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Title: Citrus leaves
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= W CVAVAVA. I =l I 3i ll a -

Dr. Harold W. Browning, Center Director
UF/IFAS Citrus Research & Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road
Lake Alfred, FL 33850-2299
Tel. (863) 956-1151
Fax (863) 956-4631

Citrus Leaves,

June 2005

m CitusRe*c and EducaIon Cenn Ino V e 2, N

In This Issue
Citrus Canker Concerns ................... 1
Building 24 ...................................... 1
In Memoriam, Dr. Galen Brown......... 2
In IFAS: New deans....................... 2
Swimming in Cold Water UF News 2
Meet ... The Schumann Lab ........... 3
FSHS 118th Annual Meeting ............. 4
What's Buzzin' at Your Library ........ 5
Student New s ................................ 5
W welcome, Fareweel ....................... 6
Volleyball Tradition at CREC ............. 7
Manuscripts Submitted ................... 7
C calendar ........................................ 8

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Citrus Leaves

This is IT at CREC
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Citrus Leaves
is the monthly newsletter for
employees and friends of CREC.
Citrus Leaves welcomes your
contributions, suggestions and
corrections. Editor, Monica
Lewandowski; E-mail
mmlew@tcrec.ifas.ufl.edu; Ext.
1233. Photography and graphics,
Gretchen Baut; Production and
Distribution: Word Processing,
Barbara Thompson, Supervisor;
Kathy Snyder, Karla Flynn and
Linda Murphy; Customer Service,
Kathy Witherington and Nancy

Citrus Canker in Polk County; Concern Grows

Employees Reminded of Citrus Decontamination Procedures

Citrus canker was confirmed in a
Frostproof nursery and groves owned by
BenHill Griffin Inc., marking the first citrus
canker find in Polk County since a
statewide outbreak in 1916.
All trees within 1900-ft. radius from
infected trees must be destroyed, an area
that encompasses approximately 250 acres.
Over 1000 acres of citrus trees, owned by
Ben Hill Griffin Inc., and 255 acres owned
by Alico, Inc., are being removed and
Another outbreak is under investigation
at the Hickory Branch
Nursery in the Venus area If citrus ca
of south Highlands. detected at
Citrus canker is a citrus would
bacterial disease that and the ar
causes leaf and fruit drop,
and a general decline in
tree health. Symptoms
include brown, raised lesions surrounded
by an oily, water-soaked margin and a
yellow ring or halo. Photos of symptoms
can be found on the Florida Dept. ofAgric.
and Consumer Services website:
There is no "cure" for the disease and

Right, an
Building 24
two-story ad
to the north
begin som
this year.
house plant
the building
in the late

the current
strategy is -
eradication. The
disease does not
affects humans
or animals.
How is Citrus
Citrus canker
is a bacterial disease that can be spread by wind
and rain for short to medium distances within trees,
or to neighboring trees. Severe tropical storms,
hurricanes and tornadoes can
r were spread the bacterium longer
center, our distances, over miles. The
destroyed movement of infected material on
laced under clothing, vehicles (see photo) and
itine. equipment can also spread the
CREC employees are reminded that if citrus
canker were detected at the center, all of our citrus
would be destroyed and the area placed under a
citrus quarantine. Replanting would not be allowed
until the quarantine was removed. There are strict
See Citrus Canker, p. 2

W P0 7^^^^


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11 10


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a p





Citrus Canker... from p. 1
restrictions on the movement of plant material and fruit off the Center.
There is a vehicle wash station north of the center near the farm
operations buildings. Decontamination involves the removal of
plant debris from vehicles, equipment and clothing, and washing
with appropriate and approved decontamination materials, before
entering citrus groves/greenhouses and upon exiting. There are
separate chemicals approved for personnel and clothing vs. vehicles
and equipment. CREC is also subject to inspections regarding
proper decontamination procedures.
Also, if you suspect citrus canker or have questions regarding
plant symptoms on any citrus, you should not bring in or move the
plant material doing so could spread the disease if it is indeed
citrus canker. Arrangements should be made for inspections on-
site. Questions can be directed to your supervisor or to Dr. Timmer
at CREC.

