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Title: Citrus leaves
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= VAVAVA t o I 3-Wll a i ; *Ll --


Dr. Harold W. Browning, Center Director
UF/IFAS Citrus Research & Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road
Lake Alfred, FL 33850-2299
Tel. (863) 956-1151
Fax (863) 956-4631

January 2005

m *s R a s In Volum 23

In This Issue
CREC Employees of the Year........... 1
Flowering, Cold Protection Info ........ 2
Citrus Canker update ........................ 2
M arcela Frata .................................. 2
Iraq Delegation Visits Florida ............ 2
Service Pins ...................................... 3
E-mail domain @crec.ifas.ufl.edu .... 3
April Elston Graduates ................... 3
Holiday Fun
Table decorations, cooking contest,
holiday photos .......................... 4-7
News Around CREC
Welcome, Farewell ......................... 7
2004 video ....................................... 7
Publications Submitted .................... 7
C alendar ....................................... 8

That's a
snowman driving
a tractor, guided
by GPS
technology and
operated by a
gingerbread man.
It was part of
CREC's Holiday
Table Decorating
Contest! And
lower left, those
snowmen are
made out of,
what else ...
oranges! See pp.
4-7 for more!

Citrus Leaves
is the monthly newsletter for
employees and friends of CREC.
Citrus Leaves welcomes your
contributions, suggestions and
corrections. Editor, Monica
Lewandowski; E-mail
mmlew@tcrec.ifas.ufl.edu; Ext.
1233. Photography and graphics,
Gretchen Baut; Production and
Distribution: Word Processing,
Barbara Thompson, Supervisor;
Kathy Snyder, Karla Flynn and
Linda Murphy; Customer Service,
Kathy Witherington, Supervisor,
and Nancy Burke.

Diane Bright, Micheal Clock and Mike Armstrong
CREC Employees of the Year -

Diane Bright (top), Michael Clock (lower
left) and Mike Armstrong (lower right) were
named CREC Employees of the
Year at the Centerwide meeting
on Dec. 17. Winners, who were
nominated by faculty/
supervisors and were selected
by a committee of past
Employees of the Year, received
a plaque and $100 monetary gift. L
Bright, who works Dr. Jim 4 j
Graham, was honored in the
Technical category. As a plant
pathologist, she is
involved in research -
on Phythophthora,
rootstock resistance,
disease management
and interactions with
the Diaprepes root
Diaprepes complex).
She is also involved in projects with the
arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as well as fungi
that infect entomopathogenic nematodes used
for the biological control of the Diaprepes root
Clock received his award in the Trades
category, which includes the maintenance



shop, grove, custodial and pilot plant. Clock
works on ( R EC Grove Crew. He was
lauded for excellent performance
and attention to a job well done.
He supervises employees and
has been involved in training
new employees on the grove
crew, and is credited with staying
on top of things associated with
( REC s groves.
iArmstrong, who has managed
( R EC s Information Support
Dci. Dxiii l in (ISD) since 1998, was
;.. :: the Clerical/
Si: Administrative
award winner. He
!.: workswithCREC s
:i computer network
and our Cisco
Internet Protocol
telephony system
i(i.e., our phone
system). He is
instrumental in
guiding CREC on
current and future computer issues, whether
it be an immediate problem with spam and
computer viruses, or looking ahead to new
network technology.
Congratulations to our CREC Employees
of the Year!

t^v 'as\

PJ. 1'dL

Top: Diane Bright; middle Michael Clock (left) and Mike Armstrong.
Bottom row, 1 to r, Bright, Clock and Armstrong receive their awards from Center Director
Harold Browning at the CREC Centerwide meeting on Dec. 17. Photos by Gretchen Baut

Y r-

Citrus Leaves.


Flowering, Cold Protection
Info Online:
Gene Albrigo posts information and
advisories on citrus flowering: visit
crec.ifas.ufl.edu and click on the flo\ ci
bud induction advisories" link in the
lower right hand corer.
Weather data: fawn.ifas.ufl.edu. Weather
stations throughout the state, including one
at CREC, offer temp. and other info every
15 minutes. Includes cold protection tools
for citrus growers.
Cold Protection by Irrigation: Dew Point
and Humidity Terminology by Lawrence
R. Parsons. edis/ifas.ufl.edu/CH054.

