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Title: Citrus leaves
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Dr. Harold W. Browning, Center Director
Citrus Research & Education Center
s-"' alion Road

Institute of Food and A -ri~ultir;li ScierPUBLIC RELATIONS.. ONIC

Citrus LeaveWANOWSK
Citrus Leaves, .'

In This Issue
Diaprepes Task Force Meeting 1
PFD Hotline ...................... .. ..
Photos, Diaprepes Meeting .... ... 2
Dr. John Jifon to Texas A&M ....... 2
Dale Price Receives UF Award ,, 2
Citrus Engineering Conference.... 3
Upcoming events ...................... 3
Citrus Canker Info .................. .. 3
Dr. Grierson on Dr. Moore ........... 4
Packinghouse Newsletter............ 4
IPM Workshop videoconf ............ 4
News Around CREC
Welcome, Farewell ............ 5
Lake Alfred Elem Thank You ... 5
Manuscripts Submitted ........_ 5
Calendar ... ..... .... .. 6

S -March 21 -
48th Annual Citrus
Engineering Conference
Florida Section of the American
Society of Mechanical Engineers

Citrus Leaves
is the monthly newsletter for
employees and friends ofCREC.
Would you like to be in "'Citrus
Leaves?" We welcome your
contributions, suggestions and
corrections. Editor. Monica
Lewandowski. E-mail
mmlew(ialal.ufl.edu Ext. 233
Photography, Gretchen Baut;
Production and Distribution- Word
Processing. Barbara Thompson,
Supervisor; Kathy Snyder. Karla
Flynn and Linda Murphy; Customer
Service, Kathy Witherington.
Supervisor, and Nancy Burke.

On the web: wwww.aLufl.edu and
click on the Newsletter tab -

.rch 2002

Diaprepes Task Force Meeting Brings Growers,

Scientists Together To Battle Weevil
Over 80 scientists, citrus growers and .
industry personnel attended a Diaprepes Task I i
Force meeting on February 8 at C R EC to find
out the latest news on the Dia propet root
weevil, a devastating pest of citrus and other
crops, including sweet potato, sugar cane,
corn and several ornamentals. It is one of the
most serious problems for Florida citrus
growers because of its high incidence,
dc'astating effect on trees and the high cost
ol m1niiutemenI
The LDiaprepey Task Force is comprised of
growers, research and Extension scientists Dr. Robin Stuart, rfiih discusses his research at
and regulatory personnel. The group's the Diaprepcs Task Force meeting at CREC on
mission is to provide information and support February 8. More photos on page 2
educational opportuniiic' about the
Diaprepes root weevil, and promote research on pest management. They meet periodically at
different sites around Florida to learn about pest management strategies research and current
"Diaprepes is alive and well and expanding its destructive domain," said Garvie Hall,
Diaprepes Task Force Chairman. "It's most encouraging so many enthusiastic scientists are
devoting their time ,.. and energy .. .to defeating this very difficult fi'i'," he added. "My
sense is that we're getting closer [to a solution].'"
The audience heard about current UF/IFAS research from Dr. Harold Browning. CREC
Center Director, and L. SI)A -ARS efforts from Dr. Calvin Arnold, Laboratory Direl tor of the
See Diaprepes Task Force Meeting, /',,.L 2

Postbloom Fruit Drop Hotline

During the flo crinu season for Navel and Valencia oranges, gro~trs should be on the
alert for outbrLak of Postbloom Fruit Drop (PFD). Growers can call a roll-free hoi line
sponsored by I 1 RB Chemicals Corporation (8b6-PFD-LUFLA) to find out the latest reports on
the disease. Dr. L.\ "Pete" Timmer, Extension Plant Patholociq ai the University of Florida/
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (L'F IF \S) C nrus Research and Education Center,
will provide up-to-date information on recent outbreaks, the status of the bloom and other
relevant news from February through early April.
PFD is caused by a fungus, Colletotrichum acuratum, that attacks the flowers. Reddish
orange to orange-brown lesions form on the petals of infected flowers. The fruitlets drop
soon after, resulting in reduced fruit set and lower yields. Control measures include remov-
ing declining trees which harbor inoculum i fungal spores), avoiding overhead irr nation and
the applicalmon of fungicides Rainfall and weather temperature can greatl inllur nie the
severity ofn otbreaks Timmer has also posted information on a PFD website http: .'
wwn.lal.unf.edu!timmer'inde.hil m)



I wwwTlalruflredu

('iru Rveach ndFtlcaion('illr Ne%" an Ifor aton olitn 2, N .

