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May/June/July 2008
Happy 4th of July!

Recognition/Awards ............. 2
News/Information ............... 3
Hurricane Information ........... 4
New Faces......................... 5
2008 Spring Picnic ............... 6
Bits and Pieces ........................ 7

Dr Jim Syvertsen, Professor of Horticulture, CREC, was
recently one of only six IFAS faculty members selected
to receive a University of Florida Faculty Research
Foundation Professorship
Syvertsen was awarded this prestigious three year
professorship for distinguished research performance,
publications, service, and commitment over the past
five years The UF Vice President for Research, Dr Winn
Phillips, selected only 33 faculty members university-
wide for the professorships
Syvertsen maintains a 95 percent research
appointment, with the balance committed to
supporting graduate education His area of expertise
in plant physiology and its application to the citrus
system has allowed him to develop a range of
important program directions, securing funds from

an array of sources, and '
involving numerous )00
cross iscipl inar y
"Jim's program offers
a balance of successful
conduct of outstanding Dr. Jim Syvertsen
science addressing mission-oriented questions posed
by IFAS clients," said Dr Harold Browning, Center
Director "Blending these attributes, he has established
a national and international reputation among
scientists and citrus producers alike His record of
international activities highlights this achievement"
Research programs that Syvertsen has pursued include
citrus tree uptake, utilization, and storage of water,
carbon, and nutrients to ensure plant health
See Professorship, Page 2

1tthrough November 30 is Florida's official hurricane season
Past experiences have taught us that hurricanes can be unpredictable and destructive in their power and ability
to cause severe damage. So, batten down the hatches, get the bottled water, and hold on for the next five months.
Although most CREC staff and faculty have"held on"during numerous hurricane drills and the real thing, there are
many new employees who have not. Weather forecasters predict an active hurricane season so be sure to prepare
ahead of time.
Use this time to get your homes, automobiles, and families ready,just in case. In fact, now is a good time to purchase
items such as non-perishable food, bottled water, pet food, etc. (For a complete shopping list to keep on hand, go
to http://apps.polk-county.net/hurricaneexpo/forms/HurrKitShop.pdf)
UF FLO)RiDA This is also the perfect time to update telephone numbers and addresses with supervisors.This
uAS information is used to contact employees before and after an emergency.
O(,,,a,, r ,,h ,,aN In case of an approaching hurricane, Dr. Harold Browning, Center Director, will make the decision
AlI. "b"'w ("Wrtl'r

See Hurricane, Page 4

Univery ofVolume 25, Number 4

University of Florida, IFAS, Citrus Research and Education Center


Two CREC employees recently
received an Institute of Food
Technologists (IFT) award in
Gainesville (pictured right).
Juan Cevallos was awarded a $1,000

and Professional Potential.The Florida
IFT section judged him on his student
activity for the past year to qualify him Juan Cevallos
for this award. Congratulations, Juan!
Michael Eisenmenger was awarded
a $1,500 Richard F. Matthews
Graduate Scholarship for Excellence
in Academics, Leadership, and
Professional Potential. At the
ceremony, he was selected as a finalist
for the IFT Bio-Technical division for r
his poster presentation titled "High
Hydrostatic Pressure: A Novel Method Michael
of Enzyme Enhancement." Eisenmenger Eisenmenger
was also invited to join the Delta lota
Epsilon honors society for his accomplishments.
He presented at the annual IFT meeting in New
Orleans on June 28 July 2 and competed against five
other finalists. Congrats, Michael!


