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Citrus Leaves.

= WW .RC1AS.F. 3

Dr. Harold W. Browning, Center Director
UF/IFAS Citrus Research & Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road
Lake Alfred, FL 33850-2299
Tel. (863) 956-1151
Fax (863) 956-4631

Anril 2004

In This Issue
N ew P-C ards .................................... 1
Odio Receives Engineering Award .. 1
Citrus Hall of Fame Inducts Four ...... 1
Diaprepes Task Force Meeting ......... 2
Dr. Martin To Leave UF ................... 3
UF Business Cards with Gator ....... 3
Neil Berger Visits UF President........ 3
IR-4 Training at CREC ..................... 3
Photo Corner .............................. 3
Better Business ....... ............ ... 3

Morocco Photos ........................... 4

Student News ................................. 5
Ayna Salas, Kanjana Mahattanatawee,
April Elston, Benjamin Warren, McKeel
Academy career shadowing, Florida
Agricultural Literacy Day, Lake Wales
leadership, Sanjit Singh
Publications in March ...................... 6
Brights in New York ....................... 6
CREC Soccer Team ........................ 6
News Around CREC
W welcome, Farewell ......................... 7
Fam ily News ................................. 7
Upcom ing events ............................ 7

C alendar ...................................... 8

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Citrus Leaves
is the monthly newsletter for
employees and friends of CREC.
Citrus Leaves welcomes your
contributions, suggestions and
corrections. Editor, Monica
Lewandowski; E-mail
mmlew(@crec.ifas.ufl.edu; Ext. 1233.
Photography, Gretchen Baut;
Production and Distribution: Word
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Carlos Odio Receives

Citrus Engineering Award

50th Annual Citrus Engineering Conference

Carlos E. Odio receive
the Citrus Engineering Awar
at the 50th Citrus Engineerin
Conference at CREC o
March 18. Over 100 people
attended the conference
which was hosted by th
American Society o
Mechanical Engineers
Florida Section.
The award, which i

Goats in trees and
more photos from
Morocco on page 4.

d sponsored by Progress
d Energy Florida, Inc.,
g recognizes lifetime
n achievements in citrus Carlos
e engineering. Recipients are Citrus I
, selected by the conference's Steve
e planning committee, which Energy
f was chaired by Elizabeth mode
- Webb, Brown Citrus Systems, St
Inc. Michael Burke from Ener
s Enerfab, Inc. was the program see

Bice, Crews, Lins and

Roper Inducted Into

Citrus Hall of Fame
Lorin T Bice, C. Elton Crews, Donald M.
Lins and Bert Roper were inducted into the
Florida Citrus Hall of Fame on March 26 at
the Nora Mayo Hall in Winter
The Florida Citrus Hall of
Fame recognizes those who
see Hall ofFame, p. 3

Upper right, Winter Garden
citrus grower and packer Bert
Roper; lower right, 2001 Hall
inductee Buster Pratt with
2004 inductee C. Elton Crews.

Odio (left) receives the
Engineering Award from
Rudolph (Progress
eve Rudolph of Progress
gy Florida, Inc. presented
Citrus Engineering, p. 2


Citrus Engineering Conference... from page 1 g

the award Od io "\ Inch imilide. a
plaque and a s5'""1 schol.i lilp to
be designajcd 10 IliK school olf lik
recipiem cihoicc Tills \cI ai
scholarship \\ill bc donautd t1 Ilt
Universii\ of Southl Floiida to
support gilldltic Ludlldinl Ctdli~l0cIon
in engineering.
A native of Costa Rica, Odio
holds B.S. degrees in civil and in-
dustrial engineering from Purdue
University. His career in citrus pro-
cessing engineering spans over 30
years, working for Redd Laborato-
ries, Inc.; Gulf Machinery Co.;
Gumaco, Ltda.; Intercit, Inc.; and
TicoFrut, S.A.
business partners James. B.
"Doc" Redd and Charles S. Walker
and helped make Gulf Machinery Co.
and Gumaco, Ltda. major worldwide
suppliers of citrus processing equip-
ment. Gulf Machinery grew to pro-
vide equipment to other fruit indus-
tries and Gumaco, Ltda. expanded
into the chemical and petrochemi-
cal industries.
In 1988, Odio built TicoFrt S.A.,
a citrus processing plant in Cost
Rica. From modest beginnings,
TicoFrut S.A. has helped make Costa
Rica the second largest orange juice
supplier to the U.S.

