t'ced luuv to the conclusion that 11.1... 7Ao I bl 1. worth ; and see a good
.it man wauts to be miserable be such plants do not benefit tbe loll. T..1'i..8. Family 1'1111I1 ur'ci>..uatlpaUi ; ston te., but : I out, 'use .,Pe k's ,fitt._ Tar'_ tror<

..... .
,. -! .', "
,II. ; f 1.4]

... .. ;
,; ,. .. ,.,. ,. .
< '-' ..".. '- ,., / .. &Jc, ||| U
.-. _.,. "

'"If ".<< .. -_
: I" 1-.SIf. 'JfrWr '" T"r
W T- >t -* -yf
< T
:: r" '

UI! .

---- __ __ ____._ ____
h. .. .. ,
-- .
If Crescent City News Launching of "Mary I." .THE'CRO' S i r.--dOMPENSATION.All Shoo
__. Capt. R. C. Ivory's new salt yacht I Satisfaction .4 J

.. -' tho "Mnry! I," was successfully; THkY ARE THE ARCH VILLAINS OP Tlil.. Are
1 In announcing tho urrhalof Mr. lauiirhed, from his private pier at, THE BIRD WORLD bat Pay
ltESCENT C1TV.o and Mrs. Chfts Marker lost. weAk the the foot of Florida avenue last Saturday Life consist almost wholly of buy win be hud by wearing! VMILTON-BHOWN BIIOEB-tbey are GUAR. S...i'ANtEED

t I of tho saoet b
1 :' In Florida TouristswUI that they saying Ivory made the event an occasion for EKInt Sid. Bide gift, nothing that doc not cell for nn.equivalent. .
l.raUons were at bjr and Ply
flnd' I lt an ld,Bl, ppc,ti.to fml.sof Mr. nnd Mis IJaiker have Inn. Inviting his friends and a large company Their '......... of Inlqnltr In Con.moAMLMroevr If \ 'e cnnnot pay for gifts o. 3L,. CS: :: J.vJSEELJt'T"S:: 1
thO winter or pu a loaned in kind 'we must pity In Kiatltiulu, or
,spoud knen delight.ri th Aumack cottage on South Main of ladies and gentlemen and For flio Love of It. service or we shall rank as moral bank 11111' ) HATS We .have. U..- HhlxIdH both Soft and Stiff Hats, They' ,

< :' town Is on Orescent Lake street and will koon house this winter chilli( rOll were! preBeiit It la Quite tmpbHslblo for any one) rupts.If PIDL1 : are l lead'ra In quality, und style .,,

!, (tan armor iul10"tha Bt.by Johns WMter 111 vet and} ies Capt. tvory.os uiOHterof ceremon who ha. not ojuurnpd In the "Land I would have a Rood situation I F DRY> GOOD<' WOMWTO U> ntrpraspnolullyilnii lino of Drone Mater. S .x

.. and mhVsby rail from Jacksou- Thos. N. Qnutlor, a former prominent wiwnbly assisted by Capt. George of Itegretn"! to appreciate tho Important must pny for It not only In labor' but Ill isl. Liulli-8 Knit Uuilorwc-nr( Cnisitts, eto. Now gooila ,;'tin )

77 citizen of this Crotty nnd Lieutenant Chns. Gowon. part played by crows In tha dally In promptness. Intelligence, faithfulness all llnou havnjuat linen. rei,'olved. ,

j vlllo.ThO all dray river ride on the at Miami, ban boon plnoe elocted, now living\ JuHt prior to the launching, Capt. life of tbe Anglo lllnn. India without and good mnnnern If I would OUR ('DAPLDV' ''Balw">.8Up'to-th"tlnui8Wlth goods' end 55,!

: .tonnior, Orosel'ut. from Jocknvlll lector of Dade tax-col- Ivory, from tho stern of the boat Its crow Is uuthlnlmblo; It could have good service I roust pny'not only I unVUCifll DEPARTMENT I In our candy: Department we have a Him ::;/ S

to Oreacmit City: la one Jorlty. Mr. county. by it good mn- made a short address to his gue tl. only be likened to London without IUfoRS. la money but In consideration recognition IIf the host (fresh ) Lreum Capdlea. Wo make t>rloea right In any .j'aaa..tllle..t
doHdhtful experiences of Oautler 1ms beeu In "H s had invited them appreciation, fairness I can di-purlmont of the store S
Florida trawl. The- .toAiner poor health since the pilmailtis nnd simply as a Wherever human beings have hold no onu to me If I mlffliHe. him \ ,J,;

: foiv, ". Jacksonville at 8 *: m. It I. unlit he will come to Putnam little hAPPY diversion from the mono! their abodes thero arc multitude of All things are to be hnd for the buyIng '= 1___ OHamfc> erlin ;f' S

every Tunixlay, Thursday and county for OilY of vIllage' life, and then ho wanted corvldae to be found, for the Indian Would you have friends. rhvn I'
a long boforo
Crewent ; enter- I them crow i Is an Inseparable nppondiigo of 1
lIatllrdtro"chlnlJ all to coo hi. boat, to which. pay the. price. The price of friendship CRESCENT CITY. FLA. [
Ihla& trip Is the In,8' upon his ofllclal duties. town and villHuu Two exist
VI'y' "t 0 p. m. ho had glvnn HO much time in fitting species i is to bo worthy of friendship Time. -
ride the broad The side by side In India, tho black J;:"
up Pl' grant :
: Doly sten.l\Illler out, not for of IB do
company Is only his own pleasure, price glory to something glorious -
pl'iturewiue. pretty St. Johns.oablna now engaged in making tubs. Mr. but for the pleasure of of his bird known to Anglo Indians na the. The price of shame Is to do something THIS IS A CLINCHER :
Thi Rinamothaa' Trenton any corby and tbo smullor, gray uuikod species \ "
fuels Unit he shameful. "t j
Is friends
dollghtful outlook now getting who felt like
and, offer! taking a nail Both blrda lend lives of aimless
flvAn In stormy weather. the businean well In hand and that with him at any time. It had been vuKuboudnHo; both moo scoundrels of Frlauilshlp" glory, honor, admiration' We hnvn ]just ri'oi'Ivnd umtoLtmTyD on our pars "I letter from Sweet .... ; S
CTMOont City Is the center of his employes can now turn out stated that courage Infamy contempt,, hatred, are Orr & Cu., inakuru of Ji 'hot !Shirts ,
first. he was fitting out a gov the most pronounced type; both are ; Oviirkllx < eto., tho exclusive ng- Sonly ;
Industry In all In the market for stile
tho orange growing class work. It has boon a hard eminent boat and that It would sinners beyond rodi-uiptian Did' tbo place at a tn $i'U their g"O,11I11I Crllocpnt< CIty. Wo arc nAturally UII.d'Ht J
Horlda., ) and beautiful price We are buying nnd selling these nml retinue' hue w. lid of .
middle the
Blatter to break In black crow exist alone It would be piond coiapllnntnt' !Ni other gooda Swill ,'.
raw hand be
the The equipped with '
orovee" surround place guns The boat things constantly as Tie will Even ciiiui.urn with Ilium. In ,ut nml( wearIng 'iuullty| we variant them. :f"
Tim fruit l 1" at IU besttrow.. palls and tubs being turnod out at would canny the stars) and stripes at hold up as the embluhi of nil that Is beauty la. for eule. Plain women can Filmtda' IV,. have tin laiK"t stutk of ',;,"
boating hunting and present show Its evil and iulH.hleonu As things! are, It* S
Good ..
perfect workmanship. inivbt head but the only gain beauty by cultivating'gl..l. aittmatlou -

.; llshlng gportsmon.Nnptha will affoid. amusement J. W. MlHors advnrtiHcimeut, onhln aboard would ba the "big: guns"guns of side Iniquities those pale of Its Into gray Inalfeiilttonuco, necked conaln.b... pkiuwint speech, Intelligence .-< J. Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes" Etc. in the City -' .

for bo so- ; pngo should attract CrciHueut City nnd thtwo Invited helpfulness courage or good will. ". 1111
laiinohoe. OlIn ntt"l1, lIou. were TIme. very cam of the limiter bird Insufficient
la Our Gu nnd lOo IJIII'gullll'OI111tl'f I U tliu talk. of the
not tbe
Beauty In features alone It oo lDtry.
), ournil chonpiy for water, trlpa.Crcwoent This store makes a specialty of fresh to come abonid at any time." to rulxo tho Iro of tho right- la In the soul alHOderailwill : ;?;

Olty has good hotels groceries" and At tin conclusion of eous man To cull tho .arch villain of ..
houses at mode"Voautlful -' ptovUlons ,and keeps Capt. Ivory's I buy good will. filendll CONE THE SHOE MfiN. I$
,: and boarding. three clerks busy most of the time pleasing address Miss Miriam! Payson the bird world "the Hplcndld" Is more 1 ness buys friendship confidence begot S .,; '.

shadrd walks and I .' attending to( orders The bill now entered the boat with the\ proverbial mockery of words Jurdon tho famous confidence, sortlco rewanls acrv CRESCENT. CITY. FLA. S .: :..:J

hlc)'iilo pulhe."p.rtl. laying at thin storo entitled "Your bottje of champaign with which she such Indian an naturalIst Innppioprlnte"oftiu specific.roKrttn name that Ico, and bate pays for bate suspicion .j."4.. ,
named the craft for suspicion treachery for
Money's Woitli" attracting Then Cnpt. treachery
( a large
should have been applied to this) species
lumber of people' and the crowds nt Ivory's daughter, Mrs. Lynch, got; for It tends to bring Into ridicule IoElne contempt for Ingtatttuda alovenllnes, Crescent City Tracsler Co. JOHN VINCENT, D. G. B. ... ,i
--- lying
= the Saturday, matinees aboard and the J'lie lit was cut loose the ,
.". In Or;.....nt ClItJ'dirluC to ubJriM and Saturday among unscientific the system of Wo plant shrub rosebush S
a a
an orchard Artistic '
for tide" P"P.' 0' wUhta to r.n..rth.lr night perfounatiees completely and glided Into the water. nomenclature" wIth .tbl expectation that they Meets .all trains at CIUHIM nt City Juno parber.
th.r.u !..... Utml The The Indian Is able' to utilize S
nb.orlptlmi.' > mmr flU the hounfl. spectators were then Invifr d crow -55 5I- -5- 5't,
will pay us back. We build roads, tlon. Night trains by aipolntmuiit.|' 5
......aWl' ..."".*. with *". I). **"""** St to Cnpti Ivory's home where a pretty most tilings" A Calcutta bird bus HaIr Cutting In all approved styles S
mend -
O. A. harness and the roof
Fcntiens patch with
... ... ,
tMpontoltloehn. I* oar iithi>rt l .e.c representing B. of made itself famous fur all time by 8 .M LABBEB Manager, Give mime a call.
airny the 5- "
Downes tit Co.. the well-known constating same eXoclotlon.VI) will trust .,
c p (, 'rr- TgMI5ILAURIYQKTUNwtmK fruit cakes fruits, confections and punch constructing! a .ucut of the wIres usedto even these uuuonHcluua things to pay --- ---- 1)) S S
"VEN and .
KND1NO NtlvJl\lnER 18th IIW&.-&. produce communion merchants wax served. The affair secure the corks of soda watur but. their dobt E. w. WARRBN n. D. CRESUENT CJITYFLORIDA.. ;j
DW1LL1AM5U05'EO. of 20H Duanu St., New York, has beenIn was an extremely tles. Ilouibuy Is very Jealous of Calcutta S.
.... ...
M. M. In Its Some of our Investments are good
happy one Crescent I'lo.
the conception and the of I City, :
for fur.It city several days during the ciana. course, ape and bud The I
M. a P. M..,8 P.W. II' h.. 2 So..moo., 61 fie : m at tOII pMt week soliciting consignment of acquire-moderation. industry courtesy Will\ .annwi-rc ilia' ft hill Conio. 1'onionii. I A. B.TORREY ,. ;
"s.murdal" ISO\) M 4. OH 44 fruit for his house carrying out tuimlned not to bo ouUlone by tbe SalBuuiii IruUliinil, : '
and ,
811ndny ,. with a good order patience, candor-are sound U.IghtB.Velnka >r :
(X) 59 44no :
47 OU Calcutta corvldno of !
It'. Mnnilnyn TumiarM mm3 ea( <.IN <4 degree of SUCCORS. Dow HUH & Co. BEST LINIMENT ON EABTH Accordingly one Investments Our evil Institutions and other ""Int..u I the ','ultluU\II''nlns..la. L'lidortitker' and Einlmliner. ;:
\ tbe former promptly built her next of
W.oIno.oI..y mi w 00 till ATmi habits are bud Investmeuts Involving .:.
ThiinnlnirII ., K iii\l 7* Moa have been established for 85 years Henry D. Baldwin, Supt. City WaterWorks gold and allven spectacle frame stol Full line of Cuskcta and Collins 'j I
II: Friday 71 00( 71 fri and 'am well and favorably, known Hhullaburg, Win., writes"I t on from Messrs Iwinivnco & Mayo' us In losses Wo become debtors to ..6... I. Sporxcer: :, :
have tried many kinds of liniment but them and they are exacting creditors, Telephone .'
to :
our fruit shlppms Their curdappeal's factory The value of too materials Dentist. S
I have never received much benefit until forcing payment In full in and S
money OKfc8ClJ' i .. this ,. usud In tho construction of this lleet PLOR1DA ,, ;
on pag.m.Mr. I imi-il Billiard. Snow! Liniment for lliouinatlem labor nnd sometime In blood, agony, .

i Personal ana Social. ? and Mrs C. A. Pratt of Milton, .and pains. I think It tha best was estimated nt i20. But crows 'wlll tears humiliation or shame. From Ollli. e at H.nl','lutuu, .fit POol t>..i.t Strool ... .

