'. Mr U J. Hrownlow. H,. and thAI number d....lrlnf'to Join the Moon and, Henrietta Ifertman.
) Mr A R. dark. Mr end Mrs' close are asked to turn In their Modern than Tomorrow
P\e Kufeldt. hips fa* J Moor: namr MR. ANn MM. WFJUtTTR !

Marilyn and Gloria Moore. Mia Mn Frank Bklll. chairman ol GIVE DIVJitJt: PARTY ..
Mary Croft Mr. (lea. W. Turner room "moth.., who I* to be In I The tint of a series .t purlieu
fr, Urn. Gee" W Turner, Jr. chart of the mbrhlp drive I mm given Friday evening by Mr.
Mime Ketelle Turner Vernon Tur. stated todnr that M mom a. the and Mr* Julian }{. Webster who I
tier Mr*. pea J "...., Br. Plea room mother are chosen. she will entertained 11 ol their friend at

o Bodll Kneel. MIM jpdred. Shoemaker rail them together to asap out the dinner and bridge Th* flrwt prlw
t. I (rt\'" A fh lrni*. .f grade moth Her:' awarded to :Mr and Mr.* WR We Renovate
Mr OM Blew art Mr*'on will be chosen at that time Nelson. the consolation prime
Flltnk.. .th Cut. Mr*. Kenneth" K. Commlltith lrm.n appointments to Mr*, Bore P. Webb and T. J
Clark King Clnrk !fl'l. W I. nnonnc,.d since the meeting Facet and .a guest prime to Mr.
t CrorUr Mrs tXn Rol> rU, MlMnimkflh oral way and moans, Mr. rHt who left Sunday to vMt" her Your Old Mattressand

t Late Eva and Ethel Frank B Reel caf<>t.rl*. ,rtrs CI parent In West Vlrflala.Th .
'I I Itet..-.... Mix lions rrir* Louts .. Hockh.rf alumni. Mrs bred It. gutait lrtaluddi Mand
'rICOlo Mr Wayne Calkin Won R ddi b titlflr tlon. U ... C. N. Mrs, tee ......... JoI,. and Mm
I Joan Calkin. MlM. Lola l Woodbury Walker: hoipltallty Mr*. Julian Frank Skill )I, '' llld Mr.. C. T. Make it

Mint Iran Woodbury. Stay K. Wobateri refreshments. Mr*. niflw, J,.. Mr and Mr.*. Cart
; and OUvtr Woodbury Burl and f tt. Lee H Lehman: arrapbook< Mr*, Ded., Mr: and Mr*. Give
t. Lucille gum. Robert Cam, a r.1 1. C. McOnlr wvlfar*..Mr*. I>or- Moand Mra. W, K. e
,. BtiuniKtradt. Jirnlor and Ralph nevi auditor A. MrNolll: mumbenttlp and Urn, Neuwn Mr, and.'V1.tO"j:::
i f MKb-.|, Mid tCI ra MrCul.k .J him skill' Publicity'. In. Webb cad "'t. and Mrs LIKE NEW

t." .. >u.h. Miss UnH fx>l.y, : JyUmon side. :Aln. J. Q Wynm oatnldv, -
{ *. BOOM Clark and Prim ]foe
,Mrs, fr MfDanlt repoatere nrmr CLARK HAS i
Itr Ilwrkr :McNulU and Mr. t. K Rutlandrr .n'\THI"Y PARTY

i I -nl.t the tnwtln Friday Betty' Kay Clark'. seventh l.lnh- Prices as low as anywherein
MHM. I,V:UMAX K IK1OTTMTU wr: Mr* Mel rant. )(1'1\. 1 It .
day tnnrvennrf WM Obaeri.'l at
t RAIN OR MUNI run I DadMn Mr. On>nnril. UM Ar- I
the hone ef her pnrent M and '
The hate or shied Clan mtlor villa Booth. Mr*. )tackler. Mr. Mr*, n 8. Ctart: Wednesday at.I Miami
luncheon Wednesday with Mr*. Uhmin. Mr* ...N.IlI'and ITInrt- .
t.rnoo.11'1111' of plmymat..ewho
\ t l*. I kntiuu Attending worst pal .. & ftommvr
enjoyed |mm"nely the names
Mr. frank skill Mr*. Julian U -
t and the birthday take, ehorelatelt i
Webster. Mr*. Fred Rdd. Mrs O ltd foi HOMESTEAD
Plans arc almost om|> > corn and lady provided k*> DRY CLEANERS
t 3. Ita ktr, Mrs. frank Ru, Mrs the entertainment for nun'. nlcht Mrs Clark. i

!' .r, McOonlfta Mr*. Hudson Ion* 8.pt II. at the rlubhuM ef the In 'the group **r*. tanliMDearhtf I
and Mr. Margaret Ro l". Woman Club *1 the Bwlland.
Mary Eli..jesHny, Atht 12 S. Krome Are. Phone 566-M
The Junior m.nib.r* tt The slob Th 'prMldtnt, Mn Jt*. I Mra, toy Kemp Virginia. Staditlll. R*.
) ram when school was dismissed rill aaadurt moms At-a.c'qullltild
titer niKKer. Jatk Rvrkcr Ruth
t. Mist Bvtly Murphy wog vw.c.. tNtar. and 'Ik* program cam Miner. Jack McMk-haM. JinlorMrMlchael FREE DELIVERY
mlfto" wilt provide varied *ntrt Alice Marie Kuetknlr
l. tlln--
Sunday ""+t* at .th* .
t lnm nt. tnd Richard Dljtcer
horn* o( \I,. *nd Mr la.. J i -
Moor ;were: :Mr and Mr*. Den iSSSSSSuCSSSSmMORNINGSIDE

Derry. Mn and Mrs Mnnlf.rdnUl John ; M. 0.I.RAT i B, F. Eckman M. D.
B Tower .
"Ml. ),I f. Und Mr*. nr.m.lI. .I Writ at fnMrmt
MISS Rwby Ioy4 n ily *nd Miss TnM Tbw.. kit .ft i Rosetta: IMIUird., alt of those" I Carat ftoblo flU,,*

ttitni !"are d. Leon Blvd..
t 866 PHONIC M H A101o.m.andItopIVm Cocoe, Plumosas and Rare Plants

... -

t lot a inIn ttenkrbo Oil 'TAR'r.ntU..ft eq N.- I K., ;R., Hens ,.and Guineas for Sale

:all ....1M, .books a Coil then Annie stay w Fitzpatrick :
.... Any *wl cflOL'd\l Molars, toAhm
4111M OnuHok Oberilil CoMrmttart and Rofal Cuoxmtort of 1Mpstt i Watson & Watson

$*> Salve for; News Cold PIANOFORTE AND THEORY

I Eckman Road, f/4 Mile North of Btetayne Drive
V, USE MANGANESE Rfldbuid Road. New_fUryn.. Drive ftSA"_ I .

.. ',a,.... ...... ?.",.p '
uYlev ]W.r iiIIII
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;w.ta +'1'4.r i ii i

'" fJJ,; ;. l .


Se ber Ill 1931 'T F J.I'; 'O M EST E A D L R A D E It Y Sever. I

I" rlMl ttrt Church are t 'JM>"t1I'/ -- L r.L. :""-
CITRUS mint if ollt it
.... .e..1

r 1... 44 4i! latest, ;,"'j WrtKltp *.' block., *o th 0' the., CLASSIFIED ADS 'l

tlVE ASKED ..... -11' IIab4 tb1M )$ bf 1 CII.t'C'JI wow; '4s 'I

_1A'Ie' for r.patif.s
.Mor prtnn t\ the JROW I II. ,
I. la* t'bge brokers ak that: tkerv' wilt 1>* My tH MMffit i'I RAT I rim UM....... 144 tIInel ruhtm< .ul lanrtuin.
CHICAGO MEN "" *" 'n- .t ottna writ and I that MUKHllct' hwth> 1lmoday .. Maim*. H ,

'Mir" thtlr opinion/ whittbep'lot' ....ntng on alsdwnk.of nvtvtl *o- ._ .. .._ _.. .....__..__ ___ q, .

{' ; j -..-.' (or against the D"f \'-' A .. urgo all Mvthodlut tn .l- FOR RENTapartment Sail al the Drcvad 1N1'KftNA.
_, to Educate Con tend the baptist Churchund yovwlng I 1 'IONA")"iTfIItft' Wti't:1Bt'1'IQN.:

n ors to Ask lorlj'Jo.rida J. CHURCH NOTICES **pt 14 to it CH4CAOO T eta-

l Fruit :The old faMon\ tI Methodist r.- FURNIHr.n aim I .*ad* ar iMnufacttircr and tIIIt.
'tiI you kao kn hearing -thout' al*''ytnt moan Board' V defoired. ..nt buyer* will Hn>|>* t sow *-

'" -- cmw or RODS will start the first Sunday la U Jtl N. W. 4U 8lrtL i vtot and p\t.nw toe tnarktitlnKKt .

'I Ida commodity refliff I !! PV IMorning' topic "Mo** lobnp. ..m : .. |.. per day fur 14 *""11.

broadcast from Chloa-' al and Spiritual Shipwreck! *, ,., a Mililnit you to 14 tea- it foil ilk

'ovate' the eon.utnr to evening topic: "CBtnlUC1. 'lI huTt' ;;;;; .N't : L* AOR.K8. piss lead, well a0arllld I bay a* anodedrawiall tt ...-
florid* oran.'artll&1 AL : (. ('t .
At' p tn the young people T. 1. Letchworth King M-Hplittll' will do: Bend tot train

.1Y and Florida tangerine will put *a dram N. ..."". 8ept IT-IB homestead WftCilia. -' way. 1I.II.j. aaipklal If you haw UIM. It

"' ,plnv .Ur propoeod in 1M- lion ft*. AH Orbited.AIETNQUUih' I "> ." 4U N W Mantis not, send IK with dow-rlntlon .(

!+ .Kirk citrus hippr (a this aN'fIlIlI'I Mr, l..1.& ""lli Vxur and SALE i and drawings and w.. will look "
are receiving from their' i give Measagea \. ) FOR ii

i brokers All partite" at the Metk4 intLEGAL'NOTICES i Edlwrn, Mai'tcln
inert which I'e being tent VKTSHAN'a: MANUAL--.Valiiaril
I I THr* t.(., International Potent;
shipper In Florid, pro. t
baa *u ry tar .t. Florida j jJ I I known, ,.... Oov.rnmont positions avid (11.... ... .. ,'
I 11 II. HlwM, ,F' "'_' IJ ab,
lit sold 10 Chicago at auo-i Und right* *xpl.'ned. Knd r4.Ou .
1|I Plat Book tt. Pm sit In the'
o\b.nr" b4 Assessed one I -NOTICrS ()APPIICATIOX ..FOR County of fr>ne, .d at* of'\\r.I"' Pillar Qtttvte W n'. fB > Swap
-.U.r M pen cap (whom i TAX DF.FD: I tee mhiMtwd la Crtlfli-at No \'Ice. faekmn. Mtn. Columnd

In bulk to Tlnanr the Kotl"' I* hereby owes that A. fi,I..*.. The assessment of wild proprty -

4w..u.ln. campaign", from V. a Bailey holder of fnat *n County Tilt CefilfU-ate NamberedMTI sued wa In the flame .f t.n.kilo. yW 'HANUA--Rehttp. lladl
bet II to May It. The ahlp.requested .... .*. each Mine Josephine Frail,
sloe, 680? (Battery art> at Jlnnrotdead.
tina W *uth'"rll* :m* :m* m: $101, :m 4377 'I I Lot *. block! : I. N 81IU1". Sub !.. :N. & Pleat Avmi Shop tor poultry *t
""peetlvo rprwt iit.Uv.. to 6377 140t, 4441. 1411.*' un," I Pint Hook i. Pv n. In the BhKtrte
'. this. deduction trans *vriMl ll," and I1T4I. dated the (to'day County at Dad, Slat of riorU'l, what hats 'Oil. lash Moore,
rOHI>HON tractor steel drag.acarltter .
Sold of A"4.. I). JJM. hoe filed M .mllra..01.y/n CcKlflcat No Waldla l>tv
drat ** in all w foi sold Certificate* In my 0(11<'.. end "41. Th _.....l1t of .MUd property mad by Moan A (1_

fq( Cite\ *g*. has mad application for tax deed under trim sold iVrtlf>..i. toud man T. f Uitchworth, Kbit ;'
r ,* wa 'le the .{ VII"kn..n. FEW PKHWAN KtTTWN I
wm..er..mwmwr t* Issue thereon In ,accordant aerate ){IiIII....'.
with Uw. MM. Certificate mtirurn swap for alt pullet ." h Yr.
fAt the Seminole the followtnff described prApertle, I I I. Lot U loan R 7 rt and sly IxJIl what hv yeW Mr. H. P.Math.we .
ltnt.d In't>nd. County Florida, Black" 14 flunmrt I.k*. Pint Drink PASTEUUIZEP! : frets Wllk,, H ft W. lr< .. ..,.
d a.n.o t'til-wilt Rook 5. Pat I' IH the County. .' tiermt..afe. 0.. Brevyer. .

