!I dtiMM of Homestead are. vitally growth[ of air mall since May 13, of decision |t Is gratifying to soon Inaugurate a revolutionaryround Registration. will. b* avall- the plant vat epproved and member If dIId by County Commission'r '-
: Interested. In the continued development (18. when a tingle-motor open know, because of the Impetus to trip price to and from places able, by May 24 at Neva King of the building committeewere l ettnn n. RIM, the buildingruipitlee
i & and growth of aviation cockpit plane took off from East"otomac ivittinn by the United Stales AirMail north of a line through Alabamaand I Cooper: Elementary: School Home- Instructed to meet with Mr. : Includes the peel I tru.t .- VOTES $1,775FOR

i a* It keneflti. the. people, the in Washington, D. C. Service, 'fhat w* hew available Georgia, Mr. Casey ..!d. stead High School, Florida City* Ptrman to work out details and I rrots-sertlim et the construction -
station, the postal service, and bound for New York City 211 a potent Instrument for good, Morel air traffic I U handled Ichoot, Redland School, and Per- The horn will b b* locatedon trad. Members are. PLAYGROUND
our relations with the people and miles away, .U a thrilling chapterin not only for oumlvet'' but for the Ihl'O\lllll'Mlami International Airport r Inc School.,' Students may obtain city-donated post triangle between James C Vann, 3. T Qodwln,
nation of the world, our Rational life world. Shill through any other air'l I[heN from home room teachers. ., t the municipal swimming Verton. W, Turner, Delm Rhode,
MOW THEREFORE: t, ThbmiiR >> "The success of that original A* poitmasler of Homestead, port la the country, the speaker c>Ir from Art McKee. manager Of the city air field. Vannl Rae Harris, Frank 81m. Hi*) Did County school boardon
Kirby, mayor -of th* City of lIi-mn. route Postmaster Livingston I call upon the clUxeos of Homestead said, and the reason Eastern .has tIts he Himtestead pool. These cards /pool and 'moos, T. L. Laurence Wlllard Wednesday approved expenditure
Homestead do hereby designate stated. *.U today represented > and the Redlant District to maintenance ahopt (In Miami fill admit children to claaset on Tentative plant provide for a Barnes, John Italics, 0. D. Cash, of $..,15 for scarifying and
the .cek of May 1S-S1 M a period ] I la netwprk of UO.ooo Join with me In observing the and PAA has the largest he opening dty Student will be rambling cement: block building r A. Ruff, Doug Tower, tdw: grading the Homestead High l
to observe the loth fnnlversary. mil*.of air routesIn the United loth anniversary of air mall during overhaul depot in I the world Ihee.l! scheduled bysqhvud l grade and with a lounge, trophy and fame Welts and Jailed B. rather.. School playground tract between
.4 the United Stata air mail tr- Slate, and" foreign. air servicethat the week of May I!." (Continued on Pan """' C m the first fVe t dI W each will room, office, kitchen, store room. Peet members accepted an In. N.W. Seventh and Eighth streets.
: via, and do call upon far people reaches into every countryon e. 1 '" '" vlUtlon from the Rev Robert & and First and Second avenues.Jeme .
to take cognizance. of this week the globe. Airmail was, periapt Chapman, Jr., pastor of Redland BottH of South Dad
by taking part In events and ac- more than any* other factor An Automobile i in Everglades National Park I Community Church to attend I.I la Farms, Inc.. baa donated the topsoil -
tivitia commemorating thlt bib responsible for the development Journey body the church Memorial Day W cover the tract. recently
tong event, and by patronizing of air transport system and avla-. service on Sunday morning, May bought from the city for tS.OOO.
th* air mall service. Ion Industry unequalled anywhere W A IB48-4 budget of 8I8I3 ,41J

THOMAS- E. KIRBY, In the world. By WILLABD K. 'DILLEVNlralbt Repeated burning hoe nullifiedall Hand of merchantable timber but fresh water of the Everglade. for bade County schools war apt '
of Homestead, 'Air mIl!." Postmaster Livings-! proved by the board. The'
Mayor heir
forest war cut Her rails' gslUnules, and limpkins Ta
of line the virgin
Acting. Perk. \ efforts natural proresies to I brat Horgtr K. IJrown
budget, 8474,881 more than thatof
build a snIL Th rough surface of tires[ and continued: cutting kkv.prevented eemetlme called "crying Fishing
( Intriguing eirpoeed limestone make a return to IU former bird", make known their presence Win.In. Tourney 1047-48. reflect the school UKIncreas
: Upper Keys Annual Fishing Tourney An feature, of many walking varied assortment ofcries from seven to saline mill
1., I national park It the change in difficult. Thlt rock I II known at splendor" I by and a .na. During dry ...... M. A. Derger of Homestead voted last November' /or needed.
: Will Open Officially on Saturdaywhich vegetation and wildlife which Miami oolite and was laid down Very little He .It noticed In the weather each"low spot harbors a and Theodore R. Dross of school construction. )
take* place, with each (hang* In by tiny tea creatures many years open' pine lends U the day be and other repUIeI.Another Halnlln dr. were among the 784 Tentatively. approved, subject
"few 'gator
l attitude In torn parka the elevation ate when the tree was an arm luiet we may beer the thin song winner of awards Wednesday to further ttudy "'., an Indus
The annual UpperICtyi Chamber 1 Includes troIUng and still may vary at much at 1.000 of the .... Th* formation II not II a pine wood sparrow or the rise find us on Parsdies night at the Rod and Reel Club trial art program for senior and t 't

of Commerce summer fishing fishing.:; feet'or more In the Everglades coral rock at many people .mapi i[rntle lapping. W a red-bellied Key, the ruckus of the former for c.tchllln the 1111 l Metropolitan Junior high school: at an estimated -
tournament wll| begin Saturday To b* eligible\ catches must be National Park the greatest difference pose. Coral rock: .It a term correctly woodpecker.Descending. Royal Palm SUM Park.Although $'',000 Fishing\ TournamentThe cost of "'.000.
: mad In the Upper Key* la elevation Is applied to the foundation of the lam origin a* Included ,
been a mere eight : a foot or so we winners men women Also approved WM an estimated -
t. and end S'pt 1. Ir Fowler I which extend from the waterscast feet but Just at surely .* to other rock .f till Florida Key nose an open dough carpeted (he pin key, In tide instance and children: representing. 44 $52.100 for playground

i* geaeral chairman\ of competlUons of Homestead and Includes placet each change In elevation The mod obviout tree present with a thick growth of teeI... tropical: growth hu been able to states, the District of Columbia maintenance and improvement ttU
.. whkh will be open to the Key, Largo, Plantation, Wlndley, .It accompanied: by s changing t* the Carrlben' pine, the very :.1111 a field'of grain they wave take over, crowd out the pine', and and flv. foreign countrle whlta and negro school. N
,ubU* without feet.FuwJ Upper and Lower Mstacumb: and acene. i tame pine tou d In Cuba and with very breet Depreaslons build a rich\ toll eo the rock A reel and 30C yard of II- -

plan for th* toumimeot Indian key With both mind and ys wide other blends t* the south M us. each at thlt were formerly tidal foundation. thread tin were presented to Mrs WALTER BTlltLZ TO BUILD e
were made Monday night by the I The following U species have open let us direct: out car down It !U the tree which gave Isle of hannels, where water had cut Paradise. Key to one cat the Burger for a tWIrI.,__ pound Walter Scfaul wai.ilveo a pee
'oommltte at the Upper Key I been listed at eligible catches: Ingraham Highway, l Entering the Pine, south of -Cuba, It* name through\ a limestone ridge thereby I finest wamplM, of Walt Indict one-ounce, Jack, second\ largest I Kit to build T,50Q'cement. block
Chamber of Commerce. hetdquarteraU I. smberjack. barracuda, bonefish park the road fIlM| slightly and, The** UU. slender tree* aho* th* I>roductng the wpirate 'Kvergladel'key. '"hammock'"growth": found In the taught I la the competition.A : I tou** on Tuesday nlghf by. tie.
T*\\erol....Tb* event .fll bonlto channel bats 'calro. dot- we find ourselves on .* Everglade: cars ef many' lire*. CMdtirn residents .* Now with sea 'level much I United State. The shrub and seven-pound trout, largett rio-H I \ City council T* dwelling
de plug outing and ttf: east- I.phia grouper; jack, tuuflsh\ key. The growth I* .spare; .for will eottfirm that originally below the land. these slough I tree being of Vest Indian afti- ,aught in the tourney, woo. a ,will.fee located near the Trading\

as ./.uu ftrvr+l fijhinf. (Continued .. Page "Tw) uttl end it present 10 sustain It- this Mm hud 'supported a floe J irotld* natural drtintf*'for toe (Continued" PU Few) :+ I UskJe !loa for Mr. Brawn I I It Port,r-SL *".** U ,


r '$ ., e .' IJ .. ,t ry .
.....L., ,..... .... ::....:....- . '. ; \


rM1 I


Pair Two \ HOMESTEAD LEADER-ENTERPRISE Friday, May 14, 1948.
-- --

1 proper for DM to point out bill the lea dm in .lJ\'enunoml. bus! who displayed their faith In him
Heart AiintMit If Fatal IStockdale's Latest Continues to Dodge \WARREN OWES\ NO .
A. C.
ALBRIGHT "" 11I_. oaaa and. induatrr1 Mr St kdale and his word.
To Mm. Rlixabcth Evan Control IsStie Bird Declares I "l_ hiandnd laMfclsri a have admit Dade Comp neada water An unholy alliance of West j

KaAOaha ; Water ras>aarva liiii and flood central POLITICAL DEBT Coast road-building millionaire wand
DIES MAY! 9 IN Mr* VteatMUi alrrtte
M, .dill a* a tatM attMiTuaafay I aI :f: 'M =S CYlntyUuditar. .,... the Daft .... Job holders haw ooaspired '
al Mr. .MMtt sa a ttUMrd I GttM BtMMMe's. tttoaf. tate. aakad ftbd. | ( .............. gt1Na to work for hla. defeat.The y
PRATT HOSPITALAlfred rAl rte'T ... % */ iVe >- ...,. BACKERS STRESSMiami voters of Florid, hew. \
I Te eM. waa .*.. WMHfadaiby 0It w.ttr eget# rx+Atuaaiu lipudel I &e .qtteaa* efera'5054! pro = .rA.. Hood '
Turner Fuer. l Hosna to PWlpliia .....k.,. ptattana,, the f.,... Mtt on Md'and' ever will unite behind FuserWarren
i to dodge the low Preston B. long& "InveaUfaUon by the and will support Mm **
army .
asked .
for funeral aervtost tiwl on preaeot h>m. Afaia Mr 1 fcove M Uea about that any ,
Carl Albright, SouthDade burtal.Ifra.. Bird of Homestead, candid*** for tockdale refuted to aay where eacineera the United State Geotoglea .......... I dkane that Mr. 8 jck- ,. May !IJ-FVtendi and May, *" _

Sunday rtektaol In Pratt for Central M years Hospital. died Evan cam here from I re-election M county eo wU).*tton- h* atood on' water coaMrvaUon ) !Survey and the United data la aomanffMij to a*..tber art supporters of unsuccessful candidate 'I'
and flood control mates Soil Conservation Service of plan for are. expected METHODISTS SET MEET \
for water governor
after a long alma. Philadelphia UMT ago to I *r from the Fourth District, told conservation
Funeral service were heldTuraday make her home:with. :r cousin,I a ridto audience over Button! -fn view of your overwhelming. 'These plan hew also' been and fMxt. control I charge he to awing to the aupport of Fuller Dr Henry W. Blackburn MIami -

in Miami. .. .. Chaplain. John Bauer. who aurvjvej her vote for water conservation and whole-heartedly endorsed by allreapa favor the aeheaws of Ernaat Warren and actively campaign for District eupertntendent, wilt
y WQAM last night Btorkdale, who ...
flood control on May 4. It a high 1b1..genelea and Individuals Graham, the DEFEATED IHalAh at quarterly conference
his election preside
James A. Boaton in according: to local
part moved Into the Kendall precinct
.. Florida. They've been dairymen
tune ha aamdhUg. But what approved Redland
at CommunUy
ih. aervtee fera mambari of II. L Rockhill Ii Dead Men Miami. to run for the oCttMBlriTl Warren headquarter. Sunday
does Stockdsa! bf state official bualnesc-
Mr saf He "Graham the 4hRe
aiya want to pastor.
regain announce
control Church
"Fuller Warren bat shade/
palm! VMa Maatttk of no
Lodge the
Niranja of which Mr Albright"," At Ifcme in Roanoke,.Va, II or opponent May 95 In runoffprimary I .Dade County needs It,' That a aiL.men, farmers, grove owner*, cattle over the Miami canal. lie had promise' except to te* people of R. B. Chapman, Jr
Dade County needs If' :ranchers, 'banker and other* .In it once. until board will be served on\ thegtoundl 1
The i. your Florida, He debtexcept Dinner
a. matter Amartan owea no political
? formerly H RocfchlU 112 formerheaMcMI In Ida radio address Bird Mid, all Industrie and i
"Of Dad pracUMfly
course ) County I pro- of eonnty oommlarfuncra, by legta-.
Legion oMtdatod. .. at then . of Homestead and 1n part: to the thousand of voters A 1
rJdhL"WhIaft'lril .
water conaerva-
urgently lative act, took It away from him.
:vesMl la Graceiand Memorial Florid City, died Wedr.ea-. 'Before I left for WasMftftofi
I early lon and flood control But when runoff opponent. And while Graham had It he kept
l I'.kMr. day at hi* 'home tn Rttm>k., Va: Tueaday, t challenged my oppo- my opponent dodges the question: :Mr. StocHal: willing to go along ,water /10 the Miami canal so lowthat
Albright t, who waa 51 yean" He I II aurvlved IV Ml wife" and ./pent to ante his po.ltlonon four, What krndT I think It's entirely with two hundred engineer and! sail
: water In from
eeme the
lit age at tHe time of Ua'dautba I two sons. H L. fIocokl U. Jr. and county cornmlaalonf ,water con-,I !1
ante from SpfingfMdMinn.. to Randolph<< Rockhill aU of Roanoke t! aervatlon plan .nd the army enlnHrl' -' ocean to where It waa threatening I ROSSWILLIAMSI-I
Miami fresh
develop l and operate a grave on flood control plan. Mr j water well field
TVnnnwee rd. He and hit '..lhI.1{I Mr Rockhill wens a partner of opponent waited, until I WH out west of Miami Sprln,.. i

U: : *:n itirr M :.L Ar lj j 0.1"ut i il'mlon B Bird m a reel, estate '.1( town. IU waited until I vim in I "Thaft the kind of water conservatlon '
1 ,. ,, n' ker, nude their home at'l I'off it here during the bum Mrs Washington to present Dod Coun NoticeTo Ernest Graham want
:'20 N. E Fifth at, Miami HockhUl I t. a been of Mrs R. L. t ya' brief for flood control to a my friends. And I charge that II

In addition la hla wife Mr. Albright AtklnaMi,'mothtr of Mr*. Bird tate committee Then hi gave outS I my runoff opponent elected to ,
r> leave t' eon Raymond C. statement to the papers. I the county commission he will
Albright and a daughter Mn **Ifi this statement my opponent help Ernest Graham try to get it J
whom it Mr.
Margaret, Baucom, both of Miami UPPER KEYS'Cont'nued ; Mid ind I quote hi* own word may concern: I "Ernest Grahams anti-water j k Voters :
I 'Dade County urgently nli'tdaI Chas. K. Graham is no longer conservation and anti-flood\ con 1 r
from Pager One)
( [ water conservation' flood tonI connected with med I! tin) plans were overwhelming! '
Mn.:\ Vina K. Betterley I Deputy )
mackerel blue and white martin' Dade f
trial That I" my policy' Thll i* aa rebuked by the voter *< Club leader In Dead saitflsh.. anotk. |' 1 I Constable.
permit ,
snapper fir at any man without engineerIng i County pn May 4. Never-the-les', .
Mr Vim K. Bett-rley of tarpon and trout I training ran go.' Graham and Mi fupporten are vi ,
;rem'' Spring' organiser and MI.I Catches mUll l be weighed, en411'tll11te..d :'My opponent friends la dodg.Ing ., trying frantically to get my >p- for year nit and anpportto

n icnt vliltor of the original) on official entry blank the lime, Hli words sound J. T. VANN ponent Mi1 Stockdale. elected a.' w the. first ,rlmu,:
tf(( nestead Bualnem and It one of the following 12 auth' like the language of our dlaeredU-1' your eommlulr/ner: / for District
'''I ml Woman Club Profea-I GrINd stations: Ome Bull .d. bitter enemy of I Four" whatever .additional
ind Tackle Shop and Crim Dull ; Ernest Graham, who 'wag over Far
t In Jdckmn Memorial HoKpltalcfti
1 a three.sNk IIIn"KII'J and Taikle in Homestead. Anchorage 'I whelmlngly, defeated May 4. CONSTABLEI effort yea ran make for mela
I ,1.wf.h,i Camp, Gulf Stream Moreover, '>n April 241at hla I
: second lwill
qulcm m. was celebrated\ Saturday (he primary
Fishing Lodtie, Cl lirtiro Uxlg, rally In Homestead Mr, I
In St. Catholi- own NEWS r if i
hurrh: followed l>y burial, InFligler Skipper's, T'\lernlrr Slores, Tav- |i Stockdale stood allent when asked i ( ,:: be truly grateful i ii
/ Memorial P.rk.MI'II. ernler 11 itol. Smoke Creek rishlng by me and the farmers of aouth
Whale Harbor end I'I where I
Lodge Spa. Jade County he atood onI i
Dlterlry, who came to .
Miami i from Cleveland 0., In Caribou: Yacht Basin at Ibidmorado I I water conservation .nd flood con- .._to _I yet VIEWS : '
I tr d.I Your speaker, Preston n (
1020. leave* her huirttand, Ge F Io..J

Mri lieitrrlry CeorgU] of Miami TrctnailiB and of a Cleveland sister- : 0 '..so By JIM:\ SHARP 'i'U'I Endorses He-election of Ross.Williams as ','

