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News & Views

For alumni, students, associates, and friends of FSHN
Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
Volume IX, Issue 2, Fall 2009

We asked Julio Santamaria (BS, 2008)
to share with us his experiences as the
Food Safety Manager for Tomato Thyme
Corporation. This is his story.

"Since the early 1920s, growers in
Florida have cultivated tomatoes. The
farming of tomatoes is an expensive,
risky business because companies are
forced to offer flexible pricing based on
the market. Money can therefore be lost
just as easily as it can be made. But it
can also be quite lucrative, considering
that the tomato is a staple for many
dishes, soups, sauces, and beverages
and is the main ingredient in ketchup. It
is a multi-billion dollar industry. May,
June, October, and November are the
most profitable months; depending, of
course, upon harvests and the market.

Tomato Thyme Corporation was
founded by Javier Torres and Don
Bither in 1998. Mr. Torres entered the
tomato business in 1989 at the age of
fifteen, when his older brother sent him
off to sell tomatoes at the Farmer's
Market in Atlanta. In 1994, he became
partners with Mr. Bither, who owned a
company called Red Diamond. They sold
fruits and vegetables to food service
stores, restaurants, and the grocery chain
Save-A-Lot. Red Diamond's original
location was in the Gulf Gate area of
Sarasota, with only 1,200 square feet.
But business was prosperous, and in just
four years they moved twice in search of
a larger location. An 8,500 square foot
store was where they finally settled in
Sarasota. Red Diamond originally dealt
with different types of fruits and
vegetables, but they later made the
decision to specialize in tomatoes. To
this end, they sold Red Diamond in 1999
and formed Tomato Thyme Corporation.
Since their focus was now just
tomatoes, they were able to closely
monitor the quality and consistency of
their product. Publix Supermarkets started
buying in small bulk. And with their
continued commitment to quality and
customer service, Publix eventually made
Tomato Thyme their main supplier.
In 2001, Mr. Bither was
bought out by Mr. Torres,
who then became President
and sole owner of Tomato
Thyme. The company
moved to a 12,500 square
foot facility in Riverview,
Florida but in 2008 built a
28,000 square foot building
in Wimauma, Florida where
they are located today. The
plant is open year-round,
selling to growers, shippers,
*.i Ii and wholesalers. Tomato
SThyme also owns many
S' '''-' farms throughout...
... cont. on page 5

FDA Awards

At the Florida Dietetic Association
meeting in July of this year, FSHN really
cleaned up with awards. UF students
Jamie Stolarz (BS, 2009; MS-DI
Student) and Stephanie Cupples (MS,
2009) received the FDA/American

L-R: Jamie Stolarz (BS, 2009; MS-DI Student),
Stephanie Cupples (MS-DI Student), Crystal
Jackson (BS, 2003; MS, 2005), Amy Aponick,
Elizabeth Bobo (MS, 2003).

Dietetic Association Outstanding
Dietetics Student Award for both the
DPD (undergraduate) and Dietetic
Internship (DI) programs, respectively.
The Gainesville District Dietetic
Association (GDDA) was chosen as the
top district out of 15 in Florida for
National Nutrition Month and Year
Round Excellence, and two of our
current MS-DI students, Lindsey...
...cont. on page 3

In this issue:
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( .luJ.lll III lll \ I ll
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I I \ \IIl l II .I1 .1 I
I[ 1I[\ \J|lll1lllIlUll

College of Agricultiral
tand Lifti Sciences

It's Thyme to Talk about Tomatoes

FSHN Alumni Ne\\sletter
produced bi-annuiall1

i ..l.. . I,. tc ,\I K ll lll ..ll l s' i l .sll' i k .'["l
,,Ic'C_. ,-I i.i. ,ti & I .c S~.l.CI',C
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i i [ a\ .: i l ..' 1 ,l 1 .1 1 I..lj
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1.111 I .i. llll lj l IIIII
( n,.It .i.nn 1i i itv,,.th

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0'11I_ l 'Cn', .!.1 1,2[I

'hlan(c ,I0' Add re )
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S i-,:, h.l,.:ll i i ii |I >.l>. ,hl ,.t ,n .I .
[i i r., Il Lt Oii l f.i. .l

Alumni Updates
sVeterhi l inaryCorps..

