I 1 in the sweutbox to make her tell under de vacant law" said Brother Dickey. '"Tes says she's ready to make up If II.nous. and tu ulturtMif, *.v,,,iy kl'iil' ami Unit'rip tar uiilnolnunil AlBoTuoMny. Thu..I..1II8o'lu..I.. .., Ilirflufb. Pullinan' .l."puu mar lo
tell.fl" "Ue'ii de hardest worker I In, de whole community." "" il iii idHtild tfiiiiiboai, bulougluK. ur imn any w iso I)' tr )ltNUB .
: whereabouts. She would not "Indeed/ Whnt does he do?" you will. said the pcncnmnker."Tell pprlnliilitifAmi| ., iHun I 114.-"Th PlMrl.lr 11 ml ted." Solid "... b"I..ln' Pullman. draWls nmm nlwptng ..
child wife. her" replied (tlio obstinate Jess. .mm,) HlHfi i.into rtntn. |1.1.r t ar ol nFJlmnndmmItmnliI 1 ears. nmi 01..... limrouKhrnre/ "' ......oh.. led Ulnlng' can ""I"tleO" Jnoinonvllla\ tinulnimtl .
.. "Frank< isn't a burglar, said the ",;pend... Ills whole time on bin knees pray-In ter de muddy as In Plo. <'fly of Pttlntkih I onntv ,,r Putnani .. trough( Pullman", ilrnn... room Clasping cars to C'lo.'I".1a' U H D-Muuou ItoutatloCUlcngo
eat. I could Lawd tor Ben1 him groceries en house rent en hard coal, "If I had a completion( : us uitU, Kiatoof Fltirl Iti.thm riMMlimf, Ihtwalo via Puuiutylvaula, LlutM. ilamly.ii ..
"He only did this to buy something to en new doze en lung life, en crowns er glory( en milk, hers I'll be ready to make up too.- wit HiKltiiiliiK, at lime North i, nUli* etA tHiinrnliiko ..
fi the KH( tiy M. II. D.I..,,, amid. J. K Leone tutnmrkhiK No Ja UlWeoflJaeksomiiIIsaflid" <::1\7. NoUjj'j& 1304
but I had to eat ness.How's.
; get along/ somehow, to. keep en honey In Paradi el"-AlIl\nta Constitution. Philadelphia tine uppvr |"rtluu ot limo dlvlnlun, Huelolwmti ,
fi home after =- mm','' 'h", ",,. .01.I Mink' brlnif' ilt'lunt thirty ;: ; oPL", ... "'M.BA".Un o. FII. : .. .. PEORy .... woP
fi .y baby alive. Frank came night night. This!!' t olrtit. (dm1)) tmitKiid. nix mom> I'n"h.h.I oiuttorlydirection V "20 a 74> . .J."k..o.lllu. 1",... ... .... oII.II.ruR" ....r S... a C fi used ask. 'No nothing' "Mah clill'n said the Rev. Washington Lincoln fnnn",, mime wont .l"loot V.a.orr.*...t hal "O'I.IO.' PII.v....., .. Ji.mmp. (mmmi .. .. .. ..II..h..oRJ'. ..Sf 65 ,a jCp
't4 .k' Jet( any work? I to ; We ofTpr Ono Hundred, UiillnrH nnnnril f..r ''eI t Oily fit I Inlntkni' Ihunon. from'" pammi. l Blitkooiittt I M I' 8'11I' .. .Mmiom.. n. Ga. .. .. .. . ...' ....h."n.L". 11. I''p'
aad hide his face. 1 I Gardner" fervently' "do wise. vahglus, wid de oil to any raiwitC. Catarrh' Hint caiiuotlm? ouruil by rly nloim. lli, North, llun, of tIm,, lut, ownt>< OI"pftlO'.Ar" : .0\1I1l".6... ... .. .. ...oulhoroUy..L" 111110. mm moa
4 "Then he would turn away : bulin '1oOpl1llIIeK do Rnpllfl' ohu'chl I liressde Lawd fohMist' Hall. latmrh. Lino, by uM Uiilluii,, Uithn ulmimt! of tlttt .'t. JultimIllvtrt I. a if 4 a.Ar... .. .A".I.IoU. Ala .... .. ..I1..r" By ....880 105
knew he One night he said he would \ Juwn. I). nucl<1lmr"U..rl"-LIre. F. 1. I HENRY t < OFrr. "|..., Tiiloilo., O. ''ho"... nt mIght. RIIKIOM North anvoittyonA 8 oft a II n a... .. .....BI.mln"h..A', ,"' '.. .. .. Mo"lb..ro 111'. ,".&" .A 10 P II mop
I was crying. / Wfl the u".Io..Io..v.' known, F" J t h. '<. (?\) tout mitl. Um'11111"1"011"" '.i llinnuo U..m'arlifht a 0' I' ,r .. ....IIII'ItI.. Tunn . .. .. .......PrI.oo. .. n a .
steal something I bogged him not to. The next) SSffS. S3 nay, for tile. lout 'n.year. nn.1 l I lii'll:I'O lilin pi, r utiirle, Vt a ]H>int. unthoHHt.iduofVnt,..rHtrnftt Uta pAr. .. .M.HIt.n.JU,.. 'Ito .. .. ..lI'r...... ... .. ....a. SIlO p.
I ally" lliinornliln I In all himliioHil trill art Him Una, Norili. of ibo, dlvlttlin" slake aoirtfttrro -- -
I will not ..lle Child Violinist. anil' ,' llninolnlly, nnlo b carry 0u1.ROy .b Itfttlon 'fl 4 day we hnd "something to eat. hope they Iff hnd ;plnv'tl for his loiduhlp's levee.Ho wear\ niiMlu a PHOAX' tlmlr,n'hnloHnln arm I 1'rmriclntri.' P.l..l.. l sO Mlakn Ion t>.,.,iiuht'H'lie'* imliilof bi thiionli t salnnliiK., side,:isail toRothor: mIfvi'ton will'> ..:..:.:...!.JJl;' L ..,: : Hot 'r.r..Iir'. Ark :: : : : :: : :::: t: 7 : I'Na. :...._..

,q find Frank. had pluied, for her lad.v'ship's whim. WAinmii: klNNAX .lAImz, \\ .lidltmiliiUrliKUl ; i nil' ami. KliiHulnr::, .tint lonHinunbi, ,:: \IIUUH.H and IniptivetuHitM 13.01 It.-"Tlto FlorIdA" iJtnmiemI.' :' l'mntlniaa. Drawing. room .ie.pIrg. cars 101105
not tot ']',11I tha poorlittlo! head wnK .In, 'roll'ilii. Q.H.IOI' tliirttdii Htt'l. therouutu, belonylun, J..k..nv..u. 50mm,' x..u."...",. DI"I"SJIIU. ,.
husband I It's ought heavy
L Poor boy plain you .OAlarrhotiru In '"k..n I".. nmlly, NI u
or many wlnenppurtAlnlnuK,, Dfnmmmi' ( oars. Apply l.iI nsmy it' ki A4t fo ltesratin, ,..
fi t ]have married. Then there would have been no baby. And the pour little brain would sxvlm. v. Ing illrnolly.'t mime U ayn'ein.|pOe the blmrfl Pile,' mutt Ito l niiiiiitin.por bolllo.Siilil unr.fnoea K. 1l'"KELrJOllY ,. U. V. CAILY. Dilrmut l i'mne.meimger: : Agent. illS W. ilay: .L..1., Jaoka..ulll
And the face I'pnkpd1(1 eeile. by 'all nruiiirl'U r ,.ilin, i Ir,ellaliafeaiully IIIIRI AI..r. .
You should have begged. But fellow that's a grew : I E. IIAITRID"! &:, --- -
poor VlllHara t i* bout -- -- -- ------ -
And the lanzn eyes strange and bright, E, r. AXti'.L.I.,
mooted question and you were no logician."Justifying And they snld-too late.-"lie is w"aryl I Urern riena.VHllira I t.fitipliilnaiit't, Solloltorii.
_ V .. I-T_ u'.11'..... ..."., i.-._ ...... ,.,,........ ..,..I.l.dI'.. ..... _. .. ) The.uu'.h _..__ The sal"..f till"Iv... iloiuirllMil' tipnnnrtv I m.
CitiZen.. UQ 0. 0' OV. w. .. uuiniu'r or norKinen wcr Atlantic
theft I I" bays tea prosperoug > paHtMln| i I "I.iiiM'i. ;; ;l,i-ii; ,,;;;JnU.: ;A. i HUMilurltig Coast LineThe
in wilma shop In, the Rue deCburenton .. llio bimraor ...1...
sItting a Infill
r Ak Not at all. The boy did wrong, of course. But, But at (>ll\wn. when the birds were waking, R B IIAHKFM
As tiny W3' clt..d In the silent room In Paris one day one of I Bpnrliil, MiutnrlnllinuoirPalntka .. /.
5 my lear air, aa you sit in your easy chair and read With the sound' of a strained cord ore.tklng, them, a nina of forty, uauicd Noguoler. tin., 00&o.....

4 this you cannot put yourself III Frank Hull's place. A something snapped!, in the gloom. i made a Wager that ha would drink a Gnat Through Car Line to Florida..COH1HECT.IO1TS .
fi doKen glasses. vt nbuluili while 11 A SorrT Flalah.
fi tb1 Your wife and baby are not starving- Do not lay 'Twin a strl',\' of his vlollncello. o'clock was striking 'llie wager was It..dleljth-\'our. wife Is always outspoken

what you would do. You do not know. And they h<'ard him stir In his bed :- I taken and the twelve glnssos placed Isn't. RIme? o : :
"Mitlce. room' lor a tired II trie follow,
fl C And the police. They make no difference be. 1... Iud UOO/-was the last that he snld.By on the table. On the Unit stroke Nego- I IIellleck-"e.. but I try to be tbut i1 l Over .
Ire rails and
sometime". own SavaDDBh Charleston ttlcbmond
cler swallowed his first glass, amid the wily too. East
; tween the thief who steals all the time and the man Austin Uobson. clock bad just flnlshed striking wben 'ulllhlo-lt..lllly? lEE> }f frr Washington thence via Penn B. B.

I who is driven to theft by despair. Clod Almighty be drank the twelfth and lust. While Ilclllmck-Y" but whenever I reu. SAU1

toes.c71 Cornered. his companions were nppluudlng\ Ibo ture tn Iio, outspoken It mimic In uiy beIng VIA ALL BAIL
"I called on Mrs. Uangerly this afternoon Edward. feat Netfoiler staggered and full heu vi. I II outtalked.Phlladelphln Press
: Then let us echo the wish of the wife. Let us 11 r f 1 The Loulsvlll & NaahvlUa via Montgomery;
tend dead
She told me how her husband ran wild while si I ly to the floor lie was picked up

#, t: hope the police will not find Frunk. If it be wee Uiav nt the sxanlde." I Music\ beckons the human race on "JOI} The Mobile & Ohio B. B. via
j II Montgomery
"Wh'Q, JIIn1-\'erl\ '? ion surprise me. I'm. sorry to Looked Ahead and i Is followed by the two great col THE f ,
i Il4 treason so to wish let ..it /go at that. hear It. "WTiat Inter totlnll sermons you umns. time Joyous, light hearted and

.. -. .."Sh sn>'s he behaved just dreadfully." preach. happy and tbe sorrowful, wretched and UftrtJl 1 Via Savannah and Oofan Steamship Company for New Tort

ONE KENTUCKY: OIKL. SlianiM on him I" .y.... The time I should have been despairing. TO Pi/lST I Philadelphia Boston via NTI for N. Y. Wash and Bait.
"Ho drank cards went the theaters }
and played and to
fa i-lUUl Via Savannah and ComJ
I Merchant
a theological seminary 1 spent 8OW.InlllUJ' THE A Miners Traoscortatlon!
Louisville not long since two
Up Ky., ; young every night./ wllll outl.Ite. J pan for Baltimore and Philadelphia.'

men fought seventeen rounds with bare knuckles to "Awful! Via STEAMSHIP.
\m - -
"Yes, Kdwnrd: and Mrs. Dangerly says you were his
tbe heart and hand of Miss Julia Ring. boon companion |In all his orgies. Ao..
gum / Suppose you TO Key West JJ 8 Mall Steamships ot the Peninsular t Oooldental Steam
"II! tor shumel I'm nobody's boon companion.
fi 1t''' The yoalll men were friends. Both were suitors Who-who told her?" AND )\Ship Co. Port Tampa to KAY West Havana In Kmneofn with

:' of Miss Ring. Neither would give her up for the "Mr. Danperly. He has confessed everything." Look over your HAVANA J The Atlantic' Coast Line.

other. So 'they decided to right for the girl. Both Cleveland"ConfenBedl Plain! Dealer.Well of all the blooming idiots!"- .

Through Pullm.n Siooper. Port Tampa to New fork via Atlantla Coast Line!
Just out. E;;; ;;;. Offioo Stationeryand ..Iso via Atlantic. Coast Line and Southern RAIlway.

- 9 rz' The young/ woman spurned them, both victor ii.gnhL in Edlnbur..h. Connection made at Jacksonville for all Points.

1i and vanquished, and declared she would horsewhip Dugald McTavUhthen on a visit to Edinburgh see if you are not "About out" of laterohlIooKeable *('tickets good) over 13,000 miles of among the ptlno-)

: the first one who stepped his foot in her yard. was taken by a fellow-Highlander, to see the sights oj; pal rallw"Y8 10 the Southern> States are oo wile by. the principal agiwu.. .
'the city The visitor was thirsty, and determined to For
"Will I the man who won the fight?" Letter Heads oomplctto information call 00 H' E. tokens. Ticket. Agent or adilreee:
marry give Donald his guide a hint as to his condition. Consequently FRANK O.
R BOYLSTON Commercial. AKt-, W. D. STARK' Tray. P..... Agt.,
,t the replied to the reporter. "I will not. What on passing a bonded warehouse, he said 1311) Vest Bay Street Astor Building Jaoksonvllle,. Fla.I .
"ot>ald what wud In time ?
- 4' right had those two blackguards to tight over me "What wild, pe lu them pe but wlmsky parrels?" replied the I I H. M. EMEBWN.' TralUo Mur.. W. 0. CRAIG Qeo. P.... agent.Wilmington .

I and bring mo all unpleasantness? I'll give guide. Note Heads I N. a
4 "Then" said Dugald, "I wish I was a parreL"- .
'3. these rascals it solid lashing with a horsewhip if Scottish -
------- r1 American. -- --- -

ifi they come to see me." .Si3I!! P. E 0. RAILWAY NOTIOK I Administratrix Notice.