Marcela Frata, a
Ph.D. student at
Londrina State
University in
Brazil, completed a
six-month stay at
CREC, where she
studied with Dr.
Russell Rouseff.
Marcela holds a
bachelor's degree
from Pontifical University in Brazil, and a
masters degree in food science from Sao
Paulo State University, UNESP, Araraquara,
Brazil, where she studied with Dr. Filomena
Valim. Marcela is investigating the
influence of nucleotides and their possible
role as flavor enhancers in citrus juice.

Citrus Canker Update
CREC employees are reminded that there
are state regulations on citrus canker
decontamination and disinfection of
personnel, clothing, equipment and vehicles
when working with citrus, or entering a grove
or greenhouse with citrus. There are also
restrictions on the movement of plants and
fruit off-Center. Speak with your supervisor
if you have questions on the use and type
of decontamination chemicals; there is an
approved chemical list for personnel/
clothing, and another approved chemical list
for equipment/vehicles. Website links are
included below.
Statewide, there is concern that the
summer's hurricanes have helped spread the
disease. In October, one of the state's largest
citrus canker outbreaks was found in
commerical trees in Charlotte County. In
recent weeks, 21 infected residential trees
infected were found in Port St. Lucie, located
in Florida's largest citrus producing county.
In December, there was an infected
residential tree in Palm Beach county

A group of agricultural scientists from Iraq visited UF-Gainesville and CREC as part of a U.S.
visit. Above left, Dr. Harold Browning welcomed the group; center, Dr. McCoy discussed
biological control and pest management, and far right, Dr. Larry Parsons presented informa-
tion on citrus irrigation practices. Jerry Fojtik, Ian Jackson, Dr. Larry Duncan, Dr. Fahiem El
borai, Marcela Frata and Dr. Monica Lewandowski were also involved in the visit.


g r i taI -

Tim Johnston (top) and Dr. Sachindra
Mondal (lower photo, far right) led the Iraq
group on a tour of the CREC teaching
block to examine disease and pest symp-
toms in the grove.

Above: Dr. Steve Futch spoke about Florida citrus production, weed management and
related topics; middle, Dr. Renee Goodrich discussed Florida's citrus processing industry;
far right, Dr. Bill Miller led a tour of C R E ( s automated packingline.

Right: Dr. May Ibrahim Karim Al-Jaff, a soil scientist
from Sulaimani University in Iraq, places a map pin on .
her Iraqi hometown. To her right is Ken Rudisill, a UF/
IFAS Bay County Extension agent and Army reserve
who was deployed to Iraq in 2003, where he helped in
the rebuilding of Iraqi agriculture organizations and
universities. For a story onRudisill's experience, visit

discovered, and a residential outbreak in
the Waterford Lakes area in Orlando.
Since the canker outbreak in 1995, the
state has destroyed more than 2.4 million
trees in commercial groves and 650,000 trees
in residential areas.

UF/IFAS Citrus Pest Management
Guide for decontam/disinfection

FL Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer
Services: doacs.state.fl.us/canker
For quarantine maps:
Florida Citrus Canker Eradication
Miami: 800-850-3781 Winter Haven: 800-
Palmetto: 941-721-6622 Immokalee: 941-

Photos of citrus canker symptoms:

Service Pins
UF/IFAS service pins for five, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty-five years of continuous service were presented at the Centerwide
meeting on Dec. 17 by Dale Price from ( R E C s Personnel Office and Center Director Harold Browning.
-25years, Marjie Cody 20 years -
Marjie is a chemist who worked for Dr. Left to right: Gary Wilhite (Information Support Department); Nancy Burke (Receptionist
Wheaton until he retired in 2003 and Jackson (Entomology, Dr. McCoy's lab); Peggy Bernard (custodial), and, busy working, I
now works for Dr. Schumann. Anderson (Entomology, Dr. Rogers' lab).

25 20

); Ian

15years -
Lorrie Friedrich (shown left, with her daughter Gaby),
who works in food microbiology in Dr. Parish's lab;
Debbie Van Clief, who works with Dr. Parsons.

