cry A few moments and even thebeast in the wall of the hut then anotherwas hear him too crashing through the for all vegetables. and fruit Tomatoes TRANSFER CO.
r r would be there doing his his
clapped over Bobby mouthas jungle in frightened haste, .It ripen hard-ewect. At Man
1 bidding might be death to Bobby in the
Patriarch he war jerked through! the opening gut Warehouse or Florida Kant
Quickly the- approached
s'' Vary He bowed \low "Oh. White of be thatch Black and an instant slight for that Black If Bobby John carednothing were dead he (oait rtlllMr re KomentMdria. / 8 W. Mowry St.
later the devilish dunk
'Princess; Beg Tartan the Mighty lol.n (jltt) of
a' back into the shadow 0 Jun l.makinI' would lose his hold on Mary. Hauling Every
to role over us--he who i I. king of' Bobby was Black John hostage to ---- --- --I
,the Jungle;lest we perish with his his burden.Across way.as fast t* h* could 'I fate. He hallooed after the boy and USE MANGANESE DescriptionPROMIT

o Mary had always felt a sneaking pursued!, now trying to frighten him SERVICE
sympathy {o'oft" old man tinder on the other aide of the against running i into 1 I
the tyranny I John She jungle fastness at last Black John now seeking to coax L ::.g'b.ril. USE MANGANESE PHONE 523-M
looks arm and led him toward mumbled into his secret camp

r Tartan which he had always kept ready --_.- -- ------ --
"Don't strike Tartan! she against some rebellious outbreak in ere tt mnmfl
_____. I ___ =-
u -
To All Creditor. IcatMa I>latrlbuteo DEVELOPMENT COM-
b the Omilt rVmrt of tiu. 1 InrnUi *. and All Perfreeing I'ANT. a corporation City, make oonnartlonn from this
< Jmlti-fcd llnult ol HoriiUt Claim or demand ApleataId You are!. hereby roqu!red to ap district with all 'fruit and vegetable boat teasing< Miami full
In and few Itailo (....nt'. In Estate: I I poor on the Stir day of .February, formation on aaJIIng schedule: .rale, etc.
fhanrlry. Ho 11\721. You and are hereby 1910 to a suit filed against you .
I riMnra H. meitead ill M: Mlitml Tilt
Mt f WALKER. -omplalnant.. v* r'qoIeda
f notified and to present In the Civil Court of Record of
ROHA OPPENHEIM WI1IIAMOIFhNHt.lM any claim and demands wr lrb fun I Ixde County Florida. nr KalleyMUam _
--- ---- -- -
her husband., or either ot you may have agnii it : Hardware onipa&y, .1
WANNY nflt"STFIN and NATHAN the Mttte of John 17. Free, l ..! In which suit nO '
\ GOLLtITELN her lrvai of HomMitead Id ttr'irJat. said Plaintiff has riled declaration I' HOMESTEAD TRANSIT CO.
band, Itofendanta.1e Ida, to the tountjr Judas of Dart on a not and claims damages. In
: ROHA OPPbNHEIM. WIL- County. Florida, art rile office In the the aura of IJOOOoO. "nd this jminj-HOMESTnAD-FIORJDA UT
tTAM OPPENH JIM. FANNY Court House at Miami, Florida, you ar* to do en pain ef havt**

,d RTF.tN HOLIMTFIM. and NATHAN Buftolk CountyN GOLf. wltnln twelve month from the Judgment by default enteredasainet NORTH BOUKD--nave -dl f:>16 s. ..., S A *., II *. m, I0.Mt
time of the f.rt publication of this yen I -
w TerltTou notice; said claims or demands t* IT 18 ORDERED that this order iPan, Spset.TN.Dah
are hereby nqulnd, en or ; to* sworn to and presented a* afor be published once a week for four
before February b'lo late, to appMir jnld, or name will b* barrd NeeChapter roniwcul.lv work prior to tho 4tH I

to Ui filed* bill acaimt for yore.in the ofinortKan ttltt Law of the Slats or day of February till, In the IIODnn--gets Mbunli 1 yrs.. S a. m, II *.. nv, i p. .., I
Florida fee year 1SZB Homestead leader a newspaper
above styled eauiw. othorwlae th.all..pUon. mead Doc It mi published In !Dad County Florid*. p. 011, 11516 -.. kR'51., :
In said bill will be taken UT1.A Lea Don and Ordered at Miami
a. conformed by you This order to JOB L : 1rJPJ. Florida, this slat day ef Utsm

b. published tn the Homestead Eaeoutors of the ICnUte of John bu'. till.UMF.I1 Bun mane Flortda City II nrlnuuKforo H leaves fTom...........
I IThis
leader ene a week far four *eneekutlve > U Free, Mr. Mae Died. B KI-OOfL
weeks bold K ,.teRRE Y Rt. Br H. F McCMINBTf
IMWB and Ordered In titer City JKA C. HATCOCK. Deputy Olerfc. schedule subject U change without notice I
tt Mtawl." Florida, thin Seth ,day *_ *.. Auert(.y*. ( LJpt Sral)

of Deeembcr JO." B: LEATHtHMAN A l> Ull ,:" :r.T...H,. ,IT 11I Jaa, I. It. IT. 14 II. r.b- _Jnn 1. _IO:..11. : 24, 11 PACKAGES AND XJGUT EXPRKiMI CAKRIKDMiami .

Clerk Clrant Court. .:.. '
ty M, BWIFTtwputy Station Bus Terminal, II N. ):. Second lit. ?Telrpho 4114,

Clerk. Its (l.n (C!. Ct. Neal) \ for Steele Oonnty. tlorMak | (W WANI"'A
1_ IT. Jan t. tt IT 14 f No l.04 I the Florida City $lIt.tlon-J'1o.I" City Gitif.

RAH ICY MI1-AM HARDWARECVMPANT Outs roruwrtlora lo Went Palm IWaVh via Male floes tteeav
a corporation I
tin ;) -- ---- ---- White HIM H,,_or Travel a....... to all point la Visited huts,
niHJ'f lJtV
Ifk the Ctwrt of OM (""'lit, Judge, Ay! 'tIE" : ftMBHT (f'1&Ut-1,
state c>f rlnrlOn, COMPANY. a ,:" USE MANGANESE i Good Car Bponsibe Sir ice Careful Driver
lassie CosatyNet es>l. tint, t>*f* daAt '


I.' ,!" ,,. .. ,.. ,Iw.. ".. "\ "_,/.. .. .-_, .... Ado.. _., ., : :.w

ff ,..... -",. "'I ':"" """"':: "!'IJ1' '''-.''''' '''' _'......", ,..''!' '''!\''-' ........, _.. ..-. _-_ .. ,. .. ., ...,. Z.-. ... .... .,....,,- ... .- '''';

Elrbt' I
% 1'ape THE HOMESTEAD LEADER Thursday January 10.1929
-" -- --- '-
-- -
II joeepkw il"wt.hr. 11II4 tiov/rner
rr L I Martin, who worm *|MI MI the ii.
tilt lint).Mid other natural advan't "
.B*>, ?1" .

MAKES TRIPfrmn 1 spoon 4rn4UiMlon ofu through<'...* abort a Nw the"Red.Turk' ,: ': '"tr 1 :;, :, .'
bud I'lrtrtrtI 'i
I Promotion o< better ....,.tauiaV:
lag among oommunlyes| of the '
r'l t I Trim through eatortainmento. 11I'1 STATEMENT OF CONDITION
(Continued: from Page tJnr) 'other (oc"' acUvilkw.8oouriel .
., after mobile dark.aid knock upon our doors or a reduction or one .. "
noel OB each gallop or gasoline soldstn .
% "It Involve*tho new undnrwurld1Mabd tile district
I.) In tin lad tn roans,Oho, .C..pfntlM ,Ill the suoa.seft4l i 'Bank of Homestead
roraBtatlon of .u! pane\ and !
'rtort to been the Ratv road follow -
a.toolivv forces the t
tion ofBolltlc
qu '
a "l control, the the Nile Highway sleet
delay. &II'" 'i ina'l"r street, and In the effort t*
rod Up or our l...al proo.d.r., ,barn the Kroni ffTeralon to tile Homestead FloridaCOMPTROLLER'S .
I the caliber and lni"*rnl''F* of trail completed.Helping .
Many of our Judvra, aad this ,
I the -
cwlmmlnr pool
attitude of hl.Ia-eIa. la., ,
br giving a nosh donation ofHelping
ward the practln of criminal 18.1'f. CALL, DECEMBER 31,1928
V --.r, Heckler w. ..... I' 0I
I the Kotarlaiw' In their
to writ County AirMiltural Agent,.Items I*tot an .a.rIm..t (t tlon.ICncouravlKC .
... .
aal..1Iat a .It. NII.IIIt'1I i park development
t' lag( at H A. 'a.n O. L. Ornw.yle Conducting" tndfa..d..ltl, andrUk ..
peer 0 and C, T
Aarporwoul .
/ > tjr hurricane rt>ll"t work
) mt the be .
notoivad to
Helping th* local poor both 4Irrthr RESOURCES
Mt her Jan, U.i and Indirectly
------ ..
i Calllnr t
Experiment Station _Through"tlon. the farm bureau help- Loans and Discount*-Old ., :.. $561,368.54
r :To Be Main Object oft
lug to MandaMla th* wan uala,
CofCSaysGallahernoUo 1Centtneod __ ___u ____ ___ Loans and Discount* New .-t.... .....-.. .. }2, l8.U

I.; .(."....... frees* pan I* M.esteem. SAVE FOOD ,''Banking.Houee -Furniture siMiFJxtures.;:*1.'J.. ;.rs8,827M'Other'
fraternal ear,..,.* lb *Oak c<-o* r- Maarten "tw..a.u..a.wwst. ;" ,;,,: ,::. I .' '. .
i, H,. Mien.in entertaining the Whist* .. t.JtIectrSe lautdl Real. Estate'.Owned....:.:..&iwU...:...f..A.U.: : .'-* 23,253.98
; I jtoEIki* MUntl dusk t their nviitlan All...........:

1 'j,;, r..t4I..ln..nt. of tioUiblno like _MCNir .*.* IV IT PAIN I United. States-, Bonds ...._._.._,...:..$.. 9,843.66, ,
I, i --------- -- -- -
Cash and. Due. from Banka.i."........... 75,395.43. .125,239.09.



''I: SEC PLATE LUNCHES Total Resources ........................................':... 834707.88

Hot Waffles t Breakfast Specialty
lOt M Arose Ave Kr... M. T. MKXXKTXEY, Prnp

I,. ,
.1 0 ;. .

