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 The three bears
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Group Title: Father Tuck's "play and pleasure" series ; 2451
Title: The three bears
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Title: The three bears
Series Title: Father Tuck's "play and pleasure" series
Uniform Title: Goldilocks and the three bears
Physical Description: 8 p. : ;
Language: English
Creator: Raphael Tuck & Sons ( Publisher )
Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: [ca. 1900]
Subject: Bears -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Fairy tales -- 1900   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1900
Genre: Fairy tales   ( rbgenr )
fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
England -- London
France -- Paris
General Note: Cover title.
Funding: Father Tuck's "play & pleasure" series.
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--Series I

..-. ..

~T *

~;~s~~~C~IT7' '':i~:;':~;;i~'- :'';;"'";"''"r~;iE;~iQ~Fl;~~j~:iP ""''"~;r
"'"`::' a:`:~j~?
~ :~r ::: .;

The Three Bears.

Breakfast was over at "Cosy Cottage," Bearland. It had
been a very nice breakfast indeed, and Mrs. Bear was determined
dinner should be equally nice.
Thereupon like a good housewife she fetched her cookery
book, and studied the various tempting dishes described therein.
Mr. Bear took his little son on his knee and played "Ride-
a-Cock-Horse" with him. Such a deep .gruff voice had Papa
Bear, and such a tiny wee squeak had the little Bear; while
Mamma Bear's voice was a pleasant mixture of both.
Soon Mrs. Bear went into the kitchen, and after a time
returned to the dining-room with three steaming bowls of beau-
tifully flavored porridge. These were stood on the table, then the
Three Bears decided to go for a walk, leaving the porridge to cool.
Upstairs to their bedroom went Mamma Bear and Sonny to
get ready for their walk.
Mrs. Bear put on her best clothes as it was such a very
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They start out for their walk.

II;*~ r- 1- .; ~ry I-~~



? L.'

bright day, and dressed her little son in all his finery also. Then
Papa Bear gave his top hat a final brush and gaily they set off.
Sonny Bear had a fine go-cart of which he was very proud.
Papa Bear wheeled it, while his son sat in it, upright, and waving
a whip. Mamma Bear carried the family umbrella to protect
their best clothes in case of rain.
Her legs were not as big as Mr. Bear's, and she had much
ado to keep up with her husband. To her relief they presently
sat down in a lovely shady wood.
Mr. Bear hung his top hat on a branch near by, and then he
and his wife sitting very close together, had a pleasant quiet
little chat.
Sonny Bear was quite happy, he had a butterfly net and
chased the pretty butterflies that flew from flower to flower in the
Meanwhile a terrible thing was happening in "Cosy Cot-
tage." A little girl named Goldilocks came walking by. She
was tired and hungry. She saw the pretty cottage and peeped
in at a window.
What a sight for a hungry little girl to see I Three bowls,
one very large, the next smaller, and the third the smallest of
all, stood on a table, steaming, and full to the brim of nice milky
porridge. In a very short space of time Goldilocks was in the
diningroom, and standing before the three bowls.
I hope she was not a greedy little girl, but certainly she
began by trying the contents
of the biggest bowl. Daintily
she dipped in the big spoon,
and tasted the porridge. .. .
Then she gave a cry of pain, -t
for it was so hot that it quite /
burned ner tongue.
She tried the next bowl,
the contents were not sweet ".i,
enough. Then she tasted *
the porridge in the third
bowl, and oh, how good it __


I :

FL" i:


I %.,hl ,
~ .L:IId~iCn;F

/' "~Pe'

Arf^k / s'
, .. f .
'- '_ '. '

fit the ~voodq..





