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.". ; Iobo.row.dollartb.'h..II. andguwns. ; .ot toKtitlior. l>.. Williams Pink 1'\11. for Oonlalnllx Registered Onarsntea.. ,
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L .:New York : w.lt lac an Qneutin, articles of capitulation were signed I-ulu l'iu.iu'imra4| | < mo and I 11.10\ It my of some Sy mall poelese paid. as-pea.' Book andTe.timopiela I
4-T-BM ter rirtjr c.t... :. Sla over_.ilk,.. ,___ .fore. I..a. not lb. fortunate the ylelor'l.roadlJ! sot tip the iJi'it' duty. It lot cHliiirsiiltnrers It. ted to carry as many a* 7O.OOO carcaa*- rUJsB.MIld only by"g.eu fog;
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pur. '" AUdrals4sHoitntr r..CI..I.. loire buon ourod by l>1'.William rink Pills.i .
a suit front. and double break. And to toll tb. .' for Ibo tlvbest dry Jnjbe Indies .
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being .
a mam- i Tak Cawarela<:*ndf CaUiartln IOn or *SiuIt
:, bar of' the firm of commission, mar Lace handkerchiefs, with the initial taking him (the lime I did, *.wore .U.<, wounded aud taken lain. 8- In" which thejo'ernrncntbasJi4 (,,. C. Ulati. to rorn. aru alstsr >.aa._.,. GIN REPAIRS (I
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degree a onor". The loa .
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Salt Rheum -chanta in Chicago,(and lowest. risen'roumta totbtpowitmrfminthip ,. ". ue-- _gnoiLtoatnia yrn 1 .011. ...; etJa.c was not less than'. 5000- ia_ to flfht a great reliefs A snncehsf Ills-|imUmtgTtH'l tihrs'olsn Is' one feus who.-c Is.able"to' lBUWSrfllBS "-a

of the clerical ladder. .k'atg at that time keeping onr ejes DllI.h, losses ..'.* 000 during the deal agalnitt the scarlW't T : .1S
Fifteen \ &d L
ar. turquoise a bank robber, by the name of ,. by the end of t October' (the baa decided to eoll-ti offices to rich Lr_ S "0'.uPI,"Leaf"tmckiTebereo .BRISTLE WINE, BABBIT, < ,
Terrible Itortlne ago *ba began wprk for the firm biDe silk are naed in combination to who hod don luto of people, even If.they bat not taken the stands*at the top'for It, ".11..1_-aroma, FOB ANT MAKK or cm.". '
Burning, one bail bee if dying off like flies fromIckneas
cashier at of Uoud Ie mad Try It
a salary 45 week Tba form tha of tan cloth aa can
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w a.rtln.; (walllno i aecond week aba'aakad for "ee ,owaWt 'out there,'entered the one owing to the climate) the lste {examination, II they .only pay ENGINES 'BOILERS AND PRESSES"
a raise and borage over whit. taffeta and, mo\ut.\ It 1 1. to bo UBdrtttoo4 Albert Ilarrhi West Tol cl. Ohio. "uyn
; Whfch happaned' to lie alone In Vie & roll to lb. the required ,
Interfere with arose enormous Hum And lUnalrs for same
plnasnm. 1 received tliii ** life." \\rito '
time Caterrh Our .aie'i! ;
o.l. prevepta alenp-yield* to flse bloodpurlfylnic .. aha.wa It 4o"iOI formors.. with ,'blt.tin ribbon ..DdcblfoD the time, )jocked' huM, Bp in of 4O&.tltiuoaigh J that them. people1-will get him 1l irs for p rU .01 flood'. oblge- pay. makca-a lovely anromer tlresa. and then coolly walked' out Albemirle sent off back the tnoaey they pay for th> offlca '
4 .1". 8aiaprtiiii.1 1 Ily closely the work of a' Mrs trinnlow's, SoothIng Hrrnn fnrnhllilninAthlntf.MirU'nttliairuinv. LOIARDIRONTOKS'! S &UPLY CD o;
It .oured thousands of Co***, It will other,she soon obtained Home of the 1..0.coat are, qnit bank anil. out of igTt( wills uuuilior of survivors to New by u-viry' Interest. And; officer of thIs .rwlcp.i.atlum.ns.( ,
our. yours. Bemembrr that of their ao that today a knowl.eg.i long ia the bak, rounding down from fund he conM! get bin band orb to recruit their Leal Hi the mor 'kind are unfavorable to aU Innora- Uonatlsyapalnoarsiwlnt( oollo.:3j.a buttla A-DOUBT A, OA.. .

well .talk" all the details of offlca the tm'untand r..tue a little t one "One day a loan ,' wa, very KI' eat there anti lie.tentuaally lone brcuuso they know that- their Thn tnlnrohn of li>r. n.aally sMeri"deaf '
HOOd'S8a work that aha at the' thiicrlptliiii, we bud of loll nil.bfm*.l.lri command' offlm and ,the prospects of buying of an ftlil, bachelor's heart "" 01 .

take charge can of, a mOleot'of the notice aide.Black silk coat made by the tailors Meppcd blT the trim at JjO only I 2W( men. It'in Illt"'e ti"g higher and moro.lucr..Un ones are Kdarate;Ifrnmr Bowels With Caseai la. rjE8OTHERS [
/ I A.....Greatest t.dIcIm.Hood' book used io the ; many bnai- and stitched and" pteseed in the moat W* took him In tow at once, hute. in pnsaint; tbsi'.$Hl(* e"UIUAlt. kone oe Boon,ce China la opened to culture Csiiflr. 1HJ.V.Ci 'tb.rH U..'.fall.cure drnfRlstaroliuanonef.eotMtlneMosi for .r.IOUt.Vi. .. I LIKE Jsr C e :

ness. eouuul.loQ approved I.blou are on* of the Pariaian we didjiat hare ,. bird we ". iHowever the.fo'c. necesnsijf' to hold Cuba aa Boon ai rotations ate oatabllrflt- .

---Pill- .,to take. ..tooncrata.Carlyle' novelties. "e luaimc" to \ 600 mem r)]'alil iodny ha* Wore ed which reeembld the European, If' The eat lllslnfoctsnU.) jV' '
sr2nse Wh.... That. l long enough to thud imt that 100.000() men in Cabs.On only' In a slight meaaure. Cut thotlrer ;
's BaaietlevfaeaaJoaeMm WhttnawotnammmnyrIee1nermuny. p.r Whit alk-gwu' t.r summer are .'rank l-'t nJiiinii, who.liml Feb.10, 170<,UiflJiiealjLollrjU'la, mentiarln also know well that Exposure the'sunlight i I. not only RiiKVlstes tie Llror. F l lC

;--tb*- -jettVtOl1fl1It -. ." her huaband'ar la.le- .helter-sash ajid lurinua eveu at Hint time At a .. concluded between Kngland -"if another Hyitem l IS establlaned","people i ape of Ih'e-best1 dialnfe<>tatat --fc-aowiiy- i.P e..mOln rack .
stork waist and aleevet Al1Iit,5ws'lEo..vo. 1
,, Introduced t Carlyle. "by .mulu& lrop.r01. r. Ha can dispose of cravat net -with, fnl js.il lircnker. He had four e a'id 1 r>i>nlu, aud.dliba paxaed will not h reto" depend for promotion but in fnrs, clothinoblankeUcarpets; .
friend The page was:.about t of it whether sEe object 'not or mOD..eln. encapea Iroiii prlxon In (," .ii. under Mpanisli I I'nlo. bring given' upon what la known about the old' etc., ifisr'adicateii alt. hurtful l Yer MBDIftMnJEPARTMENT, .
morfalna; walk -and he asked Jocblin *- and the are divorced theproperty The latest thing' in 'belt to we.r ana.rrf. hated ta him Ui: tgo'' aliuosfTor r the asking. ....It. They tear Uhat then .only i and germ It must ba direot gbt Tulane University. of fxxitilaoa.Iu ,'" '

': ,t accompany him. Drnc. I atill couple remaina .ith Ibe lina- with shirt w.i.t. ia a curt taffeta rib Joliet, and bud Mill lIven ._-- people who bare II- modern' culture will ; and not that passing through. lass In atuutIe adTanl|l I oni1orl.s.l( s (or prwiMoal and abundant Instmotlno hto,|bob>tl., I

very.' % walk In Hyde Pak Carlyle band When ahe_iuarrieha bon five incite wide, ntade' at thellliitjix pcisoii, lee% *l. l PEARLS OF THOUGHT. be employed, and that those who are .-,' maMrhtls itro .I .. Vr.,nonr.s Is rtva
kept the conversation on Ger -cnongbr'to wrinkleinto li.If that at Han Qm-utin, 1111.1 l hud ..' now In the offlcoa will loae them. lo-Ie.-Uraal.. Charity llosirtial wliH lou nada-i'
r"llnc gi"l up the email degree of independence I DID"OtI-ICfP4V THIS ? and 80.' pAtlents annnallr. a ac.sl InMrao .
and It* great Freder' aheliad before. Her hue- .Id.and fastened with a pretty sil I there, nilh l .five yenta \: It i 1"'OIui a thousand dollar a year On this account the mandarine, Ca-' tloa I.IOTa n dilly at the beside o< th. ".

leka.IU7 Moltke and Dl.marck-unt&I at band ran compel her to work, and aba git buckle. ". .I."ltb.1I ,a< a iiiacliiiiUt havo the bnliit, of looking on the 'prfUlelded y In the provinces are the de' I riVs. ,0-Ron AMIKS_lit.'Jt.:.. 0.:o1s"n. nkktof.mMm. -.wtM RS_0.I e..1W Tbo I next soMlun and Information b.Rln.Oolobflr addreosPror. aotb, l Hf1
let Joacblm thoucht It .hi* turn no relief or protection,. should b. The mushroom ba with a low crown Yeasion, anti] a bni gnr! 'liy, iiu ibIs l of thing. opponents of tail Inventions and I I1 P s.i.-" .M< IM hi,| ft'sv' A riot.giit ". K. ciieiz.,. M. I,., !... '
eats rca I vIetI-.oas P. O. Drawer set K'w ORLBiVN*. Lfo,
t take a lead, and .. started with the pro"l harsh ud l unkind, except and a brim curve down alt Whan" he ti as sfl'it l a-li to Sail The lIiu.l.! like the lens, may be the deadly onenilea orall forelnera.y I I .i.d .5.,... I, .5. .c .
.. '
Inquiry: "Do you know .Bterndale lio opinion : pub around, i* ODe of the many shapes t,> HuinU bia tinio,, he "at put ...,' end scatter br.iu power or the Emperor and 'his aaalntantacbould I.:"0'-mt' ****i *< ST U.M*IteM,ia IBttaRfX JfaMi.lMetuky. I mp on'. r"J.W '

Bennett "No," woe the reply and Wbi.Oormal wives, a a rule, seem Jltr have aoiue merit.protertipn with other cautid iu the "'.. *ud ronceiitrale it. try-to open up China to European ...LI.IUGcYCO..llac.Ill LCo 0U5a7U '
after "I don't care generally enough with.the eye. It ia trimmed imply ore'aborately It was here.t 1ml 1 an idea\ came Culture, these) mandarin would tartilinli TUIO Dli DD inwrtuagSoadygr.JOEJ1I 1
Wben'the'-X ,
pU8. are lUllIEUL itt f.Jl.Iiaoee.4ao W20
lle.ebt raya perfected a* ,
; for : they kvr* an. empty. venerable law, wealthy ... girls with flower, and i 1 brain that for abiolnte reveal litmus will offer active rralatanea for theywould" 4'
I. a thought there
'wnd-bln aort o people."- -De rolt who have married Oerm.1 noble ia charming on a."olof girl. fearleannona van tj).Iral of a radical change In thinking, fear for Ibo future of their children U lQ "0.."". i
Ha )b ia.l attired. that .1"9S
\ 'Fe ,. baste and in ignorance of it hare frequently every and' relative stud they would Incite
repealed at leisnre.. -New ONE FEplS m THE BATTLEFIELD. the time I the men working in ('liviU'r au Insiiiralion to another i I. the people against the forolEnera-TbaChautautjafln.
AFunil.I Slrty-rwe Cklliren. Vyrk gine rattan were lined" np l to b* filling a lamp with oil, some time ,, '
; The Itaaiaiiare ;.discussing the aJvtiabinty rblbe-'- A r..Ua..I't Wi..a rirat..p.I...PearEffect away, the tiinoliinery, was' litjht will! brighten a dark corner.. j_ I -- I | a S .1

I of pensioning Ura. 1144. H.Irl_L*Mt Mat Trl.. "The remark of General. .Fitzhngh.U. eiacily the *ai". moment. The matt who denounces th. exist I' About. Black DlamonJi. -Women.l

lena Oranotta,' a ladY of 6 7...who Urea, The ladiea who wear alr/iue bat"pry Lee that all men feel aome fear on en- observed a* welt that a order of things, should speedily Dlamonda may be black, as dell as ;

,' near Noce, 12 mjlea' from Naplea. Into other .'. ar"bl. make a teriug-a battle ia eminently correct Ing tu an ailjaueut roof wan. adggcat ue means of improvement wM-: and nome are blue, red. brown.
husband been dead from tho tup ut the big : yellow, green, pink and orange, but .1 j "
J er t.1 yearn. de.pr.tl bowl .".t cruel aid I prbminnn* Canadian militarymau We do lint easily discover our own After you have tried Doctors and all "
but during the 19 they together of bird to woman'. of the engiue. Finn that r<>*, there U no violet, diamond although
:. a. man and yer wife .1,1 03 vanity,",and who eat appejae Ivied chicken men do recently not like-bough( be .m.a..D.ii.r. }>,aihle to .',.Ia the'-otMer--*.I'f t cheek lA ;; tbe below clearest nor eye the brow do not'above seC la addition to a'aaiethyat, ; there are other p p ratlons,/and them have, failed

children born t tnem, r of the and spring lamb when they 'can 'getit expressions t' On'cena I'prUonT' liayuiid" the wall" 'h| 1 hlrell. 'rubtes and g rnc4a. of bait to relieve then uscQERStLE'S
lo p.rtoular. iloui. fie had .. Tb. fear thai 'our kind act you, ,, ,
being ma. Elevendifferent ( and never murmur anything about battle- however ne.J'e.t..o| may color .. ,. i'... lb
ex- | t .
'In nine' 7.r tlple were born, and "the slaughter to "appease the glat-. citeuient take the r-I.c'of t"I.t_Thla that J.I..1IIi.JI.1. vnrto.lj*iu fceived' -withingratitude 'ihonld Boil Tvhawe Spit nt ...T er Lilt ...,. I
lcr. to the window high the ". deter n* from such 'I
onjkre. o"'O' four boy ton, can change their cry. Bid.,. excitement ,,00.b.t. could "be np on jxirfurming To Quit' lobara easily and LaYover,.ID. ;
..r.alnouaoN. and once'there were except the white dove, no called I, for tha men while under the engine loon Apparently .. n.. lull of II'.nerve and rigor, lake NoToUru. ..
; ? Time. longer used oa'b.t. The i i.' not it.bravery .'lieyoud possibility being It'. i pretty hard for some people to .the*wwodor-workw Hint cakes weak men.* '
arl.-LdO however the line f.e of 111".nc are DOt always-brar* No ladder was tobe .. between what they think .a1rmg. All drnffnlMa,too or(I. Care.0.. ; 'FEMALE'PANACEA. "
duo t cry i. generally teedIJooklM anlaample fne. AdareeaSMrllnc .
: :fflac. Mining. ., i ia alpine, hal and who .[t I tba* a question to 10d.r.t lull a thing been even .. !, know anti what they know they Kcnwily Co, ChIcago or New .YerlLTt'ubiid .
whether-you. ,
Digg.-Smawley .just' been tall- would look absurd i. a, picture bat your fo.b.1 exist., a* to the survival place ttgaiuat tlie ,sllto .' ; form tdrink too mini, wine .tdlrntr ". v.sQ( :t" 'p,jmieii.) 7I .
the line and ale it .
of hie tronblaa.Brlggi with
ing me aome family F..W"I b..o decreed Lit. 'Butter-, 0'f tha The light of ona man 'The world
-H. ha. eli' Well.whafa' Hie on-invisible' wirea. hover over the Ming shot.down In the front rank. of n lerlly avobuda, although b the work of ]>o* esiilori than experience, who' 100'" Co- tbe, m < ;to hr.sk"ui'tlidren's I IT- WILL .CORE 'you.

; .o opinion ? dainty coneoettdn. or( lace, chiffon and company, battalion or regiment has wall'knew would be glad to eel! It j for lea than Cough: and *-I' think I'd9refaf'tle.1 oweri-tbat-grase-m sttf.--bea hi. wife'* aide of the there it flock than less, au : case bfor. hld. a of butter- of the-company battalion Ironble Pit prrtnenpnuicnrrd.> 10 fltanrn.'rrnle. ;
action .The vth a man' cono<*lving .
lug dow..a opinion ;' die and each with''jeweled'eye and regiment than 01. bid'alxtts. Hat rtte nous sitar Ant day's nos-of I),. Klloos. UiNonr .' ",.. '
-- mau1.deramsans. to be .n. iu a thousand" ia ,H.ntnr...f Jtrlftll>it1).sndtrvAtls f .. ---- -
toad. the mot gallant.commander It siibaeineiit nnmlUlngiiesa ra- <>M. H. H. KI..". ..*tt ArrhXL. ttill*.. ".' : 'QERSTLE & : '
ojLLTE1r1ir4 CO.
may work with an ingenuity .L. ., Chattanooga,.Tenn.
I. an witness the first the other 069 .an working) ma- II
T9 WOMN A C.on.a r.ck.tbewk. .wlll.I&I.t despair but ptea-lmau'a was f Sol aiefOtutSI'SafldPVOpil.tol5.
man ; f-I I I
The qneition I.-.a."of ..or..t. ferent calibre. HU ... l -' -

Reatorod tb HoaJtb by Lydia B.PinUiam'a the pk.Ibk diloaUi.. of married.! do that witk'the eogagamc'at bappeniug.' {than everything or ..11'else outgrowth of *(oadfto|> : The Panthers sf lbs P."I.- ; ; .j 3

)Vegetable OompoaDd..tin. life. There are 'women who lint fewjmen of never ceased iu arherne, a* be The Felipinai, which destiny ban' In .. .
Bnd it pleaaant to .. lo money andtbltbmbeiwilr eDbile' c.-.pa" ce*.ft.' to IIP' ]>. (lot libeft,. .,.od..JtloL.lika Uaba..a..l. '

:e -.,' O.W. g ow Bmaller.rapIdly -- 1lo. .arl.o.J-bl.. .'O.. day lUere_.canle.to: Rico the' Unitod-may hav..iu- '

aa the year go by, for every year fr tJ..OD h.ba.ao'r.e.n".pl."t.bUl. by inspiration, tb* thought ,. also, ,are the fairylanda! of 'LIQuT

,PATUCK'" Dannr l.a.o more girls I.aa the eweet- the past.only ten l tr'belhI113'b\! the means (*, ''the home of the humming

Vf.tt Wlnated Conn., write*r I. I.dpl".oo A. Slr wbo ham h.. *o.d lug him to bits goal lie found arid th. ftr. .1. Tn. climate i I. n ,

..Dkln-Hoa. with', earned ..wn Ihilg for,a liM, b ID commana of a battalion vf $. t .wa iuipoMibla to count the to feed on, the scenery ia' n

pleasure t.t I 11-h.1 the tie while, never wi entirety aatia.flednnleaa tob s / during Lbs Biel rebel- 'tions of thus driving wheel, to the eye. Barring the wild .

f using your mad feel ''bd".h. ha which was a brief but In were lacing In the broad and the (Spaniard there are no p

>.bD.I.1 wlcorlll VellbleCpn 4..r"1 l.waa aa much right .husband t what UOa.. war while iflaated. 0. 'our.ro I,. h. wa able to distinguish a. .\of pray.' Tha Spaniard caraa -. 6Oc : '

.' er7 weak' be bring lat. hoaea. may rTI at Batoeh we found that Biel blnf aa it !.
M noae f nd displacement the womb.'boouldnotaleepatnIght.iadt4a. comply be raqneati ..ej tocbeerfnlly.'bat hi. Indian follower weraatrongtyutranched'in day au.l ilsra he .oonbled gbt to do it; The adventure' coat ""d. '
'. she wilt not feel -rell at 1I1.I'h' h"srnt hi. ,
) quite : a convent building, tlm, .,. ." his-, life and taat amount' : I '
the with fairly t.ate ao long .abs i* ooui.pelled I which s.iz.d.TheoMeers-. junlationo, H* diacovered &lops, oti the part of Portngal.. It ,\ ,,1iI a
aide JO.I.ller I back. J..T io blot for what'ahe wlabea 'I'' of our tb.'la olDln held a eontnltationaa napuber ftrotntion*tht" .'Yi' the neighboring water that TEE EXCOLENCE OF' SYRUP OF FIGS '. :

bled with bloating,nod at Umea would apend. There must be.a.oommon to bow and where we would attack per minate,. He learned also two gr."m.rililu. rowers of the, 'i* due not only to the'originality and"l1"htyOtthS.eoeabIumstIesbeL.leo ,

: 'faint awayLba4nterriblapaln i In tnjtbeorti pk.tbk. or *the wjf* moat have an thsconveuLtodlalodgs1hsJim4iansAbonithi.. ,. stoat obrnuliollAIItII ho* 1l t* nth.,nenlury .tl'DI'CIIl12lDLJ ., ,"

F -bad taate.in my mouth alt Bte| Dt1 .tto*one of-thernan of the 1.1 ft..e..t.} ";* .d l .'Ier::"ba :: ''._' bieh' -to tho'care and skill with which ... : .I-.I.J' ;, 1

time and would TomiU btlo thank ,never". t b questioned. command wbo." ait ting o the. graaare ,wa abut down., the one nor the other Was to manufactured by aclentlBo processes "
Mr, and -I "One evening..when'th* *.; Th circumstance'Is notewor' .,
t Pakba. .Vegetable > "y well in < view tne command known to the Cii.ironiHit-- Fri firnor1,
., sad aleep Will, lnlle.A felt dead' 'a' beeifTorined a* usual at the;. ia view of 'the Tact that It was Co. only,and we with to l"pre8l1'lIpoa :; '
Ilo"al '
-. ,:ean do my feeling new design in girdle t i.oompoced .rG'1 eatrlag'Il. out the d l ,'a work, Bird a* th'*< hemisphere which bore the brunt all the importance of'puronaalng the @ ,
wk wtbo' ,
\nl iif two parallel ailver chain ,about annob fonh. bra. OzDg. began to toe itiinomemtum 'riol. ,... ,
itit .-do not bl_ is,* any : hole mo. MaJayaia was true and original remedy.. A* the I '
o .w [ t '
,_htnl .(.. I i .p' They are bald ia }>''ac"" he command and to, direct terrible a cob riot aprang from IM line, more gently. On ita chore genuine Syrup of Fig-1*manufacturedby % } ,
itf, ainoerely thank yon for the goodadioayongaTma ye br. of silver' force thananything tbatw could conceive to Ib. bell, with diaembarked warrior more pa. the CAUFORWIA Fie Srncr-.Co.'. %. "e. ,.

