.;! Croquifnole or Spiral500S700 .: i the other essential aids T.ran for the MM new teleplwms. added and the eight. per tent
I i I l-- lithe valuate .f trafllc the Increased Its
to beauty, you II find Overlooking Iliecaya Bay Company prmnnrUexpwiM
: ; the skilled operators at Itt plant ni aide a substantial Improvement In the quality
s I ef Its service
;NEWEST METHODS or HAIR: i I I ready Pat's to Beauty serve parlor you Two Blocks to Shops, i Over IJO people were added to Uw payroll nuking a total efanmlmi
thousand raw employed by the The additional
: AND EYELASH TINTING Theatre and Business
I quickly at time.
any people are all raMfnts .( town and clllra to this atctlom The annual
j : Creejulfnele Spiral and Section I payroll was .lncl_ 11I1111. dollar, .. Increase at almost seven per
+ ringer WsvlatFaelatsMa.leariat4lan.Uag Combination sent ever the previous year

i ; RATES Taws paid federal states county sea municipal apncka
I loUlM,. em Hi wd _halt
I miUUn dollars, er about. of
i erleacd eperateraI : ene-tlghla
ky Izg I Prices $5, $6, $7 the Mid releases RnieJ trees trlrphm ...n.
Team Sane Leeatlea ; i it $1.50siflgle$2.50doublej Having? "I1"1 the .".Nit. and MOt every responsibility ehref. {
PAT'SBEAUTY fully during the dtpmah... tphon. rapt and are eontin*!** "
j Aloe MorrisBeauty I Special Family Weekly: sad soot their during starts 10"to prickle wore sad hatter service at the lowest pouIWe

Monthly take '

'- t Shoppe, 1 539-R Horn BMg. >8. D.McCKEAKT, cremator 1 Sout crn.IhII! Telephone and Telegraph Coe j

"'.r :flew**.KUr. ,: fheiw i"t.W' ....,..,.r...


,- '. :::: ,. ..

,,- :. .,

--------- -- --------- --- -- - - --- ------

..-....w:...-.--..-...-.-- .-..-....-..www, www-..?yww" ,..-.- : Jute Frances Sullivan; the eighth Mill Ray's language class en-i son left II!"- k '''i Nth; ( %,11"llna. -
: 1 grade, Mwina dose and Mary I Jwrf lrpturf/ toason by Jfoeckf .
Matron; the fovth period class'j The class is glad to have ShlrHO '. -
II !Unfa 06so nan and Lou Belle j jOraMnatl Dnniev bark in school nrt<'iUlint
; tfce filth period class, 1 1I. absent several days on nc-
I I India Bethel and Elizabeth: Mclli I tI unt of the mumy The fourth 1
BY NEI.LA SAULS !i wain; and the sixth period class grade is studying SwitzerlandMiss 4 I

." ,." ,. nn..".."nmm. .nm....,..........._................ :... _...........,..........,..,......_ Fern Robertson and Katharine
II Venn I Dorsvy's claw won the Pt 1
EIGHTH MONTH HONOR ROLL for the JualorMtiMbanquet
I A, dollar last Friday night for ,,I
I which will be held "t the AftIarI \- I
The sixth grade girl beat the having the largest .I .J
Twelfth grade: high Clarence I can Legion hall Mty *J. th Invitations percentage < ,
Froseher Otha Hackler, Annie were sent out Wednes eighth trade girls last week, 11-HI, parents pnatnl *t the }' -T A
Mae Booth Ruth Tower; low : in diamond ball. Wednesday the I meeting Thl'arlthmetK t Inv. I is
Theodore Franklin, Richard Matt- day. I seventh grade girls played the I studying dtvisimM with rennin-, ,
Bill I eighth" grade girls In diamond bull { den.
ton Vercoe. Jewell Campbell The seniors arc wy workingon i I I I

Dorothy Dcden, Virginia their class day A", ........ I William's .. y
Hodfe. Mary Moon Fern Robertson The tenth grade toys won overthe Miss pupils have >'"
-----" ,
Katherine Vann, Lois White- ninth grade, 10-7, Tuesday In pleted a library poster which, 1 h.\
hl'lId. Leola Little The sophomores fluvUn quite I diamond ball Wednesday the; are very proud of They an '"'m'
It Invitations -
the seniors'
a time answering seventh grade boys plaYed the that Jacqueline Geiger has Inul t?
Eleventh grade: high Buddy to the baiVUUH Some. of eighth grade in diamond ball. Friday be out of school several dmn,
Fit/patrlck, Nora Akers, Virginia the pupils looked blur when MM I the junior boys play the sen-1 account of the mumps. v
Frick, Florence Psncoast. GeraldIne Becker said they ware required to lorn The diamond ball tournament ,
Reitz Helen West; low Tom I write a 1,000word theme In history ; will end next week I Miss Jickson's class is *n" I n t., I I 1l
Collins, Robert Qauzenn Rudolph i Mrs Field i II proud of her lose three of its goldfish \s I h", i II
Young, Elizabeth Skill, Helen sophomore class for Winning the I The two hllb" II1Per8 are Clayton I died this week, In nit tin < 1 I..-' i .
Steflanl, Bobbie Summerlin.Tenth P.-T. A. attendant dollar every Lehman and Whitney Beam is studying China and m.ikins luili l
grade: high, Combs I month this year except one The I I who can each jump a height of II'1 Chinese boys
Harper Henriettc Hartman Frances credit for this lies with Use loyal | feet Aubrey Cheshire has the
Lott, Evelyn Pope, Alta Webster I parents she says I record of broad jump so far which i i Mrs. Edwards: elsNN is glad t.,
Eugene Scherr, Charles Lit- ----. is It feet In the eighth grade, W j, have Margaret Edward bade in
tle, Ruby Polar, Jane Draper; low,I The biology c\ato, fll taping up D. Lott, Oscar Clonlnger and Jack school after being absent for 1.\-
Eff le Booth Nina Pearl Bush Nor- the study of soctM Insert and Sullivan are the high jumpers with era) days because of Injury to hu
ina Gossman, Dorothy Horne Marjorie I I having outside rr ofU vO such t record of 4 feet, 4 Inches. ': foot. Blanche and Helen Juhn-i I DAN CHAPPELL

Moeer, Ellen Vann, Randolph Insects as bees, ante end termite ] f
Caves, Pierre McDanlel Mosely The general science clip \\t studying Yesterday evening the faculty I
Sever, tva Dyal, Wlllela Bullard.N had a beach party and wiener I
how food Is uM In the body
I I Ernest Williams
Miami Beach. I
roast at
In'hlTllde1 high Madge and how it Is prep' *d. Tb. useful -
Thompson, Lucille West, Marcia science class is studying heat I
Mrs. Webb's sixth grade Is hfiv- j Candidate for
Cauzeni, Bantu Byrom; low, JunIor In chemlstr the class I'I'decta. ; lag Its first half holiday Friday I
Rogers, Harvey Rue Louis Is studying Iron in its various The class celebrated music week i SHERIFFSubject
Harris, Annabell Redd. forms such as different Kinds of last week. I r, 1
Eighth grade: high Harry steel and wrought Iron end the : I pI! 1 1f
Pierce Howard West, Goldla preparation of them" commercially.In Mr. Bird was called to t
Grenncll, Constance Scherr, Frances sonville this week because I
Webb Henry Dodson, Mildred home econo Field; low, W. IX Lott, Joseph' the seventh grade prepared goldenrod West substituted for her.
Piche, Judson Piche, Rots Reitz, eggs; the eighth grate, blue t j
Eunice Walker, Marjorie Webb berry muffins; tli,* niatir grade, Redland elementary classes are)'
Carlene Wells, Herbert Booth meat loaf and Wajuji rabbit; the I going to play Homestead her Friday ':
Elwin Cooper, Darwin Camber, tenth grade nutb..,M and filled in diamond ball
cookies, and the.twelfth grade, ;
Margaret Field, Rachael OosSman
Mrs. Fifield's class
geography Is
I .
French tried potatoes and tomato ,
Seventh grade high, Mary Grace now studying Switzerland. "
English, Wanetta Koestline, Rose aspic. I '
Peterson Doris Warr, Roy Pullen, Co
Constance and fu en, Scherr
<< "
Edwin Booth, Jack McMtchael; "
and Mary Grace English donated i
low Iris Caplinger, Virginia Kin-
some books to tht school librarythis
ner, Katherine Orfanedes, Katherine -
Williams James Sullivan, week. NATHAN MAYOCommissioner I iI i

Jay Newton Fred Fuchs, Emory All but three of bliss Raydcn's i
Brandenbuig, Elbect Delor, Preston seventh.-grade,,,gVll made 100 In With 50,000 Votes'
Blrd.t ;; spelling la r weok. They ate now I Hade County Can Elect "
Sixth grade: Mary Jo Close working 100*
Marjorie Conner Mildred Batts _
Esther Rucker, Doris Thompson, Elizabeth Skill mode s map of DAN CHAPPELLfor : ':
Lamar Dickinson Lewis Eaker, wood of the battle of Alone for to the Democratic
Dolly Carter, James Nesbitt, Edna the supplementary work; in Latin June Primary
Forte Wava Horton. Other student HIM have wade
Fifth grade: Sara Lou Wells, maps for suppleMentary work. Let's make honesty in
Mary Frances Rutland, Athley They have a contract lot to much office something more GOVERNOR ,
Kemp, Hilda Dodson, Virginia Latin and they art tested <>every j (
Hobson, Delores Pappy I fifty lines translated They are I than a campaign slogan. "I'.M I'..I.M.I' Ail"j :
Fourth grade: Frank Rice, Clar allowed to take tee test when they (rase. for III rd..d",
I ice Dodson, Sue Moye, Vara Rheney -I are ready and ar% rhqulr'ed to do
June Vann, Gloria Waldrop, I I three assignment of SO lines each
Robert Aspley, Eugene Lott, Joe I and their tests squat average 70. l laFIBRE
Mistretta, Barbara Biggers Or they have a thence of doing
Third grade: Shirley Dantey I seven assignment! land working
Doris Ada Dodton, Wayne Lawrence : toward 100. Th seventh eighth
John Taylor, Ardel 1'11'-1 and ninth EngllMi classes have i
man, Elizabeth Peterson, Mary I finished studying literature and
Radford. 1 are now studying mmmftr
Second and third MialWlUilma'
The seventh grsye Is glad to welcome
room): Billy Brown
Annie Willis of
Louisa from the
Jack Kemp Billy Mellon Jerome I Andrew Jackson Junior nigh
Scherr JauniU Pancoast Margaret
School Mrs. Johnson was out of AgricultureMarket
Edwards Dorothy Kuhn, school Monday and tueidy Mrs.
Mary Frances Morton Harry Bishop
I Rutland substituted tor b !r.
Betty Arrant, Margaret Booth, Builder for
Richard Degler, Marie Connor The ,Irll' physical education
First grade: James Brown, J. I classes have new ttbtaliti for the FloridaPaid More Service
B. Norton Bobble Morgan, Junior last month of scfleol: for '",,- for
( by friends)
Pope Alone Koestlinev Marion enth grade. Tn cft Iamb and
Nixon, Caiwell Bentley WIni- from Old Felt Roofs

fred Danzey, Eugenia Draper,Donald *
Ne ley, Jos Nesbitt One
Reynolds, Barbara Ann Robinson, CARL HOLMER JR.For %. A MEN your old felt roof start to show Us age

Ruth Rutland, Barbara Jean W t*..* IH life with Carey Asbestos Rbro, CooHna.
Smith, Barbara Gene Wakefield.
Re-election as This tested material Is far more than a point. The tight 'r

The Juniors are busy planning Supervisor of Registration ana penetrate the body of the roof, thoroughly waterproofing -

the felt. The heavy oils fill any crocks, forming

a wear resisting surface which Is re-lnforced with genuine
Let Us Dade has had
never an fibres about 50 feet
aitxttol pne goRon coven square

RejuvenateYour election scandal or ballot Carey fibre Coating .Is also ftno for old rutted, 'Pin.

Car g k box stuffing; since he holed". metal i I' roofs. Get our I low price on this roof tons-*

was first elected In 1918.

Body Wood Fender Work Repairs I 0 Brooker Lumber Co

Tops and TrimmingSeat Phone 62 Homestead Fla.
Covers He will continue his aggressive

Painting effort to give -. .'

this county 'a clean baf-.

Art's Paint ShopSMN.UOMIAVE. lot if he Is elected. 1 !

I c....... NWoaI A4_ l r

40 boon


.,.,;,_. .. ,_ .,. ....._ : ..... .. ., .. ., "
-.Ju"""" ..........www-w.. +w...MF.---r-: : : : .__" .+.;__ w.-_.. '.._._. .jj ." .. ,..... .. r ,,,. .\ "t.Friday

'" -- -"

-.. -tf-r --flr r ff qpYjfrfPaw -* .. ,.....*+' ..'.,....... -.. ...- .. .. "-- -- ----- .... .... ,.. -- _. .. '

TVehie THE LEADER. ENTERPRISE: Friday- -May 15 1_w

....--_. r.E"wTueosrg'"nawa: Seaadt,taaaeasable
Last Monday slktopirturn wen I T acher;: "Wh eh to farther f! oRovi
,htnm in study hall o/ all the naOiMsil away, Africa or the moon?"
I' The Redland Rattler "
I IAffteT
paeta in Hw Uaitedl StMas. Small bojr: "AWea.
They ware very tatmettag but .Wfca* BMltai yoyrf THEATRE
moat of the audience tot NIt+ss think that?" .
... _'n_'" n'n"n'''' ... n..__....___...._..... ___.I before the end of the tow. The cause we cw let the moon .
-h. ] Shows 7 and a
aehnlaskm enarge was a dime and we can't see Afttau" AcllI\IulOllISf
Senior Will Present ley. Verdte Ooaeman. Carte J. I Matinee Sal. and SUB. ttf ,

Mystery May Thursday f.1 I Nina Hobson Loyd.Ann Wlietta Hickson Thompson.Alice Kirk Ito.p.DI.

Second grade: Warren Cash, SUN.MON.Tl'EaWallace "'l'
The big new tots week l I. th I i Leon Edwards, Clifford. Powell, 1' OF
mew play. This play has every; L illian fflihop, Patty Dawson, FOR JUSTICE Beery, John:

thief a flay should pass, hroaaance trmor,I Bertha Flan, Kathleen Jackson, Doles and Barbara :.
>' nqwteiy Met< thrills. | Lola Meeka, Fred Jenkins, Jimmy '
"Myetery at Midnight," u UM Ross Bruce Wagner Irene Cox. THE PEACEI Stanwjtku
ply It ailed, takes Place in the I I Gene Gasman, Helen Dent Emma
oM Weelworta manriMt Enrun.l : gle, Audrey Orate Annie Stew-,
fcwroy night. Barbara Cary Ij art Esther KuJaldt, Joy Lee Martha -: am a candidate for re-election to the I "A Message toGarcia" '
way from horn to keep : Luckey. Charlotte Hurray,
Mciylnc Mr ....... She ii I I J I Barbara Soper. office of Justice of the Peace, fourth district
caught.In the .storm and her catetrtb. Flnt grade: W. A. Kennedy Ed-
eh* goes unrest hetua, the '
WentWorth I Smith, Grace Burry Dorothy Burry Katherine Hepburn
mmeion. Barbara to wearing I I, Ruth Engle Evelyn Gossman, .
locket which her -de.d" mothti A few names are missing from Primary. I.
left her Mr. Wentworth upon. the honor roll because one room
seeing the locket warns Barbara, failed to turn in a report "Sylvia Scarlet;,
out of the houM if she values her Your vote and support will be appreciated
mystery the pl l.y
The Juniors made very little on
centers around I by Justice of the Peace
two things, the their dance test Friday eight your BUCK JONES
locket and an idol. During the
play the idol speaks and 1U Yes I The physical education diamond
slew. ball/ teams "For the'servicejMICKEY
> are coming along fine "
Why h Wentworth's aunt kept a Team One hAS taken the lead ]USid[ L. KendrickPaid
Virtual prisoner tit the house and with 5 wins. I loss und 2 ties. The MOUSE SHOW
,: not allowed'out others rank in this order. Team SATURDAY. S P. IL ? I
Why la there I table et knives ( Political Ad____.')
In the front room'' I
Why doe the idol speak? ELECT
What mystery is connected with h i
the locket?
Why does MM. Wetttworth(a Into .
hysteric at the light of the
I locket I

Why does Barbara's aunt force
,, her to marry Parker? #
), J 1 1f
f Barbara What mystery Cory ii connected with

i All these questions will be answered
I to the Redland senior play.
:, ""Myrtery Midnight". You'll nee- VVV
*r spend I more enjoyable or ihI
:. thrilling evening In your life than ,
:you will next Thursday evening
I May II, at S p. m. If you see the I
play. "Mystery at Midnight" tiw.
The love and romance la Intro
dated by Dick Lawrence (Harry '
r Hemming) and Barbara Cory;
t (Marjo Macey). The humor I*
I divided between a colored couple ,
Kaergene I Yvonne Prothere) and
Rasmus Stanley Prothero: and
Letty Lythe. a flirt (Outdo Leggett -
'I ) and her lover who "ban William De (Bill)
strong man" (Robert Cast). The
vlUiana also are numerous The
main doe to Rathburn Wentworth JOYCE ,w.
(Willard Hendershott), Mr. Park-
.r (Donald! Sickle) and Alma Co T TourPurchasing e! ,
(Virginia Delaney). Mrs Wentwarth. -
an Invalid U played by Agent
'. Emily Payne o ? Ta R q'w'ont
I i This to the brat full It'nathlD1l- trace for kr a friend
I tel7 play ever put on .t edland d
I and the seniors are sun that they .
t will have .: .. '
a large audience to play '
to Thursday night, May JI, its :i,
I'I p.alt rn. The admhwton to Me to The Perfect .,1

: II Vacation
I Kmtor ftp and wittily, 'bf combining
Twelfth grade: Mario Mace I
health sail
a coune nntioo
Yvonne Prother KaSfy Paynef
I t|>l r while getting Mil
j : Eleventh grade: Mary rteher. Find the ougk Key to Health
Margaret Sherouse, Hectic Luck- world famous Institution, WHEN YOU BUY uodwouft
., I *y. Alamo Bennett at this THEO ,
feoaded bf Bettor Wdedden.
grade: Mary E.
Witlia .
j Mary Anne Brown, Betty tPhtee mulls are often Sitars-

t Mdergant!' Albright Dorhf Bl4lk"l Iuu Put your money oa a lUll thing when buy
Mildred Cox, Nora Greenwood.: i a Health QuuUuqut and Phril-- you }taws 3
Ninth grade: Emily Engr| Mar- cat Culture Cbnvcntioa June July bladet. Wiry risk discomfort and faulty shaver Probak Jr.

asset Orttl. Louise Yates. Alma and AiunMt.Special pet_ each -product of the) world' largttt blade maker-potJd1'Cl1prailtetl
j Jane Lingran Wilma Landrum week. Sport*, competitive fun
ftlhth ,racle' Lydia Vihlen, entettafaunenl, ntniu biiiss,tea comfort and economy--sells It4 tot Nty! s

"I<<_ January Shirley Dart, ale, "'IImihJ. golf, tlMdng. This blade b luromatkaIJ111'01U1d.honed and stropped by Q
Seventh grade: Mary Engel H v Congenial tompar+late. pltasiut
old Delaney Henry Dick con. and enjoyment tot rrctyooe. special process It if made to whisk through dens Hubble all '

George KtiftWt This red \nJth nsort b without smart Of tfriudoo-oeret pulls as the seeder spots. l0; 1 I

Jri Sixth Iuon.grade.Wilbur It A.l-pcpk.Aman., Marie Blair oNo.drug.....,'by aieJictnw ellPftimceol not Own epen.Dons. >. This fa easy to prow Just ask your dealer lot Probek Jss.- 1 "

Hasher Cash, Sophia Bogardt Nelle ..}datum methods ...,. A he bas thb marrclcMM aw 4ouble-.t blade or can get It tfla
Myrtle 0....
Niithallne Crlften, Betty eol Ann. tIoI'Ii>tf.1 Md charmingphwet ttraofr for you tjnlddy. Buy a pedagt of ProW: '1. --,. 4' ,
Irtmdliims and good '
Marshall, Louise. Ron. Jo Nolle
., SUgle, Lola Vrann. Etta Ball Lo- feiiomUp.Modems". ,
., l.ui GosneU. Jewel Hodge. rata, Ins flog. comfoitable -
F \ Fifth grade Walter Kufe kit. room*, restful sleep Ask
Hvian Burry, Fay Campbell for "Book of ViorT and ntt
uKirsteen Torbert. Jack Marshall, achedul*. No obligilionj. .Wilts. PROBAKJUNIOR
la Barbara William, Jane Brown toitf.Tht .
Paul Hobson.y .

Fourth grade Dick Campbell,
Lincoln Cason Lydia Brogardt.
u ", grade: Kathleen
'. JThW Camp. '
.\ '
; hrtU Wallis calling
Philip Basic,
,.' |J eo.apj Dent, t 8. Criffln. Junior p/asdas i sots ...>+.. Pass t Pass "ICKJUCI 0' 'HI "OM' tkIGH .LAN MAU*.

r 11:=PM Rudolph tttf WAsaw pus, .

t krt.J.'. ky, .tvHyn Douber- ... .: .....

.....t.__ '., ,....wdrr. .......
''''''""d'1' ''''' '-- ,.... 1 \
: '
.... .. .
,. j.l'ifr.' .A. t'" .t '
'''''._...._ ._-, .-

-< ? &"!> f If Tj mm_.


I I h, Friday May .. 1936. THE LEADER-'ENTERPRISE Page Thirteen i j

i\ i mobile aocident After stay: Inl Mr Mid Mrs. H. A. Anise arektM tesnegees. Mr. and Mrs C. L Wiltiarae l-
Lancaster Mr. Russell will visit their bomtfcey seeirdel.d. have moved away I
Syracuse and Detroit before htreturna hips to pace It c.snplet.e
Mrs Paul Oopp and Mrs Ray
to Florida
In and Jlrotmd City I
scat.Mr. I Qep wen vkltare at the home

Mn M. wily rera has been ser- and Mrs Frank Schulu of Mrs H. A. Amen Sunday "fi< r- (
and Mra Henry Hoboes and son ol : noon. \
loualy ill the past week but hex _._
Homestead condition la reported to be slightly Miami were Monday vtfitors of
better at pre eel. Mrs. R. C. Jachaon Mrs O. W. Moody and rnri' is t
spent SUnday in West Palm Brat h. it
Albert WiMrMtsi who has been
Wm. Burns of Ssaford, DeL. I "
working over at Lake Okeechocwela l
-- Roscoe Johns returned Sunday
spent. Tuaaday in Florida City.J. .
Mr. and Mn D. K. Bitch and Foy Hobbs spent the _k-and homo"let the summer fishing -i from Luke Okecchobee when- In .

daughter Miss Allis and Wm. ui Pahokee. C. Cohentour was taken to --. has MIl employed Hit Ii now ti

Carter left yesterday for Charles the Kendall 'ho |>itel Tuesday Mr. and Mn Raymond Her of staying at the Naranja apart-
ton S. C., to spend the summer E W. Ansel who has beet -'toI. in a serious oondiUon. Miami visited Mr and Mrs J C. i menta. _
5 spending the winter with his son- Has Sunday -
i, Mr. and Mn R. H. Atkinson of In-law T. B. Webb, In Homestead.' L. C. Aldrieh visited Ma w4n- Geraldine Campbell who 11 employed .,j
Miami at* spending their vacation returned this week to his home In law and daughter Mr. and Mn The Sinclair service station KM in the Lake Okeechobi
at Royal Palm State Park Springfield W. Va Frank SUIlinga of South Miami opened under the management. of I section visited her family I levee
white Mr Atkinson Parents Mr. Tuesday Lee and Williams The former Sunday night.
and Mra E. E. Atkinson are visiting Miss Jane Krely of Tampa II --- -

relatives and friends in the pending a few weeks here wits ; The Florida Power & Light CoIf .

central and northern part of the her father, P. M. Keel,. enlarging and remodeling Its I Green Lantern RestaurantADJOINING v

tate. office here and adding a display
James Robert spent the weekend room. HOTEL at: LAND
r' Mr. and Mrs. Fries W. Jackson In Pahokee I "'..... T-IVuw Bleak Dinner He Chicken MMer tSe

arc closing trie* Rtfdland home Mr. and Mra. Angelo Silvestrl legal Dinner Sea Vegetable Plate Me
i Saturday and leaving for their Mrs. Johnny Walker spent Chi and two sons moved Monday from All Kinds ef 11_-.... Sandwiches

1 I summer horn hi Highgate Spring. week-end with Mr. Walker In Pahokee the apartment in the Russell cottage -

Vt. They plan to return in October to the Fred Brockett cottage -
on Tenth street SHERWIN-
( Mr. and Mn Howard Johnsoi
made business trip to Jackson Mr. and Mrs. S.Odum will move 1
Miss Ida Cagel of Key Largo
villa this week to South Miami T
a former resident of Homestead
visited local friends Friday MUsCnght P.n I _
I Mr. and Mrs T. N. Tbtns 01PHwueo Mrt M. a Addlaon .Is
taught la Ponce de Leon
I la. title winter will be week-end guest Mg her sister Mix Betty entertain-I
of Mr. and Mn A. K. Arthur.A. of Stuart.

