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itvury TliB Tuosilay.' Thnrmlny, Nil, HiuiiiiJuy1'ivlntkn laid up( many, lIu"do"l.Iup'uvn. "- rnrloiiH," wns tIle aautnwer.-.Pltlntid-, Ono of the clergymen who wnpresHht W C Hargrovo,1-1 Hurt, '1111 W D"8tLh."r MEN'B URIItheolty.: Straw Hats I will-pay you .\
I ; at an in. Ill* ,aam,) days.::1 Uoliiinliiii:::: plila Ludgor.( at tho o"llll of the U.n..rll Ralph cl.rk.Pr..clnct to boy one foi speelnl' I )", .Iole.
ments will bn
... made. New Mock of Klilria nnil Underwear..
Lila limit, limvua. orosuont Oily nn Mniulny. w ilnolay Tlieologlcr.l was spenklnn No. 12-N H Morgana, NO
;t at Much 10: a Pi. m.luay ami at 7 at a.JmikHonvlllu'in., arrlvlnii; ,, at al 4'fafitka Sill-, Unite a largo crowd of Croncpiit ,\ Moral I .Sitasloron' IO\|l.wllelt. of the l iiHhl'ulness of the late Dean Davis, K J Oiiy, L C I1.h.ns. Also new Uess Uoods, Hidtlnga' Walstlngs Bn llantlnas HearletUs Chambras" -,

p. inNo iinrmin amY M>k flu' ,, ati>niuor. Lr>n.mini City people attended the "Sli nu Deems to have almiKloiipil, her Hotnv.an. clerk. 01'1111"' l'tt 0. I
for Oreiwunt .:wllhiiut .xpi>rti I nolnir. ', campmnetngat 1 mural Hiuislon 'ideas to I the r'Tho tieiu,.." said the John, Fresh
,sluw, imuitliii of |iliamira anil a nluirt, nuip. lit Fruit Illud last Sunday, rlnlvl. clnrgyman Precinct No. 1- H <.Jolrl'r, Groceries on every boat. Prices the Lowest.
among "was at
tospenk at
of eb lid
ran. upon N J AU Philips
or lllo training c"l..d IAR AUrainger, Tllghman, -
Ifltik'N man wniiian a
toilet Mi"; little',juror' isIty of Mio plant.mim7 the number "being Hon. J. 11. lliu-p : "Sli him." in thin Interests I clerk. C. L. CIiAMIIRILIN| Cr. o..ntClty. Flu.Don't .

Ill lisa town !ptypur! ara Homo Lisa of Mm, 'mimfbfianillul vnd, family, J{. 11[ White, K.: I). "How did I It; happen?" enlist wliti'h received many benefactions ,' Precinct No. H J T Brow Pal -
fimi'il In main
bi lift an* -
hiiniiiN aullurOil, anil' | mhiiriMitiTIMTCI Bounds Air. and Mrs. H. V. JohiiHon "Well, I was largely llstruuunetliltl, from him. He spoke briefly ol McUruw, Martin sr. C I How- '"
are I'
iteoiiln UI'lln
limo ,
: :: : rcli-:: : In .. You the ineiltx of tho cause, and then w .
l,.11 uoinl nohoiil, two -FI>|* bringing about the cliiingK.i ton, clerk. Want your money
\.1rs.V.. ]1). Jlenlmni '
anil: Prwfoytorliiii:: : !: -and' two IMIMI: : liiiinlh.bi ,hul.rJ, 11'11. J. C.UrhnBley Hoe, HIO! hIlls no chld'ell of her owi.mil ii mild, apologetically : I' Precinct No. H.nl. J II -
pliuwa wlii'io *
Hltli.iipliiiHaiifc lio ulitalnod.pilvato llnuil and bnarillno hoimol 1IHII May HutchhiHon. I II'OW "I'nry her roiiMtan! 1 am not much of nspraker.Ainenl' -" I Fry Henry ttru.V K: Wattles, .

mm>"rliMB" are nioiloralo.. Tlio 'ponplo Imvo |no.viiimi Miss Ncwbold and many l.r"'IOhlll' I thaollzlnllIo I loimec rexponded a Methodist clerk., Unle, .a you Rue eatlnnnd with what you buy. Our ads cover a (food stpokof

wnll kopt gulf UnkH for Mm onuiriHin.infill .' others whoso namos the News did I'r in. hid Inr from thou ii I rut row. Precinct No. 1(1-J O Osteen J I goo,18.Vo con save you
nf bonus who like Milit alll..urno..t.UruHU."OIlY "rhe.doan Momewliat, disconcerted
titan Isai isicti horyour boy? Winibea'iy I leo K: Jus MUhesser
IIIIH "niiiro nratiico Unions
uranKn outturn. lot obtain. 1'ri'ulMuly. Slio was to hnvo him ont Inll" iv w ii ile, full Hunt salt): < $
any othur Miwn hi 'ho Ont"JlY. ( cl"lk.1'r."h"t 10 to'15 per cent on Dry i to $3 -on a suit
C In lila loHdlnic itooiipntlitn til LIla ponpltthiiil' ,' tlmquallly The ladles of the Village uiipi'nve. a weelc on her Holmim, PI'OIIINI tconlliii <) ''[11 detain you oiily I moment i No. 17-W J Vmme, O J Goos.
of thin fruit hai* liinit hiH'ii roitunlfil' annii horsilf iunrutl, longer.' of clothes, 25C to 75C of pants, 25C to soc
..rlor to Mint (rnwn Inaiiyotlmr ""oU.... of iient AsHoulatlon. have had the un entlruly Hast. K: H Kdgar: F H Vance clerk.
thn|>Mtato.. Alnmnt ovary Ott mon nf tlm plnuohnna siinsioii.1'' 'AI..lul/t'/ again 1 broke In the Preclnet No. IH-J A Ktuiglnt, I K B on u hat, 25C to $i on a trunk 24C to toe on every
wnll-kopt Itrovo, tniiity nf which ouiuipyth grollllllroulld their Central aveiuiHroperty "1)Imi nlio keep her promlHc?" ,'OW. and tho d"1' Perry, B Price, L W "

., *,iiniwilnunf. 'Into tho omintry tlio Inaoipnialliin".....k. ''lha., whllonthurnxtiMHl ", ,,...'11111I" I > I'leamd and placed in fltst. "Ihl.lhl. hill. at I the I'xplrntlen ol Hit down very red In tho fact, hit he clerk. 1 'cllal. pair of stockings, 25C to 75c on a pair of shoes. 100'

of I'rnnuuiit( till aio llvn: niun.: : anil limy Hhnwjnn I IIIHH shnpo for the winter if the ". ,. otime lonni wllh I 111'I, cIJ"Allt all hugely when he learn- Product, No. 19-W B Oreen I, W Cliundy pairs of shoes a little too pointed for the present
; : whlt'li wiiulil iln t-roil it Ui lu luer and 1 for Unit I Ui man in tlm
kn nf 0noila nmnyT t'yt't4 pleiukd purmlssloil If.rwll'll leo Lalillow, K
tile Inritor nltlim nf tim,, .,..,.. Llvlnx' I Inclumpor l"OCIUtlul never did. another thingor to \hnl.I him, j Just 011"0.-- WIli verytiref nnd had Interjected cl.I'k. I Lllu. fashion will be sold at 50 percent discount.
Mian alinoHt any othor town in tho I the town than ti et this his .
atam.flio" > good ex Hrook yIn Kngle.: approhiition entirely on Precinct No. 20-14 A HrJ'RIIV t

Rtrot'tw aro llnml wllh almiln. traIn andtliKnatlvo "111.to property, onners, It would frill h, not on imelhring.-New YOlk Carter, L 1 KKConwny, clerk. New stock of Window Shades.
hIvo.mu.k'u.and bmad Ahull wulkb aroInlil to ontlllci Moiiiiiui'iit to ii I'rt'iifliur.Venllliy.iiiiil Times.KIIUil. _ -W F Sweat, W M I
Mm prlimlpul .''ro,,'.. llluyjlo pathn' hI I to voh'l l'r..cllct. Ni.
nn n \ I lih last of Ills family, Register Andrew Larson H J J Hancock (
load .In many dlroulliiiiH.ri C incl. u ruspocl fill 1 lu inattoi'H till Alter Father -
hearing W. !'. No.tol., of 1IIIHvle. Jlh. clerk CONE The Shoe Man
'; to'1; mmlclpal-"but tho iissoclationvlll Cllt Shot Cut.
,rtln ln t'l-wnnHiit CIty nlrlnif IIIIH orectpd I pusi granIte I Bln.k l'a'achwt No. 22-K W "mlh. O W ,

ai'rlltn: rnr, .tlilH! ..r.i:: : ,'.ir.tfi wlnlilnir, may laura t<> rm.ie thtlinilmm Mtlmlraulmi > tb lo flora iiioiiuiiient III Cavo Hill veiiKtury, LeRoy Klsuiihower, the 8y ".ckl, L Moore, H ,

ntiil. ...|......y whit Mr. 1C.: I). l....."... at Maxon, piintnlllov whw li. our aiitlliirlttDiltticwiit.citps l"HHI'S. l Ir. Jnn, A.Broadus( fanioUMileoonseil which Is mipposed, to 'hal' frol Pr..ollct. No. 28-MoriU Kohl 'VI Crescent City Florida.

I'I'NTU..ry i-KiiAl-iTms ron -IKK Jadgett Jr. and, others went over the |1si'siiliuIut,, of I Ul South)'rn Baptist witch's spell, VE.11d tOhy.'rle Iv.rl, H Merwln, K: U Kelly, cl ,
TKM : ono last week tloe'r.Sarly riieoUigicnl Meinlnary, Tha si tuft I. W"I hlrlet I Precinct No. 24-J H Ambrose" J -
ViKYR: .\ >INI,> I TlHlblt.: 11, 19 fi. -K. It Ilku night .nor' oil t Ire neighborhood, i excited i,
W1LL1AMH",UUHK11VE1I. the next morning they wen )lems u t II i It touching I Inscription: the umiTsa Iras II"V.rl I deaths which P Beau, Robt <..J"lrncs.VI Heal SOUTHERN RAILWAY
)I. ". MillTA.nftP.M. =
clerk. t ---- -- -
fur r..' !awarded by the sight of 1 hiI buck hove occurred in vicinity recently Precinct No. 2fi P L .. K S I _
..'...I.'r.) O P. M..IK l ha. it li.. GentlniKiss of I the Liunb, urn attributed to the SIUI. cause. 1Ipl..n. FECTVOVT.1IUI. .
II. Hmnrday ..?lh enl ';4 74 weighing considerably f UN) '' 1. 1 In this them are brooms, Henry Miller, IUI'I'I&AO ttoU'I'K I I :: I I ". IUT 11 '
many : :
HAXI Strength of I,ioti, rOlul I billy, ;
4. Hunilny, 07 l lilt. 71 04 loundtt. A shot from Mr. Neal's IIINOI lll In 1'1'KOI11 clerk. LH.huy I : _ _ _ >
11. M...." ly in, H7 77* 'XImi''' on. gun 'I'h.Wisdom of Hololl.n. who a strong bullet LoJ": : ,unvhaao, 1"'I.rll, lay. I O"". Tiik., L. Jmcksouvitio, M..I.h..rn. aty... p
14. TiiHvlay ,73 Iii> 74 Hit 00 l ought the anhnnl low. JanieH KrnrllloHcholar i t ; famous preacher; existence of .witches. Witness my hand and seal tills October I.v M"VOUIU,. 1I1'h, udy..I I i 10 P n4 nIl.n L. JU."I', "',,Iur" Iy..... 10 fh P
7.1 77 7r! '* Mrs. ICIsenbower the witch Lv (iuiIt liLt... H"'bo.nny., ; Ph"P a 100 n Ar ?uIioium. .. IC.a
10. Winliiiiiiiliiy.,70HI. I t I in I Israel! to 1 Him 1 Tills Nays 7 lUtia. 1'KICIi 8"'hurDly.
the tilt
777H 'adgutt went to Name on 'A ii ; >SKl'U .,. ..
III 00 "
70 717l placo Ar I I' S nut a
Tlmnulay had been woiklng I on her child almost Ivlu. "lthu.lly.1107" IO A.la. ... .
17. Friday ,1U74 ,>. 8a 00 'llcitiy night and succeeded In got- blmH. Is I it htMl to bland' birth. thin Clerk Board -._- __ u Whllo Time Lusts toMJuk HincH Its 'During Ar ". 1t ,.t. : umui'a ttv;...: 04 a
lime she continued, child suffered r.y""hhl'(1 1.hurlly. hip A. ,,' ", ,
100Lh"r.Mr. Ills Lust I "th. ., .1..11 Iy .t
""' "" tint Orlt"-'hl i ll' P :: .: .
.. .
'l tortures, utah wait atlllctud with \\f A .I"" ." .rlty .
Ezra Brown was entertained, Mansion of 1ST W..hll'OI., I. thmu'riu R1 .In I II ... 44 a
S Personal l and Social.MIHH Mortality", a Fovbln Token of all kinds of aches and pains. An oltlwnuuiin 'I A.I.U"1, 1.1.1.. ..\ U., I ill II A LVI el".oR.. .1..o.lly.lo""Or. ""." 1"'a
at dinner last Hltll''y by 11'' A. In front of tine house I"'I' : ''JM ml :4.5 ii Al' 0 i a. Qu. mti N I r.iUiui I Ut
: I
t U. 'I'ol'ey. Mrs Jlrnwn formerly' Khileeiii for ills and V"I'rllol v about six weeks to see the "bamh,3', Quail and Turkey will be ArNowYurt. K. L: ::: p lila Ar ar Nmumort.; : IJuu.ii IJuluuiuli, I, CrocO IJrunoeu.t: : 10 St>;

% PtOIY ,ind idiicn nlo Kiilferlngs, have al NoW York lout batty f."n, \ : : : .. : &
lIved at Urovesdiiltt and with her "Tho Lust Lenf of tine Tre,i"of the t.hol ripe for the season. I" Florll.'F".r.. Ar mJuomm lit
Kllxnbeth CliH) IIIIH returned W. F. Norton Family.ClirlNtuuilty hoe I ," i Ii a oulse. Tlio ,neighbors suld 1111. "...luolIIY 0..1..101..1, .tiokAt C'II"' ", I..D I ..,' T du P
luwbaiid "UdSOII was well/knowii to Wo are rea with 81.IIu luw >. .. ,
TlionniH was bewitched. I atp
LYii i. ;i
from New York city. tblt di .
ill our old soil She Is hern, for So. tO. tvftnuugLiin. 1.,1 Inl F..I.I. ," ", ate I a
leI' nil I I I In my power to break I tlm "'"01. 8,000 LOADED SHELLS club L. i"o.l. II .
1.11"...1..1' Poummu
1)u It.: O. Wolcli wall in Now York the wllltL, and at Ir..sent Is slop- I and .JiKlnUm.Ilov 1""II.hl I bilby 'powwowed' 18 \11.1.1."k..IIII.1""I... ."Y.vlrk.iiamuiug, oar.. Ar UI"U""l I'.". \ I l .laL.l. p.II"
city at; last roportg. vii h Mrs. A. J. llth, of Hunt- H H. MaeArtliur. of Now ,and. took It to I Inn most famous witchdoctor our first C. 1 .=I'.u I. P
plll J1. i In tills section. He said my them In 10 and, 12 guagesmokalems c. e in.Mi,.' ,. J
J. P. Cowbtirn expects to iniikiBporiil Mr. lrowl died lust year said York, the, ether I), 'Jtnclwroler'lI pastor, child wns "wlclwd. and gave' nm a and black powder Shot ail, TO lIICNATI TllOUHll Tie LAND OF n: ;: 'I, .: aa-jmaoamTin.t.. : : ; :

