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-" "

Institute of F, LEWANDOWSKI

Citrus Leaves

In This Issue
News, Accomplishments Wanted 1
Dr. Singh Receives Honor .......... 1
Farewell to Drs. Widmer, H. Lee .. 1
Visit the Core Citrus Transformation
Facility ......... ......... ... ......... ..... 2
Spring Picnic Photos ................ 3-4
News Around CREC
W welcome, Farewell................ 5
A New Look ........................ 5
Congratulations to Jimmy and
Debbie Willard; T. Thompson.. 5
Manuscripts Submitted .......... 5
Calendar .................................. 6

Upcoming Events:
UF Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology
Workshop May 10-11, Treasure Island
Resort, Daytona Beach,
hrtp ionv2 ifas ufl edu-PMCB

Florida Agricultural Conference and Trade
Show (FACTS) May 22-23 Lakeland
Center. www.factsshow.org.

Florida State Horticultural Society Annual
Meeting June 2-4, Marco Island Marriott
Resort & Golf Club.

Citrus Leaves
is the monthly newsletter tor
employees and friends ofCREC.
Would you like to be in "Citrus
Leaves?" We welcome your
contributions, suggestions and
corrections. Editor, Monica
Lewandowski; E-mail
mmlew@lal.ufl.edu; Ext. 233.
Photography, Gretchen Baut;
Production and Distribution: Word
Processing. Barbara Thompson,
Supervisor; Kathy Snyder, Karla
Flynn and Linda Murphy; Customer
Service, Kathy Witherington,
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ilrus~' Ree rha d4/ ~ainCe lr-Nvl n ilo nuto ou i 11 o

Your News & Accomplishments Wanted!
June is our annual Graduates and Accomplishments Issue! Submit news and/or
photographs on graduation and other accomplishments whether it be about you, your
children or grandchildren. a relative of yours or another CREC employee. We'll be happy\
to recognize any news from you and your tfanilyv graduations, anniversary
and wedding news, student news (all irade_). baby pictures and family
photos. The Photo Lab can scan and return photos. Submit to Monica
Lew\anduoski (Ex 233) or E-mail mmlce itlal ufl edu h May 24. Ifyou miss
this deadline. please send your news for the July or fuiure issues.

Dr. Megh Singh Receives Honor
Dr. Megh Sinmh. UF Profe'stor of Weed Science, was named Fel-
low of The Indian Society of Weed Science in March. He was invited
make a presentation on "F ffica ,i Enhancement of Pre-S.eeding, Herbi-
cides in a Zero Till System" at the International \korkhop on Herbi-
cide Resistance Management and Zero Tillage in Rice-Wheat Crop-
ping S Estenl at Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India, March
4-6, 2002.
Dr )ingh. who has been at CREC since 1980, is work-
ing on the development of efficient and environmen-
tally-sound weed management systems for Florida cit-
rus. Specific areas of research include the efficacy of
herbicides, including chemical ,creeninr and phyto-
toxicity: weed biology : the integration of weed control
methods and production practices for citrus nurseries
and groves; allelopath, and other biological control
method, herbicide physiology, and herbicide-soil in-
teraction studies on the leaching behavior of herbicides
to reduce the risk of groundwater contamination.
please see Dr ~gh. page 4
.a...... .|U. y of citrus p rod uc-s,-m et-od------------..............

The )OC's Dr. Bill Widmer (left) is now at the
USDA Citrus and Subtropical Products Labora-
tory in Winter Haven, and Dr. Young Lee has
accepted a position at the Food and Drug Admin-
istration in Washington, D.C.
At CREC. Dr. Widmer conducted research in
grapefruit juice quality improvement, the nutri- a
tional Iqualy of citrus products, method devel-
opniem for measurement ofnutrients such as folic
acid in citrus, and value-added by-products from
processing waste streams.
Dr. Lee conducted research in the processing and chemistry of juice. with emphasis on chemi-
cal and biochemical problems associated with quality and rtabilitN. including juice discoloration
and oT- II a or development.

A. *

I ww~lalufl~duS


hinlnd W Browning, Center Director
h & Education Center
ment Station Road
d, FL 33850-2299
163) 956-115 1
%63) 956-4631

May 2002

Visit the .. Core Citrus Transformation Facility

I Dr. Vladimir Orbovic (left) at the Core Citrus Transformation Facility (CCTF) on the third floor
SCore ~of Building 24 at their Open House on April 5. The work of the CCTF involves, as a service,
-the incorporation of genes of interest into citrus cultivars for evaluation and testing. Ex-
amples may include genes that may confer disease resistance, improve cold tolerance, improve
fruit flavor and color, or are associated with other desirable traits. At the Open House, Dr.
Orbovic displayed some citrus seedlings that were engineered to express a coat protein gene
of the citrus tristeza virus (CTV). Working ith Dr. Remic Albiach-Marti, a post-doc in Dr. Bill
Dawson's laboratory, the next step is to examine whether these plants show resistance to
severe CTV strains.

