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Institute of Food and A1-.,uli., rjl Sciences

Citrus Leaves

In This Issue

Veterans' Day Salute ...
CREC Mail Alert ..........
Citrus Processors Day.
Dr. Joe Ahrens ........
CREC Landscaping.......
FACTS ....... ...............
Boss' Day ....-......- .. ....
CREC Student Award,
Aslaug Hognadottir.......
Citrus Canker Info.........
Meet .
Sherie Buchanon .......
Dr. John PaulPraat .......
D r Bo Li ...................
Joe Creekbaum ............

........ 1
.......... 1
........... 1
........... 2
.... ...... 2
........... 2
........... 2

........... 3
... ... 3

. ....... .. 4
..... 4
.-.-...... 5

Grapefruit Meringue Pie ........... 5
News Around CREC
Welcome, Farewell ............ 7
Time Cards ........................ 8
Baby Congrats .................. 8
Employees of Year Info ....... 8

Manuscripts Submitted ......... 9
Calendar ............................ 10

Citrus Leaves
Would you like to be in
"Citrus Leaves'?" We
welcome your contributions,
suggestions and corrections.
Editor, Monica Lewandowski,
E-mail mmlew.iilal ufl.edu; Ext.
233. Photography. Gretchen
Baut. Production and
Distribution: Word
Processing, Barbara
Thompson, Supervisor: Kathy
Snyder, Karla Flynn and Linda
Murphy; Customer Service,
Kathy Witherington,
Supervisor, and Nancy Burke

Dr, Harold W. Browning, Center Director
Citrus Research & Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road

Lake Alfred, Fl 33850-2299
Tel- (863) 956-1 I
Fax (863) 956-4631

November 2001 )

A Veterans' Day Salute
November 11, Veterans' Day (observed November
12), is a national holiday to honor our veterans who
serve and have served our nation and fought for
freedom. As we observe Veterans' Day, give thanks
to our many Veterans at CR LC and around our

Citrus Processors Day Recap

Flavor, Quality, Health
Benefits, Food Safety Among
The Day's Topics

LAKE ALFRED The intricacies of citrusjuice flavor, the
potential health benefits of citrus and food safety were
among the topics at the 52"r Annual Citrus Processors
Day and Subtropical Technology Conference CREC on
October 18.
The event is an opportunity for representatives from
the citrus processing
industry to learn about For more on
current research from
scientists at UF/IFAS, the Processors Day,
I- D)C and the LISDA see page 6
see page 6


Mail Alert

CREC employees are advised
caution after a suspicious piece
of mail was received by a an
employee through UF campus
mail on November 2. Envelope
contents tested negative for
anthrax and the case is being
treated as a hoax.

For information on mail
handlin. and anthr.,\ visit the
Center for Disease Control
(CDC) website: www.bt.cdc.gov

Dr. Joe Ahrens Returns

FDOC Scientific Research -
Director A Former CREC /
Employee, Student / .

CREC welcomes Dr. M. Joseph Alrens, who
arrived on August I to assume his position as
the Scientific Research Director for the FDOC.
For Dr. Ahrens, it means returning to CREC.'
where he worked as a technician and a |
student twenty years ago.
A Central Florida native, Dr. Ahrens was

I____see Dr Ahrens pageo 4 hI



Amrrm~mamrmrr~l~r ~ ~ ~alll --eI



Final Stages of Landscaping Completed

Final additions to the CREC landscape were made as the Groundskeeping, Maintenance Shop and Grove Crew put in 600 plants
and spread over 150 cubic yards of mulch in mid-October. In an E-mail sent to the CREC community. Landscape Committee
Chairman Dr. Bill Castle acknowledged the people listed right. Thanks also go to Ken Jacobson and Sherry Cunningham for
making necessary arrangements, and to the shop crew who installed the new stone surface in the parking area south of the
Securirn room in Building 24 "As you encounter these members of our community, please join me in .hankinc iherui." Dr. Castle