-10 years -
Left to right: Jeanell Pruitt (custodial supervisor); Pedro
Gonzales Blanco (Dr. Exteberria's lab), Perry Love (Ship-
ping and Receiving) and Dale Price (Personnel office).

years -
Lower panel, left to right:
Sandy Hatch (Audio-visual),
Angel Hoyte (Dr. McCoy's
lab), Eileen Albright
(Personnel office), Gretchen
Baut (Photolab), Marty
Dekkers (Dr. Graham's lab),
Jack Smoot (Dr. Rouseff's lab),
Zhencai Wu (Dr.
Burns' lab) and Judy
Harber (Dr.
Dawson's lab), far
right photo,
Diamond Basnaw

The Time is Now
UF/IFAS CREC Website is
Please transition users to this new
address. The www.lal.ufl.edu address
will soon "go away."

addresses are...
Please inform your e-mail colleagues of
your correct address, and update any
e-mail lists to which you currently
subscribe. The @lal.ufl.edu addresses
will be unusable in the future.

k A Photos by Gretchen

| Dr. Elston Completes Ph.D.
SCongratulations to Dr. April Elston on completing her Ph.D. degree.
S Dr. Elston, who studied withDr. Russell Rouseff, defended her thesis
on Dec. 21 in Gainesville and filed her dissertation this month,
W g'l completing requirements for her Ph.D. that willbe conferred in May.
She has accepted a position in product development with Jim Beam,
SInc. and is currently house-hunting in the Louisville area. During
her graduate career, Dr. Elston held a Hunt Brothers Graduate
Assistantship. She received the George Truitt Scholarship from
the Institute of Food Technologists Citrus Products Division, was
honored by the Virginia Dare Flavor company for her academic
achievements, and was awarded the Donald A. Withycombe
Graduate Fellowship in Food Chemistry from the American Chemical Society. April, who earned
a B.S. in chemistry from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, conducted an undergraduate
research project at CREC with Dr. Rouseff and received the American Chemical Society's
Agricultural and Food Chemistry undergraduate research award in 2001.

Tables, blues This year's holiday festivities at CREC featured a Table Decorating Contest. Creativity and color dominated the
competition. Winners, who were selected by a vote of CREC personnel at the Centerwide meeting on Dec. 17, were treated to lunch. "Best
Holiday Theme" winners were Jill Dunlop and Rhonda Schumann for their grand fruit centerpiece pictured below (handmade with real fruit
dipped in sugar). In a close contest, Dennis, Monica and son Andrew Lewandowski were awarded "Most Original" for their hurricane-
ravaged gingerbread village with blue "tarp-covered" roofs and a devastated citrus grove (made of greenery and Trix cereal). Second place
went to Gretchen Baut and George Brinkley (Photolab) with a table centerpiece of snowmen, made out of oranges, gazing at a Christmas tree.
All of the tables, featured here, were beautiful and creative. Thanks to all of participated, and to Gretchen Baut, Jill McDonald and Alta
Church for coordinating the contest! Photos by Gretchen Baut and Monica Lewandowski.

-I .


Abo\ \\ 11111nnin' fclill ccnicipiccc Lb
Jill DiinlopI and Rliondla Scluiianin
BcIo\ 110"'n ilKini iliti otlI of
oan11'i.cs bL Gl.llllc.n B.ILInd11
Gjcoi.',E Biinklc

k -

" -q. .

Fotilll HLmica inc Hilt

.Abo\ l l s I i .o ,ll c.i li c n fo ii

cin all .linic Ito 1IIl.

l ikII FPitiI T 'II Dathe Iiai Pcin
SBnciruid and C( aiohl n Li4soni cicaicd a
i- lho'\\ lloil fabi tld coiaiion i lIc I
L"' '

Rihi.tl N ini BuIIk s.cibk biotlit bick
nicni ic01 a i, lihi c1n11 l iblc \\ as
co cictd '\ ili old C hinim cdit[



e qeru


Ho\ Ic and
TIu IksOnI Suinks i Ik
pic.s, lntd llllns
Illllliioo s In.iirp t.lClloni ol
Pa-st Plicint.l nd Ftllllli
Thei PFc l n eluhdd dlInnOcSll
nlid c il\ Iollllnllli 1 Il0\\ old 1i
oI 1 C 1nCi \ \\an \ "l IlK"
Pic'scin incI dLitc a C mslimas
Plit '- i loltll P ,ic hs l~lill.lt l
11cc 1 r10111 Pcacllc Njllla I I

