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Dr. Ed Etxeberria Receives
Award for Outstanding
Cross-Commodity Publication

Dr. Harold W Browning,
Center Director
UF/IFAS Citrus Research
and Education Center
700 Experiment Station Rd
Lake Alfred, FL
Tel. (863) 956-1151
Fax (863) 956-4631

Citrus Leaves is the monthly
newsletter for employees
and friends of CREC.

Citrus Leaves welcomes
your contributions, sugges-
tions, and corrections.

Editor/writer: Katherine
Snyder; E-mail: snyderkm@
ufl.edu, ext. 1403; Photog-
raphy/Graphics: Gretchen
Baut; Production/Distri-
bution: Word Processing,
Barbara Thompson, Karla
Flynn; Events BHG, Linda
Murphy; Customer Service,
Kathy Witherington and
Nancy Burke

Current links available on
the CREC home page.

For current manuscripts
submitted for publication
go to: http://www.crec.ifas.ufl.

For news from the Busi-
ness Office go to: http://
',, .. I ,,,,

r. Ed Etxeberria, University of Florida Professor of Horticulture Sci-
ences, specializing in plant cell physiology, and his co-authors Pedro
Gonzales and Dr. Javier Pozueta-Romero, will be presented with an award
for Outstanding Cross-Commodity Publication for 2005 by the American
Society of Horticultural Sciences. The publication "Sucrose transport
into citrus juice cells: evidence for an endocytic transport system. JASHS
130(2):269-274" was selected in the Outstanding Cross-Commodity Pub-
lication category.
The ASHS Board of Directors and the ASHS Awards Committee will
present the recognition at the Awards Ceremony on July 27, 2006 during
the ASHS 2006 Annual Conference. In an effort to enhance the recogni-
tion and ASHS Member awareness of the Society's honorees, a special area
featuring the Hall of Fame, the Fellows, the Career Award recipients, and
the Outstanding Publications will also be set up at the conference.

Dr. Ed Etxeberria
phto by Gretchen Bout

UF/IFAS 2005 Image Award Winners

On May 10, 2006, Dr. Mark McLellan announced the winners of the 2005 Image Awards. Awards
ranged from Gold to Honorable Mention with 83 entries and 156 participants. CREC's Steve Futch
and team members Masoud Salyani, Pete Timmer, Clay McCoy, Jim Graham, Larry Duncan, and Herb
Nigg won a Gold award for their entry "Using Trade Journals and EDIS to Provide Educational Materials
to Citrus Growers" in the Written Word category. In addition, Dr. Brian Scully and team members, Dr.
Harold Browning, Tom Nordlie, and Robin Koestoyo, won a Gold award for their entry "Citrus Canker Crisis
Communications" in the Media Kit category.

Lab Highlight June 2006
Dr. Arnold Schumann's Lab

M embers of Dr. Schumann's Lab include: ,
Kevin Hostler, Laura Waldo, Sherrie
Buchanon, and Margie Cody. Recently joining Dr.
Schumann are Dr. Radha Lakshmanan, a visiting
scientist from India, and his student, Kiran Mann.
The April-June 2006 (Vol. 16, No. 2) issue of
HortTechnology, ajournalof the American Society for
Horticultural Science http://www.ashs.org/horttech/
current.html featured a paper on precision farming
research conducted at the CREC. "Rapid Estimation
of Citrus Tree Damage from Hurricanes in Florida
Using an Ultrasonic Tree Measurement System"
was authored by Qamar Zaman (currently with the -(
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology),
Arnold Schumann, and Kevin Hostler. The article Schumann in his office at CREC
photo by Gretchen Baut


