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August/September/October 2008

From the Director. ............... 2
New Faces ......................... 3
New Faces/News ................ 4
Awards and Accolades ........... 5
Bits and Pieces .................... 6

University Volume 25, Number 5

University of Florida, IFAS, Citrus Research and Education Center

, phi .r'

r-( I I A,
P .. J ,t _

1 1i I < t

CREC lis proud to anInounce Ron.-:jcl P Mur.-,ro .-,:
the Florida Fiuit & Vegetable Asocia.tion (FFVA)
Rese.archer of the Year Mur.-ro has been CREC:
ifacuIlty remember since 1979 and has served more th.an
35 ye-ar. : iIn .:gricultLIurli.i and extension rese.jirc.l
His continued nation-il and inte national s success in
agricultural extension .:ncI research is what brougCht
him to the forefront for thi: .-:ai-rcl. Muriao performs
extensive research on the cost of harvesting and
packaging fresh Floricl.: itcruL: He also provides
annual cost information to citfruL packers and the
citrus industry throughCII economic reports. fact
sheets, and Extension rnmeetincr:
"Ron provides outstanchincl II)uppot to the Floridc.:
citrus industry throucilh hIP: continuing effort: to
update economics re .teC-c to citrus prOCLiCtion .:and
its marketing," said H.rold Browjning. Director of
the UF, IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center.
"IFAS is proud that the industry looks to Ron for
the latest and most in-depth information, and that

he has been re
MurFro al
from far
to corn



Murl:rO. a litetirme residCent
of Flor l.:j. received this
esteemed .aw.-ard .at the
Ritz-C.irlton in N.:ples .at
the FFVA annual meeting.
Congratulations Ron!

CREC's Dr. Joseph Noling was recently recognized with the Florida Association of
County Agriculture Agents (FACAA) Communications Best Feature Story Award. He
received this award at the 2008 Extension Professional Associations of Florida annual
meeting in Orlando.
"Dr. Noling has played a vital role in communicating the many complex issues
surrounding changes in soil fumigation technology important to Florida horticultural
industries," said Harold Browning, Director of the UF, IFAS Citrus Research and
Education Center. "His field research, demonstrations, and outreach communications
have provided timely information to a wide range of clients."
The CREC is proud of Dr. Noling's accomplishments. Noling earned
his bachelors and masters degrees from Michigan State University FLORIDA
Dr. Joseph Noling and his doctorate from the University of California, Riverside. He has ,
been a CREC faculty member for 23 years.

Ron Muraro



During renovations to the
Administration Building in
2008, information related to Dr. Harold Browning
laboratory chemical Material Center Director
Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and
CREC pesticide application records and posting was
relocated to the CREC library area in Ben Hill Griffin,
Jr. Citrus Hall. With completion of the renovations,
and return of the mailroom and other functions to
the Administration Building, we have relocated the
MSDS and CREC pesticide application information
to the CREC employee breakroom in Building 7124.
MSDS information is made available to those
interested in learning more about materials that
are found in CREC laboratories and other work
areas. Upon receipt of new chemical materials at
CREC, copies of MSDS sheets provided by the
manufacturers are filed in this central location and
also should be available in the specific work areas
where the materials are used.
Pesticides are exempt from MSDS information
procedures, asthey have associated official pesticide
labels attached to all pesticide storage containers.
Thus, employees and others are encouraged to
refer directly to pesticide labels on the containers,
or to access specific manufacturer's information on
individual pesticidal materials online or otherwise. In
addition, CREC complies with state rules for pesticide
applications by posting signage at locations where
pesticides are applied, as well as maintaining a
central site where pesticide applications are logged.
This site, now located in the employee break area in
7124, can and should be viewed by those who plan
to visit grove or greenhouse sites to get updated
information on latest pesticide applications and to
understand such issues as worker re-entry interval
and pre-harvest interval. If you have any questions
regarding the new location for mMSDS sheets and
CREC pesticide application records, please contact
Perry Love at extension 1272.