The condition of Mrs. C. O F Arthur is expected to return -

,.. Nelson who lea patient at the University today from Hastings when NARANJA e ecif

l hospital In Coral Gables he has been sine Wednesday ....w1wNNNwNNNNwNIINNrw/Nww,1wNNN.... ; t
< Is reported to be Improving During
R'", '''R'' Mrs K C. Hoover of Miami
the absence of Mr. Nelson ? '
last Sunday hit place In the Red- FLORIDA CITY visited her parents Mr. and Mrs ;

land pulpit was filled by the Rev. MI'II.V.. W. fVmy Corrnpondr J. C. Hen, over the week-end.

I" L. O Adams and in the Florida .........." ... ..... _......'...,..._. "_. _..... flat... y
City pulpit by the Rev. Ceo E. Mr. and Mn Ed Holla- have ;
d Enamel
A seven-and-one-half-p o u n S-W Floor
Deuel moved from the Mathews apart S-W Semi-Lustre
. boy was born to Mr. and Mn
ment to of the Chambers cottages -
one Quick-drying For woodrnlorllnol..Roon.
; Peter lor of Florida City May I II
Idol, for 'iHcritn' end 54 12
'\', Mr. end Mn. H. A. Burlew and at the Post Graduate hosplUl H _10 Colon. Stood hard *af 1 .17 btrhraoa w :ll(. $">*. I 4t
their son and daughter-in-law, has not been named yet. wear a. test,durable,VMiktble. '
Mn R. C. Jackson had at guests
Mr. and Mrs Oeo Burlew and
t ....
Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mn --=
0' Mr. and Mrs.Ceo Burlew daughter Mr. and Mrs Ceo M. Sonntch- i .
plan to leave Monday for their men have purchased the J. B Rue Harold Williams of Miami and PoU, t
their Astor Williams
horn in Hint, Mich.. where they sell place on Tenth street and son World's Finest Fern
Will spend the (ummerMra moved there Wednesday Mi ff.
SonnlUuen If employed in the $

Ceo Fuller of Miami| spent Homestead post office N.J. EA VER

WRdnda omestea4a._ 1riilf ft'n.t: .. /JoMt
, t. f. I J.lt: ., Candidate for : ...
'. Mr and Mn C. N Huddle ton Miss Ruth Painter Mid, Mr an<
Mrs Herbert Young left earl; M a .r:4
to leave Wednesday for
\\tt.r plan ington Ind, their former 'i Thursday morning by autOmoWl School BoardFROM / -.... ar" rid'..........ate. (.....
waah-I for Wast Virginia where they wil .
'7f'"f a visit with their-two 'I spend the ..ummer.I DISTRICT NO, S Io ... a....

Juanita Jane If the name of a I I Subject to June Dtmooratle ". ....:.... 19Co.a" t
William J. Prultt, candidate fo .. ......,..
born to Mr. .
daughter ..
seven-pound Primary "
state senator spoke from the pond "'" ......
s oarSPEOAIrfW
and Mn A. Q. Smith May 9 at is
r of the M. E Severy grocery Mon 9e eslib......Obssts
Post Graduate hospital day afternoon. Resident of district

Joht W. Hill, Jr., If Visiting at Mrs S. S. Shields Is In Mlam 13 years. ,. ""

the home of Mr. and Mrs. George I this week visiting relatives and Served as city council Cleeseas One yes ne It,,..' IWO M
L. Swan His father who spent friends
some time In the Redland District man. South Miami, last Linoleum Finish S-W Ho-Wax

this winter is seriously ill in St Mrs :E. J. Rhodes is expecting: 2 years as president.
Anthony hospital In St. Petersburg her daughter Mrs E. J. Ingrahan Cryitel l clear end suyi eI..,. Drlei Wx loon the any wyInt. &..61norubbtn' ,
i who Is coming by boat from Cuba 4 years as school trustee In 1 hour. E.n> to ppty otlicillnolnm ,no po11AM It.ol
easier to clean. rrtiheiii
Just apply.Dry .
Mrs I. J. Dyal's mother Mrs.' J B Russell will leave for Lancaster of Special School colon 111'01._end Get pMMrn--Mves wear on 'In 1) Him**. Mw

J O. McSweeney of Miami has Pa., tomorrow to be with] Tax District No. 26. our store, coupon > ON rw en4 a Is"Is
been critically ill since Tuesday his brother Levi Russell whoa 1.t7 79cOee.e
night skull was fractured In an auto YOUR VOTE: AND SCfTORT ,sed.nd fe wel.(ppllotorSto .......

.,. I A--. SOLICITEDWeald

i Vote for I (.... rsiikal. .._1' NM ,....

i Judge A.B. Small In HV far YOW.., el

I Protect People'sRights Velvet finish Varnish The Home Decorator

'."..: and State Assets H !'t.
I ', "q' Orleilo 1 b iutKuldullMUMd 40 B4c> el ucHo4rte-nlr M Mesa
) ale ct without SOC In fuN color h's
work el rubblnf Ifciriud, so OfT


, D. Horne Co. Inca

Homestead Fla. Phone 507-J

I I :.i,.iA PAIMT If EA D O U A R T E ft S



Candidate for Nomination to )
Candidate for Succeed Himself. PRINCITON. riA.

SUPERVISOROF Judge of the SAMUEL W. CETZENC..dldde Portable Clselris sod Aoetylesw Welds| s.Oliver Blocks
REGISTRATION Civil Court of RecordJane STATE TREASURER Cylinder heads Alsusriaum Castln sad lUllrrs.AateeoeUvf .

Ik Us platform, Mr. CcUMHates Maddoe Kepalrinc-Cattrinf to senses la asks
fane Demecratlo Primary Democratic Primary "As Bute Treasurer and a twarte pouring sad suited reamlag connecting n>4 Pouring.
member of the varloiu eoastite.tional
Tell Your Friends Your Support Will Be State BCNI ,,-I haQ strklJj ant fcertag M4 ctUadet kerlng. e'J,'
About Him I I afore laws fer JI"Oteetiotl tf fife
Appreciated people and die assets tl O. state EXPERT WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED

(aW Mtthll A..........' (PaW Pent Mwri.wsl if 'wrid,60raidarchWI J
I Names ..............


"' \<" .. I ", ,,.,.\fr." i," ...... ... --. ..............-

-- -
...., ,"", ,
- -..-

.., .. ... .. ...... .. '
."" -"""' .. ... -"
< """ .. ', _. -_. -

a l

Page Fourteen THE LEADER-ENTERPRISE Friday May 1b,1936.

dent; it la.'solely and simply the duty during those month that the the action: of George S. Fletcher,
Dade County Farmers Are Benefited result of the iniquitous terms of treaty allow the reduction of dutyat plaintiff in (this caw, In testing the

. I tM reciprocity treaty with Cuba a duty rate far below the ratengonsary Ifgality of the reciprocity treaty
Interest Saved Federal Loans ,
By on "I tall to tee how this govern- to eggallslagoost of act Further, that In to doing.
.. I. 1 ment or the state department or production, dorteetidc I
.r he is wprewnting the great ma-
'Mr figure marketing between the
Washington, May 14,-RefinanrInu second' wen as first mortgagesecurity Roosevelt can possibly
how this treaty is benefiting us and foreign\ producers: and jority of the vegetable Industry of
dli l ht> through the Farm Credit In amount up to IS per
should be sacrificedon Industry this Mete, and we plead as citizens -
and why we "WHERBA8-: vegetable -
Adm. ,11.lInn has saved Dadfarmers cent of the value. The largest
the altar of no-called 'business Florida Is desirous and tax payers and businessmen
of ofj
I loan I
than of commissioner to
Count more $1 4.000 mount *
In order of the United States of America -
necessity and economy' having reinstated the duty ratesas '
II ye "a nn Interest alone, according one farmer I I. 17.SW.
that this countrynay trade with were written In the Hawley- that nil governmental agencies
to figures, from the central officesKiim An act of 4*,to ass last summertemporarllv assist and with
CUba. 1 charge that New York Smoot tariff act of 1930 and, | co-operate: him
t of tJ"" Credit Administration edyecd the Interest in the consummation and settlement
importer and large financial interests "WHEREAS' There has been a -
rates on.,mil federal land .bank that own and control Cuba suit filed by George S. Fletcher of this suit."
v> ".i vioo,000 of farm debts with loans old and new. Where land, are telling our government whatto plaintiff versus United States of
inlni i intn that averaged 78 bank loan ant made through national do about this matter and we America, defendant Protest No

per i ,111 .i vest have been ufi1 ,- farm loan associations, the Crackers' are paying the bill. 795903-9, United| States Customs KeclectPurchasing
nan "d 1 with long-term "iiuutgiigei I rate I I. only three and __IfI "..tom President Roosevelt Court, third I division New York (

loan ',u \iiig Interest rites of 5 I per cent of all interact payable in was elected he promised faithfully City attacking the legality of theduty
I per 'II t ,scar or leuTl I the year .ndilll.TUJ18 30, 1996 and I more than once, that he would : rate now being collected on I
'twines shows that the local four per cent a year in the two not permit agricultural\ : duties to these vegetables in which FloridaIs C. L. WIFIIEATz

n.itl, .11 i f.mn loan association has II years following. This temporary be reduced. This Cuban reciprocity interested and attacking the j'
been /lug factor in making these reduction of interact rate on all treaty I I. the answer; as to constitutionality of the reciprocity
long i'i i 1111 mortgage available, at i federal .land bank loans I* paid for how he kept hit promise," the treaty act and

low .1 t.,u i citrates. The association I by the federal government, which speaker declared "WHEREAS: The governmental I I' '
ffuaruitccs- loan to the federal i reimburse the banks for what At the conclusion of Mr. Fletch agencies of the United State government ,
land bank otherwise would be a loss to them. er's address the following resolution have requested that this

From May 1933, when the Farm I I I Due to favorable Investment was adopted and signed by: I ease be delayed and postponed
Credit Administration was organised market conditions: when the federal Frank B. Rue, Homestead, John and the court In whoa jurisdiction I z

to the end of .but year,1 I land bank sold bonds recently, G. William, Modello; J L. Mur- this case rest, granted a postponement ;
140 Dada County farmer obtained the banks can offer new loans, at ray, Princeton; W. H. Owens, of the care from March 18.I I
(401,000 for the specific purposeof I I present at the Interest rate of four Goulds, Samuel R. Salinger, Silver 1936 to their June term of court

refinancing old debts r per cent a 'ear--the lowest at Palm, Harry C. Reeley, Red- and,
The federal land bank made SO I I which they have ever lent money. land; H. M. Mizell, Perrlue; D. B I "WHEREAS: It is very vital and
first mortgage loan and the land I The statement from the Farm Dice, Kendall; Dean H. Thompson necessary the future prosperity
bank commissioner 140 I Credit Administration points out Howard; N. J. Beaver, South Miami well-being, and re-establishment

Many of the commissioner's: I that a farmer who get a federal and W. H. LordCoconutGrove. of normal business condition just

were made on second: loana'i land bank loan through the local a* soon a* possible, and
security to farmers who I' national farm loan association "In mass meeting assembled, "WHEREAS: vegetable Industry I
tained first mortgage loan while the four per cent Interest fruit and vegetable growers from of Florida i* fully aware
land bank loans are endorsed by rate last will not have to pay a Florida City, Homestead, Modello, that with shipments of these vegetables \
associations and advanced from I higher rate during the entire term Naranja, Princeton, Could, South from Cuba greatly \I1CreasIn -
J fund obtained by selling farm of the loan which may be made Allapattah Gardens, Peters, Per- to the distress of domestic
loan bonds. The commissioner for a period *s long a* 30-odd rine Rockdale, Howard, Kendall market for the domestic producers :- AgentA
T4 r lend from fund provided by the : yean. Farmer who are paying South Miami, and other point In in Florida, ,
federal governmentAs I higher Interest rates on short-term Florida, after lengthy "BE IT RESOLVEP ,THAT:

In the past the federal land farm mortgage, or other accum- have adopted the dllcuallon'l Hororable Franklin D. Roosevelt
bank are making loans only on I, lated debt, may find it advantageous lution: president of the United ,State, native Floridian.
to refinance with "WHEREAS: i I. of Honorable Cordell Hull secretary
mortgage security, lending up a long-
tu about one-half of the appraised term loan while Investment market portance to the vegetable and fruit I of state of the United States, Hon Educated in the pub-
'I In the of Florida I
producer orable Duncan U. Fletcher senator -
normal' value of the farm prop- conditions remain favorable,
eity The commissioner lend on the statement adds to have the vexatious problem of from Florida, and Honorable lic schools of Dad
tariff duties settled, and, J. Mark Wilcox member of con
"WHEREAS: The vegetable Industry I gress fourth district of Florida, be County.

Cuban Tariff Policies Draw Threats of Florida cannot compete urged and requested to advise and
with In Cuba I The only candidate in
I I vegetables produced request the proper governmental

Of Party Desertion by Local Growers and other foreign countries, and official having to do with defending the Purchasing Agentrace
then imported into this country because the above-mentioned case, to
of cheap,, production cost, proceed with all speed possible that i II a former
(Continued From Page One) duty existing between these
any labor
I rates,pheap transportation and expedite the hearing and action :-
competitor, and baa increased her countries Half-baked Investigations South Dade Countyman.
: -
I rate front Cuba And other in court concerning this ease
competition against us very rapid- and hearings concerning: our foreign countries, and I Believing that we. citizens of the Lived at Perrinc
h since 1924. The point has now I vegetable duty rates were held. "WHEREAS! There has been I United States of America, havingno
been; reached where Florida vegetable I Senators Fletcher and Trammel, passed an ..1.b, congress authorizing redress or protection other than and attended public

grower can no longer exist and Congressman Wilcox protested the president, through the from our own government, have school there.WHEAT .
and prosper against that compe- : but were unsuccessful along state department, to negotiate and every moral and logical right to

tition because Cuba Islble to I, with the Florida Agricultural Tariff enter into reciprocal tariff treaties urge this case be expedited, heard has served
grow ship, and undersell us on association insofar as that when with foreign countries, and as a disposed of In order that our business -
any of the vegetable commoditieswe the treaty with Cuba was written result of this act there went into may be placed on a sound and South Dade County well
produce In Florida because they I all vegetable duty rates were re- effect September 3, 1934, what Is prosperous basis In order that we
have cheap labor, use little or no duced In certain months of the known as the Cuban reciprocity may live and enjoy the American -ask your merchants

fertilizer, their weather hazards year the full limit of 90 per cent treaty agreement, which reducedby standard of living with the protection Made
arc not as great as ours their soilIs Every Promise
except on tomatoes which
werereduced 80% the duty rates on vegetables of our own government to
fertile, and their transportation 25 per cent Cuba enjoys imported from that coun- which we believe we are Justly en- Has Been Fulfilled
1* generally cheaper than ours, a 20 per cent reciprocity on all try Into this country except to- titled.
especially" to the eastern seaboard existing duty rates regardless of tomatoes which were reduced "BE- IT FURTHER RESOLVED (PaW FuIIUral AdnrtlMmwit)

markets. the special reciprocity treaties. 23%, and.William. THAT: We commend and endorse
"We fought for year to obtain
"When the Hawley-Smoot tariff
,, .
a duty which would equaliw the act was passed Cuba protestedthat "
diffpYencea between these domestic she would be unable to continue
and foreign producer We In business Despite that C. Hodges
were partially successful when the statement Cuba continued to increase W. ROSS BURTON
Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act of 1930 : her shipments into this

was written. Duty rate were setup country, and today her export are
which were not sufficient butt the largest In history For instance Candidate CorJudge
least were helpful during the month of December
"In 1133-31 congress passed the January and February In
reciprocity treaty act which authorizes 1933-34, Florida shipped 1,13)
the president through the can of tomatoes and Cuba 780
state department to enter Into can. In 1939-38\ Florida ship 1
reciprocal treaties with various ments were 938 car for the tame
of the
foreign nation, and place a limit months, and Cuba had Increasedto
of 80% reduction permissible on I 1554 on. This U not an acoJJ -

., .. ,.. ..
I. .1.1,1.,1..1" .IL-.I""I" I. I' -" ; : : J "
r Civil Court of
A 4

Charlie DillonCandidate

Submit His Candidacy for

Clerk of Criminal GOVERNOROF FLORIDA The Lawyers of Dade I

Court of Record T. the People ef This Slate County Will Tell You: !
Sailed to pMMmlfc Primaries

in the June Primary, 153. 4111 Hone" I..,I.!"" PMM4...11.._lo tax"nnsNa't a Ia'" Tal He's Square t

,.. .' OW A. and Moth. He's ..
n. Fair
A resident of Dade t' n. ...,,, $4.06 A__". Tan

County for ST !cars lid,., 'n ,'. '* Mllod r> ::",c.d' trart..r.M. ri.h.n an. and lie's Qualified

Tear Vet and Support Will "M HOOr.UtiMh _...* for P_ .
Be Appreciate ( AMENDMENT. and tk> wr ELECT HIM !
Ia.- Hf linn H. oorM lo*
efficient .... a..dasat t wash all 1100 .....
For honest, -.MEIN wr./w M eM beau ...at..aht ",... reeerd at the court boose will shew opponents
roe .Ita rest.ttmiu.a
w poole
administration of this have together been .. this fertile payroll approximately II ,

office vote for him. HODCU Ml kb .*!-. ..... a ...t.s4was.a rear" can Mr. Bnrte -and daring that time have driwa
and, .ili.d a..rr Oka. oWen from public feeds mace iaaa fin....."
.... bomb" II Ohio aw .resat the
(hid for by South Dade Friend of"Smiling Charlie") ....... t. .UfF this wdrat (Paid tdiaiil A1wi.t )
(raid readmit Ad-mmmad I


,. .,. ,..- "t ..-....... ".. _"''''''"..r \ .., aft*
.. ,. ..._____.._ '''' 0' OW;" .. :: -: ,- 1'1"'., ,,,. ...,,. ,.


riday, May_15, 1936. THE LEADERENTERPRISE Page Fifteen

I The "machine" bad made a
I I clean sweep: of the election "I'd I II

I ChurchesBAPTIST 1 | almost be willing to bet. that we CLASSIFIED ADSRATE

pcThe[ I the beat politicians them two to one. mild one of I I

"Yes," said another; "I wish now : lint insertion lOf a UM; subsequent insertion

.I 'I we had counted the votes and V a line
I -- ---

Homestead-The Rev C. N.I I SL John's-Redland; the Rev. | I FOR RENT 1 MISCELLANEOUS

er pastor. Sunday school at Geo. M. Poth, pastor. Sunday] Vote for
FURNISHED APT Conveniently I PIANO TUNING and repair! >
'ft, m. Preaching at 11 a. m. school each Sunday at 10 a. m g./
English service on second Sundayof arranged, very low Mimimr rate. Good used piano for sale ""-4'
8 B.Y.P.U. at 7 m.
m. p.
uel yer p.services; Wednesday at 8 each month at 3 p. m. and German W. F. BROWNfor 118 N. W. 4th St (pmll2) l I W. E. Koon. 115 N. W. 3rd St

service on fourth at
I JW. 3 p. m. FOR RENT- -_ furnished i REAL ESTATE
house Modern conveniences
: May IT Morning sermon \
METHODIST EPISCOPAL Clot in Phone 3704 (pml5)) BIG VALUE 0-ruom hot irFurnished. .
MUve Unto God"; evening I I
All city Impro i-
Pinch by the Rev. Harley I Florida City Community Church I AIT FOR RENT second noor menta The word BARGAIN .M

Cora of Kedland. i! r-the Rev. C. O. Nelson Pastor I Horn building Apply Horne been greatly over "'UI'krd.jl

;Gould*-The bv. Noah Peter-; Church school at 10 a. m., preaching 1ldl (m8-IS I I do not hesitate u> My that this

1 ti. pautor Sunday school at 10: at 7:80: p. m. Midweek Prayer, property Is a Big Baignin Pure
i m.; preaching at 11 a. m and'' and Bible study Wednesday nt I 4I including furniture, bed llnrn

i ) p. m.; B. Y. P. U. at 6'30 p 7.30. I I f tarn I I HNr-R: NBSCO' Oil STOVE I mid table linen dishes'! now

t er service at 7:90 p. m. m'l iiIwsday. Redland Community Church \ "t U h oven I Uw priced See $2,200 reduced from M Vltine

furniture and plenty; of It.
\ IICII I D Natural OaalUr
t the Rev. C. G. Nelson i I Lyon
pasha II dl. If)
A. Cameron (
I CATHOLIC 1 I IA Church school at 10; preaching .it 1 ioI (pm!IS)
i 11. Epworth League at 1:30. Midweek I cI \1 \ JUICE: $1 ;IHT gulloni ACREAGES AND URO HlT"I

: Church of the Sacred Heart prayers and Bible study ?i nlt- (.III\'e. Kirtl.md I specialize in RedUmri (pitn>'t 11 I.. s.

]; S. E. econd> avenue Homestead, i| Thursday at 7:30.METHODIST: I Send me your liilniti..t props : !'yMr
( .UU-'E.'RI'IT.; 7---; :;: bushel !
: the Rev. James. Cloonan paator. I EPISCOPAL. i sale

Sunday maN at I a. m; week day I I"I votes fur planting. lOc each CIIAHLES I. BROOKS

man at T:45 daily. Sunday school SOUTH hinKle) Grove, Redland \ 110 N. E. First St Miami

Sunday following I e'''clock mass.
White Stone ChurchHomestead FuR sALE -Man s bicycle prac- REAL ESTATE-Thoae who w'tt

Communion for women the first ; the Rev. A. A. Koe.Ulnr'. tU illy new 110 N. W. 4th St.m8lf. to buy: or tell Redland Dist, ct

Sunday of month; for men and pastor. Sunday school at 8.30 um. ( ) real estate will find up-io-n te

boys the second Sunday of month. .; preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 listings In our office. Many of

Holy hour Thursday before first Junior 8 SO BEES "{; holce Italian. One colonyfor
p. m League at : p. these listings ere still at .>b-
Friday of month at T:49 p. m. Moss m.; HI League at 8:43 p. m.; Senior $3, two for $5.. three for $11. normal prices.: We shall app.cclat -

first Friday at 7::30 a. /n. Bene- League at 7 p. m Prayer meeting H. M. Lyon, Longview rd., I mi.west either your Inquiries or
flictfon ot the Blessed Sacrament and :1 ml south of Home
at I
p. m. Wednesday. :your listings, all of which will
after me....
stead. (IOU)
have our best attention. Now w
May 17-Morning message,)
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE "In the Beginning God" evening JUDGE CIVIL Sanl-Srct Pyrethrum Spray for I I the time to buy. B. W. MOlt,
associated with H. A. Cum-
killing ants flies now
message by Dr. C. K. mosquitoes ,
Florida City-Broadway and Vllet, presiding elder of the COURT Of RECORDSubject moths etc Ft. 25c; gal eron N. W. 1st St.. in Cltl.t :M

Sixth street Sunday school at Miami District. Edgar Mahan, W. Bauer $1.1S'1 BankBldg. Phone 72.

