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,.' 0( a N il f Taus'l'l i "//\ m-w nn" is n rather \IWis( ; Their colors rang from Sight

". a ..... JOsfpilS: -CATMQllC I 1 1lot! III, . )Stu, event differ yellowish groan to dark fire(/u y EST PALM BEACH

1' ) ]If, II xn. 277 anti'''.."r a.w.l.nd r.ss! .*yI':"|'iJl ;;;. nee I I'tn kllulA! (of t( i'au'ritlur| *hcnUnry to almost black with lengthwise -
JII M..... wna.. s".'"1., '. aaga II \ /, >JU<* Ul|> hi i Unijr numbm \ stripes: ron.rastlnlt with the

:>.' 'I l II i I'.I. u.II. u.urmA: n aIr.s'Uj';:;', : :."t",1 l V x M. !lint_rumS., >1< ':,tlMlj I) small (II.rtmII. bulk uf their body color. -1.111I11111I111I11I11111I111111I1111I111111111I111I111I11 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I iiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiir l e i,! I II
l\\ I ilia.I Ilex' df nuh I lUNIh'I, ":30 M.I t| ''' -'
i > in{ I nxG, wunl.: Nnlll, ::drY; r M1.. G n w anA,
1'1 nml Aluminum al, .t" car, x .. ;
: ; ; .T \ ;all Tile II...." a Ju,'T' Irl.nr' C Jub! 7 ..std'la r U&It'A
I W',. 1 ". I I DOLLARS h"ws _, ; PATRONIZE

p' :' Iliphult 1 floor Tile tPINCntM' :arivu rn '
V n 520 W... Thlnl 8lf..t i SPENT HOME FIRMSOFFERING
it l Iar Sanding; andFinishing ft sl ::Cn ., I : MARTIN COUNTY
,..arc. ,. M. ftsl 1C voxrrl t .

l w x.ll" I .. ,.. ...n.i ,. I MARTIN HOMEtiftffisa YOU
\ .1' 1\1 1y "i 151 II fI, nl!,, o !1... .
,", HUI Cleaning I II I ''ln A M I I",' ".o.I I,,, a .. I h..,".." h. I
y 111,41. r.n oinl.h. .. I STAY AT N E S S DIRECTORY THESE SERVICES
I !d (It"" ', i nrescntalivc ill '"'" ,,,,, ,,, 101..., .' ,. I ,
'. .. ..
.1. I. I I' M \ a t >' d. MIt .
I, 'I' County is ASS., .AINTSW ._,_._ "
II --- ---- -- - -

,; (.& ORCF KEITH 75 I\,,01' ',..n',..>.I.tU.. ...dI I. ...,,.I1\. ..
) 1ya11i\ 4t County Cleaners ,, all \ M l I IFIHST "d 1, Cullll,. n,,?, .,. --
It Merriman's CONCRETE Do Get Miles of Wear Ruy The Is.
: I
MtTMOiirsr cm wen
I .,..;. an w- < i *i Stuart Taxi
"t. 4 I .. .toiMIfI'U-- .' w u. ...u.. I Tavern Foundations, Floors R A I' ..[SERA
l "i \ 7ha CYn.Ma Ww''a r,l'i: d',1,..l lI Driveways, SidewaBlocks Seawalls I e.
i!. II wn Wi. ."If) Arlo: I I' nEf-It. wINrJJ. clnsRA
; r1lI1. ... 'II" BrickDr n I YO TIRES HUt
w I 55 11".101, j (:I.Ak Fa. Ntwas 3
.. //n MIY IY ,
, \ : 'T // Po ", !j''Ina, /l''. 5.15.. '"'' Cream: Tile, Septic Tan Boat Houses I ,
;"16 A.:.to.ewhltSIo;;t.'. 'i .. '5t| ::;..7h.. .,II:ii." ,"ndvela Sea ieh lco In FactEverything I I solar tls r U., IW.' aha ApplKitrhen aa

,, .In. Vprn 'h."ar .hL'An:' I... open: 6 a. I'' "Ill, U p, m, All Types Of Marine Pt Dependable Rw rk.ow/w Land .
,,, .,. EeaiwH" '"vS M
I *, STUART 1h lif' "Ifa .t ''''' .1. ,"II' in Co ele Construct I I Cabinets' and all ,II
{ ..: I IW.d .h.'d uduya I
'S .. ,, .,,, ., our 0U5 "
i % "" >. ; I'C. ., 1 I appliances. R NE'
1 i.ItCE'i 11 'e rte ".11 huN, WI..."ae 'The Place where UNTIL Iv aylor C H A S\O N' SP.
,, ,,? .11 rnn' ,'wn i Ter,. MARTIN
t : r late I roast\ eenJeH9/ I Ir Friends M t" I J. L. DECK I O Box 474 PHON 9 I Servue anon I ELECTWCPhono75
rRLasrriPYAhN: !
< I Box 936 Pho 27 W PHONE 104 J I I Federal H hway
A R'* C A < Ut-1.' 841 trNCeotA A ,
I Ipx1Y" ,. "i, .dey ,, .. I.
tWf n "
I J. \" ttl'", **,,,,,-1\0(1\ |.,() 1 ..,... .ll."
I M Kpfl K ci.'t.Uasdr.tu 45.. 0 I
N ';"" 'h1 I P i NIP'1 ': l
... ..
s I &" sV I II,, ----- --- -
I : Ir'71N i / w"..... ,li" "n ,: ... '.. GAMBLE LET S
.' //1 01pd"lI.e: tin'*. \ Economy Ping Jens HdwI

i :y t (;pV 1 10 I ''ii; .j I ELECTRIC \ Give Your Ca r Truck
"' t ar A Complete heck Up and Sheet Mltal
1' P....., R.*, H M. J_ \ T r 1 SURE
lIenla"j artist II' ItrLRIFNCFI
1".4. m.
i .....,, AND xANlf eN PEAPrROYw ra
\ m 7 Qee ? m I and WESTINGIIOUStt UnCle Billy sez DraM IIIARLttv. TRIP THEM THE1

I IJNII'I-LON4AgcArlo1At.;;. DAILY e
j : APPLIANCES 1 2410U50 Ct.d..".. ......... RE MORE THAN
r inlwmaliin M A1.r1., P. ..
Th Itr? wdllnCYGVr,1 .......... .. Ilw R O O
1lIi t p"nur. I '.d..l. ...' lt..1. F E R S
tA 1,50 m., 5555 deer ar. EMERSON RADIOS Stan rd Oil Co. APT TO HAVE IT
Ii :.fl.fl.t R. 1. ;Into *A Insurance 11 ,,00. M'awlna' W","Ir"|:|. I
I, rcsyiioZ Electrical Contractor I+VPLR ERYICL STATION l All 5m .4 a.US.l. a..lrqRALPII

D '"1 171111't II =,1'eI : CHURCH COMMONS 1 CHANIN.LR, 0...., True friends ar1 those who like A.a w eal.rl.., Tai. Jensen Beach
: % u.MI .. ... Nixl, 1 "if. I O JClhrn Dead un1. uLw.r I
I II' 11,11, l"I .. 4 you well just
9 ; !E. TAYLOR .. ",, ." you for what raw re rl. a In
'10 l
l"' b "" '> -.1.
I Ian n, N" "-- .+.- -. .- ., you ARE ood
4 "nnl n 511.' I U. ( qualities for -
r': O 1 llllRSI' fy one 10UJOH1 ,
j I I Alt' LIIRIS1IAN: 'SCIfSlrl SOlltlV lit which they fell keep you, with V__V
\ ." f. I /.u11h I S,"."IProperties| CANDY SUNOCO -- them, at PAR! And youll be QUALITY I
-' Irah.
I ( I. I "II I n' .. I, S U N Ay'HOME
I MADE OIL wise to bear In mind these SEAFOOD
Waterfront 11 y Box or Pound LUBRICANTS .t ,.. friends that you have made, and Formerly C oeoa nh JALOUSIES

1'ralinrs Divmiles never utter words unkind,
County Kep
I 1 P'P'V i Mexican Creams C ,) (though others may up-braid'! ALL SEAFO S IN ,A ETY toMlNunn0a1 I"ARv "
% ve Su
V a "'I\ i til lndltltu ai: St. Lucia rlveis and llobe bound SES 'ULIJNI I
ccan FrunaaeI Coconut KiueaButter FtNDERSEALlndirar A woman may be much to blame 5JNEU BV

,Crunch f -her mate, well not so "Sharp"but I Open T a.m dl 6 p.m s NRA SHUTiE18at

I fi I touting you will! scatter only.hame I Saturdays ill b P, l fl. TIMATtl JUBMITIU
bte. I eanlnf "
.Mildred Heath's
I r d ;I II. If on the'r sins you harp, The I WE CLO WEDNESDAY unray Shulterchtidron

1 t ..1to S\IIEE'rS 2ll I'ed. 1 Jit Way Stuart NOON Products
bar the r lives to Un-
\ Itllill UIlJJ: 4th 1. V I lOg Akroo W. C. MOII. P. 0. SOXM
An Phone U
fm with sin
1 r o 1 THEY'VE had no part-

l P to MOID! YOUR TONGUE, lest _

t I II STUAR you< should give th' word that t

1 I PAINT breaks a heart tI! I Fred Stafford
I+ I /, a1 For
A You mid no Imhr. to your height' by tellin' tales of vies that may,

i eerIe sr.r 1 AINVARNI in Hume. way help to blight In lives of those who're nice I'v. FILING CABINETS Re 'stored

NAMELS noted that a ruminon fault, so many' of, us show, Is not to LOCK I and Civil gineerI

I j I Iw I, ,I I a I / within our VAtLT! the UGLY THINGS WE kNOWI! I All Types of A

nl11WIiI air

a lolls PROU loin JcTs IN STUART US e 'Y' The Stuart New ,. I Sluad, O Ida

\ 7 P, 0, t' ode P. 0. lion 877 I A TAXI IPSCHEAPER Office Supply Dept ; Phone lOt
: I
-- I II Iu

,1 /' -- _. -- --_,.


Fertilizer I '
"LAMV""S "
7 I : I j cKlun ve Kennethimm ll '
d # tlI Modern ottage AND F ; Plans, w ''WOR
I i5 Mt AnJ Trail Court AND \ Contrul'WMLNIAL.
HAIR Instcrlcul ?d kind of rvieal Goner

/ ROSY mPAIM Rep.t.k Wed Ph
BIAIK and BAKE rLAG1LR s. PuoNS sae I I in t a Block
I east op JACK TIN, Mp, PHONE 9142 City Bridge On TM
,, I I I le a AKRON AYS. PI M/ .tc, Right
,rl es1 If

Aw .xn ..
; -

I'j 1 I., 'Ilup,, of proved and Unlnjprowd\ popcrtics PITCHFOR tech COMPLETE era OOK'S For i iI FRANK HALROOFI Ql 1$ Story

j I i Throughout Martin Oulinty tion SERVICE 'SE CE STATION

j "y KEAf.E! _1_ r nANCll'Srw I C'AMNo' obooToSo Large Or tidNCfKROOM ,FILING CABINETS nab, GraerieaI ai
I and d Froen
i'i *ll'i Point' Rivtr-te.Klvtr V, l i Cottages H SOUND / P eRDUC
. 11 } and i l jftd Boats All Types of alneaI clF+sR'

p Jupiter Island Ocean-to-Sound& Estates Sites I I IIULCa mi RLtAl4 ELE RIC CO.Day" ee and Soft Dn Roof Repairingorado L INO LIOAAIY
P' 1 I
and icheo P OFFICE
afood Soups SUPPLIES
Nil one ty 541 8a of Stunt so 811 So.Phone AT. Jena $ea

III C. B. ARBOGASTRealtslale t For Salajfe'NSEN Hobe Sou'W 3271 The Stuart New ant and Leave ray
Irderhl I Hi-Way No, t estate ar..rr N.w N'

WATERFRONT PROPERTIES Insurance BEACH Nite PheStuart 18 GUI GASOLINE Office Supply Dept 10 r, O.B in j PHONE 51,)
yTAT Stuart, Fiver
vlLY3g,- ..- I -


'. "" '.,...> ._ ._ L>,.n111Waia w 5a.15'! if.... ..1 : ..'t"."... ,::;>'...>, ,,!hour"j 't'?_' .. / I J

The Stuart news
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 1, 1938)-
General Note: Publishers: Stuart Daily News, Inc., <1950>; Gordon Lockwood, <1964>.
General Note: Special historical edition, Nov. 9, 1950.
General Note: Special 50th anniversary edition, Jan. 9, 1964.
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ea- 76 0, I
'1f? k




SporU. Society Editorials GUARANTEED

local New tt. AP New Picture CIRCULATIONS

... .

..... of An American Community Dedicated to the American Way of Life
S-Na. 52

CITY SCHOOLS' lmpub -- _
r Dehons to Construct New


Stuart Business BuildingN


'I- J projected store and office building for Stuart

.' Not Contemplating 4 4- will g<'t under construction in the near future at the inter

[ Tearing Down Jensen Johnwick. Commends Acquisition !$t'<'lion( of Hauler, Osceola and Belle Flora Avenues

Structureubm1"IOof_ of Unusually Arthur l' Kon of Theodore ]than! & Son.announced today;\
Fine FacultyA -- The structure will oe built 01
a report on
the V concrete block and Steel In a design :\ -
preliminary! survey on th.
sketch of
sibility of paying for theJI08ed encouraging. ( CITY BUILDING similar to the Dehon, BuildIng -

East 4th St bridge situation existing In Martin he said Structural steel has

J the oceanfront through County High and Stuart Elementary b-n ordered and Is expected to

111 featured the meeting ol AA Schools this yar was SHOWS GAININ arrive within the next few days
i County Commission' at given: Rotarians by Principal l
The building will have 217 feet
court house Tuesday af. Erwin F, ,John wick at the clubs
of frontage on Flacjrr, 113 feet
noon. weekly noon m- etlng at Chin- AUGUST
hie1 report was made by: the .4., holm's on Osceola and will be 71 feet
Msion of research and records wide A "bulge" in Owola Are!.
Johnwick announced that for
11'11be\ eliminated and donated
I State Road Department
the the first'time in the schoolshistory 12 Permits With ValuationOf to the for additional street
F K: city
1 signed by: Bayless, the faculty will be equalto
$61,600 Issued In space p non declared I
rman of the BRD board In
any In the State with every: This building" Dchon laid
fclahassee. The brldgta length member Month
possessed with acad: mlc "will offer BOOO additional feet
i estimated at 2% miles andt and athletic Inclinations and the p
ot for Stuart stores
estimated at $1./50,000. AiJ will to make the coming year Foundation for the oft-repeat\ and floor olfUys"space

sample of toll poislbUlU 1 the brut ever He pointed out --- --- ed repot U of spiraling building The modern and distinctive
Iwu estimated that a toll of that more than half of the high Florida Is foundh ,
actlvltly in
Three American ALEXANDER will be full-
Soldiers left to right, Pvt. released by the Russians PAPAGOS design heightened by (!!
1 : following a 12 day
cents would pay for the pro- 1st Class John school faculty have Master d-!- IT with the Issuance by th view plate glass modern Start :
It in about 23 years. This estl- Hopfe, U. ef Se.tlle; Te h. 5th detention in the Soviet sone They: were taken : grees and that of the IT on the Generalissimo. Papages City of 8:unrt and Building In fronts. he slated. Ceilings will .

\u was baaed on lengthy estlluons Grade Tommy: ftgdey: II.--Renton Wash; and Into Soviet custody at the village of Yohyort ? .t.aUI0 are men All 10 members C.rrec; '. hero of the Greek.I '< rtor John N Mann of. 19buklini be 12-fe,t high. A number of
of population growth Pvt tat Class Gerald Gef fen, 18. port Chester N. when they: overstepped the American-Russian! ot the elementary faculty: have (; permits with a total th- units already have been leaded
I usage of the bridge It was y, are shown at Seoul. Korea after they were boundary: In North Korea. I four. -y,ar collcg degree or the I italian campaign In 1941 has valuation of $61600 during Au he stated: and mw applications I
out.ttorw.y ----- ---- --- qulvalent of one been mentioned frequently for month '
nled ------- -- ---- ---- in Im\ t t. The figure the are being received dally
Evans Crary and Among many new additions to informed political quarters in I I" on.. of the highest In th- pastIx "It Is our desire" h'. said "to '

inty Road Superint:ndI call CITY ELECTIONFORUM Here's Chance to Tell How catlonal the schools film this library year Is which an crti despite '-- I, Athens as the moil likely candidate years have this ttructure, be In keep 1i'' j"
I lave: tomorrow for an SRDeting Thi highest valued permit WRIIWlrd Ing with the bulldingsJii the an a. I ,
1:j high expense will offer : to head a "neutral"I to the Citizens Bank of include the Citizens Batikmodernization '. '
Saturday morning In which
ilahanee at which time they PLANNEDJaycees Commerce Can Help You said considerable It will be varl avallabl,:ty. Johnwick to I coalition Creek Government Stuart for a concrete block and our own office J.', .I' j'..
every -- -
I relnfore d concrete addition to building and Martin County
I push for allocation of funds school in the white and
d start of work on Installa- Martin County Chamber of--ers:-Indlantown. said \that the J black Still lacking county! the speaker ; Its present building In Porter Cleaners We are building of confidence It asa ,: ,
TWO NAMED FOR Subdivision. LoU 12. 14 and part tangible expression I '
n of a new draw In the Jensen
Commerce with than 300members stated Is a more adequate musical ,
to Sponsor Discussion : more western part of the county I ot 15 Black 2. Second highest in the future of this community .:
h' It stressed
Bridge. was this I
plant to hold would be program and better art I
of 3 Questions year' strongly r for the P"Heart Hotel for a not only for an In.
>t this riveting will not hear an forum at its courses but on the otlvr hand I
open general Hoke Is ,
Harry I ROAD concrete block addition 60 by 20 vestm:nt. but aiM "U> do our part "
usfon on lone proposed Stu- ThursdayA meeting at I Tuesday night at sen Beach G H. presenl4d'l the tendency and accepted po- APPRAISALSpecial in helping Stuarts physical i; '
ft fur laundry storage and rec
bridge which Instead will be the Civic Center-with reprt.'ntatlves Hobe Sound Thomas licy U to bolster and solidify '
subject for consideration at public forum to discuss the of all communities what has been gained and figureon ration in East End Subdivision. growth' i j
land Port Mayaca; W It is hoped \that the new building
: :
November meeting of the three questions upon which the county to greater Improvement laterJohnwick ; Lots 7 and 8. Valuation was $.'I,-
requested answer Palm City, H C. Williamson. In- Hearing Set On will b* completed. and !,
group. qualified electors will vote In the questions: "What Can the dlantown and E. F Lyons brought'out.He Report For Next I' 000 ready for occupancy by the first !
was pointed out that con-, the special city: election Sept. Chamber Do This Coming winter Stuart. I cited th* value of the P.-T. The llih and 12Lh permits In of the year, I
18 will be held under the Season to A. In aiding school authority: Tuesday, Sept. 9 AuRuit were Issued late last
ry: to belief In some quarters sponsorship Help Me and My Community Citizens. buslncssm n and visitors % Ihe mcmb:rs of the firm :
aforementioned SRD of the Junior Chamberof ?" and the community In solving w'ck. These were: .II' ,
report Interested
in the growth Circuit Judge A. O. Kaiuicr Theodore Dehon and his jOn, .j, Ii
not Commerce at the Civic Cen. Initial Indicates that the pupil many problems which For R F LUckhardt, Casa .
recommend the tearingwn response and progress of the an a are invited Wednesday Julin Arthurhav: been progntslve jl I
appointed Q
of the Jensen bridge and ter at 8 next Thursday night the Idea has caught on and that the faculty: must solve but cant! MacDonald and D. 13. Hudson as I T i race Subdivision Lots 10 and ly active In constructive Stuart
U felt no plan or intimation -Senator Evans Crary will be then will be strong dei.gations Roy C Bckman. head of-the without 'the community cooperation appraisers to file a report settIng U, Block ?. f ram residence25by. projects over a number of years. .
moderator. from all of the 46 ft. with tile roof $1.000. '
Such action Intended. Th Representative Marvin parts county State forth valuation of rtght.s-Of'\\ Arthur Dehon first purchased
irt said In part. '..ItI\ not H. Rowell and Mayor Phil Harvey Homlar chairman of Advertising Commissionwill way sought by the county for For H nrennan frazIer Crescent and remodeled the Victory Building '.\." ,I
reasonable to assume that If Pence or some other memberof the Salerno committee stated attend and probably speak the ( mile stretch of Highway Subdivision four concrete later sold to Carl L, Bess ..'
proposed (East 4th St) facll- the City Commission will forma that an active group was com on the State national advertising SCHOOL BOARD 78 to be paved by the Slat from. overnight cottages 18 by 32 ft who continued and expanded tbo,' I.11 I'
Is constructed the present panel to lead the discussion ing from his areL H. M. Saund- promotion aNew Stuart to,Tropical''Farms. A I each $3.MX),. I A modernization He Ja the 'present ''I .1, ,J.

Umber bridge can be aban- ,It was announced by Jaycee Judge Karurr net 4 p..m. netV FLORIDA TOPS..SOUTHEAST owner of the Edgewater Apartments )A
tied resident Ben A. Redding. Jr 8CIlDINO.l'Ok. 'MONTHS I which have be n modernIzed :
> By diverting the traf- Tuesday' Sept t, for a special l !
now using this old timber I Two more cItizens also are b;- TRIO PURCHASE Driver's APPOINTSJSix hearing to consider I the appralu I' Estimated new construction In : to; provide a type ot qcommodatlon d
''ldg, to the proposed new and ing sought to serve on this panel.' ers reports I the Southeast during the first hitherto unavailable i'
xtern facility there will bend Redding said. teacrrrs and; ono Janitor As customary In eminent domain half of 1941 totaled approximately and which will have steam I'' .

additional reasons for its Purpose of the forum Is to eliminate i BLUE GOOSE INNSale I Licenses Put were appointed at the regular proceedings,the county will $850000000 according to C. heat installed this season Other i '
lutruction." widespread I confusion, monthly meeting of the School be required to post wlm the I Parker Persons. regional dlr:ctor constructive steps. were construe I
Board approval of the special Redding stated now existing regarding Board at the court house Tuesday court funds covering th- appraisals I i of the U. S. Department of Commerce Unit of the D him Building, and ,
d and bridge district election the proposed cr-angs In On Sale HereMotor afternoon. on taking posscsxion. of the I| the recent-building of Jlv. mod : "
I 25 In Precinct of Golden the. commissions size In particular of the Blue Goose Inn on Teach appointments Includ- lands. but a Jury will later In the Southeast, Florida with homes on East 4th street. I'
>te was given and Crary was and also on the other two U S I about :3ft miles north of *d Marilyn Cleveland to Jensen cide the real values dC'1 $190.100.(OCO) led the other States! During the years the firm has 4'
lered to draw up a resolution measures to appear on the bal I Stuart by: Beatrice and George vehicle ojwutors: here Beach School Mrs Emma.Kind ------ North Carolina South Carolina been Instrumental in numerous .
venting county aid for Initial lot. The forum Idea was formu- Casper to Stanley. : Mistura. William are reminded they have only 27 red as principal at Salerno AUGUST BROUGHT I Georgia Tcnnesse", Alabama realty transfers to progresilw \ I' :
P'nses Involved In the street- lat-d! In line with the Jaycees' Bass and Theodore Btmben days In which to secure new School Mrs Carrie Caveny at 5.85 INCHES RAIN I IStuarts and Mississippi, Included In ttv I, buyers who have remodeled andexpanded ':1":1"ern j,
efforts to get out a large Intelligent was announced this week by attorney operating licenses and ttvrcby Waffle Id School \In Indlantown tabula ion of the Atlanta resort and business I .
ked to project.draw Crary also' was vote on these questions, : Evans Crary who handled avoid th, penalty for tardiness and Josle W Roberts GeorgpD I wet.LlIgU;; t In five 'i al office of the Com a I, properties. If I i
a special Ksoluauthoruring -
Redding said the Licenses went sale the Bailey I Jr and Raymond .1
transaction Stati documentary on at office years ended Sunday with 58S partment Building In
n the reSlon.1
transfer to I
Id Installation the The Jaycee committee in stamps on the deed of County Judge Arthur R Wadell to Training School.Marie Inches of rain recorded by U S included( $154500000 for BECKMAN
on Jensen '
acb oceanfront of the charge of the project which In- which was executed last Thursday Clonts In the court.house Tuesday Christian was hanvd. weather observer John N}. M:inn. | construction and $35,10 NEXT WEEK < I !
concrete _
Janitor at J::nscn B'ach. The appointments -
ludes Chairman Paul indicated purchase price Present Oct.
rich Young. permits cxplr: Thi total was 148 Inches above public r t
near the Chamber ofpmnvrce leav two vacancies Beckman GtaU adv!r- l : ,
John U.. Mennlnger Kenneth was $35,000.77he 1. the months normal I I Roy ,
: building on West 1st Included of still to be fillea after schools ci-Is director, will be gu'st ,
Stlmmell Joseph 8. Oreenlees sale 1 acre Following the recent State teg Mann's report shows ruin loll i \EXPRESS or : Using II
and Charles H. Kindred also ls land bounded on the east by open Monday I speaker for the Stuart notary r !n
A six-man Jensen Beach dele- Islatur-s failure to enact a bill Two were on 12 of Augusts 31 clay with ]I''CLOSED ON SUNDAY '
V. 8. ] and all improerrrnlsand resignations accepted Club at Its, noon meeting '
trying to secure for the foruma we kly I
raising their costs, the licenses th- heaviest fall bring Aug. I 19 I
>Uon headea t J. Ward andart'J the board teachers )
by by Including
political science film fixtures tlvreon The at Chluliolm WednoMlay Btck-: 1))
on city: pur. .
remain at $1 for a Driver license when 1 inch was recorded Forth : .Stuart office of the American I I r.1l
[ Hoke J. A. In Indian
to Douglas
appeared ask
Government from Tallahassee chase price, of which it was reported man will arrive her' Tuesday to
and $2 for a chautf':urs license. first two-thirds of the I year' : press Co. closed last : ,. 1
pard at Hi
for Increased aid In com- to show tM operations of three half was covered by a town and C. W. Fettrgr!! attend the Chftmlxr of Coramere :
WUng sandflles In that sector and five-man City Commissions. purchase money mortgage did After Oct I applicants for license -I Stuart Training School Barring ending Sunday 40.75 Inches hiv and will clos'each meeting at the Civic) Con. I H!
ward Mapp, appeared asking not Include the stock on hand, renewals either must pay an any special sessions. the board ben recorded Jvre, less than 7'' i now on according to BundaY'1 ter that night.FAOiiR I d 11 1iI
ralnage for the Big Drove In 4. SENIORS REGISTER it was said.LICENSES additional 'lor take a driving will meet again Oct 7. Inches under the 1948 tutu! I,ment by the I

aim city Farms. He was ad- ------- test before receiving a permitat --------.. ._-- ? VVINMR: IN ;i. !; .
*d Board Chairman R..L. Will Forty seniors were rglster-d' REQUIRED the regular price The latter M JEEPS PURCHASED' DEFENSE PLAN APPROVED MODIL PLANE MEET ,
>IU go with him soon to deter- at Martin County High Schoolin I alternative was adopted this year Tallahassee Sept 4 The Eddie falconer zoomed off j I
mine, what \Is needed. the first activity of the new Tallahassc, sept. 4 -- Private by the legislature State Game and Fr'Bh Water with lop honors In the control 'j"
AuthOrized by the board to school year All other-students employment agencies In Florida Judge Clonts advises out-of- Fish Commission has purchased model plane meet at Wit.ham ;\
in Immediate effect \Is a $50 in the county will register at their must have been licensed) by: last town// applicants to send In thl'e// 80 Jeeps to be Issued to Its law Field Labor Day with his Dlevl- '" ;, I
crease to cover Increasing respective schools today books Monday to comply with legislation Items- when requesting, license enforcement offlcr. Commission powered model Lee Hlgbrg won "r '
uHnesa and .rising\ costs for will be distributed and assignments enacted at the 1947 session renewals: tho Did license th- fee Director Ben C. Morgan announced first In Class C: with Ed HlRbee l
arris Lowery Jr, In his given tomorrow and Carl B. Smith, chairman of &I and a stamped self-addressed I this w ek. They will be entry Just a second behind for
l as coluaW service officer.eapac- classes officially begin Monday Florida Industrial Commission,I envelope lor sending the new divided among 180 wlldlir officers "cond place. Herman Kelts, won,

0ery: appeared to explain that ,morning at I:40Ovjrstrect announced today (Cuiitmutd-- on I"ITu.'O/ ) throughout the State. Actk 0- first with his In the Novlon flying model.seal Mulct event

a'e onth cover has appropriation found the the present Insufficient$50 a "'General Denial' Is Filed for State in Suit motors The Model were Club first will place meet prizes Sept.

work expenses 8 to make plans for a Thanks' it
Town of Salerno Bond No 8 AtASNA living Day contest.

purchased by the board at 10 ------------ -
$100 Which Questions Validity of of Stuartprior
"too after face value from W. B. City CANADA ILLINOIS PAIR HELD
TUton explained It I At for PH, ON ASSAULT CHARGE

the-lilt of IU sin* outstandlnl. An answer of ",eneral denial"; j has;' ben filed with County Clerk taken In and!! taxed that wU-"f far, publication In the Journal Donald Donald Anderson H. Anderberg and Jack alias E.

J. R. Pomeroy by Murry W. Overstrtet Stakes Attorney for the removed from the built-up portion : and no notice was published )MIT 0 SlArtsNAWANAN Doss, alias Rusty Spellman are

umper Guava Oth Judicial Circuit,. In Klsslmmee after Overatreet was notifl, of the municipality" and prior to Intrduction Therefore, W being held without ball at Mar-
of being made a party to the pending suit questioning the validityof beyond: reach of city b-ncflts It is said, the act Is void because tin County Jail on a charge of
Harvest the City cf Stuart. and also void because notice ol i Section 21 ArJcle 3 of ths Slate felonious assault which will
Taken was sent a notice the proposed Introduction of the, Constitution was not complied %IUANDS WJoC1D ARKA be heard In the January term of

of suit tog=ther with a copy of Paragraphs i to I Inclusive t to bill was not published In the with It 14 all'ged th? act also circuit court here. Sheriff O M.

h Indlantown/ the bill of complaint. 19 I 11 Inclusive and It, all of which county before Its Introductionand Is void b'cause the Town of Stu- --..- Hancock reported this week.
His answer was ,received here are of generally local nature and no proof given of publication 1 art created In 1915 had never IUANDS They were visiting h'r. from Illinois
'" Monday. do. not,concern him directly. For th!se allegations he been abolished % GAiA-A4Q$ PS WAIN'ON and were arrested by th*
Harvesting of a bumper crop Because questioning the city'f In Paragraph 7 'hi admits enactment demands proof: W Paragraph 16 he admits the ..\ ,..,..0._ :sheriff office Saturday mornIng _-
>i guavas \Is In progress all over validity questions State acts It Is of the law 'to extend In Paragraph It hj admits city adopted Resolution 301 on AMINICA .
1M county this week. mandatory that Overstreet bseell'd : the boundaries of the supposed\ that Chapter 19492: Acts of 1S31redeflmi May IS, 1942 to refund outstanding _j

Heading, the list is the 1m- Into the suit to appear on City of Stuart and the undertaking the ooundarles of the bonds In i specified manner }, ARGI i WEATHER
mate Indlantown area where city but denies allegations that but d=nles the had riot Won New t THE
'early the part of the Btati. City Attorney to extend the charter city ((1 IAIANG, & ,.
$2,000 worth of ,guavas M O tlttman explained ', powers of the supposed City: of the chapter' 14 void for reasons legally created and legally rail is,
"ai nil harvested Tuesday alone I The suit challenges ae..rallegll. Stuart. but den -.. It is void similar to those In Paragraph 13 fled by referendum and says a i060A ISS For the Nit ;;;.;- ad ........ So
where ItI\ estimated more I and demands proof the resolution for refunding-and Jotm N. ..... V. a. "Whilir sliwvftshy .
han lative acts and the State logically and that the referendum calledto k.lU SliiwrCri.limfmutu..
ilwady' has worth been of purchased the becomes party to the affair cfate this City of 8 uart : In Paragraph 15 hi admits that validation. proceedings was -quit ___.. 1oI 11__ ._.
"never complied With." Chapt.r 16692 Acts of 1933 regular.
nwugh o with answer due Llttman pointed was Alm toAnn. ." "
epresentatJvs D Hataway. local out Oventreet was served : In Para rapi111 he denies that abolished ths City of Stuart then In Paragraph IT, hs denies to ." IN
'"us firm. Prices ot an started Orlando notice ty .Thomas B Adams of Chapter 14408 Acts of 1928, an existing and created a new one that trrse outstanding bonds A..t $1 It .. ..00 is

tushel but have dipped to.U: Jacksonville solicitor for the act to contract the city boundaries but he denies: the allegations and are void because no freeholders Shaded enlllneIndicates area In Western, Hemisphere fr m 11-10,46: 11 I .... .. :.:. ,.t

'a of Yesterday It was reported plaintiffs George Keith and A. to omit Siwalls Point Is demands proof. The, allegations election to authorize .and approve Arctic to Antarctic which will be Included In hemisphere *sec rlty -. .. .. .-.-. .*... "
Later than usual this year, P. "Bert Krueger I void are that no proof of notice of' them was held In .( all American INCHES RAINFALL. .
con. the under
region" gnardcd by republics
: .guns -a
be defendants In Paragraph 13 he denle'tbt Intention' to Introduce such an . .
crop the Overttreft; answer as a ..
.Ktse last was winter delayed and by, this says heI\ without allegations that Chapter 14408 ls act was mads a part of the Journal 1 elusion he asks dismissal of the plan approved at Qultandlnha,, Brasll by: a 14-natlon subcommittee :::: : : ::1:

''Ping's unusually heavy nlna. knowledge of the allegations In I void because rural area WU no mention was mad, of bill at the cost ol the plaintiffs of the Inter-American Conference. I T"\"I" .1



... ,
,;.!f.+,...., ..., M It"'rf..... .it IIIWM-li... ...'t'1", J."..... L''' "I\ .,",j; .... ...........""" -1 '"'- .. .o{,, ,.....,""-' '.. ... ,U,[...,;.,} *JW., ''t:1iM1:

. .,.,.,.;;.. ,".;::;;;:;;-;;;:;::;;;.::;::;::-.;:::;;.; : ',. _, .'_ ,"-0" ,.. '_T. "T" ....., _n ""' -' 'i".I' '". ... f. ,'.notT ... ....\\t\\'" .,.,; .

