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Title: The children's primer
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Title: The children's primer
Physical Description: iv, 108, 14 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Cyr, Ellen M., d. 1920 ( Copyright holder )
Ginn and Company ( Publisher )
J.S. Cushing & Co ( Typographer )
Publisher: Ginn & Company, Publishers
Place of Publication: Boston
Manufacturer: Typography by J.S. Cushing & Co. ; Presswork by Ginn & Company
Publication Date: 1898
Subject: Readers (Primary) -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Education, Elementary -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Girls -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Children -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Domestic animals -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Birds -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Dolls -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Play -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Children's stories   ( lcsh )
Publishers' advertisements -- 1898   ( rbgenr )
Children's stories -- 1898   ( lcsh )
Primers (Institutional books) -- 1898   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1898
Genre: Publishers' advertisements   ( rbgenr )
Children's stories
Primers (Institutional books)   ( rbgenr )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Massachusetts -- Boston
Statement of Responsibility: by Ellen M. Cyr.
General Note: Contains fiction and non-fiction.
General Note: Pictorial cover.
General Note: Publisher's advertisements follow text and on back cover.
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Ile Baldwin Library










IT is of the utmost importance that the earliest steps in reading
should be taken in the right direction. The habit of throwing
expression into the sentences from the very first is invaluable; and
this is impossible where the vocabulary is large. With this fact in
mind, I have made my lessons as simple as possible; the average num-
ber of new words being about two and one-quarter to each page.

"To let the new life in, we know
Desire must ope the portal."

The subjects of the lessons have been chosen with an especial view
to interesting the little ones so that their expression will come natu-
rally and spontaneously.
The wise teacher will weave an interest about the earliest lessons,
filling them with thought and meaning of which the printed text shall
be but a suggestion. A question here and there, a drawing out of the
memory and imagination, will fill the pupil with a real interest in
what he is reading; and the eager child nature will exult in the knowl-
edge he has acquired, .and pressing forward to what lies beyond will
throw life and meaning into the simplest sentences.
In connection with this book I have prepared a complete set of
Practice Sentences. These consist of fifty envelopes, each containing
twenty sentences, introducing and giving practice on the new words in

-3 iv E*-

each lesson. After the new words have been developed and taught
from the blackboard, these sentences are distributed to the children,
and are read in turn; as fast as one is read a new one being given out.
Each child has his attention fixed upon his own individual sentence,
and his mind is more concentrated than in the blackboard lessons. No
time is lost in waiting, as the preparation can be made while the others
are reading, and the lesson i4 the book is kept fresh for the final read-
ing. I have made and used a similar set, during the past three years,
and consider them almost indispensable.
Read! read! read! is the cry of the times, and this set will double
the reading-matter without increasing the vocabulary. Hoping this
book may be of service to the teachers as well as to the children,
whose interests are always near my heart, I remain,

Yours very cordially,



A a OU
B b
c C
Dd l d
E e
F f f

G g
H h
I i D -

Kk k
L 1
M m TYL/



n rYL b
o &CY

p P
t J t

uv r

w UUr
x y x




Mhm mdW


ba' by
See baby.

See' mamma.

-43 2 E-



My doll. See my
My mamma. See my
My baby doll.


See my baby doll.


-3 3 3E-

kit' ty cn I
See my kitty.
I can see my kitty.
Mamma can see my kitty.
"My kitty can see.
My kitty can see baby.

-134E -

I can see.
I can see kitty.
I can see my doll.
Kitty can see baby.
I can see mamma.
I can see baby.
Mamma can see.
Mamma can see my doll.
Mamma can see kitty.
Baby can see mamma.
Baby can see kitty.
Kitty can see mamma.
Kitty can see my doll.
Can baby see my doll?
Baby can see my doll.
See my doll, baby.

-43 5 E-

I have a book A slate
I have a slate.
I have a book.
.I have a kitty.
See my book.

--3 6 *-

See my slate.
Mamma can see my slate.
Mamma can see my book.
See my slate, baby.
See my book, baby.
I have a doll.

Baby can
Baby can
Baby can
Kitty can
Can kitty
Kitty can
Can baby
Baby can
Can baby
Baby can


my doll.
my book.
my slate.
my book.
kitty ?
my slate?
my slate.