AMacit'Brown M the Intrepid Lot 4' Block' IT. All'' 'J)>! War. Dad*. Stttp o( Plorldut :: mbrnod -
Plat Book 4, Page 1 T: In 'Vrflniut! No, .. The \
"' the r'KKB ANt !:
1'110 Great Meadow '' "t1la'I
of ,
OH BAJ.B OtiaVti hill
r .
. wit tonight and Friday sight ill mbraeI In f7ertfficate No. the said.rertiftexte Vnnnd WM..In ,- bushel, JuDf I* Qrava., ;tyhon* Miami, to exchange for small
rbt U likewise the fat-hoot- 1)11.)[ The ameaamcnt of said property the, .* t 14 'JU1. : .' clear trove with boom In Itd-
wtetera> outlaw In 'Billy ,the waded the Mid Cwtlfleatd la.sued' !I I *h l./ll *. Blotk I. Onlk.. h, 'and Hlntrlct T, *. t-* !BW.rth.Klna .
,1a4 PUI Book *, Page *l, tn the
who In the ; ,
11.. ,,'tl"{ b* shown Saturday Lot.. BlOck name 4. Hlaoayne qf, Unknown Point., .County of 1",1 1*. ,flat of Florida, W1LD OIUpA..JEULt and ltighwayfa: t

t i horn in Dothan Alabama. I Plot Book 14. ran II. In the a* ombrasad In Obrtlflcat No. jolly for .aaMPlN pC .
In!. Tha assessment ,t. 'U"V.1 WILL SWAP o.ri>r Work. *r
"to" .
sold '
County it .
lathe. WM a merchant : :DaJn State of Florida, W.:ffevmr, 4 Wk. west ol
1 property under the Midi d'.rnfl"at.01OU" ,11I1" II:. tfi.liallvy .
** .emhracM la OBrtlflcata No painting {For "
*stir t* .alx tevt tall and weigh' ", unit, Church rifltlda C.I .
wa in tllv of L'.-
1111 The apse Atfatdo. Drivp mad.
anwMmcnt of said prop. cor
H)01111". 'J4 n. educated In
IlIu' public kchaol and the :sued arty under was In the thcVime flM Certificate*f Unknown In.,'I 1 I 1""uoV'l. Btork; 4r;"' City Ulaml lUSCELLANEOUSOltEKIl.4K1No..Pt.hl T 1 .ennw** Read. slit>

i ,....itr. of Alabama where bemoan lt It. Block ||. Trouvtll. Plat North. In the County of t>ad*.
AtI4rnerkatglnrit-bucL Hook IK, pan II In the County of tltat .f r-larlda.. an *mbr.D4 In. (Ifino .../ A DAR .t tr/. SWAP n
and tncrewlng.
.Certlttoet No. 4 M'l. The *wmMm
Dade Wat of
f any prf vlou* acting, Mpcrlenro braced tn Qertlflnat* Woridii 1'1.''.,. Ullft a< Thens.asrmentof urn- .Hit of Mid properly under the Prlo*. very ,...,. nabl.. subrrrlpilnn(1-Ooi or .4..
In college tb attlcal.. Mil > Mild nortierty under mid CiHtlKlrat* issued wait la tiltnamr Mr Bortha BdwaJM. It.dlandILoc swap nd for rlvaa cotton 10.

Mobs, It going t* shows; he sees the ald Certificate (Issued wa In of Phknowntx wood. ma oT *tar iilunUfruit .
4t four picture a week HI* the Dam of V"kn..wn. it, Blotk II City dr Miami vegetables Wn y, tmn or
"' \ .ole .11. Block I). Miami North In the County *f Pad*. hlrk...a*>
6 appiaranoea Include 1'lIt Pinto of IHnrltlii ** crnhr> n*.ch Imp, (In. Bub. Pint Hook I
"',Call*." 'Th Fair Co-d," I. its... I. In tb*:. C unlof T4140, C.rtittottl.III), ,*7ts. Th*! aaiww "BELIyour ln *ntoa *r,pat. r"< by;
otfl..N with Mary I'lcktord 1IIlal. of Florida, a* embraced In Went of Mid troperry under thesold xhlbltlnf fout mod,!l ; "draw:* WANTED ,
5'aliigle l Standard," with Greta Cutlflrat No. 4000. Th..*MFM. Certtfirtte taaued'wae In the
And Moou." merit of .atdrptStreMyruhder the nerve of Unknown. (Yf'I'J TO (' ; WAP 1t: jrley and piala' *uwIng -
> "Montana I|, Vnlow Mid Cortltlcatsihilf' he 1tj.lu1Un "* .
Paid Cvrtlflnat '
heimed"wsa In the Rranablf MrsW.
; redeemed according to,1 w.; IU 1e Voart ef tint Courtly Judg 11 prices
name et, imknown, fo .
..... ) ) )) ) )((<< << C" ... lt 4, Blork'4O. hir" Sub. ,(dead will 111II..0' thcr.... on the it HurtOwnr HorMa, .. W S*.4tr '. bloc* W.M of
171h day nf ncto"'r. A, T>. till. planets. o.l'IIlII' llIItr ('hutch, FloHdiJ'lty.
No. 1. Plat &ok. i. Pag III m n' no ::r.ot I I <
: IJateot this Sttt day of ffpt m- I
INOLE THEATREl the County nt Dad
Slat .f 4Ne
F-g. 1 I
Morldn. as rmhrated in .'bee,, A 1>. 1 tJ1. 0414. sonrt: OP "I".M:4111)X t'UI&I
liopt. IS, cute No. tOt. Th*..._ !'It B. UIt THERML To All Mtrtb&eea. Logateee. DimAll I TAX Itla'r@'ace :
Mid property nndw the II .f ovrt.oi" and Perems lt.trig ,i la hfrrliy Ui-n that A
4l THE GREAT rtflmti. issued was ta the ea"'lfIO' ? r yt OI'Ich, Claim or nrrand. 1.8"Ifl.ttalo.l V. B. Ball) holder ot State nnil
I II' Unknown ?. JeoPenn... nCircuit C Estate.You : : I('oUllt, Tat Cniiri 11* NIUHI" 'n ,I
( 0Real ) find "'wh or you sir her 'I l Iy
WJO dated liredoh day Ot Au IM'A '
lIEADO'Vrom Lotetsrid.Plot 11 o4k. "'*pt. It, Oct II-11-81 notified and "'a l'"l to. reiMil i' 1{ 1111, hits l 'l.d oil < i mi.rat

th. flit Novel ffl.t; Ir that foamy of ., (Sate NOTICE or Ai'i'iicATioN ron any clalai and .mfcndo v.t.'h! In -plop utfl I, o, 'in I hi- InHiphotWn
SOutatf Of FtortU it embraced to Ccrtlof you or .ltliir uf you may h? | fur n1iwt i,. :'Hiiv
i ,
""di ".". Hl Ic," a Laurel anal rlMte No, 4807. The nmoaament; I TAX iirnVottae ) that Willl lavlnnt the Mate ot I.'rund.> thereon In a-oidiiBc.. ..(\11. it"ILIA \
dy ('-tr I li.l Irler of lI..k.'r'
wick Realty
'rt'rirnto lerttod wa In the namof ", iiilnv IKtrlc( 0. Tix ('erttleuto.Numbered .i I, 'n (hi County Judge ol 1>a.. 'ng d.will<..''. litrrt1.i .1"1.,
,. >II,... *. Unknown : "r J5T U' 4f4 4'A: mil Costly liirlln. at him "(, le In I..* In Dads t'iunf) I I'lortdn' ,i
Lot S"+ Block t, Orchard S ibMo Ih" Court 11,110" lit MlJial.' 'wit
[BILLY THE KID"MUCH 4, Plat Bok 18, Pft Zi.t-:, t In, A U'itlttad. [:h. 1I3,111lib,h fled.1' \mid the time of the lint "bn ,,
tt. ,
the County of Tttda. of wings: Add A "Nut.tn i hit i
In atfit and hiii Ids
//I Jolly nnmtir and llortaa na rmhmn'fl, hi CeHlflntMNo pplU* Ni<>my n flNr lu? deal, I* in l I...nih.r 1 thl notlr mid claims. or it- '' 1, p**<> 136. in t i'i" ',> \U.IJ"'Jo, BFI11Y MI 4. Tti* assessment of salt! " ptO'I'
'I Moulton, ana KH Dane Woprrty under the said Ordfi- C3rtl/toM *mbna e* ta* ; |. I cnT"J As ..to':1 or ttQ'l I I Briuiniint 1>f nW tIltH riv
eater tanned was 40, the nainu of* ti.ed he liarrc I under the I Mid OnrilfluKi i...unlww
k1d1 "to'imui' e lintel" a Oanil > ( lowing described pintos sty ions o( the Clate ft r'nrlda tor'
l/nkn, .wn. | in lint counry, I,*. tn 1097.Lrated ;' M the nam of 14ttx" 'i I tila :-
l""I0I1 POP fartotmHE Alt hire Alto not Jnclud 11 :nrut wit t Lee 2. Block t& Alton l>ol your > into ConlttcJif Chill ha. i.
And Dlopkn Plat Book TPn Mar Number 1. Plat Book 4. l'.c .. September II 1111 d *md, arrcrrdlnc co l*... fix J I. ",1 l
mtoy and M'...... Nepit. 37a5itaitto.1 I ,lams I>. Hedd, BUfcutorH4nMd ,
74 In the County of nw l 11.1.ult Mate of Vlnrjd. .* 'ptbradsu' In rkirldv enibro4e4' laflmt I. F"'r1da.lil' of October A n 1041.
f '
... a ...... for lanais 1ft CrrtlflaM No, 41SJ. T".I'1, N JIB Th ; Hpt ; ".1-11-11.11: j Dated this surd day r ..PI-U,-
mon of laid ''PY'C op}r ty ,,".IIIt ,145. f.ildii>rherty, laden -'it.t'tJ.J; Nov. br, A, l>, lot .
BACHELOR said ( ittptIeerHaith'd ,.* lh "l II % bias In M.U lien K. B WfeAtBBKMANfmrk'
te'teetto4J lhIMtl f' I :
sen 1 trdrkh4wtlLet : '., of (( TO CltrnuTOiRis of (yt'caltt'tWrt. Ii
11. Block 6, 1)1 Lisle *'hfV...IM>> II. link J, P genre ef tie qe".iy Judge. I And. Cuflkly. hallos"

I" FATHER"MADE I dunk 4. Pac H, IK the OourtO *f i;Mt Hook C, ran H m thaw.'I i Stat* ef."florid, fly Jno 'r ino, i' C.
oft 'High tl'hIIrk, [.tads. Htat of Florida M aril- ',ty of &)ad.. Blot aC ninda, a J Ode r* Mutate DMoaaxtd.of Aumuitu 1"/!I Clrrnlt 'tourt ,...|.
BMBluonf Dade .
Orr :1011 m.etttimat NO 0344, Th ;embraced .In OrtUtot Ko 111 / "PI'.4. UM S-t U- 73MURPHY'S
lnaaa tblmedy null )Jc:. osrtatmftpt of said praporty onilerMM tl'0 -
The assessment *4 *ald property I all Cxdloni,, Lg.te.*. his1
1 Talking Hews tho' C..rlllo1u. ,MwslVMjnnHum CrrtfrieRt 1
: up Io, of tiaknorrh. '
wa' In the mtnr of nknown
y A \\'..."- .,.. lei.pt. n.1II ll n, Blorlc U l u JMIlit | Wlt.t.4't \1.:11I: tn """'If A. Pain ... hi the Conrty tt I Plat i Book I. PANG J), in the Coun. >You"and cool .f"o" are hHD" ty TRANSFER ,CO

Dads State of JTtorl'la, @n " TAILOR In Cellini/ N*. .a tl.. thnMCMm */'! 'rralIe4 in e ..rtWlTli .U, any clalnm and dnwatxl whit* 11'
t of mid property 1iIV'.'Jr( ...*4.* o f MM pro orgy '
I sold \ you or flthrr f pest majt h.v.' Rt.tW1t. IIf Pratt 0011100011rNssapt .
two mold OrtlddjJ* tmui>4 was, hf' vatftr the c wtIt pats lrsped AuajBtaa '. '
Mralnit tho
MAN" .: : ergots of I SS'v1w Phoue 6L3It1FMary
t'trfcn ,
he nnm f>( wA ,*> in the r.arHn f dttockeom also rhewn A. P.
ilfca. "llulf In i *," a |x%.llloBIH T Ot 4. tuotft it nt ud. Plot ,'i. l" 1f LStttefl 1 t LSe kaAww.Kpt '...., flOkoot: lagslr4f 1sTttaeuaty. i I

I., Conwdy | Airattmwvl. gook a. :zU.. In the County ft 'i 1 111811" 1& .1'".. ,,,'ltI\\lIo liutl_, Vlo..ld ,Oa..!S# ,... ..
( as em. uur jI'
bidet \ :
i ... rind. l
''I'slkhtg >i"' heated : ler'ttflrain IIIlNo. 1102' emh0wstedlifCleftltip .drI.f3: 'I.t
!'' ". ; lIlo In the ; 'Hou- attat'Aml. '
The mcnwrviunt is f "unlit property The pwswsortoenf( flI Aslb" p wsr 11oH 1, ie'1thin twelve'I Iill N1:n1 (; DALla !
; .
E-l'! IlhldaJ" +R FM.hry. t f ,0U ll.WIYim. In wiu In the name. <*f VriKno; "'n. I :wow 'n the al4 *f Cnkaowa. .1 ..n nr this ante, std I'; ,. t'yltitc1'I4tlf
lol.fc CT*!* I, ,'H' Marnat ". I. .., W. II P-lauh 4, HUn WwHno, or "'l'IIan.,. t. 4'. ...qtn toprprrntOd I .
LAUGHING ;: mtnK 0, pj** SI In Ui i PIn- JJfok t: I'aMi U. In in* ma a ,lorowud. of i .. "'IIIt'U"St 16 ANIS
'uMtty of .. ". POmefdh, ty It iMd. HMtn uf Frq r*.1il1tII.1 Ill 1 !Or bn....,. W r 'I.ap'.. KltttL.<'h t.ibI4ldfaat
SINNERS"v2 ram ,>.mbr..t 'In '1Ortieh'te Net r rnhlo",1 In \'f1tI".I H' 1.nwa of the Binto: .' Il'Ior.1 i
( .'p, 'Phan .WW Mn m i>r ".'d prop ,'plan t.e4Maletnt lOt ..'" 1' f t, twat %frb'loa IlIU'"tI. )!\.
the ...H ",rtKlntfl !,.. ::'I'M1. '
'Tfuunth'r tlrIp master ('ortlti,
likvl ram.'PawiN. ad6taokrr amiss \11" 1M nr Imamrda q f .'" 1'"WIlf
m4 slaw If tat }).n'" uf t'nfcwfer In I" ran". I'M 1I, t4W'l:1'T! 'I1tfFKJt'N1 \' 1(.
1/ (")Nel <-woMT 4IJ\4 j \ 'Vk'M Will ...r1i:,, 1h';' ... :.:co 1'. fI I'1l1.t'. U W I... r Alt. ,I.. 1\ ,. ,-, '" ''''' 1
'f.v y Yt+nilir "" 1."tWIll filix'i tIt. ties 'i, ,. ... I'd'ltternev "co. '
t }. *n oj .",,' 1 I. ',0' I fl. ..." ,1 t0udp0t ') I ,
{ r'' t itt sk l tir. ; ''A AUIt"-'n" I': .:1 t."t._. ,
; : :ii"rl": I"I. 1VIII Icow' II .I. n "' #( 7Ttkatr4 -
: i ( I i'' .i i I' r > ... \II: x fU tc i 714rt6n)i[; 4. Ulm av 'j ; -L .
: FOR ,: U i." .l.r:' I i ".11"> D X.Un i i\i'a.:: \ eky rat e5OD-in y "",, --- ---_.:...::::... .
0"7A ''l'ira soraOlo4m. 91 "on td troo.Irt h9r A. D 1331. ,. '
TW* cnupoB with One W: Jldudmisti } u.do. She ri'tt"erilfl'a' 11I, > 'In.lei 111. ; I..Jo.. I t 1FYOUNEEOft .