I ,
.I\ # Circuit JudgeThe
I kind of early for 1I\IIJt'
She was1 a plat prraldi'nt or the Three Vital Reasons people tj be taking vacations excerpt from a speech made over WIOD
following are
MUml( Spring Buslnesa and"I Pro. i : . but,not too early to think Mar, 4. 1848. by M tchell D Price, former circuit Judge and
1 frf innal WMnenf Club and ol .I\ about ''them. There are three pioneer resident of Dade County who U well known to cltbena

the Florida Federation of IluflTit for Re-electing ,, r part to vacations, anywaythe . of the Redland District:
i K and Profesilonol l W I-1 I anticipation, the vacation "U glvea, me great pleasure to any a few worda on behalf offudge
t'lub., She h.d110\ served at t\ and the talking about It afterwards Ron William, who I I. a candidate to succeed himself a*
Democratic I'OmmlttrowlJIl1J1n. n, PRESTON B.I d 4 Many folk think tM one of the Circuit Judge of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of i
\'+re president of Ui" womenDemwratlr I I ; planning the beat part That the Mate of Florida. Judge Williams ha been nerving a*' CirtultJudge i
., I' which period he ha* worked \
Chili during
and t I >I id * the time when Imagnialion for about eight year
member of Miami Spring"' !Kar!piI Ib ;: ra I I. freer than your/ a bubble In carefully tudiously and tirelessly in !Iii effort* to discharge hi*
I ulrt Club. Mrs Detlc i, wn {!.It// BIRD I duties at Circuit Judge!! .
a high wind. You can go ten In W one,. hi* experience
i \;re.re ent 01 the I Catholic DauuhUr I ThePennMutualLifelnsuranceCo.Philadelphia. Judge William ha* two thing favor:
of different place in ten minutes A man who ha the capacity "': a* Circuit Judge
America mid grand rv'iilof I OI'I':
6 I and it doesn cost yiu a became better and better every day, la naturally much t.
Miami Court 562GEORGE.
1 Pa cent It doe _: : COUNTYCOM'MISSIONER' tikes pleasure in announcing the appointmentWILLIAM. Imagination I think everybody ten year than he could possibly be when first appointed ThereU
ought to get sway for a while no position in the State of Florida which require more
ii I of . becausethere'a nothinglike patience experience and more Intensive application than that
a vacation to make you of Circuit Judge. It I* the most retponnble position In DadeCounty
, realize there no place like A man in that position must try capital cases, punishable
MORTON home I by death. He must also try civil. can* from fSOOO up. The
Te1 carry ..' these vlUIpracrama ,.. I A 15-year-old. Wichita ladprovli'd I litlRiiuM 4tt DiilfcCwuny enormous.The' ppoblemtrwhlch: ana .
r AS DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE submitted to a Cimiit Court art very grave and require much
to his girt he was no .
I- deliberation and study Judge William has the reputation of
in South Dade County) of coward by shooting off hi* being/ a hard worker I do not believe he has ever refused or
right big toe ] wonder If It I declined either in v ords or by action to carefully read and study
L. NOW VNDU WAY, RICHARD S.POMEROY: III( Improved his (.t.ndlnflth the any brief submitted to him for consideration
Agencyof young lady! Another way of While sitting as Circuit' Judge he has signed more than
Miami FloridaMr Improving your standing with .1 I 25,000 appealable, I order*. Of this number only 181 have beenappealed
, 1. Water Control and Conservation' the young lady i I. to appear of which 123 have been affirmed and 65 reversed,
well-dreised at nil times) And I do not believe any Circuit Judge in the State of Florida unmake
2. Plans for Increase Aviation Industry Morton, la who la well !known,in th. Tax' Service1 Fl-ld, It.. easy to -do If yni shop at 1 a better showing1.
"Judge Williams |I. a man of good moral character
a man
S. ha* ar background of 21 yean experience! In the Life Insurance the J & S CLOTHIERS. Slot|
3. Jackson'' of family a mi lent of Coconut Grove, a man who treat every ,
Memorial and Welfare Plan in and loojt over fine aelec-
Hospital business. At i remit, he U eminently qualified to met the of ej.or11 our. person who come before him with courtesy and proper consideration I
tlon clothes
you'renod No new man can fill hit shoe. I do not know of
need of our pDltryholder and his frienda In Homestead ,and I to
BIRD has 5 : tee something you young: man aspiring to this office *ho ha anything like the E
1 OKELLCandidate years Exptorlent'e-Ability-lJonesty vicinity. W. cordially Invite you to call upon him at his. office, eedl) amount of experience which Judge/ Williams has behind him.

t 201 N E. First Avenue Homestead Florida and avail y\>urselvef If you would preserve your elate and your country t*
t ((Paid for by RE-ELECT BIRD Committee) flLEON'S an entirety you should use your best effort* to fill every judicial
i of hi. service In all branches of Life Insurance and appointment with men of briini, education ability and experi!

forRepresentative Annultie Ill phone number I II 244.R. I discharged ence.'; When," you do that ,your duty aa a citizen has been!

(Political Adv Paid for by, Friend of Ross Williams)

State Legislature .

,1I Leon Chimblisi, Owner

)Friend C.r. ftaula Kreaia Ave and Ita At rnoAR I$ arCracker s,

I want, to thank the people of .
I of South Dade) Coodyear Tires Aotolite Batteries I ,
Dtda Cennty who *led for me
Accessories and Small Auto Parts
/Paid Political Adv.) for state. senator and were eel I
LubrltaUon'I I renfuaed en the prepoaeal" ranael I

I Malta. The vote to r me. .to which fwe r
S1 : t' F ametWn.
Mr !i_p.'Vi' _, .. pred doo"yef dmv off.
\ were within 1,101 vales of a P f v' cad eetor.eaaul frH'1 1td
I clear-eail majority three r' r' 11'ur+Dal'od1 u an .cl r p
ever SBV
Dr. F. P. Archer' Jr.I I pposieala, .la' Indicative y** will f Lt1Ara
1 '
alertyear stale senator. .* '
Optometrist Vote on r, May 25thReelect May tSla..

Vr. Montr RT Yew N.U.... support and

IIW1ESTEADTwnliya veto will be appreciated.
W e.ut1 Gdaua
< y101>< uc. .
Thurm.ljf cell atectVon. roe tk '
Saturdays d wrt, aMm.am

ruoNI 111I R. B. "Bunn" GautierDEMOCBACT ... -c.......

I :::;, I ',-. .
J/i.iiiiIMn. ;a
I BB.'Ii1.
Jimmy the I2( lawa presented your fWde Cattfaiy ietenllaai B

.POLL-PARROTT ,A W! the 1147 sk of lh, txMatare, ... ws' a OMtmenUlawaatv : ..

SHOES aeeklaf to ........ the gaveramrBt ..f the nit; a* Mli.sland I t U.VI Y01.\tit 11.ItOIttS .

tar Bay and Olrla have Ma ......... takes ever by a new tasty.gaveriimeaL; LL f\lIS1 't

HOMESTEAD: lIABEKDASHERiAteu The .k'...... ffklaai. ef tilt elty.. af M...... p.*ei af reaaUUMre 'f'd ,iDA 1I 1t !

'fram CHy' Hall Sullivan .BesUng the pau .re el a bill merging At City af Miami and 1\ Tti ' to\ltlO1. ,

Dade Ce..., t..*......... The Dad. C...t, Research Fasuda. \\\otttt tOllt\1Ulttll'\\ --

- ..... a' .....".nt arlatle arpalMd to praanatl eftVIHWj .';' !
\ !
BUDDED CITRUS and ........, ha "Yft1I_." e.Mesle4 passtr* ef rl aaergee out to .E
AVOCADOS andMANCOS law, aa did. way tW' prvmtaMf cJUarta sag axpareriThe !tol'1.t'S

Your FUrtda law preside. lw IIMtJM d* af aatrgtag theMUad ihsr. b' o.y

Soaking rdera.new far spring. ; anal Dais Cysts gvveraiBaeajta ton .s.. sinister
plantla I I. n. DktaUr _...... t The DeasMratW aaVtikeat ,Issu. isind "boo' Worg'efi
OratmenUla af aU kin**.
Yen B...' CMMy ddeiallwa. ...i.....' at ere *1 r ... C I '

CALIIINa'Sunny SherNN dkmat' Mlaaai. rvprMeataUV Rkkar 0.""" af Coral : .,

Grove aNn RepreimiUtM/ WUIUaa U.Uff .! Maud\ gpriaga1 a./ .,

NCBSEKr Representative B, "BusT GaiUer fought far as4.Mslaelto . ... . '. tI
aVuueratle sMlhe4 la which yea aaay determlaw far ye.rarlrea >
I Ml West el Florida CMy ........ .
( h ) .
moss MJ-W tile matter ., mauMlUatkul. : T.. map veto fee .r agaJacteaMlMatka u

'"' .. a ), That b.MM keJM. TIll veto fee R. & *Banw-

(\\8...> far atata messier la ...... bullet
t :
:4i n '

EI d r. I """ Wr I Iv

Sw WORLD w.\lt. TWO TTICRAMnotfvt&srt

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Friday May-.! 1948.---- __ HOMESTEAD LEADER BN'l'EIPRISI Pull 'ftI'M'
'0 --::;-

'i LARGER CROWDS; Ray Mills and Kai Ier Sox Endorse The World War II \Tteian andauacaasful 'Miami although under the nr..- Cajt. Victor Jelmnon I.tontine. toe date convention of 1 1i. electors of the state of Florida
Dade County businessman posed cons 4MsUon amendmentthey .
1 i UMM Lien ta 8t Augustine. It was at the general election to be held
Speak .to Cloth
J Perrine Palmer Cleanup Program thanked those who supported would be subject to taxeuanthereto. announced that the eight Lion on the first Tuesday after the first
\ him and asked their ,
NOW FLOCKING continuedhelp
. Call Victor Jekaear, whew clubs of the area will have a booth Monday In November, IMft, 'tar
along with throe who worked The suit further chargas that, "homeswrt .la the'" ) ttoCUaad. DIatItIt, at the Foreign. Trade and TravelKaMbit ratification or rejection Joint ,
reo HEAR M'CARTY Aa-out support of ..... Pat-{ Male ranked pent to Ut Painter far Mr. Mills and Mr Box. sine the proposed amendment on Tuesday night told the Red- to be held May 17-XJ at Resolution.. Ne eOT relating to theco.r.aWahes
mar It, *a Us oMatMlfn torahtKW and the Incumbent to the first 1 congratulated thoas who provides.. that any pro\'Mons of land District{ Hone Ctob .f his Dinner Key 01 *e County of
has been pledged by Bay primary"Mr I voted for Mr Kills and Mr. So*. !the eeneUtuUen that conflict with varies. estuBisneea as captain ofa Visitors "ere W. T Fraaklia Dade MIl CHy\ of Miaaair
DM McCarty carried his gvbereatorial Mills and Kalgler Salt who ran Palmer stands for the and I raise theirs was a .otosgaioat . tile eemeoiMsUoa amen event be I tanker Captain Johnson .xnlMld and !Jr. r P. Archer Jr. both 01
campaign to north strong race for the office In the aame things I do, and he has the the kind ot law enteroemeajt nullified thereby It seeks to make curios gathered In the rtBast Uosneatead.CIT1BS. 70 GROUP ,
and centre' Florid Oil week, first primary Doth went t on the necessary executive and administrative we have had In Dade County seven amendment' to the constitution and displayed a collection
speaking In mort than 3S eke. radio In behaU of Palmer Who( Is ability to set up an or- the last three and a Mf ,....,": ta violation of the last of photographs of famous person '. PILE (Continued troavPfga One)
I Inc* Monday morning, campaigning on a platform to enforce I ganisation In the sheriffs office Palmer said "I earnestly esUoit sentence of Article XVII .f the ages with whom ho has been II Miami's eUraeto. I
Observers reported that Increasingly all laws and to rid Dale to give Dad County the good their support in this runoff" I constitution which statue: associated CapL and Mrs. Johnson Continued tram Pegs One) "We can work on planes here
Urn audiences were III'II. County. of the criminal elements 'law enforcement It deserves Sox Mid ha had returned to his The proposed amendments and their family make their merger .b approved, II months out of Uw tar." be
Ins out for the Fort Pierce mane which. here moved in sine the said Sox, who served as deputy Job at deputy sheriff after the shall be so submitted\ as to enable horn on E. Epmore dr. The consoUdstion proposal will aid. "You can look forward to
jallles war sheriff from U39 until be entered war but "the law enforcement the elector to vote on each Pmident-elect E. A Roberts appear MI the voting macblnei continued growth of the aviation .
In Orlando where ho spoke "I am In complete! accord with t.bevice In IMS. was so lax t severed. my connections amendment separately" presided at the tneeUng for President May 16 aa follows: Industry In MieurJ. to.hit reason g
at Ecola Park,, the Orlando Sons Mr. Palmer's law enforcement< ) "I admired the way both Mr. shortly aherwarda. I could I E. It OalUhej who was.at- "'Shall there be submitted to tM If no other"
program Its the same aa mine," Mills and Mr. Sox conducted their not reconcile conditions with Among the constitutional provisions ----,---_._--- ---,.-- -
said Mr. Mills, former deputy campaigns In !the first primary, of strict and efficient law thus amended the suit ttleagt.oeda.. 1 J JDOIl't
sheriff who baa served In continuous and I am very happy have them enforcement. Data Section II of the Declarationof
law enforcement work In join us In this movement to cleanup Rights which guarantees that I t tDan's
s Dade County his entire adult Ufa.I Dade County," Palmer aald.PERRINE no person shall be "subject to be Forget
twice put In Jeopardy for the same
(Continued from Pace One)
I of Slate R. A. dray and Attorney Since the South Dade League'ssuit '
; \1.C j General Tom Watson' of Tallahassee does not seek to keep theconsolidation the Man !
ct You AreNA were made technical de- off the county primary -
.. Coe fendants. Plaintiffs In addition to ballot but Is directed at the
I AVy r' the South Dade League are T. R. general election ballet, It la not r
) '.:, Invited Benson, Sr., W. B, J.fcVkke1Sr... expected thai the court mill reject
", and C N. Cook, residents of Its representations as to constitutionality
Princeton and officials of the ai "premature", as In
league lie( tase: of the munlrlpslltii
\ to the
t ,The suit charges among other suit.
T Th _
things, that the plaintiffs are residents .
\ of an agrarian community Two street u ' wen matching "
tar removed from any a barber singe I ( ';
Perrine I ed community and as .Incorporal.1,hair, "Gee." said one to ', ''j// ,j
Palmere I never receive municipal benefits "h.'. huntln1 'em with a'ullomer"1! . '
h from the proposed County 01(I i .
.' , .. '
I Rally 1.1

!i tine) estimated DAN MCCARTY that :2,500, -person J P.M.Saturday\ ; Warning to S. Dade! I''I' "

attended' McCsrty's rsly| aIrPort .' .
I double the number wh hear4( i him May 15 \
speak previously, In pcaja, supporters i r
i flocked to the 'local"b,l CONSOLIDATIONIS
where spoke I II
park McCarty briefly in Legion ParkHomestead
I before the start of a basebnlfame. : '
In an address at Fnlatka Me- N
Csrly stressed' the need for new tourSHERIFF
farmtomarket roods and explained I

: his program for increase. (AU eandldstos' Invited& to DAN MCCARTYGOVERNOR
agricultural development In FlorIda I
Calling sericulture one of the apeak) x : .
.tale'. basic Industries, he point. I II
erf Out that he too, is grow .i
: and cattleman and fully under-
understands agriculture need icy r i
end problems
McCarty reaffirmed his Intention '

audience to campalgi conduct that\"be"a and ban clean no assured politics aggressive hi.. p -: Qualified I REMEMBER-VOTE MAY 25th!

committments. Experienced : ,
*hall continue run on my I thin. .II&.I& ....._,
merits and capabilities and I re- I I
quest your .uPport on a bails omy Understanding I'i
record and platform," said
'the Fort Tierce candidate
Present plans rail for( McCarty Tolerant

"to' ( return to Dade County next a .'If ............ --'
veek-end, Ted Moore of the ,
Homestead McCarty for Governor ElectWILLIAM
committee, revealed! Thursday
Moore said that McCarty would Speck & .Shorty's Garage h f
make a major speech at Dayfron/ A. HERINCIRCUIT i
Park, Miami I 1. next\.Saturday_night

I Is r ,

I I Announces the Return of

QNt\? HOOP/Hi/ SPINSTER "The Courts Belong to the People" I Elect

Be sure to vole an Hay SI I '

(Paid for by friends of W. A. Herbs) LESTER W. POSEY I'' .r

i ,I


A.STBTCH IN TIME. ,. I 'To'Take! Charge ,of ,

. .
SENATOR Our :Service '
OsA Department
it /

; f 'epIyC 6 A Man Who is Opposed to I '

t tHARDWARE Consolidation. I Mr.'Posey\ ,,whowas.with''us back '
.abr./ she ee"ed Iw.etlee d she l talk over your.auto and truck repair problem with you and fhrt ri
..A O ..hes.cspr..... L. ..r e A Man\ Who Favors the Elecl
mere wdY plea M e you cost estimate! without charge.
tion of County Commissionersby

Their District.

C0.; INC

131 >N HONC, KKOMC 313 AVCTh STITCH IN Ton saves aloe,they Actually,)k oftea ssves auotauaty A Man Who Is Opposed to a
store like protecting yeur nunlly today with We lawuaaca.
Sales Tax.
Back dollar sprat sow-while yea are to good health sad still Ins ;
timt-nm o.ei kasdrsds of dollars TOM family UTaaythlaf I
should happen to yew Speck & Shorty :Garage

k Take that stitds to Omf today. Let a tinselly Ufa of Ceofgls I

tat draw ep a life insurance plea to suit pose weeds.t PRUITT e 41'd


, t ( I tliulm/tcG u fore
t AMF j
Phone 486 ''Homestead, Ha.
(y 1 t 1 STATE SENATORPaid :

f m L anssa L aseoa heel
F ,.
y. .N/e.. w.saa. ( Political Adv) 1 Y
-------- .


DOMl tele% h. ''
.whine. |Ie r .brae t..ledl' '
; eve tN BOatl |It..$lmswiel & ,
I) IM,b,.. eaMitsM .! Hear BILL PRUITT
...* sa Met nit. e.r
.... |1w. led am* la end
BOMl k de".. (leo,II
eraet. TM KNOW yew taw ,
w awkNlMwCs. ,
i to sd JOTS SMM .Mb Mi I .

.DOM- JM w..d ad.e.rvae.> ,e...taw,ldtwere1M.Y.I"e.d 8' P. M. Sat. May 22 Legion Park '

I" 1 --ies---.saes..- .J'; r J

J tat 110'11I cGCa.wn : ': . .' .. .;.. ", .

. -. !........tmrr.4ti..w..N I Ie I' ,

I .t.