- Oood for the girl. Inside Information. Envelopes In order to make connection at Orange Botloo l> hereby glean thai 81& manibi alter
q1; During the atone age men fought one another The whnle had swallowed Jonah two days before City Junction with Atlantic Coast Line I the dale voucher hereof a.* admlnUtralor I will prawml 'lam cum,'CaM tMlun,ncoounlanit >BU>

.. and appeared, to be uneasy.. train No 36, the train operated oo smiles ol lb.wMMoC Wall r M hurt mlb'iwiilir
]like animals for the possession of a female. The J sides ol Puliiam County and 5ik w IS/:! ,
,A Observing which a dolphin that bappened. along Orange CI Qr branch known". NOH 8 oharireil: from th.lurtli r.*lmlnl.lr ll'>n .
_ _ : 4 biggest/ got the best things. Muscle was king. But about that time playfully asked: *' Bill Heads *. will run on the following schedule the"1 ......01..101 Wailer N. llarl Hooeawil. l.a
"What is the matter, neighbor Undigested securities Dl.l-IWM' THEOOOBAH H :'TIr. .
mencing .
Monday .
the of ::
physical prowess is 110 longer true measure )1"Y.'h.l00J : AjuilnlHtratrls. ot MMM ol "H4WSId .
; ? No. 3-Leave New Smyrna. . 3 :20 and Cxoiuola AdmlBblralrU ol..ld' 'YM
fi_ 4.4.lt manhood. "No" Irritably responded the wbale. undigestedprupbetll. troiibleJ Arrive Oraogt. City. . . .' ::111 PI Bart. das.sod 7MHli<.
would .
under the head 'of .
Miss Ring rightly asks why\ suitors should prEsume", coino Statements Junction 4.30:\ PI -
_ -Chicago\ Tribune. No. 4-Leave. Orange city Juno .4 :95 1 .
tu bring a lady's name into an affair of fiatcuff .. 4l p Notice.
fl &;;;;;;:;;;. . .4 ::34PI
And she rightly reasons that one suitor who sue : tf Arrive New Smyrus..6 : ) pPILES llotfitt la hereby slv m thaioaj. the Hi*' *'?
"Old Hickory" Was Hellfrious. or other printed matter. dmiy In 'IWII. I I. A. '. l1'1' "" '
I cessfully pummels another does not prove thereby I 5. ..eeelor: :.W.I'.: : .. tIM lat *>"?t.{
_ husband. E. F. Stuck pole) of Mnnsfleld has ,a lptterwritten to Then send to us for prices and see what CUBED Hllbonrn, n.11 apply b> tn. gomrsble! ,.lllirCklaw !
his really ,,
fi superiority as a A. J. Cotton of Thomitston Me., by Andrew Jackson Dr. Nile1 Pile Cure Cu.., cmmunly Jmd.of, puonsolommami',
It found in rates we make on will cure all form. at his. oDlo. Pssik. IWelds", fors 5051Lmemmeeai
satisfactory Is
The hint of horsewhipping, it must be con when president of the United Htatts. was guaranteed work. of Piles, and Is soul and I, Sad oil cI.sr,45 55 500 i ..0Utmn -::
----- old It is dated HermitageSept.21t, at '
fnssed is rather strenuous and somewhat akin to an 1841, a lid pocketbook.reads : For any kind ofJcb L'""'' Drug Store, Creseeat City, Fla. I Shall las. seeonuie She. aid, rw'eiptasnd:Iber,, ask. dm.blmVme5 finest: r.lml '".an4 ee'qm.Ired

- the itself. But- "I have th* pleasure to acknowledge your kind let : Shall lIm.sa.d. lh.re ...port .nd. seomimmimi.b.llook"i ,H'I,00f.sfl
scrap ter of the 8d Inst. and from the flattering expression in by''isq ID .u.h.-., sod '.ISiS.mit.o5are4 .

- _ It's in Kentucky-lhe home of feud and fights regard to my ofHclnl. conduct In the Held uiid cabinet. I Printing European l mtwa fA'easier: l usoars':: ,

and duels and horsewhipping./ the fervor of her tender: to you an j-xpresslon of my grateful\ thanks. Call on or write to Restaurant dee.sm.d.a10U5'FOt IllS of< Xwwr O.
( )
l From severe Indisposition> I am at present so weak that
_, indignation the lady doubtless follow the custom 1[ can scarcely wield the pen. I ma"kft effort and Inclose Furnished Roooms Tm.uly-IfIUI, 1001. __ __ ;
_ of the country. Anyway, she has set a good pre a lock of my hair aDd hare. only strength to add my Hot -.---
sincere pood wishes! for your length of days, a useful The Palatka News and Cold Baths .-' -:=; :
_________ cedent. Ifcd' ,a-hapny Immortality, "where" ; by the atoning At Study at t Noia''U.S.A. :1." "

The tooliah young fellows may now proceed to bl..ot 1 of ". cruciflt 8 vlour, I hop to meet;ou. Very ... ..,.:;- .E.

_ _ _. bind up each other's: wound Certain it is that r"pl1l"u1l7 JOIU. .....ND EW JAutfsoN.JB ." Palatka Chas Kupperbuscji's m3.I: wee__.. Tmut.s. 01 W..iam.._---C_..,.'... ,,_
Florida __. .. .LI ..,
'ti.. Ring will pour 09 B&lm of OU.*4 upon' them) WH .u".td. ft A IM\TKAa& .av _. n.oUDA ;:'....biesN..' "';_.-_....... ,.....__. ......"'........Mo''!'.;.: ;::.. ,


.... ." :(,

..,........ ... 'I ';:: :',:::..1-/0., ..e. "4-m' ':'.i-'r.t: ., "' .. ..,. fi. l'A 4s
"' ."" .' r '>' ; M. ., .,. ' : '. ., )' \. :>.j '. ., t" '. '".".p. '. .. \.''v, :
: \
_:_ >.:'.LahA... .

"W 221iffiIuS2afi .aaaa1 -.1 .

'Ii' l 1" L LPOMONA. hiI

'. ( ., ,
",,,...,, ."
," .. ''iI",1"I"" '," .r ,
: ,: .. j '

;; : .

I! 0 \h r1sv


_. -- . _ _ _ _ _ _ _l. Ii
t "Crescent Tlie -- -- -- __.- ,_ __ .._ ___ __ -- ._ -_
City C'wiinty .n
The' Schools.:! :. Npw is the time COHE TO TJ8 FOH :

-- reHfgnatlon nf : returned B'nturday' You should
,Cot!hlKham otTers opportunity
Crescent City j .N1"h Unto l> "ath.P. a personal word befoiupiisHlng to HorteiiHo, On. .
Ot Ihe mWI' b..olltol 1",1100. In Flor. ,V. llnrton, ,* nn old oltl/en, H,., nuro-Important, matters of ; : H. Cook and Mra.. Oto.: SPRAYTREES.We
I.OflU ......"o".oro immim to have a Make Specialty of Pure Food Product. '
Tb.""wo '01. Lb.aeoIOIt p"r. or sli/'loken county 'I \ 4
VdIflUlU I" 'UUtY, 5 mftmS from P.Itkft:, P.11,1, Iarflhal with what It U thought will dent, nnd what Is t<. be ", .. Wore In! Pitlalku t ono day .
:: :: by either' atOhttlior or rahlrop.c t. oron. prove h's: limt Him'??, ut his homo 011 "llI'l'lnt..d..nt.. And this have Our' Goods always Fresh and at Popular Prices. We have the beet Coffee latin I'
1I..dwhloh rl.o..MO.
fully h'Om ba the. on weu high'. bank. or lrO0OftlIt. .0.11., it Summit street. Ha IH nn egud! I thnr Mr.Cottlngham hns '' H. Known: ) market It'. the "OlHt'dT BIUND." -
,orol..r Wittor 1.mllo. In bentithittlil no proVlouH HiiperlntenUcnt, spent Whale Oil Soap -
bOROllrul."oo man, being In bis !81st -- 0
floUt ..hreo.I.\ n.o 01110. In wl"'h. 'l'ho your, and dur mime compreheiiHlon) of the and Sunday with her par p hu

:' :"to'o:: wohl:.:: \.oi. nlna" t'dofr'h'Oo';::: lowu Ing nil the yours of hilt residence problom of school touching lull wood, Flo. and Fine. aaaortraent otfflen .

Ii the. .1& bloo" 10 WI. lit lyl"lI b..woo.'n I here -over 20 has been In fPl| niolhuds, nnd 1 IIIIH applied "i 1
1 lukO.-I.kO but o.n'00 the' .....n"Illallo 1110110.ou health. give uXlu'eH..lolI to his views' of Jacksonville WAS Thrip Juice Insecticide 21 -
.ho wo.l. The lonl 0' 10.110 lItollut I..a foolbuufhor ngtnhis of llghtH. For this ,
Ihall* tint or bake (Iroewulil thou .1T"r.' Mr. Burton ciuno to Crescent :
; 'luiko 50,11.l.u.e Cltj him thanks. Miiy\ it not be : For spraying. Change, Trees. One
tog perfecIdritIuitSo.: 'II'"I.:": ;; : .,:, ,::: In the hIlly "
bUt soutce In Mit 10110 ; years of the town's history tlint I tbo loHHon of this will be K'tllon of It will make 1,000 giillona of the and other Also DKY GOODS and NOTIONS.

pure b'hO &owo.10.h..rltlo.lila.., w.,who oonuu"I1.1000 m""o"II. ha and with his wife kept a bouid: ed .nwIY, that some expert Mrs. O. S. Hnndrlcks have Spraying Kllthliofl.Lound's FunilshlnKa. ,

rule.domoa"' 1111111 som Ruttiwuty. touloluel the wool lug house. Jit one time another ledge nnd training are. ,. to their home hero after i II

.luittik 011"0 btoll" Iwo iuIIou 'rom the IOWOnfl. Hiipetlnrendnnlnnd that half spent jn Somerville Store J W. MILLER :
pietty nearly Drug
..n.. .. siaaniir eonvoya piuwniimira SitufrnlgIutIO everybody In tha puke ought to bo elected for the
SittI ".'" the town Soul Ore.oonl VltyJ,0Inn has Bat at liln Inble. were novompanlod by ,
With Is ilcBtltuto
...lIwa.a""". wife, of these < .
,_.._ tIle..... ..__..__. _troth__ PalitIks or Jftob.uao. .. who dlud .. llio | \ ,' mother Mrs Crescent Florida,
'.- h'.." a on. n - ". some *H- or-- -In- .v.. ...-.m ....,.,., .!.? county ".' "" City Crescent Fla.
rl.l.Vu City
.. .
"t .iii.l.oii"otiu moNt d..II"IIU..1 wiitor came fium- honlH Bhould be what the will spend the winter
whole ooiiiilrr ottO U.1 BiweiiKor WIll l Blerre Leone! Africa,
In nke the>tum trip W held.';onlrnnoeJ:: flub .liirt' K.lHil : whore he lived plies. The question Is DR. H. O. WELCH
1 .U. At S pom iiUio union"imlli or I'aliilkn many yenl's lit Fi'co for tin bv I the tin Ion" In I the
u u>*m" lea' tile Hl.Juhiiii Soul.oiiuuiiUnD .'. town and) hndchaige of I the. Induxtrlnl tendent of Iwo functions, a Mrs. H.Worcester have '

rt I, ..irlmm:: : river lluml, it ou ruilinr.Ulior. .1,10 nitlluuw l.y & l hull"k. growthofoyIur0M department of (Hie stntlon of the of I the luum i'd' of edticnlIon, and guests, !Mrs.\ FredVoi- Physician, and Surgeon Wear Reister Shoes. ,

iu.li aud imlmevto-a trerltablo tanat American Missionary Socloly. 11I.1t.Burton itor of schools. The Idea of hiss\ Woicpster of Town- WUI be at Me office In CRESCENT .
riVtr'e oiirve l are olulsIp nuul
Pr".:,'??*(I.n1h'h: In louver n long. lou.h"l ; :of:: whom. he married Afilcn, cutme intendence miperlntendentrt huts lapsed have, The ladles pont goim ITT on Friday and Saturdays of each a .

,,, tiirmmh r in bile aigh.l stream. After the steamer ulna mll emnriu of t.iivn Into wins connected. with tho chinch of erintended, and partly week In St. Augustine. eok. Try a pair of our Dixie Girl at $1.75. Roxie Ward h : ,

hue "*< a"d l >"<....tlllIl Lithe Or000utiI. rum,, nnglnnd: nilHHlou ut tho Hiipui tutendont's relat.Ion to the \ .
( ot'all Iwur mud a h..lr 'II.'"'" "'". n,," "imur 01. same place linn HO much imnrpud' hlM \ l.forl.t..on of Palatkn OFFICE.ON! CENT11AL AVENUE. and Girl Graduate at $2.25. ; u '
Ott?. the motnier aoiithIuuruIiuooiuiuicllng. IMHK residence tho fover. .Btrlckt'iwlkU :
I I flroooeflt. Tile! hoist lotion, kninvlllo:, : HIBu. Ih", NC1l00lu4. The scope and mother trVer Sunday,
TawUiv, ThuriMl.y slid HMurUnyvklnlka of that countiy wrecked his oipciliiteiidence' ReeniH to have Crescent Cl'y Transfer C9.() We stand hock of eveiy pair. It Hunt how much you pay It's what .f(

*t iVMOranient01ty 8 P in the ..mo on"l ISya.MOl"llnimnliiRnmlwai ''''}'. WmltaiSiaiaHiriltl .. health t and coinpelli.il |Il,Jut| return toAmnrlc. lot,out Olllll\'ht\ tha. real work (er of Savannah was you get You will got good shoes from us, '..aU8e we don'b handle the '.:

r 01 S. m. arrtvilug at ru ... Then lie cam.i to Florida ERIN'rKM>tv r KaI:: :l5 :Bml-Kl Jvokuitivllle at pint i the fuultof the
.n> and system ,
1 li evor 14,011 the elonmnor< Ore' settled In Urexcent City. tlou. Night trains Our sc. and. lOc. Bargain Counter -
t p. JiolulOit : ,:; "' Mipnrintend when by appointment. ; ;,
,: r..o Otofomt our wllhuut' exIolloltuil[ I /Hi-vernl
ySStfniutUnm ot pl"*"uia Soul a uliort M<>|1' ". yiMirs ego Mr. Huitoiduvdct HI hoiils In one dav Jl. Olinstond IN quite 111 8. M. LABREE. Manager Full "hV IllUeolty make.any mau or woman a lIfe ) his home* to his old 1 friend Whnt then Is tile; ,' hope to Bee her out ngaln .

hoist, '"rtoSn."pXT'ar., come of th. .?.... Mr. /Ht. John of New Voik, It being To find nnswor to this I W. B. SHOTWELL
: havo The Shoe Man
\ biiauVlCiillVoiiioiuibefouiid" In the >utu, 011.1 only to ask whnt Is the
t,: :' are eulmreU anil' pniBimroita, stipulated that the Inlter was to of a turIn' for? or the Builds Bow Boats, ,
TinrlilB I a goo.l Mhnol two ohuruhoa-g1iveo.. pome tit CreHonnt! City nnd rtnldnind nt f a factory? The first inndo n bmtlnesi. '-descent City, Florida. ilSwift's

ial: : am".? ,preeIyIoilSui0hiul rtrlvnte 'pubeS two where good II.IWIHL.4I.I. ,hrairil i that lie wns to care, for Mr. Uiir- owners would ask of an I ,. (Saturday., Repairs' boats; hujtulea and\ makes all j

Sin beobuuuea.Dleaaaut Uotol..4 boa.II,", .HO.I.O. ton through the I limn prmllions would be, ', ) dude of wood work repairs at his shop '
wnrd Hull linn
lemalning dozen
The I liitve years of a ver.\ = ;
S oe are uenple pro.willed : you know about this business Drear of his MEAT MARKET.
l well kept golf: link* for Ilia eiiterlalii.mrut : his life Mr. (Ht., John wunt home to who want trttf I clucks, arrived from New Crescent City Ha.feiitlBfnetory COOEES.
a foreman v
o[enlOlir tho. Who has hIke.mute lila oraiwe aninnemeut.u grow than innke arrangements( for moving bore. I you know about farming,. mind .! They are Inatalled In a work guaranteed at mod We Lead in Variety and. Quality. $ ;.Z.