I have my slate.

-3 7 EA-


I like Wil' lie to play

I can see Willie.
Willie has a kitty.
Willie has a book.
.I have a book.
Mamma has a book.

-438 El-
Baby has a book.
Baby can see Willie.
I like Willie.
I like to play.
I like my book.
I like to see kitty play.
Baby can play.
Willie can play.

Can you see Willie?
Can you see kitty?
Can you see a book?
Can you play?
Can you see kitty play?

-t3 9 6-

Baby has my slate.
See my slate, mamma.
Willie has a book.
I have a book.
I have my slate.
See my book, baby.
Willie has a kitty.
Can you see kitty play?
I A]ke kitty.
I like to play.
Can you see baby?
Yes, I can see baby.
Baby can see mamma.
I like baby.
I like kitty.
Mamma, see kitty play.
I like you, kitty.

-4-3 1 E-

birds the nest fly yes
I can see a nest.
I can see the birds.
Can you see the nest? Yes.
Can you see the birds ? Yes.
I have a bird.
My bird can fly.
See the nest.

Pa pd' tree pretty (prit' ty) i in
Papa has a pretty tree.
Look at the pretty tree.
See the birds in the tree.
-A nest is in the tree.
The nest is pretty.
Can you see the nest?
Oh, you pretty little birds!
I like to see you fly.
Fly to your nest.
See the birds fly, papa.

I ,

-312 -

Oh ruin miqe it' tle

Oh, see the little mice
Can you see the little mice? Yes.
The little mice have a nest.
Can you see the nest? Yes.
The little mice can run.
I can run. Can you run ? Yes.
I like the little mice.

' .

-32 3 B-

See the mice play.
I like to see you, little mice.

mouse your c'tch
A little mouse can run.
See the mouse, kitty.
Kitty can see the mouse.
Kitty can catch'.the mouse.
Run, little mouse.
Kitty can run.
Kitty can catch you.
Kitty can catch a bird.
Have you a nest, little mouse ?
Run to your nest.
I like you, little mouse.
I like to see you play.
Run, run, little mouse.
Run to your mamma.

-43 14 D-

big ride h6rse

Papa has a big horse.
The horse can run.
Papa can ride on the horse.
I like to see papa ride.
Willie can ride on a horse.

-43 15 E*-

Willie has a little horse.
See Willie's horse.
I like Willie's horse.
Willie's horse can run.
Willie's horse is little.
Papa's horse is big.
Willie is little.
Papa is big.
Can you ride on a horse?
I can ride on papa's horse.
I like to ride on Willie's horse.
Willie's horse likes Willie.
Papa's horse likes Willie.
Baby likes papa's horse.

Teach the formation of the possessive by adding 's.
Mamma Mamma's
baby baby's
kitty kitty's

-3 16 S-

feed milk cow (cou) John give
Papa has a cow.
See the pretty cow, baby.
The cow gives milk.
I like milk.
I give milk to kitty.
I'can feed the cow.
You may feed the cow, baby.

-K3 17 E'-
See baby feed the cow.
See John milk the cow.
I like to see you milk, John.
Papa can milk the cow.
I like to see papa milk the cow.
I can feed papa's horse.
The cow can see baby.
The cow likes baby.
Baby likes to feed the cow.
I like the pretty cow.

Papa has a cow.
I have a book.
Willie has a horse.
Mamma has a baby.
Kitty can see a mouse.
I like my slate.
Oh, see the bird
Children supply the adjective.

-4 18 -

Willie, can you milk a cow?
Yes, I can milk a cow.
I can ride on a horse.
I can feed the horse.
See kitty in the tree.
A little bird is in the tree.
The little bird can see kitty.
The little bird can fly.
The bird has a pretty nest.
The nest is in the big tree.
The bird is on the nest.
I can feed the pretty bird.
I give milk to kitty.
See the little mouse, kitty.
Run, little mouse.
See the little mouse, baby.
See kitty run.

-319 Ek-

Al' ige go do ind it scho-ol
Alice and I go to school.
Alice is little. I am big.
See my slate.
Alice has a book and slate.
I like to go to school.
Do you see my school?
It is a little school.
Do you go to a little school?