The onI-d,\i coIInfcincI \\"
II lihih iihtcd b i picciitluionii on iin-
L'iiIcclnl i uiL iCl, 1 ci lithe ik lll inI-
dustll S|>lv. lS icI nelld d JIJII-P|IrI]
Eiiioiid iUlin\iimll ol Flonda IFASi
TIIiiolli R Rii-l'h .- SaniIan SlIan-
damids, Inc.), Joseph N. DcNMjico
(Tropicana Products, Inc.), Douglas
C. Fair(InfmityQS International, Inc.),
Jim Redifer (Rockwell Automation),
Paul Gates (TEAMWORKNET, Inc.)
and Cliff Vaughn (Johnson Diversey

Above: the Citrus Engineering Conference committee
(above) was chaired by Elizabeth Webb from Brown
Citrus Systems in Winter Haven. CREC members include
Dr. Bill Miller, Dr. Renee Goodrich and Dr. Bob Braddock.
Committee members meet monthly to plan the conference
program, proceedings and related matters.

NcJi mIit liin Hotioini
iF I i hlndsi oLil a dooI
pn/i cciiti Eli/A lli b
\\c.bb "as lth c2onfei-
DII2 2OIIIlllllllk'i.'hll lj'll .all ^T~l J
m''ii Nlichacl BuIkc 1ioinii
Encilib Inc \\as lhK

NciI ii li T Lil \\Vci ,ddic the llidiCincc on
bchall ol ilh Ain\ciican Soc'm1ci ol N cclanical
EllL'IIiIcc Tihe ( Illl. Eli L'IIi.I'cc ll'- Co l'nfciIncc I I
ii AS IE s oldest coInfi'i Icicc ofl itS kind lociuscd
oii a| pccfilc lopic aica
FiI iililt Di Jcan-Pcmicn Einind flionill i UF IFAS
Dc)paincin ol -micLlimil and Biolo,21ical
E1in11iccmInI PackaIL'IIi Scicinc pola_1 I111
addicsscd c I c jl lac ln,_m IiicIkIa l'oi ciiti lll Liicc 2

Diaprepes Task

Force Meeting

The Diaprepes Task Force
Annual Scientific Meeting was
held at the USDA-ARS facility
in Ft. Pierce on March 4.
The Diaprepes root weevil is
a devastating pest of citrus and
other crops, including several
ornamentals. It is found
throughout Florida's citrus
growing areas.
The Diaprepes Task Force,
chaired by Bartow citrus grower
Garvie Hall, includes citrus
growers, scientists and regula-
tory personnel. Formed in 1993,
largely due to the efforts of
Haines City citrus grower
Buster Pratt, the group pro-
vides Diaprepes information
and education and promotes

Above left, Diaprepes Task Force chair Garvie Hall (left) listens to Dr. Robin Stuart; center
photo, Dr. Larry Duncan (left) at the poster session; far right, Dr. Hong Li (center) is surrounded
by a group of people at her research poster.

pest management research.
Highlights from the meeting
included CREC and USDA-ARS
updates on several promising
rootstocks that are resistant to
Phythophthora nicotianae and
P palmivora, and able to with-
stand mechanical damage
caused by Diaprepes feeding.
Various genetic methods are
being used to also incorporate
other characteristics such as re-

distance to tristeza and other dis- ment of Entomology and
eases. Other reports included Nematology, USDA-ARS in
progress on Ft. Pierce, Gainesville
the use of egg crec.ifas.ufl.edu/ and Miami, FDACS,
parasitoids as a Diaprepes_TaskForce and the Florida Re-
biological con- search Center for Ag-
trol (Dr. Jorge Pena, UF/IFAS ricultural Sustainability.
Tropical REC in Homestead). The Diaprepes Task Force
There were also 12 research is establishing a new website
posters from scientists at CREC, for citrus growers at
TREC, UF/IFAS Southwest crec.ifas.ufl.edu/
Florida REC, UF/IFAS Depart- Diaprepes_TaskForce.

