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Browning Keceives
2006 Distinguished Leadership Award

Dr. Harold W Browning,
Center Director
UF/IFAS Citrus Research
and Education Center
700 Experiment Station Rd
Lake Alfred, FL
Tel. (863) 956-1151
Fax (863) 956-4631

Citrus Leaves is the month
newsletter for employees
and friends of CREC.

Citrus Leaves welcomes
your contributions, sugges-
tions, and corrections.

Editor/writer: Katherine
Snyder; E-mail: snyderkm@
ufl.edu, ext. 1403; Photog-
raphy/Graphics: Gretchen
Baut; Production/Distri-
bution: Word Processing,
Barbara Thompson, Karla
Flynn; Events BHG, Linda
Murphy; Customer Service,
Kathy Witherington and
Nancy Burke

Current links available on
the CREC home page.

For upcoming events go to
Calendar of events:

For current manuscripts
submitted for publication
go to: http://www.crec.ifas.ufl.
edu/Publications/Faculty/re -

For news from the Busi-
ness Office go to: http://

or his service to Agricultural Research and Extension
in the US and Florida, and his leadership of the Cit-
rus Research and Education Center and the Florida Citrus
Industry, Gamma Sigma Delta proudly awarded the 2006
"Distinguished Leadership Award of Merit" to Dr. Harold
W. Browning at the 51st Annual Initiation and Awards
Banquet. The award was presented by Dr. Larry Arrington,
UF/IFAS Dean for Extension, on March 23, 2006 at the J.
Wayne Reitz Union Grand Ballroom at the University of
The Distinguished Leadership Award of Merit is made
annually to a UF/IFAS administrator who has made dis-
tinct contributions to agriculture and/or natural resources
through leadership at the level of Unit Administrator or
higher. As Director of CREC, Dr. Browning has the respon-
sibility for the largest collection of scientists focused on cit-
rus research in the world. He is also the statewide coordina-
tor of citrus programs in Teaching, Research, and Extension,
and has been addressing industry needs on the issues of land Browning (left) and Dr. Larry Arrington (right).
sales, hurricanes, canker, greening, and other matters.
The Honor Society of Agriculture, Gamma Sigma Delta, Florida Chapter, is an organization having as
its objectives the advancement of agriculture in all its phases and the recognition of the responsibilities of
those engaged in all aspects of agriculture to humankind. This Society seeks to encourage high standards
of scholarship and worthy achievements in all branches of the agricultural and related sciences as well as a
high degree of excellence in the practice of agricultural pursuits.
Congratulations to CREC's Center Director, Dr. Harold Browning, for this outstanding achievement.

Lab Highlight May 2006
Dr. Larry Parsons' Lab

an imposing mild water stress on trees increase
the amount of sugars in the fruit? Drs. Larry
Parsons and Ed Etxeberria think so, and are testing
that idea in the field. The timing of the water stress,
though, is important. We know that water stress in
the spring can reduce yield by causing young fruit
to drop off the tree. However, some drought stress
can be applied in the fall and winter with little or no
impact on yield. Drs. Parsons and Etxeberria have set
up tests with Valencia and Hamlin oranges at CREC
to determine the effects of water stress on Brix, or the
amount of sugar in the fruit. Dr. Wije Bandaranayake,
James Holeton, Debbie Van Clief, Jose Alves, Jr., and
Pedro Gonzalez have assisted them.

Parsons holding a soil moisture probe.
Parsons holding a soil moisture probe.

Grosser Recipient of 2006
UF Research Founder
Professorship Award

during April, the announcement was made that Dr. Jude
Grosser, Professor of Citrus Genetics and Plant Breeding
at CREC, is a 2006 recipient of a University of Florida Research
Foundation Professorship. Dr. Grosser is a member of the
Horticultural Sciences faculty at CREC and has been enga!. .. i i
research related to citrus variety improvement since 1984.
The -- "

p .....Is. ..; Ip .

::,t ,_ n ... .. lt.,

I.!t.. !,.. I

UI?,t I ,.' ,_.* I ,! .. C..

Grosser in greenhouse with new va s

:and to provide
and to provide

Grossern wit new vaiincentives f
(Photo by Gretchen Baut) incentives for
excellence in research. The primary selection criteria are
performance over the past five years and evidence of a strong
research agenda that is likely to lead to continuing distinction
in their field. The award includes a salary supplement and some
program support grant funds from the UF Research Foundation.
Dr. Grosser conducts fundamental science in the area of citrus
plant improvement, providing outstanding accomplishments in the
manipulation of citrus plant germplasm through non-conventional
methodologies. His work is published in outstanding journals and
the more applied aspects of his research are featured in national
and regional publications as well. Dr. Grosser is committed to
the use of molecular tools to better understand plant processes,
and ultimately to the development of improved plant materials
for use in commercial industry. Premier among his goals are the
incorporation of novel genetic attributes into commercial citrus
cultivars. The biology of citrus plants makes these popular citrus
varieties recalcitrant to conventional approaches, and through Dr.
Grosser's work, new avenues for incorporation and evaluation of
novel attributes have been developed and tested.
The dynamic teams that Grosser assembles to support his
research appointment include graduate students, postdoctoral
associates, and visiting scientists from around the world. His
reputation and publication record encourage requests from
institutions with strong programs associated with citrus science
for training and cooperation. Satellite programs around the world
are establishing citrus improvement projects based on Grosser's
accomplishments and methodologies.
Dr. Grosser joins former CREC recipients of this award, Drs.
Jim Graham, Jackie Burns, and Pete Timmer. Please join me in
congratulating Dr. Grosser on his selection for this prestigious