-3 20 *-

sews (soz) me look
Can you sew, Alice?
Yes, I can sew a little.
I sew for my doll.
Mamma sews for me.
Mamma sews for baby.
I can sew for mamma.
I like to sew.

Do you sew in school, Alice?
Yes, I do sew in school.
Look at ni d6ol.
Do you se, my doll?
Look at me. See me sew.

white d6ve Grage
tip wish it
I have a pretty white dove.
Do you wish to see my dove?

-43 22 *-

Yes, I wish to see it.
Look up in the tree.
Oh yes, I see it.
It is a pretty dove.
See it fly, Grace.
Fly to me, pretty dove.
See baby look at the dove.
Do you wish to feed the dove?
You may feed it.
See the dove fly to baby.
My white dove has a nest.
Fly to your nest, pretty dove.

Willie has a little horse.
Alice has a pretty doll.
Grace has a white dove.
Papa has a big cow.
I have a little kitty.

-43 23 E-


get did nit


Where did you get your book?
It is not my book.
It is Willie's book.
Where did Willie get it?
Papa gave it to Willie.
I have a big doll.
Papa did not give me my doll.
Mamma gave it to me.

-3 24 E-
I can look at Willie's book.
I have a big slate.
Do you wish to see it?
I can not get it.
It is at school.
See my doll.
Can my doll see the book ?
The doll can not see the book.
Alice has a big book.
Where is your book, Alice?
I wish to see it.
I can get it for you.
Willie gave my book to me.
I like to look at the book.
Have you a book, Grace?
I. have a pretty book.
Where is your book?
Mamma has my book.

-3 25 E--

want with
Grace has a pretty white dove.
I like to feed it.
I want a pretty dove, mamma.
You have a big doll, Kitty.
My doll can not play.
You can play with Willie.
Yes, I like to play with Willie.
Willie has a little white kitty.
Oh, I like a little kitty.
I can play with the kitty.
I wish to see the kitty.
Oh, you pretty little kitty!
Do not run.
I will give you milk.
I can sew for my doll.
I can play with my kitty.

-43 26 E*-

Min'nie boat will ind too he

See my papa.
He has a big boat.
I wish to ride in it.
Papa, will you give me a ride in
your boat?
Yes, Minnie, I will.
Run in and get mamma and baby.
Oh mamma, papa wants you!
He will give you a ride.

----- ----;----
a~ r

-43 27 E*-

Baby may go, too.
Do you wish to go, baby?
Do you like to ride in the boat ?
See baby run to the boat.

My papa has a b--t.
I go to sch --1.
A little k tty can run.
A little b rd can fly.
Have you a sl te?
My kitty likes m -1k.
I like to see kitty pl-y.
Oh, see the pretty n st.
I will feed the d-ve.
The dove can fly to b-by.
See Willie feed the h rse.
Alice has a pretty d-11.

-3328 E-

squir' rel that n w6 nuit

Oh, you big squirrel!
Where did you get that nut ?
I got it on the tree.
We want that nut.
No, no, you can not have my nut.
I want it for my baby squirrel.
You can get a nut on the tree;,
Run up the tree and get a nut..

r ;r -F

-43 29 E*-




aen ^ '
I have a little garden.
May gave me a white lily.
I have a rose, too.


1~ ~tti


--330 E'-

It is in my garden.
Have you a garden? Yes.
Have you a lily in it ?
No, I have a rose in my garden.
Minnie gave me my rose.
Where did you get your rose?
Papa gave my rose to me.
He has a big garden.
My papa has a big garden, too.
May I see it? Oh yes.

in an me
it can see
is hs tree
lil'y and feed

-43 31 E-

What are you going to do, John ?
I am going to get the cows.
May I go, too?
Oh yes, you may.
I like the pretty cows.
Papa has six cows.
I see the six cows.

Are you going to feed the cows,
Oh no, I am going to milk the
I will feed you, pretty cows.
What do you like?
I see what you like.
I will get it for you.
Where is the white cow going-?
Do not run, my pretty cow.
John is going to milk you.
I like your white milk.
I will feed you.
I wish to milk the cow, John.
You may milk the white cow.
I like the white cow.
Papa gave the white cow to me.

I I ,
i h. .

think let isn't s6me pail

What is it mamma wants me to
Let me think.
Is it to feed my dove ?