Dr. Mike Martin Accepts
NM State Presidency
Dr. Mike Martin, currently UF Senior Vice
President of Agriculture and Natural
Resources, has been named president of
New Mexico State University and will leave
UF/IFAS, effective July 1. "The UF/IFAS
administration is first rate and President
Bernie Machen is charting a course toward
continued excellence for the university.
Over the next few months, I will work to
ensure a smooth leadership/administrative
transition for UF/IFAS. And I hope to find
the opportunity to thank each of you for
your friendship. We will soonbecome New
Mexico State Aggies, but will always keep
Gator spirit in our hearts," wrote Dr. Martin
in an open letter distributed IFAS-wide.

UF Business Cards
The optional use of the UF athletic Gator
head logo on UF business cards has been
approved. Order forms are available online
at ics.ifas.ufl.edu/Bc.PDF. Specify your
request for a Gator head on the business
card request form. Black and white and
color printing are available (extra charges
may apply for color printing and color
logos). Contact the IFAS Communications
office (Suncom 622-2411) for ordering and
price information.

Photo Corner
Does your digital camera have a long "lag
time" that is, a delay from whenyou press
the shutter release to when the camera
actually takes the photo? Try setting the
autofocus and autoexposure (usually by
pressing the shutter halfway and holding
it) before you need to capture your shot.
On many cameras, this will usually reduce
the lag time. High-end and newer cameras
have improved technology with reduced
or very short lag times.

Hall of Fame... from p. 1
have made major contributions to the
Florida citrus industry. Bice, deceased, was
recognized for his work with Farm Credit.
Crews was known as an innovative citrus
grower and one of the first to use high-
density plantings and microjet irrigation.
Lins, deceased, worked for Seald Sweet
Growers, Inc., and helped open new markets
in Japan and Europe. Roper is a Winter
Garden grower and citrus packer.
Gretchen Baut provided graphics,

Neil Berger Visits
UF President Machen
Neil Berger and his wife, Michele, were in-
vited to a luncheon honoring UF employees
with 36+ years of service at the home of UF
President Bernie Machen and his wife, Chris.
Neil, who currently works for Dr. Ron
Brlansky, has worked at CREC for 37 years.
Other guests, about 20 total, included a
sergeant with the campus police and
employees from the IFAS centers in
Homestead, Ft. Pierce, Hastings and
Bradenton. Neil said that the original idea
was to invite UF employees with 25 or more
years of service, but that would have included
over 900 people!
President Machen's home, which is
located north of campus, is university-owned

and often used for university functions.
During the luncheon, which Neil described
as an "elaborate" spread, the guests were
entertained by a student musician at the
piano. Neil and Michele had the
opportunity to enjoy the home's beautiful
gardens and furnishings.

IR-4 Tou r
The IR-4 i In 1 i-'-l ioni l lioclct 4' I|lo Iiioi)
hc Ips di\ clop p|st coniol 1fo i niioi ciopl,
inclCdlnI,2 liui Copp, Ao lUiiiii.|io'-,_ i111 ill
Good Lib Oionr Pilciiccs i lkC pioiocokls nd
retilljioni 1foi icicl ud Sqinwl ofl clKIl- -.
cal loi food cloplS \\IlS Ihld .I C RE( oil
March 2 as part of a training workshop in
Orlando. The workshop was coordinated by
Dr. Marty Marshall and RobinAdkins from the UF/IFAS Dept. of Food Science and
Human Nutrition (Dr. Marshall is a former CREC faculty member). The training at CREC
included sprayer and nozzle demonstrations (above). Lower right, Dr. Steve Futch
demonstrates an herbicide applicator for citrus groves. The group also toured the CREC

packinghouse and pilot plant. UF is
one of four regional IR-4 research
centers in the U.S.

photography and audio-visual for the
awards ceremony.
Hall of Fame inductees from CREC
include Dr. Arthur F. Camp and Dr.
Herman J. Reitz (CREC's first two
center directors), Dr. W.L. "Tommy"
Thompson, C.D. Atkins, Dr. Edwin L.
Moore, Dr. Ivan Stewart, Dr. Robert
Koo, Dr. William Grierson, Dr. James
Griffiths, Dr. Ivan Stewart, Dr. John
Attaway and Dr. Mohamed Ismail.

