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Publication Date: Fall 2003
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U n i v er i t o Fl o r i d a O i c e or St d e n
Fall 2003

Update Contact Info NOW with the Feds
to get your 2004-05 Renewal Application

Did you know you need to update your
address and email information now to
set the process in motion for your 2004-05 aid
The U.S. Department of Education
reminds us that if you plan to apply for aid
for 2004-05, you need to update your e-mail
address, physical mailing address, and other
contact information, so that a federal PIN
Mailer, PIN Reminder, or paper Renewal
FAFSA for next year can be delivered to you
on time and to your correct address.
PIN Mailers. A PIN Mailer is a paper
document mailed to your permanent mailing
address. It contains your federal PIN, which
you will need to access your Renewal
Application using Renewal FAFSA on the Web.
You will get a PIN Mailer if you meet one of
the following two criteria and did not provide
an e-mail address on your 2003-04 record (or
supplied one with incorrect syntax):
You used FAFSA on the Web or Corrections
on the Web to apply for 2003-04 aid (entered
any 2003-04 transaction that qualifies for a
renewal application).
Your classification is fifth-year under-
graduate, graduate/professional, or beyond.
PIN Reminders. If you previously
received a federal PIN, meet one of the above

criteria, and supplied an e-mail address on your
2003-04 FAFSA, you will get a PIN Reminder
by e-mail reminding you to apply for 2004-05
aid using Renewal FAFSA on the Web.
Paper Renewal FAFSAs. If you do not
meet any of the above criteria, you will
receive a paper Renewal FAFSA.

You must reappLy each year to receive
financiaL aid. student aid is not
renewed automaticaLLy!

Update your contact information as soon
as possible by visiting the FAFSA on the Web
site at http: / /www.fafsa.ed.gov. Use the
"Student Access" section of the site to view
your current contact information. Use the
"Corrections" section of the site to update
your information.
If you have questions about using FAFSA
on the Web, call 1-800-4FED-AID for
Finally, if you applied for financial aid
last year watch for a PIN mailer, a Pin
Reminder, or a paper Renewal FAFSA between
November and mid-January. Use these when
it is time to apply: after January 1, 2004.

Financial Aid & W withdraw als: Official and Unofficial

Students who withdraw must follow UF's
official withdrawal policy, found on the SFA
Web site at: http:/ /www.ufsa.ufl.edu/SFA/
receiving/ withdrawalrefund.html.
If you officially withdraw for a term, or
stop attending all courses, you may have to
repay all or part of the financial aid disbursed
to you in that term.
SFA is required to obtain proof of
attendance for all students who receive federal
aid and have only Es, Is, Ns, or Us as grades at Official withdrawal from UF is coordinated
the end of a semester. These grades indicate that by the Dean of Students Office (DSO) in 202
a student may have "unofficially withdrawn." Peabody Hall, telephone (352) 392-1261. More
Such students must provide attendance information is provided on the DSO Web site at:
verification or repay all or part of the financial www.dso.ufl.edu/withdrawal.
aid they received in that term.

Financial Affairs
F i n a n c i a I A I I a i r s
03-04, volume 1

October 15, 2003
Last day to be considered for Fall
2003 Federal Direct Loans
November 14, 2003
Fall Deferred Fee Payment
December 1, 2003
Fall 2003 Short-Term Loan
Repayment Deadline
January 1, 2004
2004-05 Financial Aid
Applications Available
March 15, 2004
"On-Time" UF 2004-05
Financial Aid Application
We must receive your 2004-05
FAFSA/Renewal FAFSA results
with a calculated "Estimated
Family Contribution" from the
federal processor.

www. ufsa. ufl. edu/sfa/

UF Payment Options
REVIEW: Fee Payment &
Deferments, Financial Aid
Enrollment Requirements for
Financial Aid
FAFSA on the Web: You Can
Still Apply
3 Steps to Get Your Loan
Finding a Student Job
Direct Loan Interest Rates
Don't Wait in Line: Use ISIS
Direct Deposit
Florida Bright Futures Info
GRE Fee Waivers
SFA Forms on the Web
Financial Aid Addresses &
Phone Numbers
Satellite Aid Offices

D i v i s i o n c f S t u d a n t A I f a i r s H a I p i n g S t u d a n t s B e S u c c a s s f u I