Marlin County
t I' -


.. .. I u. a Sept 4
-- -- --- -- --- Senate
Too Late toCLASSIFY tee JUdiciary t
NETS $700,66The hearing "Pelt,
Florida municipal
i irl'' bonds, authomMh.! L
Congress, has
office of City Manager \until fall. been Clt r
I Senator
ty t By RUSSELL KAY STATE CHECKS Loris B. Emit reported yesterday Nevada Is ehalrmaiT Mcc,
! : the 10-per cent utility tax --- -- "
Mh1 a 4 s netted the city $70068 during -
.' I
For two months or more rest-- ,t'i The Martin County Board bf the month ot August. Receipts
K'' \'" s+w received the totaled 1103393 while expenditures STU'AIt1
, ,;: dents ot a section of Florida { Public Instruction stated
first two payments of funds from were $30326 It was CITY COMMIUI
Gulf Coast from Fort Myers to
11 the,
net brought
the State Minimum Foundation The August
plygucy Program Fund this week city'a utility tax balance to $5.- Regular
(79.61 as of Sunday night The
g' ted tide" that has kilted 'and Martin County received two August income was the lowest
continues kill millions of tlsh, +rsaa checks of $7298 each for toac.hr! 20 lid
second month of the 4iwp.D
canting their stinking bloated. ers" salaries, two checks of $719 sine the
carcasses on the beaches ], A ach for transportation and two OkiE tax i operation In January but SDA
t It has caused damage estimated checks of $1,098 each for current -. expense were below average and Stua City H,

e la the millions from loss of }. expense $48.24 less than during July,
I e
summer tourist I trade at bench, I State"School Sup:. Colin Eng- September Is the 1_th month of
t resorts and has !put commercial lish said that a total of $5,414,- the tax's operation Public ways W,
e fishermen out of business! I 910 was tent to the <7 counties
In desperation. local residentsl I s uf Of this sum $<,400.528 ts for -- .

have turned to ii Slate, county and I teachers salaries S278OO4.lor.
Federal Government fur htlp transpor.a: tlon. and $048978 for.

,; but despite the millions of lax current expense How Can the C itMBl
payers money spent annually 'The next paym nt to the
tj + fur the malnt.nance of bureaus 4et + county Is due Sept 15.

V ,,,f f boards and commissions let up f The checks for capital outlayare I Help You in' that
In the public wcllurt. the State y being withheld as requiredby I
Conservation I tx purlment (the "State Board regulations
ei Krp FMdul Bureau of fisheries the .1 Ar !
i until English has certified that WINTER SEASON
ttate Board of Health, th. Department
: y, w Tr the county has budgeted !the r :
of Fish/ and Wild I.lli and has
quired matching sum
Conservation and s. veral ,ut.hers submitted a plan for the spendIng -i I.
of these fat has of 1947-48)
none agencies w of the school building funds.
r t been able to offer a .solution Uttv

In-meeting problem Ulr or glv any service' (, CAPITAL OUTLAY SHARE \Virgil Gomez, 17, of Cerro, N M., veteran captured after the The 396 fl ember

f l riwnjewj'Ihuiillcappfd with lurk of llrRE: ; TO BE....$1.288...- tall of Bataan, visits with hb wife at Denier while waiting the I
{ r. decision of doctors. at Fort Logan Veterans Hospital on possible
fuuils and limited its to rqulIJ- :
4 Accord-
Tallahassee Sept. "\+ T
54 ; + meat. with which to work county -. -.- -- extraction< of a nail apparently driven' Into his skull while un-
Ing to figures released by State I
1 boards>> have done everything conM lous by his Japanese captors His wife b holding a nail the Marti* County
I r l William F, Martin Roskvllle Ga, carpenter displays a skin School Supt. Colin English, Mar- In his head which Is shown In the
txnMble to dispose of the tons tin share of the approximate also of the one I
I County capi-
his which he claims wall caused by radioactive Chamber f Commerce
ailment on arms
of d ad fish cast upon tht'b'tt'hra tal outlay funds pleased by the X-ray photo below. f
:I ( but tie area affected In material at the Oak Ridge, Tern, atomic bomb project where Cabinet last week will I II R
; ) i he wa employed for two yean. Martin has filed suit In federal State amount to $3.288. I Judge Clouts They are Earls I Invite You (To Attend The
difficult j llklricl court at Boston necking $100.000 damages from a Buiton NEW LICENSES Soda Shop In Indlantown, the
The money will be sent to tub fit Onge Grocery In Hobe Sound, ; GENERAL MEETINGS
a firm he employed him to work at Oak Ridge
engineering says
to the gigantic task It Pl't'lIt'lIls.1 The !suit niwrti he has become totally and permanently disabled $1098 county each!In three English.payments said. of I (Continued/ from Page One) Smith Palm City Grocery store In and Salerno'Tilton's!.he.. P. M. T/ESDAY, SEPT 9

Y App' ale w Tallahassee am .
--- -- -
- ----- Gulf Service station In Jensen
Washington have brought I rmlt He also announced he
sym- bathing as well as fishing\!! do nothing to prevent the wholesale NEW BOOKS CAINES I p Beach. I / 'T
l paths> tic expressions) Inlm fx'n- I will be In Indlantown to Issuj!
destruction of millions of AT PUBLIC LIBRARY
It seems slriiiiK that with all 13
store licenses
Ripiesenltttlves d"plll'lmtnt I worth of food fish, and ameat I Sept CITRICltTlRIST NAMED i '
b h and bureau officials but the" money spent) by the OOV..II1doUars Five!stations where residents In Civic Cent
condition that threatens to wipe| Mrs. Blanche Slocum, librarIan St art
n nothing cum, 'rele ill the way of In Stale and federal bur j outlying communities can leave Oalnesvlll', Sept 4 -- Fred PLawrencj I
'J fur wdf.41'1 I and i coil) out the commercial fishing interest has reported receipt of the has been named actIng -
Fe a a'slstaroe! : or In fliullng a soliition culls public: their old licenses together with
,. to the problem { si rvullorl. that the scl"ntlsti and' of tip West Const" following new books for th* the appropriate tea for pickup 1 cltriculturlst with the State :If YourlSuggestjons Will Be Welcom
I Professors from th Unlverilly! authorities at their roinnmnd/ \ ;' Maybe they couldn't do anything shelves bf Martin County Public and return of the new permit bya Agricultural Extension Service i I
i I, are unuM to offer any real help about It the first work, or Library In the Woman ClubHouse : I Highway Patrolman were an- succeeding E. F. DeBunk who,
of Tampa and University i of I' the first month, but now <
!\, Miami: as well an officials of the In tills emergency Divided Ben Ames Wil- /pounced yesterday afternoon by retired June 30
that two months have o "
t liams: "Ous the Great" Duncan; -
Y Federal Bureau' of Fisheries havebeen these governmental grow
r't While
t I the a uafencles ation continually "The Wind That Shakes the Bar-
'Ii. t i 1 making Investigations They are efficient when it I worse, It seems that something' ley" Barke; "The Echo". Van
.' have examined the fish killed comes to collecting fees and dues could be done for !the cuff!ring Saber; "Ths Steeper Cliff" Davidson -
J by the plague analyzed the water I and ar' not a bit bashful *her' residents of the afflicted ur.a i "CarrIage !:Entrance" +
of the killing tide and given It comes to asking Congress ur and the commercial fishermen Banks, "The Ebbing Tide, Ogll-
,' a number of explanations, none the Legislature for Increased! business I
who have their
t1 I seen "
of which has to the abnolut"ly :I vie, The Bright Promise Sherman
helped stay budge( ts they appear ruined through no fault of their OFFICE and STOR SPACE
i destruction or nut tht emergency .. helpless) |In the face of ft allua own ; "Presidential Mission".i
lion that Is really serious and --- Upton Sinclair; "Inside US.A;
In the meantim the deslruc I. alls' for quick "and decisive noF6xidas 13lh amiuil forestry' Qunlher: This Pounding i
i tlve "rd tld" contlnui aiL.? ; lion They can catch tlv fisherman training I in Future Farm. '
h camp Wheel Hale, .t.-dlt'r'' of, the
lethal march as Its polnonouH\ who pulls in a trout out'. litere, 1
t of America members Was Iwl l h I Lying Dog,* Weekly; "Saga .of
a t yt waters sweep on to new area. season or attempts to operate u
r ; 4 It killing all manner of sea life, I Ir \ boat without a license, but can this summer. Halfaday Creek," Hendry, FOR LEAS]
al r'' : endangering I swimmers caught [ '
n ? In its vicious embrace, making I GIs TRY HANDLING STUBBORN 'AID' FOR GREEKS ,

1Jj home untenable and threat"n.im .....,.,.... ____. ____-----c.
t 1 r the public health .x. r T,
12 While no one seems to know
2 J'' the answer, scientists offer their
a 'd pet explanations as to th stept. IN STUART'S NEWEST UILIING
of the tld, TillY say thaUmln
;, ute Organisms which have de
veloped In the water attach
h themselves to the gills of fI hand "..
M @ a'' smother them to death!
t 'venting their breathing r We will shortly begin Construction ofta modern

Olh rs blame It upon\ residue rt r &41I concrete block and structural steel buflneA building

( from streams and rivers wuihoci between 'Flagler' and Osceola Avenuef onbosite the .
'i t! ti Into the waters of the Gull ,ir
I, \ t ,, say It Is caused by an overabundance Citizens Bank. .
I + ? of fresh water. Many
i hold the opinion that poison gas
...,containers dropped in Gulf waters will
I This irf Venter of
be the
;r,! I by the Army have poisonedthe building situated i
4 watrs It Is known that the' city's trade and business area.
1 r quantities of gas were disposed
1'' of In this manner but Army offwlals .
it say that It could not b,
the, cause r Some 9,000 square feet of floof space Vvill be

", Analysis of both samples of devoted to offices and stores. The (cation Ihd the
t( the water and of the dead fish ..,.
--- -'
i ; has shown traces of arsenic and I. Three CIs at Fort Reno Okla., try their hands $4,000,000,000 Greek-Turkish aid program. The character of the building, which will pe of. distinctive

+ as arsenic Is on of the elements at handling one Of 1,000 mules assembled by soldiers say they will be more relieved than the modern architectural design, these offices

+ tai 'Cs A Iwislte employed and In the other manufacture gases, this of -the Army for shipment-. to.. -breece- as part of the Greeks when the mules are shipped., particularly desirable for Attorneys,| hysicia $, and'

I fart seems to strengthen the be- Store Operators.WE .
+ Hi f that there might be Justification
for the gas theory
t It I Bathers In Gulf water Infected -
with the tide have experienced ANNOUNCEMENTThe
( skin eruptions similar to bums OFFICE SPACES AVAILABLE, AMD WILL VE

from poison physicians.gas according None of to the attending UP TO 10-YEAR LEASES IF DEaRED. SI US

I cases has proven of a serious nature Gulf Service Station IMMEDIATELY BEFORE SPACE! ARE PA* I-

were although confined several to hospital persons! for TIONED SO THAT WE MAY BVDJUST R,

( 5 t treatment Recognizing the danger AtVenten BUILDING PLAN TO SUIT YOUR |PACE NEE S.',
officials of Gulf Coast com _. Beach
+ 1 ui 1 munlties In the Infected area i

tit i AI i "immediately placed a ban on i Formerly KnJ n A* Branford' Visit 'us immediately ,and .see tl s floor )plan- r

this modern structure which will be in keeping: h

I Do you wantto SN WTilton's other progressive buildings in the t ea, such. as: t

buy Martin County Cleaners Building, fitizens. Bank

good jeep Stuart, and Dehon Building.

Serve tation
at anable t '
t At
rea; price? /

I'' Here t t a i useful Jeep In fine OWNED AND OPE TED B Arthur Deh<

ion fni ready to gel you
t ( or ere you want to

9+t I1 and miles It sound of has set\tires ce in wet them t You: n RANSOM R. TI TON T E0D0REDEH I t )N/& StN)

w i will like paint the job VW not and completed serviceable Friendly, Courteous vice .

{ t { r, Y*> woal flnV better value

for your ear money at V t\an You this can all'afHund OPEN 7 A. M.. TO 7 P. M; Realtors

hat'.n terms o, If deoklred. ]

.. and J
;. 'See Ibis asefuC and service 81s
.lie Jeep In ear of Jim Halbeat Dehon. Bldg. Ph one

L. ,W, Halts Agency 204 IN AND ACQUAINTED
r South find street, Fort Fierce,

Florida Y ."... ..." ter"


..._. .... k u_, ,.

*ea.h.srar7vhrn. gWpam. .,..-... r ',0 .n"



___ i i n ,

ptuart, Pompano to Vie for Loop Crown Here Sunday ;1:11:

limits. except for American and

UC HUNTING Red went Breasted Into effect Mergansers last Sunday which. FINAL LINE ON SPORTS STATE GRIDDERS' Ritter to Head DODGERS SLUG

are four duck Including not 2nd Base Gap Accentuates

EASON IS CUTThe more than one wood duck. Possession SERIES OPEN Tennis Team t
maximum li eight Including AT HOME GIANTS TWICE

most stringent- duck hunt- duck For not more American than one and wood Red SET FOR 3 3:30: I Stuart Fielding WeaknessBy At High SchoolThe -4-_

Regulations In morean Breasted Merganser bag limit Both of this State major col- The Stuart Dodgers celebrated -
g season Is 25 with no possession limit. ED MENNINCER, JR.
week end witha
decade will go Into effect --- I leglata gridiron powers will Initiate tddlton of William C. Rit- the holiday
a Shooting hours
each day are Stuart Manager Johnny Mann doetn have much luck with
double here over
Florida this fall It was an- from sunrise\ until an hour before Both Can; 9-0 holiday exhibitions. Hit Intentions! have been right but not rugged 10-game schedules ter of Delray Beach to the victory

unosd ,jjast week In the Sco sunset except on opening. !! Win j Sailfithcr i \ results After the July 4 fiasco here with the Westgate In- on their home grounds at night faculty of Martin County High West Palm Beach Giants Sundays -

mber .Issue, .of Held and day Bow Monday I nta'of West Palm Beach we felt that was. the ultimate the last/ week end of this month, School where he will be vice- tilt at Little Dixie Park r
---- I netted Stuart a 6-S triumph and
The of Florida will principal and teach mathema-
It walks and the Sallflshers University I
live errors, \ added 11 base hits
ream. HOIIDAV BASEBALL The Stuart Sa : tics has enabled the school athletic the field the
The reason will last only 30 EXHIBITION RESULTS stole 14 bases to win In a breeze 15-4. .That"conte t" wound begin hostilities by playing host on same Monday
Cl.wl.1.. 9, C.rofroo .. regular season department to add a new
yi in this State beginning aton Rod auk loin' I, robot" a. the South Florida with the fans cheering.loudest when the Hughes-packed West- ]j4 the University of Mississippi final count was 13The victories
Dee > and. ending an hour u.... ....i.... mites-n,1) managed to score at Gainesville 8-pt. 27 The Uni- sport: tennis were the Dodger third''
Glades I
P'nri P1.rn. o etn.A' a.Po.po League with This revelation was made
fort sunset Jan. 8-,- -1948 Bag- 5. Morita-. Field ...>.. record, and second Monday holiday I fare, however, was worse although :In an-I versity of Miami will open up Tuesday by Principal Erwin F and fourth In their last five h'

Pompano, with a 13-6' way That game was without question the poorest fielding I with! Baylor University.In Miami Johnwlck as he optimistically starts, their 10th and 11th of .
Sept 28.
will play the first of put on here this season. Small wonder pitcher Jesse' schedules viewed the athletic setup at the the season against seven defeats 1.

International Sterling out-of-three-game had that woe-be-gone look on his face In the later Innings, The together with school for the approaching year and their third and fourth In ,
last results.
the I leagues I the day was over he'd allowed only one earned run, only year s ; Hitter, he laid, It a former tennis five meetings with the Giants

-BuNya Watches playoff crown on the ( ; : hits, all singles I and fanned nine batters yet he lost, 6-S. FLORIDA professional and hat had a Cecil Jackson bro'lent his season -

5th:t St. diamond here at : :Fort Pierce matcned the Sallflshert error for error until both I "Mld, 17, Mli.lnnlrwl' at .......4. (II.VI) number of outstanding national- record to S-2 when: he stopped -
Keepsake a id Woods Art Cawed Sunday it jut. t, North Tetsuo. ntU, at Florida. ly-known students As a result the Giants with seven: hit
p. m have seven apiece and the bewildered fans were wondering
orb 111 1.Id. make
.t Auburn 111.411) Sunday while he and hit
!tennis .11be\ played here both
Diamonds and Wedding Rir nounced yesterday by every batted ball whether It would be folded cleanly Granted JCL. 1.(t.l1.. K"'arldo at North Cadmium tub interscholastically and In the were banging 10 off Rodgem.

srue President Bud the best teams have their off days, but when league cham-' ...... to, North Caroling el Mortify" (".1'1/ who also tossed the route for
Lake Hair. .... .. intramural program with Ritter
Worths I h. rlorldeFlorida
C. &E WALKER The two teams rated among the State! best teams made 21 errors in two N... et (P"nla .t Florida, ((11-141> in charge, A school tennis team the visitor. Jackson topped thehltters.wlth
its time to take a second look and reconsider. N... no ot Tul.ne (li n| will three singles Otis ,
bq formed Johnwlck stated
playoff finals by virtue Nara 91t Flat;do at Miami 111-10'' hit second win
J welers 1 victories last Sunday Stuart season-long second base weakness reached glaring H.: lei h..- .... o' Florida. and a schedule will be workedup Gilbert pitched
; I without lost for Stuart on Labor 1
OSCEOLA AVE. STUART scheduled\ host for Ortlona Monday The facts as they stand today show Mann MIAMI with nearby schools next Day, He was nicked for 16 bass r'

third place finisher, a regular man for the base who can handle nine out of 10: H.... rot herb at Miami spring, hits but kept them from being '

.----------'-- 9-0 forfeit decision ... there or hit more than 27 per cent of the time. Woody I.. 11.1, a' VIII..... (90a1)kt ) Ritter alto will be In chargeof as effectively bunched as were
( '101, T1'll 01 11..1. fI..1I1CO. )
Sugarmen reported sidelined now with a knee injury, hat handled 35 chances: II.. Rnlllns .. Miami, the school swimming team Stuart 13 off Smythe A six-
unable to present a full\ 14 garnet at a 8S7 rate, Don St. Onge hat handled 10 chances In : 00. 1\. 0W..hi....... .t Miami. which Jack Smouae coached In run 6th inning best Dodger '
OH, s11| Xoutk o.lIn.) .t MiamiNow
here that day. Pompano a pinch last to the Indian
LOTS FR PENSIO1JERSSO year single Inning offensive of the
games at a .900, rate and Emerson Kramer has accounted for, hl Miami' 01 CI..U '
up by larruping "n.. its Vanderbilt' .1 Miami, River Conference title. summer, assured Uw decision. 'I
to $200 Carefree 9-0 behind the opportunities In 12 garnet at the shaky rate of 784 Munch Is; Nnv. 111 Florida. it Miami 111-101'
T. D. Thornton led the Dodgers
Mo ant t Alabama at Mig.L ,
.239 Kramer .281 and St. Onge .214. Thats the lamentable i
hit twirling of Andy SPECIAL PERMITS DUE
with three blows ,
WATIERF ONT ; ------- ,
PRIVILEGES ery. Carefree pitchers bass story' without any padding. The Game and Fresh Water The score by Innings: t

Pavement and Sijowalkt in frcyt of every lot Wells and Ed Bssey were a a a i Stiller Holds Fish Commission and the U. 8 W, P. Beach 100 102 100- I

See ed for 13 hits.Sunday The Sallflshert' much-appreciated well-supported contributions Forest Service will Issue 90 special Stuart 212 001 OOx-t

't contest here to baseball Interests here this summer may conclude with I bear hunting permits for a Rogers and Albert; Jackson

start a half hour later two championship games with Pompano next Sunday Mann Is: Batting Lead series of six three-day hunts to and Mulllns ,

al to give Stuart fans hoping to schedule a double header with the down-State out be stated this fall In the 198.500- i
o portunity to be on hand acre Apalachlcola National Forest W P. Beach 220 000 Oil- S
UBIN fit, cop both games and close out the season at one tweep The I
garnet start, Manager Of SailfishersAlthough Ben C. Morgan Game and Stuart 002 060 22x-12
plan calls for a twe-of-three set by the: playoff finalists, but If
Mann said Umpires I Fresh Water! Fish Commission Smythe and Ine; Gilbert and,
with. the league will be two could be played In one day Instead pf one a week It would I director, said today Mulllns i jf jfj
from avoid the than Into sidelined by a strained -
by Ward and paid stretching season any more necessary Sep. j
per cent of the gate tember Mann fecit i back muscle "Chink" Stiller

MARTJN COUNTY earmarked for the league The clash will renew at Intense a rivalry al has been produced -' had no difficulty In retaining his '
sury The remaining 90 I Individual batting lead among "DINE and DANCE rl rlt't'
In the two-year existence of the South Folrlda Coast
LLERS of the gate win be shared the Stuart Sallflshers this week
WELL Glades League Twe meetings last resulted In an eight- '
by the two t-ams Ward year despite a point gain by second
The second game of the Inning tie and a disputed Stuart win. Two this year have resulted place Warren Shipes, Harris AT 1

Wells Drilll, leaned, Etc. will be played Sept. 14 in In one clean-cut Stuart win and a' highly controversial Lowery, Jr.. made the most sig-

Have Your Work Dole fy A Licensed Driller pano under the same nine-Inning tie. The proposed twin bill could settle the situation nificant rise vaulting 17 points INN

and If a third clash It at much as anything possible to J4T Into third place. Jesse SEYMOURS

Prom Service ated Its site will be a- a a a Arnold Sallflsher mound ace,

Phone 107.X-J 1 1 310 East Fourth St. by flipping a coln.it was SAItFISHXR SHORTS::t Horace" Arnold 1st Inning single suffered his third lost Sunday at TASTY, DELICIOUS FOOD 1i
Despite Clewlston compared to nine victories, but
hit hitting streak to nine straight garnet Monday Brother
CHARL MATES Sallflshert played cut his lamed run average to Mixed Drinks-Beerjon Draft 1
remained In his protracted slump In which' he's produced
the holiday week end. 143 for 107 Innings pitched.
an Intra-tquad game ... two singles In his past 23 at bats The team seven errors Team marks suffered In the R GENE ON THE1SOLOVOX r yS
ed with the "regulars"' Fort Pierce equaled the season high of seven against Lake Sunday reversal. The seven miscues .

with the aid of seven here May 4. Jesse Arnold gained hit 100th strikeout by in 40 fielding chances KS and S FOODa'w.' a3

PROVES BOAT walks and an error for Puth" Register in the Srd ._'. Charley Hall pinch single dropped that rcentage' i 2
In the 8th Inning to him hit fifth "perfect day" this summer. He t had 1 for 1 points to 926 while the batting OUR SPECIA ?

MARKET 'HASJHIT BOTTOM Shoddy base knocks fielding featured and tow ) 'times and 2 for 9 twice .1, Art Parks returned after three mark; barely held steady at J96 Jensen Beac EYMOUR GIDEON

X.6"A home game absences to umpire for the 11th time this Team leaders Include:
WE. OFFElf FOR SALE hour affair In which Owner
rvei" led most of the &'. Elmer Graham and Hank Pennock continue to prove they 11.4111.11, B'II.., .1'.. ship" .....

losers employed three two of Stuart steadiest men afield, Graham fielding 932. and Ron.nhpro n-rk' 91,Ht. I. Arnold. H. Arnold

24. .foot Lyman 16$ h. Hb. Bcripps. Screens, Toilet with Mann being accepted his 23rd successive chance without ,error, Pen- n/,{;. H. Arnold 25. Lowery, ... .' >
nun tatted. la Lowery II, H. Ara
sp is1'F the loss while Warren fielding Ml, accepted his 19th successive chance without old II
0 fourth of five regular" .. Toe .base title H. Arnold I. Sblpei TOP inoday
gained credit for the win. Tbroo .hooe klfa-Uarnr 4. H, ....14

26 foot 1946 Backus, 11Toilet. h. piChrysler. Outrigger, Onge the hitting and Elmer with three The appreciative generosity of Stuart fans reached a climax and Hona J. Arnold..... .tAll JAY". .. H. Arnold .. {

,,fl ilge |ump However, none of the day Monday when they donated more than enough to purchase a new It'dowe.I'a. .'hme. -.B.-8h/l"...." ....I.I.. elill Arnold.r 11.1.1. Consul us about your buildt t 4

::750 enter Into the record pair of glasses for third baseman Hank Pennock. The popular ing pmblems. ''I

On Labor Day Fort 8allfIsher from Hobe Sound suffered severe bruises around and a

30 foot 1946 Hacker ltd h. p. (V ay. Double planked traveled here for a cut above hit right eye when he misjudged a throw by ratchet Acts to Aid PAINTS
Gt ;
Hull. Larje Cockpit. Brfutiful Nlthogany deck house hibition lIam and went Horace Arnold that knocked him out of too game for the middle

500 with score victory they topped by the the five Innings. The graciousness ef the Fort Pierce manager per. CommercialAnglers ALL BOARDS ,t I

9iver Built ers 11 days before, 6-t. mitted his return to action In the! 8th, and Pennock gameness. CE ENT PRODUCTS
akif outboard.
14 foot just completed > Recurrent folding la drew'a hearty round of applause, t
Knd everdur screws. DeadAll BRICK I
of oak and cedar. CopH-r rivets marked play at the team a o

Will I lift Set life ti )e. ed the 3rd Inning tied 4 The semi-pro holiday baseball results left a question In our LUMBER I d dILL

340 pitching and fielding Clewlston manager telephoned Mann Sunday morning that of the four 1047 State legIs-

tightened up noticeably a two-day effort he was unable to round up enough players' lative acts designed to reopen RK & ROOFING

Also en oilier 1 is go next five down. frames and until the bring a team here for the playoff game But tle) next day the Lake Okechobee and the St.
broke gave
pillar two unearned tallies in\ : Independents found more than enough players, on hand Johns River to commercial fish ALSHRI Y gr.

The home club could le Clewlston where they went to absorb a 9-3 licking in a holiday cries have now been' declared

\ one of these back The question ls where were Monday players Sunday? unconstitutional East Coast Lumber
In a decision handed down at
Harris Lowery was !, In Clewlston they don't grow overnight.
Stuart Marine Company at the plate for the Arcadia Friday Circuit Judge W.
Service -- !

In three Innings trying to ..,... 1*, R.e.lw. I: agreed. r.u-- GAMES TODAY T.for Harrison a second of tim Palmetto that the ruled act & Co. 4,

the Uelng run on I-..".Ki I. RMOtan. .. SU.... .loom SuppM
c. double to emterBoth .. .. Gnhu. Lowery i. Pm>o>k a. LEAGUE exempting dk Arnold for OH. Arnold Hirrad.. &l...... AMERICAN Johns fishermen from penaltiesfor
STUART 8 1 l PHONE 33 Jesse ... 30SR Stuart FloridaTONIiI'T
FLORIDA Suriflm W Bhlpx Armco lit. Loa" at DetroitNow violating Game and FrcahWater Phone 22 P. O. Box ,
and Francis "Yankee" Oriffln S bit Or.k.m I York> W Wubln.lon, I
for Fort pierce hurled the : ro...:. t, W J. Arnold i t. kHirrrll Fish Commission regulations
._. kr H. .
Inning route with Arnold ..!.. I. IbM m felU ell Griffin .. was "void and Ineffective,"
somewhat cue better ol II... I. off J. AraoM I. off HP.nnwb Brooklyn.. M, New Yorkphibsbolphit I Judge Harrison also declinedto !!
ot BooloHIt.
.nl I Hit br ltcber kr
ing but the score He tinhorn Wild Httb-H.rr.il. Pieced Leslie .1 Cb,.... reconsider a decision he handed -
allowed HorrelL aura o ad bite off Ctaellmoll. M PltUkortkSOUTHERN down last which
to WUllamt **, spring ordered -
I gad I la S .taalan off Grobaoi
1 I /
nine hits to Williams sad 4 la I off me. a and ASSOCIATION John Whldden of Glades }
made one wild pitch to I Inalan. off'nl..A <4 and 0 I C .""nooffi at MoWI County to face trial for violations -
N loalau, off Normal I ..d I bo I .I.- Little' Rook ot AtlantaMophi.
two It was Arnolds ..., off Peaaoea 1 end I .lo I la- "o .t Blralnikooi, of the game commissionsrules r
Lowery Williams and .... off W. Bhlooa' ..d I .la 1 .la. .....k.II'o'' Now Orleooo. by fishing with nets in
.. ....
nr off H Arnold 4 eed I -
DeStefeno of the Pelt ',....* plltker_W. Sbtpee. Losing Lake Okvechobc This action at the ,
hitters with three raps /"'_II.... Unpins. 111_ 4.4 LOSSES ,OVER-ESTIMATED reversed a ruling of the Glades ,
home ... Time aria.FORT
The latter knocked Tallahassee, Sept. 4 State! County Judge.
MORNONSI runt and Lowery two' PIERCE Game and Fresh Water Fish At Tallahassee, earlier last
The box scores: A"BroA.i E week, Circuit Judge Hugh :Taylorof tl
I ID 1 wr M ... ,'! I I 1 4is Commission officials say reports Victory ar
MILE* ;CTHl .UI.IIVr.s AB R R i ;:: Ik.?-..:::; I lit I !I' I from Florida five conservation Quincy ruled that the three"backstop"
acts designed to bol-
1 I I ...,_ .. .... ....8 I I districts\ indicated that original
A-rV t I .. .. ... ...I I I estimates of flood damage to ster the "no penalty" act also
I Perry.I Ib _\ I 1' .... 10 : ..1' I I 4 1.Mill. are unconstitutional and that
e. I Ik .,. quail and turkey crops had been
I.A14 Frk lxwer Ik,1-u..... ... I J Ik : ;..:::::: : : 1 t I highly over-estimated the Game and Fresh Water Fish SHELDON Rand
A M..' n.P...... ...* it .-..,........ ,.4 t I I .I t Commission has exclusive Juris-
GYM ''a .. .. I '
NIW 7 Mail .n .. j I II I II 14: ; > ,REGULATION SOUGHTA diction over all of the State
lok...., rf.a_, a1 sTUART fresh water fish regardless of
GOOD/ EAR t fie ABaBPO" E request that the drawspan habitat,
I .. .,?,_.. 1 II I 1 across the Caloosahatchei Canalat
.. r u: .... : I
: '
RHCULAN a IS \_ i 0 1 0 Moore Haven be closed to KIWANIS, ROTARYTO
R BON Poiraotk Ik.1O.1 Ik ..... .4 I I J Odsm.fb I I I t' navigation betwdui 10 p. m. ORCHES'Jack
W. Hkloee I w.1.-.... ,4 I } Arnold ..7-::::::::4 4 I t t PLAY 3RD GAME t
Oman : -: : : 1 : ::: :K.5041.e..1IiII: : : r I : : and 6 a. m, has been made' to t
:;: Arnold ....; I:1 I i I : : the War Department! by the At- ih-t'
A \ the Kiwanis
Y tMe t andIse aO I.H..II Aroald lb--e..sum'- -1 a :. j'":'"Ik .q.-. :: :: : t .: : : lantle Coast. Line Railroad Company and proposal Rotary Clubs play a third
$1 Lj40 : popular slioBOlltOf t sltM 810''_." a I ? i t 44444 GillVICTORY
1 ,I -4b i.;:. Ik Il! I 4 I I I and tie-breaking Softball gameon
also lower nnw ,; 'I: 1 1 : : : .. :3::.:.-..IIIiT ii' 1 the East 5th 8t diamond was

6" "- it '- "? approved by Rotary at Its weekly
llllllllllllllMIIIIMIIIIIllllWlllllllllllinililey 11 is
'iiiiiiuimiiimmmiiiiiiiiiim' .. .
io ss Forl Fleroo Left M ooioi lltiiorlII
saw. b.Io.I_.. Ratio* fa* St.( "prwo lot ..... rf4 Pteree .. ...... knoo. -.-Bhloeo.DoStofeaov noon meeting at Chtsholmt BA1
| Double '.lor. Kmojer .. yesterday. The date was set
0 W MotonCo.forth RooeVa' ill IfcnaaVo .r>'kr .laahmItoort Iblooo,. LMNTir ...... AnwIV .....,_ pending Kiwanis acceptance for
.14* toe P_' P_ ....._..,.11. 449..4 -G.. _. t. AnoM. ..1..-.. struck & 17 at 4
/pt. m. won
..._.-_.._......,.II* 4 e1 "lr ...4-kr Wllnaon. 4. br J. Arnold t, Boo p Klwanis
Federal His | i Roaa tattoo1 la--Berrr. to. M boll,-oft Wllllaaw .. off i. Arnold. the first game three month ago
/ way Orion ..-.s.: SI., ..r."i. : RIM batted PWIMaii. .t, ..... L Hit kr Utokoi. -br WUNoati I ,P.ak1 -- B-*, but Rotary' took a '-0 forfeit Victory Hotel Bldg.. :uart. Fla.
HarreA I 4 'Ilium, Uiliiloik, SklpM. L..rr t. .. wild oluk-o-"81't.' 1Anal4 ,
Stuart, Florida | I. Toe .baoo kltoLoworr. ... decision In a second meet-
St. Oifo, ,Arw Ton ban Mb--Qr.bs. Tkroi I' UaipliooRl rubs oodSttaiBH'Jlw
iiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiHiii hey# :;. Lon 8% .' kit1 '-"f, *v i rSlain "IT* Ing.
UiimiiminiiMniiiiiiiiiNiiiunHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiHi 1 1 1 1 1/ 1 1 1


\ J or '" .)