: Just ArrivedDRESSES Capital Stock .................:...?..............:.................../. $ 35,000.00(

Undivided, Profits ................:..0...?.._..............?..... 22,938.66:

Certificates of Deposit-Old ...........>.............:.... 3,770.60; 1

Contract Deposits Old) ...............................,...... 273321.30
In assorted styles and colors, fin \ '

Frozen. Deposits-Old ..... ......._..............".....,... 357,233.33
est quality silk, sizes 14 to 50. Specially :

Dividends on Contract Deposits ........................ 1,721.43:
!: priced for this event. .

Deposits --New. ....,......;...................... .$140,722.57 140,722.57.

H $895 .

Total. Liabilities .......X..:;-. .._.... ..L :...... t834,707-88

I X .
: I Friday and Saturday only tr .

: Dock's Dept. Store I "Banking' Service for the Redlands"

Safety. = Courtesy Service
: ; 10 North Krome Ave, Homestead Fla. 0 0 \ '
, "
I .. ,. i./1, "

f' I. BRADLEVS FERTILIZERS, l\1 mANESE.. E. S. BLODGETT. ;President, W.'IL .NELSON;,Vice President .


I SEE ,)
} v "

Dawson Feed & Supply CompanyLast 0

Warehouse on Fertilizer Row
Phone 12 Homestead, Fla. ?

L. L Chandler" .. M.P.'Walker.0 E. S. Bloofett' .
Door and Window Framei ,, 'It E Caves'''- W. R. Nelson :. ',' .
Door Sashes and Screens I "

At Kind of CabInet WorkLeto'


R B. NMMW4 Reny t, g nt..... EaM,of IJqooI
'" R .

a. Yaw Maw ...;....... ."' ., ....:;;. _. . _..:, .8.'"

The Homestead leader
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Title: The Homestead leader
Alternate Title: Leader
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: South Dade Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Homestead Fla
Creation Date: January 10, 1929
Publication Date: 1923-
Frequency: daily (except sunday)[<1926>-]
weekly[ former 1923-<1925>]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Homestead (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Homestead
Coordinates: 25.471189 x -80.468122 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (June 14, 1923)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1931.
General Note: B.E. Archer, editor.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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,w'i'. '''' _'' -". ...}: I!""' ,.. .II''I''I'" ''".,.," r ," ... ," ,, ., ,:.., ?"' I:' "

rv I 1

; I' t\ ,

... ".' ': & \ ''ni.



.L CHANDLER I Manager Concerning Lawrence New Gets Cable Details Service' i EXPERIMENT STATION HERETOBEMAJNOBJECTOFCOFC ,

-- -- I

MAKES TRIP r. II. Ijtwreftrr. raanoicor e>f like ,11 wwrda. rrvaMM cable letter onakall '

l Western Union office kirn, bas p*. ins bo need for both ,)v. .1'

i .,Ived test Re lone regarding a ..- alsht servo'... ,

word night nrrvlr letter. to treat .The MV wrvkw. will b. rxttaad I ..

FOR TARIFF! Britain whtc-h will r., Into effect ,.' all iwMlo In Gr at Britalqand FOR 1929 SAYS SECRETARY

Mbn4arTil* mot rvf seek a letter Inland a* sons a* the n ro-

tram Homeotoud would be ....*. jetty arma.*m..au ran b* mad ,

I h* ryaFollowing with the Prwtoh antkorHlro. It will -. .
do vMk-tk hMM>.-
Rotary President Goes to Corning the now tm *system atutemeat nude own by I'tat sway.o cbdtoi. ad* 4orodl a iMa ..* moo- Florida City Road Now Resumption of Pool Project

Washington to Aid I Manager CkeMham .( the Jacksonville !*.|..* and, .JII-ir Mo the aroaUrfr4oni Ready for Surfacing to Get EarlyAttention

? in FightCAMERONTALKS office: at- .nprtmnitn In rablwiranu

"Effective Jan. It. the ..-..... vbtckipUln lanv..* rtvTbo .
f night letter service will be ectendedYeie munalon of eight Mtmammaa TIle read ooonortlno the West -

ONLAW >... to our own offlceo In l iudon. will mesa much *. tIM : tat khrkway hi PkMMn City to 1928 SAW DISTRICT "

l>* -', 1M......*,...... Brio.U business man who snakes frequent the .__ road ..." fet' noutbof GAIN IN PUBLICITY

ENFORCEMENT >.. Bradford. ..........>'. New on or In* <*b1 an wH .. tkao the Florida City ........ lo BOW

fitatrs-ra-Tyne. Bo"'<_WrpWn Urndoo. persons who Hoi Ik* cables for ooclJ ready far tko flnlohlnr wt and -

Says' Matter Should BeTaken Edinbuiwh, n'loal.n>t Editors as Gnesto and

up by rotary hurt. Thl eaM, alibi tailor win, ward flbl nUtkt letter .*. sway I I. D. R44 cold todor.florlda Motorcades Bring

International .1 supplement. tllto "werK-end cable''W"'" a'......-#- of 1M secssy I City people two analogs Results

.. __._ letter*and Ike. regular catfle" kit.*J .teapftseved fin Pan TkroINOWIRDSBANK> for the finishing lourhoa 1w t>* .ppltod. '1

' *. ''Gad ion two cefiti.p _11.--"r.r T -- ; I aal*. Mr. IU44. ao the read i

i AVlko,Rotory luncheon ynoterday Wan tko latter.. fo eaampl, H I' will give i the tourist o pkonco loooo Tko III* orkkremeMo and l laaplralloM .

((1 r i' n fetter area road from Linker; were. 'ma, b. ..t 4. .Ik* points:E. [;BL 6EIT'i Florida City no n* gas to otrommo of the Holland Dlotrlct ,

Chandler. tko club prealdentplaining ... mentioned far f....'troll off**In from tile koyn.F. dumber of Commerce were dltu f' ,

that be to now In Waah. the .f eel\ ton, Cenmenctii that e4 yesterday at the Rotary
I ..fasten w working IOt. a .tariff eft....:I dais Ik*' new veto should" .... .r. i I Ii Fkitas Opens New lab luncheon by secretary B. H. '1

maloea. piled to Ineojuireo a* stole IMedwhenever i (1a1fa 11..,. she bad made n atmllnr ,

Extracts from the letter follow: : that ml will I* cheaper. I Place of Business talk to the Man .n Teed.y. '

r.J ?. M M j M you |mW-_ [ am a member than Iho Belfast regular cable letter -i I OF HOMESTEAD A* outlined by Mr. ftoJlaker tin .,,!

., the exorvllvo <*"miil I..'for the rate for the -M.rth of communication meet Important goal for the "year "'4j

southern Tariff Amoclallon, which 1..1...... In preeene IS r. rWlna. bnrr and ahlpprr Of junt atnrred to a Male agriculturalflatten j

at taking a very active >ort In' tko cent COM* thin will be 14 word; Other Officers and Di. fruit hero and In Kr Wrot. hi located In the rtedland IH*. 1

! obtnMng of n tariff on tomatoes I* t cent con.. M word In! i opening a place of bualnoaa best '....'1. In Itll. 40 acres ..f pine land, sus

and a* I ...represent company I cent ion. >l Vrordo; Ill t rent i rector Remainthe. to the restaurant operated bAndy It orreoof glad land nil the nor*.
which oontrola over 4.000 ocr>. of .. ,T.rbr>. Mr. Milan plats t*> buy, .1
none It word; In l" rest Bun* SameI soy Nook needed for the pin land "
tomatoes hero and I further m>.. _. I pock and aril tko heal fruits andirrfvUblM and fertntORr for three year; wenloed t
--. -";. -- -
resent all of its ,........... 'and ..* I :: I H.. will eater to Ind!. ...... by meal men fur np ..-
, feel that tomato tariff to by far they Officers( Are Elected: B llloilirrtl K"n rlecgad _I. vldual firms rather Ikon to whole. permtent station t.. htke Care uf
dent ot the Rank of Homestead at '
wises ..
tnoej.lmporti.t .1- props- By Homestead Building .Ik* annul motli of stockholdersTuesday the problem. erUrtog" In rViuth ilea*
Itlcn that can nffen tkto -_...- A. "wwk-ond tftrtttt of one .........._. which on ..._, of ,
Jnwnlly.I have endeavored. to aid And Loan Association obey M. F.jW.JI.or ,..... ....tabor .. sometlslag-t dotter" .* of soil and ctlmkl an
.itI .. i *&. t>IMI: h sew ,lbl lFttU5.KXelf4.fsyJlclslble.i\ 1 -- '" -.t. bN '.f ik.:'positio 6e.ouId r MMbs prove etche properly handled by the em.peflment
I "If',.. lift* nMcowrr that some trffkvr and dieMtora for 1.f, popular In Key Wed and other titlea. Nation, In rtoineoellle.Kfrarto .
dvvae" sioq to his popeaffairs
1er4. V dune on Ibis particular were elected by the Momeeteadtlulldlnf onnal Me will Impart plantain" and \ will .b. made at the ne.t

martyr ni Waahtnfton.; It f.. Dad and Loon Aneueiatloo ata other Cuba fruit and Cuban. ear.fee. .'sera of the legMalur I,, have Introdofed .
W. M. Nelson was r* b rtdvlrpraldMil
1 will l have lo bo then on January meeting of stockholders Tuewlay a measure providing tar
and W. D. IHmw4T -
: 1* t.ur from Jtnnnrr If.f' night I ......
', ; fo.okl..r. Tko directors are Kr. Movies operated a lobnrwo wok an rape *no Nation m the
Vrobabif' throuvlr the imlndr-o -ANN ofn*.ro war reflected shop In Homestead fet about two ....... tHMrlrt.Completion .
the ....fo,.- M. P. Wnlkr.'R .
nunr a*
e the ....nn..* Not wkikhic to Aeolian and Frank B. HIM and .. ('. rkron- E. Coos I. U ('ha.4.. W. ft. year Betel.. thai he was n elgntmanufarturer of the munMiMIewlmmlng .
P thin matter and not wlahlnc loectort later the member of .
are only Nelson. and I:. .. Blodcotl. In Key Weot.MeCrory pool win bo one of tho
the KotaiT Ct.... and tlU 'INI: heard of' direct.era.As Immediate project In this the
i "Mr: Blodtr kv wM testing that I should br all moano'4o constituted tk. officersGad chamber of commerce. will
saw oe op-
|j I."' ao president bemuse ft his I Store U Close
.1 vcrgtMitf possible Jo a\4.I In '''Ito. board el .directors ar* Fmt.- lone rinr -ln rteaocktl affair .,.... JiI,. OoJUher told the Hub
tariff wt>rk. I ha., auorpld the rooponalbUllx dealt r>,.. Jobs a-T6wM': *k.- I la id from Mi<* klo ohMr ''onaortton with For Van MeCrory Service well M the vonotrwrtton of a