Diaprepes Task Force Meeting .. .from page 1

USDA- RSU L.S IHorriculrural Research Laboratory in Ft. Pierce. Projectsat
I". aboth irnstitutions include shotrt-term and lng-term_ pest management strate-
Sirgies. ranging from biological and chemical control, development of tolerant
rootstocks and rout "eet il biology.
M^ hI nat lear. the Florida C citrus Production Research Advisory Council
S I F_ PR AC J. or bov ra\. funded ou er $1 80.000t in grants to both UF/I FAS and
the L'sD \ ARS t'fr Diaprepes research. Through the efforts of the Florida
4 cirrus industry. federal funding for Diaprepes research is now available
through the LUSD A Cooperati\e State Research, Education and Extension
I he meeting inc luded an open discussion led by citrus growers Sre\ e
Rogers and langford. both of t hom are dthaline \w ith Diaprepes problems. A
poster pr.sion \ s ith 18 posterA provided ample time for discussion between
scientists and rowuer,

Top: growers and scientists mingle at the
4 poster session. There were 18 posters,
-. primanl. from iI i \S, UsD) \- .RS and
the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture.
Bottom left: J. L. ('ha lcr -nd JorgePena
discuss research
13ollom right: Ian Jackson at the poster
.a Photos by G. Baut

Headed to Texas A & M
Dr. John Jifon accepted a faculty research position in
\ e glahle physiology at Texas A & M University in Weslaco.
Dr. Jifon, a native of( Cameroon and a postdoctoral scientist
with Dr. Jim S\ ,crtlwn since 199)9, has been researching the
effects of environmental parameters, particularly light
irradiation, on water use, fruit quality and yield in citrus. Dr.
Jifon has a bachelor's degree in Ecological Sciences from
Edinborough University in Scotland, where he studied
forestry, and a master's degree from Mississippi State
University. He earned his Ph D from Cornell I nik ersiit,
where he studied plant responses to elevated CO,. L er., Dr John Jifon with labmatc Jill Dunlop
(center) and D1r. Jim S' rr.r,

Superior Accomplishment Award to D. Price
Congratulations to Dale Price from CREC's Personnel Office, who received
a University of Florida Superior Accomplishment Award. This program
recognizes excellence in university service. Letters of recommendation
were submitted by several CREC faculty personnell Dale was one of 23
persons within IFAS selected for this recognition Award winners receive
a monetary prize, a certificate and a commemorative coffee mug set, and
are eligible to be considered for campus-wide recognition in specific
categories. Dale ,. ill be presented with his award on April 29 at a recep-
tion on the Gamnes, ille campus.
--- --


48th Annual Citrus Engineering Conference
An All Day Conference Dealing With Engineering Problems of the Citrus Industry and How They Are Being Solved

March 21 Registration 8:30 9:30 am
BHG Rooms 1 and 2
Sponsored bY the Florida Section ofthe American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASNME)
- Brokin Oil Recovern S slems Impact on VOC and Wastewater -Roger Waters. Broi n Citrus Systems, Inc.
- FMC Prc-E vtraction Deoiling- Abrasive Roller Tcchnolog Mike Surer. FMC Technologies. Inc.
- Flow and Heat Transfer for Helical Tube Technology Gary Young. GYCO, Inc.
- Lunch Break
- Presentation of the 21 s Annual Citrus Engineering Award by Susan Poslans. Director ofCommnercial, Industrial and Government
Accounts, Florida Power Corporation
- New Wastewater Aeration Technology Dick Ryan, Aquatech
- Co-Generation and Electric UtCii l Cost Optons Mike Bedley. APEX
- Contmunng Education for Practicing Engineers- Jonathan Earle. IE Program, Universilt of Florida
Advance registration, $40 includes conference proceedings, can be mailed to Greg Schrader, PO Box 1708, Lakeland, FL 31802. Student
fee is $15 (with student ID), late registration fee $50 applies to all receipts after March 18, 2002 and at the door The program is also
posted on the CREC website calendar at: h tp.//;A v..lal.ufl edu/CRECHOME/calenda r.htm Questions can be directed to Dr. William
Miller, CREC, wnumiL.lal ufl edu