(/ ,

. '
/, .. ___ _... .. '""'"..... __ r

,1(,, "-'

Friday May 14, IMS.. T
r.K,t {' Four HOMESTEAD LKADBR.-BNTERPRI8& .. ....
--- --- -- ----
-------- --- ------ -------- -- -- ----

The" llllflffllllllJl/IIIIIIIIIUlIIIIUIIJln/ "tutfcjar Cbandler sad O /.! I AUTO JOURNEYI taU a atory af Slim Hn.igteto PALMER RALLYCoot out ageuurt .am plan pwMd a*i!I"f
I the luil day of UN IMT hereon st ]
.Madtlar will al.Md. the RottryOn lire under a** *.* cMditiona .
Leader-Enterprise The Gadabout eo.votio to Atlanta .. I I (Cant nued from Page One) The thin Mil lantt UM uowardHMfiaa ( mind from 1'1&1OMI\ the IvgiilutureTht ,
unfamiliar. to Fewer. W .... Pm lie tress South Iedt' fII\It-t though there .
"I B. Ooraajr day ann eced ally tm quit a I
....... 20 Years
't a IMI By lie... Wbtttoi renvynThtfneMk Ago hot.. *aa4Uay fer )ua ic$ of UwMr I toAMM >f uortliMW pteMflL OMumltiuit la girth.W ale many thou-ands of people UmperMM
i - ------- .--, ... / eeeepdga la tie Ho: leave the dwarf en**** .( lad. it in Mimi' ltlf TIle 1 a live worm ID a J ttet..a.
I rear.n.t. ........... f..,.-gall, b. ...... Me*>4f live oak... During UM war )ut a* fmperetftlkbr a* w* tight .to by BO BMHM hopeless. but tot wiggling I .toll| . .
+ N o.. Man .IwM ... ..... .......... 1 '...1.1 lie.- sae. Saes.w Y d .l..eewLes .,...ae..n.r and Mr t Tare Umphny my of UM sate south of the tend. The oven gt4* to MOW retry man MX! woman In South! It from the .ater and dropped It ,
I . .fMn In Buenos ... M 1.x111 e/N .. Ill. rW ammnMrlng UM marrtag. sdtMlr road war destroyed. by a diaajttaiia Md w<*. dark rtntajii of redraangr Dade will be needed to rot a 1 Into a Jar of ilohol Then It wiggled 1 I
= AI laIehtaIS. .... On busy IW".1.1.. .4./w.....ow e.s..t n. rest.a.ud hip. Barnof dwghar. Mr rr.nc.10 J. H. Barn M, ( fir*. Towering above' aU .** chew wkMi eKhanda Mild. no again tale tlnifttr ncrartous. .;' a couple of time ahd dtedi; M'
... .kNenelkeM they Blood ea ..... What lesson do we learn froi*
i M a..r I---- . other tree are royal pahn a the tall and lender Wrklbfi .pupa. democracy dettr tying
the took '
1U1I1I11 ut40II Alg.It *: aMIsrsd platform U. / piApr. ." this*" the lectuw asked tht
upon aa one of the rarest of North Am-rt-
t--C.t M In Fort Laudcrdil ." hundred feet or more fat height I piece of legislation. .
MART nOMBU. BSfKIMMNMm Its congested "Mr U L Bow Tree orchid are present Birds, can plant*. On wenden how This well be the ant lime that pupil
1 'e."V.
MIl (*.MI > :: earner they directed traffic from nlllhIIIIi'IIIIIIlI1flHln4lrffllllllpluIIIIRedknd: '! / In a recital at prented the Princeton pupil from hummingbird to barred such a lender plant can endure Pruitt has had Legion Park forfulltime Up hot the band of an cage* ', ,.'
-- the pavement Womaa'i Club . Taking a/wla, and mammal from mite to the fury of a tropical hurricane., a rally and voters. who Ultle girl "I know. When yottv1got
thnankUTgN, kl f lee These palkemen wore dark District decade pun Mr Tbo Brewer. Mr*. N. bobcat are common In this It"naoclL ,, Perhaps H ha learned that' to fcav* not heard hit txpuM of the worm*, drlnK alcohoL-Ex., a 11.
I, ,* r''M,, I Mue unKorms with whit pullerer grower organized Monday night [ .
--Jt''I.- tactfully yield U pater than to,
MI, ;: O. Ball, Evelyn Camber, Bemke merger scheme will An opportunity -
the Florida Avocado Orvwen
0...r. .ctV1 a.it /IAH' Sleeve l mat could b* aeenooufi a a* rigidly resist. M does the royal tho whole con
the to
Adam, Nadine Adam Upon leaving Paradise Key 2
I".O- Shirley "
; ... 1 Exchange and) adopted charier {READ THE WANTADS'The '
*of block away No Wblslles.M *"' paint Han the red .
younger mangrove UariliH! for I
:. Peteraon. Betty Fuller. It\. H. road agile 4* In open gild On oUdatlon question ;
t al...rod light. no screaming car 'Two additional tennla court Graham and Burton Graham" .." the right can be seen the pine with gracefully arched them by the man "II t fh'I I ime :a
.._.... M rlr..' .... MIN. .e11A ....k_ Instead, the traffi poHee- art dial to be added to the Hornetd root ittU take over open! waterpreac.
.. .. .... war ..afr "Mi** Ann Polk thinning out at they approach d,
"x to Irte w whit aie.va for School xpeot la I .
. man used his High ground report When have well
ft, r ..... """ .. .. wiI Mil Wet the outhrn limit of the Everglades they gar ens
j i directing traffic Fa..ing north or Mr C. N Walker P. T. Apreitdent Key to viilt rliU Key. In lt afternoon ceexied. whit mangrove. Mack ,
Oaf.. should .The in Tex*.. ."
1IndiceWd commlalonen
county ,
beautiful allbouetl I mangrove and buttonwood will
they provide a -
I move nut and watt: of coura on are lending. aid and under -Mr and Mr*. Curti E. Lee ..fCouldi against a setting sun To the move In. Few small plants can DEVOE
Tk'! Kind of a Day It tit reverse position traffic moved the aupervlalon of Commie are receiving,.ebnmtulaUon cut are icaltered her and then live in UM deep shade created 1t
t' north and outh or at angle according lioner X D Redd, the ground on Vie arrival ot...n infant round cypress. heads or perhaps Now.. are la an area of beautiful -
c'D, Aiinl, M.,.... ,rtteAtrlrk.. .to the intersection.Th will be rolled and tarred.. I daughter on May T.,",''iter"Mrs. " a long trend following a water lake, water the mangrovehas : First American Taint( Maker
'1'-1. on ", damp IS *ltyeDIIt' \"'!'Ny ran and not the pedestrian "Ml*. Margaret Robert was W R Bird enUrtanled at channel: From these sanctuaries been unabl to conquer Here I rod
\ ... .. had the right of way In a i node*! at a musical tea Monday dinner In honor of Mr. Bird' a' wary deer may emerge or a are excellent .feeding place for rtesa.w
I y A', r eaae f MW lnll w' few. we nab t learned there I II no afternoon at the Redland Woman I mother Mr*. P. a Bird of Jack- turkey cock: : may itrut forth with myriads of waterfowl During the House Paints
1 I'll"i ihtnoMI, jay walking"" and people pay attention ', Club. On the program were. *onvlU*..." hid. hen. winter month w* see many Interesting -
> '".. mid breakfaits to the .Inel. Mr. E. A. Carter, Mil. M. UIluquct : "The Flamingo the first Homs- AIW.* contemplate the scene duck and:: other wiler '
I "'it; fete The traffic policeman near Uw Mrt. J II Webster, Mite stead High School annual m.de our cr his curled ui farther birds,but regrettably' the uncountable Marine\ Finishes\
lorn.: is upon w. ftp on* hotel had directed zee acrom the: Robert, Thelma Hut ton. Martha 'Its. appearance yeftwdiy The tot's i the glades and almost by surprise thousand of former years
whistle' no one tin... Lee Duiih Loretta Horn and "front are not present Excessive shouting
rtreet uevenllmm Th second 'iplece- present an altrictlv v>e find ourselves surrounded
' V. llit" die kind of a piper 4 decided to go shopping Redd and Mr Wm. Port tied )ler WM art editor . The dedication |. dwarf c)'press. During winter the Another turn or two and an
o,, (i .iHlrht momlng. all the world done When I reached the1 Corner for tint place In the music memory : Ie 1 mad to Principal R UCovtll ghostly grry it the bar tree open prairie -come Into view.I I slit
I' ,1 n hmnA ... I hesitated, wondering which .contest . ." .I . t pig li dedicated: produces in eerie effect but during Along the northern border of the to
d I the.* II food "Irttwfd street to ..k.. I Mood figuring. -- -- summertime the warm green prairie U a forest of mangrove and A Fainting Problem? ,....,.
ntnringj,. M wt .**rtini .., (hen looked up to the traffic of.the leaves is friendly and In- buttonwood. Part of it stands dead CHEN. fed. ..
'roes new day with a 'Ming policeman H* topped the traffic viting. Cypress I II one of few and bare mule testimony of the CIILERrllLV: lie''
(mint It .ItA and pointed for m* to remain In General Radio Repair Co. tree In south Florida that loses devastation.of the 19)3 hurrlcin! nina
I wonderful adventure In the safety *OM. After directing ill leaves in winter. The final scene on our journey i II.. on' .
which WIt have a partV traffic for a few minute he came Look closely, for these tree the picturesque: fishing villa* of '
.! down the step and asked me"Nrt W. )1. Owners, Okner Flamingo beyond which I I. Florida Redland Paint Store w"TI-
ihnlsttMMndtif. a'l.ylll
j American* | replied to th.. tale & A King *choo! Bay, IU grey monotony brokenby I ,
, . ;"SI, si", but | dtdnt kaow how \\\ Makes of' Radios I Irwin, and< another to Mary deep green mangrove keys The HOWARD rCRKINS. Owner AVtun""
to eel him direction I to the chopping Repaired ha indeed been of
1 Verona Beck,. a member of the trip one many ,
Krone A
S. &P Homestead I
(Opp. )
W center H* knew women, fvr senior claw at the time of her transition In 'Pltt'of the flit 1
he asked me. "Ave d* Florida?' Free Pick-up and Delivery terrain.
I ._ _. ., inn .J
Tr.till I I' Wlirn You Need ". deathThe ----- ---
and again It wee. "SI. n So he --- --- -- ---------- -- ---
rotogravure aecUon of the "'II 1 ,

, A JIalrrut( orNI '.' hands proceeded and to arm direct. me with his I'hone 171 Ace Theatre lUdIC.We're Miami full-pag Dilly rtproduct New . of. carried a ShrllirpoIler a -- -: '7j

ShateK It wet on t different itreet l. but painted by Mr* W A th, :
It wl Interesting being alone Murphy, Homestead school art 'J't1'
K it-rut w __. __._ 1IM When I pissed an elderly womanon Instructor i" 4 :

"( f... .,--.__ Me a chair telling pipers I tried I "Mrs. Atkinson of Wiycrou, PONTIAC MECHANICS GO .-,,,I'' '
Spanish on her but it mud
",,1IIIIJI lalf'.k.wrr) : 1I ." niy 10., u visit"!ig her daughter, Mrs.. ,
have ben terrible, for 1 gat nowhere
I "I ').k .._. _ 71ct So I purchased a paper paying plenlyloi Preston B. Bird.." :;jIu"

r ....SAT! (plaIn l ) .._: __'_- 1StI and gave the old lady tome coins. "Nina Pearl Bush entertained TO HYDRA-MAT1C CLASS
i friends with a party in honor of iCU
The older crupl In nextbjotk
""illiiaUun radar .. lie improve your service her birthday ." .
__ ) were telling flowers." Agiln ?
__. __. sseI .
1..1. I thought I would do a llltl* prsct'o I SPONSORED BY FACTORY
I MiflMhe Trim ._ ... lte work on Spanish, only to I :1:1To I : ,
leu knew
in the couple more
-.ha.HPM (I'lila) :: -.-' Engllah thin Spanish. So I purchased canBenson
a little flower and went
on my way to the shopping center A grain detailed knowledge of GM Iljdra-JIatic Drhc, the t '
I' on Florid Avenue 'Ita j
-. Electric automatic transmission adopted by Pontiac this )'car, R. E.: ,

Ulrher: Shop.I .? 'T\\.tcdy'o II. Bird Motor Co. ( .
melts.: Who wa the Lnt r i the Preston attending a factory 'IAN

Or*. Coy: .IUU ., I .
rrlnceUa Flerld instruction in Miami.
of "
ttltl boy: "George Wa.hlng- sponsored course .

ll-! > _*..:. -" .".'1 t. I U4"Wckwa; . Why au>. .yaw know .' ... -.. ff ',: c ForService .- .. "'-11' .., ,"' '*. .. u'" -< : "

I I bvtur than that It was AdaiQ I Those attending this school will rl''ch'e (individual instruction ./, srfl
WANT ADS I-At' Little boy: Ah, well, I wa>nl orRepair eat
I I I counting foreigner -Ajalcowulta'g ...and still T ( from John S. Airhcart, Pontiac zone service instructor, i

t I'I soiling you through the use of training aids and actual work on the no-clutch Is'wt ii

f i' .l ', ''t!,! !, r.i ''M.II' t.l ulrnT, f
no-shift transmission itself. .
ElectricityCHEAP e* ClrcUk' rump, lures letad .

Hand Any Other LleotrkaApplUaee. :" e

: flat OIt1 ; ..'IdIdx. ,,;)'

,..t. i
Preston B. Bird Motor Co. .1) '

.f : 11I' mini.wfLfi IKIT' tiiwn[ Phone 412\ ., ..-
\ ,1' I ,.j

I ''AGIC CIRClE I w / ,_ BUICK and PONTIAC / 'l 1 \

I" : : : : I : I : : I I I 1.11" II
South Krone A>.c. Phone 431 ,I

:1 i. Goats Water MGllRII. I a 1'a

: Why Worry ti

.{ tOCl.. 4MAXlI\IO "rw ......,lllfO ,:.... o.
I .., ABOUT YOUllFertilizer .
"tIfiIU fC "HW WAKI MMnt* 0..,

i i Problems? N

HOTPOINr's grill Sell
ainonsiic electric water beam

ease a r* oluilon rf] new pflo-
!I r- dpi.. lbMlc Orel* IUl
I a of Prtssurlstd Cal t 4S Uoltll

,i r-'v p, ate give l you the flitIt,

it I .4 -- ,, cbeiptM lad most dcpodbl .. Try Reliable .
,* bolaaeernkYlrfd.abpeb ,

{t I..tbIMwrypIthrma .:"Redland :Brand Fertilizers"

tiji'v MM that keeps water :_.
? lemperatiin constanl 1 -
i r. I.,rlolmiwa weld I IHI .....

I I.I I Ill j ;. I

I:. li .ihtkm4KhtUck Fiberglsi*lnsulsdo| : MANUrACFU1 S .. EAD If I" :

I' S bucket that i pswsitbotfor3dssl DIRECT FROM FACTORY TO GUO\VER. j .

1'ii I
I "-t. lid .

....... All Popular Mixes on Hand. ALL-ALUMINUM OUTSIDE BLINDS I

ITS 488 575 493 -1&3: 10-0-10'() () . . .INSIDE CONTIOL

Any Amount Organic Ielred ,
- -' Seven wedStaMu ( A *r...M.....Itt whiny.,...c. ..*. U
; :: \ U"'I Special Mixes\ on Request (one ton tot only) knry ..... as.......... M... Io.a . ...MI.'t. .

: ", ..... MfiMItp. *. A* J t!; i .C .eel.beld. ...... feat ... ........... . i

; .....u ,r l J 4_ ___ tie ,.., bar added .dat eanu a.p.eeaa, sees
:; !) 4- (Is ....... aid sraM ssI..f.wh,W.II .-..-,i, ? '

: ... il i. ', IU DM f,-.- Felt TmM I ,
,. . I, .... If I 'en b ,.,
;ilnl.h'nf nJ.mDlIC wnt ruUSESMITH.GRATES'FURMTURE Far Free Catimal. ...... aMk4e4 fall

"" . 1I000L\'WQ'! _.. -. ,
S CO. MOMttTfltl ,3 1ft {
UUOUOMI. =:::.S54t . HOMES? AP. FLA.M '
...l'M,._.,.,_....... R
: N. Ironic Arc. Phone 2 S-J Phone 16 Henry, R. PrUien: SFjr. J Homestead, Fla. 7I SAIASOTA..t31'wn 'AUilIAQI.I1 C:, hoer, Owner (bar, S. W. ZM| ... and tilt A......

.. .
-- I a
"- ..,- .. .,


........-..., r. ... .. ., r
: :_

; _ .. H .
.;", : ''''""
: .

. -.... - -..-... r ....._. ..,._ .._. -. .,..... ..-. r rr'
[ 4 ,,,, \ .'" . .. : :;: ".' ::



lit. :"

j FEWER BRAWLS FanSckictcd Ilomestwid' All-Stars I EASY FINANCINGOF 1 I 11!Drikr Shower Under War' 96 % OF CASES R. II. "'Ibpe.rkk. Makem Tallahaae.un TW. May nUT It_ND Where
Far Mr BnrilwnGetwell I
I *. Jimmy 5th Trip Thrash Park
To .there.. am two bUMen for the
Play Gremlins in Duncan BenefitA
AMONG NEGROES J WATER\ PLAN I card. each tnctoattuja ISOLV CLAIMS R Harvey rlUpatrtck made his' putthaae: of county tan iandi the M
dollar art being awl Mew Jlmmf tax ajlinci RIVet accept the bM
life loan dur
filth Audubon
MomaaUad. atl- the -encI.
CITED BY VANN elected by vote of ,fame will pin, to Ute aoore *f S4. Mward ASKED FOR STATE tame crWril' bunt mattered. a event JIMMY I SULLIVANMiami tog" peat Tea Wat***. atMniey (trwrtl.adrlMd '
e Ae-AarerkeeOnadlmhone Wed wai .teadtaw baMtr tat Mitchell week ago- .... more. I p., the .men th..1 the tai eoltoeaar.. el Olade