(cont. from page 1 Schumann)

describes a rapid
for surveying
damage to tree
canopies with
ultrasonic sensors..
The devastating .
hurricanes of 2004
in Polk County h
offered an ideal
opportunity to test
this new technique
in a commercial
40-acre grove near
Fort Meade. Tree
canopy volume
loss measurement
after hurricanes
may be valuable
for crop insurance
and fruit yield
estimation, but visual estimation of the tree damage in each grove
is laborious, time consuming and difficult to quantify. The authors
estimated tree damage by comparing canopy volumes measured with
automated ultrasonic equipment before and after the hurricanes of
2004 in Florida. More than 50% of trees in the grove were damaged
and generally larger trees were more affected than small or medium
size trees. The ultrasonic system rapidly identified missing trees and
estimated partial tree canopy volume loss after hurricanes.
A new modern ultrasonic sensor array, pictured on the front
cover of the journal, was re-engineered from the ground up to
replace an older system. Using modern compact, low-power
circuitry, the new system is small enough to mount on the back
of a pickup truck and can scan up to 20-foot high trees four times
faster than the old system. Typical driving speeds of 6 mph can
collect canopy data from two rows of trees at a 2x1 foot resolution.
Eleven embedded microprocessors in the control box are networked
together to control and read the 20 ultrasonic sensors. The tall mast
with equally spaced sensors is designed to maintain the direction
of ultrasonic pings perpendicular to the tree trunk, thus avoiding
errors of parallax which would occur from a point source sensor,
such as a spinning mirror laser system. Most of the superstructure
was designed and built by Kevin Hostler, using readily available
components from hardware stores.

Living with Windbreaks
Short Course a Success!

W indbreaks for citrus was the subject of a one-day short
course held at the CREC on April 19. The comprehensive
program was organized and hosted by Drs. Bill Castle, Ron Muraro,
Steve Futch, and Gene Albrigo. Notebooks containing information
from speaker presentations were provided to help growers and others
attending the short course to make informed, sensible decisions about
living or artificial windbreaks. The teachings of Plato (philosophy
trumps rhetoric) were invoked at the start to set the tone for the
program. Approximately 75 registered attendees were presented
subjects that included windbreak overviews (such as a perspective

from Argentina), insights about various plants, ideas about
artificial windbreaks, windbreak design, economics, and various
financial support options. Steve Gilly, Manager of Andrews
Nursery, FDACS, Division of Forestry brought numerous tree
sapplings as examples of trees commonly used as windbreaks.
Several of the attendees had the good fortune at the end of the
program to leave with "door-prize" sapplings to start their own
living windbreak. For those interested in purchasing a copy of the
course book ($26.75 includes tax) you may contact either Bill
Castle (x1259) or Jane Wilson (x1309).

St. Joseph's Catholic School Visits CREC

On April 24, Molly Grosser, daughter of Dr. Jude Grosser, and
her 8th grade science classmates from St. Joseph's Catholic
School, Winter Haven, with their Science teacher Carol Haas and
some of the parents, took a lab tour which included 5 stops within
Dr. Jude Grosser's Lab. The first was the tissue culture room with
Dr. Grosser, followed by ploidy/chromosome number determination
by-flow cytometry
with Julie Glirrr. i.
DNA isolar.., .
with Dr. Ger," '
Pasquali, the Lt ... !
the jellyfish g 0. -!
flourescent pr .r, ic
gene to s- I.-: rI
genetic engino.,,,I
citrus with i'
Ahmad Omar. ir .AI
finishing with a
tour of the Ald.r s
improvess_ IIr
greenhouse with Julie Gmitter instructs one of the visiting students
Dr. Grosser. Photos by Gretchen Baut

CREC Picnic 2006: Food, Fun, and Fellowship

T hankfully
this year's
picnic, held on
May 5, did not
start with the
usual afternoon
The organizing
co m m ittee
this year was
headed by Dr.
Ed Etxeberria.
Other members
of the committee
were Drs. Russ "I should have coached him more" appears to be Dr.
Rouseff, Renee Reyes' thought as he watches over the orange relay race.
Goodrich, Jose Reyes, Bob Braddock and Jackie Burns. About 130
faculty, staff and family members attended. Dr. Reyes, the pied-
piper of the children's games, coordinated activities including
hoola hoop contests, bobbing for oranges, twisler sticks in flour, and
orange-gathering relay racing. The evening ended with smashing
a pifiata made by Dr. and Mrs. Reyes. Thank you to all for efforts
and an evening of food, fun and fellowship. (more pictures will be
in the employee breakroom). Photos by Tonya Thompson

Library News
with Marcia Alden

Where are the books?

