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Publication Date: Summer 2008
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SFinancial Aid

NE W for Gators
Office for Student Financial Affairs Summer 2008

Good News for Student Borrowers

For Undergraduates: 2008-09 Loan
Limits Increase, Interest Rates Decrease

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loans even more desirable.

First, annual Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
limits will increase by $2,000 for
undergraduate students, allowing them to
borrow more through a single program
before adding a second loan. Second, the
interest rate on Subsidized Stafford Loans for
undergraduate students will decrease from
6.8% to 6%.

In addition, for all Federal Direct Stafford
Loans with first disbursements after July 1,
2008, the origination fees will decrease from
2.5% to 2%.
Students who have reached their Federal
Direct Loan limits and have additional
financial need, can consider the Federal Direct
PLUS Loan Program. The PLUS program
allows parents of dependent undergraduatec
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Foi moi inLmtoiation about FLdCial DIILct
Stafford or PLUS Loans, consult the SFA Web
site at:
www.sfa.ufl.edu / programs /fdlprogram.html
; or, contact your financial aid adviser.
Federal Stafford Loans-Subsidized
and Unsubsidized: What's the Difference?
The Subsided Federal Direct Stafford Loan is a
need-based loan, while the Federal Direct
Unsubsidized Stafford Loan is not. For
Subsidized Stafford Loans, the federal
government pays the interest until six months
after a student is no longer enrolled at least
half time. For Unsubsidized Staffords,
students are responsible for the interest, which
may be paid while they are in school or
accrued and then added to the principal
balance when they enter repayment, which
occurs six months after they
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Who Visits the SFA Web Site, and Why?

Not surprisingly, SFA's Web site
(www.sfa.ufl.edu) is widely used, statewide,
nationally, and internationally. Since May 9,
2008, when we began tracking site statistics
with Google Analytics, 20,508 visitors from 123
countries and territories have consulted our site.
About 75% of visitors were new to the site.
Our most highly visited Web pages were:
Cost of Attendance
www.sfa.ufl.edu / apply / coa.html

Financial Aid Forms
www.sfa.ufl.edu/ pub /forms.html
At't'li:.0 for Aid
www.sfa.ufl.edu / apply / applying.html
Other highly visited pages include: Frequently
Asked Questions, Student Employment,
Scholarship Finder, Financial Aid Office
Information, Summer 2008 Aid and Enrollment.
Our Web site received the most visits from
people in the United States, India, China,
Canada, the UK, Puerto Rico and Ireland.

JUNE 20, 2008
Summer A Classes End
JUNE 30, 2008
"On-Time" Deadline for Summer
'08 Federal Pell Grants
JULY 1, 2008
Summer B/C Short-Term Loan
Repayment Deadline
JULY 25, 2008
Summer A/B/C Deferred Fee
Payment Deadline
AUGUST 1, 2008
Summer B/C Short-Term Loan
Repayment Deadline
AUGUST 8, 2008
Summer B & C Classes End
AUGUST 25, 2008
Fall Classes Begin


* Financial Aid Academic Progress
* How to Apply for a Student Job
* Summer Enrollment Requirements
* Verification Tips
* Verification Forms on the Web
* Financial Aid in the News
-Opinion: Valuing Veterans
-10 Money Management Tips
for College Grads
* Watch for Financial Aid Email
* Receiving Private Scholarship Funds
* SFA Scholarship Finder/Bulletin
* Financial Aid Q&A
* Download a Gator Aid Handbook
* Florida Bright Futures Info
* Financial Aid Addresses &
Phone Numbers
* Satellite Aid Offices
The Foundation for The Gator Nation

.,% D[i.,SI..:.i ci '"aiu..Ierii .,%fiorS DemrirIerri n EcJu-,arri.:j [ i.."IerS icr :i I;.:.-Cl C .:.m uriuni ,

Financial Aid Academic

Progress Policy
Respond quickly to academic progress e-mails

UF students receiving financial aid are
required to maintain satisfactory academic
progress according to federal, state, and
institutional guidelines to continue receiving
aid. Students with an excessive number of
withdrawals from courses may be affected.
Academic progress measures are complex.
They include a minimum, cumulative grade
point average, the number of hours it takes a
student to complete degree objectives, the
percentage of their hours carried and
achieved within given time-frames, and
compliance with a maximum number of
terms that students may receive aid.