Jim Vaughn

Maintenance Shop
Rox, Hoover
Jimmy Willard
Mike Daughtery
Wayne Tyler

Grove Crew
Troy Gainey
Biill Alexander
Phillip Mitchell

Joe Crckbaumnl

Bruce Robertson
Kevin Troelsen
G len Craddock
Diamond Basnaw

Michael Clock
Rommel Rubin
Robert Kleber

-.- j-A

I.eft to right: Jim Vaughn, Joe Creekbaum and Wayne Tyler add
finishing touches to the landscaping in front of B1G.,

The FACTS: The Florida A griculural Conference and Trade Show FACTS) at the Lakeland Center on October 2-3 included Exten-
sion exhibits and seminars for the citrus and vegetable industry. Above left: participants study citrus exhibits. Middle: Roy S,,ceeb
studies some specimens at the "Learning Zone." Right Jerry Dunn I right) at the nenmatolog' Extension exhibit.
Phiioos by G. Baut.

.. -- -- BosseN Have Their Day: The
"A. -- Administrative support staff
celebrated Boss' Day on October
I 16. Farleft: Mhke Armsitrcl i.
Information Support Department
samples some goodies. Right:
Jill McDonald, Business O lfice
takes a coffee break. Phlonr by
,.. G. Baut.

I 2 e



Ir "

CREC Student Receives National Award

Aslaug Hognadottir
Awarded Fellowship

Aslaug -Hognado uir. a l.F graduate
student at CRLC. was awarded the
WVlh' come Fellowship from the Agri-
cultural and Food Chemistry Division
of the American Chemical Societti
Hlonadonlr \as a arded a plaque and
$2500 cash award.
Hognadontir is working towards a
Ph D. under the guidance of Dr. Russell
Roiuse'lf. UF Professor of Food Chem-
istry. She is conducting research in fla-
vor chemistry, which involves the
,iud\ of compounds important to food
ilasor "Since la\ or is arguably the
most important quality. offood for con-
sumer acceptance, undersianrdlin, how
it works is indeed very important," said
IogInadoitir. The laboratory interacts
closely with the citrus processing in-
dustry to provide information for qual-
ity control with the ultimate goal of
producing quality citrus products for
the consumer.

Aslaug IH'1cnadj;utir (icenteri, a Ph.D, student
working in the area oi l:anor 'hemirsr.v with Dr.
Russell IousIlir lif i. receives a plaque for the
'L lih3..,mhc Fellowship from Dr. Harold Biro'.anirg
Rightt. Aslaug also received a $2500 cash award.

I loiniaduniir is evaluating techniques for
measuring and i harac ter z i z \ o I a le cnm-
ponents, which play an important role in
the aroma, and thus the fla\ or of foods,
One technique commonly used in flavor
chemistry research is gas icromatograpli -
oliactonmetr:. or(.,C-O. W i lihin technique.

a gas chromatograph is used to char-
acterize volatile compounds, while a hu-
man tester simultaneously provides a
description of the type and intensity 't
odor. The human response is critical,
explains RoIuseff because humans are
Extremely sensitive to certain com-
pounds and oblivious to many other
volatile compounds.
lluon.idotnir. a native of celand. is
also the recipient of a Hunts Brothers
research assistantship. The assistant-
ship is funded by an endowment estab-
lished by the Frank and Ellis Hunt fami-
lies in Lake V.alem to support graduate
research at CREC.
"I'm proud ofAslaug and I look for-
ward to her further success," said
CREC has appronllimitel' 25 gradu-
ate students in fields such as food sci-
ence, plant pathology horticulture, en-
tomology and nematology.

li.- above article was a CREC News
R ,,l'.'t _

Citrus Canker Info

Citrus canker was recently detected in commercial groves in DeSoto and Martin counties.
raising concern in the industry. CREC personnel are reminded that canker decontamination/
disinfection procedures are mandatory for equipment and personnel working near or
contacting any citrus plant, Info is posted on a bulletin board outside the CREC Mailroom.

