iitiii cmi t iistiiina- 1 plants, affernai'dH he tritiiHplantedThe / oecmtmioliiih ly'" Chuniller. -
bin together is
tlon for a (position, much of HUD 1'11'.1111'' | IH mother sug.Iibiew n.Io ; get the best there -all :
tor Itrowu's suuuuiisoi', HHIIIU 01lP. .
cess depend. upon the sort of Iinpr.is1011,0 Ii lohi MtoniH' to inn to b.. overlookedby
he makes* upon. the until of whoilie who Is at leiwt HyuophiintlHlily I lu IK far too frequently, J Properly "Don't know" replied Bruce" "I'er qt1-, there is-It's here. Choosing j

0 seeks cord with I Ihu K..rll..r cooked, I It In one of the moot didlclniiHnfgitideii I haps souimol lung wi) turn UI). never better and
elllliylliullt. was
| products. Tho demand for By tho next after their Reparation J

We have III mind I one young initi I It I; III cniiKfttnt, ,nml It IH its ennily ru- Clinndlor iwplvcil 1 letter from 4 we were never better prepared 1

who Htaiidlntc before th. ilenk of II "' dui erl an are beets. or turnip It. IH his frl'ld. in which among other 'J

miuiatiiiK vditor snkl i i Iarm and 6roue.c worthy .ur attention I In the arrangement things, bo snld: "\Ve lire iniiih worried to please you.
"I have applied for I li position Indoaim II : of our early gardens. about helih. I coiumciid' a .
.0'11 -
uewHpnper olllces nnd lull Cajt.jrig/ate.iby Ate-al J,"J: .S.nll. / QUESTIONS AN WI\KKD.\: tiln to IIOlth, but nt present neither o.'I

thttt many H tor".. No one will Mule <. n. E. STOCKII: IOO", Ph. D.. EdU.,. ) Q. Will hits cl'einlcal ttnalvidM of my wife nor I van go. Indeed' wo
4. nHiillnHiInt In IU proper" fertilizing. leave here for tho within n El j4'44'.4hhkftzLLh9 : : -
I to 111... I cnn't' gut a hiutrlnu${;. I iteuti.I A. Not proportionate to I Hit* 10.tl

work very badly Tho hi'st I hay" NKIH.KCTKU'Kl': : : KTA Ill.KH. tiouhlo and eont, i ii volt, ". Tlm itnalvHln few. dii]'.. be hudchnrtered
RIOWH| what wim In Lhflnoil To this Chandler replied thnt
have mith only
been able to net Is- Not\\I I list uiti 1 I 111101'i I HIM. hot tlm t when till! sampln wits' taken. It n whoonpr and with 'a few

hit; for you; K"MHl itiorli lug,' I ii"iii' 'I"I'h"o IIIIH. hetiiiiiKi I HIM ,:r"1I1" w IIII'r ""hut) never show what. would l hit, frlemlu was for cruise to Flor
4 and veKelnliln Burden nr I IIIcountry .. /llnl I UHt Ito h linulit and nttractive. I.-
dl courltl/I. mil l.v present" and available lu this urop ida. He very glad to tiiko to irmkn in' ;
And this IH what the Din II belilnithe it f fw vinet"bin! [ nop. fohteh ,' .dining I II",, many montlm of IIHgioutli along., Ho would sail from Virginia 1'crhnps it's I

desk nnlil. It was not. the IHHiinoe \\' i Ihi-rti IM tautly. demand i nprolltnlilii I Tlm rbemlcat 1 iompiwltlonof .0 IJeiifh the following j
,. I Iniikimn on flr'rnOIITo
III-H compnnitivi i ly Pretty
pileeH I hot to he planted Is it far, ; Paper
of wlHiloin, jiiHt simple, tunnensn ,. to mil' HhlipeiH.[ Homo, oIheHe more" III'O"lcltl clop, 1 liiiniH for tin. I Intelligent I- this n reply came [I that Hlmpa Ii Iiror

: urn iidinirnlilv' 'iud',ph.d In oil' felt, h IIhcillj\I of HIM crop. a t"I"rfll that Joe would in'rive nt tlio I"Lrllr. DinilJ Room or

"You came III with your lint 01, coiulillmiH" mid misfit li" grown nil I' (J. In llordeuiix mlxturo U protection Norfolk tho ""x diiy by tho morning lied, llooniH) you wllt
great ndviviitiiK\ To it few Much 1 In char the captuln. Chun-
niraliiHt' c:'lery bi Ighit. bOlt no
i anti you kept It on. You didn't I .V"II tIt'shr.. to cull nttinitloii, now I.hue I ho Hie who stores it' It I littluT "
A. No. After blight OUCH uptipitrn dlur, was biwy MJiyhu SOUTHERN RAILWAY. +
I'ttnj Z
4 Hhow the mini at time desk tlm courte : I limn I for tlm IllliklltK I of ttnl, ,113' spit mig no remedy U known. A void- sent one of bill crew to the

y of throwing awny th. butt end !gitrduiiH. Is nt luiiiaint 'or the H.'lcheO' : EFFECTIVE NOV. 6, 1004.Vwi .

1 of a cigarette| that you had bee nmoiig themcropH\ I In lid II 1 it 11.b blight has appeared IB the b"st protection bot rail to tho beuich. or ; "
him \
I wouli by Wot IN [
bility arid pimnlhle returiiH brU 'it-sills' E.t.1 Ni II I No ); Norb ald ;
asked for I III and Vo.lhli.
You n plncn
mofclng schooner
; .piece swoot. or Hiigur cm U. Them I Ino I. was ready on tl. for ihe Floor)
the literary department, which .proved mole" il.llcloim veu-etnblH I thn ii Chandler wits Impatiently nutting tbe S\all ny ;7 M, { J..olvlln tIc. .. ly ". 7 ':
I.v M. ;{
1.1. i .:::
:: ,
.0..klH'ok. sad "...... d'.llvl. : I.v II""1'' ..
t 1 that you had made no Invi'stlgition .. thlsdlHlliictlvxIy Amcriuiin J proclucDuring > York stookbroke arrival of tbe bOlt with Joe. r.mt lu nny cause wo can supply you .Iv d..II'i .. I .IY I .11"1 I ,. .Itt",, A MR"O J.III',.(.,. 1 t 1)1)rAL..I.U..I.U' ,uNtIl. .
of I A pruiuluvut Now .V 0. I. IY 1 .
ItHplline .
lot long diii
r I HeitHiin ly bo now the boat coming, cunt U liii "
ilimlred to tIme lowest p
olllen "li- II.
of the bust .. .
with tInt at it .
yuu .
wind .
., 7
do not "
"Tliu get A. .
I there, IH no nrtlul moro" regiilmldemanded Hays: nuwnpnpors i' Ii I ,m' 0."'. ..1' '
In the stem a girl. Ar (
nstonlHbnu'iit ChB'I..o. "IY .... .
ter. Wlicn, qiiuHtloued you luiil tilt.e fur I II""u. I I"hle. J II no nee of oven u small fractIon of the sulMbronuht Now designs in A.: ...I"hl. .: I U" 11 OB A VnlllI.. 1. T. > 1 0 .." .
about eighteen "
I most iiuxy Ideii of tlm pusltlou you lion. IH I lilt, demand fur "ri.iusthig UKalnat[ brokers because of 101...- She wus apparently A I..vll...:.::. I.V I. 1.1 '' ArO..II.I.' ...I.1 1)... 1'',. .

; desired to fill. and you gave the Inlircksion ".11".." more I liiHlntiint. tlmn I i In the understandings between u* and our custaiuurB. yeura old."What 0 e I 0 4'ui A.I..III''O., ou".O, .. _!_:'l 1' ....
aflult Ii, rMit; \\'lllmtinilliif I I ( I his r."I.. In the mime of conscience"begun WALL\ PAPER Ar II.hmold .. 1 Y I 1 I Lv'lluh.,1 0..limit .. 5 ." ..
'I that. looking for IIj Nlnoty-nlno[ customers out oevc __ 1'1..
worn .
you hy fur.. tlio I, larger iii irt of I Iho demnii. Cbuudler maui Htoppml. .____ __ AUhlm'H" .. lug 1llrl I 71. ..
j Mutt Job-thnt you were' born tlrei for I Ililn nrtlelo In Houlhern, cmnmim >iy baudntl tbluk we rob tbeui when The bOlt clime iilongHlde, and the girl daily Ar Ar:: :'i2itutmii, :: ; H"M ly; I .''r!u I.I 0 -1'' ,.; C""II.I' I i.. 1.luies I .1..1.' ..
fur I III rim tlioy lane their money tn the market arriving "., ) '.. 7 ..
You really nskml for vhnrlty, ties tiuiKt hIt llll haIled by Hiiupl stepped on tho gnngwuy, run up the AW".I''' '," ... .'ly 0'.1 O/II'\UllcnH..I..LI'
tot of .enr of common field con and Hive us ua credit wben they wlu.Wu the deck WB invite j l.h'''',' ... Ill J 11 I ; I 01' Lv".II"a', ii 3) I" Stit''I
110 WILY did you show or attempt glitch all suits Btulrs and met Chandler ou \ inspection.[ ..11" HIP I :I" ArCII"Ho..OI."V.( ; I :.' ..
settle "rl.II"'I'h.
hardest to
t r show that, expected. to earn any i ('h.. reiiHoim. UDiuillv given for tlihc do our with n pleiiHuut, Rinllo. she wan an .... III(jjj)4e-tt I! ( .. .0 it \ .
I ,! you nonditloiif .II"I\IIIMH.Or, \ tint cure, out of foiu-t. for there la not a Jury on I L1""U. \ .

t salary that might be paid you. I of tint sweet Vii'letteH, their HUHuepthllity earth that will OD a verdict for astockbroker. Invalid, situ was not con."loIII of the ACKmMAN X g. SUW "Nu. .tt-htuiW"liitwilti lout'nll,1,.1.rl., ".,. "II.E'uir4.s'(Jar Ar I""t. ..on... .V\\\ \ I 71.1...

L I:, "If you want to work end.. grow to I lie /attacks of the bii'l-wuri, Wliyt Simply[ because '"Ct ARl ..lv,. ,.1'11"1 lililIp", J"ok.I. .... NoW ',.ln..U.. 1.Liiscs I I.to ..,i. ..... .

t and bn .somebody tell the next ITIHso. mid this uouii liii,rat I vs lack of swveliens every Juror been scorched now and JO she suld. DKUOQ18T8.Wn .\.k. A 11."lu'...... ...''. I /r.\ ...
of that xoiitlierii-giown, HWIU. his "Joe? exclaimed the N'-, nuiI, Fin. i.iuuluod., VllY, ll .-, "-
that will r.lndl. then lu tbe market and bold a grudge bstonlltbe H"W..hl..t.u, ;1 1
Tell him yon | "0"111(1" / wholly l litiicleUMto to to explain man. ,., I II.htl..ol.IIII.'u'r.J.Jk'VI.vll..I.: .. .11. .' .1 I .. ....

t II take a humble, poid I mu. null Unit I thhours the fiiut.. 'l'her. Is no 1'11111 I rwiHOII / Kiiltuit all broken."-New York rreu "Why y,. Wasn't It all arranged rllew villa_- I _: ---= L. l.xln.'.. ... .... .1'0 i\ ti.'

t and tho salary are of 11111/111 for tiny Inok of sweet coin. 1 III Wtillag to Obll... between you and father" oods Th."h The L."d or Iho sky." Fi, Ar.IAII.vOo.. .!.u .. ....I.:: 1))\ .Ltt.liiu'
iinirkugiirduns. r
I I moment, when compared) with thopportunity. .. either our domestic or our ." dear lady, there bus beena i -
Knrlv; I II I nd( I huewouideifuil On one wben Robin Allison. .My young iiu, hii-"TmlO Fturh'im Liutt.l :) soiitl
planllng. o'nslon. ...... : : ; : :
.jl Make him feel that bad mlstuke.[ I siippomxl you were a Lv .1. n""vll. )1. M I /.p vasttluie' tram:,, thClii it umny iituuiluos, ituti l'ilii.J .
v out uly mm, in ml 11 i Y of mnnof who nun beadle at ICDwIuning[ ... I ,
you are In earnest, by beingearnest. I liiL. I the HtiiiulHnl, vnrleileH l plnco, i his curried Home good for a traveler vlalt You'll have to go Luck. We are all urn receiving daily, of New all ;( ::r.ulu1m::?":;,: .. ...:: :: man .''.lh'H".Jwtooa. mime .Cluul.II.
.. Fresh Groceries ._ -
I I ; board this Hcbooncr" nil! A. A.inviiio. X 0 .... I -- -
L. Tako olf hut ,and cut beyond.. I Ihn icnch of tim U hue be on 11 11'1'
his was
"4 your crop. lag customers, dulltbtc klu.I.Va have the most H"t Olrh.".. N v 1'
# 1 out the cigarette. And if \ou' don' woim. Them, lire numerous, ktiuwhich I with n dram over and above puy. Jo begun, to cry. "How can I get complete Htock of New (louutlelii 2. K"xv"h'" 'rUUII ., I' "''I' t4oitThiW8f. I No I UAr I
ll! ,
I linger, tlmn i Its Luisviiiuu, Hut Ky 80 '
i develop! emit buck? Vie no one to take me. .. -
l I Hie llrst time, try niruii : ."Deed tlitifs rule guld o DOO f ho following lines than we Ar H' 1.1., so Ito I 7
gut a pluuu field I find 1 .. r- ye .. /" I.v J.k..lo N ly "I'
I I common crop. .piouu Bald Itobln.[ "but maybe I'll be able to "Confound It! WDCro tbe bOHt .IIHVU over had : ArC'n..n"I.hl.' ._._ _.,_'It_._f S I.V ,, ,II ............. lii '"
and tliHiinlth the luck
keep on trying. lug seed from t oSWeetlleHH Ky
I must Ar 'llioui .
going .
":\Ollle tiny after have landed. i Hflnily/ UVBICOini due ye a guM turn yet. Ye ken I'pi \Vlotlre we ;Fancy l)nc l ml mimI \'lllnrllc'c| No I.-D' .Sly Piiiuuii ''Inw'"H', l.n" "ld Ar Ilutuita.:::. := a? g :: .
you like at once or breuk Into my pllnl. Besides ," Cur butts 0ofl sty M'b.
The mutter of selecting vllrll ins Is the Kravcdlgger. Due-dae ye your ni Fruits, Dur BllolIIH "k..vllu',1 A Aulisbn. .Ia .
near the top and the fellovH HIcoming '" I have no one send with you. L."I.. tuirlnhuihtlM". Ala ..... .It)' 1 t.
: ,
of the utmost Impoititnce* Flint beettiiHH bead blgb SlnndnrdI' of Canned Goods i"rta'o
I to you for sltuiitioim, you iiiiiliiieiiH, h t \Is >I nm i to HiinceHtt 1"-Lndol Did your father suppose there were to omiHlHt Best brands Ingot Ar AC 55,1011 tiuluiiiliul,: I:'relln, Ito.:..'::.: Srisoo: : 40s' .::"

can tell them this, that you luivlenrneil Second, bee man iniiny vii riot huts en- Ortftmmlltr- be ladles in tbe party?" Two Tralls Dally rinpm.ts., M sit' ..