2 August/September/October 2008

Florida's official hurricane season will come to an
end on November 30. It is still imperative that all
CREC employees take precaution during this time.
All supervisors need to remember to keep your
emergency response plans on hand at all times in
case a hurricane emergency should occur. If you
have lost or misplaced the current emergency
plan, please contact Christen Johnson at extension

Advisory: Advisory messages are issued by the
National Hurricane Center, giving information on all
tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes
at midnight, 6 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m. These advisories
are supplemented at 3-hour intervals when landfall is
likely within 24 hours.
Tropical Storm Watch: A tropical storm is similar,
but smaller than a hurricane. Winds associated with
these storms are less than 74 mph, but can still cause
widespread damage and flooding. Tropical storm
watches are made for specific coastal areas where
tropical storm conditions pose possible threats within
36 hours.
Tropical Storm Warning: This warning means
that tropical storm conditions, including possible
sustained winds of 39-73 mph, are expected
in specific coastal areas within 24 hours.
Hurricane Watch:These watches are made for specific
coastal areas. These are not warnings. These watches
mean that a hurricane is close enough for everyone
to listen to advisories and be prepared to take
precautionary measures. Watches are usually issued
24-36 hours prior to landfall.
Hurricane Warning: This warning means that a
hurricane is close enough to a specific coastal area that
precautionary measures must be taken immediately.
These warnings are usually issued 24 hours prior to
landfall. However, if the hurricane's path is unusual, it
may only be a few hours before the warning is issued
prior to landfall.

is- 75nph
131- W mph
156 mph -

1- f14+
ifrwit? m

Rashidah Ruslan
Master's Student
Hometown: Kedah, Malaysia
Education: B.S. in Biological and
Agricultural Engineering
Research: Determination of
total soluble solids content
and titratable acidity using
Near Infrared and Mid infrared
Supervisor: Dr. Reza Ehsani
Hobbies: Swimming, jogging, surfing the internet,
movies and music
Office Location: Building 7192 Room 101

Pankaj Trivedi
Post Doctoral Fellow
Hometown: Haridwar,
Uttarakhand, India
oz Education: B.S. in Industrial
SMicrobiology, Kurukshetra
University, Kurukshetra, India;
M.S in Microbiology, Gurukul
Kangri University, Haridwar,
India; Ph.D. in Microbiology,
Kumaun University, Nainital, India
Research: Evaluation of microbial diversity in citrus
phloem and its potential use for controlling HLB
Supervisor: Dr. Nian Wang
Hobbies: Music and movies
Office Location: Building 7124, Room 157

Rosana H. Serikawa
Ph.D. student,
Research assistant
Hometown: Sao Carlos, Sio
Paulo, Brazil
Education: B.S. in Agronomic
Engineering, UNES P,
Jaboticabal, Brazil; M.S. in
Entomology, University of
Nebraska at Lincoln
Research: Research acquisition and transmission
of the Huanglongbing (HLB) pathogen
Supervisor: Drs. Michael Rogers and Lukasz
Hobbies: Volleyball with co-workers and dance
Office Location: Building 7135, Room 27

Lioubiv Polonik
Agricultural Assistant/Scout
Hometown: Lake Alfred, Florida j
Job Duties: Scout citrus groves
for citrus greening as well as
other diseases and pests
Supervisor: Troy Gainey
Hobbies: Spending time with
her son Viktor, Tae Kwon Do and
relaxing with family and friends
Office Location: CREC barn by
the greenhouses

Sara Hermann
OPS Assistant
Hometown: Newark, Delaware
Education: Pursuing B.S. in
Environmental Sciences, Polk
Community College
Supervisor: Dr. Lukasz Stelinski
Hobbies: Music, reading and
Office Location: Building 7135,
Room 11

Laura Strawn
Masters Student
Hometown: Orange County,
Education: B.S. in Food
Microbiology, University of
California Davis; pursuing M.S.
in Food Microbiology and
Saftey, University of Florida
Research: Growth and Survival
of E. coli and Salmonella on
Tropical Fruit
Supervisor: Dr. Michelle Danyluk
Hobbies: Traveling, scuba diving, watching
football, eating out with friends, surfing, cooking,
brewing beer, puzzles, and trying new wines
Office Location: Building 22, Lab 63