needay. evening tn .benefit with on* Mt. tor Mara Uanea at ""file dollar i .., .May 14-Turning. Into, II I to am' aid Mr. ntapatrkkreeteniay Cewtty The ate ef county land
T. Tarn being primoled
, 1 ( ) Venn candidate gain R"p R. B -...." O vtlar. otdldate *- ahower i IVe fact .It. I have
1. tugged hlimelf u coaaUbl for critically ill Diane Duncantiny bat San tamale made two hlte by friend of Mr and "...1 the ..... afretah In hi rare for 1 tat tease la cmtrtHtd. by rtekit
rwllat that there It
lust begun to .
for Mate aepMor, this week and doe Mt .T vtd tar competitive -
of the fourth PMrkt, aty Dial I daughter of Johnny Duncan In four ttoMt at bet Nr .BrookerBatttrttt j; Brother Penan* who.. wish to re atttMori M therlft. ot DanV,
much to Me right here In the new ........ .
'lit .Ku nerved mtny eompllOientg well-krlnwn Miami ball aUr wen: O CttBlnger and urfed 1M United. OMIta teawltpubll I take part may mail the card to i iMn. County Jimmy Sullivan this w*. national park Neat month I will .
on the quiet and order that Angelo Day will be held Jeer Hampton; Hall. Thotnaa (1)) and' ?' wnHiii committee to .....- Brother at P. O Sloe H9 riled. M part. of Mi record the of the Audubon
on acme RcPrcncnt/
.have, prevailed In molt erf the oai'ored 14 wh-n a benefit game MIl beplayed Greet.Hone. I "... for financing of the erne. I Ih'o IITMOO. .hit-. .flffion hat turned In ID the ran Thousand taUnaV tripe. W. C. I
quarter during hi* term of by star teams for AngtUnMialretta wan ova; M'teheU' 'l-t _in_' plan for wtr control! over to taxpayer ot \Dude County Penn-Mututl Insurance
met... who broke hti .leg while Monday. eveiMng-' grttbif II hit ;: and water conservation "in pooh Kcdland 4.11 Girls I over and above. the operating e.-, !
"1 guv MM swan .U I dont milling Into bate at last TheswdaynlghY off Hall, MltcheHl pheher. Mitchtil -.a manner that the ttatet. shireof Win Achievement penert of theKMrlffa. office. Sullivan ! Clinic Set for Mothers w. C. Morton announce that
game between V. F W. am) collected even bit off !tun. the plan! will not prove an optirearivt .Award'i tjta said .that till. & Of First Grade of 1918 n* ha been appointed dlrtrlctrepreaenUUve .
quay' Horn dera, pitching for Horn*. BJWbrlei: burden to our elUfcm." Outstanding work .. ,inveatljaltnn"' Jujiuiiritnl. for Pmn-Mutual
laid Vent They know I am (ret Thli week'. arhedule will fit were Saunders" and Mcllwaln, The letter forwarded to Wa hInchm nude to Harriet Lone and JaenneCore olved M per earn! of th* 't.mllll'l A din** for mother el nestyeer'e Life Iniurenct Company of Phil.
.to ttean I up any Juke joint or run' Broker against the V. T w. tonight Hall and McCarthy / also wit atoned by State j of Redland 4-H Club Sat-tnveUgated I II | during the Bret pod. peptic will beheld ..Iph''".
any operator out of the quarters Mitchell I again Brooder Tueaday evening between Senator D. C. Coleman\ and' ReprewMitatlve -jurday at the annual county i,i year at I o'elork Wednesday afternoan. Mr. Morton aptcialhw hi bul-
-and win do It if they or their'I Monday night.' V. T W. agafert. the V r w. and game Hume "I Richard Oelkar* and I I 1 I achievement day held In Central' I I The Bade County xnnd lacy| I May H, In the homestead Iraq" Insurance and mortgage redemptions
Home Tu Mitchell ........ of School auditorium in Mkmtl | .. aehool auditorium and also handle. lift
patron don behave* day aught and reined out In the aerond Inning William .11 at membera in its report of May II IIH7 wpated '
rtrnwn.. especially, art Inter.led I agalnjrt! Home on Tbuiwlay the Florida legldaturt from Dad| Harriet received an award. for 1 1I :I that the condition of the I The. mithen win be liven Informitlonal I.insurance and tnnulUe lila
1. I .. | poultry aa4iJeanne. one ten fond will office U at tbt of his home
in having order maintained.. night aThe County, i I. I CMinty: (all wet the hoot Miir the handbooks and rear
V. | prepantionuwd" i_ for 'tetter' .introduced' to Mrs II I".... at t III 1 N K. Fist eve
.hi (h* negro quarter, because I r W team beat Home cofttmuJilrattim pnlnted out,electrical 'i .Jail opened many yearn DUO. 110'I I, //i
method I II
anean that aom of their laboren on May t Miitretta and ERVIN PLEDGESAID that reutdenti of Florida reallrt pointed outSullivan off and Mill Mary Jwkaon
trawl' Ie In the juke Jolnti kt ntsht I Schroeder each collected one hit 'that It would bt Impose'ble to Given recognition aa four-year I \ MM that in the rural .ttethera ot the twt tint grade Redland Hand lloontera t
'*ID tbt disabled or In 'Jell\ and i for two tlmei at bat for Horn, TO CITIES ASATTY.CENERAl' have adequate and completa water I member of the oriantxatlon were II CommUnitle where there la Morgantied I! Plan Benefit ConcertA
Johnnie McGinn Heirlnners to Register
ef Hometteait
roni chow up la the owning for and Bruce Ennla made two his and flood control front our poMct nito'pUon.' ,. the
orai CpMtabl Vtnn Mid II I for three tlmet at bat for the vie- prevnl. state revenue." alt alas'" and Georianne Holden Harriet deputy fhnlfT road patrol with On Tuesday at Itcdland concert will bt given. by the r
ton Batteries Saunders and end Joanne" of the Redland group.Afire Redland School I ,
were ] wet shown that residents ot the i only 17 mm on IU renter boa been I High Band at
McCirtHy." Fuchl and Cave slit have expended million of a picnic lunch In Lum-i) working 14 moors each day firth Kindergarten. and tint (trade clock Friday evening June II,
Family Fi'lm Ii Slated I I Lad Friday evening Mitchell I dnlbri In drain'ng the muse Pak, Miami .the club girls greeter. retortion ol Dade pup*) will be reglalered at Red in the echool auditorium': The f
For Church em Sunday Tallahassee, May IS-Cooperation glades and in effort to Evn-I loured the old tyrUHDalla* build. County realdent. u Ian4 irhod from' 1.3110 110.: concert was planned Monday
slifiiMoivARD with: local government In water table and that \njft\ > water, bug headquarter of wIU I TiMedayParent. night br Use Redlantf Band BooaUen
it rc-elTled'
I pledged to
\ fmini t tiunlpin ,me ob tailes Chpptcr of the Evtr&lad"I muat preient the .
for Thret" U '
Melody a family itinl' 'th? revenue derived]I I efrOl"tn the Aaaxlatlon a* one of a series
continue here
pirn'16 'bt' presented at I,SO thUtrenlnf jl of finance wa* pledged today by fr tn the thousand of arm that American evolution tn patrol birth certlfieatr. ot the children of .benefit. to finance uniform 1 I
brought cnulir *'tr< : forth
Richard W. Ervin candidate for I Kindergarten pupil\ must be five for' the band
at Homestead member
PrettytaUm would
would be vtlllred mean ..
Church<<: This film efcmblnes) i TROUNCES IL 11. S. attorney general millions In income tads to the St. John'i Will Hold *the better county protection [ the ixwpltIn I year, old aM! final grade 'pupils "1Juua'' lae Und" u the tl<'* 'n I

-human Interett and good muilc Ervin who topped a field of federal government by virtue I of I Supper Thursday Might I arena"r I mail be ala year old by Dec I I.i I. of the .._I.,*, nrganl/rd by I
and then U .I 7S-plee orchestra By JOHN wA1Nh1'a1GIITDm911e four a plr.nllin the lint primary. the. Increased productivity of the]I feel \that I am fully qualified parent* of band ftiember on Miiy f
JD'Cbf' finale, report the Rt\ i I getting nine hits: to painted to hi* 12-ytar reoord of ;land. It further wan shown that i I||I Member 'and frlendi of St to for," the Mid poet Sullivan 1 I. scab. "an _I wu Ift.t 111ft on i Seminole Pla>lct Ready 1 with: Mrs NtTO Torbert as '

frank t livery, altor. Start< South Broward four the Home( all\lU/I'\ | other official, Including an overwhelming majority oti,; John Fpliropal Church. are In-) Fur Homestead SchoolAn trealdent.
the Miami fno fm ten
art.Jean Hertholt Fay. Wray anrlrToMhaiSeidel. dead Grower loot a (-6 game to the deviling of the legal formula ,the people'ol Florida approve I thai',: Cited to a covered dlth supper tobe i I ---
and haw UMI huiif lor
: yean
.' v the up-ftale nine Tueadiy afternoon hlchaved many fjunty .overnmenU plan of the army engineer end held Thursday evening I In (thei I four ':' 1 orlelnil playlrt on Seminole IIJSClaseee StudyContemporary
'Pftture (pf the Brltlah royal on the local diamond o from financial dlatrewduring .. 'heirtily endorse( the ovet'IIJ) new church hill .at N J:; TIM i yeart. Indian lift and customs will, be . Artist
redding and a cartoon will round Jack Pope paced' the H. H S. the war when racing revenue ,i project"' ave. and ,filth FL Plant for the, 'plveii' bv Mia Mary Jaikaon. "
hot. the) : evening, -entertainment' team collecting two hit AX> three dried up. Upper\ were. made> at the rnprtiniof ,' SACRED HEART tint Brut at s*'l'nlbl11hl. nl m.I. i A, Uudy 1 el fh* paintings ofnotamporary
fahiUlea .f the community are! time at, bats Including t triple "1 firmly believe that through I the Woman Auxiliary Friday tog at Nna Kng' Cooper School : artiste i I. being
Milledtir.' Mr. Clvary; to attend and a home run. John Diet also t continuallon'o( .data policy of I Icocpertllon Pclorcs Ennis Awarded afternoon at the home of Mrs C. lilies Jackson wrote the >plajltf> grade br the junta and senior, art
|Ur( projfram. There la no charge! jot( I twp for three, two b'nil't' with local official." Camp Vacation as 1'riztfColorc I Pftrntn. .. SUMMER SCHOOL from. jibaervatlon at Seminole ,classes nt llomeatead High School '; .
nd. ,.40 collection will 1 be taken ) Smith. South Broward left Bald Irvin, "1 wllK"' *< your attorney Mrs r .J. IxAIMi and t.ln. A "' vftlnnci aiung'duttell.I The yowg. tatifM by Mlu Helen 1'0111I.| Among '
.*. .th, /ilmi. art financed by the fielder, dammed out a home run general, be able ti b* of Elvis. tenth mode pu.1 U Singleton conducted the Ie\'o-<< BEGINS JUNE 14 len have built: ; their t own aceWy, tile irtwrwhor*'worVa\ have bern I
'Chtlrti! ) to. provide wholesome'tefreatlod. with a mate on In the fourth material antlitance to both >c'unt) I I till of R-dland High School tlonuli and Mb a' Dorl Slnilctonaered including a thatched 111I111ttut.\ under iludy .art tA>rla bee ,I
Inning. and city government eviryv.hereIn seated I the prlre-w'liming n ''me. a* ptnrfiL Mr Jot Ilnyer .- -- -- -- Arnold Blanch and Fletcher MarIn .- '
pijndajr. Doming Mr. Elvcry! will South Brov,.rd had IU big Inning Florida 'Youth Roundup' for a Miami; i-epoited on the rtcent dlweaonl. Vacation a lw,.'.l nt *' r, 01 Ml..iirt I Dr. la) Announces The clakUi alto art Mud)lug 'I
.prMth .on "Your I4f -Spent orIrimted" In the seventh when it got Many of OU. suet' and town 1 1 bally News youth aertlon.! The convention to which abu was dele- Catholic i'hurt h ,ill ''''.'n Tun' > color ,llif, and modem (toluon !I'
lit Invitea young/ mar three runs on two walks a men are faced! now v.1tlwlat\ acorns award I' 1 is a vacation it a summer Bite I I 14 under the dim.tlUtI( ol mm nf I Sunday Sermon( Topics>> home, and room.

p*optt to attend the Paragon hit by a pitch, and a triple by to be insurmountable obtalcs in catnp I,Eleven member and three St ThcrtM' Onntvnt in Coral On Sunday, Dr Sidney H'' The eighth grad clip has bmttperlmentins
Junior Voit taxation and finance A> at. : Gables. The rturf.' will kulutorellglou with atcnelllngiroceate
Sunday school clan (aught by Drfcebert your insects were pretent.
Davies, of lint MethdlrtChurch
H. Coo over, Line Seen torney general, it will be one of< WINFRED I I train Inn. handicraft and pester p and ..cutliig original' I
v preach on "Beyond
pH E my flnt oblectivei to lend .nrYI)[ i Janet Lachcndro 4nPCn rtcreatlw Chllitroii will bring All Doubt" at this morning arcvin tencll deigns
.t Homltcad 030 100 2-4 0 B legal aulatanc piaiibl: to your 1 their lunches for ail-dey M'tainlli.
9 Club BoYS Attend S. Broward 112 200 I-B 4 4 local authorities .Ini i 1Ift effort to' OPENS RADIO .In Crowning of Virgin I Women of the parish are requested the and eienlng on "Authority\ Et.rnpl"In

i r Tordat and Pope. help aolve their problenii"Ervin I by Father Paul L M.inning
Dade Rally on Saturday Lachendro wi queen of
,... Reinhard, VOlt ((5)) and Wut- reminded hearer fiat! REPAIR the May In the pmccMlon and ti rrputt fur axUimmBtil\ an Swing Sunday will morning..Irrct the, Mra senior, Wm.choir C I Brooks Inc. i
Seventeen member of the kin.. Florida I attorney general le I a1! SHOP crowning of the Virfln Maryi I aide And fur training to talc nwr.ull'rv..lln will ,
and the be
Horneateid\ and Redland 4.II member .. of after the accompaniment
of irumy policy-making Sunday morning at Sacred lleirl lilt win It
BISHOP HOLDS 8UVICn1'ne played by Mrf 15. MI1U. or-
" Boygl Clubs were among the 100 Rt Rev Henry I. Louttlt. board of plat govemipmt. 1 Winfred M. Owens la operating Catholic: Church.\ In her retinue nuns return Ow Coral) Qeble. gnnlat Sumluy evening, the junior .
"'healtended a county-wide rally D.D.. bishop coadjutor: of South *"Th* attorney. general for exemple I tht G<*nrrl Radii Repair Cnm- were her aulitant. Rita Webber I eh'lr will tin| tinder the direction .
Saturday In Matheton Hammock Florida, preached and ..dmlnl.tred .-\ i b a member of the (\tut* I |pany In the Ace! Theatre build a""llltI." Join Gadwray, Mary JoTheme !Mrs.\ Hostetter Hurt of Mn Ivan Movr, and
Also attending were County\ Agent confirmation Sunday,morn. board of educat: Chaa// H Steffinl, Edw Little and lug at St. John Episcopal Churcli,I 2:1'1n.HU: has an additional 'iU makes of radio and Bound Ain 1'ierme*, (tower girl I I, org\ n.
Mn W. H. Turner, Jr leaden Sunday evenlnt, he conducted( the! iporuibUlty\ In that he U )IU I lyitema I I.dvlaer. and on small electrical* fprty-ieven children took partIn Mr*. Sarah Hufletter received: ,Equipped Grove
of the local group Each leader tint service at the new St Cyprlant |. te-I'I,Brilliance II* I II licenaed to IncsUllt the pracesalon which preceded injuries' In a recent' tM down the MORTON COMES SHRINES
Ira presented with 1 telephone Church. In the negro aectlon. II I and rei,>alr ."Mt| to chore the taking of flnt communewttyjlit .ltMk' her hams 'to fhnnAr. 'VT tT 'Mortonrrt r HoSertead'M) l 7o,,C&ri takers rS
memorandum pad inscribed. with phone' and FM acU.H hogs and eta girl*. Center la h i 'I I 1'\1\ :Ito, Mi" W tub
the 280 ( County can
tilt H-H emblem.Enjoying I'I't with: the I). Ca M, woo tad Inn-<1 ,lot'
wo formerly connected After mina, children were un tkljti who will be Initialed Into
the picnic dinner and ity' .were N"TIl A whine I roc bib a. Ai!"Kiitcd Stor- and with Pale served broakfait In the clubhouse 0. left the Shrine of the Mamnle Order Ii
gurnet were Olin'and Alvln Willlaatf .!;.11 :irllu, .gol.. ml fvr ttrrwo : irurk :i Its t Dick Ervin ilrr'IIo i:: i II" plot In Miami. by member of Sacred! Uta.it. Altar writ were b'litii ,ad: t the rlgli' oil Thunday Friday and & tur>-,
Jot Torclae, Sammy Sincert aaa.W.t. plr Cltil .ra4 '
.TI Mr. Owen of Mr. J w. Society. wrist apraineik!
Henry Olson Jr, Eddie Lit T.. atrata |< fit Ground UrI. 1ro1l ion day night of thin week .t t Miami :r. a BOX it
Oraito Tin* English, arvd with the U. S.Marine Mr. they Jenner general Mrs. HoaUtler' rrifntly returned Mr. Morton
tle. Cent Boyett and Billy Weit- T.em....It ,', Pint flrxlp TWItoat aulated by Mill to Crundy Center after spending, municipal auditorium -' Pbeee 11-a
For GeneralI during World War II and director was
Attorney former worshipful mailer bpi
T. to cry Pint c.leak Tim I
berry of Homestead t. and Billy Apr awn flair Tul. tar met arr. =;ntv; active combat In the Pacific Cecelia Ollva, choir llr clor( Mrs the winter here al l.. the Cave. Royal Palm Lodge of Homestead. 1 HOMESTEAD 11..\.
Turner,' Joseph Lowe, Roy Kug- .. .. .
Cad..h bU ta In l ISr" d .In I theatre. I Holm FIUO'bbon* was organlat home. I
. ,. I is now aecrelary of the lodg |
ler, tart Smiley, CTifton Hullen- clue f old tint *t ieht.tlbn! vl i ,
der. Jimmy Thompmn. Harold Iln.6w1 I b\4\ It io. .is' re-.I..d. end rnrI 1 1at -ameteif I
Kendall, Robert Barnhara and IIu ",.rut., ....tI.a, oC II.. 0" t w.,JrO'l II
Johnny Ray Criviwell of Red- ', alb, , rateatI i I
' B B ED WARM 't RETURN Justice T.. Frank HOBSONTo
7 )and. I... I.i' Ito 9 RememberJ.

I The


J roi lr i t


f 4tk Malrlrt Bile": County On May 25th iS A : '

:i jfttaldent Her I] Yean rt1'Ap a. ,
.. i
'R FOR A MAN WHO oflhe Vote For This
wVllX' DO HIS DUTY My\ lien Ire to residents Ilediand
: and Support on May District as '

,. ourt.Y'oI' 8t Appreciated.
MMIatJUST. Ad-u.-.II CONSTABLElias May i iprd }

. _... '
"- am deeply triWiil U the reuaot \; )
r. *ole ef Flerlda and Did ('toUII'
BECEIVED1 I mm. and 18 mm. :ly for their aupvert ef my eanul been unselfish and! cf f icicnt. I I11I endeavor

IE COLOR FILM Roll and Magazine I lacy far the .!flee /ef Attorney
MOt, .General: at the p.lh en May 4. to continue the (Nine service and will appreciate your vote! on May 25th; tn I WOODY' The Ilullder' Friend '

Fear vete and baa nude
,,;, .r"P II 8. 1)1". i n* the leading euppert candidate fer Ibis sustain me aft your constable; in the Fourth District)
r high .ff on. 1 appreciate the cenHdejiee -
1 4 Hwy, I yea hen plaeed In me"It REPA1 MOTHER .
f1fj South la. my hope thai' Many new (Paid Political Advertisement) FORTH! HARD /, r
t' I Ii friend fries every part .f Hoc-. WORK SH! DID ' {!
I II lit will - - --
Miami Join with me la my campaign -
i --- j : for aennd. efficient and I ..... .... FOR YOU WITH)
arotreealva' lefrerament fee eerBUIe. A HOME BUILT '

. , I RICHARD Ww'ERViNCandidate DAN'S THE MAN _ :... .

r art ,, l forAttorney'General

1 tit# okkcepiiig Accessories =- Sheets'orlaltlc (:Paid br Dad. County l friend of w
W Dick Ervin( ) (Paid PulJkal: Adveiilaemmt> + L
I I /1st .

] Stands . - -- ____ . .. .
Typewriters -- ---- - -- -- -- ---- -
-- : == = : = =--C: -- -------- I Ir

Joti'Printing I

Homestead Office: Supply Co. -
'' wig ra i 1 1'i
, .
O M. L IU IT, and let AVB.Oppealt ,' !

'. Legal Blanks ( Chamber ef Ctanerr* IUd,.) :..,.a..w HOl4

, t Call Roy Hayncs 45:

1 I Crate Stencils
, Field
ew. Just behind ** rbarmary. I LUMBtrVGO.MAWWAIt .

I ,

,; :. hTtorTlsibJc i Filing i:( yBtcmg Files-Ucska I Florida City I, Press REPAIRING ,'. l.. ,. / ? iUUDlNO WOMI5TEDFLA HATtRIALNCt .

>f '!. ,. :. . > w ,: A te' W'LVr. .", Expert tt.rbeadrklp 0.ataalee.>
>i . lt.S.No.INorthofI'alrnAve.Artkar ... .. "
We alit Kimeofraphinf-Job ;
I t115 (Night,115-"M I) .'-' "4.. '
\, I :Trexell. Ow ee tS Vaan I Esperienre ,! NO Jon TOO SMAU. .., - NO JOB TOO MO 'III3. arlaWr tg + ,

I : : .
j. "'
Y "


I '" I ilJitiilllimo .c' :. .1-j'//fJ.1.\! ; / : : ... .. T 1 4 's.i I.t (' 'i. ,' .. '. .', ..1 . '.t' '"

.*.Trw" ..n- ...