,, by years of txpeilencv] Ii ru.hy commeiidnbln I In other locnll,I Uncle George bave read your article "l'orhop.Pleime doiit eond mae back.I ,Vrnits' Yc ctlhl., Hull, Moats A' u".I.r'n"' ., A'k.. .... V".1'1 ... -

i "It nlww.vs pays the young 'fellow ties urn holly lucking III itdaptnblllty over, and I must say It show a don't mind the absence other, ladles I Etc. T\Vi..hington and No Fhurlla Linlitild.. Dotty Putt.null .
to, Hoiiliiern sect'[ullll. For deal of Arthur [If you don't." .ICcreals JtrcakfiiHt POIIUM, Kntlro I I .".IJGIWeliN
.Hliow H'K' 1.1.1'
who IH Hi'tkiiiK Hikinethlutr to orlgluoly. .rn.lol
ttnly the (1'11.1kill. front .n
mnikdf "
piiiponeH I'm sure! I inyselftbi >nlre'a no help for It, sold Chan 6 irnliuin 1'lour rn ew 'or1 ; :: BI.olu.ha. 11."Ih"
Wheat ,
that he IH every inch a until' ', mid 1 I III I ... Hh'iiilil. lit coiml.leied. "For doniOHtlu fater j"I.II' KamioieuVhty.
r earnest." I lino ut [..IIMt. (three vnlletlcp. 're were some Ide. It Uncle dler. (Jet up the anubor, men. Yellow Corn Meal. 'l'cllo. --.--- d_

hv miiitim. nf which a Hiicuishlo George-Oh. I was not apenklna of tbe Chandler's friends were three plain ( and Spices| ,.--MtIV\LII, ..iTOK"OJVILLK."rm" ..
N" v.'rk' h FlnrlI" Liniltunt' : 8.m.
,which Hlntll 1 prolong the Hoimin. composition, but of tbe spelling.Th men of business wbo were Int..re.te :.f'.c.flutter itinl ...,'ChiC"''H". ''wI...ullnL, ,Oiiiitloi.tg.s, .. ., etc -No. "l'irlttm LliiliO', v.r.: ./,UO.
I KNOW THYSELF. should Implanted., with him [lu a riprap contract, I.. P.m Ktoo.,' '' ., l"rIIIH:'','', tot".-1 H, ".',.,1.L.iiumtu'l.."9: .rnI'Cuuli .
CIlCVHO.CrnrkerM "ituttuuutul. Autuuvtiio' u. ..;.lied, cue: a.
"I well." For thin former piiiptmn 1.lmlH CuMloraarr Climax.Xordy wan going with tbem'to Florida t lay "WAhlnHI. I.
mil \ork, York suit) blonds Llml"l\ I' n.
which tuny heexptctud to give\ ttiulurge is -How did the new play coil plans for time work. He put them In mill CuKex, F".low. W"'hl.t..No.- !"low

Ho you npprechtte' the, (nice of tlmileclarallitn enough\ for uiu In Nix w..kH nuttH-Oh. In the usual way. Nordy forward rooms and gnve up lila own I 'JlnniM, Shoulder. HroukttiHtItaciMt ExcB'l nt Dimes'-Car Service.J. .

r ? from tho tlmn, of .planting should hnelected. And what do you cull tbe usual end cabin to 11.11 Josephine Chandler taking Pigs Kect,
fin the contrary Th<-r.. are neveinl, slid Sammo. O LUdK. UUtilct ton Flft
buppimu you say Agent /
In whirl of and amldubtps himself.
Ilutts- n one and rl..III.r We8tyatrMt JRcksonvUo.
well, I In in oat loc"I'II.1 I '.. Th. hot f.tbe1 Hwxt Now
"I HID iihck I\'P": HII. lug I Iliiigtn II. I adapted and cloaks.-Houston Chronicle. Now. It Is a very different cruise a tolhl.t O II W. .
,"d'' much nilveitUed. "I'liep O'DAy Ol'or. Maple Syrup, s. H. UAI1DWICK, P T. H. BROOKS HOttOAN, A. Q P. A.
to lulleve It You will which Is muiientloiiiihly' fti.. uurlleH. lot of men will make cooped up lu a and everything kept -,

in your hell.. know vii rlu1y. I Its va not found to ho tt IB not bclpn. but oblo"IC; not facllltlcs mull! easel having a wouain aboard In H Hrst-dnss Grocery usually Htore.Cn' ,

Yes there U. Hniiiethlnu; III Chris iihli iut.ti' to Florlibi. und would no but difficulties that make menMathowa. from whut It would b wiyiout her I nee lilt, will b" surprisedOn
I itch tdu* I ill thu eomntonditble out looked annoyed. Tbe moment l.nc yon
ny Every man
L tic, us Science. Them IH HomethliiK I I IHie ittt I hat we Hull beat qimlity atBiicli
i II t. 'Tin (Cory, I Ito Early! Mlnnesotitnnd Josephine know that she
t New Thought. \ or Stnrgi'HtlvThernietitlcs. Kendiill'rt. .. I I Kuily; i may u Im iii'-. llow'8 'l'hll would 111 permitted to remain she was low priceH..L. GEORGIA SOUThERN

TheHM systems 0..11. standard. The. llrnt IH thHiitlleHt '
| c'pt.,11I1t Wo 11 n.idr'il D.II.r. 1..1 fur nnya by tbe of the situation C. STEPHENS
t titlu I he Kirin of a greet; truth-th I I eoiiimiMidnlile I sweet com 0.nfo.l.o. that uonni't n.l. br..e In oo'et She seemed FLORIDA RY.
was &
th trrlt Uu ald llt
rue IIIH! in thu IlIrll'f'HI..rud' of Cut o. hih : 81
,i Inllueiiuo "if the mind over the body V.I co.Toll-do' 0'V..th..nn".I" either that she was unwelcome Telephone .
ii ii It shy ctulv. vnrleileH.' I For sutjtid CHEIEV" uno.cl"l.
I gu
: More than thnt. .." I ci ops., thu l/'iosby Portland IIlId t'm' ... ,.tirH.,anil'Vkl"w", 1.J... "hoiifylor .0'"I'li'inniaMo I or didn't mind If she was. Ktrbv : 'l'hCllllllld I h'lIlIpl.' ".... Itsi-lf. I It I III' l Kvergruen; tire sttmd.irilIn Ila'1 I bni.1 u iitt* 'ran.a,lions ..I Illnunilallv Instead of 1"lltllnlnl a dignified .. LOCAL TIME TABLE
,. I
: fluencea ItHnlf, by tho Hutitlt. power or ,pbtntlng. It. m nut. ho "lrmemberethat < by li..a'Urm' .u. any obllKallous niaU reserve she wan ( over the-shIp, ask Effective a. .
4 I I .UlCg"HII..II-II". foitmidat. lust of hypnotlsm. I Iho enrly, K\veet COI'IIH" it ku most WALIH-CII' Kliltrf fc MAR""'. ing questions about the compass, the Jluay $ I
: early vegelabli".. III'H (lUtlnctl, \\ lii.ulu I)llllf4lIB.. Till.' 0th' OHaT i and European Resfaurant NOHTUIOOND :
anchor, the captain, hut ropes, at Mourn bOUND
dwarf III habit. 'rhlt will Heldoi' Caturrli Cure U Inkol Int4.rnalyt'; a..ln.fil" .
oily .. Ih" m noun Hmir time when :
one no vim
Ho It will not do tu say that 1 1innkes II grow more I linn four feet 1lIlIlIlIeI..rIh. i HtHinni upon. '1',Mil' hlH.d' ..',wnt 1(00. J'rl"7/n..1 0111 very II'OI FumUnod 3 1 STATIONS 2. 6P. I
.. ,. 'nrletieliiatuin .. Hotil i nil her she ran up the ruCltueii, I .
'no dlttorence what HUB. beIICVPH .' best Many \ I..r boltlo. iy ilriiffglMiM cbnttorlul
(. It imttters trememloiiHly., well I ilnvelop l em..HOII HtalkIHHH ,i I ala llitU'ii Family'! ItUs Cor voi.iitlpat oil. and laughing[ like I f Hot and Cold Baths M. A. M. A. M. N. M. A. M. A.M- I

[ I than threw bit tall.I 'lila d INlancu .boll..r was rUIII"c".ld"bly. and AtChas 5 0 12 40 1 2SLv Macon Ar I 30 I 05 11 2
1' If you believe you mire happy you h..I.WII1I, nnd hillx h nliouUbn before she i lost 2
I ( (own A Surllla It.).. <' b/ 6 -nn 15 Lv. Kathieen Lv 35-10
; nro for tlm time, happy./ If you hiileve. .. 'propoitloned to this diameter" At a school tiiHiMjctlan some of theboys her grip and woe overboard. TheBteoratuitfl : KuppgrbusctTsT 6 --- 12 33 Lv. Grovania s Lv 3 14 un- 9 :

I you nr* pure, ii lid' keep on he- giowth., Two nnd i inn' lutlf to threfeel found difficulty lu tbe correct brought tlio ship about. 6 59 I 59- -12 52 Lv. Unad.a Lv 2 5 2 43 9 o' I
In t.ween ro\\Hmul tWIt S to Iwo a Chandler In and held 'the Florida. 7 26 2 23 I J6 Lv. Lv 2 2 23 9 !
h liivllrK' I lt,} OU will I he. I""114. If t ynbillevH of tbe letters "I" and "... In pluuund girl I
_ _ nnd one half foet, 'belwemi hlllHiirth ". placing : 7 4.- 2 42 I 55 Lv Cordele Lv 2 IS 2 8 ;
you are .Hlrimg, HO hung I IIH yo", proper" dlMtniKTM. Hill ciillivittioii. such word an "believe," "re.ve"[ ..r.. above, water langhlnn/till thoyi went dragged on 11 Lv Arabl Lv 137.._.O__ 8 I

ie ( bei luvi' It, you are Hlriinu;. wit h three. or fitiir Hlalkn tolh I ., when the Inspector said blandly, "My boa!. she us If she couBld-- 32Lv. Worth Lv 123. .__ 8 !

f; Of course there urn I limitations I I / tu hill I In preferable ti> dill! plainingKitlv buys I will give you an Infallible rle. ere the affair very/ unny. 8 40 Lv. A.hbun. Lv 1 17 1 2 I U<
1: Hweet eorim lire nil\ prolllluAn The gmdiinlly Joe cumo'to be considered E. DODGE. 9 3
i I this power of fitlth. C'licuniHljtiiee: one I Invariably use myself. 'F 20 Lv. .. Lv 1 42 12
average nf neiirly I two earn ]1"1 the something unique. 9 40 Lv. 19 U 25 7 ,
pupils wore all attention nod even DIU"rwel Leno. Lv I
and I Hiiliiloiin, nlfect I It. And It .
z c< miiy talk I for mature Kfnlk[ I In t til. 'best i 5 ,
1r every 10 6
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: ,. Write 1' 'V exactly alike and In somehow the 1 10----2 1 1 3
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47 Lv. ValdoBta A.
it Ix it workable power and uv.iy middle[ them.- men have her In tbe way. 1. A 1 1
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,planting I of enrly, mini rii.'nui growineed. put do tb Ul -.-- H Lv. Haylow 10
: creature nuujht to know It. Thorough: preparation of the London Telegraph. none/of them would admit It For all PurpoxeK -... 08 Lv. Fargo Lv 951 lO3

Keep lu mind the fact that you iriound, Is IIHO! euHentliil. 'The ,miitii : They would,heap no end of abuse upon -. 47 Lv. Lv 912 I

nro captain/ on deck of your inortavessel. / rlty of the turn nmv' b" haHteiiecitvoraldnH CROUP b wbeu out of ....rhot. but obey her 'Wa'l' Papar, Glass, Etc. .___ OM Lv. Baler Cutler Lv 851 18.

PI 'hhme helm Is III your handsHtorms by ii8Hii tiiig the t"IIII." Dogma with the symptoms .cum- slightest wish when pronent. As for 27 Lv Crawford .Lv 83
; King of the kfrrnalrt. All stion UM ripe 0 Chandler, from fueling at OOAr Jacksonville 8 05
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tf: ir.ity pollen nppenr, on thn taunt-In, panH l"Ilol.
sore throat, hot [ presence be first M. A. P. M.
4, course, but, thesn aside. you nrsupreme through the, Held<1 ii tot glvn enuh Htiilkit Iuel. Ie "lle t I
loaraoness and impeded nusplrnllnn .and by tbe time they reached the S F reet. Piliitfcn:, Fill
blow with it.Htlck. The rp4iilt .1'1
master of I the voyagti/ timid 1 Hharp live frequnnt' doaoa ot Ha'luiM'aHorehound '' he would bum considered 1 STATIONS 2 10
will, bi. tho tel, I lug ..f a Khowe .mnl : Florida coast J| ,1. 9..1 I -
of I his diistliiy.s < > fort _
J nf pollen. onto the Bilk of the iiiirn "I.ehUtwIU the reuHel a desolate abode without hr. _
net ;eral clII".. nooner' than If the net If ) and at the 1 C. I oroupyoough The that bud brought A. .. r. M. A. M. P. M.
s L iJ n1'' apply liot iMtntly ItoUaoil's Knu. 11"\tlltol --- ....-. 5 20 4 SOLv 11
Governor Itrottiird, wllli several ur left to tin;* action til. iho I hreexuM ohe tutu party Mllb was over, and the I BUY YOURL.IQUORS Valdonta Ar 1 0
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his olllehil rum I l.v, 'Ims been iintiiral rlprnlng and fulling 01 2 30.
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this pollen. A w" time is notiifrequently 1
tour of the K\erifhuleii, that iilmoH. "t but MUM joNepblua, [ Jenning.
gained (III i HUM wclta v March. 1'Jill r happttnlng cwe 6 3 SulLy . Lv 9 9 .
timiinerrhlH '
ard'a llorohouuil woaUmrfti, dock (\at the time and being told .... 7 S .....
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Impeiii-lritble ot bog \v tlmn i niny I mik nil I I 1 thedilferncn i Syrup a I I 6 3 Lv. White Springs Lv 9 I 9 16 -
: tee mill saw grass which covers/ 'between a mil I kef niiHUppllettnd remedy and so plnaaiint." 2K>\ Olio and that they; were going, home put down ...AT... '__n. 7 52 6 Lv. Lake City ? .. Lv g 0.848....
of Diulu one fill ed 1 bv the of .II 00) Sold by Ackerraan/ A 8..llrt'. ., her foot/declaring/ thiit she should not -., 8 45 7 5 Lv. Lake Lv 7 58 7 54 ... .-
great purlluii The crops I But.r.
: county. your and L DriiK Crns- BREWER'SiJ 8 Lv. 30 ......
competltorH. 111"IIn. 'nla' go ham*. Chandler iusteud of [Ignoring J. F. no 90 Sampson Lv 73 7

I good xovuriior witnts to secure thin It. should 1 1 be remembered, thai 'lnt _ _ her wishes, [ with[ his friends[ a.id Jlxtall Ll'tuor[ Ilouae ..__..-. 8 3 Lv. Hampton Lv 7 10 ....
by lrilnag. canals and 'IIMuto n' 1001 9 Lv. 6 29 .....
.wallll'( southern corn, I hit .nntnrally not HOwret Presidential Ceremonies but d< to Interfere. The result I __, Grandin[ Lv 637 -
enrich Inauguration tleY "lu. n 10 9 10 Lv. Florahoma Lv 8 32 6
l thereby the mute liy suvernmillions 114 the mtin variety, grown li" 0 .
of .acres of lantl. niiiiiieallnii- this north, This explnlns the pretmllunce Washington D. C..March 4. I I9O5. turuwl.,shout and sailed schooner for.BO New was Or Our Whia-Jccjr prioee rituige> from ..- 10 9 S A. Falatka. Lv 6 0 5 24-
,1.50 to $( gallon we A.M. P. P.
rich. Some of Maine its II corn uaiiiiingectlon. For above occasion round U.O por a,0 !
5 ably : portions of theKvorglnuVs the trip I.D. On that portlCbandtortett
The diiiadtnntiige of loiillty rcblD let >ep full of the bust goodsia
I are as much tic :'M.! feel may bu iniirorliilly. lenneiifd hvhe tIcket will he Hold by the Atlantlo lie schooner with his charge and. all.varieties THE NEW SLEEPERSnow

ahove level hcl Kx-Uov.: .. Jo ist LIne from nil to Waslwiigfon fortunirtely. meeting with a
sea ', ; ( Jen. proper 1110<1 111" lion of I the finilicr : point m.rrlc
SMirch nnd lady going l north, determlnedi' Wn are oialcii'i 1 specialty! of running on Trains 3 and 4 between Macau and
: nlngn who Is H ( wyer and I ought to npnlioatlon. atignr nil return at one farm. |ilun
A formation Influenced wltb he concluded tt&o tag trade and invite you to via Valdotta.. are twelve sectIon Drawing-
:t ((now the dralniixe plan Is feas are largely by wenty-llve crntH and for nilllUkryunnipuiiliH Jo Ivr. Next b.' Jaclnvle.
says '
.ho potash Consumed. by the 0mg.t4u mid brnHS bands, In .nl- would a/bomf by rail blmwtlf[ an ,_'m{ for our price.list.. Rom can, Pint.ch gas lighted, and up to time Pullman
t likes
: ible. The News the
wny (toy. ) thoroughly Is tills fact rvoogiiijetl, brat, I twenty ((20)() or more on ono when ." Miss Bruce over 'O Agmita for ooelruted] \VICar tandard in .''I their appoimmcnu.Thete .
: : llroward takoa hold of this reins of hat It Is regular. of tInt I
it \ pure I prau- party ticket, one iicnt per inllo per her
father be said \
t Rovernniene, and it Is nothing, to hi. ire In growing grapes pvavhpntrawberrl uHiilra I, In tfiich illrncllou.ThesK I : [>er Wbskey. i\tcpen are open for occupancy, leaving Macon,
? BIT .,s and nther fruits. Corn tickets will sold Mnrolir "The'soinot bluff to bring ua togot.M at 9:30: p.m., and can remain in unt
discredit that he should tackle euch b aeepe
I hi susceptible to tho name Influence. and ,mid 8nl lIKfi. tick- baa(occurred. And he lorbwlb! J. F. BREWER 7:00: a.m. on .rlv Juangm .
.. I a K'ant' problem aa the drainage of theKverKladus The sweetneaa of the grain unity be .I.l intiHt Im valIdated relurauJ 1010 blat fortune and himself at l.;, ,

I but we do hope he will onaidvrably/ Increased I by the inoreIberal nor Inter than March Hth IUUG, and Brucu'sJdlHposiU.IIAItMBT (Buoi wMor to If. .J. Murphy) St..