'!.!.! of coin to'Waiktnt-" t>nwkk>nta, H. U ft..kblll..d 0.... ;the Bank of Bar BtarorM lot Ml- I. about the monMpol baseball
ton and yon fan not anr : .eerotary.lr..eurer. ,
; unwoo4r.aak4 t4ar.
W v {ami.Mr. R. B. NolUlk manager .f the loral -
I win do Ik* boot 1 ran aid In _
Hoe (Cltaaauii assistant ta". within the onclooureTh
'Tbr ._ outlook tt rneonracInc. .
: MrO nr store. Meted today
thin writ I am our *at'lr of rou.wlllvrr Newt tl Balk 4...|-..... M. T.Wallara The maldatton ot Iko bank .. chamber ab. boom lo help
that the store would be closed
imla the fart that this In directors: Dr. T...... Mr. tin W._.'. 1ub of Momontd
; Ikr of .
(0 progrew s t<> satisfaction from ll to .:.. flnturdnr. 01..,
Vital toMory one of am. and F ant .RiM'kklU. Mr. FuUi-r. Mr ....0. Mr. and vn Ikouvkr work out a plan that ago Iron out
law atorknaUrr
furttfer'oaro each will'meet cone the Urn fnnrl orrlitoar
that action 'WalWun. H.H. t.ln. I, K Mfrajr. ard' worklat under ndvoroo c> n- tlm rlnancUl dirflvultleo. he laid
being kr4 In Pnirlvanlator
with your approval. W. H. Kh.rrlM.. K.': f. fkraaMr nrdlallty aDd hotpHalUy on the
.".....we have m.snared to make Von ('. M""'-Vwr.vlr.-"...*ldoiU
H A. Camoron'a4draa4 the and frank a Rue for the part .f the public to the nowaomer
small profit rar.W .
of tko aumMnro ko was nroMvntally -
Club on th mood for aupnrroilncn flaw for moving Ik* offices .f abort 460 after be oeethw hi Iho dMrtrt no
I. arc oarrrln now killed Tuesday by ooo of Stop
nral Inwlvoonoo* and at klo anf .Ill association film their. yrimntlocallua
treaties a mwlotlon was pawed ta the Flowers b Udtai(\j eat *tao..MOi was issued w* Bad the MrCrory eagle In Change of the chamber *f commerce ...

that Ernest Roberts ro before the U the Masonic building mxt <. Ik*I.. deposit |I4 .H'. This wo boto ..un',. Mr. "e<*rory woo the ono cording lo JiI,. rialtohorHMMJ

Rotary Term which moot In Ml.amltrera city halt were d'iru.anil It was' !!..... kwoiiof we are offrla a, and bob .f John O. .....:'foR". lie fund lo unlace the
Jan. Jt t<, U ourmoth removal could. WkcrompllaKvd of ....... other III-
U decided that fix cow ..-.. banks o.r..lc*. chain otoro _...... printing '- and
+) Rotary international take. tike .. kr Ja. II. not i -. -- --- craters will of ronm "'" .1..* a.
+ matter .under eon.iaratk... oonrr.Rev. I --- --- mud part of the rhumtMtr Olsen9

\" Mr. Camron.ln Jill talk quoted -- I Dr. Lowe to Address Mrs Mary Selby Dies tion the oerretary stated .\

the outlook of Jan .. Whelp Mates: II. II. Sturgis Now Meeting Friday Night After Long Illness What Mr tloltoktr P...... In th.

-It to an unfortunate thing that In Critical Condition Immediate foreground hi the Hueceao -

In tk public mind In this cnlrr .., of the "fit"'departmAtof ef th* fourth annual ftedlnndUlitrkt
the whole ojvootlon %r 1nw.f foro*> ..o.a.- r the rnl ,, orl Mm Mary K. Dflby died at the >> Frail Festival and bo
<"r tlr
_.t" Alta become associated with tnrormatten the Rev H. H' l home of her ....10.... Mm. (.... called ** the Rota,..... mltorthrelynd
the ."._" merely of the ,tor-U, flt" purer at th* Ba lMrhink lie Miami Homestead will address Tnroat-Taekr tie meeting aoaoclatlon W. TII see. Jr.. In k.......... Jan. IndlvMuolly to bind their

VoMvad nrt. Fur lout lo protect W Homestead and *.* .. after' an extended illness Mr* moral support In belplug I* put
tomorrow *.....1... at I
.r(.nla.+4 norfrty against the Trim.nal .Maws In Ktorloa. I* not expected oVIock In the grammar school au4ntrlum. "'111,. Who sea bar in MarylandTJ the frotlvf pre. ,ho **n>
| la a problem that grown IIIII .In Uv*. woo rae i4 1"Nordaf t krDumll wilt Fears had mach her horn* Among the. Ihmg. nfemupMebodby
Musk for the evening
eresduily serious with ever. paov Join*" wrfr.M,f l maXftaf : here .1;, .t.M yonM. the rhambe* of coninMero Milt
Wag month. Rural Palm l.d..*. ..,. Nutria' b* tarnished. br the univerotty."soeolalinatolkma bare been A short fun..ral _"li-o was "9.. rear Mr OalUfcer, nniimemted.tko

ka, been tlvhiu In Ik* Maaankkma I ducted at Iko Turner" KunonUHomo1 folhtwlnt:
"M to particularly .arias last of the K4lan4
tossed atrooo
In ft. Fxvrubnrc.a >y the H.... K.L.' P lrro.Ikon Wide Publicity for the RedlondUlotrlrt
_* wttnvoa CTilraco. Ww and Florida ifar schools a. Dr.
II r, .._ to th!to dfcn/M In Ito land the body was _*..... WBaltlmor ao the result .. a owner .
York, phllodolpkla. Alto, 4 kwn the ..'-.bI... K I* only o 4- '" flan Miami area" ARM Mr* I. H.
H becomes mile west .( Florida Clt,. Tkaiwhk grandson. for b''rl-l to bo family I toot January during the time that
tan f time before aproblrm Wcbotrir .b.lrm.n .f the programawamituea '
. In wary. small Iowa and Kai not loved hen for aunt I IedSp. VIOL |I Miami eau entertaining the Journaltot -

finally yon the eGuot"... .. AKro4y. Sears ka ka ronlaait kW -mb.r- I' R.f esksneats'will ko served bT Mr, rVlby leaves betides bee! ot the' nation for month
.shro to tko tanaj- M woal> k>d.o.MOMIAT daughter hi He4kui4. throw sons: ifterward newspaper sad maioioMo -
few o* .o eon to stop sot Veda Mtkr ol Ih* local ....*..
---- R. B. Burklnchan of 1.M Anaolooand Uirougkout the country earned -
ware at sight country reads .
OI'FJI XHiHTTk Elmer a4 YomoO) BurkrnoJ.fcnm and favorable
at onhi! from itranrrr Aodjtkoo !'... HMITHIV is IIEAPPOS.ritai .
who lr ota the coos- } ., of DelUmoro; four (randrklMrtn wnment ., the Rodbind IMotrirt
try new With tncrvoafoc nnapkoanotranicro eke .lovt.'te>1Mrkr 04 ..l..1' J. A Cmrik was _M>otr.w4oooolor ; Mid n ..... Mm C. R. Mr. Oallaker cold and nt looot I*

who *.K.bt from not*. offices Will b.. ,M> 10 kOO0from >. .fcj.k-l n tot tko aovtftoh CarroH at BaMIMoro. loottopol of appreciation, of the dbvIrM

"* (Matt."4 *o Pago Eight) 7 all I noel Il MMOP .MAtncfor of ltadd bounty and Dr. M. K. and the dtotrlrTi hoiplUIMyworo

Ik* fonvHtlMiea Of. katrono who 101.......' Tor Ifteml And Ik* .arlk START WORK OH AWH rerolwd from editor who

MXM.T err LKMIKR meant ease during r rolar offlrBill rt. ..1 .,t., a'fI'U\11MI ...... were oioerteluod kermPromMwo

basis t Ink Otahe r* htr eonnlowononTw4r. Work sac started today OA the ) of peroooal weed of

n Edwin Hook boo taken rliarco are orahl on the tooth rmaty arch thai I* to b* at the onlraneo I mouth advertising by bringing tits

of the local Roy great art*vklea oar flows tko 4a,..**t-o..> a. Ik* ...............".... ,weh sl.poIslsd I of.th IU4lan4 Iliotrtet Fmlt Foo.UvoLTko .1' Ukklcan SoeoHy red Slow H-ariee*

Tk HoaolMi4 rVootn, who lave I ibis "ool k* rat elf this maotkIII W nsrm ri sad CharlewKaovfcoHs .. festival wilt bo held Ihl,I :M moloroadeo through the dtotrM.vttb .

k... wltkwot fedr 4orfor tko;; after ,... M," in* Ovrdao wboTUuf been otorled away roar In the oporo Utwiooj tow Oasis at the Coonrry Chub abe

-..... 13d4c es..ealbbweSastis hq.; evernisie.dan.I-.4.... .d.plarfswd4M ..I----.j espwslwtataesray I Homo bwlMl*.-.. the Wooiolon4 .: ......"' 11.... ...

', 'e .- ..vettMeNp .. ----q plow s. :. .. .. .' ': runUUoro-.ntoM -r \ -,:.., w'ill.h4" ...rIrYtsllrnrd'0a'1tASIt. It4bC. M''


... ...... : I.LQJL .' Iiu r". J::'., .
.. .t
t ',' > i
: ::: M>1f'.1 : !'T" :: ; w
,. ..-- _.'- "..-..-.1"---------

;., --- -, ".