Better Business
Tips that pertain to UF/IFAS
When requesting reimburse- /
ment from SHARE for ex-
penses, such as travel,
supplies, books, and vendor services, the
original receipts must accompany those ex-
penses. SHARE does not allow reimbursement
by Per Diem only reimbursement with original
Purchases on UF state accounts should be made
by May 31 to complete processing by the end of
the fiscalyear, June 30.




Morocco Photos

Nearly 30UF and FDO( SiciilS. i ei ndicd
the Xth CongEicS of il Ic Inlii.nllionlll
Society of CitiIculliic on Feb 15-2'1 in
Agadir, Morocco Fc.aiitld iI last inonllu s .
issue, here are mioi plhoio of 1iih anid l
scenes from Nloiocco Plosio b\ Holl\ c
Chamberlain, FAhlicin E I-Boli ,u $luidl i
Mondal, Natalia PcicilI dPcc in. Tiiiiin l
ii A\bo\e icamlcl S\s hello Cenlcl lll s i
llllbounl nc \\ IIli lih diinlci bl iind Rithl I,
nt inC j '~i itRilloll.

Abo\ c a bil dtli n aiii bl a
BCIo lll-l l neCr11
Bclo TlicikcT St ol tlic Ar. -aii Tivr Ri ll Holl\
jI/i/C ncLi.b i Jlln i clllll a nlllcn i E \Ii1ilc111O COOl-
diintoi fiolt Ilc So'tlomn cl Florida RE(
l)po$.$ lli h \\% Omtl lni llo i \or IIt 111 lo lk ll Ilillnua
fionI ic i win i Icc The Il icc i found onl\
In souihl\'c1qclnl N oiocco and T11Ii' Ilcd
_2,ailcd bllncic'$ and illlk ca c'cii ip-
poll Ililc Cc illl of 'o,1 i ii lll bclo%% I uIt
IIkc to fccd on ic la' cs anid ftll TIhe
flcshi paIii of ic limii i$ di sltcld b Il ic
S, oatlS bult Ihald l nul s i l e cltc d TIh
,1 k tli le olllctled b lfaillci$ andt pioccsscd
S laboli l oul b% halnd foi Ilic oil a iinoil is
A pll/cd 101 11f i ,i oi in cookin,

- A\bo\c Di \\:ii\\tmi Cio Di HutIlin_' Dot
iand D l ULi iij loui Lanli't Bclo\\ a clu-S
N |ckiii'-l iousLNC in Moiocco

_'Idlundla !ondal i nn
illl Sntlcdil hops on a .1

Lefi Salulndal lNlondil Falue n El-Boiai Robin
Situaii Holl ( hllllnbcliillaii NIIaIIII Pci.c.,iilnd Pct.


Bclo" NJiliJ PcicS I no." .ksillU Piol'c 0oi
ol Plani Piiholo l ilt c Il lF IF.AS Gullf C o1I1
RE( in Buidknon Iiic Ik.i hlil I auil '\\ ini''
PI 1r1 m I 'M


K 4 I,

Student News

Ayna Salas is a student intern
(practicante) working with Dr. Ron
Brlansky. Originally from Quito, Ecuador,
Ayna is a senior agronomy major at
Zamorano University in Honduras. Stu-
dents are required to do an internship be-
fore graduating, and only the top students
are selected for foreign internships outside
of Honduras. Ayna is learning molecular
biology and electron microscopy lab tech-
niques and is helping out in the greenhouse.
She is staying in the dorms and will return
to Honduras on May 1.

Lauren Urdaneta (seated) and
Antonio Baiz (standing, center),
students at the McKeel Academy for
Technology, spent a day with Pedro
Gonzalez as part of a career-shadowing
activity. The students visit workplaces to
gain insight into different careers.

