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 The three little kittens
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Group Title: Father Tuck's "play and pleasure" series ; 2450
Title: Three little kittens
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Title: Three little kittens
Series Title: Father Tuck's "play and pleasure" series
Physical Description: 8 p. : ;
Language: English
Creator: Floyd, George C
Raphael Tuck & Sons ( Publisher )
Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: [ca. 1900]
Subject: Cats -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1900
Genre: fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
England -- London
France -- Paris
General Note: Cover title.
General Note: Adapted by George C. Floyd.
Funding: Father Tuck's "play & pleasure" series.
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IS -




The Three Little Kittens.

Once upon a time there were three little Kittens, who loved
to play and frisk about, and run after their own tails and each
other's and anything else that came in their way. One day their
mother said, Now children, I'm going to be very busy, so you
can go out.to play by yourselves, but be sure you are very good,
and don't spoil your neckties nor lose your mittens." Then
Mrs. Tabby washed their faces, tied their neckties afresh, put on
their mittens, and sent them off. She watched..them with pride
till they were out of sight, then she bustled back into the kitchen
and set to work to make a pie for dinner. "I'll give the
children a treat," she thought, "they
deserve it for they are the best
children in the world and quite the
prettiest, and how smart they look in
their ties and mittens !" Meanwhile
the Kittens were having fine games,
and they rolled each other over until

^J,- ii


'. I Tere are your mittens you naughty kil/ens "

k~U- ,.

- *-Wpom

.they were
quite .out of .?
breath and
.sat down on.a
wall-to rest. They
were very warm

"The three little .
They took off their -
When they had done their play,
But a jackdaw so sly
Those six mittens; did spy,
And stole them all away."
The Kittens did not notice the Jackdaw, and presently they
jumped down off the wall and ran home, quite forgetting all
about their mittens. They peeped in at the kitchen door, and
there they saw, O joy! their mother making a pie, a mouse pie
too, which they loved more than anything. Then they scam-
pered off again, for they knew mother did not like to be disturbed
when she was busy, so they, had more games until they were
called in to dinner. 0, how quickly they clambered up on to
their little stools, and took up their knives and forks ready to
begin ; the pie was
baked such a lovely
brown and it smelt --
so. good I "Good ,
children," said
Mrs. Tabby,
"now put your ..
ties straight and U
smooth your mit- 1 .


. '.

The three little Kittens find their mitfens.

':' '

TI5 uL cf

tens,-but-where are your mittens?"
HI THREE ) Then the Kittens looked down
OF at their paws and saw that
their mittens. were
THEFID ER L gone, for
A"The three little
WITH Kittens had lost
their mittens,.
So they began
to cry
iArE '0, Mammy dear,
we greatly fear
That we have lost
our mittens!'
'Lost your mittens, you naughty Kittens,
Then you shall have no pie,' "
said their mother in an angry voice. "Miaou, Miaou," cried all
the poor little Kits, for they were very hungry, Miaou, Miaou,
Miaou," but Mrs. Tabby was very angry indeed, and she said.
No, you shall have no pie," and she carried it all lovely,
brown and steaming, away. The three little Kittens cried bit-
terly for some time but at last said, "Well, it's no.use crying, we
must try to find our mittens." So they- wrote in very large
letters, on big sheets of paper, that three pairs of
mittens were lost, and that any person who found
the same, should have a fine, /
fat mouse as a reward. Then /
they pasted these bills up all
over the place, and ran home
to hunt for their mittens again.
They searched for them every-
where; they peeped in the
saucepan, though, as that had

been on a high shelf all day with the lid on,
they could, hardly have got into there, and then
they felt in the pockets
of their little trousers, '
though they could .
hardly have been i O
there either, as
they only wore '
them on Sundays, \ i
and this was AC- S
Afterwards they looked on the wall where they had been
sitting and where they only now remembered that they had
hung them, but no, they had gone and were nowhere to be found.
But, at last, in the market, in the old Jackdaw's nest, they found
them put out for sale, and Mr. Jackdaw close by as bold as brass,
waiting for customers. Oh, how angry they were! They took
old Jack, and they beat him and pulled out his feathers, and
though he tried hard to peck, he was only one against three, so it
was no use and at last he gave in and the Kittens took their
mittens and ran home'with them in high glee to their mother,
calling out,
0, Mammy dear, see here, see here,
For we have found our mittens !"
Mrs. Tabby was highly delighted too, and, said, purring proudly
and rubbing her paws,
"Put on your mittens, you good little Kittens and you
shall have some pie,
J^^^^? Yes you shall have some pie "-
ki, "The three little Kittens, they put on their mittens
LT,. And soon eat up the pie!"
^ although it was a very big one, but then they were so

T". thre liZZl

_. ,.' .

then tey saw tte ao gra hungry

d so
felt very
happy and
*afterwards until they happened to glance at their mittens and
then they saw that they had dropped some gravy on them.
O, Mammy dear, we greatly fear
That we have soiled our mittens,"'
whimpered they, for they were honest little Kitties and always
told mother directly they had done something naughty, and did
-not try to hide it.
"Soiled your mittens, you naughty Kittens I" said Mrs,
Tabby, and she went and fetched her birch rod, to give them a
whipping, so they all three ran off as fast as they could. But
they were very sorry that they had made mother angry, so they
put their little heads together, and began to think what they could
do to please her. "I know," said the eldest, Let's wash our
mittens." So they crept back to the, house, very quietly, so that
their mother should not hear, and they lighted the copper fire,
and then they got a tub and ,'a
some hot water, and soap, and .
blue, and they took off their
mittens and put them in the < 2
tub, and then they. rubbed C .A
and rubbed, and scrubbed .. j,
and scrubbed, and boiled and
rinsed them until they were


. -;
* 4

1 /car atby
To calch hIMe~i lel i~ts Irv.-

quite clean, Mrs. Tabby saw; she did not say. anything, but she
thought to herself, "I'm sure in all the world there never were
such children; they are just as clever as they-are pretty." When
"The three little Kittens had washed their mittens
They hung them out to dry."
The Jackdaw was perched on a bough close by. He looked such
a poor miserable old thing, not at all like the sleek Mr. Jackdaw
he was when he stole the three little kittens' mittens. He said
to himself, "I could very easily steal those mittens again if I
,^NEVERAN wanted to, but no,
never again will I do
such a thing, for I'd
much rather have
SC myown feathers than
S other people's mit-
, teps." So the little
.. F Kittens left their
S-,,,, i mittens banging on
O -\ "'the line'to, dry, and
1, 'then ran indoors
S-, arid said to their
"0 Mammy dear, see here, see here,
For.we have washed our mittens."
Mrs. Tabby gave them each a kiss, saying,
Washed your mittens, you good little Kittens,-
But hark !-I hear a mouse close by,
To catch him let us try."
So they all scampered after the mouse, and they caught him,
and Ai fine fat mouse he was too, and though they had eaten
such a big dinner they 41 enjoyed him very much indeed.-
George C. Floyd.

No. 2450
D~~,g.Ted a? the Sludoc ilr Ernqlard

Published by
Ae A GL T1oei, & 5oNs Co. hD
ewV- 'o)fk -,- Lor\don Pari5

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