Vt., arrived this week and liuvi. miulmn.mntonoartlt.*' 2Bo, 60, *1.()Kf() Bold appropriate things for which they can "Balance: The Fundamental Verity" Crescent City, Florida. -

t .. "" "" "" ..... by Aikernmn, & Stewart Pal..tlta. and have no possible use They commit by Orlnnilo J Smith '. .
"" opened their winter home Mr. and ---- -- '
Louuils' Drug more Crescent City. larceny for the.lore of time thing. The -- '
Postmnster E. D. Louuds visited Mrs. Pratt came via. tbe Ocean Indian crow Is tIme Incurnata. spirit ft LLt.Ls.iLiLLt.ILLLt.ni- --- -- : W. G. SHOTV7ELL "ti BAllifX"c X CO.:" S.
Paliitkft m Tuesday Steamship. company's line to Savun- mischief. The bird will wantonly tear r Builds:; Row Boats I : :

I T. J.: tnporu[ Biient Sunday in the nah, where they spout Sunday with POINTED PARAGRAPHS. a leaf out of a book: lying open on The Bill for the I ,,-
Repairs boats, blllllps smut tnokta all
tIme table. My gardener, adds Mr. De- ,
nlty the guest of his mother, and their daughter, Mrs. Porter I'lei- The most Inexcusable thing In the war, puts every( morning fresh flowersIn s r. kluds of \\'oorl! woilc "'"" lra .nt lilffflhop Fire Insurance: ?!,:!" ".

pont. With them are four Indies. world. to ,. In rear of his MEAT MARKET 1
ten unjustly abuse a decent: cit the vusus Thin otxnutlou Is. 1. Season ,
who alsi.> come to Florida for the izen. per Crescent. City: I,'I... Lending American and .1 I
There will be ThnuksBlTlnR service formed on the veiunun..... One day the Satisfactory work guaranteed ut mod- I FoieignCompanies ,5 '

at the PiuHbyterlnn church tonight winter. Our people lire all delighted It down't do people any good, to bold man; was called away from his work j: from 6 a. m. to 7 p. m. ..et prlos.DEAMUD. .' i,
". to again welcome Mr. and Mrs Pratt, enough to know better unless they for a couple of uiluntcMi During his t: '('5 l

OH well nfl! their fi'lends. are oleo too old to enjoy meanness absence a crow swooped doxvu mill sue- U :Matinee every Saturday nfterj L:: --- .. ''' t tS

Prof. Motratt i In .gpendlnx the needs chart him nooon amid evening presenting the 1. Accident Insurance: >: '
The C. L. Chamberlin stole calls Every man a to tell I vcudud In taking a bcukful of flowers -
Thanksgiving vacation withhis the di'uroes-of kinship In his family and breaking the vase In which they popular play. t::
special attention thin week to Ham-
,: tetchy lit !llIcaoopy. but big wife knows them so woll she were placed A retired colonel of my 8EDDo [ Tb! Tiuvelera of Hartford. j
Ilton-Brown shoes, far jUi'
W. F Kohl the' roll-known orange men can soy them backward acquaintance who lives In the Illma- ; S
and children
'amid! nurseryman o( Drayton Hhlelds hats dry- Tbe troth obout some people who 1 byes Is a very enthu.lnstlc gardener Life Insurance: .'rJ
grower goods, !groceries and fresh confecionn. com to be doing. so much U tbat they and the crow are the bane of bin life @ YOU WANT PURE ONION '

lalnnd was III town last Saturday. ; Time business of this store always put things, off until the last I They root up his diulcest. seedlings" ::j:: Introducing the following upI SEED The Old Reliable, "Germania -- S .j

The stuHiner Crescent Is carrying ins lucre-used enormously of late in minute and then bave to rush. sever the heads of bis most superb to-date. Stars : u .

out from 500 6UO boxes of grapefruit all departments and Is a favorite 'The early bird may get the worm loners from the stulk and flyaway -m .,; Tim kind thai. give' limo "issot rf.ull! ,. it. with the little pieces of which 3 Good Goods :t: "l tho only k,m.i that h... .tiowii. S
tllllll'Orlneli.aod oranges each trading place, for large! number 01'leadliig but the late bird has as good an argu paper ..tli(.rattoiAHHfiij I. r 1'1..101.. 1 pttivntialtog orw-, -.-
moot: He get bIB rest which tbe early be places In cleft sticks to mnrlc where 3 fc ,,,. Marine Insurance:
trip. families ; 1r. Chamberlln Popular Prices, um Wi mayo I Hit' t'><'niilim i TontrrtlTuttmwn '. j
bird misses and boa never starved.Be seed have been sown HfwJ bdtii, n"t nnd wimikII', '
;p Mr. and !Mrs. A. M. Norris are ex- haM a general, line'of men's. finnlsh-. patient with the girl who takes But It, I Is In towns that the Iniquityof }2;: Prompt Service,.. j ,p whore<.rlo<<1.Krowtr,ty. HH dim-005 ti.,,m,, tlio Inlamla' The Li'iidiiug: Companies S :

pectin n visit from their eldest soil. .ngs.! so long to dress By and by she will the crow reaches Its maximum. 'ro ,...ko uun .r ,."1"" .", nnii.tint 1
1 Free
R ... ,
Dr. W P Norris of East Liverpool the bent secured The Madras cor\lduu lire a byword Delivery nt ri" ynti want Iftivw y mr< lort and All Claims .. '
Probably pikes be able to do up the work and dress u rand mourn, with US AT ONCE mud.. we I Promptly :..

Ohio. for Crescent City tnngeiinvs thus far -bareelt and three or four children In throughout The tbe length, Is and their breadth favorite of i 2::: the) rrgular'l'to'k'! ComupanyBest'Butter *:j Will: :lint,: lIlHKpl'ullltyOlUFln n: ,rimcut,: .>t COMMON I Settled. .. ...

Frank Buck is shipping his !grapefruit this season Is the reported, sale by S. half tho.time she takes for herself. now. India. hospital ONION SETS. ,

rapidly< Mr. Buck's .orange II. DowntfB & Co. on Monday< the Atehuion Globe. a playground.* when annoying Th"y the mire never Inmates ao happy They 3 I I IlOUND'S Ottloe! SB Front Bt! PALUJlA.I'U .> .}CoI, I

In estimated from 700 to !SOO! 4th, of a lot belonging to J. C. Best Hams
crop at S CONSlIVAl know at once nlicn a peigou In too HI i fc .
boxes Irtmsley of this plure. Thin fruit Health Is absolutely Impossible, If to move. The consequence Is tbat It 1 Crest Coffee t DRUG 8IORf[ I --- S ,

D. A LiiUii formerly of this place, brought( |4 per strap. !Mr Gilmsley'sfruit constipation be present. !Mauy. serious ha. been found necessary to have made StJohns Rlvrby Daylight. ;
and wull-colored. for all the tables wire covers which Breakfast Bacon t'l'<'s< *Mit I'itj I Fl In.
now of Urlffln, Ga., writes to congratulate was ripe cases of liver and kidney complaint have t
the return of The market has been overloaded' sprung from neglected constipation. protect articles placed at the bedside Cheese The Beach & Miller Line :'
t fc I ,
our people on :
fruit. First-dims SuKh a deplorable condition Is unnecasaary from the ravages of the treble dated : ..
old titus proaperltyAV with half-ripened There Is a oure for It. Herbine bird" I have soon a Madras. crow iSausage: ..t '' steanmerVltKHVENT. I ,\
fruit will generally bring a good nil OoTho I
will speeillly roniedy matters. 0. A. .. l l.eave. JaeliimiivllleonTiiendftyM.Thiinirtftyituu J
B. Campbell la setting out a quietly helping itself to tbe content ota S
price at thU season of the year Lindsay, P Moo Hronaon Flu, writes, and line of hoard. or Cot,, ,. .'..mlmisgrilei. p. ..iii.. .<.l 'HI".IIlY. at 8::to u, m for Oroen t <..., '
j a general BEST
Dew grove; of about t 800 tree on a basket which BO old woman was t ,..' at tlntr' r.itlir. ci 'm,' '', Nos,'n. Pnlntku crsHCunt city aud iirluolpMl' Way S
Feb. U.: 1903 : "Having tried Ilerblne.I carrying on her bead. Tbe bird was J OltGCEIUES. Really the best kj ; :-oIr.. ,l.il.lmng.:, (I h alma' C;I :r'f.. re ,..,* atl'ilotIi i :,r. q I
p&rtof the old Gautler place, which On. Florida Farmer. find It a mine mndlulne for conatlpa-! ,, and IC lot 1>,"la.a, .I'P"I1'' ISS."0 'illIVii'k 'I Ruto..nlllll.Jeav..O..ntcltya.l AVodne- ':5' .j
ho lometlme( purchased.Mrs. Lion:' Clio bottle. For sale. by Ackerman possessed of sulDclont Intelligence to show In tow for your money at k. ft "III... II,. h.-I .," 0"I 05/ limO rlo"t to d.... .. FrIlayeminu' MoudiiyHat. rnimiekoonvIlle 1
ago In the Short. Talks wharf CootoCI aurHtre. .
Not long ago refrain from allKbtln on the basket 1'01.01 my ol .011 bids K
J. L Burton hal. been spending column of this paper reference was &. tlte..rd.s., Crescent! Palatka City. and Lounds' Drugstore Had It done HO tttf presence would<1 probably I J. W. MILLER'Sj | Oct 'lOll, iy--4 Joel II'UI'lIt.1 '(R Jl,I ork. :I Toiapm'n.tO.PaiatkH. wharf foot of b.nion mr*.'. S S 55 -i, t'i I '

; the past week or more with her casually made to a certain Florida have been detected.It flapped ..

ion and daughter,. Mr. '.amid Mrs. farmer who would thin year kill KM() ) Eise .. S lI.a ., ..<<.u_. along Juut above the top of the basket :j ---.,; t:: 5- ----- '1

Clay Urablo, at Cortex, Manltee hog.. Generally the special point of difference .- keeping pace with the woman, and so. |P I akan at your door .every S Florida- East Coast Ry. S .
and remarkable her wilde meal off
between unimportant unperceived by a
county Thin simple statement seems to ;3: mo'nlng. t ;'
.' people lies In their eyes ID the the content The knavish trick of .

A. D. Porter and daughter. Mrs. have surprised some. of our conteiuorarl clear. steady piercing. gaze. which la crow are by no meats confined to human ,c r. 3 3 ''' 33 LOCAL TIm: CARD No. 56. In Effect June 4 1904. !

Oonuch Wellevllle, Ohio, ar (> a beyond m nllnre. The able to subdue or terrify the beholder beluga A* Colonel Cunningham I

rived last Saturday. and will occupy L'ampa Times, Indued devoted the write Lady Violet Orevllla In the truly lay. "Auy minimal pete are, of Established 1868.( toND-, << nows sostie.ouuo-.u. '\ ,I

the Wool mall cottage on Summit best part of a column to the matter Graphic. Sir Richard Burton's look course even more than Inanimate objects 11II'Q :-

itreet.Mm. prefacing its remarks by saying that could never be forgotten; neither. I subject to tbelr attention, and S. B. Downes & Co. 11ir- 'TAr-eeL : .
could Napoleon's or Victor unless In wholly inaccessible. places- are 'S
Fred Stone of Chicane arrived we should by all means ,have given Imagine J4UC> OMI1I ......(.. ..... AfJaolwofivUU "j Sam ,
of this remarkable Florida Hugo's or that of any other great man. constantly Itahlfl to have their food ........ .... ..........so ......................Lv. I sa a .......< ,, .
hut week Hud Is the guest of the name The eye U the window, of the brain, purloined and tbelr live rendered a Commission Merchants 15 ... .......................... ......................... 4.s .,'''7
her farmer. plUI7 > ......... *."* ...... .. .. '
mother Mrs. J. L. filaull. Mrs. and through It uhliiea the Intelligence. burden by persistent mid Ingenious persecution UM .. .... S. PklUk* Slb
Stone wan her two We have not the slightest objection ." I ouce imwensed, a. greyhound 203 Duane Street New York.
accompanied by U U p La------------------..........? ........... ...... ..... .
: young sons to complying! with out 1'l1mpl1contemporary' EIpSs4.4<< Ae.......lom.. which used to h.. fed In the gar I 54 11 II mi iy ?al.ia........................... ., Sta
reasonable request. You don't belong to one of the oldest den. A man had to stand over the dog Will be pleased. to not in '
Tax taxes for 1004 are now due. and trust that the gentleman himself families do your* said the innerclllous while It waa fi'<'tlu: :;; otherwise.. the touch with shipper of Or. : Si i S''
collector U. O. Westcott will be
woman crow* would devour the greater portion

\. In hi. otlke over Cbainberltn'a store Hl will name enter Is none major a. P. Healcy "No" answered Mrs. Cumrox "But of tho meal Their plan of campaign angns. Grapefruit and Tan. lld. E .. ;;.:::;;;::;:: :::::::::::tIt.:: .::::::::::::::::::.::;;::::.. : :: : S '

wy Saturdays from 8 a. m. to 6 aftor we get the glrla. married we expect was simple an'l I ofTi'rtho. They soon gorlni-s. p. .._.. ..... ........ .. ....... ... .
p. and the model form upon which all 11 P .........................1.. .. .ofIond) ......... ................ .. I' 10.
m. to receive taxes. slaughtered Is to have several ot the oldest tam- leal'ned the dog's feeding hour nnd as fTp ............ .............. .,........................... ....... .. S 1

S Mr. and Mrs W. H, Fuller arrived situated these hogs in Volasla will be county. near Seville Ulon belonging to _"Washbjgton It on drew convenient femur would tree tuke up Time! a moment position S itlcVli' bor.ut NOTICE.given meat.on iCe lltli clay fi 53 )P.-; .:..:....:u- ..::::::::::.wrw'to. ,, ::: ::: ::::: :::::: : : 1: : I ,
any ,
Star ,
from Detroit, Mich., lust Saturday: Putnam __ __ 01 Jtmuitry a. DliHI" .h.U mat no! far from the the .greyhound boKuif to eat a crow rap"n.,. ot tli. I 1ft. will and, te.tumentof eel, ..... .. S ,
night; and are with Mrs. Fuller's county line. It compromises some CURED CONSUMPTION would Swoop down null peck viciouslyat '1-rrtUM. M.'yor... the, U.....M I.,Coxo, .................. '(.)Orange..4<< .C.ms ...