Dr. Chung (far left) talks to high school stu
a Lake Wales leadership program and dei
molecular biology lab equipment during a tou
16. Dr. Monica Lewandowski showed tl
unusual citrus varieties and toured them thro
virology lab. Through this program, the s
able to learn more about their community.

Kanjana Mahattanatawee
was selected as one of four
national finalists for the
American Chemical Society's
Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Division Graduate Student
Research Competition. It \\.a a
distinct honor to be selected as
one of the finalists," said her
major professor Dr. Russell
Rouseff, who added that the field
included applicants from the U.S.,
Canada and England. Dr. Rouseff also noted
that the competition is "very, very tough."
As a finalist, she received travel expenses to
present her research at the society's national
meeting, March 28-April 1, in Anaheim.
Kanjana, whose research involved the impact
of carotenoid breakdown products on citrus
juice flavor, completed her Ph.D. dissertation
earlier this semester.
The only CREC student to win this
national competition was Dr. Prashanthi Jella,
a former student of Dr. Rouseff's who now
works at the Coca Cola headquarters in
Atlanta. Eve Weiss and Jamie Goodner,
former students of Dr. Bob Braddock's, were
also honored as national finalists.


April Elston (above right) was
selected as the Virginia Dare Flavor
Company winner. She was honored for
her grades and research scholarship in
the area of flavors. She received a
plaque and monetary award at the
Institute of Food Technologists Florida
Section meeting in Gainesville onMarch
25. April is a graduate student working
with Dr. Russell Rouseff.

Benjamin Warren received the
2004 IFAS Award of Excellence for
Graduate Research for his M.S. thesis
titled, "Comparison of conventional
culture methods and the polymerase
chain reaction for the detection of
/i,,i, /i, species on tomato surfaces."
Dr. Mickey Parish (CREC) and Dr.
Keith Schneider (FSHN) served as co-
chairs of Ben's M.S. committee. This
award recognizes the most
outstanding M.S. thesis from IFAS in
a given year.

Dr. Monica Lewandowski visited Mrs. Shannon Schumaker's kindergarten class at St. Paul's
School in Winter Haven (above) on March 16 as part of Florida Agricultural Literacy Day. She
read a story about farming and planted seeds with the children as part of a statewide event to
educate students about Florida agriculture. Over 300 farmers, FFA students and other ag
representatives visited classrooms throughout the state. The event was coordinated by
Florida Ag in the Classoom (www.fl-ag.com/faitc), a non-profit organization dedi-
cated to agricultural education, and the Florida Dept. of Ag and Consumer Services.

SSanjit Singh, son of Dr.
Samunder and Dr. Shila Singh, was
a member of Jewett Middle
Academy's Economics Team which
ETi t won first place the the Polk County
Middle School Economics Team
Tournament on March 30-31 at the
Lakeland Center. The event is an
dents from academic competition where stu-
monstrated dents are quizzed on economics
r on March terms and general subjects including geography, math, science, social studies
he students and English. Sanjit was also a member of the school's first place team in the
ugh a plant Polk County MathCounts Championship. Sanjit is in the 8th grade and has
students are been selected to attend the International Baccalaureate at Bartow High School.
tos by G Baut Sanjit is pictured above (second from left) with Jewett teachers and principals.


Manuscripts Submitted to the Publications Committee in March:
L. G. Albrigo. Flowering Fruit Set and Quality of Citrus A Review of Climatic Effects. Proceedings of the 1 Oth Congress of the
International Society of Citriculture.
R. S. Buker, III, J. K. Burns, and F. Roka. Late Season Mechanical Harvesting. Citrus industry Magazine.
W. S. Castle, T. Hammond, and M. Kesinger. W. Murcott, a New Scion Variety on the Scene. Citrus Industry Magazine.
J. L. Jifon, J. P. Syvertsen, and E. Whaley. Growth Environment and Leaf Anatomy Affect Nondestructive Estimates of Leaf
Chlorophyll and Nitrogen in Citrus Species. Journal of the American Society of Horticultural Science.
R. J. Stuart, D. I. Shapiro-Ilan, R. R. James, K. B. Nguyen, and C. W. McCoy. Entomopathogenic Nematodes and Biological Control of
the Root Weevil Diaprepes abbreviatus in Florida Citrus: Virulence of New Strains of Steinernema riobrave. Proceedings of the 10th
Congress of the International Society of Citriculture.