I Im llra .the Opesll In

Phillip Pierce
(BS, 2004) retired
this fall after 20
years as a Chief
Warrant Food

faSafety Officer in
the US Army
Veterinary Corps.
He was just hired
as the Operations
Manager for the Retail Audit Services for
NSF International, supervising auditors
all over the country.

Stephanie Bassett (BS, 2008) spent this
past summer working at a weight loss
camp in Arizona and is now a Nutrition
Care Manager for a small long term care
facility in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Regina Stephen (BS, 2009) is a science
teacher at a magnet middle school in
Broward County, FL.

Sean Tomalty (BS, 2009) was accepted
to the UF College of Dentistry. Julie
Benjamin (BS, 2009) is attending dental
school at Howard University.

Jessica Lee (BS, 2006) just took a
position with the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.

Linda Rocafort (BS, 2001) is now at the
VA Hospital in Gainesville working as a
wellness dietitian with responsibilities in
clinical nutrition and public relations. She
says she's very excited about the position
and the move back to Gainesville.

Dr. Annie Aigster (BS, 1996; MS, 1998)
just completed her doctorate through the
Department of Human Nutrition, Foods,
and Exercise at Virginia Tech., and is
now working as program manager for the
Macromolecular Interfaces with Life
Sciences Integrative Graduate Eduation
and Research Traineeship of the National
Science Foundation (NSF) grant at
Virginia Tech.

The following 2009 BS graduates were
accepted to pharmacy schools: Brian
Fung, UF; Edwin James, Touro College
of Pharmacy; Cortney Jones, Auburn
Univ.; Lynette Perna, Nova Southeastern
Univ.; Daniel Stirling, Belmont Univ;
and Katie Wysock, UF.

Jasmine Bautista (BS, 2008) is working
for Sodexo at North Shore Medical
Center in Miami.

The following 2009 BS graduates were
accepted into graduate programs: Charlie
Burnes, MS in Food Science, UF; Nicole
Hill, MS in Health and Human
Performance, UF; Andrew Mikhail, MS
in Medical Sciences, Univ. of South
Florida; Brina Patel, MS in Biomedical
Sciences, Barry Univ.; and Amy
Quinones, MS Health Services
Administration, Univ. of Central Florida.

Katie Faber (BS, 2009) was accepted
into the Southern Regional Medical
Center's Dietetic Internship.

Paul Cofnas (BS, 2007) is attending
medical school at the Univ. of Miami.

Jessica McIntire (BS, 2005; MS 2007) is
attending PA school at Northeastern
University in Boston.

Jaclyn Kalva (BS, 2007; MS, 2009)
accepted a position in product
development with Kraft General Foods in
New Jersey.

Renee Applebaum (BS, 2007; MS
Student) was just hired by Kerry Foods in
Beloit, Wisconsin.

Baby boy Aaron
Robert Teira was
born May 9th to
proud parents
Meghan (Meller)
Teira (BS, 2003)
and Albert Teira.
The new family is
pictured at left.

Dr. J. Bernadette
Moore (PhD, 2002),
Lecturer in Molecular
Nutrition at the
University of Surrey,
UK, and husband
Nick Percebois
welcomed Claire
Martine into their
lives on June 23rd

Nicole (Reines) Canelas (BS, 2009)
married Gabe Canelas on August 8th.

Andrew Schlosser
was born January 8
(the day the Gators
became National
Champs!) to happy
parents Angelique
Schlosser (BS,
2003) and Drew

Claire Edgemon
(BS, 2003; MS
2005) and her
husband Daryl
just had their
second baby girl:
S Abbey Linn.
Abbey's big sister,
Emma is now 2 1/2. Claire is working as a
research dietitian in Texas.

Did c Ic;i\ c \ oL outl. 01 is till
i iIIf llnlI otthl ted Please drop
us ,i line csc box top Iclh

Please Help Welcome Our Newest Faculty Member!