Oi COlllci% I ilnd IlK FtlltIi
\' i l~l i i fciio lln ini c ii a1
Ickpolicl t aUlionl



F: 'L


rlr er C~-

CREC's Dessert Winners
Winners of CREC's dessert contest
received a $25 cash prize and accolades from
the CREC community. Near right: Shelby
Graham won the Pies/Cakes award with her
Patience cake (it's worth the wait); far right,
Jeanell Pruitt won the Chocolate category
with a Bishop pie ("It's sweet, but not too
sweet,"). Middle row, near right, Jill
McDonald won the Cookies/Bars category
with "reindeer brownies," and Russell
Rouseff won the "Other" category with his
famous tropical trifle. Russ won CREC's
dessert contest in 2002 with his tropical trifle,
but says he lost the recipe and made this
one by winging it!
Thanks to the contest organizer, Karla
Flynn, and judges Bill Stinson, Mike
Armstrong, Rhonda Schumann, Angel
Hoyte, Neil Berger, Bill Castle, Jim Syvertsen
(did we miss anyone?). And special thanks
to all the talented chefs who brought
delicious entries all were enjoyed at the
holiday party. Kate Dekkers, Alan Burrage,
Karla Flynn, Tracy Meadows, Jude Grosser,
Denise Dunn, Amer Fayad, Shelley Jones,
Lorraine Jones, EileenAlbright (besides her
entry, Eileen made the candy snowman, far
right, with chocolate covered marshmallow
hats), Nancy Burke, Peggy Sieburth, Shila
Singh, Ajia Cunningham (see photo, third
row, near right she crafted cake into abacon
cheeseburger and fries, a true delight!),
Kathy Snyder, Jackie Burns, Larry Parsons,
Mrs. Bob Braddock and Mike Armstrong.

More Table Decor
Above, near right: the Word Processing
department (Barbara Thompson, Linda
Murphy, Karla Flynn and Kathy Snyder)
used a magnolia theme to create a dining
Far right, Shelby Graham used a maroon and
mauve color scheme for a festive table.
PrecisionAg Technology Comes To Toyland
- Below left: in this table decorationby Sherrie
Buchanon and Sharath Cugati, a "giant"
gingerbread man operates a GPS-guided
tractor that is pulling another tractor in a
snow-covered citrus grove. Only at CREC!

cOIIll tllC'l l' -'l i. \lid

dl coitJ C IllSlllllma
iicc \\ IIt C Ds bilt ilic\
0..... ini\ iind bi ll'1ill1
Tlu nks to All,1
BuIIIir, GCln \\ illili
,tid Nlike .AiillioiIrti
Fi Il.Iuli JInc \\ ikon
made a striking golden display
out of hardware cloth, ribbon,
pine cones, candles and other
colorful decorations.

Below: the Business office (Jill McDonald, Pam
Holderman, Lorraine Jones, Meredith Pretzie and
Jessica Rini) decorated a cheerful holiday table with a
Christmas tree and gift-laden sleighsr



