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Title: Citrus leaves
Series Title: Citrus leaves
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Creator: Citrus Research and Education Center, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Publisher: Citrus Research and Education Center
Publication Date: January 2006
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Volume 23, No. 1

Color PDF available at

Dr. Harold W Browning, Center Director
UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road, Lake Alfred, FL 33850-2299
Tel. (863) 956-1151; Fax (863) 956-4631


Service Pins



Secret Santa



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Citrus Leaves is the mon-
thy newsletter for employ-
ees and friends of CREC.

Citrus Leaves welcomes
your contributions, sugges-
tions, and corrections.

Editor/writer: Katherine
Snyder; E-mail: snyderkm@
ufl.edu, ext. 1403; Photog-
raphy/Graphics: Gretchen
Baut; Production/Distri-
bution: Word Processing,
Barbara Thompson, Karla
Flynn and Linda Murphy;
Customer Service, Kathy
Witherington and Nancy

CREC 2005



ach year all current
USPS, A&P, and Ca-
reer Service employees on
both the IFAS and DOC pay-
roll at CREC are eligible for
nomination of "Employee of
the Year" within one of three
Technical: Employees
working directly on research
projects under the supervi-
sion of a CREC scientist.
This year's winner for Tech-
nical is Debbie Howd.
Employees in secretarial,


T his year the Busi-
ness Office decided
to have a special award for
CREC P-card holders. With
the hundreds of purchases
handled over the course
of the past year, this year's

word processing, business
office, personnel, computer
lab, photo lab, and other
S_.._* 1_ _TL

year's winner for Clerical/Ad-
ministrative is Pam Holder-
Trades: Employees associ-
ated with the maintenance shop,
grove, custodial, and pilot plant.
This year's winner for Trades is
Diamond Basnaw.
Congratulations to all of this
-1. -

Photos by Gretchen Baut

award was presented to the
person making the lowest P-
card purchase.
Lorraine Jones and Alta
Church presented a "Certifi-
cate of Acknowledgement
lWll li I ,

and Appreciation" to Dr. Harold
Browning for the absolute lowest
purchase of 2005, a gasoline pur-
chase of 2 cents. Way to Go and
Congrats Dr. Browning!!
Photos by Gretchen Baut

SGeostatistics Short Course... A Success
By Christen A. Taylor

O n Dec. 13 and 14, 2005, Dr. Dr. Clark than you would have spending eryone had a great time at our group
Reza Ehsani and Dr. Steve Rog- weeks in some other courses! Not only did dinner event at Stonewood Grill
ers held a Geostatistics Short Course at the attendees learn from the best, but ev- & Tavern. I would like to thank
UF in Frazier Rogers the University of
Hall. Dr. Isobel Clark, Florida Citrus Re-
a highly recognized search and Edu-
geostatician from cation Center for
Scotland, instructed sponsoring this
the course. excellent experi-
"Our Practical ence!"
Geostatistics Short i There were a
Course featuring Dr. A total of 21 attend-
Isobel Clark was jam- / ees during the two
packed full of real- day course. A wel-
world case studies r come reception
and how to solve the hwas held on the
problems presented in evening of Dec.
them," says Dr. Steve .' 12, 2005, and a
Rogers. "You walk '. .. ,dinner at Stone-
away with more prac- '"..', ,, wood Grill &
tcaway with m nore prac- practical GEOSTAIlSTICS 2005 Short Course wood Grill &
tical, useable informa- Unverslly of Foilda. Insiruco. Dr. Isobel Clark Tavern was held
tion in two days from ".I ,, on the evening of
t'; t "r:", .-L'...V .. :4- '. ,, Dec. 13, 2005.