.t ....,lIfI.. ,., .... ............ h r .. \J.; ;,........... ., i'J'<...... ,. "' '' "fflIi: .vi .JlM.J.U' ....iLla.i.. ..-...**.'.*it- "

___ __ _' _H' _..'<<. ... ... .. .If.......,,.". ....".,," -- "- -" .

TOU THE STUART NT\'n. 6TOARl1' ,,thtal la County. n01 DA, TBCItSDAZ mr. c. 1""
__ _

J'Lllt; 1 : .r+ v Stuart News Weekly' Market' Basket Page

:A' TELLS OF A-BOMB Mrs. J. C. Anthony la seriously
';, ;+ 4\ SALES Jl See Ua For, _. .. ........- GUILD REVIEWS I I 111 at her California Ave. home I 4 olra Y.,F'S.' Obc..1.TA.rso: I
\. from a cerebral thrombosis suffered t.Tr..UurAtarv.. ...
i : t\1 1 ,{, .
and ...
Repair. It. Her condition H. .
Aug. was
j EE- Auaa
IDEAS FOR FLAY Y II... T. 1)0.) ......Tho tool1it
h SERVICE g ::1. Part.A P ,reported today-0-a* unimproved., E4SIIIINT to 1\0 IyA.
"o".eA as,5 PwwA, I
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson McClure .: yAItnnA
: Prolonged discussion- of possibilities a will leave next week for Tallahassee I loh. ". c.%......,. r.
'. NOLD BAUER for a Tall play presentat where State they will enter i I. ...It.k.'1'.1....',,.A ty......
Florida University
''I j "'I St. LucU- Boulevard / Phon. 142.W 4v tlon marked the monthly meeting -I II &.n.I.DILL,Or c C.:tAii..... I I.I..lal.
..1 i : l of the Fine Arts Guild at the I Don.ld.un SIMI'LI scat ,
L --- ---- Civic Center Tuesday night. walt.e' 0.1,5 DIn
\ f ; ';,." I Legal r::;;', .e II sail I
j Brief, summaries of two plays QUITCUIMSAMENDMtNTS
!L J ;' JANE PARKER under consideration were given I lweek'S entsI O.or.O.sd. aN11 :: .
!tr by Mr Elizabeth Madlera and KU..h. ....... to Yota V. r.r.'....,.
'It Y. r
1 Harlequin Angel Mrs. Florence DeBerry. I WARRANTY CERTIFICATa i a R / Ye
President H. -R. "Bill" Stef-
; 'j'It"" y m Food Cake ,.45c fens continued the discussion tot W. B. I.BnMT MorrU U.to Minr'Uorulhr a..tl.e.Jw.l. K..W.lk r.lluUiifltaw I., .T'rvn, ...k. rr ......
I special meeting Sept. 19 at 1i I l .Uo..l.s.a Cowiuutr M 0.1 Choo..h
+: ': I! :' !I G with Chocolate Chips which time a definite play selection ...,-.....Bo...r4 Prwnk W Pittite.'' IM iMtnMto, U .Pad a.Nrowntns a*, I......,......,... .IC TO,_CllII1tJ,
: \I li expected to bj made. i ........ ..... ., CIN.
""iI Date Nut Loaf The next regular meeting has B. .1' ..s Hl..*.* IM ID Oases TYwse MAKRIACtToday's-:TTl.oom
': been advanced to Oct. 1 when I B..N..r I''koo. ...- N W. A. \

I : .; ,I 15-oz. 35c tryouts will begin for the play WIINam 11..1........ .. runs 81..hrt.VI..1ot ,..... W.ht. hors, N4nc... ."wi>. aw
which will be eitherIn ... .
presented I. Iend T. 5o. 11.1. ,lease. .
te5 4 csars 1'_ .. (kotI.,. ..t lo. .. ...Cd Furl "N.""
I Sunshine Loaf s.df late November or early De- l'A..le. "wlllla nr a YINr.d 100 Jaiw.a.vfr -IIlId./ Yr .100..... I...
cember. A of selected .. .
t 9-oz.. 25c recorded classical program music DR. NORRIS E..BRADBUARY 1..1.. ....'..... tol 0.... P. I..u.. --I
spon- .,......Na. ......
I H. too O.eo M. 55 '
.' I' "" sored by the Guild Is plannedfor Cloft.... X. Kou M l Hf ....,....I Milk_lt
: Princess Loaf 33c ., __ ___ _.__ .. ..r--'_ .. next month. Dr. Norris E. Bradbury the' 11_. ',", .Boolfc. r edwls. M HovthmiBrll .... ;
: IONA'' I director Tikvk ono n< ..T h Nearly three dozen persons attended tl the It Alamos, N. .
The low-winr monoplane of Jesse Bartel of Huntington, W. Va., ...... .
: C. SLICED Tuesday's session when M.. ,scientific l laboratory of the J.Ar w. In AlfrMI' Ped.rN.AGREEMENT
!I EAC S I I Tcn-B-Lav: ; 29c taxis forced along landing the on Lincoln the busy Highway highway.at raoll State, Finn Police. after hailed It made traffic a the ship initiation drive netted of the 10 Ingle member.and Atomic Energy Commission, TII.tdwle......,B.DrhMi.........to antllh.nr,.... Pstmanet; and f fPajteurlied

I N 2h c 2Se for 2t minutes Until the plane got off again. Police said no one four family memberships. Singlesare Into the wan of getting power ., CHATHA.. MORTGAG&.a. .,
i from nuclear fission, has been I 1I..h. Is. I. Coouuetleui Yul..lLfe Milln
was hurt. $3.50 family $5.50. Treasurer / J........ eo.....,. In County
David Marshall reported a bal- In successful operation since MORTCACEII. ... ... .. .. .
I. + Garden Fresh iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiinri/l/ visited her relatives' Mr. and ance of more than $285 In the November, 1946 Announcement' Nl.r A." YMrs.",tF a .1.11... B.L..'....Co.. c.._,,I Barai's Dais

!t.. i FRUI S and VEGETABLES NEWS OF I Mrs. J. B. Sauvage, Jr, in Jack Guild All further account.meetings will be of bomb the, development developed' for of research the ton- .SATISFACTION cssJisrc"c'. OF MORTGAGEIsla "
sonvllli. Front there she went to held at the Civic Center unless R. V. ",..k., f W. 't. 'j P. O. B c 1042 Si,
Conn. to visit her brother, Ebln revealed' how a "tame" atom OkMvluib> Opntr Bank t. CkMtorUiKlcriilll. '
bskt.CRISP i CLEAN 2 silks Tropical FarmsBy notice Is given otherwise, Stef- ,
; SEI*>LESS i t Ib, J I Wilkinson. feN announced. ed-down bomb was made by
Mrs. James Merrlt and two the commission..
GRIPESSWEfr C ((33cCE1ERY 19c children. Tyrone and baby dau- -- --
t' ghter, have gone to Alabama STUART GRADUATES (
A Mrs. George J. Backus has returned where she and Mr. Merrlt are ENTER HOSPITALS CEGROCERY MLRKE
; PURP Z 2 lb.. LARGE FIRM RIPE from ven-week vacation making their home. Mrs. MerrtIs t FOR NURSE TRAINING Social News of
In Miami where she was the oldest daughter of Mr
!? PRIMES i TOMATOESI guest of her nelce, Miss Julia and Mrs J. B. Sauvage. Two girl] graduates of'the 1947 MEAT I
29C F Harris. When she returnedMr. Jack Sutton who has been class] Stuart Cont'diHiHiiiiiiiiiiimiHiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiinii
of Martin County High
and Mrs Pant Andre and living with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. PROflJCE and G\\ DCER1ESENTLYLOCAH'
School have chosen
r- son, Richard, of Coral Cables Sauvage left for Orlando wherehe as a I I l l '
I SWEIAJUICY each| GREEN STRINGLESS crave her home and are spending will make hit home with his career month.and Both begin training this of Florida which were Interrupted COURTEOUS S\RVICE' /
PINE I PL.S this week end with her. Mr. mother and step-father, Mr. and are natives Salerno by service in the Navy Air
9 'r' 25c'I; BEANS,: 29c Andre Is the piano teacher at Mrs. L. Conrad. schooling who there took before tlemtitary entering Forces Thy will visit his married 1 k- CONV1
Miss Harris' School on Brickell Mrs. F. W. Lop has returned there until can II IId'I
-" .I{ CHOICE WE It I -- Avenue. from Tallahassee where she attended junior high school at Stuart. they; 2nd and Akron JoeBm
housing accommodations II
II't j JL Jim U.S. NO.1 GRADE Mr. and Mrs. Red Hendrix: of summer school for six Mary Lou Darner, daughter of
I i the Paulson Ranch have movedto weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Garner, went,
j I., \ POTPES POTATOES Stuart where they have rent. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sauvage and to West Palm Beach Tuesday to
ed the McPherson house. son. Carl\ Jr. have returned begin a three-year counts at
Mrs. J. B. Sauvage I left Mon. from a week's vacation In Jessup, Good.. Samaritan Hospital. She
N I'
I L: '" : 3 328clO. l O lb., 39c I day, for a vacation trip. She first Oa., where they visited relativesFrosted .I was and a of member the varsity of the school basketball band SPECIAL!

j I'' I team during her high school
years here and a popular memo
Cashmere no|_u. CUpps Baby ber of the teen social group.
I r 12 brsi, Foods, 2 jrs. 17c Food?. Special Marcia McPherson, daughter CHASE & SANBORWSCOFFEE ,
I Toilet Soart\l23c I --- of. Mr. and Mrs. DormIney Mc-

I I _h "1 I Borden's PEACHES .......-jj2pkjs.. 37e Pherson Riverside of Hospital Salerno] In, will Jacksonville enter- I/ lb. 45

I. 4 Palmolive Toil Hemo 1 lb. can 59c GREEN PEAS ......- pkg. 25c the middle of this month. .

f: + "l Soap 2 b1 Sri Sc Junket Rennet 5..''\ STRAWBERRIES ____-....." ..._...,-.._.. ,57e 'and Martin;a\ member was also of a the band Key member Club,

MIXED VEGETABLES -4 .4.-.bow 19c honor scholastic society MQTTS APPLEJUICED JACKSOlC PORK &
\ --- ---- -

I.,. : 2 Camay Toilet \ I 1---Powder_pkg._ ---.9c_ FRYERS (Cut up) .-.&.- Ib. 78cBROfCOLI 1 I 25c BEANI219? : :
Soap l 2 bars Homeslyle Pickled Jr _lbl: 30c $55 FROM PLAY NETS -

J i Beets No. 2 can 15c WE DELIVER & PHONE 62 ALL BRANDS-TALL
j F Ivory-mi-d. bars -- --- ----- '- i Presentation of Th Black]
!1 i* I Soap_. _,_2_for. 1 Penn Drygleaner Derby" a three-act mystery
0 MILK Ifefor 23C.
I" 1 QtVLITY SEA FOODS comedy Friday night netted the
: I Octagon 2 gals.. .$1.14 Junior dramatic club $55 to begin .
fall activities of the
I a I Flakes Irg. bx. 3( I lard's 308 Akrk AT*. Stuart Fla. school year.Directed .
,\ -' ur 10 lbs. 95c by Mrs. Florence De- &: B. DATE & NUT PURE -EG. liORTENING

t f .1+.1k' Flakes Blue-White 3 bxs. 20* N.bJI i Graham___-'- Berry the praise, the of young 150 an audience In thespians their of first won approximately BREAD "r.::' __.. 19c SP* 3 31 $U

Duz Irg. pkg. .30 I Cra ers 1- Ib_-, pkg 23ci. GROtERt SPECIALS public Decorations venture.:were arranged by DIXIE CRYSTALS

I t Pearl Soap 1 Nabisco i %- box Jim Chappelka; sale of tickets

+ Flakes Irg. pk. 15c\NEWT\iNS ,22c Friday Safbrday, Sept. 5-6 was and Orayce In charge o of e Ann a\.P: PIttman SUGAR I 5 bs. 47

9- were handled by Sullivanand .
Lurllne Off ne; Janice Ar-
CHOSE OZARK SWEET, wgast and Balk: Roberts servedas

I A & P EATS POTATOES'25c ushers acted, and Mary Melle Burgess PRIDE o( VALLEY-WHITE, SWEET COM OCK SU&ED PIE

tl .;, 'by Beef CUCKSTS43c ant.The as backstage assist CORN 2 r? 2Sc nPllS2t1. 3S

GENEVA CUT ... cast Included] Barbara _
: .HtAi Stewart,, Charles LTfeureux, Jim
,n BEETS 2c":' 25cCANNED Walker, Joan Combs, Betty ARMOURS '
___ -... .. .... Knickerbocker and Jim Barren

{ I Superite -I! U Meaty SPARERIBS v TREET cln 3E

LAMB SHOULDER ,Mr. and Mrs. Lawton Wall and .

7 ROST,, 45c l R ,Ib. 49c MILK 2can. __ ( _----_---_-_,. -_-_ -- 25c sons their, Harris house and guests Bobby LoweU,have hadas and -, .
i Robert HILLS BROS. VA UM E'ACKED ehee, Oa. O'SAGE Unsweetened I EAS Unsw et ed GrapefrliiJUICE
Cream Cottage lb. Tabl Dressed' lb. R. S. King has moved Into his 11ui

CHEESE 19cfRfltRf 69c COFFEE Lb. :_ 49c new which home he built on the himself.Locks He Road has r19c E 2 r IS

I ARMOURS STAR been living with Mr and Mrs

IONA TOMATO J JUICE- 2 ,N:: 19cARMOURS Hobson. and Reddish.Mr. Mrs.. Clarence Wall Market S cials'AA
Sunnyfietjl 2
$ 41/a-oz. pkrs ..____ and children have moved Into
TOMATOES"r. RICE IJFFS 17c their new home near the Arun-
___ DAS del shops. They fc/merly livedn
f 1 Gel Ann Page ider i one of the Wetman houses.Mr. WESTERN BEEF LAMB A;
DOG FOOD 2Sc Wall Is cooking for the Ar- CENIINE SPRING
y '! 2 27c VINEG4R qt. 19c Cane.--------)' ___._ I undel Corporation. CHUCKROASTIb. 49c 65
-- Joe Day has returned LE
Q home
F SULTANA All Brands IppUs MORRELL ROLL ID 1 from Martin County Hospital ib.. ..--.,-_

r EARLY JUNE JUICE 15c where he was recuperating from
r SAUSAGE ... 49c I a recent operation. ROUND STEAK .79c
P __._ 49
H PEAS A &: P Grade) > No. 2'/. can Percy Fuge of the Royal Palm SHNLKRS-,

SPINACH. 17c ROLLED RIB tt :Chevrolet Company left for ,a STANDING RIB .
t wo-week vacation
+ NO. 2 trip to New
a. h 16cENCORE A &: P Sugar ROAST .67cIN ;York City and other points In ROAST : ;

CAN __ AddedNo.. 2 Can Lt.. ____._.___......_-___ the, Ed East.Shlles has moved from his IL"____ _..a 69c ST W I IL.. ___:-. 35,

APPLE SAUCE 17c REFRIGE OR JAR 1 former home and la living. onthe

f + SPAGHETTI -GRAPE A-&: P Concord-JUICE- --.27c-_pt. COTTAGE HEESE .25c I Page farm. Fresh Drawn and ,Dresafed Frvers i 6cNuMaid

._ .....
p / "%-": lona Diced -No. 2 -Cancans OLEO I Ib' 31

9 25r CARROTS lOcI ANTHONYSEconomy .

THE MOST COM The Complete Rood StoiCROMER'S
I r

GroceryHOME MARK 1

"I .. Akron Are. WE DELIVER Tele)haM 111 +117 ROAD '
/ I I'ahYYSR'

t 4 f ." ..' a":".daa""-+-...af3autiWcm4 I.'l. ".",r;.....4..M7" LXr,;:a.MuK 4 L,,9.INr+ .u1''. ......, ....,,4."........". 2'"_.."' ...,IJ .., .. ., '"J.>........". ",.:iiMPAGY .

Till START! MOTS. 8TTJABT! Martin County, FIORIDA, THURSDAY, SETT. 4. 1'.' TAGS Tffg
---- -

SOCIAL NEWS and/ Happenings of the WEEK IN STUARTFfiR orrice for i ,this before paper noes must.on .Wednesday reach! the Editor newspaper t ;: 11

Office Phone IM ; ''I! i f
Home M-VV
____________________________ Telephone .,..___ .. ___ .I..i

.w.A. MEETS TUESDAYThe fRIENDS ARE INVITED Voss-Coleman Wedding I BAND MEMBERS RETURN\ Mrs. Ed Mr. and Mrs.: Richard Springerand Otto Kukln has returned to I '
Presbyterian Woman &-1] TO WEDDING SEIT. 17 Burgess "D'Montreat
locution WM entertained Tues- I I sons, Phillip, Michael and N. C, to join his wife '.
Ten members the
of high
lay by Mrs. W. H. Smith at her!! Mr and Mr. Alfred Lee Mather school band who have attended Named PresidentOf John, have returned to their for the remainder of their sum

ome, (01 South Colorado Ave.' have Issued an Invitation to Held Here on Labor Day summer music school at Florida home (9 West lot St. after spendIng mer vacation In the mountains. { Ii

,lag Anna Gunn was In charge State for flue ,weeks the summer with MrsSpringer's '
>f the program, using the theme' friends' to attend the wedding of returned University home the week Baptist Group Mr. and ...;;:a.L.. Mlnnehan J, A
LIIEiate.; ; over
parents at Blloxl
'lhe St.
home of .
Ground. Mrs. C. A. Lees David .
Good guests were :
devotional : their daughter, Miss Alice Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Longs Cole- attending end. Approximately ISO high Miss. Springer Is assistant pro and son Danny, w1l1le.e Saturday '
;an (ttv j' Aspinwall of West Palm Beach; school students and a similar'. night for St. Leo to enter (
Others present were Mrs. V.t to Irving" Handy Sept. 17 at man of Martin Road was the Mrs. Ed Burgess was elected duction manager for Shark Industries l
number of
twilight of beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Kruer'and adulU from over the In St. Leo College Preparatory !j I
seen Monday
a Danny
. Horton. Mrs. Ivan Taylor, Mrs T p. m. at the Presbyterian State availed themselves of th! president of t the Woman Missionary Inc., and has been stationed '
candle light nuptial cen- three daughters of Miami; .. & 'nool for his third
Mrs LUll <
alem Marsh, Wily Church In the Woman, Club. No varied classes taught by faculty Society of the Baptist this summer on the coast i
when their daughter, Miss
mony school '
Mr. and Mri. Norman Platte and
ahd junior
Blanche Lowrey Mrs year
kin. of the Gulf of Mexico. _
Lyons. Invitations are being Issued locally Fern Horton Coleman, became son, Mr. and Mn. Phillips Plaits members from Winter Park, Church at the annual meeting =- H.
larry the bride of Robert Hazzard Voss Gainesville, DeLand and Tallahassee last week at the annex. She will e -
but friends\ both famlllei and three children, Mr. and Mn., Mr. and Mrs Ralph Chandler .
of East Haven, Conn. The single
Mr and Mn. Henry R. St-fens are cordially Invited to the candlelight ring ceremony was performed by Allan Robb and son, Mr and i Those returning In time for be assisted by Mrs. I. P, Blakeslee returned to their horn, SOD :
of Hobe Sound will l leave the Rer. Alexander Lynn of Mrs. A. Y. W. Hogg., Mr. and Mrs. early band organization reh.ear- and Mrs. Andrew Pittman, > Akron Ave, ,last Thursday after Morton Jewelers
service and to ; I
Monday for a two-weekvacatlon' Miami, substitute pastor at the Francis Richards, Harold Ank sale, here were Buddy and T.'C. vice-presidents; Mrs Herman a month's motor tour of the New 111', h
n Asheville N. C. follow Kobe Sound Presbyterian eny, Mr. and Mrs Clarence Ord- Hayes, Ellen.,Rowcll, Judy Arbo- Kelts.Jr., and Mrs. H. W. Munch, England States and Canada. The Sterling Jeweler I; ; J
They visited his In
Church. way, Mr. and Mrs. C. Ordway,'I gast Emily and Betty Morrison recording and corresponding parents J
Presque Isle Me., and sisters f
The long'., sleeved l wedding Mr and Mrt. Ernest Taylor, Mr June Matousek, Dolores Bartlett, secretaries: Mrs. J. C. Anthony.Jr. and brothers, In Connecticut.Mrs. ,
gown was of white satin with and Mn. Howard Horton and Waynne Wells and Jack McEl- ., treasurer, and Mrs. A. S. .Ed Conner and daughter, Expert watch, ring and J
DOORS OPEN long, fitted torso, embroiderednet daughter, Marjory, Miss Amelia fresh.. Blair, leader of young people's! Shirley, who have spent two Jewelry repairs I, j""
II"I YIA II 11111116 II (II
Mon. Thru. Fri. 5:45
: yoke and court train. A finger Reed, Mrs. Coins Brenner and activities. months In !New York with Mr f :
Sat & Sun. 2i45: tip veil and face veil were son and daughter, Howard and John Prkstman arrived horns Others elected for the new O'Connor' turned to Stuart I
held by a spray of white satin Friday after spending the sum year Include Mrs. William Penny with the Chandlers Mr. U'Conner 107 N. 2nd .St., Ft. Pierce U
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. :1
leaves, The bride wore her moth Dorothy mer at East Orange, N J., with publicity chairman; Mrs. C. L. will return the middle of October :
Reed and Tom, Jack and .Janet :
TODAY & FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4 & 5 er's pearls which Mrs. Coleman his mother, Mrs. Augsta T. Boggess mission study; Mrs. O. .
had worn at tar wedding on the Reed, of Fort Pierce; Mn.. W Prlestman. After two weeks with C. Crews, Margaret fund and I ---- ... ..- --- ----- :I, ,
it*'I eWOLF same day and hour 21 years lie- R.Jackson,Mrs. C. P. Plat, Miss his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. training school; Mrs. Alice Ben-
fore. Her curved arm bridal bou Dolly Rowe, Miss Betty Rowe, Lloyd C. Travis he will brain til, children's home; Mrs. T. C.
quet was of bride's roses and Phillips Rowe, the Rev. and Mrs. his freshman year at the University Knowles, stewardship; Mrs, R I
rVefeimtSA1URDAY bouvardla. George Campbell and daughter, of Florida. T. Jackson, poster chairman; I II ti 9 1 1O
His book She was given In marriage by Phyllis of White City, and John Mrs. Arnold Bauer, hospital
AboutWomen V4' her father beforj the fern-cov Oarretson of McKeesport, Pa.QUARTERLY SOCMr -e work; Mrs. Wilson McClure, soc- I
MIIIAND ered fireplace which centers the .--. and Mrs. Phil A. Lents ial chairman; Mrs. Munch, leader -
t.., TWA" spacious llvlngroom. A large fan- MEETING returned home Saturday from a Bada Waldron Circle; Mrs
Will i DONLIVYZR shaped arrangement of white : two-week, vacation In North McClure leader Sara Hicks Circle -
Was A }lit/! gladioli and tern was reflected HELD BY WMS TUESDAY Carolina Mrs. A. B. Whittling of : Mn. R. T. Longboltom, lea-
uB E In the fern-draped mirror over The quarterly stewardship Macon who has served as relief der Vada Waldron Circle, Mrs
But the mantel. A graduated arrangement meeting of the Womans Missionary manager at th-i Lyric Theatre Ronnie Cross leader Mothers
When WOMEN of candles, was usedon Society of the Baptist Church has returned home. Circle and Mrs L. C Klcklit r,
She Threw s the lower mantel. On each was held Tuesday at the homeof leader of a new circle yet to be

Her ryes side of the hearth were, smaller Mn. T. p. Knowles on East Harold J. Schwarz:!, assistant named
fan arrangements of white glad- 5th St. Mrs. Knowles was In I postmaster returned to duty --- ----

She -Sluck loll. Other floral decorations charge of the program. After Tuesday after a month's vacat
were reminiscent of the mar- ion. Mn Leonard Smith Is now .
Him O\t.l riage of the bride's parents at Introducing the subject with an I taking annual leave which will
which pink double hibiscus pre- Inspiring talk on the purpose of Include a trip to Cuba.
dominated.To the special group meeting she\ -e ,
the strains Of mendelssohn's presented the pastor, the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Mlnnehan t'M Can 123
traditional wedding march, Phil Maxwell, who spoke on.Tlthln. and son, Danny, and her parents -
ONlY SEPTEMBER 6th played by Miss Lorraine McPherson .." Mrs Andrew Pittman Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith
the wedding procession talked on "Stewardship Influ pent the Labor Day holiday atSt.
was ld down the winding stairs ence". The program was interspersed Augustine visiting Marine- 1+
--2 ACTION FflLED WESTERNS-2- by the younger sister of the by musical numBers by J nthrd.: other points of Interest
In /
bride little Jacqueline Coleman, fl7OR'OPIIONOGRAPIIThis
Miss Ann Pittman who sang a
bridesmaid. Miss -e-
as Junior Mal'JColeman
HI 0.1 HIT NO. 2 as mald-of-honor preceded solo and Mary Melle Burgess and Mr. and Mrs. Norris Tllton and
the bride and her father. Patsy who sang a duet. Refreshments baby son will leave for Gainesville -
Jacqu-line's dress was a yellow, were served during a social the last of this 'WE.?k to Vlctrols ridio-phonMrapli reflects
aoGEaS embroidered, starch celanese and hour which followed. make their home. Norris will resume RCA Victor' prrfrrtins kranghout.! A
she carried an old-fashlond studies at the University A watch reiVlred; here is touch and the rntnpi control unit' rolls .' }
bouquet of pink roses and yellow GARDEN PARTY SHOWER -e- out...radio i (AMt and phonograph.: II
chrysanthemums with trill. Miss Zola Martin, R.N. of West a dependableYiine keeperand 12 "'
HONORS MRS. VOSS such Playa re ;ordjr"Slleiit Sapphire"
Palm Beach Who Is is guaranteed as
1 he mald-of-honor was gowned nursing.Mrs.H. the
Mn. Robert! Voss-who before without piek'ap..no| .diu ( I
W. Bessey at Martin County any qualification t
In blue celanese with bouquet /
Miss Golden
her marriage Monday was to .b..e. '
Hospital has moved to the Stuart ,
of pink roses.The
honored $495.00N/
Fern Coleman-was Throal"lnn
RIdIIQ groom was attended by Villa. aaiusn. .,_
p1/S1111/ ;
jl with a garden party shower last Reasonable Pr a. V-na"-T ":
hw ow-imij rRIWI j ayj- Henry Gilmore a boyhood friend week at the riverfront home of Mrs Lillian Hansen of the '
of East Haven.
STUART JEWEL lOP Hal/s Electric Service
The bride's mother wore a Mrs. Fred L. Hall on Osceola county superintendent's office
Witha Ave. The party was liven by 30 will begin a three-week vacation
suit of pink rayon shantung Oughlerson Buildi
small black hat, covered with I women of the Presbyrterian Monday. With' Mr Hansen thy Post Tice Arcade Stuart 'I
pink and white flowers. Hr Church and friends of the .bride- plan to visit her nleo;, the former Stuart, Fla. rhone 13 j jceAIN

SUNDAY V MOND/ff, SEPT. 7 & 8th corsage was of yellow roses. The elect. I--------Ha Garrison In Boston. UIIfOMllID tc.I wa i
Mrs. Karl Krueger asslslUd In ------------------ -
grandmother Mrs. F. R+!Horton,
wore an afternoon frock of or- entertaining by having the 1
chid silk with white accessories guest contribute to two books
"PUturi of Ik* tor" Her corsage was of tiny orchids. for the bride--one, a book of
favorite recipes and the other
-JUAook RECEPTION GIVENAT advice to the bride. Little Susan A oice Selectionof
WOMA.NS CLUB Hall and Jackie Coleman delivered '
a gayly decorated
a Following the wedding Mr. garden
and Mn. Coleman entertainedat cart laden with gifts for the hon-
a bridal reception at the Wo- oree. Refreshments were servedon of
mans Club. They were assisted the patio. Mrs. Harry. Lyons If'
by Mrs. Fred L. Hall Mrs. Herbert who knew the bride-to-be longer
I Dugan and a group of young than any othr guest, presided j
friends and relatives of the 'at the punch, bowl. I
I bride. The club House had been ;
artistically decorated with aurelIa Robert Oreene, Emrson Kramer StylesIn 'tt: :
and floral arrangements by and Dick Roberts left Mon- ,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rue!:, Mr. day night for Tallahassee to Investigate
and Mn Al Shrlgley and Mr. and living accommodationsfor
"lilt el the Year"Dorothy Mrs. Web Ordway. students at Florida Stats

Kllgolhn The brldJ'l table was centered: College. Previously accepted at '
} with a pyramid of double pink the University Florida tin 5W II
"Movie l mulici.s. N Fall Models
hibiscus and fern. Miss Patsy trio of Stuart freshmen have < 9
A cloiilcl" Wllmot of-West Palm Beach was been unable to find living quarters ..
-loot Magetlne In charge of the bride's book. at Gainesville \ To Fit Your
The serving table was beautiful 41- A
with dozens of water lilies surrounding Mr, and Mn. Arthur Dehon 1 Every NeedInVTailored
a tiered wedding cake. and children, Sandra and Artie,
Assisting In serving were Miss arrived home Monday afternoon
TICHNICOITFl Marjorie Horton and Miss Doro- from Breveted N. C. They spent F
V thy Brenner of Fort Pierce; two weeks with his brother, The- Use Our
Miss Lydia Ann Krueger of odore Dehon Jr. and family at I And
Miami; Miss Phlllys Campbell their summer cottage on th
IheieiailmgGREGORY and Miss lake. Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Phyllis Platte Luther Dam- LAYAWAYPlan
Betty Rowell of White City, and ron who occupied their home Dressy TypesAnnouncine
Miss Lorraine McPherson and during their absence have returned -
JA IEPECKWYMiM fy Miss Beverly Smith of Stuart. to their St. Lucie Hotel
Among the other out-of-town after a vacation of two months.


hers 4Ni' the Opening! I: 7

A CLARENCE BROWN PROsTIOH ? | Announcing the Opening | Oflpur New ,


MM Kvm>Mas acwvaair. mans

OF Children Department ,
FEATURES AT 3:45 6:21-; 9:00: 4

| Jensen Bea\h Beauty Salon I Washable Cottons .. .
TUES. & WED. SEPT 9 & 11"Ofi -..
- c

For Baclato School
ti .. '
a ..I

My Dear; = g a Sizes 3 to 6\nd 7 to 12 '

Weve': missed. =5= The Ulf/ate In Bbouty Service ==

to much, a = .


Vritifual,Ufa most love 1 i 5 PHONE 72-M' g THEHSTYLE SHOP

.affair ever = =
told(' + a; RS. LANE JENNINGS, OWNE :

y :=I .::
Never DID A Woman MRS. MARJORIE BUFFUM, Manager 243 Osceola Avenue
Face Such A Choice In
Lovers 4I I "

I niHiiiiiiiiiiiiniimiliirniinmiinniiiiniiiminiiiiiinnHiiiin! IsF.;:

If t ., ,, "' ............ 6r"-1\o. ".", < .:' ,. A. ..oJ.. ,; _I '\'_ .. '..... ,_ ,,_ ....... ,4.." 4.. ." ..-"" _.' '"'

,... .' !"111';' "' ." ". .. "' .....""""7-, .". ... ., .. '''''''''. '' '' ......... 1" .., '. "., ,. ,...,... ., .".1' ,. ..' "" ,, ,,",,, ,, ,..... ',"< "" 1'-'''

'. .

.. TIll: BTCAKT WITTS ITCAT Martin C. 7. FLORIDA 'l1I1JJtS ty. SETT. 4, 1141


:' tiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiniiiiiiininiiiiniiiiiini I SOLUTION OF LAST WEEK'S: PUZZLE SATISFACTION SOUGHT of Mortla Ooantr. BUta ft Florida, oaIk. ----.:..
SERVICES OFFEREDiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimii 'JOSEPH IAPFP COMPASS a duanlTwd Illk dar of i..hn., A. Q. l.4t
I toraorallon rims odJIan. to for _....I ft ... nnd.. (.. final dl.. :: :bUilueduAmSuN I \
:I : : L : : Tallahassee, Sept. 4 The i Jn.kaon.llto. ,Ia. .11.... .. ndathilatrntru. ., In. nalntoaf Pork., ,
\ i: SEWING MACHINE SERVICE Crossword Puzzle I Florida Railroad and Public t7U- A. H. WARNER INC.. a dli.ol..danrpnrntlon. J aahi C. Bairla." a>naaad.Dal .. t P.O.,0: ,,, PA.1 IP.enh1
; A.50 RILArEOLChliOiurui whana ........ .la FnrtO .4 Ibis. 14 dar W Lured, A, B :'
\l f Modernize your old treadle withaa Sties Commission has ordered Its I PlooO I..'.

C1H3SIFIED l f m electric motor Part and,:I ACIIOII U S A I N e A Y I field Inspectors to find out U 1 >,. "cARBrrt FlaWORTH1NOTON .- wnant. addraaa. .laOrtandn Aa Adatlal.tr.trt., FLORA of SATLE lot .AVERS.... ft *40,5 ) Amihail.l... Dm1:=.i',

itA ,
1"11 GNA" ,
I( ; 1
I Service for all maJUs. AddrenBox L I_.. dlataanli. Florida shippers and receiversof I T WOOD. .wkaMST Jnato 0 Sari.,. d.a.aa.a. KE3 GuP- rS1pass

6*, Fort Pl/rce. 4DO So.ISth 6. BlramhMOtrwJ ComplT I T. ITS. .... T 0i freight are satisfied with the I add_ .It ...k_ T T. OUOHTERSONAttornar .. .. '_dIU...""
via LORIS: BOND A MORTOAOt CO.. far Adis.ioInlI4i.Publish. A'
I St Phone /US BTAU 14. Not aarST ITON : service o4le common carrier.. S du..sdrod .',pntl.e oh.' uddemoI. ... datoaiAna :::L '; : ;
f Auf 7. 14. HZIS/pt4; H, IS, E I i I Malt liquor I : Book af aiitM T I Y .to ross ri..... .rl.. ... & 4. 4. II nnd II. A. D. u.,. t1

RATES: S. PER WORD ORDINARY RldlntKtcrnMr: ,,"I.". : ::: Y I N A "I' 1 'L&CAi.hcTJLTI5LMEieT LAVINIA. WARNER vkbaa nnaUVnaand ..:=. Coo.tr. or _.
TAKfc .d.... to .ha.. ADVERTlSEMEnr ..... ..... .
'f! ; MINIMUM 5e FOR 11 WE CAN A UNITED I you-c 00.0* .1.: wOlni hIM. C I. T H R I A T. T aIUZ IN THE COJb Of' THI COUNTYJUDGI THERESA WARNER whose rnldaaat tu'u.l. ......11.of.. .......