3 August/September/October 2008

Andr6 Freitas Cola;o
Masters Student
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Education: Pursuing B.S. in
Agronomy, Superior College of
Agriculture 'Luiz de Queiroz',
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Research: Research on
precision agriculture
(management of greening by
using reflectance sensors)
Supervisor: Dr. Reza Ehsani
Hobbies: Volleyball
Office Location: Building 7192, Room 101


The American Society of
Agricultural and Biological
Engineers (ASABE) has
named twelve individuals of
extraordinary accomplishments
to its 2008 class of ASABE
Fellows. To be considered, an
individual must demonstrate
unusual professional distinction,
with outstanding qualifications
Dr. William Miller and experience in the field of
agricultural engineering. In
addition, twenty years of membership in ASABE
is also required. As a result, only two percent of
the active membership has achieved the grade of
Professor emeritus, Dr. William M. Miller, was
honored and recognized as an ASABE Fellow for his
leadership as a researcher and extension engineer
in advancing the science and technology of post-
harvest engineering at the 2008 ASABE Annual
International Meeting held in Providence, R.I. Miller
was recognized for pioneering research involving
machine vision and image processing for optical
sorting in automated handling of fresh fruits, studies
of sensor and control technologies, in addition to
optimizing handling and storage of fresh fruit under
physiological conditions. These and many other
accomplishments also looked at reducing energy
consumption and environmental concerns.
As a 34-year member, Miller provided leadership
to many Food and Process Engineering Institute
committees, a technical editor for the various

Raquel Rosales
Post Doctoral Associate
Hometown: Granada, Spain
Education: B.S. in Biology, M.S.
in Plant Physiology, and Ph.D.
in Plant Physiology, University
of Granada
Research: Research on citrus
abscission and the effects of
different qualities of lights (far
red, red, blue and green) in the leave abscission
of Citrus sinensis
Supervisor: Dr. Jackie Burns
Hobbies: Flamenco and Ballet dancing and some
Modern and Contemporary dance
Office Location: Building 7122, Room 56

Society publications, a FPEI representative for both
the Publications Council and the P-511 Refereed
Publications committees, and was involved with the
organization of four Food Processing Automation
Miller's work in packinghouse automation has
helped allow the U.S. to remain economically
competitive in the global market. He was also a
member of a multi-disciplinary team to first apply
precision agriculture concepts to tree crops.
Advancements in yield monitoring, fertilizer inputs,
and soil treatments are just some of the research
accomplishments that have helped citrus to remain
as a viable crop in Florida. Congratulations Dr. Miller
on a job well done!


Drs. Tim Spann, Jose Reyes
and Assist Coordinator
of Canker and Greening
Extension Education, Jamie
Yates, recently attended
the 2008 CALS Teaching
Enhancement Symposium
held in Gainesville. They
displayed their current Dr.Tim Spannand Jamie
projects for a mini-grant Yateractive greening
they received for distance training
educational training. CREC
had two out of the six
distance educational projects represented.

4 *August/September/October 2008


The CREC Community would like
to extend a special recognition to
Dr. Ebenezer O. Onagbola (Postdoc

Stelinski). Micron,
an Elsevier science
journal, will feature
one of Dr. Onagbola's photographs
from his article on the journal
cover. The article can be viewed
at the following website: http:/
Dr. Ebenezer O. journal/09684328.


Please congratulate Mike Eisenmenger, a Ph.D.
student working with Dr. Jose Reyes on a job well
done! Eisenmenger was recently awarded the first
prize ($300) at the Institute of Food Technologists
(IFT) student poster
competition, Biotechnology
Division in New Orleans, La.
His poster was titled "High
Hydrostatic Pressure. A
Novel Method of Enzyme
Enhancement." His research
was supported by an IFAS
Research Innovation Grant.
Eisenmenger was chosen
as one of the Mike Eisenmenger
five finalists out
of more than 20 other submissions
around the world.
Rosalia Garcia-Torres, also a Ph.D.
student working with Dr. Jose
Reyes, won a $1,000 Citrus Division
Student Award. She was presented
RosaliaGarcia-Torres the award at the International
Citrus and Beverage Conference
in Clearwater at the IFT industry award ceremony.


