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Title: Citrus leaves
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wwUceiErSITifYas.OF I. ed u


Dr Harold W Browning, Center Director
UF/IFAS Citrus Research & Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road
Lake Alfred, FL 33850-2299
Tel (863)956-1151
Fax (863) 956-4631

Citrus LeM V'w 1 m T"g2M
.0/A Ciru Reeac an EdctonCne New an Inorato Voum 23 No1

In This Issue
Holiday G reeting .............................. 1
Dr. W illiam M. Miller Retiring ........... 2
Dr. Mark McLellan Visits..................2
CREC Aids Cleanup after Wilma..... 3
December Closing Information ........4
Valrie Davis Visits CREC..............5
Library Corner.................................. 5
Jones Becomes New U.S. Citizen...6
Holiday Party Information ................ 6

News Around CREC:
Good Deeds, Family News,
Welcome and Farewell.................7

Calendar......................................... 8

Next issue ...

Staff Meeting
Holiday Party
Citrus Greening
Syvertsen's Trip to Spain

Citrus Leaves
is the monthly newsletter for
employees and friends of CREC.

Citrus Leaves welcomes your
contributions, suggestions and
Editor/Writer: Katherine Snyder;
E-mail kms@crec.ifas.ufl.
edu; Ext. 1403. Photography/
Graphics: Gretchen Baut;
Production/Distribution: Word
Processing, Barbara Thompson,
Supervisor; Karla Flynn and
Linda Murphy; Customer
Service, Kathy Witherington and
Nancy Burke.

Holiday Greetings from

The Director's Office

Another year is approaching its end. If we still relied on wall calendars, rather than
Outlook, or PDA's or other e-conveniences, we could at a glance see that a lot has
occurred in 2005. First, the Florida citrus industry, our major constituent group and closest
of friends, has experienced one of the most dramatic years in history, with recovery from
the hurricanes of 2004 and the onset of new hurricane impacts from Wilma in late 2005.
Add to that the concerns over canker and now, the discovery of greening, and it is clear
that our industry is facing unprecedented challenges.
At CREC, 2004 saw the addition of two new faculty members, Dr. Jose Reyes and Dr.
Reza Ehsani. Jose and Reza and their families joined the CREC family in April. We also
have seen the addition of new staff, post-doctoral associates, students and visiting scien-
tists at CREC. Welcome to you all! We are happy you have joined us. This is balanced
with the loss, through retirement or career moves, of a number of faculty and staff. Count
among these Pam Russ, Clay McCoy, Richard Buker, Mickey Parish, Carl Childers, Den-
nis and Monica Lewandowski, and Bill Miller. Many others can be added to this list.
People come and go, but I feel it is important to pause to recognize their individual
contributions to CREC, IFAS, UF, and to the clients we serve. Commitment, hard work
and enthusiasm lead to progress and accomplishment at all levels.
I offer a year-end salute to all of the outstanding contributions that you have made dur-
ing this year. And, as we look to 2006, I ask for your commitment to continue the important
work in research and education that is our charge at CREC. The shared commitment of
all working together will allow us to help address the challenges of the Citrus industry and
Floridians in general. With direction and support, we will continue to contribute in a posi-
tive way to apply the best science to important challenges.
Also important are the families that we are all part of. We hope that you will be able to
enjoy time with family and friends around the holidays. A break from the routine is always
good, and offers a chance to reflect and, at the same time, look forward to a new year.
Thanks to all for your contributions and best wishes for a joyous Christmas and a
Happy New Year.

5a4Q^/14 I.i



Dr. William M. Miller


November 30, 2005

Dr. William M.
Miller, Professor of
Agricultural and Biological
Engineering, retired on
I.kvitember 30, 2005 after
310 vears, of service with
Ihre University of Florida,
IFAS. Cilrus Research and
Edu.Ili31c1ll Center, Lake
Alfred. FL MIiller s.arbled
hi,. re-:earch program al
P70tOe ,31e1tne a, t '~: E': i n I heie fa3 :if 1,
He 3nd hti, wvfE.. 31thv.
are to:lh nal3ve-. I:f Pennvl'3vania where he rece.'iedl
thi, LunderraLiale anld ,.raLiale ,deree- fr,:,m Ihe
Penn- vl'Vania SI aIe Uni..er-.iv (1 ':.'- Sc: 1 ": -
h a, 1". 3n1S, A 1 [ 3-Ph : ) Aler receivin, hi ,. ,1,c ci:orale.