: !* >'al for what your three circular or 1011 incbea.' DLautondiSbapedind oLl,, .qnestion of. taking. grappling both edge ot the and priest* leu Inqnlsitol-ial. ..,, .knowledge oLthnLjactw111 SHODTS-'i ',
plea.* of silver are naed leather ''Ha: had calculated "
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of the plain bara, and ar. ..- ao.lac Op.t et .agt.1a that would be to '
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.pata- -1- 4>eU*with .1.o..h.- *ofoxidized tte>IJ6f..lt "-gone-.before. convict or- '- 'In-narlleT-Tl\yir p rt-froiir tn-advaooe- all other l*.*Uv s r- '
tried physicians, but found no relief.l.wa .. coantarpart -. State .Te. pr .' recovered from their & he had only Chinas pirates as it acta ou,tbo. kidneys.., ant!' o TREltnQOIj -

.CI at Ut persuaded t try 1y.dlaXL. of the buckle ia won.at ,b ba"II.I.k flag,< feet in sins He rjiitght np a guard's coat fear. The latter ao. bothered one- bowels' without irritating weakenIng -, ,.

plnkhain'a Vegvtabl Componnd. bask, ..d I.I aid i* av chept'flag ar* .etampod'' dropped from the wall and got the governor general that he' got them and it, dora not gripe nor, Jo.11. "
and eannot 1* enough for what silver of deaign- ( \ 'colors'red and blue, 'the dn.t.ol the evening.' I -to set out and tronquer'-Cathiiy' .... Itt order to get Its beneficial
"' .lmUa.tJ. .
p o It..43-.a-,we&PonW1ii I
-i .it ha*done ;T'I feel like a new the bockle, &. are.; ella tl'U bulieve that...-a, that epoch"the .g'T"Dowa" ;efforts,-pleaae remember the name of : h'U 0 8"{o 1l8ts' g"l t:

pr.and would not part with your in imitation of a dog cla'.tDdde .ticka|, tb'b-tcka-o-pt.lP"- leal proposition that was about of fight than of wiodom. Tiro the Company* *" violo us dogs: loot-pads; travelers against' robbers i

I ma. I have' recommended I't with littl pyramid of. ; web. Ol, t*hl. kind i.the little penny feet a piece of.work'. any not changed bim '1 in the least.-. CAUFORKIA FIG STRut(co. ;find toughs; homes agaihat thieves and tramps and is ,

c ..r .,friend'* a._name.- plate. -at tb bek '., the*.t..al boy wear* on Lb.lapel'ofIilE .oeoI.pliahed.-JAnd did be getaw4. _-,without," '- ".-_._'_.' '-I- ."_'.& irnjaiciaoevo.tr-. ', .. da ted-to-'many-oth 1tu1lt1nns.r"Itdoesnot""ktl1"or1Jijure -'_,-. ,- -'.. .- a

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., :TAPE.WORMS, ,The attack now U-npoe th. ateal I shirts and com out all oolor.d"A'tb.ate i I No .I.. almost'.orr, to I Very few peraona 'walk!;. 1." Tbs nf. -I :3 ". '..*i'Bar"MAKC liandld; makes'no noise or'.smofce}; breaks :nolh.w'. and, J
hairpin for apeefallata dela.that of 190 a'minnt*. .Olrla than ..Ip did no*,"an*.* .V'the Lo : .- girl' of sit 'ummers. with-befi: creates no-lastlng- regrets "aa"does tbo bullet
shell jilstpL "It "
the or bone pin i*better for the hem with obl." ', .t4ll" C 7
apart abarpahearaand that ought by' \', new dress jon, wa'k' a* atralgh'' '
balri ..e that many women have .. hem toj small,ticke-- hardly'.bigger the d'IIOCIfI.I1', of such a story ..I.g.atln.I"' aha-nH1.-'..' ,. #r--_ '_ _:$ .." : J31m.plY.anC1.ampl protects 'by'by-compelHngr- foe;to' t'

1 t w.res .- ) W 'f.Hatroa t.-"Te. matohFThe. belt "i"'b.- combines BO...rof- ". .feet ar*thrown-forward-with. an" -' *'HUt'CUMBINQ EASY... give tindlvlflod attention to himself' :.aw-h11e4nstea4. J

-' .laast CASUARBT&.oa tit. Thl.LBjao.fo$ *S atta asp e.)wltt 'h'U.ed. canva bad '*.wn'': along the bc vernea. ., Hteadman 'wa.. taken \ peculiar to that. ag. ,The I Coiumbt. ',: of to*tKaln tended.,. vibtlmr" '

,. .' =. IsaiaaA the motel hairpin. broach h a rope may be 1. ia abort time and rut'to'werk girl of lhlrtt: .begins t to b* Chain WheaIaLj7S. g :It4is4t.a:o\11y. _._
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i 1" "woman1 beat friendHow are. yon, United $*.*.. "., -Thn it _. 'now.j\ Not long- after-tbis' were goingjvtoawinvt; 'At lixteeu :but manytlm, .* t.hQut. reloading'Andwjjl; :

1 CD ,. going to supply the 7ft demand that about that all rt. of_pattern of.the cat and'penrlyikilled one o( th ..atepa, along...with.ahorlCatepiv-:: I .- .,G. co.;' by Its in tim.e'ot : protect, :
we make upon a hairpin? Wa n.e.it ..Uo..at.a..lg are on th* market and eonYicts ajod ia'uow, .ard.II' .. ... -*. hard -on -(ha- foor I ,_"arU.r"-. appearance : danger, ,aitiiugh'1oadet' '. '
\ to,button our gtor* and oar ahoeato I. II") Bnt if anyone d...-to have additional ..MaH... for. .. II Jn't-care-for-anyboHjr sort fit ce,. V I only with liquid It ; not get -Ol1t'oforder. ; ia-dux .

open the drawer.wbe.siook'- 1':gone, thu*color na they eight'to' be refer- Vtinrdar, at' the Folsom ) .. | .. -At eighteen ahe, thinks more ablehana8.Qw.e"and nickel plated,.". ._ !. .f'*" *s

to' out the I..n.of one book*; .clean nee must be, mad _to tb*" atandardadopted laraitna.teil':aoinatt'.aty.eight. gait,"and tries to recall that of tier ent boxed.and post paid.by' man "withT*, iftoll*.dlreoAa'tb -

..hncband'a pip't. pin oa-th*'extra by the army and navy.. This tromRaoranento.1, "" ,* -. rller childhood ...The boy of eleven,: -t- ttO"S' hOwtouBeJ.. .:. .. ._, -. '., ..
Jjjjj7Ii' : urspftdraw'tbe cork''whan tha .Ia.d..d. al"re41O Ullle to.time by _:. t j.- -ft ,' tc, 7|:(t aMljjpaWa|. 'i hUnewnhickvUoota, pjanttiia I hJ '- -T- V. ----v--- .','''Y', .. '-- ,E

cannotluf round lt'foJ.vadflaratt'lng he addition of fresh atars.is preservedand Amkal BM aimfee' ./ like a soldier and \ineirer knows '. In &a. :po'.t.it .> t.m l.w.. ,.'l'a
a wl.do'Rah, to atpna rai- will continue to be kept by the 'One of "tbe many 'reoirabl his boot diatarkauybMbIany, 5 0 0 e.Js Poet-efrloe) Monef Ordr.or .it

Owl. s.ba., nIi,_ 0 a s --at.A. fo 1.-1 to Ihe-.bellpull aecretarief of war aa j the navy. In 'anoea on I tU. United stat ., ." are tangbt.at iioine.aaj, at' .-. -- '. Kxtpr*** Mawivy ..*. ;
__.1.CUN a_ aw e.'e.To1ac a'anow ., duty ...101. lb. war 'd"Parim.II'of Waahington'. Imlaitce alilp / ai l.rr." to.'walk, on thir:..to.e,. :rhla. .5 0x11"" reliabilIty B 'G.DttN'B *!q I
i :
f and tndr know jx> ( BBD 4t.
no one, loa by Secretary Algetv offlor, ieieplayed almost Ilk. a trolley wire : do 1.-a .* -Om'lth.lI.oa'. ''ba \
: .lt s.rrb.s ot.tbis sort. 'r' ..; i Ja a' .1.'OUIL': a.(hall nbtitnt i* good lo none egnlation' flagof thia .'-." ..',Toxhlbit Io the vessel from which it ;li ... Ahe beeJ4owti lightly I .,, ,1' .: y'sUPLrc -' -!f 4

'M* the** thing, and if it ba dome t lt.betier.it, i Ia. illuininated by n' k> take the wounded man. :"' i ftrsl t. and.th toes..jail: thi .-kaej:? if

'iroartl.ita humbe.relative ro.. brilliant ,alactr toj,Hjht Title I I. tbe -,t".l'.acled-fl'Ola ),'tb.wirs' and body erect, Instead of bending the '- .fU iE;m 't :< -

I market el exclaim,'"01&1' Iginal/a41 other* .ae:ia>ltatinaHcr injnfad$ .w.itenus W t taken forward aa i>en n-rraaat
'oat to f ighl. 'toJneniory''': : .: laetbey,'.nr*. not crreci, Detroit bo.pai'sJiip-.trithei walkaAen bia ..."N.oior-. 'J' 13:* 'ird""Ii'" f 'W '{
: .,Ja.IWldr.t". ,.. : J J'I" r 1" '. #*tba, ,. ,.-fr..I1., .' T::. 'f' rciBjti' ;ft W York, 1?'J
: 'If':1 \'IA"f.
\ .r' ;' \ ic l' : ,
i.' ., j ... =' 0' 4. .. ,It I" 'J" '< ,.. ..".,) T '"' *.
I' \ 'Py
jI :: .. ". .. i" ctl .t I-K
"I' *
r-o .. ; \ :
::1 IL"
\ : : .. .tu- : \ .. -01- ". .'11" ;I ,
I i' > f. r : ,, 1i" '. ''v.II., .t' I,+' / i: / **
.. .N' ', ,., '' fl".J : 1' ,'.'. I' < h .., d .k ,', E".r.:} -
.er'_ *,rt+& ;,,' 4 ""6 ;"::"' v- ._"..or"'S, 'j ; 'r'..." : '' 'oIOIoifo'\"Je"H_M. fot r''f' : 1; ." -,-'"" . 'I\." -o&IUibI%.

The Kissimmee Valley
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 Material Information
Title: The Kissimmee Valley
Alternate Title: Valley
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: N.S. Harris and W.B. Harris
Place of Publication: Kissimmee City Osceola County Fla
Creation Date: July 22, 1897
Publication Date: -1897
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Osceola County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
Coordinates: 28.303889 x -81.412778 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1894.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 11 (Nov. 17, 1897).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 3 (Sept. 16, 1896).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 33274520
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Succeeded by: Osceola gazette
Succeeded by: Kissimmee Valley gazette

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_1f. '' '- '... j ,,,t ., ",.; "',," '..J'. "._ .
'. .tt..Io.W; : JF.. .. t ,, : II"-\ "\
\ ; I .,' '._ '': ,..'/,q .' ,''t.t ".,'I I' ._ .
: .
iI\ .
', 'tI 1 f ," "n .1" ." 1' ,' ." '" ', '
;.1. //, .", '' \' '
\ 11111' 1, M't" ': :
;' \ 'I' .
: '
.- 4 ,' 1 .' t L\ /

.', 'T'.,. : '. HE: .f' : '", >. 1(1: S,S. ,IMiEj, I :I : .. ;4- '*:v" : ,:'ALLEY,' : ,GAZETrE." I : :\." : : \ t .....',: -f. ,J I

: .
{ ,
; -I

.. 'j ', ''L '. ', IIi/I.
., ... .
., -- -KI1 IMM88-ti-AU.BYr-S5TBUSJiIW.. sQaoL.4-04ZU1"f'8.J3.STAaUSJmb. D TW1.NOVI.M.8Blt 6.-Ib7. y -- - -
,. '.. _. -" I .- of' ,. L ''. : \ 'I

-- '

-II-- YcLj'-L N01 :84, __________________ __ -- -- ,X1SSIMME1_ c1,1YJ: FLA;.; 'FRiDAY. JU jt"lS?) .i-- ,:" _. _: ., : i ltJQE.i. G NrS._

-' 1--


I It 1 I. ,., .
,. .... Ihoeht. a I A; Brief CompUatlon of. DaUjj "
'' : .""" "' -0" ., ._ "._, ,WiniC?: iMth* yiclattT i ef -

.- j eoet Vei".Ml blatt f 11rlo., of phos-t" : S'S-s.-" :"' .' ';"" "" "" t:.,r .. .,--...!,??.??.;1-,::_..._ .. "1 'Ooourr.tlCea _' i "

". I phalejafei edt-lacing. will ,11.elplo.m.n' First Epeditiol Under._. Oo'mmand. ,. of General Mlo Startp, '.Aliiief U-cnrrenl TnMaafrJllinatthe ( loyal-- u!oxi.l. ht.:9tj.: : \ iop14 :In j I

I to local miner, who,hare .rom United States warsalps Hew York. the Handi.of '
S .
5 been idle. for 1 Siboneyjjprtba.; 1 .
several month QJ
Triumph Over the Surrendered S S Oregon and Texas are now oa their J .' ,
"* .
t way to Kpain, and'preeantloae are.beIng 'J '

I Within a few day* the troop at, taken at all the'Maports.to to arold a I MOVE MAY BE PRECURSOR: OF' PEACE: NEGOTIATIONS., "
I Ctibaii.'C1ty of Santiago. I Miami will hare a rifle range,: and tar- THE TO 8 SHORT AND DECISIVE. surprise ,
....".._......;..;....' ....."...:.... ......o"' : ,.- .-_: I got pr.ctc.in which' they stand so 1 .CAfP.Alrt .. vr-,, .. .After 81leDded'lI.io..UolJa Satiago I t SI S .:
I .d, will makeup part ot. was surrendered to .the.'Amerlesea.The .
I heir daily work.. A site for the range To' Assure .l nl.Already''Arrante J eng CMlo Out Without a. proposition embraoed-Ul* whole I Object Of, .Door* Ia Forestall Trouble. that Mar Enm Over ,
.' b.a been selected De.r Cocoanut Grove. -S S .Ilitoh' a; Biff Army Will, 8enfc on at Onoe. of eastern Cuba It was agreed H-.5 .Any.,Aotlon.Madrl4. OfSolala May Tak. ..
= = == : shou'.d! send the
I-r--- our government Span-
S ,_. ,
= 55.- '
-- .
;! .' -. .
; - -
BJ1lItan Am lertBiBlferHflarsB tii.DeWVasOflrHastas annnnHnfrTbe S -- JaIi.a.rm1-b.dU2JJpI.b-o..
_; : ::: S ;
.-tQ need a .canning .. Therehnudrods I A waniiington ppwI A.' The ..0tl..P.." "ftFal.'b..I.L..ftOOIIIm.ndedtbe JThe m Mad.r1d Ut' '-ii iou-nnf pttii'II1iluit..' : ..
I .. of thousands' Imsliulstomatoes thru** il.y,*' oouflultatibn. .botwaan. pa be' 1aken.nuniberlng shout. .following ofllcers in his cavalry 1. '
'i Fr"1aa oerUln
& 1.1.bf1' royal : tempers.'ily we "Ur.et.&I.U.tainer -
:" I 6t going to waste, 'in the president.. Secretary' Gen- men ud' including a lot of division for p.II."tr.lnloa: Brigadier ,
: Ron 'UD Allor.n 13,00 saspeading throoghont nub the ._ad .in '
T flelddjoiningvtb* -'own):-jsnd thereare ; ( -.i .b beavy'land under tlenoral Carroll;Colonel Sumner though oooupylng -
i I more wasting< U.l..go.o ii ra Jrok'dnrng'lclt''lier. 1lgtr'rtler1j' com Oenor.Wood\ Major Weasels, MajorS >enlnsala the rights of indlTidnals Manila, of t ,which! -place' .their" '

; 1 -. .. I tt. oonaty. A .. mmll t\n' Genfca1 mantled, General ICudgera. The ex Lebord, Major'Wiu,' Oapaitt Haves, guaranteed by the IatiLntin.I ? 'occupation would be moat brief. Aa .
.-# '. I pay from-the LJA d./*- l .* ea." Mil.at'810D.,the detail of pdlloll.t. particularly, strong Captain Hartman. Lieutenant An- I The.decree add that, the-.govern. official dispatch announces that' ..therebel

S AFTER ) 'aElf.TOIlAL'S"SWOIID"WAS' *[ 'DloF""ii(1 ; "llio' l'orto. J.icn,np.IUol were iwtfocted tUqri, .oir. .. 'ewsCiphabrBeckhsniLIeutena.tColonel ..nr.iirrender..n aooou rM pTiTtl.- 'chlefi and'-Americans-will-- ,, ,
'anOUe'. Itself Dorse, MajOr. Garlington,
a'1DL ( liago'comn.ufldod
S their late .e. "| .' of xpe is .
got uder 'Miloswlth'artillery to b. S-
RETURNED BF GEN. 8IIAFTKH. I 12 mill on real and Wawnal properly \ 'ety.General er..n ( vantage. ,
-.5---- The Tampa known as the ..C.plaln.Wlm.ni"Aalor ChanlelCand measure." ': -
: '
-Sor- IHm O MllirMl llgens I $ome' and troop, sailed"Mon troops "The government ,has formed a
1" taw Fonrtcrp",'nndeV Major General Km aids, lieutenants. ,Sleele.. Reeves -'.publication of the decree I.g..eral1aooept.&s5lg5iiouyJ I. :
S was Oxed at ifpeeceHlof'th1; state, .day.Jor I'orto lllao uu the uumei t.dcruiser < -54 wi i., .: S' scheme which will not only alsureSpainthspossession
,, Jopplnger, comprising dp" S ,
S D of
:: The CUr Is Loft -Temporarily In tossonslon of Ho .BlnnlclpalAnlhorltlea. The ru.tat\ ,.In.t ll*a-1898'*:_appearsrom Is2,270,0O0 Tale' ) lo bo followed.'quickly' by vision, tinder\ Brigadier L.o lcon.1.\ The Spanish loreeslnoive4i in thecspltnlation proof.,that Spain tj..pow' ready to sue 1.I.nd. bat which, will Di.Phillnyii r.estaltaKtranquility. .S.
all.army of' 80,000 men. Snyder, and made np of the ..'Ir.' brigade at Hantiago. wtll not-.be ." '

S Subject to 'Control of Goneral JIcKIhbcn.& $ the real,value.which i lasbout' onetenth'of There are Vome not-bledifferen Brigadier General Boh wan, EleV taken back to Spain in American vessels for peace and that negotiations to that leaving the cabinet council SOn Fri. :

SS&S : e.nth-and NinoleenthTTuitedHlateaimfaulty unless there- an\offlcial% pledge effect. are actually in progreis.The .- '1..
:; in'tb3' iflgns. for this expedition'and: lay evening the minister professed
Bl tter c i1Valllllngton. -- '----- ;:-- HnnonilJbfigailiu., .JBrlgsdier, for ibo safety of our craft( and, their government wishes .to have full still to be without confirmation of the ,.
Th, port of i I. ,
commencing for the naval sail- -
F.rD.idln. stately psgoantthst General ..' ee11ThidTh6bnt1. ,
0 4 Carpenter, Second N.W York cro. to r itvldenou I ,
---- an _
to power snppres
.nm..nU. a busy appear .o.t away from Tampa. u..1or'peD.r.1ShOftr' and Fifth Third brigade lancy in Keying thatbe donbted if .
to the of the
The M.r.I.Dc dieoonient( whenever. Ing stage ige censorship
'J' an CB. of phos.Ihate or rebellion .theyappear.
An AssoViatod Preas dispatch 'from Athe chimes of the olj cathedral\ morm.n' command attack Brigadier One Spain wanted the prisoners''brought' '
to $
rock ., this' time'of the is'omewhat .D.f.go. U.le UnIe The CarliaU furIous and dispatches extremely rigorous,
Santiago under- date of Sunday at 1 rang out the hour Of. 12 the.infnmtry unusual Cb.rter. already year First, there will ba practlohlly no and Fi-& .Yotb i ., Thl"tP.ID..I.ol. .Jt there, and said 1 that if- transported are snr* to attempt*to are create trouble. and-numerous?roeisages are.held back.; s fl flof S
and and First Ohio) ,Third in our own vessels and without I
o'clock .Y8 S cavalry; presented ; ,All offl-
m parts'of tha'peDla.nl.IIl'
p. arn Fo'.r made Indicate abpnt 25,000 ton. ofbospUata naval the On. minister espr..ed'b.ooDrlobOIl > .:
"I American nncotcrcd and convoys navy General Kline om. agreement a ith the Spanish ; '
The American flag" j ia floating in' frinmph. )tilahnad p' to be/shipped/-and,/: Ills'oontcmplntetl divlllo com ; 1.p- that official/( overture for daIly described a* "tranquil. .
tain McKittrick hoisted (tha stars andstripes. having! declared tl .t they are unnecessary First brigade Colonel O,.Jj. rT".ontmiTB.,!Hilain.tronId 3not,refrain peace
t.odiDI. a .
f' -DoaCarlo-Ia.expecteiItoiasne
4r t doe will be mad before and .
not thereis .
tbJ0.this Sunday
at -Si
over the governor' '
pslceaoUsgo over the entire ai tliorq, i I. not aSpanish'warshipin Ohio,First Florida andThirtysecond from seizing them. reason to believe France baa offered manifesto General Weyler ha abandoned .-