No, it isn't to feed my dove.
Is it to get some nuts for Ned's
squirrel ?
No, it isn't that.
Is it to get some milk for the
Yes, I think it is to get some milk.
I think John is going to milk.
He has a big pail.
I will run and get my little pail.
Baby may have some milk.
I will let kitty have some milk,
I see baby in the garden.
Do you want some-1 milk, baby?
I will get some milk for you.
What have you for me ?'
You may get a rose for me.

-3 35 Ee-

time am is Good-bye' I
Good-bye, mamma.
It is time to go to school.
I have my books.
Where is your slate, May?

-4336 E-
It is at school, mamma.
Do not run. You will be in time.
I am going for Alice.
Alice will be in the garden.
I see you, Alice.
I am going. Good-bye, mamma.

Alice! Alice! are you going to
school ?
Oh yes, May, I am.
Is it time to go ?
I think it is.
I will run in and get my books.
Look at my pretty white rose.
Isn't it pretty ?
You may have it, May.
I want you to see this little nest.
See the little birds in it.

-43 37 E

Grand' md been (bin) her she

I have been to see grandma.
She gave me a lily to give to
It is a pretty white lily.
I like to go to see grandma.
I have been in the garden.

-4 38 &'-

She has a pretty garden.
I like to play in her garden.
Grandma is going to see mamma.
Grandma t Grandma 1 Where are
Are you coming, grandma?
Yes, I think she is coming.
I am glad she is coming.
I want her to see Ned's squirrel.

c an
f un
f -- an
p -an
r an
t -an

b -ad
h -ad
1 ad

s ad
p ad

b -&
f ed

N e-'
r -ed

Let the children discover the new words for themselves.

-43 39E*-

What is in your box, May?
You may look in and see.
Oh, what a pretty rose!
Yes; and see the lily.
I got the rose in my garden.
Papa and I got the lily.
Where is Ned going?
He is going to feed the squirrel.
I think it is time to feed my dove.
Isn't my dove pretty?
Papa gave Ned a little boat.
He gave baby a doll.
He gave me a pretty box.
The lily and rose are for grandma.
I think she will like them.
Oh yes, she will like them.

-43 40 E-

thank to-day'

B6s' ton

in' to bds' ket

I am not going to school to-day.

I am going

to Boston with

I like to go away with mamma.

-3 41 E-

Is Willie going, too?
No, Willie is not going to-day.
He is going to ride with papa.
I like to ride to Boston.
I am going to get a pretty basket
for you;
Oh, thank you, May.
I want a pretty basket for school.
Is baby going away with you?
Oh no, she is too little.
She is going to see grandma.
Grandma has a big doll for her.
She will. play in the garden.
Some day she will go to Boston.
She likes to go to see grandma.
I think it is time to go..
I see mamma coming.
I will run to her.

3 42 E-

cap hit miist g6t
Look at my white cap.
Grandma gave it to me.
She got it in Boston.
John has a cap, too.
It is not like my cap.
It is not-a white cap.

-443 E8-

I have a pretty hat for my doll.
Do you wish to see my doll?
I will get her for you.
She is up in my tree.
My tree is in the garden.
The birds have a nest in my tree.
I must go and feed them.
I am going into the garden.
I wish to get a lily for grandma.
I got a pretty rose for mamma.
Oh, I see you, John!
You -are up in that tree.
Will you give me my doll?
Where is her white hat?
Do you see it in the tree ?
I see it. I can get it.
I think my doll is pretty.
I like to sew for her.

-43 44 S-

Lu' lu swim gold' fish fins
Lulu has a pretty fish.
It is a gold fish.
It has fins.
Look at the fins.
It can swim with its fins.
Lulu likes to feed it.
It will swim to her.
Do you like to swim, little fish ?
My fish likes to swim.
Swim to me, little fish.
I like to see your pretty fins go.

-43 45 E4-

An' nh hope did' n't saw catch
Anna, did you see kitty run?
Yes, she saw a little mouse.
I hope she didn't catch it.
No, she didn't catch it.
I hope kitty will not catch the
little mouse.
I want the mouse to get away.