K.I. a little alow lu the matter aud use of potaah lu tins fertlllzurscil "turn trip started on date of vnlidu.- CAWLHE :alltka, Fla.\ hi1ilt."i!">"11 tratuiwiuti TIou.I Coaches and Drawlmr-Room BOCOS "BuffetSiMpers :

I Hal not let the contract. until lie hog 1. luii. except that upon of ._- -- Noon Losi., SiMpers, =! !::-O 1"" ,'dr carry" betwuleto Pullman J--1 :
Interciatugabte Mo
Th9 total application. for sweet .,ntft h.OO)) dollar mood by uVuonltliiirluket Ticket. 61 and Chto.ge '
!tt' expert ennlmierliiK opinion regarding orn should bo at feast, U'Miblv thai with Special[ Aircnt In Wuatington In traveling you will varyeon- Coach see batman and a HIV.uUd blw"B M sad Palatka and barn TII' I
YOUV ANT Maooa sail -
t KM practlc..hUUyand. probable cost. ninmonly applied to the ibid crop not Inter thin 8X( p. in. of "enlei'usa At'antlo!' Cat Llnw Irv- THE WM C. SHAW.J. Jsukeueiii. ,
-. 01 Ihe .outh. Five hundred March Hth lon be terbaogabl mIleage Rood! ver C. B.RHODES
-- l"ulld. I\ fxten can itr> Vico-Prutdsut, .,
ISO.uoumllea of r.Ik4ad. Qw'l ys.
: The democratic executive commit- per acre of ii oompler f..rll I rivmged 11111 March 18th.Thin aoplxlo"tl ire, MACOX OA. AI
will be honored far lIatting
ecommeiuHd., 'Ilia plionphorlo acid i that aa
ten of Marlon county lout formally ud nltrogun[ contenta should remain' Il' opportunity The nttraotloim nonehonld of Stain* Washington[ and West tffClolonatl. [ OU Cloths H. RAPFTERY. D. P. A.. HARRY BURNS. T. P. A.. I
'I declnred this otllcu of Uuuntor from, pproxlinutely 6 and 1 per cent re- \Vimhlinrtiiii ails lore numntroumoEhimim LlliVU. Evanavlllo and Btt Lnolul8, Hug JSUk500vilia. Pe l.oe Oe ,

I the Twentieth district vacant and. mcllvely. The putash content any other city In America and Ll. ..ak.,.vat.g.. ot this nrrange- Art Squares or "WindowShados I ___...._ j /

) haa. asked. (iov. Jiroward to give It. lould be Incroiuied to 10 percent, one ooidtl appiul. nn entire ........O.l"btH..lnR 1 tho InaonvxnlHnea of' -- --. _. -
for the reason. given. Such fertlllng without ever tiring of puraol> [ additional mileage books. 'I -- ---- -
t reaolutloim olHclal approval by sodnelarlnK. will result In sweet corn that la eOlIpI to all points Et consul No better tint, than NOW to nutscrlbB TB New York Hwold. Amerlca'a i I Icomplete

This office Is held by really iwent, for which thert will batiy Make Pullman reservation or Ret Wet an.Hutb W. U. LKABT '' F? S. MOONEY. for the.News;! youart.oo.I: greatest new.paper, all the acre tarn ot :

h ) Charles Monroe Brown, late defeat. r.. demand In all local markets, .full Inrorl11atlol from any Atl<lcCoad W. I, ( P. A. HaVMaab, For the busy world put before you '

'f ed candidate lor governor, who hAIl mind which may eaaliy roach northern Agent or write, __ \ C Wlhnlntton.' (I.Ifyonwant GaI' W* carry a big line of theme gouda and easy I reset*tLrseutlve. easy to lee and and Interesting fashion BWJ
t olUufl eaienlr butt aU the Buster BroWnbn
markets so early a* to find them U. adventurua
;h moved to Dad county In another holly nnaupplied and willing to ''DI.t. P.. J''A Agent, 138 BnYLTl Kay lit., worth; niad eec to good gee COLD yonr money's .ci. jackIng exoeedUogly Jaw pro now. OIUta iou stamp. t W. U. Lhy; blvts., thw-Bunday }erad. Vof Vochratte'Iltouk8tore '

aeuatorlal district, but who lambda theE will make' tba Iao"lj l.el8 Age-il. Cout Chas. JB. ae.
'ay prices crop MkaonvUle', Fla Omit, na t*; Peek' Plat n y.rp Undertaking 'and Eballng.! Line. vN. a.... Atoto 1.: '

: : ; i ;: # "' '.. ,"f, ,. -' 04':
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*,<. \ : : '.' 'cl"i ,-

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"'" q ''' ._ . ,.. _. ., .. .. ,'14 .
""P ,... _" p .. '" '' .. .. ,- . .. . .
M > ,
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"i''iIoo ;o>::1-'I'.n''F1''r'' ': <'' s..ewu.a
r"I", ""'"""" ''.'rw1\'I{ \'!'""' \\'I\mffl!\ !. ."" ,.':' "'"':' "'"' : "- _:,.....;; .: E) ,,,



-- --

= --m- m m g 1 -- ___ .__ ..__ u_ __ __ _ _n ___ ,_ __ --

The Bill for the !jl _Crescent City News-- The The second Bible annual Conference.sesfiioiia of the OomeAgairiCustomers IF YOU WANT THE BEST GOODS _

u n __ __ ____ Southfield Bible Conference will beheld '" _

Seasonfrom F. H. Cone has a fine nnsnrtirient of lu thin plnco beginning next Go to CIIA1YIBER.XIIUS!. I '

:j 1 CUK8CKNT CITY. Clilneso floor matting, which Im Wednesday! the 22d ItiBt., and continuing Those breads stand for the Bast : _

0 ft. ra. to 7 p. m. Is ono of the moat hnaiitlful' Just arrived and of which there are dally to and mcludli.? Sun- Swift's Hams and Drnakfast Bacon; Chase Jfc Suuborn's '1.oas. and ColToes\ _
Saturday? aftornooon ::1 locatIons In Florida Tourists day, March 5lb Pout confermicaddrosHns ______
MaMnno% evory many faulty Fi' >'
:4 I will find It an lUonl patterns. "noyaISclLl'l..t" as, Corn Succotash, _
ami evening presenting! tho : spot toSl'ollll will then continue untIl Aeparngus Tips[ Deans Herts Snlmon, Lobster Plum
the winter or piuw a few James E. Harper, a Crescent City March 20th. Are the kind that we want anti that In I'udillng,,
U popular playYOIIR :J days of keen dolight.'I boy, and son of the kind.that we are Rotting because Swiss and CranIa Chonso.Fox I!
our townsman E. J.
The town Is on Urnsnnnt Lako The sessions of the Bible confer our prices are the vary lowest and our River Putter, Bulk and Bottled Pickles '
I (nn arm of tho (8t., Johns Harper[ who Is now) an engineer on will be bold In the beautiful
) enoe new goods j just what wo thny are.
( IYORIH and Is RI\torl the U. S. Buy Janus, Orange Marmalade 1 ,, Ouava Jolly, -.t : .,
MONY'8 100 miles by water S. Dulu at Cavlte, Philippine Auditorium built for this purpos This wcok wo have an elouimt line of .
I 77 miles hy rail from JiiQlimmvlllo. Islands wrlto Fi 'c1ga.r8t J 17i i .
1 under date of Jut last year by Hon.( Edwin Gilbert, ne Lino of" .* ; _

l.a Intro'lunlng' the following up. I The all day river rldo on the nary 1st that "we have Just returned and Is hllll\'lrt\ lo the SmitlifloUl IIIbl Floor Matting, Corliss Collars and QuITo, Latest Btyle Shields: Hats,

11 to-dnte Slars : J stoamur Crnsaont from, Jacksonville from a six month's crulso In ChIna. Conference association. The Hamilton-Drown Oluhrntod American Oontlnmon and American Lady ShOe ;o e

M J to Ci'flsoont* City Is one visiting Hong Kong, Shanghai and building cost In the neighborhood or EIGHT PATTERNS and every ono a full Block. i ;
Good Goods, :j of the* ilullKhlful oxporlunons of the old city of Canton. I like Chin I bnanty. And then our new stock of Full "I'fcTllJia (".'t _
J flui-lila .$8.000. The lot upon which It stand LinoOnnta FurnUhlng and Dry Oooils. sgl
Popular Prices, :J laavos Jacksonville at 8 Bloamnr 0.. m. much bettor than the Philippines as was donated by Mr. Coe 1>. Smith of Shoes and

Prompt Service j every TuoBday, Thursdny" and the climate Is much better and every. !Hmlthtown, Brunch Long Island C.: L. Ohamlber-Hn.

nC I Huliinlay, numbing, CrnBcimt. thing in HO* much chonpur. Tho
Free Delivery Olty at 0 p.[ III. 'lhi** trip Is the pnriment keep thoslilpn I her winters here. Ladies Oxfords, CRESCENT CITY. FLA. _

1 only daylight rldo up[ tho hroudand 118 they gut foul so quick so they nrii The Held Bible Conferenc - : --d
r Month .
I liturf' :
and the regular Stock Company r> 'iii<> 8t. Johno. 'nt non Ii In both h Flack nn.l Tnn Just fro-n the ;
The steamer' has I prntty( cabins) every summer., lelvlnlt'"e..e Is patterned after the Moody Bible will ..
factory mnktiyour ypes|>iirklo with
Best Butter, .. and onr.ira a il llnlitliil outlook In March nnd remaining AWaY; Conferencp of Nortlilleld MIIHS anc lollght; the mime su pluming. to till oar Coast Line. i
!oj even. In Htormy wuathor.CroBoont Mil November, which suits to "
J me Its 1 president and director HoV. L..
Best Hams the orange, City Krowtnit Is tuG I Industry center of III perfection. I hnvo been promoted to :S., Chafer Is connnctcd with this work. "TilE DIXIE GIRL" Excellent Passenger Service to the West and NorthwestVia.

Crest Coffee, .. nildillo Piorldn and boaiitirulKoviis machinist of the first class." at NorUilleld, as are most of the Chicago and Florida Limited. "

!oj Breakfast Bacon, t I Tint aiirronnd, tho ploao.! Judgn and Mrs. J. D. Hurt I ne oSomcrvlllo other Hpenkem who will be here. Our Birunln Counter full of now gooiln

.Uotnl fruit, boalliiK U ht Ita bust now. N. J., are at drove Hal Last year Mr. Moody of Northdelt Our nluntiliiBBWaro Just In shlnex like "Siilhl' vrHtibiil. traIn of Pullinmi slu'i.luing| nlmnrvatinn., I library:.dfnlnft '

Cheese, fishing will afford hunting RlIIllson."t and. for a short stay. Judge )llartlne Is sanctioned the work here by his now moivy. ear timoiwi a lid o.iiiclii'M nnil jS'imlivlllu., 'lii'twi'i'ii St. Augustine. I uuJ 1 Chicago, v Iii.. .Atliuitn. Chat-

Sausage for Bpui tsmon.Nuptha quite well known over tho! [peninsula presence and help." CONE. The Shoe Man. -

!oj .. launchtis, can bo BP- piirtlcularly, about Frultlund, whereprior This speakers. HII far as known thuis> __ _n ______. --- ---=- --_ ,- -- jLI
and i ft Konnrttt )lln of liE*'r tGROCERIE'I. cured cheaply for watnr trips.. "' HI1. AiiKUMtlno. . t
to IHI/I/; hoVHS interest .reM111 be Itev., C. I. Bcolleld, I). v K C Rv. . : a II>
l Roan)' the bept toj Cramnnt Oily hns RIIIIII hotels heavily Crescpiit Cliy FI... Arrive JnchHonvlHi- . . K'NC Uv . ,1JOI:: 1I1 .
In town for your money nt .. and IxiardliiK IIOIIBOS* at inixlo- r>d III orange grove property. lie, D., of Dallas, Texas; A. C, Olieblu.loiui Ii'ft"e Jncksanvtllff, . .A Cl I Mt it. . . .":.T. .(van: ) nmAri'lviiTirion

!u show .. rat" ratxs.lliiiiiitlful. was fOI'III"I'IYRlld for 15 years a judge of New York, and Hev. ].. S 1 . . . ACMIU. . . IjiSOpm I :

8hadi walks and III the law court of New Jersey, bn Chafer of Nor hlleld. Others will GROVE IIALL Leave/ Tllton. I" . .(I S .t K lly . llili: I' m
J. W. t toj bluyulH (paths.lnrilMii being di>mo lIr11t1c III politic I wnMUuaniHleil likely be here but their names have Art, iva Macoii. .. . . .IIS&I..U.y. . . 4:15 nni ,
furnUliei. IHIIVH Mauiiii . Li! uf (lt, Uy . . :}:Itll'!*) in
!U .. by a republlunn nt tin lot been us. i is fur MID of Al'I'lvlfAtllll1tll. . UnrUnKv( . .. .1101'111:') ) ..
: Ordnrs taken at your door evory ti 'line of the general polltlunl' upliunval Thus slnglntc will lu III charge of i now oi3ii| BUUHOII timvu AMiinru . . W A A.11 H. fti.! A. .. :&; .1Hpmi I ,

'In C'rcmrtMit City .i.....I..or to nub III that Mtn t... J uilge Jliirtluin Mr. Ueo. (J J. Hlebblns of Brooklyn, 0Vl-5( under tho* nianugttnmnt, ofVm. Arrlv..OlulttllllflUKII. . .. 'V&AltH. T.:. . .'I:1I1pm.: *- ..

mOI'olng.r.rr I crlhe mr thin impnr or W|.|IIIK| to r......w now serving as oim of the N. Y., the eminent gos.icl songwriter \ O. Norton, Leave; Clmttnnnnira! \ . . .N 1)) & "St.' Ij Ity. . . ... II ::04 I' lit
'M their.ubi.crIjuI hun. tIuure.,,. ....y ,buys .Itch. execii During the past summer Grove All Iv.. NaHlivlllH. . .. . N U r. '----- --- -_. I 55111115.....I..y. with 81.. F.. I.. Luuundps litho tore:< of tlm will I of the. late multimilliinnlie und muutcnl composer. The lull has been eulurgod improved L"I vANH.hvlll". . .. . L&N n II. . . . . .8:10amArrlVH : I
( "iMmtolllim. who I In our nulliorlc.il' HUKKMURMT ". W. M. Illce of New York, nUHlcul features of the conference md "ronovnted Kvaiisvllle . . .L '05 N U H . . . .H:10am !oL..II'.eJ L
for whose murder Lawyer Patrick I.. constitute ono of Its greatest attractions alfurding greatly .

: CITY TE"ItilMrlutuc. > von Tile' low .awaiting execution of tho deatl, uer''(iHod accommodatiuiiH. The L&NRH.u. . . I11. ... k J
In the Spring WKKK" BNI)1NC: *. KKUHUAKV! : let'' )., ,.5., K. house is l '\ 8:30: ) a
1). WILLIAMH, OBBKUVEU. B'mLeuee i ( In the, eluctrlo" cl"III..t Sing| From letters of enquiry so fur received delightfully aitanted >eween Arrive 8t LnulH .,' . . i & Nit It . . .1 1 ::5 H t p m
the. HiiHhandmHii 1 lightly ]Mnx. lIo.r"r ,. Sing prlsoll. It Is sate to predict that there ; cud l overlookiiiK, Lakes
turns to thoughts of 1'.hr..ry. I .. ".1 I'. H. S P. H. Ct h.VAIl. will attendance. the. Crescent nnd Stella at buiuitiful liHiivu Kvansv.lllu . . K&THKIl.. . . . .8:20am::
4. Iatuurluiy, 41 47 fr II 45 Mr. and! Mrs. Frank H. Brown, and be a large upon Crescent City, Kill.. Arrive Ti-rm Hullt" . .K&T) J U It it..I I ::111 a in

Garden Seeds. I II.: Huuuelsy.:: : 0;* 1..I 01 inII. 1 1I hree; children. of lialtlinura services of this conference from J..nve1'.Hllllt.' . . U&FJ! I HIt ... . II :t.l nam) r
Momley. hI arrived
51 III Terms moderate. For infur- . . : I . . .4:110 d
,. 1'tIoel.y,, SI I M II I 01 60H) abroad, imd hIs an attraction for annual Arrive Clilcniro\ O At E It K : p m
.. lem lust bnturday, night with the "
Wnliavea new supply WnInliy 78 TII Tn 61-I" visitors of I a high grade the nation address
oltheRobert I .. '1'IiIur..huy., till 70 r.\I*, III(I 611 view nf a two or three week's" stay Thin t/tllllo, the xt.nmltml, purfiiotlon I In paHH/ "'iiK..r sorv leo. For Pullman _
fluid Go's,. 10. Yrkisy Mi G1 .n") D' UXI Hut I there wile objection oil the purl conference will glow!> III power from WM. C. NORTON reservation! and nllnr, liiformntliin apply[ to Ticket Airfiit F. K. C. Ky.St ; ,

I ilSour* hotel to ent'rtnllllug year to year. AujriiHtlne or Atlantic, Count Lino Olllctt, lilt: Wont Hay St., Jncksoiivllle 'Ji _
Fresh Garden Seeds, "" inaiiiigemHiit PROPRIETOR. .
"" The people iif f CrescentClty have In Pin. ,
children and Mr. and Mrs _
Including Beans I nod I : his Institution, aside from Its moral 1 Crescent Florida. .j
)Personal J City !
Sweet, Corn.Everything. and Soct J. Drown left, the following day for and religious value a ,mighty factor f
Jacksonville.\ Mr. llrnwn, Is for
In Toilet I t_ ___""", ,, u In the upbuilding[ the community.

Artlclos and StatlonHry.IAwfl3"l4 \ H. W Gooilulc. now III New UrIHHIIS. spent lI1ur 'Crescent his happy City boyhood boy, days one here who,, 'here Is not a town of any size In Real Estate FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY. !