Citrus canker decontam/disinfection guidelines, UF/IFAS Citrus
Pest Management Guide: edis.ifas.ufl.edu/CG040
FL Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services:
doacs. state.fl.us/canker
Florida Citrus Canker Eradication Program Helpline:
Miami-Dade / Broward / Palm Beach / Monroe counties:
Tel. (800) 850-3781
All other Florida counties: Tel. (800) 282-5153
Photos of citrus canker symptoms:
doacs. state.fl.us/canker/photos.html
UF/IFAS Citrus Canker Extension website: canker.ifas.ufl.edu
Citrus Canker: The Pathogen and Its Impact
TimR. Gottwald, USDA-ARS Ft. Pierce; James H. Graham, UF/
IFAS CREC; and Tim S. Schubert, FDCAS/DPI Gainesville. 2002.

In Memoriam
S\ Dr. Galen Brown,
retired Florida Dept. of
Citrus mechanical
harvesting program
administrator, died of
cancer at his daughter's
home in Michigan. He
was 67.
Dr. Brown had a distinguished career in
agricultural engineering, working with
harvesting systems for a variety of fruit
and vegetable crops. He spent most of his
career with the USDA-ARS, retiring from
the agency in 1995 and then assuming the
position with the FDOC. His office was
based at CREC.
Dr. Brown worked with the Florida citrus
industry to develop commercially viable
mechanical harvesting systems for citrus
and initiated programs on fruit abscission
and automated robotic harvesting for
citrus. He was a fellow of the American
Society of Agricultural Engineers.
Dr. Brown is survived by his wife, Ann,
his mother, Lucille, brother, two daughters
and two granddaughters.
Contributions in his honor may be made
to Michigan State University, Galen K.
Brown Endowment Fund, University
Development, 4700 S. Hagadom, Suite 220,
East Lansing, MI 48823.

Dr. Kirby Barrick was named dean of the
UF/IFAS College of Agricultural and Life
Sciences. He is currently associate dean
for academic programs in the College of
Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmen-
tal Sciences at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign. Prior to that, he was
chairman of The Ohio State University De-

apartment of Agricultural
Education and assistant
director of the
university's 4-H youth
development program.
He is scheduled to begin
August 25.
Dr. Mark McLellan was
named dean for research and director of the
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station in UF/
IFAS. His appointment becomes effective
July 11.
Dr. McLellan is cur-
rently director of Texas
A&M University's Insti-
tute of Food Science and
Engineering. Priorto that,
McLellan was director of
Cornell University's Insti-
tute of Food Science and
chairman of Cornell's De-
partment of Food Science and Technology.
He received a bachelor's degree in food sci-
ence from the University of Massachusetts
Amherst, and master's and doctoral degrees
in food science from Michigan State Univer-

Swimming in Cold Water
May Fuel The Appetite

A UF News Release
by Meredith Jean Morton
CREC s public relations intern Meredith
Morton worked for the UF News and
Public, Au 1 office on campus this past
year Below is a portion of a May 2005
UF news release written by Meredith (full
version online: ww-i 'Ij"' tYIl /.. '/
2005news/calorieswim.htm). It was
picked up by Reuters news service, ABC,

NBC and other news media.
GAINESVILLE, Fla -Exercise in coldwater
instead of warm water may increase people's
appetites, making it harder for them to lose
extra pounds, a University of Florida study
Results indicate people may consume
more calories after exercising in cold water,
according to Lesley White, a UF researcher
who designed the study to better
understand why aquatic exercise is often
less successful than equal amounts of
jogging or cycling for people who want to
lose weight.
"It's possible that individuals who
exercise in cooler water may have an
exaggerated energy intake following
exercise, which may be a reason why they
don't lose as much weight," said White,
an assistant professor in the College of
Health and Human Performance. "So it may
not be the exercise itself that causes the
problem because you can match the
exercise energy expenditure; rather it's the
increased eating after the exercise is over."
White said her research is not meant to
suggest that swimming or aquatic exercise
is ineffective for building physical fitness.
In fact, water exercise is suggested for
people who are overweight because the
buoyancy given by the water makes
exercising easier for people with joint or
see Swimming, p. 6
Dr. Ed Extberria at CREC was named to the
Editorial Board for the Journal of Plant
Signaling and Behavior in the "Intracelular
Transport and Endocytosis" unit. He was
also elected to a second term as editor of the
Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural
Society. For more news for the FSHS, see
page 4.