"n roT n' i hits or "Qt lie ,* rte 11tho. 1iI1IH .t.f 1',... ,tIR/t'EHIt1. 1f.'tr, oil ,n2ttut' I II Jlaltl.n' Won, tnA"ts ToollS'' 'W'1'Nnow. '

Ml I. I '.':nn *r Ml i n :il', u:Ii '>vrr ) 1 > Wd" ;K"11'\.'aUli 1(1.:1' itk.de lAltllM WMI :8GOTO
) iv- > tr, nn r** : 1 nt I H !li..o"O"' : 1 '1Qr Jnn o n 'I OH ]
1 i I', 'h. ..
\I"'J< .l'
f', ,3.JIM" I'le!'! 'fill.. I 1"lf"dl _
I r 'i f1 \ tt* I, 1, ; I
r a ,
Iletot. : 0010 :4 1 : "
flu- ''<.aiyvs gloats k vottf :1,1 W ':, '-lSE \ -S .- '\l\JP\ R MILLWORK DOP

; .. -,..-
( ',\ ; .f' t
t.J ,
t : a u 'r

"Mao Saw. ... ... "' ', ; ...,artW -. ia

-J .._

". 'i' l

I't t-

THE ItO IU! S '!' Ii LEADER Thursday, teeter..

graelat of Hi* ftot&Mtea CounW '
ROTES tIZARlM1 of: j i VOW anal PN"-t 4w" M 1
ttttligsad,, tH. l.. Mat\ SWieltiftdr ,:
,, Mre BUmt'
CITY GARDENS Hvwitrdna i WE'S f"'s-
Una: witneese, to 4HBdat. .f1
x. ,0e04. ,"" ,y .at tn. iiluh*?tee
? BACKEDBM&Detroit {M Oiitatent dotes. whew ther.
'i were pttt on tilt autnd Kenoe to
-- I said t. bevy asked Wire Poiwon
Ua I" the saw Cook: and fiykoe drank
Unemployed tune f, IU the date, Mr It ,
under !\ B Ag Experts; 1.1, about-..nd asked ]I.. <:}JAil.' GROCERY ,'
1 about May ft 1981, the date 'I. \
t i b Mew veoint 41 rte, in Detroit tRvy !.. I:>nd on wee' fmllur with I' ,1" .." ',I,. L
*.* ,jjto*"*' turned oVer to the untmplof.Hi .f|upon furprlMd tutorrot&tloa by '
'Chandler ... .....( .. that HOMESTEAD FLORIDA ,
*,for Him M truck gardens endsy Knee" 11 WEST MOWRY STREET .
"r t1i-< direction of epecfel lnetru tr,.1.I wee tetttnt him _about May 18, .'
upplled by the \'.,IU4 AtatM d.... Mil, (handler had te NX that hewu "
prtment of'agriculture wee ge. not at the clubhouse on that
,tree bf DP Herbert Wolf. 'dilt* M hr wee In T.il.hanw In Cash SpEcials:
.''eonneatlw .. .. ..
i!motor of1 the Subtropical Eiportwont withe) rl U tt fstat.tare. -
Button to the Homestead|, ..Ali Uodeont likewise OotiWeiily a

,\ toil Rotary Principal Club f',''lIu B. ILY.Momnteni f\to..Wolft o( witncM, annnnr to the that ewni ehe!>ipt was alleged not: on a For Friday, Saturday and Monday, Sept. 25 to Sept. 28 I

the Homestead' schools were tolled the date about, which ah* woe
upon t. ,lve. an account e.< 'Wlattll' j guest/need, / : An Independent Merchant 10 Year, of Home-Town Service
.nw and' did on ,asaticnotrOM'whtetr When the, witneneii wire un- ...

'they voeenwtydireeuo'*ed., able to give fttlnfartery anew*.. .. .- _.. "",",," -..
The only iiiMropicuJ fruit lad I t* tUe quaatloae heoekod, Keltee ---y--" -- --- U.
na.'' _it te Chicago retail. markets asked for the directed verdict. Swift Jewell ;
'\,; wr .nt..fclaokenlna tnancoee at staling that lie bad been taken b| Lard c sic:
19 fad T| cents apiece, fwi .urpl'M! with the testimony of pound-J bucket: .
,, t: _? : !.._!.! if 0 I
: i" 'Mat avocado row Cuba and ,the Mate wttneienkPrevloua ._ .. ""q
i jr a. how h lii., shriveled up )>cr> to thie. in the a liMiticn "
ulna times et five cents inch which of the jury, Weber 4e Mid to 2 2 ]bsa
:t locked their had been ... PRESERVES: zgc LARD 18c
at though have felled te lib|! a :
'I//I It1 eked lone before tneturo M they who Admittedly had formed" etrontptreooaf man L ontf ........._._._...". .....
,*,oiiUJ took like key llm Dr eooWCUUana oenoornln I
'Glf..ld. Tile mangoes were of the eoee Leader Whole '
the )ayden wrUtf and bad come ". COFFEE 15c RICE Grain. .19tJ

i mm CUM and doulh America* fc. Pound ... ... SIbs. __,.._.
.*.II.) City Clerk Gets First
.... !.;. Honimcra iHH lit spout the' Liquor From Police
',; LI'mm** ,,t f.*,bo '
kl the same time holplnff to eoni MML UUiOonly J 15
) ,
i i o.t ot the owner'*. H. told or the city clerk 11.010.11.. r olu.
: enormous wheat crops flint werefirlndnt fist transferring evutedy from the
a'tuort nothing In bin police U hint, wu exhibited It!
i home ettte ,( Ohio, irhlch he had police) court Monday night "when Flour 24OrM'r ..o 'O 7Sc l
\ visited after school rnded. Freak ffenlelr colored, was given ,+dal 0 00' !
It was reported hat HoUrlan a sentence ot II| *t Seven days by
prank skill who In ,..I4er.t of Mayor: V E. Lvlntvton for po_.>
W. 0 Horn C... hM been 'rovld- Ion ol,.llquor. ( I DOl Fine Cooking or '
transport tied. Belex: EarhtM, Glad MILKSCarnation r' 29 t's 270
{ lie land M football truck to players t* Hom the eea4 4inrhred by the ..,Colored r.u.wee.. ...... .....:..... In r Eating 5 Jbs.....
For practice on the combined the charge Of possessing hito.l.
\ Miu4 at H,m* t.nd and IledUtnderhooln. esnf wte breed on e. little liquor Tall pink Pillsbury 21 Ill
l contained In pop bottle Two SALMON 10' FLOUR 85'Octagon

r m r_ negroes, f n Hnnrle end only ............,......... Bajr .. ,....
f t Willie I Pearson were fined $7 60
COW: SUSPENDED for brlnr jlruuk end'iliorderly: i I Large Pound
SOAP 5 ONIONS ,:, 4?

i BY COV. CARLTON I Bar ...... .................... only .. ....: :..... ,

.. _.e.. ..._.. __ ___._. .'" "'' ... -_ "

r t PENDING TRIAlS Sea Food : I SUGAR 10. ,pounds 47c.I\ I

,I __ .-.. ..---.- .. '." I .. ... ... :. .. rure NO*, ., .____ .
t I (Continued from page o. ) -----.J
I epoeed of. Fresh From Fresh Ground Only
) Constable Cook together with COFFEE 22' CORN BEEF 16'
:'1)i; iitht Policeman W. H. Bilked, jr. the Waterto 30c Value ...
d Ipmwta4 sea Acquitted on

"rr.huredey drunkenness of lat bjr week directed of a aborts verat : YouOur GRAPEJUICEZ: 14'' NAVY BEANS :;' 25ENGUSHPEAS201"

In court, or crimp >t the r* ;i *-- ..
meat e< John f KIIM. and of fisheries at Key Largoare
1-ed Fljnee eneteutnt. county eo.Ilium Main In opemtloa. M
On Friday. they ad CMet we no longer have to get oar Heinz ?
f. rf police Heurf! p.tere'et Horn.: "IIo"t of Miami The tlllh ; 190 PICKLES ,29l
trt ed were acquitted< of the lta'": w. null you trout now lilt 40cTal. lb only

i f aggravated assault growing out win be, direct 'from theWater .. .. -- ,.. --- _.. .. .--. --'-' .. ,.- -- ..
rt an ,attack of Met epelt, rioHde to )011.
t r City fiim, when Cook wu 41. We brought down )24 lb. Bag only'71c
.. the ( &:
I ged te have knocked down
; Kpell
price Of flab la ,
...' nod, kkiked accused him re...tedlr Midhrkee *e contemplate Hom..tn4.a..4 afurther FLOUR) .12 is, Me sly ate
wee Of having hit
.. redaction '11th. net
r the fc.*r. with brae knuckled I future. We will appreciate J \ 6lb.bagonyl9c
Cook. Paste kn< 8yk
your business set !
I l' will be, tried In Criminal sorts "
! 1 Monday en a charge of false Imf -I Always Treat
tenement County Solicitor 1'1" a You MEAT'DEPARTMENTrB'U'TI'
f. tines win conduct the proaecutloaI1 nightSPELL'S
; i thin chart, eluo,
I b A"the trial on the share ot "
rankonoeee, lather Chandler CiOYEji iLooiior1Il.lC'

, Nfli Martlet I EK'
i AT M HURT KWUT aT llROOKI .gL'ils& lb. .' I
: E. C CHRONISTER PRONE $4$4 L .__ -",,-- ... .. .. -

Plastering hen A.W, ..flm Contractor slow 'IstHasue.ecad I I PORK M Pound 250 PORKSlIOOLDERlb.lf

I n.... I .
II """ .... "bole .

4 4 H. MAGRUDER i iI ,I I'R. BACON. :: ......diced. Zf wn, 'BACON' lb. 1211 c ,

,<' RtdClG4C11'' GIIO"$ H.oJUD.4 i ',_ Swift Circle !
i .17iC NFROAR"Y"4"21cr
( Agent lorMcntc ....
..... I*, ...... ,
(. Pumps J


r %! Agent for. .
f mg .___.._.______. 0 (


V4 /

i .,
Y %.L lea ... 54,4 t4.i,JV', 'h W'Ha". V A CfyNay tyQpgep{ .r wnpyy1E
ll' t. '
{ flitwis. .Y d ry

The Homestead leader
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Title: The Homestead leader
Alternate Title: Leader
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: South Dade Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Homestead Fla
Creation Date: September 24, 1931
Publication Date: 1923-
Frequency: daily (except sunday)[<1926>-]
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Homestead
Coordinates: 25.471189 x -80.468122 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (June 14, 1923)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1931.
General Note: B.E. Archer, editor.
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--... .



'II. ; 't( ., .A.1' .
1J '': ":I "' .. ." '4"" ,

,., """' "',I/:' ; ,h' 'ai1' :II\i'' ""5... ,* i.. .. .\ .' '" ,. f \ ,, >>'
''' '' V III .I .,.. it
'w't! I i ut; ";4'' ?f'al.; \1U1.o: !! r1 a ,C





11' Ma. Jq .f Plans ApprovedATTORNEYTO ] 26 BOYS FROM1IYOSCNUUIS S [)() :.