2002 Indian River Citrus Seminar
March 7 at Harbor Branch Occanographic Institute Citrus Canker Info
March 8 at the UF/IFAS Indian River REC
CREC personnel are reminded that canker decon-
Sessions March 7 Sessions March 8 tanmnation/disinfecuon procedures are mandatory
Pests. Old and New! Marketing Florida Citrus for equipment, vehicles and personnel working near
Update on BMPs Looking To The Future or contacting any citrus plant. This includes strict
14orticultura. l Speaking Citrus Opportunities limitations on movement of plant material, including
fruit, on or off Center. Info is posted on a bulletin
UF Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology board outside the CREC Mailroom, and questions
Workshop May 10-11. Treasure Island Resort. Daytona ca be directed to Dr. Pete Timer
Beach Undergrad, grad student and post-doc research presenta-
tions Participation from all Florida educational and research and Weekly canker : Florida Cits Mulual website:
www.Il institutions encouraged More information posted at http://
gn\2.ifas ufl.cdL/~PMCB. UF/IFAS Citrus Pest htmagemenl Guide for decontam/
disinfection guidelines.
Florida Agricultural Conference and Trade cdtifas.ul.eduwCG040
Show (FACTS) May 22-23 Lakeland Center. FLDept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services.
Florida State Horticultural Society Annual Forquaranlinemaps: doacs.state.fuscanker/maps.htm
Meei ng June 2-4, Marco Island Marriott Resort & Golf Club. Friday Citrus Cnker Eradication Programs
Visi lItp .:'ww \ lal l U cduFSHS for meetingdetails and current Miami: 800-850-3781 Winter Haven: 800-282-5153
newsletter. Palmetto: 941-721-6622 Immokalee: 941-658-3684


Letter to the Editor

Dr. Ed Moore's Keen Insight

As one who has known him for 50 years, please let me beg a
few lines in Citrus Leaves to comment on Ed's long service to

Ed'a name recognition surely does not match his many wise
contributions. This is because he was so often the brains in
the background.

Always soft-spoken and self-effacing, he contributed enor-
mously to publications and policies on which his name never
appeared. It was so often wise to consult with him before
proposing a line of research, an intended publication, or some
new regulation. His guidance, though so often unacknowl-
edged, has been invaluable. Most particularly. I remember
when 50 years ago I was the "new boy on the block," just
arrived from Canada,just walking with him helped in my rapid

Bill Grierson

Packinghouse Newsletter Online

The Packinghouse Newsletter, edited by Dr. Mark Ritenour, UF/
IFAS Indian River REC, contains news and timely information on
citrus fresh fruit and postharvest issues. It is now available
online at the University of Florida's Postharvest wcbsite (http //
postharvesi ifas ufl edu) and can also be accessed at their citrus
resources website (htp://flcitrus ifas.ufl edu) You can also sign
up to receive the Packinghouse Newsletter electron ically b)
contacting Dr. Ritenour at mnlenourrmad if as ufl edu.

The current issue of the Packinghouse Newsletter features
"Chilling Injury of Grapefruit and its Control" by Dr. Huating
Dou, FDOC, Dr. Mark Ritenour, UFIEFAS indian Ri er REC, and
Dr. GregT. McCollum, USDA, Ft Pierce Thearticleincludesa
description of chilling injury and recommended practices for
reducing the problem.

The newsletter also includes an article on "Stem-End Rind
Breakdown of Citrus" by Drs. Ritenour and Dou, with useful
information on symptoms, the cause of stem-end rind breakdown
and how to reduce or prevent this problem.

A current copy of the Packinghouse Newsletter is posted on the
'"News" bulletin board outside the Ma Lroom in Building 24.

In-Service IPM Workshop At CREC Via Videoconference

The following in-service training, "Integrated Pest Management Emphasinmg Biological Control in Floridas Agricultural. Urban
and Natural Environments," is offered to Extension agents at CRECviavideoconference on April 10 from 8:30 am- 12:00 pm. All
interested personnel, including UF and FDOC, are welcome to attend. If interested, UF personnel should register online at http://
pdec.ifas.ufl.edu/2001inservice him to ensure that the course will be offered at CREC.