-3 46 E*-

I will give kitty some milk.
Will you get some milk for me,
Come away, kitty. You can -not
have the little mouse.
~un to your mamma, little mouse.
I hope kitty will not get you.
Oh, kitty kitty!
You must not catch the little
The little mouse likes to play.
I like the little mouse.
I play with you.
I give you milk.
Anna has some milk for you.
Do not catch the little mouse.
It is time for papa to come.
I must run to see him.

-3 47 CS-

house them put make three
Papa put a bird's house into the
Two little birds have a nest in it.
You can not see the bird's house.
You can see the pretty birds.
They have three baby birds.
I go out to see them.
The birds like me.
I feed them.
I hope kitty will not catch them.

-43 48 E*-
She can not get into the bird's
She is too big.
The big birds do not like her.
She must not run up the tree.
I will put her into the house.
Oh, you pretty little birds!
Fly to your nest.
Your little birds want you.
I like to see you feed them.
What a pretty tree that is!
I saw papa make the bird's house.
The baby birds are not pretty.

did not didn't didn't
has not hasn't hasn't
is not isn t isn't

-43 49 E*-

Li' on name b~ck
dMg Frank hi

I am a big dog.
My name is Lion.
Do you see Frank?
I am his dog.
I give him rides.


~WPB.~" ~

-4 50 E*-

He can ride on my back.
I can run. I can swim, too.
Frank likes me.
His kitty will not play with me.
Her name is Minnie.
You may ride on my back, Minnie.
Do not run up into the tree.
I am not a lion.
Lion is my name.
Do you like big dogs?
Yes, and I like little dogs.

See my big dog, Alice !
His name is Lion.
Can you come and play with me ?
No, Frank, I must go into the

-43 51 6*-

Mamma will want me.
She is going away to-day.
She is going to Boston.
Grandma is coming to be with
baby and me.
I like to have grandma in the
She will play with me.
She likes baby. Baby likes her.

What can I do for you, mamma ?
You may get my hat for me.
I want that big box, too.
You may put it with the hat.
Do you see grandma coming ?
Oh yes, I see her in the garden.
Baby is with her now.
She had a ride on Lion's back.

-KB 52 E*-

woods ask pic' nic
told Jam' ie we
Oh, Jamie, can you go on a picnic
with me?
Mamma told me to ask you.
She told me to ask Frank, too.
Where are you going for the
picnic ?

-43 53 E6-

We are going to the woods.
Oh, I like to go to the woods.
I hope you can go.
Run in and ask your mamma.
Papa will give us a ride in his
I like to go in a boat.
Papa is going to catch some fish.
Mamma has a big basket for us.
You will like what is in it.
We will run in and ask mamma.

Mamma, may we go with Lulu?
She is going on a picnic.
Her papa is going, too.
Yes, Jamie, you may go.
'Where will the picnic be?
It will be in the woods.

-43 54 t-

wa flow' (flou) rs cake 'eggs found
Did you have a good time in the
woods ?
Yes, mamma, we did.
We saw some pretty flowers.
May has some in her basket.
We found some nuts.
I saw a little squirrel.

-3 55 E-

Frank found a pretty nest.
The nest was in a tree.
A bird was on it.
I saw her fly away.
I found two eggs in the nest.
Did the baby have a good time,
mamma ?
Yes, baby and kitty had a picnic,
They had some milk and cake in
the garden.
I gave them some cake.
I put it into a little basket.
Baby gave some to the birds.
Did kitty have some cake?
No, kitty did not want it.
She did want to catch a bird.
I found her in the tree.

-43 566 -

Oh, see all the birds!
Where are they going, mamma?
They are going to the South.
It will be cold here pretty soon.

-3 57 E*-

Soon we shall have no flowers.
The birds must fly away.
It is not cold in the South.
Will they ever come back here,
mamma ?
Oh yes, they will fly back.
The flowers will come.
The birds will all come, too.
Will my little dove fly South ?
Oh no, your dove will not go.
I must have a house for my dove.
I want you here, little dove.
Good-bye, dear little birds.
Did you come to say "Good-bye"
to me?
I wish to go South with you.
Fly back to me soon, pretty birds.
I shall wish to see you.

-3 58 E

a sleep' dear sleep wake
See my dear little doll.
She is asleep.
I put her to sleep.
Isn't she a dear little doll?
I think she is.
It is time for her to wake up
I wish to play with her.

