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CA R center for autism &
related disabilities

Director's Note

Dear Families and Friends of CARD,

The new year is upon us and
CARD at the University of Florida is
happy to welcome two new staff mem-
bers to our team. John Polefko and Kevi
Sirgo both joined us in December just
before the holidays. You will see more
about them in this newsletter.
We hope you will have an op-
portunity to visit our new office in 2007
if you have not already. Our move this
fall was not without adventure. Unfor-
tunately we were without phones and
computers for a while and our staff did
an amazing job of keeping in contact
with families and professionals by cell
phone and email from home. Neverthe-
less, we understand that it was frustrat-
ing for all and we apologize if you were
unable to reach us for a while.
The 14th Annual CARD
Conference was held in Ft. Lauderdale
this year on January 20-21, 2007. There
was also a free pre-conference day for
teachers and adult service providers on
Friday January 19th. Conference speak-
ers included Dr. Sally Ozonoff from the
M.I.N.D. Institute in California, Dr. Pe-
ter Gerhardt from Rutgers University in
N.J., Dr. Robert Naseef from Philadel-
phia, Patti King-DeBaun from the Uni-
versity of Utah, and Michael McSheehan
from the University of New Hampshire.
There were sessions on communica-
tion, Aspergers Disorder, challenging

behavior, transition to post-school life,
advocacy, sleep disorders and many more
including sessions in Spanish. We hope
you were able to attend and meet other
families and professionals, and that it
was a positive experience for you. If not,
we will do it all again next year.
We are planning two workshops
for educators this spring. Families and
other professionals are always welcome.
One will address including students with
autism and related disabilities in general
education and that will be held on April
23 in Ocala at the Central Florida Com-
munity College Webber Center. The
second will address Challenging Behav-
ior and Positive Behavior Support and
will be held in Brooksville, FL on April
13, 2007.
Our work with school-aged chil-
dren and collaboration with public and
private schools in our region continues
to grow in positive directions. The new,
one-page, Technical Assistance forms
that are available on our website under
the Contact Us menu have been well re-
ceived and seem to be arriving in our fax
machine every day. We believe they are
helping us to facilitate positive teamwork
for families and schools.

CARD Office Hours

Th <: \R L' ..Fhex l..l.:i u l -i tl. N ''.
T. Iri ri r i-n 1 :rl r ,I-I r l .ntI,- ; IIr r I ,1 ...1 .n r l
! I' 1, 1, 1, !,,,, I-I, r Li ,1 i r, I ._
C ., m p ri ,' ,, ,r *.. ,., ii I .,IppI .rr. '
.1i .Tu 'Id. -.Lir -.' I .rm i l I*u .irK n...I.n -.

. il, .l] an F,,r .-i I pp. IiI [i r-.I I pl ..I i 1ill
K u rh R ,,Ih-n .n "ir 5a. 5"_-- .r .
- Fiji, l .r L1

CARD Website

l .. r, v C_.r L, i .i t r I I ll i ,i t[l In

CUrrent nOsI, about altisni &
related disabiliries
'support groups
professional dJ\clopient[
fait sheets
pa's iss' es of the PostCA RD
CARD contcrence iniorim.ion
"l'l. I1 ..r IL '


Greg Valcante



Calling All Siblings!!!
T 1-ll LU F C -R i-,\ I-. a i l-,.k ,Ip. i ,, L,,- ill O1 .l 0 ,d -i aId E r. IL [I I. Li t-i ll I

v I ni r, 'I iii. 'i n rl', ,n 11 r.ir.1 l I. i i 111 "i i' r, pi'i l- [, Ir h.n I.i .J 11r11.: L 11.1l
i .ll.ini _' i ', t n d i It \,, ... i,'i [iI i p -r i,, I' .1 pI, L, :all
,k l,,i.i la M ..rr ,..- r "' .14 .2 .-, "'2
MNlenda ,Morriion

A "Helping Hand" to recharge

your battery....