;, parents Mr. and Mrs. S. :E. Neal. 250 acres, of which 100 are In Mrs. B. W Evans Clearwater. Kan. Its tall The. ..1"11VolIlIl.. of course, ouuniy bla :onto juiU':I In Pnlotktt."I.. PiUUftni' _'!.,'rlditf ouiiQty I :ami. rlorliliu hall;. tu:a( I.p.-......w................................, a a S I I
They would sad '
and the others Shore nt votuhen
will the chowing riniuttont -
spend the winter here. peaches, which constitute a valuable wrItes : ")Iy husband lay sick for three turn on bird ueipia anti |lllo.muU18>r my sam reporllmg all 55 I

,; Wallace Harp of Pal&tka son of source of income. quick mouths.: consumption.The., doctors We said thathe procured had a seUa some this of tbe opportunity food. The to process!Snatch would away IliaC rmntlrtHl..ml., iltara. or"nut|'ply un(1i lu Ht,.iPSO honor law tr, andHltull mytlnal 91 :::::::::::;:::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : a. Sis S5t

Hon. J. H-Harp, will be married at entire farm is practically a ltHulwry UH Hooiltnr of vald .....Lu. a S
The .
Hornhouud ..
of Billiard Syrup be until- time "al '
Norwalk bottle repeated wee over. Mm hiivlug."," fully ImlitlittartMl' by m. .Inaoconlriiiutt .m.aaoiea..me:::::::::::::::: : I S
,, Conn., Dec. 2il The bride bog. posture the various crops us and It cured him. That waa six years Crow tense amid annoy wild creature viOl" law rhlH' II.. nth .slay. pt Sw

II? bo i U Miss Oertrude Lyon an ac- they are removed being followed by ago !Since than wo have always do kept with.a With the' same readiness tbat they worry Om July, A. U.t lth>K gsaaob.r O LOPEtt. ..i5id UAILI... Lelalo V. .. >> .I. ""

eomplUhnU young ladyof that city. equally valuable side crops. such im bottle In the house. and We cannot colds It has no domeatle raliuuls. They mob every if M :::::::::::: : :::::: ::::: :::: ::::::::::: a S

The velvet be..nll. etc., out' It. For coughs strange bird In much I the same way a* 5 .B..,.._.............. ...............
dance announced for Tlianks- peas, ohufas "" 2So. 50o, $1.00. Sold by Ackor- I .
eiiual i -
l' riving night| has been to which the stock Is. turned to mao A Stewart's.. Palatka, and Lounds' the London street arab makes fun of ('Tnt r PAT COAP1' ;:; I;_OillDIS ;, w! : ::: :::::::::: ::::: j1.iry.1.5ud.r.i.e; :. ::;::::::::::::::::::::= ..a r

next postponed upon for Itself. Drug store Crescent. City. any person. In' .uun.usl attire.-Longman's PARADISE I ltEGAhNVU.! I 4 S. p.w. :..... .................... ........ .iI.

S' S It Is Monday the night; in V. I. A. ball. forage Heuley's sucoens has no ? Magailne. 0 : : ; : : ; :::: : :; .,)J..e; ...::::::::::;::::;::::::::... : :'
of the Major I S
.! purpose Dancing _.. eo.__. 1
Th. Ti _ _ _
Club to have inuato from Jacksonville doubt been largely due to the appll-[ offer dally prayer for .. Idea. Want<< o, a.,........... J.-rrM"; I ILi..TED -
S to The Tlbetaas \ ...ur"OSJ .5,5&,2ro.. oa41fG. 0I7T 3RAX CM.
\ and to make thU party .a pace- cation of business principles the minute insect which they have Tommy-Mil, lend mae a lead pencil. ? : ( P RLVR S S
., letter for future events. agriculture and to "keeping ever swallowed Inadvertently In- their meat Mother-I jurft left pea and Ink on the CA' 1 seaussa jgi EiI; ,
.. ,
Wbat do want witha t; "i. ,
at It. the formula Insure the table for you. you ;
The Williams will ship lastingly" and drink and t' iesS .........Arl .
!grove with farmers of this microbes In heaven. pencil! Tommy-ivHnt to write to AND tRAINS: S r STOaT
trouble of these ''h
bout The rebirth -
h' boxes and Mr. Williams will and the editor of tho paper to ask hint '
cannot or eat meat freely square 'r"
is that they Yet they k'
hope often
S to have them all off by the type the secret of their their conclonc with their appetite by wbat'll take Ink stain out of the parlor "
Smt communicate
of January. He baa about not, thel less fortunate", brethren the pretext that the BIn ret with the carpet.-Philadelphia Lodger. Reaching time Famous Resorts, -
1.000 to
boxes each of and success the batcher
tangerine oonfebned outcast aiM.uw.ln public
grape fruit. and 2,000, boxes of common although it must be < olus who will be born In the next Incarnation I Think much and often, speak little ST. AUGUSTINE, ORMOND,
\ a
( \ oranges. that the highly successful RIll souse taotellae4 spirit* or aon- f and write leu.*..-Wnman'n T.lro. DAYTONA ROTKLEOCE, -
In question has always 1* hi* own
county That
S MUs Irene \Ued demon. A Lo.. BEACH MIAMI
;. RUIBedid not acoom- In all movements PAtM: ,
plLny Mr. and Mrs. Bitch this year been active to promote the again _ _, City Niece-What kind of a chicken .- .
5. that seemed likely t I. that Uncle JonhT Uncle Jol>-TbatI
elated in this paper last week advance the interests I nterckun gable TIckets. A Short Su Trip from Miami '
"IRs Rnnsell general; welfare or I* a Leghorn City Moca-How stupid MJWrSULA AU 001ACMTM. STBAMSHIF! CONNECTIONS AT .''A'". M'''
S did intend to comebutohangwi of the great industry they so la traveling you will find It very convenient of met Of course I ought to have noticed bf Stent-er to .4i,2Sr I''

5- her mind at the last mo- worthily represent.Times Union.NEUUALOIA to use Atlantic Coast Line In- the born on hta leg*.-Chicago NASSAUt N. P. I 1UeiI......... ass Af MiAMI WITH I _. *T TIM P. IX. ... *X. MM..M* 55.4 4 .
S Wont. Her friend here will terihangabla. mileage ticket good over -
many New
I of railroad. _______ HAVANA AND KEY WOSTPm
">grot her decision( S VAIS3. approximately 150.0OO mileS ____ KEY! WEST, FLA., S -

0 Mrs. Rheumatism, lumbago end. idaho pains These lloket will be honored av far The Ml.mi.k<*< ... ...;.....
B. W. Chase of Detroit, peootrntns! Influence) ot cai- EaSt a* Washington and West to Clonlanatl HAVANA, CUBA, ... _I.. .. ..-. to
Well, writes that she tbe yield to the It penetratea to IxiuUvIU Evansvllle and St. ShII1'n1') I He-Until She-Justm>- ._-.wM!f.-l1..ltt.... ..... .. IA... ...... I. $ts
Winter will spend lard's Soow Lininielit absorbed: Tk advantage of this arranges eglne babT I* one of thorntck frlenl I _.. .., ---._
In end being Louis. SEND K>R. 9OUVEVIR BQOKLST
bone I S
Florida. ]Mr. CUass ha the wSrYSS! and propertiesare and avoid the Inoonvenlenoe of you sit up all nlgbt with.-Harper's
S; ChUte' frequent vial. to Crescent intth thS blood, its beallnt"f meat additional ml book Batar. 5-j
Ujage .
-"y, Onvyed to the body. purchasing all EAat. S .1.EpARRoyi-.m.Pr.eemsr-"m.l's'r.' : :: ... __ .f.k. LAL *tw. OAB .. Ota* ITKX ..- ....& '
where sh. lINt many warm :: wooderCul caro Superior train service to point .,. P.HECKl'irtl" I loll MaMtrJ -
t, ,friend' Cud It I I. I\aped"tbat.\ .he will and. effect some Sold by Aoker..a & .SlGo.. West and South. 'W. H. LUST, D P A Blessed l la.-h wbo has found his O R4HNKT. At.'I G..'. Pass'' a.... TIOKITT 'AClII1ft'? I It .
500. $1.00. Savannah Oa.Wilmington. ,. .. A.'O"J S
store. G. P. A. a amleCatsa 5--
aaimt Prug VT. J. CBAW
\ place ; tound. work Let Win' ask: no ethelblessed| .
: our her paU..ana I "
littlejown_ on. art's. N. 0. a. kIMe BT, AXHHMMXX. L&Z
t ell'rv". 5 Ore* ent City' n***.: Carryl: I.. ...._ !.
if. 5- ,
5p ',,', .
-' ,.. ..a- S S '
.., "55 !

S w '; "., -..' ;, : -5
5._ S Si ,' -T-
S "

.:S5 r. )Ml r ., me, 5' .',f.\/., ,:." .(I'" .' ', ',_ """". "'.: .'.;i"'I.: \ 'I.)' -% I ",, S j __ .- S Am 5m ', 1 1S S s S S

., _ '-e..a !


; ; -J", .
'4:11) '
: ?
-' ..

; .. __ .. .
-- -- .. n.
ccc .. I hO' no. -- -- -- -
---- -
1 --- --- -- -- '' ..-. -. 0 '''-- r

uwtlvuwwwuuuwwwnuuuuutow4apw The Palatka Newsand Congressman Rob't.v. Davis and I BURNED TO A CRISP 11 y;l

't: I .R 1 Mrs. Davis will leave thtaThursday( ) I >>Uliu.Rmt1 iifHuniUifl 't
Lucinda. Colored .
afternoon GilUard. .RO< ,
Washington to remain
A Tailor Advertiser I until after the short session of congress Alive In Her House Tuesday 1

which will adjourn In March, Morning

R Can do little a nTailoring THE NEWS: AND ADVr.RTIsr.R when Mr. Davis' term expires !Mr. Luclnda (GilllarU n colored \ to Fit J. 1 1L

very has a 1 hlHher clrcnliitl rating/ Davis will then return to Pull,.kl\ living: alone on Peck street Just i:

R ;1:: than -I"l", accorded. to any other and devote his full time to his legal yond the ball park, was burned .'- I I'j
nf rancr lit PalatAn-Prtntar'g practice. > tenth InsT Tucmtay morning at 'j\\
R nnd yet Y.. July 29! 10 A sight that has attracted the early.hour., merchandise 'which :
f R; be a
Tailor.. A coroner's jury to-dny will do
-" W 3J 1r'wailiN"4'if IiG GG11r attention of many people duringthe jest. We have them. '
todcfprmlnn whether the
1 lIe can take a lot of r" week is the fine dlwplay of imported -
I" City happenings and nfin" death xvnn. due to ac
I R measurements"' (some of n f Brothers and.The domestic display! cheese Includes at Gay, burning, suicide or murder by
Personal mention. \ pineapple
a them for effect and nn ; ncendlnry. | Clothing
) Edhin, Keufchatel
.. _.. ,
,' 9 M'!!n wlwmen xawn wtn t-; The alarm, of'' flio sounded .
when American cheese. The ,
you've he'lljust Gny Bros'
gone ;:j four and five o'clocklnd tho Ore '
Mrs. F. D. Ackorman's residence store contains <
everything in the line Suit.
R say to himself, III being painted.! of edibles and If you are shy of appetite mrtnient rushed to the rescue. : a : ;f J

na "I'll go to some store ;:j Capt. N. H. Patterson of Bannerille.wns you,: can generally find a cure by arrival the fireman{ hoard the .. .,
"that keeps the"GRIFFON In the looking Into' nan's-Horonma but; ns the hotme .
t:! city Wednesday. simply the window of