.; "" ._ ........... . ... .. _'_'.....--r: "I\( -- .. ...-.-- .,....,, .7.1 < ......;,.:; ," > .''' ''' ", -'-.-; - ;0-
.. ; . "
U'( !
.w. ,.'.T" 'J 1 ... --r''T"

I .

, ...,-- . . . .
Page Six :/,- HOMESTTEAD .. --- : .J Yty 14, tta

.. __ _____, __ LEADER-VT1 -. .___ _._...._ H" __ _ .. ___ ___=_ [

J+lh BIRTHDAY ANNIVKRSAItY MAHKBl 0enM/Ia. sow ....... Mr*.
L.- aghml .sow >tt* a*
;.i. I BY AD A8TRA CHAPTER, A8TBIW STARt by =-*ai'd.
I =I IhW. arf Mrv piano =
. . Social Events in South Dade ". taJrtjr. -(amUi atsdeeraary itiaalir eadipJIed by M*a E,'AHoherta tnrtaBknl. .........

at the founding ef Ad Aatra Ctuat- worthy. -..... :The After the oeife*. the to Wtoht -

.. ter of the 0. E *V wa aauviil rewtt" of the grassy WM tfttv preetta were served a huge
Friday tetatOg when peat. aaa- bolded 'by a mlntetm bar*> birthday cake embossed with a

SHOWERS ARE: GIVEN FOR JO ANN BAILEY I MBS. tEMN HONORED ANNOUNCEMENT IS )lADE OF BETROTHAL Irons and pad patron of the lUnbed tree to which a paper teat liar U the liar ..... The .banquet
i ON Hot AMNIVU ARrMr I chapter were hens. .... In tilt .honored vas tied .* the history of each table wa detotaled with
WIIO WILL WED JACK BARNES ON SUNDAY honored'on OF ANITA GERKEN TO JOHN M. TRAY ORi croup weer= ..... Anna D. year wa read. 'The ttMorjr re- arraagemeot ef aougalovillea
*. H. E Radio wa I Cuter Mr*. J. Tern Von. Mn meted that the chapter was chartered and iuuminatad with caadle

1''e Bamee-Voat wedding. party a mlacellaneou shower Tueaday her teventy-fint birthday an.ntvenary -, The engagement of Mill Anita. Mrs A. 'Ywyhoe ef Homestead' W H. Sheffield. Mn Gee. W. In Ntraaja to JtI4. wtthMr II was announced that the chaplet
will be entertained after ........ afternoon by Mn. Moreman. with a Mrprlae party Delore Cerken to John M. tray- Used Jn Meuhl T..... N Y, Turner Mrs.. A. R. Meybiw. Mr *. Emma Wade Mid: A. t.Mean will honor the-worthy matrons
Saturday evening" at a dlaner to The k".1'" wen preaented liven recently by her daughter nor wa announced by Albert F. where he wee raauatetf from L. B. Get... Mrt. Erneat a Frt-tda, a* tint worthy matron and worthy and patron of District 2t on Friday
be five 'by Mr. and Mm May .ta a laundry t"b to which wu )Ira. W. C Taunion! and Mrs. J. om"",. father of the bridetobe Edison High School. During the Mia* Efther Llvina ton. Miaa Et- patron. It waa, moved to Home.steed evening, May tL
and VOM .M Bamboo Tavern attached a miniature waits. board. E Lewis at the Taunton home In at a lawn party held Sunday ..at. be 1ss/ed .U the army lot teile Tuner Mia Alice Macom- and ita name changed. toAd ..
Mm Jo Ann ..,. datajhUr. el Contest prate were won by Mra. ....mI. afternoon at the Cerken. borne on two end a half year, part of the bee 3 D. Redd. W. a Caves Artra Chapter Ii 111 .neaMr GARDEN W'B. ftTTDT .
Mrs Tae will become the lurid David E. Barn and Mn. Wren' Birthday rake and grape juk Avocado dr The wedding" wu) time In the Europe theatre. He Chat O Turner and A. L. hey.bees *. V. M. OrenneU. then Mia fIND MONDAY NIGHT
of lack Barns at I o'llloelr Sunday Wmn.'right were aerved Entertainment wa be held .In the fall kt employed now by the Dade Itadore Anderson, and Mr Grea-
afternoon In ftrrt Be. i Church. table Luncheon decorated was served with on card Present. betide thaw' mentioned from Bayeide High School ta Head Army Air Field. matron, read a hlatary of the wprthy patron. The chipter now .be made by South Dade Garden

Among prenupUal event for lightedcindlet were Mr and Mr* J Rut- nothing, N. Y. and attended bag It* fourth charter at three dub at I oclock Monday evening
and flower Guests
the couple was a block' shower I spring tad Mr* Lee Freed, Mr Elmo Adelphl College in Garden City >> have been dettroyed-two by fir in Sacred Heart dubhouaa. Each
Mn. J. VIra.
and buffet upper given .by Mr I Tom, Mr. Richard Tarn. Mr. L. L At present the i Ii employed PRESENTEn--1 and.- by hurricane. member to expected to bring plant
J. D. Barnes, Mr* A. U Unier.
and Mn. David E. Baraea, brether I Mn. Ruth Mn David Paul Scott Mr DeWitt Mackey. a* secretary by :Shot B. Royal of SUNDAY IN PIANO After the history wa read Mr. material for identification.
and atoter-ta-law. . ft r the belie Barnc. Mra.Moreawu.J. D. Perkins Mia. I W C. Taunton, Judy Joy Lee and I the Southern Metal Work at I L. a DclU sang -We Would Be It ha been announced that the
,Jimmy Taunts and Briaa Lee I homestead Army Air Field. Builder club will discontinue It* afternoon
room.. Saturday evenkkg at the Winifred Oaiuey and blip Margaret Mr. C. L Cblpley' presented hf Ruth Craddock TaUulah Webb
home of Mr and MN.l. D. Berne. ......, Lewi. )lr. TrantAT., non ,.Jtm_.. .-red piano and yoke pupUi In a re- Billy Bradley, Pal Brook. Irvin Mr Nanrye Rickard.put grand meeting until fall During the
pirenta Of ih* bridefradMr' The opal I Sunday afternoon at her dilpley, Jimmy Sharp and Briar matron, and Mr*. Mary Connally s elmer, a monthly evening" meet

bridal couple wl preetnted with Auortod. ok fand Ice cream HOMESTEAD B. P. W. a HOSTESS GROUP .,horn en M. W ItUI M. Fruit 'Wynn Mother and daughter duet grand ft tentative of North "lug will be held.
podia served Mrs
I r ere by More-
Individual gift enveiopei containing punch end cochlea were lined. to, were played by Mr* Gordon W
money to buy the blocks :man. to Uw.110.-guests.,. Preeent at the mlreltanroua TONIGIIT AT MIAMI BEACH STATE MEETThe the U persona pretent Ivey and Lou Ann and by Mr HOMESTEAD HISTORY WILL BE COMPILED

to i>u. d a home wereM number Olio WrI&ht.nd Sally Billy Bradley .
Piano were preaented
prevent bw'dei' those mentioned . .. Homestead( Business aniiProfcjf d Mn. Von Paulson: education and b ky: Cookie Klnard Sandra and Pal Brook and Irvine Chlpl '. .
n.uise' Mi Oro ll* were Mr. and Mrs. C. onal Women Club I II!I vocation Mr Ol-n Edward; Rene Chiplty, Lou Ann Ivey. played a trkaTallulah ti
A U Lanler Mr Paul Cox Mn
Barnes, Mr and N.... ... ;C: A Witt,1, I partirlpat In the stale convention l-gulalion. Mn. John Bale: program Bobble Jean Stalling. Juanlta Webb MaxIne Walks of Homestead will be McGarrahMn. .
Home. Mr and Mrs A. L. L V'I'J Mr John CimpbeJI Belle, ,bSr......Lloyd. Jame B. of the Florida Federation of I Mn. Ida Tibblt; member- Smith. Maxine Walker, Geraldine, and Marian Anderson sang autos Compiled by the Woman' Clubf Wm. Solute and Mrs. W C
)fro and N.... Robert Bourne 1 rat'M' Jib. Edwards Business' and Professional Women ship' Mr*. Emma Boyle; health 3ouberly, M.r I.ft Anderson and Sandra pilpley and Bobbk :> Homertead in keeping 'with it* Carmichael were introduced a*
and Mot Paul Cox Mr. and Mr.Edw. I aM Mn Raymond. J. Vote. Gifts club In Miami Beach this Mn. M J. Baker; public affair. Sally Wright, Nancy and Doric Jean Stallingi sang a duet :dub theme "Progrett Through new member* .and Mr*. 0. WCalkin .
Bamet Mr. and Mra. J D evening by serving t* one of the Mr*. Helnlein, crapbook, Miss. .- 'Community Service adopted at wa welcomed\ back at eopinstated
'were MM by Mn J Perklna I
Perkins, "'rs. Ruth "ort D'I'Mn.] Robert Darting, Mrt. Lant hOlt group It a buffet upper Terry Skwarkowtkt; and new MISS EUNICE CRADAWARDS COUNTYPRIZES :.he 'meeting( Tuesday nightMr member
In Robert Richter Hotel. The other
Mn. Richard 0 Huff Service, Mr.
...n. Cmmev. Mrs. Allen Neal. BeG Archer' and *. E. J. Dyal, building chairman
Ceo Barnes. hostess ,group for the upper are Mr*. Rebecca ChiaPresent TO CLUB' AND TO INDIVIDUALS
Mn.I! 1>Ian Yudiiwky Mr, Jot the Key'Wed and Miami Beach J presented tentative pUn' *t Nii-a' ,
The brMe-to-be was glsrn 1 V m. Mn Wm. Radioed ',.Mr*. were Mn Irene Lamb 'or the new clubhouse which.thefrctqp.
luncheon and kitchen shower onl David Barnes, Mr*.'Qeo. Wright, tubs;\ / > M.... Herbert Kit*. Mr*. Creep : "by "memben 4Awtr4iwon oS canned,guava product. tt.ixpeltlnjto"bAAR'inf the : / Joyce, : ) r f
May I by Mn. Home and deu1ler lo II IIl' I Mn. Riuawll Home and Mill Bar* Plan wermde. for convention perticlpt* Rive. Mr Alfred Tomerlin Mr Hometteedv\ HomeDemanitrtUoe Mr*. R. E. Edward*-third I near! future.: Mrs SrMn :." ; ?

l'7 Mlai Barbara One Hume, and Mra Gene Home tips, at a meetfig Monday Lena Link Mr. Mae Morris. Mn Club titUt. "rrfent eountf achlev thrift drettMr Herman 'HelnleM" .pnal% SVMMCK: ? .. __
"I.hIn\ Restaurant t .
group red and white T. e Stadig, Mr*. Anna Rued, eetipgyhpsDot\ : at thf *. V. M. Grennel! read i :dent announced tkat 4Qe.fJub foi CASU b r
The} adopted .
1 PIANO AND TRUMPET NUMBERS GIVEN ::1 ai/jhe clu lcol ra. Mr. Tlbbitt, Mrs. Boyle, Mn m aftemoo*; I letter of appreciation from a Europetn crap bwkt'IompNed-by1'1Jr' : '>t .,:; #, 1'f' -
I : .. Smith Mn. Class, )'1'1. Baker, by Min Euntte.. ViraMy,...counts, I family to whom the club hersent laroldl M.. Cpmp1eUept: : -J MrsHarraV . ,. ....1- a .. eYyu
AT RECITAL: OF I'UI'IIS Mrs t'ep'appolnted.Mrt Herman JIrs. Helnlein and Mr agente's' \ ,i-t.I;: t
3IKS. REDDS) ) Von C: I a relief box. .u Delk..wa*.awarded. .arV .\ '
: ve h6plir'ata4
1 Helnlein. Mn Peggy Smith Paulton The club:win third prize for It was announced that slut! nod' place in 'UI'e saa'1csldlaiad them .

I I MUllet pupil of Mr. J D Redd Mr. W. E. Douberley. Mitt and Mn. Carl Von Paulson toaerve its t tag I handkerchief upon which member are eligible to aliens unvcntlon in St Petersburg. You've teen! them In the'Bert

I were presented' In a recital Ture-I cilia (J1'I'a.' Und Hatcher ce'l .on She* bylaw alto announced revision committee the REBEKAII (JROt'. ATTENDS was painted the born' of plenty ,the home demonstration camp ti It was announced that safety shops at more than $10.00 a

day evening at the RerU home on n'e Di \'.le., Sally Wright appointment of the following KPECUL MIAMI PROGRAMSA *nd the word "Homertead"Eighteen be held June IS to 18 at the former looklet will be placed by the pair. ,
N W Fifth tve Red and white Irving J Lyun.BISHOP ,committee. chairmen finance group from Liberty Rebekah prizes were won by : CCC camp near South Mlami. dub In each room of the local NOW-you can nave them U
tprlng flowen were u<*d for decoration : Lodge attended Mother Day programs I Individual member*-four lint) The fee. will bll tt iO. Trip .lementary arhoolt, at the twinning you're quick about it . .
of the room at Palm Rebekah Lodge,1 teven second and seven thirdprite 'to point of Interval will be in. r pool and In doctor office the
Margaret prlllnirr and Kathryn IXUTTIT IIONOBY IRE!) AT DINNER in Miami Tuesday night and at I .. i eluded In the camp program Mra Ed*', Krone WIt named For few days only '5.9S

shire rtrelved at the door and. CHURCH/ GROl UP IN LOTTICII HOME Coral I Rebekah Lodge In South The prixt winner went: Mr Mn. Virgil Lott. Mrt J. H wader of a club-eponaored Girl
I kept the guest book Norma Ja)>rllotrher I Miami !lat night In the party T. J. FILigeTUJ-flrt! pickle, I Robert. Jr. and Mr Albert cout troop which will be articled
and Mai' 'an. Andfrton. ..J Here Mn. Florence PacetU, Mrs.t lecond I gardenias, newer arrangement I Buttey presented a program on u m in| the fall. Mra. Krone
The Rt Rev. Henry I. Louttit pletlon, and elicited earned H Sullivan Mr Selma 4IIR.tqp
) Hells
poured| punch and Fay CattMocer. tup- I textile painted D ft. l b. /
and Joyce" Ennl served robe. "hop roodjut Ir of South'I"'A. port! In his far-reaching programfor and Mrs Joe Dram third t cotton dress, re-covered I Ilamptlhade. Mr* Grennell and Mr* Leon in working with the
I '' untl the deatrynen of St St John's.Present .
Piano election tease played by --- I I HUliard reported on achievementday Ilrlt.: '
Jolini Fpimpal Church were enlerlnmed at the dinner, betide BAPTIST! GROIT8 .... .
Carma and Dixie Schumacher V. M Grennell-flrrt I: activities. Named to attend the county
I Janet Barbara 'j nt dinner Sunday at the I Bishop LoutUI and Mr and MnLottkh 11.\"E JOINT: MUTING I( bread wand thrift dress
Scarborough. Ann fancy ; ; It was announced that the group I Mrrttion meeting at Coral
f "home of
Shuler, Fay Caplinarr. Betty Lyon ., "rh. Wow the Rev of and the Mrs. F. J I Ilxtl I wen Mr. end Mr*. Henry A Joint meeting was held Tuetdty third t white breed i will do textile! painting on Friday Gables; Country Club were Mr*. a ROME: at i IT.
Liana Hall. Indian. eealrymsnwere Bracket JN Mr and Mr* W R evening by the Winsome Mr a De Nltoo-flrtt, potted Uinlein Don-
Kathryn c May 28 and will Rudy flows Mra. Krone. Mn.; GMtoalto A r
hoileiiiet with Mr. LotI I
DInt Mr and Mrs. Lee H. Lehman
Margaret DeUlfigcr, Joyce! Emit* i Uch Clan and the Young Men Bible I plant arrangement on Tuesday. a Id Sullivan. Mn. Dexter Home, HOMESTEAD FLA.
I, Marian Andt'I"I II... Norma Jnnl I Mr and Mr* Frank W Still- Clan of First Baptist Church/ Mr* 0, M Cooper-tint, men'i ;June I. I .Ira... E. E PacetU and ...... L B.
Hatcher Ray lUnre Lee and Joha] At an Informal conference. I man, Mr lad Mr.. Carleton Sin the octal hall of the church :clothing; second, wash drews.Mrs. ..
flop I..ulut commanded the ,tJfton Mr. and Mr Ceo. N.;
Logan Rajrmend nare "psewntVat After the business tettkm, IC'trrt'.m U U Dr'wdy! -tecond,
cattgarNpiJpnt. on the new church Wakefield and Mr and Mrs Rob- .
h trumpet eettottaa) topped with ttnwberriep, I Virlgoldtr third mixed cut flowm.
Clearing corn art D. Calebutf
Cuertt Inenme+ MrirWT'KMl. rake and coffee were carved by I 'r i
Virgil Lynn Mr and Mm I. A.I I the hostesses, ).I..*. Frank N Ir- 'Mr* E. W.. Burton Wilrd, cotton ,, t
I ItauihrtMr and Mr ANN ELIZABETH RAIARKS BIRTHDAY win Jr. and Mn Herman L drew I coiling Jell than MMn. -

Walker. Or net, Mrt Byan.The. W a Cavea-eecond. .r'k
Tavle, Mr and Mrs. C. B Jlmm'"I others present were Mt.t t tooled copper book ends; third.
Mr,, and I .... I UvllfM agew )TM sure .ear It itWld. Orlrss
J mer Mr* and Waudell D. Peeple, Mr .
I sad Mewl
Ann Rliubeth sews n ssds% .s ssessisaw phsss.et
Ray daughter cue and marked with hell\ I I
Mr. and Mr Ivan Mo place hoatM
and Mm Peter MUlt, Mr and Mrs. Florence Pacettl wai [ West . Rag awa.tau
I is and Mra. Carl & Antteoen | nf Mr amt Mrs Paul hey. marked I card I+I Mr*. Dan Meyer. Mr DouKlf I. at e family dtnner party MMotheri Jaetiaaivtae.. | tM Wl *ta-ialtaa ll.ltt
and Mr Carl Rhunucher ,Mn, i hei ninth birthday annlvenaryMMiday Cuss were Betty Summertett. Snarling. Mr Lewd' Cailtharn.Mn. I Day In addition to the .
I Petersburg t.41 Chug . IIK
'' & r Mntthewn, Mn. A. & MoyeMr ,1 1I . with a party at .Patio Sandra and Ann Marie Lovell\, W T. McConnell Betty and member of her Immediate family 11 Tampa . 4.M Cktttaanoga . 1S.I

<, Francis Wilson Mr*. WaoW Rpttaurnnt. operated bjr 'her Polly Holden' Virginia Douberley, Kitty Meyer, Frank N. Irwin, It* i her brother and *.ltter-ln-lw. /Jai 0 New Terk- , IMI Atlanta . . IU
I Hatcher Mr* Olin Wright ItfllftdpI": "" Mr and Mr*. E, F. Ann and Helen lyre Donna Lee Herman U Byan and llowirdJohnaon I Mr. and Mr*. Bryan Bowden, f f |
I Bruce Cnnlt. Mrs. J. A. Mn.j Ra>'. Pay ton, Jane Ingram, Nancy and S were pretent a1MeAMdlrssams ass
__ __.__.
Mrs C M. Mrs Mra. Marina Sue Ray, Jane and Nell '
Redd. A. ( WUann I.well and Mr*. re Rep Vase Mwd rgoAe,
r Mn. II U.M.mo. loiN F E King.I Rev took the yountiiitrn from Turner,, and John and Jimmy CMMrm A UTMQWIU
Mr c I. Chipley Un Cleo I.-e., Re Mn W, r. Foe, M,.. Bail GoodoMn where xamet were played. Ice GREYHOUND BUS STATION
.1 f A. M Logan., Mn E S. cn.... .1-n.im and pink and green Iced I Kcauaa*Ueiel.Mtanett fbaef HIIftIYllo
linger M...,. trad R. Redd. Mist]birthday tike were served at Immediate Delivery

Velma Corey, Mrs H. I, OjiMaJ'tables decorated. with pink hlblcl j, J\tM ,
-- .. . - .. . ... .
I'-- -- -- I

.1. \ onWestinghouse I MlFLAY


r I

\- 7 Cu. Ft 9CiwFt: 1ALL,.with. y..... Partylit; *';IIi;!l ilr's'*

t 9 Cu. Ft with. Freezer: ; :) II '

'. ,
.. .