I':' 1'I,: I.

Dr. Mark McLellan Visits

CREC Faculty and Center

r. Mark McLellan,
new IFAS Dean of
Research in Gaines-
ville, arrived December
8, 2005, to visit and tour
our facilities. A recep-
tion was held in the af-
ternoon where he met
with Faculty. Following
the open forum
Drs. Larry Duncan
and Jackie Burns
took Dr. M.cLellan
on a quick tour of
our facilities.

[:l1ring rii vearr hriere ai -'PE,'. rhiE ir' roraim riar
beend I rec led lt IJ Il:ly1alrdj E-n1, I ie.erin' -ee A Iilet paie 5




In the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma, J
the Ft. Lauderdale REC faced mas-
sive cleanup from the devastating dam- *
age. Dr. Van Waddill, Center Director,
sent out a call for help to the IFAS Com-
munity to lend a helping hand with the
cleanup efforts. Mike Daugherty, Wayne
Tyler, Kevin Troelsen, and Mike Morris
volunteered their services in Ft. Lauder-
The closer the team got to the area,
the heavier the traffic congestion. County
and State roads were clogged with ve-
hicles. From traffic lights not working,
to people hunting down water, gas, and
food, travel was just one of the obstacles
the CREC team encountered. The CREC
Crew stay in one of the few hotels in the
area that had power, 20 miles from the
Ft. Lauderdale Center in Miami Springs.
"The morning travel wasn't too bad," stat-
ed Mike Daughtery, "it was the afternoon
traffic heading back to the hotel."
Each evening a different caravan of trucks would pile into the
hotel parking lot. One night it was 20-30 power trucks, another
night Dish Network trucks. On the third night, Mike recalled 20
FEMAflatbed trucks loaded down with blue tarps had arrived. He
also recalled that if they weren't back by 6 p.m., you weren't get-
ting any place to park.
The CREC team worked with Bruce Musselwhite, IFAS-Gaines-
ville, and Bridgemohan Deosaran, Facilities-Ft. Lauderdale REC.
These gentlemen had assessed most of the damage and deter-
mined the need was greatest in clearing the surrounding fence
line. Most, if not all, of the Australian pines along the perimeter
had toppled onto the fence, crushing most of it, and leaving the
Center vulnerable to the looting rampant in the area.
Unfortunately, the trip wasn't without incident. Kevin Troelsen
was thrown about 10 feet in the air from a tree that snapped back

Top left: UF Ft. Lauderdale REC sign. Top center: Building and greenhouse dam-
age. Top right: Australian pines destroyed the fence line. 2nd row left: Troelsen,
Bridge, and Tyler discuss a plan of action. 2nd row right: Morris clearing branches.
3rd row left: Troelsen and Morris clearing branches from trees. 3rd row right: Pine
tree that threw Troelsen. Bottom: Tyler making repairs to equipment. (Photos by
Mike Daugherty)



t is time to begin planning for the upcoming Holiday season and CREC closure for the period around Christmas and New Years. It
is our belief that this period will be handled this year as it was last year, as follows:

CREC, like all of IFAS and UF, will be closed for business during the interval between Monday, December 26 and including Monday,
January 2. Since Christmas and New Years fall on Sunday, the two Mondays (Dec. 26 and January 2) will be official holidays. The four
additional week days between (Dec. 27-30) are days when the CREC also will be closed. The Florida Department of Citrus Research
Division at CREC will not be closed during Dec. 27-30.

Employee category of service dictates status of employees during this period.

All Faculty and TEAMS employees will receive two days for Christmas and New Years, as well as the four days
between as paid Holidays, coinciding with the UF closure period.

USPS staff members also will receive two days of Holiday for Christmas and New Years (Dec. 26 and January 2), but
will need to take leave time for the four days in between (Dec. 27-30), as this period is not covered as paid holidays
under USPS rules. Annual leave or approved leave without pay are the appropriate categories of leave for these

OPS employees will not receive paid holidays during this period and only will be paid according to their pre-approved
work schedule.