1, !:; BRAND ::! Mrs. tilldarsleeve of Hudson, III., this big store enveloped It woe IniposslulivtoattHmpta In flurcoly burning' r... I S"" 44 1,1,

hi visiting her brother, H. U. Haimn. M. W. UrIIIlH clerk of the court .
"Guaranteed"Clothing t LI:! Master Charley Andernoiv fillinga In Clay county and Miss Cornelia the After the hennas had been i'
of the weuminl.roastad
body ;
LJ '
I:: : clerkship at Cochrane's book store. Delphlna Uow Iris deputy clerk yond recognition, was found .I ''
:Pt! conceivable l l'
both of Green Cove crown every '
I n:: : E. S. Green the genial merchantof Springs, were pile of atritw, the remnants of ]
'and get one of its :n! united in marriage at time PresbyterIan .
was a vUstor In the proper.
R "Choice Tailor Made Suits % city Inane In thin city lost Monday bed.The t j
on Wednesday.J. woman lived alone* and
... R "of the required' si/e. :n J evening by Rev. L. It. Lynn. The been 111 ,xevernl I uliiyx. In t 1
n "It coats much less u'and M. Maxwell extensive turpentine bride. wee accompanied by her need > Suicide and Inc. alIin
operator of Putnam Hall lit t :
is much better than {j:! wee mother and she with !Mr. and !Mrs. ,
boon Htfd of the
FiifJ; t HH causes
the ,
I R "I can make-" L city Tuesday HenncHKy of this flerino i ;
city and the
| pwtor's : but the gonurally accepted theory /\ Cashi
That is the Mrx. H. O. Hamm and her Bister honuehold, wore the witnesses
R !' beauty y{H only that the fire was accidmitnl, 1111.1.sult..11
Mrs. Ulldersleeve.. visited the (100<1- to the happy event. from a suit
from tlu> soc up
R of the nr 1 turning over or
j all beach this week..
Judge Isaac A. /Stewart'! of DeLand plosion, of an oil lamp.A t 1
!u:: Griffon Suits-- n:: Mr. and Mrs. W. S. rfewcse", of was In the city a few hours on Wed tt".j+

!u: n Brighton, Tenn., are the guests of nesday.. He stated. that the suits for Question of "Booze."
: made
1.1 theyl.tJ/ rin I1ev. and Mrs. L. R.Lynn. damages Instituted In the United! Petitions have been In I (

( I !:: such I perfect style', n:i N. H. Morague private, secretary States court by ,Rev. Dr. Forbes, ex- throughout the city and< county Sweaters. r 'Men and Boys. 1

L:: that even custom' n:! to Congressman Davis has gone to president of /Stetson'! university, and ing the past ten days asking {

n n Washington for the winter. !Mrs. Mathls! a former Instructrss, county commissioners to call ,a "
!u:: tailors pattern after :: ;'j
n election order 1
1.1 ". A. Frenchs representing the Florida ag/Lhu.tJohn B. Stetson the millionaire \ option give

!:: them. ., /Sun'! Jacksonville, is In the city hat manufacturer and founder of tore an opportunity to express CO. '4d

t' We have just In the Interest of his paper. the university, are to come up at the selves on the question of I
u next term court and that hiS client the county Hhiillcoiitlnue' to ,

nn received bur L.L.tR Thanksgiving service at St. Mon- Mr. Stetson, Is ready for trial. liquor' selling, ort>rohlblt It.
ICI 's Catholic church was held this Manager. t
Fall Stock tJ (Thanksgiving) morning at o'clock.. The pretty gasoline launch, "Queen The petitions; have been quite (
.. ,
I, Bess," which tied' up at Cllpt.Adalll' erally "' ign d In the country

[J of these celebratedGriffon Miss Maude Whitten has been the wharf axhort time on Tuesday ducts, ax well as in this city, : i't Ui-tIillnh :
of I\Ilss Genie Fearnside. \
guest [
The Initiative In this l1
1.1 Is the property of Horace E. (
Ij Hand Made Miss Mabel Bassett visited Tampathe was taken last summer by u
Richards of '
Philadelphia who has a !l'.
!:: Suits. paetiweek, winter home at Oreen Cove Springs\ association In the western pnrt ot
I !Mrs. F. H. Hafer has received the The launch is one of the prettiest county and petitions were at ---- ---

14n THEY WILL FIT sad Intelligence of the death of her seen III these waters in many years time prepared mid all .. 41qt'i. 1''<))1.11..""' 1f'l"'l'flBB; <]T '
R YOU. F mother, !Mrs. Malvlna liurske at and registers a speed of 12 knots. It made for bringing about the \ ., lIUI.1U:1t.I.1r1tI: : : !

r San Diego, C'al. Friday. Nov. IHtli of Is elegantly finished and furnished The matter WHH. held In abeyance 1'' Time for wM

II They come inprices n pneumonia has a powerful engine and It. own account of the general election, ": : := a1 v

4" ,1 Palatka. truckers have begun to electric lighting plant.: Mr. Richards the agitation bus gone on.:

to nu L L move the lettuce crop. The next was with the launchaccompan The constitution of Florida, A : I i1 Cool Weather. t]

u $10, $12 and $15. u two weeks will see a lot of lettuce led by a party of friends. cle XIX, I Sec. 1, provides that "
L shipped from Palatka. G. Loper board of comity commissioners That romimlH. us t b i
U The annual bazaar,
L of St. 'Marks
U L Bailey and James H. Fry are ulllong I! each county In the state not orte', 44, that you will want ..
One of our church which is to be held oii-tlm : ':!i1. ....
j! than ociceju two
,, the first shippers. evenings of December 7th and tttlr! Is every years i Blankets,

!:: WHEATSPECIALTIES Mrs. J. N. Walton, secretary gives expected to surpass all previous ef the application of one-fourth. of I Comfortables,

!u j is IBoy's j notice that Patton Anderson Chapter, torls h of the church to provide enter call reglsteieil and voters of for nay county,' !: ;: : iiJ;;; Jackets. st +:

u j U. D. Q., will meet at 8 o'clock talnment. Beuide the supper to be provide an wf

t: Clothing.We u Thursday Deo. 1st, at the home 01II'S. provided there will be many articles the county in which \ $1.00. I Skirts;
u made. to decide hither the sal +
< $! Ladies Sweatersand
u j !\ W. W. Ellis. suitable for Christmas sale :
I have suits to suityour on alI >
ij t intoxicating llquprs, wines or _. ___ -
j Rev. L. R. will the well as amusement features, Including -
Lynn spend I :t
and shall be prohibited therein, Goods.
u J coining Sunday nt Mclntosh. His a wonderful "chamber of mys 113i Underwear
and fur-
I question to bit determined by a Kent
too. j pulpit at the Presbyterian church teries." The bazaar Is to be a 1 public (
!j you, t jority vote of those voting at : 1: Itrowni\l I. filled as well as Other
j will bo supplied in the morning by affair and it la the hope of the pro- .
n The I election called under this \gooda for I +...
iroters that will make
every one a Cool
Rev. J.V Olbeou.j Weather
., y note of the dates and be sure to come. which election shall be ( the stock em .'-' .!J
Russian Blouse I. j Union Thanksgiving services will 1 In the manner prescribed by law men and I 04 Wearables. 1

!:; with Bloomer Pants u be held at St. James M. E. church In the Discharge: of Duty. holding general elections" The goods I '1 "
n Policeman Dan. Q. Sanford ,shot( ;4 Know theu that .. asI
j w.
this (Thanksgiving) evening at 7ilO: The constitution further ", an eye 8111-
in attractive colorsis 1 and killed "Boss"" Baxsett, a :I I have all the above
negro in
C sermon will be by ,Rev. L. R that suuTi election shall be \ both as to

Ij just" the tiring: for n Lynn of the Presbyterian' church at Wednesday: afternoon In frontof wltWn sixty dn's from the ;' \ and there are f great variety aid 1 atbargain
Goxa's market on Lemon street.nnHs..tt I ,
:! The fall term of thn Putnam Circuit presenting sued nppllol tlon. prices :
boys n Court will open next Tuesday, and another colored man The circulation of these 1'O"; Talatka carries I ea<4 AV'e also want to cai .+

14 3 to 6 )'el\l's.: J the 2lth\) There are many cases on Jed Brady were engaged in an altercation : in Pnlatka has been the (''' brand of rcndy- your attention to oiu i
in front of Smith's bar
t:! Then we have the calander'and the term. Is expected when Policeman Sanford alighted considerable, [ street discussion. \ \ some of this tom) complete line of ,.
: to to the. lending business men have shown In (he I
LI t:! Shirts Underwear\ bring many people city from the street car. At first San- ninny ..,'"' Dress Goods and
I: Drs.. R. & U. Goldstein, the celebrated .., ford thought the men were fooling', fused, porfit blank, to sign. ) ( : bit as good In ,;:. Trimmings.

u t:! Hats and_ Caps 4: optical specialist of Louisville but he saw Baosett strike Brady and '' while regretting, the turmoil as the best "'I'io'T' ,

for the boys I Kv., are in the city for a short curse him, and then he knew there must inevitably ucuompuuy the '" the patterns Everything that's Now ,
uu visit and at the Oraham Hotel. lion, and that too, "so' soon ( of these
Ij i : are was a row on. Brady broke
: Their announcement be In away two year's political contest. fact that they
I can seen from Ba/mett and down Lemon
u Mechanic Overalls, another column. street with/ Basaett ran at his heels.The theUes, seeing that: the question Leo.O. J Jacobsons o o 'f I
u not down have signed in order : : ln Palatka
(made by a former J. R. !Mellon of Plttsburg is herd policeman followed and saw bring about speedy ..elt Ie III year( and his
this week for a brief stay and for a Kuuaett pull a knife. Then Sanford also revoy'iiUe' the feet. that
n They growth.
n Palatkau) VI j fishing trip up the river on his palatial called out, "Don't cut that man." people have the .right, under and cus Bnr nln Dry y yPalatka Goods S Hom.
i::: But Bnssett continued in keen
.. Marcu\[ Loo>h'Co.\:; ; house boat "Vagabondia. He pursuit constitution, to secure a public 4-! ..,...
: of Atlanta ; will not open his winter residence In gaining on Brady all the time, pression on the subject. Fla.
:"n: ,
with him in front and Munola
Vn Palatka until some weeks later. catching up ofGozae '
others, aud perhaps it large"
:n:: are guaranteed asa n A oO-pouud bronze turkey was market and plunging his a'esigutug because of firmly : the carnival I: 1f1tmiH1-iiti'i'f Wf

'Y s a good as any overalls, ranted at Brewer's Wednesday knife Into his victim's back Brady ed conviction that the legalized -.
For two. his fell and Baitsett got on top of him ,
made. night. days turkeyshlp quor traffic Is" a public nuisance
n V i was on exhibition on the street, exciting and was preparing to plunge] his burden that .should be leiuoved.' --' -

::: Another important : admiration for his size, and knife Into Brady a second time Tile street discussions' huve.
when Sanford Have forms of 1310.111 or Blood
pistol In hand you any
,S feature of these' j sympathy for hU IIIvltablefate. oped many theories of liquor "
I interfered. Basnett then turned and disease? Have you takeTi.:" remedy ,after
of If
lation but matter feet
Overall Suits; : L. H. Merryday says that you as a ,
f a never hear profane language' on the threatened to knife Sanford but the election Ix held, voters will be remedy without a sign of Improvement
::; i i... their Price I latter was too quick. He shot Jinn- down to two-prohibition or \
streets of Auckland New Zealand] ; Are you discouraged about being cured'
!'1 sett through the body killing nlm :
L: The ISe\\' will not dlxuuss/\
They sell at when a man gets warm under the almost Then read this!
Instantly. .
collar toward a neighbor he simply mutter until the election has
: Sanford then took Brady In a hackto You can be cured without taking pills\
i l ; :n: 1.50 the Suit. u j calls him a "bloomln Idiot" and lets called. Then, it will express",

; i!: it go at that.Thanksgiving. Dr. Steen, who dressed his opinion freely and frankly. cathartics or drugs. Cured of Eczemii,
wounds. He now Is at his, home and
n Salt, Rheum, Holies, Pimples, Acne, (Ci
together withan .
day Announce..ent.In.
Ij HEN'S HATS. In a critical condition. The knife! Wedding
accident to our machinery hRs cersor DandrulT. Cured of Rheumatism
an ugly looking affair with a four Martha E. Meek
',, .Ij.. Our leaders!' are: r r made it next ti,> impossible for the Inch bladehsd penetrated his lung. the engagement of her Gout or Catarrh.. Cured of any Skin

t2 The Gotham News to go to press this week with San ford reported the matter jtud Met, to Mr. Richard Sulphur. This Is the remedy you need. This
1 usual amount of news. Many matters surrendered to Sheriff Howoll. i tames of Savannah, Ueorgiit.
soft and stiff at :3.00.. what the. ,
( ) stops terrlble itching and smarting
s had to be left out In order thai A coroner's Inquest has exonor wedding Ii Is to take place nn

Ern Otter Brand L the office force might have a partial ated Policeman "Sanford' the evidence eighteenth.

t ::: (soft) lit . :2.50.. t' holiday of all witnesses showing that Bring Your Best C rJ.
Mrs Virginia D. Marvin wife of 'Bassett resisted arrest and that his Pulutka
If the meii-of
'n"! Nox-all Surgeon Marlon F. Marvin.U. S. A.. death or that of the peace olllcer want to young give their sweethearts", SulphurI