Fine Cn 110.11.:". I the atnte but would gladly pay _

A lion U. Muiill of lliillltnoro, InsiiHiulliiK
a few days with tile mother, be sure hIt has out Into the
{lOUND'8 DRUG 8IORfUI'U'lmt gone lone the people of tlm plnce should \V. C. Norton Son.If osTH.BOUND-READ, UP.
:Mrs.! J. I. MHull.HlJu"1I1"r big world and made a name and for- DOWN. '.
lot grow\ careless the advantages you want to secure a homo or grove .
Ult) FIn. \ the New KiiKlaiul supper 'line by force of genius and can_well which belong to us from Its looa-"' In Crescent City, perhaps we have Just No 89 No. an ire; No.13 ;;-m ;;:T. co' all N. 00 i. aP5117

__._ L ---c.-- nt V. I. A. hull will bo held next ulTord to seek those places. where ion In our inldnt. Wo should support the bargain you are looking fur. Anyway Dally Dally Daily STATIOPI5 D.lly D"lIy Dolly -D/llIy- ... "a

-- -- -- Moiulny night, Feb. 20th. wealth. and fashion. most do congregate it to the best of our financialbillty. let ua talk It over. "';";-; isis' 'P uuoo' ';' .UII. Ly..Jockoonyllle..Ar. 7140 P 740' 'P CUll a 540 ; ;: .
-- --- -
Eatabllohud I6t. Chim. H. Curtis has returned to get his needed relnxitlou II W. C. NORTON & SON, : a l\IOp\ tm : .Ola .. So.Jkiuvihio..Lv:, : : : XtC: 6.Op 6CU. 7 Ne 54 : i ,

from a trip of ,nuvi-rul weeks. through rom bimlnehs) worries, but he pre.f..rM The nieetliigH' will be tilled with Cr Hcent City 11 ii* a lOOp In: ; 9.h : ::: : ': ::: :::: : *a 6Up UTa :11s 45 5 : a 1
to here. In fact he
S. B. Downes & Co. MissourI and uthur western states. come ( eep Interest to nil Interested in reIglons -p-;;; 81'. )
wouldn't cOllie to Florida at all II TO ttEUT: -PurnlBhed Hooin III the ;j'j'j;;; p Il16p ; ii"'p1.1III.;; "p C
MI's. Fowler of New York Is hereto work anil the people from all UO P IU. P IU6 A ua. a 15 P 'i6p 000. Otis
It not for his new "Attleboro, suitable for man uuil -
were boyhood muino- .
Merchants attend, I tills HpHHluiiH of tlie Bible >arts of the peninsula are preparing wife or two Illd lee. Modern convoulxnos. Il6p .kioll sue _
Commission Uop
;: : Hotl
los of and love Crescent Cltv. : : C (
for 7Ih : ::: : :: 7 CC 160a
Conference and Is. a guest nt the toO attend the meetings. The Bteam- Apply, F. M. l'iiy>">o. l're oniit 'CUA -. ( .
aoJDiiinu Street, Mew York. Houthneld.Mrs. Therefore the News says : It Is too er Crescent will bring an excursion I City! Fla. 2-17-lf 1>;>;;; -' III P I
< II. l mil Mr. Brown and his Interesting 100 P ,, II P _

Chns. S. Oowiii l left on the amlly. could 1 not find the desired aoommodntloiis. inrty!! from Feb Pnlatka liilth nndSim andIf\ there Mateo Is SPARTAN VIRTUE. lOOp 15 a ;::::::::} tuiguetiue..e;; .: : ::::. ii pIi HOp ;$. .
Sunday ,
1 l to In .. IUs seas
Will bn pluuaod get 41O
Crescent Monday for Sun Mnteo 11105
I ,, the of tulIp lOOp I/Up ,
We a
touch with shIpper.. of Or- where she will upmul a few dnyi .11I1111 but ambitious winter resort,, the expected support, will bring a < !. Floe /Thlnu If It In Not Ad.rsl.ed lI6Up OISp 1011"Op P IIW" p p 4 .op 205 a .

ungoa Orapvfrult and Tan- with frleiuU.Mlsa 'leed just such friends. as Mr. Brown,, ecuiid excursion from! 5th.! the same/ ,. Too Much. raw a 585 p ::a 1 1206>> p ::::::::: :: [ :::: ::::..4; a illS p 150 4th.. _____
places Sunday/ Mnrch to hove lie 8.* ,
A Bpurtuu virtue seems I"' S il
Korlnes.StJohns. Holan Hogarth and Miss\ and lots. of them. It Is understood IlIDa HUp 5 1I\ p tItuS p p atop lid. _
Inherent Quality of muklug Its ponsras- >ills> a 4 0>> I' P
Rlvrby Daylight 1.1111. IlowerB charming young ladies hat Mr. Allen U. Maull, who Is HHoclated LAKE COMO. or a 44 callbor bore of the worst sort 406"Op" P p I' I 1Ip ij _. _

of IlriiiiROii H.\ C., are giu-sls ol with Mr. Brown hi n..ltl-1nore Tlie Village Improvement Assucia- Take the.mim whose supreme If not .aop'dip 'Mp >> I P U.p 10lllp ', ,t
Line ..4 .
The Beach & Miller 1>>' ) p I.10 pl.lb P
their uncle, Mr: K. A. Hogiirth.Mm. and who came with him. has lon of Lake Coino will give Its annal uly virtue lien in the fact that betakes 6" P 6 601 ill P P u

Summer CKKHOENT.I It. Trninbatli. \ / nf Bomnrvllle, found quarters for Mr Brown and entertahnnant. and bn/nar alIm a cold water bntti every morning : 16 C : : :::: : ',! ;::::::;:::: : : ulOIp 000 p ut-6 p
residence of Mm. K.:t: f, "Knlllvnn .86. .fluyionui..SM.I .
TiAp :t: ,
You. him : ::: ::::: : Bioi 1 1I
I.'iiviw jHckMinvlUHOtiTuaiitlnyii.'rhiirHfliivrmitl sister of Rov. Dr. J. K.: huts written In order to try and lu- the wholo year roulI<1. meet 00. p : ::: P
: : : :N. J., a oil the evening if Thursday, Febru- a YlUP i I
Sninnliiy. t aO: u, m. (or Oruxn cow hfui back. : In the car, In the street In the course op _
"I'aIitka. Vruwmut guy aDd prlnuliiul' Wu) WlglilIs lucre for a visit wllli Mr. duce to coinu III'y 2trd.) An exoelleiit program IR loll P a 818 P I. a '
of business anywhere, and no matter a
l LatiIiigiR.tnrnIn5.IelIV.rn. III preparation. There, will be vo- 114P .V.2,1 .op J'j ,
,. ,cod MoniltiyHHt C.'I' Olty 7 *uil in.Wedue.deyc .. and Mrs. Norton nt drove Kail. F. M. Pavson appeared before the cub solos by trained voIces "Six what tbe tuple may be at the start tbe H C .:: : : ;: I: : : :: : :g: me' \.

:JaokeoiIvilIswberI' Krldtty., !ooIotLsosttruet.: The uncial oluh gives It third, tlnne- tOWn, council lust week for the purpHe hlldren will entertain/ and amuse. conversation la bound to Include an uoountquite set a Stp s.up a to 25 a p ln p ,, t. a j
(M. of that to thus audience with their little Incidental l of "oul'f 546 A p 1010 a p 10 P
Teillphllll.p....,k., wharf roo..r l Lemon. .|..... hog [pnrty at V. I. A. hall next 'Fliesday > asking body consent .. mo- 'UII.. ao sI ft .6ua 8Up .
Fi'l. 21. .Muxlo will lu 10 arbitrate Its difference with C. H. iou songs and gnmes.It how on tli frostiest of mornings be alp 811 :::: ,. 1 1I
night, C :::: : : :: ; : ::: : : atop i.
Is hoped that Mr. H. 'V. ()oh- frolics In the Ice cold wilIer Just as. It I 1000 r: '..
Cash the amount due for 4'"
JOHN VINCENT D. G. B. furnIshed by n JnckHoiivllle or- over ngwood 1, editor of Rural New comes from the bydrunt. I 101 p .500>> a a .IIP.P. I
h set rut.Rev. / water. under the old water contract Yorker, will be present to give liuinrous \Op IMinoI.lO..I. I
c \
Then there's the who walks : : ::a T
and daugh which expired( lust July It will borommb"rl'd recitations lund It may be, uo l\p ::a ;: :: : :: : 500 a fOP \
Artistic Barber. Dr. J. Wight that the town $100 10 tell I one of h bis Inimitable I original down to his olflco every morning rain '
ter. 1\1\ has Kininii of (1 J Irecn Cove \ paid stories In which "J uuigii Lynx" and or snow. In sunshine and In storm. The Knifet l'utriorCuirsofltmiflN (.1,75 slid :ant liuitet slm'jaiiug curs on trains 511 sad. t.1 ,
---- .. 8i'liiK, spent' a cnuplu Uiiys here per> annum for water for lire prutec- "('ouiuiiiiVoahcliuck" try to oulwltHcli lore distant nla home from bill olIU'Vha h'iwe.'lu. J"kIOYIIl,.tool N ironi 1..10'c..0" u.I"ill IS..it 40 .Iwol'' e',.. Au5usUfte, .1< ,,
Hair, In all approved atyl a. | __ .
Cutting call. hot week, guests of Mr. and Mrs.W. lon ou (Central avenue, under a ten ,, other. more be will talk about It, and be New Siligruls. ; I '.
Give me a
years" contract. The force for the The entire program" will be Inter- will tell you that. he bus become so uo- AUGUSTINE *
hail.rrrs. AND
--- -- persed, with udmlrable selections of
water was furnished troni a tank at ustomcU to It that the only time he 1
CltKHOKNT* CITY. FWmiDa J. N. Mott of Aniprlou-i\ Oil., vocal anti lnstrti 111(0 ruti III usic, nnd can get an extra thrill out of It .Is when --ii-i-; :; : "e'I'- ,
Im summit of a steel tower on Florl- humorous Imitations theVlcto' ,. ,i,, N 33+ Na 4" Ne' Ne"t H I
hns bopn here. for I a week visiting. her limy/ the streets are deep with snow and the S BOUND ." D.lly D II E '. .
This and tank D UY [
dll avenue. tower phonogrnr'hThis Instri !_ O.ly D"ly I.!D..ly 11.ly 1'//! r. _
A. C.TORREY.Undertaker brother lu-law. Hon. J. II. Harp, ollnps'ed on January !8th, 11)04.\)( The lent. excels", anything ever known InlU wind Is blowing a hurricane. 'hIlt AM GOUAU I hiS r 110pM i.. ; slaps ..:r.-.i ;

anal her nti
nnil Etiibail: at er. tPnnlnatHcl ht visit on Moil-\ and In inimical, quality of rises at 6 summer and winter spring 50.2sf-;:;: ... A' N.. no ... No."t cusp ".. : 1
at the expiration of each quarter. one. It is owned and operated, hy and full. We never can. The early 'a 1 Nau.if ""lly Ne .
Full hue of Caskets and CoW us. tiny, wlu-li Bh" left, for I'ltlntka./ Oil Deo. 27th 1UOB, the council made. ilr. La Fayette dates of Cleveland, riser Is not a criminal simply because N. BOUND. I Daily Duilly l.. 8... pauly .131. ,!e.S..I I fi:lOly D.ly ,Dlr 'l'; a I1c

T Klven by the ladies, of i fl".' TrcHhyterlau he next. quarterly bill came In on AdmlHKlon twenty-Ilvn cents., In- tense as a crime. But It Is admitted A. J.ck.ociuie 004" Hlt ) "1'AI>> I lOt'S 1UrJ ., ,

PltF.HflENT* : CITYCrescent FLORIDA will I I I hn In.Id next.. Monlny Itiding tickets for refruHhrneiits. ItI. hat the low tins Its defects. Nothing eonupo.t'd e.oiu.lvelY Iutinsl, or Curler Care no.1 extra .eut: '01..gem
-- -- -- -- -- --- fhnrch March 27th; tint council refused to hoped thnt thorn will bu a large t i : 00.4(1,0., oporaird on : lentil,oiwiuIuii: iO extra I,,.0,11 fare :r'I.. ;I Ii
< pveiiliiK, nt V. I. A. liall. The I"'Y. .except pro ruta from the date of a ttendaiK'e of friends from the snroundlug can approach the look of superiority ___ : : ;

Ciiy! Transfer Co., indies pronilHo* a finn supper and a ts last payment to January 8li:! the country. on the face of the early riser. lie bus -i--; ; ST. AUOUSTiP4M AND N.: O rir: PALM BP"" MID MIAMI N.. 1 ::1
found the only road to health or NEW 5M'4RNA. D.II .i
Daily O"ly
social tlmn to nil who will Its refusal ,
tile tower collapsed.
Mm.ta.. all trains. at Ciouoint' City Junotlmi. plcnsiint duly Libert ...n.. wealth. The books ho bus read before -;-;;;; Auuouti'e 1110AM ISlAM Lv..liraskors..A 551 t" _
attend. was' on the ground that the water This ts Liberty hull, and you nifty breakfast would If collected In a heap m p t::::::::1(1151 t Pauitikt, :. .. .::t: uououu Ire .. t,: :.w.t luim uscutuh.A: : ; sin i
Night trains by appolutniKnt did not with Its maxim Ice, A. ... Lv laildAs LY. ... Lnnlaa., ....iv Llt'' ,
comply Is .Ho.I.I. a1.
Cobb nnd daughtor.Miss smoke In the garden, a look p
Mr. A. Vlnttm ompntiy make the Congressional library ,
A....... .. O"y" ... .Lv 'ISlAM" r.v h. u.ni.r.isie..l.v' I' _
B M T.AHRER. Manannr.E. \ Henrlfllta I.. Cobb 01 Attl..bor<>. ontract after the collapse/ of the which has become typical; of one sort mall. 11 P I' i.w. sly.n..L.. yv.ao.-0155 A ... ...1..1.. II. I

Grove Hall for aoonplo ower. Mr. Cash refused. to accept ot hospitality. Another version baa There are some who would place Intbe

: W. \VVARRBN n. I D. weeks'MIISo..llr..nt Mr. Cnbb visited Cresettnt the pro rata/ tender for the tine he Just been perpetrated by a member of first rank of this group that rUIflied. .: Ne I .MYPORT URA" N..S". :\" N., Ne.;lRANuu I "T DRNrf Ho I." .. ..
stay. } 1'.1
naly .
st. Daly D"11 l. I ,
: ,
when furnish water. nnd there has the early rising fraternity. ; hardy, vigorous full blooded geneman \a, \ .
Crescent City, Fla., City some two years ago .. 8 It4 it iiitll.v., New Minyrflu A.! I '\p 7' "ii
1.v. p
"I wlab. said tbe host, "every one who can't breathe In a room N A ,1 Jokl."III. .t n 0 J .0 i. ,
I J ..
settlement. The town Iti 0 I.y. 1 lkioO Lv.lli I
been L. \
a &
frloiul who are pleasedi ever I I A J..1 70. .U Jkn I.t \
'VIII.R''W..t call fiotn* Como, Pomona ha uinde to do as be likes In toy bouse. ules.* nil the windows and doors are I'5 0 IV i I' I.y AI.nlio ".I. II p 1)1" I...(, ,.City lv .. .
SIt5IlmlH. Ilxlghta Welaka, Frultlund or his return. ouncll has In addition offered to It sounded very friendly but on SoloS open. The lower the pressure of .steam I II tilt 6 Ar..N.ypuri.... r"5 iOU i I' .." 'u hi 0."..ty Ji. 10 "!"' ttgrt r ''''' '
a. ,
nf the Presbyterian iay Cash any reasonable amount for to his bedroom the guest tound a In the lower the si I list \ a _
othi r joints Urn Frult'land Penlnaula The LiuiissAkisociety l the radiator mercury He 1 '.
on church met this week. withMrs. ho water he furnished. from January little card stating the times of me hJ, In 1U tube and the wilder the play ofthe 0.1, "O"ITAD IXTNSION.ly Daily IAPRD RNH D' ; ,.' -,.

to July to the animal watering Breakfast at 7SO: and In an N. B. winds over the roots and around ; \ .. .. I I, 1
Th meetingwus iLv .......MinI..a P hv .A. I"
.6. I.: : Fred Andersen. BO. Tt".Ult. '
.. Spec.oer:: ( to for the approaching trough. on Central avenue. In his was added, "It will be cleared away; the corners tho more Insistent la he 740 a A' .. ...Hoo..d. ... ... S41' "it 4c. .8u"I.I.. .. i.s' ,i.. .
largely prepare "
Dentist. Fniflaml supper to ppeal for arbitration Mr. CMllh.tbl'ollKh at 8llO: bat you DN Imperiling your very life _==.t .1 I''

-- -- 1 .be give by Now the society: at V. I. A. his attorney, modestly d.- Th. Golden M_.. b y not occupying an office( wide open to PENINSULAR AND OCCIDENTAL STEAMSHIP CONNECTIONS_ATJl.l| MljCloi ;. :.
tun o "111..I U. .nn pmapeos $BlrooUr'rmonntoity every wind that blows. l
uo | sired to name the entire board of ar- The motto of the Greeks was "Moth- -e
hall next Monday night. Ob Spartan virtue la a fine thing bat Coooecllos Made' Miami with Sltimihlps ol the P. 4 0. S S. ..Cwnoany I : c
Florida. Itratlon. The council takes the Ins too much ; ,
Stewart of Hamilton It would be simply sublime If Ita modern ,.
Rnv. I. round that there Is nothing to urblrlta. An excess. of courage Is brutality.; exponents. and Incubators would NASSAU. HAVANA AND KEY WES E
the newly _
W. D. 8HOTWELL county An excess of economy J la pcuurlousess. -
of the Frultlnnd l circuit MB*t hod In t just keep still about Washington ._-.-_---- -- --- .---- : .. .. .4", I; _
Builds Row Boats rOllt. tlmoo at which --.y l>o Mjxwtcil, 14 a"rlv*15'4. (i's -1 ;i.
arrived last, week and Instopping An excess of taste Is precocity.An ; _ Tbooa Time Table show ,
church .
Wedding Bells. from too .. bull 11.1.arrival or d"lu'ur nl .b.1'MUitfKl Id '''i .1 t : "
Rnpalrs boats buggies and makes all { with Mr. and 1\1 rs. Frank excess of gentleness la timidity. III. TI.... nord"Hi*.om.y.I.'on.1 d U1".pu.bl.lur l( any delay or any eoik*>" .' ""o'r'I.''Vdo* ., f I .

kinds of wood work repairs at hh. shop Johnson. Ha preached his Initial The New. Is authorised to make Aa excess of confidence J la egotism. "If It were customary In this countryto 'tl._ _ _ -- -_ r .< ," _______
ii* rear of hla MARKET. the following annoullc..mentrfr. Who will show us where to draw the .
MEAT last (
church titles who In for
confer men
Irovesdale upon go ., "- a
at of K. LOCAL CARD Other Inloromatloia. .
Crescent City Fla."atlsfaotory sermon )\ Chns. K.!: Miles wishes to anouuce Inef-Ernest N. Lyon In Everybody's; literature, what should I be?" asked a For Copy TIME ... ): ,'; ______
mod- "SEE THE TICKET AOINTi.Dii.AHNEP..Ases.G.m'1.Pe.s.AtZ.ST P.
eot work; guaranteed church the marriage of his daughter (ugailn.. _ ____ oncelled journalist of his editor. : rf
prlclI8.FRESH. .
Tim Indies of the Episcopal Ideas." the torse'to.-. AOGOSTlNr j" .
julia Flees to Mr. J nines T. Long, "Karon of was ,
successful fair and A R.wr *!>. : : _
held .
!guild at V.very I. A. liall liwt Tuesday. at the Congregational church, Po- Bylla-How Is it that ;rOW and ;roar Illy. _ _ - -- -- -- -- --____ ______ C :..\.
FISH I II. supper mona, \V..duuJny night, February. husband welll )oJr Hay- .. _
afternoon and evening. The sale of agr. Filial PI.t r. '. E. WILHON, OEO. WELCH, .T.-B.IEURILL' t .
fair continued throughthe 22d, 1005, at eight o'clock. Veil you .ee, te be. given up bis Mother-Do you Ilk. my new gown, Vio. FBMIDZHT. OASHIBBJ 4 __
articles. at the served The bride to bit Is a popular[ anti club.. Bylla-And you' Mrs. lUy-I Mllllccutf Kllllcant (aged eve, with IBII.1' ____

J. L. Basliford<1 of WeUika will visit afternoon and supper WAS good accomplished young lady of Pomona, have given up amateur cookery. With conviction)-If there J la a lady god you THE Putnam ifkt .