A group gathers at the Open House, left to
right: MilicaCalovic, Patricia Brickman. Dr.
Jude Grosser, Karla Lopez, Dawn Brickman.
Noveski Nebojsa and Qi Fa Zheng. Drs.
Grosser and Gloria Moore (UF Horticultural
Science Dept., Gaines% illet ~:,ersee the

Meet the CCTF Staff

Dr. Vladimir Orbovic
Dr. Orbos ic is the manager of the CCTF. A native of Serbia, he
first came to CREC as a post-doc with Dr. Jim S s ertsen in 1 998.
He has a B.Sc. in General Biology from the University of
Belgrade. Serbia, and earned a Ph.D from the Dept. of Botany &
Plant Patholog> at Michigan State University. From 1994-96. Dr.
Orbovic was a postdoctoral research associate at the National
Institute for Agricultural Reearch in Versailles, France, and from
19'th-98, he was a Scientlit Associate (Assistant Professori at
the Institute for Biological Research in Belgrade. where he
established .4rrahid,'p\i and plant molecular biology research
groups. His ife, ilica Calovic, works atCREC for BeaNieleen

Nebojsa Noveski
Nebojsa Noveski is a lab
technician in the CCTF.
He has a B.Sc. in Bioloeg
from the University of
Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He
worked in a biology
laboratory for a year
before Comling tio CREC in
October 2000. He lives in
W inter Haven with his
Si fe. T iana and '-year
old son, Djordje.

Dawn Brickman
Dawn is a Polk Commlunilt College
tPCCI student majoring in business.
She has worked part-time at CREC
since March 2001, and graduated
from Auburndale High School in
May 2001. She plans on attending
UF after graduating from PCC. In .
her spare time, Dawn likes to go to
the beach!

Left to right: Dr. Mukkades Kayim, Milica Calovic. Dr. \ lad m r Orin vic
and Noveski Nebojsa at the CCTF Open House on April 5.


Piefk ph'ius bi 4,nica t Ivariudowlsk ind Ptqm No.,v



L to R: Drs. Pete Timmer, Bill Dawson and Chung get McDonald. There were games for kids of all ages.
ready for a hungry crowd. Plant Pathology & Friends At right is Matrina Stribbling, niece of
hosted this year's picnic. Nadine Cum ler

Fun and Games
Lots of fun Ifr all Dr. Ron
Brlansk', Debbic Howd and
Gary Barthe set up games
for kids.
Kanjana Mahatanatawee
(le1) and Dr Fahiem Elborai


L to R: unidenti ied play er. Dr. E isabeth Knapp (Lewandowski
lab), Dr. Fahiem Elborai Kora (Duncan lab), Raul Villanueva
(grad student, Dr. Childers), and Dr. Sachindra Mondal (Timmer

L to K: Jose Carlos Rodriquez. Rafael Valim, Curt Colburn (back),
Gene A Ibrigo. Tam Ngu. en and Gabriel Valim.

As long as you're
big enough to
hold the ball, you
can play \ oll -


I-- -.

__ f



More Picnic Pics

Dr. Umran Ertuk
(left) and Jeffrey
(baby) and
Turksen Shilts
(Chung Lab).

Zion (left) and
Jordan Cuyler,
Nadine works
in the N igg

L to R: Scan and
Jeff Browning talk
to Patricia Brickman
(Grosser Lab). Dr.
(Dawson Lab) is
pictured at the far

Jill Dunlop (S % ertsen Lab)
with her 4-month old daughter

Andrew Lewandowski, son of
Drs. Dennis (holding Andrew)
and Monica Lewandowski.

L to R: Fernando
Serrano, lab tech
Patricia Brickman,
visiting scientist
Victor Medina and
visiting student
Karia Lopez
(Grosser Lab).


Djordle Noveski. son of
Neboisa (Citrus Transforma-
tion Facilih land I ijanj
Noveski. works on blowing

Gabriel Valim. son of Dr.
I-1lomrina V\alim visitingg
engineer working % ith Dr.
Russ Rouseff) spikes the
ball Dr. Robin Stuart is
across the net.

The Chung family enjo. the picnic, L to R: daughter Casey,
Dr. Chung and his wife, Wen-Chun Lisa Wu, and right, son

Dr. Singh, from p. 1
Dr Singh has published over 100 publications and mentored over 15
postdoctoral scientists and graduate students. He was named Fellow of
the eed Science Society of America in 199I. He has received over $2
million in extramural funds Ior weed science research, and was recently
awarded a grant hb the Florida C itrus Production Research Advisorn Coun-
cil i FCPRAC) to study the biology and control otf ines and other weeds
in citrus groves.

_ _

~~_ I_ i

CREC Welcome
Victor Medina visitor (Dr Grosser)
Eric Whale\ Sci. Res. Mur (Dr. Castle i

CREC Farewell
Marshall Hobbs OPS (K, Morgan) Anthon\ Tesoriero (Dr. Timmer)
Shirles Valdez-OPS(Dr. Gmitter) Harry King -OPS (Dr..\lbripoi
Joaquin Gonzalez Visitor(Dr. Albrii2o
Dr. Bill Widmer Research Scientist II (DOC)
Dr. Young Lee Research Scientist II (DOC)

S,,mpathv to Sherry Cunningham on the loss of her father.