,..., .. ; '_ .
ffl''ift" ,: : "; "
; \ Fletcher Finds First ,Real -tRest?: > ji

: i ti. In Year I on Redjand\ "District'V sit MET ,PONCE' DE LEON HIGH'' r,

DRAFT LEASEjocrnfsrre Duncan 0. riel;H.r, 1I'1..w. hilt tut wyion .v *tlutny ended
[. solder momb: of the Unite j with a .b'bII..111 *-<"ritl ttf '
O flute Inhale twllvvon that One' IUIIOIMIUtoO, Kv." nF thai Hacklcr Itcfijjrns Post j Hudson Silent but Smiling
'I, r.m.Jy fat .'nftiipl ont M .n- ho ,seat Ibo people wore toM that
t: : .mptoyarewt/utrxrene. .wolvlI" lily Prbsporl1V sl, M 'U1It rounl>> She :Of Local F.: I' 4 Manager Confidently as lIe

the wjrltm.n'. oompftDtlOI\" (<*,ner" still wone urged to bay oil .. PlansLineup

S\ *ortlydltir\ \0 a,speech Us toad oJ' toots could In order to oti"ourn(" Rumors gloat thr h 4land Irls-

I -- the H.lllwtlloj4 (t"> uir wk' l't (MWopwIt .VvovU folea-ed' th, trlot branch of that (riuHdit Powrr
... .udltorturh fn r.etpp0enr 4vtc. nJTotollri.l.Mt theme"el SECOND GROUP MEN
1jondor and tight Co. I* U have a, ago.
rk' Council' Accepts Report + Itip' lntUtlliuf be thefgltundA1flniript Ih'J ln,,?ullmrnt plan until to. manager' were couMrnmd It) a TO PLAV AT START
Of) Engineer Specie 'PoonlC>C..th3. .Club. ..tl.t.be! MiUllmcnt. 4obM fit, tilt telephone In.I" bin afternoon

: fkations' }"het duce 44,,ilea without ,.1\ People fit tbd 1'nltod niche. total by .\ P. Caldwell,
t. ,t. 1 "., ; ,. ,I", vs.rd'aeileb.a' ; ft Won phonnrad .t.trsres rtn. hllllun *>"n.f.. his amid, 'of .lbs .v.n>i>nr.. Mgr C.I4' Coach; td Give Nearly AH j

; ;gayoa.."' !lr.IaIl r;..\lirrival'Istit. 'Now mac* to II bllltan 4"'4l! rf" wall, sold that Oj JT. Ha.V IlI.l f, 'WM f': Players' Chance at
1" :: .,f'I'M RESIGNATION dumrlt\''iJ' nct'jIiIrt'; wecst.n'hhs ailed JM senator. "W IU I/. rot ',!hu been manager *( the Actual Game
3 a FINAL.SKILL SAYS """, t, of :Mr. all4 pieced' llvf. douse tight east brunch allies. it* v 006MINIalk01\ ( I"

!Mr Luther t'hun-r| Poll purbr .$soft other sit the wr front New nearly five irwni are, *.", "t..detne

" > JVllh, end t leap" solo Will"'(oil York to Kay West foe Would have .4 and Abut nor CR.B4li former i When the >t 4kn4 t>h>trMi Amf. "

iM! I Accepted by Council ; Va- .t the teoie oppolatod forthe: ,sofi..toei u billion" doU r.," ...il.tnt to UK Mueller, 11ad bears bell squad! pitt ..onu 4* LAO
Must! Be Filled "Pf" ch but 4... ; the"J' MA, Anothrt chrinkut* .1.., *}*..\I(*,- ', placed l Inpherg. t.mpatwrily._
t ; cancy IIdanot. H. W",,' lntro r at Early pat l4 h<>r,,irrd)1I1" itenlerrwrr .r-
< I'. Uobf1rbl. awtntiiM ally 1 1180 broutht the total( Mr. Cha"ell' tied bees .
. r attorney> tObalnatton fr.ln the un ".petlutatop tranf.rr4 to Ulamt *n M* da, trno fit *:.(!, t( will haw B

n. oily \lrlnw'i' repo"on 'bNnat44 rUHclhtr ...Iet that hllft .. ertlf.'tO 11 1 Wiibiti; Oolkuw. of last week. but a {.petition fliwi.Ut rotator 41t'f. .Uy.(% t.crwlt4 (MiniHonict
then did wet \\011lt' all Ml the dopre.edon 1'I.' "tol' rl.'clM' ..J th Uiiji kn4 peelftMUaiii Mail 1141' blew
nn the lie,..ubllcuai .*w Hi* real.'moneyIn the world only What* the breach, hHdqvut .r
,;i.j + ,,,p4.\el&l1l\:! arke,$: plAi.fo"nl di4 told theft .reeipea lbl. Wf t>n- *iilonm ,to ,Vx)( t i* bl""..B dotM the ne-. Poorer sea tJrllt C*. III\JIp'oJ"\ : de':J-t .bat Is 1611.1. ..itbapPoo.

:' '1 ,( ld..t... ,t.at.d be Ml\nl l p iJ.),rop'f"1 Clo..II1I.QI' of lucid,tnr.Mt :! .c..t".4 pll, pate ,.",,1\. ta Ssefatd Zpseltt.4 dot file Pesiooa.wept i lJ'{M ) 19I"'j '.f.w 4w N

. \If .rl-f tlD'b';: / !tIIt fiend iter :: there. crn.4 I. 1t6tninlr I file eatilf. hut 444l'

; .: "plain! ."woo" *_pt.4 bt the eity 1 ffiLDUP IN NEGRO Business It Rushing -- ------- "tl'le.ltr\! th .hl"I1.. ,he'rt.eU'' '''

U |a/lJOlAl'7\od/ \ n)'tlln. 'For Avocado Exchange big oath tap rho"opottthl .

i ;=day flight, and the 'i ttwn.yuthwrti COOK SUSPENDED terO gtat" away

;tray to proceed withdrifting SECTION 2 WHITE the rout teat hit greatest, ......t. .rot
Jl1ll11n. ill rushing or tilt
4oll f--' 'CARLTON
I of the r"'rld.11(1..... am.- Pin'0kaag. ,! BYE GOY WM hat th* boys should not II" i iKoup t
voted to .
J which tbs eeunWK to .;
y give the lBBify'hitrtM. Ohitnb MEN TELL COURT,! ..'yiytth $.l /nt11.Jrf 10'111 I aw.ur4 Yhrsdet'A /

e. at CommG1'N1wMrh will '1 dbrapirin' Prices for PENDING TRIALS 'ttJIMf talc 0' w' ou4roup

/fcjxmto the nmrlut. ...., r.;"vend the ai C..hoi. eomplUtion from II to I'I'r I mn who will \start trnm*
At thii rnirtlnt 'Will ...t- C sh"mc"; ticfEven Shoes cUrntllt.hlnll4 things are looking ItP for the lo-,41a i rC''iii olIo'llo. 40
I, lolirneg u 3yMa49titt. ., Alleged Stolen EarlySunday I.,101111I4"01:11): *aft ta Harold 2 sar4Ma to lh' fO*< h iKurflvimon
Acquitted Charges
'::.)itPIF,. aw ttl If"; Councill I.I.i : on ,
i I r' ***%%a.I se* "Frsk! f1r.lU rsprited thata Morning I i Doll I1lano.or. i Constable to Face b'e..,.,l.f ,.,,,,. "dolph ua..raan.

ill V pr. J. A.r flnf.Pi .1IoW "",1(1'1"t .---.- I I nban nvoftadoij win. b<> with ThirdMonday 100 tad'' VII'J. I I. ft
"' m..tIn ': >. for imothor Juiinth, taut tooOhtpmentd RdMcOurr.h
the Bill center
HOB WM road at previous On complaint .' t W Cornea. .rd. MiOnmiMI'
I' M..ijjHffiiK smaller and -
*, hud stated that b" would not : Barnett
tt. wiHAieft eight ;
and C. Booth. HomMtoflrt 1mm."
the Mr. l>
t quality .
motion e/ 8i pmlM Mr Oerwtailfl H M.Cook'
1 <<
reeeissidett his,, act.Ion who. Il *e4! that they hn.1been I set 4M,. ." thr., 1 'tpylur, right IctJo; Hi>l.nit Tl,
by Mr. Bkttl, t>,. Bmtth', twliw.lion talor4 Of Motnoate.d an4
bold Op ,in Florida City -
WM *.e.M4, Tjh* CherierId' other indicted" eonmnbltf. IB Oa"' I:Soft ri htn4; win ifown/th.
; town *t three o'clock B"n4uj '
t i provides that the CoBJioH hll mcrnlng van rotit,, d of. onset ..41['III Citrus pj; iPtI' County rnue theft etnuin d in OovtrwicCurltoB l't"f rrenewed i quatt"'k ltteert 14.11 right
"St from
,te et "oelll', to till the ,.oal\e' Other ealgdb/I| + hii-Iudlng theshore In ( by . ." : alt '.a ..hf date MAIN' hat ot Conner, iWntprtt Operation Here Now either late l rtk ararly i Oat al tosapb.lb Muho"It.
w, I"
v this Week *, b '
Th report/ . .,', ",,'0 t*' That CVik rVcctvc bid *\Al' tote mlnut, n/ti*
will begin *
that :
\,Nor 'ZJvlnmton' ftoomimtndatlon! fuel MUH on;>; Charge .( ,armed. ; ,oiled"tor fotiteirx east' I
.. .
the .h'lttt'JI fMmllleJ'O ttUU4 robbrys following hearing li.rorjM Iota> prarticnUjr, *H ot the K.d- pension' fetter1 MbtOrtkty or playing h. stdrt.eb Coach liddsatbt.,
In*. rcl4 bY tilt tit,.. M "con-!, .H" "flat J'.ute A': W.. Agnes( lsldf)'attlat OItrus. .41kI1l'' hbawewere |to "dl.-.4 b, the fwt that t>*, did not My What ibis first grout
v.rt.4 ,Into JaIl toots for dartedprlroocne 711edq meal Jll. ( lilt operation, In wK.,to J>.v* inf'rm l, pathos lnap.! ,..ouM bfl, but tb* remainIng -
r p offloervi. .not "ompl.lnm, Citneaser || M...' on Ute roster ors.
'ii' wild ordered flied when Y"Italipnd:' Cltrue
Another h'lfro. Kmp No p (lrevrnl a Asu e
all. allieied .
In AUrlrn.Ourd
that Ito could not art rlIltt.'A..t.
t.IIat11I0"1 a "qulr*
It co.! found whom the white man mid obey f Union .urt 4 sit this ,rtwrnoon '
... ,
title ,.ho"-all" .1IItIO!: betgre.h.deybreak : .n ClU,o 4 Campbell lire'eat
+ abort 111Xfor the project ON *.,*iit4rf fc vlnn. boos the rl/lf- road VIII. get out a f.r .f t+ea''tkl .
to?..,.lIJodal the' present late, to .. Mill at Week, iJ".ld. Growcri, In''W; gander InornInt.Wt. dhMtd
l4ool the !lold.! WM rbt i .
Cook who Mt tot T lktbMw hwbcrtil, Klrntrf
., ,'. ,IaliM \. Taekl**- ;
carry. .U_111114 J ay largo yoeteMiy enor having beentaken fall! tiwin, w th ,TMgtaapet( ..rihlppMI Wednesday In eetsMalywitti Sullivan, Marvin Ch.... J'.lpOOm.1I.
The .lery' ..-dIn"111 wee Pass.od into' .CII tedy by deputy .l, lit if nln.' al'il taforo I..oit Ferreyrd. his .ttOTi<*, i .
"' ,. '. : 'ItjI smal pasting *flat all 101111111447 the :tweak I* out, 11114, silver>Pellet io
\ 82141ttft WailedC010106,11
/ wittdl l ulfllM'Hov lIOuioi not b.rtwrh.d ; ; 1......,. llarvta Prorusipe
'r,J omecdtnent'i nreastng! the Oily at- sod ......'..4.. ?.r ,balD, 4iM tlOB. 'Cltru (lro w,r.. Ju.o pttb11' oat' ; /uMk .
far utateiient. QII1I1bt11.QII..rt..NOj.
tom", '. katerf 'to 1100 month 114 .( th< Honimtd. ponce Ml- 'Ole ori.vel'eOf.. IRsnk'lltu:- ,blptp.4 of' the'Peace*A. W. Jones said ..I ....AnNl ."", +rH.Itlwrlrlan
bad been aarrted. It wait. point*! ; about throe .tal'il from \I hePPleeeda .11II614 .
that 'b goveraer'v letter MvUInx, ttaKrWas4bite
."!I' oat that the heat, lanai duties "Z the hearing Co.ntr pod. ,!:stt'r'a', ,! ..YetISterWe' tBut Ut. *nt..bl*. M tat .bt his' Berl ttr.n b.

p 1 'se.n.4ted with bond slits made Ith Booth -thl', that *\\'ttuIl4.\:\: tretvael! pearlian4al' ': ''i'' e'r" : .fJJeW <4 ty untir iit\t't'I' the i utility nian.-PCIsl ,,-,.
jV .. : elf} attorney Goulds chef had r 44 ,
that the .t :
h,. tJ1lt.v. Inge \1- kDixie 'tthkrvw gJiwt MA'II.'.* tenCanUttuot I Mullln goals, Omnrh aped
be Owen milpmUltft'aUolI abe,, ,;tons <. tb* Irlorida, CIO Repro Drug-
#, "nro14front IIn" to take '-1'J'' ,time ''q1l..ntMl U look dp that! **.". Makes Morel' ( : ta 1'1I11j\III1t\ ) 'flllolOfto woo sold too have perad whlrh
t. Arrharrasina
.1 kit iwlvtW ftie&t a.,Jutadle,I Kemp Halt*" 04'f....* fiUfcd todg Improvements\ in Store ( .. 0.- .'1: might WJurlwi l'flf,oBii'Wiial' nt a 1Ia.JI
u the city ,.!tetra, : : i some" plowing-ter Chia ),(on- HuntSnf Ltcensfti Can V., .
,. i ,. ,. Permit t.mP6tat tram.r Meet >n t,' ok. 914'arrival fiI'; "
e K toy a y. Thy the Kn-
.r ; PolloiSg the eompltttan ot esot [ Be Obtained at Home's. With eaellltoall- of City
," .tiI id.l4Ia. wear imsttp4JM ta the ttord ** -*( "'* toilet B4WIM Hook. t'1otlAlI Hud-o
r '}" 'ft.II..,.., wm ben Mt xdu, t'geattt glace and 4tahugbay. woe ; K*" *n4' ritre rtct huntrtit A4 OVA come at hit boy were l.,Uf"
'pinld seltr"'. -u. stand.A1o1hWpttlATVltt"Jll ia'fsrod to .how thoal 'whore Kemp'I wiled 1iytftrug I I' aft ri ...... hero the trwK stopped ...tIB tolled beck th5 roil &a t* life county Jtt4 *" Office the *
--- r. Sego, gbtr. week boa" sheituetallettoe In Miami for hinting bloomer- held Iota;-atilssrw ear" Tbwtrd aoerer
'tn"nt dtr.u.a *( the Bijrro thotprsmrltui JuB.Cliwn i kit baste .......tll....1 sold
,, of' oIIIIII1IJJ| U thank gklll of W 0. Horn O>? ,
whimq. aaJ4, 1If'erll'
,J..;,l8bi ecend tarpon was ,aright, tai of the two rr mere w betide u* .tt unit which. will extend nmi..i4. Las town gives, a IIU P-I thlilK t w IiJ' WM, he 1" ** ]>*

;.a idegler nw iho Cttt ..rOPo"in :Vonit,..* with a gun ,lu' tti hand th. .fountain, W total iicnmh' *{ PIg tit 111'11_ blanks. 'IIn4 .tl\Or.1 In 1111..' to'turt'tb* semi Ko..P.'

yetood.y, D .11. ,nHit soil.. to least "1I iJr. *
sad tiler othr<< tnadtaWnj f't ?
low .....". ..:k."." ., With the k Ut bM rf'"t his< teeek, Thai aigre aeagadioe be" tai.wt .+ Too dove .1101I. wbkh etarad.i FTIncliul L. tomtntr. In bee
'. .7 olt 4rLdaatdd''.try .tn* Initial 9 M robr It, Will/ kw* 11,1111New, tart* paut.aero> i trigsrodmb:1
, e'lllh ilia loft. !' > tINt retiree t. ty wp '
onpaerlaid 'I 'heelball
:: ; end thd'wimldnd the hrdttriOrw
"L \built tehatsttrl.' JIll II"1111II.1,1' : treat hint asd .Tt 1'eg tear into. tdsWurd) ,Zoltleoaslid : 10. 1I11."AW !
fj *_ 01 1 4j1'-t.' : 1ns4441oW ::' ft his! *h M *n: :'J'.1ft ,uk folk bad they bays Foe Mer' _.*a 'wUlJwt onto Jf''''.''. let UJ1.tI bsl alr..4t rod 5'541
r < i..1' III it-04,11 tl1!il-n *..,r. th** the
,t ono HtHit. tin dotes :
somphmottta thrMpmijity tWf
to! fha!. iarpblY, they over ftlkf WHS bt* hit, A!solved 0. r eo .
\ hrigcht t.ojj. $ M 'ryti+Stt eia ftlCkllltl anal r law; ot'Ateaaltng'tu.'! of the M *. from other $0. .Afto" t.\IIJe pent.ha .". ... br* Wilt fl.. LDJ'btt/tJI.II\I: 1104 41 011wort'

-. Pa aaara, ,:r I tCiOt3o4c4: 44 Iraoia 'Two) MOM in the drib bdoIas+te. .got V)64 ::1t gbaftll tphtlMM-IJ,

; Ji .. iii.