Jw ,, '. 'rrmee4'S :.: ;J! : .

Immediate DtUnl1.Abo I .... .

o r :
;" '
on /., I
1 =I i I, it 'h
1 T
I '





.. I j

Smart Toss for the Big Day 1 _

:' McGregor Sport Shirts Flcrsllm Shoes (

+.' Van Mcuscn Dress s ShlrU, Hickok Bell, Billfold;; I Gas-Oil( Products% k.OflTorid Htt.

.'' Handkerchiefs. I .., Ties Sox" ,' :

NO,CHARGC FOR Gift wwriw0.I : .. "VO.et.-U .
May we help'W> lei h! '' 'DAYinfDAYS" '.' : j( -t 4.v.. K4' .O1D .
wj 1-
: ... s'JIftsfortai, ? | T10 COOK. IHataehVl. UK./. }*
I l' *iv i 9 J'iP tadal ** .
; :: '
1y.J' _._.
Ii .1 at. Kreate'f i|%ea. WINATUROL . \tI' ... 1 I

", tl: .- \ .
f' .
l J & S ClothiersTLACIER Draa.t BOTTLED.. .t :CASPlHINt Via'r .t"'"' ' # .

I t
> AT KROME l1Itt.f Itt x..... SOUTHiftN KU T&9HONI AND
,. HOMBOTKAft,.HA' -h.... E6RAp11 COMTANYI
111 is a A. I arsrpwgs1

'. .

u ..

....._.....- .... ... .............--. '4"" ''-''''''''''' _................ _.... ., ..:. ..;__ .....twin. ..+. .. . ..


._ .N"" ...'-" ,. '- .- ..-:. --- .. .' = .. ." T."J .._ . . ' '-:
. . . .: : .. . . ; ;'C


: 1 1I

_. __ .. ._ ___ _.__ .
.- -- -
- -- -- -- -

flJNKW MUSICIANS MARK MOTHER'S DAY I Ii. MR AM MR. NAIVE SIT IlAUTfnL oaCNIDR availaa( ] I..... plumbing repairs or a*..rpluatMnt i
I oMPLnnurr MOTHERS FOOD aU tuawaSMI isP ral see Charlie r* *k It

i.F. 1\1f PROGRAM GIVEN FOR SENIOR GROUP I Mr. and Mrs Hanes thai *.. I CLASSIFIED ii'thtE"I % M iMixs .i VVttfj. W Ml tt. West of Itedlttrf. (APJ .{ ,

I I tarta4Md al dinner on MeOaflDay J *... |M >* ( .... ..-.._(->,
I :t- A M.*he,*i Day profrtM wa K CMIIar. Mr Ploranc a liveavMr at Bamboo Tavern .ka "

... 1M by hembsa N al.phse . *. J. 1%. R........ ...*. Jd H.OrtWm d tIM. mdhsea ...... .....-I Iii a ...N... dMewl If paid. I..II sdvaan erier,. Ite..1 Hoe.phM t R-at. hI.a WKSKClAUZtU' wo44ta **JMtt

Water Jane risk CJati tar tM :, ...... W i Clark. Mr* Ra of Hcnwalead and Mr. a cane lei ..., ........... I tiatttty If\nhL Pia*.> 1 I)

,M Monday Mack CUib at the eloata. ,wore 0...". Mr* Lloyd Delta M Brown ol Naranja. Othm I eJac4Iir .1IctMft. planter' .......... MV rote***. (P'LI' ) )
4.>' JAhtMg of the deals mip beh I MJ ASM Bellows and Mia ....- present were Mr. Brown and CARDS OF THANKS NOROI PMSKNTB A MUNI Grid rental property, I blocks : 1

**"i at 1he bom of Mm A. M. Lola till' Jane H..... M.1K'7 Brown. NEW ELECTRIC' RANOK from ....... a bib from town. vrw sMFLOTMBKT omccSerrlc

It waa announced that at lhe I CARD or THANKS life M lltMAKorrU N. V Ttti at and Robert dBe to, tMmbres end .mpleyen : I

-(,. rectot state ctwventkm of fed t wish to thank my friends Inihower ReMieroUan Co. Ph. IM owner .. premises, ar yaw tree, Odd kaurMS. sm-

... eraUd musk cubs In Tamp, MR. AND MRS. PHILIP BOURNE HOSTS 1l. of pet-war lards MM For ea4s.-QotV milk. S8e nr
fl. Nit R. L. Brandenburf, pied. TO CAST OF FESTIVAL "GAV NINETIES" i' dollars that they *re to kinds]; se' V. r. DooU, SIS N. W. Mv Ml sl Platen IIM.
dent, th* ftomectead club, I
wa C118T: MOVSB! "
( sending ton (pa111))
4 appointed Mate rlurirmin of moW Mr: and Mr. Philip BMTII* *ntertalned -I ran Mr and Mr KATHXINR BROTHER Heir. must aall 1.-__. nimlshed 1ft bottled gas business R",*r N f1"f1"Bat"
to the home r Saturday owning (. I Hovard Seats Mr and Mr. & (Mrs.Cemetery Jl.1my Son .esl) rW Immediate .. house plus cottage on Highway tM range Ph. 1>>-W. VlrtUq
Mr*. Brandenburg announce .1 W Griffin, Mr and Mrs James ft)8 er men. ot t. Aaklr I1J.600 with H rash Ljon. II N. Krom. ()pmH) 1
tM ippolntmmt of the following the member el the V. F. W I B. Fetherw. Mr. ant Mr Chat: &MinmkumWoodUwn 90 white .mat Otilnet bPaRHt but make ofTer. Phone. Or.)hnv If. 4'

&I cortmitu for the Monday Mu I:I American Leflon groups who A. Onins, Mr. and Mr. A Tr.ynir. ..11It Ibt.
?. ic dub: procram, Mr C. W' part In the Gay NineUe episode I I Mr and Mrs Erie .Bridget.Mr Park Cemetery hen turkey 1-10 lbs ally brokers, (...-.,) Weddtof Bat***, Faro4 J

4 Inlay Mrs J R Rutland, Mrl W. 1 I of the -Echo's of the INerehdes"presentd and Mrt Truiti Lawrence JMO S. W. Ith St. lllanl or dreawd, Ilk pouM-40 layinihem me. Home, Ate ...rI..... I Dances )'
I',.. & M01 and rise.. Oareoce Cray; at the Redland District Mr. and Mr Jams C. Vann Mrt :.i Phone 4-TK.4 M k 4ie pound. StiUman- New bedroorn home, Reaaooabl and Advrtuo pJrturet art tarn \
Stephen rater Club countelon, Fruit Festival The event was a I I Joel H Robinson. Mr*. J H. A wide election ot cemetery loUt Coconut P...m Drive. 44J-R-4. down payment WO month. Ml of UM job I taka lees Merest m t

....\1, Mi. G. It Thurman and Mr. I I1 I wiener and manhmallow r wst si Bourne, Leroy Donahue and .Jimmy w modenU prkef( vallable Iron (pmil) N. W. fill st (psPnfl total (or you. I am at your rr- .
Win. Munelwhlte{ ; McDowell Out the Bourn home on N. W. .It" tt Fathom*. I Iwje uitfold cemetery iomegaCamnuunlf vic at any Urn Call t63-Wa. steaM
;II", couhatlors, Mrs Howard L. Joluv :($ mauoeura of ln< DAROAW9 IN COMUERCIALlurn acre 11m*., a sages, man( *| ( )

I .,, eon and Mrs Wra C E_lnf, publicity : i rrrot mod niche. : !(JtM TION EQUIPMENT bdroM house I tenant _
Mr*. M. C Lawrence: I It FINE FURNITURECustom I /-K meat display tIM excellentcondKim hone, all U good thtp. Grow 'VTf DO eomrotftlaj art wo$

t ., flower. Mrs J. L. Burton; real :. FITZPATRICK'S FOR RENT NEW guarantee MTI Ihould' produce SI,000 to 11300 Hagler rotOlhop. onto) ,
book. Mr*. A. Prank Webb Mr 4-compartment Ittase beverafi worth of lime thli summer. Prtt i
I L. L. Hood I, Mr*. Cart S. And.r.1 Built of Mahogany\[ and Other Woods cooler 1190.I M. 00. IS.800 cash; 1500 plus mterert floor sanding and finbntnf.Aiphalt .- t

f 4.. to* and Mr. Gordon W Ivy; Cabinet "'.rk-ChanCanine: -IflnlthlatCar. For rent: Modern house, 'partly I I-room air conditioning I unitthat I act year until I balanro U and rubber lOa Phoe .\

; end Metes\/ committee, Mrs Lapit. I .BlicayM Dr. .A RedUnd ... Phone M4J j s Sparkle. psotel.li.a.mel rumlahed. Including electric cat t(00, guaranteed lIeltllft'l.1 rod "Hid t/T.W. (mrhStf) O
Mm! Lloyd Delti Mr*. flnlih.teiy' t.ttchHt.Ph. SU-W (m4) condition' ( IDS Harris (Ham and is A. on N. Kromeve
Phone IM (mT -0d)
then n"
ton: Mr* John W Collln ., planted in avoetdo |ll.. to .Mrs t,
But-I I ->* tie. .*. : es Large twin.hot IF YOU HAVE any'timi: t {
Mrs J Tom Vinn. Mr* water, private bath beautiful. RCA r.dlo.phonoraph. practical boo teak or tltSOO. tern.. or If you need anything visit (
v Ctilplcy wa nook Chord ) AUTO JESTS Ry Bird Chevrolet Co. Specious ImvlelW mesa surroundings. private entnnce ly new tNT table model plan I |IJ.t'I'f "oearint avocado: grovifor th awap a..,. w. bur mattrttwt (

director o Mad kr *_. W ,... 10.. $50-R-t (m4tt! ) 10 U4nrh reoorda. $80. Phone I $15,0toad lotatHXi. In. food condition! itovet i
Vocal rttolsta.on Ut)| )Junior-clut: ; MOTfiCRREN o..peri ce, 1( 7.W after 8.SO p. m. (ml>U) tl by 110 ft lot I7JO Ire tons, etc. The Swap Shep.ft. \

program wen Barbara Shuler, \ Unfurnished newly decorated ]. ti-acre tract with avocado, ar. Mailer Ave Ilometead. Phone
MMaxlne Walker. Gloria Gordon excivsmitnttt -- bedroom apt tile bath. kitchen illbiamu rroton site blooming saga and frapetrult USOO.. .an. -S me.tl) ,

Idle! Marian Anderton. Piano role \ / / THE WORLD! t..r Nor.wlal.u ./ 1H030Tena electrically equipped. Ph. I.M-M jtimlne. 75e. Plumlnfo thryaU Term :.

were played by Marian. Bake (mat! ) 1Ja. bougainvillea. $1M up. bon three builn** site to downtown RADIO (RERYICtHomestead '
I eel Margaret l Delfincer. mod plant : t_ 01 ( )We up. All varletlri fruit tree*. HomesteadIlcnl. Musk Appliance Co Phone \ f
duel, by Marian Baker and Mr. eat. d**R Fumbhed upstairs apt 0> couplePh. farts and atnall $3 up. Many ""to| M N. linens Avt. QM-tf)
W: 1 E: C.by. Fay Capltnier and dLseadlea4rl.eeen&le 481 or tea Mrt Lula Fitch other lovely ahnitx and tow Doll Warren MorrU

Mr*. J D. Redd, and Doris and ..... tm tel", '* Highway. (mitt) Nursery Niranja, gist of WUhlnj tU S. tuna AxtPhon tit ,SK ALEX LAN1IR tor wtU I'

Nancy Ruth Criddock S$loi Large Enfield mOlor. .d., beautifully Well. An widen for SI* or mart Pq Bolt 461 tlomestoad.. Pla drilling. Corner Krom avs.
> were, presented by Raymond W. D. Home Co. lac. equipped maroon .. planka.d iMrantetd. free of I and.N r. TOSS *t 'hOM auw.I '
Pierce, trumpet(; Emma Jam rh.ite. (.pam4)) I
Rivet, clarinet\ ; enj rtlen I i i Tome (FRANK! L. SKILL, Oner) quer paint Guaranteed See perfectnot RICHARD FUCII3Hel LET US SUPPLY your 1.D\brapoo

I. I'n, trombone Sylvia Dar H (*v, Ilirdwtre, Lumber tad BUdrn8p army. Homestead turplu Glass to SOI appreciate. N ASPHALT TILE LINOLEUM, >tered Droktr I ln| need Large stock ot trop 1

a' readmeAuorted. .llr* Krome Tel. ITS and PLASTIC WALL TILE Phone Homlea 441 or TM-W kit and omsmooUl plants at ,J
undwlche, and punrh2l Wholesale and Retail InlUl"""' rilA terra If .dellred I CDS hhm, porch t room knd spatial price Helnletn Nursery t'

were; served by the hocteste, Mr. Phone 177 Hmealea4HARRY ) Furnished cottage to quiet con. For estimate call S1B-W.. 713-R. bath:PRICED AT ONLY ...no :Coconut Palm" Dr. and Comfort ,
Hood. Mr Burton Mr Brand.enburg. I genial adult IIS NW 4th *t or write Dot 111. (aiett)I . 4 Ri Phone 44J-J-1.. (edit '

Mrs A. D. Smith Mr. -- ---- (mM4)Extra ) l-bedrorm' homo! MI three tore:
r viM and Mr*. Logan Deed t water um,1, several sires 1 modern plumbing; ont mile WE DO rH.l>ls walk repairing.

Present beside those mentl6ned. special summer or year from Ml M to WJM for 1 H. P from Princeton ONLY UMK Woods Jewelry, McCrory Ar-

were. : Mr. L. M. Gab" round rate for ront! furnished rmtrlfuiol. Homestead Millie a ride .('UU) .
ft Mr* Whitney Beam, Mr. Sldnej MARKOWITZ tpartrnent Ph. 112"' .'. Sim JDivl Appliance Co., :28 N. Krome .1 Deiutlful homwlle CIII 18 acre* .

CL, A. *. (m7-j4)) ) Phone[ 148 ( \Itt tt) About I acre large avocado WATER rUM? SERVICE All
nf E. L.1".Lawrence. Mr*. H. J. Davit' I 1 It'rt.lie" small murk far- make Phone 141, llom* ted
B Mr It E. Edward Mr. Zola Partly furnished S-bedroom house. tt itrrtuL I den spot| and HIGH hornet)!*. AU MUltI ft Appliance Co, M N.

\ McEwen. Mrs. fc A. Robert, Mr .-1_' *f Markawtt A Rank Ph. .51..... (m7lft > A full Hilton of Orange juice from d this for ONLY. I3.00.. Krome 1ft. (JI U)
b Bark In Biulnrea hi i MU dOn -rpened! Redland fruit exnctcd -, a
V. H, llUhnir N.. i room tpartnnent and bedroom ; white yjil wall. Dixie $IS 000 fish) and ..a.y term on the

irtNRY." TATLOR HONORED . after' having his truck c\pertly repaired at Near L* Jean Red 111 N. W. 4th *t (m7-14)) Font A( Vegetable Market, oppo baUitre .IU buy a -bedroom NKW ROOFS AND

., ON BIRTIfDAT ANMTERSARTMr BIRD CHEVROLET CO. . 22 scars with 1ISIT OUR SHOW ROOMS rent Furnlthed I site Trading 1"oIIt. (elit() TURNISIIED horn en s SOsiregrow.
Henry ..M. Taylor enterUlned apartment HOOF REI'AlltS

recently In honor of thiP Che\rolct. Cerload ef IIImll.....* kt O. roomm.. bath, IS N. F. 8lh at. I............ delivery on tenure' 4 .
of Mr I (pn<7)Sroom ) CDS l-bodroom studio type home\
Urtb jnnlvercary Tat ; Hareheaa tad Tarli .
HrErntCCU: h ne freeem on at tool lot ONLY W.WO. Roll roonnf .r.vel, .hl".l. '
lot. Birthday cake and Ice cream I furnlihed apt upttalr. I1SI.M U $l4/.Sa, Messy IMIMrrcrern . ate bed incUl' root UiUlled.I

. were terved.PrototWe..' j Bird Cheu Company Harry Markowlt.\ Inc Mr*. Maud Chandler. Silver are rallrtf' Iteeptreei but ldiml l Unequalled' TOURiSt tOURT Guirsot workmsnshlp by II.