With the above situation in mind, please note that it is understood that all employees will be off work during the period December 27,
2005 -January 2, 2006, returning to work on Tuesday, January 3. Supervisors, you need to work with your employees to ensure that
they understand this situation.

IN ADVANCE BY THEIR SUPERVISOR AS ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL. There are a number of duties and responsibilities that will be
essential to perform during the CREC closure period. Employees responsible for these duties may be assigned by their supervisors
to report to work to complete the assigned work. However, this must be approved in advance by IFAS administration. This occurs
through submission of a list of essential personnel to our HR representatives, Dale Price and Betti Kelley. Specific dates and hours
should be communicated so that the list can be specific and complete. At the risk of repeating, EMPLOYEES WILL NOT BE PAID
categories of service, from TEAMS to USPS to OPS. If you expect that some work time will be required, please include the personnel.
If they don't end up working during the period, that is ok. But if they do put in some hours and report it, then they need to be listed.

Please note that if employees are assigned to work during this period, appropriate supervision should be provided by supervisors or
their designees.

Further information will be provided later regarding how each category of service will need to complete time keeping records for this
period of time.

Please provide Dale or Betti with a list of your employees that will be designated as essential employees, a brief explanation of the
type of work required for each, and the proposed work schedule during the period in question. Dale can answer questions that you
may have.

The Security Office will be open over the holidays to assist FDOC employees and IFAS employees.

Valrie Davis--New Outreach
Librarian for Off-Campus

alrie Davis is the
VnewV Outreach
Librarian in Marslon Sci-
ence Library Valrle vis-
Iled CPEC on l ovicember
28 with Marcia Alden As
Outreach Librarian she provides service to
off-camlpus IFAS researchers and students,
and ensures that they get the same access
as those on-campus She has a master's
degree in library science from Florida State
University, and previously worked at Dick in-
son College in Pennsylvania handling refer-
ence and instruction and serving as liaison
to academic departments Valrie, who joined
the faculty in August, says that it was the
subject area that attracted her to the position,
and that she is looking forward to visiting the
research and education centers around the
state le.xceipts taken iom Librai- Newvs)

II Ilei ihoi paie 2
applicalions. I: p:os.lharves. lec:hnologv and
precision a3 ricullure His, areas. :,I inleres.
have included s,olar energy uililahi:n.
elhylene dibromide reco:'erv I fumll 3,tga:1 n
enerQv o:ns.ervahlon and refrinera:1on
ma:hllne ', isi:n fi:C r aul:l ImaledJ 5.crl II
n n-des.lruclive s.ensin.g :f frull quallv.
adjanced1 delgreenln, r::ii m c::nlr:l.
aul,:maled vield m:nil:ring: and V ariable-
rale granular applications. Io c:lrus
[)r MJiller has. speni sabbalical
as.:lnmenis, wilh priale indus.lrv (De
Pennwall in o1:nr:ovi. CA) and wilh Ihe
USD:A 31 1earnev. ville. W\v Miller has,
been livee in planning and :o:rdinati:n :f
Ihe ASMIE Cllrus. Engineering Conference
and CPEC' s annual Pacingh:use D:av
He has-, been involved in ASABE 3a tb:olh
Ihe s.lale and nali,,nal le els. and currenill
series. 35 Ihe F:::d Process.In Engieermin
Inslilule edil:r To his. redil. [r Mtiller has,.
over Ihe years, pubtllshed appr:, mal1elv i:.1-
refereed: publicali:on. :O n:on-reereed. and
25 variouss. b : chaplers, and e leni,:on
public, o:ns. I: p:oslharves.l le :hn:l:gy
and precisio:n a;ricullure


n an effort to provide faculty and staff with the most up-to-date research
tips and tricks. Marcia Alden continues to provide excellent service and
information. This month, Marcia has provided us with information on Ref-
Works, a monthly newsbrief from Valrie Davis.

0 RefWorks

Tired of purchasing individual EndNote upgrades, or only being able to
use the software from one computer? UF Libraries provides you with a free
membership to a web based service called RefWorks that allows you to ac-
cess your citations from any computer and to share your work with others.
Similar to EndNote. RefWorks allows you to create and manage your own
personal citation database by importing those citations from databases such
as Agricola, CAB, Web of Science, or the Library Catalog.