8:45 a. m. for pupils under 20 yearsof
May (t-Bible study. to Democratic Primary ( )
age; morning service at 11 : WANTEDWANTED2 '

O'clock. Wcdnesday'evenlng services Silver Palm Community Churchthe YOUR VOTE AND FOR SALE-White New Zealand : ---

which include testimonialsof I rabbit 50o each. H. M. i porcelain two-burn
healing and experiences and remarks Sunday school every Sunday at 10 R. F D. I. Box 63. (mr27tf) er electric range with o\"i nt.
Must be bargain. Eva C. Collnn,
Christian Science 8
on p. a. m.; preaching services on first,
BROWN BREAD Federal and B!
any Highway ca.rvdrive.
m The public Is cordially Invitedto 'third and fifth Sundays at 11 a. ,TnW follllMl i'tl-Mnenti I
attend. time Saturday. Lb. coffee can .
'm..nd8p.m. size 20c; with r.fiins or nub

1 May 17 Lesson sermon. May 17-Sermon by Dr. C. I 25c Leave order at S. L. Wart MANGOES SAPODILLAS .,.?,1!

t topic I 'Mortals'and' r'CHt'RCII Inunort- K._Vllet at It o'clock sermon home 106 N. W. 5th St. all kinds of tropical fruits ml

by pastor on "Christ and the vegetables In season. Highest

r Home Life" In Family Night 4 LEGAL NOTICES prices and prompt ..ttlem nt.
-: service at T p. m. Quarterly NOTIl Write advising of quantities

Ifomestead-First avenue and conference at S w'clotk. Basket ,,, I ,, .. ." 'r...'.', Murat 1
shipping date. RAFAEL R. DA-
cc N. W. Fifth street, T. J. Hunton lunch at noon.1IIETIIODIST. .I t,, Ir. ..". w. m. M I .r.
minister. Bible study at 10 a. m.; I I,. I i nl : for VILA Commission Merchant,
communion fellowship and FREE ; "J''t; went:; 120 Convent Ave., New Y"I ik

preaching at 11 a. m.; preaching : Fonda City-Mrs. Ernest WHren i NMI.1. Appllealen lor Tn need City.
I 1 I Iv Illltun I.IVKM That
7 30 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday pastor Sunday action, 'Ir 1" II I 'n.I.kr ( Slate Count .
1 ,. .
It : :: II' : I .f -mete I. Plat Rook I at !Mwof
at T.30: p. m.CHURCH 2:30: p. m.; preaching 3:30: and 8 ., ,,. ,,. N<* .lull, aid I ntllami lono the Public II........ ..f .d. I'm .., .
4 .f Au> A II IDS 1. la. Florida
n OF GOD p. m.; Young people's meeting, I .."" '" nay ..II,,,. .and h. ._ I The .14 ptvp.rtp .. dorr5054 bOa-iNn.
r I.., ,I"'..1 to .be lard
7 15 Junior 3:30 the ._.,.
: meeting : Tucsdut With all h."Io..I. end
..I .. .,.fI..I.. ...br... lhoI .
... 100.unlo .... '... ,..
i.'e Homestead 806 N. W. First prayer meeting 7:30: p. m. Thui ',- d.. I, -1-1, ,..,.rly ,In, the CountyI rrruliil.. ,being Hold-- t.. uil.l, ,
.,. .
I ? "f 1",1. I.ItI \ .
avenue Rev. Geo. Lorton, pastor. day. 1.-
; I I NH', cf N* SW Hi
1. ,
I at .
dw of May. A. II role
school at B 45 si I f r ...iw
Sunday : a m.; sn,. -i1'i NW'I M. WOHI.KY Hperlsl M+.l. rIn
N r ir RW'iM
preaching 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. Chanwn.JORN .
.., .
'in S-ol i !n. I'own.hh'! II A.
m; Senior COG. Society 6:30: p. Goulds-Rev. C. C. Huiubergf i I, l.<..ii"ir, Je .K.-I: ''ml.'lnln/ ( IB I ...10.11.... fur aOUVIRR.".. ....1.JI.....

m.; Intermediate C. O. G. S. In pastor. Sunday school it 9:4S!' I I'.de 'i",tp..f n "r Plod I.* .In. .thn. embraced( ounljr. ufI In I ,may S. U M. "MlIII

parsonage 8:30 p. m. Mid-week i in m.. N.I r'lK" 'rho ..Moment
at 11 and 7.30 .
preaching .
I a. m. p 1 'I.. -.,,,1 I i,prty under the uld roe..an the I'lr. .M Caatt of the flnrnlhdlri.l h.
prayer service at 7:30 p. m. Wed- m.; Young people's meeting at 0.30p i 10' ,. UNi i**.iwl In the name of Troiilil ('\ft... U and tot Dodo Curtsy.

nesday. ,,rtti'Ladies: circle Tuesdays (.r.... "..rp.I .rId.. .

prayer In tbo matter of the ADOPTION 0"
I NW'' ,. I In .rrlion II riiwmtilp WS. !
Z30 p. m. Mid-week prayer ...,ih. Run. *> W Runt: moraine IM WILLIAM R. rONR. >n Intent Y.41'
CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE service Thursday at 7:30 p. In I mure ir I.-... In the County dox Native of Imitation to Apply top A4_
--- of
-- Miner ( Mid
81.'H ir Hill Lin. u erobmred I.
Homestead-The Rev. Howard LEGAL NOTICES 1'rrtitieat.Nn.. kttl Hie .._." nt of TO WHOM <)r-VrK IT MAY ('(INn.ItN :
PRESBYTERIAN: CHURCH the i.Id pMHwrly under. the *aid You nr. horoor nirtlfleil. that the '. ,,.M..
Eckel, pastor Sunday school at ---- '....od 0.. In thi mine nf Tropical tfeie.tlfli.l ....... WILLIAM I ,PICKLING win' e'k I
845: a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m. Ilomtjuead! -Urome at, : In tk. Clrrnlt Carl nf the Rlorontk. ,.. I (Jrmt (.tinUr.U We-se at Uw 1.-" th.li,.-"
avenue dlri.l tlfr.lt. In mod for Dnd. lonnl. ... rknrmtk JudMInl. Clrr.I of
.. ..M ..If'','.'" hall ,W redeem j
and 7:30: p. m.; N. Y. l;. s. and N. 16th street, the Rev. E. L. Nel-. : Florid. In I imnnnr. No. 44010. ..I l oroordlnir, fi In*. the Property dotrrlkodth..r norMn. hi sad fur U>it. ('..".ay. H .'
Juniors meeting at 8:30 p. m. son, minister. Bible school at 1/AHKTH: W. SCHAD. Plnlntlft n l will IM. ...Id In the blehat bidder .t the Connor Court Hone .1 M. ..,..
JOHN H. MHAD Dof.nd.rit. ,, rVrfcta nn UM Seth day of may t it
at Uu i. in I I i. her 0> the fir Non.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evenIng 10 a. m., preaching at 11 a. m RILL roi DIVORCE bF In ll munlh at Jung, leis which lUw > 1SSS it the hourr p to A. M nrtkomfur .. .... I
7:30.: and 8pm. Young peoples' meetIng Order for Pnkllrotloil lot day .if Jim. IMMItaud .. wld piillc.llon i",.' lop
1 It noponrin from nn CMavN filed In title ilr.il day of April lead IMF, for nn nrdrr sod derm wall ,tae
at 730.: the Ow- entitled MM. Out the defend.nl. R B LRATHBIIMAH, Clerk of Clr. the adoption of WILLIAM. R COMP a. j
Princeton the Rev. C. It Con- I Jobs H Stkod, to n resident of n out.or ; ...|. Oars at DM C-oar. FIo..... Infant nf UM sole of Ppro.lmstrb! II'%.. I
don pastor. Sunday school at B:49; May 17-Morning sermon: comity other than Uw State nf rim-Id Hr N c Itomtt, D. 0 yMn by the. Mid Wllllnra I Fklillu. ..4
and that the n-lrkmeo of tko odd >. ((l'l..ul. Court Salt 1 1fA. for tho rhnnvlni. Ht the ..... of th .qw
preaching at 10:41 a. m. and 7:30 "Soul Erosion") evening ser I tondont M porlkrulnrly. M th.. no no l lI leI ..... U. Map I. I. 16)) Intent to Wll LIAM IRVINK VICKI I'0. I
p. m. Junior meeting at 6:30: ; youngpeople's mon "Samara and Spiritual I known to pl.I."". r.MlABKTH: W I I ,.., pIOn..nt to tKo .....vi..... i.fi ."Ito..
IIICHAD. b lOJMIlk '-. N. W Web. In loa rirt.lt CMrl of Mw ricmilk J i UMM KITS to MMIhelu.lv... of the. < ....
f meeting at 6:30.: Prayer Possibilities.'* I D. C. and that. Mid dofondnnt. .(rill tlrr.lt W ri>rM.. ,. end f ar: pIM GonersIlia of KUirO.. lor
meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. | Jobs H. scud I. oeor DM .... of twontr- !>.. (.n.tr. U <>. e.r N. 40150.D, DATED nt If I....'. rlnrldn In the ....... I'
SPIRITUALIST TEMPLE OF ono ran And Uwr. k no serum In the. ,*e.L01II' or TI CALK Ir of Dndr this IIUi law .f April. A 50
EPISCOPAL stale of riorldn .upon whom swabs : ('II"1'IrAT. II....
TRUTH I trrafh.. would bo Medina upon Kohltadaa. LAIta ffttmiHATION Florid WILLIAM I. VICK1.lta1.
St. John's...S. E. Second avenue Plaintiff, v. MATTm M. KIN rnrp"yot.w *; Ire c HmnMiob. AtturiMt farWtlltaM
Homestead; the Homestead. -branch of Miami I i It I, tkoroforo redone that. .... uK I' MAN and A. M. KINSMAN, 1.p lii..h nd: I FMNn, MUtkMwrlA .
and Fourth street ,
'- _..t. John H Srnnd.. ; I. .bony I* SOUTHLAND rROI'FKTIM INC. i ..r It I4i II., I. .. III
Rev. Wm. C. Taylor Jr., pastor Spiritualist Temple ot Truth in, I nulrrd In appear I* this ratio, on or W.for ., rlorM ...|.....tlo. M. A. OMITS .
Sundays 8 a. m. and 11 a. m; Woman's Club, 410 N. W. Eighth' the Ilk daydo1Ole A, D. I MMM .: I l.taiiHl.Ur airJCAYNK, t.T"'NW.t. .1l l
rulo' Court to nnowoi
> nii
Sunday school 9.45.: Friday: 7 a., avenue. Men's Bible class and I I the nllenUMU .ofa .1eh of oonplornlkorotnfar t: aTATKS pAxnix MORTGAGE riorhd n and TRUST NEWT (a. BALL
lyceum at 7 15 filed In this OMOO, otkorwkM .
m. Corporate communion of Wom- young people's : p I PANY. a New York ror**rat4 : NORTH
the .lUn.tlon. owiUlord I thoroln ..11 bidiiiiiid ...
en's Auxiliary first Friday of each m.; healing by Dr. J. Carl Hobson, nnd UkM n. OMifiwwd. _.,..PROrrMTIE.. ...f......... INC. 'lour Public
Ie month. at 7:43; lecture and messages alI t I II ki farther ordorW that this order be Nall, of Map' ruts IthtllANCK AID
..blkked In the LoodwEnKnirwo. n now* I :ho'::
m. by the Rev. Sada Hobson Nmko in hereby PUSS .... and I II
p. oo or of (onurnl -'. piikluked llDorlo I V. authority .1 MM Final 1).._ of Fare I -DIUJ> LnM
I May ROGATION SUN- towilif" Flame: onro n weak far .
our rer t.rH 107 the 111000..... "I'Attl
I : DAY! Holy E-rKsM. 8 a m.: four mnoomtivo wr.k& I D. IAIINII. w". of the JndSw of the 111,. I N. kruno ..*.
MI. '. I) *
1 DOWN sad nl
colt Camel of of Rk..ntb JodIM.i Clra
t Sunday School ':41 a. DM For the Best in .nintr riorldn. this II tv of may. A. D.I .: I .f Florid.. to 14 for :Dwito Comity. m UK,

I morning prayer 11 a. m. I little, day of Mw A. D I.> ... to that _
OPTOMETRYDR.NEUENSCIIWANDER a. a. LRATHRRMAN. Clerk of theCtrrsI \\1.. rue to MM C_ comllH. to wktri
ROGATION DAYS May 18 CoItft by V. I Ood4 &Ia utJ, RO COaPOKATUIN > rk'lito e.1e rUrm. !
11. III Holy Eucharist 7 a. m. Clark.CLIrrON' to onox...10..1 and MATTIIS M 1 W. Maxwell Smith
DR. a GONZALEZ a. CARRY 1 M Ota. .r. oextai eba. I Of SuwkkMiMUr
T ......... I.. ,1"lIf. : 1
May Si Holy Eucharist, US Venetian Arcade Miami I. .millionaires appointed k> tho rour INSURANCE
I CIn.M Court Seel, I
In rM thereat. near and be vksaa at
a. m.Turner's. 'May is. as. ". ,_ k. (beyond will affil for sale ..., wit aJ."ttry ; riHK, AI..o. STORM AND PIPE d
; L = b the bleba.l and bat b.w a Phone 4M I
for ed Iko Houtk front door of UM
I o M i
Town Mesa of Dod. Sassy I. tW cap, a Office In McCrory Arcade
Funeral Home EXPERT RADIO REPAIRING 1I'.nti. rkirMo.o. tko lot eo. '"f Jots A. D
I _. hPt_ ae b.ao at .le.ee :......h
ota I I A. H 04 0_ oVtork P. H. two wI era
61WH S4RR. AMBIUtNCK' SERVICE HOMESTEAD ELECTRICAL SHOP J I belie n kml also do, ..d the Won In.kvol .
how ., saw. tko folknrM door- ire "WAD THE
Lad Atiadaal M. Pro* p'aean' .It_.. h I.4. Ceunli FMrM'a. I

Phone. 'UI\, tiomeJlwa4 r a, WIN: F*" *o>Aren. Phone 6141) irate a soil 5e a a-e a kICK Ra

AJNaJS3usAlt51Yr /. h -

..... ..... :"' .. ; .. .. ....._- ......-
I : ,._.J.-. _T\ dplrnr M
..J.I ;-:JJiII- ::,. ".. .. ii :'';' '' '' "-

::: ::: ::::::. : : _
.'-'''''J f4'=."i.... .... ..,. -"". .r..Of1.,4 .. ,.'- .. ...:'.,: .... _._.. _. .. __:;0._ ..:-.'-- ii. i p"- ;;; O-o,.; '..\IO">.J/'
i it

Paw Sixteen THE LEADER-ENTERPRISE Friday May 15.193fi.(

--- -- -----
day from a successful ten-day i Information a*. fa 1 1
111I11I11I011I11I111I11I111111I11I11I11I1111I1! Division Lines Are where
fishing trip among the key" County Mapped i I Bust I' boundary Km'U 'J

-'The 8-H Club. corresponding I From Government Aerial PlanThe located, neither the federal $04P
20 Years Ago to the Girl Canning Club wa Survey I ernment nor the slate of FtorWa w 1'
organized In Homestead recently" hal, in the pact, gone to the expense -
-"Mr. and Mr*. Ennii and Mr dividing line along Florida executive chairman of the Everglades of determining
Bay Barnes and Card sound be- National Park Association
Enni mother, Mr Smith and By the old method of land surveys
U 11111I11I111111I11I11 fllIIlIlIlIIlIIlIIlIUIlt'file tween Dade and Monroe counties from the genera land office. de-
101I. Bruce, leave on May 4th for this. region presented an almost -
folie..... ..... their home in Turner,Mich., goingvia will be accurately Indicated for partment of the interior. Instructions impossible problem, owingto
"loa rw .... of We the first time according to information have been issued to that of-
,.. ..... the Dixie HljlwliJ'"Henry the practical impossibility of
--. s.ML..d IA. lets.r received by Ernest F. Coe fice to add to the map of unsurvey-
me 11"te stow _. Cattetf MUi Gladys running line through these
Carter, Mr. and Mr*. R. H. Davis ed public land in Monroe County II Jungle By the new method of
W A. Mitchell left last Satur- and La Monte Craw were Miami Lloyd, MID McDowell, Mia Mur- the data now available through the surveying by the use of air photography -
day for his old home in Dennison visitors lad Monday, making the, phy, Lorean Mittehell, Lourlne air records of the U. S. Coast and the whole survey problem
Mlu where he will hH Geodetic Survey, department of
resume trip In Mr Carter car Betty Blanche Symmes Frankl I become a relatively simple matter *
position .. agent and operator. at! -"Mr. and Mr*. A R Livingston Hobson Iota Maynard, Charlotte commerce and absolute accuracy to assured .
the railroad station motored to Miami last Monday In Collins, Aldus Matthew. Freddie The revised map will cover the I .
general are east of Cape Sable,.
-Lister Love U building a commodious their new car." Shutt Stuart Shield Hubert !
Marsh, LA Monte Craw and Isabel extending east to the maximum Practically the whole territory
new horn few himself -"Mr. and Mr*. II: A. Frocher, -
boundaries of the Everglades National In question lies within the Everglade
near Krome avenue and children, were in Miami on Grew .
Park centering on National Park project. The
"J U. Free will build two (and Jhelr earThe ." project
Monday, going by "Mrs. K.: M. Horton of Modello
line between Dade determination at the
very likely a third) house just on r- / freshman class of the leave for Keyt West on Monday I the dividing boundaryline
and Monroe counties, and extending between Monroe and Dad
the edge of the city limit Homestead High School wa enter- where she will take a steamer for
for several mile on either side counties will materially aid the
-"Mr. and Mrs. Potter, who spend tained on Tuesday evening, April New York I' I
'! '. of this boundary line. Everglades National Park commission -
the winter at their southern it, at the home of La Monte Grew
-"J. W.
Campbell and family ,
The word description of this In Its work of private land
here left Wednesday night tor|South Broadway, Florida City. Dr. with Mr and Mrs )Kelly, motored 'boundary I* 'along the mainland" acquisition All state and federal
their Connecticut home for the Carel took truck load from to Miami "
I Sunday Insofar a* there are hundreds of land within the area have been
Homeitead. Those present were: -J'Mra. C. S. Hough and Mm Island and inland bays In this made available to the park: eitherby
--"A lolly bunch of Florida City Pro/ and 1'41'1. Fisher, Mix Mot- I Ralph J. Power left Wednesday vast primeval jungle wilderness presidential proclamation or
:young men decided last week they fett, Mill Coffrin Mia KahU Miss for the north and practically no previous de- act of Florida state legislature
would reciprocate In entertainingthe I
young ladle club, 10 plan
were nude with theresult that i
each member of the B. M C.'t received I .
a special personal dainty I .a3tg
invitation with the render's and I
receiver's name on, all In gold let-
tern' So on Friday evening, the
14th. this very enjoyable social
affair took place. The pavilion i I
was decorated with the B. M. C.
colon, purple and gold, and a.
they entered the building, a large }rst'sx
motto 'Welcome B. M. C.'.' greeted ;
them. Music dancing and I
game were for a time enjoyed.1 I
when they all repaired to the FlorIda I I
City house where an elaborate)
banquet dinner prepared by Mr*. i !.
Oarfunket and daughter wasi
served Those enjoying this
pleasant evening together were: '
the Mines Roilyn Becker, Helen Only one j i
McDowell, Flossie Dobbin, Rosalind z 3

Oarfunket, Vetoes Clark,
Frieda Oartunhel, Eula Culpepper, .
Lorraine Oarfunkel, Margaret' prominent refinermanufactures .
Robertson, Julia Murphy, Sylvia'
Schlee, Meur Frank Robert,' and sells
William Mead Leo House, Joseph |
Roberta, Ivan Lowe, Clarence
Sheffield Ray Shield, Jame Collins ,
Glen Summer, C Milton I Only one
Cavil, William Hubert." ,
-Ceo. W. Kooel, E. B. GreUbach,
j Frank I Wlggui and Fred Koel[ motor fuel. And
i .f Hempstead, L. I.. returned FrU every

\ drop is sold under

Ernest Roberts I

k=- Only one

\ Ali

nameese '



i 0 C >


\ 1 -and this one grade motor fuel

i gives unfailing top-performance in sk

any automobile, bus. truck, tractor

Candidate for or stationary gas engine

DADE COUNTY ? .# at regular gas price ;

i ,\ Juvenile Court Judge III IIII

I, fubjeet to Just Democrat
I' Primaries

::1 (raid Nllloa1 Ad..rtl.m.eI' I II rP q.: t 1Ir



: MONKEY tv w.sws.3 Pr d/


I II IN THS U.S. Su o Oil Uke Blue Swoco .

II I '
of NaraaJ Road

,M1S8KX led l E .f. ,..... .... : .
s r : '_ d>' .': \ _, .. .. /

__ _._ .__. _....__ .. _...::1milli _.--:.:., __. .

The leader-enterprise
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',' '' '""' V "" ,'''''' -f'\'ItI; !\ \ ', ',, ) tIf! : ".

; j

U of F LIBRARY ; ,

University: '.itiont ;II,

.. .;., t'lYU1e. ..'\" .. .. .
.. t. '" -
.rV I 'J
-.- '

j I

lily I





ill on II i Slots Leave Homestead BOUNDARY DECISION LEAVES .:


VIL OUT AS Cuban Tariff Policies Draw Threats ALL COUNCILMANIC POSTS : '

t Of Party Desertion by Local Growers

Dissatisfied with the policy of I of South Florida grower and UNCHANGED IN PERSONNEL

OCTAPPEALSTOHIGHCOURT the federal government in lowering merchant, which will be held in \

the tariff on Cuban Imports Homestead grammar school auditorium ,..
through the reciprocity treaty of at I p. m., Tuesday, May -- ,

Sept. 3, IU4 an organised group It Only Two Days Left Area of City Now Reduced' '

ot South Dude fruit and vegetable "The future prosperity of the To Pay Poll Taxes From 2,240 to 1,640
growers li threatening to twitch fruit and vegetable industry of
party affiliation it need of South our state depend upon the action For June Primary Acres by Ruling {

Florida! are not given proper consideration now to be token" declared John

:, Injunction Against Police Q Williams, prominent Homestead Tomorrow la the last day APPEAL FORECAST

{Suspended Pending This proposed test of party loyalty grower, who ia leading the local far registered voters ** Date I| BY CITY OFFICIALS ;
S of originated at a mass meeting fight for a protective tariff. "Cuba CHat to pay their poll taxe
JIearing Case in the Blue GOOM packinghouse says she i* now ready to trade and If they wish U veto la the I
at Gould last Friday night this Is the opportune time for us Jane primaries For the eeavenlenc II Bondholder -May Protest
N& DECISION LIKELY The movement la elated to take to toke a determined stand." el veten I* the, Attack on Collateral

UNTIL IN NOVEMBER concrete: form at another meeting I Official of the Miami Rotary lower end ef the county the in Near Future

I Club and the Miami Chamber of poll tax book far products
Commerce will be on hand to support H to IS Inclusive, eemarlalBg I
:Meanwhile Iron Bandits Another drastic slash at the territorial
. I BEE DEE SUPPLYTO the grower at next Tuesday1 the fifth county eemmi >i .- limit of Homestead, reducing -

and Operators Liableto i session, Mr. William said, when er't district were breuihl to the area of the city from
SeizureS the following" question will be the Homestead city hall last
BUILD LARGE 2,34.0 to 1,140 acre, wa taken
submitted and voted week.
I upon: Wednesday, when Circuit Judge
machine 4iaappearedabrupt11 i I. An we willing to trade Cuba In order to expedite the
off 800
Paul D. Barn lopped aces
from their haunts In AUTO SHOWROOM and Mexico certain I month ot writing ef poll tax receipts, of alleged unimproved property
the duty free their fruits City Clerk It. B. Edward re.
. Homestead yesterday afternoon. :year I by ruling In favor of the 24
Their owners hauled them back to and vegetable It we secure an .luate persons paying their plaintiff in the ouster suit tiledrumors

10I Miami Just in time! to'preven*\ontiscstion Appointed As Homestead I embargo against their f ta* to brine with them. their 'atf '

I the after department an Injunction, ob Agentl'f 'Oldsmobile -' maining otjfruitnd month t vg of.the UbJe ahlPl1len"1, rfiatraUe cerlUlcaUa.HOMESTEAD f ea a ir
against police
" 2 the present personnel of the city
several weeks CarsA Are we willing i
tained by slot barons I
I, rendered at the coming summer and fall I HAS council Is not affected: by the decision -
ago, Will inoperative which only touches those '
. pending the hearing of an appeal concrete block and stucco election\ any party that promise I
tiled with the lUte supreme court building, 79 by 100 feet will be u* an Immediate emb ego or higher I property owners whose names apI ;
tariff against foreign fruit and i ANOTHER RALLY I pear in tht original bill of complaint ,
by the city of Komeitead. The erected on the vacant lot at the One councilman, HemvBrooktr
authorised southeast corner of Flagler avenue vegetables I
suspension of the injunction -
Jr., who reside within
when the elty't plea for and Mowry street to house an automobile At the man meeting Friday FOR TOMORROW\
the new city limits, I is mentionedin
night George S. Fletcher, presidentot
.n appeal hearing was granted show room garage ,
connection with other
l Monday, went Into effect yesterday service station for Bee Dee Supply I the Florida Agricultural Tar1ft'.aaoc"Uon proper iv
in the Hit of litigant, but his r'ol-idence
: explained the statusof
afternoon when Mayor Charles Co., whoa appointment a* Oldsmobile \ :
. T. Harper and Chief of Folio O. dealer for Homestead to the cult he ha filed to test the Ret Hand School Meeting: I unaffected.: .
constitutionality of the reciprocity Scheduled for Monday I Councilmen Tom Harris B. W
H. Sullivan signed a lupenedeai officially announced In the advertising ,
Morris end Frank Webb.
bond 'prepared and brought to columns of the Leader-En agreement He was outspoken in Night !
in the Downer Palms No I t
Homestead by City Attorney terprise this week. Work will be- his condemnation of the govern
I remain the tide at
area on city
Ceo f. MeCaskiU. gin within the next ten days, and ment' attempt to gain postponement Candidate ;state and county the new boundaries. Therefiu. ',
of the case, and accused
On instructions from the city the building ia expected to be office in six will ask for .
President Roosevelt of a breach of group I hey wit continue to take ti >'ir
council, the city attorney has been ready for occupancy by August 1. faith with the by vote at a rally scheduled for part in the conduct of city anII""
Istemporarily grower sanctioning
working quietly on the case line The new Oldsmobile agency American Legion Park In Homestead regardless of the latest restixnunin
the his
treaty despite campaign
located at 801 South
April 23 when Circuit Court at I tomorrow. This h
p. I are*.
. promise that agricultural
Judge O. W. Tedder issued an in-I Krome avenue opposite the American 1* the second'or- series of political Plaintiff In the case Include ,
duties would not be reduced.
junction to top Homestead officials Legion building. Tom Lindsay rallies arranged for the south end I Mr Isabel B. Krome. 1. B. .and '
Declaring that the entire fruit
who has directed the successful I '
from "moleitlng" the of the county by the Democratic
prop.' and vegetable industry of Florida Minnie Jeffrey, Henry Brocket,
activities of the Bee Dee Supply -
. erty ef the B. F.Saxon Amusement executive committee. B. C Jr., William Noble Arthur \" m I :
Is threatened with extinction it
I Co. since It wa
7 Company of Miami Chronlster precinct committeeman Marten, S. K Fitch. HollUtei S,gt', I I
duties that would place this state
An appeal to the court I here several year ago, will be inactive will preside. ,
supreme and wife, M. A. Smith a* liquidator
j basis with
on an competitive
charge. H. Pierre McDanI .
wa filed promptly by Attorney automobileI Cuba and Mexico were not restored First on the program will be aspirant for the Bank of Homes .id, I t
McCaaklU. A decision from the *u-I an experienced I for the office of Justice of
. sales executive, Is sales manager; Fletcher: said: ( I
(Continued on Page Seven) I the peace District. 4, followed Wil-liam
JR. B. "Dutch" A pley Is officemanager "We are In a very distressing
---- I I In the order named, by candidate estate, Elisabeth Chamberlain,
and A. D. Neill will be situation. Cuba Is our greatest
for fifth district commissioner
county -
Downer O'Brien J..BMr
Elite -
TAX ADJUSTING service manager Mr. Nelll i* now (Continued on Page Fourteen) ,
; purchasing: agent; state Crary Co.. S. M. Alsobrook. W
taking a training course In theJacksonville 'I legislature, Group t; clerk of tll! Continued Jive I
( on Page !
\ branch of the Old
I criminal court,, and sheriff.
Motor Work to enable him to see I CANDIDATES TOMORROW Arrangement are being madeto
. that Oldsmobile owner in this Clarence L. Wheat la scheduledto
, territory get expert service. speak on behalf of his drive for provide broadcasting facllltle CITY PROJECTFORGING
BY FLORIDA CITY 1 I and seats for the audience In
Bee Pee Supply Co. will con re-election to the office of county the event of rain the meeting will
Untie to carry a complete line of, purchasing agent on the porch of be transferred to Homestead
International truck, tractor and I Sever1 grocery store In Florida AHEAD
school auditorium :
Taxes Prior to 1934 to Be farm machinery, for which: fully' City at 4:SO p. m. tomorrow. A political rally under the

Compromised Under quipped part 'and service department -! Mrs J4eU K. Walker, who leek auspice! of the Dade County Democratic WITH POLE LINE
Recent Law will be maintained, Mr. to be returned to the board of, executive committee win i
Lindsay said yesterday. Stand public Instruction from District S,
I be held at Redland Farm Life
ard Oil Co. product will be hand also will speak at the Florida City
Florida City will take advantage School auditorium at I p. m., Monday Surveyor and Linemen
: of fa act passed by the; teatstate led by the service station. rally I II May It. Curtis J:. Lee committeeman Busy This Week as

legislature permitting cities from Silver Palm precinct

and towns to organize their governing Adult Life Decreasing Though TO, will preside and Intre- Litigation Ends
bodies Into a municipal I I dace thl iptaken.
r tax adjustment board. By resolution Saving of Babies Increases Average Speaker scheduled are candidates With the ban of pending litigation
adopted at a regular meeting for the board of publlo instruction lilted by the decision ef j
the District I stat Judge Barn In the boundary quit '
at the town council Tuesday ; legislature
council, will resolve' itself Into a Contrary popular belief people year," said Dr. Norman "but thatis Group Ii; constable. District Wednesday the Job of rebuilding j

board for the consideration of delinquent are not living l longer, the span because w*> kve been saving 4; county commissioner District the city' electric light line under

taxes prior to 1M4. with of adult life 1* getting shorter a* the babies whops bl&h death rate I; Judge of the Juvenile court, and PWA project No. 1217 I II proceed

full authority to adjust each case civilization advance. Dr. Estella used to pull down the average..! the state senate km apace, Cordon W. Ivey power

presented on its merit O. Norman staff physician of the' Dr. Norman wa "pinch hitting"for plant superintendent\ said yester I

t The president of the council will I Battle Creek and the MiamiBat- Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the FUTURE FARMER BANQUET day. I

act as chairman,and the town clerk tie Creek sanitarium told a p.IT. .- scheduled speaker, who had cancel Redland chapter Future Farm- The survey party under th direction -
will act at secretary of the adjustment A. audience that filled the Novo all speaking engagements because en ot America, will bold a lathes wf'att engineer\ sent I Drum t

board which will convene Cooper School auditoriumlast ot strained vocal organ. and ion banquet the Log Tavern the Miami lce of William sv ,
after adjournment of the Friday: night Heart disease we termed a on the Federal highway Dear dow consulting engine fm ">! I

regular council meeting on the "It to true that In the lost few,I "genera In the army of death"by : Princeton at g p. m.. Monday, city, has completed its m>.K if

second and fourth Tuesday of the decade the average span of life the speaker who said also that May 18, George W Fletcher' chapter : I"k'n. the pole 11'1'>* t>'.x :n

:::m.. month. his rix) n from S3 years to $8 : (Continued on rage Four) secretnr". .vnnn\iff. ''f,' '" '" ,. \.I I


.... .. .... .." "'''''
"'-- """""" '---- ,- :- .