ally other town III tlieoomilv.ot the Oraii",leaiul e eulturaU Iheoiianty but ha hud not boon gone more tlmi who Want to be ,,, I for them and 'ale worth st prices. ._ _____ ____u___ __ .
the leaillug 000"1.,11"0 "peu| whllt do kilo' --- --- ----
0' .hl.' fruit loUt 'loim I teen reiianlea a. two; weeks when the news cnme that you about the I -
\otli.l grown. 111 sir 01110"- wmihin ofuKlitS. inery itiul the manufnctm'Ing I Ia"and Bfealifiiat BIllion, ulloej Humlllon-Hrown bhoen, Lndles Genta.
{ almoM every olllwn ol the plauhiuawell .. he. hnd,died suddenly heart fail factory. ? If the reply should l Smith visited. his glitter F'R..BE or ) will have It. and Chldr..o's. all Btjlna, and all gunrnutoed. -
.kept 111000. many ol whloh ounupy, It Chime & Suuhorn'B and CofTie.
ure. will t<'nd to strengthen faith uiveneter woiked on a farm 1'9Ia (
ou".a"OIIl'p..rall..n, WhlheotlierulS In San Mateo last week. iI ...
S/adlni! > ,,,........,.,11' baok. rue niinoliauu In human kind to know that during ia' \e no knowle-diri( of A-TR1P TO EUROPE( Fluent Rifiwn.Iba. .
City ate live' moil oiii l may how iinniifacliiilng, that would < '.' 4 Oar Own" Mocha and Java >1 00. Wo have a line eel..ton of Hats on the '
:StolkTSr: r wliteli would iloirertU: h. many .nil the years that havo el.ipsud since ) .
good Intol"low.1'he candidate Ycu WAST TO YAWN ? eboioand I'llUbiny Flour. ro.l. they am from a rtilutly? uau" I,
; If larger ol"l'" '" I. Mr. St. John's death, his wire find ,old thud he (Clover Hill Butter every l pound guar
Shoaper than lmo.t other towu In the wan not wanted. i house lu New Voi'k. They will be of it1
: ::: say family, though they lime' never been we nil Buy, that, IB tho business shiver Inns, atlilnga In th anteed.. the latest. Btylea. cnn have b
"rbeiitrepMan with aliaila tree anilthiuaUVellreoakH "of head Fresh BrAnd and f'akes.'reii very Y"I
lluwl to take. I How energy 'Ihe! anc .
ami broad. iholl walk are hole, have faithfully carried out the an ? These Ploklea .13.01* Hal for tl ail. and. I SI 61) HIt
eltlielr symptoms nw r\es,
(run of these
Into on the 'prillolbUtI dlreotloua.slimt Bloyole pallialead com pact, and have II'rnntetiMr. Huron I Jut we scBtn to lose our nterp by violent hcndaobe, blK> ipplim 1oMI.O. eto. for $2 00 Walt and see for yourse.f.Corllx .: ; '
In many
: _- a monthly allowance ample for hen WII, lire< called on nervousness, a oondltloi, Lwoey' Clolh.a., A Coon Cullurs, the latevt Bt)'les. .

; Partlaeln Oreecent City dmlrlui to *nl>- his oomfprlable support. Mrs. Weaver ror II superintendent! of school HIlt aria. Herblne cures It -

scribe for this pnper theroto.or wl.l.l.ilf nmy lUte.to.rm.ewthelrUbe4Pti0N their who occupies tho house. IIIP) lo not Beem" to I think of / |i the disease gets a fall Your Orders Solicited and Goods Delivered Promptly.C. ., ::
Mr. K.<: l>. Lonnd. ar.e ltnpns, expert knowledge It will work a cure In any f. J.
with F'FZEEIIf
'h.esmea_said.......money wlu Ie our.ullorloool......iit.CBFHtENT been faithful fu her care of the aged iiipei( I Intend, BO t hut I he schools / A. Hopkins, MnnchoBtur L. CHAM BERLIN, Crescent, City Florida. ... I
-- ---- -- "I have ueed
-------- nan. lo the .beHt pOKHihltt wolk. your great

t CiTY TgMPEBArOBB POUt THBWEKK Four years ngo Mr. liurton underwent A Bll|>Cltlttlldullt! Of KCllOoln Herblnn, for several yearn you would Ilka to take
BHD1NO OUTOHKH 18lh. ID I-B. V.t know ii H much how a school I uotlilug bettor fur malarlii, a trip to Europe, thaWorUls
t WILLIAMS,OBHBItVElt. an operation for the removal of headache. blllousuvss
>I e tuighl. III the most
M"'... thIn. .i cataract from his eye. The opern- ncthi. lH of purifying tonlo there. I h FaIr Surnlogn,
learhing' so as to 0 0 0 New York Tffi1
oolober. t 11 .F. K. t P.*. .. .h...w'bsId. Ion wan a failure In I that Instead ol out of the boy nnd the girl the gOIl.I.lOe/ at Aokcnnan t City or Aat" MORPHINEOpium

H.tunlay ..CM71 tIT H /J\) tiring him It rendered 1 him almost .loHHiblo of I a mil II or a \\\\omnn Paintka-and; Lnunila' drug 0 Q villa, without having to put
... tIT "
11. Sunday ftt JJ iinoil foi-emaii knows how ,," City. up any of your own money
M. Monday .... OS TO eo *o MU otttlly blind. He hurt Iruen nblo to to /
Tu..day .. .78, Bl If .J 'hiS ,lops, nnd the fnctory -to.- --- wrlto the Jnck>onvlll M..
14 dneday..10 m 71 M III" l get upon the streets coo stoniilly! and lent! )knows dutnilH of factory tropolls for particularsOj .

ID Thnmilay... Jo 7J: 17 711 7 H' 711 1"") .t 67..u XPmonal has felt lilvivy nloug by I he aid of The nMllty to hold these two ieiieratloii: fo. Laudanum Cocaine and all Drug Habits
111 :Friday.
lis stall lIe hnllnlllo: been able td Inns depends on, expert knon' Ii. III..kll'tho noted wenth- permanently cured, without pain or detention from business, l leaving DO craving '
-- -- -- ----- TIliiBH who have ohserveil for other stimulants. We the and physical to 4
or restore
drafts *r nervous systems
ttend chinch services much of the l is
I "" vjn the subject know there froqunntly laughed at l...:.... -"'::: theIr natural condition because we remove the causes of disease. A home remedy
S" line. urluK.all the years. of hI. wnjs of teaching-(the old who maintain the Im '- I prepared by an eminent physician.

and Social. 5B. life he bee been !a devoted Christian, eBBOii given out to be leal'lied of fni'iciisHntf the weath WE GUARANTEE A CURE FREE TRIAL TREATMENT 1

and tho.e who know him Intimately look, iiiul rpcltinl to a teacher' than, 48: hours. liui, TME, \ METROPOLIS Confidential correspondence, especially with physicians, solicited. Writ today. ,
'I t" ,,,, loliU hook In hand and asks
"" have noted the calm of dl- hit It Manhattan Association
ansurnnce ions out of the book. The right with his pre- CARTER 8? RySSELL/ Therapeutic

O. Burton went to Jacksonville vine favor with which he Is ap- tiitTmg; the mind with ) often that many/ people Dipt. A UBS Broadway, New Yerk Oltf -
on Monday. preaching the Valley of the Shadowand. '- linking nlltu rO'1l liiHtrtiment Ores."u all plirtsot, ho country CO u.__ __ __ __ _
liiirliig knowletlge, the fllcult UACK ONV1Lt..e. FLA
In blue
Palatka prognostications.
A. T. Squire, Jr., went to observation, dull for want of .
I- on business. last ztcondny.The ., Uoforn I this paper readies till' Its ,'I ise, and distaste In inttny .. one of his anaweis town -- -- --- Florida East Coast Ry. ;

fruit and tangerines,are tenders this good mini may be dead. emnlng! and book The will have; special In- The Meet CoaCh Male.
grape Tiindrtidg of former visitors and 1 net'hod alms to awaken "
turning to the golden color. res- growers I Every!: ;year two or three days after
.dents, will remember him kindly and Interest and curiosity to F. ''lodd of Waldo. Fin.. the fete of st. John a market of human -
The steamer Crescent, It III now the faculty of ohservnllon LOCAL TIME CARD No. 49. In Effect May 28,1903.NORTHBOUND .
r lair Is held at Limoges. Girls.
pause to pay tribute to his memol') esull of thirst for knowledge to Prophet Hicks! the
.' stated, will resume ItrUII 'Those of us who ha.ve watched his tlnda and humility of mind t "Please tell melt matrons and old women! from the country SOUTN5OUND-tlkAD DOWN. -READ UP. j1I

week. of the wonders of around bargain to obtain the boetprll' ,
eeble. form tottering to the gntvc ireeencB the roujuiicllon of Jnpltei
: md the curious facts of for their tresses. which are shorn I No.50 ...29 No.08 ,. .
and Homer Ward life ST AT ION S. I \\0.
E. G. Backett have pathetically called to mind the In 18U5/ was the cause of '. Dli. }'.
each made glilpmenta of : tad vegetable Too many that off in the market place. W bite hair always ..____.I 1.I..U: } :
have beautiful lines of In the former destroyed our orungt
chools lire fetches the highest price because I r. Lv ............,. ... ...............Ar. 8 SOs 5 f 0 p .
lemons. TILE LAST., I.KAK.. H to be feared., It Is the now that these planets he: color cannot be produced wltb dyes. .100 t. .Sojaek.oumviiis..J. ,. 5 J s a i C

Cowle visited Palatkft last ,he stipeilntendent to see do you know of any It Is often worth $-3 per pound. Gray I p tb illi .. 1 .a C ( : o.
Mayor .
T BIINV him once before nethoif, .... p iI
In school .
Monday 'to consult his legal advisor As h.. 1 piuised. the cottHye door, the' pievalls to iv take the, which will make hair comes next In market value then I- 5 7 13 "I,1 ia. ...... ........ .... 'I 44.. 5 4 O "/.

jo wrong one auburn und .... ... ....... .. ilto .
And again te that we will have the flaxen colored golden light ma lilliju I. p
over municipal matters. iiHt.uctora.nd: show how a L. ............. SiT
u The pavement stones resound oil, the one in nnncl, growing weather of dark brown. In that order. Jhe cheapest "OC. li .. .... ,"
J.O.Orhnsley shipped 84 boxes of o ...... ....... ... .f ,
As 1m totters o'er the ground ntiglit. Tuts requires skill years! ago?" Is black haIr.13EAVTIPUI.. :o& ..1510 ............ C" 1 1sv

grape fruit to New York last week: With his. cane. lence!', kiiu .lieBS -and, Eln th COMPLEXIONSAre a. : PI !! .......... ... 0 0, ..0. ::
Hicks replies: "This r I I \.ft.. II I ..... I 60. t. Up O -
the first shipment, of the season. linC teaclur and pupils I .
Willie Carrier returned annie days They tho say that In hilt knife lirilile.'Eru of time, I he now spirit! hull' the may subject, not only to out, spoiled by using' any kind. of the apreparat.loo t) chIme utilpul; t. &I.:::::::. :::::::::::::::::::::: : : t: : : 3 41m0 o : ,
: that. fills the uf
lent have confidence his out to all lovers ol porux 4etOpe p ........ ... llpCthft
from JackHonvllle. where he hits Cut him down. eklu. Ihe beet way to secure a clear stttt' 1 .. ..' P -
ago lon will be followed when bin u. .. .. i
Florida orange. We do I. .... '1Ua .,
UIH Not a better man was found otnultfxion, frej from sallownepe. pimples s5Mi's .. 2. IP' :: ,
on I. turned.. This Is thn true
been engaged In painting H e .
liy the crier on his round > When to say that In our "pin. blotches, etc., Is lo kop the liver In a I I I P .. I us 11< 4.
steamer Crescent. Through the town. .hn if IhlH Biipeilntemlent.the. SIb pertmitondelit.' In puunliar position of the Knoll[ union An occasional""" of Her- I i :! I: : I us .::::::::::::::::::::AoguoItle..5::::::::::::: :::::.: : : :U lH :0 '

Mrs. J: L. Maull and her son \V. Hut hn walks the streets It-rk /nnd school .blto,,", this dining the last decade hiDe will oleanHe the hownlg, reyulnlohi I .lIIIpeSllp.' ..,............... .2H1 I p .z 1.
.now .! liver and eBtubltBh a clear, lixnlthyomplexlon Q. .1 -
left Chicago and are I. liavlngHUperlntendeiiTwages. .5 .. I 411 5 o 4
B. i .
Maull have .
Ami lie looks at all lie meets, the chief canst) of mimv ,. 1. :
I BOo at Ackernaa" & Stew. E. P ...:.. .... .. 1 OOh n
now visiting frlendfl In Austell, Oil Ho forlorn ; I lint getting superlntendont among them a.t' Falatka" saul I.inniln1,Or CreMsent City In And he shakes his feflile head 1, I It now such n L 5 II. e .i p ............ ..1"p .to 1 a g Z \
They will return to should ho sought and given frost that wrought such .. 1. .... a p r V a I
And he looks us If he 11I.ld- I Too ...... tlr.. I.... ... .rl .. .
511. t545ae 1 a
a few weeks. land ho should lie to do III Floildit. If the Snn ...... rll l' o'.
a* unj .
I They are gone. I A man whose cheerful occupation is 1' l4Uas I p .............. ...e ..
worth while It would bo an .. ....... .. .
: Mrs. John W Davis of St. Augustine \ grnndmaina hasnald 1..J'oor 1. gain to Putnam cuuuty. '(, i were the only factors In tint of making tombstones Is telling !:a'' fsMsf CilIa. "p. ................ .Illa)I'' r.8.a :- o

has been here during; the past. My old lady she Is dead, ho county would Bay, we C' of slot in and weather, his friends about a woman who vI. r 0.8. .a. 8t ..........'.. 3.ae61.i 1 o; ,,.

week Tlsltlng I friends, her first visit Ijong. ago; ford to employ such an ; that we would al ted bis place taut week and situ she : : : :: : fa = :::::::::::::::. :: :::: ::::::::.: in :: : l : 0)a I'
to the place since she moved away. That he had a Itoman noso would lomml have school to and be have a graduate other 'the sumo kind of weather wanted a.nice tombstone, with somne'shiort.put over simile berbIlHband' =C.. ,5 .C .I 1 p p..................... .,., I os ).a. e, .e.1. .. .. r\ h
grave .
some four years ago. And his cheek was like a. rose atlonal outfit,, and would want seasons, and over Inscription on |It. : Q f... .11'' P............... t 3 811'', e _

Prof. Simmons visited Palatka on In the snow. vugea than we could alford to sections of the globe. At lie asked bow she would like the .I.- : :,, : : &.. ;':::::::.'::::::: MIami .::::::::::::::::j...: 08 : : ::

I; Monday and Tuesday. In the Interests Hut now his nose Is thin the question might be,: the Florida frost we word "Kosurgam." She Inquired as tots SOHF.DtTLEa OF BRANCH LINES. -

of hla candlcacy "superintendent And It rests upon bin chin aunty ullord not to supply didn't believe that this meaning, anti when lie translated it

Like stnt If: with such a superintendent? \; would witness such as "I shall rise again she said in a .Ajrromi) aLNoE. OKANQB OITT BiULNOH. (
of public Instruction. There waa no And a crook Is in h's back school demand is the highest .