Increased Access and Collaboration
RefWorks is web based, with no software to download onto your
computerss, and so allows you to access your citations from any computer.
The first time you use RefWorks you must create a username and password;
since there is no cap on the number of accounts you can generate, you can
create group accounts for multiple users for project collaboration.

Read-only Access
While group accounts allows users equal access to the citation lists, an-
other alternative is to allow other users read-only access to your bibliog-
raphy. Read-only access allows them to search and export, but not edit or
delete citations.

Multiple Citation Styles
Once you import citations, you can save them in a writing style of your
choice (MLA. APA, Chicago. etc.) and then sort and format those citations
for your research or teaching.

How to Locate RefWorks
To use RefWorks, go to the UF Libraries Database List: (http://www.uflib.
ufl.edu/databases.html) and search for RefWorks. You will find a handy
quick start guide to get you started.


1 C76 \



Congratulations are sent to Lorraine Jones (Business Office) as our
CREC community's newest U. S. Citizen. On November 16, 2005,
Lorraine was sworn in as a new U. S. citizen. Her co-workers in the Business .
Office threw her a small celebration party upon her return to the office.
Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Lorraine moved to the United States
in 1984. "Since I love the warm weather,
people, and Florida, I decided to stay and
I've never regretted my decision," said
Jones. Continuing Jones stated, "Yes,
sometimes I'm homesick, however, I can't
imagine living in the frozen north again...9 months of cool, cold, and colder weather."
I asked Lorraine what made her decide to become a citizen and she replied, "Since my plans are to
remain here, and out of respect for this country, and because it is available to me, I decided to become a
citizen. And now, I'm proud to say that I am an 'American'."

I Photo by Gretchen Baut


John C. Gaddis, TEAMS (Dr. Graham)


Curtis Ray Howell passed on November 29,
2005. Memorial donations may be sent to
Lake Wales Lutheran Church School.

Have you received an Award? Some-
thing special going on in your lab?
How about that recent vacation or sabbati-
cal you may want to share with our CREC
community? Just drop us a line in Word
Processing and we'll be happy to include
your news and events in Citrus Leaves.


Sierra Gallant made her debut as the
Lil pumpkin. Sierra is the daughter of
Brian and Mandy (daughter of Linda Mur-
phy, Word Processing) Gallant. Sierra
was born August 6, 2005.

Manuscripts Submitted to the Publications Committee in November:

Nigg, H. N., S. E. Simpson, and S. Fraser. Pesticide Toxicity to Anastrepha
suspense (Diptera: Tephritidae). Journal of Entomological Sciences.
Reis, R. F., A. de Goes, S. N. Mondal, T. Shilts, F. C. Brentu, and L. W. Timmer.
Effect of Lesion Age, Humidity, and Fungicide Application on Sporulation of Alternaria
alternate, the cause of Brown Spot of Tangerine. Plant Disease.
Sharma, S. D. and M. Singh. Influence of Physiochemical Properties of Tallow
Amine Ethoxylate and Nonionic Alkoxylate Surfactant Series on the Distribution of
14C Glyphosate. Weed Research.
Wheaton, T. A., K. T. Morgan, and L. R. Parsons. Simulating Annual Irrigation
Requirement for Citrus on the Central Florida Ridge. HortScience.
Chen, C., Q. Zheng, J. Soneji, X. Xiang, Y. A. Choi, S. Huang, M. Nageswara Rao,
and F. G. Gmitter, Jr. Development of GFP Vectors for Citrus Transformation. Acta
Nageswara Rao, M., J. R. Soneji, C. Chen, Y. A. Choi, S. Huang, and F. G. Gmitter,
Jr. Identification of Zygotic and Nucellar Seedlings from Citrus Rootstock Candidates
using RAPD. Acta Horticulturae.
Soneji, J. R., C. Chen, M. Nageswara Rao, S. Hung, Y. A. Choi, and F. G. Gmitter,
Jr. Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation of Citrus Using Two Binary Vectors. Acta

SI orraine Jones and her close friend,
Frances Heath, recently enjoyed a
"Ladies Only" getaway in Sedona, AZ. Lorraine
and Frances enjoyed seeing Sedona from a hot
air balloon (pictured here), train, and also from
a bi-plane. In addition, the ladies enjoyed spa
treatments and shop-til-you-drop outings.


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