Meet... The Schumann Lab
by Meredith Jean Morton
Dr. Arnold Schumann and his laboratory group study citrus
nutrition, fertilizers, soil science and associated production practices.
The lab utilizes new technology using computer and satellite-based
technology, such as geographical information system (GIS) and
geographical positioning system (GPS) tools, to collect data on trees,
soil, weather and other characteristics and help citrus growers make
better management decisions on fertilization, irrigation and other
practices to optimize tree growth and production. Examples include
technology for measuring soil electrical conductivity, soil organic
matter, nutrient content, water tables and other soil chemical
characteristics, and correlating soil data with citrus production.
The lab includes a group of people with diverse backgrounds and
experiences. They are working to develop the use of precision
agriculture technology with applications in citrus nutrition and soil
science, as well as Nitrogen Best Management Practices for Ridge
citrus growers.

Dr. Arnold Schumann .
joined the CREC faculty in Feb-
ruary 2001 as Assistant Profes-
sor of Citrus Nutrition. He
brought over 15 years of experi-
ence in agronomy and plant nu-
tritionto CREC.
A native of South Africa, Dr.
Schumann holds a bachelor's
degree and MSc. in Agronomy
from the University of Natal in
South Africa. He received his -
Ph.D. in 1997 from the Crop and
Soil Science Department at the University of Georgia, where he
studied with Dr. Malcolm Sumner.
Prior to coming to Lake Alfred, Dr. Schumann conducted weed
management research at the Institute for Commercial Forestry at the
University of Natal.
Dr. Schumann and his wife, Rhonda, who works at CREC in Dr.
Nigg's lab, have an 18-year old daughter, Sylvia, who graduated
from Auburndale High School and will begin college at UF this
summer. Dr. Schumann's lab and office are located in Building 10.
Dr. Ganesh Bora (right)joined Dr.
Schumann's lab in April 2005, to work on
precision agriculture and crop nutrition. He
is involved in variable rate fertilizer
application with a main focus of improving
the response time of rate change of the
present spreader.
Dr. Bora received his Ph.D. from Kansas
State University in Precision Agriculture
and Biological and Agricultural
Engineering. His M.S. is from Bangkok.
Thailand, and his BS is from India.
"I am originally from the tea-rich state of Assam, in India," Dr.
Bora says. "And I came to the USA from Bangkok, Thailand, where
I lived for more than five years."
In his spare time Dr. Bora likes to travel and go to the gym.
He was recently selected as one of the three finalists for the

Graduate Student Research Award by the American Society of
Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) to present his research in ASAE's
annual international meeting in Tampa June 17-20.
Marj ie Cody (right) goes with Laura
Waldo to the field to collect water
samples to run nitrate analysis using the
rapid flow analyzer.
She has been at CREC for 25 years,
where she worked with Dr. Wheaton for
23 years until his retirement. She has
been working in Dr. Schumann's lab for
about a year.
Marjie has abachelor's degree in chem-
istry from Longwood University, in Vir-
ginia. She is a native of Gether, Virginia,
but has lived in Florida for 25 years. Her
husband, Gene, works at Cody Auto Parts, and they have two chil-
dren, a 21-year-old daughter, LeeAnn, and an 18-year-old son,
Some of Marjie's hobbies include sewing, collecting stamps and
"doing whatever the kids want to do."
Kevin Hostler has also been working
at CREC for25 years. He said he conducts
variable rate fertilizer tests and "does
whateverDr. Schumann tells [him] to do."
He jokingly says he enjoys reading
scientific journals in his free time. ,
LauraWaldo has beenworking inDr. Aj
Schumann's lab since April 2004, con-
ducting Ridge Citrus BMP verification.
"I maintain the sites where we monitor
leaching," Waldo says. She also pro-
cesses data for analysis.
She takes water samples to test the fer-
tilizer levels, to verify the effectiveness
of the Nitrogen Best Management Prac-
Laura has a bachelor's degree in horti-
culture science from Florida Southern
College, and is interested in landscape
design as a hobby. Before coming to
CREC, she worked at Universal Studios
in Orlando doing landscape design.
Dr. Qamar Zaman (right) has been
at CREC since February 2002, and is work-
ing on precision agriculture projects for
Dr. Schumann. He is a precision agricul-
ture engineer from Pakistan, and will fin-
ish working in the U.S. in August.
Dr. Zaman graduated from Newcastle
University in England.
Although he says he works a lot, Dr.
Zaman says he does enjoy watching tele-
vision in his spare time. A
Kirandeep Mann is a student,
working with Dr. Schumann and is currently in Gainesville.