4'S de Cuba As the briHlant folds 'nnfnrlml in apontlc have put on a oltat'h.appearance cok, thio'Wcst fudios, that dare trust tie Mi'hlgal; Second bri. Several army decisions ,of recent ber aervioe to. Spain and that Spain his intended-journey. will :

,General McKibbin baa keen appointed breeze against a llcrkless sky be utevedorelaborers, ..etc., are bow ont of g.do. Brigadier General Lincoln, SixtyNinth. .1.0 have been _.1. public one of ba drawn""-conditions for peace, remain. III Madrid.
the raValry, band broke into the strains I'r 'r' New }York Third Ohio' and vhicU Is"'that officers of rolnnteenpi h-- .. Loada" ,
temporarymilitary 'go erDo". h.pp __ which offer a basTe for negotiations.. CJed.a&
In the S
pf "The Star thejiecond place, expedition Hocond the .
nanner Georgia
msk- provisional car-
Spangled ; 5S ; vliled nith state uniforms will bepni'mitleit I
It Premier Sagasta i* The Madrid correspondent of TheLonilon
quoted a saying
was amid impressive ceremoniesthat Ing the American and docs not tsrt from point, but will airy .brigade, Colonel ; '
pnle leap the one Noyen- FilhUUie'.1 to wear 'them until worn ." .
Work on the at 8U .that Spain want peace; bnt.that i1 Times says: .
tb.SpabI.h. Vroopstaid' down their : American heatt thrill with joy. lorlf..tou. ba divltloil among' several ports thru and (let.bm.nla nut, after which they 'will providethemselves "
Johns limiT, near of' the must be an honorable peace, a* Spain 'The royal decree temporarily suspending .
etween the litae*:of the Spanish At the-name instant the sound of. I !,jireventing the tremendous, congestion Third Sixth and Tenth with clothing conformingto deserve". the rfght( of individual a.
merlraa force at.9) o'clock' Runniagr the distant booming of Captain C"Pron' iI.er. I proje.iuf. satisfactorily United Htatei cavalry and eighth troops the regulations established by !. v*
5. bat.r temporary thl' was eiinoiiiilere'l' at Taiupa in the "The army, h* added "I* anxiouato guaranteed by the consUtutiwlll
:-General-Shatter-* a salute of tweo- I gD. rrturt( to start' tha fleet. of Bough Riders; .rti.rbrIIAde. ''ar department. resist the' -I
S '5 1 bat..r.og big Lastly, S to last-but the government probably make a greater impression''
ty-one in. When tbT 1 lolo1J0D.. fiT 1_nan"'I'' 't_ Tlie$ first 'ot,.the_
5. o nJ 1rif; ready tncre lie no eEirL'iitiWtd"eI> tlie -- ---news. successfuL cannot content Jos c oiauder and bc5retaff, were ea.- Qulo ceased, from .1\| directions hat Spain, ,has only one fleet leftbow- "ship away hit the transports heavy t.terie.. It possible, .that landing of the' Floritla'' sod FaniU.ext -. Had w* our fleet the situtionwould *- .

coned b, a troop of cavalry, and GeneralTkuaUnd I:' Dr" n our line strs'ins came floating across .r. Ivaves little possibility that the will'be. tfeth.r.fiud, .their own way all of tl, cavalry.. not S be c.IJ t oditious which left Key West Jane be very different. not Inconvenience the quiet and ..U., f 4

1,1. .taff by 1'UO picke.1 I'the plaza the of the regimentalbands guns; will ever be trained on a RpanialiensH to their flesliuntiou ,'jlbonlooncerloJ 1 I10n. ( 25, lisa been received. The 'landing A decree of the captain general of disposed portion of the population.

p men. Trumpeters oa both aides sainted '' and the mnffled, hoarse cheVrs )' The permanent'fortifications mnvc'tneiits.Generol. Brooke will take with him was effected early on the morning of Madrid, -which he beerf affixed' to the "The news. of.\he. capitulation ofSantiago I '

with flonrlsbea.General of 6nr men. The" infantry came ont will be of the moat .lb.t.nU.1 eb.t.ot.r.ue Milesleads the way. II* from Chickaiuanga, park mont of the July 3 ..Palo Alto, on the south eoast wall of this city;'says decrees suspending was received too late looom".D' ., "

Khnfter r.lurl1',11. General to "order arm, .moment later, after large steel rifles will be bad been promised.\ by- tbe presidentthat first aol Second brigades of his armyixnps of mba baDot until after several the constitutional guarantee by'Lb. morning paper. It. ,,

'Toral the latter'a aword after it had the R"1 was np and the Imnd played .lae.II bo nhonhl go to Porto llloo and the First. These are, in aI.Iitiou(1.neral lively skirmishes with the Spaniards. throughout the kingdom have been causes disappointment, because it wa. '

been handel the American eotnmsnOnt "11,1, 'Konml the Flag Boys.. I pliton. tlie )prominn wue redeemed whom the the Second Ec"l>t's brigade at Charleston General Miles took no part.'in thenegotiations' published, and a state of war existing hoped that although General Toral was,

der. In.t.ot,General McKinbin I oalo Letter patent have been issued' Yale heitiU'd' from Kilxiuey fur J'ort brigade, First .1.1. He has b.. careful it Is ordered that ,,no .meetings take in a desperate condition the spread of
.. ion,
troops, lined np at n., trenches, for cu.n. for General Sb.fer, I' Tallahassee incorporating the Monthe Itico H4)0) muon. "t.I.IOan"ral Third Oelar.1 ; 1> ., since his arrival not to assume the direction place without the previous authorization yellow fever might ia a few days have /.

4 1tS were rye-witnesses-ef the ceremony. i which ere with great" enllII. States Lnmb.Company of Escamla JIke.i bo I I. .olior is Illnoi. ante Fourth "nn'1h.'. of shun or to detract ta the of the military anthorltie It i I. compelled the Am.rlo.D.0. raise the '
the the n : Colonel I
General ISh.ner.nd his escort, accompanied CCIII. b.IIr.lng" : > county ., with a capital of. upon him'will ver, First, I.rlg.to Third leant from the glory of General Shaf. also forbidden to publish without previon siege .lId'r lIre.
by Genera) Toral, rode through Stripes Forever. The ceremony over ',7OOX>0. The general nature of the fall the revlw.u.ibility| for the circus Fifth Illinois Kentucky,, Kentucky, ter's achievement. authorization ..D, writings engraving "Regarding the prospects of peace
*Heoond Colonel
General Shelter and his returned division
the, city, taking formal oaaeaeon.( ttsflT mettles. of the company, will bo the U'I of the details vf his suporior'a.. J. H. ; General Miles took no part in the or.design whatever. ,. Senor Sagosta interviewed by a representative f
theAm lines First -
to, ricsii the brigade '
The ceremony'Of hoisting the star* leaving city TO.on('ctiire.sale, purchase and,shipment {,da-nil. -J i. P.I"n.1 commanding; Roe negotiations for the surrender of J9antiaifo The decree conclude with specify of El Correspondenoia Mil- ,
; C. T.
and stripe was worth all the-blood iu the possession of Ibomunh1jat'anihorilica of logs, In'mborj timber and ,'o The pint clirwerr for the 'landing lalic Brigadier O.nera ,- .- .- He has been .carefnl..since his : ing tb.. punishment which will be (tar, is represented* saying;, .,:,d.

.4 and treasure it cost. General subject to the control of produCts, tjic). purchase and sale |I.t nstho$ tenoral will Isndbtitoro On.rlinr.nl blQuFlrtang.,- arrival Cuba not .1 assume the direction meted out to-who-disregard. the; ,'U le.eertaln.JllO.i'ert.fn_ ,_ .-

A concourse of 12'OQO; people witnessed MoKbhn.! timber Isnds, ..andthe acquisition, I his. full body, of the expedition.in Heoond Jlnndr.l General McKee,Sixth);, of affairs 01'. to detract ia the order. Issued : government has endeavored ascertain S

the stirring and thrilling scene OMoII l let| ,. Pram fhmftfT.The. holding and disposition of real and at hnpd, anlit. con er'ieiitly'| not Oblo, One brigade Hundred\ and, } least from the glory of General Shaf- : The minister of war, General Cor-1,, eitra officially the disposition ,
that will live forever in the minds.' .war department posted the fol. personal property, etc. desirable! that the enemy ahbiild beublfl First West 'lft'fgbtl ter'A achievement.The Tea i* quoted as eaylng In an inter of the Washington cabinet respectinga

all the Americans present lowing Washington at 5:15: p_,m.:, : to asooiiible, a superior .(oree to Indi"D /naa vitw that he thought fteaee might be pacifid tolntion. but for the momentI ,
General inhabitants Ban
A finer Betting for a dramatio e piasode Sunday: 5 A growing -i is shown I in the meet him. The dintnuce from Charleston brigade Jrlg.dl.. n.ller. of are... arranged an the following term: can say absolutely nothing 'becausethe ;,

it would.be difflcult to imagine.Tha : "Santiago de Cuba, July I 17.-Adjutant country on Shark Hirer, ..it is re where the first bodytof, troops for Knl Minnesota., Pennsylvania. greatly,from alarmed the Americans at prospect and .of an attack The United State and Spain to! enemy might wrongly nppoa

55 palace picturesque old dwelling General United HtatesArmy., ported that there "1.several wild soar Miles', .,politou .IriA.in. inure than .D7- agree to let the Cuban decide b7.: that w* desired peso at any price andscoordingl7
SI The part the is to tska fleeing te the interior.
.in the Moorish style .of architecture, W."hlnftD. J). C.-I have the honor orange grovoa there. This is in the doublo from Santiago to in the assault.nl.b navy plebiscite whether .they desire Independence show himself more exacting. '
Porto has
faces the Plaza de l la Heine, the principal .nlOUDca that the American flag Jverglades. There are high ham l'ort Jtiro, sn that tbe- talAporl been against Rico Tb. English weekly papers express or autonomy ...d.r Spain, I hays read the proposal cabled

public aqnare.. Opposite rises ha been this mutant; 12 noon, hoisted nock .1 through that entire oonntr'. sail fruni, the- former Nn It has fully been matured.decided, that of the great satisfaction over the fall of Santiago the two governmental. to agree to abide to El ImparoUl which are supposed to S
the imposing Catbol&ocathedraL, On 6>er'the huuno of the civil governmentin With ( abundance jof h.mlo\k isan scarcely r.at) General Miles before none de Cuba The speaker think by the result of the plebiscite.. '* have been oommnnicated-by: President
one side I. a dnaintbrilllantly painted the "i -r Siutiago. An Immense ..bll.I.DC of mosquitoes, In' the early i'N of nq.xt, week. These troops t..t 1'.rUellaid in the .In.1. the events presages the end of the "18 the event ej the Cuban voting McKinley to M. Oambon the French

building, with broad verandas-the poucourse, people, present. A squadof the dry season million of horseflies Charluston. troops. aretho. First brigade fighting Porto .shall be .m.rlo.1 war lint describes "it.as "a stroke of for independence, the United States to ambassador it Washington. These "

elnb of San Carlos-on the Cither a cavalry and, a regiment of I infantry thatwilt Boon killv horses unless theyare of the First .di.ilnNJle First on tl. IU.-expedition good fortune which the Americana had' allow Spate nine month ia which to conditions, are so' hard that I considered .

building oC pinch the same description presenting arms and b"n. 'playing prtot.Th.. roar of fle.'ul army corps and are cmm.I.I..1 by .1.hare" .re.ID' for this, fr.', no right to expect. withdraw her army gradually and dig. them inadmissible. The government 4 '

S :the Cafe d. La Venus. national airs. Ligh'b.U.r' fired b" rle. around a C.t. _BrlgatUe| UouerRL.George "n., Ernst. men au er.I..er.r.l and fevers Seven Spanish'. prisoners'died from olfiedly from Onba a* soldier should ha new of other proposals'
Across tbe plaza .drawn np the' salute of .. Dt-na gnnay and they ran soon kill a single The l/lg..ll "oml.rif" th. Second I.lblp.' th..lma" from it rnatarlnl favr <.n the cruiser Harvard after having foagat like heroes that are much more acceptable.' '.

Ninth itifantry-r-headed by1' the Hixlh, order. being!maintained by municipal Cow, so that, the cattle her.gelhor. \IAooIAin. Third' WiHoonsin, and Six deemed.1 to be.t a r.1; .e'oa.l.to allow is.1.i' .- while-o.n the way to Portsmouth, N H. Continuing, the minister for war "In reply to a question a* to'whether '-

cavalry, band.In. the .street.faoiogtbe government. toclth Pennsylvania retlme"t. the soldiers very b',1 prat,. The Berlin, correspondent of the said.'We intended to remain in office to /

palace .I a picked troop of. the, "Distress is' very'frrest; but"little Judge'' Locke enlored-orders in. tho .'- ;":,. I.p-I; o" "''I I. "''un& i' to fever to ba bl.n exposed London Times says tb.t.the Irene In- ought to retain Porto Rico at conclude I pesos Senor Ssgasta'said j
yellow in
.Second .. 'with drawn, sabers, : sickness in towucaroely4e&Iow.oyer. Jnitfd', State* 'Cnrt" .regardiog-tue- (' T1"'III'
under oomroand "of Captain BroiL ( A'.mi1 gunboat and about 200 .disposition pf of the prizes: 1 orto Uican t, United States.' There'is also still another but tbe fact that no offlnial de-. Cuba of whTebtbj'Amer16'wtlt'besble -.dded,7eapecti11gib.-ml..1 crisis- .

Massed on the atone flagging bet"fl1 setomen, Oerver have surrendered of war. The ateamships C.tID"Mlgaa An. ovrrwhelm'inff. force be : dial, is forthcoming i I. worthy of '!. to despoil as in, course of' time mad this statement:"
one. reason purely
'1 and of horsemen, to mf. Obstruction are being Jovar, Buena [ < "i mihitaryone.Ten The- North Oormait'Oa.eite declare and in order to,more 'easily communicate '1 can affirm categorically that it
.h. th..lo. thrown the thousand .
\ bae Inland and .r..t
,. .,of Gen. removed from mouth of harbor. Onldl were ordered to be taken from that upon Zloodlosa 1'.1 possible b..hleo UancaniUo-and' Spanish troops that so far as it knewi ne eopflrniaUen with the South American republic doe Dot.lOiallr.exist, and that there
Holgnin, other
a victory *
.' S S.Shatter' division, with-their staffs. !Uponcomtng1uto.theoity I dlsooverejl .. iey.West to New York. under the convoy wheu..JJieSpinisU..fceoom within striking distance of Jlnl of the incident has been received in which daily. displays great.enthu-, I. no danger of it* arising so easily a* .'

.@ Oa the red-tIe roof of the palace'stood a perfect' eltnsl.m.n of d.f .- of the United Stt ateamsUiD have no reasona* and not loaaan'opport.nily official circles -The National.Qasette !Ia.mI.for8pal._, ;:r.', :.c L..i..Jo.,the! press indlctatea .,. S',
did Bnena cnvlno CI.thl' mfg4 t .
Fightittg Veitars 5
nae. Newport.The '
Cpta Lleotn.n' Spn"rd. Oalo tnccessfnlly. lost at Santiago dismisses it.* "a rumor intended to :
the first it would to be and the of re.l.t "er.r ground RLY"ACe r' SEVEN PRI50NBItS"DIB. S :
Kientenant Wh.le ; II day are lold. create bad feeling between Germany
1 < .. 0'1.0 c.rg The expedition i is to comprise 30,000 the place wore loft insnffleiently protected _,
S '
the lives jto-have .. vessel b
is to
Ilmel.teI7" 'overthemp LskaajL .ttUonl theltor tr.n.blpp., meii.at the start.and it will}I be swelled Therefore, .Shatter's entire and the United Btates ; ;
illutoiuatedSpsaieh anussad Spanish troop liav been been ordered re.i4et.MCKtoky Gives SljratncaetBxpreaalee Succumb to notarial Fever t
noon "to 'OOJ. and i ueceMSry to army, Is to 'be kepi oa guard the The offlelali, of the war- department ... .
Alfonso Xt!. .s'inoe in or.r' claimant A bond has been fixed'.andecepted S '
thel.S.D4. "Vive arm daylight armory, vlfl I'
in the instituted into of
S 70.QOO men, volunteer highliilla rear of the' town until have inquiries the sanitary > ) :
about the veranda which I: hare Tarot for the otnS Catal- S
AU % -
". S'railvorowdiog, pressing the, .gai.t l.nd doors formally J.rI. O.De.Ddl ins and Miguel cgo.but has been reused forces ha Jr SI.td .p the men have .stamped ont the yellow condition of the erlou..1811I. President MoKlnley has given expression The auxiliary cruiser Harvard, having '
.r.Dd.re .or.r. wacrantjhajitateinent that fever. Then will take turn In Florida with view to tla.'r.mo..lol S '
;a.d lining the roofs, were the people stores at 9. -; *_>. for the and they will be .11. t be servicein. they a camp. salubrious .- to a atroog nope for an early"Bespoaeing 1 : on board 1,008BpauIsh'pr1souesS "
: can for at Ppaniarp. if they .ran 1 be found the troops to more tFrld.71
.,' ol the t..o, ..principally, women' and "O." 81U. aid-np in N.w YorVtni the appealtak.n Porto" llioo, rea'. very short and it maybe that Shaftaf'e march- plaoes.in ease it found advisable ponosn: I to congratulationneoeM arrived In Portsmouth Harbor N. H.,,
'.' by the gorefnmTfft shall iii.U'. of the SaII'Iatro-. 0.iDg. .The port physician ,
I Doam1t.at. S 'H.Jc O.n.ra. b set"I time. will end at Havana.AWAITINO. todoso. -
.1 r'- tied by lh*.upreineoour.of the \ I u __, p&he .said} '"1 hope.for early boarded the vessel and m.4.-_ -inspection. 6
GUNBOAT DESTROYED.. There (fa 'excitement In CaMs "
HEW- FEVER CASE5 State great ov.'t, Hi visit disclosed the 'feel
______ 5. THEY HONOR REPORT peace .,
5. 5 CEIVE A. owing to the expected eeming ol Commodore
.. ,In the scares of other interviews liePTII that nearly half oftho** OD.board
Spanish Vessel .AanlhUsted .B the 'I
Reported By 5nrteofi at Sanr. I Of Admiral Sampson on the Great Watson'e aqnadron. ,Many .
.. .
aea.r 7t. I Citizens voiee.to the -. .lIl1mq" not werefli. ,
.! e, DI.r. of fort Him I'
a ,
N.w' 'I
_l.o For Oa* Day.TbewardcpartmeflLatW&5. : ,:/ T.lp'9".r Naval Battle of residents are- leaving. < .
o. > -'President Falrheod, of the JacksonvjlleBoard I July 3d. eipreasiagale entire belief but a S Six Spaniard 'died oa the paaaag
a Advice from .elate that ot Tradegnounoe.jbaUtbaehth..r.4y1ngoutiadhs1it.4 Permanent Home.A. A Washington dispatch .of Monday 'Telegrams''which' hav'ai.ed'be.J strong hope that peace"1 would eoma. from Santiago to Portsmouth-another"

'', .t fo1loeiiOOm.. i.Vnftrutesrawr1eeaSstnrday morement 'hal b. iI"iLiIIid'IIPort I asys"kdmlrllismpaoa'i.porton\ twrenthe. military authorities at Wash. The diapate -fromWadrld anuouao.1ng'iI.royaL4eigeepaspeading -, death ooourrwd. Friday afternoon, sad

.jt t compl.te1yl.stea'ed the Jobs nlnr and t ribntarte's, and, the Tampa F ..,..t present Admiral, 'tbe-destruction el_Cervera's aqnadren agU B _ihoseUL.Cubaa.ool the_ individual three patient were- not expected* tUvC

.; '*. ( M 1 Spanish gunboat Antonio Lope,who .t ; by Captain Cerrera borne on" 'Tampa bay I baa not yet reached the navy department agenta'of the war,department at other 'rights la, Spain waa-quicklyoojnmmnioeted' '- bere'..._Iu l,_.ricIn
S re
BiBoifXT; viaJIsytl, hiy 16.Stern..b.rg,5WaehLngton captain reoently-raa hi. vessel .hoe C. E.meD. ... oDlrme. . SS .i although it ia more than..two places indicate that --preparation-: to .the' Resident and the sick ,bay and forty',equally a* ,
'' : 81tQ new ease 8iH .Da Sao lU.D'd.''forte- Mr. Pairhead elated that he had cognition of his hnmand.and ohirslrle I Weeks since/tbat naval fight ocenrred.I the PortoBleo II expedi.tion are.being wee read at $the cabinet_meeting. Lain bad In $her portion of the ship. All '

'r S .' -S.]>ast twenty-four hOlr.one death. Woo, upon being e.e by American made a examination of the treatment of Lieutenant 'Hobson and I The r.port-1a on >I'> its, way,' however given earnest attention. .5 Madrid it was generally mean these patient are Bald to be'victims of

. au1tetioniueanrssrlgi&' vesselswhile.''mpUa.t enter. San lyaaibtha.pola.b. rlvsraaderSeis.aad.he his crey and a desire t sate him fromInsntrand" .I coming by one ef' the auxiliary craft' ,. \tTue'.*etara and ."tripes were raised' the first move of the Spanish govern- malarial"fever,, with which ''disease S

"*** **' O..1.4" Juan with a Clo,o prr.loa. and :'found ill many ther.were pbeetb'1bODI-end- beria-haad.' within -itext- -o4t'er tbeCity'of..Santiagonday.M mentjora, cessation of hosUliUes.. those who died ware effected.TOTAL ..
', pla. "
"ChiefSurgeon.. Wa m.t.ral 70" oeat there to few daya, S
: r -' fully per retul -' ..1- / S fooL, .'\., v' CRRyIZ4 OOOO HASO5._ :. CASUALTIES'Of '

:.;YELLOW, FEVER JMMUNB5'Leave : 'PRIZE. REAC"E SAVANAH. I IThe were 1. 'year In at Ul. t.. It(wa SATISr'ACTOIlV FIVER REPORT.Caax FORBIDDEN TO Captain Clene/al Blanco at Havana S ; '