: ::: -(soft and stiff) I\t :f2.00. t and niece of VV. B. Deiihain, general mutt result.Baxsett to suit their fancy they should
w superintendent of the Atlantic CoastLine was a freight train brea k- them to :bt. Mark Hitzaar.. I

'' n! I Ry.: Is dead. at Manila Philip man on the Atlantic Coast Line ChrIKtluuolKlrt.will be on ,ale all. And kinds In of order\ condition and brings"back+ health. It will
!:; Sweaters t Ine Islands. Mrs. Marvin and her
Railway. __________ Ill' one need, hurry home a
husband formerly resided in Jack will be served both knows value In sloknew.
y ; n for-Men and Hoys.Everything ) t sonville. The Fortnightly Cub.! supper December 7th and !8th. Don't ages. Everyone Its *
u L sulphur a siuglo drop of It vis more
TheVoman'. Club the date. Don't forget your
u J. Frank Dugzan, formerly a clerk Fortnightly book. Don't because we taken. up by the blood and carried to
: in met in their Nov. 18.
r' .Ij .J: In the local steamboat Inspector's only have one huaaar now.' ; and liver\ drives. met all ,waste" matter .and
'Ij the line of t otllce here, and who sometime ago A very Interesting meeting was is coming with another year,

u went to Norfolk as clerk to Supervising held.Mrs. truly. COMMI I TTRK ON :; : In the severest oases, And U guaranteed to
Gentlemen's Fine Gardner, who was In chargeof '
ii Inspector of the Third district ", Barlows Minstrels.' \ with every bottle. Do not be deceived. by .

t Furnishings. n C'olJohn W. Oast baa since the program for the afternoon; { '' l _..,. ,
f real an excellent paper on "Bird l Get ready for Barlow's !great -
.Y been promoted to a position In then ?
strels at time opera house Rheumatism .
Come and Preservation. "' ttklu I Disease
a t: seer Treasury Department In Washing/ I'hursnay. night Dec Int. There
I\lre. J. Q. Tllghman! read Ilm Inter :, ) ", ir' Blr'.-Allow me to 98o.le..o.elf..1'd.. m<
j tJ Jacksonville Sun. Mr Dug.gan' HT white artiste in the "
goods -
our new will : ;: ; :' you r".l trinclng your enrol piiuuur. tv ,iMtify wMa
eetingpaper. The give< a street '
u. 110I friends In PalatkR] where he company ....
-J) ea lh .rk". Crum the
soma resells obtained
,, k 58! in a 111'mei!. LI'u was a frequent. visitor, and who re- Mrs. H. S. Wilson spoke In' u rade at noon. Prices 2f/ Wand : | ,, ,.mce' WM. taken with ..oeoroll..alunti.. nnwly'. 1.

member him for his magnificent solo charming manner of her trip to St. cellent The company performance.! it Haiti tqglre ::: : i : .I '', : : ': :::= ; ::: ..... Vlwk.f" innuitiatnry. Tb iiiiumnr, m, little *"I
1.1 Louis as. an alternateto the national I i ... ''' Gonlii healer WM lallbrlni with a lavitrcwuw '
uu work at concerts last winter, will be convention of woman's clubs. FROM ttOlTH AF1CICA up nor down bmrd ot ofermtmd tell U .,....1 ,

a M. S. BROWN I pleased to learn of his preferment. The president requests all members New WAT OP Utttso : :;: ': !': : :::: !:. : '...m8olu.b. a frU-ntl oeherhnthswrupidgthat.
and .
mnrnr a
u | a bottle' li Ihtbw her into *high r.
; Hon. B. P. Caluoun has returned "be attheSiext ] Cocoa RltHsvl''.
present regular! I .
n found 'II to l>. ju>t what I.mind\ one liottlt* of *H. I. B.whlib
t u n from the Bilker circuit court. He meeting so that the constitution Sir. Arthur Chapman. writing. ;:: :: !:'r :: ;: :':': {,: ;::; .:: .... ......,....u..I.. Le.. aiinxl" Hoi! anllnly:: :.. In'* )
Durban Natal. South Afrlon sits : l low lima n wiMk. Our b >m
j rtn that the Duncan's. failed to otuibolllaournr ,
0 4u C1omi r ra report concerning/ membership might be a .proof. that Chamberlain's. | win en !senses...Itho,, ItreleV.5' ">nlU
h n n appear against the men charged with revised. Paris KKPOHTKK.CBBOinO Remedy I. a cure sultAbla for old r. : ,: : ; : ',' ': ;: :!r.,'auil.. 'r take u plwiuurtt,o .rlp.u.in ./ :waIL P th>r e any p; 'bi.h ..4n''.n'I ,
t n murder In that county and that Inconsequence young, I pen you the following rlng u I Old pty, 011.-. :
a AND n r the Altman's and their Df ABUHOBA C'OBED. neighbor of mine had s child just "VIM." M,1/UERPwILW CUA, F Mogi'AWiOrluailo ',
in lw '
n 'rleiidowill. probably tree Mr. )!Walter Richardson of Troutvllle.Ta. two months old. It had a very o :
n ., had an attack of diarrhoea that cough ami the parents did not ,
F n Calhoun U disgusted at the failure rwd. MnroUlly. 6ir Burnt. Op.n Burrs, Chafed
his life. His what to It. I suggested that .
ending physician give
cams near KAV' !U.IEo, .KniiKhAiw of ewe'
a G GeAIS f furni ISner r r? of the Duncan's to put In an appear- hail failed. to relieve him and thedisease they would get a bottle of (: \.iU> lca: 7'ao"''::; ma,'D.!:. (h.a.k.: .iia ll pen Dl..eee. ,

nn ance, forgetting that thes men had become chronlo when be be- Cough Remedy and< put some upon : ; \
U 1.1 riwaaaaaoa would rather bear the Ills they already San using| Chsmberlala's'ollo! Cholera dummy teat the baby WM sucking' -<.l1f,ii.t.eT.:...an n and Diarrhoea Remedy, It soon cured would no doubt cure the child. .
; : PofUlkn fin. n have than fly to others that him and I he nnwrfMoramonda\ that preparation they. did aDd brought about quick UR CO. palkll'rytore: i"1J.
u. they know not ,of, but can readily whenever an opportunity offers. Uef And cured be baby." Th's i">

V u jayuaaaucaajjaaaan" conjecture For sale by Aokurnnan A" StewArt. e Ie for sale by Aokarmsn!, A. Stewart. ,



f .
.' .. .... "', ,
j 'r' ..; ., 0" \ .-, .. .; \'. t' ", ,\ .,' ... -' i.; ;-
; _. t.... "" .:: .;' '. -.,,' '. ', .':. .' '$. ,'*:<- ,
: .. -
,t!! :.. --
---- ,i:6

The Palatka weekly advertiser
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Place of Publication: Palatka Fla
Creation Date: November 25, 1904
Publication Date: -1902
Frequency: weekly
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Putnam -- Palatka
Coordinates: 29.647731 x -81.651259 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -Jan. 2, 1902.
General Note: Alex. E. Wattles, editor.
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Succeeded by: Crescent City news (Crescent City, Fla. : 1899)
Succeeded by: Palatka news and advertiser (Palatka, Fla. : 1902)

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e ew w THE' PAIATKA NEWS ':;'

I t '.' : '- 'AND/ ADVERTISER. .:;" .,,

-- .
- .
. .. __ .. !PALATKA,, FLOUIDA, FltlDAY, NO'VEMUKH]; 25, 15)04. n. Per Year.- 1it
".---:- ----- ---- -- --- "-- '"
'- -- --- -- _. .. ._ #
-- - -- -
I,::aIlIlI"1II1 I" "III" ]11I1111I11"111" 'III. lNI ,::1I11t !IIIII, ''\ a,II 'i1.'

t The ORS R 11. a u, GOl SHIN, E

2 E Holiday : SPECIAL SALE

t Double Breasted r The e Optic O SDCcldllsls 01 o( Louisville e, 3 Novelties. '

: -- -- -
p : AT.7-1T.Z: :
KL Are nt me tm
|BJ Our \pi'wttv line of Fancy II! 1I
Sack I U.GootU f f for dHIU8TMA"ShnsH : : .
,ll HoWl. Imon placed. .on display this n

(I I III woek.Iu ..our'HuliauoiiH, we have ,IIc.j W. I [ go'g.l

J f el I will be the popular thing for Will Remain n Few( DJIJ-H) 1 Only !"\ ttlmud HtKuMltiK holi'> '.. ai'UclfH" W.
SWeI -- M milted for Holiday OlflK, told t
l\ YoungMen M arch BH are, U llttlH .OUt Of I lieordlunry.
O ntl"incii who nre uudi-uld-" i tiI
JI this Fall and Winter. Those ... '..
1',1. to wlinf to ""UI1\\ for tlii'lr u '
lady' frluiidH. would do well to wM Silk and
we show are the KIRSCHBAUH lu |' look, nt our iflloplay./ SIm

Uiidli'H Van aUo HuJ choice |gy .
HADE variety, built for HOVpltlcH KOIltll'lllell..
!P Couleeartv5ud get Hm. lul- '*" c r
Ill swell dressers.; It.Is our specially' to fit Kl'iHsoa" In suet || vaghrge of a first select lOll IIJVIls Dress Goods Dep't. \
/ I .n manner that they ri-llev the eye al..lnl'nrfnotly .
lai1PY.l' 1e--4. We have, the latest designs in comfort, ;thus tlttlan preserving tho eye with the ease.eye. and la J ,Kate L. Lucas J JFla. a

;, \ Fall Hats examining the eye "liTy. the latent ant, 36 Inch black guaranteed Taffeta valued $1,35 ;j
II ,, 1-.I..IIn, P"*
i II moat Improved I methods" and Instruments ,

iL L \V r and all'shapes In' Hanan's, Brit unod.Fhysliilaua. HBpoctnlly arc Invited to iJlua lull lilhAllv11l1' '11II1111':,,' 111111 ,liini' ni ''Uli'l'IIlItUl1luke / 36 Inch back; guaranteed Taffeta valued' $'I 9QC.o -1

;, 11 1 Burt & Packard and Ralston cull and Investigate errors of rerrnotlon.our methods Many. ofcOI'r..ctl08 going at. . . . $1.24 t '

oaaoa of hoadticlio, nourulgla. nel vou.-. 20 inchjblack guaranteed Taffeta valued 850 .:

\ Health Shoe!!! I, LOBS lrrlabtllty.| limoninln. vertigo, t ISTHE going at . . 7ic .
nnrvoim l'fItraU]> < and the aoemlngotupldliy
See ourMackinette of oil lilrrn\ are often dun tod '% 20 inch Colored and Glace Tafetta valued 850

f<'ollvu vtalon canned. hy an abnormal", going at . 7ic

Rain Coats.FEARNSIDE ourvature lens or to nn of Irregularity tho' uoiuuu, of or the crymiillluv refract 20 inch white, black and blue check Lousine 1

lug..media of the rye, and are I'elh.vetl"t.uoo. valued $I.()() going at. ,. 72C ;
the of the
upon[ apjlloi.tiuu properglnsHoe. /
Ninety per pout of time people 27 in Mabati Silk all colors valued 75C now SIC ,
over 40 years of 1 ngii noel glasses, and 61)) 44 in black Htemine valued $1.50 going $1,25 ,
per cent of the 00 need them for die :
CLOTHING CO. tniiue, 44111 black lltemlne $1.25 99C J

Glasses" are not always given to Improve 44 in black Voile valued $1.25 going at. .990 ti..$
eyesight but to relluvn undue
strains::111 short to assist uuturn. Thousands 54 in Broad Cloth valued $1.25 going at 960 ';'

of eyes are ruluitd yearly. Haven 44 inJVlohair all colors valued $1.25 going 960 \
P.L.TKFL\ \ }\ persons out' of ten have neither oyes tho home liright and nt- .,
alike, and one out of twenty Astigmatism tractive. Perhaps, it's a 42 in Mohair in stripes valued $1.00 going 85C ''j
; benae the necessity testing each 40 in_Serge blue and black; valued 75C ", 51c i
.. eye separately. Special attention In given Prelly '
-- ---- -- --- -- --- ----- : Paperfor in Flannels
I to any Inequality that may exist between 40 figured plain, 75C "sic ;l,:

far, Auf mn leaves' Any Oin;; Optical the re'iaullou sulunoo lima of the male eye.rapid, ad- the Parlor, Dining' Room orBed "

Palatka Can vances within the last few ynarx, the l Rooms you want. We also have great values to

i q rru like summer flowers, soon fnilo, but I' correct adoption of Rpectacles has bcoome *- Maybe it's little .

y the joy anil delight experienced from Tell You who a distinct thoroughly profi'fcmlou.( understands.The optician his Paint for the IIi' cherj offer u in Trimmings and Novel-, .J'

e wearing. a pair of Curry & Lane's I That we have the largest stock glass business"e fnr reunites, Ids
e b A BluwBt( livos in the memory long nftf i of FURNITURE, CARPETS, RUGS,, with a most delicate .and prucluim organ Stall for the Floor 1
+ -r the shoes are worn out. Fortunately 'BEDDING, DEll! SPRINGS and TABLE: where the 8llght H* error may result ) ing Goods Trunks etc. '
while hedoHS work, well, ,
seriously' if his
I CHINA in the Our double cage we CUll supply you
city. any
I l/ yL ; new ones can always be had, h.. not on'y' gives nntnfort and ease, to .
I { with tin boat at the !lowest cost.
stores Lemon street are
a on his patrons, but In many Instances restores _
1 and have --- --
d placed( some
} just now we
with goods as well as all the the sight.
now 'allStyles on sale that are sure the floor. We are Spoclal rare should, be siren III selectIng New designs in