FSHS 118th Annual
Meeting News

Burns elected President; CREC
scientists bring home awards
Over 220 scientists, growers and
producers attended the 118' Florida State
Horticultural Society Annual Meeting in
Tampa, June 5-7, which featured seminars
on current issues in citrus, ornamentals,
fruits and vegetables and related topics.
Craig Campbell, outgoing chairman of
the board, passed the chairman's gavel to
lastyear's president, Dr. George Hochmuth.
Dr. Jackie Burns was elected president for
the incoming year.
Also elected into office was member-at-
large Richard Tyson and re-elected for a

second term was proceedings editor Dr.
Edgardo Etxeberria. They join the current
slate of officers: treasurer Garvie Hall,
secretary Dr. Jeffrey Brecht, program
coordinator Dr. Steven Sargent, newsletter
editor Anita Neal, student best paper award
chair Dr. Elizabeth Lamb, and member-at-
large Chris Oswalt.
The Best Paper award for the Citrus
Section went to Diane Bright (CREC),
James. H. Graham (CREC),Michael S. Irey
and Leslie E. Baucum for their study, "Soil,
rootstock, and climatic factors affect
populations of Phytophthora nicotianae in
South Florida citrus plantings," 2004 Proc.
Fla. State Hort. Soc. 117:148-151. The authors
were awarded a medal, certificate and $200.
The Best Paper in the Handling and
Processing Section was awarded to Dr.

Fernando Alferez (CREC), Jacqueline K.
Burns (CREC), and Lorenzo Zacarias for
their study, "Postharvest peel pitting in
citrus is induced by changes in relative
humidity, ("i" 14 Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc.
117:355-358). The authors were awarded a
medal, certificate and $200.
Dr. Jim Syvertsen is the Citrus Section
vice-president. Mongi Zekri was voted
citrus sectionvice-president elect. For the
Handling and Processing section, Dr. Jan
Narcisco is the sectional vice-president,
and Dr. Anne Plotto is the vice-president
Many attendees commented that this
was the most exciting meeting in years,
with new programs and workshops.
Registration was up 20% over last year.
see FSHS News, p. 6

Far left: Dr. Jackie Burns (left) and Dr. Fernando Alferez (center) accept the Best Paper Award Handling and Processing Section from
FSHS Chairman of the Board Craig Campbell. Dr. Bums was also elected FSHS president. Second from left: Dr. James Graham (left) and
Dr. Mike Irey accept the Best Paper Award Citrus Section from Craig Campbell. Diane Bright (pictured second from right) and Leslie E.
Baucum were also authors. Far right, Dr. Ed Etxeberria holds up the 2004 Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society, now
available in print, on CD and online to members. For information about membership or for membership dues forms, visit www.fshs.org.

CREC Presentations at FSHS For a complete list, including abstracts, visit the FSHS website: www.fshs.org.
Rootstock Observations among 'Hamlin' and 'Valencia' Orange Trees Growing at Central Ridge and Flatwoods Locations. William S. Castle and
James C. Baldwin, UF/IFAS CREC.
The 10-year Performance and Survival of 'Marsh' Grapefruit Trees on Sun Chu Sha Mandarin and Various Citrumelo Rootstocks on Riviera Sand
Depressional, an Alfisol. William S. Castle, UF/IFAS CREC and Mace G Bauer, IRREC, UF.
Economic Longevity of Trees on Swingle citrumelo and the Variability to Adaptation among Soils of the Indian River Production Area. Mace G. Bauer,
UF/IFAS IRREC. William S. Castle. UF/IFAS CREC. Brian J. Boman, UF/IFAS IRREC, and TomA. Obreza, UF Dept. of Soil and Water Science.
Relal ...I hlii .I. .I I I i\. 1 ..I ..'I.l .I ,111 i 111.' iIl. .. I c'f Hamlin orange. Morgan K.T., R.E. Rouse, UF/IFAS SWFREC; S.H. Futch, UF/
IFAS (C EC'. I. I i c Iii.l-11 -i,,,l ll', ..'.!l i i!,.l-r ..iinty; F.M. Roka, UF/IFAS SWFREC.
.Ii..l.. 11... l i. i ic i I. iiilli i l I i iiie 'lil 1 *c c I'.ill .i d Productivity. Kuo-Tan Li, James P. Syvertsen, and Jacqueline K Burns, UF/
Yiel.I iR.u.. '. 'i.e ., .lL i... I../ -,It ne11 itii. .il I resting without abscission agents. Roka, F.M., UF/IFAS SWFREC; Jacqueline K
Buni .iand R.S Bulcr iii ii.i'. t- /
'.i ,. il _,.li.., .ii...I .'. i i.,.I .1.1 i 1iLi, iiit. 'it i ll.'c.'it. James P. Syvertsen, UF/IFAS CREC; UF; L. Gene Albrigo, UF/IFAS CREC;
'.!. 1-:cl.i,, ii !i..> ii:i t: J MNl DPiiil.io, UlFIF~S CREC. R. C. Vachon, The Packers of Indian River Ltd.
S!iiiL i .Ii lii i!i i .l'lIi :' i I..l'c i I' l'l'!i-ii d. I liiI .1 .,I ii i..I i ii iiii g Program s inFlI!.I .. i .1 .11 .....I B. J. Boman, UF/IFAS i i1:ii E. i' Berger, UF/
i. i .I!.,l i .Ii..l.. k. Dcrrick. lFIFAI S REC i. ...ll.! i iF/IFAS IRREC.
i., I,.i !', l | l,, .L oIi li i'i ~II.' .Ic i. ..i c!, '.I, I n, Iransport system. Ed F \tchl rrii.i and Pedro Gonzalez, iUFF .5 CREC and Javier