During the recent Florida State
Horticultural Society 2008 Annual
Meeting, Preeti Sood, graduate
studentworking with Dr. Ed Etxeberria,
received a second place award in the '
student paper competition. Her paper T.
was titled "Effects of laser labeling
on the quality of citrus fruit during PreetiSood
storage." She was awarded a $200 check. Great job,


Azza Mohamed,
graduate student
working with Dr. Jude
Grosser, was nominated
to receive two awards
through the Society
for In Vitro Biology
(SIVB) and for the best
graduate student
AAzza Mohamed and SIVB
abstract submitted to presidentToddJones

In Vitro Biology. The awards are the Wilton R. Earle
Award and the 2008 SIVB award for the best abstract.
She received the two awards at The Congress held
from June 14 18 in Tucson, Arizona. Congratulations,


Drs. Madhugiri Nageswara Rao and Jaya R Soneji,
Post-Doctoral Research Associates, were recently
featured in the American Society of Plant Biologists
(ASPBI News explaining

Society is crucial to the
future of plant biology
(ASPB-News, 2008, Vol
35(.3'11 Founclel in
1924, ASPB promotes
the growth andI
development of plant Dis. Jaya Soneji and Madhugiri Rao
biology, encourages
publication of research in plant biology, promotes the
interests and growth of plant-sieritists and publishes
reputed journals (Plant Physiology and The Plant
Cell). The column features dedicated and innovative

Professorship, continued from Page 1
In particular, he has demonstrated the relationship between seasonal and annual root and shoot dynamics in
response to biotic and abiotic stresses The results of this work have been well-received by the scientific community,
and provide a baseline for specific problem-solving efforts that involve understanding tree physiology The UF
Professorship award includes a contribution to his research program sponsored by the University of Florida Research
2 May/June/July 2008


Dr. Walt Kender recently completed spring cleaning
and has journals (listed below) for anyone who is
interested. For more information please contact,
Jennifer Dawson, CREC librarian, at idawson@ufl.
edu or extension 1226.

* Quality Control Assessment-short course
* Fresh Citrus Quality
* Postharvest Technology Working Group
* Citrus Maturity and Packinghouse Procedures
* ASHS newsletters
* Global Research on the Environmental and
Agricultural Nexus
* International Society of CitIlculture proceedings,
1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1992,2000
* Citrus Engineering Conference 1984, 1986
* PGRSA quarterly
* Loose Hoi tTechnology issues
* HoitScience 2001-2007
* Floriida State Horticultural Society Proceedings,
* Citrus Abscission Workshop 1998

Dr Larry Parsons
presented a poster
display at the First
Annual Central Floiicla
Water Quality Day
held in late March
at the Mid-Floricda
Research & Education
Center at Apopka IFAS
extension assisted
state representative Pictured left to right:
Biyan Nelson's office in Dr. Larry Parsons, Liz Felter,
presenting Information and Ryan Atwood
on watei issues Parsons'
display covered reclaimed water in central Floricla
and the Water Conserv II project Other water-related
agencies and exhibitors also presented displays
Parsons was assisted by county agents Ryan Atwood
and Liz Felter The clay included tours of the Lake
Apopka restoration area and the Apopka Water Reuse


Subscribe to several magazines? Buy a couple every
trip to the grocery store? Toss them once finished?
Stop!Toss those magazines on the"Recycle Magazines"
display set up in the Library. The area is designed as
a place for CREC employees to "trade" magazines.
These magazines can be personal subscriptions such
as Florida Sportsman, Better Homes and Gardens, or
People. They can also be professional magazines
like American Fruit
Grower and Chronica __ .
Horticulturae. Then '
S. pick up a recycled z
one to enjoy and
repeat the cycle!
Go green at .i
.3"' work! "


Check out the new Post Doc and Graduate Student
web page at www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/academics. Post
Docs or Graduate Students who would like a web
page should contact Paul Weikel, Webmaster, at
weikelp@ufl.edu or extension 1232.

Congratulations to Dr. Larry Parsons for receiving
a Bronze IFAS Image Award noted for superior
achievement for his Written Word articles on Parsons
on Citrus. Great job, Dr. Parsons!