-53 59 c-
Wake up, my little doll!
I wish to go out to play.
I will get your pretty cap.
We will go to see Lulu.
I wish to see her gold fish.
I like to see it swim.
Do you wish to go with me?
Lulu has a pretty play house.
She has a pretty doll, too.
We will put you into the play
You may sleep in the bed.
The gold fish likes Lulu.
It will swim to her.

old f 1ld old
g 51d s l1d b old
t 51d c ald h old

-4360 E*-

come bed said .(sed)

See this dear baby.
She is asleep.
Do not wake her.
I said, "Come, baby, it is time
to go to bed.
Mamma wants you now.
She will put you to sleep.
The little birds are asleep.
The pretty flowers are asleep.
You must go to sleep, top.

-K3 61t '-

Come with me, baby dear.
Dolly will go to bed, too.
See your pretty white bed.
See dolly in her bed.
Do not wake up, dolly.
Baby is coming to bed.
Go to sleep, baby dear."
She has had a good sleep.
She will wake up soon.
I love to look at her.
We love you, baby dear.
She likes to play with me.
She wants to go to school with
She is too little to go to school.
Some day she may go.
I want her to play with me.
Come baby, it is time to wake up.

-43 62 E*-

Oh, you pretty roses!
Did you wake up for me?
May I pick you, pretty roses?

-43 63 E*-

Dear grandma is sick.
She can not come out-to see you.
I wish to take you to her.
Mamma told me to pick her some
I like you best of all.
I want grandma to have the best
I think you are glad to come.
She will be glad to have you.
I will put you where she can look
at you.
You shall say "Good morning"
to her.
I shall pick lilies for mamma.
Mamma likes lilies best of all.
I like all the pretty flowers.
I like to give them away, too.

-43 64 E'-

help dish' es wash
1. Did you help your mamma
to-day ?
2. What did you do for her?
3. What can you do to help her?
4. Can you wash the dishes?
5. Can you get wood for her?
6. What can you do to help papa?
7. What can you do for baby?

-4O 65 E*-

kit' ten any (en' y) girl one (wiin),
See this little girl.
She hasn't any mamma.
What can I do for her?
She may have my kitten.
I think she will like it.
You dear little girl!
Come and see my mamma.
She will be good to you.
Have you a little kitty?

--3 66 E-

I have two of them.
I will give you the little one.
Have you any milk for her?
She will play with you.
She will get upon your bed and
wake you.
Isn't she a dear little kitty ?

drink cup
I love Alice.
She gave me

sau cer such out
She is good to me.
my pretty kitty.

-4367 E-

She gave it to me in the basket.
It is a dear little kitty.
It will drink milk.
I give it milk in a saucer.
I drink out of a cup.
Kitty drinks out of a saucer.
I like to see kitty play.
Do not catch my bird.
I must put you to bed, kitty.
You may sleep in the basket.
No, you must not get out.
Be.a good little kitty.
Do not get out of the basket.
You shall get out pretty soon.
You are such a dear little kitty!
I hope you will not catch birds.
I want you to love little birds.
I want you to love me, too.

-3 68 >-

ducks c6rn blrn find poor

We are Ned's ducks.
He did not feed us to-day.
We want some corn to eat.
We are going to find Ned.
I hope we shall find Ned sodn.
His papa will give us some corn.
Ned! Ned! where are you?
Do you see Ned any where?
Come and feed your ducks.
It is too cold for us to go and

-43 69 P-

Give us some corn, and we will
go home.
It is pretty cold to-day.
It is not cold in the barn.
I see Ned coming to feed us.

My poor little ducks!
You did find me, didn't you ?
I have been away all day.
I told John to feed you.
Poor little ducks, you are cold.
Come back to the barn.
I will get some corn for you.
You shall have all you want.
You shall have a drink, too.
Some day you shall have a swim.