t I iinJ.Li ii i t_ l .' .i I, ..lI, ,iilu ,m i,.f .,|,.' l !, Ih. i II iiiniL' 1,.>.,.kers: Tim G ott- .i. i i '.. .i l ii i l i '.'...I i iii yl' L
i i). J.Jiiit. Gra.lhain. i'F'IFAS CRE' C .. -*
!hI .'i '.ilu.ilr ti. l n iic.dl ,,ril l h.. .', i.in tiliu i I1., I ',,,phorina citrik .i\ ,* .1 .i iii ,,!h..- i,- Fi hl ,.l.,,.' i .. i,.l .!.,i. i-..HiA i .. .! .,h, on
I i ..l.i .l!i C'.irlC (' CIli.ldcr..ni aNl Mi.l E R.'I.. iFIFIAS CREC.
'I li i I p ..i L[[ I IV. l i .i ..Il i / 'L i .I I rI'. I L i 'I i, I I. i .I t rapefr it V.ii' I L T i ,c __ i l i..l I I.ii li'l..ii l.i ,.i.i ,,
: i,.I l C (I' ilder. L'FIFAS CREC i lil.. .iisly, UF/IFAS S', i i:i .
/ ", .h / ...mI,,../ i, ge 6

What's Buzzin'At Your V
by Meredith Jean Morton
The next time you visit the Winter
Haven Public Library, check out the display
cases in the gallery (in the foyer between I
the library and coffee shop). CREC is
currently presenting a display on insects, p
highlighting insect specimens from CREC v
entomologists, including Dr. Harold s
Browning and Dr. Michael Rogers. Pictures
and additional information were
contributed by Dr. Carl Childers, Dr. Robin
Stuart and Dr. Herb Nigg.
CREC was asked to present the display
to correlate with the children's library bug-
themed summer reading program, "What's
Buzzin' at Your Library?" The program and
the display will run through the end of July.
As part of the program, Dr.
Rogers did a children's presentation, "The
Wonderful World of Bugs" on

Student News
Divya Sonal Singh, daughter of Dr.
Shila Singh and Dr
Samunder Singh,
graduated with high-
est honors from
Auburndale High
School on May 19.
She re-
ceived a
cord for
English, red cord for social sci-
ence, green for science, white for
mathematics and a black cord for
foreign languages. She also re-
ceived a silver cord, certificate
and medal for community service,
and a National Honor Society
sash. She was a a
Superintendent's Scholar, a High
Achieving Minority Scholar, a
Principal's Award recipient, Silver
Garland nominee, and received a
certificate for perfect attendance
for all four years of high school.
She was awarded a $73,000 full ,,
tuition scholarship to Tusculum
College, in Greenville, Tennessee,
where she will pursue pre-med

Zarnab Qainar iii,_,hl i
.i L Inci i ol' Dr. Q.IIII.II; Z.ii.1.in 1. 11
a.nd AII.i Q.aiii. i\,i,111ccc j I L
CCiniicjic 1,01 C\Cni1iiji\ H1h

above left: Dr. Michael Rogers did a children's presentation on insects as part of the
Vinter Haven Public Library's summer children's program; center, a child eyes a large wolf
pider; far right, part of CREC's insect display at the library.