Uted that, some ter I will S Iw deprived 'of all means of commnnlc He *M Other PrUewer Are New at .,,the Cuban Campaign Up'to' the' '\
Captured BroHght-ln .
Take Charge A.ut axe no hyacinth at'all, the Xmonj In Sick and Wounded From Santiago..Arrive S 'S A.... Preaent TIB "
'I' C."AI. t _.. ,Crew of 4 entirely. clear'and navigation Troop Were.Somewhat _
ye. ng at Roads. '
.4f tptll Cuba. ':'A'Savannah 5 dispatch aaval "LiUJ- S not.obstructed It" last y.arwbeaIt .The United Seneca. 'Mndrid. 4IS\-ct>through a 'strict censor. Admiral'Oerrera, the recent oomMander Aeeording' to .advises from GeL 4
Enca.r.td. States
S Major Sommer and I transport .. now, that the American has of tke"Spanlah squadron Shatter'.headquarter, the final
tenant -E. A. Anderson, with a was impossible at time for boat to A dispatch was at WashIngtoa arrived in 1Tanip1onRads afternoon army reportof
p rle Monday lokon HMsefiNioU of, Santiago. Genratgliaftorjwfll which waa destroyed off SaqtUgo, and casualties ia the sine"it landed .
,twenty-Are J.a of tb Second Tnne.I ore w.of seven men from the Kt through. Mr. Fairhead expressedthe lnitdsy night that the ,'witb.N ninety-nine sick and | army
St I .. .direct.that Aruaricad about' forty Spanish: 'cffloers, were in Cuba three week ba been
aae left Camp Alger en I States OIH.bl.h.a brolh.t. opinion thatthe -hyacinths number of fever up to that time wounded soldiers front HantlegoH ago
wee vperaturs.l placed, in' the telegraph transferred to Aaeapelia 1014./ Saturday forwarded '0' Washington. show
route to .b.t take charge of 'theihoipital British steamahlp maeS dying out, and that muth more would. did not exceed 800. view of the prevalence of yellow feverat l\
1 offlpe thor. The, signal offlpiala will and are _.\ of wu of officer'alUt *
:1 \ and This prisoners an aggregate 1,941 mea \o :
4er.-llow-Ievea.jsUenta.&t mrntoport1r1dsymovning wiljturn. \ not be heard of lowered the setimat.'by onefralf SantiagoJr.' Pettne,' the United 't
8ntiago> ''! %. ..her o .. 'the lDt.States J G \.m. tlOI that glron i la press Mis : topermit lusintiin a censorshIp of writing that within the hlstorie' precincts' of ,the. killed wounded f'rawID8Th... S

.u.,.. .jO Sommers 1 Ii an expert in the court t be treatedaa Th.Adnie 6.pia bad.been laid in ) patches, and a source of,..tl..a. the sick "and,wounded men to Is onVred/fniMtrsnsinhslon/ from Ha Un4tp&5Intee1svslAsedemy.I '_ killed number 38, of''whom' twentyone -;
""" wih Tana over the.:cable l leading to Hsyt'',, '"The auxiliary eruistrBWXonta( : weref 6ffleeT*; wounded-11,584 ot'-"
"tnattervf-yeUow aDd..1 Severe. was captured on,J sae,2Oth.sshe dying ont of the hyacinths... Somepeople to the ... be landed. "
,n. t.t and ''! ,&j.\olt w.attempting"to run'the blockade ., thought that it ".da*'to the -tOI .uthorll.8orgln'Arab.. at'.New- orki bat S is-nadejstood:'that:they S will betaken I or to Jamaica and"\Otbllllf'.wlU be rind the oreigs-prisoners up Chesapeake whom ninety-eight' were ooers,-and' ',

du-S epidemie of and enter .Ouantanamo bay.' Sae: .eat t water,'owing to. the drought,'but been yiren.carte blanche \gel to to New York., t$". Fetus permitted tbe t sant:..bIch..t. IB anyway beyA' lewd the Spaniards mUsiag,,' eighty-four' of. whom DoDe' ,
says ,
h'.I-I. men who go with him are .without cgo and wa ebe he4 did not.thlnk.-w, .even in the gether, at 'the earliest a large that n\ .yellow fever baa developed inj.iriona.. to. 'the intere.ts'of. ,the SPhilippine were dressed I' the Spanish. unlformT Were officers. Of 4he- ..dd only- -

.: ,10.,,, immune ant .will* b by 3. B. ($ I.a Spaniard.; t. 'dryeat of weatbdrtalt.water would not number of Dtr.ddootr momelt.nr"l among the "patients aboard, .bat it I.4frstho.t'that1h.renrwthr..nspt.. army" but moat of..them were dA d. ,out< ixiy-elght' have died.' ., 'I,
S __ e-farlh..pfa "n .T TamiTiir pvecaa5-Thwn .. .:--Jrk'American troopa. Jocatad.in"th. wholly or in part Jo duck uniforms Colonel Pope, the nrgaon-ia-ehlef, '

.",fJr. :; '- ; ,, 11uI'f I and Dreg'"T "bca\I''IUutbO1 on the Resolute.5' ;' foni ''- island' are, to be aapplied Jia'1ua4ee.'III'1It.1aeel1 ay*thla in.:-ftmsrrsMy .a.iIun. ._- '
\> t.1 ;' oa S.D\lj .go \8Ant.go. canes on the yeaseU' : American .. S her of f..UU.t". \1'
flAFTgR'5RESPONIU' wall a* in ; the river. -The captain .\ with fresh i refrigerated ,beef )Just aethosiret .

I :$ I [ -. .;.NEOOTIATIONS. .ARU.ONp..tu -\ $thought that'tbe :red:tplder that was'fli.cos.red .SXILBDCUIIANS.IEI S .. rr..4ItD.5r.S"Ow,.. PISPJLgASURBOver ,home." .Commissary General .TRANSPOHTATION PROPLBft.asVif I 'ANOTHER MANILA EXPEDITION. 1./
.. \ a'S. I
made to thUend. '- -- _
, 'hi I .. '.!!L h & t.11|Te.n "|Mr"pr.Say Franc Ha'fkn' in Us"go a work year.or The so ago rain..; he getting**id.filled Those In ThIs Country ere'Preparing.. -.5 .- 50ee.ral. Toral'; Surrender by' '' Egan., and baa baa received arrangemeata n eablegroea .siit;. JHer Ask. BMa.PftrMov.. I. Two-Trnasport-- Loaded With Soldiers t't'I

; r .. ,. L ., ,_. .,__ I"-SS. Burning Llchtlrbusc .
\ the dry fromhis agID Australia( saying that --' -- "
--- lllt.U the. epldersbnt JtVur"! : Prtso.srs.LA '
1ltJ 0.LZIirQnban I.5. :
54'b. ffiog WM'' received the Several ef of M.drI&ayth.Spsniabpvernment : !? The New..York Journal's Key'West, seat-from I Leave Fnacb ; I

.- 1. .Oen glu t rJnLre? ,! .h.newspaper opened ,:-".the had .D.ble then:" /'mulUpll(1M :* exiles in this oountry ereTa-! dispatchaay* that'in protest agsin.t'the .oargootbeefjtd.ee4 there to Manila. . WashUgton'displslch ssys:.-Oon- .The:fourth IanlJa: *xp ;diionjrt.Francesco (\ i
f sot of _v earning the transportation to Spain of '
capitulation aigned -Toral 4
: gtatniatormeasageof., the peace negotiation Saturday througb, "eady.man1f.preparitionjoJesv.Sot :
bi'ia'tbut a.
''I be ., U lobe Friday afternoon-in'
;, #, *idntr t '/'*_"_ ,,-,- the French ambassador,at Washing ; poV t.i.tiao; Cn' at SntlroJhttpanish| keepers _. ::7bunedloal, Santiago the:33,000 priaoners anrrendered ,
really disappearing
(: 1... ton the 'O"er''buD..d II at Cape X.pl.Dd Cape Lnorea, Cuba rDlore.Cb.r..idc1IUoDaI Immans OeneraT Bbafter, Cotonet.Heckerrincharge eoiaroand otGenersLOtisbntwo: "
U.r.ad.t army yon .b.lk'yo.i.lodr1 your eongrat-. of1th J.O.rbl..Uh the It IreDm.' in"' I ,it t ,b* ,o new. t..vif.UGI in"Iereet4,90 xp ok' to ,t'eaye." by ft ( | steamer both within the district agreed to b*, doctors anti nurses and n large coaslgnnient '"of. the qneationof transporta* traneports. he City of Pueblo and the .,

"', I uIiitor7.tl.gflim o : with,the.Hp.tdab.ngg.e- i ...' J.r. which will sai fronsWeYork'wltb1ga'w..k.snd surrendered,have burned down their of supplies which are ..speoIaita4s4e4In.tbs.prsaea1 tion, aaya that as pvno final decision Faro,.. 'Th*-expedition'.consist ';of "
uo t- oDaulCtOI been a Hare of great ..Dloalcod a ith_ '" -- "eireaat hM bees reaehed. "" nrly lwothonsaad nien.S .'
I In it.performed hightbomeeS : ,- ,
I a*: proud one the question of the taU CalU". : : ; r
" '. S -. his .duty..gallantly..re7 S:To rroessaj Ur. government. of Onb to be'decided tbieatebed aTO. tlnTe t ."lp' '*-' trfty.slotes '. h.f. .orr 6.000 :. 'The Spanish Garrison at Gnantana1me stances are to tbe rushed ,to General .The general"opinjjn: ,, ''however-; Th iTeewlr got under way-amidMth '

be m&to.*Tf J tgimeot by a pl.b| : that oinmero.unto.I. .U>*y oul4. rso4y te< into Cqba>."x the. p"leDt. city ts/'reporled: to bave'spiked.Its Shatter at once-ii Fcr tbia parfose Jthss that advertisements will be published .cheerinrand goodbye of tho*.\ ,,

"_' in the .ll.' tomorrow.- Spain vonld&al lib.bUaD accept the. troyed. (ia eome. ,manner.ONtfYBARiFOg'" .- thitXavana (silL. ; -; cannon and bltfwmip it* hnsgazines.c : .been arranged to.send a ship freer I In 'Washington'"..and abroad ;f ia-rittng and of ivilisna, .ujppln>... by the 4
: "> rta.r.I General., : :ZQtJA New York eltyt probably the transport proposals for transportation 'of the booming .of eannoh and..blowing'ofUaja. .
.. '. .) 4.elln.cl..la8h._ I b>'| .I.\ 1.PtO: "OOI"prs.' .1 -1,' MADE OPENPORT/ 'iii' % 'Resolute. .a: v "inefc.tb Spanish territory- '" '- ..histlea." ,, ? < ,j-
,\ tiv.rrrarnAR FROM 1 ; S :_ 'r_
/,'-, S .i __,,______ -_.. ? -- '_'5 -: V ef the A tfcr Bro *ht teaCIo** ;Th 8 obo.rd AirXln*. ,for'dit.i Vessel With .5uppl..May Now'ClearThe i1"jorcTbolD.: :.6V lBommers.and "COY. .'AND CORBETTSlgft ,. SHOCK KILLPD HIM.'
For UBeTagdoseJy i r Jwenty.nva men of the Second Tennessee 2 5 "f '
WaUbedByOfflceri '
uelt Tarrie it'.rsa1I1es'V' it'friends .
,R..cb.-I..oluhII; Iribation t and patfofii; 5aot"I. ub.-. ; ,, ., ''
:' S "Italy C Brief flI.S .' S "'eWa fp.rtet .,' \ The' .second; trial,' ZoIa some typical, "CoW pictures..,.ThesearV.iptotnsr I president:'signed:; the war.tariff ; egiment Cuba havrleffCamp Algcr onout5 .! ArtMe* FV a-Fight Tfliiffsia I offic.f,5ofthEw-Ft,4 7 Plala''asses<> N" _

,' Honolulu ateta 'that S'A W ; > *- Thecratbreak and!'Mi; 'p 01'.1'i' Acbr.fo. .pl. .bt:2 Monday, feter atSantiago. I Awy at $ fLleaienaal
yellow jwtiants baltia0i9.
hospital 1W :
or. JeIX. ,, .'Atiole.oLngreement ,.which will
5' t. there July 7th y.le' Santiagohatf Aurora .of liMI. brought ( P yr |of /si the privileged rate no" given S
i S : .. t.he,, < .the ..JJewporWThere eauoed the wft department t,r..,against them by the pffieej*.' of the b.Jt'ol'1 *"'"pa* pr,ei?' gen Spain there,, and makes that tariff uniform ." govern tw..ty-round glove' '._led] :'John 1'.. Blandl'n.who ."

J.'I- 5. was a alight accident 1 to the ma- dOW ; luWI.D over the 'eamp at Esttehaa.y.ronttm.r43L. 1 sdjourtedtrout [ preneagertlie/'rtntl:'at 12 aach, fo-all;countries,.including;tha -, Th ntton1'of.fl'oIfleer..at. Camp between JM a ;. Uorhett'! and Kid I a'officer\ of'the deck oatbeMaUe'wne'nebmWa'destroyed -'

"',.,,- the Utteraa the way c' Tamp.' r.exist*.' Mey ..naedatVeriiUes.France They can 1e, ecnr<5j from 'Q jintatlren.bf >; t' : ; 'AI.c l'Judleatea'; expectancy.,that)there HeCoy haV been *(gnd. at JJew Vorkby Iila,..fiaTaaa"harbor. :. :

'" S 4' tbolef) abordAir,? Line, ', p'l\ttedata Th. follwing"te1egram''hai' IWeV wiil be anesrl'povai.nt, ;* of t.troopsEaolr rpreeenetlvea.( ,t t.,both.pdgiliats.L.ooqdlng >. .' died at Baltimore.Saturday ., ,>ir'i3;.. S
'I'\\I .,.j* verl hour-. After"ahe* arrivedit of ,the..hlo i Zot*- an pa.l..i! f oI"1'pl tt 'T VjJ"T:,Anderson.i tent io th.'principal( oollebtors) .Pong ..pompany-' \ :>.commander 'wastnKtrnoted ; fa'.the... agreement the men Hit death wa*th. reutt otehook''
p. Vwo* given-eu"4 4tj .would'coal'' ''are Jbeing '.l *"7 >. ,. yei' jTef. .f..oD'f the Alat4 I I :: ,: ,' to., n<>t. wni|>arlieuJar are will fight forpnrs-: 20000. the to hi* rtervxma system.n taiDe4 'oJ8 t .ImprUunnient. 1 n6er 'I"t-bmo..t vOMti '- 40,1' SbW eerrioaTKe wiaaer,W take all ,before the Hawthorn fatal of the FotfSnsa-, '
1 fajIt strict preoautlcm b".ke.e sxtto An olsar American or,neutral tUn ''npp\i.b"'J\ ] tot actual ; night explosion. :
bll t 1.DI. ) ,. .t.hl.ob' t fx' may ,
1 pbl.'ald ti"tl VM.tT .eA .
.. \ Qf peeled pr.'d ,. ) l $ .. S ,Te'sseJe'witbui lles and" isionaJr / 1Mi(1fitt Korervaiehl',ha*, proclaimed 5' Atalatlo elnb'o H. ; > > prof
t. rJUr. '
,. T
\ j- ,, .U'.uU. 'ut.f'r- ; : .
., .,;, 11' ftSt, SI '& V .i4- roartIaaw, is ", $ttafUraooja. September lt I .'but kopea wr*. In.rain.Vfc,>.::f \. '
7., J 'I j wJ *- : "'. *
"e f. rnr '. cs 'S
; f
,, "' '',.' : ,r.. -u' _-' ,_ ,. I ': J i'i. 4 ? ; < < fite'I ;'O jJJ 7"101' e 'it .. s>."t'-'v V-* tm'j -. *, \;1'J""' '"' .'"-"! ", ,.:-
J '_,, 55j: ,i: i., < .. II ,I' "' '. 'I : 'u }' } S.6 .. t r ''*- I"ft' i1iR$\ ( ,, J- fJ t ">. ". <
"' .'! \ 1 .r" ',' .
r "
; .
$ : ; = !"'- ," j "" ;
S'S S ; } ; .J 'tfi' \1,. rJtj"t' rt.1! !* "l t, :
"" f I' ,1'4
: r'_ ., t'-;.i.. ". .-: :(4 1 ." L.( \.-.--. t' ".r"\ ,.". r'.' ''J .

- T; ji : : _


______________ ..-- .'- -- .-- ----- -- ---- --- -- ___-. ---,-.--. __
I .V.V-
---- -' .
: .-,- V
\ _

7iLlwL, wniTKti 1'n one ot tbe' DaLand Tax >4sesors_ flak, .collectors: \ -V

\ Ktsstaee 1 \ : Gazette. 4 papers advocate-,the-bndimg of commissioners nnd council. 'ar ,
Valley. V 4
., -t_ N 'i. Brief Sunifnnry.of,Eacli Lb I county, 'for *100,000 lot good, continually being as .1 .D', HOA.N ; -
I. '"
roads.. sassing property above the market .

f. P. At VANAaNSW., ) Day's; Jlnppenhigs. price, uud it takes a lot of" V ,

,W. B 11.o.ItR18.Poprlctorl? :/The/' Thayer fish .talias len to periiiade taxpayers tht it really AtLt'

,.l. __. ,I(;.-4 -foJ\ f i; vjtB declared'UflCOfl5tjtUiOflAlV by Judge makes po difference much the 'Buciboards 4

tk Xnlarod at u.. riMtomno In JClaslmrqoo, na,:. V. butt In tho. Otange county criminal assessment is-provided their property Wagons
._ Fnir jUly N
jM IKI..I_ mull mauur. AY, 15.- ws come: JV
the of thin
__ tt --- .= of tho-. surrender of the ..Spanish'e'c court on ground irregu.V is not assessed higher < V -

8n.n.,1II le". t"'I"L" !qrjkin..Ut.P''IQR "l.Il&.I. fj' neighbaxingpropcxt.ysL.2i.JJnLLrihsratsr1 _.
-' fall".tt111 ''WI".pt'l' ii,r".1', 'G d.1Qrln f t w1l1iTli' iX'v'of SiuPll 1 because a has .
I. -All uiiin 111.ntt n.-"uPt"1l'lll lf1.nl1, f i lWm [ggi
taod ournNiiuutiunte' u\ttit\ l>o vlgnwl. -lit the go, one third of thi province.. ; SENATOR MALLORY is one of the to be raised, and if ( '

o wrltor.K .r eMd.maltor: will i not bo. .rctnmod, u..I". and.all jof the I troops under his Senate members ofjthe non-partisan is lowered, then the tax must be .:'

called Thd odluir for.' command numbering about industrial commission appointed tocojlateinfornation increased,and in the end '(tlie taxpayer ,RepaIring FeintingVgeei; Blackimlthlng dorm, with neat ea.
t.nor.ispotiuII,1foroplnlcrnp ezpree ,
y ifl by oorro.M| >ndoiui: and fo consider horo< pay precisely thesamesmount.it4a4Offiparatlvelyay. and Iap."b. > ::- __ -. -- -:-
I. Advertlilof raw.may be had ou applloatlon Throa commissioners from each and rocomrnendlegslatIonto inee V -- '

.nd-trOapioiMdfiihli.l tlie problems presented by "tabor, to educate residents on this point. '

NubcHptionR&ts_ range terms. Th>: United States agriculture and capital. but Ilia trouble lies with nonrashdentswhorefuse "-- V C' V
Oascyoflo? year .. ... .t.. . ....f.ooOn. .,- -- -comforted LOUIS a MA83EY. PH.SIDHTT. WALTER A. S1IIr. fjammrTHWAfEBANKOFOKLANDO V V.
copy, tlz ,month.. . . ,50 agrees to transport prisoner* b'uck 'THE Dade County democratic to V.

One copy, tliree niontlil. .10.J . .. .aj to Spain. On act 'unt of yellowf.vei4ti4e4didto4.o1uteShsf. executive ..committee haa also* en and insist that county officials .hl V.V V 44f (./ ,

-. ..'All. .Iub1crIpL1opnyaIlebp, ..- -t -) ndvanct.-- -f d'J ud MrS Jone tfTitniville buy lpocrle..t.d&h-rl.(

-t (ler's nrmy at Santiago. Two rcgi! for Circuit Judge. The haste or tho'a8seasment. V -'

_ !RlriA", JUiY32i89. men!s.of immune-s tire ordered from displayed on the East,, Coast ii TUB by tlie railroads to V. Offers to the Public! facility. and accommodation. ." : :

., pushing the candidacy 'of Judge nell c every .
.. Ga'lveston and New Orleans to lories smacks of put into the reduced passenger V consistent with Sound Banking. : ,

Comn.mion TilE railroads to.revoke are)petitioning thepassen.the. garrison loading [transports Santiago.' at Tub, l'ort work Tampa of treated with', in more 111*Indecency.JudjloDroome. illness sympathy, is being this a-case.rate of on delay Monday, suchjas may: .was simply exporienccd."w4wM b, Exchange -Bought and Sold. Drafts drawn direct i s afetyr:Con t rn; T thk'.TImeJ! Low 'Rates sI! .V

% "ger J Jare prdcr." _" c is 'The MI tml' i i. part of the circuit., -" -.tlio freight rate was. .' on ,all. parts of Europe and; the Odent.c -, V PI*.*0.....s4 ..... N* Traasl.r' I.| MS laeisenvtlle ui Now York,
I suspended. ;
'L camp enforced last fall7orit.may> indicate .
f V ._ Ta.rtadt u U soiBiMMa.f th*Mlowlal BaBatOBW)t w sisel sWMaMtsiMW .
MIchigan s'rawbery'Krowe, condemned on account 'of limited an to throw the order ( NATIONAL PARK lUNic.Jf. ,
IT believed that the attempt V "ttirolee.11- "Sunloole.
-. is WIDELY Correspondents :'Cel11as" ( )) "iitonnnin. rogDola .
1 aro selling their truit for 35 cents a water supply and poor -sanitary borrowed by the. Governor into,.the courts If the latter, it i. J 1 NATIONAL BAJK. ?JAK. OKVILI.. .. ,. ,
case, at a loss"of 3 cents a case condition money State and safe (to count on the. V challenge be- -. : : .__ -14 ..1I0RT..B q- ;aVetL. "
i-; .__ 3 V _. went to pay the, tl op", .. 'L .i;&.poIn..aoil..IaI..d. .
'T T.1 .- 1HHI..day4IHfr..Yl4H'PaoijQ._. ATU 'y'u1H !!o..a' 1 vet rt etved 7 rillbf coiii- ItJeeptC.IP: :::a"" :. t-iASs--.r&:: : a;Q ..T_ nu.,. "' IQ. {ealllal"c_ ", .r..._.aa Tl o..,
1Iold-Jrrtlle-ml11'kernt1:1rl.-pricr. j mill Iton..1'lL ODda I.. ntiL a :
: and t1ian lor liTjTIitndaes ; :':
ordinate Spanish, commanders pliments >s .Chr.r _"el,. L. _.. .,_a.IlIe..4 CII.. ,1'...
'V ***K .
Tll K lakeland Sun--i_ -deploring >lde .isniiftgd' bbect"ia'tlie".urrender } ; and .public'The ''spirit. Thll ls .... 'PYeMILV .Lfr'FoHda1tt ork : .,_ IOIJTU.IIOI1ND.

the' fact that at tlio -recent town a mistake. money went .to SOo. SOo. p *00mm 556 app.Iated\It aMi from Pier" ..IU_.11 MT Tork. at' ..m., **fcn."iC
; election were'' and.Madrid despatches\ say the pay bills 'transportation hind '. ...I..n. ".0.. .' ." ....w= .. I'rl4.,
,36 votes =
I only polledout GoldWathTbM .u".uoa UI.f 61"1_ n ..O 'l'rIciaf..lydeN .
ot bet ween 200 and 300 Soljdierinn government repudiates it. Thepansfrabinemitstlmtiiego feeding.Not a cent ditllttie! First = J I IV.