,.. Hlilpincntu of fruit tl.U wi't-k. it M the result of an accident. In Mas- .1 Hoinetimos regret thnt ChrisfliinH curd which 'baby wore pinned to l/.on from 10 to doubh U. TIB HK t'. A ,... C C I.a UTLiunisu.n u.: I Stun'0
__Li_ _!
swis. llMutts. Its breast mil 11 I It died.. Then I burred I I 1
dipt;. J, W. AlillHr in nhlppliio: w<'r.. ever given llnili inline.Iml ," ity..... I 6 p
I hun en I'd. Besides the card mynby With the Issueof This Paper ,1). J.TI'. ) : I .. 'bnrl .
I inline I may luITIIIOU 110. I.ov''" "h" ky... p p
BOiun pretty fruit lhlllWl Colored Baptist church workt'rsh.'itl th. : "HI"I'-If A at.
vory ficriipe ., tile to I mu worn several I nags and medals We will open our for FISHOYHTEHH. i; J."k.O.lli.hul'" I 7 M I' a.ummtsvaau,. ."'h..1 Ily....m P
a two days eoitvenllon, at Jcth- .11 wOld--h..1 given Ih.l. KM bags alOI ly..1 I ."Suit. a Ar 14"1.. ..I I aI.v
!" i lnned to hr."I. connlned I.y .o'"lnrlly. 3
I II I he, gulf l between I the Jpwrt and tll P l 11. WESTEUNIiaMBS: and Iho ,. N.lutImuiiu I n
i'<> Baptist. rhurch last and have buun I 1 bread "Il sli I t. I I this wns auaiislomcd, U".hl ...,.. I : Nut.Ii. "'rho rlmraIa Loluloi". natty. wunar
111 r. mid Mm. 8. E. Neat nttnncl Satnnldy I: might ill Al good things ..are t keep. A. Anhovl''" Wutiu'ru ity I I :a ,,. until ..
IIHi.tllIl 'II i'tuulaut
with 20 Tlio two Rtnnd so .' to hl..ll. tln. hit It dldl't I seem ".... Sty .... I, tr..n nto.llhli. 'ums ..p.
tin Frultlaiul intiutinu, l In"t Su.nday! Home in or teiirom 1'1"1' 1011 M\"I\ I. ..horl I multi Jk"vlll., Lu.uauuununta., ,,
1.11I1) ; ..1.1" wuuXed We Will RemarkThat ,,,, N mm C'
(|IK'H| book that they I to If t do any '" My lnvby Just n" I U'"O"UI'_ H. r. I'hty "h'u.'e unuuh 'l'I..t. Agonl.
Sunday.W I"'l'n.1 present. Thin .fl- tnnd., clusiir together In olllhl. away until at its death It wits we have given thuG aDd No.,". I'uuliiftli, uii'lmW, Iis1-r.uutti, .ioopluig oar 101", ,,"uiicu. tIM W. b"y ntrot. 011
iloli mixed coiiHldorable, money with If" lIIIV only skin mid honn., t lay awake tic careful to lure for thnomlng Jam k."vllio .UI OII 1"""". I.F.l..ry. aaetaai I."nlor. Agonl.
K. Campbell IIIIH returned from >f ('"I'IU..JIlo"I i 11.1 hllnt'III COln thought our purchases JkumIua..'
which to defray of llyht thinking I could see the witchII 11&
col..go expoiiHPS 1 cii wo season ever h'ore-Qu'D'
a "brlnf vi young 11)1 who! Imvo a call to ,'one ) know nuira ofol ol her, woUld the little one's room. Alolh..r1"llhh"I"1I tithes will be larger and, the clams ot O.I.A K&R'rO..Dlrl Mannnor, B. C. S.IlARD\VWKO PA.
bewitched ,
Carolina.Mrs. child was WaBhlnglnn
I lint heart, all goods higher than ever.we bfreto-
church and work. The lt f"e 1101'Ulfll'lynie b"YI TAYLO0.A.0. P. Allan'Id,
missionary her.mother told me her iii.i)7 0.
C. H. Casts and Mists| Snrali' than we had 'Irllt Core utamptnd.. tbo we wehavoalways hiwit, W.I.
at San Mateo 111111141,1. witch hi Its bedroom.
earchllght, publlshud j'ludiilrin and true 117 Ir. saw far ," tb.lald. aldl| .ro(>|iectlvi9 fjuiehus.
AiicliTHon of lust weok
In Hpunt. Friday I hy Ruv. J. If. N"IllL was ninde II lot 01)1,,"site. J 1,11111 I tl. root I lint I cOllhll't find any.I think My "baby the onset NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOB Parties wa"tOgBERMUDA .

I'nlntka.I otllclal of the convention.Maj. ind trunk, t'hrlsllanlty ""IIIIIWIYIII'eKth'NR, al.1 of
t.h. OI'I"n 101. took Its DRY GOODS. CROCKERY Tin Deed Under Hecllon 8, Chuptei

I E. K. Jonklim nnil 1 A. M Statin W. L. Ule"IIorIIlld coimnlHlonor nid fruit ".ll'l witch story relt"him been widely AND FANCY GOODS dies, Laws of Florida W ONION

of 1'alntka were ,each here on protu'ssIittI Who A Never rlrctihitcd In thin northeastern section, Notice Is hereby gIven l that S. Mid-
C>. & F. and Mr.
of the S. iCy 11"1,1:1, \ tied the various we.curry will ap- of Tux Certificate
buHlneHH Inltt week. Ki.s.H.-d. of thin city. Mothers' their chil lutHu.
commlHHlonerppolnted Cli >roclat our a tonurotorc, of A.!).
F. If. llafer, special' d I Iron Into I hue house play wlmn- ,1..lt lr. fluted the 3d day July,
MieN" Nellta Newbold visited the by the bonrd of county A rlmnrklble case comns from the ever an old woman who looks as If 81)1)\) ). bll Hied said cnrillleatn In my of- SEED
In where The C. H. Preston Co.
filmIly of Horace Prior, nt Luke commissioners to take charge of the cit y I'raguo".. Jnholin. a sue know anything of the' black art lice, aud has made fPVlultOI for tax
certain r"I'lel" w hl" just passed Florida3TBAWBERRY lABiie In law.
Como, Bevonil 1 d'Vsl1l8t, week. work of arranging an exhibit for away after having been marrlud, for, appears.hat caused Neighbors Line KlHdiihownr say the Imby'sloath witch .Cent"lty. HIII t.no, ,oerllllenlo to embraces aouurl.uoe the wlh owing should place. their orders now else It

Mrs. and M I'll. R. 11. Bethel have Pulnlcounly at the sti.t I fair, are UltRen I( years. to wltfioiit mirtner' of her had Incarcerated Itt a I .. FOR ,escribed property siLoto In Putnam will be too late t get a supply.
unj excliangng h.rRel .eALE.
returned from long visit with I'elu-, due to arrive tn Crescent City to OVK HOII'OW8 the i n sty black cat. A was ounty, Fiorldn, to

tivea and friends In North Carolina.. Illht In the InteroHt of such mi e>- I of Hlngln her wfeliood. .during >pulod after' Mr. Klsenhuwer's'birds: and lie All hlU BR, fntaiima. assessed at the Fresh Garden Seed
PLANTS The snld land being
shot tile nnlninl. His b.by.s..throlowed ,
Jl. O. ]$urti>n U "bulldiiifr nn addition They will spend Frld.iy It I; uppi'iirs that the clucnnand, tt'usuniotirisisug a few hours after...1'h4 dlte of the Uaiianov of such certificate For Fall Planting

to his ri'Bldcnce. The work Is horning In town, and all who can LIne 1.11 of the her farmer first husbniKl In- are stout In their belief EtncOutrs' in the name of }'Ia. FlltIO.O. Unless

I HHist tn the work should nee t M-lien snuigist the cat dragged Haby ,dd shal be rod"omOI ae Have arrived.If .
hl\ hat 'erttcte
birfnu; done by \V. S. Newliold! and narrl ge, and "lie accepted his suit Jlllenh.> ,

S. E. Nel l. C There l'e whlHlerl"g that thou on the express understanding that er with the It witch to et..rllltY. for shot.-ReadrgPa. say It- CIARLEY.JOHNSON c. Cl,,. Fin. sun"on the 20lh day of 1"1 O.tob.r.wlissiAthlr.. 1911.) you are going to plant a garden, bet

lie would neither ask nor expect any WR and tor see us.Lound's ,
stork has over V,linens signature
Mrs. S. Jl. Shaw returned on the "eul \ endearment, on, her part, ( .) Corr. of the Philadelphia. my
D. IUH2.
his day ot Sept. A. "
Hteainer Saturday evening Crcgonnt those who attention to the II"ulll wife to the best of her -a-aDo TICIBU'IED BY A WOMAN INBI.AOK.Fontorla [ ] JOSEPH PIIUE. Drug Store
from a biiHliiPHH trip of several days II'v'e 1',10 of a You WANT TO.VAWW T I kirk Ct. Ct. of Putnam County, 'Iurld.
in Jacksonville. eHtlciilatlons. of til In long rubherlecked ill Ulty. Ohio has nensntlon. ,
N bird predicting that before Another curious cuss happened' Feel cold shivering, aching In the For a week past a woman clad Inluck ----

People who know good sugar\ cane are home) luI''I'Kylvllln.' wince bones laok of snorlT. headache, and > has been terrorizing other woolen NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOB Crescent City.
he lu through with the town nenre huly fninlly treat depression "symptoms may, residing on Houth between > Under 8 of Chapter
Hay that Darling. Vuriien IIIIH the bout ii yomiK Quaker whoa. 101lnr. Tax Dued t"CLh'l
toi-kmen will no longer question but wits attach opposeil to the practice of be tul owed 'by httndaohe hIKI. fever. Crocker and ']f, eeh'. 4iH8 Laws of I Executor'H >at Ice.Motloa .
patch that has been ralsud in this xtreme nervousness a known, Is veiled and hides the idind- W. 8.
that our population Is sulllclent to oll"lltloll. espoused a gmitleimin a cldltOI She Notice la hereby given that .
t IN that ilx
hurohy given month afhir.ttmtlnte
Mention In many'yeara.Chun. ,- malaria. Ili-rblae Tak. It of houses and trees cunning out of T ( ertIflu'ateNo.
whose eure laws ,
out of the hog-roaming class, vlnw. IItrnll.ly. a'"olgh. A Ilddleton, purchaser J horeot w* will prminiit our Unal sooi -
n. Morrow la never >tlml- put us .lincliled with .. bl'lde's before the disease gets a fair hold, sit times and walking with women 1257 dated the 3d day of July A.D "in tit ami vouchers' au.1 l aiiM tn be tlltDbKrg !
ol ml that Dr. Sprague will not be It was urraiignd. betwoenhe hough U will work cure In any stage. assess-by, neither peaking nor (I lo. Hill) has iliad said aertllluate my from the turthueraulut.uIntrauion of the .MU.M

tic, but he Bays that over :20lHH) boxes ompelled to annex Rossvllle to keep r.l"tloIB.couple. on the eve IIrrllg"thnt J. A. Hopkins Manche I"'. Kan..writes : hug anything to them. Ooc"lonllysh. illloe., and has madx application for tax or Saran HMUiot Itothul VluriattkUoottHMtml, latent tale oiiualy AprH or 2 Putmtinand *, .IW> -

of oranges will be shipped) from the population above" the 500 limit. ; no of a h'Y"I'.lke mature 'I have usod your great medicine, Unr.bine takes hold of a 11'1', d.rd ''O Issue In accordanCe with law. w.li HAUMUBHB.U.OUWAHT. ... -

Crencent City next year. should, 'uuss "'etw that for several years. There Is noth- valklng with her victim until sl,. Said certificate embraces the fol owing I
Jlr. and Mrs. F. M. Payson ami the witch they wlllhet to express iniitual lug better for meirla. chills Int t.ver. can get I light In their floe when e ,oeorlbed property situated In Putnam Ap M 6mo I.e"..

The ItoblnHim grove over in the children returned last 'week from aalt II tfeul.lon siieexe| of th. hand inadiinhe, and blood- his let them'go with a hake of In-i' < Florida to wit: Executor's

McClrady neighborhood is one of the months' visit to their old hOle luniUI take tine place. a tie or.I.I.'Y? purifying. toulo, there Is uotnlng as lead. She II evidently looking forsome .JDlOty.Lots 1. 2. 3. 4 6, H, 7, 8, 17, 18. blk 8S"tSUII. Notice.

bust kept) groves anywhere around. Afass' Mr. Payson ils's.' This somewhat' IhMlrd good.' BOo at Ackerman Stewar'., one, but has .yet failed. III the lOt acres.'l'he Nol.In b.rh1.I.e., thnk.lx monthn nt.r -'
In Attleboro, Hays vns duly carried out to letter 'alatka, and LotindB' drug atre, .- earch. This mysterious wcnmn hasvaded said land being aflsosaeil at the 'I. DeoemlmrT. iMtj.I will |>.iit myflnnl
Conquerable fruit will be ..,. .
shippedfrom thi.t all have enjoyed' the summer' 1 Hid the young people grew Into oldIle coast CIty. ___________ the police and has frightenedtie date of the ISBI"D08.f such certificate Putnam turnout.AMiuntv., .I vmotiar'to Flurld ,antl the
It this year. very much but that they are well without Indulging on a single nc- women In that neighborhood touch In the name of Fla. Finance Co. Unless r, Hl rrdm the further iii> ,':oo"'tu..ur :

Will M'tull arrived Tuexday of leased to be back In Crescent City. ((140. this report says) in the LUHITNtNUVON'T BFHIKH WATER. an extent that they will not ...10 cerlllloute shall be redeemed a, coring enlAirt ot June W. A. WwMl 1WJ.. deuea.cI.'raids 1))
>leasnnt practice of kissing.OnecaUi Exp.rhlPnb conducted by Prof. venture oue of doors after dark. to law, tax dead will Issue thereon :
lest week for a long visit with his AH Illustrating what visitors think of .I. TORlf BH,
) to mind in tills, connecI 'I'rowbrlog"i of Harvard unl- un the 20th day nf Out. A. D. 1903.) ''0 10-tt Jtxeoutoiv
parents Mr. and Mrs. J. I,. Mnull.' rosceut City, Mr. 1'ayson tellsthu I 1101 thin tiny colony formed Home varsity, to the definite )IMH NovEL ROMANCE- I Witness my Quintal signature-and seal

His home hits been in New York blowing story : "A part of Main yllirs ngo In South America, the tatenmnt that lightning will not William H. Pssinily, of Pough- his the 17tli day ot September A. D. WELCH SANDUSKY, :

city for the past several years. Attleboro, is very beautifulwith nemtiurs of which colony pledged strike water, Jty means of a battery N. Y., and Miss> Bertha UU2. <
Itre.t. lieniHelves. to abstain friin 01 f 2D.OIM' ) coils he obtained a voltage eepsle PRICE.
lawns, Its shade trees nlll"I. Urarmm Htahlnmn, a schoolteacher [ ] Physicians and Surgeons
Mr. and Mrs. its pretty hn teal ,
A Prevatt of id; anilniuinents "f (3 UHKl.txio( ) which force, nays Kloderhook pr..ttY ircuit Ct Putnam Co. Florida
of were
Seville, were In town last Haturdity. ali numerous stately. residences. I Furthermore, It may be pointed it least ,comparable to lightning, married In Klnderhook C.rk Will b at their oOloe In CRESCENT
Mr. than ever attracted by theeauty u Mit.thut the lund of the i'Jap" tInekiesluig uid "" t."edlce his oon- yesterday.
Prevatt says that the f.friners on was more II bus said Two years ago Pasquly risked hU CITY on Thursdays, Frday. and Saturday
husband by wi fo Is iluslon. He : '
thiN eaut aide o( lake Louis,\are gong of this street during the past rautiunlly unknown, and the JnpaiBHutinoiise "With mv battery I was able to life savingMiss Stnhlnmn from being W. B. SHOTWELL of each week. '

to make. the best crop of potatoes In ummer, and mado frequent strul:1IlonK : 1 would In probability, btalii an electric npitrk.seven feet inmgth trampled to death under the hoofs of

many years. Its shady walks. Fred Torrey, regard such an act 11 an' Insult of I and found that instead of truck team In Main street In this Builds t Row : Boats Office on Central Avenue.X. .

weakness, for the the most otfenslve description. striking the water spark of nix or lty. Sine had been knocked from
knowing my beauty ; a
Frank Qautier has rented the J. K. and from and maker all
her bicycle Pasqulyrusined'
Hill residence on Prospect street, of f this street, frequently tried to get V. News._________________ even id to somo feet in ndjaoont length Invariably object/ II preferiiion Jump-- the sidewalk and, seizing the young kinds Repairs of wood boats work buggies repairs at hU shop Sper.cer; ,

and his family will the same m8 to say (that there was nothing CAUTION to striking the I liquid surface. lady by the Sholiderll. drugged, it-rear of Ms MEAT MARKSY. -
occupy about Crescent City to quite equnl It. This I Is not a. nntlu word-hub when A spnrk nf only n few Inches In auk of danger. The wedding Is tine Crescent llty. )1. Dentist.