8:30 AM Welcome and Introduction- Dr. Norman C. Leppla and Dr. James P. Cuda, UF/IFAS Dept of Entomology and Nematolog'
8.45 AM IPM Practices for Sustainable Agronomic Crop Production m Florida-Dr. Donald W. Dickson, UF/IFAS Dept. of Entomol-
ogy, and Nematology
9:00 AM Microbiological Control of Weeds in Vegetable Crops and Pastures Dr. Raghavan Cha rudattan, UF/IFAS Dept. ofPlant
9:15 AM Mole Cncket IPM in Florida Pastures and Turfgrass Dr. Martin B. Adjei, UF/IFAS Range Cattle REC, Ona
9:30 AM IPM of Mole Cricket with a Combination of Natural Enemies Dr. J. Howard Frank, UF/IFAS Dept ofEntom. & Nemat.
9:45 AM Ornamental Plant Production and Integrated Pest Management in Florida Dr. ance S. Osborne, UF/IFAS Mid-Florida
REC, Apopka
10:(0 AM Break
10:30 AM IPM for Sustainable Sugarcane Production in Florida -Dr. Gregg S. Nuessl. UF/IFAS Everglades REC, Belle Glade
10.45 AM Contribuuons of Extension to IPM of nvasive E.xoic Plants m Florida -Dr. James P. Cuda, UF/IFAS Entom. & Nemat.
11:00 AM The Status of IPM in Urban Pest Management Dr. Philip G Koehler, UF/IFAS Dept of Entomology and Nematology
11:15 AM Urban Landscape IPM in Florida Dr. Eileen A. Buss, UF/IFAS Dept of Entomology and Nematology
11:30 AM Eni ronmenial Education as a Component of Integrated Pest Management Dr. Freddie A. Johnson, UF/IFAS Extension
Office of Distnct Directors
11:45 AM Panel Discussion on Needs for Integrated Pest Management Emphasizing Bdiological Control in Florida's Ag riculturi
Urban and Natural Environments Dr. Norman C. Leppla and Dr. James P. Cuda, UF/IFAS Dept. ofEntom. & Nemat



CREC Welcome
John Roegner OPS (Dr Salani)
A-a 1Hasni lbhrahun OPS (Dr. R Lee)
Dr. Qamar Liz Zaman Post-doc (Dr. Salyani)
Rebecca Burke OPS FDOC (Dr. Widmer)
Trace; Bassett OPS (Dr. Syvertsen)
Tanya Thompson OPS (G Baut and M. Lewandowski)
Rachel McCoy OPS (Dr. Dawson)
Gwendolin Lundy OPS (Dr. Goodrich)
Jeremy Seadorf- OPS (Dr. Timmer)
Ricardo de Ibarra OPS (Dr Timmer)
Nicole AUred OPS (Dr. Parish)

CREC Farewell
Kenneth Jacobson Facilities (Dr. Browning)
Wendy Lang OPS (Dr. Goodrich)
Dr. John Jifon Posidoc (Dr. Sy crisen)
Wendy Walker OPS (Dr. Dawson)

Congratulations to Glen Craddock on becoming a new

Sympathy to Shelby Graham on the passing of her aunt; Dr.
Castle on the passing of his father, and Dan Tuzzolo on the
passing of his wife's grandmother.

Thank You From Lake Alfred Elementary
CREC i omen and friends gathered in December for a holiday luncheon and contributed gifts for Lake Alfred Elementarv School
science class projects. Gifts included polling sodl pots, magnets, seeds, magnifing glasses and other items. LA Elementary teachers
expressed their thanks and appreciation in a thank-you card.

Thank you for the magnets Second grade teach-
ers Claudia Hunter Judy Hall and Susan Kohl
Thanks so muchfor the science supplies. The\ are
greatly appreciated We could Y have done it
without you. Ms. Hobal, Missy Green, Debbie
Wiimberly, Mary File
Thank you for your generosity. lie are lucky to
have your kind help and gilts 3rd grade -
Khristine Cloud, Malfah GK., Christa Servey, Sally
Thank you so much for your contributions to LAE.
Eileen Castle

We appreciate your gcnetrviiv to our school
Linda Munroe
Thank you for our science supplies! Ife are
thrilled! 1st grade teachers Karen Hummer
Teresa Renny, Heather Winchester
We are honored to have your support. Thanks
for all you do. Sally Harris and Carol Hli'
Your genorostnl is grealy appreciated 5th
gradeers are very excited when we have the materials to do
science. Thankyou!
Kristi Cox, Judy Enos and Anita Miller

Manuscripts Submitted to the Publications Committee in February:
R, H. Briansky, V. D. Dam.stcgt, D. S. Howd, and A. Roy. Molecular Anal) scs of Citrus Tristeza Virus Subisolates Separated by Aphid
Transmission. Plant Disease.
S. IL Futch. C.W. McCoy. J. P. Michaud, and C. C. Childers. Identification of Soft-Bodied Insects (Homopler) Citrus Industry
S. H. Futch and R, P. Muraro. Weed Control An Economical Approach. Citrus and lieetable Ma.gazine
J. P. Michaud, C. W. McCo), and S. HL Futch. Lad)beetles as Biological Control Agents in Citrus Citrus IndustryMagazine.
J. P. Michand and 1 W. Browning. Three Tarets of Classical Biological Control in the Caribbean: Success, Contribution and Failure.
Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Biological Control ofArthropods.
A. Goldarazena, R. Ochoa, and C. C. Childers. Systcmatic Rc\ision ofthe Genus Delewoma (Acari: Tarsonemidae). International
Journal ofAcarology.
S. N. Monday and L W. Timmer. Environmental Factors Affecting Pseudothecial Development and Ascospore Production of
.fi, ,.N-J 1.v 11 citri, the Cause of Cr=. 7.-" '. F" r.-r.-,1:. '.-,
S. N. Mondal and L. W. Timmer. The Effect of Urea, CaCO. and Dolomite on Pseudodiecial Development and Ascospore Production
or A Ivcosphaerella citri, the Cause of Citrus Greasy Spot. Plant Disease.
ii ,iil