Service Pins Awarded

s in years prior, 25 years; Gary Test, Tam
Dale Price, CREC Nguyen, and Debbie Howd,
Human Resources, an- 20 years; Shu Huang and
nounced those employees Roy Sweeb, 15 years; Ja-
of CREC that have had 4 son Zellers, Phil Mitchell,
either 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and Troy Gainey, 10 years;
or 30 years of continu- Sherry Cunningham, Jill
ous University of Florida McDonald, Vladimir Or-
service. This year's rec- bovic, Marcia Alden, Linda
ognized employees are: Murphy, Sherrie Buchanon,
Jerry E. Dunn, 30 years; Jill Dunlop, Daniel Tuzzolo,
Jim Vaughn, Kevin Hos- Rhonda Schumann, Pam
tier, Margie Wendell, Holderman, and Turksen
and Kathy Witherington, A Shilts, 5 years.

Pictured from left to right: (back) Gary Test, Roy Sweeb, Dan Tuzzolo, Margie Wen-
dell, Rhonda Schumann, Linda Murphy, Marcia Alden, Vladimir Orbovic, Jill Mc-
Donald, Pam Holderman. (front) Kathy Witherington, Tam Nguyen, Debbie Howd,
Turksen Shiltz, Sherrie Buchanon, and seated, Jill Dunlop

Photos by Gretchen Baut

First Place
Table Decoration:
Christen Taylor

First Place (1)
Jessica Noling
Second Place (r)
Jane Wilson

Third Place
Kathy Snyder

Oooo, Ahh, and Yummm:
Appetizer, Decoration, and Dessert Contest Winners

n this year's contest, the judges had
some tough decisions to make from
the entries that had been submitted
within each category. Ron Muraro pre-
sented the awards and explained that all
entries were delicious, and the scoring
was so close that the numbers were only
fractions that separated first, second,
and third places.

This year's winners are:
First Place: Crab Puffs Jessica Noling
Second Place: Spinach Dip Jane Wilson
Third Place: Tabouli Kathy Snyder
First Place: Decadent Chocolate Dessert Pizza-
Second Place: Better than Sex Gene Albrigo
Third Place: Rum Cake Jeanell Pruitt
First Place: Balloon and Rose Topiary Christ

First Place (above)
Jill Dunlop

Second Place
(above) Dessert:
Gene Albrigo
Third Place
Jeanell Pruit

Jill Dunlop

en Taylor

Photos by Gretchen Baut

Christmas in the Holy Land

2005 CREC Holiday Partv


111 ,;. 10 !11prcad
,out bcfctir.. ...us. ..' Th liuhlt
w'r n it Jij d _s;o r 1hin..,, a-,.
if little oil Iniii p, nr'av*hav'c
.'l4i I r oULt J 'Ot t rif rcFon1L.

Lc aill t was a Maa I t

\% 41. A;

on cushll"m 1 aiid pit11 -
Ill hUslL, and Is [dI, 1
0 t rkrpl-

,h t, ri,.. ,!i~ U

N icL ., \v,.lc,,n k._J ._\r- ._ r.. .
ln ,v. _-n ..,f fUln 1n1 .-

F. -, ii' t
oUr n cCu \1 \ k Il.

MC -k i

I I I I ,


---* -,:-= ,::::...+,_, ,,, ,..".- .:::::::::::: S !!..

rr.,!Jr r,. sEiitPCir' -ii "ji 1"i
r i.. 1. N l 1. i.I..c E JI1S
rh ir iii i 'kkJ. Faciaf4 i Jqq rfnr)N
._... l :k p.- t: Vr Ia, -, J,