,.". .. .. :: ..
T. T' .. __ -' ,,"- .. ..

I 1

Page Two THE LEADER-ENTERPRISE Fridav. Mav 15 195.:

abolish all state Institutions for i j I J. Beaver in Field of 1
II Candidates: for County School Board ,CONE SPEAKS TOAUDIEN.CEIIERE '1 I the aged and needy Abolition of For School Board Job

the poll tax and the exclusive use i I
Make Initial Bow Homestead !
at Rally : of Florida baar and materials on''
all puHk works wets advocated i J*, i. Beaver of South Miami.

dates for Dade County gaged In ctosmf she urgently by Cone whs also struck st ane lane af'the tour candidate for
ec oot board atade their firet platform f waN the women to the udleaias IN LEGION PARK of Ms opponents bytating that membership of the Dade County
; ;
sppearanee of the current I to support her candidacy.pstltf.d ,I Dwight Rogers, Fort Lauderdatoattorn I board of public Instruction from
'ampaigv taj an official Ray M. William said he would **,. originated the homestead District No. 1. to a grower and

raN! held under the aaaelee ef:II vigorously oppose M7 attempt. tore ,: Fred P. Cone. Lake City .an-I'' exemption movement aome :, shipper of tomatoes .
tie county Democratic eaeenttVe, -district Dade County that aims didato for governor, .dd < it years ago and was the real i A resident of the South Miami
COIII1II.IUM'aa Leg ed at the lamaisMoa ef a seav I|I I repreaentaUv gathering ef Homo' author of this piece of lecislstkHi. section for 13 years, he ha served
park here last Saturday / measfcMter from the aM th end and,1 toad rotes In American Legion -- --.- four year at a trustee of Special
Despite a.tIEtInI eeeometfatien I would work to the totereeta of a, park Wednesday afternoon. He Young man: "!tow much do 1'' School Tax District 21 and as a

the tally wu wed .. I r wait Introduced by Mayor Charles,, pay for a marriage license1" member of the South Miami Iowa
Sd. Broadcasting facilities itsparts. T. Harper. Clerk: "Five doRan down and council: of which he KM presidentfor

supplied Irv the sound track kiall, shows and the pan tax and was He dealt severely with the alleged your entire salary each week for two yean He IX n number ot

l!"rl E PKcandidate fort state I.. favor of the Townasod .... I extravagance of the ;;sent the rest of your life."-Ex. the Methodist Church
.... J. K WUttoew appealed to
vtroUer' for ..hon the Met 'Spendthrift" administration, .**- '
- -------- ---
i e t i s ,:a..P..I: to order IS minute American Lagtoaemtna to select log that Florida had sufficient income : r .
r wr thou vr'xKluird kV C |j an .... capable: mast as their repfeesntotlve ;' from various sources to operate VOTE FORPRESTON Jfr'-f: 1

( ,onager, I.............. precinct m Tallahaasae. end Invited the state government efficiently -
< i mittre">.*n presided and a etoat scrutiny of his record without the imposition of
..nvM I K,rov. president ef In business sSsf as a ranking any new form of taxation. j B. I ;
:tide 'jIt""nrUc dub. war amen bt'r of the t *loa and of the
Dade When he wa president of the' j
... n' -nrvting County Democratic executive -
A .
state senate in 1SII Cone aid.
;.* SoK ,\.l..i.i of Humef I There'urnmittw.I only 17 serrate attach, one au.anl.t'mII BIRDf:
%ere no new developI -
f tncui. ,IJO.rl. axiin stressed ... and a doorkeeper
I I menus In the triangular contest for t
red i)' i i .n an rrpmenta- (} were needed to handle the detail
county commissioner District 3
m m ir' school board. work of that body. In the 1518session for
Preston B. Bird recounted his
,"Jet th .' 'riouMUKls of girl I ISI part of the ....lIIture. the war -
in galnmg a measure of fin
\ pro-
11 i. r-u a.J .i mi ity group of ate payroll carried SS3 attaches,
(Continued Page Seam
v nn teacuuld be assured I en ) > II .,. n..al-arm. and K doorkeeper COUNTYcomoNER

i just and n ".th.-lie rating by he said."Ordinary '! .

board tt. th .1 new schoolsi.pennteneVt MAYO BLASTS I decent business mane ;
.:jtd to go into of-I 1 acement of Ow state government ;I
Ie and of other
a > umber i
will tohto the problem of balancing
< j-ige* pt .1 log, Mrs Walker BACK BISHOP .
AT the budget, which now to like Sin District. Dad Ceanly
tituugh it *uld be an unsound
the mechanical rabbit at the dog
pc cy to anus two new member 1
tracks, always just ahead of the
to the admen board at the same Late new dispatches indicate hounds" Cent declared. Your Vote and Support

tar that Nathan Mayo I is directing .1! He dwelt at length upon the Will Be Appreciated
3 W, Asbnrv, one of !her oppon- strong and statewide campaign to many virtue ot the Townsend i j
t',11s. ret tewed. .. lengthy record as succeed himself a* commissioner
which he said he believed
plan firmly I'aid i'di, .
an educator the school of of agriculture a1
m Dade an office he has would being prosperity and
I aunty Am.>n* the efflees! he had held for a number of yearn
t.ldni. the (,at A err those of first In a recent letter to W B Bishop -

; 'iruiMl' ot 11.''{l.nd Farm Life his opponent Mayo partly accepts -

sHoot, linn iw "I Coconut Grove a chalkmge to a tpriei ,>f
I,! and i uilv,! member of MI- joint debate in seven .impnitui., 4-S4-(4.fffsaWeri

I Senior Iliiih, Hr promisedi ) Florida cities An itinerary .il-
i- i rid alI i ,11..1, tieatment for ready planned to cover > \''''v iluv
the *..,,..h 'm District 3. 1 tf In this month prevent Mayo from

ted ItiI'.i' .i M England taking on the entire sen**. but h<'
:,id mlra t It r, th. school boat! has agreed to meet Bishop an the

<' .MM r..l 'I.L wall at Ute rally! public platform twice during the BOL'I
There were rive speakers, arc h Week preceding election The two ACE IN THE
+!1l!"Urd the mmutes. In the Mre warty' battles are planned In Ukr

'" r state le.iiuture. Group 1 rite. place at Manticeilo aaat of Bishopr -

s .Norman BUklry. Miami law-,, home county of Jefferson and i il .
i who snl, I t.n first move would it Ocala county seat of Marion.
,,' the Inti'xlmh.in, of a bill for where, Mayo will l loo on horn.rounds. ,.

i 't >chug i >XKICX promised but ( &p..ak1ntl..... on' vt
.>t dune b'In: tnrmer legllatof no be announced

II t; OMI, ,trvct Miami grocir. Mayo ,u answering hU prim i,
di> 1 .1,17k and not ,mouth business corn office by a hack-fire of o.urt.'r
''IT. the 'lrgsiuiv; Honesty *n,1 Charge in which 'IM- ecru s 111-1 t tip

rtuieiuy,, v., ,n' the main Islam in of reversing hu tint ,"i icwtlng t. I
,tins campaign IIP said. Bellevins j final ballot in ijiot '"
i 1'',.- govern." lud altogether tixj '* machines. of voting ,
much poi' te favored ...nrndmen' the banning' of saloosu from, 1
"? t... the corurtltutm" I yard radius of chunhi 1j j

..i.",", thr t..in,i\ ..I of duly e* '- schools. and of lirraklng .ill '
.1 oJ'n, "II", "bands of a stilt for trwcost nf i leRixl

,*'.ii'l. and ,..>t ," individual IIV .. Ion while HiKliop was 'I"| ,
I' OpplMI! ,t t.. 11.| .. (sill UX oil 'he house of M-preentrfi', .
..i ii In- w..n'd. .> \ I ,k.. steps lead'' Kti 11I3S.

tlie area .Ind) retention pro-. _
UIoII, 01 Ir uit' Ih.'," Joyce Makes Pledges

Jack Hi.".{, run candidate .1 Purchasing Job Rat
the :21 Club .it t Mi.imi asked tt 1

ninth be KI rn ., fiance to tak i
{' William D Joyce t ia part ,m stall >rmment He ti.ui',
Die nerd of fearless. honesty 11H..i
IM was not i I.t't or a politician I
| office of count purchasing ugrntin
Kit.. .p.h'(1 the younger ..I. hu campaign a* j candidate fur otican't keep good news from spreaddiscover after you've driven qne awhile
n> nt. which VIM | that important potti ing'-so the word is out that the handsome
it ciuiiii' It works fine tool
m' >t impro i :i Joyce who u 42 ycaif Jgii i" out Owners are con
Upun the rout, madr by thr '"OJ. Serbs 40 Buick Special is not only
: i World War veteran arid has borna .t.ntlycomin. in to brag about high mileage -
Ik-ad*; In |x>liti< > resident of Florida for Uw past bit, but amazingly thrifty to boot I low costs oil
long tripe
Mrs Jehu IV W.IL..n stoke of averages, on ,
17 He hu I.
yean own own" OIIK'
tilt "' ...rkii; n. lfmL.tive. affairs in Miami, I* married and has u" < One fellow for instance, writes that be is without a penny for service or attention.

that hr hail l ,'im, <<, while! attend children getting three were miles per gallon than
With all of its
style, and comfort and
the the
sesx>n* in TallahaxsetvWIUi
Mr Joyce says Jle is nuking no the salesman promised-why, asks be,
her IMIPI>..".I I Senator Wntson promise, but doasVViwevvr. make standout performance prices begin
She wu an ..Merit don't we trial such important news? $765 list Buick'a
supporter uf certain. definite JrtMge among Dint at a winner and

l the track Townsend frum Uj.pim md d> just them-full co-operation with Weboard The fact is, we don't advertise specific its thrift is all plus. Ride in one and see .
hingl'>n whirr she
uf county commisuoaen; because aimif that's not the truth I IA
had been tobujmg un tx-lMif; IIr old distribution of buainew to merchant mfles-pcr-gaJlon figures you
age pt'na"AI" a former schoolteacher or farmers Whom _reilan- ply can't set I figure that could be right

Mrs. Wataon said she helmed diM Is toe beet at the moat ec- for all drivers under all conditions. I rotor
in good salaries. for school eepiaa4e price Cl.ua11o let the k.. $765 to -"i&Ae

faculties She advocated low interest tenet of the many become subservietlt So, instead of following the popular flame Mt r

rates on farm loam. and to those of a privileged custom of claiming the world on such .., are <*> ..(* -*.;"* aam*i :
premised to support all treasuresthat few and devotion of all of his i ibutiness safe and "talk gSMn"V tffatj futimnafmfi
matters we prefer to play
would benefit the farming ui- time to the affairs of the MM tUI mtjrlt m uant IMT
I 11",1&In which she herself I* en- ...,I<"f' small"-leaving Bukk's really surprising
frugality to be one of those nice >I .

A MILLION ON THE HORSES! 4,4 gases its Gc.ea, Mall..
Ib1nCS7/llljU -"- ..N..
That's the ammMi-f Ml Site to W esact-wklch Dade Ce.ly 1

paid. to What to North Ftaiida the rare track Mad SMM{ VI.>t>....'.Wary UU*. .._HIM
Dade FAID $...".SS. and RIX HVTD ONLY Shill! ;;J1 eta m i .- -, .row
IT MIST BE STOrrtD ale- A.aa sad"ae-

Yap far I ..................... aiNisAi Motoot rtosvct"................. ..
It. :



Phone18, Homestead Florida.
e ra-a pstNh.1..... _fags n hit ..FMai1T

1 i "I

'I': ... .
". ___.!1iJ. ... ..",__.._" -, ,, .- ...,'-., _. .. .,..._ .... ,<,." ; I>"
.. .
.." ....... ,..... ..... "-" + "
-,,;. """;

"" " 11I'v,' qot


Friday, May 15, 1986. THE LEADER-ENTERPRISE Pasre Three ;

CORRECTIONIn I vicinity this summer. Itedland DiaI I rail IN Mt open to new applii \i
BUILT-IN AUTO the report of the recent WILLIAMS SAYS tact Chamber of Commerce resolved i eanta for federal ,toot Neither are :
all-day political rally at Red- at a neuter meeting Weadty **- client of the WPA permitted to I
TRUNKS{ GAINING land, tarried In this. paper last SYSTEM I SHOULD night to ek officiate of the '''change their prams. easaalflcatlon I
week. J D. Redd, candidate work progress administration\ lo In order to qualify themselves f
far ewinty eemmtaaloiier, was relieve the sirens by reopeningthe for' work opening In occupations :
PUBLIC ESTEEMDetroit I Inadvertently mentioned a* GOVERN OFFICE registration files to new relief differing from their original classification
having "resigned' from this clients
post two rear age Mr. Edd While all former relief employees Copies of the resolution will g. {
May 14- Built-in trunk, did dot resign from the countyeemmlaalenrr1 Ernest R. William is injectinga haw been required to ra-I' forward to E. A. Pync'hon, state t
, an Innovation only a few yean elttc.. but declined new Issue Into the sheriffs race register for work on the \' director fIl this WPA at Jot'k mvllte -
ago are now predominantly favored to land re-election. in which he is waging an active new project which' have been i and to O A Sendqulsl, dis-
by the American motoring at that Urn on account of his campaign He openly admit that started in this area recently the trict director at Miami I..

public! and according to figures health which baa since greatly he has had no previous experienceIn !t
revealed by the Chevrolet Motor Improved. dealing with criminals and can
ComPAny. they may be said to be ---- point to no record! an a law enforoMTte.il -
If You Want
the to almost! officer
on way becoming
unlvcreulAi Me Is basing' his campaign. h<. I
u result of the public preference says, upon the need of .. builnn.x x f a friendly Capable. felionet'

Chevrolet In now building CONTENDER FOR executive. not mn-rlv a policeman I 't and Thoroughly I
84 V4 per cent of its mauler sedans In the nhnills, nil'let. and
QualifiedCOUNTY j L
. and conches with built-in trunks, calls attention. I III hiv lining. In
While 829 per I cent of IU standard various teaching unit ctrl i irnl pt"-I'
sedans nnd coaches are trunk model lions and to his MUu' in urn mi'''

*, In 19S3 when the muter line w. Cecil Watson who Is ending Ing business enterprise. In Umli 1 I ,;
alone offered trunk models only County among limn m l ice coin
his fifth term of service on Dade
33,S per cent of the sedan and I pony, laundry tumpuny and soft I i
County board of county commissioner i
coach buyers ordered them with drink factory Hi says 1i.IK I COMMISSIONERIN
and 1* now a vigorous contender -
trunk a successful bumne-.it man 01A
I for the office of clerk of the I .
An important factor In the pop- criminal court of record, 1* a native he la appealing for votes I I DISTRICT 5
ularity of the trunk models 1* the I Floridian, born In TttusviUo Mr. William cam to Miami !
motorlit appreciation of the added In July 1880 and coming six yean ter the ooncluaion of tin W,nd Vote for .
convenience and protection I later to Miami where he was educated War from Tennessee, where tlJ
gained by carrying the spare tire In the public school of Dad father wa sheriff of Morgan r juri I

in the trunk Tires carried withIn County. a Chas. Turner :s
trunk are better guarded lie baa had several years' *xperlonce ty.c. .
against theft than when mounted in banking U assistant 'I;
of C. Asks WPA
outside, and art fully protected cashier and has also been engagedIn Open ON JUNE '2ND
from the damaging effect of sunlight the hardware business prior to Lists to New Clients

and weather In addition, his election to the county commission '
Tear Vita and Support Are
they-are easier to handle when where, for the past 10
Realizing that crop losses by solicited. sad Will SeAppreciated
chance of tlrei Is to be mode years, he has taken an active part storm and extensive rainfall have I
Extra cost for trunk model also In all measure of a constructiveand : created serious
unemployment -
I* lea this year than formerly, and progressive nature which have I situation I very In Homestead and ,raw. ".11_' A'__.."

i* further reduced to a aunt little benefited the county. a whole I _-_._---- -- -
more than nominal because the Mr. Watson served in the World
purchaser of trunk model automatically War and I It I member of the American -
saves the price of a metal Legion. He I I. also a memberof
tire cover an da tire lock. the Episcopal Church, Masons, \\
Built-in trunk are, In addition, Shrine, Eastern Star, Elk and \\
more commodious than the attached Boy Scout Council He believe
he It qualified by experience to
trunk of few
a yean ago, \.t1\
and have eliminated moat of thldlft'lculty supply the executive ability which ,
and Inconvenience of carrying the office of criminal court clerk \
demands.Home I .
luggage on a long distance \\t .

trip. Beautification Clas-t: I I t\\ ,

F, }'. A. to Serve Chicken Changes Its Meeting HourTherf .
; UfPJl at'Flrc; : > : Station, was a very menge: mttondaix I

Homestead at the adult course In s
Chapter, Future
Farmer of home beautification held in the
America, will prepare
agricultural' classrooms of Horn i
and serve! a chicken supper to
stead High School last week (n I
which the
public If Invited at
Homestead fire station from five I order to avoid conflicting with'
other events scheduled for Mondu\ I
to clock
eight tomorrow
evening, George N Wnkefiuld i
This It the first of a .. ftlihl'j
agricultural teacher who has offered -
benefit event by which the
and is directing the course
hope to raise fund for their 1
announced today that he I Ia changing
to Kansas this summer at the the class hour to Tuesday aitT "THE BET! USED CARS FOR
guests of Shawnee Mission Chapter :30 o'clock. THE MONEY YOU CAN BUY
Morrlam Kan. 42 member Next Tuesdays session will be Record-breaking ..1..01 Chevrolets
of which were entertained by the
devoted to Instruction on the laying -
Homestead group during the out of home ground, a sub 1921 FORD SEDAN DELIVERY' make these better trade-In values poss/ftfe/
Christmas holiday last year Ject of Interest and value to all Clean Job, good rubber M

The next event will be a benefit homo owners who are anxious to Tag Will make a nice light

dance *t Homestead Country enhance the appearance of their delivery truck for hauling 1111 FORD TOWN UD.Nlilt: PACKARD SEDAN A

Club the fallowing Saturday May property Mr. Wakefield cordially vegetables to curb 1 \ New paint, new tire, motor car that I Is good for yean andyean
S3, beginning at 10 p. m. A good Invite to attend AWit
orchestra hap been everyone market ... .. -. checked over Run fin and of wear A big car but j.
engaged for the lecture: and practical demonstration
the occasion I look like a real It's built to take '
George N. Wake- *. which are offered fret 200 50 1

field chapter adviser, announce of charge. :* FORD SPORT COUPE buy ._. .. .... it .....,. !

-- --- Priced to sell Good paint, fair i


Include 1'3' $ A real economical Seld for over 11,809 when new.

Henry H. Filer tag Qfi car 75 Looks a* good a* the day It

SPECIAL _.. wt tint told Vu can buy

Declare 112 FORD TUDOR bond It now for only this I*) \f\

running car Look rough but Lawesl Price*-Mttt Cesreal- much aU/

"I am opposedTo ha a lot of mileage 85 eat Terms

left '31 Tag un IEO COUPE Another

any increase In Gasoline Tax expensive' car when aew They

UK FORD COITE-A good only got about 1.601 for this
To increasing Any Other Tax h
car priced cheap Ga an. You can buy It now

To seeking New Revenue Sources" SPECIAL ._ .h .... 'SO though for a real price
Try us '

HE HAS PAID TAXES HERE Remember-these tam IN K1w with .. 175
Guaranteed OKI
f Tracks *f all descriptions and
AI e
Wt Save You Money When Yea kinds. W* have lot many on

Bay an the GMAC Flan i ....d. They have get to be
aeld gave money-buy from

Every Car I Real Bargainl .... He tore of satisfaction.Tlr .

He Takes to Tallahassee

Personal Experience oC * T.V ilr iSr isV

the Struggle of Dade


Fr Through ades, to Foot Three the BilWCa. Dec Bird Chevrolet Company ;

ftakjeel to Dttaoerttlt PelmaryIynu
.. .. .. ""'t', Phone M.. Ue3nesttadrP'a&i (

a.r fir .......... .. '



'f ...,. .,....... ,.::.'.: ... ,-_.. ..; '" .. ,;:. '._", ,
; ...."........ !!'r,, '


Petra Four THE Friday. May 8,193X6.