; IMS killed elect ionerinff ;. F4orldasn.nget4orpayrVI.4sn '-i i on w-Eng1andjn hr :Li ''g4t"Q1jv.l
'; the Governor not borrow : ,
pity -
this campaign. tuitions for have been = j at'CBarleston.! S OM both V
_ peace a little more. Must the Stale's watoheJi :*; ( lliaf} ,L) .. .VtV
14 J '
are Mild polled. There ore 360 cases of soldiers wait till the legislaturemeets It our ii-uin. lint|>r.po (lu.1101 horn I lit, Kilgil Ak STEAMERS "DEI4E\VARE.AND "OEO. "
THE Georgia railroad commission 'in laud U t !] Introduce our feunrmotii -I 1rt. L- V V NV
yellow feVer of" a lid .in W. ."I. .
type ? lias not some bank enoughStateprdetolendthenuiiwy ) unnrl .P .
lilt*.c'ited the express nrTU tele wpth tr.0 lf.-.i.WU iatm.V wo.-wi 111 IIIIIIT you llf-TTinTT Are.__! _. to s 41. M fjlowFrjm l! V _
----jrepI* companies t lu sinrw ctrtnw ghaftar's awiyrH '. tenr iitii r ve llniia olferT I/yon wmitrme.*; wrltou*fc Ieer, Sausage. Foot, of Hogta S rest JcasonnllaTauuSDAYS. ,-.> Fran tewi.sb Wbarf Do.t uV

should not be 1 had orders to capttare'tbo porarily? V V without dol.". With, y.irieller.ond, 1 tu ftoFoouu V FItIDAY.sr. :
why they prohibited ) Inlornallfknal$M.ni.ir Order,for which f \ V

from requiring the public to pay Caroline fall& on the way to' the Ar THE November election three we will,$1 vend. and yoU ft ,.oll.lwonis '"AtUjt ntlWr You' (r.rcnol.imoeiiu.F F .
I our IcSer:1MrM1

/ the war tax on Their business. Philipines.- V Preparations. are In2L2ZfVVVt amendments, proposed by .the laslegislature tho Hhow beautiful Ilia ofe., ilmllxMM't.!|I[ their)ou at to* E. "_V 1V ".... -- .; L Y0i's : JO (J"4 N S 'HIV R L'Ir1PL ._

are to be' votedLupojLillie $ .* .4. Pi yjjj ._ -V j VV -
j .
Tampa for n larger .e:, Slat r''lvonl"I""t 1ho."I., ..:, Pc.&I (5114,
-T Bdetnoeratef4titiinm a frwby ( c.n t *" II.Ul., lkfic.llrord.. F.istarprles F41.. 1"11I.(11
fffiFi .
guarantee or .
accepting t In* s jib r, 'NOTI E. V
to Porto Rico. Fresh rl.meol ald e.
prove the State Railroad Commission pedition' surety companie.,' foreign or do. sad !I. w..rul( f\ n Atdr. V Lu56iaslg. Oil ,, 81. JohIa" lUtter.

li\w believing that, if properly troops arrive at I-akeland. A strict mestrc as surety on official bonds WAVONask.ss. ALLIANOU & 05.50. NntloeUh.reb'A given Dial ihe following deoerlbed land will b.sold al pnblla snctlod OB the St.camel" "hARRY '0. DAY ..
: ; 3o.Da. aTom.. ....4.D.. 1.ltI."or .K'mat' A. II, lea, .1 )h. "nll.ll l 1.'II..lmm..CIt'-.la..III', florid.or so ,
executed it will correct many censorship i in-ordered of the Po/tO the second authorizing the legislature LO"oO. .L."O. mni'li' tli a. wlU.betM-omiiaiy.I lopay tlie amounts due (for leave herein oat ''_ ._to tbs :W.A. V
MUU*ln vUi r wlUi ewrta uf V 8IIAW.
not thsfl s.itSed aJvertlKluf ana ul .
NonJ7 mole --
unjust discriminations i nod give clothe the Railroad Commission .Iur.ll. t ___ '
Rico expedition. The fourth Manila to :-T-- 04' -5 Is spMHDtod to saif"UOIIOW.kLeMo. ; _-.., .- -cVV .

just transportation rates,.that winprove expedition of 1,700 men under wtth":judicial 1 powers in a)1.1 T1rtG111 TKSTINONIAI s.V : V.- III [ aoli.oneillq..i. . aDda"L Tarsdsjs sail Thurdays at fi CO p, m.,

profitable to both carrier and matters connected With the ,func .*. mil. KnvUnd. NAM I "I i lUlurnlnt haws Sa'nfurd. .. .. .Jitonday.. W dnftil",. and Fridays a> 5 00 a m.
Maj.-Gen. Oti(is 'snil '"from San VU "llh..k( you vory much for in 1C OF oWII a. PEHCRIITION OF LAND.. ..
shipper. lions of its office : and t rd.providingthat f' yon nenl in. lrwe of ...a.II.1 I Ihay. fi fiI : ; Oeoeral Passenger snd Tib.ei Office. 204 Went Hay St.. Jae111100Tt1114.
_ = .
.Francisco: The total subscription i..ted Ii for mine month. .ml keY V : : :_
.1 A' aItTTJ.RMRNT has at last been upon the impeachment er varltMi onhalbsmIule l( .:ouoi V I V : : : 5.. W. IL W AR URTON.T. P. A.. }?, IRON MONGEn. Jr.. FIB. P. A..

to the war loan w4s 1365000000. of any office he shall be disqualified .3 weah'acud ..Oo ."-K. WilAm.. j Huns' AKDITIOM, TO V ... A Bowling Green, New York. 204 West Hay 8t,JselsoBtt le, Fla.. ,
made of the KIUIMMII c. I
long standing and dispute the SUNPAY. July ij.-Gpn. Shafter from holding office until :J "T Rlvo sway a UuM W:>trh worth -* I lydia fiIsfIlsuiio' butler .. ... ,all Mark. I 1.I i, 5. ..5,S, 7, s and ii..coptlot V t la':f... 11 tlM 1"B W. H. niCNDEHSON. K P.. JNO. L. HOWARD, 8aJ' .letellclert.,
between the 1'l.int System and the Governor shall u t.. rvriiUiily *ple.i4144| . Tlity of Turn pa.over tlio assessment wires thattho: Saiilihgo campaign acquitted -J 101 1.1., thViitHii.iln'm' AlliitiM I Ii lydia 1..lhU"I hull,, . m THBO. Q. M.. .
Iol.Oand Ln EOER..T. .
of the Tampa-lny) Hotel property. may be considered closed. The appoint a successor ad interim. j 1.llu. they ..a.ln.I, U U.:nU"->hmaker KUIT' B*x.In KIIBI n I j jjClJo I Ljrdla: : liiitl.r:: :':::: VV:,ail .lAYs..:. ..(.LII: : )'::&.111": .:.::AbblTlon.:::.:::!::::::::::::.::;: :: :: -10. V 77l. 5 fleeting Green.'Ne York. .Taci W: .

-,'- ; It shall is bo agreed assessed that for the'$200,000 teal estate and J\mericl1l that'the commissioners prisoners be 'allowed.recommend -'liev"rn IT is-State SATISFACTORY papers are to taking note that.(liegreundthat4hennexistioneCoba ,( .. roN raouey a.d ST...lre order..IM ybl, EShIASU hitler, (o 1HI\ Ox p ITnkunnu.Unknown rnknnwn Uaknoon:".....:. .:..;:.lot lot lot lot it.\ ) ...;:::'::::::: ::..::..::::::'::::::::::::::::::.::::: M M M I 5 5I ,6 Bowling..:. Green.\VM:!%" P.York.CU.r.O.CLYDE & CO Gan'l .Agent.eL..tUe. ; .. ..

the for M 1 Or
personal f .
.SO.OQCW., ___ -
\Ildl1 I BO.WtU.-l., asia DIV. 15Cc A reTake ,.
LOT ? 1U
but tie Presi-
to VtrtstrUTmS { will injurer Florida. The fourth tiaraS lloxrcll .ini.I.2.S.4. B,5.,7. tt.., 30, 17. IH and IW......... A anl I V

-, COPIES of the newly [published deut overrules the recommendation. section the joint resolution recognizing ,.V John 14.uI.: AiiilenMin.handy CwzIns$ .. .,.V.:.loi l.rt.ia.nd ll anil n U .. .:::::.,::.'::;::::::::::::::.: A A I 10 1 1 IftS ftSu TAKE -

HF Constitution of' the' State in Commodore Watson's Eastern Notice. Water. lot Ml .. .. 10M I IWIII -THB A Y EMTNORTIf.
pamphlet the independence of the Sarah IKMwellKarah I V V all .. .: "::::::. : :::::::::: : IW -

: form can now be had on ap. squadron js ready to sail. The people of Cuba : "That the I. :, I tMNiknfor Uiocouutir of O*- llocKt'llJ 'all .. ..'.... ......... .. 84- 81 .
says HtHieof Flrlls. will I !I. c-nil 'i.uT
Cela. < n| Ml tho i.rivasax's( SUB tiiv or 7HK-i.4ii.co. ABUlt V
-- : plication to the Secretary of State. Spanish coast is being fortified and United States hereby disclaims any oftlroofTnrtnr M.sra, HroiulMiiy .tV. on V Cnrri. lot .. ". .........,.. .. I 04in 219 /E ST. SOUTHIV WEST'

r The publication was authorized by moved to-the disposition or intention to exei i J."I.0.1..1.. lyi. aiul a p. .Hutnrtl.. I..*t}.p., from m b.1 J I'nkhoiiu.' V ulltMirt. V : lot:* t. .: '.'..:..'. ".' '.'.' .'.'.'.:.!'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 1s3 V Tl l 1 __ _- V :
the last and includes all troops ports. KtMiiliiH AnuiiHt lot ntul ( UOIII I I.Jl
legislature I CO'I' Ifll-UIV. TO KlulMMtKl' Departures of Train.
MONDAY 18. At- o'n sovereignty jurisdiction or control und ".""" .)'of the, "" "ullml.f i the.0-daj y a 1 I'lIIlm./I lor'7 ._ '.. ..... I IromTio. May 25 11198.)
amendments, to.the'. Constitution July noon over said island except for the pacIfication Iii' vnr lit ,1101 Uicrv".I h.U l I jteuura E'J iMiJantalalxm.Prank lot W . "... .' ..... 82Kt I 7S7 X1sslnnee. ".
and full and index. J. hrl ), ColaS ..' ADDITIOH.' '
I a .complete Sunday Santiago was occupied thereof and its de .r.. : Kranvlln .
asserts 2. vl lien. .... .... BL I 10 .
and ll Krrlrk J."".. ,f . .:.. ..... ... CL
with military honors the stars termination when that is accomplished I 10 I 78
BKrrlck Smith .iota H 45W DAILY for Jacksonville and Intermediate
V FoiccloMure of I. V 10 and 113 Hhoeuinkcr's sub dlv.I of bib DL points connej
TUB five civil suits on' the' bond and stripes hoisted over the seat olgovernment. to leave the government Mortgage. iii.iii; ... :..... ..,... 110 I Daily : log at Jacksonville wltli. trains for Northern points vIa IMa/l

\t\ of C.I II.3 Collins, c <-Staj, lrcu ur- The Spanish and control of the island to iti peo. In Oiwoola the Circuit'liuiiiy Court, ilorhIaV-iU, Seventh, Judtrlal,Cbauotjry.C Vlrcuit. iknow.Unknown:: .. C'lutl,' lot 4..Bliueniakor's. .... .. .. .sub..,.,dlrro. (.bit....Di... .and.1. ..77.Tal ..:::. ilL 22 let I 77 m 11140 I : a. mNo. ).Ieln. Pullmui .Ieeperalacbon..llle to New York by 1'lnr-

er resulted in. a vcrdict of $5S,< .. troops ple:'" Florida should demand thai :.thari_e i4vlnijtofl. a tiiKl rifles I f y New burn .nw){. .. ..... .. ....!....,.. M 110 16\ __ MonlRomcry, .N..h..llle.wt L & .R and,,
him and are being disunited ; 7,000 V .N R. ouly- Jine-run-
93 against as principal t'ltkouwn.......... !
this pjedgo bef.kept. The DeLand v VI. _. > ForouliMiur .w'T! ,,-,.,..-.. .. .. Tl. 012 V .
.$30,000-111__ijtc-. -abrogateURuinst un(1 6oo.ooVcartridgcs.nrc- turnedin. Harry W. I..o...W. U. Mak-1 of Uorttfnvu. .I."kn..o.( -awtI'ukitnwn -. .-. ..V .. .., ........ .., V,. 28 S7Ml nlnf| 1'ullinmi carl and day conchc to Montgomery and 1'ull- q
: Agriculturalist wcU-says : "The I...n ..l I \ItIliiU'INIi ) .. all .T. VI. MlHI man can and day coaches Montgomery New Orleans; she
his three bondsmen. In the case nitiH-arlnit by HtDilnvli llj.l.li4o.t U lie Ati lUnxin : > to57'i'ftsotnwourofiike.5ftIlQtw9sjfnff' : :: connect It with Pulliuan
A gunboat( "and loo seamen State f hal rights. thai \ ; ,1 : | > Au 4 I. Jacksonville sleeper fOr Nailivllle.
Hanson l .
f F. l WH |ftlo.i I In M c alHtV ftiitedifaiiMO 11151 Hurry V l..gs-hPtwoIwoorolIknjUgtwiufi.o ft, e.OT via Macon Atlanta
against:tlie executors o Jno. should be carefully guarded and] N. Krnnf! nno of (Ihn IKjIundaiit:. tlwrvln and Chattanooga. ..
Kiirrcndcr. to Shafter. Capt. en. ..!Inn i011F0'4.klli, ot'tine **t ilo. I'oynU. ........Io"lfl . '. '. :..":,'.':.::.:: ::: : : HIY
Dunninvolving& $40.0(10.( there.waa that "Florida .. !\ .,11..11. _.. _.11 ,__ I.. _. :!. .82 DAILY for Sanford and tacktonrllie. connfeetlnowli '
- ll1l1co-cll1ins to still have *ooooo protected nnd ." that hn A reNldiMit, .of It.sVer A 41I.nsi.ae.un. Atrt_ n .... ,. -- ..... .. ., .
--h a mistrial. __,_ should certai ly oppose" annexa- .}Ieisl.ver, thosgo of' |wculyonu year.;i liIN <1 W Uaui, :lot..61r.m''I I : ft.off.end' .. .. IH 10 Dally train on Plant System for all pointn. This tr.ln" ;.
regulars und 40,000 volunteers under ilicrcforc; ortlorcd tlinl' : .d.I ,Hli-re.ld.i; hofo.Ia.t Julia A IUj., : lot. \ ti, also! block I i H lll i-. _!: ? L:. _&'_rn.. 1'ullman sleeping cart Tampa| to New York without ''II ,
,_ ,_ V .chance
I AT Stockholders Protective Ll<*!U.IA.. '_.*<}. he- hoped .that, the i! : Uo auu, : be l(s f liL-ret/y: ''I/ fyntUco4 to ni'imarlo 2 n ier.s4dltlonIn9.i.mm.sbso-s.nnIn5* l at V and Jacksonville to Nsshrllle via 'Plant
Tim his command. Sirrifpsotfi licetis tho lilll nf I I'fiinplnint.Alfd, 1 In. .aI.I! muMt on :the ii eoor. ol lot i U.) .urvey of l System MttntKolIety" l
Association meeting held at D.ide Democratic State Convention willexpress or ltcfir.t Monduv I ihit,I U(day of AiiKllnt.A. IfINW. K.* anil ions w an ,'t( eai ft, .=..n:, and L. & N. Jacksonville, to New York& Jacksonville to St. .
divided into three squadrons oneofwhkh itself squarely onl.li.. oihcrntito the all. .. ;.of ..Il l hill will i w 4il.. thoua' 59I;j mln.w 410 ft la a point In a JSV Louis. Carries sleeper between ;cincinnati| and 1'ortTampa.SOUTH .
City l.tKt week it was resolved that IMT taken a eotifttMv1 by nld Itch'tidant.( ln.I.uldaryIlsolMawsiia st., therua w with "
animal old butcher ; is for Porto Rico. Six '"*uc. l|In tu::filter, :ord(5rw1 Slat IhU I oolrr: (:HI pub.hod *al't{ l.tM>.n< ..line aiis ft, 10 the no ror. of V BOUND. "
every enough- 4 tift, n vtoi'k for (live .ronimcutlv. wm'kn I.Ik. III II Kiillur'.addition, ,thenr s WO f I lo '
mnrkcd irked roJ In the K Iinlinii' VAI.LKV whether or unin transport with( 5.000 infantry ale IF THE over the...retolutiono. a oowipa Lak "nd.l'Orl Tamps, Tampa and all Inter.
M>r|nilill.'hiMl I lit, Maid vouuty aud tft.lo. for of a t arr.mat M>ld lo N V Vriran, theur*n l>
calves or Ctlttlo'4.hould be recorded: ordered to leave Port Tampa.; The investigate! payment of mon ThU jui1 lLI_ J>.l.It. thcore* with Brv.u'.B line KU ft, la thpVhOUiIlTI aily mediate point, Tnes. Thurs. ft Sat. for iiurtow Punts Corda ,
JNO. M. I.ER I hiss of acId lot: II thunos BonlUlM ft 5 :Ito a. In. Castries sleeper between Cincinnati and Port Tampa.
and every recorder in PilfiCo..l'olk. e: appropriated bill for the Clerk V to(5,9 tM lul of .. ... i '\
construction is finished at Tampa by re- [ &st..J t-'lMMitirourt .. IwHrnnlns: : 1100 1A DAILY for Bartow :.
; Punta
N Corda
I'' F Art iutIand4Uteffaeu4o1I..5 ,. ii V Lakeland Tampa, Port Y
Sumter und Luke ) \V. A
HilUborough 4 M
of a plant to make for wa bal- lcfof the $k Ggent.of the Met hodiit UAMBKV A BACM".AitTitN, II Deputy\ MI'I Ihinii) H .I.II..H..I."..- r. .. . VV H 44 No. 23Dallr Tainpa and all Intermediate points. Connects Mondays and
counties was asked to adhere gas Episcopal Church South leads duo Cle.k J M Collry...... .. ( In.. .. .. H 174 J5 'Thursdays with Plant Line _
lCIW.a.l.'Foreco8urc Steamship for
8U.I.. } Key West and
I loon.. V Colley.Kn>d A 44 ale.-.un4uvsdui11tl.' lu ..\,..,.;.:.....V.. H 174 SZ
strictly to this rule. othe: supprepision of tho "Third Mary 1 Allrrlnid..ailool: V W.N rliiht .. "". I_o U.L. iii ,_3:32_: p. m._ 'V vana, and every Saturday with_.lantSteam.hl'nLln.for Mo. ..
;'It.'i1'r. V -- V V
I -. i'lJRsbAEJuly.I9-Th1e; Cuban House '' Senator' pa.cowill'n t -- -of Mortgage--- I and Hweli.---1.t ./..' ..?, P-:4 tw biIe.- _
j :: Mary AtI"r".ld..Ue&OOPIl..WIl04bl.ltX/.Io"a.. ,.....,. V, i WI.i t 74K
'4 i In TitE'POval county democratic f show t discontent because they; have been placed in an unpleasant 'n\ Judicial' ; V -"....O lrlo... ... "i'>" ., .' .. V'1' ..1.' V : Cloud .: V
orccs St.
primary tlio.. Straightoutsv.'erc I OHOoola County, ViorII5.Iii: Ub.'c.Clrlt ull..oeWI1..lot2t."..............."...__ .:44V .,. .." ; j' '. Sugar Belt.\ \ L
: position in The debate Catharine f.::U ring*tun. ;lu>Yl "N '. ... .
were. n t a11o-ve, to tnkeVa part in vojin. re. r" \ ,._"."III'UII' ADo l.'O.' '- .i..j..I.UR.I.t ND.r : : .V.V =; "' > V
defeated by !heavy innjoritiesTe: ) 'II.l womaU| I JII C..a"lIo'.".t..' 1. ( \' .. a."lIt iii / 7 .OU.II..OUKD. : .,P V
Vubgc helii? I. t bcJturrcflderNVnf; !M iL go"V" S lII'ti sul -d.-t lb J1Il & !of. .eso __- f Vfc .-- 1--F.r '' 'h' 1 .M. P. IIOIIUIIY'I ADomo. ,''' ._ .' r' c -: LEAVE S V ; ,
Convention F B. .
11 : :
lUll on. A suggestion' was made if.Creamer and Walt6r(( 1 I o Morsg..ge, Aat.ltIt II.-. .,. 0 211 .1 ARRIVE KIssIsMk.No. .
"-- the Hon> TamcsePTnlia- iago'is dcclarsd 'An I Its I : J V Unknown..Intl..V. :.... .... j 1M III .
open J port.! limitjhe.fees ... .u. pas'r dally except S'undoT 0-r.rt A .No. '
"* by..scuatorLodgo..to bsffi5erli apuendcd-tIle bill ""' ADDITION. __ ,_sea dally except Sunday,9:OO *_ .
15. > ferro' of Jacksot"lie, for United reported from. Ib.\anll that J" oJ claim small "W.I lu the abovo .Ui d tlini N.Crvamer.iwo earahJ Clayton- ,1,7'.----' --------c ... cc..n s.ft'-iw N.-4Os-dall.eicceptSua4a? > T" -8J5: ioj dally .. '
| Sunday :65
agent to a percen. ..0. 10'1 UarUb Barber... ..loll ... ... \; ...;.. ...:: a M i W FtorUMidland JOtNO. except r
States Senator, n'utterance that American warships bombarded (age oPtheappropriations.. Sena I. a ollh.dfl.n".nl of Mori,a.e., JII..IIII".I. lot I'. .. V ... .'..'...... .. 4 4W 6 n leaves about g>;ij a. | Saturdays, for the present.. _
OU..I..I Io .. ..... "
Amanda .. V
"j" has not been hilled with nec'ajnation hat t BearerValla.. M-nUi.is..ioJO ; ,. ... S. t 74- -S SS ;
yet I'untMyl "--...... ... .. ?
r..t.al .
of tor. Date pvent still further. and H A-b .at.w bill 3 .filftB470ogS rl10.tt a .5 V For Information relative(rates,
of j
the Slate. ,Uanzanillor wct Santiago yes- vanla. U )........ .. 7. complete schedules etc., writ. to or 111 on.
_throughout. .,. ... raised the t with hen*tor*ordered thai. r.tion<.IXrsI: d..w rii7Hrt rr.7. ... ... 7 111 G. F. Parker nt
"Away Kisalmm
war-cry L PLA Ag ris.
-T- tcrdpy. Trie-mines in .our home he lobbyist*I" During the de the daul kill!.04 and Complaint h* U hereby. :.. : | Clara T H E.loa..lot... ...'... .!...,...!.!.or. *'.*.1..".*..,..i' S 'III H. G. Haycraft. Travelling Pa.. AgtM Tampa, Fla. _
Taziut" 1 li for suspicion removed. d. w Mi. (loll SUsue......bOO..t. .. ......i.ii.......;.;.... M JJJ : II. McFadden
S room ports are being Dewey rate Senator Chandler b'.Hon".lh"l.) t .yof AO.IA. N aawt S J1ubbard...ew In I......, .. ,.................. I B. W. Wreen 'v. '. Llfsy,
charged ..li bl Wil. Unu.owe. ...... ,........ P.u'r Mgr, AlI't G. Paso Aat ._
.' that for military or political reasons reports the Germans; have ,dis- : Senator Pasco with Iakena.eonI.ssed by fMld' ) 1 nei t 7 .,....... 7 M I W .Dry lass Attr -
Il .aD"alt, .. .
the authorities may..Attempt toaupprear :( |I.fvryivr ardor I Jr..eI.bil.; ; t. .rd..7I g'i.i4i.. ..;:b1Iw; -s wW Ga. -V Savannah,Gs ;. V Tainp.Fl .
it .
the Senate
cl.timed', any "intention" of helping ceived ; but Sen.torP- ( hod onoo a week"fir* V- '
::: .'d".71hd..w3U'\..... .
of .
tile of ..
outbreak ;
fact an la UioKiMiMMRK II 10 a 611 '-
the insurgents. In Spain cham- co forced him to modify his language ald O., a flert T Aabury..lot. I. 2.3.and 4.... ........"......... La > .
yellow fever in the State (until the 35 and showed that per pull.bc .1- cal I I. ,Lfe er..... ..bcwataw: oor 101111.r}n.NIB., si75fi. ow .II QQ !
as Tll. 0111" ....
.... "
-.. troops) can be moved. There 11 a >cr. of commerce of coast districts much be lie lies Jo V. IIFWelch..b.gaColorlrt4fl474eaw7Ift..5d 10. i..a"'ir''rt -sao fill .. ,