Dr. Weihua ("Wade") Yangjoined FSHN in July 2009,
bringing with him a wealth of academic and industrial
experience in food processing and engineering. Dr. Yang
received his PhD in Bioresource Engineering from Canada in
1998. He worked as a project engineer in drying technology for
the International Business & Engineering Corporation from
1996-1999, and as a research assistant professor in food
engineering at the University of Arkansas from 1999-2003. He
next moved to the Department of Food and Animal Sciences at
Alabama A&M University as an associate professor in food
processing and engineering.
So far, Dr. Yang has published 52 refereed journal articles,
6 book chapters, and 109 conference abstracts/papers. He also
owns one patent. He is an active member of the Institute of Food
Technologists and American Society of Agricultural and
Biological Engineers, has been on the editorial board of
Resource magazine from 2006-2008, and served as Associate
Editor for both Transactions of the ASABE and the International
Journal ofAgricultural and Biological Engineering.
Dr. Yang directs his research efforts towards developing
innovative food processing and preservation technologies,
including pulsed UV lights and power ultrasound, to improve
and ensure both the safety and quality of seafood, fruits,
vegetables and other perishables. One of Dr. Yang's current

research focuses is to inactivate
food allergens with novel
processing technologies such as
pulsed UV light. Experimental
results obtained so far by Dr.
Yang have shown that pulsed UV
light technology is effective in
reducing the allergenicity of
peanut extracts and peanut butter,
soybean extracts, and milk
protein extracts and therefore
provides an approach to develop
hypoallergenic peanut, soy, or
milk products. Research is currently underway in Dr. Yang's lab
to examine the effect of pulsed UV light on the allergenicity of
seafood, egg, wheat gluten, and tree nuts.
In addition to research, Dr. Yang will teach FOS4427C
Principles of Food Processing and develop a graduate course,
"Advanced Food Processing," that focuses on all major thermal
and non-thermal novel food processing and preservation
technologies such as pulsed UV light, pulsed electric fields,
power ultrasound, ultrahigh pressure, oscillating magnetic
fields, dense phase carbon dioxide, irradiation, microwaves,
infrared, ohmic heat, and extrusion.

FDA Awards, cent.

...Pipkin and Jennifer Marquez, were
co-chairs of that GDDA Committee.
Crystal Jackson (BS, 2003; MS, 2005)
was selected as the Recognized Young
Dietitian for the state of Florida, while
Elizabeth (Beasley) Bobo (MS, 2003)
received the FDA President's Award.
And Amy Aponick, one of our MS-DI
preceptors, received the FDA Emerging

2005 BS
Britt was in
as an
exhibitor at
the FDA

L-R: FDA attendees Dr. Gail Kauwell (PhD,
1993; Professor), Lindsey Pipkin (MS-DI
Student), Jennifer Marquez (MS-DI
Student), Lydia Snyder (BS, 2008; MS-DI
Student), Lakshmi Mahan (BS, 2007; MS-
DI Student), Colleen Davis (MS-DI Student),
Dr. Pam McMahon (Senior Lecturer)

L-R: FDA attendees Sarin McKenna (BS,
2007; MS, 2009), Doretta Ho (BS, 2005; MS,
2009), Dr. Gail Kauwell (PhD, 1993;
Professor), Stephanie Cupples (MS, 2009),
Valerie Weyenberg (BS, 2007; MS, 2009)

Leader Award. Please
help us congratulate all
of these outstanding
professionals! [And
please also see page 7
for another story about
our talented dietetics

Give a gift to the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition!

" ""1l11 I.,,t I % hle'11 d l', i ."1i 1i.l1 i. II' ,Llpq',,, IIIt.I. ,'I tl.1', ,'I l, ,'i' l'l i,+,+.' " i i>1 .i .hl. -h *tv i i ip .l ..i.i 'I .,till', l1,i hI l.tIII .' i h .' 'III t. 'u -. .'C i. ,i I I .'' i.''.l n ',r'i ,,.'i tI,
I.,,',',' i l',- h ,--.idii .ll I.. Il ', I .l,+' i. I 'I,,i i ,!.i .1 I I t.' iiln .+..', 1 ,[ i iilh .'i i. h ll .'. lIIIII i sI i]'J ll t.i h ,l !i iit1 1111 1'!!,l II I'!.,tl i III ,III>.[ h . l i i l [.ii i IhIlII C '
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t i n..','.- l,,.. i i k': 1 1 --I1 1

Caught in the Act
Send us your photos of FSHN alumni and friends at work or at play! Contact information is located on page 2.