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

March 2002

What IFAS? And
Other Public Relations
Topis 11 am BHG-1
Plant Path & Friends
11 am

3 4 5 6 7 8EM.NAR: Top 9
SEMINAR: 10 List for a Safer
Economic Potential of You In 2002 C
Ciru Mechanical Lehtola BHG 1 11 am
Harvestors Dr. Rolk
BHG-1 11 am Plant Path & Friends
11 am
Citriculture II 47 pm Flav Chm 4-8 pm

10 11 12 13 14 15 16
CREF Meeting FCPRAC proposal Supervisors' Seminar Dr. Littel:
presentations Meeting Curve fitting, BHG
BHG 3-4 3-4
Plant Path & Friends
Ciricullure 11 4-7 pm Flav Chem 4-8 pm

17 18 19 20 21 Citrus 22 23
Engin. Conf. Plant Path & Friends
BHG-1 & 2 11am
Faculty Mtg.
BHG 3-4
Citriculture It 4-7 pm


Citriculture II 4-7 pm

Dr. B Cevik:
CTV. 11 am BHG-1
FCPRAC proposal
BHG Rooms 3-4

In Service Training
BHG 3 & 4


Flav Chern 4-8 pm

Plant Path & Friends

S d i I-


All events subject to change.
1 Plant Path & Friends. BHG Teaching Lab.
11:00 am 12:00 Noon.
1 Information and Training Seminar "What is
'FAS? And Other Public Relations Topics." Dr.
Monica Lewandowski, CREC. BHG Rm. 1.
11:00 am 12:00 Noon.
5- "Economic Potential of Citrus Mechanical
Harvetors." Dr. Fritz Roka, SW Florida REC,
Immokale. BHG Rm. 1. 11:00am 12:00 pm
(10:45, refreshments)
8- The Top 10 List for a Safer You in 2002.' Dr.
Carol Lehtola, UF Assistant Prof. of Ag. & Bol.
Engineering. BHG Rm.. 111:00 am -12:00
8- Plant Path & Friends. BHG Teaching Lab.
11:00 am 12:00 Noon.
11 Citrus Res and Educ. Foundation Meeting. Dr.
Harold W. Browning. Packinghouse Conf. Rm,
10:00 am 2:00 pm.
12- FCPRAC proposal presentations BHG Rms. 3-
4. 9:00 am all day
13- Supervisors' Meeting. Dr. Harold W. Browning,
Packinghouse Conf. Rm. 8:30 am 10:30 pm.
15- "Statistics Seminar Curve fittings." Dr. Ramon
C. Lttell. UF Professor of Statistics, Gnv. BHG
Rms. 3-4. 10:00 am -12:00 Noon.
15 Plant Path &Friends. BHG Teaching Lab.
11:00 am 12:00 Noon.
21 Faculty Meeting. Dr. Harold W. Browning. BHG
Rms 3- 4. 8:30 am 10:30 am.
21 Citrus Engineering Conference FL Section of
Amer Society of Mech Engineers. BHG 1 & 2,
Registration 8:30 9:30 am
9- Plant Path & Friends. BHG Teaching Lab.
11:00 am 12:00 Noon.
26 FCPRAC proposal presentations. BHG Rms 3-
4. 9 am all day
26 'Characterzation of the RNA-Dependent RNA
Polymerase Gene of Citrus Tristeza Virus." Dr.
Bayram Cevk, former student of Dr. R. F. Lee
BHG Rm. 1. 11:00 am 12:00 Noon (10:45,
27 In Service Training. Dr. Tom Obreza, SW
Forida REC, Immokalee. BHG Rms 3 & 4.
10- Plant Path & Friends. BHG Teachir, -ab.
11:00 am 12:00 Noon.
Classes at CREC This Semester:
HOS 6546 Citncuiture II, Mon. 4 pm 7 p::.
Dr. Albrigo. BHG Conf Rm.
FOS 6317C Flavor Chemistry and Techology, Thurs.
4 pm 8 pm, Dr. Rouseff. BHG Teaching Lab.




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