My best friend and I always talk about the "autism clock" and how
fast it ticks, making every second of our children's lives seem like
a year, making their education about life even more urgent. Their
years are measured by successes and failures, but above all change.
So, each year, I reflect on that change to see if my principles need
adjusting, and each year when I write the New Year's editorial for
my newsletter, they seem to say the same thing: "(1) There is real
power in prayer and total faith in God; (2) We must always start
with the end in mind, constantly daring to dream; (3) The "road
traveled" constantly changes, so adjustments will always be neces-
sary; (4) A positive frame of mind is key, and a good support group
can help maintain that balance; (5) Autism is a developmental dis-
ability-it is not an illness; (6) Autism is a label to be used to secure
services-Autism is NOT our children; and, (7) Our children are
children first, and are living with Autism second, therefore, being a
parent to the child and not the disability is key to their success

While my faith has definitely increased and been the ultimate
source of my strength, studying my sons instead of this thing called
"autism" and understanding them enough to implement the "best
practices" that fit their individual needs has taught me patience and
tolerance and brought them much success. Knowing them well,
has given me the ability to see a real future for them. And traveling
this road with others is the support I have come to rely on when-
ever my "battery" is failing and I need to be "recharged".

So I invite you to join me at 'Helping Hands', a support group for
parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders that welcomes
parents of all special needs children. We meet on the last Wednes-
day of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. in conference room A at the
Ocala Public Library, 2720 East Silver Springs Boulevard, Ocala.
Meeting dates are as follows: March 28 and April 25. Please
contact me, Sylvia Miller, at 352 687-2257 for more information.
Sylvia Miller

p,,i & ""- ...:' "5- .: :
.....~ .. i ... .

The PostCARD 2


Staff Update

Mark Lewis, Ph.D. ,our new Executive Director, is a Professor &
Associate Chair for Research in the University of Florida Depart-
ment of Psychiatry. Dr. Lewis' research is currently focused on the
neurobiological basis of abnormal repetitive behaviors. His research
program in this area involves clinical studies of individuals with
developmental disorders who engage in such abnormal repetitive
behaviors as stereotyped motor activity, self-injurious behavior, and

Tanya Murphy, M.D. our new Clinical Director, is board certified
in child and adolescent psychiatry, general psychiatry and has a
Masters degree in Clinical Investigation. She is currently Division
Chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. In addition Dr. Murphy
is the director of the University of Florida's Child Clinic for Anxi-
ety, Tic and Autism Spectrum Disorders and is actively involved in
teaching psychiatry residents and medical students in the special-
ized areas of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, various other anxiety
disorders, tic disorders, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism. She is
conducting research in the areas of pediatric psychopharmacology
and infection-related childhood neuropsychiatric illnesses.

John Polefko, M.Ed. is a certified information technology profes-
sional with extensive experience in technology management, educa-
tion and training, and working with individuals with disabilities.
John began his career as a special education teacher and technical
assistance specialist and has since held positions at the University
of Florida as a systems administrator, technology manager, and in-
formation security manager. John has experience with a variety of
operating systems and technologies, and has a particular interest in
technology usability, accessibility, and effectively using technologies
as tools for communication and collaboration, as well as technology
security and security awareness.

Kevi Sirgo is our new office Receptionist and Intake Coordinator
and the first person that people are likely to meet when coming to
our office. We are very happy to have her on our team.

The PostCARD 3

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Book Reviews

Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum:
A Parent's Guide to the Cognitive, Social, Physical, and Transition
Needs of Teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Author: Chantal Sicile-Kira

All about change, emotions, mood swings, puberty and beyond!
The years that seem to make us feel like everything is ten times
worse than it is. And that is just how we feel as parents imagine
what your child must feel like?

The author covers topics like teaching privacy, relationship bound-
aries, modesty and masturbation. She explains the health risk that
ASD adolescents face in the "middle years". This book is loaded
with very useful information. A must read for parents/guardians
or anyone interested in helping make the transition years a little bit

A "Stranger" Among Us: Hiring In-Home Support for a child with
Autism Spectrum Disorders or Other Neurological Differences
Author: Lisa Ackerson Lieberman, MSWLCSW

This book is highly recommended. The process of bringing a
"stranger" into my home to help provided support for our children
has always been a source of high anxiety for us as a family. "The
Process" involved determining what support we really needed,
which as it turns out has changed with time and circumstances.