.Mr.< .and.Urt/ II ,: Palm dr, Dos SI4. Ttt 2. Home.stead. ke rnH...J-frt Hiegenuine. ", ibout ( atees clew to town i tented add tn.ur.d rocfeti. .
N. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. eted. Fla. PhaneNWhen Llceawd PlaaiMag. CoatraeUrI7 (alit)I MM ...1, al llarrto. RrfrlceraUonC :U: SNo, I. 11.700 teak, ha FREE ESTIMA11' t

Kelly-Mr. and Mr.*, John R'I,, pa 8. Dixie Hwy -MbUBl SlJfliPheoe ... r.... lUBLACK. amiable term on balance of
Mia Betty Ttjlor, Mia "' S new half-bag cement mlnrriPh. 13700. Phone 257HOMEHTSAD.')
I ...U .; "-1151; mad 147, Tower-Crow (mISt()
Kelly, Mitt Nadine Pierce, ....U. MUCK DIRT FtA. .
JAinnfc Taylor Hue\ Diane Kelly,,, LOST Guaranty Roofing Co.
ROOM In private home. 77 N. W
Mto Rebt Piercfe, Leroy and Uonfaytor
Want mme real hnoett-to-good- _
,tit !It. (BOU() ;;; 'kryesse.
and Rannl* Waldrop.; nee Black Murk Dirt The WR MAKE photoautle- 'wrest
/ 1 _ Drown mar mule knots on hind Fotnlh (11I1f.' .T
tint tor Home and Lawn Also
feet Notify H V. John, fox,
TJT.W. IN Tilt rr.n'rr eM'ST' nr Tnsal.trcNT.
MRS. BRIDGES NAMES rllCt'lT rent Glade & Crave Supply we ran deliver rock (fill, marl or .
JI'hu.TAL 4>11, Ph 1I-H. Homestead. (//In') '.
COMMITTEE: BEADS nr rI.lIllDA. Co.. Homestead Phone tod. (o3tl) pulvtrbed muck Cull ua for price*,1 WANTED ,
Mr, *. Ire'Brid.H.. new prel I IN" AND rOR DAIK rOlXTT. on quantity truck load Bring
dent of the V. r. W. Auxiliary,,. N.. lltUIt FOR SALE bushel banket or crate for email : Couple at rook and caretaker: for'
ol J. crime" ..UA. bushel at houae
announced the ippolntment qiuntltjr. a '
B. Lll'HTItJIITEI/f. Mt adult free tent. !ahar! livlrf
committee chairmen at a meeting pr4umertr.Ns . : Leader Box A-US.
.. Several thoussnd true blood Kend ricksl expenao
evening to Lefton
held, Friday Employment Service
: : MrTLUkC. .M tf mated kbWMW. (ml4U)
I lemon at $20
Rough plants per it
Halt Mr*. Jame*.' C Vann wet _. M< kMn t, kt Hrlw Campbell N.' II MrCrery Arrada
named Americanism chairman;; ..... .... M *..4 UM ....... Mn, thousand. Dan M. Roberts, Rt. Imli14). Phone 50W PAIN1.NO wanted by hour or
Ie.. emsw., .rites ee Mtari ( 1 ) I II Need waitress.All
MrxLena' Link rehtbllltttlon;;I : .... r41. W N. lkraea , .' type of help supplied. contract IS year etperlenee 1
ARC tieo. Pitt, hospital: Mr: i HM ruurNi Naedates6E>: aKMKflKMlin Concrete Blocks all site. Bruce' Call 2II-W A. Barker, Route X Box BOO, \
Sullivan membership; MrsHoward K K. K S-bedraom tr.m,1 llometlead. Phone (17' '. ( j jBACKACHE
OviH C I aTCNRCTT End M c. solo. W.rt Block Co, Naranja, Fla. Phone ron SALE- '' pmlQ)
i Sett, horn fund; 'MreWnt . t J. Oeronlnto, publicity; 'and IIUI.'" SRdlRITIIta ('0. 4th SI Homestead J>h. Miami I
(ORATION o .........l rbrU cwwlllnn I No. It McCrory ArradaIf \
t Moe, P. Rutherford, legldaUv.. eels HKPA 0 .M H CITts.LrTr 30 acres farm land 4 mile Yo..t. 1-4I4J or ace owner at IOU 8. In need of a )Job register today.,: ,

WOVEN' I .,. ..._ urvKtiv mew..i nRVTrrsrirr See Fred Robertson (pmM Miami ave., Miami.! CpmlGU: ) a M Ia e ...Maee a.ip lee era.uR :' 1
I OVNG BAPTIST T. d BOirrHWMT sA.. iil>h5 Quite N NWM.raM
'MEET: 'AT PEEPLES HOME: a __ rn T. B.. di MiOAHrT.4>.i -rVIN9PO _. . .. ._ . AU types of help supplied. ****'*?yi*"**. TIiUHM>

Mr. Wendell D. Peeples and ., a rVrt4. rmmnUat. rUlklUA C.U I41-W_ I..aw w..Naw.as C.W--'ta-.eM
BOND a MOKTOA CO a some r..r. leM ..1 Ra..awseTUXEDO ,,4 .
Mrs Palmer Peeple recentlywere dOLOHKlia m4MM w. FRAMES mad lo order 4rt MM4 UOTMW.fcTf CMkM.kMMMtlM 55155.e.1n. r
.anew. MIKRRV *
Tiostesaet to Ad Jackson. \I'. L 'AIIU.I. __ Mw........ aeUction. Plagler Fotoahop. PM*.......a.BMMT. CMMI WM W.pssdrr v.ftUtoUi Am I
Circle of Pint Baptut Church H ... FEEDS
mkun *
home of the former CoolLlel.i.1aer :.. :.= hi W Hints w *.., al. N
< ale *er*>*ervd., eM rea.n ..... dar.r, tHI MlDItS HUNT) PARTNER 1
: : 1-'_ each.s tit .Me wnMifc. I .3 --i:
were Mrs. Wayne ,. M, vier "-. vMPA cs .
Adams Mrs. .W. T. McConnell.ML you Buy PURINA I:iNEeaT .=II"aid E *.. ,
Leech Callahan Mr*. Shirley seal i MAT W CASTES ml tt MrWr I btERNAT1DxAL tEktnLIEERS:
I.5 wkB n IH... ... Coors
Xny,. Mr*, peter MiAa Mr*' BUY EGGS; .. M 1101. r dad. aN tr decd eN Frowns Lewett TransBUSINESS
Dan Meyer. mod Mr* Winston .. .you ..1.- ode. l.5. .w..e..
: .dir. MW,,pnS..41.5. M
Caton, 110_ ee vidr w .... NAT w. PHONE 732:> WE DELIVER
10Q I..eI f for .0V.. Ana you cet mulmu 008 ."IUI. ... .U ..... _..
PICNIC .!;PmFLANm year profit. com. from p.r bad. of f..eI. And tho.ggs. ':..44ne s. M..s.o ,gel sad N ... I PURE OIL OAS KEROSENE .. TIOLEKE' OIL

TT METHODIST GROL'P So th. seize .gg profitable ....11. ob.1 i Mw1..r.el i edwYw' RIDLAN0S TO SERVE tOU. Sorvtco
IN Ambulance
Members of Jennie L6bdell Or-' you got (from CI baG of bitted by thouoncla 01 I Nnt4nt TA teptiECCCNC I'I'Tnl I WE ARE THE '

vW of First Methodisi( Church: will eed almost alway PurIrtca f..d.ra cu. .core. end N tUCLURK..M .r.aa. .Maw.15 vitae r '

entertain their famines at 1 picnic _moledyoaaior.pro theat when you b1yPurino a. an k.. M 1s .e/N r 1..1- .. Cremation ,
..._. .... Redland Feed & .
... Supply
decd eM MAR
In PurlftCl .
upper Tuesday evening 1iu1lct. eggs into you buy epgu.IM ....- -- ee .w rec.w Phone 270 Homestead, Fla.
city park. LayinG Chows ... oU Ask u. today )for oni e.1.. 5p. th..a so ...
Circle One will meet tt 3 o'clock th.dtat.ccmokinQ 1n' of 11Ie.. two quolll rjir.r.NS MrTLunr: rARtfR: aviaarnniDRMO K. E. CORNER COCONUT PALM DR. kM ROBFRTC Rtt
al. H. w an
Tueaday afternoon at he home ofMrl gr.dtnta known to h.lp epp.making f.. W! WMOT **.. >._! M OOl4>SrMQ -.f---- ,,
Circle Two a Magna acrd..e Mrk M weePCpm.e.t1 I -- --- -
C. W. Leiby, and
...... N.. Trk. H.w
win meet tt 7:4S at the homo ofMr THIS EGG MAKER TO HELP KEEP UIIYOUR *"*. ..d. N 54 _'-
.. Zola McEwen where Mrs. E.: R M< >* W.4.l'--:: wd.d P.&F.
fLOCK'S1't eY .: Garage
t. King will M cohottest.t lddKCiriOltl ...-. ....._ eed.Sp at ..weaa. CROUSE BURR CABINET SHOP
Ad tle.wa a aMeSt.
-1I0'I1t.' or Dmwiicnoir oraw .'d SNra\T LMlaat w aPAlea.t Repairing Acetylene Welding Painting a aBode
raelrltstliIT4kg MAT w. BAXTCR. MtM
.w kw.1r aloe Wl eM NN- II'J'. fppa.'R' Ml N miml kwMkMOT Ruilders and Remodeled Mid Feh kr Work
/Ilp.. he..dw eW4e nw.ma ANedC. lii... M( tM.m k> k> M*. <
{ ....... oil J.. A. P..r l..1 -- f( lams51.aidNd.1555 _. _,
r Moonysto .ualC ANDcnNPANTI Mira Sukin, SrMtaH, ....... WMkw Tine; Woodworking Specialty moaGlI'I'I' ail WALTCR rAuctaw.
a N. K . .
U"'Cl M'rh' h IMr kr >
-- ite .... MAT w. tAiram. .M tad at, ".8lec1l Pled .1 Wrk pries.. r... }M
t- ::=.t = .. ;: AYENS :: ;. .N.Ae.ws.ee 1.4..1 =":eM"p.N Electric and Acetylene Welding a e'l
.. .. :
IN dr .1 A.nL ID.. .. r et1l. _._ .i ta u4 ta lrfli l .
. .
fMIIII e14 d.. Nw i.e. e MM..id l
W --. Juana ar A.a .... .=.NSW M nl...> 0.III SILVER PALM DRltaV-OKl Milt WEST OP u. I. 1

rt'd Ik......& 0.11 -. t.t lr>lrwiU ON ill.> PARC aw* :...::HJn J ...... IM-VT-i
ruu. cue lea ew III ...... ... aan..lr. WM 0. GIVEN ROOFING
A. It PUUNA' un>u-.IfT..kr. NINA UT CHOW-If r. eat sides w fiat 'I (
a. A. tigiht M IIft-f.d eanpl..ra tuw. lun...).. Ulowe H f** >..sl. =- a.._. Twre.4M_ ,..:'.4CN..Mearrlr

.._ 1M La,... . ...pplMe.-yo ..eec*wide Piwtaa Lay tap- Om Bull-.1.1 -,. :"\---- ----..:........;
< i*. iS **. heat (Un. lorlnt blade seed I* a knran.<4lh*..iMa__ aii aN. _ (Is.n AU
Roofer of
ATBUCTES rOOT GERIf ....JlAblw..cueJltr.: .... of Ley Cb_ .nd .rmta.V.V.V. N ,1..e at N. PM. GENRAL. ELECTRIC Solar Water Heater ;
RILL IT FOR S5e _M i ta PVrt Deck 1 Pea, Ptd .
W bNt NOE*. '. "Y U W.TH mttdJtj(, "OAIO ', P5IN aa.e d -
L tie : SALES AM SERVICE !Sheet! Metal Work
4s. .are Tao
f :: .. KArH of Tfftf *<. fry
..... I'rfneeton MUTM IDM lUM tt CMwWM 5. A M Radio and Appliance Repairs Air CotulltiontnfFM k A
lliolnesfad Mil* a as..5.s! dread end sops
nu'n MM '''W ,r w
0If colllIJi' t:_ .: 4.r'' e..r.w LICENSED and INSURED : :" 'tfI'Ut.UGft! .
.... 't1'
.. 11n .Call M e.aN tab
e. rhon .1 M rf K r. A .... ,.... to * tt* Ml ell to .*.. utttft. i t fI
Phone I' '
i ASTHMA \ I75&198: TADS Ws, tM .v *l torfy... D. .
2t 06 fr** bttnatestM .
U.taU Mt .... ELECTRIC .
AI..... PbweaMM
; -- aMIt. ,.
//rrrtrrt.Jiv ArrA 4OmJOablts.ru. <

rrr r P, eLL" N. Krome Ave. tl t First FL Phone 288-W: ) ..a.Friday .a.s I ;

EL.DUB ra eeeM . . . :'_d.hd pee..PW.rYf.'U .. Nu ..L'PliApr. ::
: DRUG) STORK LL M Nat r. '.. INti 11"1 -




.,e E..t. Friday, May 14,1948 ,
Mr and Mr- Robert Wan) oj/ Mn Virginia Pointer. of Akranndri iNESimrs
Coral Dahlia and arn.' > Bobby .. Va, U a house fut 0''
pmt.. the .....-....rt with Mr.Wrd' .. her abler, Mr C. 1'. Harper. Mr*
pMwiU. Mr. and Mr.. OW Harper II... JtoIntar. Mn H. J We Sell the Best for Less

1 In and Around Calkin .(-Palm ave prat OlIvia Star4ir Md MlM la CwHIl Key Went Harper

Mr sad Mrs Ward ...... Wt
Wedrr..dy to Pnd tto nimnwal Mr. and Mr.*. Bwood Huiton oi
Homestead (UMto how la UUh. Miami spent the weekend with
Mr*. Hiurtona parent, Mr. and
Mr. Md Mr. W. H. booth re- Mr... W y. Duah WdnMdy. Mr
turned Suiktay alter a day In and Mr.*. Hiuton left to spend 6 6 Bottles

<< Mrs. C i. P.rmn of Horn*., C H. Pw r left yeetentey lot BradeMown. saver! month In Montague. OAANI.E. 25'
Mid, with Mr. Mutton'. C
Mrs. Ida K. Blchen- his summer home in West Brownvlll *- Bottles FREE
tteed and W. M. [ate of Warwija tad Sun- Mr. and fi.... lUrvey HuitonMr ,
Merger of Narn| left Sunday for Pi. He plin to return .., morning on a bmtoa* trip
Hot Spring, Ark. Mn Parman'lVUI September. to Jackson, Ml**. (lira Dr..I. )
and Mrs Homer Bagwell
go en to La Porte. Ind. to -
_-1I\-lIIw and t daughter,, Mite OentiHn Relt irrlved and Mr. and Mr. Merle Blair and
Tlilt her Mr* John Hlcklon and dflu h.
Mr. and M.... Wm I, Webster, Map 6 from Wfcll Plain N Y. ter, Margaret EUwbcth, left Monday eons, C.rroll..nd. Buny, have returned t OSCEOLA FANCYTOMATOES
U> visit her mother, Mn. Selma from a three-day fishing"
Mr*. Elchenborier will bet Joined II to visit rediHV. In Char- t ,
l..Ur at Hot Spring by MlMJen RetU. lotte, N. C. Irlp it the Greyhound post bou*
Coldren for lour of Uicf.cltlc on the Key
r < a
Court and a trip la Alaaka'I Mr, and Mn' Richard Scinlon Mr, O C. Itedforrt. who la on .................................... o 2 cans 27c
of Toledo 0., art 'iuncln| the vacation from the Homestead pad; JAMBS! ABfllEir: UMITH
II SIt.and Mnn Robert Ch.mMtoi. birth of a ion, .Mkbarl Dennft. ofMy offlr. I Is spending the wash withrelative IIOiJtlTA L NEWS r ,
of Mobil and tU-wonth-old. I son, 1 in Mercy Ilopllat Mr and friends In Unla./ I .
Clovl Eurt tr* vMUnR hep With; Session the former MlM Vlr- ."............................... e ro
SilL Chimbllm' parent, Mr and gleans Krarmborgcr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. London lli<,k on Mr. end\ Mrs. Geo. Threlkeld of
Mr. B. A Stafford end tilt broth- Mr. and Mr*. Arthur Krinib/orgct and daughter. Marty BUR, have Ifomeiitead are parent of a ton
rr, Leon Ch *bll i. Set Chum Ins Redland rd :'11'1. Jtra loWlllur) moved lot) their new horn 'itHlcklon born May 10 In James Archer :Y FANCY CUTSTRING
bill U stationed it Drookleyrieid. who li vinitlnd it the Scanlon dr. and Newton rd, Smith HosplUL I
home, plum to return her In
Junk Mn. humor Emnt of Albany, A ion was bom May I to Mr I
f Mont J Dufctr, minimer'of the Qa, ha returned how after a and Mrs. Harvey FriUch of Coral gF BEANS can 15c
Redland District Chamber" of Mr E, L. Stream, alter attend visit with Mr and Mr, L. W Cable
m Commerce, U out umln'ifjer bavin Ing tho Kentucky Derby, left Emit Medical patient this week Included -
been confined to bud'wtlh an Couhvllle to visit In Hot Springs : Mri. Lon Pye Mr Emil
'Infected foot She will vlilt ciao )In San Antonio Frank M. Kent:; grin his daughter iVeber Mr, Martha Cunnylng- I .-
j J and New Origins before .h* rem Mina Lot Kt'nl.) left by plane ham, Mrs Edwin Walker and
Mr, and Mr*. JC..nIM'Mxton, turns t> her horn here Mr Saturday to land|> it month In San Angelo Mlatrett of 1IOIIIe.t'14'MrL & VegetableH'111e
'' Fruits Best Meats
author cf "Fifty Tropical FrulU Stream I II the mother of Mr Cu rranclaco.Mn.\ Anna Buckbe and Baby
of Sliver'Palm dr and
gone Jack Butter of Islamorado:
rno\ltd'lo Cord l
of NMuni have
Mr*. Lily Wright of Princeton .
Otble Mr C. T Wuldron returned 11111 Wilmrn returned FRESH "LIMA IJEST IIEEFBEANS.
to her home In Shelby, N C.. I Surgery patient were Mr*
Mr. and Mr*. David A. FMirr Saturday. from Arcadia where ahr after visit here with Vr broth Pearl Bring of llometteid and
returned Tuesday frxn" a short visited telaUvNoWl'f'ktlIr1 er-in-law and sister Mr. and Mn Alc-ui Hicks of Oaklund Park. Ib. 20c Chuck ROAST lb. 59c

\lay: at, their New York home City In O, nwil'hlIIao house. Rtintii of Mr Until 01 C.oodvMwnln I .................................. .
--- -
mid Mns. S. t.. Dickinson were
Prltrhard. URN *onMlruitlnn :I Dr. Leonard W. Jlasl"n i iwl.Mili
o Mr und Mr*. Frtnklln Uiyanl silo Mm. and John her U Seymour daughters of, Miser Pulm- wmkcr, hm. returned! to 1: ..* >t In tn KimlMltoM i J.'ANCY. PURI:1'O1tK: I
Point Harrow Alaska, after iourmonlli 1 rmi, sad em.I.4eu dCLASSES I II
tit Reading. Mass, lire unnounc
1 fnf the birth of in eight-pound Mae Barbun Seymour Jountie U and spending Nancy Mil'the [ vacation here, I I I Iltl TOMATOES 2 Ibs. 25c 49c
l lib. roll
daughter, Nancy Lorraine tin Apr. l'1a. Sausage
mummer with rel illve* In For! ., | N E. M 8C Miami :
7 It Wlncheiter rkwpltat, Win- Uiudcrdulo. Mr J: R. llirkioii of NarnnJnr..turm..1 1 :....- Air 1 1'H4"10_ .
I ftierter, Mass, Mn Bryant li thIbrmer FrMiiy from a visit with 1.15Z8 .
Mill Maijnrl Lewis who! Mr and Mrs;: '-Casper| Wllllam rilnllve! In roil Lauilcrdule .:.........PHONE..................s.......I Ie I I4r FjELI MOIWELL'S

Vnarte her horn In llornculpad and of Model, ]", latent thu "" .('k-end '
i fledland until 1841. In 1'Hhokre with their wm-ln-liw
und luuKlikr! ,, Mr and Mrs E J SPEAS 2 lbs. 27 BUTTER print lb. 88c
Mid Patty Brown url\oct W (lrvemlay l- Clraliarr On Sunday mornln:;. ship ,
I from Covlnntort KY., taerv tlnci OniUnm children, too, Dionu .
Sunday n i I In and Susan, were rhrlntcned
Iht wedding of h rb ouvln.nIJ'II ikparnea In th* puhokft Methodist Church
I sod Mix Jo Ann Unlloy EGGPLANT lb. 8c PORK CHOPS lb. 59c
Mr, and Mn bum J Davl left,
Mr, and Mr E. A Lacey and. Friday to upend' 1 the mummer it -
)rosier daughter Judy Smith Miondiy their home near DllUburo\ N C I a
' ) for their hinny In John I
Inn City Tenn.. after1 spending| Mr end Mr.. Jefferson Unviipf Rich CrramySPRY
the winter kt their rttlilenoo on Ilommtcml are >ciidliii! the RINSO
Coconut Palm dr. I mummer' In Miunt Pleatanl\, J'la I y-'V"\.v i !