# :(! ,' to heurt.win the numb skeptical feminine rooms Complete ou upper House Furnishers, of should a the,responsible It first bIt' attempted pair optician of without spectaulos It, Is the, most nor aid WALL' PAPER A. W. Strange & Co. f: ,4

We have a special due line of Children's SCHOOL SHOES, and and it doesn't make any difference lmHirtMit| that the, leuana should, bit. aoourutnly ,
whether the house is the humble rentttred sal of the best quality arriving. daily
with each pair we give aThandaome. Page Noiseless Slate:: FUEK.I and ,the frames so made that the wearer
cottage of one of the "commonpeople" We invite inspection.DBCGQISTS. 421-423 Lemon Fla. '4 ,
Cure early before supply is exhn.usted.Curry mansion looks directly through the center. ., Palatka .
or the spacious
Glasses nicely fitted to the face become ,
of the rich. We have the Rood an ornament as well ns a mlceaeltyFitting L
: 8cc Lane ACKmMAN & SIEWRRi ._. ....
ipprouriate for all conditions} of children with spectacles a _. ... ,
home life.Suppose. .
--- ---
(Vutterlin's old stand.) into our store Parents do not neglect your children'seyes. j
you step '
.. ,
in --- --
ideas -- -
and let us show you some Difficult oases solicited.All -
A. E WILHON, GEO. E. WELCH. T. B. MERRILL Home Furnishings. questions In regard! to the ('y"checlful'y Com I n if I Bedell's. Bin Cnnilval', i x x xX XXXX XX i XiXX2: tr: I
answered. Pnlalkn', gala week, December H, 7, -- I Ij
P rDBKT. VICE IT.KalDKNT. CASHIER.m Capt. M. R. RYAN. 8 I, 9, !1U. Gala Week colors purple il j j
Consultation! \ and KxiiininaUonFree. : 1 tad white. (inla week. this your win ,j SAY: BRC>S"_ .
Putnam National Bank I Lemon St._Palatka, Fla. ba bigger and better and Krnixlorthnu .. (J I .
ever before Mr. Hlddell line 'j!c- L.VIIIOII Sli'i-ot Store, west E.ul Store I dt .
Oflloo hours from 10 II, lu. to :tt p. III. the lot of .
YOURLIQUORS succeeded III getting fluent Ott'
:Fa.la.tlca. BUY { .I'ltuno K?> J 'rimno Nn ftf.: "
Of at the Graham JJot"l. shows that could b.. gotten lu St. 4 Vv,
I.ouU. Mr. J.V.. flays. the eontrnotliiK i Headquarters for all that is Needed for :
We solicit the auoounts of the people throughout Putnam County, and tender all Tbcmf agent wishes to state to the :C!: the! Table. : I'M '
consistent with llauking.s Hove Tom Oat the shows that
the courtesies and aoooruinodatlous good dress! and plhlic.thnt '
I ...A T... Do you feel anxious and preoccupiedwhen have been tiuKHKnd tills season for I :New' ((nods iirrlvlnmlHlly' from only the best producers. ; '
-- tbo !gus mail goes by? dale Week are of the hlj.'hoHt"elle; ; I ; We\ hope to be better prepared this year Ihau ever before ,", ..
LIFE: : : J. F. BREWER'SWholesale Do you sleep badly? uvery one clean, moral and refined, I f, to mipply the : ; ,
to bed hungry? Mr. Hnys wishes. to Stole fiirther- : ;
and Retail LlquorHouse. Do you !go -
The Prudential Does your tieurt palpitate when you pore that thor U., Iho not uu carnival objectionable thU ;n,,,, ThanksgivingD1nncr. j:,n"i, .,''. I"I"lri
from funture Mill '
--- steak? 'r ;
Our Whiskey prices '
-- range see a "
1 ,
Mr. it', Guniilne Olive Oil, "t' '
in year; If uiiy may be found, that t (lit ee lu l Hulk ( bottles .'j'
$1.50 to $U.OO per gallon and we Is there an all gone feeling your Uiddell will forfeit tl.UUO) for every lu.A"| rtil! l itiul Ise.nestlc.fuur5Jellles, IMiirniulixleH, ; ': 'I ::<'f, :
keep a full stock of the best goodsin pocket? one. : ( te'ep' '.11 u.n ",,'kh'I, yq
e INSURANCE I E I all varieties. Do you have nightmares? 'f4( Figs/ I>..itH.! ICalsliiH, .::;'.;:,:; ;
P We making a specialty of Do you do meutul arithmetic every NOTICE OP APl'I.IOATION FOR 'r. gnll'tll'lIlt"I| FruItN anJ Nuts.., ;: ; ,.;.
are tune you contemplate tbe purchase of Tax Deed Under Beullnn S of Chapter" ,J'' 1 ik1 j
and invite to ,.
the jug trade you "coffee and 488H Laws of Florida.Notice CIlI'.IS g'tC '"
-- \
send for our price list. ""Have you a bunted look? Is ,liernby glvnn that A. :U, IM.iiu: NciilVlnili'l( I, SwIsH, Amorlcnii, Full Cream, : : \ ,;, t
FIEE: : ,
.. Tax oertlllcatfl
for celebrated I. \f. down dark alley. when punihnapr nf Aiiifrleiiii and I'liuiupplu. '1 ,
Agents Do you "walk No. 1111, dated. this let day of Jum', K tllllllr r : i ;\\.J., '. 'T
The Best CompaniesAlso Harper Whiskey. you go downtown? A. D. IHHll, has Mud) salt 1 cert Itloate lu lay 1( AV" are pnuiilHud' Home Apple\ Cider: direct from the press ,)(> Qt ,m mt
DR. MERR1TTCORTHELL ---- Beware! Thouo are the symptoms. oIllTO, and baa. niailu application fur tILl ; of a fiirni In Connecticut: which Rhould reach here about ''u: V;"',, ,
have most 'satisfac J. F. BREWER, You're bu..tod.-liIan. Krunclaco Bulletin. deed to l Issue la acc'imliuice with law, the \I1'l.hVe' i OHltlvily. (ciiiiraiitee,, I It to be the genuine : ; ,'':Fr''.;,.. ,
,: juice. of the slid NUTH1NU: KLSK.: .4 7is '
embeacusthe following apple ;
.; all;/ cuftliluate a ; : .
Accident Insurance, SuuwMorto( b J.Murphy) There are some rats Jewelry bargain ..
tory Palatka.*Fla. at the Keener store. Its anassignee's described l l pronerty Bltuat d la I'litunm Will aim) havf n.. full supply, of KiilnmiizMu: Celery, ) '''' .
OCULIST, in existance. sale mul. the fine .stock Is county, Florida. to wit: 01. CrikiiburriuH )1rlutgiiUruposandallfruits, suitable for, rte': /' 1
being sold at wonderfully low prices Lot 8 block \gfii), Falatka.naaeKBad. althe J1; the oecosio ,a' :,:,;;
The said laud being '
Interlachen Florida '
R. Raymond Price E. E. DODGE. The Holy City In nil of Its beauty date of thou issuance of .Btirh oertluoate 1' BOTH STORES. ." "1 ",
Formerly! Autos Court 20 \V 3'18t. N.Y. will be oils of the l landing Bttrautlons In the name of T'. H. MoManno. Un. jj:;t W. would suggest ttfat orders, for. celery aud cider. be ) ",1 'i
CityWILL for the Indies mid, uliilJri-u J>eoeinbortf laaa" Judd certificate shall bu roilxemcd last our.-of-town orders. ex- N .' wt4,
Palatka Fla. .. S made lu advance, a" year our : "
VISIT.Palatka 1, 7, b, U, 10; colors,purple. an PAINT sue thereon on the list day of Doc"A. ,',
The bold bunk robbers, one of the"net D .11104Witness ,j"' "11(''plle,1 K 4 "

and 'Twill soon be time ever produced Interesting before and the uiniislnu public.; pieces this the r :23d! my lay oOlulal of Nov signature, A. D.aud 1IM4.Biial XXii >I :(Xt :CX )(X :::#XXX :l/XX/ *# 1!:: g ',{' ,4iIaXx' '

I I For all PurposesWall the JOSEPH VIIICE, '
the Frost is Then conies Mulle OhrUtelne
Crescent City, When Glass 'Etc. two-livaded. wonian, that has for Clerk Circuit: Ct of Putnam ('o., Fla. ,',,\.,, '
Paper ,
y"nra puzzled thn brain of our most y
By appointment until May 1st .3lnhtentphyelataus.VIII' appear at
on thePumpkin Pictures Framed, the biff carnival Pec. fl, 7, 8)-l) U>, 10. : I

ARLINGTON'Ollice ate HOTEL Lemon Street, Palatka, Fla n Pon't holdup miss on the the great Union trAin I'aolflo robbery rallrond. ., A RARE OPPORTUNITY l! 1

Iti hns no equal for fun and

EXAMINATION: }'UEJ. be supplied e mirth Pnlatkn December 8 to 10. The creditors of PERRY KEENER'S Jewelery Store have urged me to
and your table should Don't fall, to see Hhvpp's: $5K)0challenge ( ) want their
with all the other articles of. WHEN YOU WANT Dog and Pony show for the of the stock immediately. They money. 4
diet which go to make up a perfect amusement of 1111 N;;,01)0)) for Its

; rf FERiIIIIER[ ( fRfRliiRnC ( repast as Dice so a lot line us of remark, wecarry : Furniture, Mattings, equal at the carnival Dec. 6 to 10. Christmas Approaches ,.

i Oil Cloths, Linolinms, Hugs, darklea The wall plantation sing old with time old melodies time : s

n FANCY GROCERIES Art Squares or Window and amuse all nt the great carnival/
We keep supply of ::! Shades consultR. December 6 to lt'>, and a jewelry stock at sacrifice prices ought to attract ready purchasers.The .

Reduced rate. on all railronds to line is magnificent. There Isn't a low grade article ,
: Wilson nooner g ferlillIerS! Including Canned Palatka'H grand gala week, December Grade
fast Foods, ., oedaCllttrune, S. MOONEY.We 6 to 10; colors purple and white. in the stock. Fine line ot High ?
Bomostlo Frulta
b at Jacksonville prioeo I:! Foreign and Butter aud Cheuso, carry a big tine of these goods and NOTICE OP APPLICATION FOR
Best Urtamory Tea and Coffee ..s you making: exceedingly low prloe now. Tax Deed Under Mention 8 of Chapter Watches and Chains Silverware, Cut Glass Bric-a-
Sugar ,
are .
and, the 48H8, Laws of Florida.
,J Marsh Gnllin & CO will beauty find of fresh It anywhere 1'1118 Cull,complete.my storks are Undertaking and Embalming.D1LICIOUS. Uslna Notice purchaser 1 I. hereby. of given tax certificateNo. that A. brac, Diamonds, and Diamond Brooches, Table

always .. lUll, dated the tlh day of July, Goods ,
n sep23ttai Give ine an A D ,18U8 has IHod said certificate In my and Pocket Cutlery, Leather ,
i mend5ldnUvxrel froe of olilce, and has made application for tax
n aaaaetrrrersrl :+an5 n ordor. tl }
charge anywhere In tbe city, deed to Issue In accordance" with law.Bald Silk Umbrellas, Etc.
No better time than NOW to sub Fruit Ice Creams, Sundass, MilkShakes certificate embraces the following
cribe for the News 1 '1.00. described property situated In Putnam
; year. L. C. STEPHENS, Ice Cream Sodas county, Florida! to wit: / There THOUSANDS of BARGAINS' <
Fun 8AIK: -Finest Mid best, twin"ew r..t. block 25I Palolka. are
: ,,, hade teak, team launch, Telephone Al, and The said land being assessed at the .
ll-mt\- 68ft. T l.i carries 100 on Winaliog. \) Summer date of tbe Issuance. of such certllo te In \ '
first cholce. >
spaed I l9 mU.... New boiler, Kirby and Morris 8ts., Palatka Fls.- All Kinds of Refreshing the name of John M. Wilson. Unlem said _Come early and get __
oxRlne, pumps rat-class. 10 hour ------------- Drinks at- oertlOaate shall be redeemed according
nn t ton oonl. Address. C. H. Moury. 'the many attMotions that to law tax deed will Issue thereon on the
Now Brunswick, N. J. will Among appear lit the great carnival will A. SMITH'S list day of De .' -::: Lunette,, the flying lady, that haulmytin.d L. Witness m j omolal.lgoatur. and seal ,
The most beautiful attraction' at b. the public fur y"'H.' L.inon ..H P.let.! this the and dayot N.W., A D 1U04.fSsall .
the carnival wilt be the statue turn wheel will be hereto otl"n. tn the State' [ ) JOSEPH PKirE ? Florida: : t
Cont :: ;::
.. Ferris Line ot .
to lif.. Date for Oala Week, The bile earth at the oar.nlyal Finest Clerk Circuit CourCPutnmn, Florida ( to 4 k
Dedoemhflr+ 9..7rtl I!, 9, W;;; color,purple" Deli! Inbefthe, II), Tobacco Pipes, Olgare. :!