Oral presentation from the International Citriculture Congress 2004 in Morocco: this was inadvertently left off the list of UF/IFAS
presentations last month. F.E. El-Borai, F.E., L.W. Duncan, L.W., J.F. Preston, and D. Dunn. Impact ofPaenibacillus sp. on the
Effectiveness of Entomopathogenic Nematode Steinernema diaprepesi.



Diane Bright (above) and her husband Dave traveled to Connecticut and New York to visit her family. Center photo, Diane with her
father, Bob, and stepmom, Kathy, at the Empire State Building. Right, the skating rink at Rockefeller Center.
I i

Above left, Times Square in New York City. Center photo, Dave "arresting" a wax figure of Michael Jackson at Madame Tussaud's New
York Wax Museum. Right, a very frozen Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.

CREC Soccer Team
Lake Myrtle Park offBerkeley Rd.
1 in Auburndale

4/18 -vs. Landsharks, 3:15 pm
4/25 vs. Kicks for Christ, 3:15
5/2-vs. Beef O'Brady's, 1:30 pm
5/9 no games scheduled
5/16 League Tournament, time

( R EC s soccer team competes in the Auburndale Co-Ed Spring Soccer League. Games are Sunday afternoons at Lake Myrtle Park off
Berkeley Rd. in Auburndale. Players and spectators welcome! For more information, contact Dr. Elisabeth Knapp, Tel. 1360 or e-mail
elisabeth knapp@hotmail.com. CREC players include: Ahmad Omar, FahiemEl-borai, Alexey Folimonov, Elisabeth Knapp, Denise Dunn,
Ayna Salas, Kanjana Mahattanatawee, Sachindra Mondal and Francisco Garcia-Sanchez. Other players pictured include CREC soccer
team veterans Natalia Peres (former student who conducted research at CREC, now a new faculty member at the Gulf Coast REC in
Bradenton) and her husband Renato Lauretti.

Hanna Rogers OPS (Dr. Buker)
tina M. Willey OPS (Dr. Gmitter)
Justin Pettit OPS (Dr. Buker)
Hollie L. Hurner OPS (Dr. Nigg)
Cole K. Barton -Ag assistant (Dr. Timmer)

In Memoriam
Audrey Wynne,
former graphic coordi-
nator for IFAS Com-
munications, died on
February 17. This
photo of Audrey was
taken at CREC in 1999,
when she and other
members of IFAS Communicatons con-
ducted a newsletter training workshop.

Bob and Eileen Hoobin announce the
engagement of their daughter, Shannan
Leigh, to Jon Kevin Abdoney, both of
Lakeland. Shannan formerly worked in Dr.
McCoy's lab while attending Georgia
SouthernUniversity. She is employed with
the Department of Children and Family
Services as a Child Protections Investigator.
Kevin graduated from Duke University and
is employed with the State Attorney's office
as a Chief Prosecutor for crimes against
children. A November 6th wedding is

1 Congratulations to Amy Hoobin
Teaster and her son Torin, who are both
Florida State Champions in Tae Kwon Do.
Torin, age 6, is a red belt and Amy is a
black belt. Both will compete in the
National Championship tournament in Ft.
Lauderdale in July. Amy is the daughter of
Eileen Hoobin, who works for the FDOC,
and Bob Hoobin, who works in the
Packinghouse. Amy also formerly worked
for Dr. Clay McCoy.