Ata.l I.. i. .\N rl Bi ;a

Tah1. !9mn.is J- r. I
.. .. ....1
''""jtk^ mf 'rm-d fl^' ^Bk l

;;;^|| pm-*.^iA.j^ 'Jiti~

-1- par^
_k t. .4, T--'" h,_ T\ ..Tj.l
MIalhshi or A falfouf, --,1 !:r.
LTrap. 1>_.,\'6. > _..iv.l. \\ r!-,t t ,: .
F rir d ,\\ r r, I r .li, r\ 1, rI.
\j Baiaqlal'a, j, ii \-,1J\ -
, Ir, l .\,.. With:- l 0-'r\ lh\. r',Nl
\\ ini-l' -.ir \'ii: \ ftLip 'r l' i I y
p t ir 'L.LLI '\._r it: otrt r lh kii'.
1Rl,'1'i'iJ S ':l'hclLiiiijnl'i k, .p:r '
rl'. kiroi'. li'i i i ',tkr i .i cl-'.
i cI.I! L ', ,iII''.l 'i t -i il, 'L' .l FLiP-


i ch r l r .ii r
I 1 ]- I

. 'I,.__ I I i- n \ l i
,~,.pl 1 l pr n.


e ii


'11 lL t'iiktr d \\' irh pir |-, rilh. Fu l
. ,th i :_m'il | 11 .1 I, \% I J
iii,.' ahbl r.- vi'iL JI l id iY
rhc po-t-il-' :ri *Lirtd. r-.
Our thank-s adnd pprdca-
cI iTl. f .r3 \\,',il rtl l ,-ll c I, hr
ii ',l-i I+ LC lLJ 't N [,' i Enl'-r
r,,ir'1,'l, '\ OrnJ N rII' [, r i.',\
D. pJari'. ait nti. Ex'te. l'i'.
p' r'nin.l u- 'w \.I Gr' .uJ' h!

k I .. ::: ......:: ..
k~ .i'i 1'j ', .i -' i lo^..'-" ,, ? ^ *' "."I ........ -,. -.:! '.. *..* .



i l',
,.J "( .. H'u

I *

"Hey, did you see my Secret Santa?"

During the week of De-
cember 12-16, a small
group of "Secret Santas" flur-
ried around CREC delivering
gifts large and small. Many
of the "Santas" called upon
the services of CREC's of-
ficial delivery person, Perry
Love. Not bribed by cookies
or other treats, Perry's lips
were sealed as to the "Santa's"
identity. Each day, the par-
ticipants would receive a gift,
pondering the true identity of
their "Santa." Many of this
year's "Santas" utilized the
mailroom for their deliveries
to further conceal who they
were. All was revealed at a
pot luck luncheon held on the
last day of the week, where the
last of the gifts were handed
out, and the Secret Santas re-
vealed. The end result was a
very happy holiday luncheon
and great fellowship with all.

Photos by Gretchen Baut




I "3





T he CREC community would like to extend a warm "
welcome to Dr. Kyeonghwan Lee. Dr. Lee recently
moved from Kansas and is now residing in Winter Haven
with his wife Chungok Chung. He will be engaging in post-
doctoral research for Dr. Reza Ehsani. He received a Ph.D.
in Biological and Agricultural Engineering in 2005 with re-
search interests in bioinstrumentation and physiological con-
trol systems, computer-aided numerical analyses, micro/nano
sensors and signal and image processing. He will be working
with Dr. Ehsani on projects related to the automation of cit-
rus mechanical harvesting machines. Lee's office is located in
Room 102 in Building 7192, so feel free to stop by and intro- Photo by Bora Ganesh
duce yourself.
C REC would also like to welcome Dr. Min
Min. Dr. Min is a new research assis-
tant and has moved from Gainesville to join the
CREC. She will be working with Dr. Reza Ehsani
for six months on specific research projects which
include evaluating the dynamic accuracy of the
GPS receiver and automation for Mechanical
Harvesting. Min received her Ph.D. in Agricul-
tural and Biological Engineering from the Uni-
versity of Florida in December 2005. Her fields of
interest include machine design, instrumentation,
Photo by Bora Ganesh automation and precision agriculture. Min's office
is located in Room 102 in Building 7192.

