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Institute of Food and Agncullural L,%

Citrus Leaves


January 2002

Ci~r s R .%ca ch nd ducaion Cent r -Ne~ and Inf rniaiol Vo ume 0, o.

CREC Honors Employees of the Year

Cecile Robertson, Sandy Hatch and Troy Gainey Honored

to CREC's graduates

Fahiem Elborai Kora. Ph. D
Hugo A4glar, Ph. D
Marlene Rosales, Ph.D.
Juan Valiente, Ph.D.
Kelly Evans, MS.

Photos and more on page 3

In This Issue
Employees of the Year ................ 1
Service Pins ........................... 1
Poetry Comer ........................ 2
Citrus Canker Info ............... ..., 2
Employees of the Year ............... 3
Graduates ............................ 3
Dr. Juan Pedro Agostini... 3
Service Pins ............................. 3
Dr. Stephen Pao ........................... 4
Holiday Staff Party....................... 4
Hors d'oeuvres contest winners. 4
Jean Eelman farewell ................. 4
News Around CREC
Time Cards, Holidays ............ 5
Welcome, Farewell ................ 5
IOCV Attendees .................... 5
Seminar. USDAWH.............. 5

Citrus Leaves
Would you like to be in "Citrus
Leaves?" We welcome your
contributions, suggestions and
corrections. Editor, Monica
Lewandowski; E-mail
mmlew@lal.uf.edu; Ext. 233.
Photography, Gretchen Baut;
Production and Distribution: Word
Processing, Barbara Thompson,
Supervisor; Kathy Snyder, Karla
Flynn and Linda Murphy; Customer
Service, Kathy Witherington,
Supervisor, and Nancy Burke.


experiments. She was a co-author on three
publications in 2000.
Hatch, the Administrative/Clerical
Employee of the Year, responds to calls for
assistance from CREC employees on
computer issues, including E-mail, virus,
software and hardware problems. He also
manages the antivirus software
ees of maintenance program and backup
Plus systems at CREC.
Oos The Trades Employee of
the Year, awarded to a CREC
3-4 employee with maintenance,
custodial, grove crew or process-
ing pilot plant duties, was Troy Gainey.
Gainey manages the CREC research groves,
a position he assumed during the past year.
He is credited with making improvements in
the condition and care of the Center's
research groves. He has instituted a
scouting program for Diaprepes and other
pests and diseases and was also com-
mended for handling problems in a timely

Service Pins Awarded
Congratulations to the following UF employees who were awarded service pins at the
Centerwide Meeting on December 14. Photos on page 3.

35 years -
Neil L. Berger (Dr. Richard Lee's lab)

30 years -
William A. Alexander

15 years -
Alta M. Church (Business Office)
Barbara A. Thompson (Word Processing)
Roxy E. Hoover (Maintenance Shop)

10 years -
Shailaja Rabindran (formerly of
Dr. Dawson's lab

5 years -
Mary Beth Freeman (Dr. Wheaton's lab)
Shelby S. Graham (Center Direcior's office)
Charles R. (Rocky) Bryan (Dr. Braddock's
RobertA. Kleber(Grove Crew)

CREC honored Cecile Robertson, senior
biological scientist, A. Sandy Hatch, computer
technician and Troy Gainey, grove manager,
as Employees of the Year on December 14.
The award winners, selected by a committee
comprised ofpast Employees of the Year, each
received a plaque and a $100 gift certificate.
The awards are presented annually
to CREC staff members in Technical, Empl
AdministrariveClerical and Trades thie
categories. Faculty, students, other
postdoctoral and visiting scientists
are nor eligible for the awards. on P
Robertson, the Technical
Employee of the Year, works with Dr. William
Dawson. She was recognized for being an
instrumental part of the laboratory's citrus
tristeza virus (CTV) research. She has
developed expertise in infecting plant
protoplasts with CTV, the largest RNA virus
ever used to inoculate plant protoplasts, for
their molecular biology studies. She also
has major responsibility for plant propaga-
tion, grafting, disease and pest management
and inventory for the laboratory's plant