severe law against spreading false petition the government for peace. deive himlel l..11] Ilr Clork W. Clr.ICr 547d0se7ifn4lde66ft................. IS 920' I M ';
of the the Senatewas. KelsftlT
Fell..beg atac<.rblklll.47de)1 .U
dog. M ft
i. 'reports of yellow fever ;'criminal it ought to The President lays-down rules forth bk attempt was made to MASSBT. *BAbMOAHTM for ...opl(.clerk.HolU'ltoni .- r. ,utifetmw ii tnn4 A.N'lTMswe aftfMn aDmox..........v....: i It MM s> it J :.S'ALO' O-NI..S f

be' considcredqually. to of ; the church itself in the I RlI'om..d..llb1oe..tJlUHI: D.C 1M. :
1..0-i. --i tI
T Jude the truth ; "and it is ',niOltelymore government Santmgorprov Implicat Petition for a Permit. Frank Melntyre.all....,.....! ..I.! M f 1 II : : ;
but the: agents were left H II Olllaa..I" 1.04, I..r.-. .. ,
.' dangerous to the .welfare-of Inca in published dispatch to the aandal. of 11 IIGIIIan.::::::: ..,&II bl..k. ...:\............. .........1." I.. V r 2t 117 :
the To Ibo Honorable
In petition obtainedmoney Couimli* .. ..,.
having Dr.r C.ot HH(1lIia .bloo..LII ... .
,. .
of War NOaad.J.'Ji. 6110" a. '
the Stub and Secretary Innrra In and for ) UM
: country. under false Ca wv WII"1. :.;..lol8l..d 2..S '
.WEDNESDAY, July .2o.Gcn.MI1e&wItkoooMoopsi&ordered. pretenses.TflE2&UiCILLEOLASJCKKNT. u..i.i..i of Ylorldt, ':would The undersigned ftpec.uulljr( .-r ;= ,4.n: HatU.OC.tll.I K W,t.of..ms rorof-iofteIIal-iufee nwi>oj so4 senTt MSIS C '44. 59. NES{ I4QRORsBHimsJ; CIGARS !;?: -, .J' "

.1'HT" ii'ii4e' thajtheStat 3011' Kxlr H' 6. l< desirous .
: .P-e.PL: being ) Ifo..II.llnttnnwln.suit boor 11 .) '-'Oll., .. .. "..-- -*?? -4 ,
r. i ttnl"lo.J1II!{ [ *"*.*.*.*' .1'-i. Tbrtrii-t !! III ,
convicls"nro" nof .D iiUr (Ion Nn. I l//taouo)5 l riorlda and ; !
Oflhluty )l ::: ............ ........ ..... ; .
laJ cave Santiago for Porto Rico. There lsmor.d.wnelghtper.istent I..vb_..l,. .l .. lor.rinun y PJ1hn.oa..e" f *4* v 1 D0 :
lieuted tlio Tim J..o.: .. ......,...;;.....',...... S fa. I I. : ETC.
whole propel tjueslion.of ly the:,uuiiipn.disposal of The Spantshttoopa at Guantanamo misapprenension of the prlnc. said tb.right election to sell dlntrlol such No.Itqnora I, from,wfnos th.sod l.tnf be.Oeto-r In lluory.llud.on.,.....'w'kl. 4. ...;:A... .... .,.......,....JV. T *1 I. T : f L 1

;# 'convicts need ._digc 'siich1.' Opin.Ion sprvenderQrderjs being restored pie ol taxation in this State ( .1.lh ixoi ever October Ii**.lor which roar ,KlulJnot1lu...-...,.lot *' ...... ...P.Imae..... ,.eaDplTIoW."..".." ...", o a 7.
100' CP Oqulnil..hA IS
any other public question.: Numbers .& A. 1"liARDltt Petitioner. ) ::::: 1..v-( Uti
is.. growing that the In Snntl The Red Cross Society lb. IaryJOyeeim.t..h.rseoorbinekwROtsl47ftsofteI7ft.. 74 : :
tcadily go. .0n.(eieo-
n.'e.lln lllaan. ...'1..bojl:06 ft.of S h HighGradecLiquorsl
of bUx
of people seem unable to understand V .woor =k, ( ,nlOo ftw.qII" .
Ion I
; best thing to do .with stpte convicts is feeding 40,000' people.ShafteYeportSflEhonCriio. that the valuation V ot lierebjr '. lb. lor, O"t a aanntr II"II."Imd". .105 ft..,...._.;: .. ..-.II-- It.I. : ,
SnhIisio5 r'asv TTisVra"wv7io i'i lu
J.i to put_them Qajublicworks-. prop that 1C. nearden and ask lbs Uoard of ('ommtanlnuen .. xmlsa[ W'lly..0.1.j 7 5.|:1.5 and 14 4 sleeK I t SO ( si j
erty is immaterial provided tn aud for said onnnty. and Btat. r.o..C.ab'.I..I.' .
j der direct state control. To "what that Ih. rlaht to Uquora, wine and : I 17s s si VV
tar, and 10,000 more to come .ln.J the rate-of valuation is, a* guaranteed beer In said "I."tl Ito 1 bo grantedunia 'V V' V "w, *.r&TK. ia'.AO '"O".
,: better use could they' be put than tho said. ". X. dl.l.lo sea tor walok (fakir.BTi'l''w....?..bet IW ft s of sw ear bib' ,*ss ft,t 154) n, w 59 II, a
the..c we
,in the construction ,of. good hard J 10.000'rme.. and ten miltio''l' u dl by n.tlubon. that tbo nnd.r.lffnvxl will .r.o -: :p'L JC8trat.ord.,.......ai nw w'ioi,i.w'fT.'s.'ft'n WVtL'w'ii'fi,!:", J 4 : .4M .1: I V. ,

: 'trunk rood between central .points? OVf ammunition. have been given up. equal, Benrr J C Wall.oe.i W Ile.oll.i Kllrook rlf/IJ. I Jr. Simons ..N Dunn::..,...bas:at _.1oto'.7U'w.I.7U ft. e47Mf t,s 147 '. u -Md11iIatPrpose5

_u-- : it do.n.t-mat. whether piece P.YM0InrmpttTyl.! !.< ..ai H". B JobnC Mr oabaa.....(:iiiw' tbii";. ii. pjf'h'j'io; "n\ '' ., ; ,
Qn it the liagle, ,:
July auxiliary of property i* at $iorfor; Hemlnirtou. wm elliott a. Evans RoUse hIs "
Ix to an inquiry from ule..d a m.rk JTror,Warrun Stephen hli*nark ,' 11' 1 fill .A.'LS" ,
RKSON5X Santo Fil. Nib .i.ia._ i;. ; .fti ..iji'ft..7"n ".'
piV cruiser destroyed the Dpniinfjo.jj $10,8! long a.property of a simi-! Jua.oD.TVMisiShU "", II .I.IIa.. ) ... ..... .
Health Atc '
Board ot ,., U.1t "
'the. State the large Spanish steamship, .ka .uniform eon mark,QuInn Bau. Hr Wit(has : 1 .""AbblaFi'i',.........:.=.., ;::-;-.-L.......""..... 41 .tlo fM : 's E6tALTY :
tonwy--G.nera1.gi it ashUopin.- larvalueiJauelad. *I4.nIalaJohnlt Phikion.' Pawe.fttanaol.L. t"llI ....,......................... t. ; :

.Jon_Jhnt ".if( th military 'authorities off'Citpe' Francis.' Orders 'are is It is immaterial.. I pay what in.promrtio'n. they- Mrr.o Un>WM.J.I .a54erkUanIdInJlMn (U:t: ., ::: ::: ::;lot loi.:.:::::::::;:,,:.,::::;::.: .. .. ,:: ,.,.:.S...... t : ::1 : V "
V J -j" .
'deem "'It.. necessary to bring sued to move (trie troops atiIjtjpatoF.rnandina.Tls.4otal.trength >ay. It vls-true, that theconstita! ; iharp. T 00"1 e.lo"I .W King N, 'nk..o..n..I.'IOI.Llnkjown. .........."" ., .
'. .the .1 ick_and Wjouaded tlPJJL0"bat-!!! ii ionrproVraiiniiatTi valiia. en lel JohnIAmrk.kaIrJrJobe.hiss.H Illru JohiiHoUt..J...Cornotra Martin' .ul a m .1 bark. .ph'.."- .:==.....:::_.:::::;:.,:&l1.2.::::.;:;:::..::::;.:::::;;::::::::::::::.,....V.1.:...;: V. : I :, .

and the prisonerscptUred10; of tlie army Is now 4 :,? men. ;ion of all property" shall .be ,*e' >eoM Mlllard.lrenr I hi. | 05515 lOin,). r.o:::::: :: ::lo5o :'". ..... ;:i..r.i'.u;;; ;;r.; r.; "
the State into Hie Uniitid !- JC : :;: 4'' : :::.....:: ;::::::::::::::.:::::::::: V .550. &: .
through .THURSDAY July 2I./-The Ciran cifred but this doe not necessarily Ke.n.J WWsUon SholSOT Noifea Brewa. v UC.nd.ll......,.wJJ: lot.lot *,....,...........,.......4..V so J. .
military Voaena James H Bmlth, -July blsi markRivera. MraKCo.I.U,... ... .....
r -Stalcsr or.treatme.ll1.-l\nd mean'an. octualcash. U. TUV Kill.\Y I.VanLHi.or J U Wrne. .r..ka4..i. ...". ..............."... W 8" 187

: confinement, they can do '10 > GeneroT t. Garcia, Is reported to The justice- lies..In-the .luaton". O W Ttibn.. W.I.rn. W. x mark Ifadl.v, W jBarber JWtflomp.on..Io4ilai4.U U Jiuckois :::::;;::.aI. .::7:7.:::l:::: .....,:::::::::t::.......... -.'f- ",SI.7G' .1 : : S: I

'despite .the quarantine laws in have been shot at SiOOne).. 'The >roperty assessed u nlf(rmand.oqu.ly hi. a Ilonl>ld..MarkklJxmark> Usury S Trail .ll., JnoW Amelia Wllcb DO."_......"... ...t.o........._...................:...... JIB H. lIB _

lrUhe State lnnrdlnary4imei. beiiiy V. a w u.a.a.v rra.khtn. ."1Wft......_O.ttI..J.\1QA-t.Jtll.A....... ... ... ... : :", NO-TiC-EI
.forc -. : '
.r. CC' n
,the War r .ishTrnns.AtlantIcOompnugets > :: ':. ? Ostil Rull J r Unarp, ) K .I" t= MNAVnacf_... .. _..,. ..,..,....._....-.. ..,;. .r I I. 1115 :: :
of p.-I\ce However. jim. Anion Unknown'.77.! .. ..lot ..,.. to" ., .. ,
.. .
:T the contract :to }tis SY64 los ..
trn.Jt.4be! ; hardly CarweuTi H W W John ::;: ...::;. I..r". l.i. r :
-4ft Cdepartmenthat '.promised-lhe Stan SpklnKer.UYt .z-mark ...lli.. Carter .all I lot* w of way S.: ,B. K.::::: ,:..:: i I is 2 Ic ,
to Sp"ain. 'fSree t o. the assessment CJ Bou.a.I' S II Hair. ........ undlvidod4Int4sIot5.> ... /.....,, ., si "
Vrjaoners .
: authorities that nb:more. invalided = 0ibI.ZjuarkYsts.! W ; aarah J Ifarulase..r::::::: :; :. : ::; ;".... ._' ,, .I t : -I I'
State is 'I Jones, Alfred lila X nark Uraw S .uIin ..... ''bit I..... ....... ...'..< .
sairjTfrom i Charleston to ot-prpery'ln"thl. rayin .a .t..I.. ....... I 116 8Coniir '
the nents .
11 troops will be' brought into, till inflated value Oala bis z mark Wright. U L 8ulVvan Sarah 3 IlsOrtisil.VVV .e'tM\ I and at. .&...........rA...., ......., 'I"1'10. II. nc ng Monday "
c. State from the front.; Porto Rico. Artillery and .troops bled on W ,Jaoob his. Kaak m inark hi.n Wbwlur mark J r Barbs'>, J V C J..bo_ ... ...a. b..11....... ................. ..Ill a 6 alii lfaY23dI;
j arId v bloolti
in Nell..4.,
wAMrAls > acquired boom' of l'IVI' lohar. .d..w'.ulMU. p and ...,.
4 the 54 Kau.Ja.blaa I : L A "r 0 .....,. ,....... .,.... 5. 1"101 a. 5 Q I 11II '
: _. .
.: embarking at Port Tampa for .nr.JI 174 soil I
the last decade but the of lorke WbiSI.klseoisSioe.o.W'siew -Wo.WiI-! C :
-V VV begi. to feel that ; .-.cot wrPatrlek. II O nrnff ,
< John ; ;;
n. > .
Porto : A blockade of .PortoR1cWjiLsopocaimed remain the l Tl. Jqhn' 05111 rjaa. ... ..b4aWOhif0f51k..j6ti,5i5Q5w7ft..UIft. U 111II' I i r r z.? :
water are not .l-Ico government C P.flin. 5ylastd.f 111 ii (m....... ..
: its efforts to get deep sme. :. M.r" all.- ........:...
Rum Nothing would be 'galried by tnak- N S Ik.Y 0IIaw.i, C Inoko.---.I1.J_ ... ..,.., .....1II"1'-.I. ;J I
;, V :'being'proper l. aupported:iy.Olie I lag-s iweeplng-reductlon -bas-. nark lark r Sharp. Wore J-V HarVey.-, Daniel.\ r B LU..Qullla.&I!................,........;.. ... .'If:, _' s4jj. V., ;PQUj.onIy.| Do:' i not s for : :

4 Plant Sy"t whose vast 'inter />rs of y llowfever'Vf| :iTamipa'are&thoHtallvelyrdenied fad : 3 O't"J"-Indall. Alex LASSO mf rtrri Ix Knanmss ciTy. i' V V rr .
: "I
V Port '.rampA'are'- paramount 'The "Oer- lug the assessment .on'.-. M J Baea, W II Iln n:: 'r. '" V 1 : .goods Jo-be will .'
4 ests at ; ; cash value. taxation com.lt. HarrU, Rob hla : ..t' t'ILI charged. Times' .
: .f'
Kec 7h..rat I'1. -- I ,. f
ntly.M.r. .
.thos.at1'ampa. a'ir1s American A: a Bnrnea J A Barber A B ,. /
sV man-"pre : would simply be increased; 15 T hli a mark Joe .r11I1I1DO".1' ,
ba. N."IJ --, NOT
the _
llml" .. "
Flint publicly charged JP $ y.Bemhl.il .10"D of. 01 ec4 of Iw3jV :permit. ,.; V .
.V ; riendship. Of the two evils it I I. better for the mal "al. V fllis9l0i7-10fw59S40ft.iQ49.d9 V ; .
7 i : ft P with working! in favor'ofA i Sarisos. &N.i H ''ak Hllaaloiredsle. ..., .. .. ...,.., VV : '_ :
i ; ; eKe "mL' i D to V It '. ." ......is 11III toe,. .18..1. ,7 .
LATEST second
: S NEWS.---The goodusmeoftbStatc to have,a Unknowa.s o1sv.... .......... V V ; :." .
'dotrimeutVof ;;; ... hi ilia iso ",
'Fernanda to the Juno B Q E< d } IS S 7G
reached ManiU .. The Wellford LewU I' V.llnow.............. .wH..... .. ................. sa 116e. tilt 1 *. '.
r a: Med
edition.lias tax. B
high i"uof
F :! '-T mpa5i/Mr. Duralfi president of assessment.than.a-high I.1 Pei V Addl I S hit' K mark va.uto.n,aMinus..a. 5. .iir,. .............. .......... ss ,Me. a!, '..W ,1711' V w.i )MAKLNSONCOMpANY:r :
irfi'" Cuban allies at.Santiago withdrawand lor commercial- probity >M. PIse$1.vsotissei. Co..beeta.4.k.iusO-lOft.fromaw::: ] our i; r .) :
l lC. replies Stkl
,. tb* ,? & :.P. nowV WtU-I..! sw1ih., ;, -,.. ..oada4 brW'A'rSuilBk to" BalllJt : v.' "
refuie cooperate"with aoUranny this a* atTofHcial de<- .... .f i
Herald those V ( ... .
V i. through.the Tempa \ ", ., ---yi.g.fy.o ,. _...V. .
: VVLV VV hUt that huh 1 : ,' ; .. Ia. "
ntenbarto ._ .V. :, ception, : i* one < .tr .. A --O .7f- -
-- .
ricturettiIo f o .11.6IMo.--Z> rjr auction .. ,... --
of.uniy r lussg. in tbe/ Sealed hlm.m be received V alien SUtll!! S
refuseS by the of .
et'that MriLPlant r. V. -- --
'th..ff beI1tbe'Fs.C.& 'Pi; Iw-lts effort -. 'The .Republican. State :Conren business world ..The assessment'ibe CD'CmlNt.._on bridge lbs am at flat Rr ford I. '.- 55 kaeos.maiiftiui..-':ft said I hack this D".( ""'' ,i-- ,W..PILLEY M.,1)),'" I DQ. W.. ',W. LEAKE
J. :
Ao.a. V-r.
; Ion .will b* held Itf'Ocala 'on ''Aq. Stat'* .
[ rrate at'Tampa. w *
ta get deep1 at. to..nomlnat*' a I .' ,to: make V the best elaad brioia. The OonimUelonen reeerrlulrlKhte VBksowa u '..w..,...be:. ot..w ot. "_" _a_M.. tM .'iu. .,MIL bu.Professional Senrtcea fo
J .then, ,w.' wonder;; .I isF Kiist.otb, noon, If. : &. >isl| eS say sed all btda. .far spook ?. -WO".PI--r. V \ EAICMHROAT/CH13T; AND' V ,th cItizens'
trTo'whOm 01 '
5O.Uus.eaU at _'.solII" ""' 'Me I'I_ Ess.ims
oil Stat. tickeUkt.AH .delegates bowing posible The Chief thing P. "
HeDemua.V.. .
'd "
:'tredit due' foitbit vprpprjatlort J"r* ''Not.t.C1.Tk.' J Office V 7
". if"tn made will be elected by convention 1M lock out fe.to see that all cus :- ._/'r ': '. V J.' iS$4ftSIO0fl1WWS7.J0ft..V.- 10 ISspo. 1 N' i. on DroadJl oiP : V mCOand11cflity4! : I
been: V '
lo have V DI1
reported work : t"[ ,theM Osceola U entitled to Jtwo'kd.1e.gate. .., te4 are cb.r a uniform price V TO OUMST.A'OOUD IN ONe DAY',,_ ,=0 V : N.' IIRA'TONolletor.orx1ee'cu74; \ foil Office SURGEiV.1 V of"WolDen and 'c1i1sira; : ,
tbO'VV deepening _
I\ fort ,: Tab. laxative Krause Ontaln.$ TaWMsv1' All X. f Sp.elltlei. .. j;:
.. !; .1
Ta chs.i''r I '.j,'. .r.- : ., p. a qQ1Io pvi.V--q.*.. to_ .. ': h'1". r 44Vp:4L: J ;, : ? .; j
5 .
\ it '
? .
; &asake.tg.E. ;
jl, ., .11. r ".. ( 7' '_ \J V "Vf 1 / -
V ,'-:. :"i;ts4 .. 'j. V V 'l' ..." I \ + ; ". < .t.w..t-{".,
'F 1 .,. '. I., {. ,,. !:
i' V "
: ., ; ._
f f .
V "
; H \\I. ....,
r't/ .' '" r V 1" i .1 .' ; I -. 't/ .K .
I ,\, .1i
; : 1.01
'\ i \\ w .
": S.: :'ll t: J .. t'iK '. '
;"rr.f. .1 .' -.. \ _. .Ao .
JJw.\. : PJ :,. -"'
,' .. ... .. 1r'rl' : -
j ,, ", 1 / ." In! & <" .'" .'.i.JJAoW ;, .'.' j..II'/J r.", '' t oJ .- \ "'.t(11'. : '" ;_' ,,-_, "1 1i' : +
> -.r .
V' 'f.' ". r '.J..1 f. :." ...:." '. ,_ :." !\' r\'J.'.; _. r.i- ;, I.f.- ';_ : : r.