" .. ,U .
., '
soy 'r' ,'r ..nr ,,t .k;, 1K
.t r .- .1.,11"\; ; '''"'

Y'.fih'y pk{!v '..5t ., _. ..._ _.. ..
... .... '" -. "\ '- - '07

t y Paw Two THE HOMESTEAD, LEADER Thursday, September 24,1931 Y6

t Illirn jtovn railroad, .roMto* The UrMI 'lit* IM WM |MHM. t*e or. .... ,. "
1 WIN NEGRO. II I of the in" were Rat Pad tI,air rout .* faa..... aMo to tame .1
..,. P. J.
rails tea*. H* fend mimeo Flops,a ewlnraMtiK ta ibo M alItr
and !IU.....tf Mm 'M kttvr met door pool on the 1"cbtreder" estate h
t Conner: Mid heath M4 a Met was til* principal rwircuKea, /
,...... drtviwi through the m ttreeerdoa'tn Its wnrtvod' %ilvr TELL COURT ..__.... Rottertsartlot until Tuesday whom Mwaj FRANKLINPHONE
IM had the none* of a numb .> escorted to, .ritual by Cliff I
,j .*fro*. who, Md beet M the tUodor. Miami city .ammlMnn.
eatw.that mut'tthpx. (ton Wilson sued ko will'* wkUo Ie'1
(Cautioned rom io.. Oiw j!treats o
$ttooo wen Mum treattooth/ *ndfk notice caked If they esinld .w. Miami. | No. (01 1 1Ne. WEE DELIVERs |
seethe 6107 of the hold-up mom Moro senator rtettlim has grovel 'a.I
lira* M the track wort dashed
LLUsht.. ." en .n FIo'i\...,ajf bows lrMa la the Hmiand !
And oboesattlen eotta "II.* elf IIOM'JjTtA) .*+'f.ORltA
') Y rwcdt.f t, the .........,. tilt* *at tdar lrf K iI'tU' too* which Mf CWa<1k". who ta press. + ,
, itusday ...._ 44 trouble ee.. the dent ol OouMa Grower, lace,
Th MOT*** pleaded net 1'111&1I
I Irterida ranee a P.lght C* ((nab look attpc. FRIDAY, SATURDAY and :MONDAY
In rote.
but offered M gatherer it
and.. o. arcavnt of the darkness, 1I 1a 1t f
"tto/t of the Jhilrsva No other.tOoDKty ftba no ...... they amat oort, CASH SPECIALS
MnMt W.N.put es Uo *Uo
,believed eras a yoimt
tort the use
Sheriff Coleman nljteonday I
6 t that M tad been cant to,prate she walked with a toolOoronlmo .
wU that Kemp Hop
;, 4U teihmtl 10**tile** the chortiTa ease otnoo following..haodjhr *,."........')to that ttta.htptlon and "COMBINATION SALE"MAXWELL

\. rule
kit that MM of 11.14eha.Florida. CHwho..., tokortod -::!I I f questioned" WU closet, Eased? but at not home put and..-I' HOUSE COFFEE lb 25c

At to biro by coaxer sad dot W" ;*.rter"when the deputy
Booth, woo Mrlou enear"Vast"sty Sheriff corns Ctorontn* took hint, i iI I a
i* IvrlMIctlOB. I i I I I to the JIOet'Itp una Kemp web taken with purchase of
to tko Homestead police oUtlOn
Mr enter> aa)4 loot mightjh.t
$ while k.. would have for qu*tloBlti '. ': (floronlM rtBuUnod ,
4HrpkMi4 the fchwltft" offlo had 0.UW In the deputy-it car i 1-4lb.l\laxwelllIouse Tea for .25c
It |.. boon sonnet tire!. -dtt tor I:War tto assisted Mr Coleman in :
.;,1 4 tfco nil should to to Night Pollco- ,greeting tk to .agrees who were I, Specials
eras W H. HrkMk Jr., .l ,bound over to rttrl.J telU't '

? ... ROUND> Ik Oft-
,|n.4. (4. him"' by Mr CO".... 0.- : ---:--- 1.9c
jfonlm* Hid k. woo rooted from I i Fletcher Finds Rest I II STEAK U\ Butter
k.d *t a o' >Joclt Sunday Naming District J2_
I I I On Visit to
if Cfewitr add North he MMfiM
+ .? tad boom hold up aad nklM4ty ---- i ir j lb 25c YU-HT CLlll (Guanuile*.!)
BACON .. .....
three *.cr M. OcrtiUna asked ; Mxwilaued from Man OM) BAKING POWDERS )lb. 22c
their had not reported the I r I ---- .
Eey hmn.tdtel*>r, and they Mhl .." ho added drily BEEF .i +
; bad rlnt repotted !0 thelt I,I 1 The speaker. sold ka thought' ROAST _...., lit. I 15c GREAT 'NORTHtnY:
o rtpetedt Polka station, there!:;there was too mack manor tiN va I '
they were advised U> pot .tal touch 'k automobiles la tfela _lit..,.. I Ir BEANS (dried) .. ... ... 4 lose 25c
;4 with rbnabte Cook. r r \>j>hAwA are OK.Aaa.ata *.>*......I II PORK O IL 25c ,
Cook told these, that h.. would Mine ta no M the tatted Mute.', RIBS .......... *".
set go ...er the Una btcaaoo h(I'I bo old and .t .B average value DICE (fancy grain) .... 5 lbs. 19c
: bad |ulIt hfoa wopendod, Conner of |l.l*. Par eat If bUHon dol-;
I t I
' icW Ooronlmo se too hold-a lace Is tko people's aa( nibU* la- Ib 3C
i \ ftcilm wont back to the Kouwutoud -I i I weetmeet. To ten these ,* ,*(* FRANKS MEAL 5 Ibs. only 15c
..fIOD.rt.1 1 .. . ....
ti !. Police eon their swoon moot spend ----- .
lid iw occurrence |. the 'three to four bllUoB dollar each r 4 tiro rya !
'1f :- *tnc* in Miami tr c.I Ohorlfr'l' Year for was md upkeep ho poInt.' Field's
Carl A.
was Informed that a deputy would .4 out H* believes. that throe. 6 CANS
bo aoat dowtt right ....,. Comer four and Mo tr. to the. family
told QoronlmoO I* v --ordain the Industry tad that
.IDI. dressed and seat to tbo money should bo diverted In- Sanitary MarketIn PotfdMeatl7c :
t4Io scene .atCIIO' ,"".. U other channels where It vW l>*
a gin* 01(301'1 oe'tq, bGM..j ton *.vly dltrlbatoiL. 'I A. & P. Store I
\. th. Homestead Use tad flrMtor Fl..trh.r "W *h*& *. II ..
o '**M at the nov1ds'City colored],the guest or Mr and lira ChanO I
------ : OCTAGON SOAP 5 large cakes 27c

., i nflllllllllnlJlU!{ { ( { {{{ {IUIlUIlUllIlIlIIlUJUlllIlUlUlIIlUlUlIl'mnlUlUlllllIIllIIlI!{ {! {{ { { !@ lllllIllIlIlIlIIlIUlllltllIU1II1IUIIIIUlliI( ( !( :; n.nm1'1"8WSUING.

I! POWDERS. 8 Pkgs. 25c

= FLOUR (Pillsbury). 12 lb. bag 45c


IiI COFFEE, fresh ground lb. 18c

3 pound I
._ '.< Crisco
=1 SSe
can .
.. 51! e

Don't be; pursuadcd to use inferior seed potatoes,"Wyom'ing 51 I .Free' Sugar I or Cream Set

"/ fi certified s seed has led the field for, the last four years. i

Ask any ,drawer that has used this l ,seed and he will tell you, PEANUT BUTTER .1 lb. jar 19c

"Wyoming teed for me." It :yield* fifty bushels more per I'

, i acre than any other teed. a SALMON ( fancy pink) ....CanlOc

m And when planting potatoes remember that REQLAND 'I II POTATOES Irish Cobblers 10 Ibs. tic

BRAND POTATO: SPECIAL -s..s with 200 pound of i I .
CABBAGE (firm heads) .lb. 4c
.,j I Manganese Sulphate has also led the field in fertilizers., I .

i Get our new prices on this mixture. ,T'. :5,
,, = ... ( .,. .. {j' ,5:1 .5 large
I Milk
: .I" l lJ -27t
I ';:::1 cans ;
0 a 9 a 0 .

. : i i H Florida East "' Coast FertiliZerCe, ,"Ii BREAKFAST BACON sliced lb. 25c .t;r I

fl' ''';' LAMB SHOULDERS *. .. lb. 17c j


Brand Fertilizer ; HAMS Half 01 Whole .. ..... lb.2Qc :1
.Red/and ,I ; :
.. 'Ii.. = ,

ilANGA. lvSJJ 1>1STJUBITO!&,';" "PUONE No.,1,5liiiiisr.isii'nfifMfficiyHifiiiifnuf" 4 aeiBAlLARD&BALLARDBLUE 1

',. '. .... I I 4,. "" ,

s 61.. S.20c 12 WR 39c 2.1 LBS. 75c

jlillltWl; r! l II r tlUC'mnIHtut .i r.umliljJm s {f { {;illd {{{ '! "'' ; ...maws.-- 'I _wnaar o, r

"I "" ,II'...JJ.;"!. .!, : ,I'flfl!!' 11Itl111"; ,! { 0:' ._- _'_'" ,

," }I' '.. _"" ." ,. .,., '1"." ".......:: ,'.B ',...,L ....
,' ,'. ,., \ '" :'tIi.; .J; 'J' :'" '"., .-- ......,'.. ,'" ;":

'"'' ""1' M l/ir
: "Irn
.._.. ..,_ .." '" ". .r 't-'Jf" ,.

o ee


.Thursday,. September 2't,193t,,: -. ">*''',' -. THE HOMESTEAD LEADER PureTb.ret'- .. } :

I.,.' enfant. TIN upper CMMM* think. ore.
Homestead High School News I that the freshmen have their *e_ ( -
Fttdaf V* .. n. w* heave *4&tint >
VEDBYTNTHOSUAND __ __'____'_'_,_'__. ___.m._'_ ditch" lust a little hitherWedMMday foolbatl>(am or the season
BT Imt"', HOUAiMvrr / i win b* with ui allele Pete year I < the ;:"._ wit' the It U t* b. played l with hllIt..
etbint has time Well .t ***Manc* of the fnwlmx',, decor- Leon .* our CtM W. N..M tl+,atvaryoeo
school this week Conflicts have I !the eighth trade: agvfeulture! sled the assembly hall with flvw- In ton "III..... ,it rye

INn atralht.ni> aN colonist smoothly In : plot On Pr o Tow1' bloflt for: ---
Grounds spite o( the fact that mm tw Melt rMm'W nil year.Ubon .
to Be 60 Per Cent
till bane lend (trim, tUft hflomnrvrythln \ --
Larger Than Area of ,dM v*> K* thud ", at. ,puhep kaa bn, *, li. in: KROME AVENUEGROCERY

Last Year with an attack *t uppendlcltiJa' but
Our nw teacher, Mr I. n.
w* hope to M* Mm back In school
Ce plnnd, who" ban the math
Miami, September, il,-Unuewuumberii r nmrt week.Th .
"Classes stilted! earlythia week ntaklBf <
at visitor have TloweJtho -
sit math rejoiced for now .I
million dollarmprevs dent coph report thai they an
Instead of lounging in the ttftant
program Under wasp at Hl,.leab till bearing| wise crack Mid n
i, hall
spending the time In ntwdy for One WeekFri.
part during the past reek, *ocprdlr.it they, are bu y.Tumday numerous amount nf Joke fromthlr Specials
to Jame H bright MO. teacher ]eta: HndMn. during
rotary ef the Miami Joefcey Club. --- the home room Period, but during ., Sept. 25, Thru Thurs., Oct. 1
mernlDf we had a pclal *
Least Bunduy wa vlaltor day and olaaa niMfclnir tint knowledK*
checkers at the two.: park .,,. assembly| fop''. pep me1lnt, .
trance canted ill care' .blob 1 Mrs Hudson gave a good, 'poppr Th Junior do not seen, to be 'NO I.ITt-: SACK..tge w
brought sightseers talk on *|M>rlaii" >a uli1p.: and then
to the
4 Inspect y.HI"iy this week, but they j6-LB. sack .... .. 21c
prefrea. being mad at the new I l I some yl| were gives for both stilt held their ,reputation of being I FLOUR '
raclnr plant project 11'01'1'or I coach /and, t MiamI. well noon do th lr duty In