(cont. from page 1 Parsons)

Control trees were irrigated normally throughout the year. Stress
was applied to other trees by stopping irrigation from November to
early March. A third treatment was a more severe stress that was
imposed on other trees by covering the root zone with Tyvek, a
moisture-excluding fabric used in the construction of houses. The
Tyvek helped exclude most of the rainfall that might be taken up
h the roots during the
.. i ,,te and provided a
.' .,_:,t, level of stress. In
ti I i r two years of this
uI re winter drought
r!... I 'creased Brix and
I ,:,.I ,,nly a minor effect
i ._Id The non-
r._t,,[ treatment also

Dr. Wije Bandaranayake inspecting
field probes.

Brix and sax,_ .i. .!!! n- ii.:.i
water. Yet, e.:..: I .- .. .,_
several years c.:i i .,.I i .:- i I.
Root sam plip.'i. .:. I.... :..i !._.I
outto see howt li .t .. t ti. ,,_ i..it.
affected root c I.t! Iutr. i\ 1 .. *t.
were extracted !i.I .. i l .:..,..
that were tal.,c! .i Ii. .n! l!i.u.!i t

Soil Moisture Probes
Dr. Parson's .l.. .. I- I. i., tI.
some new soil ii ,*i.ttiI. pi.*'I I .
Response to ir: i.i t .. .,i,.l! i ,i J i. I I
along with cd.-,ptlih .... i
can be monitored with these
probes. The use of dataloggers,
along with probes, can provide
a permanent historical ..:.-..I
of soil water content at .Jil!. !- it
depths. Growers can d, t.._iii'-
how much water is in the .... .In ,
when irrigation is needed I'- I. I.
these probes. Reliability a .I pI. K. I,
maintenance are issues tI.I: tI... iJ
to be considered. Dr. i'..
organized a grower mt_ tiii._ .:
the Gulf Coast REC in em. I- .A !
and presented informanEtr *i. *.*
selecting appropriate prc KI.
Dr. Parsons also c.!..-. ..i i .*
to work on other aspi..:t. *.!'
irrigation management. t-
stress, reclaimed water, and frost J;

......- severall inches of
1 i _.:tin water. This
work shows that mild
water stress applied in
the winter can improve

Jose Alves Junior (visiting
student from Brazil) collecting
root samples.

Library News
with Marcia Alden
Academic Support Services
Citrus Research & Education Center,
Bindery Shipment is
Being Assembled

Each year, the previous year's
,a journal issues are collected, collated,
Photos by Gretchen Baut assembled and taken to the bindery.
I am currently removing the 2005
issues of the journals from the shelves and preparing the
shipment. The issues will be kept in the library office until
they are shipped out. This means that many of the 2005 issues
won't be available for a short period of time. We will have to
rely on the on-line access through the UF Library Catalog, if
it's available. Please ask me if you don't see an issue that you
are looking for I'11 help you find the information!

*Please note: The books in the Library are currently being
moved during renovations. Please contact Marcia for book
locations. Thank you.

Human Resources
with Dale Price

:Compensatory Leave
Cash-Out Must be Entered by
May 28

Sny special or overtime
Compensatory leave on balance
as of May 18, 2006, will be cashed out
during the pay period ending June 1, 2006.
Overtime and special compensatory leave
Photo by Gretchen Baut earned after May 18 will be part of the
2006-07 fiscal year balances.
In keeping with past practice, ALL CREC-Lake Alfred employees
are required to use accrued compensatory leave prior to the cash
out to minimize compensatory cash-out payments. Employees may
use overtime and special compensatory leave through the end of
the fiscal year (June 30), but it must be entered by 5 p.m., Sunday,
May 28. Any overtime or special compensatory leave balance
remaining after the time administration runs the evening of May
28 will be cashed out automatically by Payroll Services.
It is, therefore, imperative that no overtime or special
compensatory leave usage be entered into the system after May
28. Employees who aren't sure if they have any special or overtime
compensatory leave accrued should contact the CREC Human
Resources Office.