Y ou may have noticed that our
library is only half-filled these
days. In preparation for BHG remodeling,
a library "annex" was created in Room 1
to temporarily store the older journals
During the roof removal and library
Annex: Journals through 2005 (alphabetical by title); photocopier;
3 computers, 2 scanners, library printer, and study carrels.
Library: Journals, 2006 and later, (alphabetical by title) are on
shelves near the window; books by call number: (the Proceedings
of the Florida State Horticultural Society have been cataloged
and are now on the book shelves under SB1.F55); soil surveys,
climatological references, Citrus Summary & Commercial Citrus
Inventory; study carrels and typewriters.
The Library remains open and unrestricted, but once construction
starts, this may change. CREC will be notified by e-mail, any time
there will be restricted or limited access to the Library and/or
Annex. Regular hours of operation for the Library and the Library
Annex are Monday through Friday, 8am 5pm.
Need help finding what you need? Just as Marcia. If you remove
any item from either the library or annex, please write the date and
your name on the card in the back of the book and turn it in at the
library office.
Thanks to the CREC faculty, students, and staff who helped in
the very successful move. GREAT TEAMWORK! Your efforts
helped guarantee that the journals will remain accessible during
this renovation time.
Next month: Library sessions on using library resources.

Public Relations
with Melanie Watts

T he Public Relations Dept. presented at the May Faculty
meeting the preliminary goals established for 2006-2007.
The Goals are as follows: Establish the Most I 1;.l w. Organizational
Structure of PR Dept.; Establish a Public Relations Plan; Design and
Produce Promotional Materials; Increase External Public Relations;
Improve Internal Public Relations; Increase Educational Outreach;
Develop a Standardized Quality Tour. Ideas for logos were presented
and a draft for the new brochure as well. A sign-up sheet was
distributed asking faculty to provide information regarding their
availability to participate in a Speaker's Bureau. The response to
the Speaker's Bureau was overwhelming! To date, 62% of faculty
have signed up! The feedback regarding logos was very positive
and greatly appreciated. The consensus seems to be an interest in
a simple text logo with some possible variations-such as adding
an orange, dropping the tagline or making the tagline larger. We
have also been working on updating bulletin boards. Students and
post-docs are encouraged to send in a picture and information to
be posted via email to i mrr. .. L11_,. Iu You may have noticed a
new recognition board located outside the mailroom. We welcome
submittal of your accomplishments so we may share with all of
CRECI Interested in seeing the draft of the new brochure or offering
suggestions for the finished product? Stop by and see Kathy Snyder
in Public Relations. We are interested in hearing from you!

Human Resources
S"with Dale Price

Year End Schedule for New
Payroll Distributions

Sn June 10 the University Payroll
Department will rollover payroll
distributions for the new fiscal year that
begins July 1. When the rollover occurs,
the University will use the same Earnings
Account Code from which the employee
is currently being paid. Distributions
for state-funded employees will not be
affected.Personnel Forms have been distributed to supervisors
requesting information regarding distribution at the beginning of
the year for those employees not paid from state funds. Supervisors
are reminded to complete the forms and return them to the CREC
Human Resources Office no later than June 12.
Questions regarding this required information can be directed
to the CREC Human Resources Office at extensions 1210 or

Business Office
with Jill McDonald

Quick Tips
SPcards: Please make sure the Pcard
forms are filled out completely, the
cardholder signature is there and the
| Professor or Budget Head has signed
off on the expenses. Please print the
name of the cardholder below the
Photo by Gretchen Baut Purchasing: When filling out a
requisition under suggested sources
please list the vendor information. Please completely fill out
the requisition form and attach all relevant information to the
Here's a tip for travel: On international trips please make sure
you attach your daily itinerary.
Year end tips: Please make sure all state monies are spent out by
June 1, 2006.