L-R: Dr. Neil Shay (Chair & Professor) and
Jaclyn Kalva (BS, 2007; MS, 2009) thumb
wrestled at the Florida Party social at the IFT
Annual Meeting in Anaheim this summer.

Dr. Gillian Follies Dagan (BS, 2000; PhD,
2004) was seen hugging a baby pig at the
CALS TailGator event in the O'Connell
Center on Saturday November 7th.

L-R: MS students Lilibeth Dagulo, Yael
Spektor, and Renee Applebaum (all BS,
2007) shamelessly attended a Britney Spears
concert in Orlando.

Adee Rasabi (BS, 2004) was caught... pun
intended... swinging on a trapeze high above
New York City. She's the one in the red shirt,
demonstrating her total lack of acrophobia.

L-R: Dr. Bob Cousins i',- ., Dr. J.
Bernadette Moore (PhD, 2002), and Mrs.
Beth Cousins holding Dr. Moore's baby
Claire during the Cousins' visit to the UK.

L-R: James Woollcombe-Clarke and Albert
Matheny, both Dietetics students, volunteered
to put together the new FSHN charcoal grill
for use at alumni tailgates.

L-R: Retired staff member Walter Jones and
current MS student David Guderian (BS,
2008) arranged for Hannibal Lecter to meet
the Bacardi pirate on Halloween this year.

We have our suspicions, but Professor
Emeritus Dr. Bob Bates says he was only at
the Wines of the South Competition in
Knoxville, TN in October to judge the wines.

Dr. Ron Schmidt (Professor Emeritus, far
right) got to sing live with recording artist Jay
Sims (middle) and a local musician (far left)
in Luckenbach, Texas on August 6th.

Past and present FSHN Club Presidents were
spotted mingling at a FSHN tailgate. L-R:
Morvarid Fallahzadeh (Senior), Neha Patel
(BS, 2006), and Raina Bhindi (BS, 2008).

Daryl Grimm (BS, 2004) ran off to Bimini in
October, and was later spotted rummaging
through the hulk of an old shipwreck in search
of something interesting.

A very sharply dressed Huy Huynh (BS,
2007; MS, 2009) hammed it up in the
simulation lab on his first day of dental school
this fall here at UF.

Tomato Thyme, count.

...Florida and a good number of the
trucks used to transport their product.
I asked Mr. Torres, 'Is it expensive
to run your own company?' He replied,
'Yes, it is very expensive because we
have many factors to worry about. For
example, we could have a bad crop, but
we are also dealing with building,
employee and trucking expenses. I am
always trying to stay two-to-five steps
ahead of the game. I have to stay on top
of my business because it is a
competitive market and a lot of money
can be lost if I do not make the right
decisions.' Mr. Torres is a hard working
and driven businessman who is attentive
to every detail and makes himself
available 24/7 in case anything were to
go wrong.
Mr. Torres acknowledges, 'I could
not make all of this happen by myself. I
am very fortunate to have a great team.
My team is composed of an outstanding
Food Safety Manager, Production
Manager, General Manager, Warehouse
staff, Administrative staff, Dispatch,
Truck Drivers, and Mechanics. Without
their support and great efforts, we would
not be an outstanding company. I am
thankful to have a great crew.'
Here at Tomato Thyme, we provide
ongoing food safety, personal hygiene,
food security, and good sanitation
programs for our employees. Tomato
Thyme also regularly implements Good
Agricultural Practices and Good
Manufacturer Practices (GMPs).
Managers and supervisors work as a
team with employees to execute superior
quality and productivity. We encourage
employees to utilize their talents to the
best of their ability to help maintain and
improve product quality. It is everyone's
responsibility to follow and practice
GMPs, as well as to observe personal
hygiene and sanitation rules.