CREC Public Relations Monthly Update

The Haven Christian Academy Science Club visited the CREC
with 12 students. Special thanks to Dr. Steve Futch and
Robin Stuart for their participation. The Cypress Greens Country
Club visited with 100 of our neighbors receiving a PowerPoint
overview of CREC, and a follow-up Q&A visit with Dr. Futch. For
Science Day at the Vanguard School, PR conducted 4 presentations
to a total of 80 students. The CREC also hosted reporters from the
Sarasota Herald-Tribune and a photographer from Citrus Industry
Magazine. The time and participation of those faculty involved with
these media visits was greatly appreciated.
The Public Relations Department volunteered a significant
amount of time and manpower to the success of Ag-Fest again this
year. This is a large community event exposing elementary children
in Polk County to Citrus and other agricultural products in a hands-
on learning experience. A large display for the CREC was on-site for
the entire two-week long event.
With the restructuring of our PR Dept., there has certainly been
an increase in activity. Linda Murphy is now coordinating all of our
internal and external meeting room usage at CREC. In April, there
was a total of 48 internal meetings and 16 external meetings. Linda
is now located in the lobby of BHG for greater accessibility to our
customers, and we have a new room reservation process in place.
The Word Processing team, Barbara Thompson and Karla Flynn,
have moved one office over, across from Shipping and Receiving.
Providing appropriate lead time for word processing projects is critical
in assisting Barbara and Karla in meeting their goal to provide the
best possible service to all of CREC.
Kathy Snyder recently attended two training seminars to increase
her knowledge and expertise in Photoshop and other graphic
software. These skills will be greatly utilized in her new role with the
PR Dept. Kathy also provided research updates and articles for both
Florida Grower Magazine and Citrus and Vegetable Magazine.

UF, IFAS Superior Accomplishment
Award Winners at CREC

Tvo CREC employees, Sherri Cunningham and Gretchen Baut,
were honored at an IFAS ceremony on March 29 in Gainesville
recognizing 23 IFAS recipients of the 2006 Superior Accomplishment
Award. This award is issued to UF staff and faculty who have
demon: rn r .i ir-1\k
outst .I I n. 1
contribl n. i.! r.. .*
their p.! ,: i

!J!.1 I) II*.-,
t. Ic t:.!r. I-

b ; i .i--
a l. ne r ar.., ,!

the recipients Pictured left to right: Marcia Alden,
during the Gretchen Baut, and Sherry Cunningham.
Sherri Cunningham was recognized for the sustained quality of her
support for the CREC facilities operations group, providing leadership
for the on-line maintenance work order system, the CREC vehicle pool,
and for her management of the various budget components associated
with the maintenance group. This includes facilities maintenance,
safety and security, vehicle maintenance, landscape and grounds,
and janitorial. Sherri assists in maintaining account balances and in
procurement for these subunits of CREC facilities. The nomination
documents also highlighted the outstanding support provided by
CREC facilities and organized by Sherri in preparing for and reacting
to the hurricane events of 2004 and 2005.

(cont. from page 3 Awards)

Gretchen Baut was recognized during the ceremony for the
outstanding quality of the graphic and photographic services that she
provides at CREC. Assistance with development and production of high
quality PowerPoint presentations, posters, and other media, highlights
Gretchen's skills as a photographer, as well as her processing and layout
techniques. In addition, these products are published in journals,
magazines, and on numerous websites associated with the programs of
the Center. During 2005-06, Gretchen played a key role in developing
the concepts, filming, editing, and producing educational instructional

DVD's for use in educating the Florida citrus industry on citrus canker
and citrus greening. The training system was used to educate over
4,000 growers in canker detection and is now being used to increase
the awareness of citrus greening and its detection.
Both Sherri's and Gretchen's nomination materials were forwarded
for consideration in the UF-wide Superior Accomplishment Award
considerations. Winners of this round will be announced in May.
Please join me in congratulating Sherri and Gretchen for their
recognition and for their outstanding contributions.

B benjamin Alan Dunn
J was born to Nick (son
Sof Denise Dunn) and Heather
Dunn, at 6:39 PM on March
22. He weighed 61b 12oz and
was 20" long, with blonde hair
S and is wide awake and exploring
his new world. "Ten fingers/ ten
toes... in all other ways darned
near perfect... but then I am the
grandma!! Just call me Granny!"
Stated Denise Dunn of Dr.
Duncan's Lab.

Diego Pozueta (Dr Ed Etxeberria's
lab) and his wife, Elena, pictured
below, drain their tent after a night of
rain. They woke up with 2-3 inches of
water inside, but they were very happy
because it was also their first camping
trip in Florida!!

C congratulations go out to
Kyra Love (pictured above,
daughter of Perry Love, Shipping and
Receiving). Kyra was just recently
accepted to attend The International
Baccalaureate School beginning this
fall term. Good Job Kyra!!

Welcome to the World Benjamin!

Shelby Flynn (above), daughter of
Karla Flynn, Word Processing, was just
inducted into the Polk County World Language
Honor Society for academic excellence in
world language studies. Also, Shelby received
an academic letter at a Top Scholars Ceremony
at International Baccalaureate High School in
Bartow, where she was in the top 5 of her 9th
grade class. Way to Go Shelby!!


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