Poetry Corner

Red, white and blue
What does this mean to ou
When you think of these colors do you feel something inside
Something that tells you not to turn your head and hide
Yes, these colors do something incredible to your heart
They don't destroy your faith or tear you apart
In fact they bring you more together
With friends or family orjust whoever
But some may wonder and ask just this
How these simple colors can bring such bliss
The answer is hanging on a pole
Just drive around and you will know
This sudden peace fills your soul
This feeling plays an important role
Not only in you but in others as well
Just hug someone and you will tell
How it makes you feel good
I told you it would
But remember there are still good deeds to do
And they all begin with the colors, red, white and blue

By Samantha Stebbins
(Grandaughter ofLou Ellen Hedley, retired CREC employee)

Challenging the Sea
I stood upon the sandy shore
And looked straight at the blue with confidence
and assurance
curious ripples started in the water ... reacting to
this defiance
with head straight and even I eyed this new opponent
Waves meant to scare thrashed high and higher meeting the
ground with a
But never reaching me
A fury seized the ocean's surf and cast frothy bubbles upon
every wave
But I knew this enemy well
A smile sneaked into my face then it surface itself to the ocean
My giggle started and erupted as a laugh
and my last welcoming to this spluttering foe were arms wide
open accepting
any peace
The waves settled upon each other in mid rise and all grew calm
like a cup of oil settled after being spilled
A stillness grev ... a moment of decision
Then a clear reach of water gently touch my
bare toes ...
the first step to friendship

By Sara Fares (daughter of Dr. A ti Fares)
published in The Ledger on December 9

Citrus Canker Info

Citrus canker was recently detected in commercial groves in DeSolo and Martin
counties, raising concern in the industry. CREC personnel are reminded that canker
decontamination/disinfection procedures are mandatory for equipment and
personnel working near or contacting any citrus plant. Info is posted on a bulletin
board outside the CREC Mailroom.

Weekly canker updates: Florida Citrus Mutual website: www.fl-citrus-mutual.com

U Fl FAS Citrus Pest Management Guide for decontam/disinfection guidelines:

FLDept. ofAgriculture & Consumer Services: doacs.state.fl.us/canker
For quarantine maps: doacs.state.fl.us/canker/maps.htm

Florida Citrus Canker Eradication Programs
Miami: 800-850-3781 Winter Haven: 800-282-5153
Palmetto: 941-721-6622 Immokalee: 941-658-3684


I '


Employees of the Year

Sandy Hatch, computertechnician (left).
Troy Gainey, grove manager (center),
S. and Cecile Robertson (right) were
honored as CR[. C Employees of the
Year on December 14.

Congratulations, Graduates
Left: Dr. Hugo Aguilar completed his Ph.D. in Fntormnato (emphasis in acarology)

'worked with Dr. Richard Lee at CREC and Dr. Chuck Niblett at the Gainesville campus.
P ". i i A Marlene returned to a position INI A, a research institute in Santiago, Chil

Dr. Juan Valiente completed his Ph.D. U Kelly Ei ans 1 ilcd her mLt'icr's degree
in Horticultural Sciences. Juan worked thesis for a MS in Food Sciences that
with Dr. Albrigo ion I ming and c will be colnferred in May. Kelly, who
Intensity of Io \\er in ofit Saeet Orange worked with Dr. Rouseffin the area of
as a Function of Local Weather Factors flavor chemistry, accepted a position at
and Crop." t Cadbury-Schweppes in Connecticut, a
food and beverage company.

Dr. Juan Pedro Agostini Service Pins

Dr. Juan Pedro oric r i in
Awostin, t i-e, pilrJ I ain, an. l be B rar n May. Ayh

returned to the i
Institute Nacional de. n e
Tecnologia Aero-
pecuaria in ,
Montecarlo, Mis- .-
iones, Argentina
after a ten-month
sDaJ atCREC. Dr.
Agostini was
involved in systemic
induced resistance studies for foliar diseases of citrus with Dr Pete On hand to receive service pins at the Centerwide meeting
I immer (picturrd right). and also conducted studies on the epidemi- on Dec. 14 (L to R): Barbara Thompson and Alta Church (15
olug. cOf nmelank e in the iteld, Dr. Agostini earned his M.S. and yrs); Robert Kleber, Rocky Bryan and Sh lby Graham (5
Ph.D. from L.I- in 1992, and last visited CREC in 1995. yrs). A complete list of recipients is on page I.