nnrly next month, or ns soon tut Mr.Anduraoii I would not, however, gratify him y"l think how llablo yon are not LI)4IU- enirih 1 however will strike Line waer result. _____________ Satisfactory work guaranteed at modest -- I
can gout Into his own new challis for 730 the only remedy nnlver- but such a IM not price.
Tor spark compara- .
lioiuo.Mrs.. by such an admission. One day ally known and a remedy, that has hail ble to lightning. ATTENDED Hm Own FCNKKAI.Ueturnlng .- Park Street near Post OIHae.descent .

ey, Tom Carpenter and myself were the Iarne8t vale of any. medicine In the "Beyond a million volta the Initial to his home in West City, Florida.
Regnal of MH sachu ett arrived walking this street and Torrey world since 1HH8 for the cure nod treatment eslstence of tine atmosphere to eleorlcal Ohio after nn absence of l 300( New Picking Boxen
aloni Unity,
here last we..k and will upend trl,, me to make the ad- of consumption and throats and discharges becomes less and George' Allen was :
gain get
the winter with her daughter, 11'8.r \ ilsslou but instead, I appdaled to nng troubles\ without losing It. gloat less, and tlm dischargetherefore by rears[ hearse and pallbearer prepared greeted In"olu" handled, at one.hal price. JOHN VINCENT, D. Q. B.,
'ulHrlt all these you will beliunklul hunted through the air Instead of ,
: ; and
Waterman.. Mrs. lieicual spent po| ,8RS. bo reoelve his up. Hoops ,.
Mr. Carpenter to decide. Well, that we 0,1". your aU"Uol thin water and strikes soriia obJ.ict "or,8e. box' mae -5.
the were
winter here several years ago, aid that gentleman, 'I have oft n 'o Iiosah..'. ., There are npol adjacenti to thIn water." Two U.orge hospital. One patients, plper. TCUH C3UTT1NO IN APPROVED STYLES.
a W-utlierb
'II Chicago J. ,
therefore remedlea made
no stranger to our tried to get mother admit that our1aln so many ordinary wmnh MOTHBBaWho West Unity people were Inform I "ILIREN'
t Tbochon him rnoetitly b people. by druggIsts and others that arC cheapnd 4 miles west of Crescent City.
street is more beautiful than would keep their children In good ad than their r.l.tv.WI the victim. ii 10W _tnu m for light ,e, but
good |wrhar
oM. A brother but found My rMBoniAr* kepi In oondlttoiif, only elena
Mrs. Kllzabeth, Samoa who roce.it- anything In- Crescent City. The f..r. severe nuuKhs, bonchlt., croup h"llth. Ih".1 watch for the first e1mp bIB brother convalesa cult In another low.l. RFA east. and ouMtoninni.stionnt..4perucet.paituitmlu.tio.i.

ly purohaaed the property of Mrs. t worll, ami Varmlfuga.remove them It la wlb ward.. The brother telegraphedhome Private Hclioul. f -::1DUCATWN -
dlulVit White's'ream
Smith JuHt southwest of the town, when, aft we were walk. I there I. expnntorktlon "< with hut
day rtoenth' llilldrpna' best tonlo. It gets dlne tl n "Coming OeoI9. her -
nlulita and morn- Miss SnrRh Mabry opened prlttte
will have the old house torn Down itig along .h<. said '1 d'I't know, ooughinugdinrin Ill work that their food does them this did not unel.o"lv. Unity OLII
Germnir at
that I never saw togs, thnra Byip. receive the ichool at the St. George Hotel,
to me .10'hlnllke folk who to
toad in Tom prepared
It. pine will erect a neat live ; a""I. la the nlvlllxed titxl, and they up healthy and E .. ndho,
beautiful ( 80 lil by | | < grow in.QC .o.ea
quite as dalK"t with all due -ot. A family M. "Teruiaaoaabl ,
room nythlng B DSo at Aokarmon A Bwwart's, norps rf.p Vednesday September ._ i.e Sam.op puiI.-uumC. Joe 0. dIel
relIable itrou
cottage. She expect to Improve I .. world Toil thll remedy '
did the morning took the of the es.pot. -
the plac ana make Jt her per.f"nen I lere.1 Crescent Of City counts, the laugh WM then It Lundl'dru" store, Ormoonl City 'alatka r anil LnD. drugstore, Gn*> "unrl r-l. 118. .. __ =;1'a f J"-

\ boaue. H Fred Torrey," 1 QBa Woudbary. W. ., oi<' ," I,,

j' : r:', '

'pe'L I, :!

''n, : -, '. .\ ',..'. :."' ,. ', -S ':
o' ..r,' .o. ,' { e' 'I'' '. : .' : \ .. .i. ,. .\ ,utc, : ', '., "

I .1 -{ 1- I

I _\\\i ;=; '**' '
'JI. IVfT 4 Ki tUHtmwT1
: ,

J.l.M"1"\.x-,',...:, : -

r'i\ --- n--' ----- -- -
iti :,,\',,1, : ............ ___ J _..: ___ ______.__ ---- -- -------- --- --- _,_! U .L__ _n' _-- --- ---V -- -- =

1r:\ :; The Palatka News Mrs. Dr. A. M. fctteeii Is expected
1 home tomorrow night, her return -

being& hastened. owing to the (lines MEYER JL
( ''c ; and Advertiser of her son. At this writing, Thursday A HEALTH'POLICY I. M. ,

r --- mornlng.thn young man/ is much
Improved. The system Is, from natural -
DI MOc c.A'l'IC :HOMINKKS.: causes, debilitated or run-down
Vincent S. Moody has returned to both In the spring and full. The

For Fnltml HUile Seiintor: the city from Jacksonville' and ha seasons' changes are always a tax
STEPHEN It MAl.l.'JHVForMombor ou the humuu organism. The Genis' furnishings
his old
; accepted position In the Ack.
blood becomes Impure In the Clothing ,
OnnMro.-Htlo..nd Dial t tItour
', ? w. DAVIS. eriiinii & Stewart pharmacy.' HI "spring and vitality lugs in the fall j
4t1 For LomptmllnrA : return gives. pleasure to a large circle A little\ care a little assistance,
f4 ?, M i4 ('. I LOU Y.! of friends.. and nature will do the rest, aa it Is I I
For Hfioromry, of ftmle' : Always trying to maintain health.
ILAYCHAWFUHO.Fur .J os. S. Courier has boon very Ill Frequently the weakest organ will and Shoes.

fr P.*. JiiHlloa W.A., .Bnprninn HOCK Kit.Court: th"I past two weeks at his. home 01,, .show the mONt disorder, aud this 9gp* Hats
\ oftou leads to treatment.For .
Oak wrong
street. last
': ,b Fur Ballnmil, (lonimlnnliinoniH At reports he wa the debilitated conditionsof
: ;' MIIDHUN HI lilt but It
will bo several days
up yel
;.1; JKFKtllBU.N U.lI110WNIIi. spring or fall, or any other '
.. For suito Attorney, before lie will be aide to venture ou time, for that matter the right 1I 11 It ''t:
f p Nt.L M. ALJ.I'EI>. of the house. thing to do Is to build, up the )
in and
,: F"PH.'oH..n"'Hr'lll"b. D..,.&.: whole system. It is not your stomach i Fall Suits are on our tables. Come
E S. CU1LI. Rev. Father John O'Krlen, paste alone that
or liver or
x, :4 ', ., l: For a v..'HIMIAIII"K veo: of St. Monicas[ Cut' hollo church, returned cause the tremble and; you are weak 11 "11I01 ARr: give a treat. Every suit is a work of j jJ 1
: JOHN 1'. WALL last Saturday from Ireland. ened all over must have re your eyes

; di I Fop County Trctitiiiror: whole ho has been for the past' 8ev- newed utavugth aud vitality. These paid designers cutters, sewers J
4r ''grAi I S. J. KIINN: IILY.: you cannot get so J art; the highest ,
i s Fop 1J J. : ; A.:$. WILLA1IU. "Father O'Brlei stales' that he has enjoyed safely as by using t and finishers are employed by the manufacturers '
Fur Oounty:' Tux AttnoMKirtl. :
'I, | F. llULLAlll: every day, of his. vacation-th r Clothing.i
,. For Hupervlnor: nf n"MI.'r"lIon'HlliN'K first lin has had In 10 years.A CoPprlRh..41uoa. of our Ready-to-Wear
t :)U For Doaril Pnhllu: Inntruutloni, pleasant, surprise. party was glven TONIC laos
c, H.J IIII.IIIIIIN Wednesday. evening at the horn
I.. K. 'r Vt K I'II
i LAUAN MUCK Mr. and Mrs. Kuauif, oil KlrbjHtroet When you nee Dr. Harter's Iron I
: Tonlo you are helping to renew @1tr$ i
ForOnunly' rominlHHloiioraiK. in honor of their daughter ,
) FEAIINHIDK: the vigor of every fiber of your
.- 0 JUIIN IIANCIlt K Minx! Alberta. Quite a number 01 body. You are cleansing ana enriching : T1I5
t ., W. l>. Al'.I.FN
: J. C. Until"HI.AND young people were In attendance, al. your blood; you are
4,., T. J. UOU IIH of whom had a nice time. Refreshments strengthening your stomach and
Increasing the digestive fluids; you
---- ----
building and the
are renewing
Large crowds of ladles attended activity of your kidneys and liver; j

: City$ fiappenina* and ;= the r/tll/tntl winter opening of )Mist\ and your you are nervous feeding nystem.and revitalizing You. Ni

4' )Kate linens' millinery parlors las l
cannot do this without getting _
,; 4'' |: Personal mention. ;i Thursday and Friday. The room well, and you cannot take Dr. Hur- ''I

; ;: S. were artistically draped and presented ter's Iron Tonlo without doing it. j HOWARD'STYLf:.

..: Capt. Sims of Orange Springs 1 Is lithe a most. attractive appearance NTmD
.;, The Indies CHICAGO ILL., Nov. 20,1QOLTltt t
& speak In the highest THIS HAT
city today. Dr. Karlrr" HnHHn O> Dai/tan 0UKNTL..I I $3.00.
terms of Miss. Lucas' exhibit of new <.-I unuCMII.dinKuyrecom.mend .
,_. T. H. LlviiigHton spent Sunday Itt Dr. Hartera Iron Tonlo M 1
Holllster with home folks. goodn" firmly believe It In the befit tonlo on tbe -
.IrY.:. dipt. Holmes ErwIn of Pomon I market to-day. Every nprlntf and fall Largest and most com When you need a Shirt
''i3'' J. B. Howe of Keukn: was In the ray yfltem eemfl to be In need of a Good enough for a
has spent several days In town thl tonic, and for the pn.' three Years 1 plete line of the Celebrated J-F7 J1IJ don't fail to look over King.
city several days this week. have taken a bottle of your tonic twloe
&. ;, week on biiMlness." Capt. ha a year. Hon. JOHN J. FuBtOKO, Grindstone Brand of Boys ij// our large and complete If you insist on paying $"-
R. E. and J. Buky l1Ittlet trip to MtrjtrmtnlalhM to Ou llUnoit L.t.4iLw'e.Last
but recently returned from a three and Childrens Suits and
Ub, Chicago.FOR '
OngooU sell
line. We don't
Edgar and return last Sunday. months sojourn In the mountain government for a Hat, buy it here andwe'll
_o- : SALE ItVIt .YWnEI\.K. Knee Pants ever shown in bonds but our
Mrs. Parker A. Smith has gone to valley districts of western North ,

: Jacksonville to visit her mother. Carolina; and he thinks it the great. -- the city, from the cheapest Dollar Shirt is a good Investment send your wife the

Miss. Katie Wood, of Interlnchen, est spot on earth for one to go allli The firemen of the west end and to the best. for any man. $::3 change.

-' was a visitor. to the city yesterday. pass a pleasant summer. their friends had a genuine blowout .

; The telephone line between thl. The fall term of the circuit court at the reel house. on Kirkland street .

)" city and San.! Mateo was' down yes for Putnam county will open here on last. Friday evening,when a banquet, Old Wens, Young TVlens

terday. the second Tuesday. in November, decided on only the night before, wn

i Mrs. Harry Messmer, of Slsco. was (and there Is an exceedingly big given by the company. The affair\
docket to claim tho attention or wise enlivened by the presence of SHOES.
a visitor in the city several day, I ic'! $3.00
this week. Judtr.e Bullock. The county jndgn, flue CIH/.mm. liund, which discoursed.

;k.1V I Clerk Price and the sheriff will meet music throughout the evening
t this morn i lug for the purpose of d raw Light refreshments, such ns sandwldiPH -

: election takes place one weik from Ing jurors to serve at the coining queen olives, chnBsa, crackers : Over Fifteen Different Styles

,. I next Tuesday. term. salads, etc., with er-soda water .
\V. C. Townsend the blgturpentln,> the side made the ,
: I Hon. S. J. Hilburn leaves for Or an up menu In Our Show Window.
-y operator of the Ocklawalm district. There were some fifty at table. F.verythlng -
: Inndo tomorrow where he has been
Is In town today. 'I oil and
passed pleasantly
: Invited to deliver the principal speech .
tz Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wattles and at an old-fashioned democratic bar those. who were Invited voted the We make a specialty of these goods,

1f : ''l little daughter' spent Sunday with becue on Saturday, There are to beo west end firemen royal entertainers, %..
: t relatives at Francis. three barbecue meetings In Orange and. expressed themselves. well pleased buying only the best styles and valuesfor

::. f R. H. Browning, one of the well county thin. month with Mr. }Hllbur with the amusement. furnished. the
them. money.
: known business men of Francis, was the speaker at the first, Gov. Jennings .

t ::e '. In town lost Saturday. at the second and Congressman The honorable' John P. Wall of 4i
Cb.l.: d.reD..s" School Shoes
t* k Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Stewart or Davis at the third. Putnam Hall was allOY delegateto : :
the "Ht." Johns River Baptist anno
: Jacksonville are spending the week Congressman Davis, Hon. S. J. elation at Spring Garden, VoluHli FROM 75C. TO $2.50 AT
.ctad.% ; here lulling friends. Hllburn and '
Mr. Hainp. Moody returned .21'
county, lust. week During the Resxlou .
: W. A. Merryday/ of this city has. from a three days hunt b1 "
and while the temperance resolutlons -J3 :lit. 1WJI: 1W.KJE2'---:
k i been re-fleeted one of the directors In the wilds of St. Johns county Ian' were up for discussion. Mr. .

of the O. 8. os F. Ry. Saturday, bringing in as an evident Wall had something to say of his .
------ -- - --- -- -
; : -' Miss Alta lirakeman arrived horn of their skill a splendid buck weighIng lately deceased dispensary measure -
hundred Open Meetlnsr./ ,
visit over a Mr.
Sunday:! noon from an extended pounds. His argument,from a religious standpoint PBBSIDBNT. VICE Pi KHIDPVT.' CASIIIBB ,
with relatives In Ohio. Davis' also saw and obtained a shot 1 was certainly a "daisy." Vo. The first regular: open meeting or U. IX>P.K BAII.KV. ('lhAa M. 1G. U\ 'IIDfi.

