think they TrtH Notice. a absolutely free from organic matter and poaaesa ,nit mineral properties 1 g 1\ 8 20 I' _._...8" Lllolo......_..._. JO U 0 11001) ,
Oinn their fathers and all girls think Notice of Application for Tax DeedUn- especIally benettulal eases of kidney And liver Iro'ible. _> 1 as 0 e 05 p _........I'orl PlOn>e..M_..._. .. 10'8 ai J I 55 I' Ei"
they can' keep house better'than their Notice Is hereby given tbat on'' Wednesday .. der Section 8 of Chapter 4883 Lawsof This writer Imi received flattering, endorsement from such men as Eras- ... 2 1. 10' I' .. "_M'_ Tlbbq .'_ .._ .. II 80 a II 82 P 1 A

continue to think thin January 8rd, 1006 the undersigned FloridaNotice tUB O. SmIth professor chemistry, Bulnlt, College, Beloit, Wisconsin one 15. 220a ; ISp :: ==== :' :-:::=:= ;: : 6a H lap .
n1bthers.Tbe1' administratrix of the estate of Wheeler II. of the best chemists lo this country J. B. Ogden director New York, and a. a 17 p Jeneon. 21 a LI p 0.) ,
'. omu ; they Me then. and mother Bristol, deceased, will present her line) account Is hereby given that DeLand Naval otuois j 6)) n. i a, ; :: & :: =--=.flobe...;.aluar5..,..=::::::: :: : 11 42 is it II 10 01 311 I r. \QC

; t1l1m.- and vouchers as such adminlstratr;: Stores: Co. purchaser. of Tax Certificate No. By authority oftbe Louisiana Purchase Exposition the following testimonials C ::4 27 n 8 U II" _.......w..t J..p'r.' ........_. 0 O. fl JO IU I' l
to the Hon. J. Lee McCrory Judge of the 519, dated 4tb day of November A. D. It 16, are given: & 4 (4 St :: .Wes$ Palm I DewS. 44 .5 45
County Judge's Court of Volusla county has filed said. certificates myomcoond baa In reply to your esteemed favor. of Jan.. 0, 1908 we beg to advise you 4 82 : : 1* & .. =::::.......BflyntOn.,..,..::::= :: 7 II) It : it r
Florida and ask for.. final .discharge .e i made application for tax deed to Issue in accordacoa that on, referring to the official, list of awards as .approved by tbe SuperIor .4.) n II 0 24 I' ,. __..DeIray..........._.._........ 1 10" U. I I' Q.
fbftSTORIA such with law Bald certificates V 881.. 10 21 p _.._...Fart La..durdal.. ....._._ 8 II t n B.. P
administratrix.MARY the described embrace iVolusla Jury we find that you bave been awarded a Collaborator's Silver Medal. :t t: 5.1. In 30 I I' ,. .._.._......... Dante ....._._..._ .. e 1) II 8 oe P '.Ju
: W. BRI4)TOLAdminlotratrix following property "The Jury of awards bits placed you In a position to olnolnlly and most o 42 .flalindle. mi '1
of. Estate.of Wheeler county Florida to-wlt. Glfooiivelv mike, known tbe fuot that" you bare received the highest award : g: : it 07 & :: =:='..I.mnn City.::::::=::::::: :: : : a 1: r. oo '

4 & For Infant and Children.. H. Bristol.- W gobs ofseK. neX of *e A, sea IS tp the world can give you\ for the excellence of your produota. CO ..!JL5!! !! 1.L!!_I' Ar ..................... Miami.................... 1... 52\ Slip
Tha lOs, range 30e; 4 acres N. B. BAKNKS,. Director Onneral." .
Kind You aYl Always, Bought Notice of final Discharge. Tbe said land being assesed at the date 'fba Orange! City Mineral Spring Water received the only diploma at tb.8t.te Daily Es. HOMESTEAD EXTENSION InhIy Es.Baa. .
a Fair! at Jacksonville In with other It Is
'l undersigned administrators of tbe issuance of such certificate In competition many displays. ,
Tho of th the Sun
Bears theSignature ,p' ..; now being bottled and sent out by tbe Orange City Mineral Spring Company,
. 1 .. estate of Alonzo L. Buslmell will the name of Eliza Taylor. Unless said certificate .
, : !'first AD' on shall be redeemed put up In attractive style In canes of 13 half-gallon bottles. For further Information B 00 II .....- L. ...._....__.... M'.ml......_.._. ........... seep
day 1U00 die according to law
,..... o/ account February. such administrators,, wltb their the tax deed will Issue thereon on tbe 3rd day, addressORANGE 10 B' U1 I.......,.... Ar ...._.........Bama.d.._......... 1.,1., .............. 100 P

County Judge of Volusla County, Florida, 01 January. AD", 1006. CITY MINERAL SPRING CO.,
at his ottce In DeLand, and ask that the Witness my ottloial signature and seal 23'No.' 1'10.17.
Insure with us, seine be allowed and approved this the 2nd day of Dec. A. D., 1006. O. A. BULLEN, Mgr. Orange City. Fla. No.Hun..: I Hun.St 0.10. 1> Ily MAYPORT BRANOH No.'S "n. 110 1''< asDuly
WM. 4). THA.YER, 8AML D.JORDAN I Only Daily fit; Dall7 :::r; Daily

: Now 1 ia the time. : AUGUSTA: 0. BUSHNKLL: Clerk Circuit Court Volusla County, Fla-! -

." losses. Administrators 1 00 l p 10 10 a 6 00 p B 50 nrS LT .?. ...18OI<.an"II1.......... Ar T 49 n 12P04> B ro pII .__._ -
Spot cash for 'I This July 21st, 1905 Notice of Application for Tax Deed Under I OH I I '10 14 a B OH p 38 a Ar _.So. JnoknonYlllo. IT 1 81.. I 14 2J |I' 111 p ...... _..
,- : M I i's : !.iJ 3 40 P1 10 lIB.. 04lp04Sp 860 .. .......Pablo llitooh, ...... 7 os 111 TOU .. 4 eo p ..'H".....
t : Section 8 of Chapter 488//!. Laws 10 55 0 04 .. ......AUnnllo Scum..... '
| should be protected. Notice of Final Discharge. 2 48( .t'I a a 7 00 a I O II 4 45 11 ...__
of Florida 8 CO 1.1 11 ID a JOOp It 110 a .MM..Mayporl.M....... e 45 a 11 M a 4 DO p ..._ _
'r D you Insured? :> :: :'' .Notloeis hereby given tbat the under. Notice is hereby given that B. A. Baker = -=
: : IgneU Executrioes of the last Will and
purchaser of Tax Certltlcute. d..to,1
reliable.i Testament of Frances A. W. Shinier will No 111, John B.: Stetson r[ 'NSt'LAR AND OCCIDENTAL STEAMSHIP CONNECTIONS AT !MIAMI.'\
," every company"' on the 10th day of March \. D. 1006 present. IILb day of June 1)1I11. bas filed said.. c@rtltl. University
lu .
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: :: ,When does your. .policy r expire!? together Lee McCrory.with the County vouchers Judge, to tbe of Volusla lIoa. J.) for law.. tax Said deed certificate to issue in embraces accordance the with fol- Close Connection Made at Miami with Stesmshlps of the P. ft: 0. S. S. Company For,
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