.' :- ,

I ;; ,
r! /: : II

t .
I ,
.-.._. .__.-, .


., About People[ You .Know-Wf e c .. J W.. a-.nomulatl: ; by 't\\ v : .

.- L .A'imr! .' ,- ,1. "They; Coiafl and Whither They (Uo., I Corner Fell Brick! .Block.. ''ttSCRIPTIONS '
Unanimity .,
harmony 'at
Dr. M. J. Hloks spent Tuesday at Tam .od. fruie I 1ROPERLY"AND

pa. ,. tb end" CD"falon'. Con" O"-'o .So..I Stationery, Cigars and 'Tobacco Tol ., ROMPTLYREPARED __ .
I REASONABLE iiCESt l.t on W'odneil&f.

!J : Will Johnston relnrotd On Monday'fronTa'aps" I' Tber wf, DL..d I lot. Articles, Choice. Perfumes.. .. .
d"l..gtion.ad : AT-r.
._. "
'- --' floe: R. W. Dari' .
-."- 'A r.DoD\inl.d bj I We luke pride in keening constantly on hand LEASE'S DRUG STORE. I
: n &'t0lEmIdoii. .-'--.-. .
.' .8 .
+ c.p..r
t. sululione ; :alid m S -
were dopteJ eadoting41uf' ParlEresIi i '
,- ., ". gs i i.CourteousAttention ne' -
..' .:. I TT:)4"V Aia.w '(eat "Wednesday 8lat -- -
the of'*eHlng th* .. I- and Fair PoalUs;1.-our)f .elb0 .
.bDd. "r _ _
'15 R Y: G.OQ DS AND-.CLOTH I IN ""i !!rrnresartUtlTes la : r
: 1?:? IJ. 1'.T-.i.the d4o> u'.llea 0. o. t.E o.a.JI'1.aIte _. -_ "
- grr'vld, rlr1< t"I G E'1ropt:1.to. .r-- = 1
of the /n: i
party, traits, anddeclnig -
OJando pl.I.lol Slle
N. B. Carson went to .e.lod.

-rLIJ3:", Over 60 watermelon sold t let out : t.. for I.tc 'Independent Cuba. ----S
:; were ara sorry to nave to' our od bu.ro. I

Klsslmmee{ 'YallBy-GazBtte I .oldier!* onjLb Jrata*WedsosdayU' .&oorrQ8poadeQ from,Crabbj.Lough- bl Sear.4t ; : rU E* Governor and Hon.Flellal W.; L. aomln..t. Cul. .; J JDON'T'
The trot and Port Drum but 1 t. 'lim- !
I friend of W. B. ,. space .tco.. tawn jeiterday. ad others locouded the nomliaatlon.Oioeota urTall"j

I delighted to know he"ii'much better '. Mamie Dick left last"wekTfor'atiiit .0'I I
hUes was tho .h I I ,
only eounly 4hit. 4.a : .TAI'tD.
PUBLISHED EVERY FRiDA Yo. I blnte-lol1.l11l1_ '' Friday; nlght-tha'Summer', Normal to'North Gu\I..' Tall delegation there, and our n.priGJta.1 I -.-- .-'- -r ,}

B* : I J. M. Dicklison went to Port after baring been In session for. fire Tom Waring returned on Tueiday. night live Wala
VANS-AQNKW & NARjS.FRIDA' .. .'- Tuesday'o'( Ell a' position in the; .,.suddenly olosed with'appropriate from Port Tampa City, > the committee on r'lo'ntion MODERN EDUCATION. I'S

waiter' department. *., The attomlanoa bad tank, bs Simpson will take charge of the Ii. -
-.i JULY 32', &: I After the thunder storm at' midday .1'8ra relai..s by'the rno, ., and po.tcflloeonAug. lit ; 'ScholarBliiu$ nt 'Barlow. I. 'DEPARTMENT ': ; S65.0OWATSON toPedd1rsforSteel ..

a! Urdsy heavy rain fall. lading all lh Impossible. to keep it open any lon Representative Watsoal'reiirnd'yii'.er-'! A scholarshIp at South: Fejrida Military Colleclaf*, Preparatory. CuemmeroW.I nauges. "

'J -a-'V"a.nse .. Nearly alt the te.aoher.. left that night Carrie with I Music Art. Normal.
ternoon till nightfall. otoa.aeiIUI i
hit Miami. f "
day trip to wl' sel1oztone for
re.t'' free !
and the book 'to ,
homm beard
respective ;
EDITOR AHB?b.l1'lIt.. NANAOIt& Yesterday VanDuior and Miller Cuilon L Kveryq.mphiaai.ie. laid npnn the InatrawTtun $
W.JeaCarrof1leroooese.'wasaisior ( '
Wli'o it continued the County i-entitlod to, one scholaraKIn. $35.00.
Ote m.rtlng. \ "OS8U I given.Tha prAIiMuora and Inst.ruetoi.Iaroeziwnti -
,- pleled the purchase of 49 acres. of ,., OrlaId3oflMon'afay. who lisva held .
( : Aorraapondln- .
.. .. A
wa&&suupass and t < | "
l tlie lead of the"Jake' from"UirSaodT?i mpt.umIDa. I pwtt.Iuusnihtg1ieur wilegel In she 1 .
CHURCH DIROTOY. Rood to the ..educational. interest of 'PrcC C E Yoweli returned from Pot held pn .'rd. : In laud.. \ G.O d.S YI t-M bhm srot..1 .
Bab.jiatb.11 at$10 per acre.- ,. .. Hrsnllfnl Ix.atlAn.' n..lthhtl Snimnndga ; ,
.. 'ImlIIn! ftAtlh ':. Tampa. on Wednesday night. the Court- determlae'wbo hall "" Modem l Motbixin, Kxorllnnl Library.Teriiia .
IJB..SfnhrJ- a.in.nI 7'o.rlnck. Prayer meollnirvcrr ..ItI.&Q..J. fallen, the I Doui- Ira Gtii.iun1. Wth.Tunditlua4\ 2mema.Iid .
<- Tliiir ,1>y avenlnii at T '". .. iUatibauiBchool 1orthuOembcrtio> .bask-from-Fort 'rjoy.j1.benefte abremenl a8. .T I, Bo.rd.-w---------- .' -' C __ ,4. -..
B:&Hundajr morning. simmee brigade who have been r-.i.p : lu-susonable. ': student ie .1
,. !" W. q.:JOHOAK Pastor, ia the quartermaster'departtnont at !; has checked political exoi| niant 1'lmp 0 night. (A C..II n nioiii lo lilniiKiir without extra.n./.ysa PATRONIZE BMEIHSTITIITMS.Underbuy :
CHlI""i.-w. J. WlllUmn. ViuUir.rroaoblnnovonr %
'; BAi-nar Hundav II a. in. ana T p. m.-' Tampa, returned home Ibis week I r.bl). but there ij ra on to believe iolm McCorvey and daughter left on Vi'.ox. Rppr..ent.t"e.Genuine c CZOtOB .. WIlD, me.Knr 1 l :

Frtda Vniino l'eopIO'N jlm> lln - rr4.,, fVhnol IMS *, ml I'rurcr mealing emry Than Oo Wednesday several train JlnJ Ext; rn t. erllr I.. XUOT : ; .
&.. !!Lt.n' .n.._VI.I",.lw"I" 'como. a'i hones uJta.anJ Baa
h ,
troop'* military
.. f .am' Boy ) Walt (from that1ompflrwiihtbe4aw.mnd
EPiwnrt C"t"u"" -I..j CrVi a" rr a --O.eeoli"tai mflVnd\ .1 lu ogr Jt on :_ ,
M II .. The third 01 the mouth and from-T-ampa-on-Monjay. --
(lay iinila7 inppliei pnased thnugh _
,. .
e too much Serious -
full R'1\.OO tiid from politics. .
vices niorni.UioTVIOe ai : I>.lly service, at tOO: aad.0..11'1 IJidb: "'r.7m. way to Ftroandina from Tampa. that R... and ITrs.. K; :. Dodge wU I loare.on A. K. UKA11DICN. '_ -,-
Jo JJ the community
,, were mi ANNOUNCEMENTS.ini
--- !! .' i MIII.IpiYtnt womlilp T. fi visit p.-i .
f Tuesday
toMDrJame..sooompanle&bjJdr .
S : J:: .The Bepaulieau EaeuuBiB "C LT-F4E----RACKET
cry Morning scrvlra Ml II a. m7V taken a io'g'time lo heall 1'eople S ,
if enlngIervtpeiit1O4I' p' tn, f4iiiiIaohooI.4 met laat night to call a- -,"''In; ally Bre thankfuliliat' the campaign ; > ,. ten' ini llnvr' tlir Nu | i lllnl'' iViT .
ii:4r.: a.tiE C.K. service at A:15p.: m.. 11Yer .
int*duic.TIUinidMr ovonlntc-at, Twr Kvrryttouy < to fleet delegate to the State \as abort a* pCMibta! and that there Jackun left.on Tuesday torOhii. In Ike tIrcuIt tonrt. BUIh Jnillrliil, crcuit. .ofU.ei4lnt.uI WirniiffuTPay tile Price to.Ask Undersell.h; h

floiIidJ : ..ta uOHtoordialry. I>lnvlu. A. Itoixis 10.fLon.1'aalor.. thosetclYIo. I and transact general party buuneas. pronroct or''htrmouiou action Mr. WelforJ Addis arrived' from Washington """1,. Florld.In.. sod fur 11'1011.1 For \\'Iuat They Want. Shoos of nil Kinds at Prices that will Astonish
(110. K. P...... of 8. Clilson's n.iili ATniM!CAmpsny,' of Candliiatea. un'dr this head .
( Sapt. It. W.beg to call attention to the Democrats this Jear. ou Surd, t stay some timelrr'l : a nnrimratliin. exlKllnfltinilur t .e.> tho Natives. .
PRAT&RNALQPO& ... Dlenl f Ed. for laxcollector, Uio 1 lawsui the MUM of tiiust be nccompRnied( by the usual lee II
: _' i aib.hogan .- c.OhYJ\t!! ;f((HI. J liniul( i .F. D Sbipp is fast recovering, we VS. I..rd' AtMirhmcnt.of .-- .hi anch cases,,VIVK DOLLARS.KOR .- toadies Trimmed lIatfl.SOC; to I Ii '5.00 i 'lo ,ball sewing thread.. ... 10 't
Orann DlosVora tAdirtf, No. SO V. A A. M:; i1i has beeh'in are glad to .. from hi. long Illness. O. Pulloii' R.I aamnol --- I . . .
nv,u Mondar on or Ituloro full nioon In oavliinnnth. siiI6 y HuifimtTltn 001.511.1cm Tor at
(tlilsTFlltCO _
i I. ....
counlyiand widely known in the ) ..
_. VUltlng. Mrothron cordially luvlu. >d. Goo. R Newell," a prominent Orlando' n.lis.irr t'H. .nn Menu' working blurts..no toWgBgpglaundfeaiwIiUe 3 !1t1'shirt buttons.ni '
C. 11. FllAKKl.IX. M. M a man qualified to fill the cflice. f n. .f Kn !. A Hiinmurlln. J 'ltitrrvlyPflflUUiILW ".7..lfafor ...dl lilrt. aJf.I envel pe..J. .,:. .... ..
8.MlLt.Cm Bco. __ lawyer wa in town je.tenay evening. IJisdurad,, liy vlrluiMtf 1 an Od". lir (tlioImioraMn rc-nonilnntlon to the office of .- '. .oi --
.n..o .
m Our will hear lltirrou, I'lilllliHi.,. .' .Hld RePf. Men* Linen collar..c to ao a.rpe ., .'. t... .. o. -
BOARD'Of TRADE. people with. Borrow peoplo) of Onceola will bo gratified J. JU Smith I. acting janitor of die courthouse c.r.In (tie a .. .elitttlvd( cannn.,I H Ill ,,'11 HI ae..tatl..ol OHccola County, subject lo 'Mena' Celluloid collars . 5 3 collar button .... .-... .." 01 _

.ndrrerort come from Tennessee of. the announcement this week of Hon. during tie absence of J. auctlou lo (Iho blglioiil. I.u'l bust Ijltlilui. the action of the democratic primary. Men*' Celluloid cuffs . .. .. 10j Carpet tax per box. . .,. . 01.
.i.. 01l...."...')).W iit.. '. > Broom'*' health. -condition I I. McCorvy.Mri. br ciikti, on J'. .J. W. WATSON., yard Homes pun, . ., loo I.). 1" lea per boxi. ....,. .. . 01'fr.f .,
( A. K. '.Vloo-l'ronlilont.' Watson for"the J-ftnulalure Mr. MONDAY THtTIRST DAY OF AUGUST _._' .1. .
Jco. M. Unghey and children left Calico ..'. ?. .
loMattreK book
W. L. Van Dinar, tiocrctarr Cud Treaaurer.Oflicical' critical and it i I. doubt if he will peryard.4. 5 I past 01 r
|0p. m* his ha low d one term with credit on Sunday: fo Georgia to spend a vacation.F. A. 0. 1898.til I frOR TIIEA.FURUR. ticking . . 7 paper needles . ..t.. 01.
Th.I AVrathnr enough to admit of. going back a record in Tallauauee as an I o'Hor In(lie.. forenoon:the ,.,ll\.I,.( .I We are rcquvatcd to nnouIii'J. R. Ladle summer corset. . .* 35 ',,1 fish hook . .. ... 01
Itfport.AVHAOI nch. Vani-Agnew write* that his squadron Ktiudu,eh"I.I. AUI" pureIiaI l | '), as'a .1
Sit .candidate
I le. ainstakiiK, egre..ive worker for : 1'1' I re- My clock i I. complete, pair warranted iobo aa eented. ,
.. every !epr
T.1NpxRATukT-W.1' 1.
K EnnixoTUVKSDAV Entile Dies lias left the employ of Ro..lf. Hough Kidcrs. I. .til a ., hnndrofl mid eltcbty-nltio ),ra.I l of iHicf I flection, to the offic..or COlmly'rreaaurer.
.KVSNISCO, July 21. \ pf pMUs.coinrmiail/randluf\ aa Tampa, rattle; In:iii. one innrku uml lmiulod K 9. mid I Ho.will ublUe (ito action of tbo Democratic Call and'be convinced that to pay i i. the short cut. to prosperity. and ,
: tCmaimmee Tobacco' Co and ba. Fi the hum.. levriily-flYO' hi'd of- nhuepunrtnrimuiire ""'- '
e Bain- I and able rff'sonimice. It la more : :: ,.,, I primary election. auccea*.
Max. Mlu. ,fr_. Juo. L. incrtoI iindiirblt I In oa!' unu -
with hi. into the od! Leader Pberigo from Port

Friday. .... :::y?.... .-. M'I'. MHalnrday. '-' abe,.. announofii.it family. ; is hi. likely that there wiI: be no opposition Tampa Tuesday a ,retre went out to dorelope. 'cite$...the'. onufitilck.ther at.! In.> ..1iirMqitt.ro N,,'h, v.r, .!H In lu 7.1
,. candidacy and that tie il-mocrals ac I.into oar i'rIiop nick In Uio "iihor' a') "|'IHTqiir I ol (lie Democratic pnrlr. I hereby announce ,
Sunday.. ilr 71 start at once a new cigar factory (for St. Clrud. ntidorbll In niid 'rlU"In Ibo =- t '
7. ,. ; .. .:::. l:10 72 h'ui the customary compliment ? ono onmiiilt < I myself ns a candidate for the of- : Proprietor; \
OUUT of ihc atMtva l Irspto.I-er.ai! Xm
.. .. hahdliDg of local tobacco.' poll nhcH'i' | : I (Ice of County solicit .theup
"HI 13 court term llit reaomiuation will Judge sot apart1 Friday ofewry Uie ntwfi levied u tRio i.r't.perty uf 1'rl'D..r"/and -L .
Pblip..haa upon '
....... / '
.f IW 74 Billion V Huminurllii ale, four huiulrvd, nud' I ,'port| of the coun- TIlE NEW YORK RACKET'STORE.. -
; _-
u Ila 74 The CareaD .o..m.r..tIJartr > pleasant teken-cf-tog- restoration of .k to&1 J businaas from -Vfxty4IYebro4ft4bee4stI.he5as44le1ii.e5.4eI '- ----- -,WAb-T R-GrBAS ___ ___ ___u. __. .
; come trouble and put in place, in the democratic ranks. .tLi.ciruiL. I,:,,:: u fi lK,wsi!.t:llt :iiniltrl In _,______ .
ser lu (ho other) l Iranhel< I if art 11. I
E-\NS. abo.! the warehouse attached lo tbe P. D. Outlaw, hat returned from wallow ,,:ttrtdi-rbti. In one esr tin.iorlit! : FOR TAX COLLECTOR $ OO c

..OCAL"lAy Brick for the new building i I. home Honor and. Virtue lu JIuinU. City; where be was running 1o.LT..mpa cld he uI..bl other l .?l.h".ri.0' abel lirmideil I ..\Allow heart'.r"II, I hereby announce mysell a candidatefur 'n

LNT and Monday work will begun on the Wilde of tLo cruisrr Boston drink aland. :: i tuitler flour ,: hi one* Ic under' ., Tax Collector ul/jc-ct' to the action J. W. THOMPSON. OOOO8S
$ ..." luvu| lu tlio other ''I : heart II I ant mi of the Demo'rratlc 'and to
tlio saddle"poilU.ilh' 100.4 dition of the new brick store.J. Kcar-AdaiirM .sols/In ,i-o in \Lii\\ thoiihvr primary, pledge
%Troverb. ewoy'a TO It F. UiS has moved his family from : niipunKmo I : ;:: : : ::
brandod,, I heart ii. ft I ( tintlcrlinr myself 111 i tcrted 10 discharge the duties -
-- A. Kirkwood left this morning to hi. fimily, recUtM a cnrio." in. Jelleview to Ltteeburg and is new working Li .,. do Hn In os,,'I,.. ".( 'I'"r''rI! I ,..'ht'fbre..dod uf tliu-office t. the very heat of my ability g UNDERTAKE ad B L ;.