1 Many,900 people of the expressed estimated crowd surprise of 1 Wpdneeday to bars the we H wr..". 1.all O.surprtsed Ulinmi. ,ln, th*' frethmen.e -. RICE fancy whole grain. 4 Ibs. 17c '

i at what has been _omplli>hd with on. He was treated withrhr our boy d* their beat 'Inllllt'l
during the part ten week of the << by the student body for hewait
I the Cavalltr Ticket are
]MEAL Juliette SS. .51bs.15c
building program track officials pleasantly) remcmhfPiJ from sale by the Mh' school ,
aid. Work I* to continue up tu last year> Jla vav a splendid
"""; ;
time for the la tnaut to ar in hi*;' talk on On Tuesday ,irnlor elected
open of Miami. the
Ibs. 15c
.. .. W he GRITS fresh stock 5
raring season In January when the m hn < hops' that class fttoen. Anwl Harrow'I. .
completed landscaping plane and 1 present. Allen Welt, vlce-preel- '
added fa llltl'-* will comprise a Wench" style stables, "f terla, dent Ethel Hooka secretary and POTTED MEAT 3 CANS 10c '
raring plant Mitt to m* the finest shower and locker"Mom buildings. treasurer; and Bill KcConifelt. ,
In the world, mule barn, Rir*** aM. equipment class reporter.All .
The park area I is lift? per pent kulWInira for ground maintenance PICKLES *..'" llIt'li. 26 oz. Jar,t25c
bttver than last year due to acid. I Cnmplotlon' *f the tow of the seniors seem to be relh
tnt of new aercace and new .ompartm.llt stables for raring er elated over the fact of then
,,"IIt/lm/ 'Includ the remodeled hone U carpeted by October' newly acquired superiority In the CORN FLAKES Kellogg's 2 pkgs 15c
grandstan4new! \ clubhouse, low I toth. They will accommodate high ichool put who could blame *
admlnlntratlon building, }4 new I some 1440 honwa U ne\ewry. thor? Bo naVt'beeu all other
DEL MAIZ CORN .. . Can 15c

I SOAP, Octagon .h. .. 3 Bars lie


While I CHERRIES Can 1ge
"ZERO;: I al Ann* ,
1, ; SPINACH Foote's Best No. 2 Can lOc .

County Voters Will be Called Upon .... PICKLES Sweet Mixed 6 oz. Jar lOc .

:>,'., to Decide a Vital Local Question. You Oweit

to the County and to Yourself to Become COFFEE, Orange Cup. J Ib. pkg. 23c

Thoroughly Informed Concerningthe

Question: TOMATO KETCHUP larf Hr4n* bottle* 21c I



\0. .

_. :What' -benetlt has Dad County derived Her than one million dollar ..'.lItln.fl'Cl' j LARD, Bulk ve getable Ib.'lOc'

racing What can the county and its tfpended. this summer In improvement

.people.expect '6f recent Jn the ",..future at HUI ah Park. The entlr* >>t' L-"' benow PARAFFINE Gulfwax Ib. pkg. lOc I
does racing affect etch of _' economically lag rebuilt topca>44*, the tint* racist!
f What I* the moral effect! ? plant toAmerlca. Work was. Started "rly1n Fancy
', ONIONS . ... .3 Ibs. 13c
How-will raclnr affect taxation ..w.- th* summer and has been pushed toward Yellow .
penalty would pad fJoOntf pay""forrieiratlr ," Its omrletloa with all'powlbl* haste In
'reault In the referendum f How .fc\.to be prepared for 'th*
much racing should b* permitted How .{,l The enterprise was started and son-

dooe'raclnf affect the tourist teaaonf Who .tinned by the Widener Interests In the CHEESE 'D'' am lbe 21e : ,
g et* the tourist dollar nod. bow t*',"It fury belief that Pad* County people arc j
dltldbdramong the turloae"enterpri\ ; ; *** of conC'tont et the traportanc of raring to Streak -
WHITE BACON ? :: Ib.l2c 1
,eommunjirf What doe*' racing mean th* eommoalty dad that they will vote loth
to0labort.-- ref..rendum, for .the beat'lnteretrt; ofAli WU Dl.U\KU Oil MTlllDAt .-
the and th* elate at tart ,
oouny *
of than and many other ClII *tln tvNryJwtee I.

should answer foe 'blmwlf or We ,urge that "thl* eel-le'of' Informntlv fi 11II1IIllilJllllllllllmHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII{ { {!{{ 1lI111111111111111{{ {! { !
trraelt'b.forer cutlnj I a vote on October
be' Ii
announcement parstuny're-A.,?Those
.tff TTbai 'daeia li'pade ,
County 'Zero
who are. *umclentl; Interested ,In theirprol i I
Hoar Never 'hav* Pad Coney cltlmor. Privacy
: tellers ..4 the'future ot this. !i .
e aeau bad..a ,Important deoWoa to .
w Community to bee* their vote en a care i

,..I..- takes ".e ." .- .. 't' M stud/ot the, altu.lon will, ass,believe" i I. Complete privacy and sure protection are

*. :That Miami Jockey Club".pera&e4.tHJa find tbe** ..au.ulll'l..nte."tll1.. N* i
when rent of safety deposit
one our
> h.p rk.under the 'IJ'tOtIQfI'of Jo* voter eaa\ expect this matter to lie decided. i yours you

" 1 .. f Bj Widener l ,"wta; during "th. ..d' three, ) t* bit, *w.. vetlafactlon tanlea .. takes an boxes.
i w<%>t.ji pubU.h 0 setae of fact and data Mir* part by voting *n this' tarn him. !

t wllirf Should be boefultd Pad County Hit and grging Coke friend t* -do, like.voles I j
The rental cost of a box Is low. Losses come
la onideitnf this question, W. I:
high. Better come In and see us about it

j Tune in on WQAM 6:30 p. m. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ::1 E- soon. i .. ,

::1 ';. "The Call of the Thorobred," Featuring Joe Rose I '

X : !
'I \ : Coconut GroveExchange


A T H I ALE A H A R ...., I= .
:'. j'j'i Coconut Grove. Station,. Miami, Florida =
i .. !

i ii" ."IUIIl1tQllllEJIIlIJHHHllimuilllilltIililWIWII..re F {! { { { ( { !! {{ !! U.

.. .
i"\"\' \ ,/
,. :'. .. "




Taore Fame. .", ._ .' .... TIE iIo.M.E.sEAD: L E A D'1a' ,,a T.h &ptembtr24.lmsl ;'
_. _._

THE HOMESTEAD .... aa1M.aayrM.r/.a, ....""t 0: MM'-I1tIN... UBRARt s NoI '
LEADER .... -4 'j i 1 THE I ORIli :i

PnMMMtd T wre4aj at Horn. 1 Just More Talk! I 11 Little Mna = S., Its a f.1WIlAr It ,
M_I. n.., bit the Moth Kd attbIWrf 4g: _.......... ; .:.... ,

... Oo mcglA n Cuchr n.y** Magician' ftL7BII'd I LIBRA VV BOCU :', ''i\
loa4.\I.: Wednesday aid n urMar: t-4 6. m.' 1I
OMAN: ANCHKH...==- '1'se dMy wad FriUor 10 ,. m.-l P. m. ':\t

-..... -- On* at the ek..*pt ....... titters Told UsThat I ___ llah.tllft1., l-tl a. n.. a-I SOS 9-1.>. in.Hato 3,
XMUmut M Second class *Mtk r yet dlM-o. *rd> by the "lly press "-
owns t*. fix of ttxt port tnvt atM 1 you noticed that booatlttti loira to print kiln we will I1I :
the "roattwu.d atory"' with .... :
I .
} i0sookeeload, Irw. aadnr tits ate .t I 1 how Breton tour garden T Mr. better ld.kin. dialf lubtla, By !
.... II, Hit.TM. whisk. theyw t. time, toodaroadiHilO the apparent eloa ul 2t r. Matthews brought n to 111\ way, It you laolMK toad th ,

and *tonight, The yarn dvmhneaa'ln the ***ff of a certain the other 4a|r. It I* surprising Ia..*... ask the librarian: ma,
; uaually atari waft am l>ra P8KP.f .* A TTJUl '! aorelkdprw ior was toq bow many ptopl*, come In and wk she tan. k.I\
of ballyhoo and flulah In Aviulrrel
way Intamo crudely txrvtto toot Rinnypeople. : the names o( the plalll.' IIIat The rental shelf ana done ,,"
track tear For '
HP a 1 f 110'0.. A WAXiiERtrRrate : hi the Miami ttelly Mwdaro I
> e bit o( lnteteettsg work for th* book Have com off the pay 8

two n**4XaM!' Un 6300e.. ""IIH," a M+satltuUYwoo-lisgnt., taIUmonpWoamity :I That air.. W.......'* ag pupil, Garden Club. tossing those plant and will now b* found on (
f. *'
ni P
Why, I 44 *) *iCMnM: ( and Yt6'ommon'Plsee a) Mn win b* allowed ..t nlTrythln| with their common and botanicalnames open hlf. Thy are: "Thr a ,
J hv BOihlnatfl* t t .ri, but Oalo on their ranant lot-B,rdena Gull" Norris: "!'arl., nra' r- ,
derv wlHd Up with. 'Tart".youmuiina' '
I MOt true t*; to k* 11II"...... (The end- eA' Wo bove been busy trying la geoheimor: '1'1Wat.1'II Under e1
North or 'loath. .l. Kjiat or \Vc t. reckon she sobbed tr anyin a make more shelf room-no we Just the .trtb." bet seaQuiet dl
.. That the Joint football tM, Br..l," Omorfln "('b nl'..," ,.
I nom choose winch''' war ill. would wltdT finish like that, And, moved the books around trying to ; "
will not b* cut .t Joint the "Th Thlrty.'rirat Y;X
en do bavestore Olbba: Bui.
believe wo really
I have Ural ni4 I/"l.* loved I, |r'. th bowiewhich; V la ,nueeeedlnf"I.e11" ''''I dl tom,""w aftornaan. .. mate room. Th books that ..,. finch; Rtllly; 'Th Stranglhold.M ,') ,
'Hnd Hil Ie ratlnir ,
I have tasted life ,,, *
; I ; ,1- a ,*, *"! called for art MaeklMth Oil Reynold "Thl* Hnng* Adv \
Stunt history nottTh small seldom ,
I !lava stayed I !laVIt roved. "
r r4 doff bflongtn to the Inn was pot That Ruth Owen was -"gen.!.. high ....1".. If you can not twr ; "mfaurtce finest" and "Aus.

I hv t have Wished tossed for ham far *and trlf'friend i eo Mvkful (alc> but barked .Ux>roualyott man and a ....0\..," t* announce [find, what yon want, link lhUbrartatt tralla FtlU' both by Hen,., HandI '

her candidacy for rannmlnatlitnA maybe .b. rt'll help' nicbarrtaon.Hioald .
K>.rfnbrv .tll' Journey end the night of ao mark .human I
deHgbt and with an effort. ohgrea *. early when She I Thai to awM '010 find 'hooksfor
Pled the hU! aM then the plain and stood staring at Fodo wither know that a* far M the fourth yourself now ,1.n.. Ooo" bar be due the fl*.ltd d tnt|! ;a

twos even. to fraud. .., like stare sad cheeks flam. congressional dlalrK-t I* cenrernecjh .been looked VP, some of them an and th* peed dropped lit about to '

But Tin Ifllll.r'oil..,* againWtoMnr -- n.." Hot dog! It this keep e" van b* alerted to any Office unsightly M many road algae l wMt I inches port They are then
I might eland ,hl dog I* *oln# (. kl.e feeder.e she tons few I along the highway-but thtrar .d about two, Inohe* deep l'a\\nr
(Ita hill that overlook e a e far more ....tul. When WPla the rmalmler of the loll to a> ,.
Mom and fronds and nimUn' e e That Erne didn't really nman I ride bM!d* the trench A* the I

brook 1"f..IIt HTfr. at'jeonrentlon. II. Isalsa !. call the ladle a ylHltatlon. tower taxes on property weal l seedlings begin to ousts up thv ,11-

-1'1'01nulI.. lWreported M bare rneluded I eel. i year, h. nald. H* called attentionto 1' still t* uorkd over th nl until the ,.,,
f ,
Wept. II. I Ml.fcPAKK. his appeal t* the veteran that "all Ood'i rlilllun" ,.IWn't the may payment plan P.v'd.ell ground )II l,veU (:fare ;
taxes with tha | The oll on w'hld. tweet |wa* :
'o help Keep dawn bane above early Sunday mornf by tilt Games bill ..which pornilt I
.1 1 .ldR .f the to be: grows should have plnn. tit
word, "With the ., dllnUBt tanwrrra t* asr* their {
THK RIRIHt Ise.rte of organlo matte In adUUl "
alnilnhir nod and with the earn "sl.lIm.II' A.
I property on the plan.A I:
Although Some variation ot hlrdi, and; ourr* and earrlflce with series o( entertainments forth about one pound of fnminiiotalfertlllwr y,
ore MMM which .
you, barked by the nation, benefit of the diamond ball
broken unit other, It I* doubtful I won victory li years Ago,' a.. ahallwin At Lions Club Meeting fund was planned .by the club. Thefirst aquar lard planted, Select the
that any .f the** feathered '.1..... heavier soils rot sweet VMM when-
we victory today. No man I* I will .110 given on October 1*
are man deatrurthre than unnfuLlllnlii 10 b* rritlclted tor appealing to ThouMinda .f dollar 1'Oul| be I In till RdlaKd. ahioo( auditorium evoe possible advla. prafiiMorFloyd. ,