The authors covers topics like privacy, duties, responsibilities, ques-
tions to ask and how to ask them, and evaluating job performance,
just to name a few. The book also includes forms to use for each
step of the process. Amparo Perales

Research Opportunities

Family Training Research Project
Volunteers are needed for an intervention study for children with
autism and their parents. The purpose of the study is to help
fathers of children with autism learn to interact with their children
during play sessions. Fathers will also learn how to train mothers
to use the same interventions. The study lasts for 8 months and is
done in your home. This study is funded by the National Institutes
of Health and approved by the Institutional Review Board of the
University of Florida Health Sciences Center. For more informa-
tion you can contact the primary investigator, Jennifer Elder, R.N.,
Ph.D, Associate Professor, College of Nursing 352-273-6359.

Study of Motor and Cognitive Development
Children ages 2 to 6 years old and diagnosed with autism or devel-
opmental delay are needed to participate in a study of their motor
and cognitive development. Problem solving skills and motor
abilities will be assessed. Parents will be interviewed. Children will
receive a small gift for participating. The study has been approved
by the University of Florida Health Sciences Center Institutional
Review Board. For more information please contact Dr. Radonov-
ich at 352-392-7928 or kradonov@psychiatry.ufl.edu.

Study to Indentify Contributing Genetic Factors for ASD
Are you a parent of the child who has Autism Spectrum Disorder
(ASD)? Are both biological parents available to participate in the
study? If so, please help us to identify contributing genetic factors
for ASD. During the study, the child will receive a comprehensive
evaluation for the developmental, adaptive and cognitive func-
tion and behavioral characteristics. The evaluation will consist of
three sessions that will be three to four hours each. We will collect
blood samples from each member of the family (biological mother,
biological father, and the child) for genetic study. Feedback will be
provided to the family summarizing the results of evaluation at the
end of study participation. For more information please contact
Soo-Jeong Kim, MD-Primary Investigator, Department of Psychia-
try, University of Florida/ at 352-392-7322 or soojkim@ufl.edu


New on Our Website

M I i1n.. L'MIi \ i, i u1 pp.. *rr,
T hI. QI ui l.rni, ,. .-ll h L I-. II P p ul II .tr II I .ri r. .' t i m l.l.
LIII r I..l i'. r -, ,i .y., rimy., 1. i. in rr. ,d uc_-[i, -n [,, rli. _-I, [riii_-
rl. -n and Lp p liih,- ,. i .r I. -r,1 '. i .j I .u p p, .r r. .I--, L.-..- i[
kli. n-id .[ ,Cl h .. I qi n, .Ii ., 1. lal-.Il r -. i. .. ... -11. .u r ', I-.- [i.
,ju. r _'.. r. rl. R 11.......1 n.- n.. ..n r ,1in 1 .. \ I .,i 'I S ..p p,. r ', ...
cin ... nl,._l Qhi..,irm e 1,1rm rl'. ri-. r I, ...I' n.. d ir

Support Groups
Autism Spectrum Disorder Focus Group
Palatka, FL
Contact: Cheryl Brenner 386/467-3820
A support group for parents to network with one another, share
stories and give each other ideas on helping their children succeed.
Occasional training are provided to help parents learn how to help
their children. This month parents will be able to observe par-
ent/child games developed to improve communication and sensory
issues. Childcare is provided. Meetings begin at 6PM.
Wiiliam D.Mosely Elementary School Media Center
1001 Husson Avenue
Palatka, FL
(Park in rear of school)
Scheduled Meeting Dates: 3/13 (dates for future meetings will be