CREC Public Relations Team Volunteers at Agri-Fest 2006. For
the past several years, during the month of April, the Polk County
Agricultural Center in Bartow has hosted Agri-Fest for the 4th
grade children of Polk County. As in previous years, the Public
Relations Team volunteered their time to participate in the event.
Melanie Watts created a table display for the 2 week event as well
as helping in the kitchen area. Perry Love, Linda Murphy, Jane
Wilson and her husband
Jimmy, Karla Flynn,
and Barbara Thompson
were on hand to help
with the tours and in
the kitchen area for
orange juice squeezing.
Thanks to all of you for
your outreach efforts.
(More pictures will be in the
employee breakroom)


On May 2, 2006, Pam Holderman retired
from CREC's Business Office. Her co-
workers helped get Pam off to a great start with her
retirement with a small celebration in the Business
office. The open-door celebration received well-
wishers throughout most of the day. Pictured left to
right: Alta Church, Meredith Pretzie, Pam, Shelby
Graham, Jill McDonald, Lorraine Jones and Dr.
Clay McCoy.

Congratulations to Nancy "Nana" Burke
on her latest family addition. Brayden
Layne Burke (above and sporting some Gator
colors) arrived April 21 to join his dad, Shannon,
and mom, Kathy Burke. The little bundle weighed
9 lb. 8 oz. and was 21 inches long. Brayden is
Nana Burke's 11th grandchild and she has 1 great-
grandson. Sources leaked out that there is another
grandbaby and great-grandbaby on the way!

Ainmaa umar
C congratulations to Ahmad Omar
(Grosser Lab, above). He graduated at
the UF Campus in Gainesville on May 6,
receiving his Ph.D. His Ph.D. study was in
"Biotechnology and Its Uses in Improvement
of Canker Resistance in Citrus Trees." In
addition to his degree, Omar was selected
to receive a travel grant from ASHS to
attend the next annual meeting in 2006.
i l a ,i

j-. l

C congratulations to Jennifer Tuzzolo,
daughter of Dan Tuzzolo (CREC
Safety and Security) for graduating from
USF with a Bachelors in Criminology on
May 6, 2006.

T wo graduations took place this year in
the Valim household. Gabriel Valim,
son of Marcos and Filomena Valim (FDOC),
graduated from Lake Region High School
and will be attending Florida State University
this fall. Congratulations Gabriel!! Henrique
Valim graduated 8th grade from Saint Joseph's
Catholic School, Winter Haven. He will attend
Henrique Valim the new International Baccalaureate School
in Haines City. Prior to graduation, Henrique
was one of the 100 state finalists of the National Geographic Bee. He
placed 9th in the State of Florida. Great job Henrique!!

Holly Chamberlain recently
joined the Citrus Research
and Education Center as coordinator
for citrus canker, greening, and
other exotic disease education. She
received her B.S. in Plant Science and
Natural Resource Management from
Rutgers University, Cook College.
She completed her M.S. degree in
Plant Pathology at Pennsylvania State
University on the taxonomy of wood-


-S *alq ~i
4~ 4-~w

decaying Ascomycetes. She joined
the University of Florida in 2002 as
the IFAS Citrus Canker Extension
Coordinator and worked out of the
Southwest Florida REC in Immokalee.
More recently, she has been working
as IFAS Citrus BMP Coordinator
out of the DeSoto County extension
office in Arcadia providing education
on pest, nutrient, water, and sediment
best management practices for citrus
growers. She has now moved to
CREC with responsibility for the
exotic disease extension program
under the supervision of Pete Timmer.
Her program will greatly expand
our ability to serve the needs of the
Florida citrus industry in dealing
with these new challenges. Holly is
located in Building 35, Room 10 and
her extension is 1302.

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