I are the IIlturalIIml... the Almighty Iq eitnkilty. aor, I* nve'rlf! taxpayer If one dale ot t>y t'nclo Zlm "tn<\ Hla Little i
41t Invert Unit insects are the. President, Hov..,'* ainrerlty open taxes could he auhetltuted for the Friends, radio entertatp.rn who I Ihrr I| When the plants reach h l.ht

greatest, Mieml'e of nutnUnd. la *iH>tlon, but I wonder haw hew at that art necessary at present I performed two w* ki RO., <,: of two or three lnchi- they should
: OCIOMI14A. h_* .ttoc-larp"!! that Uhul > suited to ski much' guidance lob ai..p*..n, county tax willwtcr I .I .: b* thinned t' a dlntanc of four
tnllniid research and thntptoyment .. from And through committees ef old Homestead Liana Tucedny I inches apart Light poultry wire 1

R .. of Improved moan .< prominent umirer **4 profiteer* when he and Newt l.umntva coiiny September Best Time make a very gold tn-UI The

:}, .wnhiitl..g Insect peal they would The Book of the lAw, which' t.. t IM ameaaor, were guests at the To .Plant Sweet Peas I plant should b* watc-rn.l nt 'oeit t

I overrun the world and destroy all aum* that "* are all Ood'a rhll- weekly luncheon *f the local club, For Christina Bloomalnrsrllle 'I one a.. week during dry weather,

other life including1 man dean and tha( t.II bountifulfather. Mr. I.ummu said that |a.DeI.- a. sweet. paaa require a lnrawount -.'<

Thin rapidity with 'hlo" ecitalnIntutM If open before the prenl.dp 00' In ratal taxes will\ b* deH ( Fl .-Sept. t..--September '
'IIIltfplfv 1. tI.oInUI4II"nl.l If red lice at'
boll spiders or plant
lit; he took lit* oath) of office by lads County this year. Thlniiac .
*f llltroTOn, a spiel"Mtt fae... Will set hop [ planting sweet peal.tor winterflmver. dusting will be n__',. Oust The
Ut-t.h. w bt.a ioffp ; .
'nI '*" ( produce 'mor ; w ttb. uphur and spray r
In mai'trra'of bind i ;
o"g! office for u*. Or If vt tteiplncheo asslot
boe4lettpy .Inj calls"of '
OhtitA 'he
'' >( heir eprrdl htfd, M the ht .... the tki* with tobacco extract
: 111"111'1' : bs v rot ratlin a rorr. .. The) liypery Agftui er/tvf/hol'1l8sled illtk'ptetShrr
nflt ,
H* lorn I If dtryl j'qblorerWl ?
idol' 101c\rw
., :I\\ In that, unless someone gets killed wilt tnokVfloiv'er'
>.MII i.roo of hone 1 t-t a day: npurtrldav that by Another Rear Story
will tilt 10.010 ..Mtvub gnldano *| nmr* down t.4' u he law deem nrl apply If <"i .' baby of pri>*ManTh > bind men had rubllc! opinion heck (Vtober honld bloom In January :
In "y...,. Varlu bird ; get up bright and
hM' their favorite Inserts upon a 0 e of them they would do. their I The reed ahorld, be planted trl'1 l Coach: "No. .rl""I',

which thr) fn..-... but all *tt |r1on propone atuff. three to four Inches deep, A tree h American Day.TUBBY .

1 t duals any Insect which cru t* *rghBla* for emergency reliefIn v ; '

thohJwilk.' / dleaatera mill the lied rr.*.. rr

WIU this ..**!, ,tf p" OKMn nn make arranreinr-nti t
nt Insets lo t'00I'wn fi.. Ijr have taw manx birds Kat only ,. approbation: 140. all n "T, ...
Out a* human* wntliawot but .* member the .i1.i\tW vay in w hick.

aa ...1....' protection 10 rlvlla. then ran Owing Into tctldnav w Gatb shpt. VU. GrVE wo A
tW. the Mrdit should b. ,p.r.... moment' notice. There t* JIIIIf LQ 1U114Y wl WIG Ito YOV'l.l. VP ,
,4'Mw1 City Veurlea.lfexrlllly I"" amendment I would tike t* W_ u GtT 'rt+A-r OLD 1 xoVt o rt lu 'r4oVa swig r Q9 NO 0 ',;
offer Btrlke out the words "piedCrow" WR AtN.2"EL. J,
1 : RAn IM ; and substitute ibis word, Cfr
('...:nJ"' p t'the United Mates ......,.- If ever! ,)
t .At. time i.'ma t"Int.*. I stood to knees '
op my In m dwltk 'fNC U4e*
X vompanloi 10'*... eheatdhy II pent
my home In ruin. **d my SAM
1 a kilowatt bOUI1M Cleveland tastily ht dkttrm. J hop I wits i +vr av r'

(( his) Municipal plant ktaMtd In set a hard-dolled sergeant with 4 ;
a with '..nlll inmimum which It
t squad *f (T"d.MIr.* Comtaila "
ha kept ever nine r.Ttn. tot It. xy fntlef. rathe tit...- A troop
M>lt and Its '11011141101064 .T thno ef ''111I.* worker armed withevertionnalre

t low ",..... the plant Ikea compelled white a1 group *, .
,nq' rH ip tinij )>l..nt* to rdae their kick BfflcUU'. keep |h1 puttee'epette /

,: rates And. to waving the people l ..f ** and make hnportarapeeche '

Cleveland over Million ll.rHf op to finally Important eltUarna e

.r, >i, fr" o.> sheep ore Over, "aM Wi aorUt-Mi a* t* lint
montelpat plash IH the .*.. for two pulls / roofiac pa. f 11

Pt.atoa. than Mrtvaivly owne4 t.IlIt..I'I.... train day to "day. Lrt the Its*. '

-.... aitend t* It. Olivia..l wnrktt I .\
.. ,
---- -- -
> puralnc, but preserve 04 trim

r r 4. If. PHIU.II'N MKS thedl"" la file day ot trouble, ,..hon,

r J. H. ThlUlpa, who was 0 rent- Mae 1* Imperativeaeea .
dent. at Homestead oovrrat frt "

a.w died ot MM homo in *nd.'. Tellt
oonvUl, Ott. W.dn""aThl.' wording t* report w. The OooOt.ICi3'SAKI!
4 telsanut Peeelved (.HuUt KI'en* *very day vvit"
taroMinq to
TAti! rb41i :}
automobile' Judas K>tren t.U 'olMlamf "y.
4 'here this mooniest luirlal' will MAndKtiwnvllla a+ TER "D sirup'G
at thin. *""'_", "IMINI stated th.\|'. > 'Twfr
Mr. Pill!\lpA Wan hi* lIaClho ot A. per front fff 1"., aoclU I iiU wer*Ju[ wFtlt, falltE' .

V tttlUtM, W*. SI tt.dland. to a lack or couMeer, and h v>o* CON 3 ato .
: about 0o pr cent right About p
half of |hr-a aid du- 1* .'". bread II

Not Iles Type lit .t1i'nll! the part *flh. .f*

Ilm"'T: Jtlneei, ottf hams them burdened with th* enfort*.

"QQUw1ltfllU(>>t .t then, "jiot Wrwt.d" i meat H .:atstJ' _.......... .t lassos .

," 40"An W state. ''''-. stopped tl iW t* plow lit. kit. issits ''I7it4
'44111m. ....,-. ,::If' faux flea at year ......'<.*ttd m.ne.:

...W..t hta.p .t p inns,"l. It nil ." we, nurt" t*'tuek that ta. sew .

'WM',' b. t4ii> dbnwfer wilt vWl aottt hont.

"h. 4 drranli Pm.".; Other than. our own. N* MlUf pot ....

'10h0 Is quick ,Atnd 111\1I'. ou6rh! .nrta| jailer r"c.otto.. th* ""<.n.W.r-

"'D', slay aunt dlOMll11I'".......; "see atlas", .*t*.dd t* the vtakat0r' ot

Who knows We' 'nn isitio...; Sim.limns ...."" the ivies lawn and what a howl

thrust bls hands 1ntt late we' would miss U w* *.* to meet

ysawhets rand sped the ahipkenpr# the 'pesort' bed penalty |n 'ar'*4f 'tiitwrr
U etnnet Want a bur tt 'It" 1MI r'lMtl *' our 34".tarM>ld, rtVHM

!..Bela tt ed. "rOil 'i faat 4 girt"him etaq dyt'nv er than Mont ..rt. .

J'My. e'ns'4) brine tole tar, down t* tnv .
-- -

( ,
}Y n

... w"Stt .. ., re. ..,y.wepaAtpaw.f. ,
? ?Myr+4f.--' : .egae'tt anr+ +: ,! n.
-- : .. ;

-,.::' "--- \' -:, : '" .. .. l :' '\\po-- "' ,

.... }f.f' 1, 9 ," '" .. ",, "1:;. .
.!" 1 .. ii>' .
I .. "
'II. .. .. ,
1'1 'if ::)f )"
(f \, ,Ifn
"" ," A D.I It r +.tae. Wivea

: It t ewata Wawttw,.Mar .1011 Ipae1 : to Aortas City 'I'll.0'\ ;; 'W f4. Mr*. V.rnott B'''''''rw .

\ :I' be.* rating, I. Itlnaaarab M whaaly ..'... Seat ..ad tnjMra. j .r* bam over "ft_. :,l
ffa Ground I raced May far a-attet duhp' l I 1IiIIIII! II ? ,; :t........ .tltt : :

|In I hilt aftbr. ....' WI thbthap! ,, ot.: It ttA01441M lift. Ml. Mr* CJatiltk. ,JOIII.." .;{
Mr. and ..... L. Q. Rnf.t.* The, U.apptirMp. .MOO the .*., ..M: bare wild Win. "
:0,",'" M Amhmt and other Blanche Chapman.Holrt .

I athoul In the vicinity wa poatrwiiod -: ;; .
H. I. aa
oh* la rtaltW
{; t Homestead : because of the pr..a.lMM. her nto f W MiadJt'w V, CarUr. ao* of Or. Wm. t'
l lof| Infantile paralysis. In UnIt ***., t.. la Wawt* taiprwrlnt la hwlfkeordlo J. Caner of Homestead, baa Sties"
Lion aaaUmMI t* take eharg..P this U, '
: to W'Ot".4 byirtpds'here
4 I .. I. atatq'o .41.0 ,UUoa at '".
' 4' lit. 111. *'. km";;; who .
# '!II. Wakvftold, : 1ft tine* tk Oart* haunt C- City. CaJ.. t'
, 'I In the MonuHifM Mfirvluuctuir I Mr. and Mrs. D. ItwUh tIl'lIftt' tINt of the Month had beve, In anmrdloc" t* word -l....4 by hiafathw
{ their children Mra, 3t. n. hlld. of rarat *
tolerated Mon Carat Cables where h* hat opened ,
t, Hoboul l tart for Oalnell\1l141 day from Ch.rry tll.. N. c. where *. offte*. rtarn, to MomvetaadtiMwlBy spent the ak-nd at her ". ...jM/+ .'.
t a' ; may. smelled tot work ta.SaM they had apMit the aumm.r. On la rum his practice City home. / :) 1
:i J kl, nuiitM'i d>era. and r. Tlwaday their .
youngest hero three afteriraana a weak.Mr J
; 't Party Wednesday morning Bobby (lens suffered a ,, ,
. (P k H.m*...**... Mat Wa *fl"M will jury when the point of a Clilld'j *. O. a Parker: One almost !
;t"\ : 'r |ice monthly ...*.".4nd Ulna in IPI't'ed the cornea of unit of. his recovered from an Illinois which S#FOItOVERlCt l tl
, !",6aln .,IU. t* tarry on tito courae.i' .y ea. The attending physician 'boded. over two weeks t
......- i
closed the 0"1111wlllt k atltch.Mra. '
" .
;ik ,
U.Jland DMrtrt students who Bruno Wants. il Monday night

.d i.ltrolw..t\ the University of 1C. H Ewing who had been 't* ant** tho'lfrlvtralty! of Florida 40 YEARS
14., Miami tixlay for the 1Ul." yw. In Kaaaaa alnea0 Mar moth.r'a In aalmavUI I

...Dub 8o rr. on of Mr. sad death several weeks !ago la now,
MAt R. R. Boyer of 1t0Ill .t.a4", malting. her on.lo-liiw and daufht FLORIDA CITY Olnr'llot2Srtllfl
)It11. Mildred Hurt e f lIom .l.ad .r, )lr. and 114.... Kelsey Gardner, ZS I I r
laud the )I....... Irene and tolajif In Waahingtop. D. C. t. H Dillon returned Monday pure

; Woodbury KadltuuL '\,'" J ., from tk., L 0. O. V. hoepltal InQalnMvllle t
I" )r. A. Steen and Thomas:. Kirby where k* ipeat twit I/ BAKING
KMr. and Mr*. H /'J. IkIlAr' are
; r.turng4" to Homestead', Tuesday weeks, for treatment.Mr. General 'f
expected to return to their l home ,Jtriim- a two-dny lour of the IVVPOWDCR
here about October! 1 after an .*. Okchob vegetable aec- and Mra J. H. Simmons returned Public
M.nd.d vacation. They are now elIloc !::. '' Saturday tram Went Vtrrlnla ;t! inf UtilitiesM

Plowing' r N. C.. Visiting. Mr. "*-; ...... they bad spent the I tUNneetrsd
,Schatri father C. B. &11.,,. Mr. and Mrs, Ja* t. Moor, Mr. itimoier.Mr. % ITT ILI ACTING
and Mra f
rraak.KtiMi and Mr. and DNOU
;, Mr. and Mr. William Dunlop Mr*. W. t Crocker spent Tuesday and Jlr-: Roy Chandler who ",, .._ "
, ,i fttturnod la Uomrai.ad Saturday lu Miami. moved, to MUBM last week, staved 111'1"[ I USE MANGANESE
X11 .
,.'J tatter a vacation'tpeat In Atlanta -- ---- -- A

y I On.. Boston Man*.. North Hav,".
Coun.. and Staten Island N. T. -- -----1

, rajfMr.l' and Mrt >. Luther French. ': ;" II IIt IIt

find ,Henry French of Homestead 'r
pent last weak-end In Ar..IIIIM -
! |Melting relative* I I'It'
1A t

Mao C. W. Mea:won returned to lJ
til 'Homftlll-"d ,n r
J Saturday after a week
w fi I
r petit in Tallahassee with ,her .'
"' a 4 |>tUttthti Mine Bernle' MrR naceotnpanleVt '''' .,,, ,
'"" .
: whom she to th'lorlda \",' ''I'" .
J Slats College for Worn'* W :
"::1' r,whine kilo McE! ".a 011"11' aa a i ONLY 'TRUE IL I ott:! .