I:. .i:

was Poor little Sonny Bear's L IF
dinner soon disappeared.
When Goldilocks was no
longer hungry, she remem- "
bered that she was very tired. .
Looking around she saw three '
chairs standing in a row,
Goldilocks thought the
biggest looked the most com-
fortable, and tried that. But /
it was too big, she' did not
like it at all.
She tried the next, but
that did not suit her either, it was rather hard and knobbly.
So she tried the third. Such a dear little chair it was.
Evidently not intended for little girls or boys, though, for no
sooner had Goldilo6ks seated herself than-the bottom gave way!
With a loud scream Goldilocks went through, her legs flew up,
her arms flew down, and-well, she found it very difficult to
scramble to her feet again.
After this, resolved to find something to rest on she went
up the narrow staircase, and was soon standing in the Three
Bears' bedroom.
Here she saw .three beds. Like the bowls and chairs, these
were of three sizes.
Once again Goldilocks
Ot' 't tried all
three, be-
Sginning at
44 the big-
A ,w ow.. gest and
once again
S ...,,, she decided
Sthe small-
est was the
most com-

Down she lay in the pretty,
clean little bed (with her boots / .
on tool) and was soon fast -' '
Now just after this the Three
Bears arrived home. The fresh j
air had made them very hungry,
especially little Sonny Bear. .
Alas! what a scene awaited them.
When they entered the
diningroom their .eyes fell di-
rectly on their bowls.
"Who's been eating my
porridge? roared Mr. Bear, his' \'
great voice deeper than ever in
his wrath.
"Who's been eating my porridge?"
exclaimed Mrs. Bear, not
quite so gruffly.
"Who's been eating
my porridge, and eaten
it all up?" shrieked poor
Sonny Bear, in his shrill
S-6 little voice. Then they
S-- found still worse disasters.
S "Who's been sitting
Son my chair ?" thundered
Papa Bear.
W/ "Who's been sitting
S on my chair ?" echoed
Mother Bear.
"Who's been sitting
on my chair, and, boo
hoo, boo hoo! broken it all to pieces, boo hoo wailed
Sonny Bear.
Mrs. Bear tried to comfort her child, but poor Sonny Bear
was so hungry, and he did not like Papa or Mamma Bear's

-. *~L M'

-'' '; ''



" zho's been eating nmy

Porridgc," shrieked Sonny Bear.


~'.1 [



r$" t

~t~--~ .,.
T-E ~. .~-~C~'rt

t.. ;4~
~1. -

~~. i:*

il MR. 11 b~r

porridge any more than Goldilocks
had. Finally Sonny Bear's
hunger was satisfied with
some bread and honey which
was not nearly so good, in "
that young gentleman's mind,
as his nice porridge would
have been. Then they retired ?
to their bedroom for a nap. -
But as Papa Bear sat with
one hairy leg on his counter
pane, and was preparing to -- I
drag up the other, he saw / I
on his pillow-a hairpin
Instantly there was a growl like distant thunder (and not
so very distant either) as he cried, "Who's been lying on my
bed ?"
Mrs. Bear ran to her bed and exclaimed, "Who's been
lying on my bed ?"
Sonny Bear rushed to his bed and shrieked, "Who's been
lying on my bed, and oh, here she is! "
In an instant there was the wildest confusion. Mr. Bear
roaring out "Thief! Burglar I"
Mrs. Bear rushing at
S Goldilocks with her warm-
ing pan; while Sonny
Bear, shrieking and howl-
ing, also rushed at her.
And the frightened little
girl escaped them all.
Springing on to a stool,
she jumped out of the

7... .-";

Goldilocks jumps out of the window.

~::' t


window, and ran away across the fields, leaving the Three
Bears gazing angrily after her.
But something must be done. They were not going to
submit to such insults. Poor Sonny Bear was very miserable
about his pretty white bed.
Goldilocks had tumbled it about, and her boots had left
dirty marks on the clean sheets and counterpane. At last Papa
Bear growled,
I have an idea. I will write about it to Father Tuck."
And he did. Father Tuck was rather puzzled, but being
always willing to help everyone, he thought over the matter
Then he sent the notice you see in the picture, to the
Three Bears.
I expect all boys and girls, after seeing it, would be careful
to hurry away from Bear-
land, because one doesn't 0 Ys
know how bears punish -H L/re TL SARt A" ~ N
So AE7R ro
one. zLL R ,.
Perhaps they give ---- .
one a good hug, which ''
sounds very affectionate, W;--,
doesn't it? f
Nevertheless no boy
or girl would like to '
receive such a hug, so
the Three Bears are not .
likely to be troubled.
again with any naughty -
little human beings. L-

-No. 2461
Desined Yr Ihe Srudos er Ei'land

published by
RAph eL jucj & SONS Co, o D.
New YoPK- London Paris.

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