A./ .
.1 1 MINIMUM SOC FOR 17 ING, PORCI/OR HOUSEHOLD I I .r ed.otangrU7 U cOACI i IN RK E8TATK %.i' JOSEPH) and addrm I la ...110..... Miii.sepuolusilos. I:: "

I 1 WORDSiiiimimiiiiimiiiiimiiHiiiiiiiiiiiHii. FVRNITVR/. BEST EQUIP. It. 1.0.. n..ne .45100 T I 111 APL .. AONIs A CSKKCYfed ; 1 HARRIET WARNER wkana malwaaat 1 Notlda' la karabr *lr.. that II,. an- "'n. pIIl0Cmdiuai.
I "'" drremrd, and ...4_. la ..k..... -r.llM4 nndnr tka prnvtofoo., of Cftap.tor c......... P..ld'.
M E N lAND MATERIAL 1:11:: :::: .U. .;:;:: ... N 0 Vi" I CO "OTICI T'O' TOLDITOSS A. J. WARNER and It.. wilt ANN C IIMS, Lowari Florida. Art at |MLarlll I. Vil

; WORK CALLED FOR AND DE. lim.houolto "a Ie I S S T 1 S P A II a ".. n.J. mel of eb ... b.r.b ...... FARMER .._ rraldonM. sod addraaa iwaiatar wHk Ik. Ctark .f tha. Chr. ,
... : .011 ...... .. ..,...
and M ,"1 .In' *' edt nad (ft Hulls LA5M,. :.
f APARTMENTS FOR RENTtiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiHiiiiiMiiiimi LIVERED/IF/ DESIRED SUN.. .. lIu.loal and ...... .10..10. .. -a, aim MIRIAM WARNER FKERI nnd FlorMn. := WMlpi ft proof of paMtlon .. ,,
RAY SHUTTERS PRODUCTS,,, .' IL 8klll ...,... Iba Ke..',. ., ..smk eo.k.,,. JULES J. FRERE. aar 10........ wkoataddraa. af aottet, tka llntlttont. ..u far .... pBd. ...A..I it
l x : u. Mneltau dmoa*. lata fl Mu'tiu ".. n. Ok, .to ......... bestir and _... to will 1 .ot ...
P. O BOA $45, PHONE *67Aui U: r CL Pliuaf sure DOWN Ctonntr Judia foe Martla C\ntr:: Florldi. .11,. and nil aarttoa kawa and. nnknown.teumatod :::i'L,::' .J.:'J:' "'

M, tf. Sept 4, U 7. Pob.r ut&kO Ot: ? $? an TIII lasS L Med.eut.1vn. .tbkslelmluUs.mati.' al Si-art,. kr. tkrowk ..... ar anlnatIk. AILSPQRT RESTAURANT .... tit.. Acl ..,.. :
Nswbso:: knsiuuatiou iaimd eeedit. Florida."within nllht ankrtiVr. nntfcfrnm .., ..... nnmad porttoa aH.. nr <*- ...., which. w. will .....* ta .nnalnaaak.rlni '-I of Lo... .Of.... .
I, IT lartu wIsu.' C t ,pttusii. nf V.klkaltoanat .. nil .fca.lnf 'himt. I or "'
nbia :t tka dato tklfl flral m..4. pnrtira a our prinelpal plaoa' of .baalaoaato 4. _n.... '' '''
; i BRASSIERES, Girdles, Health I Zni ,nsnthnd Jan. OIl dOd ulnUPng lilt thl. 0.14... Each izba _.04 hum : lilkt. tllk. nr Intoraat. to.Ikn ....... Martin COmic. Florida' tkatCrttoa ....,.. '0' wltk'h T.... ...r... ..
L Pui. bask .kr C ... karalnaftor .....i.I .... "oil
Garrnr/U I o.rIlneu. n50 nrapartr l tntoroatod to nald bail,., A. .. P- ""
Individually de-: I' a oJ .. 141 I. 1 [4 I' 0I OIOMI. : pb. .. nf mldrnoa aad aaat Mfli\addraa ..-I,. ire I Ooddlrd mod artha God ... ...... .. ..... Iou.;
sicneif by Splrella. Free dir T ,bi>tuxf1r ft tka claimant, nnd want kw ... .. dud wf II....... Florida. that. t .. atn. .. n "" "' '' '''''
L' nails Mrs. 3--t IWlaI. .. .toe ''''''ant. kla. ..... H" rMW. ThRmtbn.onb.lIudl.001" Sat.Uon athtr nwaana tatomatad la .... .anal. es-r "i'A : ""1
/ T C. KnowlcsPhont t. :'' .. .... ..... will' kwnaia ,rid m d...: II, Townikln: IT. Sontb. Rann '
l' ) Stuart$ 1.W, tf % t lt ana) to law. : 41 10.., Martin eo..... Florida. BENJAMIN OOCDARD tJ I':, THI alATI..I .
l'i LET iJi five a free demon r" !lJ1'I' 1 ., An.w.rM fttaondas ; ALEXANDER CttKKKH looptlna tharafronr. .... Florida l..tcmo '..1....'.... ...... .It.. .!>CTI'f : ..t. This. fr. ... ..
you Symkol AdmlntolnUir' .( tka hitoto n| Jo.P5k. II. R.n... Rlikt..f.War and. Aur.ut 50. kpt. 4. II. IS. HIT ... ... .. 'hie ....
ntrsllon I O I44 :: ... I' 1. I.... .. a.
of the new Runuey C... ,. .__.... tkn 'ult. Hlikwar ntondlnatkrwaak tlori4o,
tL C'' I. ...... I r ..... 100 .. to.
i Electric Mower Oils high grass l I.l bom. am. ita. Ilia. ink. Illk. aatd LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT lie ............ lito ....

and a tI u g 11 WHIln* auld You ... anck nf .. ...... nod :'I'ION TOol
I COURT ; tough weeds. Bess HardCo L rrlsbUatl LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT r. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, IN AND n "'tWo ...
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APART NTS ware Phone is tfPAYjlOIX : 13 j.a.: j.17 7 4 f1' TniitH. Of lh. inn T.5sk.s. Fkrid' or COMPLAINT In tha ubU.Atyl.d0.u. r3"cH l'y.COUNTY. ....,,.... It .It.. .. .... .....,
STUART ORIDA 'j II r.mlnln. aanaM A.(... Sfltk.NOTICI. IMT wh.roln JOHN FARIA .to Loaf 1. W. CUTHHC.RT and NELL R.1) .tI.. 8t.... P. .... .
BOOK-National STB- I.- 0 WinnIL and JANE: STYPMAN and/or CUTMBERT kto .. lo", .11 ._ _
Newlj DecoratedHotwkerping, uIIy Equipped PI' 31 a .: .:: ., Il.ln.nl .. .. al, and ran nadrach .Ht..1IOIIIPH :- .
: :
I tet for keeping wage and NOTICE b l rrbr >'lwn lint the TnMtn .. : .t" :..: .."-
t'1 partmenha -l ftWuueuwap of Inumil. ln.rairn irat F..d o<: af raw u.0D.f'd.suu.n.ibU C_....... :
LOW SUMMW ii RATES bfur. withholding tax and socsecurlt' -, jJT ,u : BomalniMtuc lbs Sl'"W of tloridn. '...u..1 M Lnw .. tha lad dar af Otlobar lOll Iou. C5t.AIK0.. uI.. f .". ...... .....of .,,u.... ......0...
I'' 14 reports, when you Mil ,((.. lor ...)., (.. Mnu".Utln .kldIn ... noise. nf IbIs auM la to mist laCamplalnant ............ ..... .-..h.....lIk ......
T. PA(. T .. tht abava-nV.cribod. A .. .... .
It Tillahuu Horld. n< 114 clock ._. .. .
t It r3a ... ..... ..- .... ,. -'- ---
Trlephoi S152lIlIIluulHulIIUSO +.n or more employees. IJf : : I 1C onfill7 A. M. 0" ,0o. 7th 1 047. for Ikf .kind --. ., Till: 'fATI OF PLORIDA 101. IOIIttCLARa. ;;';;;
ill.. us today Ask for these at I M. City br InN lkit .U MARTIN COUNTY. d....11oft U fnl .51. 05,15) ylrizo. .- II, ohm, esoudson.. .Inbno.u.bU.l.mtb..ulshe ;;. :'ifaf''I, u.dI0luadumlts.0ubUOObU 1:
'5 ... '
4l',' IluIS"HIllllIII$ tie Stuart News office. UDOIYOU ," j I or IMI. w.i .. u&AUbot suet of 1M __ ofCs. 11'11I 1fT RAND AND OrAl.hi. d..4 nr allv.. and kto nnknkalra mm as. :

4- ... Onroat .. .. .. .l .., of 5.ptouib. A. D. loll, .......... ..
0., mud
FPRLEIuIllIllIllIll .. 4 Ieioe I. loa n. emmo.c.dul. .. .
... (Inline bM. .t ....... Martin Cnwitr. Florida.t . rntlftod.I
I have trouble with your I Town>kl.. IS SoyuT I... IT Lust Mkar parttoa .. .1.. ... thus. ..
1111I1111 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimi bin, not 41. F.h : ......,.,.. iue ...... .000 .. .mu.Tb. 1. trr or ...,... his. ACORN 00 .DING
larinn Then use .i3 so 41. Brad r a.I .., .... POMEROY CORPORATION di..lmU' '
.1 -wrt ; P..It. r < to 9r lbs : a TieScmroeenll..u Tn nVtrmlna wkr
fOR SACoupe ;: 1! 35 Chevrolet ) %iss Pan-a-min Stuart Feed H.abbW. ost .. .d....'......... GaO of Clmlt Court Mania G.z.tt.rI.,1de N. HYMEN. a 0 mU.d.umMu.luuss..isInuo .. tor S4IM. Mn krr BUI":.;;*
tf M .... CLEVELAND, Dawtf ClaraD I .ka ...It., dawl. aH... ... "
? FUND waselu rIsks ft iOmso
t* sell ecu> Brees Park. TRUSSES 1=-1- i- 4T OIu-J: ; ot .. ..._ anr ..C all.. bid. e. ..ion. up.bUm.. ..._ .'..dl.bar. .. .. : rr"c:;; :=

I Jensen K| eh It elasiestocklnrs, 6r' 7 1-1--1 "' -.1. Milodr IV ORDER *t U.. Tniiipmronimit UOT of 4khumnl > w.l Pan .....10 mid ..h.- ,. .. It,. Acto of .Ills. ..... of
kne pads, anklks, etc. Stuart I 4 ln I.. Find of lk. (Int.Trtntroa .LICITOR, FOR COIiPLAINIJfT. lb.. 5, ndsu as mist,. I. FLOR.' ........ he (,,.,, .., 51111.Vita.I...

I FOR SAL : WejUnrhoUM elecfird .! Dru| Corp. | U M 1-1- i- M IU A=::I' 5I Fimid. ..'MILLARD r CALDWELL .... 4. 11. It. II .IDA.lmd tA5TORN P1.14. Csovor.tk CORnS mud 1010 daos 0 dl,. !'A.1ori4.AN. Rumi.l 0. Ait.uiet A...I. .4 1111.

I trie Ran class condi4 _ LL- '- ,.. Pain loaf Ossrme.Alao.t LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT 50. PANIELI, I. ...l. .u.4,.. NtirleuIG..orsuo.4a.I. :lb." ;

,on, tion. I br >krait table and | SPENCER SUPPORTS for women !.. ... T...... of r........ lien ew- of ........ I. ....... ....."
,-, 540.. ditm.lud Pu d. Csupn..Une. ..4 .. _... ... ,
chairs. P no }51.J. tf i iJ I Men s belli Luella Downey I iiiiiiiiiiiHiiimiiMiiuiiiiiiMiiiimiiini Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ; I: { P.xi.u. OTICa: la'O'E8l"GlVus: thus .. b.c ...._ 5.4,. I P.,5.. A...... n ntuntelpalltr. U.Wq'kr ,_

40 j 1101 Oriole Ave Fort ... t. 11. IS, ta. Oft .t. w.dumd.r. .Ito l'tIo .., of ...._...,. Woo Cii,.. B..II. f I.a., SRI LAND .......... .. ... CI., ......
FOR SALE: burner" electric hot Pierce. Phone 7-M for MALE HELP WANTEDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1IIIIIIIIIIII1IIIIII 1t.1. 01 SOS ......11 P. N.. .100 ()It, Ass TRUOT :: : : FLORIDA, ..,.. I.. 0.101.1,1. bum
J plate Cal Stuart Villa. f ap Obituaries LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT eo......... of .It. Cite at ...u." .11I LIHITWD. 0 .0 OmmI let.tim. ood penolds' ,. lO' O.mmnoj 10
It pointment. I If bUd ..bl... horie. .. .h. CIt, H.II '.. ..d.. .11 p. m ... mrpulSaim.l.Okl .IndIDtAOS. I'uasm, isoa.s. ..
-+- -- CAN YOU SAVE 1200 IN | IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE' : .. .. .. .., '4. tI.1o mid Is.ue..l isOh. P0'llpui'. TOo ........ ,
FOR SALE: '4 bd t h.p. Lan-i i I iiiii.iiminiiui 1 1111111111I1111111111- YEARS IN YOUR laiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'uiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND I; Ej m tr.rS: ='EI .. '011..1.. do. ,loft .1usd. In suet.). A........... "b01" I. peniI I.
son airImfatio. >led'' PRESENT FOR MARTIN COUNTY MATE OF ., Cltr eo........ of n..
FOR) IENT JOB Here s a lob opportunlt; MRS. MARY FORD FLORIDA.. so. 0140. b.fer. flesh .rIIiS mI.m eo.re, Sot f i8"t: ........ of lla. pmi Cs. c
i Ii lumps Ulmer I I iiiiiimiimiimiiJAiMiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiii/ that IN CHANCERY No. 1051JAMES Appropriation Ord naac. far aald iJ ) .k.itut .h ouenis..uie.
I h tor Co Mo.tr can start you on the roa DIES IN MISSISSIPPI K. UhLANO.; JR. I ronr. A s.udo fceraana art ., Rmthmle.4" 4.4014.10w I whll.. 'or ..ho .1"' ,,, ...
: ._ :..,__ -+ ____ .. 'FOR FENT: NlJe room, private to financial Independenci Plaintiff, ) to h. prraant and k. hosed spas anchaoMnphted SWIA if OS'.. fuss 0OfOOrtAk ......., ..4 ,... u U.lumdonII
FOR SALE555 r." storage entrance niA or without Want \ own a farm orbuzines. Mrs. Mary Baker Ford, a resident | RUTH J. DELANO. i annrnnHtUon t. wish tofaltowai tbm.I... ..0 8 il4).I5Ul.iisul ml 5% .4 IT ENAf'l1u) BY toH IOu

:' tanks, ne 4 condition. 1 Fair.irjls .! board. Mary Jdeorre, Kruerer or yourself some day I rwfmdanDNOTICE sot I lu Reo.. ... T.... IATIJRI Our TIlt AlAS

II f j banks Mo centrifugal water P.rk._ Sept t, 11 Then belts how you start of Florida since 1884 died IN TON NAIfS 0'TO TIIII APPEAR nATIl 0'FLOKIDA' APPROPRIATION IMT FOR.IP4.?*FUCAL.. nAIl- .11. .If. mOb.h.4. pu...ou..Sn.iO'auli'Clod .1 0.1.Tm. fLORIUAlSECTION,

; 4 pump jG. E. motor. 3300 UNT ;; enlist InVhe new Reful Tu:sday night while visiting re* ORDINARY PUIPOSU list. .:lt I.. boss hemohl uiul..lC. i. ....... i > FOR : Moor sanding machine Vr TO TOO DEFTNDANT RUTH i. .. In C..it Court I. ..4 In.Mus. tor ...... Loon ., ". .
Army Hlrhfkt
I. per ht\\ new. Boll 60, Palm II IIaI. : and! edfer. Reflnlsh or' Force, I latlvcs In Mississippi She was DrlANOo MR. C. M NAYLOR8TEVKNHON ..._. ClIp C..- '. .nt,. F...'... Is a....... he A... of IMI ... OM uTJi..
pay you U rVeive la hisser .... .., C. w Okay. ... N.n R. _, ..
City Fla. born ROAD. STEVENSONdlvoroa .. I I.!.!... CmOkbseI, amendad t. cod m MN
'. you floors reasonable rate. plus free fow, clothing h/us- In New York 71 year ago NAOYIAODIC. Salarr. Cltr Aadltor hi. ci' to .10. ..... u,011.d. m.m In.lb. &,tl.. s. CVlIti0I1tlO,,,
Am 14, II I, ft, Sept 4. Phone Hf Stuart Hardware and had- ben living recently' In .. ... b.r.b, .uliflrd. skit S uuit .. Ctork. AaaoaaorOlkotor .. om.dfeoselp.bUdom.4. ACER PLAN OF fioVr.HN.IM,
I'' lug, and mecL-al care uu. a.. .... InatltaUd. ...1... '00 and vananr ..... [ .... till. of tka Plalnllffa C. WI That tka I.ra of tovcraaMl d I
; FOR SALE: Used Hotpoint electric Co, f tf ands of high Vhool grad/ales Crescent City, Fla Graveside I. .Ik. Clroalt. Court ., ,... Ninth' JadlclnlClraalt S,Ml.14 CuD luodIrIIH.I c.,....... II... .rlf. ., Cut, nf Stuart ....1...... .hi o.
/ I \ I services conducted by the Rev In, and. for If."'n Cou.tr. FlorIda. Aaabtaal CIte CtorhBlmoirapknr : di' mob of jr.a la humS, .thIn Aat .5.11" .I. ha Ikat ,.... I
.her-wrlnrer type $5( are volunteer g dally/ because : ; : ....... .
\ Two Room/ for in Chanrn-r' br Janiaa K, Oalnnn. llll .4Cltr .... d .415 A. CiteS of .Ud _' flu .. I Ittoma
\ -h!: e 181 M. Rent with kit no othel profess/ii offers H. IL Jones will be held at 3 p. nv. Jr, aa Plaintiff: :: : Yon nra kar.br ra. Aiiwnar I.tot OsN..l.u. C. o1 1h4 Coast CH.._ 000.'I Cltr 1JoHwo...... .k." .um I

__ chen pr lIege,, close In Call tomorrow at Waveland CemeteryIn ..1.... tof Ja an ApponrnnM. nr Amass. ...l I.... lit.II PlasM.' us, .,I. .en..r.um' .. wk.'aiiaU"ai. oVtuihiCllr .
FOR SALE: Several 233.2. so much LVtrn, ea/n, and .... sill of CmpI.loI' Slid.. .. .... ....... .....'........1 SorvlOMKailaMrlai I .n..llr me t, Ait.'oI. I. mud mull ..... bn.iOmlo.r ......t
thousand tf save while yotikerve/If yon Jensen Beach. uO .. ...,... 100 501k dee of 5.tesbn.. -Modi k 05.. Itlk dor of Saptonibrr. IS41. ... CeIo........ .h.U aa Ulib I
I ( j feet of excellent sheeting. $60 Survivors include her husband A. D. 114' mil I.Ilia* \ with mold Chub row writ. .....i.. bode wl"k ftftnUrd be
I ''I i per thoiuakd feet. Lesser I lIllIllIllIll llIillllIIlllllIIIlIIlIllIIIlllIL are a qualified yon IT 18 FURTHER ORDERED Ik.t tkl.UI aanrniM I. t4.M HI.I8Ut :fEII: nnr to tka Bid nf C... In tkla' ChnrM M H- ftnn'ota
I I. T & FOUND may spend yourVloft I year IB In Crescent City: three daughters N..... ba ......It.. ..... mob ,. {fit, within I tk. lima pm.flb.d adopt rrula tau, u4 rattar >
trade foeS to 151 per thousand / Mrs. Llllle of Jensen .vonw.ullv. _100 (n Tk. ....$ PU.LIC 0AP.WOREi "0 .... a CbitO. A d.4Il.ieoli, .. Off.... .
I feet. h.| Arthur Dehon. ,IftIllIllIll lllllMIIIHIIIIIIIIlllllltlHH your own Army tea, or if Frlpp N.... numb.._ psblkbad. .hi mud .1TJ J FOUND:1 keys. In key container travel appeals to feu, you may Beach Mn. Maude McOrady of COU." ..4 ...,.. .... Oust i0 Rtuo$, ........., IhIn. II ta ........ .11 "or poos I.
II., In front serve In the Euiifan Theatr Crescent City and M..... Grace bliNk LOIS 000EaLn. Otaset, l'lliof of PoIIM S 1,001 00 \ j I dar of Aai 1141Circuit ....... ..
I of Victory Hotel. Ow. Nxetuu 0,01,, FI.rIO.. the. sulk ..., P..I.... 0,040 .. ( C.'et oi!)
J I FARMING .&1 1I If Rest We offer sire miy have same fey nay. *4 twenty/VVent extra Smith of f Eau OalU, three sons 01 Aezsi, A, D. isa?. Po_ DltosrbUesl I I. POMEROT, SECTION t.; spots' I n* Oitor
pay. David and LeRoy Baker of Stuart I'AI., i E._.. 1.000 IieNs. A. ClOud. nf tha Clranlt. ; Cnwt. Mnrtlalar lllll Lawt of limit,. 1 1.4.1b bn
T IndividualiTract I of If lug fo this adit ... ... 1Fi. .. .. .
F ., .. CoeM,. tloeldm.gyallo nf llll, amrr.4H hi (ktorvll4ll.
I 1 : act,* to 4} stirs each In the i If you re sseklnfiravel, adventure and Charles Baker of Fort /.{: Cho.It, Rgrt: 1 .. Cknrf and C1AHY.Alto. .... of "'noL kA >

., Reward for return of edAatlon k special Pierce: a brother. John Messing 0 T. a. GUNN D. C. Bulldlni' 1.._ I.llll 00v.40 .,., rinlntrinv .0 1141. h. and ibm natkorabr
now famous I I.alown district blac .ICHUL, o. LITTHAN .... ".._. I....... Fnkltok Aa SI. Sana. t:; It: IS. IMT anindVd. U md u hh>
Completl water controlno and white, short haired laed branyes, the! Regular of Daytona Beach, 23 grandchildren EVAN8 COART.AiIm. FI.. __. --.-- _.... I. Thai ihtra k "

I Fox found type, cow dog to Army anar Air Force frr all and 13 great-grandchlldr'n. _. I.., P1.4001CC.. E._ I.... 00Ndc. NOTICE", TO THE PUBLIC _.... Cite Unau. ..lM n o
j : floods !%st hazard at ton fyk. Aui, IS soot 4.' \\l. II. lId. ... (4.....> I.Itt.M .... ofI... ahcluri. ft 14.0.
d : :J. minimum. HijhB f Tyson, Stuart Dog laim these, sJKnf with detremlon- 0ct.... DnpartnianlBniploroaa PROCLAMATION CALLING SPECIAL alaatod at .taim wba ihall b. .

I l1 ',1 productive me site, crippled In left proof nay check* to (larantee I LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT ( ooru'lMza..encos ELECTION firs. for lou emto .....'..
t p "v Possible to pay M In on. season J T 'H HEREBY tklrd. Monitor. .. in IMmaar f n
hi Lid PROCLAIMED tkalr
., Price < leg. It you r I stability the MRS. ELSA ANN ENDERSEN IN THE CIRCUIt COURT FOR Sec ... _,... I.U' g l, Commlaaloom of Cbs Cltr of boot raw afur Ifcrfr. __Un nVnirro.ktod
: .15't:: 'per acre- chan/ to ssve up tot nearly NINTH : Slrort Llikllna I.III.Innrta 0.c a .pOTlnl riorttaai akaU bald Iba. O.uib... .. .Ik '0Cnamlaafeo.
p ,: Easy Terms. M>w a* October i iI 1 IMIIIllllllllNIIIMIITIIIIIllllilllllllllllWANTED S2.oof In cash la 1 to, : Mrs Elsa Ann Endersen, a FOR MARTS1Ou'NfYI1FLORIDAl 't nod ..._ P.. ISIS dar nt Saptonikor. A.k. D' 1141 an and.r .... annat Ik
I' .....
la Parrolll 14. W S nn
\ Is CHANCERY III 0pltoa l tan. .110... too of lbs Cut,
I planting Oft Write R nn( prices need rit afferfyou died Tuesday after a short Illnru c... N. .ISM ....... mid s.o.ouu.Irl.kap. puep.ouitl. nut Ihalr. awirM

I Wlr!:.e:.or.Phone-:.MJIMI_. ..FRUIT You can prepite for In Martin County Hospital. Th NOTICE TO APPEARCMnpklnut.1 .' To ......... oblOkur. me ml ChorI. :t.r1,1. naat ...... rMualnfWr ...
"" ,. ... .. ... .. .
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii.W4NTED I of lbs .il. of "- I.laParaa 0 ....1. ..... B.... Pill N.. lOll.rIIACTIs.um.d0.mU.u5.0. fcinliuftar 0uidAO
II I : Your next wiring a /cure career by qua SIng remains were sent to Chicago H .f 7.t I (LanMalntonanM. CIW Cmo'l.mkOm' ik.ll k> ::
Hlaleah, Florida Phfre I /of the job last sal tkn twn boniaiUnonni
select I In,
I 1 tU9U Appliance repairinf Prompt you the night accompanied by the YO. ..d SnppnaalNooaital .. I 0.? .01 Olneus' .ua, R.00I, A... .. 1000, I.. .... kikmt' ..... al as.b.Il.ue'OIoO

1-1 (. rvlce, reasonable price If 8. Army or Air Force.\Get family. JANS STY f II AN .nd/. [f and W... U.. af Florida. ...... .. Act P 4 bSL I m I details, without VDfcatlon She and her husband dANk .n'IfANN u1 uIDU..a..ti. fuss A"N. I O0 Afjnd SMtlon TI nod tka eantmlnlonw, mntklrd >
any Leonard and Snatlnn' I* of
t FOR SALE: Youth m.pie hone 117 day or night Christopher .. ,..._ 00.00 C&ptor kllkmt. nantkrr ft Mnorra ..
p ; flnl.li. $15. Mrs. Hujjrt Cle Electric Shop, Stuart St your nearest S. D. Endersen had been regular 1. tb. ..... of .It. 8.... of J'Iortdo W.._ ... Lawa .. 144.1 Florida Bpaalnl, ..... Aata-AN ft ACT Ills.. tar n .... of am rotb. ...

I .. 1 menlo. Gaines Higha Ron n. rmy and Air Force Recruit- winter visitors In this sector for 'To. 30..NOTICI..,....TO APPEAR. 1.10-at 11.50 0ISII.ilCOOITIN abtu.k .... pnotnl ._.....1 _. anoaart ria ahau.1 aMMII ,l,1Ibassoft. 0
4 II .
o Coniintolunrra
k % Station nod/n. I. at,. .,_.., nf .... CHr ft ......, to. ( Cltr
i ".; It Phone 17 it. VANTEDi Man __ at Comeau BuildInf many years. She had been here '.n.u.sdIIn.Wd. .....__ POT FUND If.\. Cnnntr, ........ and .. c-... aloalad for n Urn, af M rn l. .
or woman, presentable West Palm Beach, It. I".,... Mr Iou.b.... .10_ .. A ., Cllr. tio.h0uiO.4hu .
.4d. blnlJIib .
.. .
to visit her aunt. Mrs Elizabeth : or ; and 0... ..........
? .... ... ,, u '
FORSALEFlncher appearance for door of ... ... .It ..k..... RIIlI..s 5.4 It, U ka kanwa usA _I....... akntad. to ...- lk" CHtoaloMra
aath. ..
1 .
I uarej Johnson, and cousin William HOWIILL TITUII ut. ),000.00 .. wkoM .. itpir.
dr.us.d. Whose Atr .... .
to of .. tn D.fl,. ...
io l' .. rand piano In' excelldltlon con. door work In conjunctionwith VV ith a little care t tree replucetilselt Johnson, In J'risen Beach. Other :.J rn" nod plum of rMW.n.. .Ie 'a- Mu..ollum.m.W.uo, ......ktfl _....... ... _.w. far .. Bub nmibM. ,W ....nut CM r.It.n -
LiuhIno ait
I National Home .isl. ... ba p5,1
'I \ ." ._Phone 71 FridaI iI Service Salary and Improvement Com I' qiiKkly on lands which are survivors Include her husband, /ANNIE.. S. TITUS _.... ..bUu ... ,. 5,410.11 Ill Praxkiwa OrSMrnnHnt.nod Jnrlodlatton Prirltoma"' ,ratotloc_. ..... ... of T..... (1110.01um.tklmi0Pm.mS'! ankto *
dr. and .
I I FOR SAtE: I young Je I Ip missIon Splendid Opportunity 1 btsl used tor tnnlwr her mother, Mrs Reason and a pine of 0100000.mlCROMMfcLL ': .lu.. ::. I.e Total 4.1 trstlo. ...... luq.005.05UILICITY nod to U.iff lImbos al Sos for brton ardlnnrr, and nnraooM nrr torni nf fttltf
I 1E : 3 ; :::1 1 Big Bone Poland Chin! I Call Z496 Vero Beach or write growing brother Fred Rosson :"....11 und ** T""*.. ,foe *1"1* II. ,. 5 admode.m prn.ldlncBT '7 smrnoN i bs rf,iiaa MUr ", -

I t I-'b: :::!::... .. ____... HIM Law. =
: ; >-13 weeki old $12:St i Box Z77 tI '''n" u.- u' B. IT IACTD AMa fl in*: at *" '' "
I ". Telephone 44-R.4 or e t __ ROUTE'OF TRUMAN'S* RIO TRIP H.-. OIBDONl": ; .; .; dums.d' iOu.: P.bllch l.I1I.n 0.00.11ROT THII STATE Till or LOOts.l1.tRIw FLORt l.. ...... Law. if r 1.rl-..
...... usA pln.o of enoidnesu 1 .ha.. ::.
1 Grant Leek residence n equipment and
h1511: 8ECTIO t. That
Bnettoa I of .
,0 f) Gote. Sept. 4, 11, 18 furniture for club house Contact nea. Owaseoetvoe. JULIA; 8" POPE"'dreanwd w. popi ... _... .... Chmlo, iotjl. Bnaalnl Ada .' ..... 'JIItIIllLAtIVI'HOCIDUlLS.1 .-

Martin, h1 POPE, JR, ..,. PIANO W.: ua u IT.411 H II 411III II Lao. of 05,14.. kalni >A|. Ad I' .: -okd
County Golf and nod '
I ..
A. '
NEW : ,[ .fcTonl Ribo TI and Saattoa of ::=
Royal a- Bottle a Country Club. tf POPE aol.. II.,. and Admlnlalralrli' tf SOYA APPIOPRIA.TI' C....... I'. ffftift Aetn nf IS llllAkou.k t :'It r, I

1 Ranges In stock' ImndellTery i Batoto af.. FRANK w. POPE JR. d" ... Lo.. of FloWS, ..'.. 0. .mOkmt.Ism.b0u: ::: : ..
; wnaaaV ..... ........ .b a. 'U.U"I ,1144III %uAo.raaamt 5.n..dit.oml' '" '
I I' t Humphriei T WANTED TO TRADE: IS foot B..rk SI. Datoa. Om.b. FlVrlA! T.IOI ... .0 ik.of %.u.M, ..... .- mud lbS ultsud..d.
C0slleasti. -:1. :
.141 ISI74tlia :: .
I Appliance Company r boat with r s cJAR..Lla.r POPK, a-.c..a. STELLA Debt : : Steels' Onndb ..
Austin i.UMIIOAl -.4.. :
engine In I H. POP. .11.. '
.midnun in ''
r Pierce, FlaAui good condition for two wheel 0' N.i Yi' N. It w.1111I Puke e IIMI III!,114." C_'.. EatabrMh and OrnnlM' n toIt; .;::: '': .,'ii_...
Munlripnlltr wb
j !" ::1 28, Sept. t, 11. 1$ eat trailer preferably one with 4 ; dose.I'IANL( N.DAVIs POPE .It... _I. e IT: UTiLmr TAX FUNDS u.t.d. .5 lb.. Ct; p i Eaowai ft Stnart.nnd and Dm0.to' thra. .f..i; :.aadoot '"
601a1. se a i I HI.k.,- al. Ji......... IS-l-dT .. 'IH-4S .1.41.. I.. ,.... _...._ nod i"Tj:
I CHRISTMAS CARDS tires. Phone 31.1. N.Y. ? I P..JtI... 'ow I.. __... 1..1.. : and tk. ...uaa af U'N ... .
roru ata
r ,
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;1 Stuart News Office. tf 10HN POCk: : Mtdraoi 5': 0041.07: Pop.us.no4 Rpn.lmi Tm. ....,.. IriIII.
I mtrset of day work. P. M. \ ..d,... ..,...... *r Cosut.tdli.holO .r-It- ., bssodU.omInbu5uas.d.d ., 10011.ui Lo..... '10.,...
; FOR lley 4 Son. Box 329 Cocoa VANS &AODALL PO.I Coned so uO Ie osd .. IolIm.iIPLCIAI
44 I ", SALE electric refj rer.ter RANnALL pops, ........ audD._I_ a Pr.3m1. ...... .. ::::I ':':':: .
5 f; Norre, 9 en ft. All rcelaln r ., or se* Earl Kelley, Stuart ... .d..... ..k..... TAX LAbors. s. adA.. ''' '' ..
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I 151.1 Sept 4, 11 DITCB DIKEING, Grading and C--. S; RUTH T. JjENPEL. 1..ld..II, nJ R.bUu. .04 .uIAmna.m.ash.. .ooIo0r

.I I, I II .. :_ _ Fill art P. M. Kelley and Son Ou CuosdIfis at IfABILYN rAT.IcPt ...plloo ...... .lobIc':lbs l.lo.v.O .:: I peas : :;:: r'o:;c-jj*
loud 10. ,
e i' I 1 FOR SALE; Enrll Springer Box m Cocoa Fla, or Earl P...... A.Mlnw'.... ..a_.. Rusld.om .Is .40 II...... ... IeIf. .. sow Mnatelpal: Jnda.. ;: "Jt
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I Stuart Auto Camp o. Lai I. Sib I, is lusuidIn _. .. S".bUl.
j female Sell of .but will ... Tnumn of edsu .l I. ii '
pedigree 135. K. 1B.dlenl \ Aug. 14,Vl. 2*, Sept. 4th RANDALL POPE d.o ..... .It... Il.4mm .. Xll.kla.: A/D, lataaaTaaoa par anr tadaoiant naninnt', Cl.,. lu pooh.? mSo. InII.
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!: I JULIA P. uKILLIN w'P.' art ....11 kn.. ... HeSS and.. 0111.4, IsI o
t ,. .FOR SALES Wrl t and Ditsor: l uOd GEOIF41'A.; >. '. *., c.I1iP.d 0
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: 11 and Gold Star nnis racquet NOTICE: I. N.. III 4 .didne. Skuffl. Board nndntkar to .._ ... milt sp.sois.ml, .4 ,.dut 5tblPO0 0km l''
1 People of Martin W. .t niJ UbUl' ... .... 000.05Cul.md 1111.4. cis ,isA islPt'
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.;u. \ 121 One for I II 50. H R. Stef-J County know we have not rln.ldu.. I = mod :.ilmt.d FI5c.udCltr,
I A. n. .IIWIN. 8R., dusmd.d. IfA. : .u .dl.e Sulpul -
yr I' fens All Sere i Bewails Point. sold our tctrical business to irLLu 1. NOiWIN d-.K A. D. PusS.5u..k.ll (u.me mm ...uiusd isO bUSs.. .