Weekly cankerupdates: Florida Citrus Mutual website: www.fl-citrus-mutual.com

UF/IFAS Citrus Pest Management Guide for decontam/disinfection guidelines:

FL Dept. of'Agriculture & Consumer Services:

For quarantine maps:
doacs.state.fl.us/canker/maps. hm

Florida Citrus Canker Eradication Programs
Miami: 800-850-3781
Winter Haven: 800-282-5153
Palmetto: 941-721-6622
Immokalee: 9-11-658-3684


Dr.Ahrens... from page 1
born in Tampa and grew up north of Lakeland. His profes-
sional career started at the American Can Co., site of canning
operations for Lvkes-Pasco in Dade Cit "That's where I got
a lot ofn m engineering training," said Dr. Ahrens.
Dr. Ahrens earned a B.S. in Aericulture from the Univer-
sity of Tennessee, then worked as a technician for the t-DOC
at CREC in the early 1980's. He received an assistantship from
the Florida Gift Fruit Shippers Assoc. and earned a master's
degree from LI F, orkinu v ith Dr. Charles Barmore, During
that time, he witnessed notable Center milestones such as the
dedication oflhe Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall and the
construction of Building 24's three-story addition.
Dr. Ahrens earned his Ph D from U F in Vegetable Crops,
where he worked with Dr. Don Huber in the area of cell wall

physiology. From there he went to the University of Califor-
nia, Davis, where he directed an Extension program in the
marketing and distribution of fruits.
Dr. Ahrens also worked in Europe for Freshconsult, an
international consulting firm. Most recenil;,. he served as Sr.
Director for Engineering and Technical Services for EPL, a
company involved in the marketing and technology of fresh-
cut foods for Green Giant,
"Now I've returned back to the DOC," said Dr. Ahrens,
who is relocating to Lake Alfred. He has two daughters and a
son who are grown, and a 15-year old daughter who is a
student at Auburndale High School.


Sherrie Buchanon
Sherrie Buchanon started working at CREC a year ago with Dr. Bill Miller in the
area of agricultural engineering. Sherrie is a native of Homeland, Florida, and has
anA.S. in radiology technology. riomn Polk C ommiuniyr College and a bachelor's
degree in Business and Technology from the University of Alabama. Sherrie's
experience includes work in the defense industry and commercial Jci ing
At C REC. Sherrie works with automated fruit grading and precision a:i culture
tcchnolog'. She has also done some modal hammer work and computer program-
She and her husband, John, recently moved to Lake Allicd Sherric's hobbies
include photography and scuba diving. She has done some beautiful underwater
and landscape photograph> and has received awards for some of her work.

Dr. John Paul Praat
Dr. John Paul Praal returned to New Zealand after a
month-long stay at CREC, where he worked with Dr. Bill
Miller in the area of precision agriculture. Dr. Praat
works tbr Lincoln Ventures Ltd. in Hamilton. New
Zealand, where he is using precision agriculture
technology to collect and analyze data for fruit qualil
yield and pro lii in apples, grapes and kiwi. At CREC,
Dr. Praat did some work with comnpuler- LneLrated tree
grids for tree size mapping in citrus, visited several
citrus operations and met several people working in
agricultural engineering and precision agriculture.

*4 *

. ...................... "