1 I Congressman Davis spent Tuesdaj, at a black bear, and though the shn lusia. Is a dry county, and he sough, he the held Woman's tomorrow Fortnightly( Fridayafternoon: )Club will THE Putnam National Bank

I in Jacksonville, and says he Is gain,. unquestionably. took effect, the beau to show that under a dispensary ays In the club rooms at 8 o'clock. fi. LOUR Biff & CO.O'I

again next Monday to see the circus. ,: retreated into an Impanetrabi., tPin, with a county dispensary to furnish These" meeting are open to all, and
: i Win. Shields arrived in town Sun.. swamp and was lost. to the party. liquor to the people who wantedIt all members of the club are urged: to We solicit the accounts of the people thrnughmit* Putunm. County and tender all Fire Insurance:

', day night on the steamer City 01 Mrs. Wash McRaedled of apoplexy, money which now went to Palatka& come and bring others with them. the courtesies anti, aoouiaiiioilutlons, aouslntiuit: with goon ltaiuking.S .
; ,, could be at home. He had The following Interesting program Lending American and FIHHIJJUCompanies. ,
Jacksonville, "and, visiting Ills par at the home of Dr. Frank McRae,, has been arranged'
Melrose, last Sunday. She was taken I nothing particular to say about. the +
t ents. Paper on "Dietltlcs, by Mrs. Louise +====- + .
C. Powell will ill while attending the Baptis: other; advantages to be derived from K. Hoiran, Oerinantown, Pa. II =>
The family of John =: J\l.tc..o.rr:1.:: : : :: :E harr.n.o.cy: =-
leave today for Jacksonville In church and being removed to Dr. dispensary liquor. So longas "broth- "The Mother's Greatest Needs," by II Accident Insurance:
McRae's residence, died In two hour er" \Vall confines his temperance ((1)) Frances Newton, Ch Icapo.: PALATKA. FL.ORIDA.
to make thelLome. I
4 J which. city they expect lifter the first attact. The funeral, propaganda' to efforts to convert the After the reading of these. papers. Drugs, Chemicals, Druggist Sundries and The Travelers of lIm'l tord.
lr.V.. H. will deliver short
Cyrus a
) church it's all
llaptlst/ right. The
took and Patents.
place on Sunday morning
address of children.
M. Pavls) left last 'week for on care
Mrs. a. '
Sews is not so alarmed that the Life Insurance
which she was by a large concourse Tea will then be served and a COMPOUNDED.
at place
High Springs, people by all of whom the decease church will go wrong an It Is for the pleasant half hour spent. FRESH GARDEN SEFD. A'nnts' ,
M..llropy Sloaniililp' Linn
u. t : Mrs. E. J. _
will visit daughter democratic = - The Old Ueliiible I'Gt'I'/UlIlin:.
::9 was greatly beloved In life for her party. MKH. F. C. COCHRANK! -- -=-= =-O .

4 Smith. many noble deeds of charity. She -net Chairman Committee.IS I Life" of New Yoik

1 : Allie Steen city editor or Times- was a faithful member of the Baptist St. Johns Uher l A"socll\t1oll." '
Herald Is 111 with fever at his __ "PRESCRIPTIONSCarefully
quite FRANK
church. Kev. Win. Stones was n delegate H. HAFER Marine Insurance:
: father's home. His mother has been Compounded"This
; list week to theHb. Johns River
HupIst -
The coirmlsHloners
county met In
,, : for and is to- is
telegraphed expected old familiar .
7 special session as provided by law Association held with Spring your blood ? Physicians call an say- The Lendimg i Com 1'Ilni.("<.

; j morrow. lust Tuesday for the purpose of.listening (linden church near DeLeon Springs. It rtalarlal derm. It can be seen ing ; in fact, it is so old that AlATKA, FlA..
Albert Jenkins Is. In the city from changing red blood yellow under A.ll Claims Promptly
to any protests. that might be Not quite so large a number of delegates microscope. It worka day and some druggists have forgottenwhat
Fernandlua" on a visit. to his parents, were present as usual, but all -- Settled.
made from parties whose names had night. Flrst.lt turns your com. it means. We have not. .
'L' Dr. and Mrs. K. K. Jenkins, on Emmett been stricken from the registration,, report H. good time. Dr. J. F. Forbes plexlon yellow. Chilly, aching: We believe it is the important Offloe, !28 Front St., FALATKA Fti.

street. books of the county. Not a single' of Stetson university was present sensations creep down your most R ReI I I f le Ies1fflell1s.
backbone. in
I delivered You feel weak and thing our business.
J. H. Wylle of Intel-Inched Is In protest was made, though two names and a fine address on edu worthless.

_ ,. $ the city today, hav, Ing Just returned In No. 1 precinct were placed back on cation. Kev. J. K.' Oaten, formerly We not only do it carefully, -- "

k: n f'0111 a ten d/t.s' business trip down the list they having been stricken pastor of the Baptist. Church here, ROBERTS' CHILL TONICwill but we do it quickly. of

I fie' east coast. oil by mistake. The names thus replaced but now at DeLand was present. lIe stop the trouble now. It Twenty Tears in Florida.! Speaking
enter the blood at and
_ _, .. Henry O. Docker, editor of the were Charles Webb and D. presented the Interests of the Baptist drive out the yellow once polsen. POROUS

.., 1' Clay. County Times, of Ureen Cove W. Burton. Young Peoples Unions. One If neglected: and when Chill, REX PLASTERSFor C
business, visitor to other visitor, the Rev. T. J. Hpark-:! Fever., Night-Sweats NOTICE Bread
Springs, was a a general Of IHCHON.Tn
_ Palatka Monday. Some one set fire to L. B. Bailey'spuicking nan of DeLund, was present and break-down come later on, schu and paint or' ill hununklnd .

3 house, San Mateo. last Sunday ireachod an excellent sermon. Reports Roberts' Tonic will cure you
Geo. A. Powell of Fair. Bluff. N. C. and the building was destroyed then-but why walt ? Prevent Tin R"'III"O' PUIBA .
> on missions. Sunday A ( corw. STATE:1
temperance, Porous
who has big turpentine plants at The building cost In the neighbor. future lcknes.: The manufacturer Plaster that is once YLtIt1IM. Reminds us that severalof
; schools, etc., were discussed know all about this yellow identified lie" k"own, that' I. H. CLAY
Orange Mills and Armstrong, was In hood of 1lnl) ) anti there by the name of REX CRAWFORD, customers ha\e
a $ was several The association. was/ bountifully en- poison and have perfected s..Y or !11I. f 'Cite| .tstaia of Ftoriiu' .. ds our new
the city Monday. hundred dollars worth of goods ertalued by the good people of Spring Roberts' Tonic to drive It out, needs no further evidence of hereby give flake Uut. a told: us that they have

: \ Mr. and Mrs.! N. J. Tllghman have imlde. There was f il Insurance) on larden and Joined heartily In thank- nourish your system restore. reliability. It is a positiveand General Election found more real satisfac

j9r returned from a visit of several the building. Mr. Bailey offers a reward lug them for their hoxpltaltty. appetite. purify the blood prevent quick cure for "will ii,\,>,%boil,\!..'in..,Putnam county, ""V. """" makeof
,4 and cure Chill. Fever and coughs "u ""U .uu'.II"M' .. tion in eating our
_ ,. i4j 'iA months with relatives and friends. at of $.il<> for evidence to convict -- Mclarld.!:: It baa cured thous.andoit colds, aches and pains. be'ug'i'r. In lilaF4)urtll Novouuiter' 0\. D. tail, Ih. .111.1 TII..tI,1'' Mn", bread than haw
t, their old home in Maryland. the guilty party or parties. Mr. will cure you or your they

4 Mrs. Oeo. E. Welch returned last Bailey and his faml'y! returned on The GRille Last Frldnj, money back. This .U fair. TryIt. City Drug Store. ) .... )Diiv' of November, ever before thought pOSsible

Friday from a pleasant visit. of several the evening train, just after the fire, It was/ not a e.aseof "Oreek meet Price. 23 cent. For sale by For u'on.I1' nne Rol>I..rl".r>. .n.allv.Flriie of" ,the In R""nd the ConM.e.. There isn't a particle

weeks with relatives at her former from a summer spent In Massachusetts. Ureek" last" Friday afternoon when Aokerman & Stewarts ,Uon.p", or Ii,,, tlit.nI "",,_, rll\p.ollIlI. It
r ,: i I home, Nlcholasvtlle, Ky. 'the. professional. men and bankers F For:: :s..ur.iary l.kunpur.luro':::: :\' ; ,ol 8ttsi:the ot sttta the: ot Stats FlorIda: of Florida." .of dyspepsia in It.made
rnr sit,. J IIoline of is perfectly baked
tI.o ,
; vs. merchants played a game of baseball NURSERY .sult. of YlrlI' 5uCmet,5rt i tIle
the .
: Miss Anita Fender, who him been "Harry Tracy Outlaw" will be and
at the park, but the letto was JiF--.1I11ZZ. ..HBU.'Jill._ I'.r two ltAIINaoll'omml'o..n' of the SUM of out of the best flour
o visiting the family of Mr. J. C. Pow- presented at Fry's opera house next 1'1".101.
the source of more than ordinary STOCK.A For' luau, S... will make red blood
-, ell In this city for a few weeks punt, Monday night and several of the 'TO THE LADIES lItrli or flittor'hu roo Twenty Hush Sellaturtal rich,
stIfle .
left Wednesday for her home in Vuldosta .tore windows on Lemon street havegiven amusement, as all will vouch for who *= jj A number of floe 2 and 3 year Fr' two ..",...hon nr I"e"r, FlrlIe..l4u.e or Represent.. and solid flesh and bones.
availed themselves of the rare old buds of Pineapple mud Pargon-Brown eve or tu ".iStel, F'up' ,,,.,
L opportunity '
( &. ;\ up space to advertise. the atfalr U budded br T.. ANaeeawr Suppose give our
( to attend. At the beginning Orange trees on sour Block, \2etO! .. For Till Uollrobir. you
Satsuma oranges from the Krove' with lithographs which represent a of the It looked. thoughthe = My Fall and Winter purchase jg 000 Cassava seed can cuttings Will Tar Uoutity Troiwuror bread a trial.
unasked outlaw pointing a revolverat game hold plants for spring delivery in r.ir flwominty' "" Uoinniliwlnni' .
Martin Urlllln have sale good
on at MILLINERY are now open V"r ,
local fruit stands.. This Is a woman In pink silk dress and contort would be close one. the condition. Ornpevlnas, BucMetl, : orange the the for Inspection. I feel sure and the New Howe
core at close of first inning your .. Plum tf For JII.uu..r tue Pence In
4f; : perfectly sweet and resembles the he low-necked outlaw shoes.Is h-l-s-s-l-n-g At the same betweenhis time wing 8 to lln favor of the merchant, = that In the selection of Hat or Write for catalogue, free. Address !Ilia fll.JIIo.h N.*.. Dlo.fo...",..,.. vi.,No,and for the 1o'lIn. -

: tangerine. tight closed. store teeth dire d lu Hut the "rooters" for the merchants that I can please the S The Interlace Nurseries I 1 a II II III, IS Xo.__ Na_.
1. _
: Grape fruit was shipped last we..kfrom everything
1 cave up all their fondest anilclpat- iS 8 T II _
_ aster to her and her house In case > tldlous trade. ::10 _
the down river groves. of S. C. lOlls in the second Inning when the J. H. WYLIE 4 It U _

Warner and J. F. Tenny. Some of she n-o-n-d-s falls to supposed disgorge the to family be hidden d-l-a- pposlngslde, by swift playing and iBOWlet Mrs. E, W. White. j fnterlaohen. Florida F"r 10"10'CO,1tflbi, "VIIIMe In and 1 tot''lie following' Jsstle tbat Is GOOd to Cat"

Mr. Warner's grape fruit la on sale away In her double-breasted socks. two-bagger hits, ahoved ten men .___'-_ 'IP __ I,. Ku Jrn.ii" *?; % No._ Can be purchased at the grocery ot
,* ) at local fruit stands. ,
vJ.. cross the home plate. Only five Inning It
..' The show Is of course. a highly moral I 8 \ \I .11 10 J. R. CONE & SON.Sewest .
Miss Elizabeth Close of Crescent were played and the result; was U W _
'::2, ': Hair. and will prove Interesting: and ...... ... ......... 'the 4 I I. !? ,,,,,I.
City was In the city for a short time instructive to little children whose a victory for the professional and European Restaurant. ,lew, athotIln, ,, or Iha ShdlIf.. .Ia called to n,. Friwhest. and Best line of "
iG Slot Seam reunIg'
yesterday. Miss. Close has just returned desire them to Into ban ker'.. team by a score of 20) to H. andPilWHong .", _.''1'0' to lienu be PllbllotI In "",'UlU a. roslas. or the .la the city at prlnes that will bit
parents :
e develope Is
$ ttfocts. nintsu ,, a ,
from New York owing to the The proceeds of the game amount- tile' ::: u :ih County' um Snare "b.in DO.ol'MP i'd ,., aura to please you
real ornaments a bowery. Youngmen Furnished Rooom, The latff.1 and presuue.t fssh Inn. m tiouiflly, if Ihora Is, n,, I lii
,, ,'_ Illness of her mother. who have not yet decided whatto ell I to Jfi.6fi, which sum went to benefit Hot and Cold Baths I an. al.Buuorlnk... ImtutxjInto Pn..u."... ..Iutnur..tai Or, .. .., ,'the,i liii"Aouu3 n' uiottu., .1..1'I,,Ihallt.5si._ pau'r at I...puuhIlld, II,.,elIOt. .Iii. A trial order will\ & oonvinoe you that
I, r4 Mrs. N. P. White and Miss! Mul- do with their lives might also get, the public library. oo".r upuly hu)I..imt bmin reciTi.. 1/1 Plaooeii,. 11::aont;. In hue bloat 1/0110 thin la the) place to get :your
,. ., At M II will pay .'un'"n wbo h.,. 5 'r'"m..n' \I..r' I hae moneys worth.Phone.Uo. .
;"f holland have returned from an extended by personal depletion In one night c ilraunutklni lcit.nllon.loo.ll.ua. IL It I "'1' baM "n.1. "llIse"'b." b."D'. ''''''''
visit north, and are again more than they could obtain from Promptly nothing and healing; ROBERT JAMES' look 0Ya r our 1555.Chaui. "r eilt.i the sIne thus. \If I'lurh', si T..I/.I./ er.i..... 80.1 hue 87. 41T Lemon 8t

:. occupying Mr. White's beautiful he study In still life of uts, burns, Insect bite, old ulcers, E. Rowton, ISO.. '"e a"'Jt'l.A"W'U: \ :\ \ II. -
such ;
i charac- _. :
_ etc., succumb to Ooklawatha. Putnam (au to Okaa.Kupparboaab) A._____ ralatka. 'Ia. )
residence In the north end! j terM Jn a dozen yellow hovels.i Pharmacy.. Oct 18-lm ....*.T./Lr. ,a VLOMDA ................ TsiLC.5oWtt. secretary" ot ....... Subscribe for the News, one doJ1

:t' I Sh.na ru .earn Oouaiy. tbe ;year-Oftj-two time

.J ...'.
; ., .,.
. 'J ;;- .
i : ,'t- ,-Tffrtt I
L- .4''

The Palatka weekly advertiser
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Title: The Palatka weekly advertiser
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Place of Publication: Palatka Fla
Creation Date: October 23, 1902
Publication Date: -1902
Frequency: weekly
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Putnam -- Palatka
Coordinates: 29.647731 x -81.651259 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -Jan. 2, 1902.
General Note: Alex. E. Wattles, editor.
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Succeeded by: Crescent City news (Crescent City, Fla. : 1899)
Succeeded by: Palatka news and advertiser (Palatka, Fla. : 1902)

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/. '. ',. >,,''' ,' ,' 'I, ,.





SKIiUM VOL. X, NO. 42. PALATKA, FLORIDA< THURSDAY, OCTOIJKll 23, 1902. '1. Per Year. 11

-. ---.. . -
-- --- - -- -- -

CONUKNSKU!! W(>htLJ) MKWM.: -............

