-- --- -- --- j
morning. hrtatlng wtthr* bite Mr. i I pr*=lon. i Well, wo don't .*.ftly * ten Ktoq ter. a pwpapr ma''1 a town council may appro- that Ittlllfltlt. traag*. loIn't KT. '.
f.r" from Dayton, (his. I think Mr.fNarletoa 'I prlattax of not nutty Nn -
nut been talked about 1,I tae mbla on the dollar". for the li. .letter! ::* poatarrlpt: t bavo last For You .
our.library all the way down from brary.But. :.learned that Knee ...'111I) than A Home
Miami btfaoM JmnwdlaUtr Ml ,to I I has oven a oman sum hvallabl
arrival )[f. Klopf.r Hid h. had I that la all : : ,
I the fntur W* do monthly for library aspen.It In Furnished stucco apartment full-sized :
*orn ,,bo0aO h* would pond ul iw* Hot art tor garage .
14 M much right BOW. Forth reaps, tru*, I meat to *** the mayor
': ., an loon a. Ile got bark horn, J I I: prrcnt w* uk only for a aniall' DUct w* ar*. going to bo able tll lot, close in, near schools, refined neighborhood.Clean .
eight' Off-X did not' va drop a monthly appropriation tor book ,purchase aom beg book* "11I1 of all taxes and liens. Only $1,500.00 cash.Don't .
tint hint And that I might not and library aspen and *no.*.htalary ,6i11lllo. It yon will Jut f. a little this
let the other fellow beat to ,
am too haw to r*.. hint' got money tx enable .a to hoop I carful of the old books wo tan you
'hods too soon I asked him too our library open from nla* o'vlork put'nor money In new anoa Give i.
hurry bark" and make his homey the morning until nine at night the baby something ota l. play Whu pay rent ? t
hr with. aa I Uk that t'b..ry ", except Knnday, and rh' ..**... with. It conta A lOt "kp book :
1'" "Hurry ..*.." w* beer tt the, filling 1'0' room open Curtain hours fun- In repair. .
{ atatloaa' tad shoe I haw bm Hir aftrnooa IELBERT A..FROSCHER :
ing" beat door to one I bow* adopt -
How many people In town or lath
44 ,It.'tor the ttbrary. o4i I.I .jKo, Kmpaon'a: "Out Alien In community will b* Into.wiled Ucensed Real Estate Broker 1,

Fiorld>!" h". not bean returned, andifea la It r..ata .hctlf"II.,* for the rum Alsobrook Arcade Homestead, Fla. ,
t 'And at r. 8lngl ti I* going la rraaklln': stilt mlnatng. of two crate fff day they Can
try to f.tn a. e oll ettoo t( maila. 1 .......... .f- borrow soap of the latest book. Phone '63
tad,a* ion. day Hemaatoad will i '(fj"'.-Y q know .1.) .y< too mod (k-tk>n and non-fid. .Ion t Coma InandKtalH !
bav4\ is museum In connection with Ittt"'" "nl, paragraph In a womaa'a .Ir ova;, I I
hsf Hbranv'TO* you know wt Kara I -, I I
omVW$ rare old I olani. and II t'
pratt/*eon *. oan have an tihibl. "

tinn.ot old book f*.their had la the. .. ,
Miami Beech Ubraiy hot weak W, 'j

j' h.v.'onr.oluni published In Ian- '
: .
i don England la USA, more than a .
M century asps I an not going .
tolt' What elk thaw aid book ..."I Ask
tt inlirlw, tpoll the how, 1'hea :, j '
knew whore wa can borrow one at i T 5lx. : \

.J "we cnoda m we oan put on 5 really I "
* : .,.#rib 1 oaklblt,, : .4 r Aot /14 T ref G6tAATAtNT'aI'O t mL .....;u .f\ii:1
"ItIilliM.1.: lit. ginitotee'g, ....1.1II 1 .
; W a..#*to be swing HomeaesdA
rood teal al publicity. Almost
every day now t twelve a letter I j{
from WN- librarian mncnulatinc
me mid tV library It'I to sort .' '1

aIM to 'o.vo t.*M lotion aad Ian Which of the 3"
going '" print on af the m for "Big \
you M nM. I offered It to the
paper tM dar It was r..('f't"a4, but '

the don't ARltan U1M to uy an nits aa modal things about they Will Your Radio Be ? lN l-

thiao.KA. YOU a*' I don't mind
It myMtb,. lie here !is this later
from MM All the A CqraeIla
young aMnnrial library. o( Pay-
tons JJatir' J ; a radio these days! Radios make the world like

'. "I"gk. peer way of, wrltJn* forth 'one big town-Homestead and Miami just neighbors to New York, Havana and
paW. it gives 11I0 a. Mrt Francisco. r' '
aanll thaw tf to oar board .-h... tt "

meta follow D.aorrow your and faoutcp arhapa. Any.ay. takaU Of course, you're considering; buying one of the "big 3". For they are tho .'

I thtak you<< bow. a grand Idea authentic and dependable radio models. You can't afford to get an untried, un
and Jl wan kind of you to anal tilt heard-of brand "
I __ papers to at*, t aloe mew tile kind
I writ. up by some om. j Whether portable or cabinet style, buy it at Burdine's. Terms are one-quar
Aaywajr. I think yaur1 and th.| 'n *. ,
ter down the 8 <\' j1
", Odltortal. "Tk' World' TwM..1| ; balance over,an ., k
Vfrlrf, IoN the bent' the p*i>.r.flfoa .. ,}, ut.;. .
Mt the *dlto* t ilkd his bit '
ot -w.ll" Ulrtory. H. ta live one .. .. ,
to> '. Wjjl.1 Uk* M dr..o.141 and {. ,
aoo you. :\1.11' .tha""', Tee will' ""I waterKent ;,' 1\ MajesticModel, RctdiolaR.&A.18;" ;.
t l' }
from later.Tour" ow
m* .
truly. Model 40 7'.l 1

-tEN4 AtXRN.!, .. $111 ::r $190.25 $425 ;

9. crests d* ri< 'tW::* *
r --"pJugs" into, operationhas handsome walnut The aristocrat of .dio&t
brgrta's, <"ora r?" That was *,,11.1 a r t

lent .W.lr.ri.r nUJt.when aomratp j fust,as easily as your electric cabinet, its front panel and the Victor Electrola Ra-
opl.. *ui<)|i.nd loot and said, '
Iron. With loud speak doors of matched burl walnut
*Ar* we (.tact* keep epee. ff." .a .,; dloI Amplifies recorder
; biro aowr'An4 complete. Other At. This model comes .
I had t* MB..t it. it complete with. electric. music electricallyOther" '
takes the cannetl a little Urn to u water Kent models are ..
R.' C. A. models are $144.r
think tMan over and some t* a ; and $148.25.power unit and dynamic
priced $137 .
e .
dorlalon.Wkft. ,
.r I speaker. to VJ08.50.'t .
ire coonon *an Make a .
'. Mal apfTinrtation for the library.want .\ .-, \
w* -library board, This '
.c k
board M to lie eoJBpwwd. at Ova "
whom la BU, 8ee'tliem Hear them .' Choose
M mbm", yens of a. a e your
br of the coHaell or holdr of any 'II.', .
,( ", .. *.i.:*o

airy *7' .

: f 6ij ;\tr 1 ......

., STOVE; : ::' ;{ : J _.' \ .
as a frrorrlytlan.tnr
v' ,
I Colds, Grippe Flit, Dengue ,
,' .
Bilious Ferer and
Malaria ._- --- -- ---.. '" ... -- ,-
'" M la Hut TWO* .pw.f rVMMdy *****,II ,

,"' .' '
'. ... ,' a:;';"' __ ; ':. ..:;

>' 77f

f ,

Paste POST THE HOMESTEAD L1 OAIt 'EIoon04u..F brury U 19ft?

! taw to rto .t mar mgt attatlattttis o' M ____ .. ',"

I TfiEfiOMESTEilDIIAHiftmiUi 'WtT Is your ........ ir K ,ro... wut i lost It.. you miss /rIraakler thew

rtsldleMad T.4up..u4 n- MkdM Ue MMdttiMU at- It MVWI1.tr news .we Mowing a b.WS young
1i <. itnv" ita rom can form to Ik* toMtMtftl *- so", wnlitusto tn0 a 11111-
' "p a6 a '.toad. Yw.by lilt .
r< dtrwUiHM. it to 6t (tad* r..MtM*e Co. motor AM tar sport o? H aaakJ
1\\ Mkiitn that Mw cwnrMUIiMUki 41 pit 't < a* 4aattweoa
r. ..do.a are .b- /.. lu.Oantita .- ] ,=:H looks. rind TbaMM M t' l4 i
I WKS JEdk rtjurmit r"1[ ,
OUT A .tf ;. Jr.. who Mgator oev aitrkam
a* tmatuS ctaat MUM I club moutben laO o.eaueS |>lon of *ej% O.o p1a MtI"" .
} ions la. 1M at tft* part oWtea MMkMwwwwi ? t *..U. club monitor In oarhaai- lull whir In t\IiIt> current olden t1
ti n*.. enact bal net ttMan ,/ .i0dJ.1fL I Ili Inir tlw. rrwlu or their ...ptorlto<..... I gook numa'ae
, I .. 1If. I ru t MOT* arnrat and rafti..tl "An .lUami'Mka* Itttl or no
.. Konwtadt of eoMar .f I ..." .
--- -- -- pUnt In power to coca its / be wDlaliMi
!I CLUBS IMPROVE GARDENING that. v4elalitto ngan can be ebte/n=I ied laws of the ....*..

\ TUB U AI>tW* CRCKDW : i I I *00 maap.wet.Mteo at textbook Sam easily toe held cloned oft sea
t ........ The. grrntwwt brn-fit c001em1by prates. wrkt.w by reddest* of otkfer poets bead but two men with a leather
: believe U the ....... tUfItI sad vsrla'. prdea I ..... ,
. the rMt variety of and ell :of the rvtmtry or of other rovntrlM. Inserted ran not torte tftrn ....
4a41.a4 MUM: MM fiW aoIe ........... in th* duwmiutloa nut. ot taM tTa"" Slates sub, i .
O. of Keedlew U. My this" I* a vutaa'b
m the most valuable
| acu l'jtl
H ., -
corny kuowledp oebiersinf plants and ... .. .
theat statements math .. .
{ .t mrgVB Clubs to tile trtat .r bit of kl> *led(* far tile 10000111060tire
... ,
! believe la thai MffcM'tr them .It\I'" through the "was" ,nroHeble puidep at Uw_ TinIn 'U allltfMor' baan* ,
I + ;r a: ttaUt'aa. petisao+e. .t.. k uam" ..p.rtroiul plat pew,vager.dr 404 .....Ual&; which*.niIIUm ovadHlaiu<<. end rvportlnl'iwHlor WM VirfalUdjr ?r
tt noitrialMa
e.n of pnrdoomeo who hove boon"We" awrdow .M6 pia
TTa koMn to fca Olt frailIMaatrr poor 1 '
moat flu
vtfwowlr Tba trials and (II friend at art H
It.la4NttF.. in eM 00411111110 ter'ass trying M glre It nn. /tlaw ofterd- '
4010e.sate blblUon): -Ob, $If anly t toxl4 "
h elk ...nta IndoacrIU. rick -- '
glue valuable Inrormalloa moat the mn who 'panted that :w
t .tad ...... Ito a+.ast-.nt.Wat; eats saw much travbU and .,. Picture ; r..'
I VIM. ...... .ad K* .aMcatfe. 1prnoe.:' The pardon club'.. Intalabio Puttered ArtUt/ dmadlSiftarAUow }-* r
11 M a racular Promised aI -.. In study or tk|. kind. ne >. IntrodM. myself
I W* boilers to ere. .....c..w..I4 la the bam with paata. tba (...- ,malan" "
, w e. e.0r .\- _.. w oar doll, fll... ala la a ....Ilied!.... tiadjr: "How t'JI.rmln..14
+ ,
butlnau4 .aosi and we ,bellies of *trnang* of methods by Whir :sea belt ma the home ot your mod- ; i"
J to tknlr dears Mr law anlaraa* 'liMIt M;'oarte'e .r blights or fun-' I it'.4rewm.hqP--Pathan'(\. ,
1 meet and chle ...,,_naatav piss hive beet backed.
f W. k ll..* our a4rla vHI tit It I=t.vatuab1R .t the r II.1 Officer (to courts 1. parked
7 cka Laadar. affort W Print .f InformaUoa .. to the' k.pplrat f >:
I- anetya
1 gtv. tk_ ...*. adMrUMninu rrahfmfit at Plaits: 4 ; 'pont you..M'1,4he'',r tilt), '11'I...
t ) sad .1t8t1IIa that wm krlmtrath. toot awockitloML ibis.1'f rO/parkJn r
thew 1M ...&1.. '.sate .f of study that I I. enrrowdorttf II gnat Privet: Tea, officer, It'. fins'b
.( the rlubo. -1.L!:
4 |iutk 'and kattfidaaam DQ ___ -- ( ; 4
W* ballar* that U la out to berve the politic'' w the best
9 .f oar eIIWt": !lint we Mad f LET us DO YOUR WIRING I' : .
keep faith wets the pvblla Mall
tlaww sad that ta da aa .* I Ij HOMESTEAD ELECTRICAL SHOP.t.' :1"