P a ViIrwo' THE:. *? OMES>TBAB LEADER Thursday Janutr v 10.1&29 -..

book *f An rlo.. %tmt oq Arturo&
THE LIBRARIAN'S CORNER I have. htat Aa4 a aapt>y thought,
Ladifs' Hair CuttingShampooing
the (irui eoM mall nk :"
I C By Mi. I* Z. BwI Pp oewtwl !IOI'tf.&ollold these plo If You Like
I : *>>**. II they will ell around I win
: IfU them tits .. Now watch the Finger Waving
,, f UU.AR',Bt1RSt "ah-! wonder--- A good haircutAttttoolhshaie
{ } I I i* i $. m. daily onetpt ftoadayft Bobav-jUl styesteugsr. SOc j. .
til fartlmr
i< f t to I p. as. Monday. -- -
!. .,_,.. :.. -_.._....- 50eI A smart bob-.:. ,

i w Monday Disk m* a. sort of .*.) .... ..*nr day, Funar Imtl N.ay WanTo Exchange i
Ri, .jtta* m.Ion. I r.
l boat cMnM.eel want .. the naoot.In .ff/ ,D !.*.> Vo library to terra a I II I I Hatl' -----..,...... ,75eI J
fI'! 1 or the *0.**1I t* road sty flrat''( sad than how I............ Iti I : ... ...
: Help
OCCUPANCY of a ** '" 51.00
1 annual report of the Homestead aecHM to get that kook rotamwd.
t t Municipal' f.lbrJ: and grove In the country BUSH'SBarber
j hoard H diidd,' mat wu on*. I1 I Ploy a mrawaavr to ''p Ml and for naMrnrr In the .... a* pi awed. miwlf, with that ;oollwt the drllmiuMit books and Hotn""'rt.aJ, ApplvFrederick's
Each Customer
I report I thought M would I. r<-- you know who paa>. the maarnr Shop
t r.lvtllh a It of .nthllo a"i" don you', Netter look around Shoe Shop '
f' 1 hurt th<>..e men are aoo"- n" d nd nee how many of our book. He.-....., KK Mallow's Shop 20 N. Krome Ave.
with really bill' thine. the> 'toot "II can find at your hotm and ..." 1.,1"" ,,, "Jo
IltIt.n..1 and 4'4n'l any a wu I ."Iwi cur awlchnor-a* need all the I .
r rrlle ... umnl had it f a", V, IIanJ. ...ok* and more. too. Our register I ___
+ ..'. I had i food time and .* ,L has more than twelve hvndr -r n"' _.- --' -- "
,' ; :: : : : I, _ . ,
a result of that in'ulnaw rte'<> b i Dailies pow n ,, r" ''
ter light mil more of It In lh IIarary 1
I not exactly the Id,H'' I icht--.I WH
I .
are right but
sorry w. rrtrotna
I inn .,... m for a llhrary, but .t tent
to hanw to roftooot
; to Alan our :
on. la able now to roAd the title-I wood editions of .
torn book Dti v-
of the. honk on the ."..tv.. and Itwill o noon and Mark Twain fur In- Clover Farm'Stores
no longer be caarr for the stance. to our school toys n.I; girls
I .v nln.. patron to bring a riuhBf because the hooks ar to aiunxt
Ipt. ,,They will have to content th<-m- -

!. evidently" the peon way.m on.. at man round who I nivot had !Mleee have ao with battered the old up until volumes they they fan Specials for'Friday: and Saturday, January !!- 2

logs beturet. asked me If Iliad a I(tarn I to take butter cars <.r the _
.rrlovanot and I told him "No.' fur i the tint ties* I ... visiting the I _

ouaol without a fHevanc i Everybody la trying t* nil Mover Farm .q.q.c

I WIng" btofoN the picture. eom. COFFEE per lb. .........:..
; ...
Irving Bachellor U ,In... I. to H.mtad and w* are lending
Miami Beocb. In 1M his tba I our thru copies, always ".*".n
I Hcld.n" had a circulation' of 1.0110.. i day" book for "two day oply", SOAP-Octagon special size.6bars.25c
'01, It la mill ,
populyWe are for- and doing a rushing business "I'' .'
I bunts -noutbf to have two coploa that FMPI have born mighty" filth i i
I Irving Bachvllvr II.... In Winter bout r ttlrr the book back .., the
\ Park. ha* it winter bomB there *aw I other fellow may have a ehaQ<:. ..1 SUGAR-Fine Granulated, 10 Ibs -. -- ..- --58c
t' > claim him among our Florida It

f author, I I MILK\ Clover Farm Borden's 5 tall
Mra. H H Ewing U busy meant-i or: can-s49c
: Tort Lauderdale loaned aoin- hug some beautiful pictures for u*
11' thing over 6.000 book In Dcmbr 1!
When these are finished they will
,it, I That I* fine for Part Laudw-i I be loaned to any teacher who I CRISCO-3 lb. can 65c
) dale. W. m Homestead .
leaned I I would Ilk. to have them M her{ .
1,011 book In December and that school room for n period IIr smonth.
la a lot finer for lie because w* These pictures arc all oop
1 have not half .o-.many petal and led ir eo'-brat14' paintings and art- ', POTATOES-10 Ibs. 26f
j thai library la open all day I dU of -much educational ..i... Mrs, 1'
i not aea that report mytrit I.ant Ewing I* also! making a arrap .
hart going on heanay_onyb* It : I sliced .f 1
F '' '' LibbY-a. ,
WM It,00* book they loaned II PE"CI1ES 29c -
I I i No. 2 f or ..- : i
I wish the girl who bur the Harvard
:t. Claaalr copy of Bn Franklin Nina Brandenburg I j|
s '. autobiography would return I RICE-Fancy Blue Rose, 3 Ibs -- .. -19C j
I 8. E. Flattlrr AM.
J IL Bhr baa had It ont a long time ,
.k sad the floe I* growing more and! ,1' t
t Agent for I ASPARAGUS TIPS Hillsdale medium
II I I I can. -27c r1

Realsilk Hosiery = :
Hardee's Shop t R.S. P. No. 2 ;
1 I IIR.t1WN-BILT BHOKS Ebroclo Shirts and f CHERRIES-Sturgeon Bay can 29c

MIAMI MAID HO8IF.RTAkwbraok I Underwear | APRESERVESClo.er

Anwtav HonuMead I .Ji Farm, a ss't'd,16 oz jar 27c

i i' ._- _._ ,
---------- ---- iJ

APPLES-Or Apple Sauce, 3 medium cans. 29c 1

Markowitz & Resnick Inc. J '

SALMON T.d.n: .27c

The Plumbing Dept Store '

TOMATOES-Log Cabin, 3 ,medium cans -25c :


Have in Their New Location at CHIPSO-2 small pkgs. ._ Jc

n 839 W. Filler, St, Mum BACON-Sliced rindless
per .38BU'ITERClo.er

' Varieties! of Plumbing that fit-our pocketbook.

Farm per lb. .55C
1 You can see and feel what you buy here in our

Plumbing Dept Store. Catalogues are all right

but when it comes to Plumbing you want to see CLEANSER: .._............._.17c

what you b.,.. This is the place.
t HAMS\ Puritan, skinned, half or whole, Ib 29c

APPLES-Rome Beauty, SIbs. : --.-33cBANANAS3

The Plumbing Dept. Store

Ibs. .'?. }9C

Markowilz & Resnick Inc.

LETTUCE; ..-Per head .-. .12.c.HOMESTEAD t

839 W. Flagler St. Miami, Fla. 'ft

f '
Those million and one plumbing items-we have STORES: 115 S. Flagler Avenue, 102 S. Krome Avenue '

them. 11 W. Mowry Street"c +it i


... : ..-. .__ .. e_ _. .. .. ;: .J


"ey.aalWfL J"'_ ) .: lr.ate..c_ .......,.,<'""""" .'.!I'.L.r ...--.''''''''' ,-, ..."'.,...,:"'_ ..... .. ,,__...,, .. __ ......._, J .

Thursday, January 10,1929 THE HOMESTEAD LEADER Pace Tht'et1 ;;

Manager Lawrence Gets Details "

I Concerning New Cable Service CARL banltary A.Mork"in FIELD. LET US DO YOUR WIRING

for coding and decoding ctble-t barn renpevaihlt In larf part forI A. P. MoreHttrneetcsd j ML a MCOBSCN. Prop.til .
grams "h.nyo l awneUiltui Dt aspore I the
company' decision
l.i Institute:
but it rtlll at the same tine\ i title special, ruble n'ght 1 IKt" *.,- 101a.I I 5. Krorn Arena I"1,
pro\Id. u grant freedom of *.-I.i ... In making this surplus ca.JQr1ly 1
ureatton In lahleKrumi bemuse It commercial available. am.dvanlaen '
.lImlnnl"N the stilted phraseologynaceaenrlly accrue to the benefit I ofInte'rttatianal ; 1
oniiiloyid when codes trade, which will undoubtedly !I1lII11lllililIltlilNlilllllitiltitlillllflNil11111111flli{ l l<< !! !! !{ !II11111l1III1lllfilllttilit! __l l tKII{!
are used."The be stimulated by thin inexpensive .
Inlrodu lUm! In this country j form M quick com muni. I' WHY IS '.'
nf the night i.r I over our land nation service j I
Due aytttm pro\ld American! 'The new sorvta.4.' she expected
tlualneaa with an economical form u benefit the IMralng num- ITHE I
of rapid overnight communication. ber ef Amerlna tourists abroad by DIXIE'DRUG
In a comparatively abort time tile providing them with oonomlcal

night company I.-At handling the same million tiro the of j overnight their people eonimunloatton at honw. It I is only with reaP| | Doing the DRUG and PRESCRIPTION J
number of full rate mwengee aonable to assume fiat the cable!|
showed a stray In",....*. It I II only, night letter will result In further'popMlarlalnv '1 BUSINESS of Homestead and the '"
reasonable to assume that the Introduction -+ the vending of elalcablegrama. '
0' the night letter Idea'I .". | Redland District ? 1
Into overseas eomntinlcatlon will -
result In equal benefit to thm ner-, In Memoriam =3
eons mho employ rommiinlcatlona the cable ,for International i BECAUSERemember I i

"Orlglniilly there wee but Goal rtara vac Winkle I 1
rate folk trao,-Atlantic '
That dear thepillow
M long OH
but In recent years Ur m..I' =3
Introduced a 10-worl cable Has gone with the angels. of We Give You the \ We Give You the j"
and ft week-end of which resulted In manifold
I.WI'I ICs true we are goktir to meet
Inn to the veers of the her. In Homestead or Ebewhere. Found Anywhere ==
Thee tervlcm' will of eour* But to grieve for ben wouldn'tbe == zs
continued, right
The recent laying ef hlRh-need -
ocean cable, with their higher We Give You the We (Employ 'qnIy Trained, 5H
,capacity per. minute, together CARD OF THANKS'
carrying' .
with operation oonomlea, FRESHEST DRUGS Experienced Graduate Drug.
I have resulted In a surplus In the,stood We and think the our Redland friend Dlatrlct of Hen for*- For Your Prescriptions lists for Your Protection >r
overnight cable rapacity. This fee- :
the kindness shown during the == -
occupied with the fact that =
tor. long Illness and the death of Mrs. ==
there la today a great amount of .1/ '
commercial correspondence which Mary R 8elby 111/ Did ever have prescription filled in Home- .
I U being BhyaUtallr traiwporUd I] MR. and MRS. O (O. you a
with'delaf In the oveme nail, bas I NER JR. and (:-"II
SlM<'r' Bob I i
Visitor (speaking of little boy)-II
"H has big moth r'a *y .
Mother ">nd his tath.."',. NOTARY I you pay us no more for PRESCRIPTIONS -
mouth C'hlld-And film brotber' trou PUBLIC : I than any OTHER MDSE. in our store. I
.' .
"* <-Tit Bit*
r ... Bit Cot be Job ,I I Ir PRAWN THE NEXT TIME your doctor gives you a prescription -
at Flower ,
arling J.'J at1..1ortan. Bldg. Honwaieajd Fla.
I ,?.uit feet; it' 1''w bring it is us-WE WILL SAVE YOU
i "But you have ftO lortun" |I"No USE RIANGANESE"LANDCEABS
I but wba,,t have will look I I. .
immense b *IM inch dainty teo" 1 '
-.:::Carnegie Puppet. == MONEY.THE ==