: .. Yearnside !; Co. IN AWFUL AGONYWEOFIHGIP.imEIS An attempt. of France on the has life of beeu PresidentLonbet frustrated. I p I.,r,,:,:: U ;Olin; ; iiid's l.a it '

( UPbm Cbere's Always "Soln tbing DOing.') DUTH[ BY BURNING R Over discuss In 2IHO session)missionary prominent III Cleveland work.Mclhodlstsare Ohioto Racket Store

: The convention of coal Illinois I lit

dY Great Opportunities .. WllkfHbarre. ., lins called, oil the A A
In Her Homo at Tallahassee Sunday I strike woik iiml the men will return to We are going to sell everything,

Come to you through channels that are this store Night. A rice today famlnn Is more than proba, I''I, regardless of cost, for the next ,

own. '['his HtOIO is not like other stores. IN 1)1'OI(4S' isrnpul. TucHdny'H, 'l'i mimes Unlim and Cl ti- ble in the Philippines, in which I'J "

You umlerstaiul its method don pnhllMlipg tlxi following iipecialttilctrriiin event this country will he expected I'J 14
\ !, fully. The of
style to take of Us relations.
I I from TalhihiiHsce" : care poor oluy and sell
: CloJ 'ling we sell is commanding the attention of men TallahiiKNHO Flit., Oct. 20.) About The Glucose sugar rellnery nt Tay I'J Ifyoubuyof b f us lODays WI

and young men who dress stylishly and well. The (o'clock I Hundny night Mm. George lor street and the (/'hlelll(" river.Chicago 1':1': f for cash h and Y i
I P. liuncy, condn down lliontnlrwH.vat '
burned Tuesday night and
stocks are larger choice will 'I''e have hc honin with .. I ted In you are sure of
your stopped higher or a igh; Ininp 10 persons perished l in the flames. Lj
lior hand, stIhiii. bliui. ,an all the of and
onsIGHt I,., on experience' our past, give you the gain of the lump wits broken mid the oil\ wcntlorHil Richard U McCoy Is lend, nt bin I'J getting tees t "

ripened knowledge, of goods, of styles, of market. This over lmer cloth log whirl) 'quickly home in Dublin, Maryland. McCoy ::J to('k 0 f took flreand rapidly unrnu'J., She was one of the men who conferred, Goods at the
means big to ;
economy you. with President Lincoln 'ithl them.
'mi up tha Htaliwuy lI"tth,1tit" '.Irll'f on n"lI'l'olIulfrage than t '
Our collection of Overcoit styles illustrates very plainly how clearly we keep [f fiy Hall' and on I lire from II'"r'': H:Imo:I to ran'room.tlinmicli I the was the nssiiNsinated.night, before Though the president a- :I'J:J I oyest prices Wfl bought them c1wl1I'' hors Li'I "Li 'I

in touch with the advance ideas of fashion. The only imnnl, ( I>ar of the fain by In strenuous abolition, McCoy: WIIH ': Ip'L "' '";

I HID hon e, JndKH Kiinny being nhHoiit opposed[ to negro' sullingo. ,,111I1 al'e willing to haHul'' _ _ s '
f {Isn't\ it satisfying' to view till the\ latest styles, try them on one by one and, then lay them !Irom homo on iiimei hose, WIIH In the United States, district court ,I,,: LiI LiF .

? ? Doesn't it make You do it here but MIsH C'lydo Hiuiwy ':: WIt I I y(iti.r. "' '1'
side, by side }before deciding choosing easy ciin you nt MHCOII, Oa., on Tuesday, J UIII(' Li
The coin mmmOtiifl "und Ire created anoxcltument
iliouldoonie.! while the lines are intact Uemember, too, that every Suit and Overcoat which brought In the !that Emory nil Sneer funds rendered held: by an trustees oplnloi' in a Look at our Prices and be con- i

hand-made( is a model of nobby tailoring, of swell fabrics, and best of nil, you don't have .lullthhoig. < :'ol. A. lj. PwkltiH vas h bankruptcy or other. fiduciary iigents. P1 Li .
Lime first to arrive and he
of the United Htatescourts are liable
1'l'rNOn 1 vinced. 'rl
o jmy excliwive tailor prices.Boys' gmothorud, (irn wll bhinketH' to state and county taxation. It has f LiLi
l>nt not before the (11I 1I1"0 hn ::::::::;: LiP1
I'heir fatal I work for Mrs. .
Ituneyilhxl collect such "tuxes on funds III the
,I at I IU I) o'clock. various depositories pending thelitigation. Dry Goods Hats and Caps LiLi .,;
Clothing Mrx. Uiiuoy It III mild, was burned IIF: t.I ..
foaifully, even her clotlihir( being I'J JO yuls, fI.lnl'I'lIlt ur Lumoiim' 74 Uell'H !Lnd I1".'H' In sell it n. big .WI.. -''

garments that will please-, (nlmoHt entirely burned fioui, her. t'! III ydll best clllleo . . 411 Imrgl III-Lbollt! half their value, .j i
fin Suits or separate F
body.MIH. Dr. Carrncllce, an aged female physician P. ranging In prIce caps tic imp. and ::: '
mothers as well as the boy. Kaney WUH formerly Miss of Tampa, bus been committed 211 ylls ((1o. 1It-11i! yellow home hnt" Hic "4pm ,

!Kveli: II. Canmroii, of u noted Virginia t ) jail In that city for habitual' :: i43)iIiI. . . . . 1 00 _ _1If'_ _ _ _ 4 .. ,1

In N\ens' SHoes.We il family, mid was Ic-aa than a drunkenness. It! yule[ wlml dl'.IIO gOIIII.. 1JJ\\ Cashmereol Li; 'l':
year ago marrli-d to Judxe George Nat U. Walker of Crawfordvflle
P. Kaiu'yt arid her hori'Ible and untlinely has (been engaging in select II1'vo dl'OIl" glnKhLlI111! nt. . 10 I
fightIn I I lot "I) n fancy wool I cllshlinere I "'
all the best makes including the celebrated death duitnic the iibHunun of I'J.
have that town with The
a neRIO to
imgro. 1 lot i2tcilui-imm: pl'rclLlft go '))1r '1
tier hUHhaiul, from home IHIH I ouch imd !:i all colors worth 411c.) nt 2/j/ cents
J'/iff tin i &' SOIt '.'1. was arrested und placed. In jail,' thlll "til .. . . . 11111 .I
) every sympathel Ic liearb In the uoiniiiunity. and two nights later taken our (by : _ _ _ _ _ LiLi
Utibnow pur' lex, given a horsuu hlp- 1 lot nil colol'H 87-ln fancy 1';
.... Ski
-- 1'11111', then tinned loose. Next day P1 waist ellohll1ere. worth rlng.r:

PearnsideCO. ( ()iNGS OX IN FLOUIUA. the negro gave himself up to the authorities ::J :2lc I at . . . 111 I lot nO-iumchi doubt, rlLcl'Il wool :: ') \I,

and gave bond for. his appearance 1 _ _ _
A Htiiam Hlrup mill and evaporator at tho circuit court. The P2 J h"'Lvy' skirtIng 10 sell lit 111:1: oeut \

1 IH 1 to be 1 put III at Mount PltJiiNunb.A .. local paper ucconnt' of the drum I::J:: Shoes Shoes OU"rll sell silume, at *1.lI: tLi

,,1..11. and clny mouli l Is bid mmg{ Heems to throw the blamo on Walker. I'J' LiLi

An, Armour Kxhlliit.J ; Club 1\.1110.. MINTIOMI: : > FOU <;oviuXOK. -'' built between KnterprlBaHiiti: \> OHtPpn. Richard Hone, a well-to-do pineapple In our shoe d"I"rtmHnt yon will Dress Flannels 1 Cd.flimul .

J went window In Uny Bros., One of the most pluiisiint aft 01'- The churches nt Winter Park are grower\ living three miles the best ucimimim you evor saw for tI .,
<' nounn In tho history of the Womnti'H being repainted l -an evidence ofprosperity. south of West Palm beach, on J.IIIIII pj *IIHI), 1.fi.: 1.rlll. 1.76. II.U4I tImid 8.041, I lot all wool dress flatinolus, iilluuiiou I
this week for &nhlhlf TU Said
UI IK, 'licen dreased C'MiifrrvNxiiinii l>ml.*. Worth was shot and instantly killed '
fortnightly Club was spent nt the ::J to coboi' flhi.lnch, to go I\.t 411 001118.
that guaranteed we.tr.
I. of tlio products of Armour Could Win Hand Down. at; 7 o'clock Monday night; while alt- are
\ attracting no home of Mrs. H. S. Wilson, on October The contract has boon awarded ting at a table with Mrs. Hone, writing P. Vhlllll'eu'll IIhoe" at lIr.c Ilnl". \Vo"th 1314 cellt" 41,
mil, the same is Lir .
| 0. 17th, when the first rmislcale of The Jacksonville Metropolis of for t.ho now First Jiiiptlxt church a letter. Robbery Is supposed to _ Lipm .' 1
hitlt attention( and much hoiiHe In JackHOlivlile, to cost 411I,111I7.)!
Monday, lnlltoolltnln'PII the following have been the motive of the
the :
this Has given. During Trimmed Hats
-. .. Armour & Co. make norv i business[ meeting which preceded the H"VAl'IIIIc-Llltll' \papers> have suggested Dr. J. F. Appnll, ono of tim oldent er, who has so far not been Inllrd.r'l Shirts, Ties, etc 'iJ
great variety of wliolnsomo ea ,
( musicale. Mrs. 1 H. J. I llllburn presonted that If Hon Robert \V. Davis 1'lty and (Ihe collogu phyniulHii, Is he will be lynched. Telegrams have, :::1 \Ve hive IL lotot bargains In tholl",
not Is gmiemlly supIMWI trimmed hitts at Imlf '
| and\ d iw lrlce. 'rhey iipm
should ho candidate ,
II for (lovcinor been different for
tho club with a biiiiutlful.. ( gavel: ilund. sent to points
ami Lipm .fi
goods clln save
d I. confliw themselves 1 te the proluctof hItod Imounds. The affair has created, J yon money. lure pretty amid chelll'. )
Therein willed was' appropriately decorated he would probably have no opposition. Liberty county will have an election _ _ _ _ _ _ _
their packing, IIOIIHO. Intense excitement uwhll10 the
with und while I ribbons. t on :2s'ov. 4th to decide the question -
,. hundreds of articles In thin exIiibit greon of IwuiliiK bonds for a new court \prominence and popularity of the j
Hevprnl wec-ks
The attention of meinhors was called ego Congressman victim.D. .
Don't the
running all the way from Ar- house. forget plac e.
Davis announced t that under
to the meeting to be held in < no consideration
; open W. Tompkins one of the prominent
III-'H baked beans to mince meatpies Senator Frank Hams"' of New
time club rooms on Oct. 2 lib, I and to a ) would he be a candidate citizens. : of Mlcanopy/ > was arrested
IH \
hi-liitf groomed its a second
"I' I all of which I\.re' kept ill children's auxiliiuy entertainment i'or rn-tlecllon I to Cnngiess J aminoI Smyrna l district' <'oiiireHslonul,| candidate, on (Sunday charged I with the pm pm We have the goods in stock now and will sell : If

,lock' by Hay Bros. The window In I lately following fills announcementills hence.i murder of a negro which was coin-. them nt the lIelUoled abo1le. I
the November txvoyoais : LoUFIgure..
iniiHtloit' was dressed by Mr. J. K.jlysnn to bu given lu Armory on friends I linked I his hIm 1111) with the omitted near Mioanopy about Mix ::1
7th. Thirty-two members. responded >Governorship and the sugiristIon <)i'lando In to have n new Ice factory ; months ago, In Marlon county. The im1, YmU'H 1'01' fu.yttlits
of Jacksonville, the popularrmour I I: ,
I lies met, with the founder
to roll call, /after which the I general favor all overiho and nre iiuiklngeonliacts deed had been forgotten by many pm rot J
for this dlrtilctand I htiitc. A I lid I with to finish
Influential ?
agent prominent a consumers and the arrest was a surprise'
jlic I woik Is that of an artist, In that following progiain) as auniiged/ ; by I I Democratic luiidcr to-dav, Inmiliking Ice for two years at :25 edits per hun There has been a nngro; confined in John Bond's R.acket Store 'if

Bt has Kent many iv spectator home Mexdaiucs Wilson mul Ueldun, wan of Congressman Davis' dred.Mlns. the county jail of Marlon' churned
tendered : probable c-aiKlldauy for the Governorship Clem Hampton of Gainesville with the offense during this time
Alth, (an appetite I and has told him Miiid : he had to the pmpm Phone 90. Palat/tt, Fla. Lipm tJ
.Sketch of Kthelbert NevlnMrs.Seleleii. : will have chaiw of state eduuiitional and It Is said sworn 4 j.
Ainu, ro obtain In order to K' tlfy It. ::; "I hiivn" not received anv di flnltuInfoiinatloii mutters at the State Fair, mud Is statement that Tompkins was the r. .... Li
... lu regard. to the ....'L'L''L 'L'L'L'L'L LIL'CLL'L L'6&L UL&LL'L&k. L t L..LqCLL (5 .IL a
Piano Ulwtto-"MII/'kn.: Nevln matter even now at Lake City arranging her guilty man. The true bill was found ---------------------- --------------------------
S.t1I1CKENVITH PAIIALHTS.ll'nilcirsoa ilesilmnes Selden and Wilson. hut I learn from ollnns, who urn exhibit.Trinity. by the grand jury of Marlon countylast

,, Qilmutt, of this jilacn, wash Vocal Solo- ne'' Little of Mine" Davis, that/ he will in all county was notified on Sunday to arrest unusual sniglcal operationwas has been flied. 1
tilrUmi, with partial paralysis and comI (b) I' Baby church lu Jacksonville Is to be rebuilt A most A suit to partition $
>l\IIll'ly lost the use of one arm and side.jtftui }IIIPe-lIl1l111 crlll. [)rol>ablllty brought submit to the presnre' of GeorgIa !granite! lit .a cost the prisoner. performed. In Bo\\lingUreen, <)., the estate of John Burger, of Kvansvllle .

being treated by an eminent phyiii Sketch or Fran:: Liszt. Mrs." Hafer. -now; being l JJol Davis t decide to bP/U'1I11 to make him.dioiild of ta!,"jt tHIII} Work was begun Monday ------.-.--. recently when liurtsell' Roe 8 yours I nil., who died three monthsago.

1 'lun for quite a while without re lot, Piano Solo-"IjlBbestrjium, Lls t- tue I believe he would hmmomu 111g. ""' '''''. old, was provided with a pair of ears.. / llnrger never SPoke to n hunin -
wife reronunendud Vhow' prlnhl'lI Miss Lelh.Headings : race sweep| The lad was born C without ears, but n being for 4O) years, because he w
ny (b) the btafe.: lie Is probably time Citizens of New berry, AlnchuaCo. hear all right as the interior! in love whelm
S'lilu llulm, and after using two bottles I -(a) "Hwan! KOIIK. ; OUTOFTHE + could was Jilted ayoungman.
Bit r It he Is almoKt entirely, cured.-Oeo.HI 'Mis. MosVillhiins' Exlo-1ienco strongest man personally, before ., are gettIng up a pel It ion asking. !! organ was not alTeeted. There WIllinothhlll' He 4 made bin home with his brother,
I. Man Lngun county.V.. With, Llghllll/lIf"-Mrll. Hllbiiru. the people, and I know that he him the governor to call a special term of the skull to Indicate that C. A. Burger a tailor, In Petersburg,
\',.. Several other, rerauikuble cures Vocal olo-(a) "Htlll us the Night," had nn ambition, to be Governor of of the circuit court to try John Es- i ORDINARY.RATHER $ lie woul.l ever have ears. and accumulated: 1 n fortune In the
] very Florida and he would make ,nd-, l
),r fpnrtlid' lysis have beeu effected Jtohn. (t h) "lirown Eyes lias an Lenin for the murder of Tom Clark: H Is parents were well-to-do.. They tailoring business. .
tin. / parn of this ,liniment. It Is most that Little 1I111Id J.v lice i can burn Bob UavU will be III the weok. tho refused to besides
Devereux.rfketeh and nt all physicians large farm his personal
'1 SeeboeckUrs.Vhlsoim. undertake the operation.> Finally and real estate in Peters
h.'lImllUIIII1.lIpraloll and bruises. For of W. K. C. Orange county will Indu'ge! In a property,
'hands down.1"bo Alice Leasure. and John W. after-obtaining thopnrentll' He
\Mrs. burg. left and his
will two
loc"IIhYlllchuI8. no
"It. by Aokorinan .t Stewart, drug. % i fac/as the next Governorship. |III special "wet" and, "dry" election In of W. Va. .. performed what Is
Ward ,
Lints, S Piano Holo-"MlnueUe: a'l'Antloch, December. The county ,IH now Parkersburg were consent brothers at Princeton have filed a
Ioebol'ck-Mrll.: Wilson. oncerned.' Congressman Davis Is Col. Mauley of "Sanford married yesterday.. by Rev. R. L. known nil the "plastic operation," petition In the Pike county circuit
-..._ (A ) "}Iomie Sweet Home." (b) "tly tho only 1IlIII11\0W I promhieiitlv mentioned gives"dry. It as his opinion that the' elecI Woodward. The bride handsome and In two hours the lad woo the court for their share of the estate.
Announcement. Country 'TIs of Thee"-Music in this connection. He has I Ion will result a victory for the' woman of 211!: years, appeared' for. the possessor of earn.SKVKNTKES The wife of C. A. Burger!! It Is BI.ld.
for years been a conspicuous' factor ceremony In deepest mourning, and will claim a good share for boarding "
M', have pocelved the Information, Box. in bfate politics nnd his record in 'wets. that YKAR COURTIIII1I"N
... when questioned explained It and lodging Burger for 40 -
--- -- years
Slml on Oct. 27th mid 2Hth, 1'>11'. \V. J.Pi -- Congress nas boon 'an ndmliable one. J. D. (Smith has bought 8,000) acres was for her former husband l, who foNo-, I.
Alexander\ repreoentinpc the well- A I'loaxaiit Dniivlusr l-arty.Mr. As an orittor he bus few equals, and( of pine laud near Llinwm, H) miles had been dead six weeks and for in the superior court last week at WANTED.
know n concern of L. K.: Hoys & Co., his Democracy Is of the characterthat out from Tampa, on which lie propones whom she will continue to wearmourning. Fall River Mass., a jury ret nrnod I a
till\ he with us for time purpose of and Mis. Howell A. DavN entertained excites the admiration of the to settle a colony of thrifty $IMX,0! ( verdict for Mhi4sMmtry McDonald We would like to ask, through the columns .