SFA reviews the academic progress of all
federal student aid recipients each term after
grades are posted and notifies students
who don't meet minimum requirements
via e-mail with a link to an academic
progress petition on ISIS. Affected students
may appeal the denial of financial aid due
to academic progress.
SFA strongly encourages students who
receive an academic progress e-mail to
respond immediately to keep their aid
from being delayed.
Petitions are also available at S-107 Criser
Hall and our Web site at: www.sfa.ufl.edu.

How to Apply for a Student Job

Student jobs are a great way to help pay
expenses while attending school. Most UF
departments employ students part-time,
and these jobs offer students work related
to their skills, academic or career fields,
and experiences or interests. Job duties
range from those demanding special
research skills to those demanding only
the willingness to work.

Employment should not interfere with
educational goals. A normal work week is
10-20 hours, and 20 hours per week is the
maximum students may work on campus.
Students and employers generally
cooperate on the hours to be worked, and

most jobs allow students to arrange their
schedules around their classes.

Check for Jobs
To search and apply for "on-campus" jobs,
including all Federal Work-Study and OPS
positions, go to "GatorJobs" at: jobs.ufl.edu.
To search for "off-campus" jobs, go to:
The Career Resouce Center posts jobs
offered by local employers for UF students.
For more information on work programs
and how to apply, go to:
www.sfa.ufl.edu /programs /findandapply

Summer Enrollment Requirements to Get Aid

The terms for which you enroll -
Summer A, B, and/or C-and the
number of hours that you enroll in each
term determine WHEN you receive your
financial aid, summer A or B.
To receive funds in Summer A
(exception: Pell Grants), undergraduates
must enroll for at least six credit hours in
Summer A and/or C, and graduate students
at least four credit hours in Summer A
and/or C. Otherwise, disbursement of all
aid except Pell Grants is delayed until the
beginning of Summer B, regardless of
Summer B preregistration.
For Federal Work-Study, students must
enroll for at least six credit hours in
Summer A and/or C to be eligible to

NEWS- Financial Aid for Gator,
Summer 2008

work during Summer A; or be enrolled
for at least three credit hours in Summer
A and preregistered for at least three
credit hours in Summer B.
The Pell Grant program does not require
half-time enrollment to receive funds. Pell
funds are pro-rated according to the number
of hours for which a student is enrolled.
Regardless of the summer enrollment
scenario, students receive loan funds in
two separate disbursements. Exception:
Summer-A only and Summer-B only
students receive only one disbursement,
during the term they attend classes.
For more information, go to:
www.sfa.ufl.edu / receiving / summeraid.h


Be Organized
If you are asked by Student Financial
Affairs (that's us!) to verify
information you supplied on your
FAFSA by providing documentation,
be sure to respond quickly. If you
wait until you arrive at school in the
fall to bring in the requested
documents, your financial aid may
be significantly delayed.
When you receive a request for
documents, get the materials
together and mail them to SFA. The
best approach is: don't panic, just be
We recommend that you keep
track of your financial aid file status
on ISIS. When you sign on to ISIS
and click on "Financial Aid." Select
"Aid Status" under the correct year
to find out if your file is complete, or
what documents are still needed to
complete your application. Your Aid
Status page will provide a link to
each required verification form, if
any, in PDF format.
Local IRS offices cannot provide
tax return copies or transcripts. To
get photocopies of your IRS forms:
call 1-800-829-1040. Select Option 2.
The federal IRS site is

Verification Forms
on the WEB
SFA's Web site may prove useful for
accessing printable, downloadable
verification forms. If your adviser
suggests it, you can print forms
directly from our site at:
www.sfa.ufl.edu /pub/forms.html