...........~ ~

- ^f
'. I 'i


Dr. Bo Li
Dr. Bo Li is an agricultural engineer working with Dr. Jodie Whitney, Dr.
Bill Miller and the precision agriculture tean at CREC. A native of Beiling, ,s
China, Dr. Li has a bachelor's degree from Luoyang Institute of Technology ." ,
in the Hunan Province and a Master's and Ph D from Beiling .\riculrural
University, where he is a facult- member. In 1900, came to the U.S. to work
with Dr. Dennis J. Murphy at Penn State in the Department of Agriculrural .
and Biological Engineering. His work involved developing daringg devices
for tractor drivers when tractors are driven on steep slopes to prevent
accidents. This is a serious problem in mountainous areas such as
Pennsylvania, said Dr. Li, who added that there are approximately 40
fatalities a year due to tractor accidents.
Since Dr. Li's arrival at CREC in August, he has been working on ultrasonic
sensors to measure citrus canopy volume. He also plans to become involved in a
Project with Dr. Adair Wheaton to analyze vibrations and pressure distribution in
,j trees subjected to mechanical harnesling with trunk shakers.
I.. Dr. Li's wife, Zhe Ng. recently entered a Ph.D. graduate program at Iowa State
S i University. He cniioy sports such as swimming, ha-ketball and table tennis.

Joe Creekbaum
Joe Creekbaum started working at CREC as
Groundskeeper. Joe is originally from Middletown,
I Ohio. and enjoys filling in his spare time.

Grapefruit Meringue Pie A Winner

Karla F Inn's grapefruit meringue pie,
her own creation, has attracted interest
at (.."RC and recenlN won a blue ribbon
in the "Florida" category at the All
Saint's Academy's Fall Festival October
11. Karla. who works in the Word
Processing Department, shares her
recipe, reprinted at right.

1 1/3 C sugar Meringue:
1 3 C cornstarch 3 egg whites, room temperature
2 3/4 C fresh squeezed grapefruit juice 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
3 eggs yolks, 'ightli beaten 6 T sugar
2 T butter
1/4 tsp lemon extract
1 pastry shell, baked

In a saucepan, combine sugar and cornstarch. Gradually add grapefruit juice. Cook
and stir over medium high heat until thickened and bubbly, about 2 minutes. Reduce
heat; cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Gradually stir 1/2 cup into egg yolks: return all to
the pan. Bring to a gentle boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes. Remote from heat; stir in
butter and extract. Pour hot filling into the pastry shell. In a mixing bowl, beat the egg
whites and cream of tartar on medium speed until foami Graduall. beat in sugar. 1
tsp. at a time, on high just until stiff peaks form and sugar is dissolved. Spread
meringue evenly over hot filling, sealing edges to crust. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15
minutes or until the meringue is golden brown. Cool on a wire rack for I hour.
Refrigerate for at least 3 hours before ser% ing. Store in refrigerator.
Karla F/h wi


Processors Day Recap... from page 1

Agerictltlural Research Service' -RS)
Citrus and Subtropical Products
Laboratory in Winter Haven.
According to conference organizers
Dr. Renee Goodrich (UF/IFAS) and
Sands Barros (FDOC), over 100
government and industry scientists
attended the meeting

Several researchers are involved in
the characterization of aroma
compounds in juice and food
products, which are important
determinants of good fla or and "off'
Considerable effort is directed
toward improving grape fruii juice
lHiaor Presentations included a report
on a novel technique to identify aroma
compounds in intact grapefruit by Drs.
Russell Rouseff and
JianmingLin (-F IF- A\S)
changes in aroma
compounds during the
thermal evaporation of
citrus juices (a method
used for making citrus p -
concentrate) by
Rou seffT Lin, Sandy
Barro_ FDOC) and
\1ichael Naim. and an
FDOC report on
de\ eloping new
standards for grapefruit
juice based on taste
panels by Barros and
Dr. Williani Stinon

Aslaug Hognadottir,
Rouseff and Glen I p Dr. Ren
Dreher (UF/IFAS) lower photo,
reported on aroma Citrus Proce
compounds in orange program coo
essence oil, widely
used as a Ilavoring. Interestingly, the
scent of orange essence oil, which is
dirsinctl) as "urange." can be
attributed to a combination of different
compounds with odors described as
"ci rus," "tloral," "green" and "minty".
Aroma compounds in mandarin

Left to right. Eve Weiss, Dr. Filomena Valim. Kelly Evans and Jack
Smoot at the 52nd Annual Processors Day.