You have several ways to pay your UF
tuition, fees, and other debts.
1. Using ISIS on the Web at
www.isis.ufl.edu/: by Visa, MasterCard,
or American Express.
2. In person at the University Cashier's
Office, S-113 Criser Hall: by cash,
personal check, cashier's check, money
order, Visa, MasterCard, or bank
debit/ATM card.
3. By Electronic Funds Transfer: If you
sign up for electronic funds transfer, you
can pay UF debts directly from your
checking account without using a check
or debit card.To sign up, go to ISIS,
under "Services" select "Financial
Services," and choose EFT sign up.
Students already receiving financial aid
or fellowship payments by direct
deposit may already be authorized for
this service. Once authorized, you can
make an EFT payment from your
checking account by selecting "Make

Fee Payment & Deferments
FACT No. 1-Students do not receive a bill
from UF After registering, you may view
your registration schedule with course fee
assessments on ISIS at www.isis.ufl.edu/;
then calculate and pay your fees using the
"Tuition and Fee" brochure available
through University Financial Services (UFS)
in S-108 Criser Hall.
FACT No. 2-If you have a financial aid
award (scholarships, grants, loans) and do
not owe tuition/fees from a previous term,
your tuition fees will be automatically
deferred until the deferred fee payment
deadline. The fall 2003 deferred deadline is
November 14, 2003, or until you receive
your aid, whichever comes first.
FACT No. 3-You will NOT receive a
notice that your fees are deferred. To
check your deferment status, use ISIS
(deferments show up just before each
term begins). If you don't have a fee
deferment but think you should, come to
SFA in S-107 Criser. Otherwise, pay your
fees by the fee payment deadline to avoid
being charged a $100 late payment fee.
FACT NO. 4-When you calculate your
fees, if your financial aid isn't enough to

Payments" on ISIS under "Financial
Services." Authorization takes seven to
ten business days.
4. By mail: Send check to University
Financial Services, P. O. Box 114050,
Gainesville, FL 32611-4050. All checks
should be made payable to the
University of Florida and include the
student's name, UFID, local address,
and local telephone number.
No matter what method you use,
payments on all financial obligations are
applied on the basis of age of the debt. The
oldest debt will be paid first.
Payments are considered on time based on
the date received by the University
Cashier's Office, not the date of postmark.
The University Cashier's office is located in
S-113 Criser Hall.

www.isis. ufl.edu/

cove] \,II Ireet- \II nnll-t p.\ tdlc
diffeitnc: d 1,i. thi I .. ,;u i. t ,l.,;,/ i, ..
FACT No. 5-After the fee payment
deadline, if you still have outstanding
university debts, UFS will mail you a
Statement of Account. The statement will
reflect only debts still owed to UF; it will
not reflect your deferment or other financial
aid credits. If you have a fee deferment,
receiving a Statement of Account does not
mean you have to pay your fees right
away! See Fact No. 2.

Financial Aid Disbursement
* Students generally receive financial aid
from UFS beginning in the first two weeks
of classes by direct deposit or by mail to
their local address. Some programs (such
as Pell Grant and Florida Bright Futures)
require that disbursement be delayed until
after Drop/Add.
* All unpaid UF debts except prior-term
fees are deducted from financial aid before
it is disbursed. Prior-term fees must be paid
before aid can be disbursed.
* UFS disburses your aid only after
verifying your enrollment status and that
you have no academic or financial hold (for
prior-term fees).

Financial Affairs
Get UF financial aid

for Financial Aid
At UF, students must enroll at least half
time to receive most types of financial
aid, although to receive funds through
some State-of-Florida programs
students must enroll full-time.
During fall and spring, undergraduates
are considered full-time if enrolled for
at least twelve credit hours, half-time if
enrolled for at least six credit hours.
Graduate students are considered full-
time if enrolled for at least nine credit
hours, half-time if enrolled for at least
five credit hours. Full-time enrollment
for law students is twelve credit hours,
and half-time is five credit hours.
For summer enrollment requirements
to receive financial aid, go to http: / /
www.ufsa.ufl.edu / sfa / receiving /
enroll.html on the SFA Web site.
Students who enroll less than full time
may have their aid adjusted after the
drop/add period. Federal Pell Grant
awards are prorated according to
enrollment status.
(Note: Students unable to enroll in a
twelve-hour course load due to a
disability may qualify for some
financial aid with part-time enrollment
at a prorated award amount.)

UF Federal School Code:

r r-...,^. ,.'