1 Beack attorney, la the florid I of Babies Increases 'I
Pabliabed Fridays' .1 11_ Mary L Casey, West Taint Saving AverageContinued :

stead. Fla by the South Dad BuslMM Woman "
mblUhlnf Co. ( From Page One) I made the presentation
I This is the effect of a marriage (84 Fta. 179). speech Inverse
upstanding, Her only way of getting back the poor posture and constipation wereresponsible written for the occasion .
BEN ARCHER ._..Edlter j I competent ceremony Florida upon an business woman I ability to contract convey, encumber for thousands of I Installation' services were conducted .

and manage her property deaths during the business <,'s_
) Entered ti teeend class mall at the could do before her marriage "Obesity It one of the greatest I by Mrs Walter Beckham of Miami ,
matter Man S, Hit, at las port BEFORE: TAKING: I ceremony I* through a lawsuit reasons for rejection of policy applicant newly! elected president of

office it Iltmettetd. Florid, ender She max,contract. be contracted (Freedeaterthlp proceedings by life insurance companies I the Dade County Council of Parents .
UK act ef March 1, H7I. with manage her property, sue, (No. 5024 C. O L Via 1927), I ," said Dr. Norman because and Teachers, who was introduced .
be sued and enter business relationships Hiving teen married women fat goes Into the heart and by Mrs. Dyal the Homestead '
and Is In all respects a support their families and husbands I liver and may prove fatal it any I president Officers install 1
SUB. MICE, f IN A TEAR free dealer-on an equality In her and then hive to pay friend time. Up to the age of 30 It U I ed were Mrs. Jat W. English _f

business relationships with her husband half the tale price of the better to be a little overweight, president; Mrs W. E. Rheney*, .
men associates. home bought with the money the but after 35 or 40 it I* better to first vice-president; Mrs. Hubert
AN EAGLE SCOUT POINTS TO wife earned because the wife has be five pound under-welght than I Nichols, second vice-president .\J
WORLD PEACE not time or money for freadeaUrthlp one pound over-weight In reducing Mrs. Landon Carney,
She may not sue In equity Unless however never cut down secretary;
proceedings, for the husband's and Mrs. J. R Rutland,
The great of Scouting treasurer.
game she join her next friend who in dIet.
Igntture on the deed of conveyance on protein your
points the way to world peace according may be her husband (Wood v. having teen a woman lost To reduce girth and strengthen Mrs. Dyal presented a bouquet .
to Eagle Scout Owen W. ; to Mr*. Beckham. and ':'
one to
Wood 64 Fla. 882). her separate property through the the abdominal muscles, with accompanying Dr. !/
Matthew 3rd, an able Sea Scout Norman.
She may not sue al law unless mismanagement of her husband, relief of constipation .
and divisional officer of RegionalSea she joint her husband as co-plain- she disbuklng the publicity of suit Dr. Norman recommendeda The regular attendance prizes
Scout Flagship Columbia and tiff (Edgar v. Baton 131 Bo. 107). to oust him from management I "bicycle exercise", done by lying were won by Fred Lucn' room in
member of Troop 83, Portland She can no longer make a contract believe the time it here when we flat on the back and putting the the high school and Miss Frances .
Matthew I the winner ot '
Ore on which he will be personally should relieve the married wom- leg through the pedaling motion Dorlt) room In the elementary
the Eddie Cantor 13,000 scholarship
entitled liable either at law or of the inequity of her situation. of a cyclist school, and special second pone
prize essay contest In equity (Prentlsa v. Paisley 23: WHAT DO yOU THINK? To avoid or relieve constipation offered by the president were won
"How Can America Stay Out of
ria. 127). Dr. Norman recommended plenty by Mr*. A. C. Field' room .and
War" YxININN/M",W NNNNN Ix,xNNx MNM1N.n xxN11N of water exercise and bulky food Mrs. Flfleld'i room.
One of the 112,000 entries tub I She may not make a note that Too Late to Classify and heeding of the call of nature.
will bind her personally eitherat
mItted. Matthewi' whole approachto "A good many person art simply
law or In equity (Lloyd v. By KiMM Kay.xNwxnxxwuxx.unNNNxx.xxuxNNNMx
his subject experience it based camping on hit In twoweeks' a Cooper Corp. 134, So. 563). ... person dehydrated should drink," the from said.six"A to CITY(; PROJECT

foreign country with 30,000 Boy She may not be I partner In a Maybe you've attended a meet- eight glasses of water a day-In
Scouts from 48 different lands plus business venture nor can an associate in' of a Townsend Club, and maybe addition to milk or other food liq- FORGING AHEAD
the friendship with foreign toys in an attempted co-partnr- you haven't but I'm tellln' you uid."
In the yean that have followed. ahlp bind her. (LtNoir v. McDan- it'* got an old fashioned revival Alcohol and smoking are two
The fourth World Scout Jimboree leI BO, Fla. 500; Nadel v.. Weber V, service backed. off the boards. Of the greatest inducers of heart WITH POLE LINE
which Matthew attended S. Co, Fla. SIS) With all this congressional investgetirt' disease and other organic ailments,

IS one of the 401 Scouts and leader She must go through the form and alleged exposln' of the Dr. Norman said, and coffee end
from the United States was of acknowledging deeds, contracts, racket I thought I'd drop around tea have no place in a healthful (Continued From Page One)
held at Codollo, near Budapest, mortgages and ot legal Instruments and see how the old folks weretakin' diet under Joe Knowles, foreman

Hungary The four Judges--Rob- affecting real estate in a It. "A moderate drinker take 300 for M & M Construction Co.. contractors -
ert M. Hutchlns, president of the room separate from her husband Are they down-hearted? NO! Brain of poison Into his system are erecting poles this ,
University of Chicago; Frederick and U she fall in-this respect that Have they lost faith? Not a bit of each day Investigation ha showed week In the wake of the city
Bertrand Robinson president of failure can be used to defraud it. All this opposition and congressional ," laid the "A smoker take ditching machine, which has already .
the College of the City of New creditors. (No. 5678 C. O. L. Fla. meddlln' has served to several poison into his system dug some 250: holes in advance '
York Ray Lyman Wilbur, president 1937; S3 So. 793) (158: So. 447) do I* just make the Townsenditet in addition to the nicotine: among of the pole-setting crew.
of Leland Stanford University She can only end the control and that much more determined to them are prussic acid and carbon Specifications call for 35-foot

and Henry Noble MacCrick- management of her separate force the Issue. monoxide ga*. These gasses interfere creosoted poles set one-tlxth of .
en president of Vassar College- property by her husband conferred There were no sound wagons on with the blood' carrying their length In the ground.A .
bawd decision the statute affirmative the streets heralding the oxygen to the and
their on qualityof by by action meeting body nerve shipment of cross-arm 1 II expected -
'the most constructive sincere on her part-the control and the newspapers carried no advertisements cells that need It." daily. Upon their arrival a

and interesting letter regardlessof management comes to him by virtue and It wisnt even announced The importance of regular meal a crew of linemen, drawn from
fancy writing and technical of the marriage (No. Ian C. over the radio. No chanceon was emphasised by Dr Norman. WPA registration rolls, will be set
knowledge. I O. L Fla 1827; 87 So. 41). an automobile, no bank night, Toast and coffee are not only an to work Immediately transferring

Matthews, a veteran scout, has i She cannot recover from husband or even refreshments were offeredas Insufficient meal for anyone to primary wires to the new pole
} a scout record reflecting his leadership by suit monies collected by an Inducement to attend but I start the day with but do not provide lines, Mr. Ivey said Local work- ,
I q u a 11111 a. Successivelyhe I him a. Income or retrials from her nevertheless there were 1100 peopleat anti(, bulk to exile peristalsis. men are being employed on the
served his troop at patrol leader separate estate (No. 5887 C. Q. L. the gathering and a lot of folks When she mentioned the project in all positions where they
FU. 1(37). had to stand up. evils of hasty eating, many in the 4
senior patrol leader and then are qualified to do the work.
assistant She No general staff on a field of audience looked guilty and grinned -
junior scoutmaster, and can still render her separate Rehabilitation! of the power-
be hat had extensive experienceat property liable for labor and battle ever tackled a problem more sheepishly.On plant Diesel engine
the another sec
Camp Merlwether the camp of material in' the construction of determinedly or any more seriously platform with Dr. Nor- Lion of the project, I iJI being' delayed
the Portland] Ore., Boy 5couti.Matthew' buildings, repair or improvement than these folks set ..bouttPle1t' man were Mrs. V. Marie Allwardt pending adjustment of -'
dietician some
and Mist Ruth Munroe
task to
put over the a
winning follow thereon made with her legal technicalities in
nurse, of the connection
tend plan if Miami-Battle Creek
so think
knowledge or assent (Art. you with the
t.: XL No sanitarium surety bond to guarantee
2, Fla. Is all washed up and the Town-I together with Mill
Const; 121 So. toO). completion of
Mr Idea how America can stay are just foolln' around ) Helen Forbes of Atlanta and New contract but work:
out of war la based on my personal She can be sued for a tort committed ; plenty to find out York, a guest of the sanitarium it expected to start toon.

experience1. by her in connection with Unless I'm a total loss at judg- I who demonstrated; correct postureat Federal supervision of the pro
"1 am an Eagle Scout and have her use of her separate property In' human nature enihand wrltln' Dr. Norman' request Alter ject It supplied by H. H. Johnson
been In Scouting for seven year inU. >uslnet (154 So. 1M), on the wall', I'm convinced that I the lecture: Dr. Norman and her PWA engineer transferred here

Through Scouting and other She can be sued for a wrong this movement it gain places It staff distributed health literatureand from Fort Myers, who Is occupying!
worthwhile youth movements Is the result of the operation of her may not result in the original at the conclusion of the meeting an office in the city hall.

the way Oils can be accomplished auto by another person with her Townsend Plan at we know it today talked with many of the parent
"The spring of 1933 I heard of knowledge and consent (136 So. and It may not accomplish the and teachers and answered
1 the coming Fourth International 532). aim lie follower hop for, but It's many question regarding diet Postpone
.: : Scout Jamboree to be held In Co She Is. liable tor: bank IIP". gonna play h- with the political) and general health habits Bible Training School ,
dollo Hungary and made my neat! If'she be a stockholder, to aspirations of those who are shortsighted The Lyon brother quartet tang
: plant to attend. I went to the the extent of her separate estate enough to stand in Its way, several selections.A .
I jamboree and there found my solution and It't bound to bring about torn past president' pin was presented Indefinite postponement of the t
I for future world peace. our form of old age pensions on a far to each of the six past Bible training school which was
respective countries thereby president of the scheduled to 'itart May 17 at the
: While a member of this wonderful more liberal tcale than any one association-Mr*.
: jamboree I learned what true continuing our worthwhile ever dreamed of a few yean ago. C. N. Walker Mr. J. B. Tower, Homestead Baptist Church for
I brotherly! love meant friendship After these contacts Suppose if Instead of $200 Mrs C. H. Steffanl, Mr*. T. E. Sunday school: teachers of all
how could we ever want to go tow.r a Kirby Mrs. S. churches: of the Redland District
"In Europe wherever we met month, a pension of say $50 was West and N,.. E.
I against each other J. DyaL Mary Ferrell was voted at the meeting of the
: : person in the scout uniform we provided to all over the age of sixty Dickinson
1 knew he was friend and "It the United States government Redland District Ministerial Association
our loyal : this would give an aged couple
brother. Although unable to conVerse I' sent picked group of youthto 1100 to cavort around with and All I ask I II a chance to take tome held Tuesday in the parsonage -
with tome of the foreign these International gatherings, folks with pension would retire old couple by the hand and lead of the Sliver Palm Community -
routs, their actions always bespoke expense paid jt) would open the and seek the most desirable tnd 'em through our Florida Exhibit Church, with the Rev. and]
friendliness. eyes of youth the world over as to comfortable place to settle down -let 'em smell that orange bios Mrs H. G. Cowan at hosts

I All boy at the jamboree wanted the futility of war. Upon their and spend the rest of their cia y.>. sons perfume and see the bearing This action followed transfer of
to be friends and we made new return to America they should deliver If Florida I* smart, she'll take citrus tree Those marvelous di- the Rev. M. A Soper from the pastorate
: : 01"''' every day. By actually living lecture In schools and to old. more than a paum' interest In old I commas will just naturally knock of the Redland and Florida
I for two weeks with thirty er organizations telling the age pensions. This state Is a "na 'em for t loop and when I point to City Community churches to Tama
: thousand foreign scouts we learn thought of youth In regard t* war tural" it an "Old Folks= Home", the 12-pound black bass and pa and the Inability at this time
.; tl ed that they thought and acted just and other countries. If taught in Let almost\ any kind of an old age I "How'd you like to get In an say argument of other members of the association -
\ as we did, even though their colorand youth the crime of war, a* adult pension plan become effective and with a big boy like that?" to take Me places ot Mr and
creed might be different e these boy will wholeheartedly we'll have more prospective -I'm bettin' it would take a couple Mrs Soper it conductor of the
o loved these brother scouts at much I disfavor war Peace gatherings lumen than we ever CUI-I of truck horse to hold grandpa training tchooL
! as those In America. Throughout and encampments of youth from Our job right now I* to Then I'd tell grandma how A covered dish luncheon was enjoyed -
i : the Jamboree encampment covering all countries: will do more to further smart crackin' about the old pretty the view Is from the front by the Rev and Mrs. George

\ many square miles was an attitude world peace than adult peace and start makln a sure-nufT lUll porch overlookln' the lake, spark- E. Deuci. the Rev. and Mr*. L. G.
'i of friendliness and goodwill conference held In tome castleor over '.m. Florida It going to lin' In the ,sunshine and how the Adam, the Rev and Mrs A. A.

nothought of enmity, everyone other building Cleveland this summer and will mockin' birds wake you up every Koestline, Mr. and Mr*. Cowaa
showing his 1 paramount "Stress the movement tor Intelligent tell our story to millions in the momln', and how nice it I is to have' and Mr. and Mr*. Wm. Dunlop. .
1 thought of creating world peace voting at the pills: to see Great Lake area when the Florida [ fresh vegetables from your o maret\ After the luncheon Mr. Deuel gave
:'i ( for the future that the only people tent to congress Exhibit is staged as part of the little garden all winter long to say his definition of George Jackson'
r If The real benefits from this jam- are those who will do everything Great Lakes Exposition nolhin of rambler rotes pcekin' "Definition of Religion". Hr said
!r bore are being manifested as time humanly possible to '1wa11 Left make a special appeal to In the window at you while you're I religion .Is tit experience rather
); I ftovs en. I am corresponding with vote to keep u* out of war the Townsend folk and once those doin' the breakfast dishes. Tell than a creed, an Inspiration Paine
eight scout I met at the Jamboree "If we teach our youth of today people up in Michigan Indiana ME I couldnt tell Florida) er than a restraint and a programnow
1 f who live in the following coon the crime of taking human life a* Ohio, western New York and Step over here Min Florida and a* well u an Insurance for >
tries: Esthonta. Luxembourg, England in war, they will vote lIthe futureto Pennsylvania get the vision of let me decorate you with this I the future.

t' Austria, Persia, S, ttl, South never leave their own thorn to what a home In Florida realymeans Townsend button --and if you The next meeting of the ministerial '
:r Africa and Australia. W* t- tight against other nation I'm teUin' you they'll .get haven't done so. write your'can* association will be held In
Chang stamps song, literatureand Thus American can stay out ot that pension or bust congrem Wide I gretsnun and senators and. .tell. .ant I the form of a picnic at Matheson
various article pertaining to war." open one or the-other I how you stand Hammock on uJne I.


} -

'! !is: .
t .;",gym ": '. > ,,* .. .. ..0<> 1i' ,' "

-,., '- '''' _'0'''''' ..... .- ,W. ,.... ,,' """"" ,,,,,,,,,.\ ,,,", ''''' '"" ,,'


]11-I [ Social Events in South Dade I i iI'



f ... .
May IS-a a S. senior play. -
Howard Bank Heath, will Mn. Low at the shower May IS-O. E. S initiation of A plane nrUaJ,wiB hfaren' by "Clare d* Lun*", French folk song !
former MIle Helen Grunwtll, will 1 tomorrow. new members in I. O. O. F. hall. pupils of M.S. Joseph Bfcfcr Sat- "The Fair" Genii
be honored tomorrow by friends Those invited include: Mrs.Orunwell May It-Future. Farmer benefit urday aftrmoon at S o.c.... at the -Biow Wind, Blow" CnmmJoyU

and neighbors: it a miscellaneous Mrs. Lena a Hen !\. chicken" supper la fire station home of Mr. and Mr J. L, Murray *
" bridal I shower given by Mrs. Joseph from S till 8 o'clock. in Princeton. "Uap ,...." WIlllaiB
Mrs. Oeo. W. Turner Mrs. Gee
Wilson Lowe art..the Low May 1 -South Dad Garden The program win consist *f the Andante Motart
Jr. Mrs
W. Turner, Henry
home In Jungle Grove. Club meeting with Mrs. Xlbert following numben: Eleanor Murray
macher Mrs. Grant Mahan
Miss Qrunwell and Mr. Heath E. A. Carter, Mrs. Thos. Brewer Froscher tat Florida City. 'Skinning the Cat" Matthew "Happy Farmer" ScfeuoMw
were married May 7 in the par. Mrs. E. C. Byars, Mrs. Wm Kelly May 191-W. M. S. circle meet- "Slumber Song" from "Magic Valeria Campbell

onage o( the South Miami Baptist Mrs. Henry Carter Mn. J. Craft,j ings.May Music" Song of the Lark" Tehlkr ay

Church by the Rev. A. L. Mrs. M. J. Brownlow Mrs. WIlL 111I.-Woman's Club of the Waite u__ ...._.. .... u. Straus Mary F Fran Rutland
Bridges who used the double ring Dunlop, Mrs. H. J. Armstrong, Redlands meeting. Date Faust "Petit Coquette" ._. Hell**
ceremony.The Mr*. Allen Hartford, Mrs. A. O May 19-Horn beautification "Drifting" Williams "March of the Gnome, Kettentr
bride If a daughter of Mr. Raab, Mrs. Albert January Mr. I class meeting in high school agriculture Betty Ottttn Edwina Clew

and \fra. Benjamin Qrunwell who Geo. E. Deuel, Mrs. U. E. Martin, I room at 7:30.: "Sleep, Baby Sleep", front "Magic Mazurka .. Chopin .
came to Florida from Fleasant- Mrs. Geo. E. Reed. Mn. Chas O I May 19 Woodmen's Circle Music" Mary Once English
ville, N. J., and after brief stay benefit bunco party at home of Mr. In _
I Turner Mn. F. W Stlllman Mrs. "Up the Attic" Williams "Hunting Song" Mendele alas
in Key West bought a home in Wm. Brodle Mrs. Wm. McCull- I and Mn. W. D. Coker at I p. m. Ruth Rutland "MafCh of the Cookie Soldier."

Kedland In 1925. She was graduated ough, Mn. M. A. Baker Mrs Horn May 21-Exhibit of Homestead "In Hawaii" u. LU RyckofI .... ._moo. .. .. Lehman
from Redland High Schoolin Frank Critic. Mn. J. M. Mc u1- I Demonstration Club In Neva "Happy Trumpeter .. Matthews Betty Blake
1931 and In 1933 was marriedto lough Mn. Cin Stewart,' lstrs King Cooper School. OrletM Terburg
Wm. Van Winkle Jr., from I May 21-Redland Home Demonstration "Good
Anna Messenmith Mrs. Dan Club Night Little Love" from AREME: CLUB :MIKES
;whom the was divorced. She Is an Roberts, Mn. Wilmer Cast, Mn. exhibit "Musto Play"
active worker la the Redland I L. Q. Ruggles Mn. G. W. T. Snare I May 21It S. senior play. "Dukes Song" from "Music Play" I
May 21 Meeting of Orange twenty dollar
Home Demonstration Club. Mrs. A. E. Barnes, Mn. Chas. Fair I Carol Virginia' Lee"Lobster's
Blossom Club at horn of Mrs. was cleared by the Areme Club at ,
The bridegroom II a son of Mrs. Mrs. J. F. McCullough Mn. Quadrille" from "Happy
Pearl Cooper at 2:30.: the benefit In the I. O. O.
Lena a Heath of South Miami. Sprague. Mn. E. F. Marshall Mrs I Days""Fairies' supper ,
May 21-Naranja O. E. S. meet. r. hall Saturday night
Until two years ago his home was I A. V. Phillips Mrs. Minnie Niles, Harp" Ella Ketterer i
in Infield. N. ft, where two of the Mrs. O. a Parker, Mrs Fritz Jackson ing.May Virginia WalkerNATURALIZATION Plan for the supper were COm- .
bride's sisters, Mrs. Roger C. Mn. C. R. Gutterldge, Mrs. -H. H. S. Junior-senior: pleted at a meeting of the club ;

Lawn and Mn. Arthur Depew, Chus. Price, Mrs. David Kuteldt, banquet. :, LAWS Friday afternoon the home of t
live. May 23-Areme Club meeting Mia Entell Turner. Mrs. Wayne
Mrs. Jas L. Bird. Mrs W. F.
Mi and Mrs. Heath are at hometo Calkins, Mn. August Heuer Mn. with Mrs. Wayne Calkins. I Calkin won the mystery package- '
I Mn. B. L. Blggm presented the
their friends In a cottage on E. P. Roberts, Mrs Charlotte Rob- May 23-Future Farmer Present were: Mrs. A. V. Phillips ;
Ludnara road in South Miami, but erts, Mn Floyd Fogle, Mrs. M. fit dance In Country Club. ben"l chief fact regarding naturalisa Mr.. Albert Myb e ifl, ,
tion laws at a meeting/ of the
they plan to lotv soon for Infield A. Fogle, Miss Lottie Leadley May 25 Open I Mn. E. E, Altman, Mr*. Calkin ,
where hey will spend the sum- Misses Eula and Lctlcia Campbell,I Homestead B. P. W. C. at the homeof Homestead Business and Proberatonal Mn. B. O. Branch, Mrs. Geo. W- 1
Jner Miss Pansy L Norton, Miss Eutelle Mrs L. L. Bow at 8 p. m. Woman's Club at the homeof Turner, Jr, Mn. Bob Harris, Mrs.
Mrs Mario Lopez, Mrs. GotchKufeldt Turner Miss Kathryn Cast and May 28-Ladles' Night at Red- Mn L. L. Bow Monday evening W. B. Caves and Mia Helen Lip- '
and Miss Lucille
Bevls followed -
land District Lions
I 1 Club.
and Miss Olive Grunwellt Miss Billie Hartford. ingston.
.. May 29-H. H. S. class day exercises this with a talk on the responsibilities -
and privileges of citizenship -
2 FROM HOMESTEAD Victor Wednesday night. Mr. and May 29-R. H. S. Junior-senior Mrs. Wm. M. Johns played JUNIOR CLUB TO HAVESOCIAL'
ATTEND P.-T. A. BANQUET Mrs Bevo Webb won high score banquet I piano solo. MEETING: MONDAYMn. t ,
Twenty-two from W. 8. Caves, Jr, Mrs. H?r-
the Homestead -I ftn questions were collected_which
Parent-Teacher Association Wm.sRei'J: : tow. cises. 1.9.-daasda:>t e the members woutd'm *" M-- have old Oxford and MAlice and

attended the annual May banquet Present were: Mr. and Mn. Lee June; 8 ...,. Episcopal Woman's answered by Attorney Ernest P. Grace Hobson will be hostesses a'
and installation of officers of the j i H. Lehman, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Auxiliary meeting with Mn. J. A. Roberta when he talk to the"club a social meeting of the JuniorWoman's
Dade County Council of the Florida I Walton Mr. and Mrs J. H. Web- Hooks on the legal rights of married Club of Homestead Mon-
Congress of Parents andTracheas !I Ister, Mr and Mrs. T. J. Faust,I June 7-It H. S. baccalaureate women and the Inheritance laws day evening. The meeting pl,.<*
In the Miami Edison High Mr. and Mrs. Rheney Mr. and sermon. as they concern widows and chil- has not yet been decided upon I

School Principal L. B. Sommers' : Webb, Mrs. Jos. Gauzen and June 7-H. H. S. baccalaureate dren at an open meeting May 25. I
of Homestead was Installed as a''1 Skill.LOCAL I LOCAL STARS ATTEND: ;

council' memberatlarge.Those sermon.June B M, H. S. commence- MRS. W. D. COKER HOSTESS DISTRICT CLUB MEETING
attending from Homestead I' DEMONSTRATION ment eerctees. I AT BENEFIT BUNCO PARTY I Mr. and Mrs Walter Thompf/m
were: Mr. and Mrs. C. H. CLUBS TO EXHIBIT THURSDAYThe June 10-R. H. S. commence- Mrs. W. D. Coker entertainedthe and Mrs. C. N. Henderson attend ,
Steffant, Mr. and Mrs. Jan. W. Redland and the Homestead ment exercises Orange Blossom Club with a *4 a meeting of the past matroand />*'
:English Mr. and Mrs. Geo. N. Home Demonstration Club will bunco party Tuesday evening. patrons' club of District 28 o|
Wakefield Mr. and Mrs. Lester hold their annual exhibit Thursday lIoI.... M. S. Studstill and J. D. Conner the O C.: S. In the Scottish B'<*
Lawrence, Mrs. C. N. Walker Mrs of work done during the year. The program was planned at won first prizes and Mia Cbuis Tempi in Miami Saturday nigl't
S. L. West Mn J. Tom Vanrt, Mrs. The Redland exhibit will be the auxiliary's meeting May T at Dearing and Chas Martin won Mrs. Henderson and Mr. Thoir'i-
Paul Reynolds, Mrs. J. E. Close, held in the Redland Community the home of Mrs. A. A. Payne. second prize son, members of the club sere e+
Mn Elizabeth Fuchs Mrs. P. B. Church. I I Bible study was' led by Mrs. J. M., Others present were: Mr. and on the rfrhmnt committee

Bird, Mrs John L. Scarborough, The Homestead exhibit win Holferty. Mrs. A. J. Brady Mn. Ellen Martin -
Mi 8. Ben Archer Miss Eels Ray open at the regular meeting hour, Those present were: Mrs. Get Mn. J. T Martin, Miss rr..Ie .- VISITORS ATTENT MEETIVOOF
Miss Jessie Hendcrshot Miss 0:30 a. m., and It will keep open I I I Ruehle Mn. B. B. Gatlin, Mrs. W. si Oordy, Miss Bonnie Groover NARANJA. E.: I.
Frances Dorsey, Miss Mary Wil- all day. Anything made by members C. Fritter, Mrs Vane Harris Mrs. Mia Ruth Gross, Miss Claudia Three visitor were present >It
liams and Mr. Sommen. during the peat three yean '': L. Q. Rufjtot, Mrs. C. B. Pluiu- Conner, Miss Myrtke Courts. the meeting ot UM Nuranju 0, *'::.
Mrs. E J. Dyal, local president, may be exhibited. I'I mgr, Ms. R. C. Jackson, Mrs. D. Miss Nellie Ma Martin. Miss Mildred S. Thursday' night! of last we' It,
who made arrangements for the W. Nelson, Mr*. R. Y Burr Mrs. Smith. Jennie Studstill. Rob Mrs. Olive Hand Mn. Staff"
trip v as unable to be present because PRESBYTERIAN AUXILIARY I: Holferty. Mn. H. S. Wolfe and ert Bell Leon Hill and Corner Mar Caldwell and )In. Robert Tuy'"r' ,
Mrs A F. Arthur. I tin. all of Miami.
of the serious illness of her PLANS. :!! BIRTHDAY MEETINGThe I

motherMR. Woman's Ancillary of the
Presbyterian Church will bold its
AND MRS. VICTOR annual birthday meeting In the
ENTERTAIN: SUPPER CUB church Sunday May 24 at 8 p. m. I
Four tables of bridge were in The program will be on Montreat,I
play when the Supper Club met at I and the collection taken will be i ONLY ONE
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Given sent to the Montreal building fund. TOOTHPASTE I N NO need now to have several) dentifrices

O U R BATHROOM handy. Every member of

Unimpeachable Honesty, Training: Experience NOW your family will use Briten Tooth Paste

and Achievement Qualify }Iim -and like it.