I 'i', I! Sept. 4. any one, Ive are still 4I I j.. OuWneA I. 3... .. ..10.orsouds. r:.his IA.WnatnmrihieVlittoa::: .:. i-b aadinu. las irMnntelnnl dodd
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J !'\' t---- -- --- -- electric extracting and Appliance A.RNV WAINLI. dmtisdJAOOl C. :tsu'jzsaL:: ; ? etso.4 ..*" pr aondtt. ad kr w. C,

'I I :, t .FOR SALE: ( old mar* and Rrlalrs, Phone 117 a .....,. enuldmd r""I." .. lI.lolou.u.u 004I.p.ll OLCTIOII 0. 'C RJ;. wk.. ik. &:*
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-4 day or rkht Christopher 1'1't T. I. PII lrlUnLH **.... NARY tomUluwl, PotAtO'

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for Call 300 fortl t f. ADA DB BTCVBEN IjtRaTYTIllau ...... ... CIt, of CloseS mttaar ...-.. nlnn
; directions.illilMllllilllllili. "I t : rcv; I nod ...._.... __ .CAR: TH ERB, 10.. -.... .. nnd .hInd ba
.' I. _, NOTICE TO 4 Asoupuik. 1I..d.. ...1..... nad .*__. ..k_ "- -. tba Cite. CMntttMaTaf: .... Ollr
Tnjf PUBLIC-The ALBERT DE STIaUBXM. 1II..t. ...1. 4b dues .... ..... 5,1 ism.m JIskO. i0 0'O
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FEMALE WANTED its Beach. Fl%. syhuny P' uTxvnpe. ..... oM Psbll.h. Ioel.b., 4,' 1141 Id :: : .
formerly operated _'_" d405 .r&yirzsTS. : .Olum '
$ ) IIMIMIIIIIIIIIII, --MMIIIIIIIIIIIIMIII, by C. f. Branford Isi WYNN DsriTEUPMM.na. : udiany uud 'LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT, leo ..-, ,. dka .. lbs
C' I OIlss III ..... .
,HELP WAK it twhit.l) : rear i now owned art nakaown \, (lltr, ::01
operated by ORIILLIaA4ruo
ALLEN ... .
,. .roundleneral bo maid work andPleasant J| Ransom ILl'S<|n. It af ..,..... ..h.#.. nI. MARTIN COUNT COUNTY IUllan t'LORlDA COURT.OF raUfhd..

nla. TO IRENR .. '"/IaTZN anal It mar IN REGARD TOO "TATI
0 rod. .-- ..:_... / CIo...... *- .iRoaSLTH ... of I
washing i eo Lion,. For .later. TED Arrow I with plan symbol. Indicate route of 1tao4. .._ M ppld..as ... ...... .. .. 7. 4.ts.uIu .5,0k4, 0s0 Cb.p'
I view wrIt. O. Box 111*. .Akeland, 8eptV-trriorida dential the new Presi 'W I x : e.mf';: l41 u. 5.O.SXedO $05 Pu.iI50,

Olsen... Pb. It. H luthern College Is Arpsrlni for plan Independence whisk carried President Trama"., 1L5J: .... .. naktmaa :
( a I 1.800 enrollment Its am Mrs. Truman and their daughter, Margaret, .. RIo De Janerio ,. lEkX rnna* .... nf .nra7ar"iieou .... TO Au.F i\ IT MAT N.N. itacTl'zia.4oe 10150Ale.

SODA FOUNTAl3od ;..ptei tufan term which \gins\ Oct. Resell Sunday when the President will address the ......., ... !-, d.ssou.d ......... .,.. ? II........ .In bumb, plus list I .is.. .' ";;
Stiff ., BON Co.. a *r n... .e flawi ...... us Addd.luO.nefl..
pay. hour*. Apply I, ..resident Ludd M ft>lvey han can, Defense CeDI............ *f return trip *. tile beltleehlp -s .1 lb.. ...... of IIe 0. ..,... 0Yle.

etnirt, Drug Corl, It. rcviilcd \ [ Mlssoari I Ie Indicated by broken arrows an et ship symbolsv. : = .:-I\-E.I: \ : = .HAIL so doshare-mudl IbM,. IbM I ...rIO. ,111.0.uPPIP me ..uiUm. ... 4 ?' I' 0 ual?
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( _, '. n rgrnraV"ve r nv q. "f-"''' ':,....". ". .,"" .. r ".' 7TV',4.. ., ,.."n 'I.,.oil T"" ,...... "T"., .


CIAL NEWS and Happenings of the t WEEK .IN STUART News MRS.items office MARY for this before HARTMAN paper noon must on ,reach Wednesday Society the Editor newspaper'- III t

Home Telephone 35-W Office Phone 3M _

--- -- -
If STARS OBSERVE by Mrs. Clyde Coupon,Mrs ] Mrs. Edna L. Ashley and sons. Mrs Rqbert Mingle- and FUEL '
NDERS DAY AUG. Mfclrty son McClure Mn Ruth wu-I Exodus of Young People Begins Jack and Jim have as their ren .Janet, Sandra and Chlld'\\II CONSVMnloj"uu-u-1 LOYAL ORDER OF

members of Unity son and the house guest this week Miss .Jean of the Atlantic Court have movedto The MOOSE "

Inter, OES Joined In the an- Arl Stuart.worthy Refreshments matron,were. As 60 Trek To Dozen Colleges Kimberly of Atlanta Fort Lauderdale to join Mr. Stats STUART MELTS LODGE SKM P. 1240 M. 1-1'Ii J
[ celebration of Robert Moray erred.Mn. Rlngle' who has been working ture In Tallahassee reports 187871 ,- lit H>4 M WEDNFJDATS

i lut Thursday at Wood- I -- --. X::A. Menninj-r was a Labor there for several months. H* was gal. of gasoline and 11,973! Woodman EACH MONTH Hall

Hall when a games party .Jeanne Carter was a An exodus of Martin County JENSEN BEACH Day visitor In Orlando. formerly Store.employed at Bess Bardwan gaL of kerosene were consumed Stuart, Fla. I

[staged Mn, W C. Armor, Tampa visitor over the holiday! young people will begin next GIRL TO'ATTENDMISSOURI -e- lot Martin County' during .July b
irfl,l chairman, was assisted week end.JGATE I IU II week M some CO young men and SCHOOL Ben'Arbogast Citadel student -
Mr. and Mrs W. r.Therklldson
I women begin the annual trek who Is vacationing at the home
to of his I parents, Mr and Iibrs. C have moved to Fort Pierce to
schools of higher learning
throughout the country DesplR Columbia, Mo., Sept. 4 Miss B. Arbogast, Is now employed by make their home They have Abstract ServicePROMPTNESS
Nancy M. Gasser of .Jensen Fugate and Oreenleei EngineerIng lived at tW Atlantic Court here: '
and GR E LEES the accommodation general shortage and of housing overcrowded Beach, FIE, Is due to arrive on firm. He will return to The while he worked with the U. 8 OURTESY
the campus of Stephens College Citadel Sept. 20. Geodetic Survey crew, ACCURACy :
conditions at all college here during the third week,of ,. ..... e-

Engineering, Surveying, Blue Prints and has universities reported being no local refused student admittance September, where she will resume Mrs. R. Cecil .Johns and son, !. Alvin C Voris,'USA (Ili'. Attract.and Title In arancc Co.,. Inc. '
her studies. Registration
although some have Leland, han returned from a tired who has spent August
/Eatintates Submitted Oft Request accepted a second choice-and will' take place Sept. 15-19. An vacation at Hcndersonvllle, N. with his brother Dr. Henry of
I all-school convocation Sept. 20 Voris, at East St. LOuis Ill. has
others have postponed leaving CM where thy were guests at OtORIDA '
will highlight the formal open.ing STUART,
/ until In .' Laurel Park Inn.With them were written that he Is now In King-
03 I E. 4th St. Stuart, Fla.r mid-term January.Gome of the college, after which
last minute changes may classes will begin her slslter family, Mr. and MrLJohn vine, Ontario After a visit with 10 Victory Arcade / Frank Quisenbcrry, Prea.
/U alter the present list and tome P, Hanley and son, Pat, of cousins at their summer horn
PHONE students may have failed to report Dr. Homer Price Ralney, one West Palm Beach he will return to his France Apt
their plans In which cues of the nation leading educa- home,
would tors, became president of Matthews -
The News appreciate a Miss Edith enter.tamed
---I correction or addition to the file Stephens College this past June. over the holiday week end The Rev. and Mrs E. C. Youngof COT H-LITE
to aid In this weekly news letterto The 115th term at the college Max Wllklo of Macon-who.flew Cleveland Ave. who have< been
[DSCAPjNG the young people away from will be the first under his administration down Friday to visit her and his visiting in Obrrlln\ Ohio. have
home during .the coming months with an enrollmentof parents gone to Mlddlef leld,Ohio to continue
1,230 young women from every j_ th,'Ir vacation They have IGNS
THE PLANTS of State In the nation and from U written they xpect to returnto
: As It stands the University Mr. and Mrs ,James Mcggett ;
Florida at' Gainesville will Inpluetj foreign countries and''.posses acuumblldren\ and his mother Stuart the last of( this\ monhDavid .
21 Mortis Countlans: In Its sions as wli. Mrs VI, W. Meggett, returned h. THEY IHINE AT NITE
De or' student body; Evans Crary, .Jr, Miss Gasser Is the daughter of horns Monday night They spent Aspinwall and Miss".
Nursery John?Pflestman, Dick Roberts.I Mr.Jensen and Mrs Beach.Walter W. Gasser two weeks In a summer cottageon Patsy Wilmot of West Palm CHARLES BOXWELL i,

Emerson Kramer. Harold R. of the river at Rockvllle, 8.. C. Beach were here Labor Day to
HOBEJ SOUNDHONE Johns Andrew Pittman, Jr, Leslie attend the Coleman-Voss wedding RAIN3 ELI PHONE 1D3M'orter
Kldd, Dennis Hudson, .Jr, Bill Mr. and Mrs Oordon Parks David will return to Carnegie -
\ loJj, STUART Smith, Herbert Jam 1 a o n WallSavageWedding will leave Monday for their annual Tech after spending the Jo,
Arthur Chappelka Jr., vacation of two weeks In summer with Mrs Helen Aspin-
James Chappelka, Charles Cou- the Carolina mountains wall In West Palm BeachEd ,
tant, Dale Hipson, Tom Hog Set -e- t a 1 I I.
Seth, Bill I Oughterson, Kenneth .Judge and Mrs A. R. Clonts Williams. .Jr, who recently
TILTON'S SUNDRIES Wlllcts, Donald Armstrong,John and daughters Mildred and Dor- returned from a tour of Army i )
Falls, Jack Brown, Bill Sudholf Mrs Claddle Savage announced othy, arrived home Saturday afternoon duty In Japan, has been added to I a i
and Winkle Saunders of Indian- this week the engagement and ( They spent two weeks the staff at the Royal Palm '
DRUG SUVDRIE.<| COSMETICS town. Ernie Rioou may enter In approaching' marriage of her In Pennsylvania visiting her parents Chevrolet Oarage He' plans to I Paint Vfe Body Shop ..
daughter, Evelyn, to Roan L.
|UN TAN OIL\ Sill SHADES SUN GLASSES January and old friends Both girls enter Clemson College In Jan -
Florida State University at Wall son of Mr. and Mrs R. L. will enter Florida State Universe % Ed
ry reports that one of the
,CANDIES \ T !ACCOS JEWELRY Tallahassee will claim Minnie Wall, Jr The ceremony' will beheld ity this month. highlights of his stay In the (OvesflA & P, 2nd Floor)

OD FOUNTAIN Louise Greene, Mildred and here Sept. 20. Orient was the moving picture' SPECIAL ING IN UPHOLSTERING
j Dorothy Clonts, Peggy Tjlnvir, Both young people are graduates Dr. Talmadge Wilson returned film of sailfish Auto Pfcntmg .. Metal Work I
ODAS 1 I\E cIcAM SANDWICHES Jean Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Dan In the Class of 1947 of Mar- Monday night from Bar harbor, which flashed unexpectedly on Custom-macttSlip Covers ..'Sport Tops 41 ,
: McClure, Walter Wells and Jack tin County High School. Wall Me.. where 'he vacationed with I the screen. l
NEWSPAP MAGAZINES Edwin McDonald, formerly of recently became owner of a fruit his wife and her mother, Mrs F. -
Stuart business south of Stuart. Aftera K. Mason. Mrs, Wilson and Mrs E. "Andy" Anderson of the
John B. Stetson University at short honeymoon they will Mason expect to Join him at France Apt who visited rrlattv'
Now Undel Mrtonal Supervision of DeLand will\ have Donald Burroughs make their horn In Stuart, their riverfront home on St. In Tennessee before going to

E TB.DUGAN, Henry Beckman, Jr, Lucti Crescent Nov I for the 'Sparta, N .J., .to. finish his vacation MOTPSWAYCULFFLEX
Owner Blount Gideon, Robert Knowles, winter season i has written that he expects: g
j Joe Courson, Jack Boggess, Jack Capt. Jamison -e to be back In Stuart this week. LUBIf C TION
Hartman and Sara Rollins.Of Al Mathers, Jr.. Is expected SWA UEAKS AWAY M
St. Llicie BarD the out-of-State schools home from Manteo, N. C., Sept IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllMllCARD I l l l i l I l l l l l l l i l l l l l l l i l l l l l l l l l i l l l l l l l l l i ;j I Car LubricAt d \ hilt Swaying, Motion I
Georgia Teen will have the largest Returns Home 14 to attend the wedding of his OF THANKSWe At SfoExtra Cost
sister, Alice Ann Mathers, to Irv-
enrollment from this county
Including Joy M. Phillips, Ja r... ing Handy. Sine( discharge from take this occasion to t>* Drop In ndpee For Yourself
D who Is transferring from VMI- From Korea the Army Al established a con- all who offered mpR and Then tionll I Greasing Method'Stuart L 1''
DINING ROOM CiASED FOR THE SUMMER Deaver Storn of Hobe Sound, struction and builders' supplies sent floral tributes\j rfic,recent
Line of ChoiciVIQUORS WINES Donald Hartman who will returnat firm of which he Is a partner. death of .Jos"ph t envice Station
Capt. Herbert .Jamison arrived .-. ph Csckcyr ,
mid-term and Jim
andE RDIALS Ashlsy home last week from a sin- Mrs .James H.' Clark 'of th3 I; .... and J Ily r. i Walter'Rein ''Phone 44 j1 u'A)

Harold"M. 'Saunders,' 3f., -of month tour of Army duty In Stuart Auto Camp has gone to [if IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl111III1111111" "' ,' ,! ''''' .I r Y
Korea. He Is now on terminal 1
Indian town will enter Clemson Greenville Ala., to visit her '- -- '-
leave and plans to enter the University fatbr. Her husband Is the engineer -
College this month and Ed Williams -
InviteSailspqr >ui\\Friend ToRestaurant will begin his freshman of Florida next week to In charge of the U. S. :!1If
r't year there In January Bob Har- complete Work on his Master'sdegree Ooedetle Survey work which has West Palm Beac Directory ,!
there \before
entering been conducted here for the past j
tell wlU return to Miami University ..)
] at Oxford Ohio to finish Columbia University to study year. WHEN IN WEST PALIf BEA&l r
for a Ph. D. In psychology '
the last half of his senior e PATRONAGEBADCOCK'S
David Aspinwall will return to The captain Is another Martin Miss .Janet Clay of Boca Raton I 'f

CrLk Carnegie Tech at Pittsburgh, County High School graduate FIeld' was.the holiday guest of '
Just South of | Bridge U. S. 1K
a on
cr Ben'Arbogast will continue at whose college career was Inter- her mother Mrs Blanche Lowery -egg MOORS to Ogg M a- HAWTHORNE. I

TS OUR PLEAS R > SERVE YOU A MEAL OR The Citadel;, Lion 8t. Onge of rupted by the war. However, he at the Kollran Apt. ROOFING CO. '
Hobe Bound will enter Tulaneat received a B.A. degree"with hqn I
512 Clematis St. .
tNDWlCH.oLr New Orleans; ,Jack Ashley will ors" at Gainesville before enter- Out-of-town; guests .at" the Ted HOOFINO-SHEtT METAL
t enter the Missouri School of Ing the service Chambers home for the Labor i Furniture and HUTING-VVlTILATING
\ He was attached to the IRTC Day week end included leer cousin -'I OPTICIANS OPTONST 9Ta
TRY'OMATTRESS : SALADS Mines at Rolla, Mo.; Paul and House Furnishings CLEMATIS ..4 OWV WATERPROOFING
at Fort McClellan and
Gerald Thomas,Jr., will continue Camp Mrs Anna Smith, of Miami
studies at the Illinois.School of Standing; commissioned In 1944 and her, parents, Mr. and Mrs.
,, OR Optometry In Chicago;. Herbert and sent to Europe for nine L. L Halbach, of Vero Beach. !
months.' There he received ,
Sudhoff, Jr., of Palm City will a "
TENDER DiCIO STEAKS enter Alabama Tech at Auburn; battlefield promotion shortly after William A.Slth 3rd, of Vero 1
the Battle of the Bulge. After Beach was the week end guest of
Earl: Dyer Rlcou will enter the
BENJAr ODDA 5, Prop photographic department of the a short period of occupationduty him grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.l NOTICE 1
he was returned to the U S.
Ray Schools of Chicago, and Dee W. A. Smith, at Rio. Bill 1
Law will enUr Northwestern at to serve as an instructor return to the University of I lor
The last six months of his 4%
Ida this month.
Evanston, 111 Miss
Margaret years of Army life was describedby ....p -
Parker Is taking postgraduate him as "the rock bottom of Mr and Mrs E. L. Barton and TO jit.It jit.
: at at New
work: Charity Hospital
ort Pierce |%ttress\\ Company Orleans,preparatory to a careeras the Army Korea ls the least desirable baby daughter, Susan Kay left It '
a medical technician. of all Army stations he Saturday night for New Brigh-
reported. HJ was with the securIty ton, pa., to spend two weeks with '
WED"UPHOLSTWY" ST CLAS Walker will return to Bat regiment of the 7th Division. Mrs Bartons parents, Mr and f 'I'
The Army has about 14.000 men Mrl L. Mitchell Hartman and VETERA 1S
tle Creek: Acauemy In Tennessee
for his senior year of high on occupation duty there, he brother! Mitchell Jr
WORK said He described condlton of
school William Crary will re-tn-
the natives as anything but good
ter Boles School at Jacksonvilleand

to fit Danny Leo'Mlnnehan College Preparatory will return waged with a petty between civil the warfare, natives being of\ R TARY STUART CLUB Nn aa0e'Iwdn.d.V rIScHISHOlf1 Effective All The Mont of Se ember

North Korea under Russian
School at St. Leo, Fla. S GRnla.
control and South Korea, occupied M. RAUNI Rern
::1 illi111111111Illllll01111111I111111lllIll111Refresh by the Americans. des We Are Off
Mrs .Jamison, who remained HA RIB stow IL I YJR ..
W Yourself with the captains sister Miss

OFALLWNDS When Our Way Betty Jamison, In North Hollywood '
put ,' Calif., during his foreign,
-. duty, returned to Stuart with
|WE PICK' UP AID DELIVER him to visit his parents Mr and 10%
E 'S .
St Mrs J A.'Jamison, of East 5th, POi.ICYD f


SOFOUNTAINDRINKS HOP Miss Helen tavrko and Mrs: on everything in our store except NationalljjPricedMerchandisJ. |
or Marcia Smith.4 on annual leave
from She Plggly-Wlggly Grocery: I T1 Y, Win .
WRITE ROUTE 8, X M9 SANDWICHES COFFEE Company and the Stuart Poet i ,to D Out D

INDIANTOWrV FLA. Office-will leave tomorrow for opts m

-... will\ take the 88 Florida from Ripped| your opportunity to cqui your at \ savingof
BloAi Doh;
Miami, returning Monday Milspancvbikee Beys Mai Crsfth 10 cent all ydbr furnishings.
Can N Rose Casa Cumber Trees, per on
: and Mrs. Threat Win wo..

BLINDS Floretta Bartlett of the tax col Roofs and an You
NE lector's office recently returned Have only RO- Buy the easy Mather way! 65 weeks to paj ti 2-
TECT1ONlalnai A. -
from a similar trip to the Island
N CO ENIENT Fin I Loa. .
..ab CUSTOM BUILT Ow a.-4 Quality
greatest -
'. .CALL 225 wrecked f6rs, scrap NEEDED s You




TLyr.,:ria, ,sere. .f..':::::': s.K1. MA ...H MI.-. -r.A._. ''CO ,, Dr Highway su.ranee 120 S. Second St., Pbon '86 Fort Pierce"

_. !' 'V_ .11..... .. .. see 1! P.O. e
1"04.! t ,...... T CB, FLORIDA Phone
rw. Mi.-.i. o DLL 29J
uarrtb, PHONE P,,0. BOX HIS

.. .

"'trs441 ;_,+iMrltY"slfier/Bs4r.kal; (, >,1iA-w-. ..,':-.... 1;. ...IJc<_Jt. '



rc: srcn:; ;' TEX STTATtT NTTW STUART M rtl.. Cewnty, FIOIUDA ifetRSDAT, lEn, 4, 1147
-- -
===:3Omir--T ===iTrnT'' mnr n.===:aOClO DUST OF,HEAVEN ---..
I. n r 1e} tuart J% oo'll have to rcducc Horticulturally/ Speaking (By Reprinted FUtcW from C. THINK W.taon) t..1

!t (, i e====:IOClO OClO OClOC:==OCl' While we generally think of the solar system .. f ,

: \ ,' Stuart Published, Martin every County Thursday, Florida at, if were going 1& %fi'amj ""race Two of the l largt'lt t *nd most famous bolantcul garden In the ing 6f the nine planets, tiny bits of matter separate> "'

.. ; t' by Stuart Dally News Inc., a wwU were *w lluwed up ty [&our )'eal'll of war They\ tin the DulcagnrAti lions of miles, myriads of other particles claim J
'* Florida corporation at Builmworg' ,Java. and tlw Fnf-liiJi garden at Sill ganore. Now ship in the solar system and continually/ roam thr u ?
Entered. < M second-clam' mall the fighting; ti afl! over'and It it most iiitrrmting to tropical bbtanklf spaces between the planets. < ,
'$( I, matter at the \pout office at \ everywhere to learn that both ol thrse cell'hratad pi uit coflecflohicaine The largest stony meteorite seen to fall In JL
,', Stuart Florida under the Aclaor ". through the ordeal virtually unx-athrd! ami 11/'- doing bi.sinro at States fell near Paragould, Arkansas, on Febru.i.: J

March I. U7I3nrAR the old ituiid. 1930 It consisted of two pieces, one large and onarr
II' 1 Last week I had biter Irom the nipfrii Icndcnt of the Singapore totalling 823 pounds This is a small mass/ when co'I
oFSFRVicnTh : ganfan, thanking me fur Kedot h.>d cnt and promising lome to the great metallic meteorite weighing thlrtY'I\xm! \
,'I nd At "rt Dully Nwn wu CIKIPWMol In'telurn. More 1hon a month ago I had first hliM f report uf how half tons, brought from Greenland by Peary; a ad I

i 1''N-r th*.pubttUml Ht''.'l .TI.'In.*.,I..Ui u.*.n flrat Avrll ftw lit* the garden fared during!! the war,yearj, from E. J J. I ll!. Corner who Wilt display at the Hayden Planetarium in New York and Ci ;'
,, HU uiM M> Miiri MoHMnviir. with the botanist.. there/ for twelve year and wlio wrote "Wayiide Trees ol largest meteorite is known as Hoba West
I rl .. ,. and liea
\ .er.. 1, III. TM( > |4f..rt (I"'r' NwtJu Malay, one of the most fascinating of all boots ubout tropical trees it was discovered near ,Orootfontein, South West i."J!
i t: 7=' 'r.. .r .. *wwhr tfc; Unfortunately) It .ll now out of print and llu-re are many duu. |>pouited Its weight is estimated at sixty tons The l largest
... ."" 1010 1Jo.......,. would-be buyers. Mr Corner it IMIW ill Brazil on a tclrnt.llc. turveyft ) found to date in the United State
\ : : lli and the fourth
I tht United Nations, Although the Jipanrw hmk> ovet at !
( l .. ...... .. in the world, came from near Willametto, Oregon !
WIN A. "NNIN'J.a under
1'\ 0..1 garden, Mr Comer reported that Iw and lilt as x:lutes were lit
....... ,
I T r. .. U jI ,Ad.."'.... .Ioa.... and weighs fourteen tons
only nominal conlinement, till hpi had a botanist on the ground,
;,,1<' p- SUBSCRIPTION RATES thl igs at till! garden were much u usual excrpt there wi>s no contact A great gaping crater in Arizona attests to the fc,
"\ I HI .MtH, Oix V..rtlw ..... T... v.... ..,.. with the outside world After Mr Cnmer \W there the munagnwnt that occasionally a truly large body collides Withlne (
I ..;t"" ;; ;; ;'-;';: ;';;: f = .......e tII. '1.';; of the garden was turnrd over t ill* miiiiK'Ipulity of Singapore and \A This crater, nearly three quarters of a mile across and <
.. ; 1l"= :,,, Is connected with the k feet deep, with its upturned rim, formed Z
now public/ pal sysk-m. wai betwee
... .. .. |
j 1' !! _Pr. .....,..,) .utl... h. ... .r _bll *
Tins, week 1 had t Utter Irom the giirMrintrmlint, of (lie Java and 50,000 years ago when a large body came froni"
", PiMKMBF: R OF ASSOCIATFD;; PRESS establishment known officially as Lands I'l ,/iilniluin/ (DotankchlTuln / northwest and crashed into the desert plateau A nutZof
I A,lot-In.id llfM MHwrlvnir to th> ww for Undo, at ill thiMtHBtH -= / ), With it came *tfd of two iwi-rlng trees which hns been duly drill holes through the present crater floor
't'" ,..,., ".., ......Oft I. '"I. .... '''''''. .. '..lie. ,n AP ..... d....'...... show Hverized
," ) AUDit BURf.AII -- planted and perhaps tnmflday will produce new SIXTH* f fllr the Ft irida rock to a maximum depth of 1.400 feet at "It i
OF CIRCULATION- landscape On March 5, 1942-llve years ago-I! received four packet the impact was checked Despite numerous attemuUi
I' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII i lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l i ol seed from this garden mailed \UI ire tlie Japi hnd raptured. Java locate a large solid remnant, no large pieces have fe
to cut It olf from tlw world, but rencliing, me much later The seeds found and probably none exist. The explosion
on Imp
; Worthy of Meditation If lived and many fine trees mulled which must have been greater than an atomic bomb bill*

I, 1"' I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITh The seeds' which arrived! this week are of two trwi not in cultiva. I back-fired much of the original material out of the cnf

!; .' : : @ tianscemlent importance of love and good will kl" tI! lion in the United Stutri and tl"'dore! a brbf scrlplmii, ol each where thousands of fragments have been found tcattere

;;''1' In all human relations i is si own by their mighty beneficent might prove of interest to tree-enthusiasts Here tlier: are; to distances of several miles. '
word "Mibmnlirmu fa Latin I '
,'" effect upon the individual and -'II'ipty.--lt'ltrfl'l': D. Birkhoff .=OIClO=OlClo=::::::::aoCler=::::=loao'NEWS This is not the only meteor crater known, for in fc
I "light Ihade.The tree U I't'lull..t to llw INDIANCoiuL TKCtryfinna :
tl meaning
Truth a? old ax the hills'ia> hound up in the LatiA pro ( other localities! there are" smaller craters proved tl) twi(
: / / mrireattt: / (of which them Is 1 beautiful specimen hi
( my
I \ \erb Necessity is them ither of indention Itissurprlslng and meteoric origin Onljr twice has the origin of meteor crab
and through South Fliuklu) that I flowers are
yard a good except
,( what man can do when he has to, and how little most men many. been observed The first occurred on June 30,1908
somewhat )IS Inc' / Hie standard If scarlet
smaller he/king :
II"II"t' will do wh..n don have =OICl ____ o e oClo o=. ((1 ), petal
they to Walter small of bodies struck the central
: \ ( with pule while stripes\ at tlie bise" and the braiichns are thirnlesi 01. a swarm tundra in $
METERS u__ -- ," TODAY I write about.something' close to my, heart, the nearly so. Unlike t. mrlrnila" tills tree Is''evergreen or at least only berla The craters formed are relatively small hut then
'f 1 I PARKING beautiful bt Lucie River which winds past our town. Some partly deciduous. It IB unrljlit rather tlllln'.I'ading (like)" E. vaHrgait). plosion blast broke windows fifty miles away and kb\:.
r 'I! '" '" I .t)' The City of Stum I u bring nppioaehed hy parking men line mountains, others are fascinated by trees and and in Singapore it Is cfislingnlsl aiming 1I1I..8..1OalrN's by I lowering down practically all the trees fifteen miles around A pv
\ \.\\ meter -
: );. menues to be derived from the w nickel crabbing little uj) on a river light crown decled with red jlowers "tillering cheering spectacle Intlw while the pressure wave in the air was recorded on a mio' *.
'\ J' I laicah. I (;hiislmas drizzle" This gives it the common nnmft of "JJt'a>mber barograph In London'1II0re than 3,000 miles away.I I

I t t. r Not that the city has definite! male its mind tof' RIVERS are complex)!: and wonderful to those who know tree" in Singapore The fkwrr clusters pout! ob1icl".ly npwird and On February 12,1947, a great meteor struck the er
the birds which pollinate the blmsotns, perch on tie ends of the I about :300 miles north and east of Vladivostok
t buy the odious contra), tuns-but the nDneytalk sure them, full of changing moods each with a spirit of its Sib
I ; : 'r. pounds food to a munii ij alitv hose treasury is made bare own They are born in the air, in the clouds, forever reborn flowers are poke Into them with llx-ir "heads do iwn: Tlw! pi lien fa carried The first scientific descriptions parallel closely those a
f' ,: b\ home lead with the rains -and they all possess a magic quality, on tlw bird i head Alt the flowers m a single hilhirewtnce, are openon the meteor of June 30, 1908. .
Hi exemption.
I; 1 the same day so that small birds mayxlriuk tbrbr (11I1 at a single Visit '
natural .
state To desecrate river
in their pure and a Is a
It'' rI Truth u that the city dads aie just its aunie\ as all the Th blossoms, stay on several days but' do not secrete honey alter the THE REAL WEAPONS'AGAINST COMMUNISM
(" ( ; ) rest of us that Stuart IH too mall a town a* yet to.really crime beyond. my understanding first morning:The tree it native of Burma and western Malaysia.MIC1IELIA '
need the fiendish mechanisms but we sure do need CHAMPACA This Migiwtla relilive fa t tall, hand Antl-d lll cratk retrogression Is not the answer too
{Ml ; money Bub, and unless/ some other way is contrived to find 1 SUPPOSE that men who love forests feel the gam* way : some evergreen tree attaining In India a height ol 110 I It\f't or more and battle against Communism although some people i ID Ik
i J ,! it you're go\ng\ !! to wake up one of these mornings' looking' when they lo(>k at tie wreckage left by lumbermen as I having very large clean ' IJ I' t. "pI? for a nickel to park
,, .: ,'. One way to fend off the deices might be for the merchants been destroyed One of the most wonderful things on this "Much cultivated In varans parts uf India and Burma, especially The real weapons against Communism are the vigom
I and their employees! to park their own cars along earth has been needlessly soiled and smirched around temples, for the sake of its fragrant I lowers, Which are used! espousal by this nation of the living principles of den

I the railroad parkway on Hauler( Avenue or is half a fur rellgl"purprlSt.) ., It Is characteristic of rmiM, and evergreen! forests racy-freedom of speech freedom of worship, freeta
The scented flowers in the IH t season shade temperatures of enterprise, freedom of government, freedom of thtidividual
block too far to walk in this modern aeI TO THROW trash and garbage Into a river, to dispose yellow appear (
1 L' I :.. of municipal sewage and industrial wastes in one, Is 65 to 105)) and the rimy, Sf'4'101t ((90 to 200 Inches in its equality (of opportunity' justice for all_
i j t' MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII"IIIIIIIIIIIIII\IIIIIIIIIIIIII\ IItIllIllIIlIlIllIlIIllllIlIIlIlIlI \ practically the same as to throw mud upon a wonderful' natural habitat), ,and tlw fruit rip', about August
f' :: :: '" A FEW WORDSABOUT painting; it shows a lack of understanding of real value, are oily and quickly lose their germlnulive power 1 he tree It is Communism" which has stated that its eneraj'capitalism !
thrives best In a clantp clmiute: and re' <|iiires a n.ol'lt. deep. toil. The In the complex society of the modem wwl
I L :'i !' \\1 "r seeds should' be sown as soon alter collection as n ; : PEOPLE ALL OVER our nation we have been busy for over a hundred '
: These latter points probably explain why tlie tree has not yet truth No nation or society anywhere can exist *itl
., v .IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIMIMIIIMIIIIIIIIIII = I years polluting the beautiful rivers of bur land Weha been brought t into cultivation in Soi III florlola. because unlit it is well capitalism" trusts;cartels, add all the other varied I fi
: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIII \'e tossed billions of tons of tin cans and trash Into them'I'' e.la!>hdw.>d it would"! retjiure Ireqmint. Watering anlt,cmrsing through of"money power" The Communists have seized that pot
r : } '} HERBERT G. GA r j,1, 'r, developing Sunny Acres," is now laying foundations for well on the way toward doing the same thing to* the St. below freezing Lets hope these soeds geminate, and the nursing does not have is freedom, equality and justice There ft

'I '; I \ ( ,Iii.. four new home. Wit h a dozen or so already to his credit>n I Lucie process can begjn E.A.MttHvtfV false concept of the State, all powerful, has swept in
; the development he is getting a grand example in the mod the liberties of men-in direct opposition to the democr
= ::::::=OClO&:=:::Ittt-tftr '====:lOClOIII:'
I : .H rate-pric..d housing field \V e need more homes\ for "average WE STILL have the uncivilised concept that a river la a premisewhich is that the State must always be luborfr
':1 ill folks in Martin Count)., both for retired persons and place in which to throw things. Today hundreds of sew COME ONLET'S LAUGH ate to the individual .