As Food Safety Manager,
it is my responsibility to
establish and enforce work
rules, provide and maintain a
clean and safe work
environment, and develop and
conduct an ongoing food
safety education program to ui. l, trnatW. h a im 1iit
promote safe and sanitary Thyme farm, in 25 lb. baskets. Getting cherry tomatoes
work habits. I manage over ready to be washed.
75 people, enforcing all
food safety rules and
GMPs. I track and maintain
in-house inventory and
keep records of incoming
and outgoing tomatoes. I
also handle FDA, USDA,
state, and local inspections;
advise the company on
compliance requirements; Employees sorting the racks were custom made for
keep inventory of all the good plum tomatoes from Tomato Thyme note that the beam
chemicals used in our the bad ones. system was painted orange and blue
facility; oversee our in honor of The Gator Nation!
hazardous materials program; deal
with product quality and customer
concerns; manage and update the
log books; and handle workers' -
compensation safety audits as well .. "
as Primus Lab audits in the packing

Under my management,
our packing house scored a 97 on
an independent, third-party audit:
a superior score for food safety.
This score makes our product a sa
high-end commodity! Ad
Tomato Thyme's philosophy Su]
is simple, 'We Put Food Safety To
First.' Food safety is the most
important of all our operations, and it is
discussed at each and every meeting.
Every management action ensures that
food safety not only fits into the overall
objective of Tomato Thyme Corporation,
but also that every employee is educated
about it and fully understands it.

e Tomato Thyme crew, L-R: Production Manager
Iberto Resales, Food Safety Manager Julio
ntamaria, Dispatch Jo Ann Castillo, Front Desk &
ministration Assistant Joie Beardsley, Cherry/Grape
pervisor Jorge Serrano, President and Owner, Javier
rres, and General Manager Francisco Ramos.

As the Food Safety Manager for
Tomato Thyme Corporation and a recent
graduate of the University of Florida
Food Science program, I am proud to
say that we have an excellent food safety
program and our operations run
smoothly and safely. Go Gators!"

New FSHN Family Member e

Please join us in congratulating Daniel Solano (IT
Practitioner) and his wife Ericka on the birth of their
baby girl Samantha, born June 23rd this year. A baby
shower hosted by Laura Garrido (Senior Biological
Scientist), Julie Barber (Administrative Assistant),
Cr 4 and Rhonda Herring (Senior Fiscal Assistant) was
thrown for Daniel and Ericka on May 8th. (Shown in
picture at right, L-R: Daniel Solano, Laura Garrido,
and Ericka Solano.)

Dr. Ronald H. Schmidt Retires

Dr. Ron Schmidt
retired this past
summer after more
than 35 years of
4. dedicated service to
S and was subsequently
awarded Professor
Emeritus status in
What Dr. Ron recognition of his
Schmidt looked many contributions to
like before he
came to FSHN. research, extension,
and teaching.
During his tenure here at UF, Dr.
Schmidt conducted pioneer work on the
gelation characteristics of whey and other
proteins, clearly established the threonine
aldolase pathway for acetaldehyde
synthesis in mixed yogurt
cultures; demonstrated the
significant role of S.
thermophilus in enhanced
flavor synthesis in mixed
culture yogurt; developed
the head space-gas
chromatographic enzyme
assay for threonine
aldolase; and was the first
to observe increased L-R Dr. Sclr
certificate frol
activity of yogurt (Professor and
microorganisms with the
addition of threonine, and decreased
activity of yogurt microorganisms with
the addition of glycine, to milk and broth
cultures. His lab was the first to
demonstrate a stimulation of growth and
activity ofListeria monocytogenes in milk
pre-incubated with spoilage
microorganisms, Pseudomonas, and to
show the significance of proteolysis as a
mechanism of this growth and activity.
Dr. Schmidt also used mathematical
modeling to demonstrate an uncoupling
of flavor synthesis from growth.
Dr. Schmidt developed a highly-
successful extension program in dairy
foods and food safety. As the FSHN
Department's extension program leader
for 10 years, he developed and helped run
both the Successful Ice Cream Retailing
Seminar and the Florida Dairy Products
Association (FDPA)/UF Benefit Golf
Tournament each year as well as many
other short courses for industry and
regulatory committees. For many years he
also served as an active board member for
the FDPA, a cheese judge for the
American Cheese Society, an active
member and a national ice cream judge
for the National Ice Cream and Yogurt
Retailers Association (NICRA), and an