Dr. Timmer's lab gathered to wish -
farewell to Dr. Jae-wook Hyun, a
visiting scientist from Jeju
Agricultural Experiment Station in
Jeju Island, Korea. Dr. Hyun is
responsible for research and
extension on all diseases of citrus on
Jeju, where they produce mostly
Satsuma mandarins. Dr. Hyun, Dr.
Timmer and Dr. Chung conduct
research on citrus scab in a mutual
project funded by the Korean Rural Development Administration. Dr Hyun and his family
returned to Korea in March.
Photo, left to right: Turksen Shilts, Dr. Hyun and his wife and sons, Nancy and Pete
Timmer (standing back), Charles Geanangel, Dr. Sachindra Mondal (kneeling front), Tim
Johnston and Kelly, and Li Zhang.


James William Pruitt, Jr., was born on March 26 to James and Dusty Pruitt (far right
photo). Very proud grandparents are Jeanell and Mike Pruitt (above). Jeanell is
CREC's custodial supervisor.

Andrew Lewandowski caught his first fish on
March 7, a bass out of Lake Whistler in
Auburndale. He caught another bass later that day,
then caught his third fish the following weekend.
Andrew watched with great interest as Dad used
pliers to remove the hook out of the fish's mouth,
and all fish were released. Andrew's parents are
Dennis and Monica Lewandowski.

UF employees
Get Your GatorlinkPassword!
Go to gatorlinkufl.edu
All UF employees will need a
Gatorlink password by
une 18 for time and leave reporting.i

IFAS Extension Calendar on the Web
List of UF/IFAS Extension events statewide

June 6-8: Florida State Horticultural Society Annual Meeting
Sheraton World Resort, Orlando
Presentations of applied research pertaining to the production, handling
and marketing of horticultural crops and products.

For tic
City, F

May 8
FFA's FirstAnnual
Beast Feast
Taste of FFA BBQ
;ame cookout at the Florida FFA
rship Training Center, May 8,
auction, live auction, entertain-
tours of the facility, raffles, exhibits
Tickets $100, $25 students.
orship opportunities available.
kets, call Gary Bartley, Florida FFA
ation, 5000 FiretowerRd., Haines
L 33844. Tel. (863) 439-7332, Ext.
Proceeds to benefit the Florida

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

April 2004

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Plant Path &
Friends 11 am
Teaching Lab
Class: Adv Class: Flavor Teaching Lab
Citric II Chemistry

4 Time 5 Seminar: 6 7 8 Plant Path &9 10
Cards P Seminar:
Due Alien Morris Friends 11 am
Teaching Lab

Class: Adv Class: Flavor FDOC Dept.
Citric II Chemistry meeting

11 12 13 FL CitruJ4 15 Promo &16 17
Nurserymen Faculty mtg Tenure

NAAthinning Plant Path &
Class: Adv workshop Class: Flavor Friends 11 am
Citric II Chemistry Teaching Lab

18 e 19 20 21 22 23 24
CREC Soccer CardsPlant Path &
CREC Soccer Cards Friends 11 am
Team Due Teaching Lab
Lake Myrtle Park
Lk MClass: Adv Class: Flavor
5 pm Citric II Chemistry

25 26 27 28 29 Plant Pat0 Time Cards
CREC Soccer uMa
SS er Friends 11 am DueMay3
Tea Teaching Lab
Lake Myrtle Park
3:15 pm Class: Adv
Citric II

All events subject to change.

9 Seminar, Allen Morris. "The
Economics of Orange Juice Marketing and
Advertising." 11 am 12 pm.

14- 10 am, BHG 3-4. A seminar on the
use of NAA (naphthalene acetic acid) for
the thinning of various citrus varieties. Dr.
Ed Stover (UF/IFAS Indian River REC) will
discuss the economic benefit of thinning
citrus fruit and its impact on improved size
and fruit quality. To registerforthe program
and lunch, please contact Mike Herrington
at 863-289-2368 or on Nextel at

14 Florida Citrus Nurserymen's
Association, meeting. BHG 3-4.

16 UF Promotion, permanent status and
tenure workshop. 9 am, BHG 304.
Registration and information, Lee Esther
Wallace, law@ifas.ufl.edu.

Classes at CREC this semester:
Flavor Chemistry & Technology, Dr. Rouseff,
Thursday, 4-8 p.m., BHG Teaching Lab.
Advanced Citriculture II, Dr. Albrigo, Mondays,
4-7 p.m. BHG Conf. room.

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