3 May/June/July 2008


Hurricane, continued from Page 1
to activate personnel. Key personnel who have already been identified, know who they are, but may need the help
of others to accomplish what needs to be done as quickly as possible. However, there are some tasks that need to
be accomplished by most staff and faculty.
1. Back up all computer files onto the server.
2. Move computers away from windows.
Although the CREC does not have a building that qualifies as a Public Shelter, employees who live in mobile homes
may stay at the Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall during the actual hurricane.Those employees and their family members
MUST bring their own supplies including food. Again, this is not for the public employees only. Dan Tuzzolo is the
contact person for the use of Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall. For more information please contact Dan at dtuzzolo@
ufl.edu or extension 1289.
For employees' safety, immediately following a hurricane, the CREC will be closed to everyone except essential
personnel. Please do not come to the Center until the area has been found safe for everyone. Signs will be posted
on all the doors and in other visible locations.
Employees may receive notification from the CREC in these ways:
2. On television look for information on the CREC with the other openings and closures such as schools and
other government agencies;
3. In the newspaper;
4. On the radio;
5. On the CREC voice mail (863) 956-3421 (Please make note of this number.)
Supervisors will attempt to contact their staff when necessary. However, it is important that staff members be
proactive in finding out information, as well.The CREC voice message will be updated as new information becomes
available. (Usually, BUT NOT ALWAYS, the CREC follows the recommendations of the Polk County Public Schools. If
the schools are open, the Center usually is, and if the schools are closed, the Center is usually closed, as well.)


Advisory: Advisory messages are issued by the
National Hurricane Center, giving information on all
tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes
at midnight, 6 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m.These adversaries
are supplemented at three-hour intervals when
landfall is likely within 24 hours.

Tropical Storm Watch: A tropical storm is similar,
but smaller than a hurricane. Winds associated with
these storms are less than 74 mph, but can still cause
widespread damage and flooding. Tropical storm
watches are made for specific coastal areas where
tropical storm conditions pose possible threats within
36 hours.

Tropical Storm Warning: This warning means
that tropical storm conditions, including possible

sustained winds of 39-73 mph are expected
in specific coastal areas within 24 hours.

Hurricane Watch: These watches are made for
specific coastal areas. These are not warnings. These
watches mean that a hurricane is close enough for
everyone to listen to advisories and be prepared to
take precautionary measures. Watches are usually
issued 24-36 hours prior to landfall.

Hurricane Warning: This warning means that a
hurricane is close enough to a specific coastal area that
precautionary measures must be taken immediately.
These warnings are usually issued 24 hours prior to
landfall. However, if the hurricane's path is unusual, it
may only be a few hours before the warning is issued
prior to landfall.

35 75 mph
74 95 mph
96- 110 mph
111- 130 mph
131 155 mph
156 mph +

4-5 feet
6 -8 feet
9 12 feet
13 18 feet
18 feet +


4 May/June/July 2008

Cody Narciso
Summer OPS Intern
Hometown: Winter Haven, Florida
Education: International
Baccalaureate School and Bartow
High School (Diploma recipient
of both institutions). Currently
working on BS in Chemical
Engineering at Florida Institute of
Research: Electron microscopy
sample preparation and imaging
Supervisor: Dr. Ed Exteberria
Hobbies: Gardening, cubing and rock tumbling
Office Location: Building 7167, Room 126

Murphy Barthe
OPS Non-Secretary/Clerk
Hometown: Haines City,
Education: Entering
1 1th-grade at Haines City
International Baccalaureate
High School
Job Duties: Assist in field and
lab work
Supervisor: Dr. Ron Brlansky/Becky Clarke
Hobbies: Video games
Office Location: Building 7124

Jared Gregory Ali
SPh.D. Student
Hometown: Philadelphia,
Education: B.A. in Biology,
University of Delaware; M.S.
in Entomology, University of
Delaware; Pursuing Ph.D. in
Entomology, UF
Research: Diaprepes abbreviatus
Biocontrol via Tritrophic Semiochemicals
Supervisor: Dr. Lukasz Stelinski
Hobbies: Playing music, reading, and eating spicy
Office Location: Building 7135, Room 11