school In his department during his And a melancholy crack, 0" our pockets. To put III that) region. poole; "No", DO, mister; make it 'Best '*"""". I"1'" No. 1Dally S.TIOH.. I I I
In his laugh. I tvle.'persunal Indulgences and of the same opinion." la Peacel': -New York Press.
absence.Capt. .f .TTT.... At 1
a Tv.; Tlitt'vlll. .Ar Ofllin
I oJ talle before this demand --- -- .- .- 1. iLr| ..'.";;;;;....Mlm ...........Ar fia >7il | C $lOp slO its LT> N Smyrna..Aria 1 o.'t
John Pigue ha been havinga The mossy marbles rest acrllloe our children to Moloch M a I.T.........x.Oata.. ...*...*...Ar fIb *Jai 5 i I4 .mt lie Lw. Lakn titlm ..Aria 1 'se I
deal of trouble with the gasoline On the lips that he had pressed laitl, to make them hewers of I U a T.v.........JinMrprlaa........ .Ar .11! COo e I hIp .lt SI'S >T.Oranin, t Ity,Ara 1
good tn thWIr bloom. nd iliiiwern of water .. M s A?.......... 5of.rd I.T all) Itt. a 4 OOjam I d6aAr- Or.City Jo .I,.Ul5 (Ip.-3 L5* -

engine la his new launch. He And the names h.. loved to hear enders. In the good work and -Is-rLs. 53m.-j1; ip j ; & i)
took the engine to the shops In Pivlatka been oarvnl for a sassndl Ii MATPORT p ii i MebsnCf1
.Have many year, of life. Uncle Sam it'sall DaIly DaIly. lishly. Bundo .,
early In the week and now has On the tomb. .' But granting the county In ( says ; BWfO ? Dafll.j

It In nyliiK this. Is there no other
running order. I Iknowitii Is a IIln ( sItOps54Gpls tOpsIOOpe510aLv..tokes'ths.&rsCOassdlaslCOp.SlOps lOp
modem to-date
editing up
sStIpsItipIe Mietolp.s5aLl.50Ju.hesvlintossSU.sssaa.1tipeSOlps tip
Hon. J. H. Harp went to Palatka For me t.v"lt and grin iitonclency ? Tha right at.IlOp.7lt't' $Qps4pslOO9aIt..P.bi.la.l..Lvseboae51eau4lfp.5lQps lIp

on Monday to attend .a meeting of At him here. hould be a young man other elilIpsIlIpis tfpeeQIsIG5uahs..M.ypnt..Lvseouos740o.1Qtn"p.545 stoltato.JM.eh.l.al.Lvaelua.lIaevt.illpethipe) 55t.ipe alp Op .
1 hat
old three-cornered
the county executive committee, the and all that elng equal. Is. there! not In the of ten of hIs"voTernmenk offlolftln.' f.always In charra of seen sl000psT4tPle
-And the breeches ouiity a young man already pel : :: our ::. During i the entIre prooes*of dUtllltvclon, after the WhIskey Thma Ttma Tiiblca show< the tltn a a*Which tmlna ma*ba ntd to arrive and depart
meeting being for the purpose of Are so queer. voting himself to tenoning, I In bmrrelH Incur wKrehouiteii,during the-Mven yesrs It rematn them, from the iron (he.Mvaral Stations but thotr acrlvul or ilopartura al (tha tttnea tAMdlH nak auarantaaci ,
nominating successor ti. Bupt.CottlnKuaui wa buy to the wblnker you not, Uncle Stain: la ooaiutntlr on the w tch, W*dare nor does lbs Oompaay hold liaalf raaponatbla for any delay or any oonaof uanua ariaiotf tu.rafrgm -
a And If I should live to be right quality\ of brightness, with gallon of our own Whiskey from our U.sIt rlif bb, ._ __ __ .
,,whose resignation takes best itlenls who might have \ : he:doe amy otbBtwhlHker\:, .rn The last. leaf olt the tree Ion this made to him .earnIng, a UNITED STATES HEGISTERKD DISTILLER f.U ARAM-
effect on Nov, 3d. In the spring, iropoHll as and AOU: and saving the' deulers enormoua protltji. Tbattv why KEY WEST AND HAVANA.
will take a course of WHISKlbY la : beat for : .
snillM 1 do now you the medfeliml purpone Photo why It la preferred for
rpt them ,
Mrs. J. C. OrlniBley and the children as In one of lie bust normal 1 bat. why we have over a quarter of a million aattooed' ouatonura,..1'l1a. PENINSULAR AND OCCIDENTAL STEAMSHIP CONNECTIONS AT MIAMI. __
On the old forsaken bough should 16- Your back U ... _
returned front Atlanta. On., Whore I cling. the county or xpend the ; try money you" not .1IIItI. --

last Saturday evening Mra. Grims- .. ..,a- mount of time N. Y.at the with famous such L..II.mUII..Th"nUT"....souso.." "......... 8 o. Lyffsvonalfon. sonic., Frl BOUD.. .......,rieen'a _
or from
ley had been absent several weeks lit; OHwefo; our distillery to YOU ............. Il p\ A Key We-I Mun.. Fri.. ..............a I I P _
as Mr. ... .. .... _
iiperlntendent LyxoyWsalsun Thur.. .._...... Ii Sip K.Y w. To. .Su.... .., SOS
.. .1
undergoing operation and treat Do.*.... KI.. Springfield, Mass., we would Sam Dulars' Profits I Privints Adult.ratlon) ArR..n.Mna ,................ I hull S Ar Mtsmt Tue..lIst..... Qp ,u.
bent for what waa supposed to be a Mn Smith ((10 street curtMadam.take toil vou shall bll candidate for ..
; which '! Per copy of Loaat Tim. Carder other nfomalloa addrau any A at "
seat. (
cancerous growth In the mouth. my iipelintendont
The Mrs. Jones (who baM been standing qtilvaleut It) rlHOtlou. ) and you J. D. nAHigiii-a, .ot Ooo. Faaa. Ajent., ST.
operation Wall. successfully per- fifteen minutest-No. thanks. I get oflTt mid! otllce so long as renulta .tGtSTI.I..

formed. the next corner. nil the arrangement la ... WHISKEY --

So do L iitlnfuctory. 'Ihere should .A I Johna River by Dayllajrit.
lira. Elizabeth Batnos starts house llr. Smith-Tbat'i all right SsCSJ
tie. In the case, and no ear
keeping In her new home this week. -Chicago Journal to any-one who wanted a PURE SEVEN-YEAR-OLD RYE Dentist. The Beach & Miller Line,

The house baa been finished fri the sake. of the otlloe. : ateamsrCRlSOtCNT. tLeovee

some time. but up to last Monday Ka C:.. itt All.heWWon't'ou It must be Qdnllte" by those FULL Park Street- -near Post- JankMonTlUaonTuvHttayHjTnuivdiiyttand I \\h.

Mra. BamoH baa been staying with He (wbo baa offended have given the subject < .2O!! EXPRESS 010' Saturday at B'JO .m for Grean. e.. 4,
best : CrwMank mat ,
and have the
look up at me? eiitiau, $3 City Florida P.I.tka Cit .raol. .
1 f Mrs. Eaton at Grovesdale. During She-If I did you'd kiss me again of the schools at heart, that Ont _city on Wadnatw- u

the next month M...:Samoa will entertain He-No honest I won't. change In our present system of QUARTS PREPAID 4..K.urnlnl.l.v.r-oni. aft 7 5. n. I IJieoksonvlil.wborlfuolof
rlntenduncy. U sorely needed, If Laura Htraal. ;,
her friend Mrs. Hendy of the 'Ueo-Llte.
ghe-Then whats .. made what., Tbenlion.wh.Ptatks _
Cincinnati *' schools are la b ; ten roUR PULL GO ART BOTTUB9' !: of HATNFR'S!!VIW-I Artistic Barber. n"lawn'. .
who .
Ohio, expected SPOT' '1'he children of the aVID for ap"
"'If Oo 8 Riant TO TUB should 1 be. S3.iS\and we will par the aipraaa abanna. Toy U and
A thla week. lose Had It all rival and a. nod aa you an used or can buy from -- --
much or jiadly
Whoa pain or Irritation exists on any ty will gnln .. ..al any prim ...01 It back. al our a panM., sad pear ...... will be TBIS CEBTiriCATB |V EVERY BOX, _ _
Thomaa Thomas an aged colored parCel tho bmly, application of ""1arJ'a cording B" this question Is you by nut mall. Just Ihlnk Cites offor 0..... How could II b. Hair Cutting In all apprve styles. -
Llnninont will give prompt A FKIFNII"' OK" TRIO you ara But parfaatly aaUifliid, you ara rot 0,0 55000, Bovwrlnl Give me _
h man who has lived In Crescent City Snow .. ot laid :, a trial ord r. If yon don'i want four quarta yourself, m a. --- --ok OTJARANTRKRfinh
man7 years, died of dropsy on Saturday relief fit g"ea right to the |> to MOTH BUB 101 Waahipln. a .aaalad oaaa.. D marka.slow waat'a cawwrrirr .FLORIDA. OERTIFIOATE_
ao old man who wai rubbing It n. chIldren to CT. ________________
tbelr Of t
Who would keep boa HlTKIIIIHOlfN >Tr4PKPf A
night. Hla funeral occurred iJ. B, smith, .Ar.Cat Col.Idaho,Mo.NUT.,N .Ora..Vtan Waah. ____
: our, his rheumatism. health should wuuih fur the One ; do, banla of for : by MI5uxeee TA1bIldlc onntalatffliluyatrtiatKwnt.." ___________
from Jetbro Baptist$ church on Hun-: '''rop. Smith House Tenaha Snow, Tex.Liniment writes: tome of worms, and remove them ot KV tauv<. t r l9j3t.by *&M..Prepkla. A. B. TOR EYa 'I omit line 10*tt dl.Ion.and t.fl.tr bakIng slob. d<.'lUft n.tt ri..ya ivr.(>*....t I

Ballard's ,
day afternoon; and largely'at- "I have u Vermifuge. It XfDFlti loom theIr u rvinrnthe
Wall \ and bows Vhltn's c.I'\"m; our naaraal aoa. and II NOW. .hIUo. .i
tnded. Rer. Jefferson F. Allen 10 my family for asvor.ti years hlldraoa' best tonlo. It gets 1. d Undertaker and Embalmer empty .'.n.d..I..1 b"u.ii _ _
II be Bne remwlT.' forall.he. fit him o'Hnd dJ. wa w 111rofun4
found to a at work so that tbelr food does HAYNER DISTILLING COMPANY the prtiM palda ... i
officiated. The dead man 'wee the and pslnn, and I recommend l it for pains and healthy Full line of CaakeU and CoSine *.. Warren laJt-uta
good.; they grow up ; KikI"
11110. *4kt> and CAYTON, OHIO IT. UUW IT Mitt. miW. ''
father' of Leon Thomas, Josephine 10 toe throat add chest. UUO4. W1 at Aotarmin U .0 Telephone 4 .--- ----------t

'Lofton, and the wire of R"d. Slat.1'"n4 II 100 bottle a' Aokwmao *store Bt.wsrt5.Psiatk& Orea-, 1'.la.lu I and Lounda'drug ..ora. DirrnxmT, TBOV, Q VaitaBuntmai IM BBSCIUT .. VLOBIOA Bold by liOUQft'a dreg pore. Co, _ _
aBdloupda' drug CITTf at ri4 Ipt
W. 8. Ry&a, ..aIcit:I. 411IIO4ol\ m- .- ,.-- - ---I. j, < n.".: '

-. \ 1 ,
.. ,
p. I:. L. >( . .. 4i. a- 1'. -

; -. ... A' ,. r," '" ,ft. ',' .', : 1't./,- '" .r."i'' -J I .. '., ;. -"; ",, .,' ". :, ",.._." 4,1- -
,, .:; : ., ,, -,1. 'j ,,, :J. '' ', '_ ,. ,, . I"r\ : -

"""...,. > ,, .. .. .p' .
"" .
'. .." .., P. .
,','!"' 1\'j-1\. .. ... ,. "
,\(, ./',.: ., "" '\'''., k ,."'\\J; ,I I ',.,' 'I" %I" .', .\ .".

1 r

( a
.. .. ... ... -- ,- -...- -- --:-, :.: i
: ,__ __ _. : -
O. E. Gllletbpf Inturlaohen was in Board;: of :Trade 1\ -h; A'---1

There is aDifference The Pal atka Newsand the city yesterday. of The Trade regular on Wednesday meeting ,ot night tinHonicl. was, I i---- Warm things for Gold Days.-

'Ir. Wolakft
Advertiser Harry Welch of : Was
wejl) attended Vice President OCD
.. in the city Thursday.F.
E. Gay occupied the chair, and Col. I
in TUB NEWS: AND ADVERTISER: E. Reeclec-lhe welt-known We- H: M. de Montmollln was made. nct- i Smartest Suit in town is the ,

hall a higher circulation r..th'A'tholl lake druggist walt transacting bust- liif( SKcieHirv owing to the ithsonco I '
.la accorded to any other ness In the city yesterday of Itiifcr. ;
Indisposition Secretary
Nopkios S Sock c SUn 4
paper In Pulatkn. Printer's J._L. Rankle the painter and decorator The committee appointed nt the .

Ink, N. YtJuIV 29, IUO.1.fiappeningt who met with such a painful! last regular meeting to revise amid k "
Glof hes. accident last t work at the Reid real- ,' with narrow/ .
-- --- -- ) submit n. new cotmlllullnn, amid 'b1 l. Military Style, ,.
....... ; :
"" "" clcnoo lit Improving; very slowly andIt 1 taws, for the govei'nance of I th.. bOil;" S 1 blunt end front.
: = City and J$ will bo Home time before he Is ableto made report allllllul'lIIl1.t..d a simple ;I r a, collar and

Some Suits are ,\11Ito conform Personal mention. ] be out again.December constitution and Hut of rules with The sleeve,Tend with turnover :" ,nr, vi

to the body contour; $ $ !8<1 in the, dote upon fewer cOInmIHe'CH.! Tbirepmtwith| .
;. wide
cuffs. Trousers are rather a
which St. Marks Episcopal church alight I modifications was adopted.

othvra me made full; others A. M. Padgett of Orandln spent will hold Its bnzBBr. Save your mon President Henry S. Wilson Hunt H and made;: top :
siiiiplyclotlioyoii and give yon Monday in the city.Jerome ey and buy your ChrlHtmni present letter to Mie board. tendering h\\,fnRlgnatlon .. .I F', way. I

then. 'I'hcl'wlll bo nil kinds of fancy on nci-onnt of continued the materials is the
the appearance; of a }t be. ( Bruce l U very III at his 'Mong 1
b, home on Kimnett street. articles lit clump prices. Ill-health\ and the same was r<:II'ot. black coronation 1t
: '. new red and
City assessor R. I. Boardman ,ot fully accepted.T ,
Mrs. J. Jj. Burton of Orescent
A M. Steen sells elected President tcheck.. High Art Make and r
We do not la the quest of Mra. J. N. Walton. Crescent City has been In the city a ti
; couplo of Mlna Kiln Minton of Iailum spent
Handle the his tax rolls lit the office ,of the Wilson by ncclnm.nlion. In iiccepl-
last Saturday 1 In the city .nhopplng. county clerk. He was assisted by ling the place Dr. Steen took] o';caHlon ial insurance policy made out

J" Latter Kind. H. Calkins a prominent farmer of Major G. U. Westcott of the same to make a. red 1 hot speech for >rp in your name guarantees thegllrment's --
Florahome: was a visitor la the city place. > united action Ho also took occasion
Monday. the council for Its (_,_ wear.
to score city
Alton N. Mfrtil left on Wednesday
\v. M. Williams of San Mateo was for his future home nt action III ,,ttt>InK Into whetpromisrs
The Griffon Brand a visitor in the city 'u..dRy-and Miami.morning Mr. Medd goes to TltuBvllle to be long and l exponslvn l Iltliatlon C "I t- The kind with double seat and knees, In

Wednesday.A 1 by rail, nnd from thence to Miami over tin water rates, cliilniljiK thai OChOOf, OU1TS fOr Boys. all styles from $1.75 up to $5.00.