? .. '\, ,, : .. o(13:1: :

,i:" ,, '.. .. ..l\ ., .,. ', .; .,.,\ ". ';;'Isp, ,," .i'' '" ,,' ;;.... .. d!.l''- ti tea,
> :'. )
'.,'if ,, ,.""I :;,..c'.. .., : I"" I _"i Y .,I1.N i'" ;tea. t 4xj
"" ;"
.- F'
N '''''>\\\'h:

__ _. __ _. -
-- .
--- -- ----- ----- -- -- -- ---- - h

own. If he wants to mako. others root for two reason Ii'lrst. the examinations Southern Railway I I'TWO
nlserable he may not hav< hoennate.atth
AND ADVERTISER has but to rnakn hlni- thlwl..n the nodulns Kitchen

elf a walking gate of Distrust should he presunt. 'Ill". slime plant EFFECTIVE APRIL 2B, 1004.
Entered tho Palatka
at poutoulcetut I lud Depression. Toll the average nt a later I ante. might have I possessednil

class.malla.ble matter .of the second luman that the country Is. going to abundance: Second of tho thu observer nllrlfj'Inu might nrKiinlmn Vaollblio Trin. No I 101 I 1..lh ..ndo. I iNo "I" ..

Pa'jllBheil at Palatka 'Fla. on he; dogs mid that haril times areier.u I rot have know exactly w hern took Econemydon't ,. .. .... 7 ..rpLv I. .a.In.lllo. rl. Jy .. "1'
Fridays byRUSSELL. often, enough, .anil you jsiinnako or may have' not rwognlzmlnodulos .".o".....1 11.. 1.1y\, ...., 1 10 011'& U 1v M.al.I..I". .... a.! II 4"1'
,. t. I ly "
him lock up his money actually present. They are' LY ...00".0. .10 \ A. A""". ......11. '"
A.VICHERS.vm. No matter what happens. It Is the nore commonly at the base of the to : \:'. : ... :. .' ; : A""m" .. .... ....1 ly .1"
mean 8 : ... lt Vnl,". ". .. "
roots!, and cllv..I'o,1with soil. Caro- ".. .1' I'pA..n".II. 0.
A. ItUl.! llL. E1IIM luty of every citizen to be "saue ashecrful ful examination will usually disclose ..... "oiY.. AI'I.eal"...." .T.ul.S Ul ... ,V. .,
as lie ciitv be within his environment them though often so small as. to buy CHEAP lr AO'.I.1' .u. Ohio... t.t .. .',,1'>' ...
A KKAL TR.UST BUSTER. to Irud a hiilplng hanct- require' close soititlny. M Blehmold 1 11)1. I Lv 1"11"1 ..11 [ .. '--
\ If President Koosevelt wacils to to: those. who are down, and to have --*..-- Utensils but .. .. .... 'Ip ..III.n", : 1''
A Trip to the South Florida Fair. A.Lylo. n Lv O".I"I..r, o. '
end the trust business this country alth in his country's future. Oh.rloU."vlo. 1,1. "I' .. .. i.I".1, j": J'

ho can get pointer from IMeu- Editor PALATKAtNEWt: GOOD Utensils. I :::::' ',"" ...:.al. Ig.:: Lv l"Iln"1. ... 0 J.I' 41,,'I -
tenant Stone of the Island of Uuam.Lieut In company with iVfessrs.. H. J Arl''ln Renter A lid U. L,, Knight: and famlles .. 11 .. LVtI" l..U...::11 V -
"Ktone Is the whole tiling In'Guam .. ... .. .... U "
Dully T.'dn
of Klorahome. I took a trip to No l "WtnlllnfHinailil Fl" 1.111.. A UU. '
Uncle Ham! put him there on the farm and! Grove. he south Florida fair at Tampa last. a See our large variety of 'ulliiinn, Uruwlim.HuuniSlnopliigOiirl. jaIllu 1"1"1 ... C U ; 1'1
... -
Mil York. I.v ,I' LI"O
to .
overlord with instructions to run C//yrig"/ ,,,ral Pr."S SYN'/ical'. week. Large crowds wi>re in attendance -- Ar I.J.Olw'.'". I.".Il. I IM. \
Good Tin and Hardware. "
from Maine southern Florda'
to -
thinirs, and Stone U living up to hla H. e. STOIKBRIDtIH.: P_. D., Edll... 14U -- _Through "Tim Lund of lh" ...,." NoKPNo LIm"i.. l.r1I.I\ "j> .

opportunities.financial. On entering the fair grounds the. Prices fair. ,., Lv I".o... --
Ho jr'I'LY .
v "" "I. ... JA .. .1 :"
A depression struck IIr..t I to attract our attention WHS thu ..V".' "vll' .. 0. .... : 1 01 11 Ar ,."I.Vllo .. \'I' 1 "1'\\

Uu.uu not Ion* ago. The one export 81'KINU 1'ICm live stock d..p.. rtll1..nf. Tho exhibit, :.' : "': '.:. ..:. ::; r :: .. .

of tfie island; Is copra. Owing\ to I Thu success or fallurn of most oocurenops of thoroughbred hogs nan veiy" good: The sfore of Popufar PHceSv .. 101I.lnl.. N D .. .. :Jy B'I' .
and .
would compare favoiahly with 0 '1' '
competition the price of copra hndducllneil. is detenuinetl"long befors he western prairie stock. The ..xilblt .Klonlio. :.OI .... 8011 "" 10 Ia"Tho. FI"rJd.Lmlrd. lal) 110
the nrrivul of the event.' In the L"ul.vlo .Hu11" VO.hMlf 1..lu. Ibrn.. 8h.o "'" .
Itut living re of thoioughbied entile was ntnovery A. .. ...011 I IUI'A. 11'11" "
mained tha Biimu high expenses level iu'> Inprosperous mixing be of so.animals\!I'rnvlslon this must for spilng necusearlly good for!Florida. Next came II"."...Ohio.. ... I .". 8101'1"1...Jlk..nvll.. t I".Y.rk

he which I'lillmnn Urswhiu' -Itnont mil
,poultry department wan "
Union. pigs must be made months before -D.I' ..
[ nullot Uitr liolwxiii Jlk.u.vl. .11Ht.
well Uilnd and lllhtl.lnl
creditable dishiy.
Worse! The m..relll ants or Guam I Iho .pigs themselves demand atleutlon > Next In a line very was the ugrluulunil -- Lnl.. IOIJlWEMT. N" 1\\N 0I.
Not only must the existence
gut together and boosted" the pi'Ire hoiticultmal and! machinery -
of th. pigs b" inado possible but There UV1. :::::: i: I:
snvernl ,
Inpartmonts. II
still. .
of groceries higher Theyformed thulr demands for food l. shelter, and
counties competing for IKM) M.... .. ... :, ,
a $ prenlum A 11 ,
sccoinmoilatloii must bn ._. .'
III'ranl.dfor. .
a trustEnter ..
for the -best exhibit of. farm "I."t. .1.I .
Worl 's [Qir TicKets to .
Stone! : Uy an ofllcial 1 proc* fore, ,101110III Is tlio lima lulvanco for. breeding Now..11r.and- roducts. The exhibits were ver.Ine .\ t\\;::; \:. ::\.: :.. : I : ,

lamntion he called. attention to the"exorbitant planting for pigs. which thenisnlvcs: exhibit' especially of oitius tI'll itM. Tin. I :: I.I., ...:.:J : : ': ,,1:
of woik of Mm laditiswas :
prices of food stulfn." will not attention till Maich, fancy Now on sole. --
irqulin .
also very itttrnctlvn. The races I.v M.hl". ..,. . i" 0'1''
Those prices ho said were due or April. were very good. 81 lUiS A H..H"I .. A." '" 9 '', _
largely to form of collusion or coalition The contempt! which thn lalorback the attrnotlons -- --- --- -- --- -- -- -----
a Among plpnsliyl ---- ---- -- --- -
many ; No. "
oil the partuf the merchants. Bentlinunt la commonly not belli Juatlllocl 1 1 In Florida. by theie was a splendid trapesulerformauce _=--_ .:.....::::::::::+ ==== +=:.-===--====+==::::;:::: :a= II-"T'he Fr"rld.1.111"1. 1"11

Moreover he hinted at the possibility facts a anil for which\ unfortunate by u man, and and a woman daring, down bic> clIde an. '-53 DFcLtixsLzra.PALATKA.: :: :e=:>b.a.J.rr.l.a.cy:: : ==- AUKIVALH AT JAOKHOUVILLM.. -

of an "Insular government store" surroundhifcs. are responsible anil improper ha. thrown treatment Incline track about four feet wldo, FLORIDA. From Mow T,wk, WA hl.igton' a"No. 2."'WnHh.ugton ana Fiorina l LlmltoU, u.t m
and made a passing Allusion to the over a chasm of' about twenty feet 1 No.J8, New York find Flnrltln | m.Fmin .
the entire hog industry into more or and then to the grouncT.: There werunauy Drugs, Chemicals Druggist Sundries and < I hlun0fk.OmulttiiAtt: : ( iinttAnrKiRii: oto No 14 "HorMnUnittofl D'ln.( ni,.
criminal 1 statutes.' Then he signed less disrepute. We cannot Ret alontr. : ." im KfiniuvHi \Uy. Mdmiihlii, UlritilnKlmiii, .ui.-No. H, "Horlilfl \ml1.I"O.4tl n. "i
his name and waited. without lion i>roilii>ts, but we are sportsmen present enjoying Patents. Frtnu iluu.imn.tl,A.hfvlJle' oto.-Nu,.w, .",atthlnBtutiantl If.urliU' LII'.d. :jon ."
In a week or two the governor of too content to let coma YankeiMn At night tioop. JI of the' 7th U S.cavalry -
Exce'lont Dlnlne Car Service.
Iowa have the care, and profit, of dAUDKX SBED. AiHmb* Mnllnry Bloamnhlp Line
Guam had Issue anothermanifesto. and
occasion to gave a performance
providing our supply. That this Iswronir =a.A-=. "---=+- "_ ':.. _.;;:: -
It was genliil in tone.He nnil uueccKioinical 1 hardl3' were frequently applauded l'
praised "the proper spirit" of the nueils IL8s rllon. That the hotf Is oneof daring rides. -- : Hi) AL--- O. B. ACKEUT O. M, W. II. TAYI.OE.G. P. A.
The 'eruption of Mt. Pelpo and tho A 3. H. HA11DWICK P.'J. M. BKOOKS J1OKUAN, A. Q !
the which nil conditions AX .
merchants and set fourth a list of products fire works. were very good and wns I' .
indicate as one of our uLlurlll..lld. ... to Contractors. .
reasonable prices to which the merchants much enjoyed by the large/ crowd ofspuetiitors. IDm..r. -
most profitable, undeveloprd resources I .'1 of l>nralkn. Florlila.' 11 ro- Georgia Southern 5c Florida
had agre..d.'fhe Hy.LocafTlina .
is equally true though not KOgenerally for | |". unlkl 7'80oolook | mo
On took stuamer
Thutsday we Kn\v l> Wn. lor Ihu oroi'tloa ol Cllr
trust was busted. No\\- accepted. He* has i ompaiatlvfcly St.:! Petersburg and arrived l alter a Tho I > ." will bo IIIHUIMI at a Cllv Table: ; Effective September 25, I\J.