Lilibeth Dagulo
Master's Student
Hometown: Miramar, Florida
Education: B.S. in Food Science
and Human Nutrition, UF;
Pursuing M.S. in Food Science, UF
Research: Effects of Greening
on the composition of Hamlin
and Valencia orange juices from
infected fruit, including, but not
limited to, flavonoid and amino
acid content
Supervisor: Dr. Russell Rouseff
Hobbies: Music, cooking, jogging, tennis, video
games, movies, and traveling
Office Location: Building 7103, Room 26

Divya Kainth
Master's Student
Hometown: Chandigarh, India
Education: B.S. in Plant Sciences,
Punjab Agriculture University,
Punjab, India; Pursuing M.S. in
Horticultural Sciences, UF :
Research: Research assistant
studying somatic hybridization
for crop improvement
Supervisor: Dr. Jude Grosser
Hobbies: Music and sketching
Office Location: Building 7, Lab 1

Yinping Guo
Ph.D. Student
Hometown: Hebei province,
Education: B.S. in Bioengineering,
Henan University of Technology,
Zhengzhou, China; M.S. in
Microbiology, Institute of
Microbiology, Chinese Academy
of Sciences, Beijing, China;
pursuing Ph.D. in Microbiology, UF
Research: Identification and functional analysis of
critical virulence genes involved in bacterial citrus
Supervisor: Dr. Nian Wang
Hobbies: Swimming
Office Location: Building 7124, Room 153
5 May/June/July 2008

6 May/June/July 2008

R) C* n

I ni *

Si+s S Pie es



Dr. Pete and Nancy
Timmer have a new
granddaughter. Sophie
Anne Timmer was born to
Jeff and Martha Timmer
on March 22, and weighed
6 pounds, 15 ounces.
This is Pete and Nancy's :4.
first granddaughter. Jeff
and Martha live in Culver
City, California. He is a
mechanical engineer for M
Northrup-Grummond, and an
she works for the Rand Corporation.


artha, Sophie
Id JeffTimmer


David Futch, son of Steve
and Deborah Futch, recently
received a third place award -
out of 36 finalists in the
Zoology category at the
State Science & Engineering IMlEM
Fair for the senior division. m 5
David represented Polk a
Region Science Fair at the
International Science Fair
held in Atlanta in May. David David Futch
was also recently honored
with the Young Naturalist Award sponsored by the
American Museum of Natural History in New York.
He is one of three national winners and attended the
awards ceremony in late May at the museum in New
York. His research will be published by the museum.

welcomes story ideas.
Please contact Christen Johnson, editor, at
ext. 1248 or e-mail at

Sunny Liao gave birth to
her daughter, Tzu-Ane
Hsu (Ane-Ane), on April
8 at 2:18 a.m. Ane-Ane
weighed 6 pounds, 10
ounces. They are both very
happy and doing well.
Welcome, Ane-Ane!

Sunny Liao and Ane-Ane
Sunny Liao and Ane-Ane


Drs. Madhugiri Nageswara Rao and Jaya R. Soneji
celebrated their daughters, Yasheeta's, first birthday
by cutting a cake and having her plant a sapling.
This was done by
the parents to
support biodiversity
conservation and
global environment
and also by way of
donation to support
rural education.
Rao and Jaya are
volunteer members Tuli, Pallavi, Jaya, Yasheeta
of Biodiversity and Rao
Conservation and
Research Trust (BCRT; http://bcrt.org/) and Samatva


Emmy Wendell, daughter
of Margie Wendell, recently
graduated from Lake Region
High School. She plans to
pursue a degree in nursing at
Polk Community College. Best
of luck, Emmy! Emmy Wendell

July 4 Independence Day Holiday
July 17 CREC Faculty Meeting, 8:30 10 a.m.
July 18 Plant Production Seminar Series,
10:45 a.m. noon.
July 25 Plant Production Seminar Series,
10:45 a.m. noon.
7 May/June/July 2008

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