li |daj: Ing full. and winter woolens, ttiiumbef of joung society members of the party. He is well people and also establish an Industrial _ _ against Patrick Kleranlii A suit of your paper if there Is any person ..
)'lc. people of the city Wednesday qualified to fill any 1"'lIltlolI within school piovldiug ha can. net the MARRIED AT MoTif ax-IN-LAw's for breach, of promise. Kleran issuperintendent who has used Oreen'a August Flow.
The tlefrnut and extensive lines In their hospitable homo on the. ,glftof the people of this or any cooperation of the board of trade B ansi DN- of the Full River er for the cure of ludlgeBtlon dyspepsia
liiineutlc and Imported fabrics, that evening at other I State..Jt.els, and cltUens: of Tampa. Thinking her Illness was fatal and water works and a bachelor of t IMI) and liver troubles that has not been
Shim been made to especial order fort South Eight sheet, by giving a anxious to see her daughter, Mrs years or more. Miss McDonald, ourod-and we also moan their results. ,
{t this Him Is one that will surely pay dancing party In honor of Dr. uml ---- Ilev. J. O., Porter of Ooaln, editorof Ida Lee, married before she died whom he has known from Infancy\ Is I I'ilK such as sour stomach, fermentation of :

'on 1 to Inspect. Mrs. Fredrick Latham who have Jllllt Fruit Halo. I the Witness, has just undergone \Mrs. Joseph H. Petty, of Amltyvlll.', :years of age a graduate of Kadclllfe food habitual costiveness, nervous dyspepsia
& surgical operation, at the and has local 1 fame for her I headaches despondent feelings
The tailoring firm of L. E. Hays Ohio widow of the state senator,
mid of
Little Jewels HI. James M.
hrlclal tour The
I'I).. Is one of the best known In the returned from their Mai'Ion County. Hospital, wlioreby wile one of the principal wltneses, nta literary ability The evidence for : sleeplessness fact, any trouble non-
(country, and we feel positive' that aitHnl who are here fo'r? a few days', visit. K.: church., Will at u very early date, hits seventh rib was removed In orderto wedding which was celebrated by tne plaint ill was that Kiernn beganto nee ted with tho stomach. or liver This

,, ', will fully convince you to that There were thirty-two Invited hold a sale of preserves. Jelly, plekels, permit a free drainage from an her bedside. The fact of the marriage ,pay her attentions 17 years ago medicine has been sold for many years ..
(> chilli sauce/ and l various other good l affected lung. The patient survivedthe which took place a week ngo, and from that time until recently I In all civilised countries and we wish to
nil.i.listing that yon will bear In mind guests. with vocal to eat. All articles will be. operation well, "nd it wan a complete was kept secret, and It was mmlvyes- these never censed. He was her ; ooriespoml, with you anil. Bond you one
plie dates, and soliciting.a call, we Panclng, Interspersed things success. teiduy when It was announced that constant companion> at home and of our books free ot cost: If you never
eiualn Sincerely yours, and Instrumental inuBlo, was the homemade and of the very best qual I The captors! of Falrcloth und Smith Mrs Petty was on the. high road to abroad bought her valuable presents, tried August Flower, try one bottle first.
FHAHNSIDH & Co. principal amusement of the evening, ity. The time and place of this Hale executed for tha' Lew In murders, are recovery that announcement also .and paid her way through lUdcllttecollege. We have hewer known cit its falUng.' If

_..._- and nil present spent n most enjoyable will be (given In next week's 1l11ler.Houllek.eepol' roltig to law over the reward. Hhort- was made of the wedding. The affectionate. Many. letters! couched, written Inmost so, something more serious Is the matter -
after the murder Ir O. II. Lewisoltered bridegroom was Charles H. Singer, language with you. Auk your oldest druggist.
I will do well to
remember .v
Lust Chance. re"dln court.
time. Klernn, were
a reward of llUHHor the arrest of New York. by G. G. GREEN. WoodbnN.J..
served this for they will /find many Miss McDonald contended that You can gt this reliable remedy at
I am still here with car Delicious refreshments were 'and evidence to convict. There are
many things which cannot be bought elsewhertv Interexted that It is WOMEN flU FOB A CHURCHBeaver they were engaged many years ago Lounds' Drug Store Crescent City :X
omit I a -
of goods at the old atund, and at II o'clock, and needless, to say, so many question and, that his conduct was that of a
,'lIh,1\ nt a song. Come now or It to whom the money' should *o, DmmnVie.., women have flance until Mrs. Catherine
111 be too late Many articles will much enjoyed.At ---- and a law suit will be required to discovered a novel way to raise funds loving Into the field.DouKiroBOH John Bond's Racket Store.
'O i nt your own price. Nineteen va- late hour the merry young Sun jHuteu) Wins. determine.Bishop I for chuiches. A delegation had. asked oame

Tlotlcs( lamp chimneys, the only'stock people began to disperse with unanimous Kenny of the Catholic diocese a merchant for funds. He was FANATICISM FID Line of Ladles Skirting of all
10 base ball club went tired of tickets fairs, The statement made a short timeago
town. WALTER THOMAS. of a/splendid time, Tho Sun' Mateo of Florldu has assigned Ilev. buying to suppers kinds. Shirtwaist Pattern of all kindsat
expresulona to TltiiHvllle last Monday[ and played Father Maher of St.:! AugiiHtine, to and theatricals, so ho made a that the Doukhobors were abandoning the lowest prices. Lidus! and Misses
and voted Mr. and Mrs. Davis the He offered to give $'JO) their cattle and horse and
of the church In Jack proposition.
Dissolution Notice. with the club of that.. place.. the pastorate Trimmed Hats at prices to please the
game the church If the them loose has received
Ideal host and hostess. sonville. Ilev. Father CUvereul, of to Presbyterian letting run HBO '
moat Bf
"1 All. WilOit IT' MAICOHUKaNITakenuilo.i Mendames Davis and Latham rereceived. Thn match' resulted In n victory for Mandarin( goes to ISt., Augustine and women of the congregation would contlrlll// tllln. A bill posted at Fort Ou' Dress lady.Goods Stock Is the moat

''''ni that lie cnpnilunrxlilp. h"r."',. the Him, Mateo club by a score of Id liev. Father Jaiuea Veale, <,jf Jacksonville ) dig potatoes for two hours and allow Pelly, N. W. T.. says: complete In the city and you will do

*':Umilv'o'l KlHtliMlMitvta'P'"PI-OI1' ;| ,,,nu... :Ornnpanj"unit r tliu: aam la liorebrTlu will ; ... > to has been .assigned to Man spectators. "The owners having no further use well to look it over before buying your
," -'- 8.'f ...s- darin. The appointment of a Vloal"gUllornl The offer was accepted and a large for the goods and chattels hereinafter Fall Dree......
bimliiou, will be"omtlnumt, bv T I. Everybody live 1':111" Lilt.Ma CHAMUBRT.AIN'8 (\Ol'OH RlSIEUY SAVED for the diocese has not yet number of tickets worded as follows mentioned, they will be sold at
fa,:lark.:l i lalnn I*.""llaI..s". :"TOO" alL' lnbt. Sfl.l:l will auttle % ). Cllenimer of the O. 8. & .... By. L' been imiade.Iiits. were sold: auction on Oct. 24. The good and Yours for Bargains.John .

In",1 hl" 'Sium[ t day tha o i imrinonililp.* Aigiu.t'I, \ D \ntT State Fair IllS BOY'S ps. . ,i t..r ... . . 1t ., ... ..... ch&ttleaconNsts( of 2KIi hooo of rattle. Bond.Oct.
C. UtAHK. and F. H. Hafer special "I behave saved my (clue your old) (' I.. Flldefl of GalrieHVllle > more or less all ages; and I'M: ) horses, .
o oIIO.U W. I.ANO OUBVH8. Commissioner for this county, are boy's life this winter with Chamberlain's .announces In the Metropolis that he :t The holder of this Ticket '' more or less.. The bill Is signed byJ. 16. Telephone. No. 90.
visiting, all sections of the county C'ouoh Itamedv," nays A. 111. Ilotipa, will he a candidate Congress from : Is entitled\ to a reserved seat on .: Uhud Smith commissioner of Im
YIIIIIIIMnn wantml an Hntedinan[ at the Interests of big Bio Crook, Win. "1(6 was no choked up the second district two years hence. : Mm. Waldner's fence to see the migration. _
lolin llond's Ilncket !Htore., Munt this week- In with croup that ho rould not apnnk. 1 At. the same time he throws It IntoJ. : Ladles" of the First PresbyterIan !: Hmlth says that these cattle and Clothing for IIey.F. !!.
ave/ the best of reference. county exhibit at j.he forthcoming gave It to hint freely until ho vomited 10(. Burrs in this wise: "I nm not ; church I IHO POTATOES.From horses went those of the Dniikhobors J. Fearnside & Co
state fair. ..ndln a ahcrt LIme, he was all right" at all surprised that Mr. Darraahould a to 4 p. tn., today, Tues who had turned them 100"". A number stock of are and showinga

FOR SA LE-1.200 cellar i post.. R. Mr. Hater feels that with proper Thla remedy Is for Bale by Aokornmn want the position i have known : day. Proceeds of sale to go to of the Doukhobors have. beeu suits complete for children and new boys.nobby The
I. druggists. U him many years and am unable to thechurch. Price of ticket from by one of their preachersthat
Browning he will be enabled Stewart persuaded attractive and '
Francis Fbi 28 8t from time people styles are will not only -
help ..
recall the moment when he did not i 25 cents up. according to the to hold any living thing whatsoever .
the children
'ONY-Any to make the showing from Jim Younger one of th* notorious hold olllce or wes trying to got into liberality of purchaser.A In bondage Is contrary. to the will please please parents. If but you the I have prices a

"eiisonable figures one, nddreim having a the pony News at Putnam county the. banner exhibit younger brothers. outlaws' paroled one" . . . . . . .. . .. ... will of God and to eat their flesh or boy suppose you bring him to F arn- m
Advertiser at the fair, and that ha will secureto recently from the MIIIII""Otl.tlLte In a street fight Monday, growing to wear any article made from any side for a sight of our boys suits.MOTBBRS '
Jind Palatka Fla. this the first premium for penitentiary where 'they. had been out of a dispute over. lawsuit, W. farmer living near the city Rave: part of an animal exceedingly sin
P.'ok'8PI county [ncarceiated, since tN711..h118 committed J. O'Neal president of the American permission' to have his field used and ful., They will wear no boots nor
| <> Tnr yrup (Improved) 1 such' !! exhibit. sulolde. National Bank. Penaocola stabbed 110 of the women marched to the woolen clothes nor even use milk or
OVer. falls on Couglis. la (Jrlppe or The thinn to do Is for every cltlaento -i ...-- Adolph, (Ureeunut, a wholesale scene of their "martyrdom." The egg*. To sell their animals would Who would keep their children In good
1m ''i"*or Uronohla l troubleB. Put- take an Interest In the matter by Henry L. Bhattunk. inf Saellnburn, grocer, under the left oar near the party wan made up .of "maids and also have been a sin, so they turned health should watch for the first" symptoms .
i" Plmrmaoy. Oct 16-Im contributing of their best productsto Iowa won cured ot a stomach trouble large artery,kino In the Imck and ou matrons." There were girls of Ii them loose. of worm, and. remove them with
-1.. .. i.. i this exhibit. If you do not see with which he had been afflicted for time arm, the wound la time neck being and women of 70, all enger to dig The'' "Ittlew"nd..red. north until White' Crown Vermifuge. It la the
these gentlemen, write to them and by tour boxes of, Private School. they will arrange' to get your uontrlhutlonsi. years Stonmch, nod Liver Tablets. Re had! I it warrant charging him with amaultwltb their church. The procession. moved agents. who were sent out! for at work so that their food dues them

Miss Sarah Uabry opened her prl- Is previously tried many other 'ranmisdles Intent to kill and waa releasedon through the city, the women maruh- that purposa. The proceeds of the good and they ate school at the St. Oeorg" Hotel. Mai. Ulenaner says that what exhibit and a number, of physlofaus( without relief $ OO) bond.: Oreenhut in resting log two by two, aeh carrying her sale are to be devoted to providing IBo at Aukerman 4 8twart'. .
pedne most needed tooomplet the For ale by Ankermaa .A Stewart easy to-nlgUt but ill mot yet out of own Implement A largo mm wa fuod for the Doukhobor people during PaI"tkallUld t LoundV drug\ tor,, QMS*

ehaunabi\!day, Septenrber 24. Term. and Is a lot lard.qf bams, shoulders, piUa meat "ruSarla", i'ia1s. tie, danger realized, lbs winter. ,ahuitXa .. i'

.. 4"

['" .' I-'I' ." ..; :\L.... .- .
..,".JP'" r ::."'0;;' Ll4 ( :;2 4' 4- '

', '. .. fr

h4 tL

-- --- _. --- _. _--- ._..- .-- --- _______ ______- -- _-..

THE PALATKA NEWS creased "Women are more excitable sensitiveand -i slopped part' 01 the to ..on.Unl'm, ........who'iii"hlve voumderfUlposiblhitieM never today KENNERLY HARDWARE I GO

nervous in drink than men and in this condition FL0RAH0MEsEXHIBITCffl1l11 : [ of 1 l.'loi'Itla. It. Hflmds A
world aM
In the
: AND ADVERTISER will commit crimes more readily." .home ulle'lu"lIell I" all the IIHpOCta thai bellr8trllly Is Are county agents for the

But here is something not generally known : Lady I Ihe wont Homl'-II fnul I lint I Ih" .

_ The Pnlntka N.m-. nitcl AdvttrilNor him town ilnlurmlnod, hy'ttie ThirdAMM'ol. Henry Somerset says, "I am sorry to hear that women 1ot1'"dllnJly minus oi I thousands work 11mg. its 01 WilY IhoH"lute Wellr.I'Ih" Oliver r Culled ill Plows.Also

,r' I'ho.miii'" HoHttiiHMtvMtfiiMmil iii... .S4Pt,11C14'hIIIfl nialicr lo IWH. nut 1iublIcai'' \iiut iwcorUliitfly.", "..11'10..110| boon HitinlHHtnito .u .uii. in America are. drinking more than: formerly." lin: [lye 01 ProclicolI or I'he p.'lvlltl"n8... wimmteI's"Xllt"11, iiiitl I Ih"by I aitli'-I .