Congratulations to Karthik
John, Ph.D. student of Dr.
Jackie Burns. Presented by
the Association of Horticultural
Scientists of Indian Origin,
Karthik received an award for the
Second best poster presented
at this year's American Society
of Horticultural Sciences annual
meeting in Orlando. His poster
KarthikJohn was titled "Diurnal fluctuation in
ethylene biosynthesis and signalling
genes affects fruit and leaf abscission in 'Valencia'
orange." Great job Karthik!


CREC is proud to announce that three of our
students,J ua n M.Ceva los (studentofDr.Jose Reyes),
Ayako Kusakabe
(student of Dr. Jim
Syvertsen), and Peter
Larbi (student of Dr.
Masoud Salyani)were
the recent recipients
of the Herlong
Endowed Graduate
This non-renewable
scholarship will
provide a stipend of
$2,500 annually for JuanCevallosand
two years to these graduate Ayako Kusakabe
students conducting research
on problems relating directly to
the citrus industry. Juan, Ayako,
and Peter were selected for
this scholarship on the basis of
their scholastic achievements
and professional promise.
Great job!

Peter Larbi

5 August/September/October 2008


Four years ago a
17-year-old lan DeBarry
boarded his first Blood
Mobile at Auburndale
High School. Little did
he realize the impact Ai
that one step would
have on someone's
futr. Robbie Taylor, lan DeBarry, and
"I wanted to get out Donna Key
of English class," lan
explained to Donna Key of the Mid-Florida Blood
Bank. He learned that day that one pint of blood
has the potential to save more than one life. One
pint of blood is broken down into two components,
red blood cells and plasma, which can be used for
different patients.
Since that first donation, DeBarry not only donates
everytwo months, but he has recruited hisfriends and
family. Robbie Taylor, Client Services Representative
for Mid Florida affectionately refers to plan's efforts
as the "lan and Friends Blood Drive."
"I tell people, 'Come save a life,"' DeBarry said.
With the coordination efforts of Diane Bright (Dr. Jim
Graham's Lab), CREC will sponsor more blood drives
next year. Dates will be provided when available.
Why not "Recycle Yourself."


Viktor Polonik, son of Lioubiv
Polonik and Sasha Kotov,
attended the 28th Annual
Junior Olympic Taekwondo .
Championship in Detroit,
Mich. and won third place! He
received a bronze metal in the
World Sparring division for eight
to nine year old children. Great
job Viktor!
Viktor Polonik
FUN FACT: "Toe" stonds for jumping
of flVnci [to kick otr fmoil7 1 w/l7 [17e foot
'KI-,on" cIenote [l/e fist clefliv to pIIuncl/7 ot
cletro.v ivit/7 [l/e 1/7oc, I ot fist Do mecons
on Ocri or It-ov'

17~9i~ grdl

welcomes story ideas.
Please contact Christen Johnson, editor, at
ext. 1248 or e-mail at
6 August/September/October 2008


Dr. Russell Rouseff
attended the 12th
Weurman International
Flavor Conference in
Interlaken, Switzerland
from June 30 to July 4.
While there, Dr. Rouseff
presented the results of
presear ine three artes Left to right: Duygu G6Smen,
SDr. Russell Rouseff, Ozan
measuring grapefruit Girbiz, and June Rouseff
juice sulfur volatiles,
identifying a new character impact compound in
fragrant rice and the aroma impact compounds in
mangaba, a rain forest tropical fruit.
Prior to the conference he had the opportunity to
present a special departmental lecture to the food
engineer students and faculty of UIUdag University,
Bursa Turkey as well as visit several historical
locations in Turkey.


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