.OM pant ail the Serve Without. ... D. MOOBSEK. Pro* !, >"
". bar'" or trot or preJ-.tN Of IU lC. 5._ Avenue tfbeo. 044... .I
: star, Mae konwt publicity ki .
/0.-- cammnDttvattaro.. -- .
"-S'\ _. --- .
-- -- --
that -
l period to And '
y ay Whoa one noallauoadf" butt Inpl tiAgmaCIo "'.a. <**ncoFnlmaultvra the 1 ':
ether ....> ..'. affatra b. cant of J taBf In ...oll..d ro'".
plain I.C h? It tUmUf owd IN .....* du not aquara with their Red Cross Pharmacy .
iIiIf, p44tMal I observations In tkotr/ OWDI
'! _. -- _. --. --.------- I, .
"Siace 1897"

:. ""firHUB CAPE i : 51, .EAST' FLAGLER STREET ",:,

.f:! atvlle"'p' ., '
: ,t1'1; .. ", I > "' I" J


I r,! Hot Waffles a Breakfast Specialty I t1c art/TIiq'o 3.te .:.1... IiPeoa-I t ;)(; fa.tor.. . 17c a
t J : tat H. Severe A_ Hn. K T. siclu Citt"11t".r. Prop. RubblAir Atcohol.. It.It poesy's fumln Bath ___.--
---- -- Powder. complete 41 OO
r : art 141(10(
: "-" -:.- --'::::;,-_ _----::::=. .0" ZoIlIN Sip rttk Urge part .._...**.* I food. ..::..--.:..:..__.::....::.._

t/Uf 'It, ... .. :..;....- -------- i fee netehar' 24c

0.00 Slum Gtc 'I Castors _... .. .. ._._
lOa Ipaea : :: ::: --
:' 32C Mineral' Oil .. .
r We of -
: are prepared to take care yourwants Tooth Put the Palm Olive 24c
___ --- -L-:: "t Obeying Cress .. ... _..
in the millwork line. We can make -_.---
i I'M: t t your I' 61. liaotdr. ., r + Pb'lactie 3-tc'( PIIUlIW..d1l' ,'. ;
; odd-sized doors and windows, door and window sat! qturr% : .29c -'4040a Blush ...--. ...-. Milk Mamessstt __. _.3Ge +

: frames, circular top frames screens, repair or i

I make new your furniture, or, put new wood Y ,

J1 frame in your auto top. We can make .any LOW DRUG PRICES f.

: thing that can be mad! out of wood. Give us a DAY '

;i : trial it:

Webster's hoc Whisk $6,04 Copy's Touet
I Tama dav/s i round
j UMPHREY\ MILLWORKS SHOP ''ha 'ulut. f ts.Mee N'amous Mudt'e I Brooms flUrigatt and, Paris t

59c 59c 39c f119 :
t:1'j. 1 '\ 13 & W. Second Street ; .

:; 1 : Jr I ,
'. .- ... -- -- --- 1 Health Food n ao (tenon ,: $1.39 29i. t
I ttlt .____
r. ."I- r64 $sd'. 69c A toramt :
*: U&lo w -- J..... Talcums .*o..... ...--.......30C'irl '
: Leave It to 1..0
I fee, ._ ......_. ._.,, -. ..59c83c '5a 23c.Ov.t,r* ...... .....!...95cShaving .
'Ie Kobinsol, "K""" ....--.-.:. ,./
HomesteadDry ,.. ..I.r- ....__.-49C< '.a :
20c Comforts '
\ ''n om ii,5r Hodick'o baby ..-.... ... .-.-..
fi h M4ke4 Milk .. lie too Olllett
I ,, ;,r Cleaners It.M M..adr .. $1:39- : M... .._. ... ...... ....-23c Pl..... .... .-. ......_._39c F
.otetn Milk ....- ... arto.ea s 19c"&to Molle '
.e. 4 alc 46c Heu PovdarHeat ..._.._ Cream-. .____45c ,',! .
We OvaJUA ..... ... ..t. ..., "- a Med oII 23c lit P1nau4'r" 't-r'
.: Keep fu,;Ih.. ?_'''-''.'.- uu.. ,. ., 5115 q
':- t AllutUantoo.t ; e'.. ) I ,t_ '*.t Hl1d; a" ?, yet t .

'S' 8&10:1 ,Almond Crimi'M. ..-..-._-40
fir ass Nand "';
kttlbe .......- ..39c ,a.otT 95e'1.lOKTmm...Cream* ,_ : .

......... we'taU !i tip ospMita( .,_.......-..__49c Hdttopaeto.Wirt_rb.tisto -- --,'45e nplrblades' .. .n.". fn":: ',t/j''t,
yon j don'tpay. 10* Wtaa Ooth* 15c ....,. ,,.--_ ??:? ,, ,
J .. ,.._. M J 4lftlt '
t :.: Bicrci.Flarla .. -- "'43 to :. -. .....-69c For the Teeth i;:: ,
r II Cfnta .. ......:: C t.!. roma ,. 45c ice "' 111" ', +

I'.U CIo.Mot. ........ .. 98e h1?tyro lje4uclag"'--00' 'roach rants . 39c t'., r
,1' HOMESTEAD $1.00 ,
M DRY CLEANERSPhone See lodrna
.... .._ .. .. 4) -
$ Dewy nea_ J198, .1" tenth Pests ........, > ?,
:i; 660-M I Eti.rtrb lre_ *! KpmU, 4 Iba.f _...._.. _39c toe tenth 1"-1.11 r..t. ..-., ...-39c l'' i_

'- : ";' -------. =--_.:_--- -.. lucr\'lJo"t(Face",rowden"r'"ab. 98e Foot Comforts sea Tooth' ="- .. ......,a J3c!

fi" r. --I': 1'owder. ..... .--.-..... tea 29c 1$. iJ.eeose. ,,, '23c' ,
i 6 t.40' Qoi\y 80c 1IIWtIIo""" ..._. ._-. ......:: Tooth J'Mtt,, '" .. ?;:
/ij I ) Door and Window Frame's gees ....,'du .' ......0.* ... '
--- '-" $1 96 31c
,. : tr > ., _..,.._ ..... \i: II'"
Door Sashes and Screens cod Jafvt.Pe OCt ltpe 3.y 234
45c r
a.Rteet !'owesP ..___.,.,., 1010$ P4e ..... .;::.; qJs r
All Kind of Cabinet Work 11': "
All for 45c Cem 2Ut. .J' P1ati d sttor" All for 45c
'\ sue M.lIta s Getaa"Miami's

f), ,.. H.'tMiMfel &wt, $I Blocks Last f X+..pwd'IltOMt
y6 'I > '<\\01): I Busiest Drag Start" ;",,
'+, ,, .
v4 rt I
.z. I t I



J Tbuivlay) February.14. 1929 THE HOMESTEAD LEADER, :M Five i

I Scottish Doctors Diet bed ........' W. a e..t tow Tk (teotifcfe dkI' Mrva. at wIW I'U.f. I '....... Oar kM MM rr'lndeco i ifotr.wblol
1J Study to pletdw .tad hold tit.wneetea kowrmr, lUll ... ft*W : t-r, .k.., st.r-ceats4--r : ,
; I 5 ,Build Up Underweight Children s p( "j f... ..a A.aasslolto 60001. eigpo i- "fMt". not interest ..* Hfrit I )
, so "k unties. 1.bassist. .ra la na.4M** *."..* *..*>. I.<.| w.nl. ,*"rl |tw' M WlMnlor ': !
' :: : IteW of .. j spat .divot and as a "sill a vase Mr n.- ships litted i
>* rWMit the 441094M of the. Hootitoh article .< A" rbe ....... hobs recelvod ea.!,I./ oath Milk r>M4n<." with ..........."., firs r ,
Re6H of H..mtk kv ooanrtier I idilltUm .f tank to tkiMr 4M.)!.. .. .. .._ \j
---- -- -- -- -- ---- -
f these rtttoiMtr MM In title oo..- caanpaend welghw'lor Ad" ml. a rate of growth Indidtdod tofTlMtrr ... .. '
beta. helebt. seed weight' id pia gat 1"--- "
tie seaaae.E The r hiti Tk
etlpat .
proper bode la ft kwJfebfWl Met 0'1 . than theses tot ro"b"s t# Feeds "
fn m Mh*tad slowed n v rmonlMr extra 'I'IPOULTRt'EQUIPAIENT
01000 .,. ifaUfcromp al 4 bran Ian.prevenient
A4141/ g Mtpotttwenta '
shot ... ,'a" << titcMM t HI Imebesand I* tlltl |.n"l o.a U- J \
dotlftlMlr .nt.UAlI9' 1
*41 vauBdn for groups wklrk lloii" reports l>r. Orr rhaygtett. ..! .MANGANESE, \7 7CRA'fE
toe watt authorities and
p.bUe'beettb ,
414 not mxlv* i rt milk. against .
,. the Rw ivk ( m! HM t tile
}y1),I rest ...offle'o'....10.....tbat Ie f sett tisr.issal.ku ..1.a.ft lacber.attd '.11 Tb poemsa.....for.. -IItUaIJ Board at ti+allb."Many MATERIAL AND HAMPERS :
hone receiving milk.
'" tM kalra >0 ......, _p .aIN ... tneretw In hfl..'U vu I.4Tt IncbM. Ataerios esperlnee.to Is SEE
( ,.,ot .*. ",..,_.__," slates mm Atikfn Cklaa.kutritl .
I and I* wvlcht t UT pounds far the '
.... ,.. I wllk-Ukln ftva M M+ lMt ivlllhu ** MM ulM ft the Nation*) Dawson Feed & Supply Company 1 ,
0.- "01 of the MM of DkhT OnuwitL "haws wows that .
.!'t" stoS.rtaeaa4Istoityar&toshown cf.Jvi |( a TkM ttcurw (".1 rote who received the ttunln Last Warehouse on Fertilizer Row ; ,
Swrtttpk t oa4 were Mlwt4faur found In the milk 4M <*T loped \
'' clu4 the three no cntwp MmM Homestead Fla.Farm j'
: .r*.|>i for each town, each Mwhich Phone 12 ,
....4. for UM ago Creep I to t.I Mousier fur and M more Interestedattitude
}, contained from d to It tltU.dr ,
th* r -nU.-*f Increase (a height: toward their .a\'I nro nt r
n no first
troop was -------
"firm *( tkM asking over the overage --
;.' file KXUDM. .. ,diet: far the., Manned. mount .f nUk was d,4 lot tile ----q. :
tMcult diet .11..t04. br bw.'I. -
t. I the
age group 1 1* t and for
'tk. third by i.prted milk .. D
It II croup. 14i.fs
sad the '*u'tll"r .bale:cD11-! Thefoaling 1
, was eerotsity.uperlnteaded BAdlUwt t* Ma MJito. o'r milk
Ii, .t the $choIt In addition to wktrli Ii bro4umag Cairn ieebrs at '-..htaM.&tra.
tk<' bm dttiary IA U' eases was p.U4 of weight la Clover Stores r :
MIMOSA HT;'). rant ehUdr... n- growing cklldr** between tk* 4 *
calved miu third in ."d4lti,. to of a and II, Ii trail found shit the ,
that given At_the "'h..Mi Mil the tUdrea. who_revolved__ .taro_ milk t
----- n
----- ,,

I. Specials for FTi. and, Sat., Feb. 15 and 16 a

All Roads Lead to 1

SUGAR-10 pounds n._.. ..-.. .. .,: .u n.. 58c

v' MAX'S DEPT STORE l\IILK-Clover Farm or Borden's,t 10 tall cans.: ..99c

Cor. from aid Flajltr homestead, Fh. COFFEE-Cloyer Farm or Del jar, per pound .45c 1 .