juices is an area of study by Kelly
Evans, a 1 'C REC graduate student
working g \ ith Rouseff. Dr. Filomena
Valim. aCREC visiting scientist from
Sao Paulo State
S University in Brazil. is
Working on the
Chemistry behind
S certain off-fla\ors in
I,/ citrus juices, and
possible ways to
t minimize these effects.

iee Go
ssors i

Health Benefits
Dr. William Widmer
(FDOC) discussed his
work on the analyses
of furanocourmarin and
furanocoumarin dimers
in citrus juices,
compounds thought to
be involved in possible
>odrich, and adverse interactions
y Barros, between grapefruit juice
Day and certain prescription
ors. drugs. Dr. Hyoung Lee
,F DOC) presented a
discussion of the potential health
benefits of citrus carotenoids, which
include protection against certain
cancers and other diseases.

Producing AQuality Product
Drs. Murat Azik and Seiftl .llh Nikdel
(FDOC) presented their research on the
analysis of rare earth metals in juices to
determine their geographic ori -in for
product quality nmnitoring Dr. Paul
Cancalon and Yehong Xu (FDOC)
discussed the analyses of isocitric acid
levels in Florida orange and urapctrunt
juices during the 2000-2001 season,
also an important area related to
product quality monitoring.
Drs. Mickey Parish (1. F I FA SI and
Steven Pao (F DOC) are conducting
investigations into the siur\ i ability\ of
salmonallae in citrusjuice concentrates
and methods to help ensure food
In the area of citrus b\ -prulouct_,
processing, Dr. Robert Braddock and
Rocky Bryan (I F IFAS) presented a
model For estimating levels of volatile
organic compounds (VOCs) released by
feed mills, and UF/CREC student Eve
Weiss and Braddock are condricting
investigations on halogenated
compounds in cold-pressed citrus oil0
The USDA-ARS Subtrupic:l
Technology conference, which was
moderated by Howard Nivens of Carg ill
Citro-America, included presentations
on flavor and processing research for
citrus and other fruits such as
tomatoes, cantaloupes and apples.*


* 6 0

II -

A CREC Welcome To...
P:in Zhou OPS (Dr. Gmitter)
FernandoAlferez Postdoc (Dr. Burns)
isaias Fuentes OPS (Dr Gmitter)
Rand\ S. Davis OPS (K. Morgan)
Shllek Jones OPS (Dr. Ritenour, I RREC
A CREC Farewell To...
Beau Kellic OPh Dr. McCoy)
Dr. Jianming Lin Postdoc (Dr. Rousefl'-
.\nrel Orella-OPS (Dr. Childers)
Dr. John Paul Prdal Visitor (Dr. Miller)
Inurid Roias OPS (Dr. Gmitter)
Dr. Shailaja Rabindran Postdoc (Dr. Dawson)
Dr. Shiv Sharma- PoNtdoc (Dr. Singh)
Dr. Yong Wu Posidoc (Dr. Graham)
L% udnmla Tretyak OPS (Dr. Burns)
Justin Tabb Clerk typist (Dr. M. Lewandowski)



Dr. Jianming Lin
Dr. Jianming Lin, a flavor chemist, has a new
position with Fermenich in New Jersey.

Dr. Shailaja Rabindran Above: Judy Harber(L)and Dr
Far left photo: Shai laia Rabindran i L) and Diann Achor. Shaila, work worked with Dr. Bill Bill Dawson serve up cake.
Dawson, left to head a laboratory at the Fraunhofer Center for Molecular Biuluo. in Neward,
Delaware. Center photo: Parr\ goer enjoy refreshments at a farewell gathering.