A very hot and dry week. hammock farm in Oscota county. "A good story Is told of Ire 1 1I.lt. a't Port T.D\pa Hatuncl:. Buinincrllii.HO, ,, Irvled UJM.II, Il""lc 1''purly of* and /ilrllicrmnrp If elected I propone -yUtLLIEOP ,

The hike I. again beginning to (all.. will give the sugarcane fields inch at Manila, to whom a SpAiiita $.Id .... will tiiko plarc. al tho t pantone' lu I). to .".nd the uflice personally. ", "
L) J II. StelTee. of Mao, GA., who baa coin.,roilttiyuhnrcttnMaU4Mka.uf rnllle 0"lal.l K. I 1), HOG AN.- O.A.SHEJ'X'S c .eO.lo'.I.LNS.
the School Dniljing Fund. i ii need and will plant out- who was very frijdiloned. went, iv* kr .moO here Ihu IntO '
Subscribe to as 01 af been hei'p aro "u\ .ltf| \ "
visiting his wife and family at Shingle .
roiM.rty taken. 'ioneie'.Lou of iindi HIM I hereby myselt as a candidate Ladles and dents' Btiflal Robes.-
announce ;
.t'tbe weed and cbwpea for forage for next ( wheher: the Americans were the : :: :
Price (those Shirt Waiota. relurnei I on Monday. altiioi y..w' at the Whltmitre. |nrture M vn for re-election to the office of Tax S" ",'
'' tw'i use.-Orlando cor. T.-U. and C. described: in Oancral August! inUua .KlKaltntnae. ." NICE UNK FURNITURE AND
Store. pro t. t'v Collector of Osceoln Thanking
4 Prof. H. D.Gniceand Sunday K. county.
left '
family on AT.81.rld STANDARD BE WINO MAClilNBS.
nnciPIur The Coneul replied:: Madame of tlio people for favors and pledging .
Alf colored. well known in 0..1. pant
The Plant System car wa* I in town timer Atlanta and : ORDERS DY MAIL OU TKI.KOUAPII .
pay tor points,
and virtue are safer in oe Gerli. niysclf to abide by tlio nctlon of the Democrat S
l left ihe 11:40 train UIVKN PKOMIT ATTKNT10N.
on : on Sunday to M.ai.
llnr on Wednesday.O1J to be away some w.... IIILLKII'8STOKE NEWS. 'c primary I respectfully solicit thesupiiort S DOEll IIKP.lIIIUIO AIIP PACKING
than have
I they Wen"for the past. ;>00 .
Iivii office his father who resides DI'R".4IJaal" j I of frienrfs.E I'UIlICITUILIt. .
papers for sale at thi* at 200 / Dally London. T. Duller tax.assessor, has been away my
Telegraph -
0Fun.I'uIl. If acd who la probaklx-ADe of the oldest u ; K i>. OVERSTREET: AGENT PORTllZEQRlt'WT.nT'0'8.14ottJMgioys. S
hundred. ;
per = Ll .. k Od a trip through the precinct.J The 1'art1cii1ar'1Ieii. AMU UIOM FCOJcs.. H'.ADIToUII'. : .
L 10 Allis 7 7 and .
and inches of rain fell Georgia years olj .. .1' 'Jiei'e* Olheri Y \ To the Voters Onroola County: -,
; aIsohhVLilL TWA a quarter art this aide of creek
fillier i is sill hale and hearty and c.o I S I hereby offer mea for
The men who almut theirlollies
afternoon. the Florida Orange lamp-I are crcr..1 the office of Tax Collector of OaceobtCounty ,
yesterday Lea. Mrs. F, M. Swanson and '
drive an ox wagon.In ehidra.1 -who want every .Item they 1uytobe
'The of( oounl '. tax levy : 'The Kiaaimme V AI.UV: ., her subject ta Democratic I'rlma-
amount Orange ) mother left yesterday for Georgia just right In "" way-who want .
with .' I the storm yesterdaylightning ( ablest weekly i in South Flori .0 .rJ ries. I solicit' your votes.
paper the highest of and style
tbiu1ecrl.l2mtlla. to spend tbe summer types
T -' AI..bm. "cclelce Most G.WOODALU:
--- resp't.
irrlei N. R Carson' house knocking -they' the menj" smoothly
hing.mery. 'Si.r'Nancy Dow, an aged'member of chimney cud some plastering and J. W. Si.psa'relurae from Port Tampa with Correct r spring le 4r''oH lurllohtnl

the Shaker colony' i Ie very (Ill tree by the Cottrell house knocking Tampa-Camp, ) Abandoned. on Wednesday. Ue..i enter the post for correct mjen Hit prices t.at FOR TAX ASSESSOR. THE C. B. ROGERS CO4MPORTFRS .

to St.mp*. Confectionery Soda Water, ..Imm.. down three.panel" of fence. Last ) this week orders came to more all office a* assistant lo bl fer. reliable .the luc"lhlng. We are authorlxed lo announce L. P. ,.
: candidate for the office of AND WHOLESALE'GROCERS!
? .nd other cigar Tobacco etc. at Mr, Arthur F. Odlio the well known Or- Correct 1h1rtM.The UUGHKYa
large oak tree near WaUon'ireiidence from Tampa to Fernandina and .
A. Taca.. County Tax Ane or, subject to the .action -
truck and the bark torn iff it. The reason !I. the mi- ando lawyer wa in Iowa yesterday en season's.newest Ideas-with the fit ot -Democratic primary. r.A.cr.KSO .. I'L. ..,.

[ Interiorda--; There I Is more building going on in Kisimmea unitary .egao th Padgett horse case. and style lella the -with thelow
Two small thunderstorm from ) camps upon Iha Provisions Grain' FJpurv Grits
one 1.le I hereby announce myself a candidatefor Hay Meal Etc. Etc .
this summer than for 7.1cr. pw. rains and Licit prices mean jroc.t economy. The ,! .
byjhe racent The Misses and Adsline
east and one from the west met over heavy .la DeR.a shirts made that'. tile kind we the office of Tax Assessor, subject to SOLE FOR
AOTCNT3 Btiiioe
l'ort.dII The COO grape fnut tree on the Kreamer simmoe yeiterday abut I o'clock load .of infection from,'the transport' will leave. neat Wen.e., to .yiait .th bet A Special i Men's unlaundered the action of the Democratic party. If Our confined to that

grOT in Finny Point are full of a' heavy' charged ba'f a dozen rounds of heavy at Port Tampa coming'from San- brother Qeorg near ab.Ala. -.1. shirts-honestly made goad for nominated and elected I will dischargethe FA1RBANK CANNING CO. LION BRAND I'trade only. Order from n.um-,

*- b'oom, *- '" The local authorise have .ervlce-well worth cent*.-has double duties of the office Impartially, and neither
military 75
tilery' at each other... The lightning The Mime Minnie 'and Klnel Forfeit with due regard to the *i;ht* and inter. CANNED MEATS, trs solicited nor desired
r Mo back and tront-fne f linen .
Report from all over county say thunder was terrific and a p'nap .severely) criticise.] for nol laving left last week for a fe days visit A.I. contlnuouatsclnr-any 1700 also bsm...I.h_ cat of every one, and to this end I solicit

that oranEO. tree are bearing a light July foil th air delicionsjy. .A'1'w. the from the fUt waods to Till" C. \ you your votea. Respectfully .
cooling !__ troop I ,.N. ,on tboirwsytc. Pbil.lpha 50 cents. Plump V.I.ea Fancy "tV08.IIARWELL. Quotations Jade Promptly Application.E.U. -
bloom"T' -#--- -4-------- U U is there .. .
laundered ahlrts( -extra quality .
Parker BtO'-h : nearly \ cl.ae cf Kutsimmse rrlt '.J ) ._ .
.To aYe money examine my Block before very for all the ..' I R.I.lo formerly, pleated and embroidered (ronl <, ""\"" ,," ,, . '.1" -
.UewherValt moving their large 1cck of cattle! troops. repred I bat now Jasper ciicoil- with his oa nothing finer producd-eapecIai values --1'1taftk1Rg II. d:u>aoeolaCoUn- .

buying H. C.STANVOnD. the Calooeahatohee from L, to Do T.mpa..i still bs retD.d. b.I [lay,paid a fljiog Yt to hi* friend on at .1.C' Choice Offering The newest ty for their past 'support, ard soliciting '-'.'
.. .
that I. the in the Democratic Pn-
same coming
hlrt ideas of the season- t the notch
-- cannlieav. They"claim that they.ba '* Tuesday.Marshal. top .
:OO* \ r-MaIsly was down-from Kissim- the still on.ibe tro>pe;>ili go for and make-up-fancy-col- nary.JlactIon1bcreby.uoaouno.emy. J
:5r.Ient. _. laM Sunday. visiting bil'pareiOs.: .-t 3,000, head of cattle line they fire ; again..t .The whole Slate wijlre- I.. Ba I.fut.) 0 print pl -some with white bdl._ kelfa candldato for re-elrctlon to Ute .WATERS; -- C. A. (l nsON''

their cattle to the Lee county/range' business la .hi. absence some-with office of Tax'Aaaewor aol do promise to .Secrelary.
I gone two day President. _
l.l.acL Iore.
San 11 no doubt the reiuhjof overcrowding [ nectility lo breaking the Tampa J. t.b. U madhe b11.aalnln"l. abide by the will of tli. party. ..

Two oar load* of betf cattle fin an aver. rang*,-Preas Fort Ifjan.Th I'. I taarjhal, B'fY acting. deputy" lo.cent.up.Correct. tnllngllu" <: BUT ER..

age are hipped from town weekly to tbeTampajBaHket A Bad Accident. Spring Shocn. The WATERS.CARSON GROCERrCOMPA
tatemnf U mad by / I Toe new Ktaaimmee Band ba*been prao- -_ ,
You'll amiss selection ...
never on a __ .
,4t- go .1.WR '
& *
the 8t- 'John' aok1'.ilh..I using diligently and tnaeMUy-wTcryaigbt I '
Iransportation on -
Fla.: canned;; Pineapple --Deli fou.. belonging from o'ur'handsoma Huethere'llbenoone L AL..AN.altTo\JJ..1UJdU ni wf *
1* Water Canon Grocer/ Co. er that the hyacinth are dyiag out \ to E Sylvester chop this week (la the Leader building under the I In your set more correctly attired. -S

jajd that la MB of tbe 'creek and ;| small tree down. 1 falling it crashed I conduct of If r. Diaa I Special' opening prices for leadingstyles .))IVHN YOU OUNTY AGENTS. FOR .
KUaimmee ha* not figured on the oorre them and ID all\ the newest j G1ROCERIES
there folly *;- cent 1 a boy) .bu 7e.old ehar. .- --_.
: pondencf page of the Time-Unlon. and are per at I E. L. D. Ovrtreet-W. J. Sear*. Jr., I Correct *, hats, ,

; ..CiU en for many week than' at this (jute lat year and that in I his thllh. morning acid.nt Jle wa brought I and W, J. Bryan, Oaceola's delegation, leftonTa'eaday holel. underwear, at prices that ill Wantnlce Soda Water of. Celebrated Fertilizers. f. : .

' er* there are no hyacinth at 'all I to attend the emphala. our store I"dlng.th.t i I '
"Labor Hen wen filed the 19th against his for Dr. Ca.oa' 111 .kind or Fitle..Drloklla J. .A .
treatment to
on tion being anobrtrnrted-. nil will| be by f..th. Convention at I you leel' tbat It's titetrading any &, 4.N..A..A..ai.6iA

-4ae41aaaymeda FinawppU .Co,. .by. ,BodJlarrelaon gratifyiag new to people all along the dral.to; getlicg here at Lo'clook. I D.L ; place that nearest' meets your a great variety of nice'boltlod IRCLrLA1IPANDPRICE9 Hay GraIn! Crates Etc.
Neal I Wr A Wbiddea returned .Saturday from I need I'
and Seaver. MI broken limb *
er. -Spring, GaWi Cove Spring,:: BN.o Pie good. extra fine .ua OX API-UCATION. ,
u' I or
"Standard." best Sewing Machine on the 1 _uate the. bow..doing ".1. I } B. B,'r .iClk came l into -towa lug and ..f..ttea ia, the 'JIIdesiirsWool? Produce
market, Pnned. low at Thomcaon' I at&i.4mme.Coari.rIafotwant KitraoU of ftoy kind go 'J Country .a Specialty..

; -
Counci Mr ,
s. Jeft.
and o*
the town cemetery on Tueaday.. hi* wile and family' uinislaUug of. <'*T'i lune 6'.Sa' 'yL Wedneaday_ Xn.orr ro Pallelpbl .t* t :. IN THE. ... STANDARD BOHllNG W.SfiKS: : NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS.,

.. dram all school age. He sold lila ; being pres"tt aroa. undergo '-w- .
aa e- Huve -They alto------r-RAn.-. fnr Board CDUIU nmnmlailani Allhnlr rnanl.r MoUlBg, iUi = *
Wear.foriiefthMou.ofth&Tindmflbo.livingoa&ggyor.ek : op yoir-toeett-taHioiig- o of > JuTy aMritHiiyf\> T
Garb to Ur. M. D. L. Mayo a S. Miller, 3. M. Lee, Ii. C Stan- peels to the operation. uo- dilation saade the followli'ralMMuf nuiliir, lo-wlc >

left tbi('*' week mae, and bought tilt Ooze ph .-. ;. and W. C..!... oajaful.ua..maa .prove ..1.I tme.ill? ri Slip Junket'.jtndJB'ragola.o.' <. : I'ot. .,

for Tampa to enlist ia the army. from lDO S lot which (U the. "''.-nl last .iInwer.1 rraj'jlKl 4 n ol.r'e' nian'ln all Florida aDd fine C 0WIIELlia8. lrTIoN... .L ,r---.". I 7",

.C been Oi veritr.etve44rwTwpson ,y ur fdthto Dr.- Vlnocnllulkftn.rva Ie JI. vinegar .veryI. IK ffllllMTn r........"'K"f ac1! and ml!"nf ulf' nf a4rh! ,' :s I* g 7"' ems
Nina lot of baby caniaf*. TIIInIon place 111-t.b4L'lIIIt&lemt. fcaviaz w't4fttoiia. blocs | "'"''I''' .
?. ,. > all-Chrnnle nwV ..,,. ..
Wed nsaday night partially paralyaed.I P. tD.'r.\ "f se'i aude\J\ on ..Or.eU t> 55.50 fO
'*. 'Must be cold at a imalLjnargiB ed W yearn ago. /- of Clerk, Marshal and Col writ.for_sympioin. blnk, BMiclKtvrwtiM-f| -. ilaal'! r TJC V A ret-Cot .. .. ... .' ".'..' as till 74 let
[ suffered a stroke that di.8e.ed hor. .D' Thoyatpds ourod annualljr.I -'- H C Barber........'eirK of aw)4mnd) uw5 of'awW... 111'.d... JIll 50 aa 101. ..0
above ooaTVTthin the nozt 80 day 20U After t hot campaign W whiob'bot were read and ordered filed. Re to have loat the of. was >K.Jauksoorllio VINCKNT Fla. Morflan.UjT. II M ltb.I.'.....i..lot C..U: 9S .10 -
..,.. .
a h U ln !
The Hanata board of oonaly veoamiasdoner pat oat their ran 8&\ .the ,Ring of Treasurer was referre to the taken born* la a carriage. l | I begZJOyds.8fnaeorOtiot3.u.2OyIta flOyde.whhIJds....'. : .*..!CNjdaMBTaoms U\* *9 10 I)O'-

hail fixed the valuation the wild! tin la Orangonnty beat the AGENTS WANTED *...,....brfiia..lot to.UI.rd..1I2O rdi"ii"t > 7d."i .
...., ,
returned Atbeasaa. 2JU rd. III eo 1. are
to .
land of the railroad and.Jiuid oompauiia* in the primary by a majority of 100 of collector showed, a balance narbr F.mIDI PON THB L.IFB OP Gale Bratton. ...,.swX of iiw!.ud"ii.("of'iw 4 sod sV)4"of) *wJi .' .
L Uxei a< follows I .;on Tlt.d.Y to be gone till the end and .." of wM..4..nf ao1-"...... Si M iso se
>t 75 cent per acra.'t'11a.a&one'arefuf. toW for representative mud about t o' II OUnr..be&uw..r.ccr", .4 f I .I "..", *to rim, .7 '
the month. He left Frank Baas his i Wm. E. GladstoneBY '
ticked Palawr.and, r..enu. fund..6. S oa alOnhs, wiwctis..,......... ....... III III lie rio
otJu.cloe.:J .OeoiIa the net of 0* .. _._ _. Omee A Bratioa....Jfotnwt<...-. .I...... .. IV 1111I iin I 9tt
., ... 67 and with a gang who worebeIldiogand sw "
a. --- -- .. .. ................ '
of Br War* elected to the' legislator, 9 lllrmfht...... i2 of : .... tl JI M BOB " of th Alberta. .
oma . .
peach. *ri.ty fund. : JOHN CLARK nVLU"D.Th .
: < .9& improving the property1 I r Ob.rry..s.l, of nc<.'04"0'> ..14. .......* ... t2 .s* .su 7io two .
resident of 'KllaI.who -- Ring carried the full delegation Mlabratod orator and .&c.-o..n.ol r'aast.y..r4iot a. Sb 50 1001 4i. C' I.
v, them groa by of treasurer bowed a *most '
defeated side have orrendersd M. and M Hodge,tha raniway c ,/ own orobarfl la Georgia. The fund as lolow.t .charantorl.hi. anod wb. emeotji as Unloe ..,.... .............. ...'. l "" '
"ToiaoooT Icily&there U no UJk of;a contestrOaTadayI dlfe.Dt- .' pt.|>1 o Oh..o who were) warned her iw- xtwtorand 1'rim. Mlnl>u>ri, hl. maicnlllpoulrlumpnsln BlrU>aOBr. .pr.taii:;;,: : ( ;;;.; Park) :.::::::..':: ens : .i.
,- "Old Rover (a good old doe) ieveiyi6 fund tiwat poUtlral itnnnrrmrr- nnrwHnioliM eLkil4.lend2.aud 12S .'
," > '.11 m.-r c8iwo lania :' Mathews..i.t.t; :: :! I I 4 5.i.i. S \1Df.S.blIi14on ,, : .
& Co. treated its ttrrklnir
Water Carson ; famous -
Orooary r/8aar/ fund. ... '
... 51 Tue. party of tw.alJ sued anoedows .la. Many superb I'hu\.1.1.( Wsa KiMtp...,.>, ...alllot.blVllM. '. *H..lUsurYBT. ..........,. .sue. Mac.
Jalins Hjd cam befor* *b* .''Mayor oaW tully another anake bite fund.-.... . . 179 19 neighborhood on their to the TeaTioassnalsk ...In..
'; .dnasday on a eharg of boing drunk and .. same .the one. 'w* record fund. .. .f.. .. I'!S6 where they intend& homestead BpUndld tnlum' ,termsaiid Canvassing full Oulftl I lriioUaus with "sent're p.o-forsIt KI..tr..J..1I4fJo. ........;............:. 14 *.T,R. It. sonrey WO ti*

.dlI0tTlJj4i7jif0fl, to -whioh:'h* three week ago. The patient:wa* fund . . . 10 and :.. t penis In stamps : HKeisoafaii..beflloenrlnhis47dogae40tts4S
.. d..nfd.-o..d...
; .n IIMral .k'CawbUftnS7degawvA! (t D .
plead guilty!. aad wa* bed ll mel i i *.-,' glilacorboy.nuct--b.-wa-m were.;'. pprovej-and-'warrant.* ii- .ri--I Kiasimasea'a. voluntearin rralghtnald' .Menlo li%* l1'I5.0OOtiU.Ora -.- .-.tip..68 .>..,......,..,.J. _-.t, lamtun
lie Bnl lu Ut. hI" Order outat lo-dar. Cleric oardea. : Pal." '. 1-
-.'\t yoa-waat th* flnaat aaAjcboptsj soap tenon the toe b'a moccasin while fallows| Company O K.irst Flod Regiment baa Exp rtenRfl not neoosaarr a'ervrrhmtr wsnu 11, CACsr.ou..be:;;:: : : ;renor.ea3jsj47f1: ? ?&. *:.a *i!
*.rinto the Iaks-he boy- ,, gtinasslnM*Jaillarris.jjA_ BO this alck Mention thla paper. MONHOa BOOK 00., D 147 fa.. ,. 'I. tOO eo
T91 jQ
Uptown: gototh.. IXL grocery. B. E.BisThe *. I. '. J 'owen... fO Men Mwq furlolh .,aay .oaaaaoais. .r..O"'Q..O, Loql..WlIt.. j .......... ::.. .._. ..IC .' HIO-
down Ba1ar.a' d.
with -
o '
tie ha been --
the store wa rJl ., i._I..h.1
.t/J- to Ira lUrrls. __ -
.*oldier* anTfeoaiviagdaily& 10,000 '' >el.- J.J.-iou-a. iw.a80 says U prevalent among tha.lroop.With I ._ _. ... ': Iw.w=,___ ___ .. .. .LJi.- _11I0_ ..",
tIme ', rN. _
doa.d.ndiaashort ,; M.I. = ::": .CL :: ._ ,
'fraI\ .. ... .. .. .
Inmber...... M) h 1 I. br' I......... CnaWasaon : ; ,. .? 4 CC 'iMsuie
t i8 hi and :
furnish C W
r. beef. baullnf rqaipment hill. ,;
1 poondaof Th beef \ There VM hardly,any awalliag. mad ,' ." rpalrliiHeamoUry-v .nq.. .70 of. Dlm earioaity. U. II.ohJe ce 'X'. i U. .. Ots*.T..lTr A HieULTVHK, LI'.ler:...,_., .. ................ .... I \. .,. I..
edbyBwlft&Co.andisofthsineMqnslItand lamps 780 Ifo. -' 5' .Tbs Board wIlt moot Aiurnit Irt 1808, to beaeolltptalnloolr..at; tW C aetlaa. -
bred Uta.I., : ,(' 1u1 on CemeMry Low Seaman i I. acting companyd 'Admlntatered.XBc ( STS HOG CHOLERA. WXCH1CIEK ?* ., t.. \
glvsnITeT4 ,aiUUfaction.--Me : ...*4 ... ... *'/ ....... Crew..is getting along ". 4Gas S. ., )m.,., ..MIE. .. C '.L.
"" '' Some of the soldiers paaaiog. i, Issuln i :.. .,.. .1.ATlUt CHOlERA: ; DOHESTICUUULSU.8J8TAHDAHD "
: tropolis Miami i i : *j lours -:8:30 to
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'The beat and:weed. :hav*-temporarilypanlyted nusnal's ones In I"..,' .J 0 WUNDEK.. f::jo; p. in. -.1.l Ceata P.r Paagu .. .J MITCHELL.
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'We abtloe 1 ia thi Live Ok paper"that8.1' did for the plaintiff, i. J. Padgett for 1 Sold by J. C Leak. K. .Flv. v '4tt --TheiL- .&'LAIIICFICRia- S a.d ralll.ar af tk. Womb fcy r.-,
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-candle;BfIf \ JORwomi'Elm -other revivaliof among \ many t'R ..IlIj. .1. ,, ,I/ of Bedford Christian, Choreh at Bland Rued."" S ruble per' aanpm" -about e'1. I
nearly a century ago. ItEMARKABLC BREAK ar*.' dally two .
The rich Island of Cuba wo* one* foi eompeUeeVtoHveallfo $3.25. :'rh. ration -
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clean your %blood and km it dean by indeed th. U ; Wa aflection al from the shelves of which the'liege of Havana ceiild drove me wild. I sullorxl. .iron f.malorIroublos require and when detected ia the effort pet OBtaloa-a la baodnaloMt -
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tbr.o of wlh>h dreasea'than even IO.t r*>i>iM> I... "The tnost reuiai'ksble Tlia etory of a New Zealand sheep
itr* I ths nip.| e and it ia., f/a( thai the llama fink i Jullusfllnes&Sou
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; Car* a Col in One Da,. ,b/en.ldere $ a red or' bue'p .,f Jacket superIntendents, ".'lID (hat to the Utter eudlof March.' I 4 plo me to try the run of the slaughter bouae killed "

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: who caught : the harbor" of Havana. are
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\ up. loahr t-le. let feet throe inches, and Hrf Mind I hail tekeaaix boxes. .1 am now coo to the storing room and when It,\, ,
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