"II'. taaor.doeint Before the Storm cut at all" "I CAN'T Lira Ana sATt toStearns' I DIXIE DRUGWe I

!'Why.Hanry, you don't mean to I Electrle Paste do appreciate your business
tell m* that your board 1* tougher AU Un,.. 71f.g.S: f.
then the kitchen linoleum!I" The KODAK AND KODAK DEVELOPING 3

Farm" Jou"' ''. ONKT----BACK--. IT NAILS--- ti'IIIIIIIIIIiIillNllllllilillilllllllllilii1111IIIIllilll; !! 1 I { !{ ilillll1111111111IIIIIIiilillillllllillilllllllIII(11lIIII!! !{. !!! ( !!! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIli!. { :
: Too ('QlnnlOl1--:
J-UcH: ** 1..4-&r..nl., !
mfight away I lust arrant I
place, lady. This ain't no valid"Sergeant"You're
In the wrong I
vlll. booking offlc*."-Tt* Farm
Journal _
--- ...._- ---- I


Is a Prrarelptlon for
Colds, Grippe, Flu, Dengue ,
Bilious Fever and
14!(O>*_08&I.MalariaH known I To produce early fruit you must have an early bloom and right now ia. the.

time to supply your grove with a food to produce it.


.. \. 25 I/ Our Own Early Bloomer .

/1 ..}
N I Iis ,
< the
.- I / : ?- ,

right. priceto I had demonstrated its ability in the hands of many Dade County growers.. y

pay for a You, too, can get your share of these early high prices if you will supply your
good. tooth trees with this food now. Come.in and let us tell you more. .

,t i paste-

,%,\ Ii I I Manganese Mixed Fertilizers for Growers' Convenience

Levee Tube I


I .


""h.I.;- -...-..,'-\'+_" "'._--, -_. .::... .1I't'" ,'''' ,,--.;., }'

.. _-.. -;;;;-"- .' w....-f-''-' -.... ,, ,,, ......
n.. .
/'l..m. t ''i'' """ ''.'II'A """ ,.<1'-, 'fi' '1" or' "" "" '" "
"'\. '


I ; : r. Pa Four THE HOMESTEAD LEADER Thursday, January 10, 19S9 vi

v. .L

i, THE HOMESTEAD LEAHBtttblMiMd tf National Bank Resources I .' ,

T-S., and There '" ,
Controller ,the Currency Pod" yenr.
at NnetaMl ...... .
toy by UuHwilk
I announced roomily that tile agoeegate Total deposit HUD'lltl.. wor e
L' ..i. ,_ .
r nuM Of national banki IJ2.006,2'i1,000. mnmMnn br lau, /
y. -- ------- In tfw iintlnvntal I'olfwd' ) /tat*a 040 1(" thr Amount r"i>ort..d in
HkN AtUllEltKnuixtl XdI tor Alueki mid Hawaii had reached a Jutif and 111707.3109.400 morn Ihji a
----- '- .._.-.-- total. of .....U..o.otO. October I ,"a r *....
so around clan matt*), The riirure I* an In........ al r C tll-lD ....plt.1k Of |l
Jim I*. foil .> the pct alibis alIlommtead 't l
'UT.It-IOU! '
over the total showntin I 415.1H.Oeo was 111.81'.0011 in ixWM
f.' Vhk, the ant f I l, the June 10 bank call and ..., of the amount In Juu sad

I a Marc.. _S_.__Ietr *. __ ___' ided I by 'I.f 11....,000 there. 'II e....,.oe over that of a pa
Sources reported OdUber to. JUT ago. surplus and undhltlril profit ,' 11
t I Loans sad 4boounts, lncledierwdla : g aggregated II. 00.til.00(1. an Inn "
'IUW 'ounu;lat October I amounted crease or 1121,11and ov.r Junu ID
r twllev la Homeotead. the to II*.I U.....IH, an tuorweetare of till.IU.900 over it y,'nrManufcrtuiwrn F .;1&1>
j .,..... District Met Dad I. June 10 .f III IM.WO and 4.M A Mcl IaU.n ;
r .*> Increaw' of $?.........> In the Bulletin, .
." .. ..
---- --
--- -- -
believe ta this
." roat fuluiw, nod Its ........ *pnr ttoa having o capacity of .., .__.-.,.,'
r. t1a116' i II" 49 ..0. bulb la 14 boom ,
.s 5.sa.euf 11 .tuwf 'HSJ.HDI'I301S ',
W. hallows la IU eltrvs fruit number ef nucfcmee make

: industry, tu avocado Induatry 11.000 eaVh per day ...-.-.--........... ..,
IU tomato Through hitter; method of compounding '
Industry. Its rich
A little Virginia girl evidently
.( glade .Lad IU wtt-\fellbU and curing rubber the
I warned not to rid with strange
lire ef *n automobile Ore I* ten
Via land. and lu Qualification .
men declined,.. Invitation to i
... time a* long a* II wa a few
a regular Promised land.
t' lift" by a gentleman In i iKIM a
,..... ago. while now eou... ofrebb.f apt *
W* believe U our profeeeloaal [ ear a few day *go. Tim gone
or Its a<|_ulaJeni" art, borg
mea m? tradwmen 1U4 "arbaalnee T tletna was President Coolldgi.
meal and we believe If developed.

IB tfcelr .*..... for law nfa roBUM .. The, rapidly the growing rayon industry : Hiram 8 Drown formerly' prnsldent \,'
Innumerable useful
and olrM Imp.aa.1l1t.W. ...
of big leather I'On""MJa.
I product derived from coal tar. now a I / ,
believe ear peorl trill af* metal alloy, new to.... dew" food bee* chosen president if the I It "
II preelate. tat Leader ttr.1U to 'I I load a multitude of other product O- I r 4orporstloa, ,
give) them new*. advertisement I unknown all Probably his election was bed on
some yean ago had
f ,t and editorials that will bring their birth in the laboratory AsDr. the theory that the head of *n Kellys \1 ;:
tbemi the greatest measure .( Howe' any. In concluding hl. amusement enterprise l should have +"
truth. Justine mad fctlpfulDMa ertlflal"The: had ,ejipnrlenc with tough skins
l W. believe thai It I* our duty do '
growing kppredatlon for not cost ;
ta MTV the public M the best research and the Increased up- If the poet" who wig ot the more : ;
.C nr .kllltr._>h t we musthsep purple cow were te visit Weitohe-
t port for fundamental wl ntm"
faith with the public 41 tfll' county New York he'd be eucprlaed. -
work In America give great promise There are several good makes of j
alltlat.Landthat that county
I <. todosowe of future dlwoverle* that will Farmer of tires on the market but some are bet i
I count pried all the n""i without have painted that. caw bright ,/
be viral In prolonging life, In
t ten r or favor .* peel Wine, oroolvr. renting famine,, la relnUnUlnC pro.. green with red It'l.A. order ter than others. Among these better Ii '" 'j

once honest publicity but ease and In maintaining dvlttaatlon that hunter may not rntotak them tires Kelly-Springfielda hold an undis- ,,p '
I promote. ..mm..lt/ welfare for de..r. 'I
at lereL' '
a attafaclory
-- ____ _U' .. __ ____ _--- ,_. ._._---- puted high place. .
j I : I. --- Kellys have always- beett built to :
J JltXT JULYTice Triumh give service. That is what has given I

Bureau tt Engraving and Red Bliss I them their reputation. This reputa.
: Printing '"t Waahlncto I* tuning '
I Hit million and million of dollar tion has created the impression that 'r

I of new money In tb* anal lia, Kellys cost more than the so-called J
I read tll..... will tw enough of It by SEED POTATOESMaine "standard makes." As a matter of
; July I to rep{..* all Ik* eW **rrnry -
y The government will dUoontln fact, they don't You can buy a Kelly r

F : .* the attribution ot thin large Grown Stock for the same price? you would pay elsewhere .j
I Mil of the ......
prexat for tire with leaser
a a
\ the hurt at March, and by Ute June ,?
1e the e* ntry will have tin greatest tion.Give +
supply of flirty money that It has HECTOR SUPPLY CO. us a call the next time you: '
: ever knvwm The average life or apiece need a tire; you won't regret it. The ;

oJ'NOpe, money 1* pine ,. Kellys of today are the toughest long. J
t. month, although some bill that -- --- ---- --- -- .y----- ,

t travel fast and work hard do DOt cat-wearing and easiest-riding tires +4

1 foot mince than one-third of that 'STOP AT that ever came out of the Kelly plant

gangliait time before they we -and the prices are the lowest in' tic
called in. The new bill will not fit
molly Into many of the billfold Kelly history. ,a w
.' and pocketbooks that are now being Blue and White Service StationIN
i tued. and when they. come into Kirk's Garage
general lrealaUnthe Christmas
I pocketbooks. *f lit will go ot of GOULDS East Side of R. R. Goulds, Fla.

1, date and out of style. For Gas Oil, Firestone Tires, Auto GAS, 'TOIL, ACCESSORIES { +

: Mrii>Mr : AIM IN \'wntY
Expert Repairs
Accessories, Tire Repairs
.'-.' ta our admiration far the wonderful .,:t low C"and ttranUla Drink yh
mechanical development Crank Case Service Greasing

of recent year we sometimes overlook .
o he part which eclince, and .
--- -----
----- --- --
.. particularly chemistry" has played
In supplying. the new, materials '
which hav. made a Solution. .t I ''I Leave It toHomestead PLAYPlay
.:; thru moohanlrat problem 1 pow Iy'
f.I' 8I"le. I ''tfl 1 I i '

l ( dome <>f the Industrial *rcoraplUhmnnt ..:
I i which chemMry has Ij' r "Dry Cleaners has as important a place as

aided during the last decade. are work has in the development of child
pointed out In an article written
'1, by Vr Harrison K Howe. a noted We ren. All of the muscles that carry on
chemist. and editor. for the fiftiethnntvermnr r a Keep the serious business of life have their

I edition of the Ht tx>ul" in The of the
1'od-f tspatuh. 1 h your clothes in first first training play. use
I M hands the training of ears, and
: f lip Improved ihemlfal prepare ; eyes,
tlon of paper pulp to give It greatr ..- I class shape. Whenwe entire body depend largely on early development

( trengtb, a .hecfot Newsprint fail you don't received in play. Kinder
paper nearly let faction;..-Id" cant
\ be produced al a speed of I./d.0. pay. Mile work emphasizes the play spirit
fret minute. / beginning of all school activities.
I ,i A new glees deVeloped In the labratory I !
'. can be machine-blolrn Into HOMESTEAD DRY CLEANERS. I Pupils may enter the private kindergarten .