You Can Still Apply!
financial aid is still available.
Apply online using FAFSA on
the Web to take advantage of faster
application time and instant
editing of your application! You
will need your federal PIN.
Complete instructions are provided
on the FAFSA on the Web site at the
following Web address:
www.fafsa.ed.gov /

Financial Aid NEWS
Fall 2003

REVI EWA : Fee Payment & Deferments,
e Financial Aid Disbursement

Requirements for Federal Direct The U. S. Department of Education
Stafford Loans (USDOE) provides the online MPN for all
new borrowers and students who do not
All Federal Direct Stafford Loan borrowers r
have an MPN on file. If you are not sure
MUST complete the following three steps he e you v e omleted an
before their loans can be disbursed. whether you have complete an
these requirements as soon as you use the Web site to verify that you have a
Complete these requirements as soon as you valid MPN on file. Some Web browsers
are awarded a loan. Waiting for the
are awarded a loan. Waiting for the (such as AOL) are incompatible with this
beginning of the semester can delay your
g of te s r cn dy y Web site. If your browser is incompatible,
loan. Note: Step 1 must be completed for each in
you may use the computers in the SFA
semester you receive a loan. Steps 2 and 3 must Reour may e th e computer in the SF
be completed only once. Resource Room in S-107 Cser Hall.
be completed only once.

1. Complete the UF Direct Loan
Confirmation Process!
Go to ISIS at: www.isis.ufl.edu/ (you will
need to use your UF GatorLink password);
choose "Financial Services," then choose
"Financial Aid Direct Loan Confirmation"
for the correct year.
Each term, all Federal Direct Stafford Loan
borrowers must confirm that they will
accept loans awarded to them before their
funds can be disbursed.
2.Complete a Federal Electronic
Master Promissory Note!
Go to the Federal Electronic Promissory
Note Web site at: http://dlenote.ed.gov/
(you will need to use your Federal PIN*).
Before you can receive your Federal Direct
Stafford or Federal Direct Unsubsidized
Stafford Loan, you MUST complete a Master
Promissory Note (MPN), the legal document
Federal Direct Loan borrowers must sign
agreeing to pay back their loans.

Your Federal PIN*. To complete the online
promissory note, you must use your
federal Personal Identification Number
(PIN). When you first applied for federal
financial aid, you were notified of your
federal PIN. If you do not know your PIN,
obtain your PIN data at the Federal PIN
Web site as soon as possible. GO to:
www.pin.ed.gov/ .
*Note: Don't confuse your Federal PIN with
your UF GatorLink password or Florida
Bright Futures PIN. You will use different
security accesses for different purposes.
3. Complete Federal Direct Loan
Entrance Counseling!
Go to ISIS at: www.isis.ufl.edu/ (you will
need to use your UF GatorLink password);
choose "Financial Services," then choose
"Direct Loan Entrance Counseling."
All first-time Federal Direct Stafford Loan
borrowers MUST complete an online
entrance orientation session before their
loan funds can be disbursed.

Finding a Student Job

Have you been awarded Federal
Work Study? Need an OPS or Off-
Campus Job? Here's what to do.
1. Start Early in the Semester. Jobs are
available throughout the year, but the
best time to find one is at the beginning
of semesters.
2. Check the Campus Job Boards on our
Web site at www.sfa.ufl.edu/job.html.
When Student Employment receives a job
listing, they add it to the job boards
around campus and on the Web. The job
lists include pertinent information such as
job descriptions, experience required,
contact people, and phone numbers.
3. Check at Specific Departments. Also
check for open positions in your
department or other areas that especially
interest you (e.g., Housing, Reitz Union,
Student Affairs, O'Connell Center).

4. Call for an Interview. After checking
the job list for positions that interest you,
call the contact person for an interview.
5. Get a UF Work Permit. All UF students
are required to have a UF Work Permit to
work on campus, whether at an FWS or
an OPS job. For FWS students, the work
permit indicates the number of hours you
are authorized to work during the
semester. Students awarded FWS for fall
semester are mailed a work permit
during the summer.
If you don't get a work permit by
mail, you must get one from Student
Employment in S-107 Criser Hall (be sure
to bring a picture ID!). You can also call
(352) 392-0296 to request a work permit
by phone. You must bring your UF Work
Permit to all interviews.