D r. Bang jau You, also known as BJ, recently traveled
from Taiwan to take on a position as a postdoctoral
researcher here at the CREC. BJ can be found in Dr. Kuang-
Ren Chung's Plant Pathology lab studying the function of
the PacC gene of Colletotrichum acutatum. BJ said he is now
living in an apartment complex in Winter Haven and is ad-
justing to the laid-back lifestyle of Florida in comparison to
the busy and crowded lifestyle of Taiwan. He received his
Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from the National Chung Hsing 10
University. BJ's research interests include microbiology and
plant pathology. Be sure to stop by Dr. Chung's lab to wel- / ,
come him.
Photo by Gretchen Baut

Welcome !

by Christen Taylor

MB New Arrival
Comings and Goings ddie Jurczak (son of Kathy Snyder) and his fi-
Lance, Michelle Fortier, are the proud parents
of Aaliyah Marie Jurczak. Deciding she wanted to
Welcome to Our New Colleagues be born in 2005, Aaliyah arrived 5 weeks ahead of
schedule and was born on December 30, 2005. She
January: weighed 5 lbs and was 17 inches long. Aaliyah and
Bangjau You, Post Doc, Chung her parents are doing great.
Anish Malladi, Post Doc, Bums
Jase Alves Jr., Student, Parsons
Min Min, OPS, Ehsani
Kyeonghwan Lee, Post Doc, Ehsani i

Mohamed Akkad, Post Doc, Albrigo
Daniel Rivas, Student, Albrigo
Siza Tumbo, Post Doc, Salyani

Farewell and Best Wishes

Marjorie Richard, Student, Goodrich
Deborah Howd, Sr. Biol. Sci., Brlansky

Jerry Dunn, Maint. Mech., Noling

"Maestro, if you please..."

K atie and Corey Jones (daughter and son of Shelley Jones) au-
ditioned in September 2005 and were selected in November
for the All-State Music Conference. This year's conference was held
January 5-7 at the Tampa Convention Center.
Corey is a junior at Winter Haven High
School and plays the trombone. He was 2nd
chair in the 11th-12th grade All-State Or-
chestra. Katie, who plays the viola, is an 8th
grader at Discover Academy, Lake Alfred
and was 6th chair in the 7th-8th grade All-
State Orchestra, and was the only middle
school orchestra student from Polk County to get in by audition.
? Students come from all over the state for two days of intensive
rehearsals with guest conductors, followed by the final performance
on Saturday. This is the second year that Katie and Corey have made
All-State. Congratulations on a job well done!

CREC's Newest American Citizen


1 cm 1 : r 1_1 1ri 1i Li ri1 i ,
C I r I :" 1 1 r (-!]I I r" %-I

IS, _2Uc0. B, 'ir, iJ %c-i .c


6546 Dr. L. Gene Albrigo, Professor of
Horticulture, CREC
Monday, 3 6 p.m.
BHG Conference room
- Dr. Jose Reyes, Asst. Professor of Food
Processing Engineering, CREC
Tuesday, 4 7 p.m.
BHG Conference room
- HOS 5325C Dr. L. Gene Albrigo,
Professor of Horticulture, CREC
Wednesday, 3 7 p.m.
BHG Conference room

Manuscripts Submitted to the Publications Committee in
J. W. Grosser, G. Ananthakrishnan, W. W. Guo, M. Calovic,
P. Serreno, J. L. Chandler, and E G. Gmitter, Jr. Applications
of Somatic Hybridization and Cybridization in Scion and Root-
stock Improvement with Focus on Citrus. Acta Horticulturae.
T. Johnston, T. Shilts, and L. W. Timmer. Evaluation of
Products for Control of Melanose on Marsh Grapefruit, 2005.
Fungicide and Nematicide Tests.
T. Johnston, T. Shilts, and L. W. Timmer. Evaluation of
Products for Control of Melanose on Duncan Grapefruit, 2005.
Fungicide and Nematicide Tests.
T. Johnston and L. W. Timmer. Evaluation of Products for
Control of Citrus Scab on Duncan Grapefruit, 2005. Fungicide
and Nematicide Tests.

Photo by Tara Piasio


. 0 -,*

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