Helping Hands Parent Support Group
For parents with autistic/special needs children
Ocala, FL
Contact: Sylvia Miller 352/687-2257
A support group for parents of children with Autism Spectrum
Disorders that welcomes parents of all special needs children.
Meets last Wednesday of each month from 6PM-8PM.
Ocala Public Library Conference room A
2720 East Silver Springs Boulevard
Ocala, FL
Scheduled Meeting Dates: 3/28, 4/25

Special Parents of Exceptional Children Support Group (SPEC)
Gainesville, FL
Contact: Pam Kissoondyal 352/318-3155
A local parent-formed support group SPEC (Special Parents of
Exceptional Children) meets at the CARD office each month.
The informal meetings are from 7PM-9PM, but newcomers are

C ARD l.chni1 4 A ir i,. RL ,.qIL,.'r F. ir.
T hI I ni plL ..n. p iN r iii i, r Lil t l-, .11 iih C.. A.. R .- J-'I r, I .ri-

rri.- .' _-. in hrid [k'. irn -,, Ihl r._'1 d i --ni [l'k C -,ri[t r UI. n-,,Ii.j
in ..d ; ... h ,.1 T .IA R.q.-.u,- r F. ,r1i i,.,[ pri-i; i.[ ,.[ .. pl,_l, rh,.
[ .1-111 li r a I I-. in .lii uii ,r tr r i nd t i i r rI, ,.. t' r fARE'
'' -.. III i -I.rn :r ,1. u .. .. -.n t1 p,. I|-.l 1 r., .- r u.p I m ,.,r,. ill', _'r. -
1--,. l r. inI. rim e t; ,r i-. n I.ilrl .,n

welcome to show up at 6PM to meet and discuss their concerns.
Parents of children with any disability are welcome.
CARD Offices
1405 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601-4058
Scheduled Meeting Dates: 3/9, 4/13, 5/11, 6/8

Support Group for Adults on the Spectrum
Gainesville, FL
Contact: Robin Byrd 352/846-3700 or byrd@mbi.ufl.edu
This is a discussion group for adults with ASD. Please feel free to
bring your lunch!
CARD Offices
1405 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601-4058
Scheduled Meeting Dates: 3/29, 4/26, 5/31, 6/28

Events Highlight

9th Annual Family Cafe Conference
June 8-10, 2007
Orlando FL
Contact: http://www.familycafe.net
The Family Cafe is happy to announce that registration is now
open for The 9th Annual Family Cafe Conference, June 8-10 at the
Shingle Creek Resort and Golf Club in Orlando.
This year's conference promises to be the best yet, with dozens
of informative breakout sessions, an expanded Exhibitors Hall,
multiple Keynote Addresses, Saturday Night Family Entertainment
and The 9th Annual Governor's Summit on Disabilities, hosted by
Governor Crist. We hope to see you there!

If you would like to receive email updates about training, presen-
tations, and support groups in our area please email Carole Polefko
at cpolefko@ufl.edu.

The PostCARD 4

The PostCARD 5

Tech Tip Built-in Accessibility Features in Windows and Mac OS X

In rl, I-,r ,u.., rhe h ch T ip 11 d-,, ,.r ch ,, 11,, '1 nr ,:,,I,,r I- I ,, I 1cr, 4.... ]r v ,,.r.: r, Il.., rh 1n._, ,_ r. r- Id, .1"., rlh,, :,m p. r ., pi,', n T hi, ii l h .r.r
r, T. _, T ip ,. ill : ir11, [I rl ni i n i. li, i, [1* t* ,_01- p r. -* r *i p_,:il r, [, a p r. AC,;,,, r. ., *-,.ipu.,rr r 1', 1.. 1 tr -,rd i *r .. ,u pl, i
it. d E, I.. In.. p- r [I. l .', 1 [I-.iii.- I. d. I -. L i .rhl I Il pi r. in.J a. ir ir a i.. r. a d in I.pr. .' r rl' h .. I u uri ,
, .1 p, trill_ -.r rl,.,, I -. \ ,ra a d ,lit, O: X I, [ i..r k. I pl ,, ..I- ,,~ ru,- a- 1 r. L .11.. 1, ,, I,,_1, 1
V%.-l I. dip : U n r>. li i '\. Iin *. I di l nj % 1n d \ Ii t. *r c i. pi i i -iI *d i r K i niiijI.k -r> i- Im p I ii hhi :. .'-1(11 -[
.in..J rhl .r .Jh pli .> rrin. _'. p. cl.. r., ,_'n ...r.,, ,..,h n ..r TI ,il.. Il.,,,1.. u rhli .. ,.Jh -,. r .. .- h .r -.t. l ir. ...n, .,.n
i,. in.jl..:.. rhl. p L. In.-.lcl..J. e r,...r- in.. rmuri ..n rr..r .l i. Imnl... r, i .e .r. .l ii.J i m.J r,,- hrrp ,.- v. m l.ri.,....r c,,m ..n. -,l
Apple. io mn pl r. IRlr t ir,. I.'r. r .I. plY[c l i L Iinl.. r r. r. ....rC IIrrp .-- Lppl, i.m Icc l-I r,
lohn Polelko