I. HlltliumB at 5:30.:: Tim atteiidiino-, lIud the groom Is an exemplary young I hose two destroyers of domestic fellcly look just like her In those clothes.-LJf.. Natio'raf3S < _
I TuestlIiyA' and the cllorts of the Indies. will put business man of Crescent CIty.whoIs t gone, why should.' we not be bappr'1I11ALTH ; .,
LOflIOllaVediiesday! sum of money In the church ITOU-BIKOWOBM __. Of: .
quits a also county agent fur thus I:1ll1g..r8ewlnlr : .
E. T. Lucas, Wlngo, Ky., writes, )
Crescent ; ,
City Friday trsuulUrl.Mrs. Machine company. Mr. and leans the ability; to do good day's April ilJtb, 1002 : "For 10 to la: ;years. V e solicit the aoonunta of the people throughout Putnam County, and tender all\\,
(I f each week with Shad arid other Chas. Janusch and two In. Irs. Long will make their home atuntlngton. work without unduri fatigue and to findlife I had been. ainiotwl 1 with a mala Iy the courtesIes and axiooinmoilatlona oonslatent with good BanklnR. *-: a

Fresh Fsh.(. Wale' for bin,. lie will terestlng little ehlldrenrof Chicago }[ worth llvlag. You cannot have In- known.. the 'itch.: The itching was ___ _- --- ___ L_ -- -- I t '0______
auperlntendent, of thePrestonMiller iKestlon or constipation without Ita moat unbearable; I had triad for year. a. k _

II"t\ your__!house.I13llth5itos. : _ __ wife of t'e arrived last peettlng. the liver and polluting the to find gullet. having tried all rxmndU'Scould 4 t a _______
compmiy. Ace You EsBTLEaa AT NIOHT, ood. Huuh a oondltlon may bu beet ''I bear of, besides a number oootors. m
Saturday evening. on the Crescent. aDd quickest obtained by Herblnn. the I I wish to state that one single' ta h O -' : _
leased And hara eed by abad ooughF Use that tho world has I '
have best liver
Mr. and Mrs. Janusch' regulator application of Bullard'a Snow Llnlmrot : : ?***. FLORIDA.
on South Main street allanl's" Horehound Syrup. It will se- vor known. Mrs. D. W. Smith: writes, oared me completely and permanently Sundries (L

the reaWenc of Capt. W. M. our. you souml sleep and effect a prompt April :H t, 1002 $ "I usa Barblnn, and find SInce then I have used the liniment Ie Druggist and : I'_____

opposite the home furniture and radloal our*. i5o! tOo and 100. It the beat medicine for constipation and two anparal, occasions for ring worm Patents. .. mVBBHU ?
and as soon as their regulating the liver I ever used." Prlo and U cured his 1100 and .
Bitch, .completely. "
Aokerman it Steward's. P. FRESORIPYONS .OOM hJNOb. } i _
will' go tll< house keeping. Bold .by 51)I cent. a bott'p. Bold by' Aokerman ".OO bottl; Bold by Aokerman A: OAR.FULLY '
: 3uTroRcE'ox arclYB present they are at the atka. and Lounda* Drug store, Cr...- A Htewwt'a Palatka, and,Lounds' Cruff i tlt Lewart'*. Palatka. and LounUa' Drug OARDCrr S8KD. aiconto Mallory steamshIp LID.j : ii

), : siLbj dealer.. For Mlwoa th Turner' boarding bouse. ont City; ,ton Crescent City_ ', .tore, Crwncnl) city.' .i .;v1 _,, I _


".,' ." .' ., .. ., .1 ... rr) s
kr :. '" ." '. 44L
., \ :
., Wlfcii1i
t '. I. '" ,.." ''iI' .f' ."-' ".". '* -
_' ,_'J'1i'i,1 : __' ....... wi .*' : _


,. ., .. ," .' "'''"' ',' H" ,' .. .., ,.. ,.. ,.. ,
".'TW ___p...."'..... .. '' .....,...,.-- .,. .., '\ '''' '''" '' "" '" ,
,S I' : ''''''r?, ''i'''' Efi*''',"""P'' "j S "" **..r.wiriew, iii tl' "'"" ,. "",, .., '<;f"<'\-" lJ, .. ,, "'" ,ei'r' ..:"" < :, ,''':I ( WT\ ''. 'M 1'I''t', '
? ,', ,' \ ,,' ,,j' : ', ,',r'

r- ,._ ,. .------=
-------- ---- "

aamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats "7 The Palatka Newsand The Valentine party given at the The Mehrtens Concert M ii tWuv.4
home or Miss Clyde Elites last Tues-
The music loving pcoplnof Falatltn
4 Advertiser dny evening proved a financial as will long remember with\ plraure We want the Ladles oft jS
well ns a social, success. An admission -
._" the treat IIlror.1. them In I the visit
foe of 10 cent and VICINITY I
wits charged fff AND
of the Mrhrten Concert company of
TIlE NEWS: AND ADVKKTISKH: I the. lift proceeds amounted to aom< -
: tHIS II hluhur ulrciilution rutlnir Savannah. on the night .of /St Vnlentlnu's -
r'J : thing over $5 HO which amount will familiar with
You stillInterested ,
are more
rI I than 1 In accorded to lillY other day. has become ,
!t paper In 1'iiliilUii.. I'rlutvr's l be lined In purchasing" .new Bong\ book. The whose coming. hud the famousAmerican

R In Ink. N. Y.. July 1 .2 J. 1903.!><>: for the Methodist timidity school. been company hornlded, 1 by immcirou and .

n __ __ The ovenlug Will spent moot. .agree-
highly fliitlnrlng notice concerning
press ,
n C? _"""-"WIJ..w. _......_ IIhly l In conversation and KUIIK-H' the work of eauh nmmber.lias Beauty
Thu rufritHliiMvnts consisted of nalteilpitnnuU ,
WinterClothing ? Li t City fiaptcniii8.,.) and i. nnd fudgv. left no I truce of (Ileum|>|nlnrmeiil.,

n I If anything. I I the.! u oik' of I lh.., nev"rnlineinbei

n r n Personal 1 mention. J M Us Ethel W. M later, taCit of (Jl.'vu exceeiled'' hipuliitur, Hills-. Corsets \

:I (>n'' ''nMAfM. A' ,>'nnAAAAAMMm. '' <, Iniid Ohio, a graduate of the 8nruofitNormal ; tic m.'lt.lho, liioitG lloDnrul cxpecla-

: 1 1a 1a 1n 1n 1n 1n 1u 1u 1u 1u 1u 1u 1u 1u 1u rir K. l'oHh'fleld- Oate of Welakn School of (U'l11l1asliofl, lliis- I louiS of our bunt equipped' local mu- \

1n rI wa a visitor In tlio. city Tues ton, and the Clinutnuqutt (N. \'. ) slcul J juulg.3s.Mrs. \ If any of you have heretofore ,

,. RG day. Normal School of UyinintstlcH contmnplateH Lnunv MelirtciiH., time planlntf ; \\ had considerable difficulty in securing I

Our forming elites ID gyiniuiM- the .. seleclloim \ i
::! company' / played
A. J. Padgett a prominent citizen,
1:1: ties for women and children In. Pul- from Chopin MoHxknwHkt liSzt a Perfect Fitting

I tj: of Iramlln was In' the city on Saturday iitkit. TliOHe who would be interont- Iteelhoveii, and, Verdl-Llszt, nnd with( Corset, YOU will' find 'it profitable -

One Third Gut tj last. .,d in the mutter ouu, address ill ice such skill In the masterof nil th! AMERICAN BEAUTY ITYL ;oI at Corset De- 1I.1..eCe..ICe.IoI.M.k.AMEltleAN BEAUTY ITYl. see.

L Miss Kate LIIUIUI, went to Jacksonville Miner at HaHtlugH, Fla.. or leave Ilaheuamso. Cline'' Ceo '.1. Mills'S to call our
detail of I IntetprotalIon I touch, etc.
[II in Prices tj: yesterday to remain until Stturdny. word with Mrs. Martin Urlflln. MM a* to stamp! her ail artist of tint pnrtment and examine the merits of American Beauty Corsets :;

', 1:1R: on all Minor IM In the city tndiiy. and will HUM'It. Hur numbers went generously .ic: These Corsets are made In Styles and Varying Shapes to Suit the 'CE

H r Miss Mattle. Rogoro i lii 1'11I11111 Ih"I, .attend the meeting of tlii> Woman's
\ the "lid 11'110" what wants
applauded by matter be
and your may
no we
( Needs of Figure ,
s sVinter: Goods] every ,
:1;j week In Jacksonville on u visit to I,, Fortnightly Club. Mrs. \VIckenberg ) .HCHHOS a soprano
PU to fill that want.
!!: should attract you to ,.. friends.Thw, Mrs. Edwin Kirby imtcrtalned tile voice of wondui'fill power and have a style particularly adapted

This Store. :::1 Misses, Norris of Crescent t Indies of the AfternoonVlil club, sweetness ,and her every number win I : We are now making a special low price run on Laces and

City were., In. the city I Ihlll w..k..11* a I together with their himbnndu ,at' hei received by stoinis of npplmma III Embroideries and we have an elegant display.

rt t visit to rrltnd, home lust \V..
1.1g I Mr. ,and Mrs. Jolm Andruw Shelley otliin' guests present were Mm iHHpiimlml.It 421-423 Lemon Street,

t.i are expitctml' .huine. from their wedding Klrby'K giiust.. Mr*. Woodiill of Du- IK not In utifaTuriiblH, COl1t..IISt A. W1 STRANGE & CO
f falafka
C'C'C'U ::J I rip today.Mis. L'Uiil: Mr*. Modulln "Hlniln }'rllzpr,1 with tlms (inter nrtlHU wlinn we Hay Florida.

., IiI : &[r... F. A. Slocum, and Mr. A. 1C.VViUnn. that perluip. the ni'Mt thoroughly
;: N. 10.!; 1'1 l'hll' of I'omona' was I
U The A A A A A
evening WIIH the
pleunnntly numbers
U In the her enjoyable on program . .. ..
clt.yV'UIIl"HIIIY on .v -
way v. -
1 i PeNNed III playing heart, at wore those of young Rudolnli Jacobson JV 1/ \1 \I JI V V V JI V V V II V v VPVYWi'NOTICE Y" "v
I. to St. letershuig." -
II p which Mr. A. Wlllard CRIIIH In for thu violinist. Ar Htlo piano ---------
ri James Fennel" of Mnlrosn, was the favor of the OF APPLICATION FOB AN )
Our I 1904 Trade evening. Dainty playing und vocal miinioof u high ORDINANCE
'I n=; 'Hhuklng ha."lot with I I his filend" in refreshments were served and all order are not uncommon In Pahttka., $1,000 Given Tax" Duo Undtir "Section' 8 of Chapter To aiahorleo. the Board
r the last 4HHH, La ffs of Florida. of Bond Trim-'
city Saturday.Col.
1 E was a WG TIlING n present unite In .xpr..slllg themselves while artists with supreme. control NotIce 'is hereby given that Anderson. tees to Expand: the Bum of Thirty-live

I, UU for in F r! Alex.: St (t'lalr-Abiam, ofJacksonville as delighted with Mrll. 1lrby'shuspllullty. of, and ablilry to drew out all the Wall A Co., purchninr' of Tux' curtlllcateNo Thousand. Dollars or BO much tlivroofan

II U us nr wa it guest at thu Saratoga hidden melodies of tlio violin are AwayDuring 41)!)-&, dated tho 3rd day of July, 'm. D, may te necessary for the ratubllsh.
M ::i J flleil saul ciiitlllcnte. In onioeaud merit of a System of Sewerage In tho
I eaily In tim woek. Thn' special services conducted by rate. This young tnnn Jncnbson. Is 18110 tiltS my InlHlka.Bo .
C' TWO WAYS: _. has made appllontlnu for tax dncd, to rityof
I' n. t: J. H. Melon ban 'arrived from PIUs Rev. Dr. ItoHeborouich "L the Fr.. byterlnn CHrtalnly It great. artist now, mid the Year in Premiums I Issue. lu "accordant" with law. Said cortlllcatu It ordained. by the City Council of the

g; It made us a nice u: bmg and has opened his bountiful I I church cloned lust' timidity when we consider his youth It IH not Come get your portion. embraces the following i*..soilbedpioperty City of Eulatka: .

I C'C' L.L.. home on Kiniiiett I stleet, for C the win night. (On account of the uoimtaut. too much lo say that under favorable situated In Piituam county, !BBOTIOM 1 Thn Board of Bond Trus
living and showed us You get a check with tees of the City of FalaUa. having
L.Ll Florida' to wit: mlldeand
will attain
ter. rain und the.. unusual. amount of! circumstance he yet
C'U each like Hw of of 5 i'l. soutlon 0, township tranHolitoil. to the City Council and
Llr purchase J awl]
: that the People Lln Mrs./ L. C Knycii luw gone\ toJWent. sickness among\ the inuniber of the lo the fame. of mi Ola Dull or just 10 range 2(1( _1(1( ncina. Mayor of thn City) of Pa'atka an eel immmata j

"I 'a'a appreciate our =:! Halm lleach for a few days'. Htay. with congregation, the services were not Kdouard: H.imonyl.' HI every num- I one below. The nld land being a'se,"soil at the In writing of the cost of constructIon and

r rilnUvuM.. who iii'u vUitlng at tlmt eel a* largely attended... would otherwise bur on TuoHd.iy' night WH recclvud Come see us for particulars date of the Issuance of sinih teillllrato In Instaliatlwa' of a sewerage! system In the

l '4 efforts to ri have been. Those who with u storm. of applause.Theconuuit the name ofV.. II. WilKht. Unless City of pLlatka, amounting to Thirty-
ebratod were
iii ru .t. be redeemed, live Thousand Dollars, and
said certlllcute shall according having uskoil
C'I Ci serveR flP (Ueoige" Chase n prominent attorney privileged to attend were edified by was hugely attended 5 I 6 FEB 16 to law tat deed will Imtue authority HI contract for the elocution

I them the Very Best ;flP:j und! capitalist, of Detroit, Mich., tile earnest, scriptural sermons delivered ai.d on its commercial side will thereon on the 11th day of March A. of.said wirk nod for authority to ox.
P! dally. As Synodlcul evango- yield. on aijtl tier' oentbimls a pretty 'D. 110B peed that sum for eucu work In purou-
3 Wearables at the rr Po wa a visitor In the city for a short Hut, Dr. Uosenborough went on Tucmdny uhi for 1.11"Jubllo library. Hut ,- Witness my otnulnl, Rlgnnture anil, seal anco of List bonding ordinance ot this

p time on Fihlay of last week.Mrs. R" H this the let day of Fob.. A. II.) 10UB. oily.
55 65
it Lowest r.J' to Jasper to hold service. there. there are vtry many people In Pa- It la therefore ordained
I living Alder and children of flrook. [S""n] JOISEPU'PlIICE. by the City
: He will find a ready welcome latka who did not attend who should Clerk Circuit Court Fiitim. m Co. Florida. Council ofuaid City that the said Board,
: :.1U J
k := Prices. lyn N. Y .arrived last night on I a whenever. he can come among the lave shared with those who lid III of Bond Tnmtoea be and are hereby ful

1/ :: We are going to Llk. visit to the liomeuf her p"relltll.Mr. Fiesbyterlans here. this ,"u..lcllllro"t.. JOIfXT. HOMO NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOB, ly authorized and empowered to pon-
and Mrs. A. K.: Wll on.ti Tax" Deed Under Stti'lloo, 8 of Chapter tract for and have established In sail
j g CaU: Double the k.fc The Ludles Memorial Society will There was' an Impression current I DRY ('IOOIISANUHHOKS. 48H8 Law of Fliulda. City a System Sewerage and, to expend

'I II : There will\ bn a meeting of the give a colonial slipper next. 'Tuesday that only classical. music would 1.b.. NotIce Is hereby given that W. 0Townsu.nmi therefor tie sum of Thirty-live Thousand'

,. II Volume of I., board, of trade at the council chamber evening In the vacant more room rendered, nnd nil OliO Iftl1UUII111U; who pnrchaAHr of tax ottrttfleatti.. Dollars or BO much thereof aa may be

,, u our L k.L: to night C. at 7:81)), and a full I attendance under the opera house. The lows miiHlc, suld "I cannot appreciate Ktiluru, Mil In clued.. a"" No. IHIH, ,dated tho lot duy of July, nocofsary to be paM out ot the sewerage
:: k.L of the upper A, D 1JOI, has Illeu Bald curtlflcatn bond fund of Slid City.
::\ I minnbui( '* IK desiredMr \' It. Thatstatumunt. is only (partially Itul 50c worth ruile off my
HU"lIlt'l'II will be served from 6:11(1) p. in. on. olllce, and has made. application for tax Plumed. In upon Council this 17th day
; I CaU L.k: and Mrs. \V. II. Tilghman and I rime object or the supper I is to 11".11th. true of one who him it modicum 0." Ilnninln,, ConnurFREE ,deed to ISAIIU In ai'tordaueo: with law. I January. A. !>.. HIOS.
this but not little/ daughter of ", of nmslu in hit intk: Thu Not !icooil after HI'' lny .. 8. I. KENNERLY
'a year, 1 Salisbury Mil., arrived .. fund the good ladle lire trying to -up. bald certificate uiubraeeti' II, following ,
I U cliiHsh-s In music the standards. described situated In Putuaul Attest : I'r '"ld"nt City Council.
: : on Fllilnv of List week and are raise with which to build chapel In : are property I
& J. N
our profit.To BLACK WELL
the. guest of llev. and Mrs. N J, Went View or" uiodula. Met up by the masters, county Florida, to wit : .
and !
UU cemetery nil should .
Seall rk.Approved
Uk. ISJofseJ und p} of 8"1}, eecllon 8, [ ) City ul .
t: Begin- k.t Tilghman. site their duty and pleasure: in )ptttronUIng those whose vury souls were circled township U, rango M-81 Hire. thIs 18th day of January,,

U U We offer during The liver ferry In now making Its : this supper. It 1 Ic also ex by melody. They g th- Candies Nuts and Fruits The said laud belbg I assessed at the A. 1). )0J( ., M M. VICKEUS,

:; mired inimia from every rythmln date of the Issuance of .such certtllcato Mayor,
IIR : regular hip between thl* city and I peered that all who come will bring
January LlL. the name, of Eat. O. E. Unless
:\ Kast, Paintka and Is brick Its sound wave that fell upon( their ear Ortou. said
dolnir a
n : n very r or equivalent In value, to COFFEE & CO. cortlltcnte shall be rndeumeil, :3 3L:! good business which should grow iti* enter Into the construction of IIIchapel. .. and' moulded montled them Into to law tux: deed will Issue thereon ou the Tax Dual Under Houtlon 8 of POlL

L C' Winter Weight the value of the. accommodation becomes Remember the date and melodle. expressive( cf every human Dalton Block (Next. Door t.o A. W. 181 h day of Miln, .h, A D 1DUC. 4111111 Laws of Fl rlda. Chapter

t:! known. place; next Tuesday evening, Fob piigsion. A ud when you hear the St-range!, Co.) Witness my official signature and seal Notice la hereby given that J. M.