-3 70 E:-

birth' day pdr' ty made hv' ing

It is my birthday to-day.
I am having a party.
Frank, Jamie, Gracie, and Minnie
have come to my party.
Do you see them?
Mamma made me a birthday

-43 71E-

She made it for my party.
We have had a good play.
Do you see the dolls ?
They have come to the party,,too.
My little dog wants to come.
I must give him some cake.
Poor little dog, you may have
some cake.
You are a good little dog.
You may have a party some day.
Lion shall come to it.
Mamma is going to get some milk
for us.
I like a party in the garden.

have having having
come coming coming
love loving loving

-4372 E-

Jen' rie Rov' er Juim' b our us
Jennie and I are having a party.
Rover and Jumbo have come to
our- party.
I am going to feed Rover.
Jumbo can't eat.
See our new dishes.
Grandma got them for us.
Do you like our party, Rover?
Mamma is going to give us some
Do not eat our cake, Rover.

--3 73 DS-

I will give you some.
Jumbo may have all the cake he
can eat.
We will eat it for you, Jumbo.
Cake is good for us.
Are you having a good time,
Rover ?
We are having a good time.
I was at Alice's party.
It was her birthday party.
It is not my birthday to-day.
It is not Jennie's birthday.
We play it is Rover's birthday.
See him look at me.
Do you like the party, Rover?.
I think you do like it.
Jumbo shall have a party some

-4374 S4-
plates ta' ble take
tea'-pot box wa' ter

1. You. may get me the big box.
2. You may look into it.
3. What do you see in it?
4. You may take out the plates.
5. You may put them upon the
6. You may put the cups upon
the table.
7. You may take out the tea-
8. You may get some water in
9. You may put the tea-pot on
the table.
10. You may put some water in
the cups.

--375 E-

i1. You may put some cake on
the plates.
12. You may give some one a
cup of water.
13. You may drink a cup of
14. You may put the plates
15. You may put the cups away.
16. You may put the tea-pot
17. You may put the box away.
To be read silently and the direction obeyed. A child's tea-set
is required for this lesson.

s ell t all b ill
f ll c all r ill
N e11 b all w ill

-` ---

* *

-<376 *-

break' fast had An' nie gone
I can't go out to play now.
I must eat my breakfast,
Has Annie had her breakfast ?
Yes, and she is out at play.
You must run out to her.
Jamie gave the ducks some
Where is Jamie now?
He has gone to school.
Minnie has gone to school, too.
Oh dear, I want to go to school.

-3 77 ES-

May I go to school, mamma?
Yes, when you are a big girl.
I want you with me now.
Eat your breakfast, little girl.
Annie is in the garden.
She wants you to play.
Take your poor doll with you.
You had a good sleep.
Now you can have a good play.
I want you to get some flowers.
You may put them in my basket.
May I pick some for grandma?
Annie gives roses to her grandma.
I don't think we have any roses.
Jamie has some baby ducks.
Oh, mamma! where are they?
They are in the barn.
You and Annie may find them.

-3 78 E*-

Where did you get the pretty
dishes ?
Mamma gave them to me on my
See- the pretty little tea-pot.
I will get you milk in it.
Will you take it in a little cup ?
I will give you some of my birth-
day cake ?
I will put some on a little plate
for you.
Have a cup of cold water.
I will wash my little dishes now.
Do you wish to help me?
I will wash the cups, and you
may wash the plates.
I help mamma wash the dishes.

-3 79 E*-

firm four hens Grand' pi
My grandpa has a big farm.
I like to go to see him.
He has four cows and two
I ride on the horses.
I go for the cows.
I help grandpa milk.
He has some hens and ducks.
The ducks are so pretty.
I like to feed the hens.

-43 80 E*-

The hens like me, too.
Grandpa lets me feed them.
See them run to me.
Look at the hen-house.
Do you see the woods?
I like to go into the woods.
One hen has a nest in the barn.
I found it one day.
She had some eggs in it.
I put the eggs into my cap.
Grandma was glad to have them.
She. made a little cake for me.
*I gave some to the hen.
That was to thank her for the
Do you see her look at me?
She thinks I have some corn for

r3 81 *-


Till keep name Jack

This hen likes me.
Do you see where she is?
Grandpa gave her to me.
Her name is Jill.
I am going to keep her.
I have made a house for her.