Large pkg.29c.

Approilmalcl on la four of the 1)',ooo L. DENNISON

Urn lost each year in the United State from .
Quick Freeze Specials cincer could be saved. if ib.knowledge already. J.

la cxlitcnc could be mid available to allixumlng CATSUP i
t1 fronRSAI that the knowledge li acted li|>oo '* 3lb.] ( ) ,
I promptly,* '1"lb. danger signal! can

Beef Fork Poultry Fish 1. Any lump or thickening, 4.Periiittot Indigeitloo. 14 pz. bolt'c ) LUX FLAKES
especially of the breaau J.S.(ldei es I.I abe $ -1 M
Fruits Vegetables 2. Irregular bleeding! or die form M frown of I mol 09. l J:8c: -

charge from *DT of the oewarl.body .. .
ortnlogt '&Horinei periiatlng for \ .. ." j 37c'
Frozen While They're Fresh! 5. An)' sore that doe Dot two or litre w* kt, -.
g' I bed 7.Regional ".10. (I.IMIT) 11-------/, .
r1\ilalilc AM (the Time. (LIMIT)
Only in ih. early sage can cancer be tuccenfulljr striated
I At th. appearance of auiplclou symptoms see your doctor"tt .
on... For prompt, taper! prescription/ service, call on ua OVERSEA) ,
IV* "!" furalih hifurmjllon. to wncru of hum frmert.rtotlni .

I .,:.+ .. ;;. Glades Prescription ShopHOWARD PEAS Fancy No. 2 can 17c

) ,' J JOHNSON Ph. G. 1

everyVrdnrmlay' at Noon 12 North Krome Ave. Phone 61 1j j Crosse & Illackw f' MoltsApple\

South Dade Quick Freeze Plant I _. ___ _"' ---- __ Orange Juice Juice
: -- - \

I I.W.led St. Md lt Ave, llommUad Than III 1:1 : 3-S.

SemJno. alrnurnONI Can 15c ( I OL.Dcnald 17c .

i I '
I .
TWO SHOW' DAILY! 7 and I: f. M No. 1TI I rem..r. r lb 4 SC Duck ,

South Miami Theatre RITlRn and SUNDAY eiilliiiio. I till IIAdmtmloni .
A4ull! Nlihl /0el, Matinee (till! I 9, M), Me.Children Grapefruit Juice
) nndrr Un, lei| ten U twelve, 14*. (Tar Included.)

1 l V I Blocks BonUi *t 'Trttri LUU .. .. Dlxl II lIt_, I, Last Times Today: 1'IlE SEA IIA J .
,1 ..ih en. 41-1111. g.Bh Miami. nwrldaLM WK"I I Can 15c -4-- 6 cans 27c

HATIRI\V, May IS Double Feeler. Pregnm"
| Time fwlar-Khowt at I and I IliniARI TRAVIS M1CIIELJNK CHKIREL In
(An adventure .* fabulous u their evil history)
May IS "LAW OF THE LASH" **H,< 12- glass
(Six-guru at his tide bull whip In lilt hand, rongdd6cd'ii( M.

(Love' hat soused a city to action) LIMIT) 5 Ibs. 39c
SUNDAY Md MONDAY. May I/.11 Added: fan.n. Fain New
Tl'tSltAY cud ED>E8DA%', May 11-11

l WEDNESDAY: May I.! (lit Technicolor) ONE PRICE TO ALL .
CLARK GABLE VIVIAN HIGH, In the Immortal With an car for tune and an ey* for 1 wild Irish nt mI

k "GONE WITH THE WIND Added "Men *t'TOMmiw'WB Rk.ri.

1'1ra1lho.... 3 p. m.aecond ahow 1 p. nv
Till'USDY and FtlD.'Y, Mar It-II



"I WALK ALONE". (Spectacular. story Ot Terse rlp-roajirj: road'(root th* border
''to th'*'bidUnde\ ) I

tOWEST ADMISSION' PRICES..tTINE std' InN NQ Added: rWI4. D HI .-", CaAoekl:T*...*t to"*,....*,*", 'I' MEMBER. !L R. G. .
d alto Slwrt.r ra wu! New*
ti Under II m'* I* Vader IS yak. IS Of AdulU.\ SS. I PHONE 67 Wl+: DEUYER.
.d l' ALWAYS Till: BUr A'AILABLC SHORT StaUCCTS' Omlnt. Sunday end Moadair. Mar IJ-1ir. AND"' COO* 'I '1P

.I '



, ...--. ... ...c.,.. .__. _..-- '. .":" '. ,

Group Title: The Homestead Leader
Title: The Homestead leader
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 Material Information
Title: The Homestead leader
Uniform Title: Homestead leader
Alternate Title: Leader
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: South Dade Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Homestead, Fla.
Homestead Fla
Publication Date: May 14, 1948
Frequency: daily (except sunday)[<1926>-]
weekly[ former 1923-<1925>]
Subject: Newspapers -- Homestead (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Homestead
Coordinates: 25.471189 x -80.468122 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (June 14, 1923)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1931.
General Note: B.E. Archer, editor.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00087295
Volume ID: VID00608
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 34296444
alephbibnum - 002075048
lccn - sn 96027189
lccn - sn 96027189
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r# .

a .4ap


)j ,

+ '. (oir\\


j aVi


.. The Kcdland District's Reliable NEWSpapcr Since 1912 It


t 7h( Year. No.20. HOMESTEAD, FLORIOXTFRIDAY, TlAV u-l f. 8- Price 5 Cents
- ---- --- .


-- ----
. .
1', A Solid South Dade "No!" :

On Ballot I\ On ConsolidationS OTHER CANDIDATES INVITED ;'I' I


But Constitutional The omKisiliui'' ) to coiiMulMatiuii: as far an v e In

Angle South Dade arc concerned not 'from politicians. .

!11'comes from rural communities that want to be BIRD AND GRANT STOCKDALEAbsentee tfi

allowed to stay rural maintain a degree of self

Before determination and remain free from entanglementwith

t Tallahassee Court Miami's politic, squabbles and metropolitan Ballois Fannie Palmer Jr.. candidate

problem Available at Office M- sheriff, will be host al a rally

aft1 o'clixk Saturday In
: As for the great savings in consolidation of Of Judge Wanton Lelk l Park Mr. Palmer evening the

I Cities File Pleas THE WEATIiEIt League Expects offices, envisioned by the Miami dailies/ they might Ahernte" ballets for. the IN. main Beaker. will be followed. by
ortk.h. MM .. ale .--. -.. BIRD FILESCOUNTY result-with Miami on the receiving end Miami end primary have beea primed. ,
..--... /rdr.. ll..wwa, ._ Commissioner Preston B. Bird
has got out of building a hall by squatting for and vetoes wise plan U .be. and Mr. lilrd'l oiinonent.! Grant
For Rehearing ItaM M...|M'e.I' I Bw. 111,," Decision TuesdayOn city
; aberal tress the election StockdaU, who will ten
eaanlr *) spesk
22 in the courthouse offices needed for
May I_. h. *l 61 21.8I years badly
May 7 .. S3 C8 29 BT DEED day Mtr JJ, may reel their minute. etuh.. All other candidateshr .
By High Court : Rural Area .r unty services Now It wants to extend its squatter's e h.t .1I'! ''f i 'I Pk<- '''I'In' ;
May 8. to 61 211D8 US ball.1I l I. advance It the stun "
rights to take hiwie itself. '
May 9. 87 67 3002 tr I county ef Leanly Judea W, K. Manton\ '
],I The supreme court of florid,e May 10 h__. 8J 68 20B2038May A decision mill be handed down i When we nay Miami wo do not mean the folk HOOT ef the county court j audience>oif and" mu'lf r '' will ill I I hi I 1.i fur-a lilt I i !I'

II ...88 60 2BB2 008. WITH hose, .
SENATE Miami. *, U Miami.WATER r
has decided that the question o 1 May 11 84 68 3004 III I Tuesday by the Lent County Circuit average citizen of There are ambitious nli-hed by Uncle lUrve's' RagtlmeWranglers .
. 1
ooruolidatkm-the proposed mergi court on the suit brought In interests in Miami that need more territory to rule announces Rudy COMmm II

log of the city ot Miami and fled, the Interest" of unincorporated, jjver. Electric franchises could be made more Mr.),I'tilmer rsnipiilgn/ manager here for

1 | County government -shall b<< PASTORS VOTE County Cornmlralnner Proctor I ugiarian. areas by South DarieCltlrens ;profitable if countywide asset could bo counted SALTY l-mlll R.llr Neal' Week

submitted to the voter of th, n. Dh'd.I" hlllrm.n of th, Protective lA.IIUIklnl in figuring a "fair" return on investment The boys ,, Wm. J IVuitt, candidate tfor

j county at the second primary', GROUP SUPPORTOF Florida Flood Control Committeewas judicial Interpretations of theo slate senate( and outspoken war
Tjho would like to sell Miami more bond could do nor against consolidation, will
one ot thirteen Floridians "h I Indefinite and uncertain" CAMP'S WELL
May 15. .
ko'in safety with all of present Dado County a* hold a rally In Uilon park aUuntay r
la a decision& handed down prld 1- testified Wednesday before thlscnut provision of the proponed MI.ml)4Ida nlftht, May 12. .
I' security.C
\ County consolidation am nd-
| "y, the high court upheld a de- ? subcommittee In the first t I "The proposal| Iu merge the city
ment and
adequate publication
clston *f Circuit Judge Carroll 4 t full-wale review of the Arm) thereof throughout the slate and The propaganda pressure from the special interests IS ABANDONED Miami with Unite County un-
The Dad County Law Enforcement ltn lnl'erN' flood II.'I the of the county ot
tKtS.Rim.UUO control will be heavy between now and the second
i Dade Count/ th.t! th* quextkm .1! "suih other and further' .relief ai
League wee votedllIqu.lI. plun. The hearing, Miami will\ on the bal
reported appear
but held that thi, require"The when Dade Countiana
on the balK equity may primary must vote yes or noon '
fled support and Indorsement by as tynipulhelically received, Is I lot Nay 21 add Mr Prultt thiswok
circuit court's ruling the proposed suit was filed In the Leon
,; : 'he Ttedland District Mlnlitorlal preliminary/ to final draft of *n the consolidation question I Despite this pressure ) "anil South Dud must turn
amendment constitutional wprouetura 11 County Court because Secretary
,. Association Tuesday at the final appropriation bill to be submitted h6wcver the number of Miamians who will The urgency nf water control nut In solid front aiiainst tt It UContinued
deV ,
I. and open to later. (Continued on Pete Three)
was emphasised. this week by thereto
meeting or the season at the horn to eonllna&In ( CM Page Four)
rl8lo11..I' .. ef the Rev..and Mr. F. 1. Lottlch, Ms brief before the awiattKubcommltte vote against the measure will surprise the "Dade abandonment of the well . _.
.Edward. M. Semple, chief It.i. t Increawd support$ by participate: .* for the flood control ; GROUP Jaunty Research Foundation",. and many of them at the South! Dad Ubor camp on
i.' my for th* 17 municipality J lag churches war urged for emI plan Mr. Bird called: It "thi 70 AIR. *jvll] not vote either way account' of salt Inlr ll pt t tmergkr JlUl\SE
f-trL( f, 9', 7n rut i gnogasad I '{ y aVlh4ll:1rtlI : I Moist> faporUnl 1 J.'Jhat" hat eywfaced Ill' lamp. 1 legated on
'. !tM trif'lUfm\ eithccnK Grtiq' tliere.. drlf
Redland Labor Camp South end, CWrM Florida": FORCFnIENm" Jr daeedv"appaeRl:I ,

J petition emu by carp the supreme rehearing court of, bull tin'I I Member were Invited to hold_ 111! filed a retnluUon\ of the Dade j I I fore, in to go to the polls May 25 In a solid phalanx mflea Arm from Air the field Is, about ties .SE fi"

C"iI l wit .considered a. mere legal I I the opining meeting\ next October County Commission dedicating against the consolidation > *l1l. Whenever the bay
J ro"o| A
it Perrlne Baptist Church. 1,822 acres of county-owned land: MODERN JETS new and deeper) wrIt! I ia Swing 1
jMalur after Leader-EMerpru*I the future Of South Dade has been in FOOD HANDLERS
: to Carl Holmerwniervlaor A .trio harmonization of gospel for the Water coruervallon' and safety or drilled at the ramp to replace the

.I telephone of registration brought i songs war presented. by Mice Re- told the senators that this tract: The difference between M- jeopardy\ (Its voters have never failed to turn outLet 87-foot well which recently tested
I b.* Spark., Mis. Fannie Reese and Is within the sop desltnated for a 1,300 part of tall par million, "
out the Information that tbatntei I group air force and a 70-group air I us make it the greatest vote demonstrationSouth report Camp (Supervisor R. A. Florida Food Handler4 School
Mist Ten! Peterson.Presnt water storage by the Army Engineers' "
I ballots had already been printed.. for whit and colored personnel !'
Force would be the different between Dade ever staged Roberta The mil is a hangover
The high court's ruling thatCarroll' I were the Rev. end Mrs plan. obsolescent planes and I i will bo field. at .Legion/ Hall on
r from the drouth of Iftll when
Barley Core. Dr. and Water protection for South
Mrt. thel
decision a* to conrtltutionallty Sidney latest things that can come off I Iaircraft low freh water Tuesday, Wednesday and Thura. .
Flerld has pi-ensure pen
t ot the amendment wai.I H. Device, the Rev and Mrs. three!* hearings moved," meld a step 1 Commissioner nearerIn factory production. lines, :, Annual Free Water Classes milled the .Ill" creep Into the day Tw i-hqjir. Thuues will begin
Frank L Elvery, the Key andMrs. < :, Safety
premature (Laves the road open I . Bird his Theodore! M. Casey ot Miami j I I rocks, and the rail hate now' at B. Jtl a, m. 2 :30 p m,.. and 1p
W. E. Rowell. Mrs .John on yesterday. -
for the municipalities to reopen I regional soency of Rant- ''. i, m sad will liuluile. motionilrluiPn
/ manager tratisl the 1>
Swimming Pool well explains
"Th senate committee Slated at Homestead
Adalr Mist Spark. Miss Peterson, gave
are wit on that If the proposed I Mist Reese, the Rev. R. B. Chapman careful attention to the:: facts pre era Air Lines, old In the court Oeologlut Gurald n, Parker I"'I"-j . ftlldet! ilpinunttriitloni
t (Continued on Page Three) of a talk to the Homestead notary nod h Ik.
slaw salt In the cunull
MO !
touted the'
Jr., 4(1( eRl'v.'ChIIL E. Cromwell by strong Florida dele Imtruflion Is. He
the Rev. M. W. Van Celdor. gallon I believe the first appropriation Club Wednesday, The annual summer water te given a swimming skill teat In Silt content elt (tl he! well at tIe, I The course
"A 66-gmup\ force could be of the American Older to place him In training Siiuth Dade for colored alKitcd for ot ratnrt and employee
1' Proclamation en and the host and hates' hoi a good chance 01 safety program a camp .
I .
if lu'lull cafes, sods
loin through. equipped with the now antiquated Red Croat. will officially open. course suitable to his .hlllt,. Persons labor lnma. d from ten parts ( r* ,
MAIL CItosue MAN RLCE8SThe : "Meantime, actlv work Is goIng pianos of the recent war, but a Monday, June 14 according to who fall to report for the .per r million when It ws dug In'' founliins, cafeteria dining rooms,
WHEREAS, the Post Office Department , Homestead Male Chorus forward on our own Dude 70-group force would mean thatwe announcement made this week by I first day nf clast will be nhed- 1941, I, 107 pI.lar. , inlllum In I barn, and' all eating and drinkingeslnblbinments
in Washington It letting decided to suspend meetings bounty. program of water control would have four additional j Ted J. Blear, swimming chairman uled In the. rent class fur their OrlnMr' 1047. Now at 1,30(1(' parts Subjects wilt in-
Mid th* week of May 11-11,148,, ing the summer, announces: and conservation to protect pnpcty groups equipped with the latest for Uie Dade County chap age/ group.A per million of salt,, the eater Ubrerklth I civic but'u>rl"li gy, communicable
t* period of observance of th*, dent Howard" Johnson dur.j pnd to provide tdequule'resh In jet-pmpcllcd crsft capable Ol I ter. The program will contl"uel schedule' of rl"IIIP'111 be and unpalatable dtr, I dlwaie. Mnltdtlim, toad. handling
80th anniversary. of the United will be nsp med Jn 1 late water fur our people and competing| ( with (tie planes our potential IhrouRh.Hit the summer months' I complete) arum, ttleler' sail 1. and drinking. At the heiiiht of the aid "nerwinsl! hygieneRjntl

States air mall service, and according re present, plans i agricultural 'Interests." enemy! has been develop Pupils from the first gradeup 1 wilt b* punted, .1 t the swimming forming "mainn, BOtl luucrrrt. pre . person\ completing the
." roum receive a certificatei
WHEREAS, the growth and development Ing Mr Casey said. I who live In Homestead, Hed- plot and In school buildings quartered. at the camp
sttrnilnmt will "b
of air transport and He Aid pliilnly that Hus la It I Operators *
I for
land and vicinity
the aviation Industry hat and will Air Maifs 30th Anniversary Recalls this potential enemy "and the may given a large certificate to post
I tlasse to be given at Home\
continue to be fostered and sponsored only ,way to handle) Route la by Work Home for Arrant-Smith Post In tlielr eitabllihmentt If,71 per I
I stead pooL Free Instruction for on
Original of'21B this end, he rent or ,,more of the pej-sonnt!
by the Post Office Depart- Trip Miles\ in 1918To air power" To urged I beginners, Intermediates, swimmers .

and scent through IU air mall\ service that to commercial every encouragement aviation,be proper given 1 and junior and senior IUeIIIvel'l To Be Started When Plans Are Ready romplett Ir Juhn, Ui. *W.court DeMllly of, the

will\ be available.In
WHEREAS, the development of Join In the nation-wide observance ton added, "jt more ttian a meant development of which would sec county health department urge* i
r an air communication system unequalled of the 30th anniversary. of speeding communlcttlons scram suit In the building up of a great preparation for the program I Construction 'of a home for real t rooms, und an ouUloor patio' employers. to attend! and to. give v
In the world hit playedan celebration of the United States the land and< to foreign countries; potential troop transport fleet I in Instructors' course .began this Arrant-Smith Pmt, V r. W, will with space for dances Conal ruc- their employee time off for the
Important< role In the economic air mall service which 'U to be rather, It it lynonymoui with our that could I be turned over to government I reek at the new Rater( City .begin Immedately. aflrr working tlon plans wlU permit .,WIUIII.. classes
\ held during the'week of May ISo national short notice, lintel 1 pool In Miami under dlrev- should decide to build a
cultural the
I and advancement! of our. well-being end our "hopes u on plans are. drawn by Architect C post
I people and our nation, and & 21, postmaster 8 E. Livingston and anplrationt .for future. prog As Its contribution to populariseair I lion of Oodfrey Novotny RedCron J. Penman post members decidedMonday 42 by 60-foot meeting room at.1a
WHEREAS. I believe that the \ stated that 'the story of the ass In these momentous days travel Eastern Air Lines will C safety services director, night A rough draft of 1.
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