A New Look
Changes abound as aci ll i improvements take place. New
\ indo\ are currenwlh being in'ralled in Building 24 ("adminis-
tration"), and the south entrance of this building will undergo
structural modifications. These changes will help modernize
the building's appearance and make the main entrance to the
reception area more prominent.
The buildings behind Building 10, including the Ag Engi-
neering workshop, % ill be taken down and replaced with a new
metal htulding in the coming weeks, and the dri.e\~ay behind
Building 10 (alongside Shippng Recei\ ingi will be redone.
Other change- include the construction of a new pole barn
and greenhouse, and several buildings will receive a fresh coat
of paint.
Below left. Diamond Basnaw and right photo. \a\ ne Tyler
(left) and Jimmy Willard move equipment to make way for new
structures behind Building 10.

Here's A Toast
Congralulations to the Maintenance Shop's Jimmy
Willard and his new wife Debbie on their April

Teen Talent V
Ton'a Thompson
(.ubo\ e ho
works in the
Photo Lab. entered this black-and-white photograph she took of her
niece. Brookl\ n (daughter of DOC's Michelle Thompson and grand-
daughter of Word Procesing's Barbara Thompson) in the Church of
God Florida Teen Talent competition. Tonya also sang a vocal solo and
Adas a member ofthe Haines Cirt Church ofGod's Bible quiz team at the
competition in Wimauma on April 19-20. Tonya, who is interested in a
photograph; career. said that after display ing her photographs at her
local church, she got requests for her photography services!

Manuscripts Submitted to the Publications Committee in April
J. P. Michaud. Biological Control of Asian Citrus Psyllid. Citrus Industry Magazine.
\\. M. Miller and R. P. Sinah. I ner.: in ( itruLs Packing. Fresh Citrus Fruits.
S. D. Sharma and Mi. Singh. CGA-362622-A Nc, Promisin I Icrbicide for Weed Control in Citrus. Pr I L' 'irhgs Florida State horticulture
C. W. IMcC oy, L. W. Duncan, RJ. Stuart, and D. 1. Shapiro. Development of Entomopathogenic Nematodes as a Management Tactic for Citrus
Root H ce\ Il, in Florida. PJ'ci,. ,J:iizr-fthe I'11 International Colloquium on Invertebrate Patholog and Microhial Control
M. I-aruoq. N. Saluni.and J. D.Whitney. lmpr',.inrg the L Ilicac. of Abscission Sprays for Mechanical Harvesting l (O.range. i'* .. Iirnc, *i''h:
Florida State Ilorticultural Society
J. L. Jifon and J. P. S erten. Foliar Sprays of Kaolin Particle Film Can Increa.e PhotL.,_ n thesis nd Water Use F iTicien c: of(ir[peilrLui I eaves.
Journal of American Society of Ii. i,,int t t ','
K. R. Chung, T. Shills, W. Li, and L. W. Timmer. Engineering a Genetic Transformation System for Colletotrichum acutatum, the Causal Fungus
ofLime Anthracnose and Postbloom Fruii Drop il ( inruI. i I: 1-/' Microbiology Letters.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

May 2002

1 2 3 4

Info and
Heat Stress

5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Supervisors' Mtg FL. Citrus Mutual

12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Seminar: Dr. L.
Duncan, CREC Faculty Mtg
Nematodes for
Mgmt of

19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Seminar: Dr. M. FL Agric. Conf & FL Agric, Conf &
CRE Foundation Farooq, CREC- Trade Show Trade Show
Meeting Charact. Of FACTS Lakeland FACTS Lakeland
Spray in a X- tr tr

26 27 28 29 30 31

.Mmona Day

All events subject to change.

May 2002
3- Information and Training Seminar: Heat
Stress, Mr. Peter Gilmore, UF Env. Health
& Safety. BHG Rm 1; 11:00 am 12:00
Noon. All personnel welcome.
8 Supervisors Meeting: Dr. H. W.
Browning. Packinghouse Conf. Rm, 8:30
am 10:30 am.
9- Florida Citrus Mutual Elections Mr Walt
Boland, BHG Rm 1, 9:00 am 11:00 am
14- Seminar: Profitability of Using
Entomopathogenic Nematodes for
Management of Diaprepes abbreviatus,
Dr. Larry Duncan, Professor, Citrus
Research and Education Center, IFAS,
UF, Lake Alfred. BHG Rm 1, 10:45 am -
12:00 Noon. All personnel welcome.
16- Faculty Meeting: Dr. H. W. Browning.
BHG Rm 4, 8:30 am 10:30 am.
20 CRE Foundation Meeting Dr. H. W,
Browning, BHG Rms 3-4, 10:00 am 2:00
21 Seminar: "Characteristics of Spray in a
Cross-Flow." Dr. Mohammod Farooq,
BHG Rm 1, 10:45 am 12:00 Noon
22-23 Florida Agricultural Conference and
Trade Show FACTS. Lakeland Center.

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