SNOWDIUFT-3 pound can .. . .. 59c ,

FLOUR-Mary Jane plan or self-ris.] 24 Ibs. ..$1.15


JUSTARRIVED POTATOES-10 pounds .;.. .. _.'r.; ;'. .. .,.. 27c

.!'; 350 new"- patterns of prints and batistes. Alt
PRESERVES-Clover Farm Pure 49c
02. i jar ..
guaranteed fast colors. The patterns for this "

ever season seen are before.more beautiful than any we have PEACHES-Rosedale, YeL Cling, Np..2 /,''2 cans 37c


''I'' price Regular A 39c for Saturday and Moray 29c j 50AP. -Kirk's water, 3 bars I .:, .. ... 19c

', SAL1\ION-Tall pink, 2 cans w ...:;. .. ... 35c
ladle beautiful silk flat ,

'. $2. Princess Slips, s eci.l $2.951NEN'S E PINEAPPLE-Libby's sliced, No. 2 12can .29c

STRAW',HA1S FRUITS-for salad Libby's, No.1 can ._ 24c

:A Another new shipment up from PECANS --No. 1 fancy paper shell, per pound ..29cVALNUTSdiamond

'1 I
\ soft shell, No.1, per Ib..,'. .29c

Your feet will be happy when : (Limit three pound to a customer) 9

''f fitted in a pair of our
SOAP Octagon yellow, special, bars (;r __ 25c

Arcli-Support Shoes OCTAGON POWDER-specialtsize,6pkgs: : r ,. .25c (

--- .- ,.-- L&'IONS-fanc, per dozen, _._ .. ::.. ... ,,;,., 29c

.{ i )tnI.Ai8"8INOtrGIf1 APPLES-Rome Beauty, 5 pounds .:.. .::...35cCELfiRY I :

''HR <<:H rMl'.ONS-lfi.. ,

:! GOOD ENOUGH; MNR ME's -per stalk, H "_ _.. *. ".,," ......w.. .. 12c

.. nets what am or our etstomets laid tits etbrtwhetMcurtingdbeeabtaW"eatdpi" LAMB Roast Shoulder pound 28c
per ... ... .. j''

: LAMB STEWper pound. ... .. ??..."'.. 18c
; i

,?i"I., PORK-Loin roast- end cut,,per, pound. n'y .\::_.. -28c ,\;

\ S .\ .6.obil_....,...dTiss.T'h..el.sk.Ydo.M.a."A""dtf' ,J0,1'MOM JOOAS.leet-t. ...r.J.-rl In". LONG HORN CHEESE, .M_. ._..__ }a.- ..._ 38c '
.elks pow metre r-seem ts.w 00 n hest A......" .
', .. Ewe, of lbws.-.M--bossier taw eree....s.r..a "
;. me, of we-...-..tee aM t..sd..4bs7 eke.'t BUTTER-Clover Farm per pound . .. ., 57c :
who"" ..p.r.fY......--...... ..antMl-....... ,
o-"", "tit.: ....,y..'of_ Come 4m wA Ire........,......,fimn.rh .
w ''Tlr_ t tllppsrs....."rimes aM bolr-w FBlie : BACON-Sliced Rindless, per pound .4.. _-. .38c '
: t
.t' l ; and Whit; Filling Static '7 7GoL'f.ildt. : :=
"tGan. HOMESTEAD STORES: 115 FUtfcr Arena, 102 S. Krome Avenue -
"" ()RIM .
r, ... l U W. Mowry Street ..
Oil 1'1. J"-.ww. Art--a e __.._. a.
,. ,--- ,
l : : 10""faJ1f oga1 for cape war .
{s "\" ...."........ink L ,\ I
r i :

Ie!. ,;.,.;,; !Uf'J:' ;, .' 'I 1:1\.. \ of\', ._",0 ,..-- '. 'Ii< J"" ':. ",, "" '_" '''' :{iap1N

.. .

JPageSlx: THE HOMESTEAD L.E A'D'S' It Thursday,..Febraafy -14.; 1919 .

Ma oM... .. M.V .... "" "''.
; 1.110.
IllayaT19 year
I to M. M. Chsnh. ftouth.njvy groat t)" ..b IT. .* pant MralgbtHMMV ---J ,; Florida Dated Cor Dm. If, Itli.KMtCM .
I : .11 ./ the monthly social which "Moveof = #0"47 fttpgIpettag, aad lIy IhI'Mrl, "'
Utmrty RetwIiaJr : .
AND AROUND well held In the knit wor' rnw'nVarVy meet at the homo of at...... R, aX I NW tetoesk. "* l,art', LV69t Mill
more TueWeveutn*. tMtkw %Sedhotts FrOfti th.4oment of lOll"T. .
('kplmgntr at !:> o'nlvrk.
F f A law crowd. of faults. peo'U wali love and Jim sweethearts, \ t"rrRIf'ri.f--tt.
; "lOb to>--The tadlM of the M. V.
HOMESTEAD atttindwii' >. After la".ii had ( hurrh. South, will serve a chh'kAn are klduM>p house of rattan, until the time too, ..
x:.....xx....................,........................_........... buttn erved.played refrertiwutti wen dinner in the notion of the HuddBonding Iw.cape, after the wildest MWri<
t t r V' >lilliin.<1 "rum, rift Two) ...".............. .................,............................ Nlxoti'' t:market formerly ornupled by the thnt over bep tt Sirs" huenan beings.. fit4. 11. w rNtVFICfil '
M...unir Anti .. ther" (II no let up In the tultxrelglttvn
Mi.night Pol). JO -ThKutn or 8hlu Club : 0) MAWI IdlyNALle:
Klinr .'M..I-I\\.1| flouts wove. : AngleJumlM.ii SILVER PALM I i I..e<>t. with MM Krank skill 'nronl. is IJKHKHY OIVHK
Hat and Thnlma Toddare
Mank. actor poet grand '..b. Jl-. The 1-onirMur Club OUR under end by virtue ( tit*
rnai,rot, Welter 'x' tworCAbat'rw In the leading roles. f I'oreciowr: r
s '! H. Combs peat 11wfk; t give* a program on American
.... "lli: '"W\*>I" -{.
spent $dadayw Olive, titan with borne ad** o* the
Het" flan Imaglae Karl haute
ran a* a '
retottv.a Mar, I -..T>)i. Auxiliary. of the p. day of. J.4ftt.A.. HISU to&at r..
Inifrw-tor. Mary' WU.n 'htlllott./ paM N. H tfarenjn Chapter IK will Greek dancer T .irtKln sure pe poing la OiS
Or tieorr* K. Arthur aa a hard- Circuit Court of the It".ntlaJu.
grand OTWinliit, Pierceo Reeve. Mr. find hilt. M. H. Oatlabcr hadtie moat at he home of Mra. lilac
v Idiptel circuit! of Florid In and'fer ,
boiled sailor
Vast grad. warden, aad IX MIH J, their Swiss. loot wee* Mr. O ltah Hutton with Mr... Stella Adams andMra. I, Dad County befog Equity: came,
.'MnbR \*.. (randm rl).n. rt' faUM Kth-4 Hutton a* hoeteee**. All TheM r1di ;ulau ehanctertnutlannar o I jNo. ll.t>-.. wherein Tusk of
.to. be eeeit to "All at *..*,"1 I Komeirtead' to complainant and, <:. t,
I OARIIf nnell--; : 'member and friends of tile O. E. the otter feature .which will b..h..n' loan Walluc I John. W. ampbll.Integrity '
gilt" TO 1JlII'MfJI : Loul New York bill I. are woloem. Realty Corporation and
Bnturd The riot
Trip n.Otrr.AR ''teaiO. f. laugh
MEI.TWGM who I* touring the stale (pent I'eiuoltdated. Investment Corporation
7 The Garden Club, which. had suspended eras day in Silver Palm .last wck .rr+ .rr..r..a..rAt la from tilt pea 6f Byron Morgan are defendant tile undenigned .

its tjrtlvHU b"",*u..'ot tilt Hit left for Tempo Monday -- the General Court In Master said !Sorrow ppolnted: will offer toy-' :

fl" vpldcmh\. win meet",,, Monday 4-4- P MOres ,the Seminole A for sale *t public auction to
.'terao n. Feb.. 4', at there home ? It; 'JU: Whltworth'etndMtw ... ":" .f; USE MANGANESEIn the blgheet and bet bidder for
0< Mr. H. H. '.w1n.. An |ne rotproirram Margaret. 1 .lbf motored tai Coral ... each at the Month Front Door of
I the (Coiirth UM> of I>ade County In
a lAIr kaa boost arrannd.VMtor 'Oahle Sunday. Judge Ben B. Linderr, noted the part of the (County jades i, the City of Miami, Florid>> on tKo
an Invited u the m*.<* Judge of t>en"r'i famous Juvenile Cute f4 Florida, 4th day of Marote A, 1>. 111, botwa a Ij
"' ". % Among ',the. ., ;Jocel 'people who sort for maltytyeare, tupervuredjhe Dude County : M. and o'clock P.
pare re*\r,,red from the flu areMrs. inikKlg oil tr* motion picture U r* Estate of JOHN V. FHKE.8H. I' property two Poor M. the**,