Financial Aid in the News

10 Money Management Tips for
College Grads
(News from NASFAA/San Francisco Chronicle, 05/25/08)
"There are so many things consumers should know that they
never learn at home or school," The San Francisco Chronicle
reports. "With that in mind, here are 10 tips for college grads:
Know your score... Use debt sparingly... Live frugally... Repay
debt... Start a rainy day fund... Capture the match... Think
long term... Don't lend money to friends... Be skeptical...
Choose your first job wisely."
Read the complete May 25, 2008 San Francisco Chronicle
article online at: http: / / www.sfgate.com / cgi-
bin / article.cgi?f= / c / a / 2008 /05 /24 /BUSM10R501.DTL

Paying For College: To Work Or Not
To Work?
(News from NASFAA/News Net 5, 06/16/08)
"College tuition is increasing, food and gas prices are grow-
ing, and students are left searching for quarters and dimes in
the deep, dark corners of their closets," News Net 5 reports.
"This grim reality leaves students taking jobs and eliminating
spend social activities in an attempt to minimize financial
burden and escape college with small loans. Today, nearly half
of all college students now balance a job with schoolwork,
according to a Chicago Tribune report."
Read the complete article online at:
http: / /www.newsnet5.com /education / 16619947 / detail.html

Watch for Financial Aid
Email / Check GatorLink

The UF financial aid office uses e-mail to Student
send official correspondence to financial verify ti
aid applicants and recipients. is correc
SFA sends important financial aid mail, should
including financial aid award notices, be sure
follow-up letters, verification financial
notifications, newsletters, and requests
for additional documentation directly to To check
students' GatorLink e-mail addresses, www.ga

Check Your Aid
Status on ISIS

s should
iat their GatorLink e-mail address
:tly configured to receive UF
s correspondence. Students
check GatorLink e-mail often to
they get important timely
1 aid correspondence.
k GatorLink configurations, go to:

Receiving Your Private Scholarship Funds

Your donor may provide instructions in a
cover letter on how your scholarship
funds are to be disbursed to you. If no
specific instructions are provided, Student
Financial Affairs credits your scholarship
check toward your current semester bill.
After your UF debts have been paid,
University Financial Services (UFS) will
deposit any remaining funds directly into
your bank account (if you have signed up
for direct deposit) or will mail you a check
for the balance.
Before payment is made to you, UF must
confirm that you are enrolled full time. If
you know you will be enrolled less than
full time, you will need to have your donor
or department contact Student Financial
Affairs' Scholarship Department to approve
payment of your scholarshipss.

If you receive your scholarship funds
directly from the donor made payable to
only you, or in cash, you are obligated to
notify us. If you have been awarded need-
based financial aid (federal, state, college,
etc.), we may be required under federal
regulations to adjust your financial aid
You may want to let your donor know
when your tuition/fees are due so your
scholarship checks can arrive before the fee
payment deadline. Early receipt of the
scholarship funds ensures that they will be
available to meet fee payment deadlines.
In lieu of donor instructions, checks for
$1,000 or more are split between Fall and
Spring semesters.

SFA Scholarship
SFA's Scholarship Finder will help
you locate all scholarship
resources at UF.
www.sfa.ufl.edu / 101 /scholarshipfi

SFA Scholarship
Bulletin Board
SFAs Student Resource Center in
S-107 Criser Hall maintains
applications for scholarships sent
to us by outside donors, sorted by
deadline month. Go to:
www.sfa.ufl.edu/infoserv /resource

FREE Scholarship
fastWEB: www.fastweb.com
College Board Scholarship Search:
www.collegeboard.com /pay
* SFA cannot guarantee results from
sources listed here.

NEWS. Financal Aid for Gators
Summer 2008

The Foundation for The Gator Nation

Office for Student Financial Affairs
S-107 Criser Hall, P. O. Box 114025
Gainesville, FL 32611-4025
(352) 392-1275

NEWS Financial Aid for Gators is produced
once a semester by the Information/Publication
Services section of the Office for Student
Financial Affairs, to inform students about
financial aid programs and services that help
UF students meet educational costs.
Director: Karen Fooks
Associate Director: Ron Anderson
Editor: Susan Mickelberry
NEWS Financial Aid for Gators is available in
other formats for students with documented,
print-related disabilities. Contact Student
Financial Affairs' telephone line for students
with disabilities: (352) 392-1272 (V/TED);
Florida Relay Service: Dial 711; or 1 (800)
392-3008 (TED). Online at: www.sfa.ufl.edu.
The University of Florida is committed to equal
treatment of students without regard to race,
creed, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual
orientation, marital status, national origin, political
opinions or affiliations, or veteran status.