June 9 at the library.
CREC's display was designed by
Meredith Morton, Monica Lewandowski
and Gretchen Baut, and includes information
on several insect orders in the six display
cases. There is a case highlighting the
entomology research at CREC, including
information on Diaprepes and acarology, a
case with an overview on insects, a
Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) case,
Orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets) case,

attendance, a certificate of achievement, the
Principal's Award for Excellence in Reading,
and completed two levels in the Excellence
in Reading program at the Winter Haven
Library by reading 100 books (50 books for
each level). She also received two trophies.
Zarnab completed kindergarten at Garden
Grove Elementary in Winter Haven.
Haley Love (upper left),
daughter of Perry and Rhonda
Love, was named to the A/B Honor
Roll, Presidential Academic Excel-
lence Award at Hillcrest Elemen-
tary School inLake Wales. Haley
is 11 and will enter the 6th grade.
Kyra Love (middle left), 13-year
old daughter of Perry and
Rhonda Love, received the follow-
ing awards for the 7th grade year
atMcLaughlinMiddle School: All
"A" Honor Roll, the Principal's
Award, 2nd place in the Polk
County Book Bowl, National Jun-
ior Honor Society inductee.
Shelby Flynn, daughter of Ri-
chard and Karla Flynn, was Salu-
Statorian at Grace Lutheran School.
SShe received the "Fruit of the
Spirit Award", which included a
$75 savings bond, the President's
Award for Outstanding Academic
E\cellce1ic Dmi,_htlCis of hlil

'lH E ;llKlh ()tllSdllllll'2 0hllK\ -
.I h11I A icibic li Rc olillonX Ah iciic i
EBry- HViiF on C oikcqlC(cmiiifc~ic NMjhh-

iM nc in in \Lc-ii C i' i Ac mc' c-

Coleoptera (beetles) case, and another
display where children are encouraged to
find camouflaged insects.
The cases are informative and
presented in a fun, colorful way to interest
both children and adults. We hope you
have a chance to check it out!
Winter Haven Public Library, 325
AvenueA Northwest, Winter Haven. Tel.
(863) 291-5880; open Mon-Thurs, 9 am
8 pm andFri-Sat, 9 am 5:30pm.
ment Award, and the
American Scholastic
Achievement League
Certificate of Merit for
Scholastic Challenge.
Shelby will enter the In-
ternational Baccalaure-
ate High School in
' .. 4 Bartow this fall. Karla
Shelby Flynn Flynn works in Word

Ben Garrison, grandson of Dr. Gene
and Clydene / .'
Albrigo, married
Tahany Elbaz in
a patio-dockside
ceremony on
March 26 in
Shelter Island, r i
California. Ben
is in the US
Navy and
stationed in San
Carrie and Susan Albrigo (twin
granddaughters) graduated from West
Orange High School in Winter Garden on
May 19.
For the furry members of the Albrigo
household, Duncan McCloud of Floricats
was 3rd best Exotic cat nationally and 13t
bc.it ci ini ie Soutl l ct.icin Rct.lion foi ilc
.'11114-115 $110\\ $.'.-15011 iSIio\\1n 1\ Toni
Albii,'o jid |?iciticd in c ciilici C iiiu
Lcj\ cI Boinic ol Floiicjl. i\ c Ik X"
...... ll~l.,m:,..,,. ,,, t"

__ __

FSHS News... from p. 4

Buster Pratt was
h o n o r e d I

Dr. Hochmuth added that new
opportunities will be explored in the
coming year, and he encourages all those
interested to join or renew their
membership. Regular membership is
only $50 per year and includes a printed
copy of the meeting proceedings and
society newsletters and updates. For
more information on the society or to
download a membership form, visit

Jan and Jim Syvertsen (above) enjoy
the FSHS meeting. Dr. Syvertsen is the
vice-president for the Citrus Section.
Next year's meeting will return to the
Tampa Marriott Westshore, June 4-6,



CREC Presentations at FSHS ... from p. 4

health and fruit abscission (www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/