Dr. Stephen Pao in Tallahassee
Dr. Stephen Pau t ldf photo. handing rihri
with Craig Davis. Dr. Pau accepted a posi-
tion with the FI. Dept. of N-ric ulrurt &. Con-
sumer Services in Tallahassee, working in
the area of Food Safety and Regulation. lie
i spent 6 years with the FDOC and made sub-
stantial contributions in food safety and
K Right- Xu Yehong. Wendy Bell& Tammy
J ~ Flannery at Dr. Pao's farewell party on Dec

Turkey Hotline

Nl r Above left: top right, CW, Drs. Bill Castle, Chunxian
Chen, Gene Albrigo and Jim Syvertsen carve up tur-
Dr. Harold Brow ning spreads keys for the Holiday party on Dec. 14. Word was that
good cheer at the Centerwide Dr. Albrigo started preparations for smoking turkeys at
meeting on December 14. 5 am that morning. Compliments to the chefs and the
Horticulture and Har\ esltng working group.
Employees enjoy the staff meeting festi i i ies i right. .
Below: hors d'oeuvres contest winners at Lhe holiday
party, lefi to right: 1st place,
Jeannette Barnes with a scafood
appetizer, 2nd place Katja Blythe
and 3rd place Diana Drouillard.
Nearly a dozen hors d'oeuvres
entries were submitted. Left, Dr.
Masoud Salyani announces the
contest winners.
Below, L to R: Dr

Above: lower right, Margie C od% and
Diann Achor prepare food for the
holidaN party. At the back of the
kitchen, not \ visible. is Pam Russ
preparing green beans.

SBill Castle, Jean Eelman and Jim

;.* : Baldwin atJean's farewell party in December.
.- .. > "' T -


Holiday Spirit




Martin Luther King, Jr.
Monday, Jan. 21

A CREC Welcome To...
Jerry Fojtik OPS (Dr. McCoy)
Denise Reel OPS (Dr. Syvertsen)

A CREC Farewell To ...
Hugo Aguilar-student (Dr. Childers)
Dr. Juan Pedro Agostini Visiting scholar (Dr. Timmer)
Jean Eelman Lab tech (Dr. Castle)
Kelly Evans student (Dr. Rouseff)
Diego Dragone visitor (R. Muraro)
Ella Nielsen OPS (Dr. Grosser)
Marlene Rosales student (Dr. Lee)
Tom Tomerlin student (Dr. Knapp)
Andrew Clemens student volunteer (M. Armstrong)
Fabiano Ueta visitor (R. Muraro)
Michael Coughlin OPS (B. Nielsen)
Timothy Davis- OPS (B. Nielsen)
Wei Li- Dr.Chung)
Lisa Olsen OPS (Dr. Michaud)

It's a girl!
Congratulations to Jill and Jeff Dunlop on
the arrival of their daughter, Annabel (8 lb.
13 oz,21"), on January 2. Jill works in Dr.
Syvertsen's lab.

Time Cards Due
Thurs. January 10
Monday January 28

Pectin Research Seminar at USDA-WH
10:00 AM Tuesday, January 8th, at the USDA-ARS Citrus &
Subtropical Products Laboratory, 600 Ave S NW, Winter Haven
"Review of Pectin Research at the formerARS, Fruit &
Vegetable Chemistry Laboratory, Pasadena, CA"
Speaker: Jerome A. Klavons, Research Chemist at the USDA,
ARS, Livestock Insects Research Laboratory, Kerrville, TX

Manuscripts Submitted to the Publications Committee in December:

J. P. Agostini, A. J. Tesoriero, and L. W. Timmer. Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Melanose on Grapefruit, 2001.
Fungicide and Nematicide Tests (Amer Phytopath Soc.; intemet publications).
J. P. Agostini, A. J. Tesoriero, and L. W. Timmer. Evaluation of Products for the Control of Citrus Scab on Temple Tangors.
Fungicide and Nematicide Tests (Amer Phytopath Soc.; internet publications).
A. Bhatia, A. J. Tesoriero, and L. W. Timmer. Evaluation of Fungicides for Control ofAlternaria Brown Spot on Murcotts,
2001. Fungicide and Nematicide Tests (Amer. Phytopath Soc.; internet publications).
A. Bhatia, A. J. Tesoriero, and L. W. Timmer. Evaluation of Fungicides for Control ofAlteraria Brown Spot on Murcotts,
2000. Fungicide and Nematicide Tests (Amer Phytopath Soc.; internet publications)
A. Bhatia, A. J. Tesoriero, and L. W. Timmer. Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Greasy Spot on Grapefruit, 2000-2001.
Fungicide and Nematicide Tests (Amer Phytopath Soc.; interest publications).
J. Lin, R. L. Rouseff, S. Ba rros, and M. Naim. Aroma Composition Changes in Early Season Grapefruit Juice Produced from
Thermal Concentration. Journal ofAgricultural and Food Chemistry.
F. E. El-Borai, L W. Duncan, J. H. Graham, and E. Dickstein. Tylenchulussemipenetrans Alters the Microbial Community in
the Citrus Rhizosphere. Journal ofNematology.

2002 Holidays
New Year's Day, Tuesday, January I
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday, Monday, January 21
Memorial Day, Monday, May27
Independence Day, Thursday, July 4
Labor Day, Monday, September 2
Veterans Day (observed), Monday, November 11
Thanksgiving Holiday, Thurs. and Fri., November 28 and 29
Christmas Day, Wednesday, December25

Int'l Organization of Citrus Virologists
Drs. Richard Lee and Ron Briansky and Ms Deborah Howd of
attended the XV Conference of the International Organization
of Citrus Virologists (IOCV), November 9-16,200 1, in Paphos,
Cyprus. The conference was attended by over 50 scientists
from various citrus-producing countries. The attendees gave
presentations on their work on citrus tristeza virus, citrus
blight and other citrus virus diseases of concern to the Florida
citrus industry.

I _



January 2002

appyNew Year


Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fril Sat

-I 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10 11 12
FL Citrus
Managers mtg

13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Faculty mtg
8:30 am

20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Martin Lulher FL Rural Water A soc. Water Opere tor Certification
King's Birthday Review Jan. 22, 3 and 24 BHG R oms 2,3,4.
Holiday Su >nsOA

____on ~_______





CCA Training, Jn.
BHG Rooms 3



Feb. 8 Diaprepes Task Force Meeting, BHG,
all day

All events subject to change.
January 2002
9 FL Citrus Production Managers
meeting, BHG Room 1
17 Faculty mtg, Dr. Browning. BHG
Rooms 3-4, 8:30 am
22, 23, 24 FL Rural Water Assoc.
Water Operator Certification Review.
BHG Rooms 2, 3 and 4. 22 and 23, all
day. 24, morning.
29-30 Certified Crop Advisor, training,
BHG rooms 3-4.

Classes at CREC
This Semester:
HOS 6546 Citriculture II, Mon. 4pm -7pm,
Dr. Albrigo. BHG Conf room.
HOS 5325 Citrus Fresh Fruit Technolog)y
Tues. 4pm- 8pm, Dr. Albrigo. BHG
FOS 6317C Flavor Chemistry and Technol-
ogy, Thurs, 4pm- 8pm, Dr. Rouseff. BHG
Teaching Lab
Offered at CREC via videoconference:
HOS 4341 Advanced Horticultural Physiol-
ogy (Ritenour)-Videoconf, Mon. 5:00-8:30
pm. BHG
AEB 6145 Agricultural Finance (Weldon)-
Video Conf, Tues 5:30-7:30pm. BHG
AEB 3133 Principles of Agnbusmless
Management (Thomsbury)-Video Conf,
Wed. 5:30-8:30pm. BHG Conf.
AEE 5206 Advanced Instructional Tech-
niques (Rudd, Dyer, Osbome)-Video Conf,
Thurs. 5:10-8:10 pm. BHG Conf.

I I I_ _ _ _ _ _


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