': :''I'I I for those active In our community business life-and Jensen ers, large and small, trickle Into our stream One! look at i It would be smart on our part> t6 /make the taut tits
\ ; ====OClO ClOOIlOc:=:::aOla: t::=
Beach I is and the real issue is the idea of an it
lace build The
1 : a grand t to them the riverfront at low tide shows an accumulation of discarded use weapons
I Ij junk in the shallows.!\ l Should: we grow industrially HOME: WORK powerful dictatorial State versus the idea of free men P'
t '.! : F L SPENCFU of Stuart Marine Service Co, Inc,, is poison wastes of a chemical nature will be turned I Visitor: "1 must congratulate you on your daughter's ernmg themselves with the least State interference posa*
1 j I \ into brilliant paper on 'The Influence, of Science on the Principles The United States was founded by men with an inp
11 mer
if installing one of the most modern marine ways in the State our I ",
of Government the fn*
cit faith in God who forming
IJ ; an improvement which will allow the firm to haul out were guided
,t Father: Yes, and now that off her mind 1 'hope work of the nation by their equally inherent belief in lit
t J" It craft up to 65 feet in length The firm will /soon publish an'r ST LUCIE canal pours tons upon tons of silt Into our she will begin to study the influence of the \acuum cleaner dignity and nobility-let "the real worth"- *
\ t attractive new folder for distribution to visiting yachts, stream Silt destroys fish spawning beds by blanketing them on the carpet': -The, Link individual' up say

.. {I. 'r\' I I men, Illustrating the waterways in and around Stuart. with HII over-all envelope of mud, smothering all the eggs -- .-----...........--- All sincere students of the birth and growth of l*
''t :. T 1' if f 000't and microscopic liTe on the bottom of the stream It des CENTSLESS TALK mocratic principle arrive at the conclusion that It* lodes

f : t'' MR:AND MRS. G. SV IUSOV; of the Snack! Shop at troys submerged! aquatic. vegetation which is food for the A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't is the placing of paramount value on the IndividuaL W

p; Jensen Beach on the "oci'ansule" have acquired a former small accjuatic life on which fish feed, and shelter for the keep us from. buying it.-The Lubricator, Wheeling, Went first ambassador to England after the revolution ren*
\1 : Coast Guard building with rooms and showers which will small fry in eurly stages of their life Many fish attach Virginia, to bend his knee He said : 'lama over in citnen of w
t 1 h be available to tourists both Summer and winter The Wil their : in('*n to this type of vegetation It renders it impos- I'' United States," Ponder that remark He-as you or l-
I sib!" flH' the better of Iish to survive. THE LAST WORD? not in any win*
,' sons are fine, congenial people and can be depended upon species was a ruler-citizen" of this nation
; ;. to give Martin County a real oceanfront tourist asset> The 4POLLUTION A husband and wife couldn't speak to each other except Huey Long "every man a king:* sense but with! tni '

Il dr. venture will be know as Island Inn and Snack Shop is utterly unnecessary The answer Is simp' In sign language One night when the husband came tendant obligation of carrying out the responsibIlities'"ru
,' r, ly "don't put the stuff in the river", It should be illegal home rather late, the wife let him have her raging anger, ler-citize: nsblp."
: ,,r. 1 o-oo _anywhere to throw trash industrial Tier fingers flying a mile 'a minute Just as he raised his The founding fathers, when they spoke of "freedand -
I MARSHALL E MYLfR; of the Bevis Advertising into ,<" \\w.stes. or sewage hands to answer her, she turned out the light-Quote, equality." had in mind that 'freedom under GoH

Agency rtaff Miami, dropped by the office Friday, adnutted a stream. **%\ i '" which each individual can be the very best sort of W
I 'i"" that his firm compiled fishing publicity advertising ;'" EMPLOYMENT NOTE possible I and that equality of spirit not measured r
I. <,I ,: .. i'l for Miami and Miami Beach "but I thought I J'd better FOR YEARS there have been bills pending\( in Congress l to. Foreman, How long have you been working here?" power of material wealth I which Is the birthright of evr

:l :; come to Stuart to catch a snook" Myler got a U-drive boat make thin the law on a nationwide basis ..but there has Apprentice: 'Ever since 'you came in the door"_ man, In other words, they believed in God and the nimj:
: J at the Fishnhol returned two hours later from an Inlet been strong opposition from entrenched forces which still Sparks, Defiance, Ohio soul, The Bill of Rights could hot have been wrl I t tei
,'( : J f, jaunt with a tale of having lost two| whoppers want to use the riven for dumping grounds>>. At the last' men who did not have faith in the presence of an Alow*1
session the Mansfield Bill was brought out, placed upon I NOT HOLDING UP Power call it what you will-or) in that strange inunp
< ; the calendar,.but never reached vote Another bill intro A man had picked out the material for
:I ,: Well after all you'II have to admit that its;' bad to a young a new ble, the value of each living sooL, ,.
duced by Carl Mundt, South Dakota Representative, has suit."I The real test democracy, today and then, .
1 let the Russians gtt' the iiea they re the only ones who '
< ,know how to veto" The Wyoming County Times, Warsaw the support of the national wildlife groups. It, too has a i can t make it for at least 30 days," the overworked how we play power politics not how we toss our well
NY. stormy road ahead-unless all of us who are interested in tailor. told him around We will stand or fall In the world t eyes sexp
teeing! our rivers returned to their natural state add our "Thirty, days!I" protested the customer "Why the ents of a way of life not through any battle between Tialism'
voices in its support whole world was made in six days" and "capitalism", but by a far greater test, r::
We sometimes wonder if it In communmm or column ,
"True replied the tailor but have
you a human hearts deeds and
to ,
respond our
i ism that la the real menace to the national peace of mind, ctIJ
at it
good lately -The Rotor, Vancouver British 01
-Van Buren County DemocratClenton, Ark IN THE meantime, why don't we do something locally Columbia Canada. ," records that we championed' human rights in tjrnei
--or sto&d idle and silent in the face of injustice
Each new home that Is built In Martin County with a it Is it*
European buyers are using! the money which we lend sewer pipe leading to the river adds its driblet on the WELL CURED """"" Communism would wilt like th false thing for a \rand '
them to buy meat in the American market, thereby raining way to ruining a beautiful stream A doctor who had neurasthenic said "America stands for freedom and justice
a patient said to him
meant it This nation the leading xp.nentjiji
, the (jost to the American consumer from 4 to 10 cents a each as
"Say 'The Mediterranean
pound We seem to be getting it going and coming-as usual morning: eun is beating mocracy, should speak out and lend a hand
WE BADLY NEED: a coveringlaw making it illegal for down On me and curing me I' A week afterward his pat-
.-The Marion (Ala) limes-Standard waste tit sort to be into the St Lucie lent went to '' people subjugated and kicked around-whWetherhoeW
| any any discharged report progress "Doctor he said 1'm J much be Indonesians, Greeks, Jews or ,
River Why continue to desecrate the most beautiful and better" : and
not sit with folded hands and closed mouth wiwj
'This Is the when people from home to spend '
season go 4 '
productive entity in our area I -E.L..IIO Good, replied the doctor Go oa l with the treatment the unwilling force of any people
by ?
a vacation for the change-then come home to discover> and don't forget the Mediterranean is
they have spent all their change for the vacation..,"-The : ==OIClOclOClO: :: =OClO-====. down on you" beating where Un, 'eI'
Rockingham (N, C.) Po Dispatch Among James Russell Lowell's memorable
THIS WEEK'S POEM In another week the doctor called on him and was poetry are .

Bernard Baruch says this country needs to work harder OClO,==OIClOclOClOa: :: :::::::::==tO*='cS.::::::=:., he horrified Inquired to of find the the maid blinds down "What'* happened T" 'They are slaves who fear to speakTor .. .

My my, that just the kind of language which John the fallen and the weak t 4
NATURE "Please sir, Mr, Robinson t very ill. and won
L. Lewis hates to hear."-The Ontario County Times-Journal : By Henry Wad.worth LonffelloW "Heavens what was the cause?" A free nation will not hesitate to Speak SUCD a tljOi
behalf of the real of democracy'
Canandalgua, NY. #
"Sunstroke sir. Durham N C Herald.; prlnclrle.
.' and such speech against Comm -
I As a fond mother, when the day fa o'er are '
} ''If a wife never cries, it means she has found some Leads by the hand her little child to bed EUREKA! I fli l

more dignified method of getting her own way."-The Half willing, half reluctant to be lead, A man wai looking for a good church to attend and In "Due to a jump In tobacco tax, drarette.har" ret f fll

Rockingham (N, C) Post-Dispatch And'lea..e his broken playthings oil the floor, happened into a small one In which the congregation was some England folks for to 64 cents a pack-malting Casa Grande ,I AtiJ.1
i stop .moklng.-The
Still ,gazing at them through the, open door. reading with the minister They were saying: "We have Dispatch "
"The antl-third term amendment has gone to the State Nor reassured and comforted left ,
wholly ( undone those things we ought to have done, and we . *
legislatures and if they approve It, the most a President By! promises of others In their stead, have-done those things which we ought not to haVe done" "Definition suit-- dillS'
can get Is a 10-year sentence."-The Dansville (NY.) Which, though more splendid, may not please him more) The man dropped into a seat and sighed with relief and 4 worried of look.a woman's" The bathing Minnetonka Pi"* oQJI I
Breeze. So Nature deals with nsr and takes away 4* he said to himself! "Thank goodness I've found my Minn ;
Our playthings one by one, and by the hand crowd; at last."...:..Rotary Chaff. Fairmont, Minnesota. _. .
"This (Senate's overriding veto of Taft.Hartley bill) Leads to gently that .
us rest so we go : "; -
was no partisan vote, any more than was that of the! House Scarce knowing if we wish to go or stay, "It Isn t the right to strike the lawmakers art after has "C nrh" *as gone overboard again ThAi c rnd:

Congress !heeded the voice of the people back hOIll.Th.Stl.awrence Being too full of sleep to understand What most people'want to see curbed is labor's rult by gone swung too far away' In the from other the direction drastic Wagner"-Th" .W' "n

: (N, Y,) Plaindealer. How far the unknown transcends the what wl knew. rampage. ." The. Ceylon (Minn) Herald. (N.YPost.: h


.' ''' !' J: ... ,.......... ..... .... t .'n 1_' ., ,''iaI
,,. .. 'f ..


= --- ,
-- ==
-so---- --- P I I'M'' lr i MI I'll' NIP I 111110111q" lwljwI qRT9p,7 1
-I-Ml ww rlv I amlljpl ,,,T." -T I --_I >11_- "-,- ,X auralpe-w-R I '7 "- 111M, 11FAIN-10 117 I r I 11"I --,- ,"_-


FAGII fq= 1 1

rtOJUDA =MDAY. BEPT. to 19t1 I I
'I'BI STUART Nn'I STOUT. JIanm c.ut __

___n __ __ I

1 .. ,of that owthao. haI.... in the. on-i rrhui- oock side I iririr' Cart .- ovil' -kuk"A ,. .._".'.1.1.1 PARCEL I : "A.1111. sassisiving, 6 I .IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIimmllHIIIIIIIIHIUIIULSALERNO i -I

..AIo ADY"" ""'" P too Show ...4 "I the ..""I:: Read ; ..0 Lot II .., .. II' aora ..m tllTCK LEFT STATION 1411 -
(forarorlr lootlo Ivan 111.71 .. Point PARCEL 22 NEWSJ
(.1) n.' portion, 01 MM. k.{.. J tko POINT OF BEGINNING, ; PARCEL II ".. DITCH BIGHT STATION lt" -ItTh.

CIRCUIT COURT m AND rOIl aid .. ...1...,... ", 8..kI' ... _,I..... .. tko. West As..... tkrnn Ooutk 414,119,14. wants Mill, I I
IN COUNTY FLORIDA."COUNTY Recording to ..,. plat. oflrhi **. amid' J'01 u 0 Insist South the. Nortk 111141Won III That portion of To Bart of bract 4 af Block SlosiJivabitarls of fooll at the By MRS. O. D. I
Treated Clt lialefivisita, sat 84 IF' fort (root tk.HortkwoM fort: .ha fro- Point, "W rom NortkIftl Th. North III foot of tract; lob. 81. Luclo Inlet; Fan. aauMlrUloa NorthoevolhirIF. In face of LetG QUGLI.
p.mio.iv, _.. ... Troot 4o.d .II" But\ lltl fool. .... ... ,...i ..... al N.rlk. la, H..KM Qr.nlTo.n.hir of alooth 48. at. 1,044. 1.104Peters iiiimmtiiiuimmiiiiiiMiHmiiinninL i
of '* af FAR ... itk 21114119" Wm BMtk 411211114146" III .. I .af Section 17, T.wai II Death. R.a. 111.1s,11.1.1in' ].He.-. .
on .J" .::1 5 wltfcla' H foot ouk side of .. owner Fast accord!.. .. *let T....hip 11 South, Roan
L Ca.lna. Mid oo.od.rr 11741 to UM .hip II Range 41 Basis Jr.nl. W. L Mrs, Trtd: I
IL Q. the turrar Uaa at Stall Road tl tkono.W Nortk tftl*I." EMI i o IOM. -.. and OMUIalaiam .. tboau Booth.k,., kut an Soe- In Flat sent '. P.m. 41 la plot rorord. Mrs Melltt I
. : tiarti.n-rolins .
&,?. &ad clVA.UD (1II, Mm, a parool af kind IIII tens to ,tko Nortk ko.nd.rr of move ar ALBO. ties Una llll I feet, Ikun. Bouth17'lf Bmk County PublM,. Botord.whlck N od : poro II p.lm I Pedersen and D Blantun
,... _,.. ., ..
ond saw k
the Nonk af
ai _..... -10.U. ,Treat 41 tkm" Seats 4111' weal 4 took u Was pip. Ito.. within. II fort "" Buck County ,Puklla' RooordjlCaaUlalaB entertain the Y f. C A..with Il
Lot .'. "Immodest want oraurva a foll.olog, dMtrlhodovnlorlitut
old. of
ort amid North ko.nd.rr 141 IIfotti at
BOARD nkmf Rlror
.. I
104 14 to* M length, OMIoava 411 RIGHT .. church at 1 Fri
CorHIBSlONKRB! Of) .... south M" want DITI till $6.76 w.tor rnarfcl tltoac. '.1 mom i 1. a party at the
and k.r.
. COUlaJY. FLORIDA, .W the .N.Mbomoborly and 111.It ,to Mint, kwlulntiMid I Tk.t Mrt W LoU B bad tl of ::, .Is of r:; of Tnot 4 night Gam w re played ,
{ tax "' 1. of $479.46 hot Alai battle on the Rut Piss 1 1Tk. day
,of. saooVailw' of lead oofiUlnlof Fama B kdlrl.loa aorord- low ...too".. u East PACE. 11
bounded l" kr tlM tut ( date. Bnath af Nortk. cook-
111 feet ot
at refrenmniU
&II.t ... or too. Winston, of that .. all a after which
rurlda. Mil) Is...door of said Late f la o' "i. la Phil Book .ot uld -" pl. of 4 ... westerly 4 :
F441LI, included la tko existing t llll fort .... t oot. :1
East d to
1.L. .aid but\ .......O? and add I ""aintbactimat lood ,. e. pub. l'll' North 111,4110" ." .pProsiffistaly >...,..,. >a I'Jr lei and iced t a were *erv>
91 .... I. ... the. of or fen .. hoflnalai. tie ". .... ,
Mint 41 feet 0 l .Iwo 0. fact to 101.1.. of Tral UK%) of Ile!/ .lot In. south piBtalo the foliating young l>eopl I
PARK from can Northoaot of CoranilMUnrn more .. wePiRCEL amor'., gist.
.10% .'.. I.f't: I IC& (".."......., aoraor af Mi,* LMl PARCEL f, I W me... tjraal, S 1..1. imem .1 'I.a. .. Township A ". George and Jesse Quigley, Joan

1 l mat oarorl ml .land containing' Boutk Range 41 Bait, : wag' Wnt aaktlnl auto .and' alt. Zld "Us*. ,.. ... ScoUen Evelyn
IN IMI NT so....... ...... ar, km, ..eI..... of Thai portion of to Plot rotordod la Plot B. 'I. ( .-. o$use Road III .. _",'>,.! W4 _.. ..I'of; and Call, ,
'ROC) GS tail portion liKMe. In. UM. ..ut- Lot I M ordlnf' U plat, OniMlogor. I Pun II Palo BoMk eo.. .1. ,. tao i...., I I .I and Gordon Jack Thompson
'TATI 0' .its state Hoa4 lot '. ...dl...,., 0 ".... ". RoMrdl .. & lln wltkln of .... o I Bnttoa 1104. ..F. STATION 1411 11. i. --alliblUbta m x1J14l.t- Terr. Umiiicil.

PAPAR !!! 0-0 Grant. .. recorded In I'l.t, fort n.h aldo of tko followingdocaribed ..lit .uraor Use being' dnorlhrdIlk DITI .of Troot I of 14.. 74 (fora>.rlr All.l.a t!; Wayne l\d \

FLORIDAPON ONIC RM, (O) That aonloa. of Black .1 .... fill of the P.' (aalarllaaiCoramoaM rofor.au to NKV, 41 of HI. L.rhr I. -. F..... I i i.ubdlTlikia &ad of Maria Mi'iiljnsoii, Peelers'

: V.::.. c.. a Lola I .. 14 1001.01,. of Block, ". '" r. M114 at bow Borttoa II, ..:: ,la Names Grant.j "I.lo U. Rub rt ) .
liankLa,. base anordlnl be ..'4 plat. ot Tra.plral .. I.. and ,In P1I.d1.wCk.u1Ntyi. tko M.rthwo.1 '.- Township in .... Niece4 I' .1104. ..d Oalalalna, ... !n Wayne and : Dnmtl

: a. I:: CRY StilsdiviWom.r. of the P..'" it-d Psi.lAb of uld .II at a point II.II =iI.*-tr 18-11.I East .._dl.' to plat. .% .- of ..... ,Billy Vivian ,
oak a ". srhoodflA &4 face -A of the. C..,. Florida, trot North ll'H'inRut from to. %) la., Plat In. I, Palm tl .41 I lacb.

Flori". Iowa L J..: sthono -VA,L'hia A: of fitaw Km4't lob). Wait ..,Mar of Void' .II .ad n. . Itears., <1. public t" and oatk of>.u. ..armV. om. Betty .0 I
........, A..11.H...... sentila 006' being a Imeml of food lying *little I || of the valley South. It'll'II" t. 101.II fort .>t point nil fact Meet which I. .#this to 1-9 .d" 14 k.. an.- wpvar ,la the ( Irrulimd Mr, and Mrs LlnUiii Aubou 10
10 ...k. A Isvir ...... 104.16 face .Ido .t the A-tb "A How of state 74 lfcirnt.rlrBUU to Point I'M" the POINT I OF BKDINNING .. .. Southeast eoNE 0 Void aid. .1 , Hoo ". wheat ... lltl fort "t..U ., tko Nona Roid II) *. IIM oo- | tka.o. m Boatk 1111II' of Nl% ot _..1.I .- at the the Clert .hi ... of Jcssup. Qu wer the guests of A,
.... 10 a.k..w. ... and. bounded. WMt kr the West in. a Mrorl *i lead described .. West 101, loot:L alM from Folnl I ran Nonkwnlorlr, .. .'... the .o Slaves.. Miami., Visuals,. and Mrs Peclcrwii rrt- 4 I ,
.rraakanalMolllaAa. (CN.........tr .koundarr. of .14 Lots Beginning, on the. loutli boundary "E" Fee Notes, 111111" Rut, 111fnt MAINE o. .... *Mfm9t ta .... K.ot* Sontut Man of Treat I 1 the lad day ., Mr 'rd 4
.. basic .
. HcR., .. bar *l VI| .4. I ta II I.....'..., .and seat kr of Mid, Lol T at a Point 44'tl .has roadwar sod oontalalnlIII .rIV" sad noting, a ..'.. of Hit 41touadarr I,.W. of .' .0'o. rlo.o.. IH47. lo _, hrurht .' day en route to, their mw homl I

*. was a.kaowal' Horo.,. A..1 do ",.. 4114. ton ,In ......, oaear.ta W.., till foot Arms 8.1 ... team Oman e.... f-L So the Matte, of ..,. A,. .. n. r. ,.80 ., .., tnt rr.t or firm -i iof Fort LauderelaJe.
.. ; AUf : In
la -
". .. ." itbia. The Nortkwoitorlr... sad having I covis ournow, of said L.t L.U.n I ., a point llll 'o W_ its fast .I '.1 V... to JO''J"kii>l I
..a... ..,- noldoaoi I ,..illof' .70" feoti, uld Baroolat run south Ifll. W... ..... ( DITCH RIGHT AND LIFT STA. East\ 1 The N-tis-11 mil" .. below or An". M't'snol. .:.d ..hmlwlt Mrs. Oeiii-Bt Brownlee and

... Mary A. Ca.adlrv aad,..,Ignn. I .kind aontalnlnl I.II aero, ._ Baulk kouitd.rr of 141 It ffot TION llll tl.1l ..'4 Soetloa Ill the. .trip. of tend .. .Ann .. '.ho.1 a" Ion '. Frcddltj tuitl Pcluiy I.
.. It"Immem, ..A" the Cha.. ." *. of tkot' portion .".. 34-th-18111118' E>ot ..Iinot r Tkol part- Lota A sad 4 0 battle, Abolitionist, co.UI.lol I.IIfnt PARCEL I .the .&IN Gad.V-Pinions art I..h '.1.1.I. children, I
,qNsols. of Frank d i..IV4. la ,\\I: ailatlna. otaU Road' .U tko Ext .nd." of .IdL.I Blurt Farra I SukdlrfcHra .... ar k.. Poilek"s. aa Hunt, of warFlorid. were KUCHU of Join U.

.. the. vitli-will, If.In..", VII Tl tkonoo Boutk ll'ltll' Factlong _,.. .plat ,la Pl DITCH LCP11b IT )IN UI ba"em, pit. .... 401rhom, 10' aif", if
.estate .nd .rodltoro aOaadkv saw Mails\ bou.017f III IItoti Book APaffs II, PARCEL P114cas1 Need No Seatkii Stevenson MundlY.
d.nini.d.wkno Fr. aorllol. of tkmoi Bmlk 25,04,11" Wotllit71 PIPING Ronrda. ..41 that part of ITIt. That part of' ,I 4 O..k ..... ala."I. .. t.. .....,. Mrs Adalph DtUiueh, : and' Mr*. 11

mesdames ,hi oakwornm.lo vs.Al. If Block. I. ._.....lo font .. Mint, of kj lnrln, >; Lot I of 0. ., ., Babdlrl., East n fast 01 41 of 8t ?._, 10. ... ,. ..4 I'/ .14 .map o plot it-
onldrao .
kh.rd" wkoio i plat af Tropical' City Mid panel of leadiA1.6 t.IIa. .ton of .Grant TowaghhiII the South 841.01 I .ukdlrl.ltNi, jf Granl .be- referred default may soirrool Alfred Allmaii entertained Nowday
That Pattiat .
p.A.Duttoa....' ,L wkoM.....,,-- andBoboruon .. .Ida 'of ntoro or lo... ...I..t.. of that Bouth. He... 41 .Meet. Plat aorord.ln Book at the North 1117 fort ofGororinxnt T.wmh4s.. .8..pl,,.t Hinro rowirdr 4. ..1. a... ,of AN nlKht with a IW.1 ahuvkcr
owes. Wlfcln, II foot frol.d.ol, the 4XI-Aloss | to Piss roeordrd Motion I. I bond ('I. 11
Lot I U t.
law husband, fine ot BUM Road II -0 t 1, Few. II. P.lm Bnch CounlrPifcll. ., It llfk I, P.M"I IS Pal.Hrork .WIT"K vivior4itui, ,. In honor of Mi*. I
... to ........ tko II career ... .14. ?..Owhip' I* ....,... ..." IIWnl .,1 V." I. sad fo 'ranc Itll.
of .. _d'. which' H. within untr publit 1.4..ri& thlila I
ri.n ( ) #"time HIM 'Wine" a of ft. .I.lln., j .. Uui .ml ml ntd C. ) ,
mark DofendaaU being vn.Jon. : J ,fc.it .: .. ... following'. Mots. I West I I" .. Games werE (played ) I
p. of .-, the .ad .IdI 0SO II fnt oack .i W,I.k." :n m'i \ .aid. strip" MOB III fact I PARCEl described, aoatorllaatOomaii S..le 11-4 ? In Miirila, louolr FW44.ISKALP renhmenU; served to Mrn. ClrraMathers
| 00))" ..fit frocksad .
1o. sad ... Amended 111.10 etieuV
,7r.w.. ork. 101.. York: Robmnrford. .. of the Bou' n. Portion, of H.. of 1 Ins Boulh M'llll. ( ) Juanlta, King, Mr I
t ar. ourra, ,n." foot I. the Narilsionot comitalsim ,.., R. I'OHKKOY. Mr/ 1,
kou ro>ldono> u par. '., massive M to. Horthwoithorlna Let 4 : of e; .f( Lot 4 at a.Volvo 816.41 toot Waste said I strip 01 1.44_ Wo'' ... Northwesterly _...". clerk in* Iho <. .l eooo la and I. Arnold, MI. \ Mrs. Od lie Dc-
.. .
, to. &..... toa Htooltoa fort.koradrd wiseloome. ":r1 .. Ifranc the West aort acre, o ilk .. 10"bounilarr I
,,4.I Trail Coi.p.nr, BUoltoa.l.tol : a test radlao kr. of the''Fact''.U kouodof HGreat.. to, .of .I .ver I'll'. !Lot ll I the.Month. .. 24 n .. 1 .. #8 .1. I EVANSkARY Martin ....,,. }10.. Loach of Fort Pierce, Mrs. Shi Iby I

CatkorTho Ar. ...BookGover. .....-... laid, Ut a,..id ...-and.01. V.-IlIMAkonolis of .. CouMr East III II fort .. Point, usPOINT PARCrL : : of Treat 4Th.t AIU. <..., for rrlllhinor.Pnhliib ., Mi-Culk-y and uauuhtcrs, Verdi? f

lor i. ...h.. .."...O? ,.le...."I.. at a Florida, ..0', Plot Book I .1, 0. BEO'NI'NO' t1twome. tart It fact of theat,it 111'311 W... amia"I Am II. II. Brot. t. Martha I
I...." ,I. .."1. County Hor.nr.nu '. 4" 1'10" East 111.0' Ilo.9b Wo ." fast, of GoTrrnmont I.nt ..t.1T, go toINNING. I'OI..T. or Mae and Mary, Mr. 'it .
widow' of Hukort. MIflows .. 11f tow P.hl. It- ... POINT OF 8t. 71111 fort Z"t Willing .. I Johnson
'lit L. .. .ha southeast (Boutborn .Palo access .1. .. I of Bootloa I. Town.hlp IK ooulh' 1 Miss .( ,
.o, ---'. who0idence of veto Lot li ... C.. GINNINGra North .. .6Us .I White. a''
.0 cores. 41 I.'%. oo.Ulnlnv lo... I I Jolinwirt Mm Doris
"I ...*0 Pal.wow. of .tend ...... dnnlfcod aoo- ... III.As 8' : ol 1IIIIIIIIIIIIII.nll'IIII'NWS ,
_.. .. Olclu.ir
.1 m- trlw within II of 'lt t. wioro or In.
lliF: a.It ., too. ..1... -,., .... ..... swatis eo ..... ". tko ..r... Best '.. Rood 71Iforatrrlr u'w... facts ...... ..:." IncludM la th. .14at. PARCEL H OF Johnson Mrs. Chrlhllne Bliumoan I..
M ....
orodllori any .
T&: aad .A.,.. of that. portloa. 'laoluaoa. .I. BUU read ) Bonloalltl Needs 14,4111,111. W.6 .. .. (,... Mrs Donovan
Rarraoad AND Mrs. ,
.W di na.dl ..... Road 711 oU.J "* 1. If.old 7 Given otirti? Morie
_..... lo uakaowa, that Wass 0.1. a passed dorarlo.od .I 1" faced a. so
... ..'.ON sad "I. 1421 Smith Mm. Ella
".. 1_. r>aooo roilanuo TIt.II... of M Beginning tko WolWrlrouid L.. ... ., I-.. part of Tract 1 ot Blue : River Drive IrS'olt .
n CII of amid, Lot I at a PointNorth .e PARCEL ;
aa Trailooi, II ln.la.lra. at Block rr I. he 41. lt.i, P.d.Y.f S. ..1. and Mrs. Fred Podcrson.Mu. .
k.1'7'; .1 M..6,16. a.it" .- Late to .. Tropical 1111114,1119" West III fort PARCEL 0Thwk .M* West 60 I :: Ulimth Inlet ".-.. n .. I t. Ida
n to .. plat al ,
Ming -0 910
I. fAd I
Will a nd Testament atL' 0 (Vf" ..WI...,... from the loutkBoond.ir_. earave fact of the 4 -0-1 "..... Irani. Towmtract "' Is ".,ifKnew. .: CLARK Martha Whittle was theWockviid
tk. 1.6 41 1 .h..- raw, N.tb 111,16,89"Want 990.7 il. Vt.rordoil .., !
loan. d Old' and Port at Government Let 14roc'unal 41 h. be-Al.9 gust' of her duimhurand I
....,...., ... ..... and of giants "ill West lo-rid-1 -. !. section a. .0sts.3 1 I. Plat floovis I..1. I II.
..1. "I"" .' II tort ack aid. Worth. 31141141" Wo ow% ..... Rains. SO: 11111111111111111111111
theme and Mrs S,
U ..,. of ,...U. D. Joao, the ..%. line of State Road II I .I to" 01 Heaven ). BontloaTowuklp .. .a. 90 Psi. a.. Oou.jr "bitror4si '; son-in-law, Mr
...... \ fect to the beginning Part of .hl.1 .. No Sawyei, i
and Bkk n .it" If" "h"" Mr. and Mrs. George
of I" It Boutk Roan
Cnll ,
I. UM. below strip of Palm City
.. a E Lan
: toot be
... the wdsIF. test
_. to visible 10 ,
891111k .f 0 I'll
: Almerikad ,
wkno mMonor to flt I ad af ovid .. Rat" dMOrlood tollowatfnt earls side .h fulitsing week'
mile ..d Trust. sams mance m it I bassist, ftdi.- .1 .. Go aa of Btata. Rcoat.101.6 9 SocUoa lilt, Lennard of Tltusville were Mrs Emory DrUuch, Mrt I
Bank .. owels-min.; I
lorM.1 Liters .." .Amum goal kr a Hem .. Restwil.long .
V. a dissolved. Florida. Backlog, :, N N-th-taIly. fact topoint DePost ill* No' of sold AA.8AJm man ton. rend and J-abor Day guest lithe Bill Peiidurvls and Mm Austin I
,.. .. ... : I.S. "t'id.rth,144611.1, ,aid. .- 411106.114 4111.46 o C."Int. we 11-theast. has : .
Government a
lion. wheat .ldit .1 I .
Alnpn Corporatloo a Floridaith w" ld to II' Imen the North- of tAngenty; ... North West of L NtIkoitea _.tbo-of: IB 7 at a point' 17"1 I.. home of hU parents, Mullliu entc-rtuln'd with a t

.. .1 Ptoot[ ofraelfl. 116111111West ....,.to the ... South It'll'.." Eait Narth """- knot $'it MM W. H. Lennard In Walton
III lu mack (wool". atft) -1aid. Mentally" tat 4; PA"1 'I" .. Wrist: : chicken uppcr In honor ot tile ,
: :,: Lumber Cooip.nr Lot 16 ... ...., Boutk 8616111411We. 1471 II foot .. the Nortk If..of Tile % of Ntlon % .or.. nf 7 vall T. to attend thE ,
......)., Florid. Ott. J. .... .. 174.13 I le.... ....1..'.. theam .. ll'llll" ill.long fort, the Jivitown. a....' ..... south .19 L st A A I.. 862.86East 111,71 fnrt .Pol' They .Is came ; birthday of DiLuach.,
171II '
......... bit .,rt.. saw. boundary fool : t..N .A-'. 'thmro W.. reception of MIN Fn : f
M of a ...... Over t. the NaithNIP ..._ Boutkorlr ... Boutk woitorlrorlr. It'll I II" Wo. ,1 the ... \In Maoist 11.southI wedding Austin Mullltui a Mrs Sally
::.Hot- aro Stuart, ) )wide, ... bottom, a die& of IT7I.II the west.I Man 28,22,111611 W. llll,17 '., a.. .... ...' "' <>rt and Robert Voss a. 11 A
someave to Coleman
Alma a an" .1.! f
... Tract 71 Willis were Henry
sad ... D. Baoipkr, .I.koM .. Death 1111' Rail w- tin. of I '
.... Sou ftt1311"9 ncnH morror
nator .. OMiUlnlna
fot.; rodiu.. of .00 41 But TOerel'n
klrlnaa I
He'll 10 Mon.
noldoacM Arm ........; .aid, ""... 1..1. lo tka West toot > 4..... UM.II fM to feet .. point of kovlnnlnaTk. IM.-I "a... oiclu.iro at .t portloalaoludrd "A" run, .1.' South' IIII : the Woman Club In Stuart Hinton. Mrs. Mullini, I 11
.. tort
rmldrnto twru .o Und koroln lions 171 *
T. Orwhom .boundary of ..I."t I at a V.1.4 theSouth .I' ,la tko oil.llnn Diego .
t. kmn U T...., Florida. N..1Io. 411,61,14" too '4.1. I'VotI II'OI point .II"of w.., fort to point. .Inv 1,11 ... Rod (fonnorlr BUM RMd *$." Rack ...'....' It foi t. day.Miss Mrs. Wells, Mr. ahd Mrs. LK-

yn.I.-.-'IAwe p'rtl.midonol .,- the south-. .. .I of ,.14' of knl.nlnil .aid pare. af alienist of ... portloa .. 1.46)). to 8outhc.it Tract. 1, Cantaim.ho Coleman, daughter of, Mi; Loach and Mr. SAWI Mrs pendarvla I i I