Happy Holidays -
A record 250 people attended the CREC
holiday party on December 17 at BHG.
The Administrative Infrastructure and
friends, a small army of people, prepared
and hosted the holiday events, including
the end-of-year Centerwide meeting. In
addition, CRE s grove, packinghouse
and facilities crews harvested, washed
bagged and delivered citrus fruit for
CREC, and fresh citrus was delivered to
the UF campus in Gainesville. Shelby
Graham headed up a hard-working food
committee, and Troy Gainey solicited
funds and donations from faculty to
supplement the budget. Thank you to
all who donated extra money towards
the party, it was appreciated by all!
Special thanks to: EileenAlbright, Mike
Armstrong, Joseph Barnes, Diamond
Basnaw, Gretchen Baut, Peggy Bernard,
George Brinkley, Harold Browning,
Nancy Burke, Allan Burrage, Michael
Clock, Alta Church, Joe Creekbaum,
Sherry Cunningham, Terry Daghita,
Michael Daughtery, Merritt Daughtery,
Troy Gainey, Shelby Graham, Sandy
Hatch, Marshall Hobbs, Bob Hoobin,
Roxy Hoover, Lorraine Jones, Karla
Flynn, Shelby and Drew Flynn, Carolyn
Lisbon, Monica and Dennis
Lewandowski, Perry Love, Jill McDonald,
Phillip Mitchell, Linda Murphy, Tam
Nguyen, Meredith Pretzie, Dale Price,
Jeanell Pruitt, Jessica Rini, Bruce
Robertson, Rommel Rubio, Kathy Snyder,
Janice Stewart, Virgil Stewart, Barbara
Thompson, Kevin Troelsen, Wayne
Tyler, Dan Tuzzolo, Jim Vaughn, Gary
Wilhite, Jane Wilson, Kathy

Holiday photos by Kathy Snyder,
Samunder Singh, Gretchen Baut and
Monica Lewandowski.

Left to right: Mike Armstrong, Jackie Burns, Sanjit Singh; Allan Burrage family, Ajia
Cunningham, creator of the "bacon cheeseburger and fries" dessert (page 5).


Left photo, Shelby Flynn (left) helps Mandi Chen with a craft project; center, a game of
musical chairs was fun for all; far right, Angel Hoyte helps son Ruben with crafts.

-' 1 1 =

Left, Amir Alfunian tries to "pin the nose on Rudolph," center, Jeffrey Shilts, son of
Turksen Shilts, smiles for the camera as Pete Timmer runs to catch up; right, the Gowda
family enjoy the evening.
t -

Left, Perry Love and daughters Haley (left) and Kyra, with wife Rhonda; center, Jeff and Jill
Dunlop smile for the camera; far right, Samunder Singh and William Swen.

Left, Barbara Thompson's grandchildren, Blake and Brooklyn, cuddle for the camera; second from
left, Dr. Tatineni Satyanarayana with his son; second from right, Shelby, Drew and Karla Flynn; and
far right, Nancy Timmer and Dr. Shila Singh enjoy the party.

Meredith Pretzie Business Office
Dr. Samunder Singh is now working for
Dr. Richard Buker.
Did we miss you? Contact Monica
Lewandowski at
mmlew@icrec.ifas.ufl.edu orExt. 1233.

Nicole Buker OPS (Dr. Zhang)
Dr. Hong Li postdoc (Dr. Syvertsen)
Lee Tomlinson- OPS (Dr. Millter)
April Elston student (Dr. Rouseff)
Marcela Frata student (Dr. Rouseff)
George Brinkley Photolab (G Baut)
Joseph Barnes Photolan (G Baut)
Dr. Carla McGill resigned as the
FDOC's scientific director in December;
Mike Sparks is serving in this role.

Farewell to Eva Ros Ruiz, Dr. Francisco (Paco) Garcia
Sanchez, and their baby daughter, Andrea, who returned to
Spain. Paco completed a two-year post-doc with Dr.
Syvertsen, conducting research on salinity stress, drought
stress and elevated carbon dioxide on citrus physiology
and growth. This was Paco's second stay at CREC, having
spent six months here in 2000 as a Ph.D. student. Eva
worked for Dr. Syvertsen and Dr. Burns at CREC. -.t ..

a. George Brinkley
(left), who worked in
the Photolab for
Gretchen Baut this
past summer and
fall, completed his
associate of arts
degree at Polk
Community College and is enrolling at
Southeastern College in Lakeland. George is
interested in art and graphics.

Joseph Barnes did a one-semester volunteer
student internship in the Photolab to complete
requirements for a degree in animation from
the International Academy of Design and
Technology in Tampa. Joseph, who is the
son of Jeannette Barnes, created the
animations in the CREC end-of-year video
shown on Dec. 17. The animations were
created with specialized animation software.

2004 in Pictures
If you missed the CREC video at
the Centerwide meeting, visit the
Photolab to view a VHS copy.
The 15-minute video included
over 300 pictures from the past
year. Big thanks to Gretchen
Baut, George Brinkley for the art-
work, and to Joseph Barnes for
the animations in the video.