NextTechTIp -'owtoovrrdeiri

Recent Library Additions

The following list of some of our new library additions includes
new releases as well as replacements and copies of favorites.

SAspergers and Girls
by Tony Attwood and Temple Grandin
SGoing to the Grocery Store
by Cindy Bailey
SGoing to the Dentist
by Cindy Bailey
SGoing to the Doctor
by Cindy Bailey
The Social Skills Picture Book
byJed Baker
SBuilding Social Relationships
by Scott Bellini
SMaking Sense ofArt
by Sandra Davalos
SJust Take a Bite
by Lori Ernsperger
Unwritten Rules ofSocial Relationships
by Temple Grandin
SOvercoming Autism
by Lynn Kern Koegel & Claire LaZebnik
SSpecial Diets for SpecialKids
by Lisa Lewis
SSimple Strategies that Work
by Brenda Myles et al
SSpecial Children CI/dlleIg,' Parents
by Robert Naseef
SIt Takes Two to Talk
by Pepper & Weitzman
Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism and Related Disorders
by Maria Wheeler
SLife and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults
by Zosia Zaks
SIts AllAbout Attitude: Loving and Living Well with Autism
Kathy Almeida & Gayle Nobel

Website in the Spotlight

I'm excited to share with you a website that is packed with literally
hundreds of links to literacy activities that are free to anyone to
download and print. The website is created by Cherry Carl who
retired after 35 years as a teacher and Language Arts Specialist. You
can visit her home page at http://teachers.santee.kl2.ca.us/carl/ to
read more about her and to see all the wonderful activities there are
to choose from for readers on all different levels.

Another great website is http://www.region2library.org/home.htm
This website is designed by Elisa Wern, our local Assistive Technol-
ogy expert from FDLRS Springs (Florida Diagnostic and Learning
Resource System). Here you will find links for free shareware for
on-line or printable activities, a link to WORDTALK A FREE
downloadable add on that will READ AND HIGHLIGHT the
TEXT you create in Microsoft WORD PC ONLY. There are also
links to BoardmakerTM activities, Classroom SuiteTM activities,
PowerPoint activities, Social Stories, InspirationTM and Kidspira-
tionTM, links to pre-K resources, and information about evaluation
and consideration of assistive technology.

The last website I'll share with you is called Kid's Health at
http://www.cyh.com/SubDefault.aspx?p=255. It is very "kid-friend-
ly" so older kids can easily navigate it. It answers all kinds of ques-
tions that kids might ask about their health and bodies in a very
positive way. Topics include: Your Family, Your Body, Your Food,
Your Health, Your School, Your Feelings, Your Safety, Nearly Teens,
Simply for You and Fun and Games. I think this is a great resource
for parents who want to answer questions in their own way but are
looking for ideas on how to answer that would be understandable
and meaningful without being overwhelming. It may even help
provide some scripts for social stories about going to the doctor or
going to a new school. See what you think.