.to it-.. W an 4 Als.1. p_. Lot III, the ....... of t 4 I. oootolnlna-.14 ... -.last." .0' the .041109 state Read to, 0.60 &too more lfoPARCEL and Mrs. Jack L. cr I I

part- IPy". a ....1., .... described. -...'.1.. .... _. t... parate. ,..,...... the ..10'. .. state Rood II. PARCrl If tOleman .
.. _".,- or !-... oirhuiro" of to. .1-2 state f 1 It well-known In seton Mr. and Mi%. Emory DC-Loach I
.. L.k. W..... Florida.4. Inrhidod, la tow oiiitl.i s. 4IL 9. P ARCf IATk.t The %".at 00 .f flow North I 171 trot Stuar the has visited sine* I I I
6) Hal of
Or.nl, a .. woman wkowoi Th.. .sad 0 ,to 40 ". tend of 8% Government part t' I./ 8 .1 and Mr. and Mrs Bill Pcndurv
<. ...Ue'or'' ', M known. to cordl.oto. plot of St.. '. DITCH' RICH? AND LEFT STATION I of Brctloa I. To.. IIIAssets. West Alt .f I. was a child She was graduated w-re.! gmsis(
Florid. .d".II" I.o 1644 28.66 41 "Eoit" oonulnin. ,, 01 8W" tll Monday ofM.and I
8 .
1.1. PAR.CU.B.Tin "
or. the
Fares, East from
a. I
[ onto ot R.th.Ame t 'P. Rnord. part -Oomramoat Lot III .. Mora at I... 0.0.' T..n.hl" N finuoi. I 8qua Austin MUII'I
: 'i. ;!:: .. p.n an af the Fractloaal Boctloa TawnaklpII ., alfbia, 1141 feel ( Baltimore recently lob I
.ad Ili .h"h in
( Albrnck'nckt I
d.; Jn.to That Purtin. atT49 of that Mrtlon I. Hospital
Buck I..e Read ,. Sound I I
of Palo .
mi.am Co" .rid South.. Rani. .I.i. Will, *.-.I l a' state '
ows"'m according ..
ithusband. 0 I. Illinois ..totlnt BUU RBUU threeyear
..... within, ,.. .loo of 7 10..1' Htlll, In.tH .sitting right. where she completed a I J. W. Joe t
,' 04 he a net vice. of a., Luok1.1. ., t. 'llH RMd Hit.) ... Mrs, Quigley Quitjlty:
141! Okto"E.. L. Cloo .._ ... _rd.. I. plot = V F:1 m 4IAL .1,4i.a.Lowlthim' Una II of fort state rack aUo o tko ,.1..1. auerlbodUaal .Omt. 0 Way and described. M /i. I IKecllnn course In nursing and Joyce Saluno, returned, to ,

.4 L. _Connotes...01..1, bi&, ...lie.known wbomas a. 94 access of the County.plabbe Florldo ,.,,r Btata Read III,.I .1.. PARCE.II Cantonment at ..1 NW .. o I Dr. and Mrs Roger Hubbard \ their homes In 81 Augustine and I I ,

CoB.aur.i.1' Baildl.i.,' ell'.. !"'. Issr., V.4 .land 4..ri' Commommon, so the Words ,Raof ... That portion. ..Nib n' 0ANNIA., of Eden hat purchased tho
: ; '
ladlrldii.llr. ..k, ...< of ... ... Ko t Government Lot 8 at Bir It Lets II II nd ru. Bnulk Wnl Jacksonville utter n few days
.... Jesse B.\ Froilor ( within. It o W..T. and
Truitor. and Frank J. F..."r.kit ....*..,.", lln.. of s..... Send Itll.iTnv.rlr A."N'I al a point, ,. Nortk.. sell 11. Woods': 'I,=, L ll and Loll, 174 fct -. Wnt linr. of .4 .. ; Cordon estate at St. Lucie visit here with re.iitlvci onclfrl.'hds. "I

..... am -fit- all each 0.- state Read III) Ifecti"sees. 1 I foot .. ... of .... Go.-.m less A... 9 ,I. .. AL a-,4.w N&let ".tl, the"Nth nl'Koll' will move to their new location I 4.
.. particularly, kocron. .... ( Mu o ......1 of .knoll d.-Ab-. ... No _, .. .Ad Tr..A I nd rua threats 1111 U' West of India' '" 11.1rifivi.i.' ,. II rot u. "POINT UF BKRINNINOth weeks The I Mrs. O, D. Quigley return

,.IN, B...., Fk.rid.i. W. T. ad ". th W.9 blandor I; 'it..as ft south lls24 If r... ..looaomtorlino of feUto RMd It, I. ?tat I .. North "U'I" Rut..164 within the next two ;d home them for a
"J d" & : UUI fact' I.south. st90. ... of 111,11 fort to Paint, .. #-.. than- .h..I, F .It .
..., IsW ..W.. ..I 'met at a point I die Waga, 01 the Public Itr. .. deal was handled by William ,,
... .
rSldo.VJo. lit fast Iowa& 089.69 t the Walk -A' th.no. south 4112484West i iIII ... .. af ..- short JD
._& Jill-tis N it 1111,114,341' want U. t ; af Martin, C ,. .1. o .. .II waiter of Will- VIKIt lnJm
.f void. III, POINT OF BEGIN- booing a ninn associate : I
riwid.1. T. R: Otxa ... from The BontbwTract ..t micar of said help N..o fort to the ,
I Golaoa. ala vita, wkoia ...,. a ... rut lit-" N.......... V.2d''r: '" WOOL MING: thoMo North M'lrtlWot lying Wnt af ... within II foot fee a ....... .nonulw.ul.lr 10 lam J. Sullivan. The Eden pro J.cklnvlle .14
arUciil' rlr slover a ... ... Ie "in 117.47 I".." North Sao fnti A from, Mid : "A" of tko ..'sor lino of ".. Ro dII fart U Boulh Nno of i.ld North. 171Ina and Mr. and Harvey slioltort J,,f ,
.: Cltr. Florida l "s-Ill'a" orly Nurlbovait.ly. .jarlna"a"rr.dlii. of 3111loslool' Mae. IF fo" ... M. Warns Go"I 4 II" Meet'r tort Bntlon. Itll. Mn. KuUrlr" ": ''h... K'ulk 010,6412611 1'01..TOf W... perty has been sold t Mr. returned tu their home last we Ic 1 O
!10 to
... Toka.a. all. wlf.. diitano' of Ml.4. of Istalitaloifflis,; U Po 41 fort of Mid LoU ..4 blacks. ."i. .Ppruttlinal.ly fort J. Mills 10
.M.uai Aaa.. ...AL 001....... t7.t fort to Use fort North a boundirr of .bill. -staining' 4.40 ... feel- 01 .!: It'll'II" MnUlnlni-, .It ....., ..'.ol I>IINNINI. Coot.lnlnl, ...1 I M. present 1.ldent after spending the tunmici! In 1, ,

......., 4. .. lAiiaar, ..... Tract I at a point, I II f_.W...- that linoirtlaom, .01.. ... .1.1. fort }-to 3646'9611 E1; that parties included la ....... .. .. Breez Camp In Vineland, N J. Mrs Sheltn will 4",

Ivalimairsts.Nr. michmalM.Aow. -I., from the. North..! "..or of state Hood 71.I 114111 -.. 25P171711I son Beach. j" 1
4J. it" ..Id, Tract, ll U...not, South 1111 M" u- A.CE I neighbor teach: sellout at slcnl0 J1 "

I. .koo> aTroa ..... .. ......a.in want .I... amid North. _.d." PARCEl aA I PARCEL IB NIGHT AND LEFT Emphasizing the good school this term ,

,. .o. of .-.. Deft.".." Wag 111 II fortl. tkraoa. So.tb.rojtorlrNonhw RIGHT AND A. I LEFT STATION lit 1181 28 IA-! spirit there was a Labor Day I, -_ I I 1,

.A, _juo'. ,. Mae .ad Aimed.it. .100. a ...... "babs" to the ) DITCH LF That portion of TIN. BouikwMiMIr It ol at the
n. 14 ; Oovoraawnt Lot B. IM t of 'o party I
of GovrmmmlT and grill
.. the ....1_ of ..- t rlr. boiling, a radio ofloll.l TION part N% of Lot porch i i
foot I
.... ...... of lit II ;" That of Tract t .at ft II Township II Boutk. section .. Towwkip' south. tko Bnlhcutrlr" Mrs. John Pine wood wh r h: and Ills family It'l
.... .._.,..1. knew f.... a d'' .1 Latin JIM Farm..1toli'lithem ltoa wltklafit I 4 ot Block II of B Lvrto I. .. home of Mr. and I I
.. ."... a....... y..to. Free ll tk. Wot ...... ." af .. .. : I. 111-am Grant. JR..oa 41 Kut. wklck Items t tut 1w. ... .' In H.nu.(4i.nl Contributing now reside I
of follow.M Ankona.
the In
lido .. Roenbeck
rank I. H..'.... wl-o, ....,i4.1 .-. Were I; ....... Sogtk 28.34.8s. ..... 84 Rehm. 41according 1.0.b drurlanl. amtorllnatNortk Nortk at PonplrtoaWnt Cr-It. Tnwn.klp .Sooth, R.nn Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hulcumbe I
1 bool-d-Als lying enjoying
-1. Alai." I.. Reddish ood Be- task Iowa said Woo plat -rd.d and with 41 F..t. .KrariUna- lo plat record.I'd to the menu .and !

..Hdl.k. his. wlf. tko. _Id.._ III,I frot to point 01 '..1..1... ; 11-k I. Polls so. Palo ... If". of sold of G.litM'of the Highway.. OI114st. In, rise Mink, 1. p.m. II, P.lmHcark of rummy afterwardswere of Okclrh"oe. fonmii r..dtt, Aw,
.. in, fool evening
....... maintains' R. .. I of had containing .I.' .. M.
Do. Plains partial : Cnuilty Piibll.
Bearis County Public .. pal.. ... II, Boaurrn sat- a..d. of "ort/ RUun.
I and .... Trlar. him. ..if! wkoot ..... .elHilvo ., that portion .I.- which 'A. within I. Itd.. 111 f ,. It. It to.... nf -. roadw.r nod Containing, also Mr. and Mr. Roenbeck, Mr. .
.. ... HUB.d ..Iotl.. Stata Read Golo"wone llw MM f. day ol Mr. and Mrs.: John Hotnb f
oo .ro oak" Else Outlets la tIM rlk.4 less.PARCEL and
.bar .44. of the 111..1.. Nt _nor at .. .. I.t ..4 to the Cast" boowd.Iof ".moro o and Mrs. J. Mr.
.. ._ Himpkror. .
11. terumsCo. ) d ow. Boutk .. ll wentX ._ .aid Gorrrnnmt ,ck of Ancona.
d. whoa trtroa aaa. 'kl ..it.' "a, r horrirTdoofribod, Mrs. John Conway and John I
loot! tk o> Lot l! .
ifeneo. of .ck DxfondaaU' Mm PARCEL .:;_ II.Ar After a 1-iiglhy visit with Dr. 'I
> ..... an the ormthemil Woo moo fnt: I""" Nortk= MnUlnlav t.14 .. ae.or ..-, Roenbeck, Jr. !
_.. .
.1 Illinois Moor aad I at a point 114.68 tests tla 'la fit. DITCH RIGHT OF STATION and Mrs. Hubburil In
want ot that portion Rowr
.her ......... wkooo .1.- ..... That yortions. 01 T.ll'IT'lt" Vast fr.. that. 16,48 North .11" storminess- .iclu.lro. Read II. ,. Albert E. Backus, noted Fort

.."., tko _1_ ot each Dc-. Th. W"'"', Itt told theFa.tLv of of Track I wool .1"1'. .IV all ... Mouth flow .1 ..aidlaver. ntollaiBUU I a Sunday lun- Eden, Ml'1c' Abdree MUSKI !from
Treat Pierce
10 below aakaawat W. B Frartk. III fort of J ... ThAt pnrl loa art.t. w 11
ro.ldonco' ot .... 0.,....., Block 41 .....dl.. to visa. of ft tl'tl"A" .. .474P at-get ( .. L''h. POINT... North or PAR'EI IB-A Lol. I ...o. Bliirk, I arrontlnuI. cheon of A. D. Merwtn and' the Riviera wt 811 from ,

-.sL-....: Clliaaotk: Baker and Lucia ..... F.-.. r.e<>ro.l In.. boost. > Boutk. 9.,. 734.," .GINNI 66,49119at: FOOL contain. DITCH LEFT OF STATION till Pht of ( ana Trrraro Dukdivl..ion ,. at Rdwood Cot- New York t DL' 12 ',1 I .
.... ..b1. I t II of ** 11 .. ,. Hook I .. Arthur Phillips
B.k.. .aor .. .40 piss konk > MI troni Point "A'nn Nortk Plat I i
..m. .. ...._.. the rotldoritot.IMo.o Public a...... film, BoockCou.tr 44111111.. Hut ... fdTti A ...- lag. 11. ..lamP I .. .... the Publi. a-do ofII. tage, Edenlawn On his visits t th? steamship Sablntk; Mullet '

.ata bei. ....-.. W. llorldn.blue North 114111' W... *..r..,.... L.I Th.t $active af ... Co.'". Fibridwo, Edrnlawn Mr Backus brush I Mu.iso rxprcra:d surprb' that II

known.. WBOM racldMtoo. ,.._I. oak............: within M feel -k ..... ofIh. Troot lo, III I.ffo.t" a>.Mt 0.a lino.. "0 Vale 0 .ft@ III and 0 .of section N 4 af Township.. -., L seat 1 o. frost af ditch, ..a.9bropo'Zvoribeol seldom Idle for here tie finds the ngulai prices of merchandise l''

........ U ..,. af H.rfarrt and... ...... U.. of need state Ml.Ko.il.....10.ItUonwrlrSUU Politics, |...I" ... o 01. Rub .. of al, U..1Gwlens ...... n East. 1.m.d.ry.t>> Conmenrlna. or A.T. ,. beautiful vistas. in America wa as high If ,
dranoMdl, F nooo D. Hkoa She Knrlh' ..
Rleoa, bar ......4. the rr.,l- less. Mm A..,..I of .lead ...nk-. ALSO. Township' So ,iii. ..It..o.1 lying want of GetMishear' ... .. Pauth.' ..... 41 .. Mr and Mrs J. L. Eddy have not hlRrior l than the blavt nurkct 4

01 verb limitedness aalnl. Stuart, M ...1..1.. T. the Soutk konfid.IT DITCH' LEFT VtmVM lost 1 ".. Odlng, North 0' Creek and within 14 frt .. > Mint 10 f. Went front that In I riani.p j
........ T.. S .. $-let U' in plot it mid .. returned from a motor trip
H.orl. D. Combine. and ofI. of .. a 40 .4 I. Po. ., ditch lowle-lies, described, soCom..I.Ar N-somat ..10 I
', saw kiubaad. ... mldraioi' of fort W........ from tko SootkonlEuLnmoitl ...a... I= Bob- ,. access .,. I'.bl. North h...dory ..d ,.. Ike"Itek .'11'1" ., was to have taken them throughthe Mrs Liiuru Howard and &

IMnd.ma .. partlralarlr" a.hrira. I eornor of Mid' T4it division, anWikrd M follow.I .as ..'4 Go.. .o., Lot 1 nt a point' 001,57 ,.. 11i.fl.. as of of Oeorgla Turnrr of Edrn had
MMlout and northern part \
bases at-..., nor....| Vlnlalak ..._ ran W..tori> .to. .INorthesift the .. Mad, state anvil 7', central
.d J. K. Brock. .air h a.i>.. bou..." of Treat. 1 .i.- own al tkcTBaulh nrnrr at .. 111.111,. at the ..-.. of of fact Mid,Wo 0.. ... Lot I and.I.. Pool ... ... f.o POINT OK RI.GNNINO the State. Arriving In Cocoa a dinner 1 guests lust Tuesday jv<:
U... to .. I and .long I ..
,...save of book Oohadaala a.ln of 41 HI f'ot nt.ro or Writes I anrUrun Nortk.. 1111' WntBlon Lot Smith 41126WS 841.67I. 'DITCH nNna. Ing A. D. M,'rwln and
:h-: .t.rlr i eight' of ...r IlM of south walk 43 Alma; .. iulh I4I transferred telegram announced
Fbrld.i II.,, Dror" a .l.ll. > kX W- II .. N.... of station 1420 as of lfur : '
k con, Incidence .la Btaart. r''....., .Id %'Leto r.,:4 Vill Uinio., Hortfc.nutnlr ..; t4'.,7'l..jTi.it .. ..,. l At t. .0..1'tile class N. .,. I... Lille of State 1 Road t. Hortliin.mi. 111 fcoti Santa 66,26'W, son, I. L. Eddy, and his ot Edenlawn' 1
.ho Mid Plant It'll lleWest wervea .. 10* md of ditA| the tei cmnlilit-
South np : f. Miss Katlikrln Enst-y
Oror, linrl. orman. tko POINT )
: ......t to tk.N .. lout hitting, andlu.' of. OUR GNNINI t. .... o"Lainino. NlcholU, from New York
,. k .. .rt. riorM.1: aad Harrrnd Bout .. 8 am" knpronlnut.l' > II fort ta POINT .1 of .1. sn,
...... 0.... .. TnutoM .ad ..rtl.o>url'>. having ..dl.. ofo7U .MAO wo.t.isimit I 111 : ton ,.a 41.....of the.49'44'26' 411IIlo N DITC' ... West U t. '!' ... a.... N." ... were en route here Another \\P 111 I ctmru toward her n I A I
Lot 11
"n .adw .... .seek Will and TaMaFlora _Or 8 ...1.......to.* the lit lilt Eastsmolders .,' .. ALSO.I a. Otto E..o ,foot I to.Mi If*." .4. 84,2128" West 10 PARCEL telegram Intercepted the I latter at the University of "'
of ON'42 33"
Oror, -a.id- boom theme Wo ITh.
.. .11 percent ...,.. or alalninthi. of amid T.... Is to--. IT ,. AND LEFT BTA- OF BEGINNING. 1.1.. .sad dnerlud. 1.01 lit to 101. .; 'h...d traveler got off the train will arrive home Saturday. I
dl. They
.... ,...., close. saw I abatted." < lat madww. ,. .. 'USh;; ; ; I
[ title tnUroit. o> aiortotko ty 4P''WTT4.: battle, .. A tptirmhwir-4. ..' .t Northeast motored to Walton il. ,r over with H.irryJ'nnlnps
OMt.lBl.ltil sans .1.
Iwo to or aa, .._, ornala per &4.1 a fact. or .i.e. pointod Ain, I of Cnanill.jra ... ol fix% of at Co and i

of land la Mania. County Flor. b.o..I.st. -14 poreall 01 Icedststmi.1.6 .. ; I .. '. of H.n.oa. PARCfIa4 .. HIMI, I, Tow.ihl. II Koulb .1.-. and Mrs. Eddy whre also a stud-nt there

ilk aro .ta.liidod. la that Part ., 4.61 ..... mole or .I" 0...t. Township II Boutk.nto P A.CE 1CI 41 t... mad run 1320 fast -. wt who "'l come on I short vacation

.Ind No. 74. "<1.. good. ProjHtu PARCEL I. East wkfek IM within DITCH LIFT I STATION I t.., knunurr ., NW14 of .Ktlef they now are visiting. hIs Mr. and
.loratod. iirrad, li>d platted. IL I hot rack .Mo ot The follow- to"Th. LtF STATION Sn ..'4 Sniloa. I t. North..!I wit Plr.nl

"'... Road Itaportaiont of to. r I dourlkod antorUa.1C.onnnn ., pant of Lot I of Olcuoa.Bukdlrtaloa .t .lit MWU af gain BEACHBUSINESS Mn' Lane JmnlnRB: W.11n;
otflr.if Parties. of isedivided. Internet ,1. ; JENSEN I
o thereof oa file ta the That of C".ro- also fort to "at.1
riorlda and ...... .r light Tres" ,. a Sod I fa Black. II aa tko want .of soldLadle Lot 4.ta section BSk II, Thip .. ..1. Felt of L 4 of =.. Hand Ikeao. Baulk- TO OPEN Since J'nmnRi graduation rom

clerk ol tar, m..... AD...t .la .ad '1 I.e : Viet of 111 I---Fiat j :. & a row 11144 fort Nortk moat' II _... Rome 41 Eut.Ptat 1.4 3.1idsol.6.. s"... eMiur of 014 date Fort Fierce High School he has
:= I.
plemeto-d the Boutkil the formal opening
from .
rise C....,. Florida, and dororlordHtltloB ": seemed" is 94. .-him .. RX.11111M."Is bounden SWU Wit ,
.. II of the Lot I II I ... -aNolill.1111011114" .1. to ritruldet 0 given nlmoit complete tlnu to
fllod la she aa.'" entitled Book 1 at /kl. o>rn t of Mid Book II. P.ro II, Film *11 .die. I. of amid' 8eet4. '1 thenc. New Jersey Beach Beauty
>a the. took do, at Amti.t, A. D. al raua Boacb I East IINorthorlr .II fort, Bnck Oraatr Puhllt, .Rooordiwklch .. AL page I.. Pat= HoornCoont I Let 11411 feet .1... Nortkmird.r thli study of business administration
h r meet.. CoM.tr, a political. wool : theme* olives orin of ho. within' II fort nek.Id P..I" aboard. whist, of 8IV4 af nwlt and Salon set tentatively for .

the a.... of Florida. .. al., Ualnar HlakwariBdwllkln lo the Wnl ..
A r... aad oork al ,..., seeking trim af A llrf of 411111.111I fact for Ilint.at mob11"4Dow the described .t. rlnnlnanerpt. I li A gay start to the week's entertainment
lioh..t Is
... o 0 salon
of ourrrr .... POiNT this
4-4 for ...11. road ..4 highway' II fact ioadIII ..,n fort to Point licasCO of PAN 4 of Lol aa thcocktail

..i Use laid .....10 af "' 4. .Itu- state Rood II low wool below' ,la Mortis c-.... Boittoa. III*, oolal "* 46'6661" Wnt 41.. font theme gas fast waskerly. of Sales, 19.44 reallSO ,la plot Book I .. pairs Ir of Mrs. Anneta Compton
and described II fort of that ***J' North 14,1114,11o W. 1408.11tI NI to &I 4 am _.. take. this section. With Mrs. Mar pry
Mom parUeolorlr .1 .
A. of ..14 64 I publicrecord
1181LI '
end 1 I lvi IMI > solos .. home In Edcfl
I Toronto 1. I E nloo Mid Point run ... .f 4 North Sunday
t/ora "
W68 ... .. Went 44 ,.. County, ,, of owner
.. W Jennings :
..totlin ... of war ... ll'iril" Eut 1141 footi %bottomaeons 0. Alawass San -I I shallow F. W.ltn Mrs Compton was assisted by
wool Wnt lltl ,-. sommo wlUiMr
FARCU. Road II. 111,119,414. 119,111411,14' w. .. o rlnaNorth ., Plate of way anntedtr the shop being
I, know o.. be.. and containing, 1.17 n'' POINT DIP 11. NIMGV then.Ransil af Horid. u Poll II. 1144hr *. Marjory Buffum, an experienced Mr. and Mrs Richard Hupfulof

settle% at14U .. .. .-.. ALSO, Tk.t PARC& o* Oawumro.1Lot IS'14 IS fo". ;.\: OrJnn void CHukelli on' Orlno City and Miss Amey Hultte
C..z.! ismelf = Towaiklp themed Nuirth W. M.oruirk" 1.Good operator from Pal
RIGHT ITA- 'I .... .- wehim. Ia. 1 .d. Between the hour of
Black jd DITCH AID JIF II Smithgo dn.riood to"& "Staining NO-k to at .... ft". It's success Is
to It of
to 16.1.4fee .I. .ured.
n. portlom T10N 1417 ,1 follow., .. Moved4 Meet's' ONAWIV111orbols. Maie. .
Tropical a* 8 and around 40 respond'd
loneshot to plot at T.. 4 I. 1.1 Toni port of I of said 0- within. 64 will be latst guest
efty 1111.1blifolown. recorded in PA.$ ... .. I PARCEL 3 J. to the .
peak. I trof'ino'pukuoJJmrdi = .a.w"I. .I' .awls at NW aaraor of amid 0. ,.,it .ido Inrvey Hno 0 in m, devices,
me pare Ftor- Al..onO5, \, within '' .-..., Lot 4 sod roa Nortk LiFT 1649 Auto Road o(Iforrurlr state p I oanlca Mr. and. Mrs. Falrbum Enscy
ol ktarllaj Conlr
:1 followlx1 be used chiefly
t tlMoorBMlhMitorlr .... and beauty
: I llll' Kool llll font DITa Section kelnf a Pat- t '
!.AL 2.e A Wait Hid .tona- file at ourx wo.:11: : dnoriked u B.lt.nlni are created for the woman of and Mr. .nd Mrs. Wlb' Davis I
: .. ,ab, ofIII OO-OMMO ooMavod ..> tho Nortlna.1 karlnf ;;'rest corut of to. .trii Miami visitor
'. within, .., .Id. of .. .. Mini tables Nestle A 1 -.6 so wer k-nd
n I, ... Alfred 16if Lot I .a ...Boiitk-. a -Al.1, 1711.II for a dlot.no. moi h.1 .. II. 1141 aiafnroulil. today, We
... from .
It Woil and
""Of moo of Btato Bond so-lit'see .II fort cloth ..4 .d tk.aca Nortll41'lliri to Mr.'Enary'ff Mr. "
11415"4 ot 1141 8. 1. .' rua
.. .... of Mid Lot I and r"North I pannt
"I ..... Bo. n. of
WIV Road III, > lead thiscrils44 woot"we of ot Mid Oor.rnr.onl, Lot 4: r L' I *,ut Mil eotl tuaoiNortkraitrrly '
Mrs. B, H and Mrs 116
load I.e U'trif >ul Hill loot totko'woif I 1 .is T. ,
I"04 II 111.141,1.4.0 DELIVERY fY
being a mour: ".. ... North It'll-ll" Wnt lit -. a oon.ro
II fort wldo at and b 9.1. Wo .04. '. ,'ulTJl'l, to polM 111.II fort KutorIr .1shp as Death. .. .. tile Nortkontrrlr. hoofed, R. Ensey and their son, UormlEnKy
kn.lnl tnt
I al a .IItortl a 4 111 fool wldo ., tko North 6" p., r' uld N% ofGorommant _i.e be plot r t.
of 1171 II fast tanawat
Alaia w Mrwrr A.411 of
." of a had returned frntn
,, Hearst
.lonaaro .' Just
it. kouadrd. Kul br tko. EututkM.t I' 11 -44To. IhMoo N.r..I. Lot 4 1 tkonoa Nortkurlr Bank Is. log. ,th ..... MrMlonMl 1 hnrlni, a dl. Mr*. Helen Boalea Is starting > I
... .. rth_t 4 fort to P11C" .. I h Ave
> .kouad.ro at saw klookand 1. Mid o rro ; -.., ,..11. w .. in North Carolina and k
clarinetist the a stay
woma South 24'87'60"Mo. or RROINNINO.Ikono ; .... Mraltol to oof .= .. asefollowing team af IK 41 tool to along the ,
As. sheDINT fact a
within Is .
kounaod verve ,
Want kr a .d delnr
... III fort dtotaaro line of It-fort b"ker
loommola-V n
be-of' fort la .hnta-tk: oono>" to .. .1 .ill. Vast, Wortholublablymi.mir North 411'el'Ill' Wnl 71411foot tkrrtfr.nl Mrro far a .,. at 111.41fwt described .1,.1C .terly" on phi of >Tropical Drive. rolls will b visit to Mr, and Mrs. Dc Marlon
11 Nonkwo WAY., ond k.rlaf a "I.'. Lt thence i .l.o from point "C" ro. Death GovoraoimtLot c.i Irad in Asburo and the Miami conpjei!
fit Move'"IV. illlifts of la ,plot Book I .1 :.
on and ca
.'>.., tond ," winners IIKul tl forks tk MOBooth 1 as 0 : carried pastrys
of 11711| foot, tko, of 06 111 0. 4 theme North I'lt'tl" EM r,11,41 .hh. records af Polls .... .
miss dnorlk.>4 aonUlalnt' III I. ..41.' .. 'U'U. III.f j boo, KI14 I_> to POINT OF .tOI. : I-. 2' -. c kir,. Florid.I toSaintli 41'.lona will have to be ordered In ad were tere .to weom trm '

.ask. turn or boa, oi.luln of tholntoa I-. distance, _0 '.1 .0, ..... _notes NINO .."lot and __u. ..14 0044 14-tio. ,h601al'tall W. Mid street Urn service will ever hon>.'.

to lntud.d I h. Use. aitotlniU .to 41 fierils too" .441114.10"Or .o. AL Int Madwnr. Laada battle describedemim84W W. ..fo '.. Tt ... ,.:: the." North 40.28.60" vance. Th b ) Mrs. Marguerite Onrman and
Road. I. 49'it'sil"
761rhok 0 oveNowth
acense _
..Ivoid, North Iscomol-ri AND UtPT oTA- 1 11 aorao. 'its I other
6-th.-wir PITCH RIGHT act II Kl tntl tkMo. da.C her niece, MWs PatriciaBtark of
,_ : a ,
194roo TON, 'U' t, i": t
portion. of a." U. PARCEL JJArArrva IN-96. But III fort
tie the II of .
LoU II M 17 ....1...... of Bl....kHoordlna 0. %'Obscon".radius, of ."... That at f.odlvl.lon UU,B and onord. I ."As : .l.l I. *, ilna! *aid paro.1 and Mrs. Wilbur Phelpi New York arrived by motor Friday

9 Plant .. MM plat. ot .Trw fr- 0 acting diligence. a of got ,.t Btmrt plot Forms ruontod I. Plat Back Ino"T... LI IATONuu 0.. 1 ',: .S v kamw an" in Friday, from Btaunton tot a .11 t Mr*. Viva at'Rot
Car ..WI... mr1l" P.M. '
''said : II Kaolin CMnl} .ACa. r Va and while preparing theli In Walt. MIA'Btark, 'astudent

'log witible" to Iowa "Arlb Am@. of = :rJ 9tb.wAPby, X Named. arid that 0149 1-4 6o PA at .
.. l'l"T: BITCH LEFT I home occupancy Q
11 earely, Ifes, at state David n I $ _.. .1.1, o .TATo17' 11 recently purchased for
..'. .4 .. A 0IFAACSL li : TV. south per-Unlon 8chiwiTi f lew ,
ambient stop
IIH, and bolaiad 2to 9"6 i. are stopping at the feel
.. :. I $ ".. I Elect he cal M.larHa. Bluk 41. .10 .. tis 241'
tao ,
4oaarlao4 .
nil l set Md. : fa plot bank 1. .bdlrtotoa. Great c' a. 1 from Miami$ to tak* top 1
'o. a Hotel. The home now Mda
1 Fort
wells>uoa< aad III.dl foot wide 4, countyrabile 41 I .9 Pir
Onhe. fank oad koanaol But WAd I'-. Beach B. l. Wnt Township 19 .. : ;= In of being her .tudl*'u8f. ;;
Mo % plat t 1 process
Md Which PAUL asa orol. furis :
.o a
Boot (no.tkw.tl koandarf of tot 4 B paiat MAO .61 am !
: : man wtUf ,
ofA. dioowils.mi ::
$ortimil : Booh
.4 of ;
1-9 owned by 'In 1I
a slack I and. aaaadod Wo.t.W aimtio aso sonowdl-e islet 11" ofuld X, ; events, It Bowrda.f1'rt r L :1 ed, was formerly '
Recalls fill lime
::'.* 651., to I.Ins .-. A 516 Loci* Wal, ftm-L- Notwham"' :11A'4iXdX m A .r' I 4 .(I" Ebner who bought property, Ir
banI it 14ll last -I '
I ta
the NonkwonortrMio 4.4 1. Plot sock, I % : th. Boutkoul 0. A *4t IOM. a:$ I
rz on .
'a >.dla> ot llll.II looti the the rabas a-*,& of e: Mia@ a4 ,
as wo .
be raw, .4k.. = Therwato It it. B total ILIA'Saws lra 01 ,
: comairdt
LI :1 ... spook 11
I Vi

"I'll .. "I'll 11 I I hkftAL-1,1,..".-,,'._.>. .. "=".. 11\ "'- I .". -. '. I I I .,". I ... '' I ...0. .1 6 Ji I- ;O4vAi&.' f.Aaft 1-9llkliball; '.. .,Lid_" ,


-- ., "" ,,, ,- ..,.,..".,... ,.."....,"'"v""..,..."" .............."'!'
,. ." ."" .. ., """" '" '' ""' ''' -' : '''''''''.' P.

p' t1 't -
PACE Tt\ '1m 1t111aT Inn, It'CAaT, Maras Cdntr, yLO1tIDA. T7lL7t.SDAY) SUT"m'7r '

: I Iill ill NURSE. POSITION -- 1 naunoed today by the V. 8 CIvU I DRIED SWEET POTATOES DEVELOPED TO AID FARMERS rrt, s-pt 12 "Getting Hogs TWO FROM STUARTTO KIWANIANS ';;

: \ EXAMS ANNOUNCED Service Commission Nurses are to Market Dr A. 1. Shealy:; GET DEGREESDalneuville I T T. OUGHT N,
jl I
4 Farm Flash. a
I I' needed to fill vacancies In these Sept, 4 Fannie Attorney
fairwral staff nurse And healturae d qr The county agent today warn : T.
i positions at salaries ol f positions In Washington, D. C. ed farmers to extremely care- S. Jackson and Andrew O Pitt-I will speak on 'The Q,
} t throughout the United States. In Jr., of Stuart are among Prosecutingart ,
$2.644 and 93.JU7 a y'ar wily) b' ful when using flammable Insecticides man Atwmey
Alaska/ and in the Panama Canal the candidates who\ will receive -! weekly noon
filled any to spray barns, corncribs metbng 4

's y; :::: : Zone To,qualify In the examination bon bisulfide and grain or storages."high life,Car" as ( Florida degrees at Commencement from the Universityo ex- Club Klwanls tomorrow Club, An at ilte cx t

; af case aI/ all competitor must pass a written It Is commonly called la on* ol erclsei here' at I p. m tomorrow' the elub to the M, 8.Cl
: Both Stuart graduates will receive poratlon mill
:1' test and must also haw com- the most dangerous sprays This in Cleo
II !
.I pleted a three-year course of '. !r Insecticide; Is more explosive Bachelor \of Arts In Education planned next Wed
6 er
D I study In tan approved school of than gasoline and It can Ignite > : ; I\.eue nursing or a time-equivalent e from tie heat of a steam pipe The exercise:! for the group, Program Chairman HV
1 I -E t (; .... combination such study and and onero( the largest summer session -' red has annou ce4AthUteiFoofi

;i! "99" Comer nursing experience Applicants If flammable must fumigants be used, trw graduating class In the
I will
of the institution
.t' t for head nurse positions must history )
pointed out, they
county agent
han had additional experienceIn begin with a formal\ \ academic
be inside ,a How to tl
should never kept I Stop h
nursing Application must procession
: 'fli'"i"i;,f ft I be filed! In the commission mals. Of the candidates( ), 34} will re*' Make 5McMillaryFurniture nisi i