LK !2111t at 6:30 In the .. .. artistic rendition of the compositions this the Oth day of February, A D 11K5.! ) Maxwell A" Co purchaser of tax certificate
Clothing andUnderwear :; The general Impiesslon, amongvegetable ruary : vacant nt r Heal JOSEPH
\ -- [ | PBICE.
No. *88 dated
under of these master, *-tliedu model mak the 1st day of July, A.
room the
: hereabouts, 1 Is opera house. Clerk tircimltCourt. Putnam Co DorlilaNotice
III :J growers thathe D. 101)1, has tiled said certificate lu
ersIf have henrt for the human ,I IVe have my
I .' U II n i C cold of the present' week has done Mr and Mrs. Jno. '1'. Urlllln enter you n very completestock office, and has made application for tux.

:R:J hiLls dl and von will hear. .uerchance.. :your Bnatlon 8 of chapter 4088, Laws of Bald certificate embraces the following
: it f! January Ullili. day evening a few friend Injiono/ Candies. All kinds( of Fresh I Florida de orlb&t

;, |ciat b Mr. und Mrs. Holmes Irwin of Poiiionn of Mrs. Urlllln'lI..oth..r.. Irs. Adolph "mother' lullaby the, laughter\ of Fruits, Nuts, llai.sins., Etc.Everything ., Notice Is hereby. given that W C ""-.,.-,.". -LMIl; -property_ On _situated I. In Putnam

L" ) dUDe, to the city Tuesday: even, Marion of Detroit, Mich. "}hstartswere "I children. the anthem of the angels, "I Fresh! at this Towiwenil.. purcliiisitr or tux oortlllcnte --Iii-.f sj r-nei.;and; nj} of lot 3, sectloiTS .
or, the Inshlng of the waves. the new No 1)72.) : ilatml tho Bin 'day of April 9 23-72
township ,
I t big' t<> attend the Mehrtoim concert played. Among the guest I range acres.
i ,,
sob of broken hem t the wall of store and prices the Lowest. A I II. IHUQ: hualllmlanldonitllluatelu The
ONE THIRD OFF. Mr. :, my said land being agacssed at the
: and Irs. ,
were R C. Brown
( t! remaining. over until Wednesday. and once and, has. umuu application for tax date of theiaauauoe ot such certificate In
d the lost, the of the mob, the
L I at the Mix James of DelroltIch.., Mr.. anger bid to Issue lu acconlaDoe, with law.8ul .
guests Arlington. the
v' name cf Est!: f B Kuowles. Uolees said
This includes :j Modulla roar of I thu. elonunts nnd the cursings" u I.(>I'IHB.UI. .-. IHAH. M.HM.MAKUG. ,t eitlllcato embraces time
u"rt Fraser following
t.! Mian Jl, K. Orr of of Hyracuse. ceitllloate shall be redeemed accordingto
Pi'tfrsbnrg VH.
: Mrs. F. A. Slooutn of of the damned. You get these out duf-urlbod property situated lu Putnam law tax deed will Imtue. thereon the
I, ( U some veryDesirable tj whit In sniiiiliiif| tlii winter lit Cut.I ItetmonhurstL. of grand music. -the kind dubbed G. county, Florida to-wlt : 18th day o.! Feb A. D. 11)00.) on
I I., Mr. and Mrs. Henry j,! Wlboll.n"v. LOPEl HE[ I CO.
Sk .
Suits i t:! Saratoga: ; luavus tomorrow for CrtiacvntUlry and Mrs. 'V. H. ollsHlu"I-lIs you would gut the I, HeJotswJ I 11. ;, awl of su], section, township Witness my official signature and seal. ,
I Illchey. Mr range -SU uores.
1.1 thla
where the
she will bu a guest lllth day of Jan., A. D. 11)05.)
of the Goo E. Clay, Mr. Stuart Hyatt Mr varying human emotion from II The siild litnd belnu assessed st the
., at Urovu. Hull for two weeks. Fire (ISp&l) JOSEPH PKICK
H Henry Stiuiu and Mr. Ixipei. There :Shakespearian:: tragedy when rendered Insurance: date of the Issuance of such certificate/ Clerk Giro alt Court,Putnam Co. Florida..

: inn Mrs. J. Mltchull of Jlniitliitftoii I, wore vocal selections liy. MessrsIfyatt by one who ban must ertd the In the name of Unknown Unless

Griffon wits attracted to the city this week by and Urllllu and InatrulllontniIIIlIslo teiuleiiKiss of Its loves, tlui I rein' 'hury Leading American and Foreign Bald. cvrtlfl"ate shall be redeemed NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOB
act iinllug to law, tux deed will Issue ..
p HIII nppoHraiiuu' of tile Melutetis ((Jon- of Its deceits and the merciless theieou, Tax Dealt Under Section 8 of Chaptee"
Mr Jno. ou Ibo IBth day of M
by T. Orlfilii. Ke Companies roh. A. 4W $. La-ws" of Florida..
ri cert cumpitiiv, and U the for Its munlaM. D. 11)05.Witness) .
guest of
a "malignancy
5n fresh menu .
were served. Notice la hereby given that J. 1\\[
5n few days of tho. MUsus Wtiitusldo. Then this sort of muslo I Is eliratIng. ;- rav official, signature and, seal Maxwell & Co., purchaser of tax ceitllloate -

I Brand Ov"r0: passengers wore bookedfor Whist Club Reception.Mrs. When we hear II we .are liftedto Accident Insurance: this lSeaii the Oth day. of F..b..l A. D. 11)05.) No. 89h dated the 1st day of July,

4 the Ocklnwnliii, J. longing for the I. ...st. | | JOhi-PH PRICE A I> 1901 baa filed said certificate In
: trip last Monday[ H. Haughton entertnlnecthe a \ > Clk Circuit Ct of Putnam., Florida. ,
The office and baa fur
Travelers my nade application
IIICI of ,
Earl ford
., Fl when both the Okuehumkee and ladles of the Monday Afternoon
: MS deod to Issue In accordance wit h law.
g the very best made : lllitWHtlut" went up l tliu river. Owing Whist Club: at here pleasant, home'iiMtMiinday. Will Enlarge Store. NOTCIE OF APPLICATION FOR Bald certificate. embraces tho following,

I tu the Inclement. weather Life Insurance: Tax lioed Under Mention 8 of Chapter teacrlhed situated In Putnam
CLOTHING some 'HI of At 6 o'clock u dainty The Fenrnsidn Clothing company; 4888 Laws of FloUJtt. property

ci ii. the booked. pmoifiiKurs' di.cldud not collation wan. served, .and a* HieguuHt owhM' ta the rapidly Incriiiislng demands Notice la hereby !lIven that James county, Florida, to-wlt:
g in this of In of of arof (
1 I market.: The Old ,I'" one acre aw cor sj
to BO.\ entered the dining. \ room they of I Its business, !hIm s been compelled Reliable "Gt'rmaniaLife" Padgett sr.purchaser of tax cert III cute. 0"1.) neotlou) 10. township 9. range i:>

)! i g These Fine Snits ''I'hoVOIIIIIII', KortniKhtl.v, club will' were greeted with a pleasant surprise to arrange' for an ulilargeniunl No. 1008) dated the teL. day it July -"re."
L A. D., I'lOt( has
of New tiled said
J Ici are made of libel this ufternooii wIth Mrs. In the unique and beautiful arrangement of its Htore... Till will be accomplished York my offlco, and hue made application'o.'rtlllonto for in 1:he saldl land being assessed at tli"
Cl dale of time laaua such oxrtlllrnlau
d j Illclmy ut bt. Marks rectory. Tlm of the table. decoration In lion by teal. Init out thu partition lux deed to Issue lu aoixirdmiow with law. the ice of Vn
g Marine naote of Est F. B. Knowlus
: n Best Fabrics, .meetInyr will take the form. of a mu- "r of St. Valentine the color scheme lId throwing their entire store Into Insurance: Hnld eertllljate uiuliruces time followlnc less said oartlncaie shall be rodoenicd

j I are hand made J siculu, und numbers will bu given by being red. From the chandelier were one room. Amid. workmen have been diweilbed piopeity,' (. situated In Putnam according bo law tax deed will l leslie
The Ida
county 10
Ii impended ribbon which extended Le.idimg: Companies wit : thereon the 18th ot Feb. A. 1).
Have thu Iciidlnif lady niUHicliins of tile \ engaged te d
: UCa style ,\ city. u> each of the fourteen plates, and at When clone the store room, nlone Hul.I laud being assessed at tho date 1905. ,
::: and finish the ei.d of each ribbon red All Claims Promptly of the l Issuance of Witness sty official slgnatuie anil seal ,
was a : the such
i John T. Jlond's store has been, of KeHNisUlH Clothing company I oertllloate In the this the llth day of Jan.. A D, IMS.IBKAL .

'aU and are the equal eqillppml with one of the Infest card heurt. shaped, with an Illumled will reprunent SolICit of (JOxHO) rlllt.! Settled. said name curtlllcate of Mrs. EU.aha'shall Webster. Uulesa ] JOSEPH riUCE

i 14 I a verse thtrdon written: for the The KeariiBidH ctitlilsi be redeemed aucord- Olmfc[ Circuit Court Putnam (Co. Florida
La of the bestCustom :3 iioduUof tlm Natloiiul Cauli register nnmpniiy lug to law, tux deed will ISHUB thereon

I g Made u In his advertisement" today he calls occasion by Miss( Carrie M. Ure, the I trgest stock of clothing and men Oftlon. 28 Front Bt, PAI.ATKA FLA ou the Sfith day of March, A. D., 1005
I' t attention of uiistuincr to what this one of the club members. The, In- anil buys. wear to ba found In any Witness my olUctnl signature and seal NOTICE OtP APPLICATION -
; Garments.They u rlptlon: on the hostes card was city of in tar lor 1.'I.ld., and its this the 14th day of February A. D. 19u6. x Deed Under Section 8 of Chapter
I C new machine" may issue to them lutliu rpl'U- Crown amid !leal 4888 Laws of Florida.Notlua .
ci FIT u "ao h... to 'h.Il"I. god. Cupid!. -- Bridge Work Spmlcililty.l3r. | 0,1(! 1)) JOttEl'U PRICE.
hl h-clll.s Kouds I III E.
II WilY of prize ticket .'. I"tlu'l'or utale circuit Ct Putnam U hereby alven that O.
I H lovliif sad blind, but not itiipld. county Florida. .
CII' ... Mrs. Ovu. 1'litton, Anderson, PreSident l- And be Myi to ftll mortal, wide. The company'' buy. only the W. W. C. Wall Olllett purchaser. ot Tax oertldcata
g ... best In the market nnd !Its .elocllanBlave Notice of appllnutlou No. 1132. dated the-3d day of July. A. Dilute
of the UiiiiKhtnis" of the C'onftidurucy En'' now through Lova |xml.. ) Dental Surgeon. for Ta Deed unler -
In . has flied salit ourtlllcate In my office -
a of
ci Llu And l bur chapter
i now hut the Crosses of Honor lay lltlui your barbed bwruTo d....." themellt ofballllBlwuy.lu; the Oll\ua\ over Ackerinim. it!i StPal.Uka .. ..... Florida., 4888, Laws of and baa made application for tax :,
C'Cl 9 which have been awarded to the my latest mode, a* ..well.* workmanship. Notice Is deed to issue. In accordance with law.
old .
;,. Cl Underwear At the end. of' the long table Florida bnr."y l !given that B. B I
veterans of this. county, and" I the old were Men who have regard to the nloe- .h'Loud, purehofti.r of tax onitlllcnte, Bald certln. at.* embraces the following
8 : I
t- Hats I veterans not yet supplied, can two pretty sliver candlesticks containing Ups In drei. who value .!irurments. of CHAS. GLADY. No. 063. dated time ;Und dny of lilly, A D. described property situated In Putnam
C' 8t get
J C I them ruth candles, and candy heart recognlxed worth In material and 9UO. huts. Hied said o"I'UII".te.o offloe Bounty Ft.rt.la.. towlt.:
by application to Mrs my
were arranged In dishes around the Painting, Taper ItuiiKing and and Ima mnda upplluatlua Lot 22, block ao loterlaobon.
t: and all workmanship from other cities / tax
'1 manner of Llu at any IIm't. table. Twelve member of come deed. to l.8u, in aoLonlantia with The said land being ssflaaed at the
the law.
to make their geleutloii of the Kalfiomlnlng.Palatka. date certificate
of such
14U Mr. and Mrs. laid certificate euibracm the Issuance of
i: Qentlemens t E. P. Klwood of DeKalb were present and two out-of-town earnldn* company. Florida.' described. propert) situated tha In following In the name of F. I.(. Markley. UnO.Ismiid
UU 111., arrived on Tuesday evenIng guests, he latter -- Putnam redeemed.
being Mr. Modellii onnty Florida oertUoate shall be
It 1 Is also the to-wlt
i! Furnishings C I "n
4 u C r of their parent. Mr. .and Mr. I. L. Woodall of DeLand. era woiklnginen.wnu value quail. tlon I. to"''.lllP UI. range a7-3, eeo- thereon oni the Slith day of Feb., A. V.
u You will find that we tT, durability and style. 'j'h" said 'land, acres 101//).
Elwood at their Or H. being .
pretty home on The ladle. muhuiilaatio. E. DOUGLASS .a..88ed at the
are .
II a big assortment Madison over The new spring purchases of the date. of the laenanoe. of audi Witness .my official signature( and seal
carry r I II street. Mr. Klwood Is a Mrs. Haughton' exetedingly In the certllluata this the bib of Jan.. A. D.. |\IMX>.
I pretty reiirnsldu. Osteopathic name of L. p day;
kinSof company. are arriving and Physician Willta.\ \ Unless
j of the Goods a aI young man and has made frequent and appropriate tea and table decorations aid certlfloato shall he rodoeoiBd (18eall) JOSEPH PRICE.