If you need help finding specific information on the web please call
me at 352 392-4171 or 800 754-5891 ext. 9 or email me at krobin-
son@mbi.ufl.edu I'll be happy to help! Kathy Robinson

rIn CA R UG Uines Uil -Staff PareInt Partners

Ri l-.l-i i-.: 1 (CARD Conf uliani
iurIr l.. pr. rn (omput er ConIulLiant
S Ir :, i. Ialini Program A .sitant
EI. niii a tIll, Ed D A soIate Dire,:ctor
iulli i t .. il I S ltudent A" .italit
D irrr.an, .LII. I ,'t Stu ciint Asistaint
li-.rk L,. I, [1 E1 E,\c,:ttne Dirctor
kii rl, lai. r fIl C(_ARD (Con iultanit
Li..ini- 'Id;l .. P. ogral A n riiant
.lr iIda "l ..rli-r ,,rn 1 N P .SN
Sibihop (-oordinator
Tin, i ,lurpl',, ,! I C(lini.cal Dire:ctor

A n-i-m In-, Or-li-An., ..I ,--I .\. A T
C\ RD C(onuiltant
: i ,I r'.1, l ... Public Eduia.ilon Coordinal or
i' l'iri I, l.... (om pii ter (Con tilt.ant
K aI ', R. 1--li i- i \ isuil Suppor[l Spec:ialiiC
i' i lr .. Receplionic Intake Coordinator
t-r. \ i- r i '1i Direc:toi
Arr '\ illin I 5 A"o.Iare Diretcor
C trl', Z i[il ... MI. C- '-Lr '
C IRD ConiLiultant

C-l.'r I i[;~ ,l'ne i Putnaim Couint
H- i.i.i Ik rii. 'n Hernando (ounti
r'tir, i I i..... id, 11 .ladhuia (-ounl
\ I Ia ill i Marion COiiount
.An-mpar. r' ral-. Mirion (-ountn
Tr.i I Tl-, i.iir, iladihua C(-ount

C.- Ir Ph. E. r, a (pl-i Greg \.ltante

Training News

Fall of 2006 was a very busy training period
for CARD. We hosted 2 regional teacher
workshops for the Florida Department of
Education, Potty-training for parent groups
in Gainesville and Ocala, and professional
development workshops for Citrus, Gil-
christ, Hamilton and Levy County Schools
with great success. On October 27, 2006,
Scott Bellini, Ph.D. From Indiana Universi-
ty kicked off our regional workshops here in
Gainesville to a crowd of 100+ people. His
workshop: Building Social Relationships:
A Systematic Approach to Teaching Social
Interaction Skills to Children and Adoles-
cents with Autism Spectrum Disorders was

very informative, entertaining and inspiring.
On December 4, 2006, Jeffrey Strully, execu-
tive director of the Jay Nolan Community
Services in Los Angeles came to Gainesville
and presented his workshop: Journey Toward
a Desirable Future. Jeff shared his knowl-
edge, experiences and passion for creating
meaningful lives for adults with disabilities.
In April, Cheryl Jorgenson, Ph.D. from the
University of New Hampshire will present:
"Supporting Membership, Participation,
and Learning of Students with Autism and
Related Developmental Disabilities." This
workshop will be in Ocala at Central Florida
Community College (CFCC) Webber

Center on April 23, 2007. Please check our
website's homepage for a flier and registra-
tion form. Don Kincaid will be giving a
presentation on Positive Behavior Support in
Hernando County on April 13th. Check our
website for details.
We now have our training request form
online. You can find it under the Contact Us
drop down menu on our website. If you have
training needs, please download the form and
fax it to us and we will fill your request to the
best of our ability. We need at least 5 people
registered to attend before we can allocate
staff to conduct training. Cathy Zenko

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aIsI!AsU!eD/jfln (VD
aVO3iso d 9a1
ep!oIO jo (I!sJAa!Ufl
seio!!qesip paeJ V D

V6 ON !w Jed v |
"j 'ell!ASeu!eQ
3DVISOd sn
6J0 1UOJd-uON

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