Ol i


Dr. Shi% Sharnia
Dr Shi. Sharma r.nturncd
10 his home unI\rrsit,.
Harn ana Auriculmird
Lni\crsil\ in Hisnr. India
Far left pholo. I to r. )r
Shanna with Garn Test and
Dr. Megh Singh
Ri2eh photo Dr ShIarm



Time Cards
Thursday, Nov. 1
Thursday, Nov. 15

Due Holidays
Veterans Day Nov. 12
Thanskgiving Nov. 22-23

Baby Arrivals

t-- Congratulations to Sandy
SMcKittrick (Dan son labl on the
Birth of granddaughter Makayla
j Brooke Quick, 6 lb. 13 Oz, 18
/ inches, on October 5. Parents are
Aaron and Kath\ Quick.

Congratulations to Jerry and Eileen Dunn
on the birth of their granddaughter, Carley
Jade Giodens on October 20. 7 lb. 15 oz,
19 inches. Parents are Core and Kari
Giodens. Jerry Dunn works for Dr.

Congratulations to Jeffrey and
Turksen Shilts on the birth of their
son, Jeffre\ Michael, Jr. on October 5.
7 Ibs. Turksen works for Dr. Chung.

Congratulations to grandparents Gerald
and Patsy Perkins on the birth of their
granddaughter, Samantha Gail, on
October 1,7 lb. 4 oz, 19 inches. Parents
are Rick and Krystal Monsen. Gerald
works for Dr. Whitney.

The Maitland Historical Museum announces their new exhibit, "More Than Just Juice:
More Than Maitland's Orange Groves," on display through February 3, 2002. For more int'ormiltion. visit
their website at: www.ourfrontproch.com/osi/mhs. Directions to the Maitland Historical Museum:
Just Juice: From 1-4, take Maitland B\ d., Exit 47. Take Maitland Bvd. south to Maitland Ave., turn right.
Continue for 2.5 miles to Pai k%% ood Ave. and turn right for the Historical and Telephone Museums
or continue on Maitland Ave. and turn right on Lake Lily Dr. for the society offices and
Waterhouse museums.

Employees of the Year Nominations

Nominations for CR C EnlploN ces of the Year are due The award categories are:
November 19 in the Center Director's office.. UF and FDOC 1. Technical: Employees working directly on research
cmploN ,es in USPS, Career Ser% ice and A & P (Administrative projects under the supervision of a CREC Scientist
and Professional positions are eligible Faculty, graduate 2. Clerical/-d ministrative. Employees in secretarial, word
students, post-does and isiting scientists are not eligible, processing, business office. personnel, computer lab, photo
Candidates must be nominated by a supervisor i'faculr, lab and other business-related areas.
member or department head), but staff partic ipa ion is 3. Trades: Employees associated with the maintenance
encouraged in selecting nominees. AXcurdiny to Dr. shop, grove, custodial and pilot plant.
Bro\ning, some areas have not had any nominees for several
years. Awards \ 11l be announced at the Center-wide Staff
meeting in December. Recipients will be given a plaque and
gift, Criteria for nomination and selection are outstanding job
performance, posi i% e attitude and dedication to their job and
the Center during 2001


r -C*

Manuscripts Submitted To The Publications Committee in October

C. A. Arias and J. K. Burns. AThermostable Pectinmeth ilestcrase Gene from Citrln. Plant and Cell
Phly.% oh.y"
S. Pao, C. L. Davis, L. N. Friedrich, and M. E. Parish. Fluorogenic Assay for Rapid Detection of
Escherichia coli in Acidic Fruit Juice, Applied and Environmental Microhioilog .

J. P. Michaud. Classical Biological Control of Citrus Pests W hat Have We Learned from the Bro-\n
Citrus Aphid Experience? Florida Entomolgist.
J. P. Michaud. Classical Biological Control of Citrus Pests Where are the results? Citrus Industry

A. Fares, L. R. Parsons, J. Simunek, M. Th. van Genuchten, T. A. Whealon. and K. T. Morgan.
E effects of Emitter Distribution Patterns and Soil Type on Water and Solute Distribution. Florida Soil and
Crop Science Society Proctcedrn!?
S. H. Futch, C. W. McCoy, and H. N. Nigg. A Guide for Identification of Soil Insect Pests. Citrus
Ihdustrvy Magazine.