4-H OniMI TO HAVE," ,' ';. A. I* Chandler. Mr. and Mrs.Jaoepk weed upon incident In his book"Compamnnate All.. I Creditor>ecead.T .. I-ntee, Die- Situated In Di"do".I1':;. Florida, t
.\ IKKXTH: AT n.:TIVAl. Flenher' Dan Connor an.sIlttl. lIIarrl....". First, tribute. And All P.rlQJHavlnl to-wlt: '
r Plan for their part In th1 rriiltWMIval ( Louis. Uvtngeton, National Pictures" la releasing th; Claim or Demand Against Maid Tile South HaIr (8 It) of the
were mad at a meeting flint which bear the earn titheIt Estate: Northeast quarter (HE % ) ot the .
"f I .You and each of you tr* htreb touthoaet quarter ($l.S314) e
I of the HommtMid 4-H girt' jr.*. will be shown tonight and Friday notified and required< t* present I yha Northeast quarter (NIC';)
V I. Urdar o rtvrnoon. In a booth <*ro> The Calendar nlgtU wtth a cant Jieaded by I any claim and demadismantle which your end tb.. $outhll..t quarter ( .''r ,
: rated I In grown and whit. the rim Betty Broniwr.' add Richard Wal. either of you may have against. "' y or Ihe Southeast quarter. I.I I.
nrwrwrwarrrw.r..r.wlt.wr.w.rwr.+w.rrn.I the estate U. Free, 8r., late < 1St" of the Northeast gear.ton \ ,
will sell fruit punch and and- ing.Themodern of t.or:4: : County, Florida + I (NFB4 of Section It. ;
tl wltht.. Thew members of the Feb. 1 -Th* Friday CluB moet c. trend i* toward myth: to the County Judge of Dad I Townhlp U South! Rang* .It' '\
club will b. in the booth to oar. with Mr*. Frank HkllL s ...., play, picture and utorlewui County, Florida, at his office In the ISaat, '
Bald. sale to be b4 for the *
Court House at Miami Florid, por
for customers.r Fb U-Rambl. Club meet thus "eleven Footprint la Satan .
: ; ,! within twelve month from' the poee of satisfying said [Jarre*. ',. r' i
r with Mr. and Mr. W. R. ttheneyat First National mystery film which time of the first publication at this ICON> E. FEnilBTRJL! r
{F RFECIAG,; JMEE7INO or I might i iFeb. will be .ho... Saturday nlirhf, i* !' notice Mid claim or demand to behest Matter In Chancery.ROBKKT8 ,:
i l'-T. A. 114 (""' 1.0. lI-'t'be Monday Bridge! decidedly timely"Seven"Footprints IM sworn to and preeenUd a* aforeald AND NELSON,
or Mm will b* barred. He Solicitor for ComplainantJan.
( A special meeting .( the Horn.d ... Club meet at night with "". and to Balaa" la Chapter 1011S Laws of the rluto of It; Fb r. li, It, II
\ *- P.-T A. U eamd for UIO -- ;N
Friday In the ...,hool cafeteria to ---J---.r- -.r- _-___-_ I;

decide questions Minting to a booth



Auxiliary of hf Narunjt 0.d .
i % S. (an, a iuco_[ul bunco party
d Beginning Saturday Feb. 16 and ending Friday } to
fflf Vriday night There were fifteen eb.,23
tables; at play. High score" was

mtado by )it law Tholitia Hutton.

MAJRAMJA AUXILIARY SATURDAY, FEB.J6 I : .. t..It'i- ., ._ .. "

NEC"; WmljtRB1"1":1": ; .
The Anilllary er the O. 19. & Men; and WorkPantsregular$1.95value WEDNESDAY, FEB. 20 '
Boys Gray
MaranM. Chrtr.... mist .but night .
.I the homo of Mrs Plat C. VthJ (PI QQ ",

eighteen... #n Quail member Roost and two road visitorslpvattendanoo. with Special at ............................ t9 JLOtMen's / Jack Tar Dresses for girls 2, to 10 years,

Business wu dl.. value from special Wednesday $1 :4
and Boys' Dress Caps,
I cussed i\n da favorable report wa. only .......x................._._......... .
: t k..ndd in by the dune commit*. 95c to $2.25, one-third off. ,.

....Ivlon,1.1, : nOldl8 Jungle Prints fast colored broadcloth, large Men's and Knickers $1'9

MONTHLY 110I IAU assortment of colors Regular 95 ,;

'I'bel >r Epworth t* gu<- of value'd ................-.................... C.
I _.____ __._ 69c a yard, special for: CO

;" Xottae Notlo"4 I AppM* hereby<
se's, Minnie t..arh. Holder a. Assignee
0' Tax Certificate No. 4(94, dated J .

) t this a.t Ith "'a.14f ::.riftc"rf1nU my t ,. ... c. flIONDAYFEB'.18 '

01'l1C'0. aid has mad application '
{ t' for tai dd to Uu In accordance
with law. Maid rtlflcu m. 'TUURSDAYFEB.21.
.'1 the following described .
)ropcrty, aituaUd In IHid .
Florida, to-Witt: (sot U, Block"n, :
riorMa City Flat Book 11 Fag T4 i. Hickok Belts $1.00 and $1.50 values, '"

I I. The assessment the MM .OHIflrat of propertyUnder Wants Towelingregular: value: 20c a yard, special special for Thursday only,

Wg In the name *f Cnknown. Vn for Monday only '' 1 AA and ... .. ..... 75c
live said Grtlflrat should b* r*. !.i -, f $1.15 ,*,- ...... fe: ...- .?

t. 't deemed cerdln* to taw. Us d od 7 yards for ._..:u; "'fIt-_......... tD JL.IAIMen's l
will Issue thereon the lot day of
Marth A. D.. l lt. Brassieres regular value 60c,
Dated this list dy of :tlnua. 39c -
'I A. U, 1U two-piece underwearr lregularly't $1.25 special at ......._......-...........:.........
)K. D. L'mA'rmRMAN, suit for
t 1,'f i Clerk of Circuit Court Dade Rouatr per QP o

Florida Monday only.. .,.-................ t/tlU Brassier regular value $1.50, .
By JBO. restate, D. C. 98
CUt Circuit Court Stool : special i at .... ....................:............ C

__ Jan 11. H ".11. f, H. '1. IIKiOTICK .. .. '. .

( OF ''''''TF.I(; MIF.
(. under and by virtue of the
Final. IJwret of Forerloeur rend '. I r" 1' \ ', -
red In .hsl( >,Haln cause pending : FRIDAY FEB. 22Ladies'
a In tba Irrult curt of the Kiev- ,
oath Judicial <:11'.1of Florida, I* 1. ,
and for t>>de County In Wiliest i Knit (
.s Hank of Homestead 1.9 complain. TUESDAY FEB19; Munsing Wear Union Suits,
ant and Arthur liolle and tattle "i. and $1.75 values
), one, his wife* are defendants. boing I ; : t. .... '; regular $1.60 QO ? t tI

wa.Nralgned Kquiry. CaM Wastrel No. Hlll-C Matter,, aj the- I I 'I".41; .t'f.! fm.. ." ;; tyBoys' .".,. "....... : special Friday only*.-........__? */O v/ ,

pnlnted by the Court in Mid l>ocreev '
will: offer for Mh at publl suction Dress Pants, pne-third off. *. Men's Blue Head Light Overall Pants .
.. .
to the high and beet bidder for
maht *l the Cuuth Front Door of > special Friday only $1 75

the tire Courthoua City of Miami* of,Dud Florida* CountIn on the t I' $125 value forMen's ................... .

S (tit day of March. A. I> Ult. betwe lurkish Towel regular} value 45c, O O .
eleven ,'..1.,11A. **
the hour of
Blue and Striped! Cprer-alis special
o'clock P. M. tile && 1, ,
property. M. and mrrtbd two la Mid IHcrjo, Tuesday only.......... .............S.. Frldayonly. Situated to Dado County, ., "
to-wlt" 3.95 value for ..*. .... ... 3)O) Ii AtBURTOM'S > .-
Law 1. >, and 41 of Motto'st '
t A 4 accordliiir t* pl t thereof err
recorded la>lat Book I, at l
,'... .. public rowrda of tMduntr .
Scald *ale t* list had for the t>-
g JiI\III" .t ..
aihtrilaisbl' < 'Lvisits RR Ro2 \. 1 ftOWDA
m 1N411s "' ttwte 'r1'> I -
; I

1I 1:'):&!; 04.MI; U .--

.,.. ', ..., '.. ., ..' )' ",

r oil Y .

Thursday. February 14. IMS THE HOMESTEAD LEADER *e Seven

Rowed Preaching of Hialeah at 11 i paetor m and Sunday T:II I : ::

l J Trie CliurcliesMm ] school. m. oa err aibdret01e-Sunday Sundays at It a. m.p. CLASSIFIED ADS 1 1UT :1"

J'1t 18YTfJU..1II CHr1RG71 : lint insertion 1M kiln: wlM o.iMat Insertion*, .

11.OnllDm.., school lo aUoe ,

...... -Tha Rev. a 1CJMalkev i at tl8. Mid'week! service W.dn_ building the Re*. J. H Hop, pa.- .
....% Bunday wb M ...! day. t:I* p. m tor Sunday school at 1* a. nv l --- -- --. '

t' tlU a. coat a 1.. MnClanahan towrlntaDdent Pcb IT-Mormn* wrote: "flam Robert Ooaji. luperlnUndentProaebtnr FOR RENT WANTED -
t Freaehlnfl M 11 a. m. 1 day n...U r..... Tbto.to the third at 11. The pabllo to I HELP

f tad I:CO p. in. The aunlxwm so moo la tV aerials, na the nhloetol cordially 'n.-lt. nTJg.JtOOM IJOUIIija! MMH_ N.I _
Band meat on Sunday morning alIV : M aabbatb TM w. find this ---- W. ef Homeoteait 'AUo 1 sang 10 WAtTHBKHKII vv*Wrap taaute
;:.o 'clock. Mother wo attend study not only l tr.rtt.t Out abioprollubl HOVTR' )(. R. cutnm MAN tillable Ia." Pay rut \artiy to dlattljr riMtwwHt Hotel, Miami t'

f. church while children attend the *. Kvoi>y one finds a ......- \ work .n strove It d..,ir sunbeam meeting a. T. I*. CTlOO dial wvlroinx lo all our M-vlrn I Both the water and the HlLearue -i Mr* a H. Woodbtirj, H metoad. I A. O Oall...... r ,.t..

i P. m. ft IB "hfrarit. iiroul K dUML-Th. IUV Everett: in*. .
iireaented a good
deal Mew and Interesting programs Lewis IVIrrc. paMor Morning wotiiblp .. -.----, ..-.T1.10.40-- tOST = '
laM Sunday evontn and of
twill week W. U U. mMt and sermon. V.46 &. m Pur! .U'I ,i _.?_ __ ._ ,
II II'I ant ulannliu tor otlll bettor FOR SALK
1 every third WMMMdur oC the day rltool, 11 o'riot'It, HIM KrtolU I.cNll'f'U fuld fountain :
'I n hn'"; Two "10.1. ._._ .. ..
,' ....... I lurnw. IIJIptol'\nt.ndnet.\ 1'pwortK I'en. Made plvaw return t
iqonth .t *:M el**: ft UMoClaftAlm j for helpful .
ly are Bianntnc a very MHUUK UltwiND HRI H .
*, providentJPWi ( HUM' 7:80: p m. and fIJIt.rtlUnlpro..ta at ho I "
I |l for wUIng r>t 18 ODlv reward tit ,1I,
17-P.f the morning >,rI I lu? Florida wtl community starch J
( I Sunday evening devotional wrrW N. M. Weyer. IIlIv,'r Falm' DHlNVniUo I--------"-
ft 5pMIQ11f."" '*11h pmuldsd I -Tb aev. George B Dwuol, pMtorKiMvlay .j Miss Julia Bnilhr.ra will bo thefeeder -.. weep front Black. Point, I
by the AnU.(wluon Uxwtu from school, 10 a. m. Mm Neliu and there will lie atxwlal 11' 4-trKOR .
among tile number of prominent j Mullht4)/ -auperlptendent; preachIng i music IIlId'oilier food thliir. CARL A. FIELDKaitfnary
mete -I o *A .flew uttvndlnf the ua. TO and TIt: p. m : : I JII"rloe&
JAW Hunfliiy wae also a good dtt7 Ml R OK RIM I-ragmfuralahn
Anti>Hat*.* 1.05500 c-onvontlon to In
In the regular preaching aervkwe.At ) stucco bout. t I.1 i
aI.:. Mle 1. ""t"1' "Would MFTHOWHT A A 1'. More +
tile morning service. after a Mile north ur Hom U-ad. flta"'l .1
W l&nw 9111..11I Christ If We
r- oroefnl BMwaairo from the rarrl kit. boa 111 .; Bonln'etwwl<< fla. a
Hd Used When He Was on Uw I First Methodist (hunch: H_ I hIlardee's
Pall him. the Hll
t en a tram Homestead paator'l
X.1't1l P' .
t d. Th
> W. MoC6IIal"
mw, with. ttforai, oeskin. ; -- -- "
r Preyeb. n'rviee Wednesday oven. plUlt<\P. Sunday. ; Mot lit ,'U. subject! "Ho" Wa try, A, ti.M. Mp ritrt tan H (| UlMMtiouldn t. 8e llago4". toy 11:00: a. n and T SO p. m. view i'ouitry rwtn 8"1 y Vi*? Shop