Submitted to the Publications Committee in December
E. Etxeberria, P. Gonzalez, P. Tomlinson, and J. Pozueta-Romero. Existence of Two Parallel
Mechanisms for Glucose Uptake in Heterotrophic Plant Cells. Journal ofExperimental Botany.
Z. Deng, S. Huang, C. Chen, and F. G Gmitter, Jr. Retrotransposons Contribute to the Evolution
of a Virus Resistance Locus in the Woody Perennial Plant Poncirus trifoliata. The Plant
J. A. Ernst, M. S. Ascunce,A. M. Clark, and H. N. Nigg. Polymorphic Microsatellite Loci for
Diaprepes Root Weevil (Diaprepes abbreviatus L.). Molecular Ecology Notes.

More Holiday Fun: Left, Luis Pozo and his mother enjoy the party; second from left, left to right, ,Russell Rouseff, Perry Love, Ed
Exterberria and Jim Syvertsen take a break from playing tennis to enjoy the evening; second from right, 1 to r, Barbara Thompson,
Lorraine Jones and Kathy Snyder serve up turkey, ham and side dishes; far right, Megh Singh and his wife.
............-.........ii;;;ifl S S liiiliclielle

IUppI klll Scott Hcddkii icmld j
n1_i211h 21 i Itl lui 1 \ if ll|ml I i ddle t Ic
Donna, Molly and Jude Grosser; right,
Dale McDonald (Jill's husband) and their granddaughter, Riley;
left, Terry Daghita let his hair down for the party.

Saniece of
played the
ukulele for
Christmas parade float in Winter
Haven on Dec. 3. She is in Mrs.
Kathy Miller's music class (wife of Dr.
Bill Miller). The school's float won a
parade award.

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

calendar.ifas.ufl.edu FloridaAgCalendar.com
UF/IFAS Extension n u a r z Ag industry events
events statewide statewide

New Year's

2 3 4 5 6 7 8
2 3 4 5 Florida Rural 7 8
UF classes Water Assoc.
Citrus Pest Mgt
course 3-6 pm

9 10 11 12 ndo 13 14 15

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16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Holiday Faculty mtg.
Martin Luther
King Jr.
Citrus Pest Mgt
course 3-6 pm
end of
23 24 25 26 UFpay 27 28 29
Period Florida Citrus Festival
SIndian RiveC ts S r Or nge Dome Cypress Gardens Blvd
Indian River Ctrus Seminar Winter He ven
Jan. 25-26, -ort Pierce Citrus Pest Mgt Jan. 27 Feb 6
course 3-6 pm

All events subject to change.
18 Dept. of Environmental Protection meeting.

20 Faculty meeting, 8:30 am. BHG 3-4.

Jan. 25-26, 2005
The 2005 Indian River Citrus Seminar
Theme: Forging Ahead To A More Profitable
St. Lucie County Fairgrounds, Ft. Pierce
Registration is free.
Trade show, seminars, certification programs,
grove worker training program and tractor rodeo
Sponsored by UF/IFAS, Florida Grower magazine,
and the Indian River Citrus League
www.floridagrower. net

Classes at CREC This Semester:

Citrus Pest Management course offered at CREC
Thursday, Jan. 6 -April 28, 2005; 3 6 p.m., BHG
Teaching Lab

Graduate-level course (3.0 units) reviews the
latest tactics and strategies available to manage
diseases and arthropod, nematode and weed
pests of citrus. Course coordinator is Dr. Larry
Duncan. Regular registration is Jan. 3; $685.44
for Florida residents. Some employees may be
eligible for UF tuition benefits.

Plant Path and Friends hold weekly seminars
every Friday at 11 am 12 pm in the BHG Teaching
Lab. CREC personnel, especially students and
post-docs, are encouraged to present informal
seminars. Topics are not limited to plant
pathology. For more information, contact Dr.
Chung, krchung@crec.ifas.ufl.edu.

Florida Citrus Festival Orange Dome, Winter
Haven -Cypress Gardens Blvd. and 1st St. S
January 27 February 6
Carnival rides and food
Lots of competitions, including citrus cooking,
scrapbooking and photography:

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