Direct Loan Interest
Rates Through
July 1, 2004
Interest rates for new loans
disbursed on or after July 1, 2003:
Stafford Loans 2.82%
PLUS Loans 4.22%

Don't Wait in Line
Get Aid Info Fast!
Get Your Financial Aid Status and
Disbursement Info using ISIS
Information is at your fingertips. You can
use ISIS to get routine information about
your award that can keep you from
making that trek across campus to the
financial aid office. On ISIS, find out:
* If the aid office has received all your
required documents
* If you have a fee deferment
* If you've completed all steps necessary
to receive your direct loans
* What aid programs you've been
* What aid programs have been paid
It's easy! Go to ISIS: under "Services"
choose "Financial Services" and then
"Financial Aid" for the correct year..

Direct Deposit

Have your financial aid deposited
directly into your checking account!
Go to www.isis.ufl.edu/. Under
"Services" choose "Financial Services,"
then choose "EFT Sign Up"
For more information, contact University
Financial Services in S-108 Criser Hall, or
call (352) 392-0737.

Florida Bright Futures
For current information about
renewal requirements, reinstatements,
appeals, and other topics, go to the
Florida Department of
Education (FDEP) Web site at:
Send questions by e-mail to:
Or, Mail to: FDEP, Turlington
Suite 1514, 325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399
FBFS Toll-Free Hotline: 1-888-827-2004
General Info: 1-800-366-3475

Financial Aid NEWS
Fall 2003


Office for Student Financial Affairs
S-107 Criser Hall, P. O. Box 114025
Gainesville, FL 32611-4025
(352) 392-1275

Financial Aid NEWS is produced once a
semester by the Information/Publication
Services section of the Office for Student
Financial Affairs, to inform students about
financial aid programs and services that help
UF students meet educational costs.
Director: Karen Fooks
Editor: Susan Mickelberry
Art Contributor: Jeff Stevens

Financial Aid NEWS is available in other
formats for students with documented, print-
related disabilities. Contact Student Financial
Affairs' telephone line for students with
disabilities: (352) 392-1272 (V/TDD); Florida
Relay Service: 1 (800) 392-3008 (TDD).
Online at: www.ufsa.ufl.edu/sfa/
The University of Florida is committed to equal
treatment of students without regard to race,
sex, color, age, religion, creed, marital status,
national origin, disability, or veteran status.

GRE Fee Waivers
UF and the Educational Testing
Service of Princeton, NJ, offer
eligible students a waiver of fees
for taking the Graduate Record
Examination (GRE).
The fee waivers are available
to financial aid recipients who are
seniors who meet strict fee
waiver eligibility requirements
established by the GRE Board,
including financial need. Waivers
can be used for both the General
and Subject GRE tests.
GRE fee waivers are given
out on a first-come, first-served
basis at S-107 Criser Hall and
are available only once per

Some time soon, try out my.UFL, the
new UF Portal at http://my.ufl.edu/.
Get up-to-date "Student News" by
signing on with your GatorLink user
name and password. Down the road
you will use myUFL to conduct all UF
business, including ISIS access.

on the Web
Printable forms, such as Federal Direct
PLUS Loan applications and Additional
Aid Reporting Forms, are available on
the SFA Web site. Check with your aid
adviser before printing verification
forms. Go to:
www.ufsa.ufl.edu / sfa /
pub /onlinepub.html

Satellite A id O offices Main Office: Student FinancialAffairs S-107 Criser Hall P. O. Box 114025 Gainesville, FL 32611-4025 (352)392-1275

College of Dentistry
Tom Kolb
Dental Tower, D3-#17A
Health Sciences Center
(352) 846-1384

College of Law
Carol Huber
164 Holland Hall
(352) 392-0421

College of Medicine
Eileen Parris
M-128 Health Sciences
(352) 392-7800

Health Professions,
Nursing, Pharmacy, &
Veterinary Medicine
Mike Menefee
HPG 208
(352) 273-6202

Masters in Business
Administration (MBA)
Bill Watson
P-102-I Peabody Hall
(353) 392-1275 (ext.3386)

Financial Aid NEWS
Fall 2003

U.S. Department of Education
Federal Student Aid Programs
1 (800) 433-3243
1 (800) 730-8913 (TDD)
www.ed.gov /
Federal Direct Loan Applicant Services
1 (800) 557-7394
Florida Dept. of Education
Office of Student Financial Assistance
(Florida Bright Futures/State Programs)
Turlington Building, Suite 1514
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399
www.firn.edu / doe/bin00065 /
1 (888) 827-2004 Toll-Free Hotline
UF Office of the University Registrar
S-222 Criser Hall
P .O. Box 114000
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000
(352) 392-1374

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