If Theodore lloosevelt could I Issue slight natural association. two hours rldu. We npont the day. nt 8 n'clouk. p, mH Poovnilio' BEAD ,
> : HEAD I'l
( DOI.
with our truck anil l fiult\ IlIdu8trl..s.hut ,
a proclamation c..llll1loIttentlol1.\ fur viewing the city and the oianffngroves / .... tunr IM soon at tho ----
he Is the natural of for
adjunct our in the adjacent country !tet1'eteisl eye < lurk. lnl.tkn, Fin at thn ; IO li' l TIN __ I"XI .
or 'ick'
the notions of the coal IT ( .
instance to businesH. lie I Is the : : : I ..
great farming i .urn Is Hit! tinted l on a peninsula oeily r Art lilluul, Jackwiiivlllo I Ilyo. H..I. FI, .
trust, or the beef trust hint the 1'08- natural anil concentrated Hiitoned nearly surrounded water, tlieoiange nothing it i- "' ,
Klbillty of product Into which .inost) of our by so Unit ho UIH, full nnnift or lhn : .. ....I.on., ... .... .. D\
(roverninent cnmpetltion trees escaped the freeze of I luloromo' I Ilu miinii nnil U) bo & I t I/IL\ .A. 41"1"0 >
farm most ... ... "" .. .
and recite the provisions of the federal Htaple crops may cm profitable .. 18UF'>, and we had a chance to see the know l a ctrtlltiil olKok.. comn Hoi. I O. ..... U a ,Lv.... .. .(h.vanl. .. .. .Lv '1 I
farm .
COllvel.tod. Our crops .rltmo..t large trees. laden with grapefruit and Good : HUIU' of Fivo Hunaroil'ifjuw oil, a. "r i U ............ "". ...... '" .L. U U .
statute," respecting criminal profitable when jnarkoted lu I. tho Ur 'of 1'"IRk.., 8 ,... .'. 2, 1
,, a ; 113'1' ..... .Vl..ul....... .J.. : '
trusts. the foiin of hogs and log: pioducts.He oranges ,rlda trees 1 I '.1"1'! liiUi.a a. I oim 7 1M : .......... ... ..... ,: ., "I :. .
Fifday we took a pleasant on W .. .. .
7 :
wimc, I 07 .Ihl. ..... :
Hut alasl We are not IIvll1loIn Is our best "money crop the electric cars along the beach to :r', : : "u roitfrveB til* right t"tOl 7'" : /Y.. ....... Wor'h..., ....". .I 'j

Uimui. We are living in a countrywhere This fact Is e\et true of the Inferior Port Tampa. Satnruiiy,; our return when I 3, III.ACKU 1\ 80.0 it 2 .J ........... A"hbu.n'L.M.. ... 10'', 1l 'I I
aiilmnls. and Irrational methods, trip wns. mnde In the day tlne and Hut a 1 <'ttr FL14. & a a 1,11. .. ....TI.''... : : J'

tbe motto of the men who sel found on the majority of our farms. we passed numeious oiange;Itrllv..e.1I."rI3' vnlu ,' 101. : g : \\It "': .. :."' .. :. .:...,\ : :: ,W' ;

coal and moat and other things is. It Is. true In greatly increased degreewhen all of thetiT being) fall'ly loaded forest APPMCA1ION FOE s... IILv..A<..... ......... Lv I i I 0; ''jb

'llarge: all tbe trallla will bear.!! methods UBttof have blood h..d" chance and improved to show with fruit. pany as I Uor.r Hnctlon, 8 of Chapte 110 9" 01 3'' /-.IL. ..... .. .." ,101"01"".. .....>.....1... 110 110 10:1 '.a
The fiult piicklng seafon In S, uth When i &t .. 1 I.
.HI"v ...V."I""' .. .Ar I.
11 ,
that Wm \1&
results.Iheseare huroby Klven 110 _. '
Florida is now In full blast and frompresent ... .I.yl. .... .b 0"
DO WOMEN ury .
tho reasons why I wish Indications there will be of tux cnrtlllcate. .. ...... ....I'rMo............I.V 91 I

; The Nj'ws Is at regular Intervals to make a few 'suggestions relative quite .a large crop of fruit marketedthis for broil the. 3d day of July. A. ..:" 11 t:.. :.:.. .::: ..Il : ::::::::: ::::.:: t: a: : ,

jn receipt of literature. bearing on to sprimr pigs. winter. I. said oorLlo..to -In my .... 7 H 7 aJ Lv...... .C..I...... ... ...1.. 1:' K 1
The Hist reason" for insisting nn Judging from what I saw and i a like for tax .. p"I"IA.. .:.. .....Jlk.onvll.. ....(.. '
the question of \\01,1'ln' aiilfraffp, with spring pigs' lies in the fact !that the learned I think the fair, will ben complete Then 2 In aocordnnce with law A ,,2 I, ;
uruont requests to publish Wehavn old practice of slaughtei, only 18 01M I arc 1 ) embraces the following Dr Idr A ""
success The weather was I .. :1---
very .
n 1 < ...VAlli" .
not done uo for tbe reason Jim months aninmis is uneuonomicul fine and ulf seemed to eifjoy themselves. innn In ; situated lu Pntuam 11 ty ... .. ... II"
'welii\H that women In the extreme and has long! since H CAI.KIS-S.: tu'fore to wit t :::,.. : t : t:.....:.. :IX :: .: ::;:.:t; 'J:: :: :
an impression been discaided, by all progiesslve ,.. of of swl and .. '. .
---- -- xj 16 : t : : : :
do not want to vote. farmers. The hog of the westoin ple, la } {. nwl'\ of us] 0(801. eA : .:: .til .; ; ; :...

\, .., 4 The absHtioe of this desire on the packing houses today Is an anlma. 1 I.... 0..1... fact 10. r,0Iet0 acres el. .. : r t::::: :...:. :: : i..t;::: :: ::: : n :

\. parl of women for the franchisa tins which will dress 15O pouucls, nt 7 or Sir Walter Scott began to write bis .same at the I .. Lv. ......n.I..nn 1 I'' 1 2.

never been satisfactorily nnswfredLrtstyoar 8 months old. Match and Apil celebrated novels st forty. Milton be- and bo .. of sui-h ceitlllcute ID : : t:..::::.:.::... : ...::::: ..":l: : ZL

pigs remly for slaughter. the following gon 'Taradlse Lost". at fifty. When taut 1 E. Summers. Uulqfs sale Lv.... ......Io..h. '.. ... I.. 8'" 8 I
t npin SprliiKflelcl/ Mass. November Is tli
it school election was held l. and of of the westvm br.ler.Ve arcaltogether tasto wll..I..ti..roo _a __ ____________ A K
2)13) wonifii who had registered loud ; too slow to Make Uto the Sirs. Henry Wood was forty-flve. hoiiMO' ,' ) The DIXIE FL1EK In iillil Irnln wllh Throuuh ruaohee and I'arliir e'.po.' '.. Mr.. ,
udvantnues and profits of tnissysteiii Cromwell was forty-one when b* begun ofllulal and and Jai kHoovllleaiiil carrlen HuRet DniwInK Ilnotu HCuoptir between Macau anilTiln. ,
,j 'were' therefore entitled to vote only through : slifiiatnre sea buiweiu Jntliiuinvlllo, ria su ,:'I'J ,and Ohluaao, III:
with many advantages the bill public career Tbe year of the I day of Nov., A D. 11)04.) SPblMa .Hulld tralu Maoua nail, carrion i Through "
flfty-one displayed, interest. enouglIn northern feeder never hopes for we beglra was. tbe fifty-third of Mobam- bus a [ JOSEPH PRIE. TI.QUOI..1...ll.-.u.I., 1..I.lk..ao,1 1"

the event to go to the polls Hue too often follow tIe, 0\11\ 1 hup-1'H: zurc mod and Murlborougb renrhed bill Independent disposes fourt. Putiiam Flo.d..
0. WM thin opportunity oirer..(d lu HorklHIt methods Our pigs. come when nature command at tbe same ail'&. and of APPLICATION FOB Tlt.o!I' : I"'I oa. Oitn I I'niii Au
or .accident dletl t..... As. .a result In spiritual examples Abraham wnsseventyfive to },U.BAfVrEUY P, A, Jlk..nvl. Ha. HARnY fUHI" 'C. V A..MuJ. < II.
is doubtful if one-quarter. tha find Klorlilu Section I of Chapte' riokulAxt .
one may on most thought HAUGH'rOIl'ly l'ol..lk.
tvben called out of Cba- of
number would have voted. farms pigs of all si Zen at neurly 1111 l Florida.
} space -- ------ -- --- ---- ---- --- --- -- -- --
:Now it hardly to be ...nppos..dthat time ol the year.. Some will be run and Moses was eighty when be bouse her..1y given that 8. E

the otheil 212 uallnVd ready for killing duiing the winter stood before I'haraob an tbe champion to Tax corttete of Two Car LinesTO
(] WOlllf'llof b foie they becomo 1 year old of Israel thu 4th day of Choie Through
ypritiKflelil were. nil too much enKaged Others though slireable shouts during a cow ald onrtlticate in my ofllo

''I with their houBohold duties the killing ..e..ahll. are uol Th.r w... All ni.bt. the ", I application for tax deed to

to be foi tie was a typical backwoods farmer. and bis ( with law. Bald eer -
) to snatch a few minutes and KU to thought large enough I .
slaughter and so must be o"rI'lHd Ills first lslt to a city r restaurant how- erson. In ".the following described

,,1 tile polling bootlis' over nearly a holy year, after the) aver hod taken away. none of tbe appetite In Putnam county

. Ho the old luostloii\ remains unanswered should have buun marketed. 'lliU be bad at borne, where everything ': ST. LOUIS MO.VIA

t Do women. want to vote? long continued additional, feeding was. placed In large dished on the I : bk 10, p 138 8cLol 13. .
27-9 .
Certainly the most ardent advocates even with our clienp feuds, and tlit rlil" -
't center of the table and each one help' Trr to assessed at tbe
inevitable. losses make wlth..11
'. of woman sulTraire must b.. thtrprotits. 'Ihen we hear way. the complaint ed himself Tbe waiter bad piled tbe of of such certltleate In -- -

ready to admit that wherever tin that we can bar meat cheaper food around the plate In the customary The U. O Fr uch. Union

sulTrage has been extended no .apprvcluble than we can make it. little dishes wblcb the farmer cleaned lag of .. shall be redeemed ao- .Atlantic Coast

percentage of women have' The flrst essential to success necessitates up in turn. Settling back la bill cbalr tbrouifh law tax deed will 11.1... Line

sepmod to care anything about It. that we breed In November be balled tbe passing walter: painted the SIHtb lay of Nov.. A .

1 and l December fur March and April "Iley' there young man! Your samples od. ,,"
It Is unfortunate thnt. it should beso olUclnl signature and
'f. pigs. The next necessity Is, that are all right Bring on tbe rest their day of A. I). 1904.sea nontgomery and L. & N. or Dixie Flyer Through Atlanta
for If the initjuilty of woniei from the time these pigs in,'rive Ihe.ihe of the stuff."-Judge.John ture Oct. _
would Interest themselves thoroughly ) lu the presence of an abundance ( PRICE,
suit and
of suitable. f..o. accessible thai Court Putnam Co. Florida Chatanoga'.
the results of ballotlnir ...'.
thrlr D.I. Rep''', ph will.j"I
they limy secure it without having for Tax Demi i
would bo benellclal. On one occasion John Bright received ;
unquestionably tery to wolk oil fat In
nny providing 8 of chapter 48Nt), Laws
a letter from bad Round Rates From Palatka
:l ,J themsul\vs. a very writer to what I Trip

.: The greatest barrier to womaisulTrnge The gleat secret lit quick growing I .which he replied. Ing. "If given that S. E

't ;. Is th.. spnthy of tlif womenthviiiselves tnd inatuiinu: pigs, animals that. Dear 8lr-Many thanks for your latter cure to of tax certificate No.
; shall\ be lipe for the. Imivest with the of tha 12111 ln.l. I hava no doubt but that Such of July A. D. '
; concornlng the mutter. advent of the flmt cool wentlnr thej It Is s vnry. (nod tettor and that It contains off from ) day nertlllvuta In ray $43.30 $36.10

'. A few reformers have spent their ever see. .after they are weaned, .is matter aa Intereatlna. a. It Is Impor* It U made applluutlnu for to*
as !
tant.: but by the bya, If you should ba In
'j lives In si-iiui'in to women ovrtaln making them grow constant I v. In aocoiiliujue' with law.
K town In tho couraa of a few days, would well ;
with On sale dally. Good till December Ou sale daily Uond sixty days
set-backs lit 2f.
steadily no no .embraces thn
:: rights at the polling booths but it Is you mind Juat mapping In and reading- following
mid slat'ts. There is. nothing so uneconomical l
to met Yours faithfully. situated In Putnam
{ '! evident that many more lives must In hog feeding as Hi termite JOHN BRIGHT. lutes, of .., to-witt

:. bo spent in Inducing woman. to appreciate stutllng! and starving. The feed feeling wi of na1 of nwU! and $29.10 $22.05:

and iiiuke! use of their blessinir. used. fer such stutllng Is largelywasted. A Wateh'e Varlallom.As which a ) nwi of n"l} of J..sec
I HO thut this practice. Is. really to the sympathetic' vagaries of sider a 12. rsnge. 27-0 soros' On Poach Excursion Rates. On sale,
1 BuU dally. Good fifteen
Isss piufltHbl. than the starvation why. ," being nsHeesed at the days. Thursday* during Nov
watches writes-, "I discovered
; a correspondent
'r' In tho final a.nnl.U' ., the rlglit', to system which however un..lltI.fuctory rama, of snub cnrtlllcate

the ballot la to be J juilgid by the use the result, rost* nothing far some :years ago ibat It was the bill Mrs. E J. Kemp. Unless For reservations and Information! apply t Agents Atlantic Coast. Line or write.

) f matlM. of it. The reason. women feed. Push the pigs make them go metal buckle of my brakes that caused since It .shall pe rciluiuned ao FRANK C. BOYLSTO1T. Dlst. Pass Agnnt W. D. STARK. Traveling Pass. Agt,

'! '. don't have the ballot inure freuernlly\ constantly for a stand-'ul'wllrd still. with no chanuH : the Irregularities. I therefore of my now own make particularwatch. s rule to do tax day deud of will Nov Issue, A.th..re.D. _13H Went Bay etrlt"!Astor DiiildioR, Jacksonville, Florida,.

,V I. seems to b
" wan't. itTHE su.ch results. will be found In a of my watch powket, thus cutting of grass. offlclol signature and seal North Carolina.Wintersmith's.

.I succession of green pasture crops off the connection."-London Chronicle what be : dny of Oct., A. D. 1004. -
-- --
: NEED OF OPTIMISTS. which the pigs must harvest them us he """" [ JOSEPH 1 1 1r -
selves. Thin should even be followed : pathy County PRICE, ee e..e e.e .. .
.1 Who hrlps tlie most? The man lutn"D Flord"
In the dual Piuders
finishing. .
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