Clothing, new awning has been erected at I by Rail boat. J n'th, III latter trip the money thus spa it could bo placed. I ... ,
In .1J'.tp..omont
the store building,corner Ijomoiiam : down (It.he"nland witters he will be to much better advantage -
Guaranteed .
and kindred -
Seventh streets. I accompanied by Joseph Price, Jr.

I Tailor made, Mrs. H. O. Blanchard and daugh- By an order of tho oommiindlnp; of hut earnest The,'and doctormayornsjiot when he sat down' New Fall Hats. Perfection in Style. Lowest Prices. .

!Hobby in Style tera have sold 600 acres of land near, fleer an Inspection of Co. "D" will beheld there was general applause. .. ..
th. town of Melrose. at the Armory on Tuesday night !
and sells]] atPopular Under the new constitution then
Mrs. B. J. Grooms has" bncn indisposed and on ,the same evening the fold will be but one regular meeting
Prices. the past week lIt her homo, on medal will be computed for. A dunce
month, and that on the second '
.Goods CbmpFefeWifh
central Lemon street.' will probably conclude the evening's day of each month at 7:10/ p. in. 'Our Furnishing Department is

It's the kind of Hon. and Mrs. J. 1'. Wa.ll" were program. 'l'hellUbllc lit cordially Invited ,..._- -

Clothiug that appeals prominent people from Putnam Hal to attend. Had the "Contniriwiis." All NoveHies.Driving'

to Good DresnersKverywheie. in the city on Monday.R. Jno. A. Uralnger hoe bought the They lire telling" good story up lit .

H. Browning of ].Yum Is liHorrlstown Central House property at the cor the court house on Deputy Sl-.frlll -

l' Tenn., this '......tU purch ner-of Fourth and'Held streets, and, Leo Kminetly. The papulurdepuiy

ft using u carload of work.hors" s. Is occupying the giune this week Is just recovering(told spell of ...IckIIO Howard Half I-Iose Umbrellas
Mr. Ornlnger hoe long boeu1.ho-pro- ,',,clR.
II which laid him up two end"'Gloves.
We have County Commissioned Rowels and 12eckwear
pi'lotor of the Kimball House 01 The story la that while ho wits athome Half Price.
Hancock-were the Hats Jlaln Coats.W
pinmlnenvisitors '
Nobby and among Lemon street, and Is well-known to sick an old colored\ imuny was .
In the .
\ last
R Dressy Suits for city Tuesday.Mrs. ale people of the county sent 'to him with slue;' .....lIcucy.IIh" .
J. A. Balr who has. been
j; Boys and Children. Dr. A. M. Steen Is putting the old saw his wasted forum" and was
spending the summer \\ithherpai" '. KImball house In shape for residence shocked nt the sight It /11110 seared.

[r Also, extra pants outs In Maine returned last week. "- purposes. The grounds are being her. From the sick room shin went

The El Perfecto Cigar ('0. of this encloKfcl by a neat picket fence, and to the court house and saw Sheiiir. u d
V city Is so pushed with order. that the the house will be thoroughly overhauled Howell. ; W[ c/CaW RoUS.w;' I [M Mrl1

I Cool Days force l Is working overtime at night and remodeled. When completed "I tells you !Mars Howell, tint dnt

Editor H. A. B. McKenzio hits the place will be an ornament 'r Lee Kcnn"ily's powerful sick man

been spending a largo part of the to the city.IUchllrd He's got the contagions and 'lest
L: Remind you that week In Gainesville visiting friends Petermnn spent Sunday somethings done fer him quick It'l

Heavier Underwear Mrs. J. Jo;.do/a and children have with hU parents In thin city. Mr. turn into stagnation, and dar'ain't

returned home from quite u length; Peterinan has a lucrative positionIn 0110 In hundred evergetewell," >
' will be,needed. visit with relatives In Savannah, the shops ot the Atlantic CoastLine But something wits done, for Kennel I4 .i n I

da. Waycross, Ua. This was his 'ly never had anything more serious .

Now if there is anything in Miss Susie Walton entertained a first visit home for some time nd than a bad case of "contagious.." : RR.raT ll.I ll.

.' oilr store that we have large party of young people at the It naturally afforded his family and -- > l4 t m /r t

-.' a special( }pride in it's home of her parents last Friday friends much pleasure. He left on A Cuthas
night.J. Monday morning,for Wu.vcross.

Our Underwear. A. Beck of Edgar was in the city There U to be another dance given
t by the soldiers at the Armory this been madein
I I for a few hours last Tuesday, being; .
\\'e'va one brand en route to Cocoa and other east (Friday) evening and all socially Inclined our THEn ALL'

that sells forE coast towns. young people are extended an
Invitation to come out and Join In the
John Courrler of Brunswick, Ga., Goods Stock.
89C the Suit.Underwear entertainment. The admission fee Dry HERBERT CROOK
.spent Sunday in this city visiting his will, hereafter be collected at the 1\11" ,
brother, J. S. Courier, and 81.terlIlrs. liil"eyer
in all Loretta Bond. door however,there will be no charge It's worth Investigating.Cut .1.1. Manager.
Grades. for visitors,excepting the young met include
C. Child and H. R. Gordon have prices a -
Stock of the city who can dance, and won'tdance. .
Big gone to Georgia to erect a number ot The committee In charge Lot,of pretty
with prices' : running large railroad taijks built by G. M will do everything possible to makeIt ---

If from Davis & Son of this city. on enjoyable affair. Lawns Smith'sIce .11.1NN'N rW K K'tr N't+'N1 N'K1 1 N a1.

I I. $1.00 to $5.00 the Suit. The old bill board that formerly At the meeting of the Gem City = c::: JIBEIEes.T: $
graced the Front street side of the Guards' court last Tuesday Dimitys se
(' summary
Can plesixe: everybody. Lark In lot has been torn down and night about 15 eases for non-attend- Creamis $ S
We have the largest and most line
moved some where up town anco at drills were tried before See Percales andGinghams complete J
J. Mo N. Bard of Norwalk was a ond Lieutenant K. E. Neck judge Delicious $ of Plain and Fancy China Glassware, Etc., $

J The Celebrated visitor In the city Tuesday. In attendance advocate of that tribunal. The fines : Also in the city. New Goods Low Prices. CallS + .

i' upon the meeting of the assessed. did not exceed 1400 In any Everybody) says so, mid what every- and see f
l Stetson Hat--soft. county executive committees. ingle case, but even at that rate-10 Ladies Summer body snjs KOUS. C'letuv cool pnrlor $ $

Gotham Hat--stiff J. H. Loomis left for Tampa lasTuesday .andlunt a clip-the' colTera of the ttesof for ladles\llrtlu mid people.specbtablo Everything for pur In $ Chas. E. .Rowton j
[ at which placu he has ao company 111 .soon be filled to overflowing Underwearand the way of ,

cepted a position in the In which event the treasurer I
Tampa $ Lemon Street: Palatka} Fla.KNKNK1 $
: | Empire City Hat-- Foundry' and Machine Work. will have coin to fling Ithll spar other goods for Cool Drinksnt ... .

U. 0. Mlddleton of Pomona was In rows. Ladies. Ntir1KN1" 11KK1K N
J1 soft. Dr. E. T. Allen, the feye and ear Fountain: Headquarters for .
{ town and attended --
, Tuesday u meetIng -- -
There are some extra cholcn Confections, Cigars etc. ------- -
of the Guard of whirh organization surgeon who began his regular Friday for Hen ice CreUm made to order for par- A. E.WILSON GEO. E. WELCH T. B. MEKKILL
\ The Noxall Hat-- ho la an honored member. visits to Palatka lust week, Bargains ties and receptions. TBiaiDRMT. VIVa I'llEMIDKHT. CASHIII.

: crash and stiff W.operator Spencer and Middleton merchant, the turpentine of Pomona -- conies physicians highly of other recomuiened towns where by the he in our L,. A. SMITH, THE} Putnam National Bank

has prnctlced. The failure of his J>PALATKA FLORIDA.
l[ At is wonderful was a prominent business Summer
:].oo a wife's health In Chicago forced him or Palatka
visitor to Palatka last Saturday.
to relinquish a monk lucuratlve practice -
| f Bargain. Walter Thomas h'ns hop Clothing
showing NEW I
in that city and sack a more
We solicit the accounts of the people .
three pecan nuts |trr"w on 11 tree throughout Putnam County and tender
favored climate. The
complete re- Furnishingsand the courtesies and aaooininodatloaa uoaslateut l with Banking.
budded less than good
a year uro.( The
Men's Shirts-- overy, of Mrs. Allen has more than FurnitureArriving
nuts are lurirt.. Hui-h growth Is un compensated the genial doctor for Shoe ___, __ J ,
a usual.
his financial loss. We wish him -
Wilson Bros. Fine J. Watkins Lee of the + -::;;::::::+- -::;;:::::;:. t
Graham abundant In .
success our community.All
r I in pot'ted Madras Hotel.who has been spending the who contribute to the supperof Departments.Bargain DailyAt -=== Putriam::: : : Pharmacy::: : s=-

with 2 pair cuffs, summer at Columbia b. C., has returned the Ladies Memorial Society are our store.We PA TKA. FLORIDA

at $1.00 Each. and will remain through the requested to send their donations to : Seekers I Drugs, Chemicals, Druggist Sundries and

season. the Hart building,at the foot of Ipm.1 will find a will be pleased' at any time I Patents.

, Best blurt made for Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wlanhf'rly I otInt..rlach"l1 on street, before\ o'clock Tuesday, 1,000 Things to to and show I quota you through lulaus. our stuck PRESCRIPTIONS OAREFUL.L.Y COMPOUNDED

the money. wore visitors In, the city October 27th. Thin supper Is given interest them at you I J'BEIIU GARUES 9EEd ANDRia "snurrSt..n.hlp_ Llno.

.. over Monday and Tuesday. Mr. for the purpose of raising funds for a R. S. MOONEY. +'""': ;; + .

.' Wlmberly haa n large crop or oranges building in West View cemetery, the The (: unuerMxlng! and. -Embalming.. --- -- -

Men's Half' Hose this year. Piano of which ran be seem In the

John Stock of Interlachen has accepted -, window of Ackerman & Stewart' New School ShoesFOR
S. E. BOND Crop
a position as caretaker of the : drug store. Remember the date and Us'Know '

'. Everyone who has: > lArgo Griffin orange groves across I go out and help association in '

seen our stock ofMen's the. river to succeed Robt L. Begin a most worthy and commendablework. GO'S.Big Boys and Girlsat Your
recently re lglled. ofGarden
:. :Sox:; say
C; ; we've the f fluent assortment H. A. Hodges the well-known mill The military spirit ban struck theyounger Stores.; prices to suit you. From Grocery Wants
of Buffalo Bluff of Palatka's $1.15 to
to I'nlatku man whose home l Is contingency $1.75. Come and
ever brought
now In Jacksonville\ wan In, the city copulation, Last week a cadet company see
Seed sod l there wig be no ground of complain
Wednesday and Thursday guestat was organized among the boys E. T. ALLEN, M. 1). them.Best at tna quality.
See ourNECKWEAR. the Saratoga Hotel. and christened "The R. W. Davis Shoesfor j\
Congressman Robert W. Davis luarda" In honor of Congressman Eye aij i Ear SUrgeorj Wo have nil the lending
Men and
and Mrs. Davie departed for Washington It. W. Davis. Ralph Phillips was 17 Years Experience. forFall Women Every BREAKFAST
last Saturday. They will remain elected sergeant of the company, Graham Hotel EVERY!: FRIDAY. I pair guaranteed Prices $1.50to

at the capital until the holiday I Allis M Steen treasurer and E. N. $3.50.Full and they are all V>f the FBC3H 'y A BI.ERY. -
adjournment of Congress Calhoun Instructor. The meetingswill Nothlug gets mut"or mouldy In
I M.I. S. Brown take place on Thursday evenings line of Dress ,Shoes. this place] \< e don't keep our stockw -- J"
A. D. Curry returned last week at 7:HO. Much enthusiasm was 'DoD't tall to visit tho grand I PlantingAt Correct priees at from a pleasant visit with relativesIn 'I I all\ the time. .\
manifested at the drill last Friday
Georgia. He was accompanied light and there Ie every Indication fAll. fAIR oM CARNIVAl alJocksooyille I. Jacobson Wenake a leading ipiialulty n
Clothier by his niece, Miss! J. Clyde Curry, r of the best
.. hat the efforts of these patriotic
who will spend the winter In Palatka.Tangerine. ,
from young Americans will meet with NOv. 2.?Ym. Palatka, Fla. I Butter and Cheese
the grove of Martin -
;reat success. It la the Intention of
and.Gent's. Griffin City Drug
on the opposite aide of tho
: the cadets to give dance In the near
river are on sale at the local fruit future to their friends and the ooc.- Fancy drills by troop TOm D 8 cavaly Teas and Coffees. ,
stand The fruit Is not colored Ion will no doubt be well attended.Tfc 1" ; American and British warships will\
fully a--rEtE:: : .*
wonderful l fireworks ColTaw .
bot la the harbor; Tain** We have a very /tine blood .f
but It .Is ripe and sweet to the dlnplay.' east Days of rmupellfConterno'a 15 Cents or 2 pounds fnr :35 oenbi! that
j'F I taste. W... .( It. Band M) pieces; many and Store. Lead and Zinc Paints. you oaa't duplicate In tats: city yt We r"
r.. "Birker la not much on form," Mid varied carol al attractions.Atlantic'Coast. pound. '
The Knights of Pythias lodge attended

the: first commuter. "Why. the other We also with tbd very
Line can supply you
Furnisher servleeeatSt. Mark church breakfast food ----
lay I saw him sating
highest Cortee.
last Sunday evening, where a .apeclal for enpper. And that wasn't the worst w\\ I sell round trip- tickets at one fare CANTED -A trustworthy gentlemen Wall Paper, Window Glass Fine
: or county to If It'.I'RE8D OEOCEBIEa 1011".0'aall
35 Tor ml companies raanaga bu*|
lermon was preached by the pastor, of If- plua centa. Itary nras for an old established Varnishes
Rev. F. H. Rlohey. The congregation "Wbat could be worse'*broke la the and braaa bands In uniform 20 or more financial tandlng. A house of .olld Kalaomine, Eto. 011

PALATK4 was a large one,and the eloquent second commuter. 0000.ticket on.cent per milTickets tide i weekl1a&11U'J of$18.00 straight hona
New Gilt
i and Impressive! discourse was listen "Why this," replied tM Ont 'eoovBDter. Rill go on ale Nov. 3d. For full tnfornatlon cacti Monday wLb' all exJensw direct cheek Papers 15c double L. C. STEPHENS. ,
"Ha actually ba* am ticket agonta. from I. roll and -j
with a grin: .. headquarters. Honey advanaed ,
: id to with profound Interest The M evening Area at tile CS... wall ftmamUf W. H. Leah for .xp nye. EaaTose addressed a. up. ,Kirby sod Morris 8te.. Plllatlca l ft*.
FLA ilnging by the obolr wu also much fiery I* fcU Wttas krt*..",- Div. !la... Agt.8avaquab Tflopa.: Uonager. 880 Qoxton Building, E. E, DODGE, Palatka, Fla.' Or-TalephOll.84 gad w.WlH brief tbs.
enjoyed, ptw lot Tim* > ; ,Ot*, :Chlwgo, Oat ow\,, Neat to alll Bros., Lemon (,,. gOOd to JOUr