...-n**. 0 H. Milton, pator "- junior League at 0150 tS\m Etbr.lvlnB ell At delivered the evening MI hour Inniilrlur Mayor. RU.'j I road. 1 mile south of Prttwsaten I 1- UhOWV. B11.T SHOES JIa'I"
; Sunday :.chOat at If .. m.. 'ton. leader HI- {vial 1
oa filabbttth observance, which I HIM #
I I, Wilson Mofxtn' ouperlnUuannt.prakoblnc ; 7, Mra C, W McConnell..I.a.f.1 followed by the pastor with a aer __ .......... Anauhi, ........... f
11:et a. |n. And I:D4 Out Senior league. at 6 men on the sine lubjsct.' At the Rn'RAI'ONATURE'S t
u D. T P U TlOfl P. m. W meeting I it
p. ) every Wednesday :
.. .. .
close| of the sermon a great ma. PRODUCT II Am- I
-- --
.' M C. second knd fourth ::
\r p rt. 'b. : -
Jorlty HIT COAfreration stoodpledglrsw'them.olves pordacif Fotaeh Top dressing
at I:H) prayer meeting. Mondl"1. ,frosts 17 p.Morntnt norm p 0 j:a an IndlvldualijM 11* V for all) tmrUMft and fruits Tc- !
day at 7:10 .P m representative of th.e Antl-H !loon .
y *. rl,1I9.b-0, of thS'Sabn.I mttoM ripen hardajwe t. At MMru
--:- l.eaguat '.'.""1. sermon %r. *| >ron batl"l : Warehouse.. OP Florid TaM !
,CMKISTIAJfFtortda SCIENCE! "..1"". The Male chorus will'give ; I Visit Key WestThe Ii
TM attendtncewat, ununuaflygood coast Vcrtlllnr To., Homestead
CSty.-Bro a""y Md tnluilott proprant'A t:10. t .
both services. 1 1"1 Ullt)
1 Math :,street Sunday actual At1hOSa tuner Palin-Rof. JE i{. Crow. \ at I .- -...- .. -- --.......,.
t ,, ov for pupil under Iv son Sunday, school ,vote Sunday: I Ilit Remember! that our services MANGANESE Southernmost City
: you r*"6( apt morning service M1J !. .. ra: preaching tervlce both 'on Sundays' and Wednesday USE ;. .f
ootook Wednesday ...nlnmUnr ; first and third Sundays! 4It each evenings from now until Easter. VIA ,
which Include* tmtlmonlal month, at 11 a. m and Tilt p. *n.1 will bo avanrcllittlr. something I
'of Clfrtatlon Science tmAllng.I new Milt be on the program all !
Junior league and Intermediate The Oversea Highway
:00, clock. All art cordial League At 0:10: p. M.; praxor tn..etng along Something helpful and infplrlnf -
Watch the papr for!
welcomed. at T:10 f, jn. TpwdarMKfROOIST It
our announcement, an! came to
j t. 125 miles sunlit
C3T0RCH OPCinUOT FRJTHoHiU I the church tn enjoy and receive over y

.-lloniuWMid. Cerper ot' Avenue til,--Tin Rev O .... the benefits of our effort I water and tropical ;
.______ ___.__ __ I
l --- -- -
r A;And Fifth wrm t Bible nan MetCommodious
its$ .. m.; pmmunloa, 11:10: ItimiiMiiiniuiiiiiNiiHiiwuiiimHiiiiiHiiiiimiHWMiiiimuiimui iiKiiliiiuitiMitMmiMHmttiini
;.; r
,. "&r.f i": *ncrrution PLUMBING DEPT. STORE and

'.r' ell, GOO :, ".i -Or IWARKO\\'tI'Z Jt :ltESNist, INC.

in .. %, ltunseadrd-b", 8. )lowr,. ..< comfortable ferryboats
tar, Bu.d. school ..t 11 .. m.B .. .
r -- -
0. Murphy. (aprlntoadnt ,:*7.&O -Vi----;; ; ;; ;;.;; v-;'; ft$. 0 hnnMiio Hot 1 t leave each

'.,* preaching M 11 a. W. ud T,10p compel Mahogany wet, water Ia,.....-.... Now oa sold When in need of any

..... lonnt jwoplvl BiovtlBir MI $20.00 ; terminal at No
Now $20.00 .__ __ _
:I* .. m. :Everyone U ..,loom.. .. .. plumbing work, call
-- -- ----- 1
(lal.aulsed water pipe Name and LowerMatecumbe t
;", miltrn 0;THK NAUnCNBIIcHnc5 14,JJ value Toilet Seat Om'.half Inch la a root ,n us. We are expertsat
.a Corn Mawry BLand Tkuwtoontu Irab 9e a (U at 8
( '8. W. Fourth Avenue. J WCrouman ,--, ---'--JITS _--.- One inch, 13c a foot ; repairing. I

pwrtof Sunday school' M Miowor Curtains, "lilui dw k, a. m. and 1 p. m.
10, pre, / .t 11 a. m. and 1:10 '''' slake, $1000 value
P": .v pi. ;gayer meeting Wednesday $2.00. $3.95 and $4.25 white rnamH'Ant rim stow $Oi'extable i

at T:It P. m. A hearty welcome to -' Ptloveeeei vvoenplwu ValiM !.60. nnw *i.ftO I Charges reasonable.All I

k alL work guaranteedfor .
r $1.00 Value Fa U daily.MURPHY'S -
-- H1."u."....A I f
7 '. EPISCOPAL.M. and Stabs facia one year.

.,' Jnh.' .-Tli, tin. O P Jack. In Colors $7.50 i
14 in. size 50cI I
t\ Satre rotor sunder school at 10 ,
to.4 service and .ruion at 11 a. m..I -- -...---.- ....- ---,; -- G. R. Oldendorf! .
.1. _
qi : PULL OOflFEti MISSION j I Water nlelnp1i:1IaHot : I TRANSFER CO.
Drive.Th water tanks "ftII, N11p.k_ anti oils',
Itodland<< Road and Halnlla
.:.. lUr Wm. W..lker. It hw stun" & Sen 8 W. Mowry St
$8.50 and
\dundar school. I'p, m.; 'ator// up IOc eacb" j
f service, I p. m. Prayer!: 14 .. W: rfcooml '''. Hauling of Every
f!1 Thursday t:4t p. m Prayer atr- JKubbrr .time 111 M ,'. 1'It"r::: --ilk ear A.i', I DescriptionPROMPT J Ji !

elf Wednesday, I:SO p. mfVTBFRAH. 5k 75c and $1.00 ltumtvett'ad, .'1&. ,
Goodyear hose $4.85 ,
,;, i SERVICE :
---- ------ --- -
; : Krfialra for your.t.ktwt, oink, 1 I PHONE 523-M :
.... ,
talue NOW
M.-dMue Val
... ,
"e"IJara4-'MIe 1'1. O- frurmaa IwHlai or terra tub at prose tot
In colors vhiM, _- __.. __ __ t
paaMr English wrvloM over?- or mow I4.&W your px krt =0- -;:;;.:;-;; =:::;.... ..
----- -- -
... -- ------
d Bandar at I p. m.i German.wines
last Bandar In Mob month $..00 value both obis kJtA.- owing-spoils faaot't
with asap did akiLte plated MATHEWS TRUCK UNE
at I p. m.KXITHODUIT. plate. Now as oak ,::a." I "The berg, by taws," sow ".10

I ---T TT PLUM I Nei 9ft':- TM9- "MI-lromeatea4-plorldw City. make oinnortlon from this
e EMtCOPAl dinrlct with aU fruit and vegetable. boats leaving Miami Pull
,t Wall Stone, Homnlm>icK, IMC.Opna Information oa aalllng schedule, rate, eta I

\ Everett: lwl' Fwra*. '&I'or.I ., Kawnlat nits till t p, m. focuses; homestead HI.Ml Miami Tlf
I f Muadar'tofeool at 10 a. n. Paul .JII text U> Beat Iturbark* O
r \, MoMWll, .pertatn4enL Morainewowhlp L St Went nwrter. Miami. Florida / '- -- ,

. .. ___

l I ,
For the Best in Office Equipment ,YOUTH" IM>11 DU **.H.MneMMull .," A. HI. t A, m., It .. nk, i ry

II.I ws.ambat.. ,laph '#

I.hI' 'I..SOUTH. tOCHD- -.. Atlantis I .. et" p a. ...., M a. m, a.> so,. a' t?

: MOMAND MILLER Po so.. a aso, ,. ... ;

Run loans rtwikta City J5 mlMMr be ton M fen_ Hog --.
.: This schedule AbJect to Chant without Mtlo

,,' Miami tKatioo-Bo Terminal, M N K ooood i St T...phll. etlt.Hementetd ti #3

Salesroom:. 116 South Miami Avenue I riorMa. pty BUtlon,"&\101"-Redland* Hotel Cal 0t.nAIf t,

tMMt cosssrelsae to \ PalM, goat VW Dicta OOMk UM.
Miami, Florida Whit cut Motor Travel barren /fin an pcteM ta ValMd fta. **

Desk*.and Chain in All Grades Art Metal Steel Filing Equipment Special round trip rates to StriMfatff-Siifc; s

j tifht., .Make year res, 'ryattolMS' .t Hotel.......

,t) -

.. .. ....J ....,.IJo/.... 10m.."." ......,.. .."'.........................."". ,, \.... ( ..: ,.. 1i ... .. .... ... .... :,
't w "'t" A p .pk Hs ... ,, '''''f ynMH.4ti +.Oll!: .." W F.re.,' ,

VO 0,04., a*' a it


f v

gAD L'A> DER rt'buftlda' ,. Feb' 14. t9Z9 ,,
Irk rage Eight;: THE ROM & S T 1 .