Incandescent lamp bulb with ; at the Grammar School, at
maaln. rapidity. ore machine now, I
a -- -. anytime.
---- I


For the Best in Office Equipment II III _:- -- -


,, N. MOMAND & MILLER' HOTEL Commercial taw



I, 4ar 1

Salesroom: 116 South Miami Avenue ; MA. beOpr.a :

I : Miami Florida ; .' /\

year\\ aasaaa. 'nurarr b ilkIW g &
Desks and Chair _in AU Grades Art Metal Steel Filing Equipment Fnropoia all ten planIi room : t


oZ- _... ::: .... awl _tiA
,-, :! _.t.. ... .. '
'. -' ,ArdSw al.a'Y+k.Os'WClu'r r : ':-. rr" !'<:.'...4:1'.t' : = > .....

-- ----_..,
". ', ,- -,. '"," "" ?W' .o= .: ,;;;;;C ;;';;;;"-1ijjf; ; ; ""'" '
'V 7 ''II'fI'r'''!""C :< ,', ,, .


: t. Thursday, January 10, 1929 THE HOMESTEAD LEADER Pan Fitlt

den Club wa held at the horn *lin packed. ta'91 then .. seeing i at the Mm printed M the. ( hur**
I.r and Mr.. C P. Jackson, with' k, U Droves Bull'tm. wkK-h mcanaxal .
wee during On: mar at UMrlteeter and
a large a tndnc*. X"". H. H. .
and Jlround I j Owing read an interesting paper *)* ( theatre Nw T! rk CMr the picture "to th.. hope -

re eulhmrxtenl HeoaaUy tt twtebraled tt first that everyone who ales It will resolve

The dub voted eeaeietaasly to birthday on Broadway and (UnitIng that never soon shall the
II Homestead to Mr. Reynolds a vote 0! rot** wa sold gnu very daydurlllir airship bt used La dMtroyln UtH
I thanka for painting the park Mat. ( the anniversary we.kWarm I .f. and property of nation"
which l'olllnnd.ttnn f a r The re,tow commented ''n purl
'" ware given to the park 1 -
't I
( I II .,- I "Wlnt*" la contain In a review. u follow:
Mrtmein the city by the Garden ._________ ._._____ _. _00' _
:Mr and )Ira. W. f Koon reed was Ill with flu IBM week, wan able Club .
Tuesday from Key West, I to resume big work Monday. Plans were mad for a M-,
Mr KO I* employed byH ghettl supper: which the hides mfGUJL 'E
I f. L. 8to.... Music Co. Mr I Dwight stake of feldbrookpriori. Club intends to give at the Wo-.
a will Mar In Homestead for a Mara. I* on hi. way couth _.,,'. Club on Thursday evening
look after bin Inter Jan. 1 T.The .
/r weeks to to visit &r
several Week at the
". i hr H,.. kaoo arm which a. F. Matthew basses club will\ met .t the horn Good Food at the Right Prices
iia* severely sprained about two '0' ...... H. H. Ewing on Monday
ko al9. Is now math kUr JM II. at I p. .nAt .
J the The t'oantrjt neat *f flub the weekly come.d&ni-e Jan. 11 at EVERY bit of food lentil i. the best

V. Frank Ulmttn In reoeering Dom I till 1 oclork.BAHACA the SeminoleWhen that the market affords, and it is cook
m i a (ill which Injured big back
.,-,, \.' CLAIM KYTtUTAIMII: : : ......-..........-" .............. ed and Mired to as to make Its quality
| Mr and Mr*. Andrew Havana* AT MO:>f>H.l, HOMIWOT -: Out of the Rain*" was fully appreciable. Theresa a differencein
knd Mr. Htgamin later, Ml1 McConnell and F U We.I produced at Frt National 8tudloi
live' Bharrtt, ham returned from I Ilwaln ware "*.t. to the member" In Htirbank Calif, the big plan) restaurants. Try ours and Beef
tee Island, N. T.. to ap. d the Of the Barata CI..s aid their' was turned temporarily Into a bat
a .t Roaemont the Hugamanfjntir wlv.. at th* MrToniell home Tu.*. tletUd. with dug-out barlxd-wtn.
,:', home on Coconut Palm day evening. (]aID.. provided much ntanglemonta, lI\ac-bln.'l1Ia Meat, DIXIE CAFEMRS.
I." itrlv.. I amusement- Q H. Q.. and all the attendant feature .

t.,,.t"' .' ': wa-recelved_. Chicken **lii.I, aaltlnm. coffee of the recent conflict.Rl J, R. CAMPBELL, Pr* .
Word that 111,. and and pickle were eirvedIrewnt <'hard Barthelmeaa, the ttar
lira, M. P Matthew of steel Naa were: Mr. and )I.... R appear* a* a young French then.sear .
.,,. .. and their til daughter, L. McClanahan, Mr. and ...... lieutenant. H* has a \powerfully TRY OUR TRY OUR
I jtl'(lass Georgia. who wax tact year IVan Baiter Mr and Mr*. A. Tfc 1 dramatle role I one of the beat, s
J, ncmber o( the Homestead Leader Brown. the Rev C. M. Wtlker. It I* derlaMd John Franck Alton 35c Plate 50c Dinner
.:IiI.. Gaff, and Mb Ruth who taught Mr. and hire, Harry Wolfe, Mr. and directed the flint an>pretty Marline"
;f :, .r* several years age. would start Mrs T. 1). tlchv Mr. and, Mr. A. Nixon H* the leading 104"

/i, Jor Florida about Jlln. I. t fl. Pavla Mr and Mr. O I. davit. "(tut of the Rulna" which. *M
, ---- Mr. tad F .
Mra U
.. ,t : Byron >* skews tonight and tYldy night
)I r. and Mrs. Frlt Jackson
arm Curlngton n 12'Edwarda and
I ii vertaln to arouse the enthusiast
building a nw four-room stucco Mr. and Mr*. W. C MoTonnell, of all patron because of the
hoiiM on their place on riummvr .
drama and the brllllanry of Barthelmeea
drive. Tf.tnUM': run M.tT: performane
AT 1>1NW) ' Ik V Buckingham In peeled to .... and Mr*. W IN Punwoodyentertained The Purina Plan for
Wliun, which will be 1
r tUrn from Indiana' Baturdar RIO the Tcarhtr* Brldfc
and Tuesday .ntng*.
li driving down with a group of Club at their horn last night Mri Monday. .
northern. people., A. F. Webb and Dove Webb won ns1 Dairy Farmers
the prlar for high ...0.... and ftl.-
Mr. and Mra. ., Matthews ..t. lone Hill and Walter Ni-lnon. got
tended a Meeting *( the'Maglo City the consolation prlam HOMESTEADVARITY ".
,',Cab Club In \tlamji last right toill' I ..
work oat plan for now ep..rt. W() IA.N'H CIl' TO HOII
o1f' m.nu at the county fair In F M>- FOOD SAL HATlKnAY
: 1. Rate kit the feed
.iM; rosry. The Woman Hub of H,>m-. : .
.J'JJ. -- ,stood will hold a sale of hornbakd you call (l legume hay
O J. nation accompanied him, .
.J. food In the Arcade Saturday -
11 t '.t.. "".,. ooa. J. L. Lhirton. home from Atlanta. afternoon beginning at t \) where! possible). ,
K. will spend the wlnteih.re Q''I"'k. Tk plat lunches plnnnrd .
" will not IM served because of III- STORESaturday

....... news ot committee members res
UM Inoue"Purina
fII':';.".. Mr*. Nets VMS: Cooper. head ol RO3lr"rAOIE just
"!t. 'the,grammar erhool. hoe ba 111 RUUAlflt f.',1'0 TO I.EGIY: to supply what
... all week IEATHIII WORK MONDAY and
feed Ucka.
When the ludlund. Horn Demonstration your ewn
'op Jae. T. Wilson principal of the Club met ,a.t.rdalMI.** '
Homestead and Florida S
., City Torbll. assistant county agent
e arhoola. ha. l ad fie Tower cot- save a mum of the years work
lap adjoining the EJ Patio. Shoo stressed particularly hm tnwpfirmnt f

and horn g.rde"InIf'1 I Just received a nice 1 Figure up how
Frank flee. who has bean IIIwllh I year round and part
nu algae New Year1 I lay. .la rat tone for the V"d Jaunty Fair lot of girls' fast color '., much net profit per
till.OBflfl4 to tvU bed part ot hlbiu were bfgunA i Print Dresses 7 to made the
cow past
the time. ,. the two you
I, Mra, Ho .n called meeting at the home of
children have practically recovered Mr* J t. Caatrllon for neat Mon 14 sizes. Call in and .. year with your old
from their attar k. draft.rnon, Jan 14. of all members them.
interested la leather work, ;; system of feeding.
8. F Matthew la at iom. this was amtonneeit Member will on
week but expects to rf turn t. West' that dr drld what they wick. to ,
rain Reach early neat wenkMotorryel make select their pattern and Large Assortment -
mike arrangement for an early Men's Felt
Policeman Henry work 061.Many $2SH 4. t/M the Purina system {or a year. Keep tab
Peter* and Oeoraw Fuller are *' the member" wr ab-, Hats ........... ,
among the late. mntfann-from like .nt berauM of 111"...*. on the extra profit. Then Purina. doeant make

tpldvmbt The sent meeting will be Wed- you more money don't feed It.
nuday, Jan. St.OF 100 '
our Doy,
Mr. and Mr, .Henry Brooker Dawson Feed & Supply Ci.anrlMMiM -
Jr., ,ar* *ipet; * Pahoke where th.II'Ia1I.d! .: THANKS' TO MIL RFTMOUXI J- lat IWWIlmr Haw
yesterday II' the Illaee of Henry This wek. meeting; of the 0.1'I. a shipment of Phona Ittl'r1'
Brooker He v I.J 1. ._
-.r -
.-..- new spring hats on
aid Mr J R. Pittman and Dr. Carleton Vaughan
Mr. *
J J an, 20th. 0 No museums .
little Orlando daughterrrl Mr. Plttmaa*d yesterdayfrom U foreman i peeeiaii I'I'i ..iJ .-.- .- .,",-

of the Harden and Gentile i Ronr* .:ao to a ." H _

packing houM *o they will be her I Just bought a bankruptstork
Ttl<-|> ion* M Horse I
for the eaaon. I of M"o' Mw
Pants eh.ap See them before -
I I'!. ISdwaeds, ekr Fkrl4 be mo,..
{ -- you pay ,. 1