'it t:- ..M.u. 7 1W w


...- <0; ,. '" "'" >(','" ':' :.',' ,.' ',1//) 'c.,' #' ,",' ......r. ',' .: a'
,)0 ;! II '' .
.!> ; ;,; "" ..' "" o." "I' \ "' ;. '.. "" '
.' .", ,\ -t" ., ,' ,. .1 .i i0.\ .;"" :,(,(.,..r" '\" ,;

The Palatka weekly advertiser
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I-t is THE. PALATK I NEWS' ..rz 1 1k



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ttPP, N SERIKd: ;; voi.:. XINO.: "... PALATKA-FLOIUIA, FRIDAY, TOII@ 23, 1003.: *1. Per Year.: '

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Special -An nou ncement. I Of oourse you are interested '

.. Now occupies every bit of available space in the "Big About i>oomber 1st the Palatka New will Issue a 20) pane paper 1 e -- in cam- ; I '

bnautlfully Illustrated half-tone. The d"slKn of I he publishers In to I I
and is of the fabric. Fine Dress Goods.
: Store, every garment. newest Our explain In some detail. the adviuitaws of Palatka lid Putnnin countyfor '

leader is the the j rnlltable employment of capital: innniifncruilnir' In ntrrluiil- I

turns anT horticultural umlnrlnklngit: and thu doHlrablunt-HS{ of our 'Thou you will l 1.0 intr+rm.sled< comity an n place of residence from (he stand points or ellumlo, <>nmitlImtllli ,
K stucko have laid iu for full and winter uotxls.TliHy .
; your
and social, 4
Kirschbaum Tailor Made Guaranteed Clothing are ready for your imm<' The |paper| will he gotten out, under the auspices of the Palnlkn
l 1.rne.> > (Jilsey Vuiiitian Cloth Ladies Cloth Urumb I'oiluisi| ,
I Board, of Tradn, rind the edition a III beat heist S.tHH)-possibly (tIIKNI-/
Flaiifl. Suitiii Black Dress Good (such iia Voile, Sicilian!
don't need to who uoplus, pr'lntod, >heavy book / A limited amount of adveltlHhifr.sunce (s.
We '
; say more; men are particular in dress know that ;; pupur. "nlliantiuch' ilenriHttna[ and Surges) Silks and :Satins:; and a

the Kirschbaum Clothing is the equal of the best custom made; that&. the garments will be sold. the full lino of Uimli ioods. No such complete Block was ever
A from thin
representative often will visit each town In
are the product of the best tailors and not the output of sweatshops.They countyat the shown ill I'al'ltka.'
an parly day to gather data for this Illustrated ,edition and
have style and. finish and are of modish fabric. There is an exclusivenessto UHHlstanco. of progressive cltlzium I'vorvwliero in I lie county IH rcKpcct \\'o also want yon to son our hue of Ladies :Skirts:: Ladies r rand

these garments that commends them to men of taste. Every garment is fnlly asked: to the end that the paper may properly I prosont 0111'varl..d Misses IIoBiory, our TOWEL and TAW-IS!: LINEN stock 1 ,l

guaranteed, or the money refunded. resources. nnd the thoiiHiiiid and OliO beautiful things that till every nook

and corner of our utoro '
:six! ,' lgmtdxs9lga! ; : at:!XMAT! !M; 7 XWW! n gntr KXSr! "'aar.mfa: ;
I I UflTQ We have the best makes in soft and stiff hats. If it's stylish _u___ -
.FAll -- Le Kid Gloves
Dpi I U head gear you want, be sure you can.find it here. Awultlnir time Jovel'lIor'. AMONO 'THi: POLITICIANS.the Triomphe I

e :." We are agents for Hanan & Son and the Burt & Packard Shoes Artlou. (/it/je. and Ciiiiiruiitei'il.) "
AOEc j Pursuant to I a letter from Governor the publication of the News
\J for men. Need we say more? 'There is certainly nothing betterin Jennings notifying him of the reslg- lust week two additional candidates. Mens and Ladies Furnishings. I '

the shoe line than those made by these standard shoe makers.SOZS' have made formal announcemont I
nation of KnpuitnteiHlmit Cottlngliinn Don't forgot tu look us over. We h'uve the right goods t 1'
Chairman Joseph Priceculled, their' designs upon the governor's. and ,
at money saving prices.
: SCHOOL:: SE3:0ES: :
H meeting of the county executive ofllre. These men are Hon. D. II. I

Boys' Shoes is something of a new departure for us. But we've started ommktee! lust Tuesday. Home,", 1H! of Mayes of Montlcellu. and Napoleon LEO JAGOBSON
the members responded to the call In Bonaparte Broward, ex-shetllf of I
right by laying in the biggest assortment of wearable shoes for Boys ever shown person while five others sent hi their Pnval county. 'I'heyare both excellent I I ,

\, here. Just bring your boy and see if we can't give you a revelation in shoes for \proxies.Governor. men and will have some II I Bargain Dry Goods House, Palatka, Fla.

him at right prices. JlIlIhlllIlettor. la as fol strength, but It Is not thought!; that
lows either or both will seriously, Impedethe U I

GEIq't'S': ;: ':: F"'C"et-rJSSJ: :: ::: : :: : GS : HFATH OP. FLORIDA, progress of RobeU W. Davis, -

everything that's In underwear shirts neckwear etc. etc. EXECUTIVE DFPAKlMtNf, whom the people have generally settled yt..leuinii 1 ,I ami"'imnm: '',,im hill jiirim, m. 'UK',,am iiw ,iw' mi, w ,,,11I11111I<{ .M! 'II tinimiuv" ':'U II II '
Including proper T..lll1hIlHII".OOt. 14, I1XB1. upon for tho next (Ooveinor of .

j ZION Jlialimiui JOSKFH Dem.PKICK Kx., Com. Florida High Grade Groceries. = ; x

Fearriside Clothing Co. of Putnam county, Palatka, Flu Congressman! Davis la now In I
Deal !Sirs: : Washington looking after the Interests
I have the honor to Inform : t
you ''This -
of his district and state.
that the Hon. J. I). Cottlngham Iras =
Telephone 91. Palatka Florida. tendered his resignation as Wuperlnttmdent does not mean an abandonment of :# We make it our policy to lCt'llnolle but goods of
of Public Instruction of Putnam his campaign for Governor, but ,1'

:: ----' ---- --- -- -- -- county, }Florida to take effect does mean. that he will not neglect : the best quality. Of nil the thousands, cans.! nndpackages = 4 4b
the Hd of November \11MIH. I
Ol.ellll' day
,Mis I.IICUH .
Millinery Uie duties of his
write to Inquire If It la the Intentionof present responsible to be seen on our counters! and shelves", : there is
We Fit The I Mlet! I Kate I,. I.ncns'H fall and win- the comity executive olllca to make canviiss for ,,",,1 h- wii

tul milllum'.y opening has !been one of Putnam county to call commltt..1 er. In thl.. he will havo the commendation not one that i is second grade. ii W i aft

of the 1..lInl\. | events ,of .the pruHfntwettk recommend, suitable of /all thoughtful clt Iens.Ifou !! '
In I'ahitka.. Jt was u woman's appointment aa Mr. Cottinghaln'esuccessor q When you! buy your supplies from us you ecu =
Hard to Fit. as contemplated\ by the Alfred !Sf.: Clulr brains In

.. exposition.Mllllnuiy. Slate Uemooratlc remainoura.'Platfoi? I have dally growing In favor, with tho people a# depend! on getting the! best in the market, and the price
the honor
to ,
\ na a flue art In nn assured for the ofllce of attorney general ;+

Thero are old feet and young feet certainty. The correct and artistic W. "8' jENNiNOHUovtrnor.\ Very Truly, and his clean, dignified speeches. are : in most cases as' low ae;! other houses ask for goods of an = (
adjustment of delicate ribbons.
And little, feet and great feet At the meeting the committeeon doing the work. inferior grade. III 1
curling feathers nnd fluffy cliltfoiiH,
iii ...
Pretty feet and homely feet, Tuesday the letter of Governor Senator H. F. Kirk who aspires to
harmoniousfrnincH '
on correspondingly! Jennings was read, after which the !1 We lecemng the new pack of DRIED and II!
tho ofllco of secretary of state has are now
And feet that do not mate, IB an altiilr of the uren.tuBt:; '

There are tender feet and tough feet, linpoitance to womankind' and the one world which appeals. committee'y, and decided the following not to call letter u primal has- nut he will biieu g"doing tat it much soon anil mmpoukingbut then he'llbegin : EVAPORATED FRUITS, New CEREALS: and haveN = rr',
: Narrow' feet! 1 and wide, been sent to tfovernor Jennings acquainting .
Is quite iibsuid for men to innke to grow In favor. Ho Is u man N stock. .
Short feat and long feet, ', fun! of the cin/e of women for J pretty him of the committee's decision who makes friends and his record =

And 'feoCyou: would like to hfdo. + lints, for Just na -long as they are Fla. In time legislature will. help to New Buckwheat Flour.
Palutka' Oct. :2O! mill.) .
It is quite a feat to cover feet'lu ___ win n.- Just. an long will the Tulr To Ills Excellency, strengthen him.Cliuiioe. = .
-- --- --- -
style and comfort too, + wiarors/ wimry their little heiuluwltli \Y. 'H."' J RNNiMitt Governor, 2
An.II' this ii is what you want, / I the desire to get mime piece of hvndirenr Tallahassee, f'la. to Make Money = cA V" I3RC>S. ,

I'll tell you w hat' to do that looks BO distinctively and Dear' Sir: The Postofllce Department Is asking -

Take your feet toCurry' Individually" their very own, tlmt The of Democrfttlo Putnam county Executive met today Committee for bids for carrying the mails In W Down-town Store' Graham Hotel Block '

they will hf known not ,only by I the (pursuant to call and decided not to Putnam county, and proposals will

& LaneAnd company they keep but by tho hulA cull a primary to select a successor be reclved until 4 p, in Deo. 1st. : Up-town store, cor Kirby and Kirkland Sts. ..
to Mr. J. D. Uottlnghain resigned. 11X13! for carrying{ the malls on the t
they wear.
S ''k It Is because thin craze thla love Do you wish the committee to recommend different routes in the county from iimu! I It LISA JHiMS- ,un /w Z '.m m m 1111 ini w; mi t m JOB Itl NGt! Jim mi,_ II ( fI
fit them in their !Shone; 1/
; A
1IKI4 June HOth 1UOB. All '
July let to '
benutlfnl nillllnury -----
Your will bother of the MitUllcally In Respectfully ?
corn never the you blues v that Miss Lucaa' store has JoHhi'H PKJCK, bidders U successful will bo obligedto Ituriflary at AVIlMou'w. mill. i
And have .
you will never Chairman Dem. Ex. Com. the of the mall OZONE FOR SKYSCRAPERS.
give carrying
!been thronged with ladies{ thin week. A valuable tool chest belonging to
J, N. UI.ACKWI. e'Mr.
their attention and must
They did not all buy, but they all (Bec'y.:, Dem. Kx. Com. peisonnl Haw FT*.h Air In Samillvd lo tlMoUcra AI. Tiombly was stolen from r

:New; Ar1: x: .gtgri:::: :Hotel: :: : 8ii\v 1 and enjoyed the exhibit of mod 'Hie State democratic platform un- live .on the line bidders.of the routes! onwhlclethey lall Bulldlna. the upper story of Wilson's mill !a l, ,
are (
Uli huts and bonnet, and to the der which the Governor acts states Hundreds ot awn and women are sometime Wednesday night. Mr a '
Some of these contracts pay good boxed up nil tIny long In little cageson 1 ?
LEMON ST. PALATKA. fLA. ec.totlo'I'omen who crowded around. emphatically that vacancies by frombly was three months In constructing +
have !been taken floor .of modem ofllce
.:Iwo Blnch from Bout Lauding :MoatConvanleut to Dolan Dopot. Rll/hila shniliir| dtstrlul I Ihe beautiful/ cieiitlons/ they appeared death resignation or otherwise shall money. every the of huddled tho chest and It wait. n very
too clloap.) If want to bid building let tills mum
HIM Men thorouahly rvnoVKtud. Hunt, Clean mid. Ilomellko. Ilol ami Cold Biulm an r/lVlllhhl1/ dreams of be filled by primary. !election. lu of the route get full humanity never suffers from OilY lack fine piece of workinanahlp\ and the ?t
bunuty. where this Is not done the ffovoruor on any you can la fact of It containing valuable tools iE
of fresh air. The ventilation
1 I rr....ample| UtHim. Kntto w,((10 and*J.iw/ per Pny mutes particulars at the Palutka postolllce. per'tecto
It Is only an mtlst, who can turnout would have tho right to appoint [ ,...._- -- a fact which often surprises forclfii presented' by Mr. Ohlin the representative wl'
Telephone|, oonrtootlim. with all tlfor polula. apoclnl llnliM. lo Table Uoanlora.U . I.iicaa of the Artklns. '
it perfect hat, and Miss without the recommendation A Itoust For 1)owlo. ( arcbltects. Saw Co., of Atlanta ,rl
him an artist. In the person of Minn of the committee. But It Is probablethat Time delivery of fresh air Into a skyscraper Ua., makes the loss keenly J

.Loi'IH DAII.CT.CHAU.. HILL1ABD ... .. ........ Anna Leddy, to whom credit for the he will ask the advice the noted Rev.Presbyterian Dr. Charles H.dlvlno Parkhurst.of Now the. Is as big a busleiis as the du- felt. There Is a large reward. ottered
pretty display of this week largely Dowle livery of water or electrl lty. It Is not for the apprehension\ of' the guilty
W Executive: Committee before making Yolk, went to hear "Klljab"
Is forced
fresh air
left to chance. Cold '
at Madison Square Gulden last Tuesday pa i ty or pa rtlea.W. ,
CO. i fall millinery. dim.Ilia Is trimmed It. Into the building by a Mowing engine
G. TOPER B BAILEY( 8 store beautifully night. As a result of that hearing -- -----
I w\II with 'vines, hnmboo, wild Mowers The reason for the committee's declining h& has seat to Dowle the following and pause through largo dints and a.Tllghinan and little son Tom '
l We are showlnir Home /and potted plants., It was no place to cull u primary was the ex. open letter controlling: registers. to the different visited Atlanta, da., this week. wIlon.
m beautifulldo"A in lull ,, for men but Home had the hardihood{ True, the expense would be "I do not want to presuming, rooms In winter this air Is liented
Ii pense. '
Fire Insurance: \ and Winter Millinery tu sneak In. An one man/ put It- but doubt If It Is any more by passing through colls of steam S. J. Hilburn has returned ,
:w creations and coicllnlly :t "I went to scotl but remained/ to m met to a certain extent by the candidates tions In me to come and try pre"ulllf- pipes. from a visit to Boston, where he wait li
American and Foreign T Invite the ladies of 1'al- jf! but none of them seemed to than It la for to come and\ t t
leading pay : you you Often the blower U arranged to do- .a guest at the banquet tendered by
el atka, as well as the Indies ;; 'This la the liistr day of the opening court It. The expense would be between I try to clarify New York ; I do not 'liver\ both but and cold air, and the the Ancient and Honorable Artillery'
from the country 'I! exhibit. $JGO and $100. All that a can know which of us has taken the j
Companies! \ when lu the city, to call. 'I! ---. .- heavier! contract. I attended your ducts are provided with mixingnlvea of Boston to the Ancient and Honor-
1 and Inspect them. didate could be expected to pay lai4ij which can be set to combine the two able of !c ,
:: Hub-Port. service at Madison {:Square Garden Artillery London and where ,
$ I'nlutkit "
Accident Insurance: : 11 .M) 5 cent of a year's salary.As blasts lu required proportion.
WHITE ( or per last evening, and I went determinedto any he made one, of tbe responses of tbe 9J
e MRS. E. W. \Ii,, U. A. Mncntee an agent of the tieiis- not more than two candidates enjoy It, if I could, and to bo benefit Thus one can have fresh air of exact. evenlujr.
The Travelers of Hartford I Palatka. Fla.Fst66d6deieflbE6sFbbbf6f \Ii ury department spout a couple of would feel wealthy enough to pay ted by It, and to go away and refute ly the temperature called tor. by the ., _A.-
b8@WL' of the I heard allegud .... _.... '' ii
dnys In Palatka last' week making an this assessment the balance of the some charges weather. W .htni a *
Life Insurance: claim against you. Hut It was of no Bad air Is got lid of by waif registers Sometimes a sweater that bag been I
Investigation Into Palalka's would fall on the committee.
expense use; your behavior on the I'111I fol'IOcrullh..d near the floor through which the sent out to be laundered will come back
for Ihe creation of a sub-port of entry cummmlttee Is composed of I
evcrythrub sympathy t
The Old Reliable "Germania' vitiated air escapes Into ducts which distorted In shape Often It 1* the
for thiN .city an recently urged: by of patriots but such an expense hud with you. 1 never heard' from u load to a large common outlet. above sleeves which will be abbreviated to ,
Life" of New York the board of trade; /and a petition for would try their patrtotlmn any public speaker wrath such and a dlschaige' .invec of the roof. Theao ducts niny be of sheet nothing or stretched to almost twice P
effervescent coarse
else for that matter.
which was ne\erul weeks ago forwnrdedto body's ----- -- tive. I went to hoar, you preach the Iron or they may be'of tile built In I their natural length. In the latter case, I
Marine'nsurarice: Washington. Woman's Club. Muntlitw., gospel, and you preached 1 Dowle, the wall eke chluuuey Baos Sometimes procure some thick boards, lust thee
I Upon the rrcoiiimnndationa t In the Zion City 'etin t {w t.' I was. ashamed. they are large space luclosed In length that you would" have th sleeves.