active member and a cultured product
judge for the American Cultured Dairy
Products Institute.
During his tenure at UF, Dr. Schmidt
taught a large number of courses. He
developed the first-ever Introduction to
Food Science course, and taught it for 15
years. He also developed Current Issues
in Food F',. l,a,. ',, and Current Issues
in Food Safety and Sanitation. With Dr.
Gary Rodrick (Professor), he co-
developed Food Safety and Sanitation; he
was also co-developer of the Hazard
Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
course with Dr. Steve Otwell (Professor)
and Dr. Fred Leak (Animal Science
Professor, now deceased). Dr. Schmidt
taught Advanced Food Chemistry, Food
Chemistry, FoodAnalysis,
and FoodF',_ r'.. ,, the

nidt receives a The groovy "cheese cake" that
n Dr. Neil Shay Juie Barber (Administrative
Chair). Assistant) ordered.


Dr. Schmidt's retirement party had a
great turnout.

latter of which he taught for 18 years, and
co-taught Food Fermentations. He also
coached the FSHN Dairy Judging and
College Bowl Teams for many years.
As a leader in his field, Dr. Schmidt
held many professional offices over the
years. An active member of the Institute
of Food Technologists (IFT), he was a
member of their executive committee and
chaired several different committees. He
also served as chair for the Florida
Section of IFT. Many years ago, it
was Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Marty
Marshall (Professor) who organized
the first-ever Florida Section IFT
Supplier's Night, which provides
scholarships to our students as well
as ongoing financial support for the
FSHN Club. In fact, Dr. Schmidt
has been recognized by IFT at all

levels: national IFT named him an IFT
Fellow, FL Section IFT has given him
both their Sparkle Award and their Bob
Olson Award, and FL Section has also
just named a new scholarship after him:
The Ronald H. Schmidt Professional
Service Graduate Scholarship.
Very active in the International
Association for Food Protection (IAFP)
and the Florida Association for Food
Protection (FAFP), Dr. Schmidt served as
an executive board member and chair of
several committees for IAFP (winning the
Certificate of Merit and the Educator
Award), and as president and executive
board member for FAFP (who just
recognized him with the Bronson Lane
Lifetime Achievement Award). Since the
inception of the 3A Sanitary Standards
executive board in 1992, Dr. Schmidt has
served on it; he was also their academic
representative for 17 years. And Dr.
Schmidt was just elected to serve on the
board of directors for the National
Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments.
Dr. Schmidt has another scholarship
in his name, sponsored by the SE Food
Processor's Association, and has won
both a Professorial Excellence Program
Award and a Davis Productivity Award
from UF.
In order to
commemorate his
retirement, FSHN
S threw him a party
at the new Keene
Faculty Center on
Retirement Club, L-R: Dr. campus. Faculty,
idt, Walter Jones (retired
), Dr. Ross Brown (retired staff, students,
Ity). alumni, and
industry colleagues
came to honor Dr. Schmidt and celebrate
all of his success. That same evening, Dr.
Schmidt hosted an "after-party" potluck
at his own house with live music.
When he isn't working, Dr. Schmidt
can usually be found playing guitar and
singing in The People's Band. However,
fortunately for us he has agreed to
continue teaching and providing his
expertise to the FSHN Department as
Professor Emeritus.