'I lrotllman. 1 tit.
it'; fil t ( .
*<. C. trarib of Homestead .'aa1Akel1. """ .
.fq)"t Kndall hospital M n. =

,. "rIII, reytmeht '''"iIo1 *,\

. Me.. and M'* J.itja 1I.m"I.: -of ,
era left >ondar tars .Chain..
pagne, III.. where they will malt. '
' }their home In the f utnra, The. Rn. I
; ,"W. a M lton pastor of the N aarfnt .
': Church of Homestead, hath ALLEN H. tlAISDElUAiiaciAtt '

: kupvea Into Campbell" house.kfr. senates

i and M.... r|)U Kuwcir,";Olio

i''' have been living In Miami this ICHINlIf TMs
: i aumm.... had their rurnlturemoved ; ;' flmu.oH'A. .
, from their Homestead r....lil, ..n t. I I '.UQ' t", 23 DO 8.7io greater t
Miami Monday. They wilt continue
tua Oil CMfvtr,
t'" to reside In Miami where Mr. Rua- tnU4lfU r..
.,' all la connected with a prominent ..: mileage t than seven of
"aw tirnv >' "' 1_"

4 Tlwif ........ III the .....nit ten r"NO.21 e..ylet.d It' sea bdstse.1a.
,f ',1 kites ",nD.' Pollt of Ilom".( ad H" ...... ...... a.11e N" awplar gee ...... a..wily _II.. the better nationally
;,spent !ut w'; "" md tn Mla. ",il with .' f or" &II ft" sus ar aUlot .. .... MMw sestaaaliy bases prwt..yrWda
ttw Sue nobao. wile la call fill. Ni.ne Auk IOU at I a.as ante par pU...
the hospital aa A result .f Injuries I known
ti" t resale:.. the teatuaaUaa, *f IU luwaa ova lm ttea tact af widely advertised
received In an automobile arrl- ear af the other falt tMt' ** ..Uak awnaa ara alt rr Miles oa Ua. rial.h ,
ifeDI wJlI: the two shared a.v.mantbi .
'"' oral itsSlw.: Robaon, (.. .ra1"l are Irttfljr **.*.. ta the. |*Uata| aaklet"taaaa. fuels all
.. selling
whose r_vrr w 11. tt firiil'-Jn '. ,'. "
F i doubt, !II' *i"elad U bf to lilt : "*) i Mahn.r.eo. tun I

hospital for a month1 or lit wmka ,& y 0 p_ Bacoa f > __ tR at 3c
,longer, SUM Polk Mid.H. I. more per gallon.
t. ? ," ,11 a p1e."" MIT ...... allot .aeo. ..Us "111 I ...... ..lOa .
: ;;". AtcvMiiVa:' nlar 'patholj.. howr T. t r f t e t I ,', ?
4 "
; f*Clot <" tilt bureau .( plant Indua.V. u i cal..... n ....., .. ", .."., I.M MIT i ..'hI a ...". i.ni. d dr
y, try. g. dopartmenrntpgr/9rd- hour I p .
tuts. artv.l In Hom a4 W4:
./ IT ..... i>n. rM a* 100 ...... trpradM.taM
DM BllM Per base *a a level r4If .
alratlq"" grk ,wkJcb h* I*,, eon, ruin Nora Patter a* 100 ..,... ayK.irta*as
' dllCltlIl.t herb. S .' 4 .,M IliUM, JW bear as as svst.See hill.this ".
: .. ,
...: The tt*f. 1. cTcfrnMM plan is aranl Mfarfar nrw* read 4rlTln| blue taw** was tr s ...1111Is J
alt,irt II .ca>*p
"I ; Mesa. tr.Id..1 ,.'Ot>t. II B"ouue.' TB ..>ji> elate |tw Ilineeiv IIU. IW I eats
let f. e..iloa vase .b.e ..livalsq,
Mine Carrl..U\ff t N OTHER WORDS
,Y \ Cam-* launchItf f ? "
," r of Mr. anit Mra...jlhrt Ca.,.,* .' Y"'f %%V rouges
spent last weekend In Miami M

\ the'k*cent of. Mr. padltirs, y" H.: ./' '" f/.' a-7V ?9s.

''''''J',, "< :". ; -., .
' pr.ri. .....*.' =.:;. Into .: ...
J. 34, JloW.-t7 "b* underwent ,.,.-
!i alt opx'rM4ibtt.lm I 1'It.'Ticteeta their
a j pltat b.'M 1ii"M1 two 'lfNIUI asp ,flIo t

.' lu ni} t*. his Aorta t/IJa/ 1rM"". YET IT SELLS

,'; aica: )j.'',). Hi m rr Tad ...,\\t. ; i AT REGULAR ,GAS PRICE 11
ter U"I\f.tta. t.tush.d Friday '
\ front Naahvlll, Tenn.. where they !
The fond toward ch. per prltai hat resorted In doubtful qgoJify pea
'r,1\ >. ud r'aeatWa wick relatives. i
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I The Calendar 'I "Awn' I'I .etLi. The Her. U R Wrt Dt. ptoe

......--....- A tsrewilt+Part \\' given of the Methodist Church bare, hM

ts Soetal .....the for M in N IV announced that his Bundoy lllaht
: "opt '
I Social Events I I Woman Club of the 1kIUIIta.... a.. 0"by bow \w ,, eet'tteSa will be dispensed with In
I ley C'a J'.t \1i'a "greasy that his congregation may
"t.t. III-Kelplnir Hand belittle a...... k..'..'w9' tll the r..lnJ. Th revival

l bridge.oI' Mini Hilt J# ,., wilt contlnup thriwck.fk

I' Ort 1-1I"IlInnll I.adl"! Lid tabor to takerPCverglad _\L ;' > Mftrlnnlnir at 7:a* **ohMclCourtncriolJulld
COMMUNITY aMtitlnii with' Mr, M j. t'OW1M'' $. jh ftI@IIJI,'" I '/(0,
10.... Belle Glad: "
L n'1
SUPPER IN HONOR OF SCHOOL FACULTY Oct. I-Sucrd Heart society", X boas,4n<*ltd>,to the nosily 'agog
I benefit bridge "t hon0' Mr*. W.I Mr. sod ul' Anther L. Iau4r..
-- t K. Koon on N. w. Second street Mr. sad Mrs Edwin Hook )t,. -* And Operate StationW
fct I p. m. to which *Q are Invited and Mr 'torn 'l'orbert Mr. and : .
: (IlTS'SOM .
SENATOR FLT7ry'H1:1t .. ,
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r f "" ully; cupper
Mr, .
J) f Mr.
\Vyman and MMH
....uy .,".nlnt'W title ttedlnnd' HONOR: AT nifYriM T MoColI\'t..*, u coiwtrutWInf
Con'u tml' v church In honor if't Senator Duaenn V riclch *rl><> (let -Redland 1'.-?. A. Bietinr all A MeElroy and Mr Matthew a filling nation oa hi* prop
the faculty member of the n4- stinted. with! Mr .and Mr*. Luther from thin district: and< Mr arty at the southwest isomer of
lend mh.K and their familial *.,'L. thanJli frem '"tatwrdjj'' tr 01.6 Oct -O. F 8 meeting In and Mrc Imest Kovrler Jtff and I South Krom avenue and Fifth
one ol the lleaaanimet functlonu.tug till 'Tuesday :"'.' ,I.Irqrat .r Masonic hall. Mr* Klnrlund Moore and Mr ctreetilt will b* ready tor the
t Brawn alt of Miami,
ever *lv.n In Ifedloud. The covered honor at ITO 'dlniwr. parties during Oct T-Burner Club meetingwills winter tourist *.aMon. h* son
dink supper was served la the that tlinO ., Mr and him Olvlo Victor --- Mr. McTourtney himself) will

Parsons**! and U 1;;"*." followed Of .. Sunder covera'web* laid". for OH I-'HomwIoUd Home lien CROWDS ATTEND: Hr.1'IV/ll,/ Operate the teflon, which will
mortal hour senator, nuchrr 'Mr1!' and M" onetratlon. Dub 11I1'\1"11. A crowded house 1014 greeted handle Gulf Refining Co. products *
Than a ,program was give In A, U Ch.rjdl.r. .)fr. end Mr.. KP : i the Rev. J. Ihtchareh). "'**. lifted M." w* Wymaa and the hut,.nd h.. Oct 10.4rhomeneadT.. A. r*.1 since h* beeaall\ revival enrlre of a vegetable market and a, fruit
ung. hummed and whlntled. Mr*. U>.. On Monday thOM Invited In ceptlon for taaebera, to the First Baptlnt Church of etand adjoining the stains. with
A 1.: Darnel sang cola, and the his honor were 'Mr. and Mr*. Tom Ort .I--Wom.nV Club *If thai Homestead Monday night Oa two welt known Redland womenla

3 Rrt ('. a Nelson. former pastor Torbert and Mr. and Mr. F.h'h.l ftedbind meeting In rlubboiiM I Wednesday extra seats Here lands cha.., Mr. Courtney Said!
_._...._, _.
Hook. ft fc Clrcto Tao -
ef the Florida City Community I Oct t5-W. M.
"hunk, led In pr.yer. Dr W. O I --r-- meeting at home of Mr*, It f i .
Clinton of Miami''' the address P-T A. niniMi Cook '
of the 'lIlnlf. AM AVXOlTtCKJfTh Oct II-Helpln* Rand Club I f S
The guests of honor Included '. Homiit.*d ....?. Atlv nfeU, I Ilauowe'en nuxtiefod fiance In ; oAY..... ." "
Principal and ..*. Cart Waiter" committee at UK meeting ....1. its clubhouM ,
Mr. and Mm, M. A. Bftker, Mr nlMm day decided t. begin its annual
a R. Gutleridg. !ol,. and .
mtinhlp drive on Monday. Ort
GIRL KTOI.TH TO RP (a'K8T9 i Turmoil
Mr. e. U Oolor MrV al14' Mr!. If; ,1114 end It Prldaf: .Ort. l#j, at or IOM* *Tl tD 1KTAKIA\S! .I .. .!." '
W. n Name Mrs Henry Cirtot, alt evening meeting which! !, I*. 'to I "
At their metlaf Tuesday *> J" ,
Mm. >r* VlliUn Mr. EvaMrMs. take the form of pleeeptlon forthe '"j"'
I : the home of the" captain :Mr. *" "
W. n Bird Mr ** ,
*" JXhoolacuity, Prank 'P5111, th("tlbmfal'U Girl. *. : DisagreementDifference *$# -
: Mrs MargaretInlek.
; i All parnl. whether tnmhfr of ', > ..
Rath RtMeell Mina Scout* made plane) for their uppearam '
Mm. It.
the emaciation or not ate \Invited
; ,
Zrlla Sharpe. Mir Gladys Sbnrp I Ito: ...om. to the meeting and get< lint W.dn..4a.t tb) : .: i; t. .. :
Marl Kllmlmth Molt. Mint Ethel acquainted with their children'st.arhore. Rotary" Club IlIlIthoOJThl!" with of OpinionBut :. :' .,
root MM Ruth TU' 'olt MtekTWnd.ii IIJ'rllil Hurh, Matheeoit of Coconut II ,..,
Orovf. county Cllrl Scout comaHseloner .rt I < :
Hlman and Robert E.MrNMril "
The committee iIol MKl that hi ,'
I and other county lecder I '
renerai'trytringe are to h hold
win tell tile ItoUrlani. bat \.htl'l
The other preamit were: ;Dr.t ib. 'flr { Thursday of Mich monthliVtli
,, and Mr.. Clinton, the Her al1tt ;' : rho(1 auditorium '*| 1 ft work '04 merit "badarikAnd; show I '
Mr. r. ('I. X.l.on,. the Rev and !, 1. 1'bo .xPt'Utt\'l Intflltnp will| h.firld .( tn hand/ran $rtlcl 4' to",be dl.. /1 .
Mr H. It Core, the nt'ud Vlayyd In Court of Awi.rd to bo
tb- third Thursday at I. Th C
Mm Oca. M Door Mr. and Mr hell' tit Mused Ffld5Y.. They *llt I The One
" :vnln* ""i"" tp(* r" 10 elm Thing Everyone
j. I. (1 Hungten Wr and :Mrs Chas. krldoS. firm some mtivtMl nurnbMrralMfilfnaltnt _
I Turner. Mr *n .f Mr m4 Mr It C. Re.ly. M,. and reported that 4 l carmcnu. study Tueiday:' :
Mm W. U Shoemaker Mr. AndMm four pair *f new *hoc and boolu Present were: Prlncllla )read. is Agreed on is
w. H. Ct. Mr. and Mrs. for two ninth grade pupil had Bonnie Belle Myera Ruth Tower ,. "
Thou Timor. Mr. and Mr"*. J Jr. born given .nt- Basel Hnnlngton t:Uabet>k Skill. i

McrulloiiRh Mr. and Mr*. Edwin ; Mrs C. H /I.tralli. president. Alto Webster, Cecelia Harper
Memvremlth, Mr. andf Mr: FrankKtnir ,,stated thVt Miss Onlrl.l a state Mart:! Moon, Loulne 'F.nnlBcton, t
le"IIte. Tower, Geraldine Rests i THE DIXIE DRUG"A
I IIUI'M1''''''' Irkonvllls hire been
t Oeorl Sykea, ,JZtn Booth Naomi
Mr Mrs f. F Dyehe, .
a '
secured to.tt Ive a *l* r*'k* Course
Mr nod Mrs. A. It Price. Mr. and I* rhlld *ttt