--3 82 E*-

Grandpa gave me the little dog,
His name is Jack.
Come, Jack; we are going to the
Keep still, Jill. Do not fly away.
I can give you a ride if you will
keep still.
I have some corn in my pail.
I will-feed you at the barn.
I like Jack and Jill, and they
like me.
Do you want your breakfast,
You shall have it pretty soon.,
I must feed the hens now.
My ducks want some breakfast,

-3 83 *-

Mrs. Cat here mige barn
Where are you going, Mrs. Mouse?
I am going to the barn with my
little mice.
I think they will like the barn.
Oh no, Mrs. Mouse, do not go to
the barn!
Mrs. Cat is in the barn.
She will catch your baby mice.
Oh dear what shall I do?
Come with me, Mrs. Mouse.
I will feed your little mice.
We have no cat here.
Oh thank you, little girl!
I love my baby mice.
I do not want the cat to get them.
Teacher leads the children to imagine a mouse taking her family
up the path to the barn.

-3 84 E-

eat pig then s6me'thing
Do look at this little pig!
I think he is pretty.
My grandpa had four baby pigs.
He let me take one in for mamma
to see.
I said, "What do you think I
have, mamma ? "
"A little dog? "No, mamma."
"A little kitty?" "No, mamma;
it is a little pig."
"What! a little pig here in the
house I"

-K3 85 E-

"Yes, mamma, a dear little white
Then I let mamma see it.
She said it was pretty.
I said, "Do you wish to take it,
mamma ? "
She didn't wish to take it.
I gave it a saucer of milk.
Then I took it back to the barn.
It ran to its mamma.
This little pig wants something
to eat.
See the hens look at him.
Don't you like the hens?
They have had some corn.
You shall have some corn, too.
I will get some for you.
Grandpa keeps it in the barn.

-$ 86 E*-



~TRr7 _(jil
~L;,'L ~d: LiC
.Sf~ i-i

R6b' in sing do-mi-sol
Mr. Robin has a nest.
The nest is in this tree.
He has three baby robins.
They can not sing.
IMr. Robin wants them
to sing'.
One day he said, Come,
my little robins.
I want you to sing.
Come out of your


IFs -^- 4

-43 87 E*-

The little robins said, "No, papa,
we can not sing."
"Oh yes, my little robins.
See all the pretty flowers.
Look up at this pretty tree.
Then you will wish to sing.
I will sing 'do-mi-sol-do.'
You sing it now for me."
One little robin did sing it.
Oh, you dear little robins!
I hope you will all sing soon.
Do not go South, little robins.
Papa will make a pretty house
for you.
Then you will not be cold.
You may have it in this tree.
I shall like to have you here.
I will feed you, little robins.

-43 88 S-

cheese could why know please mind
Mamma said, "Do not go to the box."
Why did she say that?
I do not know. Mamma knows.
I see some cheese in the box.
I want some of that cheese.
Could a cat be in the box?
Oh no, the cat is too big.
I know that cheese is good.

-i3 89 E*-

I must have some of it.
No, don't take any.
You must mind mamma.
I am a big mouse now.
I know the box can not catch me.
I can run. I can get away.
The box can not run.
Please mind your mamma.
Come with me to her.
We will ask her what it is.
Mamma, we saw some good cheese
in a box.
May we get some of that cheese?
Oh no, my little mice.
Why not ? That cheese is good.
That box is a mouse-trap.
A trap is to catch little mice.
You see mamma knows best.

-43 90 *-

Kate 6th 6r when
pic' ture dress room
This is a picture of Kate.
She gave it to me.
I am going to put it in my room.
Isn't Kate a dear little girl?
I play with her all the time.
See her pretty white dress.
Mamma has a picture of me when
I was a little baby.

-43 91C-
I have a white dress on.
I have three pictures in my room.
One is a picture of the woods.
Papa gave it to me on my birth-
I like to look at it.
I can see it when I wake up.
I have a picture of a boat.
A girl and boy are in the boat.
The boat is in the water.
The little girl is asleep.
The boy is awake. He is looking
for some one to come.
I think he wants his papa,
There are some flowers in the
other picture.
Do you like to look at pictures?
We have some in our school room.

-n3 92 E-

To be read silently and direction followed.
1. You may put your book on
the table.
2. You may get me a cup.
3. You may get some water in
the cup.
4. You may drink the water.
5. You may get me a big box.
6. You may get me a little box.
7. You may put the little box
upon the big box.
8. You may get me a big book.
9. You may get a picture for me.
10. You may let me see your slate.
11. You may wash your slate.
12. You may put some water upon
the flowers.

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