; h II.\-I at tine-,time of im mouth: !i. 1M''t'WN', 4r 1IIt"I.: ",
California Supports ,; Florida/ ; am* h 1'0d'\ Mr, Posit from: niuwt" ......... .. van, itianlminm! %* .1tIo''t: a. ''MuWlbin. so| tie Itatslhrt, blur. II ;
I. afc'ft ynif '
norI'vruy soft. /0utf '
t j Tariff Move\ ;Lof Angeles Rebuked to mn>*r,,il .by 'htb wtfr sad two ...P'.1 otd t..t se| ..*y ta hbl4.rnvlva .I
i slop., (Rommel/ Powell. ot: faun4eb wft IIb Male Cnuiti *.rv ijJ Mil :Bdwavd Pow.tl of ;'tarn Mitnlny' The Rl'''. p. <:. Barkis .t ]eelst'rh i ''''!' 1
C'onttMlM OMM Page One) I :t-i; P M. J.Mr. awt+emptolhtrw't' Agate wok' rtotee''te,\ Ptttrn s sAnd !
l the way 5wd mottos oanwnlttM I lostJuba 1 kH otl legating Mr MM pats tnuihse un of a. dpeedf mef/dt. am Powell was a member of the ''Th Ma Chord ._.... ...... Yank "Wi Mhln Jtim. to, rrgMdret s i,
t j t who ever wt.waWA "I lore ,ou." Patriotic Order Don ot Am.rl a.M "Ma/ictyra of the .Arana'-.JU 46 mil" clio 11III11..... ...".
t "In the tout iMio* of the |last.{ diehard TUnltnlmc play the >d.. I1a. at Pert ft.pwbtlc, .M*: ........_................-....-"...,.. ;I.. ...
1 half rtort<& Mctn. The tAe AD(* I.'town ral.tnti malty. enq Meetty Comp. toriner homeHale
IM ehMUibur withdrew the resolve 46 the '
t I t Use and the Oklllprohk delegation % girl. .. Chorus to Sing Imported Pimento Nina Brandenburg t
al W..bbt rtna !- out to help Ftor. '
j tarot M. le tolWte Powell Funeral to Be' 'At M. E. CIIOUIZOS
Ida to set a > t. Church South .
t : Held This Afternoon t\ S. E flugUf Are.
*' at l c or muck art they ----
t I. __. AM Florida In not opposed The; HomM..ad Mate Chore will Guava Cheese 3 pound Agvnt for >
i to Olir r.|Mi In their attempt to Venom anrvlciri for JowphWimtixird .arise a aa ru 4 connect at the Mi M.Cliaroh spot 55c l
d moors 1ft45..sos on what Callfornl Powell. ... 41, who died] Mouth, Monday vrBIn*. Kealsilk 'jI
S .* wants At this writing tin po- Monday night, will h..> hId this .(- FVb. IT. at 7l.. The f:llolntm Fresh EggsFleitas' Hosiery .
I'IU..I' ma, aD far as tile oublorts ''n rnmn: at :1. at cargoes rnn'rm ......... will h.. slam: Ebroclo Shirts and
this' artkle f., M M Mini M the Horn Burial& willto* .."d..I HrDln ... .. ..... ..:. '01111'111111011' i I Fruteria
+ 1 ..1",.. thing you ever hoard of. Palm. Naranja, when' lha U.y I. Oitf.... BarnbyTh I UnderwearFoliow
!,. And I*Ho' attitude U in ,
I Mr. r'II.| Who waaearetakfr't Glory of HI* "" .DI." .. .Park .t

4, \ operation.A numtfiir" e( rod tint telegramswere ( Bob BlmptonV ,r*.* it Black: ..tI hUbt
f wt )i avii4 between Wuhlnf- ''' ''''' 'II>I 1111'1 II' '"" 11I'' /I"IIII""J'j"HI'lnnnllllil"Ilill; :/ :: / ,::11 I ::::11 Ii Ill'' 111.11/1111/ :;11111'''''''' 1/1..111:1'11111111111'11'11111"1/ : ::; III 11/111111111"11:11111111111111111111/ : II; 011
tea and C:HMrnlrt' ... while the imir- '
{ tea was l I. pr.,nw.. T. O.THakvr. '
of California wa present ,
r III the bearing in behalf Of the at- p. '
.",toed fnt*.n who )have petitioned
f.ir aa \Interests U tariff o. that :. the Crowds J
I ......1I //oj'. Aarates Cl'laMhbltr of c min "r.,a WM ,: ,,
r part'" sin (ollows
"Tee know Mil well wo are not 10' ,
I to lklnr shout tomato**; but N.p cinMllf ,
I t '$ about the evil effect of lose .'of i
y action Iwtoro the ways a..4 insane
rommttto Mond|r. The, state o(
.jIurol'llla t*! committed t* tariff
: protection for all agricultural Y
t I product sines tt I* .o drpvadunt The Dixk Drug '
open i tariff prot tlon for its ownvnxlucu.
i And' when a'lpdy/ such :; : ., ;,
Which I 10 ,
( M yours takes: a position '
offensive t* ether outetf Ooulrlnlagricultural : ;' .. 0 0weewnax : 'I:' :t '
I( tariff protection w. ,,; ,,,:( ".uNee....._ J' :;: ; .:
cannot very. well expert the support
ot the rfprr,",cntaUv of other
state Ia allegros> when our Items .

ara tI.1'tItllat eon.IUre"you and have therein don; and ties the are We strive every day'to give you

doing, This barm van bo greatly

r f irtruct mlnlmlwit poor If representative you will today to wtthitn.tr In.. 'I Better Service Better 1feirchandise.Better; Prices'! .w. .

1 T&. attitude the statement behind mado this Hondar itmto-' ;,. : .>::.' ; : .: :. .i. .: :.+ ..-J,. ," ) \ .. '. +.' t 2 "I '. .. ';'.'

1 t but tweet was U errlt".II hot only offensive miK>"' P to. hotaced us f.. .;;. .. :'"..J" ,.t.t ,,> ;f.;'.r., ." !; .1'1\.. .\,, !;;l;,! i," ':' "'{ 'ft ,,;' ':;,.:, <""l mT'

any but moro da twmrtMnt;Flaky washy"tdsiseams for the .:Once' alOIxIcIDruglCustbmcr IAiwaysiaDixie DruACustomcr"dWe '",

benefit of callforal and target the
produota produced, In a. foreign
rounds. :
waveared I mutiny on the high none
I 1 do appreciate :

Ai the Seminole your.business'I' :

,, :
", '' '"
(ConttnuJooxphln :: Mom patn''jji i:'r"

Dunn to thr leading lady .__ ._ ._ __. 'J ,
I Brarltt 8aa". Which will b*
Continued on page Eight) .
( 01l011,! Mood".. f I t'( thrill packs i
drafts rlmtlnc a bore ONTO**
tight tot the love Ore, convict rlrt.tt .
pictures the names ot a onrnlni N

''j schooner.. aa.. .It. .lnk* beneath the
i' Do It NOW ':
I" SAVE FOOD r '+rYYT i t

ft Mt tops,MM....{nMpnalnuWtat '1 ,
yg I
heana' EI ctrl P.tt< < ;

I, I 1 Alt Ds..... d:a:::i>s.MAlat YRIGHT .. '. J f' ......:'> ;

8A. ar 11' FAILS t NOW Is the time you must start It ;you intend to be one ,of the growers who '!;- b

NEWT G.. BALL will share Jn the,high! prices of Early Grapefruit next :fall.!, -11" ..V.t .. .. ** .,

rirtrt rnAjiCB! Ann KW.l .BRIGHT: NOW Is the time you should give your grove an application of y, :'- ', .. '. \
: >nrn i-nrs, SMART: tI ........., '.

t.txnti ixxri'MKjrrs'' con, -,: .

E tawrr.ItKCTLT Blot,.. rroatent.DRAWN+.} Tot, )''Pun0wh. Early; Bloomer] 1

.... .

t IfYouLik 'Join,the; ranks of;the progressive> growers who are;.regularlyimarlcetiag,a good crop' ....

of Early Fruitw"hcii priced:sic""highest Come* rf" red talk'it over('or phone'.and< 'one; ,
A'good haircutA !* H *. '4' ." 'J' j,1; k"
of our field ruenwtUcalL u--;; .' a'\ 'JT -h '' vv *'i ";;| i 't".'. VI',
smooth shaveA : ) ; t.; I :
smart boln- 7 e Y

TRY A VISIT TO Manganese Mixed Fertilizers for Growers'' C nveniei ce : : .

BUSH'SShop i I () 1

Barber FRANK R RUES; Mgr. U ... p I


L .
.. -
I ,
'. K" .... ,' '; .'
,$" 4, ., I: t. . ...:


The Homestead leader
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 Material Information
Title: The Homestead leader
Alternate Title: Leader
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: South Dade Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Homestead Fla
Creation Date: February 14, 1929
Publication Date: 1923-
Frequency: daily (except sunday)[<1926>-]
weekly[ former 1923-<1925>]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Homestead (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Homestead
Coordinates: 25.471189 x -80.468122 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (June 14, 1923)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1931.
General Note: B.E. Archer, editor.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002075048
oclc - 34296444
notis - AKR3403
lccn - sn 96027189
System ID: UF00087295:00025
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Succeeded by: Homestead enterprise
Succeeded by: Leader-enterprise

Full Text
- 172, 0"W"; ,
'" ...., ... ., _
''''''''' ''''' '1' ''''''
\ '
: '"""
.... '1nojft

.. :J" 'J. ,'
r i J f
yYa ." Y \ :
Cti i *pu p r :1 j ;kiss"t? ',
.... + a

,.. .
y r pry a 4 'v u' ''' '. Arltlp'A.ryt! h. i tp 1 i t1F'i .I Arrr(. f i+ ,/ITi. C ';

1 ? C w n N aw k uJ k w k li rise ny i4J 9:' !,r9J :r$ 1"t y t + ._

U it A Tit %*UA P.

'I''" ,'" T'I '
"" r' "
''' :f.I ; "

.pflGr/l; .rDJbt' ,\;<1,, >, j .,

"r i iAI} tUB J..fftM ,. ... f .? 3tlt

i r 1 a + ,'it, 1 e 'i lib ttt( "+ -rFr&fl.t, 1 1Mnd

1 J i ; Nrrpa to b.+*.' 1 t : .

i ( I

i i tiv ottrrtwt+ t ; 11f r ,,, ,

; teM.Ah, 13tlr0044 err "inner i iwlgitllAat
I r All

i ; 'rtmw 4qi

,' 'd try y, Q f Yf1 ,o l y tom'lat.p.' : e rah ttWI
iWtar 0 0 U to A4 r Es Nr'lrtwtl.lid tlkthdA kit, ,,bt b1 trig h.SG tit dt 6

w Mib top 77- I. AAbu. Mal

a ( "' ae r px<1tr"tlol.a.1 7

to irfrcetifs
Iti (
loo i t't4lettt ; It ,titidr/dlrinl/ i
111 i+ fret titttt iltAx It111QA bU, thJi ateft4lr nee t!fit "
ten ilap .Mt's WNW 610.1 ale 'N fn roll +ttrl4,111', wr