,i Dr. W. B. Jordan $3.00 .ad $3.50 ; Stnu ) beTHhltitlitY f.C :

: : SMITH M. J 11.offloo .
omcE HOURS ,I '

E Hoses. .3 M 4 aaaaadlknSP.W.Horne AND FRIDAT JANUARY It AND II

Telephone tic I', BId,. Hnmmmd, ..... Don't forget our I ONE LAST KIM IN TH* FAME OF TNIATHI

Heaters .... $5 and $6 RICHARD BARTHELMESS"OUT
I Dr. M. A. Berger Children's Romp., I Atmfn- vrxmmunK WIMMFSA '
John B. Tower, M. I?. IH.TTWT hOaRY VUiffOIMATtHJ (UIWF.P1'
I ers ........ 35c to SI.Don't AND! CARTOOi
Visors: Cite M <:Mappol -_. .,.-- .--
r.-Inp by
I forget we have
ad rKATtmH
"" ._ 814. Hesa.etca/ '
i I
..- i the best Hose you I "SILKS AND 'SADDLES"MARION

can buy for $1.00 wlt1l NIXON

Also full fashioned TED

&: t Ronvt t .* 11 end S M S JtrnlMM M.., Wed.. Fft ; 'I hose $1.50 to $1.75 ; AND BULLETS"

IIS :W 11 ensue Ave? H.r rtr.4 Ore A A P Mora. : AOI>H>--FARAMOINT: NEWS

,t ........-....-...... j''

\\1) ". -'. .,, .. .:,
...... _" J'. _..... ,\..., .. ..0'-' .. .111':; --

rr :, 'f;, ,"''''''''!'':JI'.'. 'i'7':,' '.',. :',;,J' .. ... ;,- "


Pace Sii'J;_ I T H S' ftOME3TEA.D LEADER Thursday,.January 10, 1929 ,

... i. .

III II CUT' he Churches I Il If TUBBY- t 15PULA r '.,' a. : ', .y. .: WE IS.. pc43:'.:,

_.. 1 ?!Ot0UGHTA IAEAQ Vol) "Ate TWO

E' ..kil. -Tin KIT a M First MnUradMt Churrh Horn Mo U6 At$ I'LL WMR S1SXHQcttrll
I"_(l--Th. Hav C. W. McConnell p INE ,, QU 'TWr ANGELICA SAID ;
\Volk"r. ....,. Sunday ashen ft! WIT N ?,1042 '
patter ,Sunday school 15: a. m LEgSOA)5 (N AhIT-A Er cRCD GNE bt,
9.45 a. 'u.j a I. MoClanahan anparlntmi c. A. Field, anparlnUQdrnt. Preach '7NR E tA02L'
,lnt. Preaching at 11 a. m Inf 11'00 a m. and TIOf.ni: 3ENOOl. ., HOW PAANYlo

and I 00 p. In. The Sunbeam Junior 1.<'l&jjIlO at <:14. Mix Eath: ,r ,( t Y,
;.Ivmfaton, leader HI.I,.aacu. a' -
Band i..*-..U an Sunday morning at
7. Mra C W MaXonhrll tuparlnd
II:00 irtook. Mothers can attend ,lent ti
hutch. while children attend the I meeting every Wednesday lU: i(

Bunhvam' meeting B. T P. VT 'JP- m, 1flYo
Silver Palm--R... B tt Crow.
:10 p m. Luther Htrtekland, preaU '
eon Sunday school every Hunda y
dent New end Interesting pro.
at 10 .. m: preaching Mrvlooi
frame each week. W. M U maetln -
first and third Bundaya of MOa
( third Wednesday ft the
event month, M U a. m. and t:19 p. m.:
month at (00 o'clock. Mre. .. L
Junior L<*au< and Intermediate
McClanahan: preatdent.Jan.
League .t I;10 p. m.) prayer m"tInf .
12-Morning sermon, "Co.operation"
at T:10 P. m. TurndayMFTHODiaT -
evening sermon: "What
la the Greatest BID r" I .'R':J) -- ..- -- -- .::: ----.-- ..
Prayer aervlre Wednesday at
1:10 Subject; ..Ecol.....'_" b'ktrk.a 'It-T1re ne. O. M .
Russell of Hialeah, ,uto,. Sunday --- --- ----
On "' -Pr. B.Eameet,
W. pastor .-- -- ;-----
1* Preaching at 11 a. m. and T:M
Sunday school *t ft m I i
Wllnon Mr Lain, superintendent school every Sunday at 10 a. m. 4 .

preaching, 11:00: .. m. and I:Ot p. m. on alternate Itindaya.Jan .. .
---- -
0.--fktrmnn at I clock.
P. m.: UTPU.TOo-p. > W.

' M. U.. wivnd and aurttt Mondays
at 1:10; prayer mjtln Wtdnra- I'RONiyTF.RIAT: C1111RCl[ 'AIOUu ite'two 1'o ONLY NAVta

day .t T,10 p. m.Fturhlia Huuntntre.L-Grammar School ,//twb AA"E TIVe.TNE'TWO 'twoAUSeuca 1

building. the Ra t / B Hope, pantor W0t30 0111.Y % tWIODt
('OHRIFITIAN' ImlfCIII Sunday school at 10 .. nx $ IF SNE'tb '
V Robert Cowan superintendent Alf TNRE@ YaIb 'E
City-BroadwaT cad SAY SIE'O GIMMtg 1 '
tilth Mront. Sunday school at Preaching! at 11 The public la FROM AIXELICAr.

0:02 a. m. for pupil under l. cordially Inl l Ilea.United .
--- -----
years at ago: morning .nice M
Mistral DUlrt-l ("onrt. South.em .
2 11 ouloak. Wednesday evening
ItlNirtct of 11urt....
atlarl. which Includes tentlmon.alu .
No. 44a, M-rg
r l of Christian 8tl.ne. l...llnI ., At.. .... WATKINS, Plaintiff va. .
j :M cljrk. All are cordially ItNlTKl) HTATk.8 Off AMKItlOA,
Welcomed.ORURCH a HorUla rorporntlon, WW.1)
y WORKMAN and MltA :

OF CHRISTHoowwlMut WORKMAN Uvrandanta
Order for rmwtnirUT lit nl...>.
-Co ..r of Arena* THIN CAl'Bh' coming on this day
A and Fifth atr.t| EC a Harria to be heard. and it appearing from
affidavit filed heroin that the de.
iilnlntar Bible lama It:It ft, m.1ommunlorv fondant. Smlth-Amoa Corporation,
l1IG: a mat Mrmenfttill a Florida corporation, It no longer

ft .... and Till p. m. transacting !business of any kind
hat It bRa not appointed' or namedan N
agent to accept service of proOOM -
,. CIf1, O. 000lMwtnaesoA for It. thnt the residence of
none of Its officers or stockholders
--ZZ A. 110"", I"- !Ia known; that the residence of the '. ; "' .

or. Monday school at 10 am.; t'n'ttt.Wv 1), Workman and /
B. C Murphy, nparlntand known, that U la not practicable to -
s f"ilMckliiii' M U a. "". and T:10rm. obtain persona service upon the
q Young paepV matting at said defendant, to.wit, : 8mith-
: Amos Conioratlnn.V. U Workmanand
p, M. Ktvtryon I. WAloama.CMI .
Mra. W. l>. Workman and
hat the said defendants have not THE GEEVUM GIRLSrr :-
r "Ittm Of THE!: HAXARFMR voluntarily appeared In this cauae .
It U thenforeORDKKKl ,
' I HomvW....(l.-Corner Mo..." St. : ). that the Mild Umlth- .
and *, W. Fourth Aranuo. J. W. Amos Corporation W. D. Wark- -
ones and Mra. W D. Workman do. t 7t1BEASTT w/tY S13tYOtlRE 8rlvvt.tW:
Crewman. pastor. Hundaf school at I on or before February 11, A. D. WtuT t7tJT OF JOINT)
|0, preaching at 11 a m and f:10 t lit flip their answer or other defenses WHAT IYYOU MEANNor

p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday! to the bill of complaint sO.0.
heretofore filed In thla cause. otherwise -t ADE QJS'A1R1DDIf440
at T:tO p. m A hasty Welcome tM. 0
tin allegations In said bill
will be takes a* confessed by thaaald
'I"P. defndanta And It la further CAT *ATE rtlHONK
ORDERED that this order be
published once a week. for all eonaerutlve -

weeks In the Homestead
J.J.n'a. -Th Rrr tt P Jack.: 1
Leader a newspaper published' In
ion. .....to,. Sunday school at It a. Liade County, Florida, and within !

n.. aar lro and sermon at 11 .. m. the jurisdiction u.fl"the United
male District and for the
Southern District of Florida
f I vmt sphi< MIAMOUTItwlUihl IONIC AND ORDERED m the
k 'city of Jiicknonvlllf. Florida, thla
Rmul awl Relative rwHe.fTh 'JIM day if l 1)e.....mh.r. A. JI. 1118
? Rav Wm. Walker. ,&atOt. AKI JONES. Judire

Sunday itohoul tp. m.: church _Jan. t, 10 IT_ 14 It, Feb T

t pervicep t p. m Prayer meeting,j

' air-

pla .

r 4.tJON .

ItMiared.-.The" Rev. O Nueaman.or. .

ltngl'sh" ..rvlr.a every sec-

Sunday, at I p. m; Gorman
\ .lat Sunday In MOb uooth.. I

fnd p. w ....
- -----

UKIllODItfTthltn: FTICOPAI. I 1------------- I

\ M iwHtm..
, .T. Kvr.. ..,*..18 Palrc, | f .
fhtad.r school at It a. pi Ulor'j I WELL.AWUT. azY DAP J

RuaMll. auparlntondant. )
worship at 11, evening Worship "-
at T:10. Uttd-wiicli service Wadna

a day fU: p. m. AWNINGS 1

Jan 11.-Wornln* ....11I,,,' "EvN > 1010j

I F fry Mae His Own Paradtaa. ; .vt-,j Work Wondersin

r sting sermon: "Mav Toil Any

fait I"a.

., A cordial welcome to M our aor improving the looks 0.000ter

\/ Worth Vices W. think you .U1 Clad them of a house' or store. See
r',,;,4'+ I' ItvdUml.Th nu. JDvwratt our samples at office of 1

t: 4 .I*.la t t4" poster Moraine _r- E A. Froscher, Also-

\ T. : alil and '. t II.ft. m. Bvr- brook Arcade Homestead -
fr; 0t t'tut .... 11 :clock Miss KrtalU I ,

\,;' Tuner, miparlnUndMt EpworUlt i

"."-, 1:10: p. m.r .
11., I. ..orit..t'lllt r' OnmiMmlty Chun* Eagle Awning Co.