ELECT Bribers has ever).thin;. Cleans teeth

T all over maintains natural whiteness,

n Y HARRY } l l' sweetens breath, aids gums when ma .

saged into them. And for' the children's

.r .. 'r ., ,;
GOLDSTEIN sake, it is pleasantly flavored:

I,." .

1. Y J lL"RY'JI Tax Briten .

CollectorDade TOOTHPASTE the Dixie Drug

.A County Needs 25' i! Your Rexall Storejoo" *"*

the Best!

lW SnlH.0) MtrrttMMM


..... ..;. ...t.;j' ...... .._ .. ._,...,.-." .- --, .".", ,";y;
-----t; > "'ItFriday

....- ""!'iJI'O' .">'! ....... ... ,, :+ ......., ...... -..-.- -_. I, .... :


Para Four THE LEADER .ENT RPRISE Friday, May 8, 19S&j


Publish Fridays .t Home-;I Mary L Easey, West rains Beach attorasy. la the Florid Saving of Babies Increases AveragiContinued

stead FU., by the South Did Business Woman '

Publishing Ce. (84 Fla. 179). ( From Page One) made the presentation speech! (1 Averse
I This Is the effect of a marriage
upstanding, Her only way of getting back the poor posture and constipation were written for the occasion T3
.. ....EdiUr ; ceremony upon an thousands of
competent Florida business woman ability to contract, convey, encumber responsible Installation services were too*
and manage her propertyas deaths. ducted during the business sessiafc!
Entered .i seemed class null!' she could do before her marriage "Obesity I* one of the greatest by Mrs. Walter Beckham of tSSami
matter March S. 1J. .t the pest BEFORE TAKING: ceremony I* through a lawsuit reasons for rejection of policy applicants newly elected president $1
office it Itemeslesd. Florida under: She may, contract be contractedwith (Freedealershlp proceedingsNo. by life Insurance companies the Dade County Council of Pu3ents
the act of March J, 111) I ISVa. manage her property, sue, ( 5024 COL. Fla. 1927)). ," said Dr. Norman, "because and Teachers, who was ln II be sued and enter business relationships Having seen married women fat goes into the heart and duced by Mrs. Dyal, the Hoto J
I and is in all respects al support their families and husbands II liver and may prove fatal at any tend president. Officers InstftB
PRICE. n." A TEAR I free de.11I'-CI\ equality In her I and then have to pay friend time. Up to the age ot 30, it is! ed were Mrs. J... W. En* !
business relationships with her husband half the sale price of the better to be little overweight president; Mrs. W. E. Rheieji
men associates.AFTER home bought with the money the but after 39 or 40 it 1 II better to I first vlce-prtsldent; Mrs. Hubert
AN EAGLE SCOUT POINTS TO wife earned because the wife Has be five pound under-weight than Nichols, second vlce-prwtrttnj
WORLD PEACE : not time or money for freedealer- one pound over-weight In reducing Mr*. Landon Carney, secretari
"The great of Scouting She may not sue In equity unless ship proceedings, for the husband's however, never cut downon and Mis. J. R. Rutland, treasurer1
fame she her next friend Who
join the in diet"To
signature on the deed of conveyance protein your '
point the way to world peace according may be her husband (Wood v. ; having seen a woman lose reduce girth and strengthenthe Mrs. Dyal presented a bouqur'i
to Eagle Scout Owen W. I Wood 0. Fla. 882). her separate property through the abdominal muscles, with accompanying to Mrs. Beckham and one to Dr1..
Matthews, 3rd, an able Sea Scout She may not sue at law unless mismanagement of her husband, relief of constipation Norman. i j
and divisional officer of RegionalSea and she joint her husband as co-plain she dlslslklng the publicity of suit Dr. Norman recommended The regular attendance prizes)
Scout Flagship Columbia tiff (Edgar v. Bacon IU So. 107). &o oust him from management, I a "bicycle exercise", done by lying were won by Fred Lucas' room lag
member of Troop 83, Portland. She can no longer make I contract believe the time I I. here when we nut on the back and putting the the high school and Miss eeDorsey'
the winner of
Matthews It
Ore on which she wilt be personally should relieve the married wom- leg through the pedaling motion ; room in the elementary,
the Eddie Cantor $3,000 entitled liable either at law or of the inequity of her situation, of a cyclist school, and special second prizes
prize essay contort of In equity (Prentlts v. Paisley 29, WHAT DO YOU THINK'Too To avoid or relieve constipation offered by the president were wont
"How Can America Stay by Mrs. A, C.
Fit. Dr. Norman recommended plenty Field' room ..nelFifield'
War" 827) i .,,,....
"" N -" ot exercise and foods Mrs. room.
water, bulky
She not make a note that
One of the 112,000 entries submitted may Late to and
will bind her personally eitherat ClassifyBy heeding of the call of nature. .
whole approachto
Matthews' "A good many persons art simply -
law or In equity (Lloyd v. RuMwII Kay
his subject experience Is bated camping on his In twoweeks' a Cooper Corp. 134, So. 653), "..-.".......'"....."......"?.....".N..M......NININM. person dehydrated should drink," she from salt six"A to CITY PROJECTFORGING

foreign country with 30,000 Boy' She may not be a partner In a Maybe you've attended a meet- eight glasses of water a day-In
: Scouts from *9 different lands plus business venture nor can an associate Ill' of a Townsend Club. and maybe addition to milk or other food liquid. AHEAD
the friendships with foreign boys In an attempted co-partner you haven't but I'm tcllln' you ."
In the yean that have followed. ahlp bind her. (LsNolr y, McDan- it's got an old fashioned revival Alcohol and smoking are two
The fourth World Scout Jim- lei BO Fla. BOO; Nadel v.. Weber services backed. off the boards. of the greatest Inducers Of heart WITH POLE LINE
S. Co. Fla. Ill With all this con'l'tI8lonallnvesU..
boree which Matthews attended V't disease and other organic ailment,
a. one of the 402 Scouts and !]lead She must go through the 'gatiq' and though d x, ot theracket Dr. Norman said and coffee and
ere from the United States was of acknowledging deeds, contracts., I I'd drop around tea have no place In a healthful (Continued From Page One)
held at Codollo, near Budapest, mortgages and other legal Instruments and see how the old folks werefakirs' diet. under Joe Knowles, foreman

Hungary. The four Judges--Rob- affecting real estate in a It. "A moderate drinker takes 300 for M & M Construction Co, COM
ert M. Hutchlns, president of tin room separate from her husbandand Are they down-hesrted? NO! grains of poison into his system tractors are erecting poles this'
University of Chicago; Frederick if she fall in-this respect that Have they lost faith Not a bit of each day, investigation hat showed week in the wake of the city'
Bertrand Robinson, president of failure can be used to defraud it All this opposition and congressional ," said she "A smoker takes ditching machine which has already ->
flu College of the City of New creditors. (No. 8676 C. O. L, Fla. meddlln' has served to several poisons Into his system dug some 250 holes In advance -.
York, Ray Lyman Wilbur president 1927; 82 So 782) (158 So. 447) do Is just make the Townsendites in addition to the nicotine: among of the pole-setting crew*
of Leland Stanford University She can only end the control and that much more determined to them are prussic acid and carbon Specifications call for J5-fooC
and Henry Noble MacCrack- management of her separate force the issue. monoxide gas These gasses Interfere creosoted poles set one-sixth ot
en president of Vassar College- property by her husband, confer I There were no sound wagons on with the blood' carrying their length In the ground. ''j
bawd their decision on the qualityof red by statute, by affirmative action the street heralding the meeting, oxygen to the body and nerve A shipment of cross-arm Is exJ
"the most constructive, sincere on her part-the control and I the newspapers carried no advertisements cell that need It." pected dally. Upon their arrival
and interesting letter, regardless management comes to him by vir- and It wasn't even announced The Importance of regular meals a crew of linemen, drawn from
.f fancy writing and technical tue of the marriage (No. (807 C. over the radio. No chance was emphasized by Dr. Norman WPA registration rolls, will be set
knowledge O. L. Fla. 1927; 87 So. 41). on an automobile, no bank night Toast and coffee are not only an to work Immediately

Matthews, a veter.1IeOUt, has She cannot recover from hus or even refreshments were offeredas Insufficient meal for anyone to primary wire to the transferring new pole,
t' a scout record reflecting his lead band by suit monies collected by an Inducement to attend but start the day with, but do not provide lines, Mr. Ivey sali Local work*!,
enhlp III a II I II .. Successivelyhe him it income or rental from her nevertheless there were 600 peopleat enough bulk to exile peristalsis. men are being employed on thei;
served his troop as p.troll.... separate estate (No. 8867 C. G. L. the gathering and a lot ot folk When she mentioned the project In all positions where they
Fla. 1927), had to stand up. evils of hasty eating, many In the ,
er. senior patrol leader and then are qualified to do the work. .
junior assistant scoutmaster, and She can still render her separate No general staff on a field of audience looked guilty and grinned Rehabilitation of the power
he hat had extensive experience liable battle ever tackled problem more sheepishly.On
property for labor and plant Diesel engines
the sec*,
at Camp Meriwether the camp of materials in the construction of determinedly or any more seriously platform with Dr. Nor tion of the project, I II being' dew;
the Portland 0...., Boy !couta.Matthew' buildings, repair or Improvements than these folks set ..bouttheir man were Mrs. V. Marie AUwardt layed pending adjustment of somei
task dietician and Miss Ruth Munroe
to put over the Townsend s
thereon -
winning fol made with her legal technicalities
plan, If nurse, of the Miami-Battle Creek
so you think the idea
knowledge or assent Art. with
lows: ( II, No. sanitarium the surety bond to guarantee
2, Fla. Const; 121 So. eDO). Is all washed up and the old folks together with Miss completion of
Idea how America Helen Forbes of contract, but work
"My can stay are Just foolln around, you've Atlanta and New
out of war is based on my personal She can be sued for a tort committed plenty to find out got I York a guest of the sanitarium Is expected to start toon. I

experience."I her by her in connection with Unless I'm a total loss at Judg- who demonstrated correct postureat Federal supervision of the pro
am an Eagle Scout and have use of her separate property in' human nature and.hand Dr. Normans request, After Ject Is supplied by H. H. Johnson,
been in Scouting for seven yean.Through lOhbusInets (lab So. loe). on the wall', I'm WrltlD'1 the lecture: Dr. Norman and her PWA engineer transferred here
Scouting and other She can be sued for a wrong this movement I* goin' staff distributed health literatureand from Fort Myers, who i* occupying
worthwhile youth movements is the result of the operation of her may not result in the original at the conclusion of the meet. an office in the city hall

the way this can be accomplished."The auto by another person with her Townsend Plan as we know it today lost talked with many of the parent .
spring of 1833 I heard of knowledge and consent (136 So.She and It may not accomplish the and teacher and answered
the coming Fourth International B32). aim 1U followers hope for, but It's many questions regarding diet Postpone .
Scout Jamboree to be held in Go- Is liable for and general health habit,
'I bank asses* I gonna play h-*- with the political Bible Training School,
doll Hungary, and made my menu If*she be a stockholder to I aspirations of those who are short The Lyon brothers quartet sang
," plan to attend. I went to the the extent of her separate estate sighted enough to stand In Its way, several selections.A .
jamboree and there found my solution and It's bound to bring about some past president's pin was presented Indefinite postponement of the
: I for future world peace our respective I form of old age pensions on a for' to each of the six past Bible training school which was
While a member of this wonderful countries thereby more liberal -scale than any one president of the .aocl.tlon-M. scheduled to start May 17 at, the
jamboree I learned what true continuing our worthwhile ever dreamed of a few years C. N. Walker, Mrs. J. B. Tower, Homestead Baptist Church for
friendship, After these Contactshow ago. Mrs. C. H. Sunday school teachers of all
brotherly meant Suppose, if instead of (200 Steffani, Mrs, T. E.
I could.. ever want to go tow.r a Kirby Mrs. S. churches of the Redland District
"In Europe wherever we met aperson month, a pension of say $50 was L. West and Mr*. E.
against each other J. DyaL Mary Terrell was voted at the meeting of the
in the scout uniform we I provided to all over the age of sixty Dickinson
'i knew he "If the United States government Redland District Ministerial Association
was our loyal friend and : this would give an aged couple
., : 'j. brother. Although unable to conVerse sent picked groups of youth S100 to cavort around with and All I ask Is a chance to take tome held Tuesday In the par
I with some Of the foreignrouts to these International gatherings, I folk with pension would retie old couple by the hand and lead nonage of the Silver Palm Community -
their actions always bespoke expenses paid, jt) would open the I and seek the most desirable and 'em through our Florida Exhibit Church, with the Rev. and
i friendliness eyes of youth the world over as to comfortable place to settle down -let '.m smell that orange blossom Mrs IL G. Cowan a* hosts.

; "AU boys at the jamboree want- the futility of War Upon their ; and spend the rest of their days.It perfume and see the bearing This action followed transfer of
! tie ed to be friend and we made new return to America they should deliver Florida Is smart she'll take citrus tree Those marvelous diaoramas the R.v. M. A. Soper from the Pastorate *
: once every day. By actually living lecture In schools and to older I more than a passin' interest in olds will just naturally knock ot the Redland and Florida
for two weeks with thirty organizations telling th age pensions. This state is a "na 'em for a loop and when I point to City Community churches to Tarn
thousand foreign scouts we learned thought of youth In regard to war : tural" ss an "Old Folk Home". the 12-pound black boss and pa and the Inability at this time
that they thought and acted Justas and other countries. If taught in Let almost any kind of an old age "How'd you like to get In an argument of other member of the association -
we did even though their colorI youth the crime of war a* adults : pension plan become effective and with a big boy like that?" to take the place Of Mr. andMm
and creed might be different We these boys will wholeheartedly I we'll have more prospective -I'm bettin1 It would take a couple Soper as conductor of the
,. loved these brother scouts as much disfavor war. Peace gatherings tomers than we ever of truck horses to bold grand training school
a. those In America. Throughout and encampment of youth from I Our job right now Is to pa. Then I'd tell grandma how A covered dish luncheon was enjoyed
, the jamboree encampment cover all countries will do more to further ; smart-crackln about the old pretty the view Is from the front by the Rev. and Mr*. George
i t : Inn many square mile was an attitude world peace than adult peace and start makln' a sure-nuff pup porch overtook! the lake, spark E. Deuel the Rev. and Mrs. L. O.
: I of friendliness and goodwill conference held In some castle over 'em. Florid I* going to lin' in the sunshine and how the Adams, the Rev. and Mrs A. A.
I{ nothought of enmity everyone or other building. '.Cleveland this summer and will I mockin' birds wake you up every Koestline, Mr. and Mrs Cowsa
showing his paramount "Stress the movement for Intelligent I tell our story to millions in the mornln', and how nice It I 11 to have and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dunlop.
\ thought of cresting world peace voting at the polls to see Great Lake area when the Fierid fresh vegetable from your own After the luncheon Mr. Deuel gave
.: for the future. that the only people cent to congress Exhibit is staged as part of the little garden all winter long to sty his definition of George Jackson's
". The. real benefits from this jamboree are those who will do everything Great Lakes Exposition nothln1 of rambler tams. pmkin' "Definition of Religion". He said
are being manifested as time humanly possible to always Let's make a special appeal to In the window at you while you're religion Is an experience rather
fcovs on. 1 am corresponding with vote to keep us out of war, the Townsend folk and Once those doin' the breakfast dtehes. Ten than a creed, an Inspiration rath
eight scout I met at the Jamboree "If we teach our youth of today people up In Michigan, Indiana Mil couldn't tell Florida) er than a restraint and a programnow
.... who live In the following countries the crime of taking human life as Ohio. western New York and Step over here Miss Florida, and a* well a* an Insurance for
! : Esthonta. Luxembourg England in war they will vote In the future Pennsylvania get the vision ()f let me decorate you with this I the future.
Austria Persia, Syria South to never leave their own shorn to what a home in Florida really Townsend button-and If you The next meeting of the ministerial -
Africa and Australia.! We ,e*. fight against other nation mean, I'm tellln you they'll .get haven't done ass write your'can association will be held In

change stamp songs, literature "Thus American can stay out of that pension or bust congress' Wide. .. gressman and senators and.tell. 'emhow'you .I the form of a picnic at Mathesoa
.J ,find .rtowI..artl '" pertaining to war." ,_. _,open-one onlle"other.. I stand' Hammock on uJne' >. :.

\, ..-

f _,..,.... J .. '
... : ass. "J" .MH aUKfillli- ,
l t..t.t n"" oJ :'"',try"ti" .s: 't: /lS!. 1 II -

9W .. ,
.7- --
,>. "' ""r".T 5

t Friday May 15 1936. THE LEADER. ENTERPRISE
,_ __ ___ Pare Five _
; man for the week, was warmly I land District Lions at their clubhouse chtuthM this Sunday
(I CITY DADS TO Children Home Society in area next -
4NO I received by the Rotarians, all of I Tuesday night I Pledge cards and booklets
whom Mt that he should go far In !, Starts Redland DriveAn win be available at morning and :
J Dr. Olson Is former district
I'BE TAKEN OUT OF the state contest to be held soon]I a Wftbxf services, Mr., Swan said !
I at Gainesville Should he win I II ]j governor' of Lions International Intensive drive to obtain I yesterday (
I state honors he will become an I liD Wisconsin and Is widely known Dude, Browtrd and Monroe coun
LIMITS BY SUITContinued entrant for the national chain-1'1 tat a Lutheran minister, traveler ties' quota of $14,000 needed for i
Silver Palm Methodists i
JA+ plonshlp contest later. I j land lecturer. His slide picturesin the support of the southeastern I
r re I Charles J. Caves was elected to |I natural colors gave tome con- branch of the Children Home To Observe Family Night :
( From Page One) represent the club as delegate to I II ceptlon of the natural beauties of Society of Florida Is scheduled to
E: Koon, Miami Land & Develop- the Rotary International convention I Yellowstone, M Me talk describedthe start here next Sunday and close Evening service at Silver Palm '
ment Co., Jeffrey Lumber Co., R. I to be held In Atlantic City I scenes shown.Beautlflcatlon the following Wednesday Methodist Church next Sunday
Mussolwhlte, J. R. Simmons, June :32-20: : of the club George L Swan of Redland has has been designated family night
Charles T. Fuchi, Sr., and Armour I Another idea In correction with grounds Is planned by the landscape been named to lead the campaign' by the pastor, the Rev. C. K.
Fertilizer Work I his world peace plan was presented committee which Includes In the south end of Dade County Vllet who earnestly requests that
Judge Barns made a penonal by Luther Chandler for consideration Buckner Beasley, Gordon L. Walter and is now engaged In organising every member of all the families
r Inspection of the properties Involved and later action by the and Dr. George Reuhle. A lawn an Influential committee, drawn of the church and community attend
errea In the suit Tuesday af ol'- I club President H. S. Wolfe read and the planting of tropical plants from the churches and civic groupsof the service The subject ot
noon after he had been requested i extracts from the Rotary Interna- and shrubbery Is part of the pro- the Redland District hit sermon will be "Christ and the
In writing by the city council to I l I tional weekly letter pertaining to gram, and more convenient parking Mr. Swan Mid he has visited Horn Life"
s expedite his decision In order to peace movement work, which Is arrangement are to be pro- the southeastern branch of the Morning service will be at elev-
forestall delay to the city's PWA being carried on by 21 organisations vided. Children's Home on a number of en o'clock; a basket lunch will be
power plant improvement projecton I outside of Rotary. Convention plans were discussed occasion and has always been Impressed served in the annex at noon, and
the grounds of "pending litiga I by LIon E.: H. Gallaher, and by the fact that it Is con* the fourth quarterly ronr.renceWiU
r tion'. He Was accompanied by Yellowstone Lecture Walter Talbott spoke of the coming ducted as a real home and not an be held at 2 p. pi, the pastor
Garland Budd, representing City election of officer Charles A. institution. It la strictly undenominational announces.
Attorney George E. McCaskill. and Heard by Redland Lions Swann, Immigration officer stationed in Itt acceptance and ,
,:rye Ira C. Haycock, counsel for the In Homestead, was accept care of homeless orphans and Peace rules the day where real
plaintiffs His ruling was made An Illustrated lecture on "Yel as a new member of the club. needy little ones Of th.Mhrtt On rules the mind.Collins.LEADERENTERPRISE :
sea; '
ow and announced officially the following lowstone National Park" was given I" ')' Charles L. Ooley made counties.
nd ? morning by the Rev. 1. Richard Olson brief talk about the significance Included In the Campaign will WANT
Whether or not the bondholders of Milwaukee Wu., before Red- the key emblem in Llonlsm be appeals from the pulpits of all ADS BRING RESULTS
will appeal to the supreme court .
for a reversal of Judge Barns' decision I .
on the grounds that their .
assets have been attacked has been I
the subject of much conjecture
among city officials, who seem to
share the belief that an appeal will ANNOUNCING
be filed.

EI At outlined yesterday by Don
; E. Ferreyra, Homestead
associate counsel for complainants BEE DEE SUPPLY COMPANY

the new city boundaries,
beginning at the Florida City line
enkn and running north, will follow the
center line of Tennessee road to
Eighth street, thence west one-half
mile to the original limits
city at
a.y.We' the juncture of Eighth street and the new dealer in this city forOLDSMOBTLE :
the F E. C. railroad and north to h, a
,Oto Ilth street, thence west to Booth's I Ih Ih Ih
corner and north again to 19th
street excluding the William ;

", Booth property, ,
.1( From this point the north h hh \ ,
.t boundary will follow the centerline l
rtesrt of 18th street west to Krome
venue, thence north two blocksto il
,III, the center line of Pprvenlr, and
!e west again to Kckman drive excluding .w : ili
k.nq the north half of P rven.
:, Ir, which WM at one time leased i n
ey a. a city park and partially improved rI
under a federal project I l i
el' Along Eckman drive the west ,
Coo boundary line goes south to 11th
;, street thence west to the Seaboard Ii i
e'te Air Line railway and south to the
Florida City line, excluding all \N1 ''
1ftt land west of the railway with the r tll j jcd

rk exception of the Gulf Refining + !
I Co property, which remains within --a
,. ,; the city limits
n, When the city was Incorporated -
In ItlS it contained 1,000 acres.
SIl In 182'>, during the 'boom' period, i J)
this area was Increased to 1,100
acres. Aa exclusion suit won by
land owners In December, IBM
reduced it to 1,240 acres, from
'ala which nearly one-fourth has been
clipped by the latest court order

iII Prize Winning: Speech

Heard by Local Rotes

If'U John Frediick, who upheld the
11t 1 prize winning record of Homestead OLDSMOBILE takes pleasure In an- plete stock of genuine Oldsmobile lisa Everything"-with smoother,

.. chapter by Future Farmers of Americas today the appointmentof parts. Courteous, prompt and efficient livelier power roomy. luxurious : .

... contest winning the public speaking a new Oldsmobile dealer to serve attention to your need is interiors and all the modem .
at the district con
,.. vention Future Farmers in Miami this city and surrounding territory. assured together with costs that ftne-car features that make for

I last week delivered his winning Both in experience and facilities this are pleasingly moderate. greater comfort, complete safely

the .Wednesday speech 'Our session Challenge of Homestead at new Oldsmobile i particularly Yon are cordially invited to visit and long-Wing sailifsctloD.

,f Rotary Club. well equipped Make car this new dealership inspect its service r r r
,. John, who was Introduced by of all motoring and sr.hats... ....
your requirements. department then to N' '''..<>4 .. II..,._.. .
I.aI. George Wake/leld, program chairGeneral -, Facilities for service include a staff and drive the latest models of the ::::t, ...,.. -- 665 '

e of expert, factory-trained mechanic Oldsmobile Six and Eight. :=.l t-E ..
' pr.'. n uim ii ifc' aii QI> TW.
; modern equipment and the latest You will find that Oldsmobile Is ; larra btlUlIU HVTOI VALII

e in special tool and a com the StI..Le.d.r-"Tbe Car That ** O. M.A.C TIME AYMtNf NANOLDSMOBILE .

.. \ R

1. I" E


0a I... 1 751U Car that: Itas 'very ,I k


.,r i 'L 7'L

r Public Utilities 73S-f- -

" y HSMtea4- '.. nose IIS-M


.....L --.1';!I'i' ,,,, ..A.W I."""'.' .".J..>... ...... _.....1T.