H. N. Nigg, S. E. Simpson. R. J. Stuart, and C. W. McCoy. Larval Abundance in a Diaprepes
abbreviatus (L.) Infested Florida Citrus Grove. Journal ofEconomic Entmolo.':
R. H. Brlansky, D. S. Howd, P. Broadhent, V. D. Damsteegt. Histology of Sweet Orange Stem Pitting
Caused by an Australian Isolate of'Cit ns Tristcza Virus. Plant Disease.
Bill Castle and Harold McTeer. Grower Cooperation in Research Trials Good Investment for Florida
Citrus. Citru\ Industry .1 tczieic

---- --i

November 2001
i ,.

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

1 2 3

Faculty Mceting Home and
Citrus Processing Work Safety
Soils & Env-600-8:00
4 5 itrus Canker 6 7 8 9 10
Dr. J. Cubero,
CREC. 11 am.
Travel system,
BHG Rooms 3-4,
Citrus Processing
Adv Cilricull-4:00-7:00 Technology S.,;i E-6 F 00
Horn PFh, 5 30R-8 p'pm course-4 (0-7 30 E6 00-____00
11 12 Nursery- 13 14 15 16 17
men's Assoc
Seminar: Nitrogen BMP, Supervisors
Veteran's Day Veteran's Day Flowerng, by BHG 3-4 Luncheon Mtg
(observed) Juan Valiente 11 am
Holiday Citrus Processing
____course-4'00-7 30 Soils & Env-6:00-8:00

18 19 Semnar 20 21 22 23 24
CRE Foundation Dr J Noling. 11 am Holiday
Meeting BHG Room 1 Happy Holiday

Extension Mig Citrus Processing Thanksgiving
Technology Soils & Env-600-800
ourse-4.00-7 ______________ ______1o



Citrus Processing

Packinghou 8
Food Safely

Soils & Env-:00-8:00

Faculty photo
8:15 am;
meeting to


All events subject to change
November 2001
1 Special Faulty Meet ing
2 Home and Work Safety
6 Seminar: "Characterization of Citrus
Bacterial Canker in Florida" by Dr. Jaime
Cubero. BHG Room 1 11 am (10:45
6 Travel system training, BHG Room 4.
13 Citrus Nurserymen's Assoc. BHG
Rooms 304. 10am.
13 Seminar: Timing and Intensity of
Flowering of Sweet Orange As A
Function of Local Weather Factors and
Crop." Juan Valiente, UF Ph.D. student.
BHG Room 1, 11 am (10:45, refresh-
14 Nitrogen BMP, meeting, Ken Kuhl.
BHG Rooms 3-4.
15 Supervisors' Luncheon Meeting.
BHG Rooms 3-4.
19- CREF meeting, Packinghouse
Conference room. 10 am.
19- Extension meeting. Dr Jim
:erguson BHG Rooms 3-4.
17 Seminar. Dr. Joseph Noting. Title
TBA. BHG Room 1, 11 am (10:45,
28 Packinghouse food safety work-
shop. BHG Rooms 3-4.
29 Faculty photo and faculty meeting.
Photo. 8:15 am in front of Admin building.
Meeting, BHG Room 2.

Classes at CREC This
Advanced Citriculture HOS 6545 Dr
Gene Albngo Mon., 4:00-7 00 pm. BHG
Conference Room.
Horticultural Physiology HOS 4304 At
CREC via videoconf. Mon., 5:30-8:30 pm
Dr. Mark Ritenour, IRREC Ft. Pierce.
Citrus Processing Technology FOS
5561- Tues, 4:00-7:30 pm, Teaching
Lab. Dr. Robert Braddock.
Soils and the Environment SOS 3022. At
CREC via videoconf, Wed,, 6:00-8:00
pm, BHG Conf. Room or Teaching Lab.
Dr. Samira Daroub, Ft. Lauderdale.

* t _ _ _


I __ _

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