!k.Tha. Rev Oor.* K Meek paator

"' Mr. Nal -tnRYTRIJlO J" CANVAS"
.r.. Sunday: *pho t; t a. m
..1Itu, lI.,.. rtn4aDdflnt.. ,'HebIn.v \
8.00. a. m .aa I
't. -- .

F a r

-::=::::::: _.& ___ .... ; ,*" J pig".rcr.. ,..,.+ro '
:.................... .u.........._._..,. .............;:..;............. ,: ." 'J''.;.;:; 'h _" ': ': ".'," ",

.,,.: rr I.y, r


Thursday,_January_ : to, 1929 T fl,Po! HOTUFSTEAD LEADER '1Atr Steve i '1

the tribe. Then,he ,dad built tin T

self"' a rfian..o and there witty lie

;;TAllZAN Rung the tired Bobby whom he.hd CLASSIFIED

his carried forced off hail and then Bobby tired was out too by i ADS : I

sleepy to do otherwise than heed
IUTK: First buwrtteft lee aline: sulurgSant Nteer4baec
.J Black Joha threat to be down for "
THE it would have bees the easiest thing 1e sNaw

IB the world to have left the boy .
outside the circle ol the firelight a
MIGHTY pray to the .usage ."bt-.o..lI,* FERTILIZER rOMUERCIA I. HA'I't.HINh-- Ratty

of th* jungle COMPOST ear iota or HM( pies. I chick and baby ducks HUT

For Black I y en bead>. An blabs *r Nr.tlllMr Y'-w Poultry "'rl1AI)' View
moment John
Mo.elb.tl y AaTIIUa D. PEEVE a ,
I' listened for sounds of pursuit material* Florid B** road 1 >I" lOath ot i riuotoit.OACH
from as original Serial produced by UNIVERSAL PICTURES hearing none he also. settled down. Cot 31nortitr.er Co. InUtf)

4 CORPORATION bf special arrangement with Ui quick mmj was going over his -
future tour**. What should it be I FOR RENT HUiASON (-- for sale cheep
Back again to his life .* a beachcomber _.1 I UK* Willi...... Ural. ("' ...

Author 4 TARZAN Of TBI DUo TIn CAVE CDU et*. searching the sea aatjerl FOTt RFNT--Four-room cottage I Jill)

for a sign of a hip> He eat bolt tie" C nter street I. P. (:htpnJ ; -
Chatter rin I plc ailed a. ,I"> saw him' at once Those bad nntst) Kiittn.Kn: a rAH8Rl|

,I MOCK MARRIAGE toady to Ig fend 1 himself f by attacking :sized from Mary)r.cJr (Milt! ) ,,- ---.-- ---, _-( >:"HI" i plans for Mix A high trade piano -
I' J even ;* ncwromn "He wants ovi'r-prcnd his Uc lOManll H* FrVR-ROOlH HOUKE 5 miles Will ',,II cheep Ir sold atMatt

(Ct."utll) ran ta be their ( h rf-to take the reached into his pocket and palled W. of ttom.Mad. Also I a ( I )

M' 'ry'. terror (11.wgul.( suddenly place ot Black John I I" hUD out. scaotuna tfcsm eagerly tillable land. Fay rent partly N'I --

to hope M she 'tinncd I At her At first the mere idea was reptig In the firelight itere, than wash work on grove If 4lrd 4IISCELIx1NEOUS

chains' ir/.anl pant to Tarzan Bin Mary coaxed: s pUn his way to tlll'1l.defM into Mr*. c H. Wo< "b.M'. .- -. -- '
,) With -ChUI; strength tit And what Mary wanted was quite a blazing and success 11*tidy lead." Fla. WlttrlBBAltTIFUL I AM IN 'iris MAKM-: i i,,, imtad

wrenched out of the cha 111 loose, A different st rv, He. began to re appear answer his (iciiaTane) -'-- mount of Mink of IKMrtlficAtt "' ''', stand started to wrench the other lut then to be interested finally to he' I1U' meant in toach that with ed might- 'VANTEI ... 0, H. H1'I1wn
;It did not nap so caulyI consider at the other incrabtn of to)
the of T nail' tip
Trom the i of elation the tribe about. With use very proofs t -
I pinnacle gathered 141
heritage lot nit own gaht. Hi acre farts with ---- -- -
bad beta suddenly eiat to the "were I
John aboriginal they
eagerness 1 ,
would b* Lad Creyttoke, half to nor privet lall. p'urnleh.dand
depth of murderous anger 11 one ready to yield fealty to the newoverlord
the title and the citateil He f,U ecj ilpp. of" the priests, recovering. staggered Tartan bowed to the DTHbi1 .
asleep of it ,
dreaming firth "r It' "" with boner N
to warn Tiitn In a towering ragehe honor of the inevitable, and elated
I seized his long hunting knife,, the Patriarch turned to addreV the Men of Black John calibre always tOMI N. td at. Miami Jon.// _,

paused another to the priest, and on tribe swearing them to loyalty to fail because they leem neverto ': ( .- -- -- --
stealthy. cat like feet they entered the new leader. give their opponent credit for

,:. another, secret passage bark of the' There but dissenter and having. any sense They always FOR$ 1f ------1 USE ;MANGANESE '
I ;
ceremonial chamber followed J by the underestimate theta And anyonethat
other priest, now also armed with die was not In the open From a undtrestimaleJ I Bobby was JflflJl1' n't'R1. I/li box rocker -- -- .
hiding i place in the tropical tangle .J
knife : bound to lose out liter
g Black John listened he heard sooner or designer, fnjh boawith
"Hurry, Tarian." urged Bobby. himself deposed and Tartan elevated Bobby had not been lying long alas wa",H M*n4 tar ......t.lt.t'l|

They will be h.tel") in his place' ,, listened long before he began to witch furtively: II Poet Offing ilex 1ST, Florida.Ctrl. .
1( Tartan. tore again at the refr.cory enough to realize (hat It was unsafe between the slit of almost cteil (JlM' Visit Key WestThe

leg iron.From .ct.t' for him in that neighborhood then eyes BUck Jour lose j jI
a panel in the rock : turned wearing to himself a dark e.t:1II: :,n him and become I .

wall back of him emerged three oath to get revinge. absorbed in the paper he hail I
shadowy silent figures three long. stolen from Mary, Bobby boyinh ,I Southernmost City
murderous knives were rained In At once the village wa in great mind put the situation together well
the darkness ready to strike with excitement It was an event of : vu
enough to realize that there were
out even a flash of warning major Importance to have a new compensations for his kidnaping. RITINp/AN/ Ot't'ORI't'111TX Pd j
for weird and HOMITrjU>
and Nt called a
lie restrained himself until
chatter IX rlaborate ceremony of in>> FOR rV-Modurn garage", oor The oversea highway

,.(J BLACK JOHN'S ViNQ&: Preparations were at tallalion'j John. was And Mioring as he deeply did so and his regularly own nor 16101), with lance how I I

Suddenly! Tartan sensed he peril for it and the natives fatigue departed and he felt refreshed room This bull selves into it with a will lor It was 125 miles! over sunlit
behind hint. He swung around as with the might air. enough t* take ear or the automobile i
indeed thing to have Tartan 1
the last chain and released great I builnea In alt its branch I IM
snapped fighting for them, not againstthem At last Bobby decided that' the I waters and tropical
Mary just In time to catch in his time was ripe to carry out the plan I euth u general repairingbattery ,
grip of steel the arm that was des.endinq he had evolved. He crept stealthily service, washing ran, I IslesCommodioUs

with the dagger, in the Thus It was that when darkness k Pins the lean-to toward the manasleep storage, seoawrles' duct work, |
dark. Single handed 1 arian was settled down on the village that
by the dying fire with the
body repairing, gas land oil, and
store than a match for his attackers night the Patriarch and the entire till clutched In his hands. and
papers It ..rrls
r the agency for Dodge
and for Abe others, also, that Black tribe were assembled about the Carefully( Bobby loosenedthem
John had hastily mustered in the central fire with flares, the priestsIn from the almost supine grip now Broa cars and Graham Bnm.travka. comfortable ferryboats
Hard 10 bat for prier
weird costume and the dancers
truergency and extracted them Then a* fast I
From a distance the venerable old outdoing themselves to make honor a* ever he could Bobby backed I. and performance. Apply to'own- leave each
1 Patriarch of the Lost! Tribe was to Tartan. away from the sleeping villa.in.! I "r. W. ZA HANRKT IU ft vV

watching with troubled mien as he It than Bobby I lath ave. Miami ii.
was more even
Unfortunately Bobby did not terminal t No
aw Tartan vanquish one aftet n
could stand after the wild events of [
: have in the back of his head. I
another of the strongest young men eye FOR gle Otliku and new Utokva
) I
the He all
"( the tribe His fear chinned to of the day ete nndch *nearly head was i He backed tight into a bush of i tomato plant and Churtaatnn Name and LowerMatccumbc.
.. frown as he caught sight of Black ; brambles, and the long thorn tore
that he almost I Wakefield cabbage plants Pricesright
nodding so was
his clothe smartly as he repressed I
himself off Into the
John juicle' Whatwas slinking to become oft anlrep' Mary earned him to the his own exclamation of pain and i Dovla A Luta.FEEHSAND ., at 8
cahill and him his pallet of
put on "
( Luck
iiiem with this new terror loose in It had been a great night hint He toppled was against that SEEDS a. m. and 1 m.
the very holy of holies within the for aMa honor thatwas over a jar i I p.
too. Every 'In
3 stockade Hitherto they had relied showered. Tartan like, was the dark shadow of the bushy RFIXX)MB Poultry Heed
on was '
mashing it.Instantly I'fcF PtRCnmCM FLOUR: tn rId
on the craft and cunning of
he gift of a jewel to her She was
r Black John and his so-called tired but she was not going i to miss the alert sense. ot BUck home pnau and trees of .J')

,."magft." What now* a thii g. She covered up Bobby, John caught the sound. He roused kind ct nestle Q..t on. ol
t ; The Patriarch knew only one law hen thought that in the heat of the from 4iu deep sprang to his feet our handy doit gun*. Florida daily.MURPHY'S
of life. That was to bow to the I light he might need a drink She rubbing his eyes which adjusieithemselves Last Coart F.rtJItMr Co

rulerahip of the strongest And had took a hollow gourd to nil at at the to the darkness like an -
not Tarzan proved himself the spring outside. animal's. His first instinct was MTHAI0NATDIU .
atrongcst of them all? Even I'ItOI)1TtlTl-- .
nowhe hand about the boy-and lure enough he ; 8 Ana.nolll"
Suddenly a a strangely
was giving i the terrible jungle familiar hand stole through hole had fled from he lean-to He could 12 Potash IVip