The Leadirag: Companies ""I>ort 1 ..r, Mri Mncntee, will depend' On Friday afteinoon Oct. 16th the of you and almost. ashauiud. to be In itbo I tIpper parts of the corrldon by Dip the sleeves Into boiling water, push ;t
members' of the Woman' Fuitnlght-. your audience.: 11. was a long way falsa tellings a board Into each so a. to stretch It ,
the action of the treasury d"I"U.t.1I11'lIt. ly club 'met In their club rooms for below the stntidaid, even of the 'circuses In other cases the bad air Is taken transversely. then dry la the hot suii. ;"
All Claims. PromptlySettled. the Is favorable, the I attended In the.
If report the second meeting the season. I that have' to the basement and discharged by an When dry, dip again In tolling. water, a
petition will be (granted. If unfavorable About thirty mrmbeia responded I coot ardel.derive )wax he.only that consolation It wan HO exhaust fan Into a tall outside shaft this time slightly salted and dry again

III I I It will bo denied, ti the roll call and a most Instructive abominable and so far beyond the ns6d for that purpose only.-New 1'ork tn the sun on the boards.!
0Mo 2q( Front St.:, : hla visit here Mr. !Mncatno Press
During ,
hounds of the respectable that even
mentlnir was held. __________
Imd interviews with Congressman. those in 'gallon, whir mild!\ Th* .-.!..._ ae La.... 4,
.1:1.- your roiiKtt '
-gecmtary reported that five Th. &..!!..( .. ..... .he' 'th e
_, Davis, Mayor Steen, Ueo. E. Gay, know what UllI'l llun ry Is, would! > rv "Do you know, said
GOOD WOOD I F II. Ilafnr A. now! names hud been presented to have no Idea that It had anything to Surgery U said to be older tban Brown have a skeleton In the closet)"
d. 'John CJ Tll/lnimn I he executive board for membership do with what you were saving. Of medicine, and probably In Its simplest "Oh no" be replied carelessly a
Wood that burn free, wood that IS Wilson aid others, and before and that the following had been course the ridfeulouMneg( the pe..- ounces\ It Is as old as uuniuu need for ,"But I'm sure of It, she Insisted. I

worki ejually right, either for leaving stated that he had verified unanimously elected members. of the tormance wait only enhanced' by thy It. Skull' of the ueolltala period give "And I'm just a. sure you're wrong*"

cooking or heating purpose' Try the better sort of SIIOKS: I! all the claims made In tlioHronrd of club: Miss Imogen Fearnsld,'Mr you Immensity chinned of to your be only pretentious.an If evidence hut the operation. of trepanning be retnrnnl. "The comment! I've beard
was tben practiced.The are enough to that that skeletonof
trade prove
Bend ;your order to j petition John T. 11011<1. the Misses Mooney man, there might be Nome
Costa but trifle more than He could not, however make even with what you OI'dlnar.v-l Hindoo nurgean Susruta, who tbel.tJo't\ In the closet at all; it.
Mulhollaud.The you.
recommendation and Miss lived several centuries before Christ, wandering alt over the neighborhood.**
ROOKS Cash known what hla rabble, but th rabbin I Is
ordinary k\nd.\ At bur price 8 would be. Business men are Inclined work for the afternoon was In natlng and can discriminate aa keenly |I bad more than a hundred different Chicago Post. wwi
Yard charge of Mis Celeste MacUregor. as the keenest between a prophut sorts of surgical Instrument*, and there
Wood you afford to buy the best.. to believe It will be favorable as a ., that his "Oral- Trot.....
can and the subjects for discussion were, and Juggler ; between an l ELIJah and hi abundant proof countrymen: Th of
and we will supply you. 'Phone 6. oi matter of Justice to the city' growing "the [1"OIle'ho made. New England mountebank.. I say this in head I were skilled In amputation, lithotomy -"Pa, wbat's a grain ot truth T"
: .Have you noticed ourpiicea interests.. ," "A famous New England of anger, but either. your U and operation for hernia (fistula and "It I III generally the thing that keep
---'- twisted or ynurienrtlureatomJoryome- lost and all the In the neighborhood
even for restoring our noses. women saying
FOR ,, whonl Steamer
BALK--" tern I ? Attention Company 1)1" town," "A glimpse' of Colonial have blundered badly! In your meth- I declare! '1 would
IDxAO. Launch 6x1) \tf. Cheap boat. School Shoes Hippocrates, who lived 40O B. C, wasa : 'Well never
"D"2dlteo.iNF Schools!: "Thi old Dominion In the od. You cannot, bully puoplo Into have It" 'You don't uyf 'Inever
If sold at onoe. Want larger boat ARMORY: Co. ) them I Into skillful surgeon, and discoveries by thought !
I will trade. John .E. Harris Saint :! K. S T. > Colonial Period" "The True story of Zlonlmnnor blackguard ot Heaven. I Eber and other In Egypt prove that did believe she was as Innocent
Francis. Fla. 9-2I">-4t If not,. why not l l'alatka, Fla., Oct. 20, '(011.8ptotly"'L ) Pocahontas" and "America' Old the will Klugdoiu take this In the kindly hope lip\1'''you In the ancient Egyptians practiced surgery aa she tried to make oatP and 1 folo f

"WANTED white : fiancee Masters.." which It Is offered, and that It will with suitable Instrument, nearly 'sorry for bar children"Chicago e

'nr colored for Woman general or house!girl work. Nm). 1, Topic. bearing. upon thes subjects be blessed to 3'oil" 0,000 year ago. Record-Hmrald.

Family of ilx. Uood wage to one'ofRblllty. An Inspection of the oompany will were assigned to all of the active :;:; 1 I r 'Among the six hermetic books of ------ ,
Fare paid. M ia. L. H. eity Shoe held" .at the Armory evening of, October this company S7th, members and each came prepared: to BAH -.fa PUll THBOUOH Bra mudlclna mentioned by Clement of Ha LnjjiirBD A Onaii Tatrrs. ; J
on Tuesday Hino. Alexandria devoted to surgical
"'RRI.. Bt. Francis. Fla. was one It U said of John Wesley that he ono
o'clock All memberi discuss fully her subject and the
1 ItJOft!, at 8 p. m. While opening a box J. C, Mount/ ?of I Instrument. Th Greeks. are aid to Mistress Wley\ : "Why: do you
Oo to Mr. Fuddy'i. Central Lemon lire hereby soewill beesummully general lesion. Thru Mil Bay N. Y., ran a tea peony thought to have learned the> Hindoo tell tbatuhlld tbe same thing over andover 1 t
atroet. for chicken aDd *. Also falling tn do The next meeting of the club will of hand. I "
egx! with. A drill In the manualfor nail through thu fleshy part bin methods, and the Romans wen Mtillel again "John Wesley beoaaaeooe
Qroeerlfl- tore'd dealt the medal will also beheld be In charge of the social committee, "I thought at onoe ol all. th.'i.lii and In surgery. telling 1* not enough." It 1 Ja for tae asaereason

+ If you want $0 gel your money'. at company tbla time. Hy order of who ire preparing!, to entertain the soreness this would cause ma," ho cav. that you are told attain/ and again
"aod Immediately applied Oh"mb..rlaln'ehiD that Chamborlalo's' Cough Remedy ourt-
worth; and see a COLD knookaot K. N. CALHOUN! members in a ualqu )manner. '
g / very
f Coind>, Balm and ooeMlonally nttwtwiinU.To 0'-th. world' bay crop' the, United cold. sod grip; that It counteract any ,.
Ilmproredl, u. Pe.): C;"o>:':. nt.hTar; ."f1aP, A. M. McIYER Prop. "D" Id.Captain Keg.Inr. F, ((8. T. All are requested to meet at the clubrooms my surprise It removed all pala andorenew But* .trow* as. OOOOO pound. ,Thus tendency oi these diseases to result fat ,
Cq. at the usual hour and to anti th, Injured part were BOOB U about half u meek a. Grmaay" t4nocA pneumonia, and thai It 1 la ple....at and '
Read the News and keep posted on Attestf R.E.pKY.! their thluibUs and HeedlM with .heated.. For sale. by' .\oaeJlIIM. Bt"...- ew0'tklr4I Y M BaftUnrt. ".. ..fetatake. for J....I" _* 'Ack._a A' tdAt

butt w anddollafcounty, .: One yllr, Palatka, Fla. 1,0 ggrgesat. tbaIfrelll, \lrter, e.('l"rl1l1i te, lea fR :' ., '-' lt'f l': 01N

+\ -


.' ...... %
:" t, : J( rr
art ,,, __1-11':; ,:;, 'i :..' ;' .,','1'''' ,' ',, '1,', ,,:.'" ",., '', ." '.. ''' ', :," ,', ,,' ,. n




_ kTy1.1' J '' fl : k I I ,

_ r .


.____ .____ __ .. ___ .__.._. __ _'_ _._____ -----r---- TH- '- --=
: .. IfIIiiAb! ;; --- : .


I fi i AND ADVERTISER o-r.E: .:: ::. :tN"GS:: FALL .. & STEWART


Kntonul: at (the Palatku postoffloe as mallnblo matter No Target| For a Oemtlemiiii. Implement Wholesale and Retail
fi k, uf the second clium.FnbllBboil Druggists. *
___ _ It v nit oiia of the t present Lord Crawford'*.ancestors,
'i ______ the twi utv-lhirii unrl of Crawford and sixth earl of Bal- wants await I _

,i ____________ nt Vulatka.. Fin., on. Friday by oarrea, who received 13 bullets through his ooat at the 1
attU ..f 1 U Introduced blm to
TtuonUeraira. George n'8TRKCErvEULAUoa
:RUSSELL: & VICKERS the At orlcaii UPII. Arnold you here. : Fresh Garden Seed ro.r.1l
"A ::11 i I the traitor he iiskod LOT. LAN DRKTJI'8
\ Whereupon i u challenge from Arnold eiiRiied.Til. Mend 'la f urunl r>. I'l&nllnllo
I WM. A. KUBBKLL EDITOR. .. earl couHitnted to a meeting on the field of L We are proud of our

lonoi'. Arnold missed him whereupon the earl walked IltTIDTJ: : COUGH CURE: ,

OWlirs wti. "STREET, : STUNT. away. \ \Z4' line of reliable 25 cents par bottle. Guaranteed by
"VV liy don't you fire? cried. Arnold."A .

John Alexander. Dome, sometimes called EIJj jab you !I" tlu- peer exclaimed ojntemptuouHly over makes. ACK RMAN A STEWART. DRUGGISTS.
fi ils-sin'uidcr! "No, sir; I leave you to the execu
of Zion whatever that meanis .
1\02, the apostle may tioner.- Chioso 'I' ibune. -=

fl now in New York with- It,500 of hiaco-iealota to .-- Planet Junior Implements, ;
carry out his long advertised intention of invading Very ") Plows .
A Itoavorth wonmn' who 1 IK, noted for her skill In the Oliver Chilled ,
:! Wall street. olllllu.. art had some compi'iy for dinner the other a. IlIu3. --

_ John Alexander has had thoughts lately that he day.v h..n dttRseil was piiBHud one 'uf the KUOBta re- Brinley'!: Steel Plows. ..flIe, 5mm. ..,O. So ifS OotWllmo, Jdo..unvilio alum Some \.rk "0 :ill 1'1.' DI ;;--

nuecled a broader field than the one occupied by a marked, ii| 'lulrt'll1ow sho got such apnlty "dcallop" on edge. . .
-- pI\ C'' 01151 aLVJmmmmUIm, raft of weak women and weaker moo.e He nearly fell deed when she r"i>ll"d. OH, that In easy ; 1120" a 4 "II .im 'em 110 ml. Lv iimsvammflall. Omi..H u'horn imy Ar 8 'u .. '," 10 a SIC: pIt
I use lily false teeth,"-lioMwoith StarHeiHInoleSS35S /! I 00 a U 88 I' ..1 I'' pAr mmlmmmbI.u' ,. .., 110 .......I4omnllmsrmi! ity Lv I on a 'la P11M
And BO determined to beard the bulls and bears in..1118'' .a 9 VI" I' Ar emmsrl'llu. 1'1' 0..... .... .. 5miimorm' Ity L'IIO P '., "II.. ..;' aIII
>= Z53llio Oti 5 43 aIm lit A' 0.rmemslsmmNO, 1I..lIor". 1(1 Lv a"" 11.8 1 1S
"p I' p
in their fiiHtiii'sa onV"all stroet and BOB how many US C 0 ii iLk? niAr lemimmylfIm'' ', v. . .. .. 1Io".r". II' Le mz ii Il. a.11II r !
New Little Girl.A -
fi: 1 captains of industry he conld induce to give up their the alll: I' IINI mAi'RIhmlmmimIVmi, <1 . ... Hmmutern, ILl' LyISso\ P .. il 08-
ftmnle child nppronohed me not lonir ago on I .. .
-- --
fi fi mad 1 rush for money and turn u'liat they have tnads street. An ilr ot refinement lid good breeding; attended -4 Il p Mm In; r fynelmt'mrg:. :, ..vj .,.11000.0: fly t: au iTr I Ii; u ';
I ; : : : ; r.r.I \
JfsmrIilnvIlIm. I 4m4
her. observed, h" C It) mm HO IA Ar ( m .p
over to him to build up a Greater Zion. 1II1\1"'lll\lId pli-nHnntlv r.'Hello I .1.' 1'1" ii II I .U a Ar W""hh''o"' ii ti .. ..l1on\.rn, 1(7 L" III) 81 .. 8", :.I
trriindnur' exclaimed ihe child. "Itns anyody fimmlipiiOn mlUmmmiArIimimIlmm..eMmI"' ........ .. .P.KkLv eas a HC&; P
: John Alexander did not give that as the exact > snmi our cat?" \ ml iSmi itiilaArPinIlmtdmmlPIIIftl'O ....... cult, L. sam ii lie mma n20'I ..110::10 :
J innrto 18 a .Id I I.Ar Now Ifo.kC V.... .. .. .. 'P. B B Lv 1* me a IS si ,
no reply. I Ip"k 'IIU
reason of his present invasion, of course. I"lorida. 1',16.1 \ P
V, "!-\ LIP," said<1 the child "If you don't happen to a1it1a : .. -. --
lie claims that he is out on a soul-saving stunt. have ninmiuitml\ jour voice. 1 'voloMt kind of n tall uat, ': ... imma.; ::Cl mimimi.;, 9 : "Th'0 Nimmlla'rml: Palm Llm".I." oll" vestIbule; train ;;rPIIII"an-" ;;;..