U.S. Department of Education

SStudent Aid Information Center
P. O. Box 84
SWashington DC 20044-0084
- (800) 433-3243 / (800) 730-8913 (TTY)
- www.ed.gov/finaid /landing.jhtml?src rt
SFederal Direct Loan Servicing
1 (800) 848-0979; 1 (800) 848-0983 (TTY)
? Federal Direct Loan Consolidation
1 (800) 557-7392; 1 (800) 557-7395 (TTY)
Shttp: / /loanconsolidation.ed.gov

S"Don't Get Scammed on Your
SWay to College, and more"
Sstudentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp /st
Students / english / publications.jsp


Q. I have unusual family
circumstances. What can I do?
A. Check with your financial aid adviser
if any of the following apply to you
or your family to see if it might affect
your financial aid application.
*Divorce of parents, or you from
your spouse
*Death of a major wage earner
*Loss of job of a major wage earner
*Loss of other income or benefits
(such as Social Security or child
support) by you, your parents, or
your spouse.
Q. If I get a private scholarship,
how does it affect my other
financial aid?
A. If you receive a private scholarship
award, the rest of your financial aid
award may be affected since the
combination of all financial aid and
scholarships cannot exceed your
"financial need." If you receive an
outside scholarship that is not listed
on ISIS under "Awards and
Disbursement," you must report the
scholarships) on the "Additional Aid

Download a Gator

Aid Handbook

The Gator Aid Handbook provides basic
information about expenses you can
expect while attending the University,
summarizes the kinds of financial
assistance available, and explains how
to apply for aid, how your eligibility to
receive each type of aid is determined,
and what your obligations will be when
you accept aid. Gator Aid also contains a
complete listing of scholarships
available at UF.
Gator Aid Handbooks are available in
print at Student Financial Affairs; or you
can download Gator Aid, or any section
of it, directly from our Web site at:
www.sfa.ufl.edu /ub /publications.html

Reporting" page. If you receive an
outside scholarship, check with your
financial aid adviser to find out how
or if it will affect your total package.
Q. How do I get a textbook
deferment at the UF
A. The UF Bookstore offers text book
deferments to students who are
receiving a predetermined amount of
financial aid each semester. The UF
Bookstore establishes an amount of
credit you can use to purchase books
and supplies. These charges are
placed on your UF accounts
receivable account and deducted
from your financial aid when your
aid is disbursed. There is no
application for a bookstore
deferment. If you are eligible
for a textbook deferment,
your approval will be
indicated on the "View
Course Textbook
Requirements" page
through "ISIS" at

Florida Bright Futures
For information about
application, renewal requirements,
reinstatements, restorations, appeals,
summer awards, and other topics, go to the
Florida Department
of Education
Web site at:
Send questions by e-mail to:
Send mail to:
Florida Department of Education
Turlington Building, Suite 1514
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Toll-Free Hotline:1-888-827-2004
General Info:1-800-366-3475

Satellite Aid
College of Dentistry
Tom Kolb
Dental Tower, D3-#17A
Health Sciences Center
(352) 846-1384

Offices Main
College of Law
Carol Huber
164 Holland Hall
(352) 392-7800

Office: Student Financial Affairs S-107 Criser Hall P. O. Box 114025 Gainesville, FL 32611-4025 (352) 392-1275
College of Medicine Public Health and Health Masters in Business
Eileen Parris Professions; Nursing; Pharmacy; Administration (MBA)
M-128 Health Sciences & Veterinary Medicine Connie Reed
Mike Menefee
Center HPNP Bldg P-102-I Peabody Hall
(352) 273-7939 G208 Student Services Ctr. (353) 392-1275 (ext.3386)
(352) 273-6202

NEWS: FinancialAid for Gators
Summer 2008

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