00eyb t lhtta 't, Oq M M A"ls.ie ar e.t eP t aW Ritrdre t aW71 t(
to rte
+ I. e

'; ,je'1\u it. '1'h. : il ,
>: 4 ; .. ; iWyMMfuMrW (J !
:' a
: rv sent
.Oita' dell! ahin Will Moan hav- two* vwoperatlHt with teen ttival. halve 1><,." datreehtut6
\ >
sod of dollar men Income "" ? Vlwood IHllln iMwnot at th ):'and the decorating will tiad estend
t. year forth waMtr. plant. and If & r cut-in Increase M they should and they i and" r.kw rlMr the oehoolkUdrn'" \ Httt today. H. ii"i lillll fi>r oiao.l. J'
plant should have no trouble. $aielfI for th* opening pacnant A final ( . Setae
meeting Un opAratlnr expenses : : : j j h.mal at which Mr. and Mr*. by trade, have glen und; win toil. ...
t jah botore
lilt ended Ind..b'H 1 Dlllln and alt the f &ch.... wilt 1 beprsenb liner to gloss their personal .u....-
Wing >ElKbt,
: I hn been out. for I p m. Don to the der orating oulald sad .
Adoption! of Mayor ttvaouir MYl3att at the Homoatemd High :melds, the fMllvtl.MISS ,
., mmandatlon thu" tia )cliy! .l l''M I 1 j'firboot :
light and water dfpkrtm( : 'i ; Week{ A batty lathing beauty oontovt.In ;
second notice to consumers : : ; which trio UttU ilrl from the MINER HAS
.uttln off thelt ." brat of etch. I Id :
.40. for > r* arhoal will benhrsr
) !
..... ,
.. ....
yea1ntantet. bllla'. ,; MMrhixt .!! !! ... L i ...n..". _._ ...n. __.. ........ - --
%easy warn cmulim11yrru who +! ?, w prv. font> Mt rM'twiwn *riul.. will f SMALL LEAD IN ,
;: ... Fruit!
,*ppo* d dio move gave their | j f_tun> the >.nt.'tul..nt that well
.1 I" etu/o 'p0e when Mon by the* OIMQ 11_|| alien th.fv tlvHl artw tU p .ijuarad t.I QUEEN CONTEST
.1I '. Th .."" f.*,110,{ In
I pity .hool<| pattern I minds liP Inside' main.
.1J private> empii In the __ I : lo4n-ont'I rt. i
J! ,PC fti ttlllttM in order to b* : : ; ,',11111.l f**, I The first' unit er the parade. to Popularity nner Will
_till, Mayor RiiNwll.thlnka link. tft ho composed .( Cruelest nklldron
tj* second notice to C'QurUq ..4 gases I llront the lafi*jrrJ.n, will lt" a Choose King and
tended by all atlllty firm .... ..4 by Ik*I IIol t'.n" W' Wiys'iccerillnf > ,t WArjilhr!! Of the discount 'limit The. wk, j I I'3'a : g... wrens of th* Vat I tanking. In tno popularity roa-
**|f&ijr blllf wit' Ibo wait with : ir 'o 1r', htldrN damned. In Janis -' tit to dncldtr who, wlrf be queoit
biA each, \ month? t ho iwoond .(.( .a rknia i0' r and Chlrma reatrtmea A of ||ra RWland t>ltrtot .habit F..-
will b* a.nf M the uplmtlw / prisJ"Ans'*410"I unit tad; a fairy faire n'plrtllrn" Oval wa aa follow at tt"o thisInterning. I
? the tea-dava .period, nntlfmn I WA". Mother tenon ohararMraahd art'oriln to rMwootf" Mill -
:tOMumcr that tho count 'i i Ktld. aln-old Salty yunman will follow1 *, festival promoter< ;
1 'la so and their: Miht or c: ; tin :I an bo edt off at the ...III'o.lu11. | # prompt. I I unit portraylnf the its WA4 and tU'
dun from date of tk. onrond WI. 1 : Jailed": I I national holldar twiwrnohatlanof ttl*. MH|..O RrookC, i hntary oi.ii,
,f 'The lrtrlv night plant, ...,, ft. Hint-. '- national. *honii't..n and movie dJdat, fj.lts.
Old expenses and mor than I I < tied tie bonds luit year army : *- :and this -tH; b* allowed by tilt dally .....*.n.". Mr. Dllltx mid
H t eId of a Met *rpilaiu, b IrapMI fruit and Rower* unit It U tees bonus votvi and votes
r that elite ,.,,n,')hit |>rofH O;;: i t Mayo; Th* but thr fjMiiU* will be UWtorl. from coupon* opfworln In anytUftr
jiI. by the annual t-1.l .mi* aht bIt *.!. #.m..(U arimnand spaniel! .... wee ollminatxd from
f--::' tale of tb two OM edgtns"si) = ualM. i the oI4I ttOl common unt>nt of
'. old power Plant building .iI : .Ja'tho." hut run bad" Motif. WN| hiyo Its pltuioln ,the otiuiitant,,. Mr. nilllfl told.Th .
1'taIr1.l .*.nu A II...*' *... sky bust.>' Ihpanxlr, (oK, -. coKlniT'. tltl jrtrl wlllrtlr'iliorTKi' *' votes will
.,, oltd-
j tot th* purrhnw of the .n.1 l !' 01" Prfitrtpal' Jamo .'X. Wilson of the toe given lh* < 4kioM> di ring and
i .fps |Tt0 Barb hag: built *ivn ; m.n& WIN' Mom>Mt.,ad find n V'.d city I named quota of the rnctlmU. bo
t .
f prospective ...,..... )f..,.. : 1114+061111, Hal JI4t V l!"r,'* redo will 'bo said'
MM today ** mad1 portrayed In the hbrtorlral unit and ,.11. popolarlty "/NIl""itr will .>ndrk
f' ttuawlt la
K In I'tII'MM' thatt Kh".twT sad .mday sell OA-oormwIkMt. ll
Flowers. Palms Plans I the pollr rider will *nr* 't .....t""' ....It' bor*.' at the HofiwmtoojlOnuairy
I ... .

I Needed for .F .L.. .It/l..j i idiots At a M m:lt IIrJ"t:: :; ,U week
Miami voted lo have their orf.itMtlono king to b* *irttfbnd With par Her
j :;::
; :
f"t '- spsans vUlt the f ohrohs and IIIMy plasbt ewe ...... } Feb.,28 WOK)* It M M pr*.r n*, tcrdln IAIttter ; will bthooen trn among tie
M to dowaim..a LUST totes K I. a Mcnlvoil tklo' \Of'Dlo. ky i girl wh .hlp' '''d br mil the rotoo.Mr.'Tmiht .
Jarvis J'ftItJqI neat, 'wok s..1" M bI- the Roland ptarM rhb, pt r Baia, '"
t T. J. K<>ylu>bK .MtpcriiunMlrmi f. t<<'pmmerrs. the Hwewew a T"IU't' 0"---- ._ -.
I the city v.rkx. Pierce nh..."" ; \ ". tof f lYf,1oPupae's. ta0'yyrstiger ... sear a/s' ..... ...\I.r: !IIJINYY st::1'
pUnu tk..t lwy ..III r{ee Slab to on Irf heft pualns !<>iMiM. here wore wanked -
11;:t 'I Mid are asked .rt empty Hth.UM &]l fight week, and Ift* n+ rl rhumb of nMiuwMM pip :N ., H. 1y. Railway) la 'to oklfnnc .rM.ae t I t* w,(ell for cAuntorfrK< 41*
"in" so "1iI, Iitar.g.ar. pt4s : oosnpsAtt 1 wade by ,b. chanik tar1' n spaniel I bin "mb.rd R ..4IUI.r \ t druid, .of 'tbas Atra.sdvtnlse/J tor raft hoot w nf 'MAimfiuU |f*...". I )"'r4 w. tkoon 1149 taw tos ROW
r. a., who oosegwr the ( at. l".f'1tet\4. C H. dwowbov. m..1toWr .. 'soefrteliatkta (III. A1)51511lbseffk'eretr4nrt
tr I titled ,eswss'svw, .. I- K .Alt 0"MIleC.of 0,41 -!, I >et.

Mot ? t '
-o''* rise\
_.. JM: : -......... \ -...... >!I!


P-aI"Two THE HOMESTEAD: ,.LEADThursda February 14. 1&29

The a... E.rrett fiUwl ltlbtrsa' I : I!ot TahtlitnM'. rte.t.; During the safe a

will toed the ploettni VXARANJA 'clat k"""r dainty heart aba pod earl>
; r ---.I Vienna wore served end email eel.
In and Ground a E. C, HAil )f sends* were plated on antis plat

I I. 1I0llloa'o stIF2I% This, ay the l kd r* to .* ofth
Mb Verne BMhtrd. grand mat- nt_ fkHh orgesidsse II
run, fees XHrd hut night at a i tort W. M. V.. and the at"" aft
Homestead ,mewing at the Maraoja' Cba..tw I wed atIMa t04. .

lid a B. S. U the Masonic baH A surprise tot the ttato .t ibis
wine ah* paid' hr assail alrtulalt ;; close of the >eeO.r wits a ante tr"
6t .1 th* chapter, Poet aid BI>Mrmnd their r"rm4or., KM L P. Mo-
Pear ,/. Hamr who. h tIIMIIIdl"r roam and bath ...lIIle his hou jl
the winter U Miami/ inlroduead at Florida" .Uf.r. I II. eat ortlcora MMM wr*. Laos. .
Aad Janiavn Mark, W. H Comb ( ----i
Jolts ftakl r Detroit and Mfi and -
t Mr. a**.' V. WllWbtlllfi of JaakM I. "' and Mat M, r. rMdniM ol II.Oladyn Ifaint** Dr Ibamolda ...4 w. M. 1'. cifvi.K > \ ''r t Mich., t* tiM tetovcMInt sigh<. .fth .o" rMwni .seats of Mr. Mary RU: .* 'PII1bM&. fHirht_ pat MR TAX MUITUt.Mr .
dtttrtot retrday.Mr ....*41L W. fi. Orw.Mr : had. pruwnt worthy malrmia and I ) A. J. Van Marl-r ..*rtaln-
---- patrons war present. ** W. !K It tHns* "lIr Wednesday
.t *. JT. M. eirkte .f Bwhdmore *. Andrew Itaavmaa will .ntarlala I MlM BuUard wu presented with I .i'.i'I afternoon ........ mire: Mr.* 1
aaooto*akIed br Lee skater and IMF MM mmoara ortend : a bautrul: silver ha* eat with I T Rain** and' than rWldrwa, Mr*
mother iUttT ." JU, 4" Alva !fax !*""* Aid m Mrft hoyftKL r"-Nto..... The grand offlcenrtort }| I R. <- Ftfrh. Volcrhv Flt, Mm, ILM.
; ..' MM wMk. '. o rno """' i e < wuifAy matron received { t'leJHo. Judson and 1401spa HoM,
.. --1..... Ur. a. 04M ""' ''flU.... In hurt drill Mrs ,
S Sets. "a.*" ec and hors 4rw ,mete y C, Woknrd Mrulla Polk.
et "' -r"..rBc the wan Sunday :gmleeto at+ iii,. .flfe eta and other Iit.Wlbe.. Itlela i,a.W thtm lflsk Bsnha. and
ass 4 daeoR, M the =.Oil* Friday and Mr* 46600111 fa. ..* 1epiinaentvd tth mail, tfol' .01. ,..
Apdelrspah 1 rkflo. matron b" ,iMH1panon, u\tGIr iwrtThM '
: llyd the taoetemig
q ; W tells o.*< *'d
\ Era r k ,..jl1. .* fHnd aa snoearoue. ,. butt 1.01'I_lit jfthib. ,.._t which the (et. .
t 'Mir and Mi*. 8.: C Ward' Miami confined to .. Ildtw. ttt duct loped WIM1 a'il inUrrathwMopr! and
MMtd.nltr in Homcwtaati With all attaat of fib. 1tr.ilr 4' b !I M"w Jpu'rd Rave ... laterosttns >rayi>r, Ajfcar thj* .../..ta...,'* retort ,-
t f II1uIcfa,. _I' I 1 I h. 4udeo At MilC ort10 'tMff *Hlt' ..i rittt' ..tJ ""ddraa Tit whlfnnht'tomijlimrnut tIt M**, Relies. tapir* from. ,
f :. .......... J th* am>*m 411 ; lIMo beok. "lltfjal Brr+tes'', ww* It
?,*[r. and Mr* CC W. Brldgi-a MIoM !awes ConnoM' .. fI the weft tU y .bad *QMini>ti.h4dnrtor discussed by Mrs. Pol II, lira |Mck- "
+ ..r. (is. patents ,.t Mr' K 0'1 tor Fort MM..1I.wt'o. ,'Ithlt .. .. for put year!- << ard VftRalnrtt CH, ...*. Sltoft, *Mr. '}.I
j Kwfem, are **p !trd to I played as.....1III t I. bk kaltplt4( 'Poe hall war d.eov.td In rJItforti. Mr, Vas lItrt.r' and lira. ,iI.
Monday to spend aorue time ,,' at settles ..m\', ellhrgr i j,' .' arrow. and o fevr T."n- Wright Mr* Mite c1oea> the
i their m-ln.Uw and daughter Mr. I tlllil rratlaaa. *iMta from : prorram with to ah jrl ttk.
e 0.4"",* lwriy.. While br 'Mr- 64 Mop. W, WltbA ..nwr nom' ...ad, Miami, Mlawl tweets --- .,
+ they expect to attend the Rdlad Wned the denier\utl >> and Hialeah ware praatntov. GRAND }MATRON VISlTdAl i\
DMrtet Fruit Festival and the ItArdtead head", I > ASTRA CHATTER.Th _
= fu.el'j'
BtrlbUnirh rk y flibtMr ..:. + ( AND Mite (x>xGV Ad Astro Oiipttr Tl O., K.
--_ .\it K 1'M1 OV PETKRfirnca, : S. Mfaa honored by s visit front
)of. Itupperta. mother Ml Joe Mr*.'X. U Ctuuidlw and Mr* O.iUont :I Governor had Mr. James U. Cox i iI. the cn.n XnppcrtA and hr oattthttr. Mr I .(craw will ntorulfl) at' ware honor 11"I"""t. at a dlnn r pore I : \ lard .t a ftpecla meeting la th* j
rX. /N. Hoirt** ,. from ft! Louts. Mo:; Valentino party at the Country I ty etna at Bonlta Or v," ',. Re4.I. (4onthaeedon, Page. Plxw "
> are visiting at flap Jo"K ppfU Club this attlraooes.Jerry ; I land Bnndar by Dr. del'InIo ).I. j _. + ..
beau. Mr, .IItH-I will lie hre >. I' ,.............., Thlrty tw; tounwn, ; ..;;;;: : ,;;- '