I II you want. i3f visit here formerly. He la president which came as a pleasant Mr. Feanmlde says that they will bepened Office at Ilfialdenoe lug to law tax deed will |H8UO thereon acoord- Clk. Circuit Jourt Putnam Co. Florida.

f 3 t.1J I of till First National lank ofteKalb. surprise culmination, of a very happy up"In "* .soon as there I is ..tnywusrraumt I All Curable Corner 5th and Orange Sts. 00 W th..;.J6th day of Mai..oh. A. D. 10u5\ NOTICE OF' APPLICATION FOB
the wasLliimr The Dlsunses Itn..e
I puriliaaes successfully treated my omolnl IOllluature
,J L.r ..fterlloolllll..UIIIC of the club. ot the company for the comng without drug Chronic cases es- this the 1.ltb day 01 .Febrllary A. and D. seal' Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chapter
I The announcement has been made spring and vumnier trade have pecially aoH Ited. tt tseahl JOIIEPI1 1905. 4888. Law* of Florida.
f from Fire./- this Week! been .norll1oua. greatly exceeding Clit.' : PlUCK, Notice Is hereby given tbatV'. 0.
the nlllee of State CirouitCommjpui15'a
BROWN Superintendent
M. S. 00.. Florid..
J .g e er quantity all previous puroliaves. -- --- Townsend purchaser of Tax eertilicaleNo.
of Public Instruction Hollowny There have been four alarms of HOMES: 745, tUted time 6th day of July.A .
R that state appropriation of $000 had llrela, the city till. week three occurring John D. Point (Jo. have the D. 1897, las /filed said certificate In myoffioa '

j been made for the Palatka High on Wednesday and one proper equipment I. for your bath room Study at Home Till! IInUTRJr.RN and las. made application for tax
C octrimuriday 1,1, the SUndard enamel bath tub "mmiiehaed 011I,,""' .. deed to Issue In with lav-
school and $.KK for the junior following order I'k.r( .. l\. w.,,, I.e' accordance
I Cloltiioi I high : which are. quaruuteed against crackng. ': 10'' Bald oertlUbate embrace. the following
1 r rt :.:"d".r."r.:::: : : *m tMtt.* omm. flIltimmal ,
I school at Crescent (City At residence of Mrs. Russell on They also IIBVM lavatories and ,- O-.. lift, if eaoh: to g.m a II.,, .. described property situated In Putnamcounty
I _, Ho.. n:::.-:,":.::1 ::\': .5 flu. 'liv, S : : :
The Wilson Cypress of Water street, slight damage. loeets. Suppose you conault them .pk.rn.a.4. l ... I.... ". icy StOCkiomdor.. :B:, :: : Florida to w1t1S4aofumofneIofneIactdaeIOfBaL

t : R AIl "I this olty has purchased company at sheriff's At J. L. Cheeve' reduuceon! Emuiett bout putting In tills necessary. .:,, ..,.....-,.,:.:. .,?e n,.....bS. ,, c.0TM n. Aflteast,: \5.lia1l,, hIbIe I u'hl'4 co our '. I } J 1of i
qulpment to homo. .., .. Po"'ol"" ,. '." .'' lmuiu, met., I,. 10-em 1 less I section
\ n stleet slight damg your "' '''' el<, ..... .. ____.'r. no.t a, ej of awl of nej..
'I sain a grant of land near DeLeon I,.... _......... bait.Il I mars. ,
T .. trio
to 'cI So\ 39 acres.
O. L. Strickland's store on Lemon tl. .. T. y.ei..... ".. c.oI., a I lb. ma halt ii. : !:::" townahtp iar rang. -
r. :
., Springs, Volusla county, containing street, from ash box light damage Add.s I.I.Imlatze: Pm&m..:,", 1..5I*. 11 PrIm Ibis cull' a The said land being assessed at tile'
I G tldllls' FllEllJSe1 is a large quantity of One cypress tim- At Cha Loom' residence. Bill a hulI.rs flet.i.' in Iti...I'c.C. a.'t ,::,bl m: : : ; : date of the Issuance of such! onrtJflo'taa ,
ber. The land was the property of and Oak streets: consIderable dam iueinlig( tv.ry n"1 l the okne of O. A. Downing. Uo- "
Mr. Rope., and wa sold to atlsfy a age by water. WAJSTKD--WhHe :lau.d-.mtb: \ ;sod: tlIi.(0 iloahar' use'will acm ow:,: hI.. awe less said wsrtlBcate/ shall be rediwra- ;

( I judgment against him for HOtO) ob At nil these fires the fireman acted dh>or Bnldeu men to finlnh bot pidm&as'or she, fimay. w"b. We mm...'ianda 4l.po.bat, of will sa ed according to law, lax deed will i Issue
Cypress Door "
R Palalko! fiO. tained by Judge Isaac A Stewart of like the veterans they are. Their 1'1Ilatka ......n.. (Co., Ioflls" will lit':: ,iw.m ValabI. e.'opfl i,,,' 7.ar. On thereon en the 18th.d., of )Larcb.A. ';
DeLand. The land. wa knockedoil promptness and efficiency will compare A suporloi __fly tOa'oatai'rhal a-10-tf a.. ....... Ita-'. ....od taa.my r...nur tar time. pm..w to: D.1908. '
; R.mauaaggga I to the Wilson Cypress company favorably with the best paid department _"_"0_ ofth ..SubscrIbe lot the Hews tl 1.00 theyear. 0mb. p'n"'d ma5mr.ap90imi. ; pnapeuu aU, ammO I Witness my official. signature and SMI
gga Southern thin the A. D. 1906.
uaaauaaugu lot *1075. to the February. u
country. Colonization ; '
UJroat. Av.JJ....,,.... Co., JSeal) .. JOBBPH PRICE

Palutka, YIa I"Clerk.'ainlt, C.(; .f Putnam 00., VI*.


-- ,j.; # ,;;.\.;;. .',\", ,.:':'':iJ:,..;.;''.'& ';,,'r.j;.. ,;
jJb' ..1t:.

The Palatka weekly advertiser
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Putnam -- Palatka
Coordinates: 29.647731 x -81.651259 ( Place of Publication )
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General Note: Alex. E. Wattles, editor.
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."., .. ... .. .
rr ,
.i r r r a djr 1tiir; o ..k

W r 1:1'7' S r ,' r


1 t



_u .. .. ,, ____ .. _____ .__ _. _
.. __ __ _____ __
NEW SKl.Ihd]: VOL. XIII NO. 7.
_. PALATKA, FLORIDA, FIUDA y, FEBRUARY]! ; 17 li\>05. *1. Per Year. t
-- ---
--- -- --- -- ._
--- ------ ,
---- -----
--- '-- ---

flllsermsl I GOINGS ON IN FLORIDA Freezes in Florida. Philosophy'Not His i -L .;. J ..... -l/IIPl'f/ __ 1

I Thomas. K Baker. f Itollins College Melville. Lniidon Ell Perkins
Tainpn him organ Ized IImldwllltel'fllir ( ,
A Whole nssoclHtlon for the purpose of who has made a study of nnd asrlf-nccused\ pioffisslonal humorist
Can y
Family Be glvliiK Hinmiil exhibits of gtaiu products compiled a weather. tumid for Florida with a repulntlnn to get was reglst -

at'fangnt.Jno. writes an follows to the Orlando red nt .the Hum toga hotel one day

U Callins will start a new Star : last work. In the evening of that f m i fl
weekly paper[ at TallahiiMHt-e' on
The writer prepared for the Horticultural while
day slttlllIlb..ut the officetovi
Fitted !\
March .
OutIn Democrat let, to be called The! True their request Society a pnper In May on, IHIlIi 1.'tin,'IdnFrensses. al .. with several gentlumon for nn

from which 1 now )produce' audience. fell, from dome cause
The Florida Press asHoclatlon. will
hold Its annual state oonvontlon at soino of the stiitlHtlus and Information known only to himself" saw UK to

Warm, Stylish, Serviceable Clothes for very Little Money. Lake City Match 22d, wheat able "The there enillest given\ information I WHO abandon his field 1 of humor for that ToCrescent s

melt In the profunslon will mail papers able to obtain was of a grunt freeze. of phllo ophy. He did not incognlze"'
of Inti.rust to the business. of
tilothoH occurring In the year 170(1( when nil his mlBtlllelll\l1tlllt was too lute City !
THE are Just ,ivs good now as they were two months ago, and halt tho win- newspaper, making. the lime, cit ron and, biinnnit trees In Thospeilul tlielneof Ell's plillos

Is yot to oomo. Tho 1 pi loos we put on thumi goods( oaily In the soasou woio The Judgement Judge Stewart of St.. Augnotlne were killed, as well an ophlo diminution was. .the "race
i DeLand against old man Ropes. for many curlouM eveigieens! up the St. Occasion
enough In nil ,leiimm. Our ordinary profits aro small ; our ro nlar way of $8,000 for false Imptlsonmunt lies. Johns river, which were more" than peobient"011(5 that most people ,

Bulling!; In us fair" us any buyer! could ask ; but after tlio first of tho year we face tho boon satisfied. and tewiut:: has his twenty years old Above V<>IUMU! would liHSltata to discuss. before an Southfield BibleConference
of Hopes' the temperature on the second day audience of
money Only a part property | stiangers.! But not KOGil.
problem of Hulling all good 1 left or carrying! them over to ivnolhor winter. We .;
was sold to satisfy the judgment of Jnniiniy 170(1( was down to 2(1( d JM approached his ,subject 111luaps
haven't loom to stole. them. We lose If we keep. them, and we must logo It we soil greea. All the tropical prod the and before his lieu'"lure knew it
were ttMoyud
except, !
them Rev J. U. Colwfll, pastor of the Oranges."It' ,
1774/ Hide was II snouxtoim they were listening. to such a laudation -
Piesbyteiian church at 1'iUlaliHBnee, which 'xtt'lHhd'ovltr!, must of Floilda ol the negio, as Is seldom heard
Is loud l of heart disetise. HM was. SUNDAY FEB. 26

We are Ready to Take Our Loss Now If We Can: taken 111 while. iiltc-iillnjr| a funeralon spoke. The of It Inhabitants, we are told long I, ns afretvtnrd nil exliaoidinaiy outside. a political! assembly In a
Saturday mOI'1I1111.olld\ had to bo white rule In 17MI close. northern elect/.Ion district where

carried home. He uppuaivd to Improve the tempeiatuio was very low and the vote of evniy cohered' brother. is On Steamer
but 4" o'clock in the afternoon -
at on thi! (lib day of Apilt ot that yearn lloedod to Insure the work of refoini 1
Turn this Stock into Dollars. was again stricken" and died 4
heavy frost occurred 1. desttuctive"
Eli lu. .
.... u ii't ro lover. lie would
C. T. Anderson of AIHlel'.oll. Fin to vegetation, and the tempunituie Crescent.
has. requested the Duval board of wan as low us 'M decrees at Picolata"Thesnverest stand lit. the wide l open' Velour of ,
The money tlod up In Ills I merchandise will pay In advunco fur !Spring: pur- county commissioners to .Hucureslgnnruius cold ever experienced h"\\>II" and 1 b"g" them to lush In and 1a

chast, mill enlltlo us to special cant ( lscounts.It to a petition! to the Florida III Florida so far as known occurred take poMsession of the promlDiid landtlie. 9
mark legislature to establish a state postal l on thin nlrhc| of the 7th of Kebluary, Boat leaves Adams
requlros courage to Fine :New Suits mill Overcoats at loss thnn they United States:: '_ of America. ?
to be ,- 181(5, when tho went. as
service and prlnt..110t1.000 temperature
coat to make lint It takes hniolc'' IIIHIIHUICS to move 1(0"IB..t this 8"nson. We must two, cent cause stamps\ with a bust low ns 7 degree above zero at Jnck- Fnithei. he would lead them and Wharf, at 7:303. m.

mnko prices that will Intertmt the light purse and the shrewd CIOliP-tl nrhllt buyer. JelteiHon Davis utt a Con- soiiTllleand vicinity. The br. Johns or lug th"lI1lnlo his mother's home. Arrives Crescent

We reckon folks will come for goods'. If the, 1 price la low enough federate flag back ground. The Du river was frozen several rods from and canst! them to "dilnk of the City '
10 a. m.Returning
.. the the shore all kinds of fruit were
val board took np action on "e- ,
spioud( of the juice of the
Our Mid-Winter mark-down Sale is the Shrewd Buyers Opportunity. qnest.Gainesville.. killed to the ground, ninny never granule point- leaves
started again and the wild groves
Is. to have three of Its were frozenIII; fur as. :Odegiees.' III Well, them" wits a lot of this HOlt of Crescent City 4 p. m.

city blocks paved with Hint rook. 1844 the writer saw very \large swept stuff and the crowd, while a little Arrives Palatka ,
roads .
VV L Spoon!: [ government! good Island
o rim it e incite on Dravton
Fearnside Clothing Company expert. has made a ptopositlon to the bearing fiult, which could. not have uneiiHy, bade fiiir to Hit It out without 6:30: p.m.Round .

city to the, effect! that he would construct been killed In February, 1BH&! The dissent when, all of nudde.ii, Trip 750.

I the street, furnixhlni. machinery temperature at Ft.. King near Mann, there was an Intel'luptlon. It came ,
and the services of it practical Host beautiful water
Palatka Florida. thou!! an aimy post, fell to 11 degieesat from Joseph )Uu\\sonth well-known
,. loud builder, If the city would bear that time! trip in Florida. -
the of material. He /!llgured 10 ha id ware hummer Orlando' Joseph -
expense "In 1857! the tneiciirv fell to dogrees -
-_ .. _-,::,_ ", ........- that n .substantial' pavement or props at Jacksoiivilte and 211
or thickness could be laid I at a cost Tainpn' 29: degrees at Fort Dallas. A he i he star ed In to give It expression the pretty orange i
of f4',BO\ yatd, from curb to curb
per on the Miami river In Mouth Flotlda he' cl'owd looked
on a 70 foot. street. The city council ncouragnmen.tHum grove town.Excursion .
The following recoil was taken he waded III and heroic her
accepted the proposition. got!
I ,,,.. lurrrah for the Judge Cull of the JarkRonvllle at Jacksonville from Dec, 28, 1872, thiough Fll wished he had never istoaccommodate ;

II circuit court has Issued a decree restraining to Feb., H. 18ml.) .nndonud I his chosen. Held of humor many

v dtl'S (in Shoes Roy A. M Macdonald Dee, :28! 1872, 27 deg. for I that. of philosophy, no, not. even who wish to attend

fiom In any way Interfering III the Jan. IU. IHT.t: 2.4 dog fir minute. the service at the
: New Year management of the Windsor Hotel. {)"c. :11:4.: 1871i, 2H dill(. a
3'j '1'hls hotel waif the joint property of 1'0.8.1870.( 24" (leg Daweon roasted him to a finish and l Bible Conference

.. and Mrs. Abhie B Dodge and Frank. Deo. 28, 1878: : :27 deg then turned htm over, In t the we 'nr Auditorium.

LJullens. On Mis, Dodge's death, Jan. 7, 1871)) 20 deg. Ing pan, bas'ed und vu bin l'd him and
and\( the shoes CURRY & LANK soil I llacDonald as executor and ptlncl- Deo 80, 18HO 19 deg. Eminent and elo-
then roasted him It would
Jan. 12, 188B! ID dngDeo. again
under the will
e' ,:. : Hop'ia of nice fitting Shoes, stylish Dry GoodsThe sought pal to take a hand In the hotel 27, 181)4) 11 deg have. done you goot! to have been quent preachers -

", manHgetnent. Cullens Instituted Fob. 10, l IHIIG l 14 deg there and beard I hi'. Yon would have trom the Moody'
:- b to the minute and priced reasonablyara ; and bus won Feb. 8, 18DU) 28 deg
piooeedings lo prevent thanked Da\VHOII, did the others
\ ns Northfield Mass.
"p t AR week clay lu the balance of the I'ullena Is also trying to breaK the Feb 18, 181)1)) ), 10 deg I ( )
fulfilled .
&1 every hill. Feb H, ISllll, 17 deg. who were present' for'thf thoroughness Conference will !

\ '""'<>H in this shoe emporium. For Shoe Stock of "It will ba seen from statistics of his work as well ns the nicety Beautiful
-J. Year examination of Owen preach.
...,,' During the that a fall of the teinpetatnie. below -tlm dexterity of execution
10' ..,<" comfort, for elegance, for long I. Jacobson h.. londholdtz Justice( for Farris bastaidv in .Jacksonville In the- the freezing point, 1Il: degrees, has oc- 'Ihe svir-acc'UHed hunu mist hfton music. No rough
court of ounred many times' during the pant
lasting quality, CROSSET SHOES rank second to none. We know last !Monday, Mrs. J. H. Freer forty years and that by teiison of the first train. characters will be ,
Has been moved into man, mother of Miss, May Blown the occurring. in Decnmber or early In allowed on the boat. ''
your foot needs and l are ready to meet them to a nieoty. mv Dry Goods Store complaining' \ witness, advanced on January when the trees were In amore Not What II* Meant. .
Loadholdtj with n pistol, shooting dotinant condition, no !great injury Mother (to her daughter)-Will you Come and enjoy & quiet
Liko to have your custom. wheie! I will continue it him twice. Miss Brown also, advanced was Inflicted. upon the trees. play that now sonata for the doctor rest and

to sell these shoes at leas it is said with a pistol It Is only whun the freezes have oo uulI"tor-BIlt, mamma, tho doctor Day./ worshipat
Then JJoadholdtz drew his pinto! ourrod in February when the sap has bud so lunch sorrow InttlyDoc- this Great Meeting.

CLTRKIT & LANE thiui manufacturers coat and flied on the women one shot was up and new growth started that tor-But. my dour young lady to hear

tilling May Brown and four entet- the trees were so meiitlv injured. you play will not be pleasure.-Flle- --,- 1
In DRY GOODSThe lug the breast of Mis. Freemen who "There is nothing In the idea that gcnde
ncIt.d.V h lte this flutter "
mortally wou the climate changing. If there Is
Vftttprhti'a old stand.)
( 'usilade of bullets was going on Detective any change it Is In the regions wherethe aaowtrvWVtrHYWV.rVIrY1/VVYW
S1 <1 It. 1
to ei po I
advance! arrivalsof Cahoon while atten-ptlnK blizzards come from, 01 in the
______ from Loodholtz.wos Miss de Mulr Mr. Foxey, am I
u. the of the cold
take: pistol away occasional transfer! w..efrom Just Received !
our NEW SWUNG shot III the back, probably by December und January lu Feb younger than I look or am I older I
L i i'TT>! kk roto3S., rjr CDSuTcnYUIlT3d JJCJXaJJLIJCJtxaiiK STOCK have come and one of the women. Cahoon's wound ruary." Mr Foxcy All I know about that lathat Fine New ) '
_________ _
Is not considered dangerous.. Load- nobody could possibly. be half as j
rU Secure Your Baby's Comfortand K we have: them open for bnlt Is in Jail. He may get clearof young as you look.-Chicago Tribune Spring Line of : ,I

i!<< (your inspection. this on legal grounds but what H LIFE IN GREENLAND. i
beautiful, mural record Ill will IIUVD ----- His
Health to carry through life. Since above Tba Warn o( tbe Tooitlo. Their !.!...- The! Visitor-Your cook Is perfection j Laces, : I ,
LEO JACOBSON was wrltteuLoitdhoitaits been set at .r.. aod Tb.lr Voud. I
How do her? The
Itself you manage
I in ot. our liberty the coroner's Jury said Greenland's west const Is considered Wo learn what dishes 'J Embroideries :
By giving the little one Daily Outings one! pretty tilled May Brown iuself-defense! HoHteHfr Easily. ,
to have the grandest scenery any she likes best herself and then we have r
Popular const: In tbe world by Roger Pollock. :
... -
Carriages.- tbono ooly.-I'u"k.
Reed Baby fill-Over Laces j
Excursion 13 Crescent City. who writes of a journey thither as fol .