At his
party, Dr.
he guitar
and even

MS-DI Students Make Schools Healthier

FSHN's Master of Science-Dietetic
Internship (MS-DI) students formed a
partnership with Gainesville High
School (GHS) this year to develop an
approach to improving the health and
wellness of the GHS community. Using
the framework of the Alliance for a
Healthier Generation's Healthy Schools
Program, they conducted a needs
assessment and formulated ideas for how
to improve school health. Projects they
implemented included a week-long
health and wellness fair, afterschool

Zumba and yoga classes, a nutrition
education presentation and healthy
cooking demonstration for employees, a
handbook on healthy fundraising ideas,
and a Morning Mile Walk program.
The partnership was a huge success,
with GHS being recognized by the
Alliance for a Healthier Generation as
one of only nine Bronze Level Healthy
Schools in the state of Florida. Their
success has also created the momentum
to get other schools involved. Great
work MS-DI class of 2008-2010!

MS-DI class of 2008-2010 with Dr. R. Wiley
Dixon (GHS Principal), L-R: Colleen Davis,
Lakshmi Mahan (BS, 2007), Dr. Dixon,
Jennifer Marquez, Lydia Snyder (BS, 2008),
Lindsey Pipkin

Did You Miss Us at the Annual IFT Meeting in Anaheim?

The 5th annual FSHN Alumni Social was held during the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting this June, bringing together
faculty, students, alumni, and friends to enjoy free food, drinks, and networking. A special thank you to our 2009 sponsors: the FSHN
Taste Panel, FL Section IFT, Checkers, Cypress Systems Inc., Darifair, Sea Best, ABC Research Corporation, and FoodWise.

i i ni.., ,.. 1 ) I.11111.1 l.lh. lpu) i .ll.l .
l1i'l1.10, ) 2.' I.n. I hdulilll,' , .
" .. I ,...- i D i \il.'in'.lill Iin> l. d
(Lecturer), Renee Applebaum (BS, 2007; MS
Student). L-R, back row: Jaclyn Kalva (BS,
2007; MS, 2009), Alberto Azeredo (PhD
Candidate), Maria Plaza (PhD Candidate)

the a1 I Lxpo Iloor, L-R: Jaiula
Underhill (News & Views Editor),
Renee Applebaum (BS, 2007; MS
Student), Rebecca Creasy (MS Student)

1 .[1 N.11.1
Aldaous (lhDi
Candidate), Dr.
Holly Petty (BS,
2002; PhD 2007)

L-R: Dr. Jose Reyes (Assistant
Professor), Dr. Mark McLellan (IFAS
Dean for Research), Mrs. Julie

i I ui. .11.iItIln / i 2 ' s,
2uu:), Milnlc R.unIIzl -Roudliigui
(PhD Candidate), Alberto Azeredo L-R: Milton Lopez (BS,
(PhD Candidate), Maria Plaza (PhD 2000), Janna Underhill
Candidate) (News & Views Editor)

L-R: Dr. Grady Chism (BS, 1968), Eric
Dreyer (BS, 2008; MS Student), Renee
Applebanm (BS, 2007; MS Student)

L-R: Dr. Alexandra Oliveira (PhD,
2001), Dr. Charlie Sims
.i'r, -.I. 1 Dr. Bob Bates
(Professor Emeritus)

L-ic. Dr1. Mau, DLavenport k rhtD, L-ic. Dr1. Cecilia Nunes ky (ssistaut L-i. Dr1. Diegog Luzuriaga kbN
2008), Dr. Alexandra Oliveira Scientist), Dr. Angeleah Browdy 1993; MS, 1995; Phl), 1999), L-R: Dr. Mary Mulry (PhD, 1983),
(PhD, 2001), Dr. Gillian Follies (Lecturer), Dr. Sally Williams (XIS, Sonia Hudson (13S, 2009; MS Dr. Will Forsythe (13S, 1972; MS,
Dagan (1S, 2000; Phl),2004) 1977; Phl), 193) Student) 1974)

FSHN Achievements

This year, Dr. Charlie Sims (Professor) was
chosen to be an Institute of Food
Technologists (IFT) Fellow. Each year, IFT
selects several Fellows in recognition of their
contributions to the fields of food science and
technology. Dr. Sims was singled out for his
outstanding teaching and research programs
throughout the years. Other current FSHN
faculty and IFAS Deans who have been elected as IFT Fellows
include: Dr. Doug Archer (Associate Dean for Research and
Professor), Dr. Bob Bates (Professor Emeritus), Dr. Mark
McLellan (Dean for Research), and Dr. Ron Schmidt
(Professor Emeritus).