j oily J f>.tday* but Mr* Xapperti : IVrker' A.. Potter,. J. .L,'.made to Anttrd/ofprvOurta. grown I : 1
J rip remain lot this ft Of the win Weber and Mr. Parker ton'arrhftdl en the rtr*..a pla<,.. wr* Mrvvit.Th '! DRESSMAKING .,
,I sell *'"t II&&I, motor ihrain Barre, : .y Included such, ran dishes
III...... Th.y will spend sates time bamboo shoots, te.ells. iltcbil.1, Reasonable Prices (J JXRH
don, and Mrs' R. ". Oowaji aid bare and In Cuba bfor making roT rnor'. plyini. 1o..,.n V ".AHKIR: -.t.tI
r t Mr* O\ wan-. father and moth*. their return trip br way, of tin Tae 1 ponllkla and the fruit of the nl-htbloonlnf !I l pA A,.W. JIIItI.- .
Mr. and Mr herd. Thomi o" en.J Miami Trail to Tampa slid the wed ttrfum.Otbma ,: I ,, .. '
--"-" -'"" ,
-"' "
7.d a dinner party In Miami. i roast They are all neighbors of\ who attended the dinner :: :
} lat night in honor of Mr... Cowl ]Dwight" Blake Who !10 viattin at th? were.: Vr. and Mr* C. C. Baker,
'* birthday.W. A r. MUUi.Y. horn (Mr. Dakar It a brother of Newton
e I D. Bakr former a.aretariy of

MBrodl'; R"dlanit District MlM Ellen }spot end.Ml,.. Vir.Eia war), )I.., Evelyn Cart if.... Oof-; i FOR. ,- 1'j
.,. (vavUemii of the Florida .Oartr.lf of Haietborpw ::11+. trade B. Fuller af HanMun..ad, hips : !' r +
Ii !:' ,Nf"_ Hapnbllca Club, attended :igWAO Wo she b4Uf given'by and for the llO t Belttstore.. _hef have .' .lt.:""i1, L'31ttMtrlo | : :
t>ad* County unit *t the club at bad an apartment la Miami rot the Mr*. Wm.' O ronlM. and, Mr. and 'QUALITY''J l
r the Coral Oabl. Country Club hit dot weeks visited at the home Mr* Edward Pilling'
Tuesday -night W. F. A Robort- of Mr. and Mr* L U Canon ea
Men of Flo: >td* City and Mr meet Drive! In Radtand y..", *,. MUM HELEN lUtOOKER EFFICIENCYHave
I! '111'041.'. HOB, Joseph Bracken of I The fount ladies will leave Batvr- ENTERTAINS AMIOA fl.l'IV,
Coral table, also were preeent day by motor tor Da I1l1no.*. 'Miss, > Helen Prooker entertained"
( .1 t members of the Aralma Club your

't: I .' W. A. Mitchell-et Shaw. MlM Those front Homestead who at. at the home *f Mr* Henry Brook--

'.i 1 who baa boon visiting his .....r"% tended the mttting of the Havens ar Jr. Tuesday attern...". Man 1 PRESCRIPTIONStilled
I |)Mr* Jim Vann and Mr. Ivan chapter of. tile O. HI a lost night her breaent were: Mr' 8, S. Bn,
; i : *lo w. plane to leave for his Born* worot' Mr. and .... A.. R,. llvIncaton Mrs' Buoy Hawkins Mr. M. ft.Jl In Homestead+ at
\ tomorrow. Mrj., And Mr' Gee W. .c 6wn. Mr. Henry Peters. Mr*
Tiirnar, I._ iI....'W H. fthaflfeld.Ur : 1:. Ik Hook. Jr.. and Mr* :BroekanMr 1 1j
;i l : Mrs Chalk ;;01 at bar home W, Pikes. Mr a B. Cutler Pate Perkins! wait a guest of j The Recall Store

\ r- Haranja road Mr' .. a LaMonU Orw Mr* H. the club j jIts
i A. Davla Mr, Qa..l. Joiner. Mr*
f lick Hllb.rt-hI lIt the! wls.Jtnr rr4 Pubes Mr* Frank )ton_ RAMBLER MEEt' WITH .*>ar** of *
here eight years .... arrlvodnoantlir Mr* P. 1. Franklin,' Mr.. t Aa. HLohman MlM. DCNWfJODY.Mr .
front Cincinnati: Ha com I Vila :Krtollo Turner MdBurnll I W. D. Cunwoody antartalned Florida Registered. Druggist
*n.Bta favorably .. the improvt Joiner.REMAND the Ramblers' Club Tawdarteraooii ate
H' t:B' u Homestead and Miami : Two labWe''''''N In play. at all times .
:Th* number present .1114-4':
i o* his first Visit her GLEE CLVRO GIVE
r ;Mra W. R. Bird Mr.. z k. Brooks,
Mr. and Mrs' : Max AtflnUr u4IJ The Rdlan4 high, School OJrbI' I
&ji'ttlldran from Tampa were .,.... Well Club will readier s.sauslaal i Florida. Re*. ".. 94M

IJ t Mil week of Mr. and Mr* Max Lea- proo n Monday v nlB. it 1,180 M \ 100 Js'LeatherSundialShoes t I e
y. r... the the R Rdland,_rtb M.League II:. Church nitlnff.\darln I C. A. H. JORDAN Prop.

John & OorbrnB, president at ft... N*. Wit
"U the Franklin. National Bank *fVvaahlnirtan. for Work j

,: d l). c.., who I* apwidin .
I. the winter here I* a frcqoratvlattor John B. Tower, M. D. 1$5 / Laws" WTHtisOAT ----
In the Radlajtd District $2.25 ,

,t .. l where k* I* a farts property own ., i 1.41'1'R01l1l i
.a Fredrick's Shoe Shop
}fl : i. I
,' Joe Xuvparu la Adding another HMM ltopalrb. While V WaitId

.. rKro A-. He.rplnadWadies'

"f' Dr. Carleton VtughanRow

.,\ hie D.Ostia. '
A.IS.ti1TTH .
Row 1:1* | Hair Cutting I
a E'
flees, a to ass j
Trlr4>oa4 Hoses Hide. Shampooing
tmeote..e w Ii PUmKUd (...""rtIa.. aoUMrtUUn! Writers '-7 JVDOB BEN
FIngerVavin, I B. UNDCKT the lanuHtt Originator *f this darlnc scheme and
Walarltl Kvaw WIth. *
Bob*-An Style - !i further __ iI\A; BETTY BRONSONAND
ir .uo.) I
Dr. M. A. Berger
a '., Dr. W. B.'Jordan ....... ..- .. .. 50e AU9C B. KRANC1
or ic W novni '
,iM to 4:**
1Bair I
,'1:, flame ,..-. Pso IaemIN8P.orwe .. heW.. -Wave---...--..-Short...,.. 75e TWO MO nAnu:8: j'I'I'A

: .Ittoreere. Bid.4 Aansesta- i! IJ.IiIII..Ma'. % 1-. UPKCIAI,, ., X. j I 7 FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN" i
TrIM and Wa. -."- 1.WWv .

J. A S6f.1'IIk M CoM for, I' ALSO ,

EMa C04 MW I IN'r '

Malktw's She ,
iP sea s *g> k lien *esb IRettyrtlPsa..,. Pn .. J ,. WITH'JC ErHINK: DUWTC
a 1 AleabvMh'....... a'Dm-I'.uLUIOt1I'I" JiIW'l'
4'10 W..*pas.n lreri'floasivasaa, b *t A A r. Slew i 1 -
31 J

A. .); ))1, I.t.." : .". "" ) .Jlvj"',"'. WOW hilt iOq, S a ,,r r ""Ly

t." ,


: 'DIonday, February'.H 1099 .. f HE H 0 V,118 TEA D LEADER, hft.1VM ,
---- ---- ---
'I.''1z J I' ill g : w. aft v rV aorry that Hm]I Iab A ttwr *l the is Wir. ant

THE LIBRARIAN'S CORNER ,( '' macleg*r W the **Mi_1| papule bv beep oft with the no,. !
; Redland Rattler ,10 ........ ..
N yea txe Dow. ,; y Ill. W. k... that she hat r |k 4I everyone m bark ,
will *glee '"' bMfc an dltaaeO bow 4* 'I'k "t+ .wrlc vary trwttp id**<&
;' u..,...,. ttunIt"i i I If aland High. |10 a aw** *4 M- ... .- .. --: ,!

I Ki t p. tip. daily accept thity float weak, what with VW.WBVnniw. .
birthday ot greet m*... and
7 t* f p. TO. ktoaday.You = preparing for tb. Fruit Poeticaltacit "BEANSBEANSBEANSRefugee

_._. .._ ..__._...
--- -- --,-'--..' _.........m a'""*\'',-$11W you k...ow w* nr,

Ml r-mombw Mpy: ..... iJn-'arc fltrtrd or appointed, un* for along tit fiiib4lt 0endey ..tIW..n'W'IoIt '
"Wild girt.\ H, I Kurt or'Fotlyaarr 'i f I" harm of Gray year. one for twoYAra vrv .Wt And w. Walt "v""- 1000 to 1 ,: .'
:; e.eJo.- ar that foods this w tw <
mad day at : one for torn., yeah" on*,for You MMyjx
ttt*' lH/wr. wro all in IM "glad i'' four years and one fax aM pears there tit one ... Burpee's Stringless ,
ay.". .t'.. leaned s.tTi book. in ThMwafWrone director tJbt I -
January a"1 141 volum woniitlJ alerted l annually for a arm at. ft.* I. Our basket belt t...In. art: (,am- Valentine
'J Red
ad to our tla i ,"a.. A,4" entft of tpitean4les Joe right along. PUIHINU I I. tuk '
--- I by *l or *at. i I* our next victim r'rldaf atgkt
flt' Pb.rn CwJirsa: mngMe who** ate* the-CII.; :Q ItO pork ,The. on. Woodsy w* hove a match HECTOR SUPPLY CO. 1
ankle on ttomtad MM Ma library vmeaiwy toll' u.. +Mttplrd larrn.iN ,ram* with Hom toM 'Rill II. Mdw
reyvu*I,' tf* wwf tn th* *. I did< alt think that .P my*.U.Th : fwd amwka .that Hom.. :