Scarring Damage on 'Murcott' Tangors Caused by the Flower Thrips
Frankliniella bispinosa (Morgan). Michael E. Rogers and Carl C. Childers, UF/IFAS CREC.
Effect of application time and glyphosate formulations on weed control efficacy in young citrus groves. Samunder Singh, Megh Singh and
Steve Futch, UF/IFAS CREC.
The impact of three hurricanes in 2004 on the Florida Citrus Industry: Lessons learned, what we know and what we don't know. L.G Albrigo', J.
Attaway', K. Bowman2, R.S. Buker', W.S. Castle', K.W. Hancock3, C.W. McCoy', R.P. Muraro', M.E. Rogers', M.A. Ritenour1, T. Spreen',
PD. Spyke4, JP. Syvertsen', L.W.Timmer', R.C. Vachon5. UF/IFAS; 2USHRL-ARS; 3Citrus Consultant, Ft. Pierce, 4Arapaho Groves, Ft. Pierce
and 'The Packers of Indian River Ltd., Ft. Pierce.
Vitamin C, B-Carotene, Lycopene and Sugar Concentrations in 'Flame' Grapefruit Juice with Various Phosphorus and Potassium Rates. H. Dou, S.
Jones, Florida Department of Citrus, CREC, T. Obreza, UF/IFAS Soil And Water Science Department, and R. Rouse, UF/IFAS SWFREC.
The Potential Of A Novel Product Citrus Clean For Citrus Postharvest Decay Control. Juixu Zhang and Joe Ahrens, Florida Department of
Citrus, CREC.

Swimming... from p. 2
balance problems.
"Water exercise is an excellent activity
for many people, particularly those with
joint disorders, thermal regulatory problems
and balance or coordination difficulties,"
she said. "However, an earlier study
reported that women who swam did not lose
as much weight as those who jogged or
White's study was published in
February in the International Journal of
Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

ShethAnoop volunteer (Dr. Gmitter)
RyanAtwood Sci. research mgr (Dr.
Mary Brawley OPS (Dr. Brlansky)
Karthik J. John Karuppiah student
(Dr. Burs)
Lily Kender OPS (Dr. Singh)
Jessica Noling OPS (Dr. Graham)
Ashish Misera student (Dr. Ehsani)
Dr. Gemma Pasquali postdoc (Dr.
Dr. Vekateswara Potluri visitor (Dr.

Ann George student (Dr. Singh)
Sunny Liao student (Dr. Chung)

LynnHines OPS (Dr. Childers)
Tom Robnett OPS (Dr. Nigg)
Gerald Perkins OPS (Dr. Miller)

Did we miss you? Send names to
Monica Lewandowski at
mmlew@tcrec.ifas.ufl.edu orthe CREC

posthumously with

t He ash a
Aa d .t a nd ian g
.b Horticulturist
4 Award. He was a
citrus grower in
Haines City who
had close collaborations with CREC
scientists and served as secretary-
treasurer of the Citrus Research and
Education Foundation at CREC. Mr. Pratt
was a former president and chairman of
the board of the Florida State Horticultural
Among the other FSHS awards
presented, Dr. Brian Boman
received the Presidential Gold
Medal Award (Citrus Section)
for contributions to Florida
horticulture through work
published in the Proceedings
of the Florida Horticultural
Society over the preceding six-
year period in the Citrus
A full list of award winners will Absc
be posted at www.fshs.org. led by

.-Ir ; .--7
mission Team Busy CREC's abscission program,
Dr. Jackie Burns, were busy collecting data with
nical harvesting trials through June. The team is
ting several aspects of mechanical harvesting, tree


Volleyball a Long CREC Tradition

7:TI -

New Players Welcome
by Meredith Jean Morton
With summertime here, many of us start
to think about getting in shape. Everyone
is looking for a fun, easy way to attain a fit
look for the summer. What better way to
exercise and have fun than playing a sport?
That sounds nice, you may be thinking,
but when am I going to find time to play a
Why not during your lunch break? At
CREC, every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, during lunchtime, a dedicated group
can be found at the volleyball court across
from the Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall,
playing a competitive game or two of
"This probably started about 36 years
ago for the fun, exercise and competition,"
says Dr. Gene Albrigo, a veteran lunchtime
Albrigo says in the 36-year history of
the CREC volleyball teams, probably 50 or
60 people have cycled through, playing at
the center. CREC has even won trophies
competing against other UF/IFAS Research
and Education Centers, like Fort Pierce, or
for entering teams in the city and county

best kitten in the Southeastern Region and
1st best Exotic kitten regionally and 5t best
nationally. Clydene (Floricats owner) will
attend both regional awards ceremonies
(Pheonix, AZ and Charlotte, NC) in June.
Now that's the cat's meow!