,'$, Poor John Alexander I II !lone oil. .in a. torolhn.! xludl! .finish.. Her foot.. ; don't track! S .U- ----_".'---L .E- 1.. '1r ".'.:'':: \'.:' :'''. :.:'! ':::::.':t: : I:: '.':,.'; ::',, I :" ':.:' :. ,,....o ,SiCkSflflVflIeNos. .

What do is to happen to him OUt RhO a sound nnu( KII\U. city Drone, mnmis wiuiout. -_ : 98-nml,;: HI:- ; New; -Ynrk- -'d-; Florida; Exprewi"; ; Pullman -drawing-: ; room nlocnlnii
1 going{ "ml Jean Amid
suppose the of Laura LlbbeyWheri"
hitching to
yon : answers name FOB
I I NOTICE Otf APPLICATION llnlnaoiin* b.n J okHonvllle. amId Now Ytiitf, (Jvoutloii. bolttrveii J.......aoiivlllti and \Vai.. .
fi after he has lu-en set down for a few minutes among U. SliP?" Orlgla of 5 r......". Suylnil. Tax Di'od Undnr Bui.tion H of Chapter ||
i "Younr: woman," said I. "I am not aware that I Euclid. who Is somctliiXHt vnlluil the I Liws of Floihims.NLloe {No'il'wa'i'in: : : to.RnlilnKlon' anil' Florida' Minimi.. Pullmnu .. rlonuini, /? .
J the fierce animals that throng the {floor of the greatmoney have thn. !honor of your acquittance." '' father of umtlii'iunllos might( thiseub3ect I' .IHHH. l-liflrebyglveo\ that Wllllnros .'Htwami JIM,, .knonvllln,, mid, NowonnbulmiaiiUiililinlilnaiiil iubliiittou.. York! Coat Dally'hm. bjtMoon, ......... allJ1W".I": *....". """"fIS !

market? "JJon'r let that c"uee you any In8omnln;>|rriuidpa Iu the famous. scliool, at .Alt'I. ,.. Co) purchaser of Tax Cvrtlllcate '= ==-...:. =--- -
Hiitd 1 III<. .feniHl child "I'm, not trying to nmke, a hit sudrla Being uskud 0110 dny by the No. 2H4 ilatad time let day of July, A. ;i iI--- TIIH.HJUU 1;;LAND Or TUB 8K Now,

Can't you imagine his finish"ouIdu't ? w hIm you. Either jou'veseeu, niy oat or 'ou haven't.If king of Egypt (Ptuluuiy SuU'i: I"I lii'tlicr V, 11)01() ) has IHod said cprtllluate ID my TlJli -;;- i-: ... .. ..... JIl..nvlllo. 1'1".M..ul".n By sr'.- -

4 i: \, you like to see a before and after picture I you hnven, well, pnitl" a frIendly nay, with no he could not teach him time sclvnco" III olllon" and has made application for t las U..Bm II L"......... .. . ... ....IfIoya"',...... (3.1. .... Southern' 117 A. 9 a m, aHi
; clothpntoin. If you have, I'd like yon lo produce, dig deed to Issue la uac-ordunoe with law. 8 O. a Ar .. .. . .........Ou.'mhl". sti..SOmmtIei'II I\y I,. I Its a
? up and leHnqulHh the onto 18 It a go? Is there anything a shorter way Euclid uusneiud' In Said cnttllloate embraces the following Illn..mm A. .. .. .. .. .. A.llu.II'o.NO' ......... onll'.ru! Dy....,...Lv 4 mom i a

-Li_ That he would receive a warm, hearty reception doing In "the feline way?" words Hint have been uipiiioiuulc, ever! to uVsorlbml, property situated la Putnam g. r. ci'or :' :.:: :': ... :. : .:: :. Knoavi ilotsfmrflmga Ic: Tao, ;- .a., ::: .. ,Somitinoru" lt'l''''''' t Milt II all ?
v "
No. said I. since "Sin, there Is no royal rom county Florida, to wit : 1113" A. .. ... .. .. . .. (JluoiIlunsli. Olifu..Qmieeil A t'reeeelt..Le in
knows Wall .
: there was no doubt. Anyone who "Then so long Hiitd the female child. learning" Not many scraps of couersstlon Lot 10. section 81, township 10, rango

d street could predict that. This., air. I presume IK the result of our system of have lived. as this. reply bus for2.200yoars. 23-M: ) acres. -No.. osmilOu..pmmlmnauirawimmg. .. ro..n. atm,! buffet "loopl"l oar bol"n J.k."O.I-d! .;
eduetttonal and home training, allowing children to develop Tho said land, being assessed at the '. "--
: !? :
If there is anything left of the brave John the linen least Posl- ==-- ---- = -
fl along of reeIRtRllc"-Syraou date of the issuance of such oertincnte 5 No lt: JIoiwoanJmimmksoovIile: and tmm.N.rthammd.. W...... imoI4 ,
Alexander after he has tarried in Wall street a few Btandaid. III tho namoof Qeo. Ahoadmen. UulesB .! .
lfl _ A Hard n..I. be rednemedncooithng 0211; ;; .; ;; ;.. L"....... .JllCk."vlllul'la... ..... ..lIouihorn Ity .. .. tr sOus., Keep
,_ it will bo because he had provided himself i Ishnrd. said I oertinuato shall Id 61 1110 fB p LV .. o."pua. .. .. .. "Ih..o n'..... .r flee ml &
::1 days Maxim* of Succemt. "The wny of the trunsRrrfisor to law. tax deed wll! Issue a /ire I' 8'" ii Ar. . ... MIOOU".U" .. .... .. .. ......u.'r.oHy..' ..... :L. I hf.. a lI..p 200.
with a flying machine patterned after that o( the ." quoted tile earnest cltl/vu. thor nll..n,, the UKttt day of October A Gill I' 5 *) .. ft .... .. AlmmintihU& ..._.... ... .. 4.. lIuho.na'...... ..lIIr06I'IUtJ.' :
fi "Of the many maxims of success given to young "" answered St: I' 'II., u .... ... .. .. lIo"ou.6" . ..... .. ."u'hur" Uy..I.v, 810 mmS
fl prophet whose prototype he claims to be, and with men" remarked the club man as he laid aside the newspaper "It Is unquostloiinlily D. 11)03Wltnes) >16 I' eaa a Am'.. ... .. .... D"U.. .. ..... .. .. .. .....h..OHy..".. l.v Tit I' '_
Senator Sorghum 'iho way people my official, signature and seal I p 40 Ar .. .Ulmlaomogs, 'n HommIlmern' NY...... i.e K 0
which he can soar "fur from themaddeuing crowd." i he had been reading, "these should be valuable to have to employ lawyers anti stand Investigations this the :iUd: day of Hipt. A D 11103.tI.11 ) : ro a l II) : Af : :: :: LaImmglm.n: ::: ll .. .: : gusoo S Cassusint' .1: I ion ,p If imi :
fellows who are starting out Into the wide world to make JOSEPH PKICE 7 all a t 5mm I' Ar..UmuuImnmI.if. "h'o.' ....uouu. a o..u" ,1V'to.: a 5 ..a 0i
e;;;;: ;. their mark. The and maxims of certain rich Is calculated. to cut down ( .
__ : UK: HTttLK: FOR WiFE: AJJ1 BABY. families. who have proverbs met with so much success are: proms terribly."-Washington% Star. Clerk Ct.. Ct. of Putnam, county, Florida. ;i-n; a;; r L".... .. .. OIno no.11. OhIO 111 ram,. U."I.. .ir -ii. ; ;; ;
I? G mill I' 7 10 a Ar . ..OInIOgui, III .. . ..ltlll 10cr 1I0u". f.v 8110 P 1.0.
1. A stitch In time saves nine. .
m It is from out the crowded cities that you get 2. Morgan and his gold are soon parted, That Wn All. MASTER'S PALE. ,j;) ii a 8G I' Lv.. ... ....O..e'n".Olllo.. .. ... ....nll. Un. .....:. Ar 01$ -lmmmp
hold of stories that reflect the real miseries of life. 8. Policy l Is the best hon.. ty. "Marln." inantlcd Mr. Blllus In a 0Cm.) p 110 sAr .,. .. .. .. .. ..PoUu. LI.. ..'..... .. i.e H4llpImtOmsN '

.t 4. It Is l easier for the camel to pass through a lond "wbnt have you been doingto Notice I iHliornUv' KlT4''ii tlmt' niuturund' by lr- ;) -;; .IDI.L" ....... .(JIimeInnmlitl, 01mb...... 'C. II. C D-Moooa Ar 1"P;; ;
''it; Recently the papers told of Frank Hall of Chicago. needle's eye than it U for a rich.man to get arrested. voice I lnr4. of aanrlHln: micros: nf furochiMiirtt: niui: sale ems p 705.1 Ar .... Olilellfl'', .. ..... V. <<.a U. IIIullo" I.. !<"''I10 p Iou
my rirzor: ? h"'ol..r.' nut l 0 In. ceO l )bf lime Circuit Ooiirt. .
tuT Hall could not stand by and see his wife and baby 6. Flint' bind ; then !grind. "Not bing." sakl Mrs. Bllhm.. "except ..r m le, 1'nltoil' Rim' .* .. Hfili. Ju.Hulfil. cinnitt' I In. ;-;\ -;.. U .G pL".0- ulll -lIloh"o" Cr 8M. hip
0. Oil l Is not gold that glitters Fl-! nntl for I1i,.. Kttiihnrn, IHmrlci' off roil 'lit, InchittKirv 8 11I.1' 6 IG a Ar. .. ........lo .,. 01mb. ... . .. CII.. I' .. i.e ''WI P mi'" P
starve. Thereupon he turned amateur burglar. 7. Never do anyone tomorrow when he can be done sharpening It again. after shoving .,, ,..ltlIw' I 1" ,amrutin mamma [MtiiMiffIn I "om.) I' I .Oil H Af..ilolmif. Slab. .... ouao .. .. 1.m YI""plnOp m
is 18 do's tall with It. It'loli right Isn't itChiemigo ?' I Mil. .1 t Oman. whirolii. ., Ulinrlun' II. iHHiimnl. Int
ti Mrs. Hall is a slip of a girl who says she today. unti In'niiiit, nL.II.J,,.eii:!b: fi Ltu nn and, l ottioratt ..00011; ;; I' L". .. cmumelminati, 01mb) .. .. PeIlO Lines .\r :JiIp
babe is mite. The 8 Haste makes money. Trlbilne.D o ,iloftoi.,,I intH, um..l''IsIgmsl( I K. K lliutkn 1 1i a e" C 00 ml Ar. .. .I'Il"'bu.s.l'a. : ... .. C I.e aml
The lapl
L but looks younger./ a mere 9. .Never throw away the bunghele! of the barrel. I S MpMliil, :Ain..... In Chmmirv, apMiinAi" | I 'in ..! !
husband himself is a runt of a fellow. 10. If at first you don't succeed!, do, do your filend .. rlnnlnic It. nml, 1 liv HI.|1.1| "dot"" '"it'o, will). <>n )"... ,my. iimotii) <|ityif 811 a V .0 p LV''. ... OfmmtionoilOIIo, .... Ills. Pour -:-: Sr 8/10/ .11/100/
fl $1 scrawny { ( Oit., r, A 1> 15,0', iliirlnK, time lujnl huur "I a III') P a 4.i a .L'. CI.vnl..Obla,, Big' I'Ull' 1.. .... P I lOmim P
I I. He laughs best who laughs t. "I never beard Dlnainoro, acknowledge male' In from. ot I tlio court IHIIIHI* tl walked the
-A Hall got ou, of a job. He streets 12. Every!: day has his dog. that he was\ giowtng old before u l.v..1 ..1.'I i kit. 'iiirmin. County' hUttoof' FM>r. I 'Jo a 6 .o I' Ly (1..lon... K,. ... m400lhsrn n,...;...... .. u 10.i. ft jP,; ;
'. after to find work. lIe was willing to do 18. Love of money Is the root of all evil. Grab a filn..! err (d>r tuilii. nt. imlilto, niu-l|I"ii limit, sill 1"11II a H 1ft I' Al' I.oumeviime. Ity. .. .MouiIemm. ........ Lv H' a Too, p
day day root. today. HI..ll I la the hluh",.r.t ntut, Inmt bid, It r for ca. .li mIme' I ..7"" u Ar .. Si. 0,0cm.. Mm .. .. Southern" .,....... .. I.e lOOK p .04aC
acknowledge It?" l I" 'i"ollV nio.orlbl) In HRII,I UecreuuC funaloHureand -
he did be -
anything. Finally he told his wife was going to 14. Hitch your pipe line to a star. After that you "How sale* a. 'oil"I WH, au I' L' . i.mXtflultmfm Kf. momllmarn.. a'.......... A. iO at s :
"lie annouiH-oU that lie felt Just .as 'IhoHten'nor Mttninora' l igotlinr with nil mad 1.omnfsI IC Ky .. Psimu Ilimes' ...... L.Vl
fl'' I steal some stuff from a flat to buy food. own the star..-Philadelphia Press. young as be ever did."-Detroit Free Dliiitiilnr': : Itor btilinrK, unffln: 5, tool*, lUturtwiiipll :' :: f ::: m'mn :. '.::..:. : ',. \ ::: : .:: ., ,.' Lel : emp: .
( nu"'M Hiid, tiiriklluiti <>f over>' kin nttiilitsiilp ,
and tried find .
; The police discovered the theft to Brother Williams' Troubles."I Press. ; .Inn, whatHmiver lo .AI|,,1! ainbttai" ., bo- N'.s 6 and A -* (iflmtg.! .itmn \ Florl l Ia Bpeolal" tt )mIld veaLlhule: tnttu b 'leemimi' JmoksmmmmtII, B
7 iiKuitf or In, AIIV wlHoapporiHlnlnitIho ',,' nod. Clmtliuiall.: Arrives dntly exoept StatttlnyS) I Iomi.oe a* K excnpt Humlnvi I; thrmiitt Pull:,
H. Il. For three days they put the slip of a woman don't could 'rest Br'er WI1lliiirm !- HliKinlHint' AlllicnUjrf tottolhor wl b .II mull. IrnwhiK. ruom .".,pl"S ours to Cliti,'nun vie illS P.Miri. b* I UlMbura VM| Pduiittylvtinlu. LII,...
,' her husband's see how come icy Still 0..'. Blntrnlitr.. h