I Washington office hot later thanOct. Olive baxrhelbrs degrees 60 willreceive a., oWE a
stances, should anyone strike a will receive FIJL NE'nlA
21Further. masters. 20 FULL
(: match within 10 feet of a build- Naa.eIM
'" I Information be law d'gtees, and 1 PhD. degree .
I may Ing which Is being fumigated. r r. rk MNYG..
In biology will be /warded
"j }" secured from Mrs Gertrude When using these flammable insecticides sr Rr oaun
I ,j .' ,11 Minnehan at the Stuart Post be sure theft Is, an

..i,' ,I'I. Office approved fire extinguisher !_ Mlb.
I -----------
I handy. There an extinguishers
/il' especially designed to put out
I.i i \ I The first 'meeting of the National chemical fires quickly and effectively -
t '( Turnin the turrR .e you I Housing Council established weeld'. fly NrggaaI
I' : ; thfer kn Lx I *s part of the permanent THE 11 iI scua Moiiiret
.,: + of rhoae Great caution should be ob- fMd, t__ ,
trace. t Blum an. lo a up.huts Housing and Home Finance 5,. her., erro d +mw w y fl. Mry w .
: 1\ ; "..1" Ij r phutl whndar.MORT I Agency. will be held early this served using Insecticides .which reed C -wde ew ,w5.. nun.11 r..LN. M,
harmful fum Ths h.lwadw
produce s wrw.
I na.res.w.l ,
month, Raymond M Foley HHFA New
'" i JE LERSI I Administrator announced' today gases! or fumes set up by Iome Ii...Ii. 65e, NIssir..oler eu. Padworn, 110""Irwa

,:" "The S ding .tin" fumigants can cause a serious .....,
,, .
I r. N a s-b INw N --Net.
) t t'f I I'htnted 1 divi11.1111 R lung condition that often resultsIn i.t TI,. : .
'\ 107 N, lad 1. rt Pierre pines tow gonil = NaNM ,,., tsM1, 1S.e.veii ry
I .. death. Farmers should be J'er IM 1 ?Y,L A
(1 I' I "y': ., wary about, purchasing fumigants =:'1t.: encAw.d A1erYlar N 11 f wlka esu, see er n,
1 \ \( \) and Insecticides that do term.

a :tl.'ti' i HOME Dnle VG PLANS DRAWN ALTERATIONS, ADDITIONS not bear the underwriters' laboratory Na.u..
:1\ '' sal. Sprays which friar.:.
'i'' MECHANICAL DRAFTING haw a fire hazard less than I

(L1 f'' \ \1':, IRA RRY GLANCOFF kerosene are considered safe
Nevertheless, a fire extinguisher
\\\t;\ : "T FucAn;: a. F' LFFt aAINS BUILDING !PHONE STUART au nearby provides necessary pro

'( tection. Bs prepared for (Ire.
;, :! -
!' '\ ;" ;':'" Bath Ro >th I Tile and Asphalt Tile CIVIL SERVICE VENETIA

u. 8 Civil Service examinations -
-'j; lIt 1 1'"" Also Suppl Belgian Tile in various colors for probational! permanent)

ii i J 3 16 Commercial appointment have been an- BLINDS
,; \: INS LLATIONS and SALES nonnuecd for the positions of
J ;t II! Tile !' Drainboards Porches or giant potato fields Inset Is Dr. C Lewis Wren The Foremost Foundation experimental pro chief electrician, electric hopper

:' 1 I""' l. Quarry Tile hall, head of the program, with C O. Babcock, pant at Penney Farms, Fla. Is destined to save dredge, class 21 grade SI, $184 HOME FURNISHIN
,k \ I 1:, FORT PIER TILE & CONSTRUCTION CO. Wrenahall's aM In the lower photo operating a Florida dairy farmers millions of dollars la cattle an hour; first assistant electrician -
sweet potato dehydrator and watching the big feed each year by developing dehydrated sweet electric hopper dr dge,
i II i ,r EXHOWLETT potatoes travel up the moving belt on their way potatoes as a substitute for corn In the cow's cjasa t, grad 25, tl.49 an hour:

i t.. Into the kiln diet. Top photo shows one of the Foundations second assistant electrician,electric -
P. O. lIRI '17 UI N. 11th Fort Pierce -- ------ hopper-dredge, class t. grade Co.
Rase ne St" --- ---- -- -- ------
j t ) under 20, tl.It an hour; and third and
ditches and dikes for wa- fourth assistant electricians, 610 ORANGE AVElfORT PIERCE PHONE I
i I, ',{, NEWS OF COUNTY ACTIVITIES ter control, and pumps are being electric hopper dredge, class I.
': l I : T, Installed to remove excess wateror grads IS. $1.24 an hour.
!' ".. II. Highest a\\h For Your Car The County Agent's ColumnBy Irrigate In-case 'ot drought. Applications are due In Jack-

\I'i'' W. F Galloway ot Indlantown sonville not later than Oct, 1.
I! r" 'el\I WON TAKE FIVE MINUTES L. M. Johnson Is preparing his land for fall Further Information may be YES, YOU CAN BUILD
planting of winter :vegetables i secured from Mrs Gertrude Min
I ) We ran pay you he OjP. A. limit for your car which Another first for Martin 4.county agent where a sample Is He cover-cropped most of his nehan at the Stuart Post Office

is as muc s yoiOcan get anywhere and County. This time It Is rice. 2 on display Hooks now Is pre- truck crop land with sesbanla
of H. growing In excellent this and Is asa has the building msln
t : WITHIN THE LAW acres paring and planting seed beds summer now chopping
'I. t ST4Y stand with eyed heads well\ formed the wsbania field and folRiwlng -
I j j j'r SUN E OTOR CO. and grains plump and full and drilling tomato and pepper 'the chopping operations on need ,-- Check with

,The rice was planted by R. t. seeds In the field. He Is also with in application of ipoo, IDS yes RsAISTRACT .'II kelp you Jet thott 'tt
'r ', ,V, l1 11.23 S th Diai. Hooks of Indlantown land starting to. finish dig 10 acres of of dolomite an acre to correct

I 1.// ':.!:! Fort Pierce, Fla. Telephoa.l90 which previously had grown yel- sweet patatoes, any sour condition existing' In kit are still scared /
'1J. \ low squash The soil Is damp the /joll 1
1\\\ and made up of light marl and C. W ho Is
: p' ,J. ; : and mixture moving his farm operations from Native guavas are finding. a IT'S-GOOD INESSTO BUIlJ)
p'l ready market at Indlantown according
; ; Hooks stated Jie planted the Orlando to Indiantown, recently
: to Mr. He
Hattaway reports AND
l w rice for experimental purposesand finished planting 4,590 avocados ITS O USINESS TO S St
large quantities! are being
: \ .:"J"" hplans to harvest about 100
on approximately acres
one-half of It and use the rest northw of Indlantown, sold for making 'Jellies and other THAT YOTERIAL. G T BUILDING H
- { ; "i "; guava preparations Hattaway TAX AND Tl
I :14 1 ,,4'' PAR Y [ E as a windbreak for cucumbers ing the trees In 30-foot squares stated that this :years guava 1NVESTIGATKESCROWS S
I ': J: He plans to have alternate rows They have been planted for ap- crop promises to be very large SE U TODAY 4 "
\ : '; ; ', of rice and cucumbers about 8 proximately 2's months and to TITLE INSURE cg
but the demand at this time Is
I It feet apart. We will watch with date there has been loss of
Ii 1 f a only greater than the supply, FLORIDABSTRACT,
I : : ': ca v TESY Interest the progress of his: ex- six trees In addlton to the 100

\ 'i J ,' p.'rlml'nt.[ acres of avocados Fawsett Is Color moving pictures are beIng :O. CASA.U BER CO
.: In the meantime anyone wish- now planting seed' beds and pre- made of the agricultural progress -
\ ,,' speaks I louder thdn words Ing to see this rlre may do so by paring land for 200 acres of winter In Martin County throughthe JIM KENNED ,
t 1 rwtdMf.TUART
I t'I. calling at the office of the vegetables. All ot this land Is courtesy and cooperation of rLORt A HENRY CABRE PHONE

p }; H. R Steffens of Hobe Sound.
Three hundred feet of color film ,
I. II :"I :',,- ,' 1 I "Jot were made Au,. 27 showing ses
bania being plowed under for
[: e green manure crop seed bed pre I
: V q 7 LOS EY paratlon, land par.tlonand
I I"f
yr !
other agricultural activities In WANTEIMMEDIATELY
'i ; :i rt" progress In the county at the
I tj: ;" : ; present time Additional color
"I'r films will be made from time to
I r "j r Wi,
\ / OJ / CONTRACTING time as the work develops
; J.O J.\
'r Florida Farm Hour, Station
l I'j
i F" ? ,
WRUT, Gainesville
: y'L : ,
j [ Ph/ne 308 's Fri.. Sept 5 "Sugar Cane
Feed for Cattle," Dr. W. O Kirk;
j I Farm Flash v \ For' j r
Sat, Sept. Fifteen-minute
I if, program at 12:30.:

Mon., 8-pt. S "Potash Fertilizer -
Allow a little time bat an GIVE OTH S for Pastures.* Dr Nathan SEASONAL EMlLOYilENTCHISHQLM'S

;, ;: call to permit others to w A CHAN a0.ttI Gammon, Jr, Farm Flash.Tues. I
,) \ their turn at the line ,, Sept > -- "Some Timely -
t Pointers on Pest Control" Dr.,
I' \ A. N. Ttssot: Farm Question Box.

I 5 I I' Wed, Sept 10 "Home, Economics -
I' Notes Mrs Virginia
; 'm\: Ragsdale: ; Farm Flash l
\ :
'i:1' Thursday Sept! 11 *A Re-
I I \ !o f' Tl(} KEEP CALLS port on the 1947' Poultry Institute -
It Compl.t.callsqukkly I "
Norman R.Mehrhof; Farm
$. ( :,,;, i Doors better urvice lor yo4i BRIEF t Flash.
; t Employment Open For A /
: C i'' I and your party line n.iyhborY rI .,

: I t ,
\' IJ If + "0'4 w Short Order ( :,.
J t :; REALESTATE > >ok
.. .. i irn f
;"''t. i'1 Be sure phone It placed HANG UP > t. Bug Girl or B y. f \
h 1 1J
t ::1?, Mcurely on hook after eech if w
I'J I I "I! culLR.m.mb.rorl.phon.o8 .. 1,

:'+/' ) : t the hook tin up an entire line iCt: may.". Paltry Cook ... ''': 1

? Proper s of all kinds ,, ',::,, \ ',- I
\ ;r\1\

j; ,, H a G. Mode: -.Get VICTOR := for salAlso '... :\ : -. ,. Counter" ,Girlsr), ;' t t

', another party on your' See the new modem Victor of keyboards. Economically atal ad inane. ..'" '
line hoi an emergency,plecne THE LINE IN Adding! Machines TODATI I priced In hand or electrically ,f. I' CaiHer It ,
nleate 'the line quickly...and EMERGENCYWhen Victor Is easy to use,fast,accu; ,operated models.. Call n today area'Ed 4.y '; .

} ., 1' plecuanlly.,, nte.Victor has large capacity, for the Victor GO' second prw ,
J direct IUbtractioa and choice lag test ; Porter ,
i t -- d Ma r. .' t

i il The' Stuart News .HOT Call interview between\ 8:00: V. M. and 6:00P.: | M,

r f

l r PHONE 300 .'301 Phone 19 any day or leave your name with caihler.'I'T''I' .


.. h.

.,...,......'""',nmrw.nv.ar.4tr'RrC, 'wmr+ntln'tsT..nSr.wlry', AArr'wm.m I'prt't,""'. 'r



REVAMPING FINISHING I 'Big Joe Com FRIENDS WELCOME LEGLESS LAD HOME as-The being lands-locatesd Involved In were Highlands listed,I act to the called\Federal for conveying Government of lands for t 11

a cinch to relieveNREYX' I DeLand, Sept. 4 In prepar.! Hendry Glades, Oke-chobee and fish and wildlife areas and the ; .i.rd rd: I

ation for a record tall enrollment -' sit Collier Counties. The legislative, I( Everglades 'National Park.
FOOT -- --- I
$ Puts FloridaIn
I which President W, S. Allen<

I predicts will exceed. 2.2000, Stetson -
lth NEUNABALM University has undergone t Beef RaceBelle FLOWERS For All OCCASIONS S4'

sEAEs WIIAT iT DOE, $25,000 summer face-lifting 46t
-- - -- ----- -

6Italia.. 2-4111 ae five blade, Sept. 4P( !) -.
halt which orally ..... A.kN'. FLORAL ; I
Joe of witha
Big an ear corn
,.alb. 3--mw.. the bet. *a.p..phaw INK' DOMESTIC/ and 1MPORTE /CERAMICS ,
ad wM,. a.hlefe'"e. I cast( Iron constitution, may f
. 4-ew.ela. a.// prove the difference! between f
,ww. Na.Y.d. p.01.1 v.Ms.r.11.feed success and failure for beef cattle SMI H'S FLORAL &/ ITT SHOP
and on no 11.0.ip
ranchers In the mucklands WE WIRE FLOWERS '

AIII it t t hIw., t REDS MIX of Florida Everglade country. 310-J '
dN trwaldrf shed Arcade BNOVi t, 5th St, Ft. PiercePhone
wry,. k.a.ui i rK. I bh..w ha ll/ CONCRETEREINFORCING "Big Joe" Is a. variety of corn
1u flat par.ww { uw developed especially for farmers tq
hats pe.rpa kw. be b.n. r r
eat.bals k .how IeIpMR Ywtluarw by Dr. Roy Balr, agronomist at
Mrl.s. IIfurh. the University of Florida Everglades -

STEF experiment station here.I For Fii e China Dinner Sets ..
Cattle ranchers in this rain- 5ke
. Gard Aa i.d .3431st
kit a' mb whh Neur.Mbhrip drenched country have longneeded 4L PA TIES & GIFTS .1 HULL POTTERY 7 4 I
ds ,am ..d t prawn SNCRETE a "finishing teed for the ,. ,
five. tkwhtps D GARDEN FLfcWER POTS
.ad .slaw an s..11N.
of Grade cat-
production A-beef
a deh/hd.1 to awl k In... BLOCKS
. New. wad .skald .b ..r..tLtatq tle" but all previous attempts Visit]
,do.. e.a .fife ..hOW 5 f.
wits to raise corn In the peat and
,/sod t-h dewrq uww beep. EL & ALUMINUM mucklands failed miserably SHOP
,for wl wb nluibl acrd Inkmu{ km. Atin In lummer, and frequently ''In i 1.
04, 7J*. ond etas kMllNltB ENDOWS winter, the Everglades are deluged t r "
( ,.ckl l wntkl, ,Hnd.konrin| \ by rain. Water seeps Into JW, C. McMIUAN, Owner
Hdw Inhoi tUMut f/I.. MASONRY WHITE the husks of western varieties of U. S. 1 At ''first Guff Stalin North of Lighthouse ilP.hone

PORTLANDCEMENT corn and what appears to be a t
iURA'BALM fine, Juicy ear turns out to be a
pulpy, rotten mass Bugs and
; "
tI IwI Of I.1 dOMaeN 011541$ Phone 748 For! Pierce worms take over. Biggest thrill\ for 11-year-old Glenwood Brann, His mother;;: hands him the baby while welcomingJr I
III IYNGI on Caws.' But ''Big Joe" takes all this ... when he arrived home at Maiden, Mass, friends crowd around. Glenn?'i lep were ampu- I SEENIORGE

In his stride, sheds off the water,I from the hospital, was to hold his sister, Arleen, fated because of burns suffered during a game

LIST your Rooms Apart / and Rental I outgrows at harvest the time worms a 10 and to emerges 12 Inch -who was born- the day. his legs were amputated.---of "Cowboys- -.... and.- -Indians"- ---last--]March-- ------ :
Home with us. /,,' husky, flint-coated field corn. ---- ---

L FULBORD' Joes thick husk Is long, tight and niiiiiiiimmiiiimimiiiiiiimminmiiHob'e I Floridians' Income in 1946 I Before You Buy 't

1 }
Although worms are able to Sound NewsCy See the Nor
new a
scq.t F ads Per Cent Since 1940Income
fight their way through the silk Up 163
BUYING SCLLIf*; RENTING they have a long way to t.vel-: MARIE BRODRICK11111I11111111I111I11111I11111I11I11I11111I1111I RAPTI.F.TT BOOS
A because of the huski thicknessto ..' 6
Write P 0/iox No 4 get Into the kernel. Because Mr and Mrs. Arthur Wilmot to Floridians last t year;i sus estimates. 2,S10.303 persons 317 Osceola Av I 209 t: 11 ,

321 North Cf/ ratio Avenue Joe worm grows has worked faster, his by thj way time to the i of Jupiter Island have left to amounted to $2372000090, an I "The Florida.primary breakdown of I'I'In t
cent over
Pho317Stuart kernels, the ear \U too large to spend their vacation In North Increase of 163 per I the total Income to Floridian>
/ Florida' damage seriously Carolina. 1940 th",research and Industrial I last year shows $1415000000

Dr Balr estimates that "Big William Wheat, emvlove of the division If r the Florida State I paid )n wages and salaries, $532 periallt ,
Joe," with proper fertilization, Hob Sound Post Office, Is Chamber of Commerce stated I 000000 In proprl'ton' Income.I Lyon "I(
will yield 80 to 65 bushels an ysstcrdafln' the first of a series I $234000000 In property Income:
COMMERCIAL and AERIAL acre. spending his vacation touringthe 6f weekly' business I reviews Interpreting and $191000000 from other!

New England States and recently released official sources. S vi jj Station .j j I
PHOTOS Canada. Income tabulations "Revisions of formerly quoted
"Only 10 States In the nation Income figures for the years 1942 Feder I Stuart Florida
Mr and Mrs. Joe Wood have 617 S. [ghway, I'
lOTOCRAPtfe WIlLlIELP YOU MAKE THAT showed greater Increases than through 1945 will be Incorporated "
Vet !
Vie iayf Montana where (Across the BrDELI in the Bessey Addition)
t fSALE returned .from Florida for the period and two in this series of studi," the C j t. ,
ROMPT, EFffpIErfT SERVICE GUARANTEED they visited Mrs. Wood daughter other states tied with Floridafor State Chamber comment. JS WESTERN j .
Velma. They also spent several "Much statistical data Issued "
NAME ANY PERSONS YOU WANT llth place. e I by "I!
days at Yellowstone Nat- Growth of the State and Its Federal agencies during stress of T-BONE STWITH S. $1.50 'I +I
ional Park 1 improved economy Is shown In war was, of necessity, compiledfor I
COMMER L PHOTOGRAPHY IS 'lOURS .1)0 IT NOW! work with the HObe Sound Com- national Income, In 1929 I ,to revision This fact to- if ,

uegg r Bldg.-Prfcf, 324-Next To Western Union pany after" a month's vacation, this proportion was 84 .per cent, I gether with the preparation of ANY TIME-WE' + OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY I '
Mrs. Raymond Hall of Bean 119 per cent tn. 1940 and 1.40 better and more complete data ,jd 'I
City and Mrs George Griffin of per cent In 1946 On both national and Stat economy ;
Stuart and their children visit d Measured against Income will make possible mon
E D O OUR OWN Mr. and Mrs Jessie Griffin Tues- growth Is the Increase of 21.8 reliable and detail!d Information \ i.. ii ,
per cent In the States population but will necessitate changer ""
BSVrt day.The members of the Hobe In 1940 to July 1946, com- In Income figures established thepast 1T. I' 7 i .: }t

Sound Community Church wish puted on the lat'. t Federal cen-: three years=-._ _._ I I t'a!'a
YC ALS FIT ENdRl VINOa to thank the people of Hobo '
+ Sound and Jupiter }Island for 1111111111111111111I1111111111111111I1111111I111111I111I11 1 1 L : ;
their contributions to the fund 'l ;
? for the parish house JENSEN BEACH NEWS
The W. D. GirLs held their J
weekly meeting Aug. 27.' Lee Ann Q. What is the non) talked-about subject in I ;

Bowden was hostess The girls By Charlotte Helller West 1'alj I jiach- Today I\}i :
are progressing with their sewing Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllilllllliillllllllMr \ ,
and have made some nkethlngs
ctory ArcaA* Stuart, Fla. .. .vied .hakwei.tbs vestal rear 51551 Attending were June Bowdcn and Mrs George DeWttt Alderman and Mn !R 8. Robertson A. PARKI ,. ) !t
a short vacation InAshevllle Others playing W2re Mrs. '
Lacy Mae and Elda Griffin, Jean J
their return Laura Hu- Q. What can be I ins out it T'
-- -- ---- --- N C. On Lewis Gamble Mrs ",
Brownlee, Marie
Arnold Penny
they will occupy their new home ward Mrs. E. J. Ward, Miss ''t i" j
Brodrick and Roberta Hall. Turner Miss Elizabeth A. Lot LOU BRyfVCHapllve Ave. and First! St.,
tnRlo Georgia .
UPPLY OF ASBESTOS SHINGLES Mrs Jesse Quigley of St. Augustine Robertson and Mrs. Hertel. in the cJ ter olthe shopping district in I
Mr, and Mrs George Wilson '
visited her ni'ce Mrs
and son, Spence and daughter, Mr. and Mrs Pete Ward returned West Film BiAch take care of your !
Ada Griffin, Wednesday.
; Phone Freddie Brownlee celebrated Fran, have returned from a vacation Sunday from a three- parking;},roblefs. .

his 4th birthday Saturday with I: In New Hampshire. month vacation trip to Canada. How? '
Arthur has arrived to Q. ,
Mr and Mrs. JoBackus and Henry
few friends and relatives.
3551PAINTS a Jean Arnold celebrated hr Joe, :spending g : Mrs. Robert PI wh ford. and Mr.
6th birthday Sunday a two week vacationIn you toDAY( FREE ARKING SPACE ALL I t !

The R, v. and Mrs Alexander Detroit with friends. County Fltchford High and School attend In Stuart.Martin I iCtion you hk4: Fill! up with gasoline I t 'II l j
Lynn are expecting their daughters Miss Rita Taubreturned I oil lubrica.
a w h job change or
Mrs. Allen Kendall and baby t i
Jane of Miami and Mrs. H. Tuesday from a month/ vacation l'l'I I
motoring through Western daughter Maureen Francis have dish joII or a wax: job !I'!
HARDWARE S. Hostnqulst of Chicago, this :
week for an extended visit States and visiting friends In reutrned home from Martin
t IQI SASH DOORS On Saturday afternoon the Bridger, Mont. She also visited County Hospital. LO BRANCH ( ;
PLASTER Community Church will hold a Yellowstone Park and other Miss Edith Fisher of Miami UH I ,
CEMENT last week here of
basket picnic on the beach at points of Intepst spent as guest
FLOORING the end of Bridge Road. All Jack McElfresh returned Mrs: S. Bearaaiey and Brt Olive Ave, and Firs St. West Palm Beach ,

a' SIDINQ church and Sunday School mem- Saturday! from Tallahassee Quinn. SINC AIR ft DUCTS r: I Ii
Services will b> held in Com-
where he has spent the past six
bers and their families are urged : \ :
munity Church at 7:30 m.
to attend. weeks attending the band school p. .
Clem Browning, Jr., returnedto Sunday. :; 4Your.
lobe Sound Lumbei\& Supply Co. Inc. I
"IIAN" the ..ble ct et the 1..0.. day after spending two weeks
"aenw.a wh rh will\ bo nod .. ('h...... TRANSFERS FILED
ul Chrlit.: Hcltotl.t. throughout the" world here visiting. friends and relatives i ialel
I on undo* TTho West Palm BeacH, Sept. 4 money ;,
I'T ::
Ood said. Mno ;
...Golden. nan In. our tat....... .r.- our Allen Kendall I left Tuesday for (FNS) Suits have been filed .-
t I/ktw..a' ( Ids). Reading, P... where he will visit by Lykes Brothers;Inc.. the Col- i

&A R the' Anton Lo......the.....eluttoni HHi. lo the wklrm(oil...'ln Mnprloo. Iran his parents Mr, and Mrs. Adam, lier Corporation, and former e
& the II B Moi -KM. ,. loot too Lori ho to Kendall for a month Senator Ernest Graham to pro-
...... ... t
.. not Oo4 wo k wrtioUl I to b. that bah are hie poopl'>' and and Mrs Adolph Hertel entertained hibit the Everglades Drainage
the iknv of nl> poilura" (Pram) lot 41 1.The 1. her bridge club at Seymour District from conv-'Inglandl!! to

CoVrosive .Louon-Sornon. ,...... aka. Iaeludwa the Inn Tuesday arternoon Two the Federal Government under
Red folh>l ..from Iho thrlnl; >nScloneo
,Hard, .......... *B.: noo end, Health tables were In play and high authority of a special act of the
I "lib>k..Kr Eddy:" Ul .M.Iho.lorlptuno.. Midi..lltr by MmU scores were made by Mrs C. H. 1947' Legislature
Expert Advice C\ suit .''-1 Whot .b... lo shekAI .. T n Per Inm
....., poraonolllr uhlek .."-., Nina.
..4 dlM t .It .to not m-. the. ..... and "
llkono of 0.... hit nun. nan.orfolt, WIVII AND MOTHERS Of BMNKIH4 MM n .r
D.* F KEITH the InnrMd the .Nlne.e.-I Iod
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lid fens to HiUlllionMtrhlto MOSS HOSPITAL /
/:4.-,1. non-tatrll(moo" <1316. Woo *"* The Federal Ravings anl Loan Insurance Corporation
COAST WATER CONDITIONING CO. 3-3, .. 4250 Cmlr Avenue m"y Se. NNnfcM Fla. injures individual acAunts t |$5,000. Husband

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Whlteflcld and wife may have total offl15,00lfully( insured.

o PI NE 884 or 532.W I have returned after a vacation I II First Federal savings ace Intl art egal investments
SOUTH 4th ST. 1 In Tennessee and .North. Carolina for Trust Funds?as well as 'ands bsd by Guardians,

I Martin CoJpiy Cleaners Administrators and Execut I

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Why.:''Drive \ ered, Slu ish' Automobile, II E o FIRST FEDERAL '

'W h You Can etA MODERN DRtfCLEANVtC and PRESSING Savings and Llan Association

; SpecMl Motor Tu ep t, EXPERT DYE! /- BERLOJ MOTH PROOFING of Indian Itier County

RUG CLE/NING WATCR PROOFING 1512-20th Street 1 /. Dial 2187B.

,Fo Only $3 W. Sedg-wkk, Sedretary-Trel urer

MENDING. LTERATIONS, add REWEAVINGA Member FedertMlome a Bank aid Fed

WILEY M 9TOR C. t e Trial Will Convince You Savings and Loan Inurance Co

P1boi14 2It Current dividend rate.,
Federal Hlhwat

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--- --- ---- -
"" Individual T :; JllllimillllMIIMIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIII" learn of his recent death He had Mrs. ,Anna 8 Day will leave visiting her
11 of
< i < OSUMPTIONi ::' llnii u u ""W 1 CorroN OUTPUT DROPS aunt Oa her
LIM 1 j ;-i i a.r>NEAR I I shnrt-term risks In ,iirrjuiK t.n ; Usage of DDT Further evidence of the fact been ill at his home for several Sunday for Ohio where she will he spent the wok'

'; 'I: export operations ur In drveloji Palm City News months and a few weeks ago was visit friends and relatlT i. Before eras at the home 11d Iti

.I t (\, ,"I apt\ I Ir1VSl, )\ > -. t>rI Ing tees for citrus and the l problem Dgst Controls that the South may be rapidly taken by his son to Johns Hopkt returning the hope to visit re- Mrs. C.yAndrtwi 01 bx ,
of expanding eotuumpiUni\) getting away from Ita old-time ANNA B. D111111111111I11I11111111:1111I11111I11111111I1,1 lathes In Oklahoma. This will\ be .
By the
J \\I I I' I JI'111! 'lonomh- counsel ins Hospital In Baltimore where !lag Pili
1 of citrus, one-crop tystcjn la found In Mrs Helen Arnold pent sev- news column &
I i tr I I11Y.,..tId Shj) >i)(..rsI 'Worms'\ Bureau of the Census flgur: :.1 I I I I l l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I t his treatments there proved of eral days last week In Homestead return. unurli\ a 1 1inmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiNiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiniiiiiniM

\ ,II I (<".)null! told the !?'ICRFTR1Jafksonvlllc: YAMI'D I Lawn showing that In 1946 Alabama of no benefit His funeral\ was heldhere -
E. Wallace Palm City
I I', a \'IIUO 1"1I'S' In- $\t;|I'\,t:, f ... 1'.11'8.' :( Floiida, Georgia, Mississippi R, last wek Many here did: Miiiiinijp
j 1 Constance Prlnulr E u1 l tit 81- farms who has been 111 for several -i
I k ( iyj \UQuftrrli that !! > < North Carolina South Carolinaand not learn of his passing until
I Petersburg prom In nl Ut MICFH! vill fkpt 4 Aiptl) Tennessee months Is now In a West
""h c lIHII"at(1In! th 1 produced heavy after the services: Sympathy Is
I f I .. L( ,,i p) \time' wr may -be w:Hare circles of She I Staff. hmbe < I U uu wf J''3 Iba!. of 3-pcf cent J 750.000le, bale of cotton than Palm Beach hospital tor Ir'atmcrtt extended to his\ son, ';Joe, and | Heat

i t 'I"I' I. j "0f' 6 HJte! Umit In citrus "a apx| >lntrd oxwuUve' ,tHlI'c-' DDT :duals, 9 W>\1 mj> 4,OOO) square hi 1930 according to C Parker t His many friends her ex- family. Buster ,

II .1" tary of the! n1l"tda, Cn Uferenrc -t lent/ of" lavm>> arpu\ x 111 control Persons, regional director of the Und to him their I best wishes for j Mr and Mrs. William 8 Burd- .
I : a'V riirus ; ( uf Sot la) Work, itannounced ._i.i', U 1.1.' Department of Commtrc"
11I11I\Y-WOrnll" home her
1 I, nl\rltthlti mow of WHlult i
hire by UlfiiHl
t l I" I'' h'I,' tw' }Rtfiv saw, i Is rapid hivv b'.Hi wiiWcIng on lawns in Florida output has dropped recoveryMr hew, Walter\ Kaufman, of Fairview -

C 1I"i I itnl'"'' ()Mllilkn( Other .. conference ttr'saint' : :' wwio, ; Kiwra W( lit!* alut re.eentiy from 34426 running bales in and Mrs 0 B. Cadwell : ,N J He returned home Fri | Cool, Delicious\LFAR ICE CREA

. \. /I. ", r .u ,ut'II til ltl.IoCr\ \ ge0- j ', u'* alilto] to Cr A. N. 1930 to 8,221 In 1946Confusing. recently had u. their house' day after a pleasant week here ,

i \ t 1\\ i MltMu\ \ of fruit d1tlf' CHURCH I 'S iwuot, 111Nllia'' AgrteuUural! Exp BueuLi their friends, Mrs John! The Ladles Aid of the Palm

f 'I... v" 11U1/>( .:In inability 1 II i linrnt!\ Station ntumolutifl.: Connor and ton, John, and, City Church met today I for a I Sea how easy It Is to bre the heat of the
-. + DIRECTORY n'Hif\ not tn.iittriit\ dod nut City daiiKhtor Florence of New I II covered dish luncheon and sew aii

m tnt of'UK larvae WllhUl 48 Haven, tonn. They returned ing bra with Mrs M. R. Cart-
Martin County MUST Artist; rl'II:;:' \ftir it has, tx-tn appiLd, +-- home bv train AUR 27 I right and Mrs M. B. FUk at a heaped up servingI of te-tempting far la

', Ar axy | (Hu' enratnu upi$ ftaUl ,,appllra-' taycltrvlllc, Ark, &pt. 4I1) -- I Mrs. Paul DeVUIblss returned I their home In Stuart It was en-
, ...,n.,>:\'.. iV} tar. NJuir,.\\ Aaln l'Wwp utf' 11'a'1ba'ut'' bui (,1 ) "n.'S no wonder some (persoi lusts lust weak by plane earlier j jI all In '
I r draft t l 4itY I4in/ TCI ( *?mItfftriWf' joyed by Cream. no time at all ye I be
Convent\ 55llh !he wt( mixed up a bit trying 1.0Jet than xixed( {from her North Walter Hlers returned last greet tools
.. ,., ,II and z. fr'TVi",1. ,. > ( (' bust(< \ ; (irmtulnltig 1 1I IhI about this \ ; : *
1 Unlvcrnlty
: .'" I" n. I ."!,,,,, 1 ",...*. I Ill wr\ r<\lit i-umnui isonvr : city ern lflp, of( several weeks, week from Jacksonville after InsldeV
John points
i Baxter
I., ". l $ ,,, flax rlSK.Slucru ahlntld be appll tt' Ui stacy 1,OuOh Lawy I Frl+ nc's and neighbors of I spending six weeks there with ,
S: 1" ttcville has
Iq out Fay East North/
i \{' l I lulul talk .rurrfl/Iw aal: A. = "*' 11IQj,: >, t.II\ UWM xulfjccTiAwt \ St. and West North Bt, North JoPl Cwkcy:(\ were grieved to I aunts uncles and grandfathers
Ihn xnuld"Mw
I'' .."...,_ Of'I iwumiixiirtid\ ) useof "
w. -
WH/U. EaRl Si. and South Eat St., -
I I .
i. .. ,, hand sloth
'{ 'nu a 11M\ wst. i.knpr, rd1V rk, A duet r or u bug North West bLand;, South West tQ'k '
1" ,yl'I ItrtplalrP| W.A .4 Si| iallT Ae'th'Th. } tit; ( IIIiIUIII'JIrtmt 1""U' torah fur opIH r t
It rjKSvj.'r St.; East South S.. und W'at
plyhlg) I
I ,I. II II,,,.. h.. r...... Ina, 1""VI1>I>4, "aw"" "lh' '"' tlhrltlmrlfy; 'Ul1<,> tart dust/ h South St.1I111zj.

!15''f Ili, "Pnl" ... inn 11.. In." m''W T'V-il.51ddl'AI' rlry' 'b1IIPh "lf'I5 l butlt'bant, tor cuutaJ. 01' the I InrIliwl ;;; =.fStlll" l'u.L. w

,Ihp.H.. ..o 'lb t.r. lot, "..I \,'Mtw 1,11.: t,.,. sJrfw. ,in 'lawn. but \ k
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I'J', I ___ .
:I'I' '.I I\ : / 4 rNUhClI\I w.4'Roc Ullk :atplxuf: ; : : : :by Sills I ItiwfllLldi, (Hl<< IK.,11 llumh Stiti Pak
I, ;' 4 zj "Jt o' r .r.it.o"1w: < : I aid |tpik-/i! u( i She btiizenoh
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