". "- =-

Page Six THE LEADER-ENTERPRISE Friday May 15, 193a

--- -

111/a OkOh.r, Tams; &'a_..... 101 118 0-10,
Single by Cheshire Brooker Players In.l... sCLeL1arwlr.la8..
l MAY DIAMOND BALL Use rat arm Red x........ A..tk Inn 11I1 IMP U

Brings Winning SCHEDULE Swamp Cloninger greatest Cba.nu. .... 1'1_.. .01.....j.
.. ... P. b .
AS r kftaalk" l aIITkaanwxi Carver d "r
nun _"' _'__ .nY.Mdn..MY ": Ib c4'a 0 0 =: 'i:0' .Q .: Nut'
to of 1 I
Score 10 :
Cloninger By to & : : : M .
u a Can M I IL Ro.e1 '';iII but hllo: II!>.. t
If-Rustic Inn VI. Burton; Lo" rf 11 11...... Ik4T I I I 'UM' Imllk : Run : double plan: 0.
I"'M" vi Oouldi W Ptw* j> Lowe rf 11 Lure w eru bath as II" -
Home Downed 7-6 Rotary Overwhelms kUtontr tk : i I I Plan.I i : : 1, .1! HuaWl off X-1-I t.: struck out,
Hurtle Inn
; la-Rotel'1 vi ;j Tavernier milk If Mtaa ef Plots I. b> Russell! 4. klu alt Rttf
Slaughters Two vi. Brooker. Lawkk if I 10 Law Ik I. 0 II ,. 4 1/1 Innier..if Knuwlx la j
Matecumbe Rivals -.u. 6 I.W.-Ilf 1.1 I/I htalnaa : winning plbter Plnd.n i
Tavernier PitchersCheshire's May 20--Burton vi. Tirernier; Dantob. IkTutaU 12IAI. 0 ..... plKh.r. small
Oould vi Florida City. j by Heavy Hits Carter Ik 100 1 '
I I 41 II 11 ToUla II a I Umpltwi Raw. and Brlchrrt.
May M-Tavernier VI. Rustle
third single of the I I -

mgnt which scored Cloninger in Inn.May -Burton ... RoW7: 1 Thomas, Brooker Lumber'

the eleventh Inning, made Cloningr Oouldi vi Horoe. I pitcher, allowed two scratch Co'j

Packing Co. the victor over May 17-Rotary vi Tiverniec; I glee by Clyde Neill Nell K. WalkerCandidate
W D. Horne Co 7-6, Wednesday >
Home Florida
vi. City. Packing Co. third baseman. as I
Diuht on the municipal field. :J8 Burton Ruitlc I IOouldi
May vs. Inn; I
Kllch, Cloninger hurler and Brooker. Brooker defeated Cloninger J 0-1.1
vi. ;
Eimia' Home tomKT hooked up in i in the second game of the

11 i'lUheix' duel, with Ennli getting I ball double-header Friday; nightat '
the worst end because of the Horne Breaks Jinx I the municipal field I' forreeJection
four untimely errors of his team

ni..lift. lonlnger got ten hits and By Taking GouldsIn I Tavernier defeated Rustic lily i to

Jim ne fathered S KUch fannedfl of Matecumbe, 18-3, with an JN.Ilaoche ,-

men and Ennli gave seven Close Contest ; of 18 hits in the B league

hii-i on bolls I l Mstocumbe committed nine errort.mukrarlf 4 DADB COUNTY

The Rotary Club players slaughtered Rotary Defeats Burton in I| .
two Tavernier pitchers 14- j i '11Ikow r'h
R nbreran I U .b.-ra II t
6, ,ind were stopped only by Roberts B League Opener by K MO/Y.0 I(1 0 0 HCkwkln .. I Board of PublicInstruction
who held them in check forthe I 6-1 Score j a .. I q 0 Show c I ,
I I 01 K aulllaa II. I IM.
last two innings. Four Tav- 1 ._ Ik I. 0,......... Ib I I II,
emlcr run were scored in theme N.tll MlBhaakll : 0 2 h "" 1
W. D. Home Co. won hits tint I alK 0 01 I WM rfH.rrto L u
\ Inning when Sincere. Rotoi 1 smith tkClonlnirar 1 0 01, Ik 4 1 0
t. pitcher retired In favor of game in three starts Monday night I pKllek I C4Hnpb.ll' U a : 1
Hli-kaon. Sincere let the when it defeated the Couldi diamond |i I 0 t, ,
key men TutaU 3Z to
I -
down with three hits in the six ball team, fourth entry In! Total It 1 IError. DISTRICT NO. t

ini'Ihgi he pitched. j the A league, in eight Innings, 6-5
I r
('banterer 01. IIOt 1/ I IBre.ker
The Goulds team ii
managed by 1
ut oot" III
Subject to June Democratic
-Inver l Harry Hiner, who was manager I
...,.."" rf I' Ib 111 I of Brooker Lumber' Co. last .: E 1Ioh..... Rmlolpk ..1_ eI Primaries
rh-.hlr. c I t I'InWlttkop 4 1 I year.The N.III 1, a. In lr an I, Harrla I : two been
r, H..h_ If t | Hokka' a so. a 1 team Is composed of four'I h.1a, Bkaw. w .,"1...' .... booN, Clan.
R It..hrer .. 4 SIR Campbell rf 0 I I South Miami players and the rest him: ihnlbla plays barrow w. K Sullivan (Political Advertisement Paid by Friends)
4 t Warltark If Aih 14 Hraokar, baM aa ball, .1T
>:.7.I.I.;. S :''Mullln, Ib :.:: S 4 : I are local boys, 7. off Ckmlniar 1..pit Kllrb 1, rt.br .=
ftnilth. Ib 6 0 .''It....... rf 4 1 'I Both pitchers allowed seven hits Thaw t, Cloaliwar 1 : his, ere Clou-
Rebel ,a 4 1 1 Inn 4 la I I/I Innlnn : aft Klkk 4 I*
Nail of a Jjh-i. I but Day fanned nine Home players -
I I .
r..16,, Ji i .iiir uk) "ioTi 1a. I I The
Rotary Club defeated
i" 104 OtO IM 00 4)
:i'..,ln... Ml Ml M* (1T 1 ton'i Department Store in Bur-j

rrrr,. moo........ BlmwuiM, walkup. 1.' league opener1.. '
fl ('an,nbril. It Campbell,t.... kaw. hi... C. Caves led the
.., .. .... Rotary hitting
.h. .... KWa. Kltok. three bat
ill.. 81",_i horn. run. WHUup Mild: \ with a triple and a ilngle. MU-
k"h.. plan. MHiu to lampMI to FleW, tretta hit a homer and a single forBurton's
Man ball.f Kllrk 4. Kaata 7 t stow
act by klkh 0. Canis 1. and Hlckson hit a homer
1 ,mnlr.Y 1 Ko... .ad Rekb.rt. for Rotary,

r..rn1.r .b ;;;.,.., ab t b I Caala. ah I AIR[ .r.. &b e h
""-....it. Ib 4 I 1 4p.rkir.an Ib I I t ( .... .. 4 I littaM' Ik I I 0
H llui>rllt r to OIHIekaon M i t 0 Hliwr Jk 4 t {IIWKUo Ib 4 U I
: I Uiwv rf I 4,(-.,... rf I ii 0 Roberto rf S 0 1O! Campbell" m I I J
W PlaaVr i. I 1 llCaoaa Ik 411 Gunmen .I 1 _..... .1. II
M.I,.ney tk 4 0 Ila4m, Ib 4 I 1 *..... e. S t alo (hawnaa o a I I
n..b.rt. aa p. 0/ rf III l Daua-harty Ik S 1 OlMulUn Ib 4 I 0
P*:.."t I' fesr* .11 Ketla ef _. 40 Urtnnar.. If ... I 0 0
... I I I etli rep a I VMlM u. I !*
',rload If I" If. 4 I.. Har p ..--:: II :/:r.i :. 11: 0 :
i.olarrb pl. bra .f. I'0 I Graham If 10 HR Campbell U 0 0''
t hnutlw son I .r= I W.rllnrk If I 0 I :
r .1. 21 a M 14 7 11M HeIIIto I I I ,
.. -
000 .. I It 1-M II ( U871I
,. ,...., Imo 016 4-- 7Total.Horn.
l etr.. Lem, nt. I C: I..... ,. W. I 012 011 01 0 '
,...... ...,,. Ooubta
H".' Pan...... Lurkb. Jot. 000 tliSrrur. 01 6 ,
,, :
.1. I' n AN. : Ito .beer "Ita. .
: Mlnw MuUIn, H ,
I .. Campbell
.r Lo..k" M. .
.un. Cba.nto. : i
.. I I. n b-. IIIrh": ..... on ....... .. three Ua baa. klto fata: iloukl. play. Vitt.
to Orakaai. I .
W 1104,1 2 ..1I'I.d.I.. kaaa at. ball. off 6 :
.. off Hid... ., struck nut,I.by uhf Pind.r also ro. a.11* Enala I. I..trurit wit, by Day a, ba-: 1S nI ;I 1 1 ,
b0 Magnetite' 1 be 8lrear. 0; be., oa Umplm 10... (
1'ledrr 6 1. 1 rin.la.s, :; and Rrl.h.rl.
ON sineare __._ I Ia..I.
I '''.1.... .If/ PI.d..Ja
: I I. 1216 lectern: ..
ak k .. Y
r RMarfMrDan b
off Mickal I I. Junior
."....... War ........... W.: whisking Made pl'he.. M H Run Hlebup! of : : ':'C.w 1b : 1 ?
b 1-Farb. to 0
Umpire. Re" sad Ro......". .I..tto of .
1 1 Hl1.p Ib 4 U 0

Little Ile.: : p 0 IOau I Hickson'man no It : : :
Home Runs Spell l 1 Wont If _. I "Barawr af 1 0 0
Greenwood I S e 0
Urooker Defeat by C MrMleha.l Bkbap' ': ':. : : 4:I amare N.i11do p 4 a S :

limitation If 1 'I 1IIIIUn. at 1. I
III..... .... 1 1'
Crack Miami Team _
Total -.ti"t"it| \- ...... ";

Raba ." .'_ ... ... *Is toe .-I
Dor cy Harrell's second home Bun l :-.. .. M* but1

run of the gam In the ninth Inning Rrrani' tltU. ...11......... lIokal.. :
with two men on base won two bane ...., liuor-l some low .....
for Dunn C.n.| tarn.. ..an. Mist rtta. Hkltmi,
But of Miami over the *nikl. "'Ur>. KIM to Task M N-Uk .....
Hrooker Lumber Co. diamond ball ..>,lm to cMlrhl.l to .....| bu n STEEL MAKERS .y-"Pord buys the beat Does your car have Center-Poise Riding?

tram lad night on the municipal ball, or.R Maas' Little e.4. all slawro I. str..kwt steel!." Other supplier of material *adparts Ford fives.you this modern feature",
field. His first homer came in the I "..1.... IUw'. and ..........
fourth Inning with one man. on : will tell you-Nobody checks up ai fronMeat ride for back-seat passengers.." I

five Brooker errors lost 'the Lnc'.. closely oa quality and price .s Ford." Does your oar have fool-proof Sever

fame, as thelumbermen out-hit Team W L Pet This means a treat deal to I" a Safety Mechanical Brakes? The Foray 8

the Miami team ten to four but Brooker ._. .........._ S I 1000 you :
couldnt connect in the pinches. daolnger __ t ",,.I JM motortit. It is our way of .safeguarding lives you this proved design with; 186 \

Bob Harris hit a triple for the only Home ... _.__._.. 1 I .250 Interests of purchaser and it lead to square inches o f braking surface.
Brooker extra-base blow. Brooker, Gouldi __.._..__._ 0 1 .000 every
with three singles, led the hitting ,B League this-"The mechanical depreciation on a Does your car have a genuine steel Jody

attaek.I Team W L Pet Ford is less than after structural Doe it have Safety Class all
Schweitzer, ace Dunn Bui hurl- Rotary ?...._......._. 3 0 1000 moat can,especially

I .r. hurt hit kg in the fourth inning Tavernier ". _. _._ 2 1 ..668I the firtt )....r." around Ford !* the only low-price car

t and had to retire In favor of Rustic Ion ._. ..... 0 2 ,000 that this I
gives extra without
\ Bobby Doah, oldtlme Miami pitch I Burton ... _. .._ 0 a .000 This is one sign of the extra value jn the you protection i il

er. who itm has I lot of cunning Ford V8. Accuracy in manufacturing i* extra cent. J

:, Dunn In nil Bin arm __000 230 003-8- 4-2 I, see Batteries, Dosh :and Dunn Ryan But; -Brooker-Schwelt-l Another. (The Ford is made td unusually You get these fine-car feature in the j

t Brook 100 220 000-B-10-J I Thomas, Shaw rand Neill. close precision limits.) And there is long Ford V-8 because of Ford manufacturing .J d

list of fine-car feature that are exclusive method and low-profit policy. t,
I -
FOR I with Ford in the popular field. 121 A MONTH, after MMJm*.,.,.,.,. bays 'I'Ii

.* mt4tl ./ Ikt ford V't .. Ford .
i j taw tfr-frtm '
Have a V.8e ine"rolU'clrP You
Justice of the Peace I you tnler""* ... ll tin VmtttJ SUM Att et...li

I pay $1645 for It b: any other; car but Ford ( M. VCC Yt% per Month FhMHct tluu.FORD

4 I hereby announce my caauHdte fop justice .t the J
peace, 4th district ef Dade C...tr. subject I* the Demecntla I

primary la J.... I will appreciate year veto and u_",,. 1 1I
A vole for A. W. JONES means bearestr. Integrity and Justice !
far all. I hare a* eendemmUiea I* make ef ethers bat stand V-8

."a my put recerd. with malice .."' .... ..- .

'j ... I (

0, :;:! A. W. JONES I Jtl OEM GtJlSn.lord Sander EmaJaa Hoot eoa..bIa N.ewwltl lsslil alrllla ash >Efissrlvaslssf t

tl.N P.IRk.1.ad.rrtlra..etjI oa Tuesday ml p tt (Columbia) u4 Friday ttlcht*.(NJSX-X-Set sad'4a..*...fee detaiI

I I 451

+ l

,...l. -. ,_."", .. ... .,_. .. .. ... l -.-. '. '; ''<" ', j ,: ."""", ,,, ,..a"1 J1 J'//

. '" .
'_ ___' ...... u ', _0_ ""' : ,.,j



day. May 15. 1936. THE LEADER-ENTERPRISE Pane Seven

0 Slot Machines Leave and Dili rapreatTtNt the Mate milk ..
fLT HAS MADE I 'Candidates for County School Board .
As City File Appeal I Otttaai efid *> cleaning beards,
but he allowed where the tees were
!K IN LEGAL (Continued Frogs Pap One) Make Initial Bow at Homestead RallyContinued smaller than alleged and dividedIn
I aN partmirshlp Me asserted
preme court bench would probably --
1 not be handed down until I ( From Page Two) 1, office He aid fie would work see was a one of sour gfat..w"
CIRCLES EARLY, November' or December of this section for Redland District grove, : hard and consistently to build up with his opponent.
year, Mr. McCasMll said living credit to resolutions passed i the community If the voters chose;I Candidates for the state RUt
I'. I In the meantime the Injunction by the local chamber of commerce I him to repreaent District 8 for another reiterated their platforms ** i..rt-
re E: Holt candidate for has been suspended and tempor- and other civic organtoationi I term. lined at the recent political rallyin
legislature. In Group 1.1 arily annulled. If any slot machines He made two ff romlie I Ernest E. Robert devoted his" RedUind Henry II Filer again
ade his mark In the legal I are found operating within only: tint, to devote lOoper cent five minute of speaking time tocrtielam was the target for his two opponents
anion at a comparatively Homestead city limit, pendingthe of his time to the office; second, of his opponent for allegedly 1 Ernest R. Graham and William \.
ace. I supreme court decision both to tee that job and other benefits holding three other office, J. Pruitt who both accused
in November 1902 atarhvine. operators and player will be liable were restricted to cltUens of I while on the bench a* judge of the 1 the school board chairman of mal-
Tenn., Mr. Holt wa to arrest and the mechanical District I, If elected juvenile court He aid little administration of his office and the
&dusted from Vanderbilt Unl- j robbers will be held at the city Chariot. O Turner aid he was about his own qualification for ; use of school teachers: to promote
vjkty Law School with the desNAOt -: hall for redemption. by their owner glad his opponent was not tryingto I the office, other than that he was his campaign throughout the
LL B In 1825, and hasp *. take all the credit for fire pro "a Homestead boy who had 'tr.yed county Filer heatedly denied I
I'' Sliced law in Dade County con- I Ever since its election in Jan- I tection and water control research I' from the fold but was back the ihnrgesr .
iiously since his graduation : uary, the city council has contin- in thin section, and again waved a I again asking for the votes of his Harvey Robillard again \'Ol-rd
Sf the past four years he has i ued the determined fight to keep copy of the Leader-Enterprise of former neighbors" his opposition to any form of
(l professor of law at the UnittHy : the' machine out of this community two yean ago In which he was I I Walter H. Beckham said be was county division or redlsu'Mmg und
of Miami, and is attorney I which was begun during. the quoted ai advocating better drainage seeking re-election on hit record I advocated a protective tmilf He .
.' t Miami Shore Village He is previous administration He pledged himself\ to pro- an juvenile court judge. and spokeof I said he would sponsor n mt'Y.eee I
sterner director of Dade County --.- the best Interests of Dade find
I I tect his friendly and humane policy to create a slate iidxtitiimg
I association> and Is now a mem- Mrs I. n. Clapp, 73, Fails County as a whole and the south in dealing with delinquent chil I from the "bn'uk Ke", 01 ..th\ o nits ,
bef of the grievance committee of l i To Awake From Siesta end In particular, it successful m dun and protecting homes There I held back at part-mutut I ei int. \\'*
I th>| group the race.J. lit fI'w.'I''hldren from Dade In paying race liuik, bl'I.1 .e h.
,He is a vestryman of Trinity Mrs I. D. Clapp, pioneer resident D. Redd reviewed again hoe County m state institutions now he said totaled $J 0.000 Lest >ei -
IplKopal Church Miami, and Is I of Homestead, died at her 14 yean of service. former county 'than when he was elected. A* for son John K. Tillon ftttii tdldatr ..".
member, of Chi Phi social fra- home on N. W. First avenue yesterday I commissioner and pointed to other Jobs hr aId It was true that for the senate. did not attend -
t!rnity and Phi Delta Phi honor- afternoon Although Shad results obtained while he was In I hill law firm of Walsh. Beckhim I UK ally
ary legal fraternity He 1*married bean in failing health for some -- --
And has two children, a son ands I MfHe, her death came auddorjy, a* .Ittrrr.a
daughterHe (he had proceeded actively about
advocates abolition of the her household duties until taking
poll tax and repeal of the ilot ma- an after-luncheon nap, from which
chine law and is vigorously op- she never awoke.. She was 73 MASS MEETINGof
posed to a general sales)'tux or to yean of age
Mrs. Clapp born In New
new. and additional a any
kind whatsoever : believes" : the came to Homestead 14 yean ago
gas tax should be re-allocated\ so with her husband She was a
1 that Dade County will receive its member of the Nazarene church
fair proportion of revenue derived| from where funeral services will Growers and Merchants
by the state from this tax and he I II be conducted. Definite arrange-
ments, awaiting the arrival of relatives -
s I would make full use of the mean
at hand to collect all taxes due. will be announced later by
Reapportionment by mean of I Turner Funeral Home I P. M. 19
an amendment to the state constitution I Besides her husband she is survived 8 Tuesday May
whereby Dade County will by one ton, Delbert D. Clappof ',1
get mon reasonable representstion I West Palm Beach; two daugh-
in the house and senate is ters, Mrs Helen Allen, Syracuse,
another plank In his platform, N. Y and Mrs Florence Van SCHOOL AUDITORIUM t
which also includes adequate revenue I Vranken, Albany, N. Y., and by a
for the schools, old age pensions half-sister, Mrs Nora Norton of
and relief of real estate from MiamI. "Jf
bjirdWMome taxation He pledge 't
himself. not to scamps any tahetpVtition a ito fa= a'ff' t QUESTIONS
or ofTlce wnlie a Member TAfgttiaaaee {
of the legislature, It eteeWiCHArriELL St. Petersburg and Clearwater.
1. Are we willing to trade Cuba and Mexico certain monthsof 1
Chappell adherents In the larger -
NOW counties such as Duval, Hilla- the year duty free on their fruits and vgetable if we secure an 7

borough and cambia, believe embargo against their shipments of fruits and vegetables the remaining \
that a heavy vote in their candidate -I months of the ? I
ON 2ND SPEAKING 's home county of Dade will year
carry him through the first primary -
Cuba says she is willing to trade.
with a hug majority.

i ir TOUR OF STATE common Chappell schools wa educated of Georgia In and the 2. Are we willing to support at the coming summer and fall

s attended Georgia Tech and Em- elections any party that promises us an immediate embargo or
Dan Chappell 1 is making his ory University He served in the higher tariff against foreign fruits and vegetables?
second campaign tour of the state I World War, and moved to Florida
an i behalf of his candidacy fo.. u( \- after its close. He has practiced FLASH -
senor. and te aid by his ,i,!,pol'l-1 law at Miami since He marriedIn 1
ers to be gaining at\'n nth Miami and has two children. Cuba said to be increasing her imports to this country on

goes forwardAt whit; is claimed to be the I Ilarll'si ... potatoes and tomatoes one hundred per cent next season,

in ,Jacksonville gathering the ever Miami laarmbled candidate ELECT "- Chairmen of Miami Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce' ; .

presented his con to the citizens ttill Mippoit us! at this meeting. The future prosperity of the
of .Duv l County recently We E. VAN fruit\ and vegetable industry of our state depend upon the action
jle spoke yesterday at Lakeland
to be taken.
nd Winter Haven after com-
Come and Support This Issue

W. Cecil Watson JOHN G. WILLIAMS,

Chairman of Committee.

-- --
------ ---
d i




an *Avocado trees are needing fertilizer to overcome storm damage

:',.. \ ''tf./; and mature this season's crop of fruit. Redland Brand fertilizers are I

., :.'..,.4 ..' >;\ of adapted to this purpose.Florida j

; ;< ; ".4\ ..;

.r t\ <.1'';;: #J RegistrationVAN ,

Candidate for LOON will devote i East Coast Fertilizer Co.
Clerk of the Criminal
this office. i
Brand Fertilize
Manufacture Redland iI
Court of! Record Your Vote and Support I

:. I it Jim Democrat primary I Will Be Appreciated a MANGANESE DISTRIBUTORS )!
.,' '
Your Vote and Support i Subject DenMcratto Primary PHONE: Id. FRANK B. RLE, Jtfgf.. HOMESTEAD FLA.

"Will Be Appreciated June, 1t3. ..... !
'1'11IoI r..ltloel Arwrtlnr.nq FnU .....It.... A*.nlmiMM, .

. tr

A' ., ,/ .' RUA

Pa Fight THE LEADER- ENTERPRISE Friday, May Ifr 1936.