Dr. Anita Wright (Associate Professor) has
helped DuPont Qualicon develop a new food
safety test for oysters. The test tracks the genetic
material found in three harmful species of the
bacteria Vibrio, which can cause serious health
problems when consumed. Oysters are a $14
million industry in Florida, and this
breakthrough will make testing for the Vibrio pathogen both
faster and less expensive. Dr. Wright presented her research at
the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference in October, and
she will also be published in the next issue of the American
O, l,, i,:,l. ii of Analytical Chemists.

Gail Rampersaud (BS, 1997; MS, 1999;
Assistant In Faculty) was recognized with the
Abbott Award in Women's Health at the
American Dietetic Association Food &
Nutrition Conference & Expo on October 19th.
One $1000 award is given each year to
recognize significant contributions to women's
health through research, education, or service.

Dr. Sue Percival
(Professor) was invited to
S aut uwen attend the 6th Annual
NestlI International
Nutrition Symposium in
Lausanne, Switzerland
this October. This photo
shows her outside of the
United Nations as she toured Geneva prior to the meeting.

Cindy Montero (BS, 2008; MS Student) is the
first graduate student from the FSHN Department
to be chosen to participate in a National Science
Foundation funded program called Science
Partners in Inquiry-based Collaborative
Education. The program is designed to help
students improve their communication skills.

Yael Spektor (BS, 2007; MS Student) was
selected as the recipient of the D. Glynn Davies
National Juice Products Scholarship, the Lydia
P. Cole Memorial Scholarship, and the Florida
Association for Food Protection Scholarship.
She also just completed a research and
development internship with Coca-Cola.

In their ongoing fight against Citrus Greening,
citrus growers recently asked UF/FSHN's
Southern Region IR-4 program for assistance
in registering products to combat this deadly
disease. They wanted to try low volume
application rates, which require a new
registration. Dr. Marty Marshall (Professor)
and his entire team (including all the Southern
Region personnel; personnel at IR-4 Headquarters in Rutgers,
NJ; and Mr. Bob Johnson, a private citrus consultant) were
able to apply chemicals, collect and analyze samples, prepare
petitions, and procure three US Environmental Protection
Agency petitions in less than six months. This is the fastest
registration in the 43 year history of the program, and will save
citrus growers more than $40 million!

Dr. Linda Bobroff (Affiliate Professor) received the 2009
Christine Taylor Waddill Extension
Professional and Enhancement Award for her
work in diabetes education. The Take Charge of
Your Diabetes program helps adults with type 2
diabetes better manage their disease, which
improves their glycemic control and decreases
their risk for the devastating (and costly)
complications of diabetes. The program is a collaborative effort
between Extension and health professionals at the local level
and is funded by the Florida Department of Health.

Mike Eisenmenger (PhD
Candidate) was invited to present
e *! his research at the International
Commission of Agricultural and
I Di Biosystems Engineering
International Technical Symposium
in Potsdam, Germany this summer,
where he earned the 3rd Place Poster
Award for Young Scientists.

David Guderian (BS, 2008; MS student)
earned a 15t place finish overall in the national
Collegiate Dairy Product Judging Competition,
S held at the Kraft Foods Technical Center in
Glenview, IL in October this year. His ranking
included a 9th place finish in milk judging; a 9t
place finish in cheddar cheese judging; and a
10th place finish in ice cream judging.

Daniel Solano (IT Practitioner) was nominated
for the first annual Information Technology
Award for "Serving the Client: Providing
Consistent and Exceptional Service." The
f nomination was in recognition of his high
l quality and consistent service to the faculty and
staff of the FSHN Department.

Jamie Stolarz (BS, 2009; MS student)
partnered with her sister Kathryn to create two
blogs related to food and nutrition. One focuses
on the recipes that they cook together at home
(and includes color photos), and the other
describes their dining-out experiences. To find
great recipes and fun anecdotes, visit:
http://twosistersonekitchen.wordpress.com/ and

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