Big Variety just received Prices are right; h Dry Goods House. The steamer Crescent will carry lows: "Tho sunny arctic day which Gratitude bus a faithful memory and
lasts for months all laming And Fancy
an excursion to Crescent City onSunday ; a,sky a fluent tongue l
I glory the fretted splieaof the Alps
Capt. M. R. R.YAW Palatlca: Fla. rooming February 26th. returning flanked with stupendous cliffs and Embroidered : i

the same evening! and arrlylug based on the restful levels of the sea, For Sale. ,

'I 7 e i'['L:>I':2 3'K 4-n.1I'Um': F n 44: F'lr 7 nrmiraicu"rFrETiThe : : :ffi'+ d+F':Jt 4'n)tl In Plllntkll at 6:30.! cities of crowded bergs, compound of :

-- .- _.- -- -- - The object of the excursion! Is to dazzling light and radiant color-suchscenery Impioved HARI Kstnte 176x150: ft. Collars.
In btislneHS section: central .Lemon
FLORAHOME FACTS. of this city an blots out one's former .
allow the people op- as .
St., 1'nlatka, Fla. ; Store Uoouis. lienIdencc -
loil-milty to attend the meeting of memories. Our first port of call was i and FhitH, d"srltbl.oollllonll.! \ Nothing like them in : :

n"v.III,1 Mrs. C. K Wilcox expect he: Southfleld Bible ConfBreiiOH. Jakobshavn. at the head of Disco goad rentH. AN 8.room" t cottagenear '

their dnlighter.\ Miss Ethel: this week! which begins Its second annual see. strait, biggest of the northern villages union d"PlltJ." ; three ;torn in HighSpilniiH. i the city. : i
New Way from the state Washington( Whore a metropolis of nine white people and !' 15-acre tract with
she has boon teaching sion In the big auditorium\ at descent at trllvco, Fie Barrahm ''
400 nnthes Beside a pocket harbor lmpro\ements( KATE 'L. LUCAS i
ofdoingthefamilywaehingthaw.ywhichchanges1e&omdreary Wednesday. the ltd: ;
Mr. Chilfttlan visited his family lit City next perched on round shouldeis of the naked for (CaHh or reasonable terms :. .
drudgery to a cheerful household duty-Is by using Winter Park. this week nst.,, and continues. to and Including granite, ore tbe buildings all tarred I I to r''pouHlblll.lILI'IIA.! Apply :

Mr. and Mrs Rlrenunr have antheir Sunday, March 6th. black of the Royal Trade company. Mrs. N. G. Robinson 1 Millinery! and Notions '

_- t tandardLaundryTrays giKHt. a married daughter from nuiiuent and elug11eutdivines. from For a background to the dismal scene '
P. O Box I 1511. Pnlatka Fla.
Kansas. the Moody Bible Confurenoe III rise higher rocks Uttered with garbage nnypMN. .wrlalnMnnAnnnnnon. ': ,

Mr. Hrownloe S'orthllelil, Mass will be present and turf huts, the homes or tbe na- O ___ a
will build
houses un the land recently purchased two ,old make the addresses at Southfield tives. At beet. the place Is. gay, for jfk.idliIa"i m' willit/ :. ,,:JHII, UIll1l1I1::,' : 111I'11111I1"\1111I' \ ,WIIWLUV' ;' '18'11111'"' Earl>,' "iW'niiM" '!> ,':fll''.'',

Install a modern Standard"Laundry ; from Ml', Rltenout.Mrs. '. which Is a branch of the famous our sailors went ashore every night to w
in homeand there dance wltb the Eskimo girls, while Stewart's .
your ; at Northfleld. SAcke.rman &
Phlllipps expects her daugli-i Moody
no the officers ef ship and colony swapped = *
will be no water to carry ter Mm. Leonard of Chicago. thlrf Last year the Crescent carried M i
floors and no dinner parties breakfasts and lunch- '
leakage or damp next! week. thin conference, .and
It will large party to eons all through a nine days' festival. '
tub to empty or upset. Mr. Rector spent Thursday lu St. I all who went spi-ilk. iu the highest "Men and women alike" the writer C Announcement. =

".eNtearr.et" Increase the selling value of your \ntfiiBtiiie, where he called on Mr. terms of the pleasures of the trip. continues, "were linguists well read, 1
A. 1). Tucker who is In the
: hospital
there. The boat will leaveAdams'wharf accomplished a little too polite for .

.Plumber Steam Fitters and Tinners.Falatka at 7:80: Sunday:! morning Feb.! VRth, comfort living a metropolitan life on w We take pleasure. In announcing to our patrons and- the general, '. t
II. D POINTS & CO. Dr. Slilpprel spent seveial Buys batch of l letters a In an arctic
1-lorida.A7edciing this week In p'lotahome. He will and arrive In Crescent City at 10, a. one outpoet. Expecting the year pathos of banishment public that we will have with us for the following days only.

bring the family here! In June. m. Returning will leave Crescent l I found the of '
gayety perfect
28th and March 1st ,
"H February 27th
"| ,
City at 4 and artlve here at 6:110: p. m. content. The Danes of all the settlements "

-- -- ---- -- --- INTERLACHEN ITEMS. This affords excursionists six hoursIn were alike In social charm, gentle ij nn expert optician, representing\ celebrated firm of A. K. i'
-- ----- -- ----- the pretty orange grove town, with and polished-arrant gosslpe." too- Hawkes, Atl..nta. 0...., the largest and most favorably known optical \ \

\ Presents Clark Edwards Post No. 81, O. A<,< opportunity to attend at least two and the Indoor life hail little to remind fi 'establishment In the South 3..

R, was orgaul/ed here and officers sessions of this conference., If they one of the outdoor wilderness. The

_____ --;: FINE UNE OF +----_ Joseph mustered DeTilla In last Is post(Saturday commander night., desire. breeches Innult servant boots to molds the hip wore and the curious furry. 5 He Will Test Eyesight and Fit j f k

Sterling Silver Table Wear and Novelties.H. and A. F t3pauldingo( \ In. The faro for the round trip will be topknot of their national dress. One ,
chief mustering( olHoer taken inaskets f3'a '
diana depart 76 cents. Dinner can be '
bad to fall in love with
ment of Indiana had charge of cere and eaten In the various = Glasses. '
ERNEST Jeweler > all of them.
I*. monies. On February 22nd rhe ladies -
will give a supper\ at. the halt grove retreats and parks, or can be "Even tbe Danish men wore native .
PAIATKA.Notice .. Io'f..A.. ___ from 6 to 7 o'clo"kllIImedllltply after obtained at the hotels. dross, but there was one Important distinction 1'tie Doctor Is a graduate, of one of the lending Ophthalmlo Colleges ;ttl.; t

.. S. the publlo! Installation of olllueis and -they washed. The food, apart In the United t Htatos, Is thoroughly/ conversant with all modern r+

For Publication.i Order for 1'nbllcutlon. grand camp fire entertainment. All A..U. from Danish groceries was. seal meat, """ methods In. refractive science. Including Retlnosoopy, Ophthalmology -

) oincmr COURT, EIGHTH JUDICIAL: IN TUII! riHOVlT JI1R'r., EI01ITH JUDICIAL are Invited.A. Wife-Henry, what makes you In fish, reindeer venIson. shellfish, ptarmtgnn etc. and has had long experience In his specialty. T
OIUl"HIT, I'lITKAM tOO N'IV, 'LOlUDA- OlBOUir, 1MTHAU UOUMV 1TLOB1DA1N -- F lie h bell n of DeLaml was In neb a furious temper Husband-I'm sea birds and their eggs, which = j
1NCHANOFKY.: OHANOEItr Tuesday. to see Dr. Corthell. served In Greenland always {
town are
dialect. a.
to read a Scotch : story. Remember ;
Ellen w.UObo tu.,o.nupll.lu"ntpm J. Angus Nobltl I Bln nr I'IIYOLa ,.' all trying W
; DYnrevlo.a 11611.1. Mrs.. H. T. Mann and family are Tbe plot .Is fearfully ezc1Unll. but I pronounced In flavor.
Custody .
5oreF and
Willnr 1.7.1. I II IIthat
Olurlc A. ,. .. Noble
the language
making a
Nu.li' U.fsn.Unt.' I orpt.ra can't: hurdle over we have arranged this engagement and secured the services of l t.
II :nii. |;,.arlnir bftOlilnvll ftuHm| .1"l*t lo thu butfll.l :bt: .P l'nn.ha h1 .mina" appsadod. that ASK. : enough to keep up with the harol-Detroit P1B 'ECT OONHDEICCB: : "
W.Iter tlnroamelt flw. lu the above eteted bone F, A. Geinor of PalaUca was a 1"mlt" br( ability and reputation and that wa, personally, guaranitee 't r
1'n tu .bnre T Matt Unit of
onuiw .. the ,ilntnniliial. thnraln naianl Where there used to be a feeling
hM A.Nuh the Uutdn.l.nU thnn. namoilnr Mullnil Nubia wul, U guest at the Lake View, Saturday. Free Pr6 Ylorldu'
..o..loh..t ">d H"' ol uneasiness and In the household< ..
niin.reiiiiioatii. or the> 8l'..l.*..f Floritlu' sad .1. a worry
.iM' Wultor".r.a Inn ....,<,lt>nt<>(tine'un., SMta 'Nldi''e::: :.I.lue.nletCrook.hIsorgln> : ';:, ; \ ,"II:'.' Miss. Mary Cobnrn Visited her when a child showed symptoms croup, It examinations are free and uuly regular>f tea will be charged
idea. ....... ....'.. and. olmrlM A Na.H .to'.. r..- poebeib.e the I twvutrniua, r. aiitl,llmt there brother In Pajatka this. -week.Chaa No rJftNO EQUALS CHiMBEBLAllt's COLIO there la now perfect ooalldenoe. This Is for glasses -

'1 ark,ot mid the'both lull over! 'if tin New K York of tweutro..w.r., Slut< a Nov, I over::1\t,\ .age:' In the :stawot,; would Wlda bled,auon:.u
ace that there. U lli> uemuu: la the Sl.h. of .?. .n". II lit to Kuhpoima II.......'..r. ofitowl' tI,... salt purchased an Intorosli In the Cabana. 1'. B. Spears, of IMmihard Ala, lerlalu's. Uoupth Remedy in the treatment M You Can Save ,
'would or, ;:.In':, >b.a wirvUieofK: : Huhpocns' Ihareforoor'l I upon: whom n".".rml'Mi* P,,tt>nd the' DI I and.Oumt61rint. nin4. the residence, of B. B.Bavage also of has become acquainted with the good of that dine.... Mrs. M. I Baa- Honey .
brutWl Derond.n'nt D .. l U..
., | lam uulndi ,. .. W "' of Clianihurlaln's (0110, Choleraend ford, of FoolMvllle. Mil., In speaking" of
M < ,
n l thai lull eon rn oauio oi bun.n.Hntlar,lira mb day New Haven. qualities n Lr
li.rnlty n.elllrnl' btto t*. IMII or 'Hi .old, twa.<>t otlmwlm I, the nll| tl"niurlwr Diarrhoea Homely sod us,> It In her experience In the tine of that remedy nnd. obtain the highest class. of professional ,service In ,till. Un.bytaklnlf u
1'ne7' bunt 01..1. ml I nn or bgfuro Un at Merrb.lh.\\ ? ; : by; said! 'I'he Ladle Aid Society! gives a. mvolal "I have world of confidence inChamberialo's
:; ; 'in fl wife of. :bl ; ba taken p. a.sWewt us own family and la his practice. He says; a of this
lw ,
>li ,,nthlwwl.e advautage opportunity
tiUrot Msroh. D.
B. Gillette,
home of Mrs. '
Ih. , blll..m J>o at the : "It beate any preparation I h.v..- Cough Remedy for I
aleptt ?.? sail Da I*ten w wan nr.ler, ..d\ that till t>rd.r b* pub says
r to ....b.sand Unrendetl.. Friday evening. Muslu. social games ever seen for ail bowel eomplalnui. I do nsedltwlib perfect suoooee, Mr child i In Mind the Dates
'rur Bear Feby. 27th 28th and iNI'artit
It le furtb.r anler.M tUM tht..rlor' be pn11II.hM the. 1-at.Il.' ..a News .. uewepapor lpubll hodin. and light refreshment.. will b* the not think of recommending anToth..r.aod Garland I suhjuot to severe attauk of g ; ti,

P.Iatke rne.. a*week..<.. and frir. A.I.. .oneuouttva.."..... a ".wank.".. AI.r InIts. aid. 1 ,..u n'"and..Sl.l". ordwruf the' evening. also usa It wlta my own children.. croup and U ilwi.rs. gives\ him prompt jj lIe will also) bo In Crescent City March' 6th and 7lh at Lound'sf it

P;MllirIpt1nulg 1 .Count... btMwr r $o i."nary .1.SIO"eI.JIIAII'R **'<>*< Dr. M. Corthell left Wednesday fhls remedy for sale by. Acker-nan A rennet" For Bale by Aokorman A *Frewart Drugstore .'
: V Clerk Circuit Court.6.3'r his usual\ monthly trip.. HMwut'o., !' lit .
'(1.II 11.1.II<1 RY BTAU-lele'4oPPR, el.eYroWI. / PRIL'te'our"., HILBOBir,*iUolto! nut W.nPlMUaak" for J frmp ....mfjmf.m;_m: 'mr>-! ..,.___1_. .

+ a ..1101101', II.QII\IIjI IY IMb:' -. .t n ne.l M ,+
) '' ti
: :I'', ., 't,,"'. ."; .i', '. ".
'J tr.jl'I .
I 'j f..JI" ', I., r t ; rM ; sr ? Ii+f .gel'
+,. aLl'1l:' ", ..IIA

"... .", .. .. .. . ".' ..',sasCt. '... '
.. .
." '" ", "" "' '" '
.'--_____________ .-. .,..- .".....,. .. ,. .. ,- ".' ." ". ." .,' .. ,..n._ ." ,'' n ''
; -- t7. ,, 1' : ttit ,,
.,, ,A.Jj* Md1'1 1\f"J!! ."'f': t /1'f.I"! : IJrl"" / t : \"it- 1' .,'j 'fl t" wt< ? ', r ,,, I f t -

-- .-. -'
.. .. -- ----- -- -
-- -- --
-- -- - - -

that its In still elefclbla on the ground one of (he most profitable which ounbn A GREAT DELCIIOUSFruit !l .
that while his body Is really absent generally glowil. ANNOYANCE Tike, Place to Buy
Another vegetable which might bemiido
AND ADVERTISER from Marlon his[ mind will not consent to bring profit to Florida Ico Creams, SniulmR, MilkShakes i iI I

fa> A ehanK", \ residence nnll1 growem, but which Is almost entirely Sodas I
IIH him Hurviiil out tho term In thletrlHltilurit neglected Is witter cl'eHB. It Original[ .] Ice Cream l
Entered at the Palatkti ponLollIcaa wild In of our small herbert, ChnmU. and, VTIlllnm Bruce I
I for which ho wile ulecttitAs grows many and Garden Tools
nmllKlilo matter of the secoiuclass. Btrettina whero It ban uncnped from mot for the unit tlma In yeiirs nt Norfolk 1
lie mitltur lewis with th" gayerslur culmhvai lot,. ,I It t Is therefore easily Va. CbnndUir nnn n of All Kinds of Refreshing Summer .

_____ who !IH .hut. fur vii iiiuc reasons' piocnri'd hv I host. (inch ml IC B start, bll'h.lor 1

I PlbllHhed. nt Pnlutkn Fin., oil an ardent tiilmlrer h,i or "Heimtor" ( Itrowi. I though I' I there IH I iv IIIlIprlllo"l11pllllnt thirty-five. Bruco was n mll'rl,0 mini Drinks atL.JLSJVUTJ4-

Friday byRUSSELL It Is I bough"t this hit will I h 1 nntkuconvtiiileiit It mining hol..II11..11 of t tie I InipoHHlhlllty of foity who hurt left bin family nt !; Tict: *' If there ever was a time to
of finding it Hiipply during tho I lourl Point and down on the .
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A VICKERS. to Beo thu mutter I In t his l lilt. I It nl hi... cam ex- 1ti Garden
neiiHon. roil[ no for (Ito )'. The two friends buy Toolsgood
Hiime h light/ its' I tho Miiilun"! ,exocutiv t I (u pt, t tbe. meiH tianxplnntlng I totbnImnkg bOlt cl Lniimll Ht, I'lllillkll.riniwt !

w.. A. RUSSELL Editor! ouiimmmill tee. It might Im well, hiattover of water (.oIlI.H..... The yieldof t..lkP over times they bud spent together (lo tIm State ;: L IT' tools at right "prices-it's

fieqiionr.. crops IH lunge, and thopiicim liojg uud mutuiilly 11'.1tblt Linn of Contentious I J9\\iJ
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paid nro HO h 11 I bit"nil I 'an to oiler In the future they would not again Tnliauon. Pipe Cigars. __ : now.
THE FIRST IMPRESSION7: lit h thou of Aliirloii l III Oil thlH aulijeullmt excel. Unit liuluoein I "iitH. Tlm Heed lose, sight of viii'li, other."Whiit : I

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