61 SCOUTS SIGN Myers Jeffrey 62 Dies Funeral Services Held I Beside. her husband and pat* rr, Ways Erpenbach aim ef RedenU .
Mr* Carver leave a broth- land.
Suddenly at Home Here For Mrs. Gilbert Carver

AS LOCAL TROOP Funeral services for Myeri Jeffrey Funeral services: tor ),fn. Gil- I
62, who died suddenly at his bert Carver SI,were conducted by J. D. REDDCandidate
BEGINS 5TH YEAR Homestead residence Tuesday, the Rev. Myron C. Poet pastor of II i
were held at the Nazarene Church I the Church: of Spiritual Science I
yesterday morning, with the Rev. la' the clubhouse of the
Thirty-two{ Boy Scout Mid twen Howard Eckel pastor officiating''stead Woman's Club Homt-I for
Burial In Miami Memorial ,
ty-nine Cub Scout re-registered was Burial wa taPalm Cemetery
Park with Turner Funeral Home i ranja Turner Funeral Home '
lot another rear last week, thus
marking the beginning of the fifth in chargeMr in charge of arrangements wa'l' CountyCommissioner
consecutive year of Troop 23 of Jeffrey came to Homesteadfrom I Mr*. Carver who had
Homestead under the leadership Ohio about IB year ago and been employed in Melbourne
of Scoutmaster A. A. KoesUlno. was associated with his brother, visiting her parents Mr and Mrs
pastor of the Homestead Methodist B. Jeffrey, In the operation of 1'1 I William Erpenbach of Redland, i District I 5
Jeffrey Lumber Co. sawmill
Church when she wa taken ill Death
Troop committeemen chosen for Mowry street at the time of his came Monday night at the Kendall Your vote and
the year are A. T. Arthur, L. B. death. hospital. Her grandparents, Mr
SommerS,Oeo.N. Wakefield Chas.Caves : He I I. survived by his widow, and Mr*. Anton Erpenbach" wereamong I solicited on basis of my
and Ben Archer. Mrs. Cella L. Jeffrey; four tons,i the first pioneer settler
Tuesday night the committed Loytoa Arnett, Carl and Nell Jef.: of the Redland Plutrlct past record
men will hold examining court for trey; two daughter Martha and '
a number of boys to pan merit Olive Jeffrey, and two brother, I ("W Political A.n
0. S. and L B. Jeffrey,
badge examination to qualify for
higher rank
( ( fi1111111RilTm!
The Boy Scout will go camping of farmer of this area,W. B. Hull HINT 'R"11
Friday at Scout Forest on county supervisor, announced yesterday
North Krome avenue in order1 thata This representative will Daisy CHASE II
number of boy may obtain their be located in the city hall build- SANBORNMILK

camping badges.WESTON. Ing Mr. Hull said I c.. ..... '__:.:I
Only rural dweller who have
110 other equitable source of credit I Coffee
will be eligible to receive klllhI
from this branch of the Resettle-I
ONE OF LEADERSIN ment Administration, p
nothing to do with the : ,3Aall cans % 1b.9C .
of land or the removal of"WOUld-//
SHERIFF RACE be farmer from one
I another, Mr. Hull aid.
__ I 27c
Slawe the campaign started a
few week ago, L. R. (!Roy Weston > SATURDAY SPECIALS
ha* become one of the leading III= 11
factor In the race for sheriff of
Dade County. He wa defeatedfor i PILLSBURY'S 20 lb. bag: COUNTRY ROLL lb.FLOUR .
the Democratic nomination :
four year ago by only a small ;
that will be an Important point In L. R. "ROY"WESTON 95' BUTTER 30

his that favor.wll The an Important point In i

la his platform talk Weston I
stresses that he I* not under obligations .
to any clique faction or EXCELL SUPER SUDS,3 pkgs.25c DAIsY
individual, but I* a candidate of
Candidate for Soda Crackers Cheese
the people with no strings tied to
him. He also ask for consideration RED PITTED t cans

of his record a*a law enforcement SHERIFFSOLICITS %Oc CHERRIES------25c ..ZZc:
officer when chief of policeof lib.pkg. lb. -
Coral Cable and a* a memberof
Dade County criminal investigation EXCELL SOUTHERN LADY qk WESTERN"
department of the iherlff
office. o Graham Crax SALAD DRESSING 25c Chuck Roast

lb. pkg.-.3c JELLO---------20c 1b.1CFRESH



Ernest an active E. Robert campaign, who I for* waging the- NO.2ft C.\".( I5c CRISCO, 3lb. can 59c lb.----ISc:

office of Judge of the Juvenile
court, 1* well known In Homestead -
where he resided for sometime your .support NO.1 COBBLER 10 Ibs.WESTERN BEEF

with his parent, Mr. and on the basis of Sirloin or Round
Mr. Ernest P. Robert
He wa born In Key Wet and his proven ability as an Potatoes 27 Steaks 2SCaED
wa educated in the public schools efficient law enforcement -
of Monroe County. He later took
his A. B. degree at Princeton: University officer.A .
and wa graduated in law BUSS FANCY WHOLE GRAIN S Ibe. WESTERN rUMS RIB
at the University of Miami He
served a* assistant county solicitor vote for Weston is Potatoes RICE---------25c ROAST
of Dad County for three year under a vote for dignified law
Fred W. Pine and Charles A. I the.51bs..I .
Morehead He la married has one enforcement.A .
child and I* affiliated with the ,C l\IEALorGRITS---15c Ib.----Z8c

Masons, Elk. Knight of Pythias, vote for Weston is .
University Club and Rod and Reel
Club of Miami. a vote for the efficient NO. 11 CANS

If elected, Mr. Robert lay, he administration of this I Post Toasties I ,kilo :l5c LARD
will accept no ether public office TOMATOES (
a* he firmly believe that one job important office.A I Kids! I Get Coupons Here for
In time like these 1* all that a

will man endeavor should expect to"restoreharmony: He says he vote for Weston Is 4 cans--Z5c G.len Badges and Prizes 4 lb. pkg.50C

In the functioning of the Juvenile a vote against the criminal
court and will devote to the office element. OVERSEA TARGET can un CHIEF
all the. time required to give mature .
consideration to each c.... : Peanut gutter CORNED BEEF 17c DOG FOOD
Realising that toda,'* child; I* to- I Weston is honest; efficient ,
monrowl citizen he promise that has J"
; capable;
his judgment In every cue will be 21bjar30C WIUTE
fur the ultimate welfare of the moral courage; ability, BACON ---lSc
child: and that he will not be influenced .
can match wits with the .
: by any political reaction -
that might arise should bit Judgment smoothest of criminals; CLOTH BAG Ib
be questioned. and will protect our Wt

U. S. LOAN AGENT people in every way. Sugar 10 Ibs. 53 c 19c-

Vote for Him! .

A representative Administration of the will Resettlement ,be*I Win With Weston! Thurs. Hal Holidays Start J1'ay

stationed in Homestead oa Monday ... !
POW for 110-- f.lw
,, ,
afternoon and all day Tuesday .l i I ; ]i ] :

w., .. ) L

,... -...-.,.. ;- ..,...-


Friday, May 11. 1916. THE LBADEB-ENTERPRISB ... Nine i

>d* 111 Social Events in South Dade 'r I IIJ] :

...._.. ...._._


II..a H. S. senior play. .
Mri Howard Banks Heath, the will assist Mrs. Lowe at the shower May 15-0. II:. S Initiation ol t A please recites wW b tfven by :Ctore de Line", Freewtt Mfc song : '".t
former Miss Hetep GrunweU, will tomorrow. new members in 1. o. O. F. hall pupils of Mrs. Joseph litter Sat. "The 'Winds CtarHtt
be honored tomorrow by friends T"invited Include: Mrs May It Future Farmer benefit urday afternoon at a o'clock at the "Blow, Blow" Crema { Y

and neighbor at a miscellaneous Orunwell, Mrs. Lena B. Heath, chicken supper in tire station I home ol Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Murray Joy Lee I
bridal I shower given by Mr Joseph Mrs Geo. W. Turner. Mrs. Ceo.rr'O from 9 till 8 o'clock. in Princeton. "!Alp Freg" William f I

Wilson Lowe a.the Lowe W Turner, Mrs Henry Schu May U-South Dade Garden The program will consist el the Andante Morsel
home In Jungle Grove. Club meeting with Mrs. Elbe l
macher, t Mahan, MnE. 1 following numbers: Etsenor Murray r'Happy \
Miss Grunwell and Mr. Heath :. A. Carter Mrs. Thos. Brewer, Froecher In Florida City. "Skinning the CM" Matthews Fanner" SckumimVaJwt \
were married May 7 la the parsonage Mrs. J:. C. Byan, Mn. Wm. Kelly May 19-W. M. S. circle meet- -Slumber Song" team "Magic Campbell .' ji I

of the South Miami Baptist Mrs. Henry Carter, Mrs. J. Craft, Ings.May Music" "Song of the Lark" Tdwttonky '
Church by the> Rev. A. L. Mn. M. J. Brownlow, Mrs. Wm.] la-Woman' Club of the Welts .._._ ___._ __ ... Straus Mary Frances Rutland r
Bridges who used the double ring Dunlop Mrs. H. J. Armstrong, meeting. Dale Faust "Petite Coquette" Holism r t
ceremony. Mn. Allen Hartford, Mn. A. G 1 May 1 -Home beautification "Drifting" ..._ Williams "March of the Gnomes", KeMeter : i!
The bride I* a daughter of Mr. Raab, Mn. Albert January I class meeting In high school agriculture Betty Oatlln Edwina Close :

and Mn Benjamin GrunweU who Geo. E Oeuel, Mrs U. E. MI'II'I i May 19 rooms at 730.: "Sleep, Baby. Sleep", from "Magto Maiurka .. Chopin '
Woodmen's Circlebenefit !
came to Florida from Pleasant- Mn. Geo. E. Reed Mrs b n- Music" Mary Grace English 5 t'
at home of Mr.
ville N. J., and after a brief stay Turner Mn. F. W Stillman party "Up In the Attic" _.. Williams "Hunting Song" Mendelssohn
and Mrs. W. IX Coker at 8 i
In Key West bought a home in Wm. Brodie, Mrs. Wm. MI'I'I p. m. Ruth Rutland March of the Cookie s "
Redland In 1929. She was graduated ough, Mn M. A. Baker, May 21-Exhibit of Homestead "In Hawaii" .. Leila RyckolT Lohman i l
from Redland High School Frank Orif icl, Mrs. J. M. McCul-1 I Demonstration Club in Neva "Happy Trumpeter" Matthew Betty Stake
i in 1931 and in 1933 was marriedto lough Mn. Clna Stewart MI'II'I{I King Cooper School.May OrieUs Terburg i'
Wm. Van Winkle Jr. from 21-Redland Home Demonstration Good Night Little
Anna Messenmllh, Mrs. Dan I Club exhibit. Love" from AREME: : CLUB MAKES "
:whom she wag divorced. She I* an Roberta, Mrs Wilmer Cast, Mrt. I "Musto Play"
May H. S. senior ,
active worker In the Redland L. G. Ruggles, Mn. G W T. Snare, "Dukes Song" from "Music Play" Y
Home Demonstration Club. Mn. A. E Barnes, Mn Chas Fair; IMI'II. | May 21 Meeting of Orange Carol Virginia Lee Approximately twenty dollar \
The bridegroom U a son of Mrs. J. F. McCullough. Mn. Blossom Club at home of Mrs. Lobster's Quadrille" from "HappyDays" WM cleared by the Aroma Club at ?
Lena B. Heath of South Miami. Sprague, Mrs. E.: F. Marshall, Mn. Pearl Cooper at 230. the benefit supper In the L O. O. '
May 21-Naranja O. E. S. meet- F. hall ;
Until two years ago his home wasin A. V. Phillips, Mn. Minnie Miles, "Fairies' Harp" Etta Ketterer night l I
Infield N. H.. where two of the Mn. O. B. Parker, Mrs. FriU Jack- Ing. Virginia WalkerNATURALIZATION Plan for the supper were cemL .
brides filters, Mrs Roger C. son, Mrs. C. R. Gutterldge, Mn May 22-H. H 8. Junior-senior L pleled at a meeting of the ebb ,

Lawn and Mrs. Arthur Depew, Chas Price, Mn. David Kufeldt, J banquet LAWS [ Friday afternoon at the home ef '
live. May 22-Areme Club meeting Miss Estelle Turner. Mn. '
Mrs Jaa. L. Bird, Mrs. W. Wayne
Mr and Mrs. Heath at home with Mrs.. Wayne Calkins. i Calkins the
are Calkins, Mn. August Heuer won mystery package, ;
F'I Mrs. B. L. Blggcn presented the
to their friends In a cottage on E. P. Roberta, Mrs. Charlotte May 23-Future Farmer benefit chief facta regarding naturaliza- i Present were: Mrs, A. V. Phillips -
Ludnaro road In South Miami but dance in Country Club. Mrs. Albert
erta, Mn Floyd Fogle, Mn. Meybem,
tion laws at a meeting of the
they to leave for Infield May 2> Open meeting ef Mn. X. Et
plan soon A. Fog II, Miss Lottie Leadlsy. Altaian Mn. Calklna,
Homestead Business
and Professional
where they will spend the summer Misses Eula and Leticia Campbell, Homestead B. P. W. C. at the home Woman's Mn. B. O. Branch, Mrs. Geo. W.
Club at the
of Mrs. home
f >, Miss Pansy L Norton Miss Estelle LLBowat1V.m. Turner, Jr., Mn. Bob Harris, Mrs.V. .
of Mn. L. L. Bow
Mn Mario Lopes, Mrs Gotch Turner, Miss Kathryn Cast and May ZI-Ladle.( Night at Red- and Mine Lucille Monday evenIng B. Cave and Min Helen Livingston -
evil followed
land District Lions Club. -
Xufeldt .
and Miss Olive GrunweU Miss Billle Hartford. l
May 2 --H. H. S. class day ex- this with a talk on the responsibilities -
erel.... and privilege of citizen
Z* FROM HOMESTEAD Victor Wednesday night Mr. and May 29-R. H. S. ,junior-senior ship. Mrs. Wm. M. Johns played JUNIOR CLUB TO HAVE:
ATTEND P.-T. A. BANQUET Mn. Bevo Webb won high score banquet t plane solo i SOCIAL MEETING MONDAY

Twenty-two from the Homestead I pries and Mn..J'tp'nU hJU and I .-Jim > P M 1In... |tnir -. question* were coUectedwhkhUii -. |, Mn. W. B. Caves, Jr., Mn. HnroM )
Parent-Teacher Association Wm. Rheney won the tow.T clses. fflertiben' would" Site i to have Oxford and Misses Alice and

attended the annual May banquet Present were: Mr. and Mn, Lee June B Episcopal Woman's answered by Attorney Ernest P. Grace Hobson will be hostesses at I
and installation of officers of the H. Lehman Roberta a social meeting of the Junior ,
I Mr. and Mn. W. K. Auxiliary meeting with Mn. J. A. I when he talks to the clubon
Dade County Council of the Florida Walton, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Webster Hooks. the legal rights of married Woman' Club of Homestead Monday -

Congress of Parents andTeachers I Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Faust June 7-R. R S. baccalaureatesermon. women and the Inheritance lawsas evening. The meeting place
In the Miami Edison High Mr and Mn. Rheney, Mr. and they concern widows and chil- has not yet bent decided upon.

School. Principal L. B. Sommers' Mn Webb, Mrs Jot. Gauzens and June 7-H. H. S. baccalaureate! dren at an open meeting May 25.
of Homestead was installed as a I MM. SkULLOCAL sermon. LOCAL STARS ATTEND

.council. memberatlarge.Those June e IL H. S. commencement MRS. W. D. COKER HOSTESS: DISTRICT CUB MElTING
attending from Home- I' DEMONSTRATION exercises. AT BENEFIT BUNCO PARTY Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompwin

stead were: Mr. and Mrs. C. H. CLUBS TO EXHIBIT: THURSDAYThe June 10-R. IL S. commencement Mrs. W. D. Coker entertainedthe and Mrs.. C. N. Henderson attended
SUlTanA, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. W. t Redland and the Homestead I exercises. Orange Blossom Club with e a meeting of the past matron
English, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. N. 'I Home Demonstration Clubs will bunco party Tuesday evening. and patrons' club of District 21 of
Wakefleld, Mr. and Mrs. Lester hold their annual exhibits Thursday Mn. M. S. Studstill and J. D. Con- the O. E. S. in the Scottish Rite
Lawrence Mrs. C. N. Walker Mrs of work done during the year. The program was planned at ner won flnt price and Miss Lou- Temple in Miami Saturday night
8. L. West Mrs J. Tom Vanrt. Mrs The Redland exhibit will be the auxiliary's meeting May 7 at lee Dcsrlng and Chas Martin won Mn Henderson and Mr. Thompson -
Paul Reynolds Mrs J. E. Close held in the Redland Community the home of Mrs A. A. Payne. second prlxes members of the club, seivrdon
Mrs Elizabeth Fuchs Mrs P. B. Church. I Bible study was. led by Mrs. J. M. Others present were: Mr. and the refreshment committee

Bird Mrs John L. The Homestead exhibit win Itolferty. Mn A. J. Brady Mn Ellen Martin -
Mrs. Ben Archer, Scarborouah// open at the regular meeting hour Those present were: Mn. Geo. Mn J T. Martin Miss Flos- VISITORS ATTENT MEETING
Miss Jessie Hendershot, Miss S.JO a. m. and It will keep open I' Ruehle, Mrs. B. II:. Oatlln, Mrs W. lie. Gordy, Miss Bonnie Groover or NARANJA O. E, ..
Frances Oorsey, Miss Miry Williams all day. Anything made by members 'C Fritter, Mn Vane Barrie, Mrs. Mill Ruth Gross. Miss Claudia Three visitors were present nt
and Mr. SommeH. during the past three yean L. G. Ruggles, Mrs. C. B. Plum- Conner, Mill Myrticc Counc. the meeting of. the Naranja O. E.
Mrs. E. J. Dyal, local president may be exhibitedPRESBYTERIAN. 'mar, Mrs. R. C. Jackson, Mn. D'I Miss Nellie MM Martin Miss Mildred 8 Thursday night of last week,
who made arrangements for the I W. Nelson Mrs R. Y. Burr Smith Jennie StudsUU, Rob- Mrs. Olive Hand, Mn. Stafford
trip was unable to be present be- AUXILIARY Holferty, ),[1'1I. H. S. Wolfe and ert Bell Leon Hill and Bauer Mar Caldwell and ..... Robert Taylor
cause of the serious illness of her FLANS BIRTHDAY MEETING I :Mrs. A. F. Arthur. tin. all of Miami.Briten .

mother. The Woman's Auxiliary of the ,I '
Presbyterian Church will hold Its t
MR. AND MRS. VICTOR annual birthday meeting In the

ENTERTAIN SUPPER CLUB church Sunday May 24, at S p. m. I
Four tables of bridge were in The
program will be ott Montreal,
play when the Supper Club met at I and the collection taken will be ONLY ONE ,

the home of Mr. and Mrs. Given sent to the Montreal building fund. I TOOTHPASTE I N NO need now to hate several dentifrices

I OUR BATHROOM handy. Every member of

Unimpeachable Honesty, Training: Experience NOW r your family will use Briten Tooth Paste

and Achievement Qualify |Iim rt -and like it.

ELECT Briten has everything: Cleans teeth

all over, maintains natural whiteness,

HARRYGOLDSTEIN } l /I sweetens breath, aids gums when massaged -

into them. And for the children's

I sake it Is pleasantly flavored.



.. 0 ; 6 '411

Tax .

Collector TOOTH PASTE I flic DixieI Drug

Dade County Needs 25c Your Rtxall Store -

t the Best I

,.aua..t "' .,1'1iiI sseh


.. ... ,.., _. .I ,, ,
.o I.-:1.--- ""!" "' ::!.. .a_ t."'" :;; '}'..;...,... "" ,- -


'Woo WIF ..4-

Page Ten THE LEADER ENTERPRISE FridlY, May 15. 19a -. w

.... .... said "In action Antarctic \
-- illey,|
; iL jerhaps shut-to by towering mou
ER".1 tains, a thrilling discovery ma
BY MllS U U BOW. IJUHAHIA1Lin await us" This story of th. Ant.E'
L Social Events I 1 arctic may not be so impr babkij
after alt Reed the book
take g. wi".
I **IT IInt'I' books themselves they
Ma** r. WMIIMAW ",..esutep. t-t f wfr..dsy from the rental shelf they still save I Adam Welsmann, who turned front
Frldv i l. .. ...1 .. M. I money. For a few cents one may medical research to ixplouitio ,
......... t I.. m-II I ba ti ..I. T-S a. read a book coating several dol- of an unknown Antarctic I land Edison -
HOMESTEAD FUTURE FARMERS GIVE Ian. Then, lust about the time Marshall has written much of

PARTY FOR MOTHERS ON MOTHER'S DAY The public library wives one 011 IUse |I we feel all keyed up and encouraged I the arctic, perhaps his long association '
with the far north
of Many I: of in has
great problem today about the lack' apace
I families live In apartment, bout-I 1 i the small home. no room for both I! given him a vision of the fur south 'I' ,
About fifty were present at the Orcasltas showed us some pictures ;i Ing all modern convenience "Ef- books and. family someone brln.slI I .

reception given by the Homestead that have been taken of the ficiency' utilfKcs every Inch of In a magazine with a leading article {i iI
(hapter Future Farmers of Amer- I members i ':
different clubs and pact for a definite purpose The I 'WILL LIBRARIES LIVE
It o for the mothers of the membersin The 4-H camp will be held al Ironlng-bMrd is parked in the wall wonder I FLORA ENGLAND NI
the clubhouse Sunday afternoon. the Ida M. Fisher School June 22. and to la the bed, all furnishings : Do you know T. C. Lawrence
\ trio, Oeo Frick, Willard Fide : The alumnae and pledge camp must be adjusted to permit the : WM the donator of an anonymous I
'Id and Clarence Hunt playing will be held June 19 at the school UM of all furnishings, everything education fund tor the children of I
the saxophone, banjo and piano All of the members of Homestead needful hu been thought out, but the officers of the Royal Air Force ,
tote! several numbers HI club are eligible for camp I there is no place for book Book and refused any profit from hit I 4 ttt e
-stiinley-itlkop song' Ui Insists Next week Virginia Kinner will i are bulky they are heavy OWdifficult book 'Revolt In the Deaert. all F
accompaniment by MIss MonteseI have charge of the program I to pack. People are rest- royalties being paid into this fund I 'I'
I I't.ttl. Mr* (.ro E Reed gave 1 Those present were: Miss Orea- I teat they flit from town to town, A woman returning 'Dlan of I
a talk and I i mu:.icil reading withiimpanimiiit sites, Mine Keaon Mrs Carlson { from apartment to apartment, nobody 1 the Lost Land" by Edison M.-I lp ,
.11 < by Mrs.. J D. Redd Fern Robertson Nora Akers Norma !I like to pack book, ao why ': shall, said It was a good story but
Mrs S. I I. U',.it and Mrs Vera Coasman. Loubslle and OoldiaOrennell I I pure"booIca." there la' always a improbable Commander Byrd
library near at hand The smell ;. I
SummerUn song .i duet Mia Irene Annabel! Redd, Elizabeth -
Whichard gave viral piano sokw, and Katherine Williams, house and small apartment moyj I
one of wine was an F.F.A. song I Catherine Orfanedes Mildred and be the secret of the phenomlnal'
that she had written growth of the Homestead library. !I 'f.y
,,i Margaret Field Virginia Khmer, DR.R.S.AKERSDENTIST
No room for book, to them
The F. F A. band played several Priecflls Freed, Mary Duncan pan a
on. Several. Individuals have
elections I and Leola emp-
Julia Frances Sullivan
I Candidate for Election to
tied their book shelves for ua and

ft'OH.tVSCLCB COMMITTEES I Little I we We are are grateful always Interested whenwe Office Mount9a.mtodp.m. I Dab Co. School Board

APPOINTED: BT PRESIDENT LOCAL GIRL ON M. E. COUNCIL hear a family la going to move. Sundays 9 to 12 I
District 3--entire district south
Announcement! of the following Tallahassee. May 14-Miss Margaret We begin to wonder about the new Closed Saturdays I of Tamlaml Trail. t
committees was announced Tuesday of Homestead house-la It larger or smaller will
Delaney was
by Mrs Harry Wolfe, president recently! elected financial secretary they want to take the old books Free Parking Space Your vale and support will a
of the Woaaanl Club of of the Methodist student Into the new home, will the expense assure the courteous effl
1764 N. w. HTII ST. MIAMI I
elent sad impartial conduct
Homestead, at a meeting of the I council of Florida State College of moving be so treat no
club Tuesday afternoon: membership for Women Recognition servicesfor new books will be purchased for PHONE S-Z131 i of the affairs of this efflce

Mrs Eton Ftrreyra and Mrs, I the newly elected officers were a while, will the old books be packed Paid Political AJv.rtlwm.nl I
E. A Ennls; press, Mrs N. Q BaU; held at the Methodist student away and be put In storage
and house Mrs Ennia. house The officer! will be officially Then on a ray of light cornea the
Those present were: Mrs Fred Installed next fall Idea will they pass the old books RE-ELECT
Whiting, Mrs Ja. McCmdy, Mrs. on to our library Many book
It A. problems facing the family are
Burlew Mrs. Wm. D. Bishop CLASS
Mrs. Ferrcyra, Mrs. Ban Mrs GIVES PANTOMIMEA finally disposed of In this way.
Ennls. Mrs Wolfe and Min Jen- Mother's Day program was Folks give the old books to the library Walter H. BeckhamJUDGE

1"1' Uobdell gives In the First Baptist Church to be passed on, and they
Sunday evening by Mrs Ceo E. come to the library to borrow new

II II 8. CLASS TO SWIM Reed's expression pupils In addition -

VENETIAN POOLS TODAY to the readings by individuals I OF
UI.IIIuI.av. "America" in -
Die sophomore class of Home I
stead High School win spend the 'pantomime, and Mole Bagh- DB.E.GATLINDentist
,o pantomimed! 'Jesus l.cWrrof''
afternoon at the Venetian
poola la
'My' Sour which was lun,-by I JUVENILE COURT"The
Coral] Gables today ,
1 M.. Vera Summerlin. The performers -
Mrs J. a Webatet and Mrs. H. : were from four to eleven I
P McDantel room mothers and years of age
Office in Hausman
r I. Mcllwaln wig accompany the Bldg.I
i'liissHOMESTEAD. I Children's

: Phone 85 I Frle d.'

ray l* bt I.Klta I HOMESTEAD FLOEIDATttlattu'fa

.................... .. "_.._._ 1
I "'J ChooM an understanding
Last Tuesday the 4-H girls met
In their club room tor a special I We give nun of proven ability la

ulon. Miss Keens who hae ... ; lie / I dealing with children to preside
Gently been to Puerto )beef and genuine *,
Miss Maria Teresa OmsHaa, aeiiUnt EUGENE Permanent ever a children's court!
director of the agrleulturil ..istQ
nei.a t'-i4 I." al i.t.rrt1-.nt
I extension service in Puerto Soft, rolling ..v.,-bund )
Rico and director of 4-H club ant lasting nirlt-that, die

v. member of our club told the. the '
And lht i the kind ..* jiv*.
number of yean and project .
for r do gtnuin Euglsewaning
completed In 4-H .
clubwork. The
4-H club has lust been organised wins' genuine Eugtn
Sachets, tltiihf
Let dr
In Puerto Rico the Miss Ui n your C
past year hair for the ........ ash nt.
I, tau t.Iuljiloni and filter. W68 Ba I" t

tag f.k curl,! 6A tfa
DR.M.A.BERGERDentist I, 6 Il

I I Bush's Barber Shop ra + t l'

I & Beauty Parlor l'I

36 N. Krorae Avenue Illse IJllle Brew. OperatorCARE I

Upstairs( I

Office Hours 8:30-4:30 Seep lit theVotelpaWda GROWING serve


B1 APPfllMTllKVTPORM71MEMT; :i and Beauty : e the growing South

112 8, E. SECOND VENn:

J. .' .. .. . .. .. True beauty demands sad More than tM.MO.000, sow spent by the Southern kit Telephone
Telegraph Company In IMS to taxes, wanes and plant additions.
the bass| of care at all All Outside Rooms with Impwrements and rrpl- to meet the demands for high grade ?
times. Whether you telephone ,scales b the=:It seme.
Private Bath
WAVING :. wish a wave a facial, Most .f the INrty-eirht mlllloa. dollars toned Its way beck Into
I a manicure; ,.