"With more people involved, that would
be something we could start up again,"
Albrigo says. "The competition was fun."
The regular players usually enough to
play between three and five people per side
- are always interested in recruiting new
"We have a lot of talent," says Allan
Burrage, who has been playing about one
and a halfyears. "Recently, though, we have
had a lot of our regular players leaving the
center. So we're looking for some new
Playing volleyball during lunch breaks
up the days for the players, says Burrage,

LCIL I [ CIl l \ I JI I IllIl 111 lCl011O
Illllllkll. SIic plcll B llllli. SllllIllldki
Singh and Paiick Dccs look on. Abo\ c
center, long-time volleyball veteran Gene
Albrigo. Right: Rick Tempe hits the ball
as Allan Burrage watches the action.

and it gives you time to get outside and
away from your desk.
The regular players are especially
interested in recruiting more females to come
out and join the team. Burrage says there
are a few women who play infrequently.
"We really hope more people will come
out and join us," Burrage says. "We have
a lot of fun, and it's a great way to get some
exercise. Some come on out and get

Zhencai Wu (far left)
and Patrick Dees
(center) serve up the
ball; near left, even
an injured hand
doesn't stop William

Manuscripts Submitted to the Publications
Committee in May

S. H. Futch and J. H. Graham. Field Diagnosis of Phytophthora Disease. Citrus Industry
F. Garcia-Sanchez, J. P. Syvertsen, and J. Dunlop. Salinity Tolerance of Cleopatra Manda-
rin and Carrizo Citrange Citrus Rootstock Seedling is Affected by CO2 Enrichment.
Journal of the American Society of Horticultural Sciences.
E. Knapp, G M. Danyluk, D. Achor, and D. J. Lewandowski. ABipartite Tobacco mosaic
virus Defective RNA (dRNA) System to Study the Role of the N-terminal
Methyltransferase Domain of the Replicase Protein in Cell-to-Cell Movement of
dRNAs. Virology.
D. J. Lewandowskiand S. Adkins. The Tubule-forming NSm Protein from Tomato Spotted
Wilt Virus Complements Cell-to-cell and Long-distance Movement of Tobacco Mosaic
Virus Hybrids. Virology.
S. N. Mondal and L. W. Timmer. Greasy Spot Rind Blotch, A Serious Problem for Produc-
tion of Fresh Market Grapefruit. Citrus Industry Magazine.

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calendar.ifas.ufl.edu 2 FloridaAgCalendar.com
UF/IFAS Extension un e 2005 Ag industry events
events statewide statewide

June is the official start of 1 period 3 4
hurricane season stock up on Florida Ci rus Industry A nual
supplies, update contact info Conferenc -; Singer Islan, June 1-3
Florida Ci rns Mutual

5 6 Seminar7 8 9 10 11
Dr. Rouseff
FSHS 118th Annual Meeti g
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All events subject to change

June 1-3: First Florida Citrus Industry
Annual Conference, Singer Island.
5-7 Florida State Horticultural Society
118th Annual Meeting; Tampa Marriott
Westshore. Abstracts and preliminary
program online: www.fshs.org.
Registration $110; students $10.
7 Seminar, Dr. Russell Rouseff, UF/
IFAS Professor of Food Chemistry,
CREC. "Development of a Sensory
Guided Instrumental Analysis of Orange
Juice Flavor Quality." BHG Room 1 -
11:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. (10:45,
23 Precision ag/Temik application
meeting, BHG 1.
23 Teacher program, Florida Institute of
Phosphate Research, BHG 2; Teaching

Citrus Canker Survey Training
See www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/CitrusCanker/
index.htm for information on a series of
citrus canker survey training sessions
throughout Florida in June.

21 -Faculty meeting, 8:30 am, BHG 3-4.

Preparing a poster for a scientific
meeting? Water and rain can ruin an
ink-jet printed poster, and laminating can
be expensive and require adequate lead
time. A quick and inexpensive
alternative is to give your poster a light
coat or two of clear spray lacquer (make
sure the ink on the poster has had time
to dry sufficiently). While it won't make
your poster waterproof, it will offer some
water protection and could avert a
disaster. Clear spray lacquer is available
at many stores where hardware, crafts or
home improvement supplies are sold.
Talk to the Photolab if you're interested
in trying this out.

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