_ trod at the l'.uulka yootoIti 'o. The statement is appallingly true. Because when jeilueiice aimai l Rood health found ill
for the
womanhood is besotted the fountain spring of humanity Noiirn Fneis.PAI.ATKA [ our nwql1ltU"U, clltnllle. .
Im glad
I JII.reineiiibruiKin
An unofficial Newspaper of the Democratic sort-Jus 'I'imu e"'ld'8lonls'S' left. UII ", '
is muddl..d.Whllt CULTlV/flTORS
, 411 tim. f><> f' ,BW PLBNET JUNIOR, ,
_ the kind you should kop in your family. are we going; to do about it? moment' spunt iim.Hig uV''hmV-' null ovO/'yLhluR'tn the

Is it not about time for another swerping temperance I A Pros erous 111111 H HOIIiJY Cornrnunlly.l turn ever exhibited carry with. and them lleJF ll> ,(" ""'I'lJ-' In fnut wo

Fla.( of each woi-k revival? Has moral. suasion. been abandoned? the rece'tiOil given We lill\/e/ Hii-ni '
Publlsl' ul| nt lalittka Tliurmliiy* byRUSSELL' ; agaIn
l NMWRI't'lIroIlKh % to cutllO 1fl
,. VICKERS. And if the remedy is in legislation is it not about the favov or I Ilio IhhIhilteh S and cordIal sl..y IU"IC"r"vUII'.loIIH' or collie settle IOWII .o R : DoW' 'A':
& time that common sense measures looking toward of the U. H. it !. Ky., and* under the and enjoy with us time mn..t. IlIvol'ed H : (
_ direot efllclent management of Mn). tu l'lorldll amid IIlIke a lmohule M E1ii
the suppression of the drink truffle took the )placeof W< Ij. Oleiwiier. of Maoon (la., oom- spot where the decllnlllg years 01 lIfeunity

WM. A. RURHKI.L, KDITOK. enactments wliich legalize IIIln"lo'lI'r' of lie u! rlcultural( dciiirl-[ be inmle a pleiumre free from all kinds.
Stoves -
and Cooking
ineubof tlnib"j-oml the delegates to of -now Line.
What are those Florida Baptist preachers doing/, the NotIoiisl"\FhIrnIer's CoiiKrcHM, and the exacting a :M> 01 rigors'>I atmosphere below Utensils Hames Trace Chains
: IN THIS WAY OP HKTTLKBIISNT.: who only a short while ago. -advocated the state going recently liuld ivt Macon, were treated zero as many of UH have ex'I.! ,,'.
.. both aides ha lo II free exuurxlou from Macuii to ..enoed in the frozen north fl'o'" No Plow Castings Spades,
A board of arbitration to
into the business as a dispensary. Pulntka, Flit About 4<0)or thitHe vlnitart to April of each yenr. A word for onicolony. '

_ been appointed by tho president to settle the ooa from I lie north elljoyed-mllny We can say pence, h,n"lumuimny Hoes Shovels Rakes
of tlu'in for the first time lew ol foil un' 01'"'
_ strike and work in the mines will be resumed pending ItlltLK KI2AD1NO TO 1UCCOM13 A FA)). the Bunny Hmith and partook-a of Its. antI good ,will exists, with among 011<' u U*hi. 'I'hl'' 'ith- Lawn Mowers,

_ : adjustment of the differences. The six met Literary critics arc )predicting a new. literary fad boiinteoim cllninte. to the expressed. exception tare, coming ns It will to UN omit "' 'ii'II Etc., Etc.
composing the commission are all citizens of standing in this country. The Bible\ is tu.be the next affec ( their return and according to Romewhat the labor and exacting expense piwt."K of starting III anew

I and the tribunal seems to lie as evenly balanced tion. previous arriuitteiiient nnd notice country is bright with' tl"' and Fence Wire.
week In advanoo the train made and cOIII"nl-' Poultry
I human intolligi'iiue, could appoint. It is certain "Critics writersand other ]literary beginning one promise of rroHperlty
as [ persons are II stay of hair nn hour at our station, nient. Our crops year' hllv-
that neither side can claim Unit the commission i is to speak well of !Moses\ ," writes one cynic. FlorHhomv, to examine a fewof the been (l\'oolllll1.lllbmulllnce I lit. t"' every PALATKA, FLA.
that tha colon tots. nf nil In us.
i ) product
in either interest at the start. All "His is and there admi- lck-up household. The hMilrli
packed men are rugged style approved, are hero WITH able from the llfld 1 nnil been excellent. A few himK" "

more or less subject to their environment. The rers in the smoking rooms of the Chicago and. New garden to flticl. Our colony with IUHhoit back to their northern. h OIHHI b u
notice determined to show thevlslt.orll riiIngbv -
harness of human occupation leaves its mark upon York clubs. of the lucid reasoning of Paul and the what a few short montlm III others have the/ mistakes come' who of, taking their prmlt.-wi --*- ---=

,. the individual. Man's daily toil develops certain textual beauty the Psalms." thin favored climate could do In ewsos. will the more rPlllllly 1I0Hlinl. 30TII YEAR OF PROSPEROUS BUSINESS.
tratmfnrmlnir forests and water cov- '
Ih''tllIl1'h '
muscles out of proportion to others and directs! the No doubt Moses\ and Paul and David are felicitating I'l-ecl miifk prnlrle' into profitable and extend late with the 118.right We bnn.1 welcome of fellow ship

mind into certain channels or habits of reasoning themselves over this recent compliment. The |>lonHant hoiiies.Accoi'dI.igIv with the feeling and often time ex- ACKERMAH & STEWART
October 10th, a few and
:' It is inevitable that this should bu so, and the intelligent spiritual uplift contained in these Hebr.w writings c iiiu to the depot lumber wee hauled nrefwhm, of" "Hod bo with you ,

men on all-important commission may; is unimportant to these literary loafers They are Hiul nn open Blind, luxlU foot WIIH duos Among you. recent arrival, U RevHolzhutnsefl ..
erected neaf the truck, which with II.ItIt and Retail
differ diametrically and honestly. concerned about)\ the from Wisconsin. Wholesale Druggists.
i yet literary style. pnlm, SpnnlHh moss and flowers was located miles south of the cl.- *
Two of the men would seem to be inclined toward llowpver.it will do these people no hurt to read decorated, by a committee of ladies pot on prnlrle 2if Island lieu"r o"nageOrove 1 _
,)lntod to that Be by the ferN for II
? the side of the opirators. Judge Gray, of Delaware the Bible, and it may do them good. nppi HUTU exuhnnun. purpi Very few exhibit home. Jjike He ,Intend an Ideal.M'place improve) It. JUST KBCK1VEU: LAIWB Fresh Garden Seed Pill

_t. is a man whose official position, association' Questions of spirituality aside, the Bible is a valuable early were placed Monday there morninic on Saturday:they came bit-by and make It as near a paradise HH ixrr LAN lihtitTltS! In your(irhi's.I1rDt.T PiitiIltMeui.l ....

and general habits of thought would lead him to book because it is the heritage/ the Anglo Lbs wagon load. In bimketH boxes. thin earth. A. \alfords.Mr. V. Tucker. who recently

regard constitutions, vested rights and financial interests :Saxon: racIts phraseology has gone into our com- pails and what not until by lo o'clock, spent a week here .looking. over his OOTJOHOTJR.E.: : .

1 ,,' as something peculiarly sacred. Thus. H mon speech and if you know the language of the the the time train,appointed the hastily for(fathered the arrival exhibit of but Investment with the him expectation returned to (of lmicuugo iigiil, 26 omits per bottle, Qiiarantend by

\Vatkins of Scranton:! may be expocted to support the Bible and of Shak speare you will have no troubleto hiul iiHHinned proporllonn HurprlM-. coming within month to make hIs ACKEFtMAN STEWART DRUGGISTS.
log tu the colon lets theinselveH. It locatrd huts
cause of the operators and oppose the strikers because make yourself understood. wan iv revelation to all of us.. We area home home ttiiioiiK Kite to UH.the He nw.has of the villain .

; the business men of the coal rfgion/. are, as a The Bible, Shakespeare:! and a dictionary are better ,' tho buoy results people of the here cotiRlunt find little labor knew we on a piece of land unexcelled Its. ", ,,,,,,,,,mmmm,,,,,,,,, "" ",",,,,,,,mm,,,nmmw,

class, bitterly prejudiced against the miners. They .literary tools than a Carnegie/ library would be wore doing, each in bin own little 8l11'roundlng/' Immense for b""nlyaI1l1 live oaks licturesililelleSH and-

hurt business and that is an unpardonable oiTetise without them. province. hickories| surround his buildingsnot

E. E. Clark of Cedar Rapids Iowa, is not a 'mere Where can you find better imagery than in the pleiiHpd Tt(> Buy antI that also!the mtrprlHod exctirHlonlHts. In to were putIt These for trees many covered rode with on ouch longdroopIngs Kid". -. I tb Pal atka n \\\'s..1'

theoretical economist. He is a student and he i is Old Testament? Where a greater tragedy than in mildly. There was sugar cane, of Spanish moss liMid a betiutj
rice chufas cow -
ciiHsuva corn. peaavelvet
also in touch with the labor side of the great quest Job? Where loftier thought or feeling than in beAns, egg plant and various and celled.charm They to would the IniulHcnpa*. a fortune unex in 3i

tion. whose Isaiah? Where than in the Psalms? other articles of like nnture. A large of the, resorts\:
Blishop Spalding a man calling greater dignity themselves In some :=
batmnna graced the front Its bane' humble Does nil kinds of Mo'lern\ Hook and Job, Print3
nt -
better known than our pre n" .
lead him to regard the case from the miners' stand- Where better logic than in tbe Corinthians''? surrounded by pineapples and other abode, and may be In time here -

point. Where greater humanity than in the Sermon on the a of table the tropical near by production a huge lemon) while on on a _I). W. KTABKKV.: := lug:'; at popular prices. 3 '

\ The two doubtful factors Gen. John M. Wilson Mount? It
are feet
tree scarce two high SPOT"
"IT GOES EIGHT TO TitS : The office i is equipped with the ,
t and E.V.: Parker Washington, the latter an expert Reading the Bible is a good fad. It has not been family possIble this to.grow far fruIts north.I of Inside the citrus the When pale. or Irritation Hints on any =: lu-wi-it! '' inn3

mining engineer. Since they have been selected fashionable of lute. So much the worse for the Re- shed the ladles had placed their par- part of the body. the application ofBII'llIrd's terial: and tho class> of work turntxl,. out pijuuN: .. ill 3

by the president although conforming in public of Ideas. And so much the worse for the Hciilur exhibits, where, themselves Snow Lloloiont will give I prompt" -
; : occupa- removed. that the exhibits might not relief. "It goes right to the spot( salil tli.it of Job 1."t bli.IIIII1'1I1
tion to the requirements of the coal operators, i it generation that has neglected it. No man can read suffer from contrast, the excursion an old man Who wan rubbing it In, to 1- style : any Printing in

maybe presumed that they are men of intelligence the Bible and be the same man. what IntH' had Florahome/ opportunity In the to kitchen examine anti cure Prop'r his Smith rheumatism.House Tenaha O. li Hinlth Texas the South. (Give us a cull and learn something

and decision of character, and that they will act If he reads it as a fad that is better than not to by the handiwork of wives and writes: "I have used! l3mtliurd"s' SnowLiirncot ::1
readitatnll daughters could produce to cheer the In my family for several year : about good work at modest prices.
upon their best judgment.At Inner and outer man. and have found It to be a firma remedy
the present moment President Roosevelt i is Attracting particularly the attention for all aches and pains and I recotn :
more prominent in the eyes: of the world, more( i in T1IK AI>VANCK OP HOCIAL.ISM. of the practical farmers of the wend, It for paIns in the throat' amid I

favor with the people of his country than at any previous Students of economic problems have frequently; congress particularly, sugar cassava cane,, held rice., and attention.more chest.man A"Stewart Ufio, COo, Palatka.and $1.01)and( at Loumla Acker, Palatka news :3ob Office I

t time in his career. The American people, regardless called attention. to the probable outcome of the Quesi| lon Us to the value of cnsxnva, Crescent City. '
i of political adulations, love a president who Its uses HS food for man and beast : 4
pushes an important) measure without waiting to be highest development of the system of concentrating were linked. and sample of both root. RUSSell $f UiCkCrS Proprl I
forced to action by pressure from behind. Mr capital. The railroads. have usually been taken a8 and stalk were freely distributed and t rs.

4 Roosevelt has done something more daring than th. the best illustration of the tendency, doubtless be as freely received. The of its velvet extraordinary bean, to Our Subscribers. -
magnificent samples H
mH umm
storming of a battery, because he has gone ahpad of cause the question of transportation is one III whIch yield being shown also attracted Those of our siibncrllM who Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmm

his political associates and advisors to establish a new the most directly interested ajid there I attention and elicited from cattlemen are In arrears will please settle-
people are
precident without questioning the political effect the opinion that Florida has up as soc,,, UH pO HIlJle. I It In no
would be less objection to the government's taking within her borders a mine of wealth lIght tank to send out hundreds Atlantic Coast Line
control of the railroads than of a manufacturing in the cattle and hog Industries second 01 bills, and If possible we desire Company]
j. SLAN1)E1tUIt4:: JULI.EI> Ill n. to none in the United States it to avoid the labor and expense ,
industry. in the world. Incident to such nn undertaking. -
Only a few days ago Miss Eva Miller of Rich- Nearby n bulletin showing not only Many of our sub-
Socialism! economic which would The Great Through Car Line From Florida.CONl'fEC'I'IONS
: as an system :
the possible but the actual product .. .
t Dion J, Va., stood" before a mirror and fired a bullet scribers are d lintiient he\llus; <'
destroy individual effort and competition on which of this immediate sect Ion was placed. they |give the matter, no
j ; through her heart. She left a note saying that certain modern society rests is generally held as the' a cory of which is here given i thought. They probably think I :
"The story Is told of a lady who that. dollar mnnll
slanders had been circulated about her and IB very
dream of enthusiasts who would force its acceptanceby traveling through Florida viewing sum and that it will( not bemlHHtul. I East t Over. lt9 own rails to Savannah Charleston Itlclinioid ui
that she could not endur them and so "thought It direct changes without waiting for it as an evolutionary Its fields of white sand was heard to but they overlook the tilE }| wa"hluKton, thvoue via Puimmm.1t. B.
best to get out of the way of people." fr"quontlYtl"kl 'What .do the people fact, that there are hundred of J
r Its the later live ?' A Florida 'Cracker'
development. development by on others in a like poHltlon and
Poor heart. "Done to death by slanderous is however but )pertinently and somewhat truthfully that the aurgregiite of I thcsoBinall VIA ALL DAII
notonly possible, even
4 tongues." process answered : 'Madam, we live on sowbelly Bums IB very large, the 11 f The LoulBvlIl & N""h'I1I" viII Montgoniflry.
probable, unless there is a radical departure from and sick Yankees." withholding of which III I' matter tl
.: Sensitive! to the touch as innocency always is foul Florahome add to 'ro est
: the methods of business that are now in vo ue. The colonists at of much Importance to UH.We THE H ) I The UqUlle\ Ohio K. B. via Montgomery.
list the
the 'Cracker's' following
i. slander, "whose tongue out-venoms all fhe worms trust, therefore, thnt our J JE
Tho railroads have been used to illustrate the development list of products all of which have reader will unclerxtaml the
of the Nile and whose breath rides on the posting became these vast enterprises are now been grown or are in process of growing necessity of paying up at once i Savannah amid Ooran Steamship Company for New Tit,"'*:
winds," had pushed aside the shield over the poogirl's on the lands of this colony pre- without further request. The To I asl71mi t} practically controlled by a coterie of half a dozen faolngthellMt with, the best climate figures opposite to the name THE f Savannah and :Merchant & Mluers Traueportatlon Co,*
heart and fatally pierced it. Neighborhood men. The Vanderbilts, the Goulds MorganIIil Ood,ever. gave to HIs children; will show the date to which the 1 pony for Baltimore.
/chatterers who had nothing else to do murdered this VECIBTABT.KS.' BubRcrlptlon I III paid' ; thus, VIA 8TBAHIIDIP.: ,
and Harriman are the principal owners, lAnd'almost LirA beana Boy beans 1U-2O-OI! )1 show that you lire
girl.It the absolute directors of all the prominent rail- Butter beaus Wax beans paid up to October 2O\ 1IHI1)( and 10 Key West 1 U s Matil SteamshIps of the Pitnlnaular & Ooclileutal SIMS. ,
was not a case of suicide, but of murder. The Asparagus Cabbage I that you owe a yeitrs' Hub c"lptlOIi. AND- )t ship' Co, Port Tampa Key; Vet A Havana In conneot'u willi!
f i roads in the United States. It has been
pointed out If there should be
Cauliflower Celery any I
murderers have been malicious in their motive I Atlantic Coast Line. "
j' 1.. may that within a comparatively short time this number Collarda Curumbor* error In the credit the inlstuke HAVANA
4 L I' or only thonghtless. But whatever the motive they Carrots Corn, sweet will be rectified. We are deslron '
will probably be decreased and when the ownershipor of bringing our list to SUMLE1t
Kgg up( TOURIST!
Beets plant TICKETS will be on sale until 3D) th8l'rJDlpl '
killed the her hand the metroI 8pt to
girl own as -
Uuinbo elate, and we request our subscribers resorts ,
control of all the railroads passes into the hands. Lettuce Okra- lhroulhout the country limited to return October 31. Write the u.der. ,
turned the her heart. to aaaiHt u* in doing alsoed and I state
ment. They pistol to Onions Parsnips where
you wish to and '
of one or two men the time will be ripe for the government Sweet White potatoes thl by promptly remitting go proper Information will bt glv u
c There is lesson in Eva Miller's sad death. Andit potatoes
a to take over the roads as the final step in' Peppers Radishes what thu>y owe without putting) Something New.
is not for woman gossips only. Rica Sallsfy-Vegetable. ua to the expense and annoyance -
the evolutionary process. Such a move would, it I'omatoes [Oysters of sending[ out bill*. limited Stunner exournlon' rate to w WnBn.: D. O.frora Pahitkft, Wl.OO. tlckfU
A half dozen men sitting on n dry goods box can has been held, be the only natural and the only Turnips Squash Thin notlc-u I Id only Intendedfor Interchangeable to October 31. 190:1.' : Wl.th 15 day tmojlt ilmit'in' sob ,llfectl
; retail more scandal in a half hour than a woman's Pumpkins Rhubarb those who are not paltl up pal raliwaYllln the mimiiotge' tIckets good ov..rl3.WW( mIles of am. n ( the prin*
culminating step. to date, and a glance At the Southern States are on sale by the principal agtmu.
tea party in six hours. What is true of the railroads is true in varying figures opposite. your name will compile FRANK Information i rail on H. E Dhekens Ticket Ant,or nddrew:
It is a mighty mean man who will speak. ill of a Alfalfa Sorghum show you whether you are O. OYLgTOY, CCJrn..r'.I..1 ARt. J..ok8onvlll, Fla.
degrees of other enterprises and interests whose con Katiir corn Corn, field among the number. J. A. TAYLOR. Trllv. Pass ARtJackHonvllh'. Flit
I It is mighty who will listento Millet, all kinds Chufas \V 0 CRAIG. H.
L woman. a mean man M. E1EItos. '
trol is centered in the hatideofone man, or party. of Cow Velvet beans : VICKKJIS, Gen. Pass Agent.
it. peas Aist. 'fr81. ror"r., 1'raf. I\Iltr,
men acting in agreement. Beggar weed Rye PunLiasu ERa. Wllmlogton. N 0. Wllmlliliton N. 0. w11mhn1tarny.C
The Master taught/ this ilk a lesson when lIe said Data Barley t
The anthracite coal trust is, perhaps, the greatest Clove Buckwheat -
4 to that lecherous who had taken the
gang woman IN THB cntcoiT COuRT,
I individual monopoly because of the limited area in FaulTs. JIDIOIILOBAKuSi.0
in adultery. "Let him that is without sin cast the tI ; **** COUMTV' *W""\ *-IM
which the coal is mined and the possibility of its Granges SupposeYou
first stone." How they must have slunk fomelo Kumquats MOM>B ThnmM. 1vii. We Make Fine
away absolute control by a limited number of men. Already Pineapples Uunvas 1 V Dill for DI.orc.
from His I 0.,1.1" Tbomitii \
t presence the agitation for government control of the Apple Pears mu"nnpnarlnl bllfHl am.l: ''vl: opprniliMl to the hill aozifecticnsAnd:
Poor Eva Miller "got out of the way of the peo- r-eaehes Plums in tiis nbove Mlatnil vmnte :luSt Omlilitv:
anthracite coal mines is general and the strike has Jer immon Pomegranate Tlmma tile. D,fnn ple," masculine, feminine or neuter, who had slandered ..Hl.l. .n>ortli. pointed the necessity for interference that will prevent Quinces drapes Nhlniiua. or the Uerendant .IN "..k"....". "".1
her. The of those thus for Strawberries BlackberrIes IhatmialnoTor. the .. ..
1u feelings responsible ail* ul tw nl> "" TeRra. it wants more.
a repetition of the present difficulties. If the Dewberrle Blueberries anil thai (II... la no punwin In lulls' BIMUL. Ii.e
the young girl's death are not to be envied. MulberriesWalnut .enrlimor aflubpnena upcin whfiin would. btitililrb Our Chocolates and lon? Bare '
11 had had the aud had HuckleberrIes
: government legal, right, as- I Dnlnudand It la.llinrefiira; onlrnnl thl 84 andsee
atil non-roitllnii D r
D nnd
sumed direction of the mines, it is doubtful if there NUTs. renulroil to appear. to the Mil or complaint hiimhv nl.., always Fresh and 1'Ih3"
;y. Hickory nuts In nald """ ua or before Manila* the VlntilnvofDeoeniber.
AVIIITIHU: AltK WEIRIFTING:: ? would have been objection from anyone save the Chestnut. Pecans : A. 0. 1WU, otberwlu sum,5... -
lion I of ealii l bill will be 'b':: ,. How .
taken ,.,.,
Lady Hanry Somerset, who is the Frances E. coal] operators themselves. Such a movement would Peanut Chinquapin bv aalil' DnfnnilanlII a. we can deliver ;your Cream Soto a

t Willard of Great Britain, arrived in New York early have been the natural and logical solution of the MELoNS.Watermelons honed le once further a week onlerea l.reuguato.seo.mm,5 that this ocher' .ha weuk Dub.. ordor the hot for Grocerl. BeaU tramping In Ice Cream, Ice
Muskmelon I.. the Palatka Newa ,,, > BUD all hollow.
anil A _
in the month and tells a sad story about drunken- question that was uppermost in every mind. Cantelopea CI trolls paiierpiiblliiliml fhla:: ; 8th: I dy of In Boplemlxir aaldvnimtr:: <,lv 111'ana rll L state r a newa i We make a specialty of and other

and English women. It would be possible to pile other instances
ness up l Snail IU811PI1: 1-niOK: Drinks
Tobacco Hugar cane lIot and Cold
.. ,
"Drunkenness is on the increase in England: ," which indicate that 'the tendency to government 'Tea Castor bean. WALTeR K. DAVIe. V1"Sollullor ureuiIOiur Fine Batter. ,
said Lady Henry. "I am really'ashamed to tell the control, particularly of natural monopolies and Among the novelties shown was a Complainant.LA FOB LADIES AND

American people in what a deplorable state the public utilities i is increasing, and that the progress, glass of Pnsxl flora (May pop) jelly HOE STOCK OF Alnt much money la it, to be lure, but The Children are welcome; tlioj *

d1// United Kingdom is. It has become a nation: of instead of being aided by these reformers who would an bowing otherwise possibility troublesome of converting weed' to and we wouldn't(lose our handle the "frowey" kind way Hem to enjoy It.

drunkard It leems ]hopeless jto work for its re work the change by revolutionary] action, is being valuable usa. Your correspondenthas Chinese AND Japanese per pound. reputation for all even .10 Fine Cigars and Tobacws-
often been asked "what cnn be
formation. The increase in intoxication at home is assisted by the very men whose greed has prompted grown in )Florida I have ever answered You oan got anythlun In L. A. SMITH.

due to the spread of the drink disease among wo them to stifle competition through the combinationof the question by eaylnar "the :b.I.Ia.tUng Provisions that I. BEST at GrocerIes rock andbottom -
of question In a better
! men." Continuing, she said. : industries into trusts "negative....." "Whak that cnnnot be grown In 10 choice dwlnus at low pl'104)e. Also prices of Notice.

"To illustrate to you how women abroad have Thus the greatest enemies to socialism or govern- Florl li.,"am1 answered that by saying Urge Btouk of Registration, !

taken drink I want to that about control whatever it be called the everything In the temperate anu NEW FURNITURE The Registration Book fair' l'ullf'County !at
to say fifteen ment or mal are emltroplo souse with but few ex- L. C. offlo I'
Just will be op"l1lo
4 years ago the average arrest in London for intoxication men who are contributing most. to its achievement.The captions and many of those belongIng reoelved. Popular priest Stephens. Court Uouie In Falatkn. for thiS l pur,::;:

was four men to one woman. Now it is three theorists may go on with their dream and rotmitlon.to the tropics" with light winter R. S. MOONEY of each registration week t Mondays on the, W ft,du>llo<,".uI81"S'" ..

to build air castles but the of action I believe It to be a fact that the If you havon" i "
women one man. pretty men are above list will hundred of PalatIne Ha.Undartakinz -phone come and ,.i rrldaye., from 9 o'clock a. in.eounmlul'
Lady Henry also says that because of the drunk- steadily working toward a goal whose attainment, native Floridians surprise and also hundred.of I ua at the oomerof Klrb, and MorrIs. 8U. mind from 9 p. m. to 5 p. J m1 i

}c ,l1l1el. among women crime in England baa in- in their own minds, will be their!! ruin, people' here from tbs northern and Embalming i ottl We tree deliver,, good. to MJ pan of the July I 1111 Auuet S7lb.lUtW.\"uENIpgTEaA BealatratJuo: OfiI: ,

' ... a



i .. -i--

.. .- ___ n_ .
-- ---
-- --- -- -
-- --- -- --

LillI of J usf etors un:1lI ,r./' '.0" ,--'i/:',.,, .
THE fur the Election to Ito Held .B
No\'ember 4th, Ii)02.

Appointed I by the Bonrd of CounVj I i."hs: o" : rat r{

at Outobn
lI.olng .
--- Thin, c:,

CrNlC'l'nf I City Tho np1>I'oncIH'S to I Hublmrd I purl Ucllection of Knolinlor.When Precinct 10: No. l-J If Harp.... 1: W EXCZLILZNT BUTTKH

ono 01 thnmiiHt lionnlirul 'Innatlnim In Fl.n" lin-ve all I IIIMIII raked clean! C Preston t.J ;
I I.1.1.. Tito "owls IN 111 t Ilin, Wish"h..'...'...., p-irt nl'iiliiiimn of "JI V"II. a him It Is McOmdy, 1 II"a
roiu'hoil::;',', : I nr'nlllinr: Ml ntlloit nwiamnr: trout nr 1'tiliilka.rg.IIosI::, .ami,ornnnonldliy I IN. Lot everybody, In (.'r"He"lIllJly! G OojgO. n I'ou'pllol W''ltl I nil the' K.L Juts arc Smith Precinct clerk.No. -E II ttlunM., J
lion on HH1" untiinil, Whit'), ilHimiimiii,". and on thou penlnmilado. : all In their I I .. HndolV: F Reed, .... ; treiili and I tempting t tIne OI'p.tl.'
.,, (
rllllY fItIIfl I Iho W..H' "k of lIro""III' 1.lIk. ftofaloor Blood will tidlTbut age, when .. 1(1
h".h""" ,' '" wlI'"r.I" ''nlh'H 111"h, Power to get: together a eredltnliliexhibit It's lever
thniQ M urN lull'... In wliltli. '|1'1011 a woman. Precinct No. 8-F R JoiJoiner.
iincl union fcinn In wnll Inlil nut I In' town: anil: itnivii loin for I tlm shun Fair. Tin Took Up, the Slack.Hlmiinviill It Is very hard for u modest girl to J Mo N Hunt, nlrnhll. rll. Ccm.o to Ovur Storo. {

III:,, for" II roiimllumiiK ii l p.'itl"ii nr lliicii.w, .:. county nicuiilH for the fAIr will br I I .lueksoii' hiidHiinill' n.'i'- prove Mho Is not botvlt.ggoti.it clerk.Precinct. Hai'vxy JI i w 1

1 b"4 nIx"--InknOrnitiiunt blinkS III width..n I lift lying.aRt ntirl ImtwiMin'InknHlnlliiilliowimt. iwliihoH here Friday morning.The o.v on tlia Hulillor whol lit oui,iplilstni ; .I. is I hue careful wife who waken 'Ii No 4-H II Iryrlt. ( J c! Luis of people.. hava fiiniid uu out tide, ReaDon, and we fe.,| that I Uieri--K; {

lila level' of Inkn HlHIn" lmn I'mliltflitir Klhir.| hit iHSiild. to hit you In tugi,. limn out of 11 deep to Jisk him I IIlioro If UJ Greenwood, -
I limn lI.n..r Iliko Owmimil thtm' ,, alTorilhiulkuMnko ',. Cnrlor boys Hlilppnd 1 ((10( boxr"of Ingl.V UOII. nnOI 0110 liiHtiincu 1)ul I'. Is anything "Ioel.,1 do to make ion HUlte. ( 'i hulA I..OI a mutual advantage., We t.y t..oull la 'lu"lty-aud our prices
Ilift' 'Iiku
1111 tin:! jun"nrfOI,ioiiniO" ,1r141Iftg'I.I ii Rh I ,1,11(0' fttiiI, Ii.'i."o"'t 1"vlIlI''O: ': : ornnguH from their grovedown the lug a f"I'o"IIIIIwh In tlm KI"III.. of him .1"1 comfortably. Y. Press 11''ul.ct No. 5-John RallrtyV re the lowest L'I"let.nnt with good good {

"1.Iro hy thiN tiiWiI NiIUiiiiILLi3N' whn Ita Crexcent lake Hliora butt INKS: h. Htoppeillo I COlllllt wllh. Oll i R O Slndo, Tlinothv H.rt. :
iiINIiuioftiuir,, In In aViV Wft7 OiiuiIaiiihnL 'II.'fun Moiulny of hln gonural I ollleent. Thn .. I I rut 1'olntoil I'tiriiKrniilin.Tnlephonn clerk. ( i I ,
: ... : I .1
It iiiWNY ioiii'hii.N LI. wont h"rllltl'e probably :aw '
i'iNuit Myninin more boxes 1
Hlolla. two mllon fmm tRIO towinti'l eommitiul had bnen ptiHKed, 'and, asJticknuii never Invite to Precinct No. 6-W H a llule, Bteamnr, oonvi-ya pniiHniiti amrrululiiui on the tre,,". This Ill tin grove, best and I Ills m oICII'H ro.l.. foi'ward cull again. 11111 you Wakelleld, ins E Bums, holmes 1:1'win. -'
nnil tnnn Mm hum ami Croauimt Cll) known as the BlHhop & Curler to rejoin, thn dls- clerk. .
thin railway Still liii). groveIs CUIIII the If WH could see ourselves HM OU''I'R' '
Jnuullim rim trI I' Ity Hliwiiy'' (rum paint:ka or Jnnkmmvllli. ono of the Prettiest Hinall properlies : covuietl I I a privato, up I jierfliiinion sue us, Id beadrugon the Pr..ch.t wo. 7-T V Hlnk. K: V ( .-
.l IN(:I iicicf thin, ,font ilcllalitful: wiimr, i-thin 1 1 I the lake I roe. Asked by tIne (' ) ,,.( ( why ,'II'rorliou Philips l H F Flanders, l 1
whiiln nut thn iiawiiiiiKor' wintiik on shore, and Inaiiolliei' he. far In (Ihlt ,, nU -
In tho' pilvnloreplied clerk.Preclnet.
: 'i.I' : : ; : WI""O t.h. If.them Is such
I'Plr. I thing as oniollon
:: .,H LIStS ti'lli I, li* omrnmiiiif (nUll shirt uIhllHll. year will lie a PlOI lUc bearer.After I poetry
At* IMillll lll' ',0 nilluw tonsil, nf, 1'alllllui ; ham. loingaroo must bo In tinnpringpoem No. 8- W MxWIIllniim. M!
Mm' HinltilKif, leaven Mm 54..JohilIn' nilil niilnin. her arrival here next Hnttir- "l'itt: In1 'Klinnoiu'h"l'.lNIiIitllhnMI", cl'iss. 11,1110. Jr., H W Ilowley, U A 'JU'lwr. At Chamberlin'sA
!>....I' .Iv,,', a fattier nitrrnw h"Ir', """,* ronred, Jai'UHon

,Ktraiuii, Hand. unhand on either 1".110"\1.-HMO'. by a..llili-k,",, .itmwtlilayiirimB. 'I,,I..*,. ,.lay' evening I he steamer Crencunt.vl'I \\hy, II"Y'I'o lot evell'lpeyet." You tnl. drive inako n horse him drink to w"t..r.blt ai.i, ul'rk.. No. -W B Cone, J C New Stock of Hamilton-Brown Shoes.

prlimiviil'' I. Tlio rlvur ourvoB arc Hlmrp mulch Immudlatcily return to Palatki "Ijihe' ,11I green Just now, tix- drlvu n limn to I I Ink but Mould, K W Johnson, .J U, Huganclerk. .
: : : :: you may ,
: :: II MenV Kid Ilox Calf C'alf
': : limit iwirh ,' Jd",1
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